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The World Health Organization is Taking Cash Handouts from Junk Food Giants



The World Health Organization is Taking Cash Handouts from Junk Food Giants

The World Health Organization is Taking Cash Handouts from Junk Food Giants

The World Health Organization (WHO) is the United Nation’s “public health” arm and has 194 member states. While its official mission is “the attainment by all people of the highest possible level of health“, it is also clear that it works according to a specific agenda, one that laid out by the world elite and the organizations that are part of it. In the article entitled ‘Contagion’ or How Disaster Movies “Educate” the Masses, we’ve seen how the WHO was involved in the promotion of mass vaccination campaigns following (bogus) disease scares, of civilian camps, of the bar-coding of individuals and so forth.

More proof of the WHO’s “elite bias” has been recently uncovered by a study: The organization has been taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from the world’s biggest pushers of unhealthy foods such as Coca-Cola, Nestlé and Unilever. It is relying on these companies for advice on how to fight obesity..é which is the equivalent of asking a drug dealer for advice on how stay off drugs and NOT buy his product.

Coca-Cola, Nestlé and Unilever are not simply “food companies, they are gigantic conglomerates that produce and distribute an enormous proportion of processed foods across the world. In the article entitled Irrational Consumerism (or The Few Companies Who Feed the World), I described how only a few mega-conglomerates own most of the world’s brands of processed foods. To refresh your memory here are some of the brands owned by Nestlé:


Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Cheerios (outside US, Canada and Australia)
Cini Minis
Honey Nut Cheerios (outside US, Canada and Australia)
Oat Cheerios
Cookie Crisp
Golden Grahams
Honey Stars
Koko Krunch
Milo Cereals
Nestlé Corn Flakes
Shredded Wheat


Munch Bunch


Partner’s Blend
Taster’s Choice


Aqua D’Or
Aqua Pod
Acqua Panna
Al Manhal
Deer Park
Ice Mountain
Nestlé Aquarel
Nestlé Vera
Poland Spring
Pure Life/Pureza Vital
San Pellegrino
San Bernardo

Other drinks

Nestea (Joint venture with Coca-Cola, Beverage Partners Worldwide)
Enviga (Joint venture with Coca-Cola, Beverage Partners Worldwide)
Growers Direct Organic Fruit Juices
Good Host
Juicy Juice
Ski up and go

Shelf-stable products

Bear Brand
La Lechera
Nestlé Omega Plus

Ice cream

Häagen-Dazs (North America and the United Kingdom)
Hjem-IS (Denmark & Norway)
Nestlé Drumstick
Oreo (Canada)
Peters (Australia)
Skinny Cow

Infant foods

FM 85
Gerber (the world’s largest baby food company)
Good Start

Performance nutrition



Carnation Instant Breakfast



Frozen foods

Lean Cuisine
Hot Pockets
Lean Pockets
Papa Guiseppi
Tombstone Pizza
Jack’s Pizza
DiGiorno Pizza
California Pizza Kitchen Frozen

Chocolate, confectioneries and baked goods

100 Grand Bar
After Eight
Animal Bar
Baby Ruth
Bertie Beetle (Australia)
Big Turk (Canada)
Black Magic
Boci (Hungary)
Blue Riband
Butterfinger BB’s
Butterfinger Crisp
Bon Pari (Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary)
Carlos V
Chips Ahoy! (Canada)
Coffee Crisp
Hercules Bars (with Disney)
Kit Kat (Hershey’s in the US)
Milky Bar
Nestlé Alpine White
Nestlé with Almonds
Nestlé Crunch
Nestlé Crunch Crisp
Nestlé Crunch with Caramel
Nestlé Crunch with Peanuts
Nestlé Crunch Pieces
Nestlé Crunch White
Nestlé Milk Chocolate
Nestlé Princessa
Nestlé Wonder Ball
Nuts (Europe)
Oh Henry (except US)
Peppermint Crisp
Perugina Baci
Quality Street
Rolo (Hershey’s in the US)

Fruit Pastilles
Jelly Tots
Pick & Mix
Fruit Gums
Tooty Frooties
Juicy Jellies

Texan Bar
Toffee Crisp
Toll House cookies
Walnut Whip
Violet Crumble
XXX mints


Cat Chow
Dog Chow
Fancy Feast
Go Cat
Mighty Dog
Mon Petit
Pro Plan
Tidy Cats

Along with Nestlé, Unilever is one of the world’s largest conglomerates in the world, with a yearly revenue of 60 Billion dollars. Yes, Billion. One billion is a thousand times one million. While Unilever owns a great number of brands selling personal care products, it is also the world’s largest maker of ice cream, with brands such as Popsicle, Klondike, Ocean Spray ice cream, Slim Fast ice cream, Breyers, Starbucks and Ben & Jerry’s. Here’s a list of other foods and beverages produced by Unilver.

Ades or Adez — soya-based drinks
Alsa — desserts and syrups
Amora — French mayonnaise and dressings
Amino — dehydrated soup (Poland)
Annapurna — salt and wheat flour (India)
Becel — also known as Flora/Promise; health-aware: margarine, spreads, cooking oil, milk, fermented milk
Ben & Jerry’s — ice cream
Best Foods — mayonnaise, sandwich spreads, peanut butter and salad dressings
BiFi — sausage-based snacks (The Netherlands — Germany)
Blue Band — family-aware: margarine, bread, cream alternatives
Bovril — beef extract
Breyers — ice cream
Brooke Bond — tea
Bru — instant coffee (India)
Brummel & Brown — margarine
Bushells — tea (Australia, New Zealand)
Calvé — sauces, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, peanut butter
Chicken Tonight — Wet sauces range (excl UK & IE)
Choysa — tea, marketed mainly in Australia and New Zealand
Conimex — Asian spices (Netherlands)
Colman’s — mustard,condiments, packet sauces & OK Fruity Sauce
Continental — side dishes
Country Crock — margarine
Darko (Дарко) — ice cream (Bulgaria)
Delma — margarine (Poland)
Du Darfst (Germany)
Elmlea — Pourable artificial cream available in different varieties (UK)
Fanacoa — Mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup (Argentina and for export to Latin America)
Flora — margarine, light butter, jams
Fruco — ketchup, mayonnaise and condiments
Heartbrand — ice cream (umbrella logo)
Hellmann’s — mayonnaise
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter — margarine spread
Imperial Margarine — margarine
Jif Lemon & Lime Juice
Kasia — margarine (Poland)
Kecap Bango — soya sauce in Indonesia
Kissan — Ketchups Squashes and Jams (India and Pakistan)
Klondike — Ice cream sandwiches
Knorr (Knorr-Suiza in Argentina) — sauces, stock cubes, ready-meals, meal kits, ready-soups, frozen food range
Lady’s Choice — mayonnaise, peanut butter and sandwich spreads (Philippines, Malaysia)
Lan-Choo — tea (Australia/New Zealand)

Lao Cai Seasoning
Lipton — tea
Lyons — tea
Lipton Ice Tea — ready-to-drink tea (partnership with PepsiCo)
Lizano Sauce (Salsa Lizano) — Costa Rican condiment
Lyons’ — tea (Ireland)
Maille — French mustard
Maizena — corn starch
Marmite — yeast extract spread (except in Australia and New Zealand, called Our Mate)
McCollins — tea (Peru)
Mrs. Filbert’s — margarine (USA)
Paddle pop — Ice cream (Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia [incorporated with Wall’s])
Pfanni — Bavarian potato mixes
Peperami — Sausage snacks
PG Tips — tea (UK)
Phase — cooking oil
Planta — margarine
Popsicle — Frozen treats
Pot Noodle — cup noodles
Promise — Becel/Flora
Ragú — pasta sauces (Exl. UK & IE)
Rama — margarine
Royal — pastas (Philippines)
Royco — stock cubes, non-MSG stock (only in Indonesia)
Red Rose Tea — tea (Canada)
Sana — Margarine (Turkey)
Saga — tea (Poland)
Sariwangi — tea (Indonesia)
Scottish Blend — tea
Skippy — peanut butter
Slim•Fast — diet products
Slotts — mustard (Sweden)
Sunce (Sun) — Mayonnaise (Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro) brand now discontinued, Sunce factory now produces Uniliver brand Knor Mayonnaise
Stork margarine
Streets (ice cream) (Australia/New Zealand)
Tortex — ketchup (Poland)
Turun sinappi — mustard (Finland/Sweden)
Unilever Food Solutions — professional markets (food service)
Unox — soups, smoked sausages
Vaqueiro — cooking margarine, cooking oil
Wall’s ice cream
Wheel (detergent)
Wish-Bone salad dressing

The brands owned by Coca-Cola are too numerous to list but you might already know that the company has a stronghold on sugary drinks across the world, whether we look at soft-drinks, juices or energy drinks.

The owners of these companies are not only businessmen but participants in elite forums such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg group. They have a say in the forming of social and economic policies across the world.

With funding coming directly from these conglomerates, we have another proof that the WHO is not truly attempting to make the world a healthier place. It is rather shaping the world’s health according to the interests and the Agenda of the world elite. Do you really need an international organization to help you stay healthy? Simply staying of the toxic foods sold by those who fund the WHO is an incredibly good start.

Here’s an article on the WHO receiving money from major junk-food distributors.

World Health Organisation ‘taking cash handouts from Coca-Cola to plug black holes in budget’

  • The Pan American office has accepted $50,000 from Coca-Cola, $150,000 from Nestle and $150,000 from Unilever
  • It has also been relying on the food and beverage industry for advice on how to fight obesity

The World Health Organisation has taken thousands of pounds from food companies such as Coca-Cola and Nestle.

A regional WHO office has also taken donations from Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and Unilever, according to a study.

The Pan American office – known as PAHO – has received £35,000 in donations from Coca-Cola, £100,000 from  Nestle and a similar amount from Unilever.

The WHO is the public health arm of the UN and fights chronic ailments such as diabetes and heart disease, caused primarily by unhealthy diets.

The Pan American Health Organisation has also been relying on the food and beverage industry for advice on how to fight obesity.

Accepting industry funding goes against WHO’s worldwide policies.

The Pan American office – known as PAHO, based in Washington – has so far accepted $50,000 from Coca-Cola, the world’s largest beverage company, $150,000 from Nestle, the world’s largest food company, and $150,000 from Unilever, whose brands include Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and Popsicles.

The cash donations were described by Irene Klinger, a senior adviser for partnerships in PAHO, as ‘a new way of doing business.’ However, she insisted WHO is careful to maintain control of its policy decisions.

WHO is increasingly relying on ‘partnerships’ with the industry, instead of maintaining neutrality like it always has done, to fill holes in its budget. However, it still refuses to partner with the tobacco industry.

Since 2010 WHO has cut its own funding for chronic disease programs by 20 per cent. These diseases cause 63 per cent of premature deaths worldwide, but the WHO department in charge of fighting them receives just six percent of the UN’s budget.

Boyd Swinburn, an Australian professor and longtime member of WHO’s nutrition advisory committees, said: ‘WHO is getting hijacked. They’re cash-strapped, and they’re bringing the private sector in. That’s very dangerous.’

However, Jorge Casimiro, Coca-Cola’s director of international government relations and public affairs, said: ‘It’s about the convergence of the interests. What we’re trying to say is we’re ready to take action. We’re companies who want to do this. We’re ready to go.’

Meanwhile, Coca-Cola has also placed a top official on the steering board for WHO’s Pan American Forum for Action on Non-Communicable Diseases, a group that helps determine how WHO fights obesity in Mexico.

WHO’s Geneva headquarters and five other regional offices have been stopped from accepting money from the food and soda industries, among others.

Spokesman Gregory Härtl said: ‘If such conflicts of interest were perceived to exist, or actually existed, this would jeopardize WHO’s ability to set globally recognized and respected standards and guidelines.’

It has also emerged that at least two of specially appointed nutrition advisers working on behalf of WHO had direct financial ties to the food industry.

Murray Skeaff, a New Zealand professor, received research money from Unilever, the conglomerate with $60 billion sales last year.

Esté Vorster, a South African professor, advised a sugar association and took travel and ‘after hours’ money to judge a contest for Nestle. Vorster said she does not participate in discussing the sugar guideline.
– Source: Daily Mail

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The World Health Organization is Taking Cash Handouts from Junk Food Giants

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Since the government is behind all of the evil diseases, food contamination and modification that is going on in the US. How is that stores like our Co-ops, Famer's Market and Whole Food stores able to product our foods organically? Insight please.


I'm from Holland where Unilever is from and their most known product is ''Unox Worst'' doesn't it sound evil and horrible in english? It's a sausage btw

Life as we know it.

Get ready, we are almost there.


Hot damn, Nestle owns all my favorite foods and drinks. *resumes reading the rest of the article*


all Unilever products


Syrus Magistus & Sir Micheal!

Syrus you are an intelligent man.

Before arriving on conclusions , a wise man like you should read some good books.

A new system of analysis Jacob Bryant

Rivers of life James George Roche Forlong

The great Dionysiak myth Robert Brown

Anacalypsis Godfrey Higgins

Antiquities of India Thomas Maurice

Round towers of Ireland Henry O' Brien

The religion of the Semites William Robertson Smith

Rosicrucians Hargrave Jennings

Gnostics and their remains C.W.King

All of these books can be found on

These are the greatest books written by man…..cherish them.

Syrus Magistus

For your generosity in sharing these, we are most humbled. I believe I am quite familiar with a lot of it too. Please allow me to share something with you, from the very depths of my soul: How you treat people in this world matters. We are not chattel and our lives HAVE value. Evil is about debasing everything it touches. If you intentionally hurt people, especially innocent people, for whatever reasons you can rationalize, I think you're a cretin and desperately need to be dropped in a quarantined area to reflect on your life choices. When everything you touch turns to ashes, maybe the greatest wisdom is to stay away from people who've already had to put up with enough heart-wrenching bullshit and look for away to make the world better for everyone if you still care. Things are dark enough. If it gets any whose, people are gonna start to lose their way completely. People like me. I've probably been where you're standing so I know, but siding with the biggest, baddest-looking faction doesn't guarantee your life is safeguarded. Anyone who believes in betrayal as a means to personal advancement has a spot carved into my shitlist, and… Read more »

Syrus Magistus

The WHO was my dad's all-time favorite Rock band. Personally, I'm a bigger fan of Doctor WHO, but there's no accounting for taste. Unless it's the taste of fast food and BULLSHIT, in which case all bets are on. I'm the curious type; I wanna see just what it'll take to bring down all these evil dorks so their credibility is hilariously ruined. If this isn't enough, I'm sure God will keep trying until we all finally get a good laugh at their expense.

Sam V

Even the UN is mergering with other companies in order to form the NWO which makes it even more diabolical that the World Hell Organization is gaining profits for its own sinister use to wipe out mankind with poisons disguised as medicine and pills.

No wonder why the UN is definitely making this world become the ultimate hellhole where the strong shall rise above the weak.

Excellent article VC you never fail to keep me vigilant.

more to the story

Here's the secret to winning the "fight" against the agenda: we, us as people, give these corporations power. We buy Hungry Man dinners, we buy their medicines, we "elect" them as government. If we stop giving these corporations power and allowing bull sh*t to distract us (celebrity gossip, music videos, etc.) from what's truly important (Self) they will lose the power they and we are under the illusion they have.


Vc can you do an exspose on Monsantos please?


So what do you eat, drink!?!?! Geesh


Until people are willing to take responsibility for their health and stop wasting their money on this kind of food, these companies will have enough money to buy their way into society. It's only the attitude that "all food is supposed to be healthy or they wouldn't sell it" that creates the type of unconsciousness and denial about what they are eating when they reach for that twinkie. It's only the zombie like unconsciousness of the masses that supports this industry. I've boycotted this stuff since 1983. Why don't you join me?

VC advocate

I dont know if i'm the first on to say this but this storm sandy is a bit worry to me. It first landed in jamaica, my country and the unusual path it took surprised me at first (it started from below the island). 41 people in the caribbean have died so far and is heading for the U.S. mainland. It seems strange the media especially the U.S. media is calling it a frankenstorm. Since Holloween and the U.S. elections are close to the pagan dates on the calender, could anyone including VC or any of my truth seeking colleaguesout there shed some light on samhain (holloween) and this storm which is about to hit the U.S. This just seems out of the ordinary. PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!!!!


Satanic or not, money is the king. Everybody has their price. It all comes down on how much and whether you know your price or not. If you don't know it, you're in serious trouble. People are able to manipulate you easily. Knowing your price helps to maintain your integrity because you know your weakness and therefore you are able to work on yourself.


@ GrowingUp31

I see your keen observation on the current state of humanity, however not everyone bows to "money" as king…..most don't realize or see the attempt of convincing us that a piece of paper is worth more than our values, morals, beliefs, and sometimes soul. People can manipulate others…but only if the receivers are open to it, not sure enough of themselves so as to open themselves to be "led" to what is acceptable / "normal" to the world today. We all have weaknesses, yes.. we are human, but not everyone succumbs to them. The above being said, I can see why you think that way though……..



I guess for most people life is hard to continue if they do not have money and therefore, the fear of having no money keeps them in a prison. Sort of. I'm just talking generally here, but people work like mad because basically they don't want to be poor or perceived to be poor. Plenty of people are having debts (especially with credit card companies) because they spend more than they have just to show the world that they are not poor.

There are those who are not easily manipulated, and I admire them for their strength. But unfortunately, many are still easily manipulated.


Come on guys, what do you expect? These junk food companies make megabucks, we all know this. WHO is only cashing in. Not only that, WHO is also putting fake nutrition information on all of these foods. How many cereals have we seen that are full of sugar, but saying that it's full of fibre and protein. I usually stick to generic brand rolled oats as they have less sugars and salts and more high fibres, raw, dark honey and raw milk. We also have home-grown spinach and beetroot, make our own pickled onions and pickled vegies. I'm sure WHO thinks I'm the enemy.

WHO is an illuminati-based and bought organisation and filled with all their people. What do you expect? They've been taking kickbacks for years from the junk food companies.

Here's Johnny!

Dualism People…

DUALISM….the magick word!

Had it not been for the GMO's we would have not reached the 7 billion mark today.

Millions and millions of people would have been dead in Africa, India, Central Asia , China and South East Asia, had it not been for the Genetically modified Seeds given by WHO…

Many parts of Africa might have resorted to cannibalism had it not been for the GMO's and produce surpluses….and innovation in farming (insecticides, Genetically modified seeds, irrigation systems and road networks).

See …thats why the mystery schools focus so much on dualism…

Everything is good and bad at the same time….

Sure we have diabetes and heart diseases….

but atleast we dont have great famines which killed millions….

Syrus Magistus

Yeah, except these same m-----------s are withholding tons of technology which can solve all the world's problems, especially famine, and pushing this bullshit solution which will ultimately lead to brutal totalitarianism. F--k dualism. That's just pseudo-intellectual masturbation for the sociopathic headcases, the kind of people who would claim they are "above good and evil": Complete monsters in other words. You don't need to accept the bad with the good; we just do because we're aimless and noncommittal as a society. But you're right about one thing: The Illuminati BELIEVE in that s--t you just talked about. They think doing extreme good and extreme bad are spiritually balanced, like donating millions at a time to charities and then orchestrating genocide. You would do well to bear in mind that we are not dealing with sane people. In the Jungian sense, their behavior is the archetypal shadow of ours. In more concrete terms, this civilization's collective dissonance creates vacuums where nigh infinite degeneracy flourishes, like the mold overtaking those items in the back of your refrigerator as the months go on. Hey, it's not our fault as people. We inherited these issues from our ancestors. All one can do is try to… Read more »

Here's Johnny!

There is great wisdom in evil.

Ponder on that thought…

God has created hyenas , perfectly made to crunch bones and rip flesh.

God has made cobras, vultures , sharks and carnivores…

There is a reason….to create balance.

God works through dualism…

He is both kind and benevolent and also absurdly evil…

God is two faced.

It is present everywhere…

As long as you live in this world ….the world created by the demiurge…the great artist and the great architect…you will be.

Accept the evil, embrace it

Drink the cup of poison…and now look at this world…

'In yes and no lie all the answers to all questions"

Dualism …


Johnny you analyzed it a lot. I think maybe something evil stirs your thoughts. Now, there are only 2 options in life. You want to be with God and be in the book of life forever or you prefer to be with the devils and suffer in eternity? There are no ifs or buts in this case, everything is crystal clear. Believe and don't investigate, or possible don't allow wicked spirits bait you.


Corinthians21 do as you wish. I'd rather concentrate on myself and my shortcomings. And it's klm, l/L the 12th letter of the alphabet, not i/I.

Syrus Magistus

I can appreciate what you're trying to say, but wisdom is not analogous to truth in the metaphysical sense. What you're saying is founded on a Gnostic (Luciferian(?)) stricture, but it's fiction. The Bible its intended to counterbalance is fiction too. Two fallacies do not a create fact. I'm not sure exactly what's going on with this planet's whacked history, but people who are alive now are being used as pawns to recite some antiquated psychodrama that's done incalculable harm to what I would consider to be innocent, undeserving people. It's medieval. What the world needs now, and what you and I need too, is simply unconditional love. I'm not sure if you can properly appreciate the gravity of that statement. We can't strip away our own involvement in the equation of life, just because it's more convenient and hands-free to put the responsibility in the hands of some supernal soviet union. This is our world and our history unfolding now, and our actions decide whether it is a good and just place to live. It doesn't HAVE to be black and white. Life is full of colors. It isn't inherently evil, but the choice of experience persists because it… Read more »


a men god bless our souls


Millions of people would be dead? The whole reason people are starving in all those places is because of the foreign abuse and gross miss-management of their resources. If Africa’s natural resources weren’t being plundered by the west so heavily maybe they might have built themselves some decent infrastructure. According to De Beers diamonds are pretty valuable. So GMO’s keep more people alive but they have a shorter unhealthy life span? If they are going to force GMO’s upon the world so be it, but they should practice what they preach and set a good example for the rest of us. The mystery schools are full of a bunch of elite morons who confuse arrogance with wisdom. Comparing wild animals that balance the food chain through predation is far different than what the Illuminati do. They revel in perversion and I think they have embraced enough evil for all of us. Why don’t you take your dualism and embrace the good side of it for a change instead of spreading your “wisdom in evil” diatribe. Fidelio are you using a fake name?

Syrus Magistus

His name is a reference to The Shining, where some ax crazy guy terrorizes his wife with a hatchet and she slices him. It's not the sort of internet handle that inspires faith in one's sanity, to be perfectly clear. My name is also fake, but it's a reference to Apollonian philosophy and Hermeticism, as well as being the name of a fictional character. It sort of means "Wisdom of the Sun" in a bastardized way. My real name isn't a real secret, but you might have to Google search it a little first. I'm Tristan.


Let's be realistic now.

Human history is our record.

Wishful thinking, utopian pipe dreams….I love them too.

A world based upon respect, love and acceptance, where mankind helps one another to reach the highest states of consciousness……

But the world doesn't work that way…….it just doesn't.

In every human being , there are brain areas called amygdala,prefrontal cortex and the dopamine incentive system…..every human being is same and different at the same time.

Some get their highs from helping mankind, some get there highs from hurting mankind.

The mystery schools , want a new world order , where religion and it's related stupidities could be put aside, old cultures and traditions to be sidelined and a new consensus developed.

It's easier to say in words…..but is very very difficult to achieve.

All religions are perversions of ancient mysteries , philosophies and astro theology.

As far as Africa getting rich..l.

Look what happened in Liberia…

Slaves were freed from the west, and a new nation crafted for them….." Liberia"

What did they do…with their new freedom..?

They became slave traders as well…and developed huge slave holding cells and infrastructure …

Man is man…..embrace it….

Syrus Magistus

One final note: Statistically speaking, our friend is some armchair sort of occultist and/or an Internet troll. Getting all Eyes-Wide-Shut on his a-s might just be pushing it but hey, if I get the right to be heavy-handed and a little prosaic then so does everyone. Just sort of prefacing any further chatter. Not that what I just said applies to anyone else in particular!


Corinthians said something interesting for a change. Some people get their highs by helping others even if they don't feel like it. It's an adrenaline rush from what I heard. So they might as well want to help others out of their own selfishness.


Finally some intelligent individuals in which to have a civil conversation with. I know his "Shining" name is fake but there's a troll named Fidelio who goes around preaching his sympathies for the Illuminati death march/dualism. And I don't hold everyone in the mysteries accountable for the world's troubles only a few. I was just expressing a little frustration over the whole "wisdom in evil" comments. Although Johnny says such things a have a hard time believing he would actually go around committing the acts of evil he seems to promote. As for the mystery schools doing away with religion I don't particularly buy that train of thought. They will replace it with their own religion be it Luciferianism, Gnosticism, or some other belief system. They want control and religion can and has been used in a major way to gain it. I know humanity is flawed but I find the corporate fascism being forced down our throats hard to swallow. Our history does look rather bleak but we should learn from our mistakes not repeat them. A Utopian world based on love may be wishful thinking but I would rather fail striving for it than the alternative. Which you… Read more »

Syrus Magistus

Oh, so he seems to be a troll you know already. Makes sense. Not sure if it's important, but Luciferianism IS Gnostic. That's why it's called Gnostic Luciferianism. They are distinct from Gnostic Christians in that they believe in an inversion of the bible, wherein Lucifer is the hero and Yahweh is the villain. Considering what a huge dick he was in the regular bible, I'd be inclined to agree with them if I were the kind to believe in crudely plagiarized stone age fairy tales. The Luciferians are supposedly pagans who were brutalized by the catholic church and became psycho. Then they took over the Vatican and became bankers. There's thirteen main families from Europe and their legions of brainwashed b-----d children, all of them supposedly bearing the gene for sociopathy. This is a modern form of mythology of course; we don't actually know very much about these very evil asshats in the objective sense, just that they believe in genocidal esoteric bullshit as a sort of cosmic counterbalance to the genocidal dogmatic bullshit that "the unwashed masses" believe in. They practice grisly human sacrificial rituals and celebrate weird bozo holidays where instead of giving presents and eating good… Read more »

poisoned by junkfood

we still have famine diseases plagues, they did not have to genetically alter food just spent money on indoor gardening and distribution instead of experiments and marketing and addint addictive brain altering crap to the masses yeah to do the right thing with not expecting anything in return, How abot introducing sustainble farming and teach everyone how to do and maintain. por people afford junk while organic is accesible to the rich. theres no dualism is one sided manipulation you go eat that crap and see how you fare well. steel farmers land in every country so there are no choices tax them so high so they cant profit and sell your honey to the rest of the bees. you know its true dont bee such a drone


I recently became livid when I saw that with the Whole-mart Mass-mart deal, a lot of our products in SA are steadily being changed, some beverages for example are being imported that has high fructose corn syrup in them. Also when Pyotts was bought out by bakers they changed all the products recipes! I was livid beyond words about that! Because all of a sudden a good product by Pyotts was now a crap artificial one by Bakers! Therefore me and my husband started to slowly transition into making things ourselves or buying more products from health shops (very expensive but luckily we still have them). Call me a health nut, but making almost everything ourselves to combat all the junk that is added to our foods is slowly becoming the only option, luckily in SA we still have a few innovative companies that is starting to sell products with little or no preservatives or colorants. (Like Eureka flour, stone ground flour.) If I find these products I rather buy them until they become unavailable or 'corrupted by crap'. We are juicing our own fruit juices, making our own Mayonnaise, and will soon be baking our own bread and making… Read more »


Thank God am in africa,I can plant wat I want where I want and how I want….until we get to a developed worlds,nestle can't own my food


Well to make matters worse, the food companies are now trying to make it illegal to collect rain water and have your own garden in some states. In some states you can go to jail for talking bad about processed foods in McDonalds, or the genetically modified vegetables. You can't take pictures of a company slaughters the cows or shows how they make the food & what they put in it, because it is so called "terrorism"and they don't want anyone to poison it. When they are in fact poisoning it themselves.


This reminds me of the H1N1 flu situation that happened a few years ago.

Nobody gave sh*t about the "WHO" or what they had to say.

Practically nobody got vaccinated and we all turned out fine.

At the end of the day, people do whatever they freak they want. The "WHO" remains irrelevant. Let the "WHO" get their coins from Pepsi or Coca-Cola or Doritos potato chips. Let them even partner with the tobacco industry, next.

We live in a world that's very corrupt.

Just do the best you can to take care of yourself with what you have. Go with your gut feeling.


This is easy to say once you are aware, but think about how many people are not aware.. of anything…. AT ALL… that's what happens when your born into ignorance and sadly most people are born this way.



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