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Poppy’s “V.A.N”: One of the Most Blatant MKULTRA Videos Ever Made

After years of subtly hinting at Monarch mind control on YouTube, Poppy’s video “V.A.N” puts it all in the open. Here’s a look at one of the most blatant music videos about MKULTRA ever made.



In 2017, I published an article about Poppy – a YouTuber who went viral due to her bizarre short videos which appeared to conceal hidden messages. The title of the article: “That Poppy”: The YouTube Star Under Illuminati Mind Control. While, at first glance, that title seemed a bit much, it was the only accurate way of summing up the messages and symbolism peppered throughout her videos. Because, when one pieces together the narrative of these seemingly absurd and nonsensical videos, one comes to an inevitable conclusion: Poppy is an MK slave.

Whether Poppy is an actual slave or she’s only playing a role is up for debate. However, beyond the imagery, there’s something “off” about some of these videos as they hint at actual abuse suffered by Poppy. Indeed, in some videos, Poppy appears to be bruised or completely traumatized while, in others, she’s being subjected to mild forms of torture.

In one video, Poppy reads the Bible for 49 minutes straight, without a single pause. Everything about this is wrong and creepy.

In my original article, I explained:

There is nothing “religious” about Poppy’s Bible reading. As she struggles to read through the Bible’s uncommon words, names and phrasings in her robotic voice, the process becomes an exercise in absurdity. As the minutes pass by and as Poppy gets tired of reading, one feels a bizarre element of voyeurism going on, as if one is watching a mild snuff film where reading the Bible for a long period of time is the torture of choice.

Following the publication of my first article about Poppy, more bizarre videos were uploaded to her channel. The last one was posted in 2022 and it is quite symbolic.

Titled “Capture”, the video depicts a creepy masked man (presumably Poppy’s “handler” Titanic Sinclair) capturing Poppy using her own hair. Pure mind control symbolism.

Despite the rather obvious symbolism found in Poppy’s videos (to “vigilant citizens” at the very least), some interpreted them differently. However, with the 2024 release of the video V.A.N, there is simply no more room for interpretation. The video is basically “Monarch Mind Control 101”, complete with all of the meanings and symbols discussed on this site for years.

Here’s a look at the video.

Violence Against Nature

V.A.N stands for “Violence Against Nature” and that’s exactly what we witness throughout the video. It is all about corrupting the natural state of humans for nefarious purposes. As we’ll soon see, the song also contains a spiritual component where “violence against nature” is also violence against God’s creation.

The video begins with an enigmatic apple that sits in a lab-like setting. In Genesis, Lucifer offers Eve the proverbial apple which leads to the Original Sin.

The apple starts to magically levitate while dripping with blood.

What is this floating thing and what does it represent? Well, we get a big hint about one second later.

In a quick shot, we see a syringe extracting blood from Poppy.

Does the apple represent adrenochrome? You know, that substance the occult elite is said to crave and that is said to be harvested from the blood of young captives of the system?

One thing is for sure, Poppy is a captive of a sick system.

Poppy is locked inside a glass enclosure with some dirt to simulate “nature”.

Poppy is under the control of MK handlers – the lead singer of the band Bad Omens plays one.

The song was made in collaboration with the metal band Bad Omens and the MK facility is branded everywhere with a stylized version of their logo. In other words, the band plays the role of the sadistic handlers. They even own the MK lab. Considering the horrific mental, physical, and sexual abuse MK handlers subject to their slaves, this is a rather strange role to play.

One of the handlers is Poppy herself, but with black hair. MK handlers are often MK slaves themselves and this video really wants to be an accurate tribute to MKULTRA.

Patient: V.A.N

In the video, Poppy is identified as Patient: V.A.N – a slave who is being programmed to engage in ungodly activities.

The song’s lyrics convey the sense that Poppy is an artificial creation that is in total opposition to life, nature, and everything good. The several references to God also point to the satanic nature of this program.

I am in your algorithm learning all your mannerismsI’m already level with GodA million words a second, and I know your imperfectionsBaby, I’m the only future you’ve gotSpeak in diatonics, motivation diabolicI’m religion better locked in a boxPicture-perfect image, more powerful every minuteBaby, I am everything that you’re not

At the beginning of the video, blood is extracted from Poppy. Later, something is injected inside of her. Then, something symbolic happens.

After being injected, Poppy’s eyes turn black – a classic way of representing the loss of one’s soul and demonic possession.

Throughout the video, a dissociative Poppy is subject to all kinds of procedures and injections that gradually corrupt her natural self.

To make sure we understand that this is about Monarch programming and nothing else, several symbols that were discussed on this site ad nauseam were inserted in the video.

A butterfly (representing Monarch programming) hides one of Poppy’s eyes, effectively creating a One-Eye sign (representing slavery to the occult elite). This symbolic image sums up the message of the entire video.


A white rabbit hides one of Poppy’s eyes. Again, very symbolic.

As explained in numerous previous articles, the symbol of the white rabbit is extremely important in MK programming. In Alice in Wonderland (which is used as a programming script in Monarch mind control), Alice follows a white rabbit through the looking glass to enter Wonderland. While being programmed, MK slaves are told to “follow the white rabbit” to Wonderland which, in their case, is total dissociation. When this is accomplished, handlers can engage in the ultimate goal of Monarch programming: The splitting of the slave’s personalities.

Appropriately enough, this process is visually depicted in the video.

The Fracture

In nearly every MK-themed movie and video I’ve described on this site, a specific scene inevitably happens: We see glass shattering. Then, the MK slave rebels and attempts to escape programming. And, through symbolism, we are told that this is all happening in the slave’s head. A prime example of this pattern can be found in David Bowie’s movie Labyrinth.

Of course, considering that V.A.N is Mind Control 101, it contains a textbook version of this pattern.

At one point, Poppy stares at Poppy … the black-haired handler. Their mirroring reflections indicate that they’re possibly alters of the same person.

Handler Poppy breaks the glass using a hammer, recreating the obligatory “fracture of the persona” scene depicted in all MK-related stories.

Then, a lifeless Poppy sings while surrounded by floating versions of her. This represents her core persona being fractured into multiple alters.

Once the glass shatters, Poppy escapes and all hell breaks loose in the lab.

As Poppy escapes, a swat team equipped with flashlights searches for her.

But Poppy is now, apparently, a super-charged killing machine and she massacres the armed men. At this point, we’re tempted to say “Poppy is a bad-ass who broke free from mind control”.

However, a shot that quickly flashes during these scenes negates all of this.

Following the scene of the swat team holding flashlights, we briefly see a handler holding a flashlight at Poppy’s eyes. The message: Poppy’s escape is happening in her head. She’s still completely controlled by her handlers.

The ending of the video might seem happy … but it’s not.

Poppy runs towards the light as she appears to be leaving the lab.

Considering this happening in her head, the “light” above might be the handler’s flashlight. In other words, she’s running right back to her usual programming. She’s stuck in a loop she cannot escape.

In Conclusion

Poppy has been creeping out millions of people for years with her bizarre videos and her increasingly robotic demeanor. Although there have been varying theories about her act, V.A.N simply leaves no room for interpretation. It is a confirmation that everything about Poppy points directly to Monarch mind control. Indeed, V.A.N is one of the most blatant videos about MKULTRA ever made and Poppy clearly plays the role of an MK slave. Not only that, she actually does a one-eye sign using a Monarch butterfly. I don’t think they can make this more blatant for us.

With that being said, is there a moral to V.A.N‘s story? Nope, there is none. It’s about hopelessness, loss of free will, and hating God’s creation. In short, it is about celebrating what the elite ultimately wants for us. Don’t let them inject you with whatever they injected Poppy with. Not only literally, but mentally and spiritually. Because they want all of us to turn into Patient: V.A.N.


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