The “Viral” KENZO World Ad Celebrates Illuminati Mind Control


Directed by industry veteran Spike Jonze, the new KENZO World ad is loaded with Illuminati mind control symbolism and ends with a weird tribute to the All Seeing Eye. Are they selling a perfume … or celebrating the occult elite’s system?

Ranking up millions of views in a couple of weeks, the Spike Jonze-directed KENZO ad quickly reached “viral” status and received widespread praise in mass media. Lauded for its “super cool” choreography, the ad features Margaret Qualley engaging into what appears to be a mix of dancing, having a seizure and being possessed by a demon – all at the same time. The four-minutes long ad ends with a scene that makes one say: “They’re really putting their Illuminati symbolism right in our faces, aren’t they?”. Yet most people still do not see it.


This French brand has always had a strong penchant for using Monarch mind control symbolism in their advertising campaigns. Here are some examples.

A head full of butterflies = Mind taken over by Monarch programming.
A head full of butterflies = Mind taken over by Monarch programming.
Creepy hands as puppet master = MK handler.
Creepy hands as puppet master = MK handler.
Hands pinning down MK slaves (wearing All-Seeing Eyes all over).
Hands pinning down MK slaves who are wearing All-Seeing Eyes all over.
Going "through the looking glass" - an Alice in Wonderland reference used in MK programming to represent dissociation.
Going “through the looking glass” – an Alice in Wonderland reference used in MK programming to represent dissociation.
Surrounded by eyes but can't see anything = Being an MK slave.
Surrounded by eyes but can’t see anything = Being an MK slave.

Considering Kenzo’s love for MK symbolism, is it surprising to see their viral loaded with it?  Let’s look at the ad.

Praise the Eye

The ad begins with Maraget sitting in what appears to be an awards ceremony looking awkward and uncomfortable. Notice the "eye-themed" necklace worn by the woman on the left.
The ad begins with Margaret sitting in what appears to be an awards ceremony. She looks awkward and uncomfortable. Notice the “eye-themed” necklace worn by the woman on the left – a foreshadowing of what’s to come.

Margaret feels the urge to leave the room.

For a few seconds, Margaret looks sad. She even sheds a tear.
For a few seconds, Margaret looks sad. She even sheds a tear.

Her facial expression then changes and Margaret starts “dancing” to loud music.

Most of the choreography physically expresses being taken over by another force.
Most of the choreography physically expresses being taken over by another force.

Most might think that this ad is about a young girl who is bored and uncomfortable with her uptight surroundings. She therefore leaves, lets loose and allows herself to be herself for a while. There is, however, more to this. Is this girl really “being herself” or is she being taken over by something else (which is the exact opposite of “being herself”)?

After the takeover, Margaret apparently loses her inhibitions and engages in things MK slaves are programmed to do.

After "arguing" with this head, Margaret licks it, which can represent the loss of sexual inhibition of Beta slaves (Sex Kitten programming).
After “arguing” with this head, Margaret licks it, representing the loss of sexual inhibition of Beta slaves (Sex Kitten programming).

Also, notice Margaret’s bracelet.

Margaret is wearing the symbol of the All-Seeing Eye inside a triangle, the favorite symbol of the occult elite.
Margaret is wearing the symbol of the All-Seeing Eye inside a triangle, the favorite symbol of the occult elite. She is a slave.

Margaret then walks up the stairs and sees a guy standing around, minding his own business.

She goes up to him and immediately breaks his neck.
She goes up to him and immediately breaks his neck. Wow, that was so cool. I love random murder.

Margaret then flexes her muscles as if saying: “I just killed someone but its OK because I am a strong confident woman and I am being myself right now”. Coincidentally enough, murdering people with great efficiency and without remorse is typical of Delta slaves (Killer programming).

Margaret then starts shooting lasers with her fingers, destroying a bunch of stuff she does not own. Its OK because she is being herself right now.
Margaret then starts shooting lasers with her fingers, destroying a bunch of stuff she does not own. It’s OK because she is being herself right now.

Coincidentally enough, using brain power as a weapon is typical of Theta slaves (psychic programming).

Margaret then spazzes out for a while, clearly showing that she has no control over her body.
Margaret then spazzes out for a while, clearly showing that she has no control over her body.
Margaret then engages with another typical activity of MK slaves: Performing arts to then burn out and become a sacrifice.
Margaret then engages in another typical activity of MK slaves: Performing for the masses to then become a sacrifice.

The scene above is reminiscent of the movie Black Swan (read my article about it here) where a ballet dancer becomes “possessed” by an entity which makes her a great dancer but that ultimately kills her.

Margaret then goes outside where she meets the symbol representing what is controlling her.

Facing a giant All-Seeing Eye, Margaret wails her arms as if the entity controlling her is forcing her to worship the eye.
Facing a giant All-Seeing Eye, Margaret wails her arms feverishly. It is as if the entity controlling her is forcing her to praise the eye.
She then lifts up in the air and goes through the eye.
She then lifts up in the air and goes through the eye. That eye has extreme power over her.

So, this ad for a perfume features a woman being controlled by the occult elite and engaging in typical MK slaves activities. It ends with a near-religious tribute to a gigantic eye, yet most reactions to this video are “Wow, that was cool”. Not unlike the models seen above, the world is surrounded by the All-Seeing eye, but almost nobody is seeing it.

Buy this garbage.
Buy the symbol of the elite and spray it all over you.


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154 Comments on "The “Viral” KENZO World Ad Celebrates Illuminati Mind Control"

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I watched the ad before reading the article and simply cannot understand the ‘This is so cool!’ comments. It gave me the creeps, throughout, and everyone I know who has seen it so far has felt the same way, even if unaware of the underlying symbolism and its meaning. Maybe there is some hope, after all.

by keep pushing the same agenda into our faces, eventually people start accepting it. that’s why the underlying symbolism should be known.

Margaret is Andie McDowell’s daughter. She was born and raised in the illuminati hollywood circle. So she is probably initiating herself or just confirming her allegiance to it. Th emerald green seems to be a reference to Oz programming. Is she going to th Emeral City after jumping through the eye?

Yeah now they have the music of this ad on some other ad that runs in my country and the music itself makes me go like ”turn that devils music down”

The fashion industry is one of the most evil industries out there, because is directed by the Tavistock Institute in England, that controls all these fashions since the Beatles. That’s the reason all the fashion ads talk about murder, sacrifices, slave camps, gays and feminists.
The fashion world is really powerful controlling the minds of millions of teenagers, that tell them how to behave and what to buy. YOU REALLY NEED TO AVOID MAGAZINES AND THE FASHION INDUSTRY!

ok advice is taken on board

Working in the fashion industry is my dream and I’m still going to pursue it. I have God on my side. The world needs believers in every industry.

Ever heard of Elie Saab, or Zuhair Murad? They are friends of mine, and trust me – the fashion industry is not the place to be if you are interested in seeking and serving the Lord Jesus. The industry is filled with madness, tragedy, and ruin.

Tell us more, please

What’s so bad about it ? I want to work in fashion pr so I really need to know before I pursue a career in that field.

Singing isn’t evil, but evil people have exploited others with talent to push their twisted agendas, I guess it’s the same with fashion. Our talents and creativity aren’t bad but rich people at the top exploit our god-given gifts for their plans. I think that if you and I keep abiding in the Lord and trusting Him, we’ll both end up where we’ll supposed to.

What’s wrong is fashion is generally about vanity, materialism and superficiality. I also don’t think it creates anything of value. If you understand about these matters and believe the Illuminati is real why do you want to pursue a career in something like fashion? Perhaps you can create something useful, somehow, but it still seems a… odd choice to me to opt for such a field which is generally rotten and antichristian.

I think Christians feel they need to turn from evil and stay where they feel safe and not get exposed. But missionaries don’t go to India or China to stay safe. They face the dangers in order to bring people to Christ. The people in the iIlluminati are people too, just very lost. They are lost but not to the point of no return. If no Christian is there to point them to Jesus then they really will be lost forever. Christians should infiltrate every industry and every area, country wherever they feel called to because that’s the path God called them to and His glory will shine through. Maybe you’re right and I don’t need to pursue fashion but maybe you’re wrong and my lifelong desires are given to me from God and I am to keep pursuing it. I believe that. Maybe I won’t work for a high… Read more »

Fashion is not an industry that will ever glorify God. It will not free slaves, feed starving people, help the sick and old, etc. It worships an entirely different power and is not a human rights friendly industry. As a Christian, I would encourage you to flee from the idea of working for and in such an evil environment. But the choice is yours.

What should I do then? Be a mom? Pursue ministry full-time? Maybe higher ups in the industry may be evil perhaps, but fashion in and of itself is not evil. God is a creative God and I’m a creative person modeled after his image, and I’m sure I’ll be able to use my creativity to glorify Him.

I started researching conspiracy stuff in high school and got really scared, but now I know that God has already won. But my point to say is, okay what if this conspiracy stuff is true and the entertainment industry is evil, so we as Christians should run from it? God did not give us a spirit of fear and He said to make disciples of all nations. We should stop thinking of the Illuminati as these evil beings past the point of no return. They’re people and they need Jesus too! We are called to reach the lost! Have you seen Furious Love by Darren Wilson, they go to these places no one else would like to heavy areas of prostitution in Thailand to see people come to Jesus. Missionaries risk their lives in dangerous areas to spread the gospel. So if I feel called to fashion, then I know… Read more »

I wish I could delete this comment. there’s nothing wrong with pursuing ministry full time or being a fulltime mom. What I’m saying is, where are Christians supposed to work because there’s evil everywhere.

Then why not just start your own fashion line with a ministry element to it. You don’t have to be a martyr.

Also saying fashion won’t ever glorifying God is limiting his character. He can work through anything and anyone. Many brands give back, like Toms giving shoes to the poor, there’s sustainable fashion, etc.

If it doesnt work out for you, please remember that you can still be an independent fashion designer who will cater to a different market. I think God will allow you to see what the fashion industry really is firsthand. Dont stumble!

Maybe people should stop using fashion and start creating style.

I agree. There are affordable stylists from the Colour Me Beautiful and similar who can show ordinary people how to dress according to colouring and shape. There is also Dressing Your Truth online which shows you how to dress according to one of four personality types.

Being an independent fashion designer catering to a local market or using fabric from fair trade companies is different to being in the thick of the mainstream fashion industry. I read Fashion Babylon about an ambitious fashion designer who managed to get a slot at one of the major fashion weeks; either London or New York and she seemed to spend more time wheeling and dealing than designing and creating and had no respect for the young teenage models at all.

Thank you for your encouragements! I have been feeling more called lately to work independently, but as a senior in college I’m very anxious in this season in my life, and just want a stable job, so I’ll see where God leads me!

May The Most High Bless You. I have been in the beauty industry for over thirty years ,if I knew then what I know now …I would not be in this industry ..Its against all of what the Bible teaches and what the Most High Commands of his chosen!!! Come out of her my people!!!

What do you know now that you didn’t before? And are you still in the industry? Maybe God placed you there to reach the lost people around you, I encourage you to pray about that.

The Tavistock Institute is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Also so does the Chatman House that used to be the the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

Do you mean Chatham House?

Why in Zoolander 2, towards end of the movie, there are real fashion moguls which confirm that they’re evil?

I noticed that too. It was very eery and illuminati-ish so that could be true. Perhaps the people funding the movie made the demands that this happen and for these cameos to say these lines and the famous fashion people were like whatever we’re getting paid. But who knows.

Women to whom this is being marketed: please don’t even consider spraying your body with this cursed filth. I mean that literally. It’s cursed. Look at under whose auspices it’s been made.

Your statement now makes me wonder what actual chemicals they intertwine in their solution.

The thing that really sticks with me, is how it is now cool for a little woman to ruthlessly murder an innocent man because hey, sh’s a woman! That makes it cool, right? It doesn’t matter that this man did nothing wrong to her, a far as the audience knows; he must be sacrificed so the witch may ascend to goddess.

The sapphic, Amazonian “torture and sacrifice that male!” message has become so deeply embedded in media aimed at young women, that some people will actually defend the female character in this ad cracking some innocent guy’s neck because that’s, “like, omigod, female empowerment!”

Do not support this wicked agenda. Do not buy this scent for yourself or any women or girls in your life that you love.

When she dances in front of the mirrors the camera filming cannot be seen anywhere. This in and of itself is very symbolic and was absolutely consciously planned by the directors. Over on the Kenzo website the kids fashion section features a little girl who is actually topless with a ‘shirt’ painted on her skin with eyes all over her body. Deeply disturbing.

Her dance moves are very similar to those executed by Maddie ziegler in Sia’s music videos. At 1.29, she’s faking putting something into her mouth and I remember Maddie doing the same thing in “Big girls cry”. Same eyes rolling back, same tongue tied (it also reminds me of miley cyrus).
To sum it up, those girls are acting like they have no control of themselves but according to youtube comments, it’s an “hymn to freedom” because “she dances like nobody’s watching”. When it comes to fashion and moder art, people areready to believe everything they are told .
And this poor actress looks stupid…

it’s actually the same choreographer- good eye of yours.…/spike-jonze-sia-ape-drums-kenzo-world-perfume

We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.

Dear children, keep yourselves from idols.

1 John 5

just the bottle alone should warn the masses of the craziness around them……I wonder if the perfume has any kind of evil in it?

Interested in horrors in perfume? Look up some history on musks. That is a substance known to influence hormone balance. After a while it is put on a blacklist because of that, and the industry comes up with an almost similar one to use in massmarket-scents. Blacklisted also. New one. So close moleculewise that after a few generations of these musks, one should expect the new one to have the same nasty side effects. And you know what? It does. They do.

Unfortunately for this new age it’s the new norm.Ppl nowadays (at least the younger generation who are younger than me I’m 26) find it difficult to tell either it’s normal or not? … “The abnormal is the new normal”.

LOL Illuminati lost control already, nothing the think their doing, their trying to do, is working anymore. The world is awake and they are failing.

I agree. It seems that the long prophesied truth vibrations are at a level where their deception can no longer go without quickly being uncovered for what it is. Hillary Clinton and her team are being exposed more and more, the false flags are not working as intended and people in huge numbers are doing their own due diligence whenever these fake events happen. It seems that we have reached the early stages of a/the tipping point. Since we are all connected to the collective consciousness of the planet, as the awakening progresses, huge changes for the better will happen right before our eyes. What a time to be incarnated ehhh

Let me guess : you vote republican. Right ?

Why are you getting downvoted for that? Ridiculous.

Perhaps others considered it to be a snide comment Katrina… But you may have already had the common sense to know that.

This is not the forum to discuss this nonsense. Go to Red State and be with your own kind.

Red and blue states? Be with your own kind?
Should we consider our skincolour as well again? Do you folks have a different state for yellow and blacks and reds? Or maybe we could divide the masses on size of shoes? Would that help here in discussing ”a common enemy”?

Trump is even worse.

They absolutely have not. The world is full of dumb sheep who can’t and won’t think for themselves or stand up for their basic rights. They willingly supply any kind of personal information to NSA databanks. Are you joking with that comment?

I have had that feeling too and it came about with the disproportionate number of remakes in movies made recently. One thing we know about illuminati/reptilian/dark energy (whatever you want to call it) is that they themselves do not have the power of creation. It is humans that were made in “Gods image” and possess the unique power to create with our thoughts.
It seems more recently that “they” have been going it alone rather than tapping in and steering human creative energy to do their bidding and what we have is obvious “non” creative outputs in media, politics, movies etc

@Mike said,”illuminati lost control already.The world is awake and they are failing “.
That comment received fourteen up votes.LOL ,in what world is that quote reality?
Even Vigilant Citizen is saying that isn’t true.People are saying it’s a cool video.There are far more asleep sheep than there are awake people.

Another great article

Even when you tell people they still don’t believe , they find it is an original ad for a perfume… that it changes from the usual “glamour” smh

Yes, but you still need to keep telling them! Eventually (please God) they’ll see this stuff often enough, and hear your explanations often enough, that it will finally click and they will get it. If you don’t keep pointing it out to them, they may NEVER get it. So don’t give up!

This gave me the creeps and I almost got sick. Probably 99.9% of what we see from Hollywood, advertising, writers, media, Spike Jonze is controlled by this cabal elite, and what do they think they are doing? They really think that we are falling for this? F–k them all.

Spike Jonze did direct “Beeing John Malkovich” as well, which is a quite revealing movie about this puppetery mechanisms. Ok it’s some years ago, but as well his last movie HER isn’t written in a one way perspective. It has it’s reality questioning moments.

A fog of ennui isn’t enough. Real artists offer rebellion, a new way of seeing.

If you were capable of recognizing art, then you’d recognize “Being John Malkovich” was one of the more creative films ever made

ewww! I would never spray that garbage on me, it probably has elite semen in it

They should have advertised it on that basis: “Kenzo perfume, made of nothing less than the most elite semen, the rich scent of top 1 percent jizz”

Just watched this “commercial.” Even for the unawares, it’s the creepiest and freakiest thing ever. At best, stupid.

I personally think this is a great article. The point of him writing this is the fact that this ad has gone VIRAL!! WHY? The idea of breaking “out of the mold” to “be yourself”…SO COOL!….only that she is really controlled by something so much bigger. This is one f**king scary perfume ad!!!

Consider most of the hypes created as well.

Seeing these various Kenzo images VC lays out and hearing the reports of their love of eye symbolism (on children’s clothing, too!) one is left with only one logical conclusion: This is straight up Satanic. Avoid like the plague.

I know who\'s side I\'m on

this ugly looking thing is destined for the bargain and discontinued bin

With massmarket-prices, they still make a profit – and still reach a target-demo.

At least Delta and Theta slaves concept were used. Usually it’s just Beta. Creative.

It reminded me a lot of sia’s music videos,and also when she’s walking up the stores the mirrors make it look like a lot of stairs like that one staircase painting which represents a mind controlled victims mind.

This Kenzo Ad is everywhere in the Subway station named ST LAZARE in Paris , weird

Ashley and anyone else —
Do not depend upon others to explain everything to you.
You must do the searching, the finding, the realizing, the growing. Only this way can you truly be empowered to see and to protect yourself.

VC provides some guideposts, some hints – but don’t expect everything to be presented to you on a platter…if I may be allowed a metaphor, that would provide you a single meal but would not teach you how to feed yourself.

nah I prefer henry. he’s very ‘deprogrammed’

Spike Jonze’s real name is Adam Spiegel from the Spiegel clothing family. His brother is a DJ in the music business. He also wrote and directed the very creepy movie Her which Jonze saw as a love story btw human and computer. It could be argued that her had a transhumanism agenda. The computer and the human merge as one in love bettering the human. There’s a great interview with Jonze and a UK reporter about Her. The reporter (a woman) challenges Jonze on the creepy and sexist elements of Her. Check it out on YouTube, it’s quite interesting.

The song in the film is by Sam Spiegal, its called mutant brain. Check out the album art.

Spike Jonze did direct “Beeing John Malkovich” as well, which is a quite revealing movie about this puppetery mechanisms. Ok it’s some years ago, but as well his last movie HER isn’t written in a one way perspective. It has it’s reality questioning moments.

Fun Fact ”Kenzo” is other name for ”devil” in Macedonian – as a Slav myself i was allways uncomfortable with this brands ”name ” now i know why,they trully are devils .

if you watch carefully, you see the man is not dead, He rises up to look at her as she is leaving. Also, I was wondering in what language the deep vice was chanting/singing? I turned down the volume to avoid hearing a spell or curse. You never know.

Maybe it indicates she had in turn allowed him to live or simply suffer, even possibly bring him under her own control?

As far as turning down the volume, John, I mean simply because someone is speaking a curse, chant or spell doesn’t mean you’re going to own it or experiencing anything from it.

Interesting. More and more ad’s are going the worship of the elite route. However, the fashion industry and part of the music industry lead the way. It’s too bad more people do not discuss the articles here on the message board. That place has become a bunch of agenda based zealots who have dumbed down any hope for learning of late. Now, a Q and A with VC would be cool.

Fashion started out as humans dressing up like kings and queens. More to add to that?

Awesome article as usual.

Not sure whether this counts, but at the center of her Green dress right below her chest there is a ‘triangle’…..

And Green is lucifer’s color as well.

Same is said about blue and red. Are we only supposed to wear black, white, grey, beige and brown?

100% new world order crap!!!

I cannot THANK YOU enough for fixing the RSS feed!! You are doing a really fine job. No, let me rephrase that. You guys are indispensable.

Gee…….and just when I thought I’d seen it all….

I really want every bottle of that perfume so I can take it somewhere (aerated location of course) where I can smash them into the ground.

Seems to me there is already plenty of censorship on the web and otherwise. My email has been shut down twice recently by someone, somehow which is supposed to be impossible, changing my password. Therefore THEY can get into my email but I can’t. And the provider is very fuzzy about how it happens, since it claims to keep email addresses secure, and those working there are not overly cooperative about getting it back. Of course, that means it is marked in someway by whomever is demanding the censorship which could be the government, those who own the government, Israhell, etc. On one of these occasions many files on my computer were moved out of place in a general confusion. Had I been using Bill Gates Windows, I’m sure the computer would have been made useless. Also more and more sites I go to, always those on which I comment,… Read more »

thank you for the expose’ of yet another industry being commissioned to brain-wash the sheeple. Fortunately, there are many other sites where you can find out what all of the symbolism means.
I would say this is a very relevant article. Keep it up

When i saw that pub on tv, i was like WTF!!! the tv is more and more full of this, im sick of this s**t

I no longer have cable, for that very reason. I have my computer hooked up to my TV so I can watch Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. Never looked back, and don’t miss a thing.

Me too! I don’t miss cable one bit. I now have control over what I watch and when I watch it. The best part is no ads.

Alexis arquette has died only 47.

Alexis had much to say about Jared Leto.

who says so? psychic attacks or sumthing

Also Will and Jada Smith at one time. “She said, ‘I’m not quite ready for that kind of battle. But when I do write my book, and uncover all the hypocrisy, this town will come to a stop.’” This death is very mysterious. Sounds like murder and probably a sacrifice to me… their own brother admitting they cheered as Alexis died slowly and painlessly, “per her wishes”. Sure. Meaning what, exactly? Lethal injection, with some likely satanic David Bowie song playing as their family member dies (also part of the “heartfelt” story the brother told). What did they do to this person? No doubt they are a very evil family. And interestingly and much to the anger of the internet dwellers, the same brother also kept referring to Alexis as “he”… and that he was their brother who became their sister who became their brother again and blah blah… but… Read more »

Right before releasing a tell all book to expose closeted gay actors and actresses

So many look good at first then as you get to know them –disaster and now that I am older men my age are so sick. They are on high blood pressure medicine or some pain killer meds. Men in my generation were in a fogged out sleep- of p**n and drugs.
and many did get married but No children because they were worried about over population ….And they did not want the responsibility
Just so many immature men. It’s a disaster.

In the land of the blind the one eyed is king.

I cannot relate it to the perfume ad. Weird.

you ever gonna analyze Sia’s “The Greatest”?

I simply challenged one of these “this is so cool” people/comments on YouTube. What? People, especially young people, don’t challenge anything any longer?

After watching this “commercial” for a 2nd time now, it’s also evident that she has a pyramid/triangle cut out portion created by the front straps of her dress. Early in her “dance” she also quickly gives the Miley Cyrus tongue pose….whatever that is or means. Also, the killing of the stranger was done so to a Black MAN. Surely, not a random decision.

Look at Kenzo early perfumes. Beautiful bottles in natural style related to Japanese art. I guess the brand has got a new management some time ago and they happen to favor this agenda.

Two words: Bl**dy Stupid!

I remember Kenzo many years ago. It was completely different and the style was based on Japanese tradition and filosophy. I loved their perfume and used for years. Then this brand just changed..Even without conspiracy described here those style looks tasteless and creepy now. The perfume is pure synthetic. It just got cheaper in style. Sad.

I haven’t bought a ‘fine’ perfume for over a decade now partly because of the surrealistic adverts and also because Lush and Body Shop do some great perfumes. Then there are also the traditional ones such as 4711 that don’t need be reinvented sold in chemists shops. Have started to notice for a while how the perfume adverts have become very transhumanist when I saw the advert for J’adore with Charlize Theron repeated ad nauseum with its Agenda 21 message.

Bodyshop abuses its own image. Look up some ingredients they use, before you say a thing like that. They may not test on animals, but they sure do on humans.

It went downhill when Anita Roddick sold it to L’Oreal so I don’t buy their skin care anymore but I do buy their perfumes.

I’ve never heard of them testing their products on people in the same way testing has been done on animals. Cell cultures are used and the cells donated voluntarily.

It’s concerning what the chemical technology of the perfume would do to someone.

For the generation of kids that grew up on sugared babyfood (biggest seller N. puts sugars in sleepytime-concoctions for babies and todlers for decades already!), a lot of big sales are made with perfume that smells like sugared food. Easiest example.

I forgot to mention that the triggers are placed in an early stage. Products and their commercials hit on basic emotions.

I must admit a fondness for sweet scents; though I have been wondering why so many perfumes smell of cotton candy…

God I was waiting for your to discuss this ad , the first I saw it on tv I could easily notice the symbols . I mean what are they trying to prove by showing it to the masses without the fear of being seen? Are they planning to a massive brainwash ?

They’ve gone to far and since they control everything no one have a saying on what they do and don’t show to the public

He’s not God; he’s VC

This commercial has literally just started showing in the uk… I youtubed it to complain about the obvious demonic possession and their was a link 🙂 God bless you

There is a pyramid on her chest also

Everything that they push through our senses is connected. Music, videos and movies, arts and “entertainment”, media and publicity all filled with subliminal messages. Makes me sick just to watch it… Just listen to some lyrics and there it is.

There are so much much more symbols in this; it’s just over loaded w it / Kenzo seems to have agreed to be the new pawn this year / HM collab coming soon ! See every “wow this look cool” run, wait, ready to riot malls for their piece of MK elite wearables (i’m not gonna lie i alraedy owned a tiger head sweater :s )

Yeah I know about those kind of things. I know you won’t fight back, cause it’s simply too… Much. You don’t exactly suffer. You actually feel free and empowered, even if your consciouseness is slipping away.