‘Contagion’ or How Disaster Movies “Educate” the Masses


Hollywood movies are usually presented as a form of entertainment, but their plots often conceal a specific agenda. “Disaster movies”, films about the end of the world through various mass crises, are particularly interesting as they all follow the same basic formula and glorify the same entities. In this article, we’ll look at the disaster movie ‘Contagion’ and how it “teaches” its viewers who to trust and who not to trust during a crisis.

Most people watch movies to be entertained. Well, I for one can say that there was absolutely nothing entertaining about Contagion. In fact, the only difference between this movie and state-sponsored educational movies shown in schools is that with Contagion you actually have to pay to be indoctrinated … and to see Matt Damon. During the cold war, students were shown videos instructing them to “Duck and Cover” in case of a nuclear attack. Contagion conditions the masses to expect martial law and to throw themselves at the first available vaccine in case of a crisis.

Featuring Hollywood mega-stars like Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburne, Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow, Contagion is a big-ticket Hollywood movie, but also an infomercial promoting specific national and international agencies while encouraging specific behaviors from the public. The plot of the movie appears to follow the big H1N1 scare of 2009 that left many citizens uncertain about the actual risk of the virus. Indeed, after months of terrifying news crowned by a massive vaccination campaign, an important portion of the population concluded that the H1N1 scare was grossly exaggerated and and thought that a vaccine was unnecessary.

This poll taken in November 2009 shows that 53% Canadians believed that the risks associated with the H1N1 virus were exaggerated.

In the wake of this “crisis”, the UN’s World Health Organization (known as the WHO) was harshly criticized and even accused of colluding with Big Pharma to sell vaccines. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC) also had its credibility tarnished as investigations revealed that the agency misled the public regarding the number of actual cases of H1N1 (for example, see this report from CBS News). As a result, these two agencies needed a good PR stunt to restore their credibility and to scare the hell out of the public. This is where Contagion comes in.

Directed by Steven Soderbergh, Contagion was produced with the active cooperation of the CDC, the WHO and other governmental organizations and its function is clear: To present a hyper-realistic disaster scenario to justify the vaccination campaigns promoted by these agencies while discrediting those who criticize them.

Nothing in the movie hints that it is a work of fiction. Quite to the contrary, everything in Contagion is made to be as realistic as possible, using actual locations and governmental agencies, to make the story as plausible – and as frightening to the masses – as possible. As the slogan of the movie says: “Nothing spreads like fear” and, boy, does it try to spread fear. This movie’s message is: “Nothing was exaggerated, and next time there’s a virus outbreak, listen to us … or you’ll die”.

The Function of Disaster Movies

Disaster movies are often action-packed thrill rides that venture in the sometimes fascinating “what if that happened” side of things. While some are very over-the-top and border on fantasy, others, like Contagion, emphasize realism and actual events. These movies tend to “hit home” with the viewers because they lead them to think “this could happen to me”. Disaster movies exploit the latent fear that recent events caused on the psyche on the masses, tapping into the anxiety and trauma they cause in order to create tension and terror in the viewers. Then, the “agenda” aspect of these movies kick in as they propose to the viewers the best (and only) way these issues can be resolved. Specific groups and agencies are cast as honorable, helpful and trustworthy during the time of crisis, while others are portrayed as hindrances and even traitors. The drama that follows becomes a case of predictive programming, as the steps taken in the movie to resolve the problem will thereafter appear normal to the masses if they ever occur in real life.

In his book Propagandes Silencieuses (Silent Propaganda), the journalist and writer Ignacio Ramonet describes the always present underlying message found in disaster movies:

“In all cases, the disaster causes a kind of ‘state of emergency’ that hands all powers and modes of transportation to state authorities: the police, the army or “the crew”. Portrayed as the ultimate recourse, these institutions are the only ones capable of facing the dangers, the disorder and the decay threatening society thanks to their structure and technical knowledge. (…) As if it was impossible to present to the general public a disaster that is not resolved by state authorities and governmental powers.”
– Ignacio Ramonet, “Propagandes Silencieuses” (free translation)

Along with the all-importance of authorities, the masses are inevitably presented as a herd of idiots prone to panic that must be kept in the dark.

“Another constant found in disaster movies is the infantilization of civilians. The full amplitude of the catastrophe and the danger the masses are facing is often hidden from them. They are kept out of any decision making process, with the exception of managers and technical specialists (engineers, architects, entrepreneurs) who are sometimes called to intervene in the crises, but always through state authorities.

The general public is often distracted with pointless entertainment and encouraged to obey without question to a ‘paternal and benevolent’ elite that is doing everything (to the point of self-sacrifice) to protect them.

These aspects, along with others, prove that disaster movies, beyond their entertaining value, also present a ‘political response’ to a crisis. Behind a naive mode of fantastic storytelling, a silent message is communicated to the public: the ruler’s profound desire to see entities such as the army, the police or ‘prominent men’ take charge of the restoration and the rebuilding of a society in crisis, even if this means partially sacrificing democracy”.
– Ibid.

Contagion follows Ramonet’s blueprint of disaster movies to a tee. Right from the start, specific organizations are identified as the go-to guys and are automatically given the power to act on a massive scale, namely FEMA, the WHO, the American Red Cross and the CDC.

So what solution does Contagion propose in case of the outbreak of deadly disease? Martial law and mass vaccinations. What will happen if ever an actual disease would break out? Martial law and mass vaccinations. Would the masses questions this type of drastic response to a crisis which might or might not be necessary? No, because hundreds of hours of media content have prepared the masses for this kind of situation. Let’s look at the main components and messages found in Contagion.

Fear Spreads Faster Than Germs

The movie starts by showing how a few sick people, who go about their daily routine, can easily contaminate thousands of people. The point of the introduction is simple: A deadly virus can spread around the world in a matter of days. This realistic yet terrifying scenario is a very effective way to grip the audience and to cause a state of fear. During these scenes, the camera focuses for a few extra seconds on common objects that can transmit germs such as drinking glasses, just long enough for the viewer to realize: “Hey, I sometimes touch these things! That could be me! Aaaah!”

This sick guy could infect the entire bus. To add to the drama and scare factor, they name big cities and their population.

Beware of glasses of water being handed to you…

Not even a mother’s hug is safe.

Most of those who are infected with the virus do not live long. In a series of heartbreaking scenes, one of the main characters, Mitch Emhoff (played by Matt Damon), sees his wife and his son lose their lives to the virus. Viewers watching this tragedy play out are led to think “Hey, that’s the most terrible thing could happen to me! AAaaah!”

Watching Beth Emhoff (played by Gwyneth Paltrow) die from the virus is quite disturbing and certainly helps create a climate of fear.

This movie was released only a two years after the outbreak of H1N1 and the media hype that surrounded it, so that fear is still latent in many people. These scenes from Contagion reactivates the “fear virus” that was planted in people … and adds some. After a few minutes of panic-inducing scenes, most viewers will say “Oh my God, someone do something about this virus! This guy lost his wife and child, that’s awful! AAArgh!”. Heroes do step up to the plate and take charge of things … and it just so happens that they were involved in the making of the movie.

The Organizations That Take Charge

In Contagion, as soon as the virus becomes a threat, the entire American government escapes to an “undisclosed location” and “looks for a way of working online”. Meanwhile, specific real-life non-government organizations (NGOs) are identified by the movie as the “heroes” and the go-to people to handle the crisis. These organizations are promoted to the viewers and are given automatic legitimacy and trustworthiness. However, those who are educated about the world elite’s agenda for a New World Order know that these organizations have been know to push that agenda and everything that goes with it. In short, the movie says: “If a crisis like this happens, the government will disappear, democracy will be suspended and NGOs will take over”.

The agencies identified by the movie  are:

The CDC (Center for Disease Control), which has always heavily promoted vaccinations campaigns.

The World Health Organization (WHO) – which was accused, in the wake of the H1N1, of spreading “fear and confusion rather than immediate information”. In the movie however, the WHO is an important factor in the resolution of the problem.

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and the American Red Cross manage the civilians. Contagion, shows viewers how emergency situations could quickly lead to martial law, which would automatically lead to the creation of civilian camps ran by FEMA, who needed some good PR after Hurricane Katrina.

Of course, the U.S. army is all over the place since martial law is defined as the “imposition of military rule by military authorities over designated regions on an emergency basis”.

So, in the wake of a “biological crisis”, the democratically elected American government basically dissolves and specific organizations (CDC, WHO, FEMA, the U.S. Army) take charge of all aspects of society. And this “taking charge” proceeds in a very specific way: Martial law and civilian camps.

Martial Law

In Contagion, the deadly virus is called MEV-1 and the social result of the outbreak is portrayed in a specific way. First, the general population, always depicted as idiotic, cattle-like and prone to violence, spirals out of control. The masses are always shown panicking, yelling, stealing, fighting and looting. This leads to a general breakdown of social order and a state of lawlessness.

A bunch of rude people looting a pharmacy to obtain medication.

Wherever regular people are put together, all sort of crap ensues. This goes along with the concept of “infantilization” of the masses, who require to be taken charge by “fatherly” authorities. And boy do the authorities take over.

The US Army imposes Martial Law and places the State of Minnesota in quarantine, blocking all traffic out of the state. Those who seek to leave the state are told to turn around and go back home.

Citizens are then directed to FEMA camps.

This stadium has been turned into a FEMA camp.

Civilians (even healthy ones) have their rights revoked and are directed to FEMA camps where they are fed and lodged. In this scene, the lack of “individual meals” to feed all of the camp’s population causes a small riot.


The Conspiracy Theorist

If specific groups and organizations are identified by the movie as “competent” and “trustworthy”, other groups get a very different treatment, namely alternative media. Personified by a blogger named Alan Krumwiede (played by Jude Law), alternative media are presented as unreliable sources bent on sensationalism and profit. In other words, the movie implies that information that does not come from “official” sources is invalid and potentially dangerous. Not exactly a pro-free-speech message.

“Truth Serum”, a blog run by Alan Krumwiede, resembles the many “alternative news” website around the web. This type of information, which does not come from mass media or governmental sources, is definitely not portrayed in a positive light.

Right from the start, Alan Krumwiede is portrayed as a somewhat dodgy blogger with a questionable work ethic and who does not get much respect from the journalistic nor the scientific community. When he tries to get one of his stories published in a newspaper called The Chronicle, he gets rejected due to lack of evidence behind his story. When he contacts a scientist regarding the virus, the scientist replies: “Blogging is not writing, it’s graffiti with punctuation”.

Despite this lack of respect from “competent” bodies, Alan Krumwiede has a wide audience and proudly boasts “millions of unique visitors per day” on his website. On it, he claims that a cure for the MEV-1 virus exists and is named Forsythia but it is repressed by the powers that be to sell vaccines. He also urges his readers not to take the vaccine that is given out by authorities.

The government apparently does not tolerate this kind of dissent. Krumwiede gets set up by an undercover agent to get him arrested. When he discovers the ploy against him the agent tells Krumwiede: “Alan, I didn’t have a choice, they’ve seen your blog”. Government agents then appear out of nowhere and arrest Krumwiede for “security fraud, conspiracy and most likely man slaughter”.

Krumwiede is arrested due to the contents of his blog. Contagion sends out a powerful message against “alternative” information sources: Diverging from “official sources” is dangerous and against the law.

It is later learned that Forsythia was a lie and that Krumwiede made 4.5 million dollars by promoting it to his readers. The chief of Homeland Security wants to put him in jail for a “long, long time”. However, due to his popularity, Krumwiede makes bail because, as the chief of Homeland Security states: “Evidently, there are 12 million people as crazy as you are”.

The character of Alan Krumwiede and the way he is portrayed is interesting for several reasons. First, he reflects the growing influence of blogs and alternative websites on public opinion – a recent phenomena that does not sit well with the elite that seeks to have the monopoly of information. By depicting this character as dishonest, corrupt and even dangerous to the public, the movie justifies the shunning of such writers and even their arrest. Nobody in the movie seems to mind that all of this is in direct violation of the First Amendment.

Second, when the H1N1 vaccine was released in 2009 and mass vaccination campaigns were organized, many citizens and authoritative figures including public health officials, doctors and specialists spoke against it. They claimed that the vaccine was unnecessary, insufficiently tested and that it had negative side-effects. By associating the corrupt figure of Alan Krumwiede with the “anti-vaccine movement”, the movie discredits all of those who question the necessity of mass vaccination campaigns. If another virus should strike, viewers of Contagion might be more prone to ignore these movements. In other words, the movie says: “Conspiracy theorists are corrupt liars that are dangerous to public safety and they should be arrested. Do not listen to them. They make money off phony cures. HOWEVER, those who make even more money off phony vaccines are good. Listen to authorities and get the vaccine … or you’ll die.”

The Ultimate Solution

After months of horror and hundreds of millions of deaths, a final solution emerges and saves humanity: Mass vaccination.

The only solution to do virus problem? A mass vaccination campaign.

Those who receive the vaccine get the privilege of wearing a scannable wristband. This allows them to go to public places such as shopping malls.

You get vaccinated, you get a barcode and go places. You don’t get vaccinated, you stay at home … and you die.



In Conclusion

Contagion may be presented as a work of fiction, but it communicates several important messages that authorities need the public to accept. To do so, the movie defines a specific problem that has actually occurred in the past, it identifies the agencies that have the right to take charge of the situation and proposes the only solution required to fix the problem. That solution is not pretty: The dissolution of the government, the imposition of martial law, the creation of civilian camps, forced vaccination campaigns and the suppression of free speech. Democracy and civil rights are summarily suspended and we witness the establishment of a highly controlled and monitored society (using barcodes).

Are disaster movies such as Contagion solely created for entertainment or are they also used to teach the public about what is acceptable and what is not when a disaster occurs? Would the World Health Organization participate in a movie simply to entertain people? Interesting fact: The movie was released on DVD at the same time the WHO got accused of exaggerating the death rate of the new H5N1 bird flu. The WHO has also recently allowed the publication of controversial research describing the creation of a mutant and highly contagious version of the virus. Could a weaponized version of the virus be purposely released on the public to justify martial law? Wait, maybe I shouldn’t say things like that. I don’t want to get arrested for “security fraud, conspiracy and most likely man slaughter”.




  1. I watched this movie and I though that something was going to happened soon, and w the movie, everybody learned that vaccination= salvation. The biggest lie. They just want to control us all and teach us how we must do in time of panic. I will pray to God for help rather than get vaccinated. He is above the man made bugs, mass intended infection and fear.

    They use fear to control and rid us from our freedom to choose. We can"t live in fear if we live close to God.

    • Good analysis. Now I know why I thought that was the worst movie ever. I felt as if I was completely drained at the end of it. It was all the lies in it. They want to program us for what is to come. The script keeps changing. I am not in control. They are not in control and the control they do have is ephemeral. Now we need to stop behaving like infants right now. God wins. We win. They lose:)

  2. Great article. I stayed far away from this movie because it was so clear that it was propaganda meant to play on building fear in people.

    Also, "Those who receive the vaccine get the privilege of wearing a scannable wristband. This allows them to go to public places such as shopping malls." reminds me of the mark of the beast as foretold in the bible:

    "and he (anti-christ) provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name." (Revelation 13:17)

    • I could tell this was part of The Nothing and never went near it and shame on the actors who took part in this charade of death and mass indoctrination. Everyone who took part in that film should be ashamed of abusing our minds and futures like that, we are creating our future every second, and at any moment through a mass consciousness shift we could completely NOT turn into this horrific future that they have so boringly written out for us, word for word, and we could have a world life of sustenance, joy, peace, harmony, light, freedom, and generosity. I see a world of the gift economy, of health and healing and re-using and bio-political regions and community and this kind of world that they paint for us is bullshit and I will never stop imagining the brighter side of us, until we all emerge and radiate our god-earned brilliance.

    • I avoided this movie too because it was such obvious propaganda. It proves even more that the pandemic and vaccine scenarios are intended to be used to control us, through fear. "Nothing spreads like fear" means they want the fear to spread. Don't the actors feel just a little bit silly being part of this?

    • FullyCoordinatedAmer on

      it could also be our social security numbers ("numbers of our name"). Think about it we can't do anything without our social security number

      • Hello,

        The "number of the beast" refers to 666. If we accept it we have no chance with God after we die. If we refuse it, we may have another chance. This period is called the rapture.

  3. "….. the only difference between this movie and state-sponsored educational movies shown in schools is that with Contagion you actually have to pay to be indoctrinated ….."

    I don't wish to be a pedant (I'm sure you already know this) but strictly speaking we have to pay to be indoctrinated in schools too (via forced taxation). Even private schools are forced to follow the government controlled education syllabus.

    Nothing the government provides is 'free'.

    And let's not forget the government's collusion with Hollywood, such as the Pentagon's 'Film Liaison Unit'. Something taxpayers are also forced to pay for.

    Great article anyway :)

    • I want the truth on

      I personally didn't watch Contagion & have no intention to. The reasons are:

      1) It was rated 2 out of 5 stars in my local paper. I don't want to waste my money on a crappy movie.

      2) I watched most of the movie, 2012, on cable and, as much as it is "fiction", I don't see the need to tune my mind to awaiting mass death and destruction on Earth.

      3) Why do I want to be reminded of the past (H1N1, SARS) when there are so many bad memories of it?

      I don't need to watch this "infomercial Hollywood movie" to have a sense of the direction that the global elite is taking. I don't want to easily succumb to the masterplan of the elite and I want to know how to protect myself, my loved ones and as many people as I can from the deceit and harm inflicted on us now and in the years to come.

  4. I watched this movie and found the whole thing odd especially the scene where the blogger gets arrested. It was obvious after the film was over that my wife and I were being fed instructions of some sort.

    • Yeah that part got me to. It got me to thinking about all these "conspiracy theories" on the new world order. Damn mass media and their tricks.

    • A few people have said how it felt like instruction and idoctrination. I wonder what were the methods they used in this movie to make that happen?

  5. Have been reading this site for awhile, very informative and apt. Viewed the trailer for this movie several months ago, knew it for what it was then. It gave me the "eebee geebees". I remember a comment or more like a statement by a person (?), where(?), it went something like this, the "elite" will communicate directly what they are planning or putting in place into the public realm… Most are too distracted to pay attention to the messages.

  6. HOLY SHIT. I knew it. Gut feeling win. I was watching this on my way to New Mexico in Delta Airlines a month back and damnn I was 100% sure this was another propaganda movie.


    And portraying Jude law (the blogger) as a fraud confirmed my suspicions.

    Great article VC!

    • I doubt very much that it would be possible to dumb you down 'even further.' If that happened we'd be seeing postings from an amoeba.

  7. There's an argentinian movie called Fase 7 (7th Phase) that mocks the 2009 so-called-flu. In the end, the only character that was right was the one who had been watching Esoteric Agenda (a good documental for beginners). If you can get this movie, it would be awesome!

    BTW, been reading Shock Threaphy by Naomi Klein and it pretty much explains why Tamiflu was so used three years ago.

  8. First of all, awesome article. Second of all, I thought the conspiracy theorist in this movie

    (Jude Law) used that forsynthia and it cured him of the disease so I don't understand why they said it didn't do anything when it cured him….and yeah when I was watching this movie I got a bad feeling about it. No shots for me..

    • At the end of the movie when they say he was doing it for the money they also said he was never sick to begin with.

      • "They" said that. He never admitted he was a fraud. At least that was my take. He was painted as a fraud but nit proven to be a fraud.

    • Well, in the movie, the blogger was never sick in the first place. He was faking it. He was a fraud and apparently got a lot of people killed. I usually don't jump on the conspiracy theory bandwagon, but when I saw that part, I just did a major facepalm. Of course they demonize the alternative blogger. Of course.

  9. They are warning us of whats coming. What a pity that the majority of people do not believe any of this and think it is just entertainment. I have a gut feeling that all this is not so far off because i think we are entering a new phase of their agenda, its all becoming so blatantly obvious now. May the Almighty God protect us all.

    • The abundant radiation from Fukushima has been weakening our immune systems and body composition for almost a year now. It won't be hard to subdue an unprecedented amount of people with a germ.

      Is anyone paying attention? Radiation is the way they will make us susceptible to anything they put out now, physically and mentally too, but most people are in utter denial that they're getting hot particles in the food every day.


      • Not denial. Resignation. Unless youre a millionaire- how to escape the chemtrails, poisonous drugged water, chemtrails, unidentified GMOs, pesticides, ELFs and on and on ….? What really do we do?

    • Well, I would believe that if there weren't so many false alarms before, like the Swine flu thing. That was not scary at all – no martial law or anything. Just a false alarm. I wonder if they're trying to play mind tricks? What if they do no more false alarms, and instead initiate the real deal? One can only imagine.

      • I want the truth on

        Why are you so sure that the virus is naturally-occurring as implied by the mainstream media and not considering the possibility that it is bio-engineered?

      • Because he wants you to choose the right path and turn to Him in your time of fear. Remember God always!!!!!

  10. What's crazy about vaccinations, though, is that school systems REQUIRE students to get certain ones in order to go to school..to be educated. Coincidence? I think not.

    • So true but if you relocate you can fiddle with the vaccinations' documents. Or you can have specific blood tests to prove that you are already immune to certain diseases, hence the vaccinations on offer are not required.

    • Sarah Connor on

      Not true – All States have vaccine exemptions for school.

      Religious, Medical or Philosophical.

      Educate yourself to your States Exemption Laws:


      • Sarah Connor on

        @Drewe – Yes, I do realize that. And also know that some of the States make it very hard if not impossible with only one exemption. However, tell me where you live, and we'll find out about exemptions – chances are you have them available if you educate yourself rather than just go off what the school and doctor's offices tell you. Remember, their goal is to have everyone fully vaccinated. If it's most countries in Europe, Japan or even Australia, they have plenty of exemptions and are even more flexible than the US in most cases. The fact that 25 people blinded 'liked' the comment that vaccines are REQUIRED just goes to show that their propaganda and lies are working.

      • Very true but I hear that they make the form hard to get access too.. I dont have any children yet but I don't want for my children to be all shoot up because the gov say so because 100 year ago none of these things were neccasary at all.

    • useyourbrain on

      Vaccines are a BIG DEAL, why? They have so much toxins in them. Aborted fetus, monkey kidneys, gelatin, mercury, aluminum, msg, and other things that break your immune system down. Seroiusly we are indoctrinated to believe its good for us…its more money for them. Sometimes I wish my brothers and sisters would wake up.

      I ask you this, would you eat an aborted fetus or monkey kidneys with mercury added to it like salt?

  11. Udoka Nwaigbo on

    This will happen in USA when Israel strikes Iran and WW3 kicks off, sleeper terrorist cells will unleash biological weapons on the US. It will happen sooner than we think. When that happens, u guys will need the authorities and the cdc. Trust me……

    • 2012 spilling over into 2013:

      – WW3 involving Israel, Iran, USA, Britain, Syria, China, Russia

      – Weaponized plague released leading to worldwide deaths

      – Terrorist event at Olympic games in London

      – Terrorist event on US soil

      – Global economic turmoil

      – Natural disasters

      – Martial law/FEMA camps

      – Sunday Sabbath death decree

      This is Satan's agenda, carried out by his human agents, the Illuminati, Bilderbergers, Masons, Hollywood, etc. etc.

      First they tell/show you what they are going to do, then they do it. Just like God does with Bible prophecy. Hmmm….

      To learn more, and to have substantial documented proof to back up most information found on Vigilant Citizen, please go here:


      Dr. Veith states the same general theory as the VC, with proof. See lectures: 211, 215, 216, 221, 223, 224, 226

      Also, FYI:

      • Calm My Nerves on

        Please someone listen to me I have stated on this website before that I think one of the next attacks/outbreak will start in Frederick Maryland. Located there is one of the largest biological MILITARY BASES. They "used to" produce anthrax and deadly diseases such as the eboli virus and,many more. Supposedly the base contains all of the anti viruses in case of an attack. I do not believe that. I dida little research and the main bulding they made anthrax in wa$the 470 building. 4+7+0=11. After reading the above cimment from L. I am

        very nervous thathis will happen extremely soon. Please if you have any information or agree with me leave a commet. I have also seen a large amount of FEM~ cars driving aroun4. They are also hiring inthis area.if anyPlease if

      • Someone also told me China is planning an invasion of US soil from California when WW3(aka fake Armageddon) starts.

        Okay bro, I'll believe it when I see it.

  12. excellent as always, although it has to be mentioned, but VG may not be attuned to that not being French, that M. Ramonet, an old hand of the far left writing for many years in the marxist rag Le Monde Diplomatique, doesn't have much credibility as a critic of the police state. Bear in mind that M. Ramonet's agenda when denouncing excesses of the state is first and foremost anti-American.

  13. i saw this movie and i knew that there were subliminal messages in it but i couldnt put all the pieces together then i read this VC article and it made so much sense…thanks man

  14. something gives me a feeling the Illuminati are gona pull a Contagion this year to drive the ignorant masses hysterical and make them think the end is near..

    patheticness at its best..

    • Exactly what I was thinking. Perhaps the end of this year we will be subjected like guinea pigs for a new virus. Time will tell and thats 9 months away.

  15. Believer in VC on

    How can I translate all the articles in Spanish? I have friends who don't read english but are really into your webpage. Any suggestions? Onward VC!!!

  16. let's not find on

    Our governments need to make sure that strange, dangerous viruses don't pop out of nowhere, in the first place, to begin with…

    Swine flu, bird flu, alligator flu, hippopotamus flu, mammoth flu, alien flu, what else….?


    • i don't think you understand how viruses work. they are not technically living, they rely on the infected organism to reproduce their DNA. the DNA is quite frequently mutated and the virus changes with each mutation. that's why there is no cure for the common cold or the common flu, it is constantly changing. it is hard to predict how or where it will change, so preemptive strikes are nearly impossible. we are always trying to fix it after the fact.

  17. so pleased you wrote an article on this, i went to the cinemas for this film not long ago & it all clicked straight away, i just couldnt figure out the words.. you put it perfectly!

  18. Howard Ratcliffe on

    H1N1 Bird Flu was just (allegedly) weaponized at the Erasmus Medical Center; the journals Science and Nature stated their intent is to release the blueprint for a designer flu virus which attaches itself to the lungs and kills at a 60% rate. Good timing eh? http://www.Theresnothingnew.org/

  19. I just quoted these lyrics in the comments of a different VC article but I think it applies even better here.

    "Tell me who's got control of your mind? your world view?

    Is it the news or the movie you're taking your girl to? (uh)

    Know what I'm sayin cause uncle sam got a plan

    If you examine what they tellin us then you will understand

    What they plantin in the seeds of the next generation

    Feeding our children miseducation" -Dead Prez


  20. The second I saw the commercial for this movie–I knew something was up. It scared me, and I know that they would do something like this.

    I really want to speak out, but no one seriously listens to children.

    At this rate, I won't live to see 18.

      • They're stuck in a hypnotic trance. Movies like this are intended to reinforce existing programming within the tortured, traumatized minds of the masses. You're dealing with barely-conscious individuals at this point, and they're all trying to force the same web of lies and irrationality onto you and everyone you know. I didn't know if I'd make it to 18 either. As it is, I'll probably make 20, even if the world ends a few months later (which it, ahem, won't.), I still had to live with that for years. They've been talking about world war 3, the coming of the Luciferian world order and disastrous pole shifts for more than a generation now.

        You can't live your life in eternal anxiety. That's what "they" want, because frightened, anxious people lead short lives and make stupid choices. It's economically and politically lucrative. If you want to survive, and to thrive, your first step has to be rejecting everything malignant they thrust on you. It's OK to be scared, but if you're stay active and you want to remain effective at this crucial moment in history, you also need to learn how to supplant fear with something positively stronger. These emotions all have a physical affect on your body, and a metaphysical effect on your environment, both immediate and extended.

        It don't matter who listens to you, just so long as the people do aren't in any position to make your life hell because of it, and there are enough good ones to mitigate the crushing sense of uncertainty we've all experienced. You can never be absolutely sure of anything, and the only ones that are have either had a poor and lackluster education or they're stark raving maniacs. That INCLUDES the group who says we're all doomed. We're all NOTHING! And we are EVERYTHING! But you don't need to know it in your mind, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that things are gonna be alright if you just believe they in the possibility for a happy ending. That's one of those things you just have to feel your way through, and trust in yourself.

        There's many different kinds of people in the world. The "deaf" ones are mainly the corrupt and the neurotic. But equally loud and numerous are every kind of person who would bravely stand by you. Times have always been quite dark and uncertain. Anyone who speaks of history with starry eyes and harkens back to a time before when things were good is full of it. We're living and reliving the same history they did, and we're doing it with far more style and panache than they ever could.

        I am not a man of faith. I was raised to believe in nothing and to trust in others. The truth is, you have to trust in yourself, and have faith that whatever your personal calling is, that it'll lead you somewhere you want to be. Intuition is a funny thing. Once you learn which shades of forethought to trust in (through "painful" trial-and-error usually), it's surprisingly the most trustworthy of the six senses. I trust in the things that I do because I've always had to learn the hard way what's dependable and what's only smoke and mirrors. I did it in a time when everybody else was still doing the same. You're quite lucky to be growing up right now. We can cut your work in half and let you stand on the shoulders of giants, who are in turn standing on the shoulders of even bigger giants, just to catch a glimpse of promise on the horizon that wasn't quite visible for us.

        You just have to be brave. It's something my father told me once. Also, choose your priorities to get the most of your time and so your mind runs smoothly. Don't sacrifice your health or your sanity for any reason. Period. I'm rambling a little, but these are all things I wish I could tell my younger self today. The world is what we make of it, little more and absolutely nothing less.

      • Thank you. You're very kind. What you said makes a lot of sense. It'll take time for me to just leave it alone and know that the good will win. It's only because I'm living now and going through this world at this time is nerve racking. I just can't stop believing that the worst is in the near future.

      • Whoever said a thing about letting go and waiting around for progress? No, no. You and I are all responsible for the fate of the world. Directly. Scroll down and read my other post. We're creators; co-creators, actually. It's the power to manifest the versions of reality we desire most that sets us apart as a "caste", you might say. We have godlike power resting in us, or rather there's an infinite source of quantum reality-warping potential surrounding everything we'll ever see or do, and the ability to choose the outcome by the power of our soul's determination is cardinal to our evolution as beings, never mind immediate survival. Learn to harness the sensational powers of the Mind, and discover the truth about this world in its simplest form. The answers are out there. Now.

        The sooner you become an adept in this, the sooner we can guarantee a happy ending for everyone. The law of exponents (sometimes called the maharishi effect) promises that for every individual who contributes positively to the integrity of the collective consciousness, the more powerful the overall effect will be. That is to say, more than the sum of its parts (if you know what I mean). Much, much more. It only takes the square root of one percent of a population to exert a fully equalizing force of stability and protection to compensate for all the collective negativity of the whole. That's how powerful this school of knowledge really is. Become versed in it and you can guarantee that happy ending personally, and the more people you educate and initiate into this station, the better chance we have at saving things.

        NEVER sit back and just take it. There's ALWAYS a way out.

  21. Knew it… almost threw up a little when I first saw the trailer for this…wake up sheeple, I dont feel like living in FEMA camps because of your ignormance and lack of motivation to fight for your freedoms. I swear… people need to open their eyes and grow a pair! QUICK!

    Great article VC.

  22. Now the question is if a virus does (and will) come over the people, do you go home and die or do you cave and get your "chip". I suspect the virus will be released via chemtrails, if they're all not distributed that way already.

    • Do you truely think the virus was released so they can go on saving people. With the amount of detailed information they have from data mining they will know which targets to keep and which to let go. It will be like the draft. You think they want Mr couch potato alive moving into their caves and colonies. The weapon they have over the population is the word death. In this non believing world they have helped create they have made death as the ultimate ending, and their are many people out there and many who read these blogs who are well informed about such sinister deeds, yet once confronted with do or die they will let go. Once people start believing death is not an end it is a completion of one journey to the next then their true amunition will run out. Ask yourself do you want your kid to stay alive to be enslaved and become a zombie in a world of pagan worshipers. The fact is no one has escaped death in hstory, the question is do we accept it or buy some extra years of humiliation and living witness to the vile plan

      • Many of us will die soon from radiation-related disease, anyway. It's not like we have a lot of time left, sorry to say. Heart attack central has begun.

      • Did you just argue with me, then make the same point at the end. No I don't think they're trying to release a virus to save people. They release a virus to induce fear so that we will do what they want. That's not saying that any virus they do spread can kill us if we don't get an antidote.

    • @ J what you said about virus being spread through chemtails reminded me of a song by MIA called bird flu: “Bird flu gonna get u, made it in my stable

      From the crap u drop on my crop when they pay you”

  23. seriously another en on

    When i saw the trailer to this movie I rolled my eyes. i thought, hmm another movie to scare people. their main argument is that the virus would mutate and when it does we are all in trouble.

    viruses mutate ALL THE TIME.

    a bird flu virus can mutate as much as it wants, its only when it crosses with a munam variant of a strain.. ie human flu ( and this would have to be in an another animal which had receptors for both the bird and the human) and it is sucessful enough to get into the body then, it might have a chance, even then your body's immune system is quite good at recognising against what it thinks is not self molecules.

    EVEN THEN, most of the time, your body will most likely overcompensate.when you have a cold and you get a fever, its usually your own body raising your own body temperature to kill the microbe/virus (stops foreign molecules' own enzymes) amongst other innate responses.


    a virus wont just mutate and jump into you and survive. it might not, your body has so many defense mechanisms against it. before you take this movie at face value, pick up a book on virology and see for yourself. also pick up another on immunology, a good one is basic immunology by abbas. i havent got my notes from last year's lecctures on me at the moment to give you every little detail. im not trying to send disinformation, i just think that alot of movies exaggerate. a housemate of mine was laughing at 2012 because it claimed neutrinos were mutating. needless to say there was laughter all round

    • Thanks for the insight! I don't think your comment comes off as "disinfo" at all, nor does it seem to contradict this article. Movies DO exaggerate, that's exactly what Hollywood does. Your information and references seem to be aimed at informing people about the truth, as opposed to what movies like this one would rather we think. The Movie is disinfo, not your comment. So thanks!

      • seriously another en on


        thanx. :)

        its just annoying when wrong information goes out as fact when it isnt.

        for some reason alot of people believe everything on the screen. they forget that movies are stories, just with pictures, you can tell a story anyway you like, and add or omit things to your will, for real information, you need to do your own digging and research.

      • I think the deeper level of truth is they will claim the problem is worse than it is and most people want to believe them. It's easier to not have to think for ourselves. While the better educated may see through it the masses will not. The problem's not that the problem's as bad as they say but that most people will mindlessly believe it. The people will demand and run for their "saviours" "cures" and gladly be marked with the new technologically advanced tracking devices. It's why they don't have to "force" us to have our lives heavily monitored and fully tracked now: it's a point of pride to have the newest gadget, even though anyone who's been paying attention knows that these the new chains.

    • @seriously another end-of-the-world-we-will-descend-into-chaos-movie??

      Hmmmm. What do you think A.I.D.S was/is? It's a lab-created bio-weapon that was distributed by the W.H.O during their 'benevolent' vaccination drives primarily in Africa in the early 80's. Diseases don't just come out of nowhere. They are created and injected straight into the bloodstream which is how they bypass the natural immune response. We just have to then contend with the fake racist cover story of Africans eating (and some other untoward things) the infected 'green monkey' as the cause of AIDS. In the film we see some fake 'disease-ridden' bat, crapping in some pig swill, with the pig eventually being prepped by a chef in Gwinnie's hotel… blah blah. This is all designed for population reduction purposes in the elites twisted eugenicist mindframe.

      We just have the face of Bill Gates and his wifey as the acceptable face of this in 2012. Oh how wonderful that he has released millions of genetically-modified mosquitoes into Africa and South America to combat dengue fever and malaria. Mosquitoes in which the female is probably made sterile and will pass this onto humans via their bloodsucking activities. Far-fetched? If a mosquito can pass on Malaria which has killed millions, it can pass on its fancy new gm-sterility gene. Thanks Bill!

      Don't think its just '3rd world populations', the elite's 'eye' has dually been turned onto the general population at large. Surely, we've all heard of the experiments done on unsuspecting members of the public ie. the syphillis and LSD 'experiments' etc by now. Those genetically modified mosquitoes are due to be released in Florida as well. Who knows what else they contain?

      Immunology? Your immune system has been systematically eroded over generations. 20+plus childhood vaccinations by the time you are 3 containing mercury, aborted fetus cells, animal parts etc. This is before the immune system is mature and therefore becomes damaged irreparably. Monsanto GM foods, demineralized soil that food is grown in, junk food, pollution, chemtrails, no exercise. We are taught to laugh at anything natural these days.

      Sorry – lecture notes? Do you think that you are really taught the truth in higher education institutions? Unfortunately they are centres for mass indoctrination as much as everything else. It's just not as 'dumbed-down' as other forms. Why would the elite give you the truth in your college course? Don't get it twisted. They just spin you a better yarn so you can act as a 'future manager' overseeing those with less 'education' than you, climbing the corporate ladder to nowhere while they steal your pension.

      Sorry dude, but come on!

      • Just to clarify, I 'm talking about these 'super diseases' which have come out of 'nowhere in the last 40 years that seem to defy and known logic or natural law. Super-bugs. I'm not talking about diseases that seem to have existed for centuries.

      • i'm sorry but you are so ignorant! you obviously have no knowledge at all about molecular biology, organic chemistry and the like… and i'm not saying everyone should know about this stuff… but if you are going to say things like " If a mosquito can pass on Malaria which has killed millions, it can pass on its fancy new gm-sterility gene." maybe you should back your stuff up, because it's just disinfo! come on dude! you obviously have no idea about how malaria is passed through the mosquito and it has no relation with its genes! since mosquitos are not viruses! And you obviously know nothing about mutation and evolution… or you'd understand how viruses can mutate and make changes in their host's DNA, creating new diseases, nor it seems like you actually understand inmunology… what you just said makes no sense because it's just NOT how our bodies work. You even made fun of the guy who posted above you for mentioning his notes… science is just as close as we get to the truth, it's logical and has its foundation in empiric observation and method; the elite wants us to be ignorant and stupid, so yeah next time, try to informate yourself better before making stuff up 😉

      • @Audrey

        Unfortunately it is you who have no idea. You're too caught up in an elitist point of view taught to you in these institutions of higher education (sponsored by drugs companies) where there is no room for independent thought. You just learn everything parrot-fashion without room to question anything and think you have superior knowledge of things. I ask you again, do you think the elite are telling you the absolute truth in your school books? Are they making you aware of ALL the advances that they are creating in their secret labs? The answer can only be NO. At best, the knowledge they choose to feed you is out of date and faulty. You're instantly stuck because your 'knowledge' tells you that there is no way that anything can happen outside of the books you have read.

        Can I ask you when there was last a 'cure' for anything? More and more people are dying of cancer than at anytime before. No, not because cancer is so elusive, but because why would they want to create cures for anything that they can can make billions of dollars profit for (as well as the added bonus of killing people off?) Superviruses (H1N1 etc) also create supercash.

        I am willing to defer to you 'superior knowledge' here. Can you tell me where AIDS, Ebola, H1N1, Birdflu came from and how these things mutated to affect humans EXACTLY? How did AIDS pass from a 'green monkey' to a human being (according to the scientists) EXACTLY? BREAK IT DOWN FOR ME. Can you tell me how Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) passed from cows to humans EXACTLY? Can you also tell me what these genetically modified mosquitoes do and the consequences of this over generations for humans EXACTLY? Can you also tell me the impact of childhood vaccinations on the long-term immune health of adults and how this affects susceptibility to disease EXACTLY? Can you also tell me how even some of your precious scientists have come to the conclusion that genetically modified food will lead to long term sterility? How can sterility jump from a plant into a human being EXACTLY? Won't your books tell you that this is not possible??

        GENETICALLY MODIFIED ANYTHING GOES AGAINST NATURE therefore you cannot infer natural processes from an unnatural source. You do not know how it will mutate because it is NOT NATURAL. Is this not basic common sense?

        DO you actually read widely or is anything that does not fit into your science bubble, disinformation?

        "Science is as close as we get to the truth"? "Empiric observation and method". Have you heard yourself. Laughable! You sound like an automaton. Data is notorious for how it can be manipulated to skew results towards the paying point of view. Yeah sure, the drugs companies want evidence that tells them that their drugs are ineffective!

        I note that science once told everybody the world was flat and killed people who said it was round. It was also your precious science that demonized groups of people as more of less 'inferior' based on how closely their head shapes and faces resembled a bust of Aristotle! Science can be guesswork and also needs to evolve just like everything else.

        Your precious scientists think they know so much but they are but a mere blip in the history of planet earth and intact the infinite, timeless universe and its processes. They are but mere children scratching around for a clue. Good for you that you have made science your new God. That is root of much that is wrong the world. MAN MADE PROBLEMS. It's a wonder how human beings existed for so long without scientists. We don't actually seem to be living any longer do we or gotten more intelligent (Audrey)?

        The truth is that it is that you are just a better educated form of sheep but one who thinks it's very intelligent and very important. You will no doubt be first in line for the RFID chip when they call for volunteers to implant them into heads.

      • Once again, I'm not saying that all science is bad. It just has to know its place. I don't exalt it over traditional medicine for example. Understanding is beneficial as long as its not divorced from supporting life.

      • Oh and Audrey, if they can create a genetically modify a goat with spider genes (spidergoat) that produces milk with silk in it that can then be harvested and then woven into superstrong material, then is it a stretch that they can genetically modify a mosquito so that the malaria it produces also has sterility properties within it?? These are the things they are telling you about – let alone the things they are working on that are keeping secret!!

      • @Audrey

        “Recombinant DNA technology [genetic engineering] faces our society with problems unprecedented not only in the history of science, but of life on the Earth. It places in human hands the capacity to redesign living organisms, the products of some three billion years of evolution.”

        “Such intervention must not be confused with previous intrusions upon the natural order of living organisms; animal and plant breeding, for example; or the artificial induction of mutations, as with X-rays. All such earlier procedures worked within single or closely related species. The nub of the new technology is to move genes back and forth, not only across species lines, but across any boundaries that now divide living organisms. The respts will be essentially new organisms, self-perpetuating and hence permanent. Once created, they cannot be recalled.”

        “Up to now, living organisms have evolved very slowly, and new forms have had plenty of time to settle in. Now whole proteins will be transposed overnight into wholly new associations, with consequences no one can foretell, either for the host organism, or their neighbors.”

        “It is all too big and is happening too fast. So this, the central problem, remains almost unconsidered. It presents probably the largest ethical problem that science has ever had to face. Our morality up to now has been to go ahead without restriction to learn all that we can about nature. Restructuring nature was not part of the bargain. For going ahead in this direction may be not only unwise, but dangerous. Potentially, it could breed new animal and plant diseases, new sources of cancer, novel epidemics.”

        Dr. George Wald

        Nobel Laureate in Medicine, 1967

        Higgins Professor of Biology, Harvard University.

        From “The Case Against Genetic Engineering” by George Wald

        in The Recombinant DNA Debate, Jackson and Stich, eds. P. 127-128

        (Reprinted from The Sciences, Sept./Oct. 1976 issue)


      • seriously another en on

        hi Neo!

        My reply is late, because I went to visit my folks and didn’t want to be on the computer, when I could be spending family time instead.

        1. I'm a girl, not a guy, so let's get that straight before there's more confusion

        Your main criticism is that I said that I was using lecture notes. Yes they are reliable; I’m not being pumped information and then being told to simply accept it. THE NOTES HAVE REFERENCES ON THEM. Every aspiring scientist knows to back up everything that they claim. For every discovery scientists go back, look at the original experiments.

        to any one small discovery, more than one team will look at it, analyze it, criticize it review on it etc trust me when I say that every paper published has about 40 references that refer to other papers, its a lot of reading on one topic in part of a module. (Last year I had twelve).

        As with everything there are those who have no morals and will do anything for money. That’s how the world is.

        I didn’t get into details of immunology because it would merely distract from my main message. MOVIES EXAGGERATE IN ORDER TO SCARE, VC IS RIGHT, THEY ARE USING SCARE TACTICS”

        Your points:

        Yes there has been disinfo on the origins of aids, most logical people will know that, and I’m saying go back and READ THE INFO GIVEN then make up your mind. I’m not saying that I take all the information that I read at face value.

        Have you even looked at the books I suggested? You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine

        There are white blood cells in our blood. That is why they are called BLOOD CELLS. You can’t bypass an immune response by injecting into the blood, why do you think original blood transfusions didn’t work when they were first tried out?? The body rejected it! The body recognised it as foreign. Why do you think that the immune system has to be suppressed for organs to be transplanted???

        Again, I did not watch the film, read my comment again, I said that I saw the trailer and rolled my eyes. I wasn’t going to pay to watch nonsense.

        I’m African myself Neo. You don’t need to explain the stupidity of the aids theory originating from “people sleeping with monkeys”. I already know this.

        Mosquitoes: a mosquito cannot simply pass its gene into a human’s gene. Human beings are not bacteria! Human beings require crossing over of the chromosomes. A mosquito has 6 a human has 46. The DNA of the mosquito would have to get into the cell and then get into the nucleus.

        Unfortunately mosquitoes pass on their DNA through sexual reproduction. I’m guessing that you already know that malaria is caused by a parasite that uses the mosquito as a vector to get into humans. So if someone out there in the hundreds of universities and scientific institutions is interested in getting hold of the gene that will block the parasite from infecting red blood cells then fine! Once they have found a way to get that protein into humans without it being degraded or rejected, or get a way for human to make that protein then we will all be happy!

        However of you are thinking about changing the DNA before conception and adding the gene from the mosquito into the human genome, good luck! Many a campaigner will be on your back about creating human/mosquito hybrids that are unnatural! I probably would as well.

        I haven’t studied the mosquito genome (and quite frankly I do not want to, it’s long and tiresome and I have other things to do with my life), but where exactly is this gene going to hide itself in your chromosomes? And what is the likelihood that it won’t disrupt normal cell function and kill you even if its protein is expressed?

        Look, just because I go to university doesn’t mean I’m going to be a manager. I resent that. The elite need people who are going to get the knowledge and then from there it is easier to twist them to get what you want. Science is something that you need to have a passion for as it is such a wide field. All the elite would have to do is pick someone who has got an idea that they like and fund the research. If they don’t like your research they can block funding/ shut down the company/ disgrace your name so no one will ever work with you/ threaten you etc… This is just off the top of my head.

        I don’t like the term “less educated than you”. I’m not looking down my nose at someone who chose not to learn the same things as me. Education in England is free, if you want to learn you can, if you don’t, you won’t. If you can’t learn in your school, because it’s a cr*p school, MOVE SCHOOLS. And when I say education: reading, writing, arithmetic, (the three Rs I think they are called, if someone else is surer please interject) from there you can access information for yourself.

        Don’t forget, the three Rs used to be just for the elite, until they realised you can use it to influence thinking.

        In terms of schools, I didn’t like my first secondary school so I moved to one that was 1 ½ hrs away. The attitude was different and we all had a thirst for reading more and more and discovering more and experimenting more and learning how things worked.

        This is where parents need to get involved. If you don’t pay attention to your child and encourage them, who will?? My mum didn’t have the money to get me the latest and greatest gizmos, so we went to the library and entertained ourselves with books instead and she came with us and looked at what we were taking out. Its starts when you’re young. Cultivate the interest in the child and they will go on.

        Just because paid for my education (trust me. the loans hanging over my head for the information that I wished to seek is the price of the truth. University fees in this country are going up all the time and less bursaries/scholarships to stop people from being educated. People see the money rather than knowledge) doesn’t mean I’m a sheep. Being a sheep is taking everything at face value without question.

        I have my debts until I’m 50 unless I pay them off just because I wanted knowledge and university was a way to access his knowledge. In fact I’m sure that if the field that I wanted to go in was favoured by the elite, they would offer to pay off my debts if I stuck to a certain area in that field. But that is a moral decision that I would have to make.

        You think the elite don’t know this when people go to uni? They know the price you are willing to pay and as such, they know many will sign the dotted line in search of that knowledge. Some won’t. If they stir up trouble, shame them and discredit. Why do you think Facebook is so popular? It will come back to haunt many a uni student who was unfortunate to act stupid and get tagged on the website.

        Neo I really hate your statement “less educated than you”. It is pure snobbery. It all depends in what you are educated in. I would be less educated than another person in history of napoleon or art during the renaissance,( I didn’t pursue those subjects so I’ve used them as an example) it doesn’t mean that I am generally less educated than that person or the other way around.

        Sure later on after if I decide to go on and do masters or PhD I can oversee someone doing their bachelors do an ELISA experiment, because understand how to do it because I have the expertise that they do not. If that is what you mean by manager then I understand.

        You say mass indoctrination…but of what?? Please be specific indoctrination of what idea?? To be sheep?? Every single subject is different. If so I wouldn’t even be encouraged to ask any sort of questions or to criticise other scientists work, or my lecturers work or the papers I read at all. Please come to a lecture with me and see how much we embarrass the poor lecturers by challenging them in front of 50 other people and correcting what we feel isn’t right.

        Lastly, immunology, there is innate (what we are born with) and adaptive, what we learn. Innate is something that can be given through breast milk as well as genetically. Adaptive is adapts to the world around us and the more exposure you get as a child, the better. Your body will store all that info. Also the more you are exposed the better (in a sense) because the body recognises it faster and tackles it faster. With vaccines, again my mother never just gave me a vaccine because it was a vaccine, she looked into what it contained and then decided for herself. A vaccine is an exposure to a dead or inert version of the disease. Inoculation is the live and kicking version that they give you. You should check what is in a vaccination because they will add other things to bulk it up, just check what the extra is as well as the actual vaccine.

        Unless you are saying that the inherent DNA that contains the codes for making proteins to make your immune cells has been eroded away by mercury then as human beings we are all f***ed because then our genetics are changing without us being able to do a darn thing about it.

        Maybe YOU were taught to laugh at anything natural, but I have not.

        I was going to go into the stuff you said to Audrey, but this post is already too long. so maybe tomorrow when I have time

        extra note: with superbugs, bacteria have a different type of genome to us. they can change it at will unlike us. when you use dettol which kills 99.9% of "germs"( that is a stupid word which all scientist hate, which is incorrect and means bacteria are not the cause but are the product of disease). You leave the 0.1% which survives and goes on to replicate and will not be killed by dettol because its immune. then you develop something else to kills it and leave some which mutate and become immune and the cycle continues until you get a superbug like MRSA- methicilin resistant stapyhlococcus aureus. its the misuse and overuse of drugs that push the microbes to mutate. over the last 40 years you say, I'm pretty sure its been longer than that, people overuse drugs instead of allowing the immune system to do the work. ie going to teh doctor for drugs ofr a cold because you wnatto go back to work in 3 days instead of a week and half and let our immune system to the hard work

      • @ seriously another end-of-the-world-we-will-descend-into-chaos-movie?? says:

        March 12, 2012 at 2:43 pm

        Sorry for butting in but you could always move abroad to further your studies instead of paying the English establishments 9K+ per year. Why not? Many of the foreigners who work in the UK are educated abroad anyway.

  24. i saw right through the agenda. and its funny this movie comes at a time where i am deciding whether to have my son vaccinated or not. I found the movie on the other hand to be boring.

  25. …From the moment I saw the trailer for this movie I knew it was a propaganda crap-fest – and that was before I found out the entire storyline and the way it denigrates alt-media…typical and not so subtle programming from the corporate elite…

    …I didn't know about the creepy scannable wristband thing though…that really is right out of Revelations…they're not even trying to camouflage their endgame strategy anymore…

    …and might I just add that I've never had a high opinion of Matt Damon's acting talents and from what I saw in the trailer, it looks like he gives a honey-baked ham of a performance here….the only decent part of this movie appears to be the Gwyneth Paltrow death scene (can't stand her…)…

    • "they’re not even trying to camouflage their endgame strategy anymore…"

      Do you know why? youre all still a sheeple because, this is part of the masterplan too…..two sides fighting and telling the truth, just to create a chaos among mankind. You know the elite's master is Satan right….hes the master of deception, the truth can be deceiving too. His knowledge is the "system" men follow for the sake of order.

      "How to win a chess game against the devil….dont play chess game with the devil" – Simple Truth

      I only pray for another Noah's flood and this will be the second coming….Good men should hasten the second coming.

      Euphrates river is progressively drying up since 2009 ( One prophecy taken for granted and its reality)

  26. I just have to say, the articles here are always great, detailed, and backed up with examples. I hope people start seeing Matt Damon and his monarch ultra twiin Ben Aflec for who they are. They sell themselves as humanitarian and anti-political systems yet their roles and movies are pure propoganda NWO campaigns. Matt Damon is still under the radar and need to be exposed as much as Gaga and JayZ after each video or show. So Matt read Peoples history of the united states and knew the author, so what. His childhood and Ben's has the ingrediants of MK ultra candidates. Anyways thanks for the great article and more are posted more often.

    • Oh no! Wow dude, I love(d) Matt Damon!! I never thought of him and Ben as MK 'twins'! Does the fact that he is critical of 'elite slave' Obama make any difference?? Say it ain't so!!!

  27. Movies like this and the uninformed make for a lot of fear. If you are a believer you have nothing to fear and the Lord will protect you in the time of trouble. But, that does not mean you are to sit back and wait, or even to wish the time of trouble come sooner so we can go home. What you need to do is take care of your health NOW, ahead of time, if you are sick/diseased, start eating better, eat more living foods than processed, get fit, lose the extra weight, seriously, take better care of your living body while you are still able.

      • i ask myself that all the time. i have strong faith in God, after almost being an atheist in the past and being an occasional skeptic now but….God is good. He cant force us to do anything so He lets things play out. if He created us and didnt let us do what we want and have free will then we would hate Him for making us that way even though He would be protecting us by not letting us do wrong things. if u think about it Adam and Eve had it all and they still chose to do what was wrong, they blew it! they were surrounded with perfection and yet they still wanted more which shows their selfish hearts, and we're all selfish like them. i mean if there was no tree of the knowledge of good and evil then maybe Adam and Eve wouldve thought they had no choice in staying in the garden w/ God and still complain right? so God had to give them their free choice in rejecting everything He did for them. what else could He do, He had to be fair? but yet i still wonder though….could He have made it different if He would do it over? (God i mean?) i dont know

    • I believe that my Lord will protect me from things like this, so no I don't think I would want to get it. I have only had 1 flue shot the 1 H1N1 vaccine two years ago, given to me by a well meaning doctor at church. I had to get vaccines to go to Africa, and now that I know more about how dangerous vaccines are I wish I had not had them. I know there were people on my mission trip who had not been vaccinated and we were all fine. Plus the vaccines I had to get were nearly $800, can you say EXPENSIVE???

    • NO, because vaccines are poison. What one has to do is have a good diet and all that (and VC has plenty of information here regarding that).

      Furthermore, there are natural ways of curing illness. That is something people have to read about and research for themselves.

  28. Based Nobleman on

    hey guys Im in high school and they force me to take vaccines otherwise I can't attend. I can't drop out until 2 years when I'm 18. Any advice?

    • Sarah Connor on

      Here is a detox regiment by Dr. Russell Blaylock that was featured on Dr. Mercola

      Treatment Protocol For Toxic Vaccine Exposure:


      I would also check your State's exemption laws on the link I posted above. Every State has exemptions for vaccines and if yours by chance has philosophical, I guess you could see what your parents think?

      If they need somewhere to research, here are 30 plus vaccine research sites:


      I think this one is a really good start for skeptics because it is all medical practitioners and nurses and what they have found through years of 'in the field' experience:

      International Council on Vaccination:


      Good Luck!

      • Sarah Connor on

        You are welcome! And lucky you, CA has the philosophical exemption! Do some research on those links and put something together for your parents. Dr. Sherry Tenpenny has a really good site as well and see if you can get your hands on the documentary posted below. Your biggest challenge will be educating your parents. The philosophical exemption just needs a parent/guardian signature and you can waive any/all vaccines requred for school enrollment. Best of luck to you!!


      • Lakewolf Whitecrow on

        Two things:

        1) The Nuremberg Code SPECIFICALLY PROHIBITS forced medical treatment.

        2) An Austrian reporter, Jan Burgermeister (?sp) did a story on the European company responsible for the vaccine. She found out that the vaccine was purposely contaminated…and wrote both an article for the paper she worked for and a blog containing the same info.

        I'm not sure, but I think the company was Bechtel.

        Google "Burgermeister+H1N1article" Google should correct any misspellings. Project Camelot also did a video with her.

        BTW, we won 2000 yrs ago.

  29. have someone seen the movie the happening http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0949731/. this movie somehow reminds me of it.

    i also think there will be a disease in the future who can't be won easily butt from whom?

    maybe we will find out maybe we will not, let's hope so

    i know 1 fact: doesnt the illiminatie want less people on earth?

    • yes i watched the happening with my grandma and we both were like yeah something is going to happen to soon.

  30. It's so curious that it the movie officials were ultimately leading everybody to be branded, via the barcode on thier wrists, and you could not participate in society without it. Just as the Bible says about the mark of the beast in the last days.

  31. seriously another en on


    you need to know what is on the vaccine first. dont just shove it in your body because someone tells you to. vaccines are man made and are therefore prone to errors.

  32. Off topic, but how about doing book reviews? Popular books are often eventually made into films. (eg Hunger Games)

  33. V. C., you are a great story-teller of our time! But I also acknowledge your prompt for us to be

    v i g i l a n t – the core value of your stories, or articles. Great work V.C.!

    …And as for us all, the more time we spend on the Word the better we are able to appreciate your stories.

  34. Kushite Prince on

    Great article! I knew the Jude Law character would end up being a phony you couldn't trust. I could almost write thse scripts myself.lol It's almost comical.lol

    • Paltrow, Damon and Law were in another film Mr. Ripley, something along these lines anyway, however Damon was playing the psychopath killer instead of the hero.

  35. I took snippets of your analysis and submitted it to imdb.com as a review of the movie.

    placed a link to your site on their external reviews page.

  36. "In fact, the only difference between this movie and state-sponsored educational movies shown in schools is that with Contagion you actually have to pay to be indoctrinated … and to see Matt Damon."

    "and to see Matt Damon" – you crack me up!


    • LMFAO!! I laughed at the Matt Damon bit too…because that's the reason I went to see the movie! Don't worry, I was well aware of the predictive programming propaganda. Tsk tsk Matt.

  37. Hi, im 16, I live in Mexico (where H1N1 supposedly came from) and i always thought it was strange because I never heard from anyone been sick of H1N1 (except from news of course),I was also surprised because most ppl was really scared, and no one was on the street, so when I was walking on the street i was like "LOL how am I supposed to get sick if theres no one around?"

    Also, I never got vaccinated for it, and never got H1N1,even though I was most of the time in public spaces,handshaked people,etc…

    I was also surprised because the media kept calling it a pandemic even though there were just a few cases (if there were any at all)

    Anyways i think that the body doesnt need vaccines to defend against germs,it just needs to be healthy,well fed and well hydrated.

    I myself dont get sick too often and I never use any form of medicine since I was 12

    I have noticed medicines solve the problem temporarily but make you weaker and increase your chances of getting sick.

    The more medicines you take, the more you will need them. try to heal without medicines, it might be hard at first but after that you will feel much better and you will be free from them.

    • You're right about the medicines! We need to be healthy without them. My husband (60) and I (56) are pharmaceutical free; that's is quite rare among our age group. I figure when TSHTF what are folks going to do who are dependent on drugs? It will be scary to see people withdrawing from their meds especially those being treated for mental illness/depression, etc. Get healthy now!! Exercise, eat right, have a plan for your loved ones. I still believe that it won't be long before the Lord calls His church home, but no one knows that day or hour. In the meantime I'm preparing.

      • Thats nice to hear!! 😀 its actually quite rare in any age group because most ppl take pills everytime they get something as simple as common flu, or take aspirines when they get headeaches.Also about people who take antidepressants, alot of ppl think you depress because you lack certain chemicals in your brain, but I think its the other way around; you stop producing those substances because you are depressed, and the lack of those substances causes harm to your body.

        Something I have noticed is that the "elite" wants to make us think that without our modern technology humans are nothing but weak beings, and theyre totally wrong.

        Also, if you think youre weak, you will be weak. Same way as a depressed person has lower defenses against germs.

        We are not weak at all, we are God´s greatest creation!

      • out of curiosity, I have to ask if you really believe it is as simple as "get healthy". I am a Christian, I am on guard with my eyes open, I eat healthy and exercise, I come from a wonderful and loving family, I am an all around well taken care of soul in a well taken care of body. Guess what? I have a mental illness. 6 years of praying and being healthy and worshipping my Lord the best way I knew how did not save me from my pain. Medicine did. Not all medicines are bad. Sometimes the Lord's answer is no. Sometimes He has given you the power to help yourself and you have to do it. Medicine didn't cause me to become unhealthy or lose my faith in God. It just helped me to get better. Sometimes that is what it does.

    • I lived in south Texas at the time of the H1N1 "outbreak" and I never got sick either. A handful of my classmates were diagnosed with Swine Flue(H1N1), and were only out of school for a week, maybe two at the most. No more than the regular flu. I never went to get the vaccine. In fact, I've never even received a flu shot, and I can't think of one single time I've had any kind of flu.

      • The movie is no doubt propaganda. However, it's not going to do us any good to underestimate the power of a strong mutated germ on a lot of radiation-weakened people. I got so ill from H1N1 I was afraid, yes I survived, no I didn't get any vaccine.

        Mark my words. Things are not the way they were before, since Fukushima. It has happened invisibly, with most people totally unaware of the changes going on inside their bodies. The science is undeniable, barring miracles and changing matter.

        When a pandemic strikes, don't be overconfident to the point where you could put yourself or your kids in danger. Our bodies have been changed and most people won't notice until they are severely tested by something (like a virus or many other physiological hardships).

  38. it's getting to the point where very little effort is necessary to connect the dots anymore.. and yet nothing is changing… prayer, love, and personal responsibility is is our refuge, gentle people!

    • "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." JER 29:11

  39. maru. the free ant on

    And once again we can see the effects of disinformation.

    I remember people buying medicine to prevent the flu, when it is recommended to go to the doctor at first place! It's unbelievable how people react to these cases, it feels like the end of the world.

    All we can do is stay calm and inform everyone we know, and don't forget to research.

  40. This reminds me of another book/movie — The Hunger Games.

    While Contagion is meant to portray what happens during the chaos, the Hunger Games portray North America after martial law has been established. Scary.

    • the hunger games theme is terrifying isn't it?? similar scenes in pop culture… taylor swift and "civil wars" (nice name?!) "safe and sound"… and this horrifying video "Born free" from MIA in 2010!

    • My now rule of thumb is that the more heavily advertised a movie is, the more heavy the propoganda message in it. Hunger games is being advertised heavily everywhere…I even saw that Yahoo was broadcasting the red carpet for the premiere live…..

  41. I love watching said "disaster movies" but do so with an awakened mind. VC got this article right on! Love your work VC keep it up brother.

  42. leaving on a jet pla on

    VC, just let me know when its time to leave the country and head for the hills or better yet to mexico because the place of origin is always the last place they'll look for you.!!

  43. Aubrey Graham on

    This is exactly what I thought when I was watching the movie. The end times are very near, I hope everyone is prepared spiritually/mentally. Good article VC, thanks!

    ~Drizzy Drake

  44. I think you are taking for granted that most people will actually learn anything, from anything. This movie might actually be too subtle.

  45. Well, as they say, “fear is the mind-killer.” If you want to even begin to handle situations dire or otherwise, begin with the use of fear-management techniques. If you can eliminate the fear-based reflex system that’s embedded in your psyche, it enables a better decision-making process to occur because you won’t be caught in what we call “survival mode.”

    Remember, we’re not animals. “Mammalia”, sure, but not feral creatures or even beasts of burden like the NWO conditioning proscribes. It’s OK to take a minute or even a load of frickin’ time to sort out a problem. Being from the younger generation, I treat it like a kind of video game. There’s sometimes emotional tension, admittedly, but you can’t get anywhere by acting foolish and impulsively when there are immutable rules that govern the mechanics of the game’s internal reality. Earth is like that. We can time the launching and landing of spacecraft to within a fraction of a second because the laws that govern our reality are remarkably streamlined.

    There are rules and laws which you weren’t taught about in school. That’s why sometimes, for instance within a game, you have to look up and consult a strategy guide or a cheat sheet or visit an appropriate forum because the people inside the game’s world aren’t going to hand out more than an odd hint here and there and it’s up you, the player, to figure out a solution to that annoying boulder puzzle, or that all-important quest item you can’t seem to find anywhere.

    I’m going to share this with you because I think it’s important to compare notes with others sometimes, and because this knowledge doesn’t do us any good in only the hands of a few nerds and rat bastards. This is going to seem kind of roundabout in the beginning, bear with me a little.

    In our universe, gravity is actually a net force of attraction, between two streams of what they used to call “ether” or “aether” and energy/matter filters in between two parallel realities where time and space are transposed in their three-to-one dimensionality ration (three dimensions of time to one dimension of space on the other side, but vice versa here). “Gravity” over here would become “levity” there, “solid particles” here becomes light waves over there, and most importantly, that ether’s movement through space generates our entire experience of time itself. At its most fundamental level, all matter and energy is just motion within the ether, a distortion spanning two realities which co-exist inseparably.

    Now, what we call history is actually a time loop, or rather a helical time vortex. For us, history is actually hyper-compressed because of this very long sidereal cycle. The names and faces change a little, but all the players are the same. People even reincarnate. This is all basically provable, and is actually much more evidence than even I expected there to be. We’re all hashing out an old drama we’ve become entangled in, and the way out amounts to some creative problem-solving and intuitive, spontaneous behavior on our part.

    Let me get back to the thing about gravity. You have a soul. Not only that, but your soul is nothing less than a spark of this universe’s Creator-consciousness. Scientifically speaking, we can measure the affects your consciousness has on your environment, specifically this ether. It’s pulling, constantly, on these possibility/probability vortexes, shaping your subjective experience of reality into a massive collage of what we all call “the real world”, and it’s ultimately your creation.

    How does this work? Consider the laws that govern a fractal shape in geometry. If you make changes to any part of it, the whole must reflect them, no matter how seemingly insignificant. We can even change the past and future simultaneously with a rudimentary alteration to our present state of mind, but it works like that because everything is linked together and you’re dealing with one current flowing into and throughout many different devices. We are all sharing the same mind, even though our subjective experiences may be quite unique. This is due to some cosmic compartmentalization process which places all kinds of boundaries and limitations on your power, but not your potential. Since this ethereal “time” energy is what makes everything work, we need to absorb it for a certain duration of time (based on the density of matter here and now) otherwise the target of your probability vortex manipulation won’t get enough juice to manifest in “the real world”.

    I’m taking an incredibly thorough array of research and hacking it to pieces for the sake of brevity, but if you’re still reading at this point, here’s the bottom line: You’ve got the same creative powers as God (because technically speaking you are), and they just take longer to work right and you gave yourself a kind of selective amnesia at birth, because those are the rules in this “game.” You’re not in this alone, and there are higher powers at work than even the Illuminati and they’re ultimately benevolent powers too. What YOU need to do in order to beat the system and win the game is opt out of the branching realities conjured up by your own fears and insecurity. You do that by filling the void in your heart with actual desires, and living your life ethically. Ethical living is important, because we’re all sort of one person in different bodies with different emotional mixes, but treating your fellows with love and respect is just as important as treating yourself thusly.

    The solution to all this madness is to “cure” the would-be contagion “fear” and “terror” with sanity and compassion, because you and I deserve better than to live in a bitter, poisonous hellscape the way certain entities (who are really just projections of our collective shadow-self) would persuade you into embracing as “inevitable” or even “desirous”.

    Each and every one of us has something unique and fresh to offer the endless cycles of eternity in each and every fleeting moment of experience. This trick is to take enough responsibility for it when the means materialize before you. There’s a big, bright, delightfully expansive universe out there for us to enjoy when the time is right, but there’s an ascension trial at hand now. You’ve all a shot at graduating from what might as well be high school, if that, out into the great beyond. This isn’t even the halfway point of existence in the evolutionary sense. It just gets better and better from here, but we have to get past this quivering, frightful mass of madness and decay. It’s not healthy to be entertaining thoughts of self-mutilation, not in society or individuals. Have a little self-respect.

    • "It just gets better and better from here, but we have to get past this quivering, frightful mass of madness and decay."

      Hmmm…. Cosmic Christ anyone??

      Disclosure Day coming soon to a TV near you!

      • Thanks for reading. I wasn't sure how this one would go over, but I felt lucky so I just went with my guts. VC's tone got a little grim and daunting there at the end, so I took it upon myself to act now and light up the gathering dark. I can't just let people fall into despair because our corrosive elites have been getting desperate lately.

        On the subject of "Contagion" specifically, I actually remember walking to school the first time I saw ads for this, and thinking something like "Hmm, there's another NWO propaganda piece with heaping helpings of fear porn on the side and slathered lasciviously all over… 'Nothing spreads like fear', huh? Guess I'll never have to visit theaters to know what I'm missing. Oh well. More money for me."

        See, in high school they had us watch a movie just like this about airborne Ebola. Several times. Then we had to write about it too. It was EXACTLY the same, just with less Grimdark and more CSI bullshit. Having read everything on VC gives me a special kind of advantage out there in the "real world". Everywhere I go, I feel like I'm able to size things up and figure out who's in the shadows and when they're on the move. It helps me stay grounded and stable, to pierce through illusions so casually now.

    • @ Syrus… THANK YOU!

      Your words make so much sense, I wish I could read more and more.. I read this morning and had a wonderful day considering the fractal nature of things. It is affirmation of what I already believe but so eloquently put.

      Thanks again, JB

      • You can always ask your questions and I'll see what I can do about answering. I'm happy to help if I can.

    • Thank you, I think you have just put into words for me what I couldn't describe my self, but know and have known this since I was a very small child. Again thank you!

  46. neverwillobey on

    I seen this movie at the theater. Being that I am AWAKE, I seen it for what it was; glorified propaganda. I couldn't help looking around at all the sheeple, with the desire to scream WAKE UP!!! For most of them, it's already too late.

  47. I just want to say something about vaccinations. I don't like to get them. I was very pissed off that

    I was forced to get a flu shot for my job. Hospitals and some nursing homes all over my area forced employees to get the flu shot or produce a note from your doctor justifying why you couldn't get one. If you did not get one by a certain date, you were taken off the work schedule until you did get one. I thought I was the only person who didn't like getting vaccines. My family is big on them and I thought I was the odd ball. I quickly found that alot of my coworkers, friends and associates didn't like vaccines either. I never had the flu shot until last year. NEVER. I have had the flu once in my life before I got the shot. I'm still here. The only vaccines I had were the ones I had to have when I was a child and had no choice. When H1N1 came around, I didn't get a shot and didn't get sick. When it came around a 2nd time, I was suspicious of how quickly a large amount of vaccines were all of a sudden available and didn't get one and convinced my grandmother and mother not to get one either. My grandmother relies on a lot of medicines that I don't think she needs. She does need some (she is diabetic and has asthma very bad; I have seen the results of both going unchecked). My mother, she is not so much into the medicine thing. She tries to fix the problem without it but she will tell you to go get a shot. I had a former co-worker who was seriously thinking home schooling her child because she did not want to get him vaccinated. She has a BSN and was working on her nursing masters and didn't want her child vaccinated. That should tell you something. I didn't know that children now get vaccinated for chicken pox! I'm not that old, I'm 31 (i don't have kids so I didn't know) and my vaccine was catching it from my sister! We're still here! What ever happened to catching stuff so that you body could build an immunity naturally? I've seen parents have a fit a cold. A common cold. Maybe i'm just old fashioned, or just plain crazy but I don't think running to the doctor, or whoever is the best thing to do everytime you get the sniffles.

    • Don't believe in the hype of the vaccinations. Even if you had the chicken pox one you can still contract it. It quite recently happened to me.

  48. Did anybody notice in the movie Laurence Fishburne (the head CDC agent) sends one of women CDC agents out to monitor MEV-1 and she dies? Did anybody notice that Laurence Fishburne NEVER TAKES THE VACCAINATION SHOT?! But he keeps the scannable wristband. And anybody notice that Matt Damon was immune the MEV-1 but the CDC didn't want to use his blood because they said that it would take too long to make a cure? Why wouldn't they want to take his blood to make a cure if MEV-1 is a virus that could wipe out the whole planet? I DON'T GIVE A HELL WHAT THE GOVERNMENT SAYS


  49. I have seen this… movie (ahem… propaganda-educational bs) and during the film I had the exact same thoughts: instead of being entertained for my money, I received a stupidity, that tried to scare me and tried to brainwash me by trying to put sponsored thoughts into my brain, like get vaccinated, conspiracy-believers are twisted people, do not believe what you see on the internet, the only one you can trust is the government etc. Thanks for posting this article VC, this absolutely resonates with what I was thinking during watching this movie.

  50. “Blogging is not writing, it’s graffiti with punctuation”.

    I immediatley noticed that line in the movie and hated how the blogger was portrayed at the end! So glad you wrote about this!!

  51. cool article.i have some questions though,i think nearly all of us visitors to this site have read everything in it. i personally feel that the illuminati are protrayed as a powerhouse that is capable of doing anything.so if they were indeed to release a deadly virus,it would be super deadly,like supernaturally powerful.i mean,they have everything and it's usually hinted that the technology they're hiding is light years ahead of what the general public is exposed to. being obssesed with numerology,i'm sure the only reason they have not began this massive outpouring of world wide calamities is because they are waiting for the right time.the fact that such movies are being produced shows that that time is near.now to the questions, wouldn't such calamities aid them in depopulation (georgia guidestones,commandment number one)?what is their criteria for carrying out this depopulation?will they obliterate the races they hate (hispanics,blacks) i say this cause i read the article on the denver international airport and vigilant kind of hinted on this being portrayed on one of the murals.so africa and most of asia gets "blown up"?also will these calamities begin with the sacrifice of "the new atlantis" a.k.a america? would it's destruction pave way for the new world order?

  52. H1N1 was very real. Careful thinking these are imaginary illnesses because they are created, or because you and people you know didn't get sick. It can happen to you too. The movie wants us to be afraid so they can herd us into camps. We don't have to be afraid, but it might be terrifying if something serious spreads that we are not prepared for at all because we thought it could never happen to us.

  53. Nice article, should do more movie analysis as there seems to be so many released now days that are absolutely laden with agenda propaganda. They also 'educate' the masses on how to react in a crisis – i.e like sheep running around in fear!

  54. I went to see this movie without knowing what it was about, and after Jude Law's character appeared I told my friends that they are portrying him as a cospiracy theorist and we will discover that he is the bad guy at the end!

    • Ft. Detrick is where the military bioweapon research is conducted. google it. Could be they are testing the efficacy in nearby locations, just like Legionnaire's disease was first released in Ft. Dix and later Philadelphia. This virus is deadly, bleeds out the lungs.

      • I just clicked on that link and read the article. I like how the lead photo they chose was someone in a biohazard suit leaving a little old lady's house… What better way to incite fear in the general public. "It's not safe to visit Grandma anymore, kiddies."

    • I find all the information very usefull and just wanted to add other information about Jude Law that I heard on the radio maybe NPR . His cell phones calls were being hacked for awhile or maybe it was his home phone but I I forget if it was by the Brittish media or government. Sorry I can't remember all the facts.

  55. It's a little nuts to stay away from movies just because they are propaganda used to brainwash idiots. I watched it a few weeks ago going into it fully knowing it was a propaganda piece. It's good to actually watch things like this once in a while to know how the system uses Hollywood as a tool.

    • That's a good point. Progaganda is really only going to affect you if you watch it mindlessly and blindly accept whatever it has to say. I too have watched this movie, but I'm not running out to get vaccines, nor am I willing to blindy accept martial law or FEMA herding civilians into camps. I felt like watching this movie was like watching a blueprint on exactly what the government plans on doing should an "outbreak" of some type occur.

      • It doesn't matter if you watch it mindlessly or not, we all have a subconscious mind that info can seep into and affect your decisions

  56. I'm not sure that wrist bands make a lot of sense for the purpose shown in the movie.

    I would imagine it would be fairly easy to remove a simple wristband, and then sell it or share it with a person who has not been vaccinated.

    It seems to me the only way to prevent this practice would be to ensure the barcode can't be easily removed…

  57. I wonder what ill be in the vaccine, maybe a chemical to aid in mind control manipulation or something that will eventually kill the victim. I also wonder if this barcode is the mark of the beast referred to in Revelations.

  58. Boy oh boy am I glad that I REFUSED to get the H1N1 vaccine!!!!! I never believe in getting any vaccinations due to the fact that the doctors are all so pushy about it as if to say, "if you don't get you'll die!" I know that doctors receive a "commision" so to speak on every vaccine they authorize and I'm not interested in being somebody's lab rat. I'd rather take my chances without it!

  59. While a lot of people were panicking over the H1N1 non-event, some of us were actually consulting with people who know about natural ways to deal with such things. Instead of going into hysterics and thinking the government will save you, people need to sit down and think about what's going on, and read and research.

    Only thing I was afraid of was having the needle forced on me.

  60. I think I should have read completely through all the comments before adding one. Many of you are pushing the widesread of fear in your comments regarding a WW3, widespread infection, etc, etc…. However, as Hebrews 13:6 so boldly states; "…The Lord is my helper: I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?" So many of us are so quick to pronounce and proclaim ourselves as believers, and yet as the times draw near to where we now have to behave as such our beliefs start to drift away as we're caught in the waves of fear. Why panic at the thoughts of what "man" plots to do and or perform on the people???? Why worry about the tommorows???? Does our God not reign over ALL creation?????? Fret not brethren for God will never forsake His righteous! Man does not own my destiny and neither do I. My life was written even before I was formed in my mother's womb. I just can't find it in my heart that God will allow any man, devil, etc to fully control the world and do all of these sick things we stress and worry about. "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father alone…..(Matthew 24:36) So who's to say that this wicked world is still going to be around long enough for this foolishness to even take place?????? Read your Bibles and have faith, God will take care of the rest!!!!!! To VC, keep doing your job and informing us of the wicked agenda, the signs are present and it's time we see them for what they REALLY are.

    • Notabeliever on

      Well, what should one do when they don't believe in a mystical force preparing to come down to save everyone because a really old book says he will? I do believe that there are higher ups in our world planning awful situations and have already gotten away with many more terrible things. I watched this movie knowing I was meant to believe the government would save us all if such a scenario were to ever occur. But unfortunately, I don't have the same faith as many people here do that we'll all be saved by some kind of "God". To be perfectly frank, I believe the damage to the masses has already been done (brainwashing) and whatever these evil people decide to do will come to reality and there won't be a thing anyone (or a God) can do about it.

  61. when the whole swine flu was around, i went and vaccinated myself. two weeks later i ended up very ill, at first the ER said it was just the flu but i was only getting worse.

    My internist said the reason why i wasn't getting better was because i have swine flu

    i was like what? but i just vaccinated myself two weeks ago

    she said yes but you weren't vaccinated for the swine flu strain, just the regular strain

    i wouldn't wish my worse enemy what i went through those two weeks with swine flu

    and contagion made me realize that these diseases are released by the government to kill us (and me!)

    i haven't vaccinated myself ever since and i haven't had the flu in over 2 years.

  62. @Syrus all those words and that's the best you could come up with? Conclusion (distilled); we are 'gods'. Erm, no but thanks for your contribution.

    "Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ." Colossians 2:8

    • I think you are grossly oversimplifying my already gross oversimplification of metaphysics and the parapsychic sciences. My "philosophy" is that we're all "God" (not "gods", plural, with a small "g"), because universe can only exist inside God's Mind. He/She/It (lol) is the mysterious "Observer", the so-called "ghost in the machine", and all consciousness is ultimately of "the Creator".

      If you need something like the bible to be an upstanding, righteous person, fine. The universe is HUGE, and chock full of strange and daunting stuff. I was raised on a diet of Einstein, Socrates, and Hermes Trismegistus, taught to question everything and everyone, always try to "think outside the box", and I've found that, more than occasionally, fortune rewards the brave. "God" wasn't on the menu of dogmas I was asked to accept. I believe in the things I do because they work beautifully for me and the research exist to validate the vast majority of them.

      That I have come to believe that the universe has an intelligent creator who loves me and everything in existence, that created free will and the illusion of separation in order to better appreciate the meaning of life and gave me the space to be my own person, that I believe the universe is mostly bunnies-and-butterflies wonderful and all the good things are given to me if I just choose the vein of experiences I most desire… and making any significant effort to be more kind and loving to others is a means to evolution the key to what you might call "paradise" doesn't make me an antichrist or an evil charlatan. I'm not telling people to be egomaniacs and do whatever they want, regardless of consequences. I'm not some armchair philosopher promoting lowbrow crap like Thelema.

      I'm saying there's a much greater holistic perspective out there that gives one an amazing edge in this time of choosing. I choose my beliefs. I am responsible for all of them. If it's too much trouble for you to do your own research, fine. Everyone has their own calling. ci don't go comparing me to those freaks in the bible. I am neither Satanic nor a Luciferian. "Mystery Babylon" can go eat the grill of a speeding Buick, along with every other deranged cult mentality in the universe.

      Yeah, I think I'm ultimately "God-the-Creator", and you are as well, but I'm also this mortal version of "me" having this "human" experience here and now. I'll probably never convince you of the sincerity of my words or my authenticity of my claims, but that's okay. I made the choice to come on here and stick my neck out a little, and to be honest I was expecting a lot worse. It's enough for me if a few people follow up on the leads I dropped and learn how to brighten the world just a little. It would be well worth thousands jeers and unpleasant rebukes if they did. It pains me to see people succu

    • I think you are grossly oversimplifying my already gross oversimplification of metaphysics and the parapsychic sciences. My "philosophy" is that we're all "God" (not "gods", plural, with a small "g"), because universe can only exist inside God's Mind. He/She/It (lol) is the mysterious "Observer", the so-called "ghost in the machine", and all consciousness is ultimately of "the Creator".

      If you need something like the bible to be an upstanding, righteous person, fine. The universe is HUGE, and chock full of strange and daunting stuff. I was raised on a diet of Einstein, Socrates, and Hermes Trismegistus, taught to question everything and everyone, always try to "think outside the box", and I've found that, more than occasionally, fortune rewards the brave. "God" wasn't on the menu of dogmas I was asked to accept. I believe in the things I do because they work beautifully for me and the research exist to validate the vast majority of them.

      That I have come to believe that the universe has an intelligent creator who loves me and everything in existence, that created free will and the illusion of separation in order to better appreciate the meaning of life and gave me the space to be my own person, that I believe the universe is mostly bunnies-and-butterflies wonderful and all the good things are given to me if I just choose the vein of experiences I most desire… and making any significant effort to be more kind and loving to others is a means to evolution the key to what you might call "paradise" doesn't make me an antichrist or an evil charlatan. I'm not telling people to be egomaniacs and do whatever they want, regardless of consequences. I'm not some armchair philosopher promoting lowbrow crap like Thelema.

      I'm saying there's a much greater holistic perspective out there that gives one an amazing edge in this time of choosing. I choose my beliefs. I am responsible for all of them. If it's too much trouble for you to do your own research, fine.

      Yeah, I said I'm ultimately "God-the-Creator", and you are as well, but I'm also this mortal version of "me" having this "human" experience here and now. I'll probably never convince you of the sincerity of my words or my authenticity of my claims, but that's okay. I made the choice to come on here and stick my neck out a little, and to be honest I was expecting a lot worse. It's enough for me if a few people follow up on the leads I dropped and learn how to brighten the world just a little. It would be well worth thousands jeers and unpleasant rebukes if they did.

  63. if you actually were fearful due to the H1N1 "scare," you are a simpleton. i liked this movie. i am an urban planner, and people with occupations like mine are really not bad people. i dont know how americans became so distrustful of government?? i mean, i know a lot of conspiracy theorists do not have a higher education, but really, all government workers are filled with fluff in college. Ninety percent of what government employees are taught in college (in majors like geography, social sciences, political sciences…pretty much all the humanities) is how to help fix inequality. I realize that isnt how in works in practice, but americans see no distinction between government and business. its sad that just because someone isnt an insider, they would have such a pessimistic attitude. how WE are indoctrined is so positive!

    • "I don't know how americans became so distrustful of government??"

      Facts, darling. Facts. And a relatively clear mind.

      " if you actually were fearful due to the H1N1 'scare' , you are a simpleton."

      "I know a lot of conspiracy theorists do not have a higher education"

      Hey, THAT'S PREJUDICE, and you did it TWICE.

      "How WE are indoctrined is so positive!"

      That says a lot about you. I'm starting to believe you're one of those who work for the intelligence agencies and get in the Net, just to disagree with almost everything that we, the so-called "crazy nuts = conspiracy theorists" think.

  64. I can always count on this site to expose the truth of the matter. That is why i recommend your site to anyone who is in the dark about the media and it's agenda, or who just needs to be in the know. Congratulations on an excellent assessment of the situation! Hopeful wisdom will win over ignorance!

  65. TeenagerInAllOfThis: on

    Ok, so if all this goes down and they release a disease, who will be 'chosen' to survive? Love the article (as always) ; I'm 14 and from England and I read aaallll your articles… Kinda depressing though when it seems like I won't live to grow up or do anything.

  66. I really dislike that Gwyneth Paltrow chick. She's like one of the top Hollywood puppet propaganda parrots. And is it just me or has anyone else noticed that she's always plugging brands and products in every single interview she's in e.g. On three different interviews I heard her talk about this anecdote in which she had to take Alka-seltzer, and I've also heard her making an anecdote about Lysol and Febreze twice. So I already know that if she's telling an anecdote, its product plugging time.

  67. iamnotanumber on

    I saw this movie in the theatre and just walked out on it about almost an hour into to. It was really disturbing me and I could tell there was duplicitous agenda about the story. It's was a total pre-programing movie that seemed to try and 'educate' the public. I noticed a lot of what's pointed out here. All the portrayals of the institutions and individuals we're leaning towards obeying the procedures of martial law and submitting to fear and paranoia, distrust in non-mainstream journalists, and a very bleak outlook on the possibilities of outbreak. Hollywood is definitely on over drive with these deceitful movies. It won't stop me from wanting to examine and deconstruct them though. There seriously couldn't be enough work being done on the subject of media manipulation, I'm grateful for finding sites like this.

  68. Very astute analysis, but I'd like to reaffirm some points and add my own observations.

    What got me about this film immediately, was that it had been so heavily promoted as ''the most realistic depiction of how a global pandemic would play out'', so as to 'educate the masses' as you say. Of course, at the end of the film, we are shown 'how' this virus came to be, and big corporations are implicated in the destruction of natural habitats, which somehow resulted in a bat virus being mixed with a pig virus, and then 'mutating' when that pig was slaughtered and fed to guests in a Hong Kong restaurant. I am no biologist or geneticist, but I find it difficult to imagine a virus operating at that level, capable of autonomously making the jump to being a virus that kills humans and has already adapted to standard vaccinations/cures before it actually encounters them… How can a virus adapt itself to be immune to a curing agent before it encounters that agent?

    This also ties into Agenda 21 and the proposed Habitat Areas for humans – 'big evil human corporation destroys nature and causes virus that kills humans'. ie; 'perhaps it's best that we are confined to the cities'.

    Of course, as you say, there is the rest of the 'disaster programming' where we're all trained in how to act (or react) to the subsequent chain of events, and the system of government agencies that take over and declare martial law. I often feel that when we are shown the absolute depravity and desperation – violent acts of theft and dominance, which are supposed to occur when the cards are down and the food/water is running out; we're being given a protocol to emulate. Had these scenes not been included in so many disaster movies, people might actually act calmly and act to help one another in more cases. It's often been observed that the worst tragedies can bring out the best in people, but NEVER in the movies – they ALWAYS seem to portray the lowest level of debasement as being the 'normal' or 'expected' reaction to such a situation. Absolute panic and chaos.

    As for the rest of the film – it's like a handbook on 'what to do' as you say, so that the public fall directly in line when one of these engineered viruses is let loose on the public, and we're told it came from some pig in China, or a 'dangerous' organic farm in Germany. The disaster movie programming is a little different in this case though, as without an intense orchestral score behind it, and a series of climatic events leading up to some sort of victory or closure – the viewer is left with no sense of catharses and thus the film causes them to view the world and the situation in a particularly bleak way.

    They've been doing this for the past few years now – using minimal contrast and a lot of grey filtering on all of the major hollywood films, making everything 'feel' wintery, bleak, hopeless and depressing. It's a very subtle technique, but it's a definite form of warfare on the mind, bringing us down further into states of depression and depravity about the state of the world. Couple this with increasing levels of violence, sexual depravity and moral relativity in our media, and this greying over all the major films has a very powerful effect on the mind. This was used in Contagion, it was shot mainly during the winter time, and the contrast was minimal, with lots of depressing, bleak, greyish scenes of death and destruction.

    Anyway, I could go on forever, but it's your website.


  69. im a believer on

    there are demonic entities that feeds on fear. maybe they release these movies before they unleash these demons on us.

    or maybe our fear feeds their power and authoruty over us.

    or maybe in order to initiate the one world order agenda, they need to set us up for distruction like a mass disease outbrake then when the "HEROES" developes a vaccine to save us. the only way we will get it is if we acceept the mark of the beast. which will be a chip with a barcode on it. they will tell you that if you dont accept it you will be a danger to others.

  70. I just learned two things from seeing this article:

    1. Don't bother watching this movie.

    2. When a pandemic comes around, choose a nice pleasant succumbing instead of an untrustworthy vaccine.

    And I'll be living by this when I have kids. :)

  71. im a believer on

    I remebber before obama became president they made a few movies about a black man being the president of the united states.I never thought that would ever be possible until i saw the movies. Is that the reason he was so loved and easily accepted amoung all races?

    were they programmed?

    thats some good programming by the way :)

  72. You're correct, 'Im a believer'..

    There has to be a balance. I had this total paradigm shift over new years, as they've pumped up the '2012 phenomenon' so much – that even after I had studied how prophecies are used by the elite to change cultures, destroy and create new religions, and provide the 'herd' with a narrative for planned changes – I still felt a sense of foreboding and fear as the clock struck 2012, and I wondered what might be in store for the year.

    Then I managed to break through it, and in pure rebellion, decided that they WANT us to be SHIT SCARED ALL YEAR, so therefore, decided that I was going to have a GOOD year and keep living my life, putting out the information, trying to help others break through, and doing my creative work as well. There is no doubt about it – the changes are happening increasingly fast, especially concerning laws concerning what the general public have access to or can publish in terms of information.

    We may have to adapt, give up the internet, and go back to shortwave networks. We've only got a year or two left of what we currently call 'the internet' before it is merged into a world wide intranet, and we are left with what are mere access devices, to access state authorized material only.

    But – our greatest weakness can also be our greatest strength – we are, by far, the most adaptable species on the planet. We've made it through asteroids, floods, and cataclysms of biblical proportion – even mainstream science accepts that the human species has survived pole shifts and the exploding of the 'missing planet' where the asteroid belt is now.

    They want us to be scared, because fear breeds predictable behaviour, which is easily managed and controlled. Keeping cool, staying in your centre, and remembering to enjoy the good things in life are more important than ever right now.


  73. The writer of this screenplay, Scott Z. Burns, also worked with Davis Guggenheim on An Inconvenient Truth.

    Interestingly, Guggenheim just finished up a "documentary" (read: really long political ad) for President Obama–and he has so far declined to reveal who paid him to make it. You can see it on youtube: NXtJhLUOFXE (I'm not posting the link). Unsurprisingly, critical comments on this video are censored.

    If you check into other people in the crowd who worked on these films together, you'll find additional cozy government/NGO connections. One example is Jeff Skoll, whose Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship is all about drawing together people who want to reshape the world in their own vision and make lots of money in the process.

    Anyhow, great article. Whether Contagion was directly commissioned or not, there's plenty of evidence–even in the mainstream–hinting at it being the product of a group of elites who are intensely interested in remaining powerful & in control, all while conceiving of themselves as "nice guys."

  74. Jeff Andrews on

    Interesting article. There is a famous saying from the book Dune " Fear is the Mind Killer!".

    When you kill the mind in such a way as this movie does it stops people from being able to critically think. To ask the right question and make the right decisions. It also spreads fear, panic, anxiety, by way of disinformation.

    1. Stop living in fear and they will have no power over you.

    2. The general public are not cattle like they want you to think.

    3. They get their power from your fear, hate, anxiety, mongering, disinformation and confusion.

    4. If you're not a Nuclear Physicists then stop going around and telling people stuff you think you know when you really don't know.

    5. The Mark of the Beast ( read closely ) IS NOT A PHYSICAL THING. It's in your mind. Have you been deceived? Some people have. They are the ones that will bow to the Antichrist.

    6. There are no Sleeper Cells in the US. That's more disinformation to cause fear. 911 was an inside job.

    7. Israel said that they may in the future try and put an end to Iran's Nuclear Infrastructure.

    The US asked if they would be informed about it before they did it. Israel replied that they wouldn't let anyone know.

    8. China will not attack the US. They make too much money and get a lot a resources from that country. It would be suicide for them to do that.

    9. Nibiru is actually Venus.

    10. The Great Solar Flares from the sun in 2013 will only be a problem for electronics if left ON.

    Turn it OFF before it happens and Nothing happens.

    I hope that clears somethings up for you people and helps calm you and relax your mind.

    • I don't know if this was directed at me, but it's pretty misleading. My words about nuclear are based on a ton of reading and personal experience. And anyone can go read for themselves. Read everything on ENENews, and then tell me I don't know anything.

      Typical disinformation style. Deferring to the authorities the PTB want us to defer to, while they lie to us and cover up the greatest nuclear catastrophe in history so far.

  75. Joseph L. Parker on

    Thanks for publishing this. I know I sent you an email message to ask you to do a review on this moive and I don't know if you had it in the works to do so or not, so I appreciate you doing so. I was talking to my wife, and the scenario played in the movie it was around Thanksgiving of the year the virus hit, the virus was in full effect on the publicby then. I'm thinking it might be around October in whatever year those in power release a virus to create martial law and panic.

    I also find it very interesting at the end that a bat dropped a piece of fruit in a hog pen, and recently the Lamestream media put an article out about Bat Flu. Man this is some crazy stuff. I pray this never happens but knowing those in power are mad-man I am afraid something bad is going to happen soon. Only time will tell though.

  76. i luv u VC and all the followers of the knowledge u dish out. Boy o boy! We sure should be getting prepared for one of em fake propaganda just to sell vaccines.

  77. holographic anus on

    "If you’re not a Nuclear Physicists then stop going around and telling people stuff you think you know when you really don’t know."

    Take your own advice, chump.

  78. This film does establish that Soderburgh is a total tool. It will be interesting to see what other propaganda and predictive programming he whores himself to spew out.

  79. God'sChildLeah on

    I personally did not see this movie as well as 2012 because I had no interest in them. Now I know why. It is another ploy to scare the masses into doing what the government wants. Population Reduction agenda movies do not move me to obey them.

    I also remember when the H1N1 epidemic was introduced and how everyone around me "had" to get the vaccine, whether the decision was voluntary or involuntary. I did not get it because this vaccine is too "new". I was ridiculed and chastised behind that decision. I did not force my children to get it either. I have a complex about "new vaccines" (the vaccines introduced in the 2000's) because I really don;t understand the need for them. I don't even get flu shots, I refuse them. It absolutely makes no sense to fight a "flu" by injecting a strain of "flu" in your body…. I'm sorry, I may get called ignorant, but you can not convince me to get it. By the way, I have NEVER had the flu, a cold or sinus infection maybe, but never the "flu".

    I remember having a conversation with a few people about the children of our society today… I work in a FQHC (Federally Qualified Health Clinic) and I swear every child that comes in has some sort of mental/behavior illness (ADHD, Bi-Polar, etc.), asthma/breathing related problems, or some sort of disability… I honestly believe it is related to these vaccines that our children are forced to receive.

    I do believe that most vaccines are poisonous and not safe for people. Although we may not see the damage right away, the damage will be done in the long run. I still give the side eye to the Gardisil vaccine; and I tell my friends and relatives with daughters to NOT give it to them.

    My prayers and Faith in the Most High have always kept us in great health. I don't run around in fear of the mysterious illnesses. Man had no authority over my body. The bible tells you that your body is a living temple for God and Christ. So if that is the case, I don't worry about Satan and what Man can make up to kill it.

  80. I saw this movie with friends and I didn't get the ending….but…it did make us think! I think with all that has gone on before, be it SARS, Anthrax, "swine flu" and "bird flu"…we all get a bit panicky and wonder where these viruses come from or are they a direct attack on humanity…

    I believe this movie was used as a tool to educate us on how things really operate behind the curtain. It was a bit disturbing to watch at a few points…but it makes you wonder, "can it start with just one person?" Yes it can and it's not subject to one particular country; we are all at risk….

    I also believe this movie was a "wake up" movie…Jude Law's character is the one we are most familiar with nowadays as we spend most of our time online researching things in the world around us and how they affect us and how some governments keep things "hush hush" so we won't ask questions….

    There are still a lot of things out there that we still don't know about…

  81. Maurice Rose on

    By design, and all according to plan. Obama is not 'meant' to get re-elected. Obama is a tool, a vehicle, a means-to-an-end. A device for an Obamacalypse. "They" need him to trigger events before his eventual removal before 2013. For some reason it's though then need a "Black" man to be responsible, then of course replace him with a White man. Iran would be the first in a series of dominoes; Iran, Middle East, Russia, China, Europe, Global Economic Collapse, Martial Law, etc., etc. (population reduction by the elimination of Negroids, Mongoloids, Australoids), leaving behind the more easily controlled and manipulated Caucasoids to serve as servants to the New World Order. In the 14 possible configurations for the annual Calendar, 6 of 14 years have two Fridays the 13th. There is no year without one Friday the 13th, and no year with more than three. There are two Friday the 13th in 2013; September, and December.

  82. Also at the end of the movie, the virus was frozen and put into storage along with the H1N1 and a few other viruses.

  83. yes agree with those above next time spoiler alert LOL LOL LOL you know, us masses want to be entertained golly gee!

  84. My mom HATES taking me to the Doctor to get a vaccine for school. She would rather take home remedies! But I have to get them for school purposes. Like when I was going to 8th grade I had to get a shot for it. I'm still in 8th grade but whatever. I couldn't go to school without it. I've always wondered why. . .

  85. People already look to FEMA, WHO and CDC for help. When the time comes, we will be hearing folks screaming "WHERE IS FEMA WHEN YOU NEED THEM? DO SOMETHING!!!" Which, of course, is exactly what they want because we're made to understand that they are our saviours. I don't know whether it's a brilliantly transparent scheme or a transparently brilliant scheme. (I am leaning toward the latter) either way, it's disgusting.

  86. This movie was a red flag for me when i saw the previews. I was waiting for your take on this movie vigilant good job. Myself or my son dont get the flu shot every year like a lot of people do. I have never seen the movie but that scannable braclet remind me of the mark of the beast. Not having it!

  87. before i read this article i was asking myself how they could orchestrate a world-wide situation which 1. would lead people to BEG to be put in fema and similar camps and 2. would lead to everyone being either tagged or RFID chipped. yes, this article explains it really well and yes, i think the scenario is very probable. yes, i totally agree that hollywood movies are a tool to program/brainwash/hypnotize people so they will be easily led when the psychos decide to take over.

    thanks for keeping up this website.

  88. i keep reading this more and more in people's comments … i think i must have missed some changes to english language grammar … but when did "couldnt you of" and "you should of had" become acceptable english??? LMFAO?

    • Don't forget Audrey telling someone to "informate" himself, because she's so much more intelligent than the rest of us "uneducated conspiracy theorists."

      • @paola LOL! Guilty as charged! Embarassing! @AndreaM. I was so irate at being told that I was 'ignorant' and that I should, yes, 'informate' myself that my spelling went out of the window just trying to get a response out! (I'm high-fiving you right now!) LOL!

      • seriously another end-of-the-world-we-will-descend-into-chaos-movie?? on

        @ neo
        its s a shame that you didn’t bother to read the reply i sent,

        anyway, good luck in the future

  89. Lol, double-posted my last page-killer with a version I was in the middle of writing and posted the other even though I froze the page. Guess we're treated by a little more of my sybaritic tittering. Oh well. *Sigh*

  90. Hollywood is a mecca for giving us movies that are either stupid with no plot whatsoever or what some gov'./military branch/cia wants us to see and believe and finally 1% a really good excellent movies. With many actors and actresses being under mind control of some form or another. Having egos blown way out of portion because people tend to worship them and put them high on a pedstals, they make any movie just because its work and another million dollars or close to it. They do not even for the most part really think about the kind of flims they work on and wether or not it has a important message to spread. While we will agree there are a few good movies being made in hollywood some are just for fun and money-makers. America is know for doing to things well movies and starting wars. Thats just wonderful. No disrespect to those who contributed to worthy causes and inventions etc, but currently we are so obessed with tv & flim, music & sports players, Working & shopping that our spiritual needs are lacking and spiraling downwards rapidly. While I have yet to watch the movie it seems predictable and obvious and is still one i will eventually watch. This is not top of the list for me but rather one i will watch sometime down the road. Many diseases are man-made like aids or hyped up like h1n1 by news media. Planting fear into the the viewing audience does not equal good movie.

  91. Reality over Fantasy on

    I also had a weird feeling when I watched Contagion. It basically stated that it is irrational not to trust government agencies like the CDC and WHO and that anyone who speaks against them is dangerous. The movie makes Jude Law’s character, who supposedly had his own cure for the virus, the evil villain who is spreading lies about the government agencies in order to gain riches for himself and exploit vulnerable people. However, in reality, there are natural cures for many diseases that are not advertised because it is not backed by Big Pharma. By the movie discrediting people like this, it spreads the message that anyone who speaks out and doesn’t follow that status quo has an ulterior motive. So basically, the message is all of us who read alternative new sources are being brainwashed by the real villains, and we should only trust mainstream ideas. We should just follow what everyone else says without questioning anything and without critical thinking. We are supposed to accept new vaccines for these viruses, even though there is documented proof that the death tolls are exaggerated. Because of history has shown that these government agencies are really concerned about helping people (not really).

  92. I am not afraid of this virus because i believe that Jesus will rapture all true bible believing, saved- by-grace-through-faith Christians before all of this happens. i am just feeling sorry for those who are being left behind, because they did not accept Jesus as their personal saviour. Today is the day of salvation, don't procrastinate! Time is running up quick as it seems. The elite has a history of announcing what is going to happen beforehand (see 9/11), so if they announce this scenario via a movie, it will probably happen soon.

  93. Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say:

    “Now have come the salvation and the power

    and the kingdom of our God,

    and the authority of his Messiah.

    For the accuser of our brothers and sisters,

    who accuses them before our God day and night,

    has been hurled down.

    They triumphed over him

    by the blood of the Lamb

    and by the word of their testimony;

    they did not love their lives so much

    as to shrink from death.

    Therefore rejoice, you heavens

    and you who dwell in them!

    But woe to the earth and the sea,

    because the devil has gone down to you!

    He is filled with fury,

    because he knows that his time is short.”

    ~Revelation 12:10-12

  94. talking about movies, i went to watch Lorax even my boyfriend who thinks that illuminati does not exist… he said to me in the end that he even got the feeling of things being hidden in certain scenes. And in the beginning it says its made my i believe it said Illumination productions and it just all was so obvious to me. If any of ya have the chance to see it go so you can see what i mean

    god loves you don't let him go, he is the only salvation plan we have

  95. i did notice they use the number 7 when they say day 7 in the scene where cbc in shown.

    the number 7 is associated with good fortunes, luck and even rhymes with the word HEAVEN.

    im sure they wouldnt say "day "6"

    i think they are really telling you that cbc is HEAVEN in a time of such chaos.

    and thats exactly where people are gonna seek refuge.

  96. I'm amazed it's taken this long for an article along these lines to be written. The writer's points precisely mirror my own thoughts as I was sitting in the theatre. While I thought all the actors gave a good performance, it was obviously a puff piece for the CDC, particularly considering the timing. I haven't read all 200-odd comments, but did anyone notice in the end credits, "Special thanks to the CDC"? For what? Allowing their name and logo to be used? I think it more likely that they "heavily funded" the project… at least. If, for a moment, we can dance between the rational, and the trans-rational, I honestly wonder if the CDC didn't actually commission the film, and dictate the exact themes they wanted to be conveyed.

    Good Article, very good deconstruction.

  97. I cant stand watching movies like this it makes me so uneasy & nervous about the future. A little off topic I love the brand volcom its skater style clothing & i noticed their site had a eye on it…and now they recently replaced that eye with a full on hypnotizing swirl..Check out their site volcom.com it feels kinda creepy if u stare at it

  98. I remember watching Contagion, felt like switching it off, as if I were watching an infomercial for Vaccines. But I watched it just so I could prove the point to anyone who said it was good. I hate seeing through things sometimes. Anger maker.

  99. All the disaster films now are ones of many gigsaw pieces in the NWO puzzle. It's all about conditioning the public into willingly going along with anti-christ agenda (especially those stupid wristbands, taken right out of Revelations). Planting ideas through movies into the public's mind, years in advance of a real situation, gives the subconscious mind fertile ground to grow these NWO ideas, so by the time we are eventually faced with danger, we would accept these ideas as the only alternatives to keep us safe. It's so predictable – NoWorldOrder for me, thanks but no thanks.

  100. For info on the Swine flu and it's ties to big pharma go to youtube and search for dr Deborah Cohen, Dr Wolfgang Wodarg. Also do a google search for 'Swiss train and Swine flu'. A container of Swine fly exploded on a swiss train.

  101. Civilian General on

    People see these "movies" and think nothing of it. Time is short and people don't care. 9/11 was planned Iran is on the agenda. Iran signed the treaty against nuclear weapons. all they want is a power Source. They have the right to build one as a soveirgn nation. We American fail to realize anything we do affects the world.

  102. the fictional blog site in the movie "truth serum" – the actual name hints to the illuminati drugs used for mind control slaves … truth serums given to, as in the victim accept any commands.

  103. I haven't seen the movie, and i dont want to. But is it true that they are going to do it? Make a virus and force us to take vaccines?

    When the H1N1 came out i didn't take the vaccine…because i'm scared of needles lol.

    But what do we in that time?

    Is there something bad going to happen in 21 December?

    There is alot of songs/movies that describes THAT date is the end of the world.

    Not really "THE END" but the end of an old world. (The world we know today) And the beginning of a new world (THE NEW WORLD ORDER)

    hmm.. ????????????

  104. Wow, talk about tunnel vision!

    Upon further consideration, you don't actually NEED any fancy metaphysical powers to blow apart this entire viral NWO fear gambit. All you need is to understand a little bit of good science and– scratch that. You actually don't even need to know anything and I'll tell you why.

    This scenario could never happen. Regardless of how vigilant you are or even how evil you are, there's absolutely no use in considering the possibility that a new virus could pose a credit threat to an entire population the way N1H1 was posited to. It violates too many of the natural laws of conservation. You can't create a deadly strain that burns through the victim's body so fast and spreads so easily that it stands any chance of retaining its initial potency.

    You see, viruses mutates. A lot. I mean REALLY a lot. Millions of times over with just a few hosts. It's not natural for viruses to cross species and become MORE deadly. The chances of that are truly astronomical. It's fine if you say labs invented strains like N1H1, because they almost certainly did. It's also fine to say that this virus had the ability to kill people quickly and efficiently. The trick is that only a few people in the beginning catch the virus at a time when it's still recognizably dangerous.

    This scenario where a virus comes close to destroying a civilization hasn't been possible in many, many years. With the advance of medicine, we are able to give people sufficient care through their recovery period so that a flu is just a really bad cold rather than a curtain call.

    Summarily, you can't create a new world order this way, and even if you tried it wouldn't last. People are not generally infantile, firstly (they're actually more mature on average than most so-called elites), and secondly nature isn't designed to kill us. You can engineer the deadliest virus imaginable in your labs and they still won't hurt more than a few people because of how unstable their structure us. By the time it's done with those initial infections, your virus is already a completely different virus and its effect on the human physiology is dramatically decreased.

    A virus that maintains and even acquires greater potency from one subject to the next is so unlikely, it would be like randomly finding a golden sceptre that made you the undisputed king of the universe, lying flush on the street. It's such an outrageous fantasy I'm surprised more people aren't out there debunking the hell out of it. You don't need the Maharishi effect to protect yourself from this scenario. Well, it might help, but the idea is to break the influence of the new world order elites and keep them from making more god-awful movies designed to scare and dement people. Then again, a movie like this probably qualifies as free speech and ought to be protected by the first amendment.

    Just remember that we live in a world where the laws of reality are not what they appear in a movie. No amount of fearmongering will actually make possible this scenario in the movie. Stay home, enjoy yourself, and wait for this all to blow over. The "bad guys" in this story all have nothing but smoke and mirrors anyway. They can scare you, but they can't dominate you. Not like this.

  105. A lil off topic

    But have any of you seen the series THE EVENT?

    It involves the usual government conspiracies and cover ups AND it also feautures a certain rich guy who would fall in the category of "the elite" – pulling the strings from behind the scene.

    VC did an article on an US airport (under Sinister Sites). In the series that import is included in a plan to eliminate the human population using a virus. And if I remember correctly, I think it was DIA, VC speculated in his article that this airport is going to play an important part in the future. I don't know but I would love if VC did an article on that series (It was cancelled after the first series though) and to hear the thoughts of others who have watched it.

    Its interesting despite being yawn-inducing at times.

  106. @syrus

    I dispute some of the points you outlined. Especially ;"You can’t create a deadly strain that burns through the victim’s body so fast and spreads so easily that it stands any chance of retaining its initial potency."

    in this date and time you must realize that allmost anything is possible.for years i was taught that mind reading was impossible.Today it is real. Scientists can actually scan your brain and translate the impulses through a super computer and tell you exactly what your thinking.

    Do a search on mind reading.

    many of these future technologies and weapon inventions have many believing they are alien technology.i assure you they have also improved on their chemical and biological warfare weapons as well. I believe they can make super viruses and bacteria that can cause significant poppulation reduction

    I once saw a video of a scientist exaggeratively complaining and cursing about the human poppulation.

    he suggested to get rid of the diseased,handicaped,uneducated,homeless and his list of "animals" Note; (Some of them dont think of us as humans they think we are animals) went on. Ive even heard one blatantly ranted the "N" word in such hate that was obviously a great comfort to his lost tormented soul. There is a satanist interview where the satanist explained that good people are hyprocrites. Poor,sick,handicapped,christians people should be rid off the plannet, He had a whife standing by every word he said and supported his arguments. To my understanding these Satanist and mad scientist are puppets to the people who run the world. THEY WANT TO KILL US.

    Ivs watched documentaries of scientists manipulating the weather claiming they can cause a flood.

    these people are in deep dealings with the devil. They mean BUSINESS!

    sorry for typo

    • Reading minds is one thing. Finding a way to stop viruses from mutating out of control or to control the mutations on the fly to make them more deadly would require the kind of technology that only advanced extra terrestrial civilizations could hope to muster, like the STUXNET virus.

      "They" may want to kill us, and their abilities may be quite daunting. The extend to which "they" understand the mind and can break any person at any stage in life with detailed personality tests and advanced interrogation techniques is astounding! There's even active technology which is able to roughly influence a population's emotional state and believe me, they're using the hell out of that shit.

      However! We have a power even greater than them on our side, and the universe itself is a benevolent entity. I firmly think that if these shadowy elites were capable in the purely metaphysical sense of carrying out their plots against humanity to the end, they would have done so by now. It takes a collective weakening of the consciousness before the collective shadow gains any additional privileges to do harm on a broad scale. We are in complete control because we're only dealing with distorted reflections of ourselves.

      And from a scientific perspective, as I said, viruses mutate. They do so millions of times across just a couple hosts. These mutations are random, and make the viruses less deadly. There's a whole school of knowledge on the evolution of random phenomena called Chaos Theory. If you know how this stuff works, you can exert control over random variables in reality with your conscious energy energy alone, but positive influences and positive alone benefit from a metaphysical law called the Rule of Exponents, which states that the square root of one percent of a population can exert a beneficial counter-balancing effect that mitigates crime, feelings of despair and misery, and even natural disasters. We have an enormous advantage in that this system DOESN'T WORK for negative influences. One negative "vote" counts for only one, but a positive expression along the same lines contributes more than just a single person's intentions.

      In other words villains are in a minority, and their only powers come from us. Their main advantage is a sort of "head start". It's rather like the character Yoda explains in Star Wars. The "Dark Side" is not stronger but merely quicker, easier, and more seductive. Though in practical terms it takes exactly as much effort to be a positive influence as it does to be negative. The pitfall is actually indifference with regard to spiritual alignment.

      So once again, they may want to kill us but that doesn't mean they get the right to. You'll probably see what I mean pretty soon on the world stage. Just don't expect anything too spectacular, or you'll be most disappoint. 😉

  107. Don't believe their programming. Live as if there is a future available to support your imagination.

    The forces at work are way out of our control. In that case, control your own mind & disposition.

    They are deception masterminds, and they dont like to be laughed at. They dont like the true passion of denial either. Reclaim your Self.

  108. im sorry for posting so often.

    the reason im drawn to this is; i watch '28 days later' and to me it was one of the most horrifying movies ever becauce it gets you thinking: what if this should really happen? I becaume extremely cautious of everyone around me. with all the psycological trauma that movie put me through i went to see the second film.now i realize i was been programmed. i actually paid to have some psycho advertize their vission of the world into my head. this vission gave me mental trauma. if i could just get back my money.

    • @Guest:

      Having been previously obsessed with horror films, I feel ya. It's programming in the worst possible way, I understand completely what you mean about 28 Days Later, though at least it does not depict the military as "saving the day", like most of these movies.

      Regardless, I stopped watching horror films 7yrs ago (I've relapsed now and again since then, but don't watch them at all now) because of the nightmares I was having, and hallucinations they triggered (I had ptsd, but I didn't know it at the time). These kinds of movies program us to fear various things, whether its foreign countries (in movies like Hostel), household items (Ring/Ringu), even shapes (Uzumaki), they program us to fear things irrationally, people often miss this when they watch them, thinking again, that they are nothing more than "Entertainment".

  109. VC, when I was a kid I watched some dramatic documentary they was on FOX or something (the channel, not the news..idk) It was what would happen if a small pox epidemic occurred. it started out with one dude mildly touching this childs head as it walked by and thus spreading the virus to the child. it was so creepy, but the documentary was being serious. they had tons and tons of footage of mass graves and it was sick and propaganda and scared the shit out of me when I was a kid.

  110. Syrus your comment is great!!

    But, why are they making us watch these movies? I mean ofc scaring us and "programming us " like you guys mentioned. Buut if we think outside the box.. i mean is there a reason they make us watch it?

    And i heard they are going to do a big event on 21 december this year ?! Do someone know what it is about?

    • Thanks. :)

      The ultimate goal is to enslave humanity. That's the default negative metaphysical objective. They're "making" you watch this stuff to hypnotize you, and they want you to be hypnotized so you'll both refuse to consider playing any part other than a spectator in these world events, and so you may even be mildly helpful as a pawn in this game. They also want you to be in a state of fear, because that gives them an incredible high. The Illuminati consider fear a form of worship, and higher-level negative beings literally feed on your anxieties.

      As for the whole 12/21/12 event, remember that one of the Mayan Calendars and the Egyptian Pyramid Timeline both flag this particular moment in history as a spectacular turning point. Of course the occult would-be dictators want to control this sort of celestial transmutation to further their own ends but the energy involved here, if any, is absolutely not something that they can use. At worst, you're looking at some Y2K-style shenanigans.

    • seriously another en on

      hey joshua,

      I'm a UK national so when I started the fees were 3k, so it wasnt bad. It was easier to pick a uk one as I live in engaland and fees everywhere else would have been high.

      I just feel sorry for those younger than me who would like to go but are afraid of the debt so don't bother. I know alot of people are considering going abroad though to further their studies but I'm not even sure if I want to continue, feel like I spend to much time studying and not enough actually doing

      • It used to be free of charge to take up undergraduate courses even though I can't recollect when they started charging 3k. They actually used to pay you to do a postgraduate course, not a lot but still it wasn't bad. But you're right, it's pointless to proceed with a postgraduate one.

        The younger ones could just relocate abroad where no fees exist as yet or they're just too low to cause aggravation ie. Italy, Czech Republic etc. I think it's mainly the experience, apart from that there's no more to it nowadays. You tend to forget what you've learnt as you get older lol. If you don't use, it goes out of your mind eventually.

  111. Jesus is are only Fr on

    I am glad to see a mega-usage of the word "propaganda". For a while, I thought people were not aware of such a practice. That practice was how Hitler made history. Hitler may be dead, but he continue to have many accumulated fans in worldwide leadership roles. I often ask what we could do as the citizens of this world. It is our world and life as well.

    Vigilant, this was a great-awareness piece. Continue the fabulous work.

  112. Liked so much this article. It really shows an inversion of the truth about alternative media and government agencies… What scaries me at all is that bar code thing, wich make us remember about the symbol of the beast stamped in the right hand of those who accept "the terms".

  113. How is Red Cross/Crescent so bad though? [I realize this is sort of off-point but still, I think they do amazing work]

  114. just wondering on

    vc, i was wondering why fundamentalist religious people (and i dont mean to be judgemental) are all over your site when it clearly states that "Proselytizing for or against a religion" is -um- "against the comment section rules"? I mean, I'm all for free speech and stuff, but it is kind of off topic.

    any ways, great work as always.

  115. AManofMystery on

    I remember being bored one day and watching this movie.

    I remember disliking how the movie portrayed that martial law should be accepted in "emergencies".

    Then they made anyone who disagrees with the government, like the blogger, bad guys.

  116. I just watched this movie with a friend last weekend. I laughed. It was so bad and pandering . . . NOT quite as bad as 2012 though. LOL

    I loved how they never actually showed people living in FEMA camps. I also loved how they never showed all those FEMA "coffin liners." And of course the guy Blogging "Truth Serum" was the bad guy.

    Total garbage, but what would you expect.

  117. even if i say dont want a shot, my parents will give me one anyway, and i bet if i refuse at the doctor office, people will think my ass is crazy and throw me in a mental placce. i keep telling my mom about this illumanti stuff, she doesnt belive me, bad part is if i dint get vaccinated, i will get kick out of school. see my highschool keep records of shots, and stuff. and if they see i dont get vacinated, like in the movie, i cant go to school, not any school. so either way im scewed both ways. lord help me. plus i want to be a famous actor and i dont want to be in this illumanti bull crap

  118. Great article! Does anyone else find it odd that this movie would be a in-flight movie choice on so many airlines? I have had flights recently in the Eu and Asia, and Contagion was a choice on all these flights. Are the airlines deliberately trying to freak us out on these flights or what? I mean, long-haul flights in economy are torturous enough…

  119. Jesus_is_coming_soon on

    This whole topic reminded me of this article that I read quite long ago. http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1753.cfm. It's about a guy who invented a Illuminati New world order card game way back in 1995. Secret services paid him a visit and tried to confiscate his stuff. This is why: On two of the cards, he predicted the attacks on the World trade center and Pentagon, some of these cards also have disease control and CDC on them. Dont know how this guy knew this stuff was going to happen, if he guessed it by accident or had inside info, but check how spot on his predictions were and how they did their best to keep him quiete.

  120. At the end with the bar code they put on people and they get to go places such as the mall…that comes from the bible dealing wih the mark 666 if people take the mark they will be able to buy things like food and clothes and if they don't they will die…

  121. Wow, some people are really taking this movie thing out of context. The purpose was for the common "Joe-public" to THINK about the possibilities and hopefully be a little prepared to avoid the chaos they portrayed in the movie. Calm down everyone. Do more research OUTSIDE THE LAB (or off your blogs sometimes) and you'll see that the producer/director worked closely with the agencies to make it as close as possible. One of the messages they wanted to get out is that the world is not that big. We need to care what happens in other countries. For those who don't want to get vacinnated…fine. Just stay home when you are sick. Last year we had a family (unvaccinated d/t religious reasons) that came in the hospital with small pox. A bulletin went out to all employees, guess what…several employees called in sick the next day or showed up at employee health freaked out because they weren't vacinnated and were declaring they get preferential treatment and permission to stay home without using sick time. Really!! come on…be responsible or don't work in the HC field.

  122. I can barely handle any new Hollyweird propaganda/predictive programming flicks. They are all trying to condition us these days and all the movies are the same. I didn't finish watching "Contagion" as I knew what globalist crap to expect from it to begin with, yet I managed to stomach 20 minutes of it. Science fiction movies predict the future, so I wouldn't be surprised to see the Illuminati coming out with a new virus the U.S. made in one of the many bio-warfare facilities. Please, do me a favor and NEVER pay to see a Hollyweird movie, you are part of the problem if you do…Make sure to use P2P file sharing to cut into their profits and ability to make this kind of disgusting agenda-motivated horrible movie.

  123. Revelation 2:9 on

    I'm really happy i never saw this movie…what a waste of money, heard it was depressing. I'll also probably never get vaccinated again. Perfectly healthy before vaccination…sick for over a week afterwards for the first time in my life? yea…i'll ask the doctor to take one infront of me.

    Interesting bit about how the blogger was accused of random crimes because they wanted to get him out of the way…..has this actually happened to anyone?

    • Pastor John on

      You'll 'never get vaccinated again.' Good idea. Eliminating yourself from the gene pool might have the effect of pushing up the IQ of the rest of the population.

  124. Issela Santina on

    Don't you think getting that bar code wristband after vaccination is like, I don't know, getting a triple-six mark after 3.5 years of tribulation? Someone told me that while there was no teacher in class.

  125. Angie Bryant on

    When I watchedit with my family I got a lingering feeling that as soon as a widespread diesease happens the rich will get vaccined, people turning on eachother, ect. This movie actually made me wonder about the vaccines that are out there because at the end scene when they showed the types in the cooling chamber, my sister thought is was the cure to aids ( which I believe their is, their just not telling the public) and also about how blogs are going to be the alternait information we will probably read. Like this :), but on a serious note if only people ould actually pay attention to what's around, not to sound braggish, but if the pop. Could just see what's really going on, that were all brainwashed victims that can and should use more than the 10% of brain power we do, that we will no longer fall victim to the elite

  126. Kid From Illinois on

    I hate tv and hollywood now all those illuminati symbols and all :( i wanted to be an actor, but with their media control. I AINT SELLING MY SOUL.


  127. This was overwhelming illuminating based on how the world has gone totally nuts over mass media and stuff but this is why I try to do something about how to live my life and not follow some lame-ass vaccination which don't mean anything but condemnation.

    I choose freedom over this kind of captivity and slavery.


  128. Well.. when a virus as depicted in Contagion does eventually infect the human population, I sincerely hope all of you "God will save me" believers don't turn to vaccination.. gives me a better chance of getting one!

    The movie was quite enjoyable! And very interesting article as usual VC :)

  129. Uh, a dictoral-style authority is needed in times of crisis. Would you rather Congress debate what to do and let millions of extra people die? When shit like this happens, it needs to be solved, and it needs to be solved quickly. Democracy isn't the answer to everything, unfortunately.

  130. De;Ashya Hardy on

    Anybody notice that when the man showed his bar code, it was on his right hand? Does anyone also know if someone was to secretly and deliberately give you an RFID chip intravenously under the EXCUSE of a vaccination if we would be able to tell? IT's as small as a grain of rice but can we feel it under our skin? Either way I'm so glad I didn't fall into the bullcrap of this and get an H1N1 vaccine…

  131. I just read your analysis, VC. How blatant can the elite get. I gave up on hollyweird along time ago, but how many un-informed human beings are sucked into this matrix. Thank you again for your efforts.

  132. Wow. Talk about infantile masses. Great article but it is still an example of one person having an opinion and everyone that has posted has fallen right in line. All of these posts about a free thinking independent society and yet all of the sheep follow the shepherd here. Yes this film a blatant depiction of social fear mongering but pandemics are scary they are real and if human existence is destroyed by a virus because everyone wants to stick it to the man by not getting vaccinated I for one will be quite upset. The truth is that if it came down to it everyone here that says that they will rise above the panic and public service announcements during a crisis will be wrestling in their local Walmart for the last box of ho hos if it were to happen.

  133. Err, nonsense kevin. Real pandemics – when/where was the last one with significant fatalities ? And ho hos (whatever they might be) – many folk have stores of food, water, etc. alreasdy in place.

  134. I'm curious, with all the information/misinformation, which way is a rational person to go?? If a epidemic/pandemic occurred who should a person turn to? To save yourself and your loved ones, any individual would go to any lengths…i.e. lie, steal, robbery. The will to survive kicks in. How, or better when, do you stop listening to "mass media" and decide you're better off listening to the "blogger"? I wouldn't know. Most Americans wouldn't know. WHO should you believe in?? I'd like that answer.

  135. katherynlamers on

    This is the positive side of movies which present problems that may occur from biochemical technology and advancement. Though it hasn't been proven on through accounts.

  136. Instead of getting all your ignorant fear-mongering information from the internet why don't you try going to a library and reading a peer reviewed scientific journal? Or better yet, go to university and get an education past grade school. Vaccines are the reason people don't get painful, disfiguring, even fatal diseases. Like polio. Think your making a heroic informed choice not to vaccinate your children? Search Google images for polio. Tell your children they'll just have to hope for the best.

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