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The Top 6 Most Deranged Moments of the WEF’s 2024 Davos Meeting

If you’re wondering why the devil’s head is on the lead image of this article, its because it was literally part of the decor at Davos 2024. I wish I was joking. In fact, I wish I was joking about everything in this article. Here are the top 6 most deranged moments of Davos 2024.



Unlike most mainstream media outlets, I won’t waste your time beating around the bush: The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a parasitic and illegitimate organization that is run by non-elected individuals who are attempting to reshape the world … in the worst way possible. It is rather difficult to overstate the nefarious aims of this organization which prides itself on “penetrating governments” like some kind of cancer while promoting insane slogans such as “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy” (my article The Top 10 Creepiest and Most Dystopian Things Pushed by the WEF provides a good overview of this organization’s long-term goals).

While ignoring these creeps would be beneficial to one’s mental health, it is simply impossible. That’s because the annual Davos Meetings always manage to summon people who can actually make the WEF’s dreams come true such as heads of state, CEOs of mega-corporations, and representatives of global NGOs such as the World Health Organization.

Also: A witch doctor who blows on people’s faces.

As these guests sit on panels and preach their globalist gospel, two questions come to mind: Why do they all look so smug and in awe of their own intelligence? Their air of superiority says a lot about their mindset versus the masses. But, more importantly, why do their topics inevitably lead to less freedom, less quality of life, and more Orwellian control?

The answer is quite simple: Their ultimate goal is a dystopian world government where the masses are reduced to a sub-species that is only allowed a limited amount of freedom and resources while being subjected to constant monitoring and pharmaceutical interventions. In other words, they’re trying to turn us into cattle.

To bring about this nightmarish vision, the WEF uses incremental steps. Year after year, the organization constantly attempts to normalize new outlandish ideas. Then, it uses crises such as COVID-19 to make them a reality. Their secret motto: Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Davos 2024 brought forth, once again, a slew of creepy and radical ideas that all have a point in common: They lead directly to a dystopian New World Order. And no, I’m not being a “conspiracy theorist”, the words “New World Order” were literally uttered during Davos. Several times.

Here are the top 6 “lowlights” from Davos 2024. Why top 6? Because the WEF logo contains three 6s.

It’s all in your face.

#6 Deranged Tapestry

Before I even go into what was said at Davos, we need to look at some symbolism. The slogan of this site is “Symbols rule the world” and, once again, the true, unfiltered mindset of the WEF was better expressed through one single piece of “decoration” rather than thousands of words.

Here’s a screen capture of a Davos discussion that featured former UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

Why is there a depiction of the devil on the left wall?

Theresa May and her friends were discussing in a room decorated with the Walthamstow Tapestry, a large mural created in 2009 by cross-dressing contemporary artist Grayson Perry.

The Walthamstow Tapestry.

The artist: Grayson Perry. Seems like a well-adjusted individual.

There’s a whole lot of insanity happening in that tapestry but, to sum it up, it depicts a woman giving birth to a baby whose trail of blood leads directly … into the devil’s mouth.

Facing the devil are characters resembling the Three Wise Men. Also: Is that the Virgin Mary kneeling and offering baby Jesus to the devil? Our leaders are discussing the future of the world in rooms decorated with this crap.

The tapestry is filled with the names of actual corporations such as Nestlé, Vodaphone, Nike, Microsoft, and Glaxo Smith Kline. One can argue that the artwork comments on corporations and materialism affecting every aspect of our lives and leading us to an unholy existence.

However, because most of these companies are actually represented at the WEF, this tapestry takes on a very literal meaning. It’s not a social commentary anymore, it’s a blueprint. And they’re proud of it.

With that being said, let’s look at what was discussed at Davos.

#5 Disease X and the Pandemic Treaty

The Disease X panel at Davos. The alternative title of the session: “Scaring people into accepting the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty”.

When these WEF people look back at COVID years, their eyeballs turn into hearts. The drastic lockdowns, the mandatory masks, the orgy of vaccines … such fond memories. At Davos 2024, the WEF hosted a discussion about Disease X, a hypothetical illness that could lead to another global pandemic.

Among the panelists were Tedros Ghebreyesus (Director-General of the World Health Organization), Roy Jakobs (CEO of Phillips Healthcare), and Michel Demaré (Chair of the Board of AstraZeneca). In other words, the guests were people who would profit greatly from another pandemic.

The WEF knew what it was doing when it came up with Disease X. The panelists themselves admitted that it was “catchy” and they hoped it would garner social media attention. Well, it did. It annoyed and terrified people who are now convinced that the WEF is already planning another pandemic.

Former United States Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Public Affairs Monica Crowley posted on X:

“Just in time for the election, a new contagion to allow them to implement a new WHO treaty, lock down again, restrict free speech and destroy more freedoms”.

In his opening statement, Tedros Ghebreyesus pointed out that the term Disease X was coined in 2018 and was meant to be a placeholder name for an unknown disease. He also added that COVID was the first Disease X.

Although Disease X is said to be unknown, the WHO weirdly stated that it could be 20 times deadlier than COVID. Where does this oddly specific figure come from?

The goal of this panel is quite simple: To normalize the idea that democratically elected governments should not have a say when a pandemic strikes. Instead, global entities of unelected globalists such as the WHO – along with private pharmaceutical companies – should call the shots and bypass governments.

To accomplish that, Ghebreyesus urged countries to sign the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty by its May 2024 deadline. Ghebreyesus said:

“This is a common global interest, and very narrow national interests should not come into the way.”

Re-read the quote above carefully. These exact words will be used over and over again to justify a global government. Any excuse will be good enough to use these words (i.e. climate change).

In the past months, critics have warned that the WHO’s legally binding treaty would cede national sovereignty to this global organization and that it amounts to nothing less than a power grab. A letter published by the advocacy group Advancing American Freedom (AAF) stated:

“The WHO’s proposal to consolidate power and erode the United States of America of its sovereignty through the WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty is untenable and raises serious and significant questions regarding America’s independence of action and ability to respond to global pandemics”.

In response to critics, Tedros stated:

“There are those who claim that the pandemic agreement and IHR will cede sovereignty to WHO and give the WHO Secretariat the power to impose lockdowns or vaccine mandates on countries. You know this is fake news, lies, and conspiracy theories.”

I don’t know, Tedros. Usually, when you people say “fake news” and “conspiracy theories”, it’s usually because you’re trying to dismiss inconvenient truths … like the fact that you’re trying to bring about a New World Order.

Speaking of which.

#4 New World Order

Those who say that a global elite is looking to create a New World Order are usually dismissed as “conspiracy theorists”. But what happens when the global elite casually discusses a literal New World Order for all to see? What then? When does the conspiracy theory become a confirmed fact?

One Davos 2024 discussion featured Jake Sullivan – Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor. He’s not just a random guy. He previously served as Director of Policy to President Barack Obama, National Security Advisor to then Vice President Biden, and Deputy Chief of Staff to Secretary Hillary Clinton at the U.S. Department of State. Sullivan also served as senior advisor to the U.S. federal government at the Iran nuclear negotiations and senior policy advisor to Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

In other words, he worked with the most powerful globalists in the world. Here’s a part of their discussion about a New World Order.

In response to the moderator’s question asking if we’re entering a New World Order, Sullivan stated:

“The post-Cold War era has come to a close, we’re at the start of something new. We have the capacity to shape what that looks like and, at the heart of it, will be many of the core principals and the core institutions of the existing order – adapted for the challenges that we face to day.”

The WEF loves to tell us that we are the “start of something new”. Of course, that is all propaganda. If there weren’t media-generated “challenges” such as COVID and global warming, the WEF wouldn’t know how to promote its new era. The motto of the elite is “Order Out of Chaos”. They generate chaos to bring about a new order.

To the elite, a New World Order would be without nations or democratic elections. If you think I’m exaggerating, here’s a video of Klaus Schwab fantasizing about brain implants that render elections useless at Davos 207. You cannot make this up.

So what would a WEF-lead New World Order look like? Well, communist China is a laboratory for totalitarian globalist policies and its social credit system is currently being tested there. Unsurprisingly, several guests at Davos called for technology that would make such as thing possible on a global level.

#3 Digital Control

Do you remember vaccine passports during COVID? You know, that time when millions of people suddenly turned into second-class citizens and were banned from travel and public spaces because they refused to be injected with a pharmaceutical product? It was a sick, abhorrent mistake, right?

Not according to Davos. For them, COVID was a test run and they want to make this permanent. During the Davos session “Fixing Healthcare, Digitally”, the EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Stella Kyriakides praised the vaccine passports as an example of what should be done in the future.

Kyriakides casually pointed out that this whole project has been taken over by the WHO which is, once again, a globalist organization that operates outside of national governments. Is this normal?

As if to make sure we understand that Davos is about the elite talking down to the masses, the WEF brought out the literal Queen of the Netherlands to sing the praises of a digital ID. Why her specifically? No idea. Might as well bring out the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland while we’re at it.

But let’s listen to what Her Highness has to say about digital IDs.

Queen Maxima said that a biometric digital ID should be necessary to obtain financial services, for school enrollment, “to know who got a vaccination or not” and for governmental subsidies.

It doesn’t take Nostradamus to realize that such a technology could easily turn society into a dystopia. With such a system in place, an unvaccinated person could easily be “de-banked” and denied government subsidies. In China, people who criticize the system see their social credit score penalized. Could that happen with a digital ID?

These hypothetical situations might seem paranoid … if WEF did not spend so much time whining about free speech.

#2 Censor the Critics

A recurrent theme of WEF discussions is, ironically, restricting free speech. Everything that goes against their agenda is deemed “disinformation” and it should be eradicated. At Davos 2024, the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen stated that fighting “disinformation” is the TOP concern of the WEF.

Of course, disinformation is a code word for whatever fact or opinion that goes against their narrative. Later in the video, she praises the Digital Services Act which controls and monitors “hate speech” – a term that keeps getting wider to engulf, once again, anything that goes against their narrative.

In another stunning video, an editor of the Wall Street Journal literally stated that they used to “own the news” … until these pesky alternative sources came along.

In the most ironic twist possible, what she said is pure fake news. Mainstream news sources are more opaque, dishonest, and agenda-driven than ever. Several outlets have turned into outright propaganda machines where “information” is only deemed good if it serves an agenda. Did you watch NBC News recently? I mean, seriously.

#1 Inventing Words

In this final piece of WEF insanity, a panelist wants “ecocide” to be considered a serious crime. OK. Sounds crazy. But what could be considered an “ecocide”? The woman mentions … fishing and farming. OK. This is REALLY crazy.

Yes, you heard correctly. Jojo compared farming and fishing to genocide and she wants to see these people punished on a criminal level. As we’ve seen above, the WEF specializes in creating extremely slippery slopes. And this is yet another one.

Jojo wasn’t invited randomly. Her extreme views represent the WEF’s long-term goals. If you’ve been following the news in the past years, you’ve probably noticed that the elite has been waging an all-out war on farmers, especially in Europe. None of this is by accident. The WEF is using the “environment” to vilify fishing, farming, and agriculture while churning out policies to destroy their livelihoods.

This is followed by massive land grabs by megacorporations and globalist stooges such as Bill Gates. The ultimate goal: To have humans feed off bugs and highly processed, barely digestible “food products”.

They’ll be the ones eating delicious steaks. Not us.

In Conclusion

This year again, the WEF put on full display the long-term aims of the global elite. While they love to pepper their speeches with words such as “freedom”, “democracy” and “prosperity”, their policies lead to the exact opposite. In the examples above, we’ve seen talks about the WHO taking over pandemic response on a global level, the implementation of a global digital ID that would control all aspects of life, the censorship of dissenting views on the internet, brain implants that render elections useless, and, finally, making farming a serious crime that is comparable with genocide. Does that sound like “freedom, democracy, and prosperity” to you? Or complete insanity?

Look back at the satanic tapestry depicted above. This is the life they want for you.


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