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The Eerie Synchronicity Surrounding Kobe Bryant’s Death

A look at the many “coincidences” and eerie predictions surrounding the untimely death of Kobe Bryant at the age of 41.



The Eerie Synchronicity Surrounding Kobe Bryant's Death

Kobe was one of those athletes that transcended the boundaries of their sport to become pop culture icons. More than a basketball superstar, Kobe was a household name – the type that was known throughout the world on a first-name basis. He was the personification of success and greatness. On the basketball court, he won everything that was possible to win and he was in the process of passing on this legacy to his four daughters. Off the court, he cashed in on some of the most lucrative endorsement deals in sports history and he was at the head of a massive business empire. Oh, and he also won an Oscar. And, when major pitfalls came on his path (i.e. rape allegations in 2003), he managed to bounce back like the basketball he used to dribble. In short, it seemed like nothing could stop Kobe from flying high … until it all came crashing down.

For these reasons, the sudden and unexpected death of Kobe Bryant at the young age of 41 was received with complete shock and disbelief. It was one of those events that immediately send shockwaves around the world. But that shockwave was most strongly felt at the epicenter of it all: Los Angeles.

A few hours later, the Staples Center – the arena where Kobe made history – turned into a makeshift memorial for the deceased athlete. The same night, a major media event took place at this exact location: The 2020 Grammy Awards.

This is one of many bizarre coincidences surrounding the death of Kobe Bryant. And there are many more.

Synchronicity is defined as “the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection”. Carl Jung described these events as “meaningful coincidences”. He also believed that they happened for a reason.

The least one can say is that Kobe’s death is surrounded by some eerie synchronicity. Or was it all planned?

One thing is for sure, there’s an eerie connection between Kobe and helicopter crashes. It’s unreal. Here are some examples.

Helicopter Crashes

In 2011, Kobe starred in a major, star-studded advertisement to promote his Nike shoes and his new alter-ego: Black Mamba. Spanning nearly 6 minutes, the ad ended with Kobe fighting a “final boss” (played by Kanye West), who flees in a helicopter. What follows is now … eerie.

The Eerie Synchronicity Surrounding Kobe Bryant's Death

Kanye West hangs from a helicopter at the end of the Black Mamba ad.

The Eerie Synchronicity Surrounding Kobe Bryant's Death

Kobe then realizes that the basketball he is holding is actually a bomb. He throws it on the helicopter.

The Eerie Synchronicity Surrounding Kobe Bryant's Death

The helicopter explodes in mid-air and crashes on the basketball court. The ad ends with the burning wreckage of a helicopter.

In 2017, Kobe was featured in the adult cartoon show Chamberlain Heights and he literally dies in a helicopter crash.

The Eerie Synchronicity Surrounding Kobe Bryant's Death

Kobe crawls out of a helicopter that crashed.

The Eerie Synchronicity Surrounding Kobe Bryant's Death

After asking for help (and not receiving it), Kobe’s helicopter explodes.

The Eerie Synchronicity Surrounding Kobe Bryant's Death

Kobe’s championship rings fall down, implying that he’s really dead.


When do coincidences become “meaningful coincidences”? Difficult to say. However, the fact that Kobe’s death was closely intertwined with the 2020 Grammy Awards adds another layer of strangeness.

Kobe and the Grammys

To fully understand the synchronicity at play here, I need to go back to 2012. On February 11th, 2012, Whitney Houston – a major icon in the music industry – was found dead at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. At the same exact location, a few floors below, a pre-Grammy award party was taking place with over 800 guests. The next day, the 2012 Grammy Awards took place and the entire event was tainted with Houston’s death. As explained in my article Whitney Houston and the 2012 Grammy Awards Mega-Ritual, the ceremony was creepy and strange – complete with some satanic undertones. It also put forth Whitney’s “replacement” – Jennifer Hudson.

The Eerie Synchronicity Surrounding Kobe Bryant's Death

Jennifer Hudson was literally placed “in the spotlight” as she performed under pictures of Whitney Houston at the 2012 Grammy Awards. Passing on the torch.

Oddly enough, Kobe’s death followed the same exact pattern. A few hours before the 2020 Grammy Awards, Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California – about 30 miles from the Staples Center, where the Grammy Awards took place.

Coincidentally enough, it is at this very same Staples Center that Kobe played hundreds of times as part of the Los Angeles Lakers. Alicia Keys, the host of the 2020 Grammy Awards, even called the arena “the house that Kobe built”.

The Eerie Synchronicity Surrounding Kobe Bryant's Death

Shortly after the death of Kobe, the Staples Center turned into a makeshift memorial for Kobe.

The same night, at the same location, the 2020 Grammy Awards took place. The entire event was heavily tainted by Kobe’s death.

The Eerie Synchronicity Surrounding Kobe Bryant's Death

A performance featuring DJ Khaled, YG and John Legend was dedicated to Nipsey Hussle – another “King of Los Angeles” who died in odd circumstances (read my article about him here). Kobe was apparently added at the last minute to this tribute.

Therefore, like Whitney Houston, Kobe’s death was closely intertwined with the Grammy awards became THE mass media event ritualizing his death. And, like Whitney Houston, a passing of the torch occurred shortly prior to all of this. This is Kobe’s final post on Instagram:

The Eerie Synchronicity Surrounding Kobe Bryant's Death

Kobe congratulating Lebron James for surpassing him in the NBA all-time scoring list.

Coincidentally enough, Lebron wrote on his shoes a tribute on the day of that game:

The Eerie Synchronicity Surrounding Kobe Bryant's Death

Lebron James wrote “Mamba 4 Life” on his shoes on the “passing of the torch” game prior to Kobe’s death.

Therefore, after the crowning of “King James”, Kobe passed away near the Staples Center, where he ruled for years. It is at this same Staples Center that the 2020 Grammy Awards turned into an elite-industry-catered ceremony for Kobe. Since 2009, I’ve been stating that these award shows are actually mega-rituals that emanate powerful energy. The 2020 Grammy Awards were a prime example of this fact.

In Conclusion

The sudden death of Kobe Bryant is reminiscent of the sudden deaths of other icons such as Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Since these figures were omnipresent in mass media, they were, in some odd way, a part of people’s lives. Therefore, news of their deaths inevitably creates a shockwave of shock and grief around the world. And that shock and grief was palpable at the 2020 Grammy Awards – the same way it was palpable at the 2012 Grammys, following the death of Whitney Houston.

While death can strike anyone, at any time and that accidents definitely happen on a daily basis, the cases of Whitney and Kobe are surrounded by plenty of eerie facts. While they can all be dismissed as mere coincidences, Carl Jung believed that, sometimes, coincidences are so meaningful that the universe is, somehow, trying to tell us something. Like, maybe, that there were dark forces at play in Kobe’s death.

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The Eerie Synchronicity Surrounding Kobe Bryant's Death

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I knew when I heard it that it was a ritual sacrifice. Just like Aaliyah. Here is the thing: Kobe just signed a 48 million dollar contract. He did not want to become a sportscaster and he would not wear a dress like Shaq or Barkley. He was retired and was on his own path; not the elites path/agenda. I believe that there was something they were pushing him to do and he resisted at some point. They allow players like Jordan to live but it’s because they fall in line. MJ was killed once he bought the Beatles anthology and he was freeing himself financially; just like Whitney – when the elite can no longer work you like a mule or gain substantial $ off of their “chosen ones” they murder you and make the money after death. They are releasing Prince’s vaulted music as well. This is a wicked industry, Hollyweird, sports, music…in order to rise in the ranks YOU HAVE TO DO THEIR BIDDING or you are replaced. They replace you by giving someone your spot like Kobe/LeBron or they kill and clone like Dave Chappelle and Eminem. I think they may have programmed Katt Williams because… Read more »


I disagree, Kobe isn’t any better than the other celebs. This was an act. I don’t think he wasn’t “in line” with the elites, in fact if you look at his work it was all in line with what they wanted. Here’s Kobe featuring in a creepy video geared towards children that talks about embracing the dark side and the beast.

Here’s an interview where Kobe speaks about mythology and death only 6 months after retirement, he says he’s comfortable with death and doesn’t know what will happen after implying he’s agnostic. He also talks about the “darkness” and in the beginning of the video there are skulls and candles around and they’re sitting on a mesoamerican painting of a clock, that’s a lot of symbolism.


The comments have been closed on the “Musecage” video – interesting. I also just found an article about how Kobe and his daughter attended Catholic Mass just before the crash: Perhaps he was trying to realign himself with Christ before the crash? I don’t know what to think at this point.


Well the Vatican is built upon pagan sites and that really means satanic sites It doesn’t follow the Bible really and certainly not the New Testament “they in there hate Christians “ ex Pope Benedict said if the Vatican City


So right, everything about the Catholic Church, from their very beginnings, to especially THESE days, from the evil symbolism, to everything this last pope is saying and doing, that is SO against the bible, and God, the evilness just keeps on getting greater, with this church/pope/religion.
So how could the pope, NOT be the third of satan’s trinity, the “False Prophet”, as many people already know this.



I like how you speak against Rome, it’s what we’re suppose to do as believers.

With all due respect, the pope isn’t the false prophet.
A close look at Paul’s words in 2 Thess.,2 tells us that he is indeed the “man of sin”.

A former Jesuit spilled the beans on some of Rome’s activities from long ago and revealed some very close ties between Rome and Islam.
Google in pics – “Pope kisses Koran”.

Islam controls Temple Mount in Jerusalem.
Google in pics – “pope Islam Temple Mount”.

Clearly, they have a sweet relationship.
I suspect that Mohammed is the false prophet.

Pope is definitely the “man of sin – son of perdition”.

just sayin'

DuckDuckGo is a great search engine that does not use biased algorhythms or discriminate against their workers who do not hold the monolithic opinions they try to force on everyone. If we use “google” —- (something) when what we really mean is “look up” —– or “search for”——–, we are giving them free advertising and encouraging the next generation to think google is a verb and not realize it’s the brand name of a globally powerful force working against the average person.


I still want to hear more, Branch! Wish it would be possible.


Hi AB, I’m glad to hear from you – hope all is well with you. ~~ The Pope is the “man of sin” ~~ When Constantine joined the idol worship of pagan Rome with Christianity, it created the beginnings of the Roman Catholic Church. “3… for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; 4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God. 5 Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things? 6 And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.” – 2 Thess. 2:3-6 Contrary to popular belief, the “falling away” began in the 4th century when the Pope took control of the Roman Empire. The changes from the “pure faith” of Christianity that pagan Rome demanded from believers, at the threat of TORTURE and DEATH, is well documented, so I won’t go into it here. Biblical history proves that the falling away began at this time… Read more »


Thank you for yet another lesson, Branch! I had read before that the pope is considered to be the voice of God on earth, and that his word has the same authority that God’s has. They equal themselves to God, which is incredible! How can they study the scriptures–I assume they do–and proclaim all the things they do? It’s surreal.

I once read somewhere that the Catholics have scripture other than the Bible, which is written by popes and have the same authority. That was the only time I heard of it, and I can’t mention what those texts would be, or even if that is true. But then again, I wouldn’t doubt it.

Are there any books or a path of study/research you’d suggest I study? Wish I could sit with you and spend hours listening to your knowledge. 🙂

Have a blessed week!


Hi AB, “I had read before that the pope is considered to be the voice of God on earth, and that his word has the same authority that God’s has. They equal themselves to God, which is incredible! How can they study the scriptures–I assume they do–and proclaim all the things they do? It’s surreal.” Satan is a counterfeiter of YHWH – He imitates/parallels YHWH in order to deceive people into believing that he is “god”. Some quick examples from the Bible: – There are two Enochs.(0ne righteous and one wicked). – There are two Lamech’s.(0ne righteous and one wicked). – There are the 12 Tribes of Israel. (from the promise of YHWH). – There are 12 Princes of Ishmael. (NOT from the promise of YHWH) Both groups have same father – Abraham. – There are two Shepherds.(0ne righteous, the “Good Shepherd” and one wicked, the “Idol Shepherd”). – There are two different “marks” placed in the forehead. (0ne righteous and one wicked). – There are two Simons in Acts. (one righteous and one wicked). – There are two on white horses in Revelation (one Righteous and one wicked). Satan has also counterfeited the True Church with a false one… Read more »


Hi, Branch! I know I keep repeating myself, but I really wish we could have more time and space for you to teach me more. I’m gonna translate this to my parents, so they can learn, too. I love my church and pastors, and I really believe that they teach and guide us according to the Bible. However, they never speak of any of this or of what VC shows us. I believe thats because they must speak to people of all levels of knowledge and acquaintance to the Bible, seeing that everyday we have new believers and visitors coming to the services for the first time. So it’s not like they can go in depth into all this or reveal all of the occult things going on around us. They have to stick to the “surface”, the crucial message, which is the gospel, so that more and more people can be saved. As Paul said, they need to keep feeding milk to the great assembly, since they have to level the preaching message to the lowest knowledge level. Of course I’m generalizing here, and their preaching and study of the word are really good and practical for our daily… Read more »


Hi AB,
So glad to hear from you. I would love to have the time and space to share more with you. I have a lot that I can’t put on this site. Some of my posts aren’t getting posted – I tried to post part 2 of the man of sin – it didn’t post.
I give VC permission to share my email with you, if you like.
I’m totally safe – we’ll only share Bible – nothing else.
You might go to joseph bandler on facebook and friend me instead.


Hi Branch!

I will! Don’t be surprised that I only have two friends there. I only use it for work.


Lol !

Child of God

Please share with me also. I’m already familiar with the concept of the RCC being the antichrist, but sometimes as believers, we take this knowledge for granted and think the world will sort itself out. When really things are getting worse and the truth is subverted and hidden deeper and deeper behind falsehoods and pop culture. I can also do my bit be keeping it alive, with actual references from history. Im busy lamenting how Nelson Mandela, a former struggle icon of South Africa is being memorialised and canoninised in the minds and hearts of the newer generations. like we are not allowed to forget his contribution i get. But he was not the only anti apartheid hero. There were many who still remain irrelevant to this day, only because they do not suit a specific agenda. Every year we celebrate his birthday almost seven years on after his passing. I find it a kind of ‘strange’ that is spiritually significant. So yes the history of the RCC will continue to affect, and spiritually shape us for years to come. And you know what, we might not win every soul to the true messiah Yeshua, but the truth will always… Read more »


Catholics GAVE THE WORLD the Bible. We are the ones who compiled it.

It was Martin Luther who changed the Bible to suit his lusts and desire to marry a nun.

The Catholic Christians are the original Bible-believing Christians. We do not say that the pope is inerrant in every single thing he says or does. Only that he is inerrant when he speaks ex cathedra, just as the original apostles were INERRENT when the wrote the Sacred Scriptures. St. Paul was a man and a sinner in need of a Savior. Yet, God spoke infallibly through him when he wrote most of the New Testament.

Catholics are the original Bible-believing Christians.


Exactly, Luter was the one who change the Bible, because he simply couldn’t fulfilled Christ’s commandments. Luter was a sociopath, vile individual who despised and didn’t want obey the Pope, but at the same time he placed himself above the Pope authority.

When people challenged him about the changes he made in the Bible- he said “ i said so, so it’s correct now you must obey what I said “Protestant are clueless, it’s beyond me how ignorant they are accusing Catholics of heresy and other stuff, while they are the one who blindly follows their leaders, as deeply corrupted as the sociopath Luter was.

Luter received his “ revelations” while he was sitting on toilet- literally. He admitted that it was a devil who put this ideas in his mind. Luter was a degenerate, sick individual, murdered obsessed with excrements- yes literally!

And yes, Catholic Church is not Catholic anymore- it’s Protestant since the Vatican II, so paradoxically, cluelessly Protestants criticizes themselves, thinking of RCC


Did you know the word “catholic” appears in the Book of Acts?

And that Ignatius of Antioch in 107 A.D. referred to the “Catholic” – meaning universal — Church?

So, no. You are promoting bad/false history. Constantine did not “create” the Church. The Catholic Church was founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church GAVE YOU the Bible. We are the original Bible-believing Christians.

Mystical Rose

The Catholic Church was built by Jesus Christ and was infiltrated by communist. Real Catholics are red pilled. I am one. Make the Latin mass great again.


YES! The Catholic Church is the true Church founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ! Preach it brother or sister!


I will tell you how the Pope could not be the False Prophet, he’s not Jewish. The False Prophet and the Antichrist are the same person, 2 different names/descriptions. He comes form the tribe of Dan, just as Judas Iscariot did. The Pope is a Gentile. Evil and wicked, yes, but not a figure of Tribulational prophecy.


Waiting for the Great Tribulation?

It’s gonna be a long wait.


Not to mention when he was picked, the white smoke, televised, came out at exactly 7:06 PM of 6 hrs and 66 minutes. .


The Catholic Church GAVE YOU the Bible. The Church is the Church founded by Jesus Christ. Just because some corrupt actors have gotten in it, doesn’t mean that it wasn’t founded by Christ.

We DO follow the Bible in our teachings, even if every member may not.


The Bible doesn’t say to celebrate Christmas. Christmas is pagan and I’m not catholic


Maybe if the Grammy’s do function as a mega ritual they definitely need people to pay attention to them for maximum effect which people are not doing lately.So what better way then killing a universally loved celebrity then turning the show into a big memorial for him. Seems like they really want this one to land so much sho they were willing to sacrifice a big one.


If he just signed a 48 million dollar contract then someone had an even bigger life insurance policy on him , just like they did with Whitney and Michael Jackson


His wife


No whoever paid him the 48 mill If theyre paying himthat rgen tbeyre olanning on him making them anything from ten times that to a hundred times that Most likely a hundred times And you never hear abouttheir side of the deal .

johnny unitas

yea, NIKE.

just sayin'

Does anyone think those figures released are often representing a period of several years and often exaggerated or publicity purpose? Have always heard that about big contract signings.


Knee-jerk response:

This isn’t Nancy!
This isn’t Courtney!
This isn’t Vicky!


Who could it be?

Don’t care if I’m downvoted

Grammy viewership was at an all time low this year… 9 people died on Sunday during foggy conditions, I don’t think the pilot was on a suicide mission.


No, my point was that if you watch his musecase (which is geared towards children) that he WAS a part of the system. He is promoting satanism to children!! And after doing their bidding, they murdered him and mocked him; just like all the others that make the pact for the money and fame. He had a cleaner image but if you look at the things he promoted, it was evil and dark. He certainly is no better than the rest…Google “Kobe musecage ESPN” on youtube. It was so sick! This is what my comment was referring to.


Course And the fact they made him iconic was their work which they inly did because he served them really but they made his image as if he wasn’t so to cast the widest net They don’t pay people millions who don’t really serve them They don’t care who wins the games One teams always going to win anyway

Jon B.

You EVER hear of ‘punctuation’ man?? Try it sometime!

just sayin'

Or use a search engine not involved in global power plays against ordinary citizens.

Truth Seeker 4 LIFE

You said there were candles and skulls etc in the video but htat is a blatant lie! There were candles but there were ZERO SKULLS! You lose all credibility for blatantly lying like that! The video of him talking about death was strange but don’t make up lies to make it more than what it is


Look at 1: 47.48 and you will see a skull.


“the times are getting more evil very quickly.” <– I couldn't disagree more. The evil done in the shadows is now out in the light. It's an apocalypse / revealing. In fact, by many objective measures, the times are getting better and better for more and more people.


They’ve always been in your face Your just starting to see it


Steve, great point. I am constantly talking to people about the fact that we are currently experiencing and living through the apocalypse. The most common response is that how could that be when the apocalypse means the end of the world (ie. armageddon not apocalypse). It seems like a very well crafted psyop was introduced at some point in history to make people inherently scared of the apocalypse when in reality we should be fully embracing the Great Revealing, the opening of the veil, the great awakening of humanity which is precisely what the apocalypse is.

D D d

For evil people it is enough to succeed that good people do not fight back.
Do fight back, it all is a war on people like us, by people like them.


Brilliant and Truthfully Said.

Truth seeker

I am wondering if his daughter passing away too had something to do with him not committing to sacrificing somebody for fame and fortune? It seems to me that devil came to collect after the deal Kobe made with him years ago, but that his daughter was also taken leaves the deal with the elites square..
I might be wrong of course. Tragic, so very sad.

Child of God

The devil took him and what was most valuable to Kobe as simple as that. You don’t get famous without sacrificing what you love most. Remember Avenger Infinity war? What was the most valuable thing to Thanos? His daughter. He got the power after that there was no turning back
I don’t believe they know what’s underneath fame and glory but at some point one must realize that somethings are fishy

Tupacca Shakur

I think so as well. GiGi was his basketball lineage and they took that out completely. He was unwilling to serve GiGi up.


Not to mention that all these artists you mentioned happened to be black. A not so secret piece of info that the elite are racist.


That’s supposed to be disarming? I take you literally. What you are doing is called satanic exultation.


Jeff Friedberg, who/what are you replying to? Considering I can’t find a single mention of Jews from OP and the comments that came before yours, it’s a bit head scratching. The vast majority of Jews are good and decent people. Are there some that participate in Satanic activities and legitimately feel as though Jews are actually a chosen people meant to rule Earth? Of course, just check out Howard Wallace Rosenthal.

Ok I guess

He didn’t sign a 48 million dollar contract. Are you referring to his old contract that he already fulfilled?


But in Tor isn’t a website called black mamba that are killers and kill VIP?


Top comments for any article here, James. May God bless you, and those reading this message.


Guys, notice Gayle’s attempt to mock Kobe and destroy his legacy…Oprah and Gayle are puppets. And I stress the fact that when you sign up to be a part of the world’s system, like Kobe – they build you up and you are a slave. Kobe did *something* they did not like and they are going after his legacy. But they built a star that was loved by the ppl. And everyone is in an uproar about them destroying the legacy. Kobe most def made the deal with the devil. And they want to mock him after his death; which is what they always do. They destroyed MJ and Whitney before they died but they are destroying his legacy after death in retaliation for his “disobedience”


Jordan’s father was murdered on the (side of the road, as was Bill Cosby’s son), might have something to do with keeping him in line.

Truth Teller

A few number synchronizations I found.
His daughter was 13.
He was the 13th NBA draft pick.
He was 41. 41 is the 13th prime number.
His last game was April 13.
And the date 1-26-2020.
Some food for thought.


@Truth Teller, also ‘K’ is the 11th letter and ‘B’ the 2nd. 11+2=13

Truth Teller

Right! Great catch!


Hmm I don’t think it’s relevant. You can find number where you want. Also 13 is not a specific number. Be careful to not see signs where there is not.

Truth Teller

You must be new to this. Numbers are definitely being used.


I’m far from new to this that’s why I know we should be careful with some informations. It’s easy to fall into the path « everything is a sign » and then the real signs that have real meaning are obstructed by the others. Like this one. Why is 13 relevant ?


If you were “far from new” you’d know the significance of the number 13. No one is going to take the time to explain to a troll what they should “know”. Look it up.

no words

*face palm*

Truth Teller

Ha Ha! Good one lol l


God uses numbers, and satan uses numbers. Look into it, study up on it, and then you can answer your own question. Look up “Numerology”, and start there.

Ro Knows

look up Gematria


If you and others looked it up AND understood it then maybe you wouldn’t be pushing stupid posts which sound like they are really useful but only really prove you get grade 2 math! That’s not how it works, kids.


What you don’t know about how God and Satan, both use/used numbers, is sad. But satan’s people I think, love to use numbers today, in their cult(s). I just basically ignore those people, and their numbers above. It is interesting, that’s all I see about it, and then I move on.


Wooooo! This is really carefully crafted destruction! Jeesus!

Dr. Mysteriouso

Faked death


And the helicopter Sikorsky S-76. 7+6 = 13


And the number after 12 too


And his birthday 23 + 8 : 13


* 2 + 3 + 8: 13

D D d

I just love the upvotes on your original miscalculation..


He checked out of his last game with 4.1 seconds left as well


Please stop the chain of failed boot camp lessons. It’s a runaway train!


No, this is real bullshit. That’s not even mathematically completed let alone..anyway, it has been upvoted by hundreds of kids so youre unlikely to want to know how to do it properly.


The crash occurred in Calabasas, which is in the 33rd district of California


Numerology is just as accurate as reading your daily horoscope. Take it with a grain of salt.


I thought it was weird that there was a funeral arrangement (spray) outside Staples only like maybe two hours after he was reported dead. I worked at a flower shop in high school. Those arrangements take at least an hour to make. Then someone had to deliver it to Staples. All that happened way too quick. That is what struck me as odd. Also, who ordered it? Security is thick for the Grammys. A delivery truck just drove up and delivered that with no prior clearance? Seems very odd.


Out of all the comments above, I’ve come to yours, and found it, the most fascinating. How come VC didn’t make that into the article? Very good point! One’s that get my interest up.


Interesting point. As for it being “the house that Kobe built”, I’ve always thought it’s an eyesore of a building so I’m not sure I’d love that association ( even though the justification for it is obvious).


I was waiting for this article!
I called the Grammy coincidence and not to mention the RocNation Brunch which felt very ritualistic to me, the buzz was all a bit much.


Same! The way his tribute at the Grammys seemed so perfectly planned, and Alicia Keys kept mentioning the house that he built. And I remembered the Whitney article very clearly.. It’s sad to know Kobe was a part of it all


Alicia Keys throws the 6sign at the end of her performance At the grammys…


I didn’t even see the performance but I saw an excerpt on the news and I peeped the hand sign. This people are really sick!


These people*

Truth & Light

Beyawnce threw it up at the rocnation pre grammy’s brunch too


And Beyonce was dressed in red at the pre-Grammy party,she knew that they were going to sacrifice him.Sad world


If you look at Beyonce’s earrings at that brunch, they resemble baphomet’s head.


Anyone who knows about God and/or Satan, would understand perfectly what those mean!


The world is not how we thought it was folks, it never was. Stay awake, protect your soul at all costs. If you don’t believe in any of these posts that’s fine. Though, I can say you will be more and more aware of all the creepy things happening especially lately if you only allow yourself to investigate these matters yourself. It’s taken me years to accept this.. YEARS! Thanks to VG for all the posts. You need a shout out for all the work you’ve put in.

In my personal life. I noticed I can’t speak with most people about such topics without getting the “wtf are you talking about” look and the “wow you’re really silly to be believing this s--t” meanwhile I am thinking YOU’RE so blind to everything. it truly amazes me.

BTW ROCNATION… let me not even begin. – gotta get back to work. Was just tempted to read the comments. You guys have a great day.

Truth & Light

“ In my personal life. I noticed I can’t speak with most people about such topics without getting the “wtf are you talking about” look and the “wow you’re really silly to be believing this s–t” meanwhile I am thinking YOU’RE so blind to everything. it truly amazes me.”

Story of my life – i have one or two who is aware


You are not alone. When you do share, they deem you “a conspiracy theorist” or crazy. But the media (elite) has made sure to discredit ppl that are awake. And now “conspiracy theory” is something used to shut down information about them that is true. I don’t share except with one person now. My dad was awake and we used to talk about this stuff for hours. I miss him. The majority of ppl will be asleep like the Matrix. Sad, but not much you can do except pray for their awakening.




^ I see what you did there.


I think the nipsey and whitney being called nippy is a odd councidence


Kobe means “god door” in japanese.
January is named for janus the god of doors. Would seem they’re opening something… 2020 is gonna be a weird one for sure


And the Kobe Earthquake happened in January 1995


Opening the cern portal to hell aka Saturns hexagon


That CERN particle accelerator worries me.


IMHO, the Cern Particle accelerator is a modern day Tower of Babel…..just on its side


What about the upcoming Future Circular Collider (FCC)?


Hadn’t even heard of that one. First time hearing about it, had to look it up! Going to read more about it, thanks!

Paul Atriedes

Huh? Haven’t heard of that one?


Veddy interesting…I never thought of that!


You and me both! And it looks like 8? more people? But understandable on the low number. That topic doesn’t belong here…:)


what is it for?


2020 is definitely weird considering what is happening now with the Covid-19 virus


I just watched Kobe’s musecage and it was sick, demonic, and evil. I also notice his hand gestures in it (Masonic) and teaching kids to tap into “the dark side” for success. They used Kobe, made a fool out of him, and mocked him at his death. This is where the dark side gets you; eternal damnation and he can’t even enjoy all the riches he amassed by selling his soul. MJ was a satanist and he followed Crowley’s teaching and his movements were to cast spells on people when he performed. But after selling out, it seems they always want to expose the darkness they played in or try to walk away with their spoils without repercussions. But the devil ALWAYS demands payment and you can’t just easily leave once you get to the part of the deal you don’t like. These are evil covenants with entities that OWN you (yes Oprah is “owned” as well) and will not let you walk away once you realize you were deceived or the deal came with a never ending demand to do as you are told. They did not physically x Cosby but they killed his whole life. He made the… Read more »

Dan Wachira

I loved this quote;speaking of Jesus, “He keeps His word so much so that HE IS HIS WORD.” So true. People keep on praying and confessing using God’s own Words. He WILL keep His Word.


Great article…Great words of wisdom! The Truth of all of it! I read ever word, and hope someone else reads this, and they learn something from it.


When the news was announced, I immediately remembered the Grammys were happening that day and instantly thought of Whitney Houston who’s death, similarly, surrounded the Grammys. I knew for sure this was a ritualistic death and that we’d be seeing a VC article come soon. Thank you VC for continuing to awaken the masses for they are asleep right now but I have hope that they will awaken soon.


Whitney has emphysema so she was screened Her future was over as a singer and she had just signed a 50 million contract with Sony and they had given her 20 million advance So they would have had insurance st least ten times that , more likely a hundred times that paid in lump sum in cash on her life Like Philip Anshultz owner of AEG would have had insurance easily ten times Michaels contract Often they pay one per cent of if the expected earnings to the worker So Like Marilyn Monroe was paid 100 thou and fFoxes insurance. on her was ten million It’s about the money honey The fact they’re occultists and all that’s irrelevant It’s business “ we are all disposable to them “ HRH Queen Elizabeth 11They knew Whitney had emphysema and they also knew she could only make money from live performances really You can’t perform well with emphysema Marilyn was getting too old Michael was really very sick with all sorts of diseases He was stuffed Prince was pretty well finished too They disposed of them at the best price they could get for their remains


This reminds me of one of the many songs Billy Corgan penned for Courtney Love to sing: “Make Me Over” – the first single from Hole’s “Celebrity Skin” album. Lyrics say a lot. (Also, as an aside, Billy’s interviews with Howard Stern are some of the best – and one from 2000 is available in two parts on YT.)

Truth & Light

Blind gossip post about justin beiber. He doesnt have long to live sadly.

“ [Redacted] said that [Singer] wasn’t at the awards/parties because he was just too depressed to go anywhere but work and home and church and that they were just trying to keep him alive until his next album was released. Somebody from his label told the guy to shut the f*ck up and walked away.

I noticed that he didn’t deny that it was the truth. He just told him to shut up about it!”


Something makes Justin’s handlers or whoever big shot it may be in the industry to consider him as a loose cannon, even using Selena to put the poor guy down. Again.


his handler/manager is scooter braun. evil (manages many others including ariana grande)


His album comes out next month. I know he’s been M.I.A supposedly because he’s been “sick” the past few years. I’ve noticed he’s been out of the spotlight since he’s married that girl. I really hope they don’t kill him.


Such a sad event. Jesus should just come already. Am tired if evil news every where

Maggie Brindell-watt

Don’t give up. Yes, evil is being exposed and we are seeing it everywhere. BUT God is on our side and things are moving according to his plan and his timing. Keep praying there still many souls that MUST be saved before Jesus returns. Let’s get bus!!! Don’t know you personally but you professed Christ so you are my family. Blessings upon you. ☺


144000 are saved Therws already been 2000 years There wont be many vacancies now Maybe just a handful left

Baby Girl

That’s not what that means. You need 144 cubits of light to not reincarnate here aka saved. Takes 12 years of ‘pure thought’ and ‘action’. Go for it LOL.


Tee, I feel ya. Wireclub dot com has many chat rooms. I am in religion one, if you need a like minded person to speak to, and can catch me, with the name I use on here.


I’m surprised no one mentioned the fact that for about 2 weeks now, all I’ve been reading about and hearing about is about how that former Exec came forward and spilled the beans about how the Grammy nominations were secretly done and she was fired and all that. And the Industry people were lamenting the fact that the upcoming Grammys were ruined now and nobody was going to watch it now. ETC but look what happened!!! Just like when Whitney died….the WHOLE WORLD tuned in that night!!!! Right??? Right!!!! hmmmmmm


Also their satanic poster child Billie Eilish won the most awards it was clearly a ritual


Yeah… I happened upon a disgusting TIME article belittling Trump, and under it, a Grammy article “BILLIE ELISH WON THE NIGHT!” scanned the page and there must have been 10 articles about the Grammy’s on one page.
Time magazine is gross! Ew ew ew

To say that that satanist “won a night” and now finding one of ritual sacrifice…come on already.

And you’re right…just as soon as people are stopping watching the sick sideshow that the Grammy’s are, everyone wants to tune in for death!

Are we THAT bored and codependent that we can’t moarn peacefully in our own way? That we have to watch an actual celebration??

It reminds me of when Beto O’Dork was grinning ear to ear after a shooting happened, at the site of the El Paso shooting, saying people died, and it seemed someone had balloons behind him. Sick and disgusting.


Not the whole world, just america who tuned in. The rest of the world couldnt care less about the grammys, or kobe bryant tbh


Exactky Most of the world dont have a clue who he was or even care about nfl or basketball or whatever he played Even here our news readers have to read it out and its so obvious they dont know who he was Out of 7 billion people maybe a few hundred million watch the game. But they like to deceive people about everything

Baby Girl

Sheiks were praying in temples in his jersey when he died are you kidding? He was Jordan Jr. YOU are the NOBODY! LOL!


Amen! I came to this page, because I get VC newsletters, and I wanted to read the comments, well, ok, and see what the evil demons, and the elite were up to, now! I could care less about who plays sports, just doesn’t fit into my brain, as educational. When I think of sports, I think of a GREAT WASTE OF TIME! I could care less! But I do love talking to people, and educating them! About God, satan, and my favorite subject, bible prophecy! Which is the future, as it concerns, God, satan, bible prophecy, AND all people, all over the world.

Paul Atriedes

Hi Joanofark you sound like my kind of gal! Good on you!


That’s not entirely true, although not many in the uk gives 2 craps about the Grammys , social media and the papers made mention of kobe’s Death , obviously basket ball is not a popular sport here but he was well known to a certain generation, especially the black community.

Seeing the BIG picture

So a minority among a minority of the total population, so in effect, the OP is in the round correct

Truth be told

That is indeed correct.
However, the Globalist “Universalist” hegemonic culture is led by the current global Soft Power, the US.

India is dominated by the concept of VARNA literally meaning colour, though it is often translated by the euphemism of Caste. The Portuguese casta was all about racial categories & was derived from the Latin for chaste implying listing purity of race.

Most Indians are very colour/race conscious, though they hide it in the West so as not to paradoxically suffer from racism against their relatively darker skins!

Colourism exists in globally e.g. West Indies, Brazil etc.

The edge of darker colour is slightly blunted with money, power & influence, though most Indians would not want to “pollute” their blood for generations as they see it.

I have seen it deep from the inside.

Baby Girl

There are murals worldwide of Kobe. Stfu.

Ray Raylee West

So Sad.. Watch the performance on the Grammy’s last night. Alicia Keys did a tribute performance with Boys II Men. At the end of the performance Alicia put up a Masonic/Freemason hand signal.. weird.


Yes, I saw the same thing and I had to explain to my husband what she was doing. Check the picture out of Beyonce and JayZ at the RocNation Brunch from this weekend, Beyonce held the same hand signal. It was quite scary, but I know Christ has me covered!


Check out her earrings from the brunch. It’s a stylized baphomet’s head.


Of course it’s a baphomet’s head. Alicia Keys was on the Cosby show, check it out.


Are you sure that was Alicia? Looked like a little boy, to my eyes!


So glad people are starting to recover from the Beyonce spell they were under


Only because theyre under Taylor maids spell now


I was waiting for this article because man…you could feel the eerie tension in the air.


Same here I knew it was a sacrifice smh

Baby Girl

Yes! Im a few miles away. It was ominous gray out that morning. I walked outside around 10:45 AM as it was happening then I got the text about 10:55 AM!


Hey, people. Let’s forward the vigilant citizen articles to other people!! Let’s spread the word, don’t keep it to yourselves.

Vigilant kenyan

They don’t wanna know. I did it and was dismissed as a psycho.. Well.. Smh

J Williams

Those with eyes let them see. Those with ears let them hear !!


Exactly! You got it, J
I don’t give it. Got to at least try, to reach the ones, that will listen, day after day, year after year…..




That’s their Dumbness! I spread the word anyway, because I might not reach all, but will reach one.

Truth & Light

A lot of ppl are programmed to stay asleep sadly


I do! Whenever there’s a musical artist article on here, I take and post the headline and the link from VC and put it on YouTube! Where ever they play the album, or song, I will read some of the comments, and stick it on the commenter(s), that has “love” for the artist or song. I just hope I can get someone to learn something from VC and the articles! If I could get just one person….


@joanofark06. Good job! That’s great.


Great article as always.

I personally think it was demonic. Maybe he made some sort of deal for fame, money, or even more talent, who knows. But when the deal was up, so was his life.


I think I hope that maybe it was a symbolic death and he just has left the industry and has decided to follow Jesus and go incognito in the world. I hope anyway.


I doubt it Hes got a wife and kids


Huh?? What does THAT have to do with anything??


My understanding is that Annonymous was providing an objective, secular, argument as to why Kobe would be unable to pull off faking his own death – and that of his 13-year-old daughter.

The concern of wife and children is more subjective than that. The issue of his 13-year-old daughter aside, what man would abandon the wife and family he loves and worked so hard to build in order to follow Jesus? Faking one’s death and abandoning one’s family for the sake of following Jesus? Totally unbiblical.

“I think that in view of the present distress it is good for a person to remain as he is. Are you bound to a wife? Do not seek to be free. Are you free from a wife? Do not seek a wife.” (1 Corinthians 7:27, ESV)

“Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” (1 Timothy 5:8, NIV)

But again, there remains the issue of his 13-year-old virgin daughter, who was also sacrificed.

D D d

A lot of celebrities/performers/artists call themselves religious
and or christian, because it enlarges their demograph – the group of people they project their products on..
to make money, in other words by deceiving.

A good eye for those that are true in that area is as important as knowing the predators from normal folk.

J Williams

My honest opinion is that ALL SPORTS are fixed. Therefore all sports “stars ” are being controlled. If they want fame and money they must pay the piper. Unfortunately for the ” stars ” they don’t know when the piper will call them back to hell.


Agree! Just like ALL the music artists. Alicia Keys was chosen as a child. She was on the Cosby show as a child. Most come up through the mk ultra machine. Remember Keys’ first album cover? Her keyboard covering one eye…Movie stars like Leo DiCapario, Brad Pitt, Jolie are all related somehow to the elite. This is real life Truman Show…everyone is “casted” and we the spectators have no clue. The people with tremendous talent that manage to get through the door – the one hit wonders for example; have pure talent and they make a hit. But the offer comes and they decline – you never hear from them again. They had morals and beliefs that would not allow them to sell their soul. So, they either leave the industry or go indie and have a modest career but never blow up like they should. Truthfully, the artists that are megastars are not that impressive to me. I love indie artists that promote pure art and not the elite’s garbage. EVERY facet of entertainment and media is tainted. Even Little Baby Bum….I have a niece and noticed the kids songs they first produced were pretty wholesome, but now, the… Read more »


With Kobe though his parents had to sign him over; which they did, so who knows if he truly knew what he was getting into at the time. Once he was owned then there were no issues.


I agree with this as well. A lot of parents offer up their children…Aaliyah, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, MICHAEL JACKSON (you see him as a child throwing up the signs), so many. I would never allow my child to be a part of the industry.

Truth Seeker 4 LIfFE

Kobe was an extreme narcissist and would do anything to get fame and fortune but he was always highly insecure and never felt good enough about himself which is why he was in constant conflict with his teammates and could never get along with other stars which is a classic sign of narcissism. I don’t know if this was satanic or not but I do know that his death means that certain people stand to make a lot of money now that he is out of the way. He is like Jordan in that his brand is going to be worth billions and now he is dead lol

Baby Girl

That’s funny??


As soon as I heard that Kobe Bryant died i wondered if it was a ritual sacrifice and this was before i even knew the Grammys was being held the same night! It’s all about timing, dates, numbers etc.


Blood sacrifices…on THE DAY OF THE GRAMMY’S…..A WHOLE BUNCH OF NEGATIVE ENERGIES at The Grammy’s stemming off of his assassination. Definitely dark forces were at work here. They took 9 people and 2 of them were children which heighten the power of the ritual.

Lord, may Kobe and Gianna be with you Lord in Heaven and in peace. Vengeance is Mine Sayeth The Lord. We are all hurting behind this. Praying for his beautiful wife of many years, and his 3 daughters who must now go on without their Daddy and her husband who was larger than life. Prayers going out


The children belong to the Lord. Not sure how the adults fared…

Paul Atriedes

They ALL belong to the Lord as do we ALL. Amen


Not sure why you assume he’s with The Lord.It’s unlikely that any of the “celebrities” in VC’s articles would be welcome in Heaven.


He was catholic and that’s a cult, sadly


Exactly, nice to know, that someone else knows that. Not many people do. I bet if VC did an article on it, people would SCREAM, and do all kinds of nasty evil things. The demons would come out in force, sadly. As I archive so many subjects I’m interested in, I could probably add to anything VC had, which would probably be alot, if VC dug into the subject. Wouldn’t take long to get enough for an article, that’s for sure. I’ve been collecting for YEARS!


Looks like they’re already here,voting down comments that disagree with their idolization of their precious sports “heroes”.Even those who are awake about “celebreties” are still slumbering when it comes to sports.Can’t live without their bread & circuses!


I seriously doubt he followed any denomination,but simply made his adoring public believe he did so his image would look all goody-goody and the endorsements and $$ would keep rolling in.If “celebrities” are the garbage of humankind,atheletes are at the very bottom of that heap.

Baby Girl

He was raised in Catholic school in Italy and Penn State…please research instead of spewing ignorance.

Keg Baridi

The fact that the Grammy awards were held at the Staples center was weird. This has all the hallmark of an industry sacrifice. Rip Kobe Bryant, Gigi and the other passengers and pilot.


This is proof that top athletes, like other entertainment stars, initiate into the OTO to receive preference, power and glory. Some have to agree to be a sacrifice down the line, in exchange for all the goodies and acclaim.

You can see how all these lost souls worship each other, and keep passing the awards and trophies back and forth to the same inside OTO sellouts. It’s all they have, as they have sold their souls for these few years of fleeting fame, as they are giving up eternal life with God for this dump of a earth down here.


It is so cool that this earth will be remade for those that believe…Forever!

Paul Atriedes

It will be remade for ALL! Because ALL of the unbelievers will be gone after the 1000 years of teaching has unfolded. Then it really will be Heaven on Earth, where God will sit on his throne In Jerusalem to continue his rule of the Universe, with all of us to assist him as he sees fit.

Simon Dennis

This article is some of your finest work V.C. God bless you for illuminating these curious connections. The whole thing stinks of degenerate forces at work.


I’ve been following you for like a decade and while article was great (as are all of your articles are great) I’m afraid you have the wrong understanding of a synchronicity. These events are obviously planned and are predictive programming. What Jung was trying to convey is that synchronicities are signs from the universe. They are essentially a “wink and a nod” that shows one that they are on their true path. They aren’t planned coincidences like this.

Also the rape allegations were not “allegations.” He admitted it in the end. We shouldn’t disrespect his victim by making it sound like she is just some accuser.


*this article
*as are all of your articles

Sorry for the typos, can’t edit and I’m on mobile.


They were false allegations, the court ended up dropping the case. The accuser did not testify in court. He did not admit to anything, it was consensual sex but she lied and said it was rape. She bragged about being with Kobe, she was with multiple men right after meeting Kobe. She also had mental illness issues, and later abused drugs. I hate how people are putting out false information without any research or knowing the whole case.

Get Smart

He admitted to adultery and consensual sex with that woman, NOT rape.


He later said that after six months of reviewing documents and evidence, he understood how his accuser thought the sex was non-consensual. He made a backhanded admission and settled out of court.


If the woman didn’t consent to the sex, then it was nonconsensual by definition. So nonconsensual sex is just a “nice” way to say rape. So yes, he raped her and admitted to it. She was probably terrified to testify in court against such a popular, powerful and rich man so she backed out, or she was intimidated or paid off to back down. This is what usually happens in these situations, powerful and rich men can get away with a lot of things. We have seen this narrative play out over and over again lately. Weinstein, Epstein, Prince Andrew, Bill Cosby, R. Kelly etc. The victims get blamed and demonized. Let’s stop doing this now, ok?


Kobe did not admit to anything, only made a statement that he now understood where she was coming from to end the settlement and move on with his life at the advice of his defense lawyers. He did not want it dragged on for years. That young woman has a reputation of trying to have sex with celebrities and trying to set them up to get money out of it. She was known to be very promiscuous, had mental health issues, one being schizophrenia, so she was mentally unstable. Also, they found s---n from another man too. Men with money get targetted too with false allegations, the woman is not always right! People jumping on the bandwagon and calling it rape when they don’t know all the facts. The accuser even bragged about being with Kobe and what she was going to do with the settlement. They dismissed the court case due to lack of evidence, she didn’t testify as well. That is what she pursued a civil suit. Women can very very deceitful and conniving. Dont think we can believe every woman who cries rape is a victim.

Baby Girl

They dismissed the case when three different spermatozoa besides Kobe’s were up in her a-s. Not even the FIANCE’s. Disgusting.


He was a serial cheater and pretty disgusting in a moral sense as well as hyper materialistic. I suppose most of them are in that neighborhood. His wife was a doormat who put up with it for the lavish lifestyle. Just because he died it does not mean that all of his past faults have evaporated. I don’t know why people do that really?

D D d

But where is the limit between making a living and being materialistic?
Is wanting more money materialistic too? Is the goal important?
For making a future a bit more easy on the children or
for being able to use better quality stuff?


There is no objective answer to it. You observe how your lives are panning out and you decide your limits accordingly.

just sayin'

Some people have an unconscious bias toward celebs, where they will take whatever they say as truth. I did not follow/am not interested in KB, but I do note how often attorneys (the root of all evil, heh) will spin negative stories to get their clients off. Have not idea in this case, just noticing that some are easy to convince when celebs are concerned.


Oh snap, you knew him personally?


Ppl like Kanye are so eager for the riches and fame that they sacrifice their family – like J Hud. But deals with the devil never end well. Look at the pics of the month…they are using J Hud as a prostitute and Kanye is out of his mind. THEY ALL BECOME SLAVES. And they get discarded after they serve their purpose. Prince believed he was protected but they killed him too. There is no loyalty. Ppl like Jay-Z are working the system because everything he touches turns to evil and generates money for them. He is buying more time and making himself indispensable for the time being. But he is not a blue blood and I believe they are the only protected members of the elite. He named his daughter Blue Ivy for a reason…he is deceived that he is one of them but just like the reporter said (calling Kobe the n word) it shows how they view AA that join their organization. And we all know that NOTHING gets publicized without their approval. They wanted the world to know how they REALLY felt about Kobe. The reporter was Alison Morris btw. The puppets always lose no matter… Read more »


It isn’t a coincidence that Kanye was in Kobe’s commercial. They had this planned for a loooooooong time


Then they held a satanic memorial for him. Who honors the dead using black and red lighting s--t is so evil


I wonder what’s in store for Kanye?


Kanye? Sold his soul for a few toys, like a happy meal.
Following in the footsteps of Esau.

Death comes to each of us, but eternal Life is available.
Don’t squander an eternal soul for temporal pleasures!

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