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The Disturbing Meaning of Poppy’s “Time is Up”

Poppy is crossing over from YouTube to the mainstream. Unsurprisingly, her video “Time is Up” is one of the most blatant celebrations of Illuminati MKULTRA ever.



The Disturbing Meaning of Poppy's "Time is Up"

Poppy has been creeping out people on since 2015 on YouTube with hundreds of bizarre, surrealist and hypnotic videos. In my article “That Poppy”: The YouTube Star Under Illuminati Mind Control, I explained how her entire act revolves around MKULTRA. Indeed, nearly every video on that channel addresses a different facet of mind control as Poppy speaks to the camera in a robotic matter. Also, peppered throughout the videos, are lots of subtle yet unmistakable nods to satanism. In short, Poppy is 100% in-line with the agenda of the occult elite.

Poppy is also a recording artist signed with Island Records. She will soon release a second studio album entitled Am I a Girl? and embarking on a second world tour of the same name. And this time, the media push is strong. Indeed, slowly but surely, she is crossing over to the mainstream and is poised to become a household name.

Mainstream Exposure

When I first wrote about Poppy in 2017, she was a viral phenomenon with millions of YouTube views. However, she was still fairly unknown to the general public. This will probably change soon as she’s been getting that sweet media exposure that is usually reserved to the world’s biggest stars. And you better believe that everything about her is still focused on Illuminati mind control.

The Disturbing Meaning of Poppy's "Time is Up"

Poppy won the Breakthrough Artist awards at the 2017 Streamy Awards. On the red carpet, she was trapped inside a box like some sort of caged animal – a great way of representing a mind control slave. She was being wheeled around by her MK handler … I mean associate … Satanic Sinclair … I mean Titanic Sinclair.

The Disturbing Meaning of Poppy's "Time is Up"

Poppy’s peculiar outfit at the 2018 American Music Awards attracted lots of media attention. However, nobody mentioned that the mask symbolically represents the forced silence of MK slaves.

The poster of Poppy’s tour Am I a Girl? Tour is also replete with MK symbolism.

The Disturbing Meaning of Poppy's "Time is Up"

The poster features a prominent dualistic design, black versus white, a concept extremely important in mind control. Poppy is wearing a Mickey Mouse hat which is used to identify MK slaves in the entertainment industry (see Mickey Mouse programming). Furthermore, the colors red, white and black are the official colors of the occult elite. Finally, Poppy’s “praying hands” allude to the spiritual, “cult leader” dimension of her persona.

The name of the tour –  Am I a Girl? – is the type of question an MK slave would ask after being turned into a blank slate through intense trauma and programming.

Time is Up, the lead single of her new album is one of the most blatant celebrations of mind control ever released in mainstream media. And, it was performed it on national television.

The Disturbing Meaning of Poppy's "Time is Up"

Poppy promotes her appearance on the Late Late Show with host James Corden. She’s going mainstream.

In Time is Up, Poppy is as an MK slave (as usual) who curses humanity as a whole and who roots for its destruction. Yup. Here’s a look at it.

Time is Up

The lyrics of this song and the imagery of the video are 100% about Poppy being a mind control slave. While there are also allusions to her being some kind of AI robot, the video implies that she’s a girl who has been fully dehumanized through programming.

The first frame of the video says it all.

The Disturbing Meaning of Poppy's "Time is Up"

The video begins with Poppy laying on a bed, inside what looks like a stylized cell. She is hooked to a machine that monitors her vital functions. Robots don’t have vital functions. The video is about a human under MKULTRA.

The Disturbing Meaning of Poppy's "Time is Up"

She has electrodes connected to her head. Her mind is literally under control.

The Disturbing Meaning of Poppy's "Time is Up"

Poppy is monitored by a handler played by Diplo.

The lyrics of the first verse could not be more blatantly about MKULTRA:

In the factory
In the sterile place where they made me
I woke up alone
Dizzy from the programming
Have I been wiped again?
Oh my God, I don’t even know

Poppy wakes up “in the factory” (the mind control site) “dizzy from the programming”. In the disturbing world of trauma-based mind control, “programming” involves drugs, sexual abuse, mental and physical torture, electroshock therapy, and other horrific practices.

When she asks “Have I been wiped again?”, it means that she was subjected to trauma so intense that she dissociated from reality and her mind “broke down” to the state of a blank slate that can be reprogrammed by her handler.

She then describes her MK site.

It’s a mystery
Everyone around me’s so busy
Is this my home?
Am I your prisoner or your deliverer?
Oh my God, you don’t even know

The Disturbing Meaning of Poppy's "Time is Up"

Poppy is then presented to a crowd as some kind of ground-breaking robot prototype.

In her YouTube videos, Poppy is a brainwashed slave who is used to brainwash other people, notably her cult following. This concept is also present in Time is Up.

The Disturbing Meaning of Poppy's "Time is Up"

Poppy feeds pills to her followers, not unlike a priest during Eucharist.

The Disturbing Meaning of Poppy's "Time is Up"

After swallowing the pill, Poppy’s followers have 0s and 1s projected on their faces – implying that they’re turning into robots (slaves) themselves.

Apparently, these pills are not very healthy. Poppy’s followers soon find themselves convulsing with pain.

The Disturbing Meaning of Poppy's "Time is Up"

Poppy doesn’t like her followers and humans in general. She actually wants them dead.

In the second verse, Poppy basically wishes for the destruction of humanity because of the environment.

Exponentially, every day I’m growing my memory
You wouldn’t believe
Your life is meaningless, you’re just like cockroaches
Extermination’s your only hope
Human history, pollution, and overcrowded cities
That’s your legacy
But don’t look so depressed
You’ll soon be nothingness
Oh my God, you don’t even know

Poppy, an MK slave programmed by the occult elite, tells humanity that “extermination is its only hope”. She is basically a mouthpiece of the elite which has been fantasizing about depopulating the planet (see the Georgia Guidestones and the disturbing murals at the Denver International Airport).

The video then proceeds to confirm that Poppy is a tool of the occult elite.

The Disturbing Meaning of Poppy's "Time is Up"

Poppy sings to her newly mind controlled followers while wearing a dress that features a stylized Baphomet head – the idol of the occult elite.

In short, Time is Up is a mix of everything occult elite: MKULTRA and its horrific practices, the extermination of humanity and, to top it off, subtle Satanism. And CBS thought it was awesome. Indeed, Poppy performed that song on the Late Late Show. The performance was super-symbolic.

The Disturbing Meaning of Poppy's "Time is Up"

Poppy at the Late Late Show on CBS.

As you can see, there’s a lot going on there. First, Poppy’s outfit is basically a giant inverted cross – a symbol representing satanism; Girls with blond wigs (representing Beta Kitten slaves) dance inside MK tubes; Finally, two guys put on gas masks and end up “dead” at Poppy’s feet.

A closer look at the monitor confirms that Poppy is not a robot but an MK slave.

The Disturbing Meaning of Poppy's "Time is Up"

On the monitor, we see the name “Poppy” and items such as “Body, Skeletal System, Nervous System”. Robots do not have a nervous system.

In Conclusion

Poppy represents a new generation of pop stars that are taking things to a creepy new level. Indeed, while most pop stars end up releasing some MK-themed videos, Poppy’s entire act is about her being an MK slave. She is constantly playing that role, even in interviews. The subtext is that she is constantly subjected to abuse, trauma, and torture while undergoing “programming”.

There is something surreal in watching Poppy singing on national TV that people are “like cockroaches” and that “extermination is their only hope”. Since she’s basically a blanked-out slave, everything she says has been programmed into her. In other words, the elite is speaking through her to the masses. And people are applauding this because Poppy is cute and the beat is catchy.

Unless they wake up soon, the masses will keep applauding messages celebrating their own destruction … until their time is up.

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The Disturbing Meaning of Poppy's "Time is Up"

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Sadie Slays

SKEPTICS: I know you’re out there reading this. I understand why people might be skeptical about this website’s claims of Satanism and mind control. But ask yourself why music with such demoralizing lyrics is promoted to a mass audience. Out of all the possible songs in the world that could be sung on TV, why does this one get special attention? How is it healthy for anyone–for listeners, for society, for Poppy–to go around singing lyrics like, “Your life is meaningless, you’re just like cockroaches / Extermination’s your only hope”?

Something is terribly wrong when this is considered normal, run-of-the-mill late night entertainment.


I have been reading this site and others like it for a long time now, and I believe that all of this is really happening. This is the first case, though, where it’s almost too blatant to be taken seriously. In most other cases, the symbolism was hidden or weaved into a plausible storyline so that there was always a way to deny it, but not in this case. This Poppy thing is either:
1. knowingly making fun of those of us who believe this is happening, or
2. ramping up the intensity to new levels out of arrogance and contempt.


They are ALL blatant! All of them! Poppy is extremely blatant, but they don’t disguise anything anymore!


The Bible talks about those not in Christ Jesus / those not born again, talks about them falling under a delusion so as to believe lies. Think we are getting there if they are this blatant. Beyond sheep state if they are just thinking “hey cool” and not even flinching or cringing any more.

S. Wells

Hey, do you mind sharing links to the other sites you frequent similar to this one? I’ve been looking for a while with no success. thanks!


can show other similar websites like you mention?


Based on all my research, I would say #2. The worst part of it, to me as a woman, is what she is being subjected to, and the thought of people so incredibly evil that they could do this to someone…that is the hardest part for me to accept. But, there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that it is very, very real, and the people doing this take it very, very seriously.


The Adversary is SUCH a loser, literally, and sooo desperate, that he has ZERO capacity for embarrassment about how blatant, how desperate, how FUTILE all his machinations really are, in the face of What is soon to come on that White Horse…That human *thinking* beings can be SUCKERED into this dead-end crap, trading their Inheritance for a mess of this rancid porridge, just blows my mind…The Adversary LOST in the Garden (ultimately, at that VERY moment he *thought* he was putting one over on the Most High); he LOST at Golgotha; and he’s gonna looooooooooooose baaaad at the end of those Seven Years. WHAT a glorious time to be aive. We are going to witness, in our LIFETIMES, the End of Evil, writ very very large….


“…too blatant to be taken seriously…” Really? More like they’re coming right out with it now. They were hidden for a long time but they don’t plan on remaining hidden forever. They want to rule, and they will, for seven years, before Jesus returns.


When I read the skeptics’ comments on her YouTube channel, they usually argue that Poppy is just making a joke, that she’s “acting” and stuff like this. But I’ve seen many things that make me be certain that she is really, in fact, under illuminati control. Many people have noticed that she has become extremely thin, so I guess this is because of food deprivation, which is a technique of mind control. Also, there are mentions to Pizza Gate; “lost boy” (highjacked young people); pedophile reference. At a video she says that she doesn’t even sleep (she says “Or do I even sleep?”) Why would someone make jokes about these horrific things? It’s not a joke, this is a real thing!


All one has to do is look at her lost, empty eyes. I don’t think she’s acting.


True. I honestly with I was her friend or relative, so I could try to help her.


Yes, this is how brain washing works. America is the home of brain washing. It works so well people argue for more brain washing. If your truly brain washed you will not realize it. Once you admit your brain washed things looks and feel like a child again. I am still a bit brain washed at 38 yo being an 80’s kid. But rational thought slowly but surely brings me back to sanity. We are by no means a free country and the methods used to keep us down in the system are very cunning and well thought out.


Because that’s what masses are to the elite — the cockroaches. They are damn outspoken


Pride cometh before a fall….and they will lose in the end.

Simone Cordeiro

Sadie, Sadie, Sadie, I love you! This is the best comment I’ve ever read here on this site!!!The world is under some kind of a spell or a curse, and there are still people who think we were made by extraterrestrials. I think that the only solution is the extermination of people who work for evil every day and are well paid to keep on with this damn curse, this yep, is the only hope we have to finally get rid us from evil.


Don’t worry guys. Turn to Christ – in Faith and in Knowledge. Focus on holy and esoteric knowledge and this satanic s--t won’t even BEGIN to stir your heart.


Holy, ok. But esoteric? I am suspicious about this word. Doesn’t “esoteric” relate to things like magick and the occult?


Indeed. God’s Word is not secret, unlike “esoteric” knowledge.


“But ask yourself why music with such demoralizing lyrics is promoted to a mass audience.”

Oh, could it be perhaps that today’s young people are already disillusioned with the state of the world? Climate change, wall street money, endless wars, collapse of democracy. Nope, must be the illuminati or mind control at play. Same with all those depression and suicide memes. The young people today don’t feel like that! It’s all another nefarious plan!


The Externalization of the Hierarchy is in full swing now. Hard and trying times ahead. Stay strong in your faith.


Is that literally what the word Apocalypse means? The Revealing? Very interesting how it’s all beginning.


The revelations of Jesus Christ. They’re being exposed for the filth that they are. There’s not much time left and they will show their true faces.

Saucy Jack

hey lancer yes that’s exactly what apocalypse means in the greek, a revelation or unveiling of heavenly secrets to the earth-bound 🙂


ISWYDT. Read that book. WE got their number!

jimbo jones

good lord…so creepy…but you ever try to share any of this with anyone? its totally pointless. people are not ready to see whats right in front of their eyes


True and this will lead to our downfall.

Sadie Slays

I used to roll my eyes at this kind of stuff, but I’ve changed a lot and understand it now. I’m glad VC and other like-minded people in my life didn’t declare it “totally pointless” and give up on telling the truth, or else I would still be blind.


Why should normal, emphatic, mentally healthy people who are just trying to live a normal life and get by somehow be able to understand the demonic, sick and narcissistic hive mind of soulless psychopaths?


True. This is very disappointing. I mean, we’re woke, but how being woke will help us in anything, when most of the sheeple refuses to wake up? How can we use this knowledge to make a difference? But I still hope that more and more people wake up little by little…


I just found this website. I knew things were bad but I don’t watch a lot of TV or listen to much secular music. We’ve got to pray every day for people to have their eyes opened to see this wickedness and immorality. I used to be a sheeple and then God opened my eyes to the Gospel. People are being desensitized to evil and are blind. This garbage is all over our world and this specific performance is one of the most blatant examples of Satanic influence and the plans of those who follow Satan, that I have ever seen. There was no reason for this performance to be on national television. This is all out spiritual warfare. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are involved in spiritual war daily. Our weapons are the Word of God, prayer and worshipping Jesus Christ. This world is lost and dying. We need to make sure we are living our lives in a way that honors Christ. Every Christian needs to be an example, ambassador and missionary for Jesus. We should be loving God and loving our neighbors as ourselves. The enemy knows his time is quickly coming to an end,… Read more »


I am disturbed for sure… and it is not the extermination that bothers me.
It is the insulting, undignified and degrading way those who make this garbage so overtly display their purpose.
Sinister social/anti-social programming.
my anger wants to write more but I will leave it there.


If you look at the other behaviors and lifestyles these folks engage in, is it any wonder that they show no class in carrying out their plans? After all, when you step on a roach, do you care how the roach feels?


It’s interesting that Poppy is giving blue pills to people. They are being “blue pilled”. I watched this video and it is creepy and disturbing.

R Locke

Blue pill… like viagra?


Blue pill like The Matrix.


We only live like cockroaches because that’s the way the devil’s system that we live under was set up to be. God’s original system is a lot different, and will be restored soon enough.


So sensible, yet I don’t see many people that realize this.


Poppy is the brainchild of sick, twisted people. She makes me SO uncomfortable.


Her eyes are dead and she has the charisma of a fossil. Clearly we are dealing with a demon here.


Or with a very brainwashed person


Yes, demon possessed, and maybe sometimes an alter persona?


I think the alter-personas ARE demons using her body.


Those who are controlling her are powerful demons. She is a shell through which they manifest their sick perversions.

Shock schlock

Marketing has ruined modern art. I don’t see a real mind controlled slave. I see bland skin deep marketing with no musical substance saturating pop with mkultra memes and nihilism for click bait. The real stuff is out there, but this just looks like misdirection and oversaturation. Even the vacuous Gaga has moved on to show tunes.


What has this utter crap to do with marketing unless demons are now in the business of promoting a completely dehumanized and sick version of their own natural habitat?

Some Black Guy

it is difficult to tell the difference, yes.


I agree with you.


Shock Schlock, I agree with you she’s just trying to be cool and edgy, as are a lot of these celebrities. Look how many more of them appear on the pics of the month since all the Illuminati & MKUltra stories and articles have gone mainstream its laughable. But that’s not to say we shouldn’t be on guard. Make no mistake we are on a spiritual battlefield dealing with a very dangerous adversary. Satan and his demons exist, he knows his time is short and wants to take down as many saints as he can. Therefore seek Jesus daily you will find peace amongst the chaos and turmoil. He will strengthen and sustain you. For God did not create you to be a defeated, discouraged, frustrated, wandering soul, seeking in vain for peace of heart and peace of mind. Remember HIs words “Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand” (Isiah 41:10).


the thing is, this is obviously meant to be this, they guy doing this knows about the truth seekers and the conspiracies about illuminatis etc, it’s not any hiding meaning normal video, so the question is: is he playing with the audience? is he actually denouncing it? is he trying to win money? but I’m not as horrified at this as for the Taylors or Selenas that sell their satanist thing disguised as christian for young people


They’re not disguising anything anymore. Not only Poppy shows blatant symbologies; many other artists do this too. Everything’s blatant. Look at VC articles, all the symbologies are pretty obvious and blatant. For example, see “The Weeknd”. At a show, the word “Satan” was blatantly shown to the people. The devil takes advantage of the fact that most of the sheeple is blind and stupid.


Which show?


Anon. Search on Google or YouTube using the words: “Satan” and “The Weeknd”.


Royal Arena, Copenhaguen.

Andy Nowicki

It’s self-aware satire, and it’s brilliant. That’s what sets it apart.


It’s not his (The Weeknd) only symbology. And people always find excuses for everything, right? “They’re joking” is the most common.




End times

Betty Poop

It is Poopy the Poop!
I came into this music business at 6 years old. That was biggest mistake for Illuminati and music industry!


Why does anybody watch or listen to this crap anyway. I’m at a loss to understand.


Heir weird videos? Mostly children. And also adults that appreciate her weirdness. She sings too.


I’m with you. I never heard of her/it until I came to this site. I’m not convinced she’s actually human. I wouldn’t put it past the elie to have created some AI bot disguised as a human being. That’s the whole agenda anyways, merging AI with people.


There is more to this in many ways. They/Team Poppy was approached. She was supposed to do a tune with Grimes (see her Butterfly Video for more MK) but that seems to have fallen through since Elon Musks troubles. They, of course, are an item. Anyhow, one thing which may be going under the radar is here entrance into the fashion industry. Poppy has a clothing line coming out has recently been in Paris for fashion week, etc. etc. And we all know what the fashion industry is about? And Poppy has that perfect skinny bod to rock their wears. Most of the tunes on her new album are of fashion. And that will be released on Halloween Poppy is doing a concert on all Hallows eve in Los Angeles for this event and it will be quite the ritual with special guests. So, look for that as well. The Diplo collaboration (see his other work) is a sign that she has sold or crossed over for success. Sorry, poppyseeds, but the handshake was made. Anyhow, I have followed this one closely from the start and we can see the progression. I will share some interesting, rare videos on the… Read more »

Some Black Guy

You sound like quite the (awake) poppyseed yourself. Sir, I imagine? Sorry to assume your gender. But presumably only a strong sexual lure could cause you to pay attention to her ‘from the start’ considering how (intentionally) vapid most of her posts are. No judgement; she is obviously easy on the eyes, but in a way you’ve kind of proven that she is the perfect celebrity.

D D d

I truely dislike James Cordon since day one. So terribly fake at being wow and great and enthousiastic and smiling, and loud and this all with hollow eyes and a blanc stare. Sold out and he knows it. Better scream out loud the agenda, make a statement like you mean it, in between being ‘funny’, because your bosses want you to.
Lost in being popular with other hollow people and blanc tv-screen-starers…
Such a great carreer, being a celebrity.
Autobiography worthy? Or should he work out and be fake enthousiastic about that first? Does he have his name on a cologne already?


Its Corden actually, James Corden

D D d

You are right. I think I should have payed more attention.
Or, should I..?


To paraphrase RJ, “Fame is a helluva drug.”


Rick James said, “Cocaine is a helluva drug” not fame.


This is so sick. Even if she and her “handler” are just joking, it is a very sick joke. We should not be making music like this as a society. Those are the most Ahrimanic lyrics I have ever heard. (If you’re not familiar with Ahriman, research Rudolf Steiner. He predicted all the crap that’s going down right now.) “Your life is meaningless”? Why would anyone want to listen to some dumb pop star tell them this? It’s all part of the agenda. Wake up people! Before it’s too late.

We all have value and are all part of God’s creation….unless you’re an AI.

Dirk Asstronaut



Poppy is not a slave…she’s a perpetrator. She’s an actress who, I believe, fully supports the illuminated ones. Her “act” entertains the masses and in doing so not so subtly assists in the program to dumb down the uninitiated all the while playing to a smaller group of elites. I’ve no doubt that she and Titanic are greatly amused at all the buzz they create. Performance artists for sure and likely the devil’s advocates as well.


Titanic = Titan = Greek name for fallen angels


The “elites”, I believe, enjoy watching the zombie masses watch this stuff without comprehension. They are putting it right in your face, and yet many people don’t “see”. Only the elite “see”. That’s what makes them believe they are superior to us. Even though it is forced on us at every turn, we still do not “see”.


Considering her extreme thinness (also noted by many watchers, you can check this in some comments made at her youtube videos), I think that she is a victim. She’s not an actress.


VC, without your articles, I would never know half the people in this “industry”, or what’s going on. Of course, I don’t listen to “today’s” music, or watch “today’s” tv, so I’d be practically deaf an dumb about what’s happening in the world! Of course, I stay on the Internet most all day, reading my many newsletters, I’ve signed up for, to keep me knowledgeable about many various subjects, about everything and anything, that’s happening, around the world, but your site/newsletter is unique! I’ve read about the Illuminati, and similar topics in that area, for many a year, so when I started getting your articles, I can actually say, I wasn’t totally dumb on a few of your subject matter! But you keep up with today’s world (and yesterdays, of course), with a totally easy way to understand, and you got PICTURES TOO! LOL. (They really do, make the articles way more “alive” though, so to speak, as you write). So, I just wanted to say thank you for all you do, for me, and for all the rest of your subscribers, and for the newbies that come in too. I hope they all realize, as much as it pains… Read more »


Like you, I’m older, and I fear for, and pray for the young people today. Thanks for your post, it’s all true.


by the way…
thanks for the education vigilant citizen.
your insight is brilliant.
your articles answer so many questions that I have not known how to ask.
(writer from 1st comment)

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