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The Disturbing Meaning of Poppy’s “Time is Up”

Poppy is crossing over from YouTube to the mainstream. Unsurprisingly, her video “Time is Up” is one of the most blatant celebrations of Illuminati MKULTRA ever.



Poppy has been creeping out people on since 2015 on YouTube with hundreds of bizarre, surrealist and hypnotic videos. In my article “That Poppy”: The YouTube Star Under Illuminati Mind Control, I explained how her entire act revolves around MKULTRA. Indeed, nearly every video on that channel addresses a different facet of mind control as Poppy speaks to the camera in a robotic matter. Also, peppered throughout the videos, are lots of subtle yet unmistakable nods to satanism. In short, Poppy is 100% in-line with the agenda of the occult elite.

Poppy is also a recording artist signed with Island Records. She will soon release a second studio album entitled Am I a Girl? and embarking on a second world tour of the same name. And this time, the media push is strong. Indeed, slowly but surely, she is crossing over to the mainstream and is poised to become a household name.

Mainstream Exposure

When I first wrote about Poppy in 2017, she was a viral phenomenon with millions of YouTube views. However, she was still fairly unknown to the general public. This will probably change soon as she’s been getting that sweet media exposure that is usually reserved to the world’s biggest stars. And you better believe that everything about her is still focused on Illuminati mind control.

Poppy won the Breakthrough Artist awards at the 2017 Streamy Awards. On the red carpet, she was trapped inside a box like some sort of caged animal – a great way of representing a mind control slave. She was being wheeled around by her MK handler … I mean associate … Satanic Sinclair … I mean Titanic Sinclair.

Poppy’s peculiar outfit at the 2018 American Music Awards attracted lots of media attention. However, nobody mentioned that the mask symbolically represents the forced silence of MK slaves.

The poster of Poppy’s tour Am I a Girl? Tour is also replete with MK symbolism.

The poster features a prominent dualistic design, black versus white, a concept extremely important in mind control. Poppy is wearing a Mickey Mouse hat which is used to identify MK slaves in the entertainment industry (see Mickey Mouse programming). Furthermore, the colors red, white and black are the official colors of the occult elite. Finally, Poppy’s “praying hands” allude to the spiritual, “cult leader” dimension of her persona.

The name of the tour –  Am I a Girl? – is the type of question an MK slave would ask after being turned into a blank slate through intense trauma and programming.

Time is Up, the lead single of her new album is one of the most blatant celebrations of mind control ever released in mainstream media. And, it was performed it on national television.

Poppy promotes her appearance on the Late Late Show with host James Corden. She’s going mainstream.

In Time is Up, Poppy is as an MK slave (as usual) who curses humanity as a whole and who roots for its destruction. Yup. Here’s a look at it.

Time is Up

The lyrics of this song and the imagery of the video are 100% about Poppy being a mind control slave. While there are also allusions to her being some kind of AI robot, the video implies that she’s a girl who has been fully dehumanized through programming.

The first frame of the video says it all.

The video begins with Poppy laying on a bed, inside what looks like a stylized cell. She is hooked to a machine that monitors her vital functions. Robots don’t have vital functions. The video is about a human under MKULTRA.

She has electrodes connected to her head. Her mind is literally under control.

Poppy is monitored by a handler played by Diplo.

The lyrics of the first verse could not be more blatantly about MKULTRA:

In the factory
In the sterile place where they made me
I woke up alone
Dizzy from the programming
Have I been wiped again?
Oh my God, I don’t even know

Poppy wakes up “in the factory” (the mind control site) “dizzy from the programming”. In the disturbing world of trauma-based mind control, “programming” involves drugs, sexual abuse, mental and physical torture, electroshock therapy, and other horrific practices.

When she asks “Have I been wiped again?”, it means that she was subjected to trauma so intense that she dissociated from reality and her mind “broke down” to the state of a blank slate that can be reprogrammed by her handler.

She then describes her MK site.

It’s a mystery
Everyone around me’s so busy
Is this my home?
Am I your prisoner or your deliverer?
Oh my God, you don’t even know

Poppy is then presented to a crowd as some kind of ground-breaking robot prototype.

In her YouTube videos, Poppy is a brainwashed slave who is used to brainwash other people, notably her cult following. This concept is also present in Time is Up.

Poppy feeds pills to her followers, not unlike a priest during Eucharist.

After swallowing the pill, Poppy’s followers have 0s and 1s projected on their faces – implying that they’re turning into robots (slaves) themselves.

Apparently, these pills are not very healthy. Poppy’s followers soon find themselves convulsing with pain.

Poppy doesn’t like her followers and humans in general. She actually wants them dead.

In the second verse, Poppy basically wishes for the destruction of humanity because of the environment.

Exponentially, every day I’m growing my memory
You wouldn’t believe
Your life is meaningless, you’re just like cockroaches
Extermination’s your only hope
Human history, pollution, and overcrowded cities
That’s your legacy
But don’t look so depressed
You’ll soon be nothingness
Oh my God, you don’t even know

Poppy, an MK slave programmed by the occult elite, tells humanity that “extermination is its only hope”. She is basically a mouthpiece of the elite which has been fantasizing about depopulating the planet (see the Georgia Guidestones and the disturbing murals at the Denver International Airport).

The video then proceeds to confirm that Poppy is a tool of the occult elite.

Poppy sings to her newly mind controlled followers while wearing a dress that features a stylized Baphomet head – the idol of the occult elite.

In short, Time is Up is a mix of everything occult elite: MKULTRA and its horrific practices, the extermination of humanity and, to top it off, subtle Satanism. And CBS thought it was awesome. Indeed, Poppy performed that song on the Late Late Show. The performance was super-symbolic.

Poppy at the Late Late Show on CBS.

As you can see, there’s a lot going on there. First, Poppy’s outfit is basically a giant inverted cross – a symbol representing satanism; Girls with blond wigs (representing Beta Kitten slaves) dance inside MK tubes; Finally, two guys put on gas masks and end up “dead” at Poppy’s feet.

A closer look at the monitor confirms that Poppy is not a robot but an MK slave.

On the monitor, we see the name “Poppy” and items such as “Body, Skeletal System, Nervous System”. Robots do not have a nervous system.

In Conclusion

Poppy represents a new generation of pop stars that are taking things to a creepy new level. Indeed, while most pop stars end up releasing some MK-themed videos, Poppy’s entire act is about her being an MK slave. She is constantly playing that role, even in interviews. The subtext is that she is constantly subjected to abuse, trauma, and torture while undergoing “programming”.

There is something surreal in watching Poppy singing on national TV that people are “like cockroaches” and that “extermination is their only hope”. Since she’s basically a blanked-out slave, everything she says has been programmed into her. In other words, the elite is speaking through her to the masses. And people are applauding this because Poppy is cute and the beat is catchy.

Unless they wake up soon, the masses will keep applauding messages celebrating their own destruction … until their time is up.


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