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There is Something Terribly Wrong With Media’s Reaction to “Sound of Freedom”

“Sound of Freedom” is based on the true story of an ex government agent who saved hundreds of children from sexual slavery. Meanwhile, Bloomberg and the Washington Post hired a pro-pedo advocate to attack the movie and associate it with “QAnon conspiracies”. What in God’s name is happening in mass media?



Sound of Freedom is a movie based on the true story of Tim Ballard, a government agent who quits his job in order to rescue children from sex traffickers in Colombia. Directed by Alejandro Monteverde, Sound of Freedom is not your typical Hollywood movie. It was released by Utah-based Angel Studios, a company specializing in “faith-based” productions.

The movie was actually completed over five years ago, in 2018, and was slated to be distributed with 20th Century Fox. However, when the studio was bought by the Walt Disney Company, Sound of Freedom was shelved indefinitely. Apparently, Disney was much more preoccupied with making movies that groomed kids with sexual propaganda rather than releasing a movie exposing pedophile networks.

Luckily for the filmmakers, they were able to buy the distribution rights back from Disney and, through equity funding, they’ve managed to get the film released on July 4th, 2023.

Almost immediately, the movie was met with a bizarre barrage of bad reviews where the buzz words “QAnon conspiracies” appear in nearly every article, as if all of these “journalists” (propagandists) received the same memo.

The movie itself does not mention QAnon or anything even remotely related to it. It merely puts on film the story of Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad, the organization he created to fight child sex trafficking. However, mass media pundits made it a point to associate make this word association. Also, they decided that this movie was “controversial”.

Why is that? Well, for starters, the media really does not like some people associated with the movie, starting with its star, Jim Caviezel.

“Controversial” Endorsements

Jim Caveziel with Mel Gibson during the filming of Passion of Christ (2004).

Prior to Sound of Freedom, Jim Caveziel was mostly known for playing the role of Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s Passion of Christ. The least one can say is that this role took a toll on Caveziel. During filming, he was accidentally whipped, got his shoulder dislocated, and suffered pneumonia and hypothermia.

Oh, he was also hit by lightning. Indeed, while filming the Sermon on the Mount scene, Caveziel was struck by lightning which led to two heart surgeries, including open-heart surgery.

In Sound of Freedom, Caveziel’s character also has “Christ-like” qualities, especially when he tearfully looks at the camera and says “God’s children are not for sale”.

While the movie itself stays away from the “conspiracy theories” the elite wants to suppress by any means necessary, Jim Caveziel just goes all in at every chance he gets.

In the following interview, Caveziel directly refers to the satanic elite and the harvesting of adrenochrome.

Another major endorser of Sound of Freedom is Mel Gibson. That is rather appropriate because one of the most memorable lines he ever uttered was:

“They can take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!”

When he screamed those words as Sir William Wallace in the 1995 movie Braveheart, Mel Gibson was one of the biggest movie stars in the world. However, even at the peak of success, Gibson found a way to anger people with massive truth bombs.

In a July 1995 interview with Playboy, Gibson said President Bill Clinton was a “low-level opportunist” and someone was “telling him what to do”. He also stated that Oxford University’s Rhodes Scholarship was established “for young men and women who want to strive for a “new world order” and was a “campaign for Marxism”.

During a 1998 interview, Gibson alluded to the dark, satanic side of Hollywood.

A few years later, after some of his drunken tirades (notably about Jews starting wars) were leaked in the press, Gibson was shunned and blacklisted from Hollywood. While he stayed away from Hollywood productions for years, Gibson resurfaced to openly endorse Sound of Freedom, which is not a Hollywood movie.

So what’s the fuss all about? Here’s a look at the actual movie.

Sound of Freedom

Jim Caveziel as Tim Ballard in Sound of Freedom.

While Sound of Freedom is said to be “faith-based”, there is no religious preaching or political messaging throughout the movie. It simply wants to make one important point: Child sex trafficking is bad. And, somehow, mass media deemed this movie to be “controversial”.

To drive that point across, the movie doesn’t shy away from depicting scenes that are barely watchable. For instance, in one gut-wrenching scene, an old drunken tourist stumbles into a room where a terrified little girl is forced to wait for him. And, no, nobody flies in to save the day. The drunken pedo shuts the blinds as the viewers realize that nothing will stop the unspeakable things will happen in that cursed room.

These scenes shamelessly tug at the heartstrings and are nearly impossible to watch. However, they do happen in real life. Every day. Thousands of times a day. Not only that, child sex trafficking is a booming industry that keeps raking in record amounts of profits. As stated in the movie, drugs can only be sold a single time. However, a child can be sold several times a night.

By forcing the viewers to face these harsh realities, the movie sets itself apart from nearly all Hollywood productions that would never tackle such topics. The main reason: Hollywood is rampant with the worst pedophiles one can imagine.

Some critics complained that the movie was too straightforward. They did not like the fact that there was no surprise twist and that the hero remained an unwavering, incorruptible hero who just wants to see pedos go down. I guess they would have been pleased if the hero revealed himself to be a pedo all along or something like that.

But these professional “critics” should have realized that they were not watching a Marvel movie where random, unpredictable events just happen to fill airtime. Sound of Freedom is about telling a true story and exposing a horrific reality.

For instance, the movie begins with real and chilling footage of children being snatched from the streets and taken away by abductors working for these networks. These children end up in the child sex networks that are depicted in the movie.

They also end up in elite pedo rings that indulge in the most horrific practices known to men. For this reason, corrupt, elite-owned media outlets went on a bizarre propaganda campaign to disparage Sound of Freedom. As you’ll soon see, they were willing to go extremely low.

Media’s Unhinged Response

In Sound of Freedom, a man heroically infiltrates child sex trafficking networks and saves children from being raped by pedophiles. Media’s response: This movie is bad. What in God’s name is happening here?

Here’s the thing: In Sound of Freedom, pedos are the bad guys. They are not misunderstood, oppressed victims who need to be coddled – they are sadistic monsters who prey on the divine nature of innocent children. And they need to be stopped.

This goes against the narrative that has been prevalent in mass media in the past years. The goal: To pave the way to a society where “MAPs” (minor-attracted persons) are treated like other sexual “minorities”.

For this reason, nearly every elite-owned media outlet in the world published insane articles that attacked Sound of Freedom. Here’s a headline from the “reputed” Washington Post.

A Washington Post headline that links Sound of Freedom with the QAnon boogeyman.

The second paragraph of this article says.

“Many critics have linked Sound of Freedom to the pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy cult. They’ve also been startled by its mainstream success. But the truth is that the conspiratorial right and the Hollywood default aren’t that different — which is why, perhaps, our polity has had such difficulty rejecting QAnon, Trump and fascism.”

As you can see, this article throws every single buzzword at the readers such as “pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy cult”, “conspirational right” and even “fascism”. Yes, he used the word “fascism” to critique a movie about child sex trafficking.

One can wonder: Why does this “reviewer” hate this movie so much? If this movie was about cocaine trafficking in Colombia, would he be that offended?

Well, the answer is completely sickening. The author of this Washington Post article is Noah Berlatsky – a communications director for Prostasia, a “pro-pedophilia” advocacy group.

Noah Berlatsky on the Prostasia website.

According to their website, Prostasia supports the “Minor Attracted Persons” (MAPs) Club, a notorious group that tries to normalize pedophilia.

Earlier this year, Reduxx reported that a general manager of Prostasia – Prescott Bayern – was active on a pedophile messaging board dedicated to homosexual men who dubbed themselves “boy lovers” – pedophile men sexually attracted to underaged boys.

“Despite claiming to be motivated by a desire to eradicate child sexual abuse, the organization’s efforts have dedicated themselves to crusades against child pornography bans, letter-writing campaigns to state representatives demanding child-like sex dolls be kept legal, and funding research into ‘fantasy sexual outlets‘ for pedophiles,”Reduxx founder Anna Slatz explains. “Prostasia has also condemned anti-pedophile sentiment as harmful ‘Nazi-like’ rhetoric and called for its mass censorship across social media.”
– Evie, “Sound Of Freedom” Critic For Bloomberg Is A Pedophile Sympathizer

In short, Berlatsky is a pedo extremist. In case you’re still not convinced, here’s a tweet he posted in 2017.

Berlatsky’s article about Sound of Freedom wasn’t a “movie review”, it was a hit piece coming directly from a pedophile advocacy group. And major outlets such as the Washington Post openly took the side of the child abusers.

Sadly the Washington Post was not the exception. Nearly every single elite-owned media outlet followed suit. The narrative: “Sound of Freedom = QAnon”.

A headline from The Guardian uses the same buzzwords as the Washington Post article which was written by a pedo. They’re all funded by the same system.

Of course, Canada’s government-funded CBC network had to participate in the insanity. After years of celebrating drag queens in schools and all forms of child grooming, the CBC attacked Sound of Freedom using the same buzzwords. In a recent interview on CBC Radio, pop culture “columnist” (propagandist) Radheyan Simonpillai said:

“We can’t say that the movie itself is made by QAnon types. But certainly, their political goals make it something that QAnon conspiracy theorists would rally behind. Just like racists rallied behind Trump without him having to say anything overtly racist.

You would have only heard about this movie if you are a regular among church groups, or you regularly watch Fox News, or if you follow right-wing personalities. Or if you are a QAnon conspiracy theorist or part of the so-called Freedom movements.

But make no mistake. The movie’s success has a lot to do with it being a dog whistle for xenophobic, pro-Trump, pro-Life types.”

Yes, this “columnist” said that this movie about child trafficking in Colombia is a “dog whistle for xenophobic, pro-Trump, pro-Life types”. In other words, this person is paid by Canadian taxpayers to spew pro-pedophile propaganda.

I could post many more examples of such headlines from around the world and they all prove two important points: 1) These outlets take their talking point from the same globalist elite source 2) They’re on a mission to normalize pedophilia and they’re willing to attack anything that goes against their agenda.

In Conclusion

Is Sound of Freedom the best movie I ever watched? Not really. Objectively, it’s a well-made movie that touches on an important topic, and it was quite refreshing to watch. Any reasonable “reviewer” could have said the same and left it at that. But that’s not what happened at all. Instead of objectively reviewing the movie, “reviewers” screeched like demons when faced with a crucifix.

Sound of Freedom clearly touched a nerve and, by doing so, it managed to reveal how far the elite (and its media system) is willing to go to defend pedophilia.

Through unhinged and desperate “reviews” (which are outright attempts at propaganda, complete with scary buzzwords), mass media outlets from around the world attempted to scare people from watching the movie for fear of being called “pro-Trump conspiracy cultists”. Bloomberg and the Washington Post went as far as hiring a pro-pedo advocate to attack the movie. As a society, we truly need to reflect on the implications of such a move by major media outlets.

As usual, these propagandists used their favorite tactic: the “far-rightization” of the topic to scare people away. However, this issue is not about Left versus Right. It is about Good versus Evil. The most important line of the movie is “God’s children are not for sale”. If, somehow, you are offended by that line … then you can go to hell.




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