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The Conspiracy Theories in “They Cloned Tyrone” and its Link With Jamie Foxx’s Mysterious Hospitalization

In the Netflix movie “They Cloned Tyrone”, the character played by Jamie Foxx gets cloned in a secret underground lab run by an elite organization. Bizarrely enough, around the time the movie was released, Foxx was hospitalized for reasons that remain mysterious to this day … and rumors emerged that he was cloned. Here’s a look at this strange situation and the messages hidden in that movie.



Warning: Astronomical spoilers ahead!

As soon as They Cloned Tyrone was released on Netflix, the movie was praised as a modern classic. Mixing 1970s Blaxploitation with elements of comedy, horror, and science fiction, the movie was lauded by critics for its gender-bending style and the performance of its lead actors: John Boyega, Teyonah Parris, and Jamie Foxx.

The movie begins as a typical gangster movie, with gritty scenes involving drug dealers, pimps, and their proverbial hoes. However, things get very conspirational very quickly when the protagonists make a strange discovery: People in their neighborhood are mind-controlled through drugs laced in food, drinks, and beauty products. Even worse: Key members of the community are actually clones that were created in an underground lab owned by a powerful elite organization.

This is where things get really weird. A couple of months prior to the release of They Cloned Tyrone, Jamie Foxx was hospitalized for mysterious reasons that remain mysterious to this day.

They Cloned Jamie?

After his extended hospitalization, which sparked numerous rumors (including it being the result of a COVID-19 vaccine), Jamie Foxx went to rehab.

A headline about Jamie Foxx going to a “rehab facility” (which is often a codeword for reprogramming) after his mysterious hospitalization.

A few months later, Jamie resurfaced on social media and the verdict was in: Jamie Foxx was cloned. According to some, Jamie Foxx looks and sounds different.

A TikTok video about Jamie Foxx being cloned.

Several celebrities got angry at the rumors and directly addressed them.

“I went through something that I thought I would never ever go through,” Foxx said. “I know a lot of people were waiting or wanting to hear updates. But, to be honest with you, I just didn’t want you to see me like that, man… I didn’t want you to see me with tubes running out of me. And trying to figure out if I was going to make it through.”

Of course, some people interpret Ice T being extra angry about the clone rumors as a typical case of doth protest too much”. It’s like, why do you care so much?

The rumors were so insistent that Foxx himself addressed them on Twitter.

Notice the subtle one-eye sign in the profile pic.

The first reply under this tweet:

For some reason, these rumors are particularly prevalent in the black/hip-hop community. Indeed, several celebrities who went to prison or various health facilities are said to have returned “different”. And many believe they are clones. For instance, when rapper Gucci Mane came out of jail minus his face tattoo, clone rumors abounded.

Of course, these clone rumors are hard to believe. However, one has to admit that there’s a great number of influential people who get “institutionalized” in one way or another and who come out completely transformed and barely recognizable. Is it a result of cloning? Mind control? Difficult to say. However, all of these rumors (and other conspiracy theories) are directly addressed in They Cloned Tyrone.

But what exactly is the message behind this movie? Let’s look at it.

They Cloned Tyrone

The three protagonists of the movie: Yo-Yo (a prostitute), Slick Charles (a pimp) and Fontaine (a drug dealer).

They Cloned Tyrone exists in a fictional time: People appear to use 70s-era technology while the underground laboratories are highly futuristic.  The movie also exists in a fictional place: A neighborhood called The Glen.

The license plates on cars remind us that the movie exists in a bizarre, dissociative place.

With its vague references to time and place, the movie causes the viewer to constantly wonder when this is happening and where. In other words, we feel like clones when they are first released into society.

The first scene of They Cloned Tyrone sets the conspirational tone for the rest of the movie: A random guy talks about how he recently saw Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur. As you might know, the deaths of these two massive stars are at the heart of never-dying conspiracy theories.

Old Man Knows All

Every day, Fountaine buys beer at his local liquor store and gives some to an old man who keeps saying cryptic nonsense. However, we soon discover that he’s actually in the know.

The old man tells Fountaine “It’s in the water”. The meaning: The water supply is tainted with chemicals that affect the mind.

Later, Fountaine seems a zombie-like man wandering the streets being abducted by a black truck.

When this happens, the old man says:

“Off to see the wizard again”.

We soon discover what the old man meant by this cryptic comment: The zombie was a clone and he was taken back to the underground lab for reprogramming. Interesting fact: The Wizard of Oz is a known MKULTRA programming script.

Later, the old man tells Fountaine:

“In the land of the blind …”

While he doesn’t finish his thought, we all know how that ancient proverb goes:

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”.

This saying sums up the movie and, in actuality, the entire contents of The Vigilant Citizen: The occult elite (whose favorite symbol is the All-Seeing Eye) controls a mass of individuals who are blinded to what is truly happening.

Appropriately enough, the logo of the mind-controlling organization is a stylized eye.

After being forewarned by the old man, the movie’s protagonists discover how deep the conspiracy goes.

“We’re Everywhere”

Fountaine discovers his own dead body in an underground lab.

When Fountaine realizes that he might be a clone, he starts investigating with his two friends. He soon discovers elevators placed in strategic places in the neighborhood such as the trap house (where drugs are distributed to the community) and the local church (which was compromised by the organization). These elevators lead to massive underground facilities where drugs are manufactured and all-out mind control is carried out on subjects.

The trio discovers an underground lab that manufactures a potent drug. All people in the lab are white people with afros (we’ll soon understand why).

This drug causes people to become docile, easy to control, and oblivious to their plight. To reach the most people possible, that drug is laced into stereotypical products associated with black communities: Fried chicken, perm cream, and grape drinks.

The drug-laced products are heavily promoted through TV ads and billboards.

As they eat fried chicken, the trio starts laughing uncontrollably instead of focusing on pressing issues.

The organization also conducts mind control experiments on unwitting individuals.

Stuck in underground labs, mind-controlled slaves are forced to watch brainwashing material. This particular scene is reminiscent of the infamous “ultra-violence” scene in Clockwork Orange.

Before being released to society, clones are “briefed” on their prior life.

To reach people across the community, the organization is involved in strategic places such as the local church.

Compromised Church

The local church bears a symbolic name.

Scripture refers to Zion as the “City of Holiness” and a “city of refuge” where the Lord protects his people from the evils in the world. Ironically, that church has become a mind control site for the organization.

The pastor gives an impassioned sermon … but his words have a double meaning.

While the pastor appears to be talking about God, he’s actually talking about the elite organization controlling the world.

“His eyes are everywhere! Keeping watch over the wicked and the good, but also the wicked. And do you know what he wants the most out of each and everyone one of you? Obedience!”

Then, the organist plays a church version of Juvenile’s song Back That Azz Up as people get all worked up – a great way of highlighting the moral corruption of that church.

People at the church are high on drug-laced grape drinks.

We later discover that the preacher is a clone programmed by the elite.

There’s another strategic place where the organization can control the minds of people: The all-important club.

Mind Control Music

Through a music label called Ruckus, the organization creates music designed to elicit specific emotions.

The protagonists discover that the local club is a “distribution center” for this tainted music.

As the club DJ talks to the crowd, we realize, once again, that his words have a double meaning.

“I got that new Ruckus, straight out of the lab. That’s it, let the music take control, baby”.

In rap lingo, “the lab” usually refers to the music studio. However, in this case, it literally refers to a laboratory.

That’s basically what I’ve been saying on The Vigilant Citizen for years.

The music eventually takes control of people’s minds who turn against the protagonists. Yup, pop music can be used to weaponize people. But that’s only the tip of a very disturbing iceberg.

The Master Plan

A propaganda billboard in the underground facility: Science and DNA technology to achieve “unity”.

After uncovering all kinds of weirdness, people in the neighborhood come to this conclusion:

“So you’re trying to tell me there’s a bunch of Bill Nye the Science Guy-looking motherf*ckers underneath me right now? Experimenting on black folk, cloning n*ggas that look like you so they can control our minds?”

But what’s the end goal of all this? A member of the organization explains:

“America was an experiment. A half-baked idea cooked up by aristocratic ideologues living in mansions built by slaves. And when they checked out, they left us with the bill. A country constantly at war with itself. No common ground, no dialogue, no peace. If we’re all on the same page, then we’re not ripping each other’s heads off, and all of this has a chance to work. And that’s what we strive for. Keeping the United States united.”

However, at the end of the movie, we discover that there are even bigger plans to achieve “unity”.

The organization is looking to create a single human race (a blend of all races) – a plan that’ll require a few generations to achieve.

The man in charge says:

“You see, the powers that be, the invisible people above me who pull the strings, weren’t getting the results they wanted. Years of experimentation. Billions of dollars spent, yet no true peace in America. Hair products, songs on the radio, fried chicken, clones maintaining the charade. Short-sighted waste of ressources.

It’s not enough to thank think the same, we have to be the same”.

There you have it, the elite’s plans hidden in plain sight. Yet, it is “science fiction”.

In Conclusion

At first glance, They Cloned Tyrone appears to be revealing many of the shady things that have been discussed on this site and others for years. The movie blatantly depicts mind control experiments, chemicals laced in consumer products, compromised community leaders and, of course, music with nefarious intents.

Furthermore, the movie’s conclusion addresses one of the elite’s main goals: The creation of a single, homogenized race to facilitate the coming of a new world order. While the DNA/cloning aspect of the plot is up for debate, a similar agenda is being carried out right now: Movements of mass migration are purposely taking place across the world which, in time, will blur races and nationalities.

With that being said, They Cloned Tyrone is a Netflix movie – a platform known for propaganda and definitely not truth-telling. While the movie appears to be “aware”, it ultimately accomplishes the exact opposite: It fictionalizes elements of truth in a sea of fiction. It is part of the elite’s agenda called “Revelation of the Method” where its plans are revealed to the public (and passively accepted). It also causes people to associate these nuggets of truth with science fiction rather than real life.

The movie also deforms reality by framing the conspiracy as a black versus white thing (instead of elite versus the masses) which contributes to one of the elite’s favorite agendas: Racial division.

In short, They Cloned Tyrone presents a strange, off-kilter version of reality. Kind of like this new “cloned” version of Jamie Foxx.


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