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Taylor Swift, Queen of the 2018 American Music Awards

The 2018 American Music Awards were basically a 3-hour-long celebration of Taylor Swift. Here’s a look at the awards and Swift’s symbolic performance.



Taylor Swift, Queen of the 2018 American Music Awards

Most of my articles about award shows stress one important fact: They’re often carefully orchestrated pieces of ritual drama involving a limited number of characters. Take a look at my previous articles about past award shows and you’ll quickly see a clear pattern forming.

The 2018 AMAs obviously fit in this unmistakable pattern. The entire show was orchestrated to convey to convey a clear message: “All Hail Taylor Swift”. And, in an era where everything must be politicized to an extreme level, Swift made her political “coming-out” at the most strategic moment possible.

The Coming Out

Mass media can create out of nothing an intense buzz in a matter of hours, and it was Taylor Swift’s time to shine. The buzz began on October 8th, when she announced on Instagram that she would vote Democrat at the midterm elections. Citing LGBQ rights and systemic racism, Swift wrote to her 112 million followers that, although she supported women in government, she could not give her support to Marsha Blackburn, the Republican candidate for Senate in the state of Tennesse.

Taylor Swift, Queen of the 2018 American Music Awards

Taylor Swift’s highly mediatized Instagram post.

This announcement ended Taylor Swift’s years of “unacceptable” political silence. Indeed, since Donald Trump’s election in 2016, Swift remained silent on political issues, a silence that was deafening to the ears of some journalists. For instance, this 2017 article from The Guardian equals Taylor Swift not attacking Trump to her being a “messenger for Trump”, even associating her with the “alt-right”.

Taylor Swift, Queen of the 2018 American Music Awards

A headline from The Guardian frowning of Taylor Swift’s political silence.

The article stated:

In the year since Donald Trump was elected, the entertainment world has been largely united in its disdain for his presidency. But a notable voice has been missing from the chorus: that of Taylor Swift, the world’s biggest pop star. Her silence is striking, highlighting the parallels between the singer and the president: their adept use of social media to foster a diehard support base; their solipsism; their laser focus on the bottom line; their support among the “alt-right”.
– The Guardian, The Guardian view on Taylor Swift: an envoy for Trump’s values?

The article ends with this damning sentence.

 Swift seems not simply a product of the age of Trump, but a musical envoy for the president’s values.
– Ibid.

Other news sources also could not handle Taylor Swift’s silence which was perceived as an act of treason. Why couldn’t she be more like Katy Perry who openly supported Hillary Clinton during the Presidential campaign?

Taylor Swift, Queen of the 2018 American Music Awards

A 2017 Refinery29 headling condemning Taylor Swift’s political silence.

Considering this history, Taylor Swift’s endorsement of the Democratic Party generated an instant buzz. News sources reported a noticeable spike in voter registration following the Instagram post.

And yes, the people at The Guardian were appeased.

Taylor Swift, Queen of the 2018 American Music Awards

A recent The Guardian headline celebrating the fact that Taylor Swift “finally” made a political intervention. FINALLY. All we need is Ja Rule revealing who he’ll be voting for and we’ll be set.

As usual, these “commentators” completely ignore a highly important fact: The Taylor Swift brand is owned by the record business. Everything she says and does is controlled by her industry handlers. Taylor Swift never actually supported Trump in the past, she simply did not take a political stance, perhaps because her Tennesse / Country Western fanbase is highly conservative. It was a calculated move.

But now the calculations have changed. Taylor Swift political endorsement dropped at a strategic time and spurred a media momentum leading to the 2018 AMAs.

And the AMAs were all about Taylor Swift. It was not even funny. It was all scripted to crown her the queen of the night.

Queen of the AMAs

The 2018 AMAs did not waste time. The ceremony began with a video listing Taylor Swift’s many accomplishments in the music business.

Taylor Swift, Queen of the 2018 American Music Awards

The AMAs began by reminding us that Swift had the “highest grossing American tour” and that she won the “most Artist of the Year awards”.

The announcer then says that Taylor was up for “four huge awards” and that she could break the record of most wins ever by a female artist. Will she do it?! The suspense is killing me!

Then, it was time for Taylor Swift’s performance. And boy was it symbolic. It was a classic occult-elite toxic stew of symbolism mixed debasing messages about being a cruel, hateful and manipulative witch.

The song is evocatively called I Did Something Bad, from her 2017 album Reputation.  The lead single from that album was Look At What You Made Me Do and its video was replete with Illuminati mind control symbolism. I Did Something Bad is also a pure product of occult elite brainwash. The chorus of the song sums up the elite’s message to the youth:

They say I did something bad
Then why’s it feel so good?
They say I did something bad
But why’s it feel so good?
Most fun I ever had
And I’d do it over and over and over again if I could
It just felt so good, good
It just felt so good

Bad is good.

The performance begins with Taylor standing in what looks like a futuristic occult temple, complete with a red-lit altar and pillars. A bunch of men are laying at her feet, completely at her mercy.


Taylor Swift, Queen of the 2018 American Music Awards

When Taylor sings the line “I play ’em like a violin”, the men rise like puppets and fall back down.

At face value, the song is about Taylor Swift destroying men “who talk sh*t”. Some believe that it is about Kanye West and other dudes. However, it is difficult to ignore the underlying spiritual meaning of this entire display. Indeed, the performance is a celebration of the elite’s favorite religion: Deceitful satanism.

Taylor Swift, Queen of the 2018 American Music Awards

When Taylor sings the line “He had it coming”, she swirls around a devil’s horn hand sign. Everything about this performance was tightly choreographed and this was clearly intentional.

Then, not unlike other female pop stars, Swift compares herself to a witch being burned at the stake.

They’re burning all the witches even if you aren’t one
They got their pitchforks and proof, their receipts and reasons
They’re burning all the witches even if you aren’t one
So light me up (light me up), light me up (light me up)

Taylor Swift, Queen of the 2018 American Music Awards

As Taylor repeated “Light Me Up” (as if it was a mantra), her dancers mimic the movements of a snake … as if they were summoning a giant snake of some sort.

Taylor Swift, Queen of the 2018 American Music Awards

A giant cobra emerges from the altar-like pedestal and ominously rules over the crowd.

Apparently, that cobra is called Karyn and it made regular appearances during Taylor’s tour. But what’s up with her and snakes? In her video Look What You Made Me Do, she was surrounded by snakes. Some say that it is a reference to Kim Kardashian calling her a snake in a leaked phone call (or something). However, considering the occult and spiritual context of this performance, the symbol of the snake takes on a profound meaning.

The song is called I did something I Did Something Bad. In Genesis, Eve bit the proverbial apple that was given to her by Satan, who took the form of a snake. She did something bad because this was strictly forbidden by God, who banished Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden. Occult mysteries teach that this serpent, associated with Lucifer the light bringer, is actually a savior of humanity.

At the end of the performance, Taylor plays again with men as if they were puppets.

Taylor Swift, Queen of the 2018 American Music Awards

Taylor lifts up a guy with an invisible string as if he was a puppet. She then blows him a kiss of death and he falls back down. The elite loves to portray people as powerless puppets that can be killed at will.

At this point, we’re about 3 minutes into the AMAs and the show already turned into a hellish satanic nightmare complete with fire, lightning, a giant snake, men laying lifeless on the ground and Taylor singing that she “did a bad thing”. She got a standing ovation.

Later in the evening, Taylor won all four awards she was up for, effectively breaking the record they were talking about at the beginning of her performance. Yes, it was such a perfect night for Taylor … as if it was all planned in advance.

Taylor Swift, Queen of the 2018 American Music Awards

Taylor kept on winning shiny Illuminati pyramids throughout the evening.

But, hold on, was there even someone else present at these awards? Yes, there was this guy.

Taylor Swift, Queen of the 2018 American Music Awards

Bad Bunny wore a prosthetic “third eye”. As seen in previous articles, the occult elite loves to use this symbol to ironically identify its pawns.

Taylor Swift, Queen of the 2018 American Music Awards

Poppy was at the awards wearing a mask representing the silence of MK slaves. For more information about her, read my article “That Poppy”: The YouTube Star Under Illuminati Mind Control”. She’s knocking at the doors of mainstream media.

In Conclusion

My first article about award shows was The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual, which involved Kanye West interrupting a young, wide-eyed and “wholesome” Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech. The entire ceremony was a highly symbolic ritual drama meant to “initiate” Taylor into the elite industry.

Nine years later, Taylor is crowned queen of the AMAs with a highly symbolic performance. While Kanye wasn’t there to interrupt her many speeches, he still remains her arch-nemesis.

Indeed, during the course of the same week, Taylor Swift, the country girl from Tennessee (which voted for Trump by a margin of 61% to 35%), urges people to vote Democrat. Meanwhile, Kanye West, the rapper from Chicago (one of the largest Democratic strongholds in the United States), is walking around with a MAGA hat and is set to meet Trump for a second time.

The ritual drama goes on.

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Taylor Swift, Queen of the 2018 American Music Awards

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Oppression’s Enemy

For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?


Revolting! Its getting worse every time! Had they had a performance like this 30 years ago, people would find it strange and perhaps even leave, now its made “cool”. Its Satanism in the open!

Glenn Smith

Truly I ask as a Christian how can you go right by voting for either Democrat or Republican in this godforsaken country?


Voting is pointless, they always get their man in office. The same looney Democrats pusing libel gay/anti-gun agendas are the ones voting (sensibly) against internet companies like Comcast tracking our every move and selling data. Then you have crazy Republican rhinoes that are pro gun/”liberty”/conservative, but then turn around and sell the America people down the river. All the while, anyone actually voting to make a difference will be black balled by millions of anti-campaign/slander lobbying by Big Corps. Move off the Grid and forget this godforsaken country.

Sadie Slays

Demoralization shills are out in full force.



Demoralization shill huh??? You’re clearly a Trumptard who thinks hes Gods savior for America because mossad agent Alex Jones said so. Google S.J 34. Your precious Republicans voted to undo FCC regulations providing a framework of privacy for internet users, allowing big ISPs to sell everyones data indescriminately to the highest bidder. Guess who votes against that???? Democrats. Im not advocating for Democrats either with their liberalism but the point is, there is no true winning either way with voting. Look at Trump, wheres the wall??? Only promise hes truly kept is to move the embassy to Israel. Why? Because Israel first super donor Sheldon Adelson funded his campaign pouring billipms of dollars in. Everything else hes said he would do, he hasnt done. Hillary was a terrible candidate as well, I call Trump the lesser of two EVILS. Go call someone else a shill you cuck.


You vote according to what aligns with the word of God. Republicans are pushing the LGBTQ agenda and abortion which is against God’s will. So you vote democrat because they are the lesser evil

Glenn Smith

Bren Your first sentence made sense. After that you went coo coo for coco puffs…LOL


The Republicans are pushing the LGBTQ agenda???? What planet are you living on?


I’m sorry, but Glenn (below) is right. The above commenter looks like they’re trying to fool someone who does not follow politics. Everyone who does knows that the dems have been the party of gay marriage and transgenders, even approving operations of kids just entering puberty. So watch for the propaganda…the dems are very about losing their “First Woman President!” honor to a successful businessman and they plan to make us all (the regular people they call “Deplorables”) pay. At their conventions, the Repubs have God in their party plans (called a platform)…the Dems booed when it was brought up to put God in there….so you don’t want to go there.

Sadie Slays

ShareBlue fail, LOL.


Try not to presume what God wants. God created gay, remember. “Do not judge, lest ye be judged themself” etc… Peace.


Gay is just sin. Sure, God created everything good and bad but don’t pretend that God approves of sin. God VERY CLEARLY disapproves of all sin and specifically homosexuality. It’s not a presumption when God explicitly told people what he likes and what he doesn’t.


I agree, not everything the Pope says is true.

D D d

Some people did not have a gay example in their area, and still got to be gay. Even some of the christened ones.
How is that for a work of god, making all people, even the gay ones… You say your god did not create man in his equal? Tell me where do I find that quote that says there is some other god making humans.


I agree, but careful HOW, WHEN, and WHERE you say that brother.


no they are against it. It is dems / libtards that push gay and tranny crap.

P. Brown

I think you mean that Democrats are pro-LGBTQ and pro-abortion, don’t you?


Watch Mark Taylor’s interviews and wake up.


I am sure mark is a smart guy, but considering there is no past or future, there is only the now, I think prophecies can be useful to a certain extent, but are hardly an accurate way to gauge events that might happen. Humanity is collectively creating our “future” with every thought and action. We can create the world we want far more easily than we know as we are far more powerful creators than we can comprehend at this time. We can render any and all negative prophecy meaningless if we choose to. The occult elite are trying their damndest to fulfill ancient prophecy via mind control and other means, but make no mistake, we hold all the power. We are our own saviors. The occult elite are terrified of humanity realizing our Creator given power to create the world we want.


In this world there is a past present and future. God occupies the plane of existence where there is no time. Old prophecies? be specific. Revelations is happening. Israel is back in the Middle East. There can be no armageddon without Israel being back in the ME. Your fantasy of is not happening. God’s reality is happening.


They’re all evil. I’m not American, so I don’t know much of this subject, but I’ve read some people calling Trump a “sociopath”. As for Hillary Clinton, she’s connected with the Pizza Gate scandal. Trump most probably is also connected with occult rituals, but we don’t know anything about it.


I’m a Christian. Trump is hated by almost all people in Hollywood, the music industry and the mainstream media. That’s enough for me, I would vote for him a thousand times if would live in the USA.

Thy Unveiling

Samaria, re-fill what you just said. All the people in Hollywood make millions by putting on shows. And the world is their stage.

Thy Unveiling

That was supposed to say Damaris but autocorrect changed it to Samaria


What do you think about Kanye’s worship of Trump? I’m not sure even VC knows what to make of that!

D D d

Maybe it is something sexual?


Bryn, exactly. Trump is linked to the occult elite, we just don’t know exactly what he does. Maybe something similar to the Pizza Gate. Maybe he and Clinton are not so different.


He certainly doesn’t strike me as a person who has read the new testament! 😀


Why my comment had 3 down votes? Do you people think that Trump is a saint? Like Bryn said, “What do you think about Kanye’s worship of Trump?”. I don’t know why my comment had 3 down votes, while Bryn’s comment had 8 up votes, considering I agreed with what Bryn said.


My sisters name is Brynn, that is all haha.

D D d

I know some people all named Christian. Weird huh?


Good thing you cannot


Cannot… do what?

cccc ccc

you really think trump is so pure that he is president of the biggest ugliest country in the world, USA? no. trump is also evil. also those people are evil. trump is connected to russia and putin. etc.


@cccc (why so many “c”s?). Connected to Russia, Putin, etc. Exactly.

Sadie Slays

Vote for individual candidates, not parties.

The Myrtle Tree

This country is not forsaken. That is a silly statement which shows little understanding of scripture. People of faith bless and pray. How do you think hilly lost the election in the first place? They threw everything in their arsenal into getting her elected and still failed. People, millions of people, prayed.

Glenn Smith

The myrtle tree if you have absolutely no discernment and can’t look around and tell that this country of United States of America is Godforsaken then the spirit of God is definitely not in you! You’re definitely clueless and have never been able to understand the Book of Revelation even if it smacked you dead in your face!

Indigent Cajun

Wow, Taylor, you’re #SoBrave to do your big political coming-out immediately *after* your big stadium tour ends. (That way, you don’t risk having tens of thousands of miffed fans demanding refunds and hence lowering your attendance & profits.) Her songs used to be relatively mundane, but at least they represented a person winsonely looking out at the world with optimism and pluck. For the last two albums, she’s been the most self-obsessed and conceited person in all of music, as the cover art and title of Reputation shows. I used to kind of root for her, but now that she’s clearly sold herself off to the satanists, I can’t wait for her inevitable gruesome psychological breakdown à la Britney, Amanda Bynes, Courtney Love, Syd Barrett, GaGa, Demi Lovato, Mindy McCready, Lindsay Lohan, Axl Rose, Whitney Houston, Paula Abdul, etc. Of course, that breakdown is always followed by a much-lauded comeback, replete with an album title like Stronger, Back To Basics, Survivor, Breaking Free, etc., and the profitable cycle continues until another planned breakdown is needed to make the “woke” public take note of her (or sometimes his) plight once more.


You are amazing


Do you understand how MK Ultra/Monarch mind control programming works? All of the people you mentioned, if they are in fact mind kontrolled, are slaves with no conscious awareness that they are slaves. They got that say through horrific ritual abuse, typically starting as sexual abuse as children. The breakdowns, usually around the age 30, are due to these slaves starting to remember. Remembering who they are, remembering the satanic ritual abuse, trying to break free of their slavery. Selena Gomez appears to be going through this right now and sure enough she was committed for more programming ie. Satanic ritual abuse to get her back on track. All MK/Monarch slaves are victims. Please read Brice Taylor’s book “Thanks for the Memories” and/or Cathy O’Brian’s “Tranceformation of America” to get an idea of what these young victims have gone through. You will never root for them to breakdown again, I can promise you that,unless it is to root for them to break free, which won’t happen as they will undoubtedly be ritually sacrificed before that could ever happen.

Glenn Smith

Forget all that the solution to it is to not sell your soul to that evil industry in the first place! Why should we have sympathy for those artists who are looking for nothing but Fame Fortune and affectation? They need a lord and savior in their lives and his name is Jesus!

Compassion Please

Glenn Smith, what you aren’t understanding is that most of these people were sold to the industry as children, by their parents….like literally sold for money, power, sex, and/or protection. Many of these parents were raised in these cults as well. They have been doing this for longer than you can believe. They had zero control of it. Most of them are abused from a very early age, many as babies. They are raised in hell. Look up Fiona Barnett, Kathy O’Brien, Kristy Allen, Sarah Ruth Ashcraft. They all talk about how they were sold by their parents or other guardians and are now, thankfully, survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). For me, it’s heartbreaking to see these things happen because if you really take a second to see what is happening, these people have been tortured, raped, etc and have dissociated. It’s unfortunate that their core soul has no idea what’s going on. You have to have compassion for these people and what they’ve been through. Bless Kanye West for breaking out of this somewhat. These people have mental breakdowns because their minds are trying to integrate the fractured personalities back together and when this happens, the memories of… Read more »


Even if they accepted to make the deal, we are all humans, and humans make mistakes. We all should have to right to regret our actions. I’m not saying that those artists are saints, but they’re humans, and I’d honestly appreciate if there were a way for them to redeem themselves from the deal they signed. You said something right: they need a savior in their lives. They need God. Just pray for them, instead of criticizing them.


are you sure these creatures are really humans? or may they just appear to be human? who is the victim, who is the adversary? and what was the bad “thing” “she” did and that felt so “good” to her? to whom did she do it? bad blood? the lucky one? wonderland?

The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled Was Convincing the World She Didn’t Exist


The devil is a “she” lol. You are funny. The artists were human (most of them, I guess) when they made the deal. I have no idea of what happens if someone regrets having made a deal with the d****. What I said is: considering we are all humans and that we make mistakes all the time, I think those artists should have the right to repent and regret their actions. But I have no idea of what happens, and of course I would say to anyone: NEVER make a deal with the occult elite.


Chances are that Jezebel is a “she”.
Whether she is human or something else is a different question.


@ak47. Jezebel is a “she”. But can you imagine the leader of all evil (satan) as a woman?


@ak47. Think of the radical men that despise and hate women in general… Do you think they would accept orders or suggestions coming from a woman?

D D d

The greatest trick is having us all think it is a world.

Diane Cartwright

Luciferian filth


What ever happened to great talent?


Hellbound sellout at work


Doesn’t matter if they start out ballad singers, country singers, or whatever — every since Cher, with a good part of the female entertainment population… whatever they start out as, they end up as Las Vegas showgirl/stripper combos.

D D d

Ever since Cher.? When where you born? Never mind, ..too many questions..


I used to be deceived by Taylor Swift. She must have been inherently good, but poor girl was programmed into programming people.


Programming into the feminine empowerment program of the Freemasons, which was pretty evident in Disney Star Wars’s main Ma-Rey Sue character. I still remember how a possible candidate for being the new Amsterdam mayor regretted that they specifically wanted a woman for that role, the best way to destroy Christian societies is by using their women against them, as they’re easily tempted, think of Eve and pussy whipped Adam.


Show me where a woman did (or rather didnt) touch u!

D D d

In New Amsterdam, probably? But, why the question?


I think she is saying RaXz has personal reasons for implying Women (e.g. Taylor Swift) are The problem. Whereas in reality, not every woman is Eve.

Thy Unveiling

Nope, not every woman is Eve. But there’s certainly a lot of Jezebels and wh0res of Babylon in the media…


I was such a huge fan of TS before getting to know this site. Now I feel relieved that I am not so blind anymore. And how come that girl goes around with a gag on her mouth and nobody blinks an eye??? It’s terrifying.


Maybe because her parents don’t, people tend to think is not much of a problem. (Not that I agree of course)


The Bible does not say the forbidden fruit was an apple. It could have been any fruit. That’s a pet peeve of mine when people say she at the apple.

Sadie Slays

The demoralization shills are out in full force trying to discourage you from voting. “It’s hopeless!” “Both parties are equally horrible–there’s no point in voting.” If I was a political shill trying to stop a conservative leaning audience from voting, this is the tactic I’d choose–tell them their vote is meaningless!

Well, I hope the rest of VC’s readers are smart enough to see through the manipulation. Show up and vote no matter what on Election Day. Imagine how worse off we’d all be if people like Taylor Swift and the people controlling her had actual political power. Do you really think they’d stop at mockery on TV and social media? Do you really think they’d contain their anti-American, pro-New World Order, and straight up EVIL to legal forms of free speech? Take a look at the current censorship of conservatives–do you really think they would stop at censorship if given political power?

They want conservatives silenced, jobless, defenseless, and DEAD.



Or maybe they are smart enough to know that trump and the Republican Party are no different from the democrat party. You’re nothing but a political shill. Trying to get people to vote for the “conservative” party that is not Christian in the slightest. Jesus would be appalled at the Republican Party. You’re just mad because people are recognizing that the Republican Party and the Democratic Party are sellouts and that politics is a false dichtochomy, so now you’re shilling for Trump who is a liar and pretty much the opposite of everything Jesus was. How about people vote for the libertarian party? Have you ever researched that party?

Plenty of liberal/liberal leaning people read VC. I’m not voting for democrats or republicans this time around because it really truly only makes a small difference. Both of them are selling out the country whilst using wedge issues like gay marriage/abortion to keep you voting for them.

Thy Unveiling

I would only consider voting conservative (in Canada) cuz there’s talk of them opening borders between here, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. If they follow through on the free movement plan, I might finally get to be with my soulmate (who lives in the UK.) Because it’s a step towards Their One World plan, I do believe there will be follow-through on CANZUK. That being said; it aligns with the One World agenda and politicians all serve the same master (even Trump. The world is their stage; the playing card definition of his name accurately describes his “surprise” win. That’s not a coincidence.) So it doesn’t really matter if I vote or not. All things will go according to Their Plan. For a time. Then they’ll go according to His plan. Because that’s The Plan.

I just want my freakin’ Creeper before s--t hits the fan.


This has nothing to do with politics, left or right.

Even from birth the wicked go astray;
from the womb they are wayward, spreading lies.
4 Their venom is like the venom of a snake,
like that of a cobra that has stopped its ears,
5 that will not heed the tune of the charmer,
however skillful the enchanter may be.
6 Break the teeth in their mouths, O God;
Lord, tear out the fangs of those lions!
7 Let them vanish like water that flows away;
when they draw the bow, let their arrows fall short.
8 May they be like a slug that melts away as it moves along,
like a stillborn child that never sees the sun.

Psalm 58

D D d

Oh dear, I thought only snakes were divinely bad. Now I have to deal with corrupt lions as well.
Did He do this on purpose, or are humans projecting stuff and writing it down as truth?
Some lions might be bad and eat humans, I know. Did those deserve this?


Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.
1 Peter 5:8

I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter,
dancing through the fire
Cause I am a champion and
You’re gonna hear me ROAR
Louder, louder than a lion
Cause I am a champion and
You’re gonna hear me ROAR
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
You’re gonna hear me roar
Roar-or, roar-or, roar-or

Katy Perry – Roar Lyrics

And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.
2 Corinthians 11:14

You’re so hypnotizing
Could you be the devil?
Could you be an angel?
Your touch magnetizing
Feels like I am floating
Leaves my body glowing

They say, be afraid
You’re not like the others
Futuristic lover
Different DNA
They don’t understand you

You’re from a whole ‘nother world
A different dimension
You open my eyes
And I’m ready to go
Lead me into the light

Katy Perry ET lyrics


The whole Earth is there enemy if God. That’s why he made mankind, so we can destroy the Earth for him.


@D D d. Even I, who am usually very skeptical, realized the connection between some parts of the bible, and what those illuminati artists show… I’m still very confused about the bible, but I have to admit that some parts are really very linked to the symbologies shown by artists.

Matthew Smith

They worship the 8 Kings of Hell. Most notably, Paimon. His devotion brings great wealth and material riches to his devotees.

The Joker

Someone has obviously seen “Hereditary “


Lol I thought the same thing but would be really cool if he hadn’t!


@MatthewSmith I noticed he must be a favored one. Especially with that new movie, Hereditary coming out. It’s all about the worshipping of Paimon. I wonder how you came to know about this?! I’ve been researching for almost a decade & just came across Paimon & thought wow this is very interesting. Timing too


Taylor’s father (Scott Kingsley Swift) was a financial advisor so it would not be surprising that he has connections to the banking elite. As always, follow the money. Not all millennials are led like sheep to be influenced by the likes of Taylor Swift. Hope those banking connections come in handy for her when she is replaced by the next music industry puppet.


She was given the keys to the kingdom in a Masonic ritual at the VMAs ten years ago when Keny West interrupted her speech, and then she was brought out wearing a red dress. Humiliation and redemption.


VC I love ya, but PLEASE use spell check or get someone to edit before posting. S--t I’ll do it! It just makes the whole site less credible when the writers can’t even spell simple words or use a spell checker. And we all know this is a credible site so let’s make it better!


AMA’s Post Malone coat also had snakes imprinted on it.


Mind Control = Possession The serpent is a symbol of Lilith, of evil power and chaos from the underworld. She has come from the shadows of the dream world A dark angel from the darker side of love Across a sea of tears A hundred thousand years Come with her and dance in the moon light And you are lost to this world evermore Put your hand in her hand Come and fly now with the angels Rise again now like the phoenix Your the love that lives forever In the heart that never dies, never dies Heart of Lilith! Come and drown in the lake of her passion Come and die so you can be reborn Hear the siren sing Hear the death knell ring She’s a witch a siren and a vampyre She has come from the distance stars To take your heart To break your heart Come and fly now with the angels Rise again now like the phoenix Your the love that lives forever In the heart that never dies, never dies Heart of Lilith! Come and kiss, kiss the lips of Lilith Come and kiss and you will be no more Feel the fire Of… Read more »


She is a good looking mk ultra slave from Reading, Pennsylvania , where there are many of them, then they sent her to Nashville, another hub for the country music scene which is ALL mind control/dark occult and NOW she is a typical sex kitten crap music performer, her parents may have sold her, but I think she was born into an abuse family, they know how to mold these super freaks. Ya gotta feel sorry for her, but that is just how genetics works, these people are born like this, lots of pharaoh DNA in her blood.

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