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The Dark Streak Continues: Nick Gordon – the Ex of Bobbi Kristina Brown – Dies at 30

After the mysterious deaths of Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, the dark streak continues: Nick Gordon, the ex-boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina, died suddenly at age 30. What is happening with that family?



The Dark Streak Continues: Nick Gordon - the Ex of Bobbi Kristina Brown - Dies at 30

On January 1st, Nick Gordon, the ex-boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina Brown (the daughter of Whitney Houston) died suddenly at age 30. According to the Daily Mail, Gordon suffered a “series of heart attacks” after consuming drugs.

‘It’s early days but the suggestion is he was taking drugs with friends and he passed out. They drove him to the hospital, took him inside and then left him there,’ said an insider.
‘Whatever you think of Nick and his lifestyle, it’s terribly sad that his supposed friends just dumped him and drove away.’

According to dispatch audio, Gordon had “black fluid” foaming out of his mouth.

Nick Gordon had some sort of black fluid foaming out of his mouth when someone called 911 … and he wasn’t breathing.TMZ has obtained the Florida dispatch audio and it raises questions about the cause of death. The 911 call came in as “cardiac respiratory” on New Year’s Day. As we reported, Nick was rushed to the hospital where he died. A man claiming to be Nick’s brother said Nick died of an apparent OD, and the “black stuff” could support that conclusion. Black discharge is sometimes related to a “foam cone” that comes out of the mouth and nostrils after an opioid OD.

The medical examiner will conduct an autopsy — possibly Thursday — and the toxicology results should be available in about 3 weeks.

Gordon was 30 years old. Not unlike Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, Gordon’s death was quickly attributed to drugs.

The Whitney Houston Curse?

The Dark Streak Continues: Nick Gordon - the Ex of Bobbi Kristina Brown - Dies at 30

Whitney Houston with her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon. All three are now dead.

To fully understand the strangeness surrounding this story, one needs to go back to 2012. On February 12th, Whitney Houston was found dead, face down in a bathtub. The autopsy attributed the death of a cocktail of drugs and water immersion.

At the time of her death, Whitney was not in the good graces of the industry. In the rare interviews she gave in her final years, she claimed that there were “evil eyes” all over her house and that she was “fighting against Satan“.

Houston was found dead on the fourth floor of the Beverly Hilton Hotel. A pre-Grammy Awards party was taking place at this exact location, a few floors below.

In the months that followed, it was discovered that the enigmatic “industry insider” Raffles Van Exel removed evidence from Whitney’s room before authorities got to it. This “insider” was also around Michael Jackson at the time of his equally mysterious death.

A few weeks later, a few weeks later, Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah went on record and stated: “I believe Whitney’s death was not accidental”. She also added that Bobby Kristina was “not safe”. That was three years prior to her death.

“I am concerned about my niece Bobbi Kristina, yes,” Leolah told Access Hollywood of her 18-year-old niece, who she refers to as “Krissy.” “Krissy is not safe right now. I want to say to Krissy that it’s very, very, very important that she does not trust anybody at this time. Anybody except her father, her grandmother Cissy and myself. And I mean that.

Leolah claims her brother Bobby is not doing well, but says he is not to blame for Whitney’s demise.

“Bobby has nothing, nothing at all to do with Whitney’s death,” she told Access.

While awaiting toxicology results to determine what killed the singer, Leolah told Access that she has reached out to the Beverly Hills Police Department to make sure they do a thorough investigation.

“I believe Whitney’s death was not accidental. No,” she claimed.

According to Leolah, what then killed the singer?

“My attorney has advised me not to get into that at all,” she told Access. “But, it’s very important to know that she did not just pass away like that. No. And if it’s the last thing that I do, I’m going to find out what truly happened to my sister.”

– Access Hollywood, Bobby Brown’s Sister Leolah: Bobbi Kristina ‘Is Not Safe Right Now’

Three years later, Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown was found face down in a bathtub – exactly like her mother. After spending six months in a “medically-induced” coma, she died in July 2015, at age 22. The cause of death was identical to her mother’s: A cocktail of drugs and water immersion.

Another strange fact: Two weeks prior to Bobbi Kristina’s death, Steven Stepho, a roommate of Nick Gordon and a “confident” of the couple was making regular appearances in mass media and was revealing some dark facts about the couple. He died from an overdose at age 22.

The Dark Streak Continues: Nick Gordon - the Ex of Bobbi Kristina Brown - Dies at 30

A screenshot of an interview given by Steve Stepho to celebrity gossip site Radar Online.

In this interview, Stepho accused Nick Gordon of taking advantage of Bobbi Kristina Brown and her money.

Nick Gordon

Nick Gordon was taken in by Whitney Houston at age 12. He called her “mom” and he called Bobbi Kristina “lil sis”. Therefore, he was not just a “boyfriend”, he was part of the family. As the years went by, the relationship between him and Bobbi Kristina became romantic.

The Dark Streak Continues: Nick Gordon - the Ex of Bobbi Kristina Brown - Dies at 30

Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown at the “We Will Always Love You: A GRAMMY Salute to Whitney Houston” in October 2012.

After Bobbi Kristina’s untimely death, Gordon was accused by her estate of wrongful death for giving her a “toxic mixture” of drugs. Although he never faced criminal charges, Gordon was found liable for her death.

“Gordon protested his innocence and insists he did everything he could to resuscitate the 22-year-old budding singer after finding her unconscious at their Alpharetta, Georgia home. However he was held legally responsible for Bobbi Kristina’s wrongful death by default and ordered to pay $36 million in damages when he failed to fight a civil case brought by her family.”
– Op. Cit., Daily Mail

In Conclusion

Although it is nearly impossible to untangle all of the mysteries surrounding the deaths of Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina Brown and now Nick Gordon, there are some items that cannot be dismissed. First, the fact Whitney and her daughter were found in a bathtub, in the same exact position is way too symbolic to be coincidental. There’s a message there. Another message: Nearly everyone who knew a little too much about this case died as well.

Whitney Houston claimed that dark forces were against her. These dark forces appear to still be at work today.

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The Dark Streak Continues: Nick Gordon - the Ex of Bobbi Kristina Brown - Dies at 30

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MSM reported that George Michael’s sister died “of a broken heart” on Christmas Eve/Day, then we get this on New Year’s Day a young man having multiple heart attacks. They just love playing with the numbers/dates/holidays.
It’s all so humdrum and expected. I used to really like George Michaels music but since becoming awake to all the Satanic handling of the artists I refuse to listen to even my favourite tunes. Withdraw your power by withdrawing your attention.

The Bell Soon Tolls


“Withdraw your power by withdrawing your attention.”

At last, common sense is finally beginning to shine through. That’s the key to this whole mess. Reject EVERYTHING! Sarah, I’m voting for you to be next PM.



Oh, if only it were that simple…but it’s not. I know; I tried. It is negative, destructive, and stagnating; a habit so easily employed, it immobilizes.

Romans 12:9 seems to offer a proper solution, another way of saying ‘chew the meat and spit out the bones’. Such a tactic strikes me as most wise.

The Bell Soon Tolls


“Oh, if only it were that simple…but it’s not. I know; I tried. It is negative, destructive, and stagnating; a habit so easily employed, it immobilizes.”

All I can say is: I’ve never experienced ANY negativity during my rejection of them. Quite the contrary. It gives me great joy being able to reject them, and their crap. The same joy I would probably feel if someone tried to sell me a dodgy second-hand motor. Walking by and not being taken-in by their spiel, that does me the world of good; and that’s what I thrive on.

‘chew the meat and spit out the bones’

I interpret that line as: don’t refuse the dinner: eat what’s good for you and leave behind what’s inedible? Yet I’m not quite clear as to what its message actually means as to regards “Those People” and their ‘behaviour’ 😀


TBST, “All I can say is: I’ve never experienced ANY negativity….” I meant that the approach itself is negative, as opposed to positive. “It gives me great joy being able to reject them, and their crap. The same joy I would probably feel if someone tried to sell me a dodgy second-hand motor. Walking by and not being taken-in by their spiel, that does me the world of good; and that’s what I thrive on.” Interesting. “‘chew the meat and spit out the bones’ “I interpret that line as: don’t refuse the dinner: eat what’s good for you and leave behind what’s inedible?” Yes, rather than avoid the meal altogether, which is sometimes a knee-jerk response (emotive, fearful). “Yet I’m not quite clear as to what its message actually means as to regards “Those People” and their ‘behaviour’” It helps to perceive everyone as equals, esteeming no one greater or lesser than oneself, or anyone else. It’s a radical notion, yes. But it promotes humility while eliminating “Us” vs “Them” thinking. We are then free to feel love and compassion towards those who would otherwise be perceived as enemies. As you have pointed out elsewhere, our “enemies” are often our… Read more »

The Bell Soon Tolls

seeker. Time is the only commodity which has real value and, is irreplaceable. Once that second is burnt, it’s gone forever; so thanks so much for your valuable time, and your input. “Yes, rather than avoid the meal altogether” Now I get it, and looking at MY situation: I haven’t avoided the meal. I’ve been there all along consuming everything that’s been served; and have even requested seconds. I haven’t dodged my responsibilities. I’ve faced ‘them’ and met their demands head-on, and I refuse to comply with their demands for money. What are they going to do with me now? What CAN they do with me? Who’s going to end up with the bones? … Not ME! “It helps to perceive everyone as equals” Everyone may be born equal but they don’t necessarily stay equal. It’s what they do between their entry and exit which determines their equal-ness. Two human beings, one a doctor and one a killer. I don’t see anything remotely equal there. “We are then free to feel love and compassion towards those who would otherwise be perceived as enemies.” I’m having difficulty with that one. I’m full of L & C for anybody, but isn’t that… Read more »


OMG if only some of you understood we are energy beings. Great things are happening on this earth because of us people are waking up to the facts if we love ❤️ stay positive we destroy them. The powers to be have been working on taking our energy for themselves bound yourself to the earth and repeat a positive loving prayer everyday stay positive or look up how to raise your energy force. I could tell you things that you wouldn’t believe

The Bell Soon Tolls


“OMG if only some of you understood we are energy beings.”

I understand 😀


Hey Dave. My energy has been really low,would love pointers, thanks if you have the time. Love and peace


@thebellsoontolls: you’re right, It DOES work! i only listen to instrumental music, classical, jazz (with no vocals) and even my teenagers are liking the peace and focus they get from listening to it. They can study better and have expressed how different they feel after listening to it compared to the current garbage music on radio and the internet. Even the mood in our home feels calmer and although at first they looked at me weird for switching to that kind of music, now they actually enjoy it. Haven’t had cable in over 3 years and don’t miss that stupid bill. No netflix. I don’t miss it. We read more, play board games, interact more in person. Sometimes i get an itch to watch a movie and FandangoNow is great for thosr of us who just watch a movie every once in a while. Even then i stick to watching certain documentaries. The “biggest little farm” is the latest one i’ve watched and it is inspirational and a nice watch. Most “new releases” are satanic horror junk, boring movies pushing the elite agenda. Once i got used to a different lifestyle and different activities i got an instinctual dread for… Read more »

The Bell Soon Tolls

Whatever OMG. Waking up and reading your Post this morning was like experiencing a beautiful sunrise; and it hasn’t even risen yet. I loved it. And is there any chance that I can come and move in with you and your ‘gang’, because it sounds to me you have got it so well-sussed; and the Energy in your house must be truly dynamic. “i only listen to instrumental music, classical, jazz (with no vocals)” I listen to classical music, but I’ve never been ‘into’ jazz, but I feel ‘somehow’ they can’t mess around with classical and instrumental as much as they can with other genres. Sound is as important to us as oxygen is, and can be contaminated just the same. We can so easily be manipulated by sound. And ‘they’ know it. In N--i Germany, the Minister Of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels ordered in 1939 to replace all tuning forks to 440Hz. Before that period instruments were tuned 8 Hz lower to 432Hz. Now why would they do such a thing? If you copy/paste into Google the line below you will find something rather interesting: “Who And Why Changed Music’s Tuning Frequency From 432 To 440 Hz” The author plays… Read more »


What does “rejecting” their music do exactly? I was a huge Amy Winehouse fan. She fell off, hard, as we’ve seen. But her music had heart, and expressed emotional pain. I identified with her because I am also a recovering addict. .

On what basis do I “reject” an artist’s music? Talent, genre, being railed and discard by the industry?

Ll pps

Pnce in a national TV interview Amy Winehouse said: They wanted to put me into a TRIANGLE but I said “no”. Rip Amy


@ JC. An artist doesn’t get anywhere unless their product follows the right agenda. Do you think it’s just coincidence that all the mainstream artists create music that is dark, edgy, satanic, sorrowful, angst filled etc? Do you think there just isn’t a big enough market for happy, soul inspiring, big themed lyrics such as that of Bob Marley and others? The kind of music which inspires positive emotion doesn’t ‘make it’ because the gatekeepers do not allow it to gain traction. The music they want to allow keeps listeners enthralled in a negative feedback loop. There is not much on this earth that can change your emotional state as quickly and effectively as music, thus it’s the perfect medium to manipulate the masses.
Amy Winehouse music is commercially produced. It clearly ticks the boxes of THEIR agenda. So yes, as hard as it may be to reject your favourite artist, if you are on board with the ideology that underpins this site Vigilant Citizen, then you have to follow through. On an energetic level that music is manipulating your emotional responses and thus hindering and directing your true nature as a CREATOR.

The Bell Soon Tolls


Welcome back! Nice one for your excellent Post, particularly your final sentence. Would you mind if I inquired as to what age you are?


I am 32….why?…

The Bell Soon Tolls

Sarah “I am 32….why?…” Hello again 😀 I haven’t been Posting on VC for very long. And I’ve NEVER been anywhere that there were so many people congregated in one place, and all cut from a ‘similar’ cloth; even though, at the same time I realise VC is also well-frequented by the Dark Side. They’ll NEVER miss an opportunity to spy on us (hello Y’all). My initial perception before arriving was that the Dark Side had captured all the youth; particularly since their introduction of mobies. Those youth I’ve ever encountered seemed to be so lost to everything around them, but their mobies. I’ve since so happily found that not to be true, as EVERYONE who responded to my question was way younger than me. I’m 63 and M. I even learned a Post was from a 19-year old, who had ‘Woken-Up’ at 13. To think: she could have been doing the usual things 13-year old girls do, and got sucked in to “The Machine”; instead she chose to ‘Wake Up’. That’s awesome! I can only relate her to when I was 13. Even though I was aware something in Life wasn’t quite right, I STILL would have been sucked… Read more »


Hey Sarah. I understand that there is a machine running the show and their influence on music getting pushed out, there’s no doubt about that. But making an effort to “reject” music and lyrics under the assumption that it is not the artist’s authentic emotion and expression. She was commercially produced, but what does the mean? I’ve seen her perform acoustically, I’ve felt the power in her lyrics. She sang about pain, and she was authentic at best. To say there was no value in her work because she was commercially produced by an industry promoting negative propaganda is dismissive if you consider her body of work. I guess you’d just have to be a fan to understand. She experienced life in a way most of us cannot imagine, but in her songs. It doesn’t HAVE to be an endless negative feedback loop. I listen to all kinds of music. Also, Bob Marley sang about pain that he saw in the world and was passionate about it. Amy did the same, but in a very personal level. Personal experiences. That’s why we have a choice in what we listen to. What resonates with us at the time we are experiencing… Read more »

The Bell Soon Tolls


“What does “rejecting” their music do exactly? ”

From a financial point alone, if we don’t give our money to these people it will impair the progress of their agenda. Money is the oil in their engine.


@The bell Soon Tolls – I get that. But I don’t pay to listen to it. lol

The Bell Soon Tolls

~JC~ “I get that. But I don’t pay to listen to it. lol” Well at least you are doing ‘something’ right 😀 These “Media-Icons” which are presented to us, you need to try and get your head around the fact that they are NOT your friends. They NEVER were and they NEVER will be! Their ONLY aim is to capture you EMOTIONALLY. They, the likes of Amy Winehouse, etc., are assisting FULLY in the agenda of their Masters. That’s their ONLY purpose! You’ve heard of the Pied Piper, haven’t you? Well there you go. Imagine that we humans are fish swimming in the sea. The “Media-Icons” are the NET put there to capture us. ALL those “Media-Icons” are the Bloodline of ancient wealth (PHOENICIAN Pirates). And NOBODY who is not of their ancient wealth Bloodline EVER gets to become “Media-Icons”. Sure, they’re presented to US as say, they’ve come from the back streets of wherever, like the Beatles, Zeppelin, Geldof; or Alan Sugar for that matter. They were ALL planted in those positions as ‘Sleepers’ to make us believe anybody could become rich and famous if they had any talent. They’re all just Tools of the ‘System’. That’s ALL they… Read more »


@The Bell Soon Tolls. I get what you’re saying completely, but I do feel like the position they found themselves in was not necessarily planned and I choose to recognize these lost souls for putting their heart and god given talent into something they truly felt passionate about, and not focus on the agenda-setting evil Bastards who manipulated them into destruction. There was once a person with heart and drive and talent and a story to tell, before their claws were sunk into them. That’s just something I guess I can’t overlook.

The Bell Soon Tolls

~JC~ Hi there. Thanks for playing the game. “but I do feel like the position they found themselves in was not necessarily planned” And I believe you’re right, to a certain extent. Initially, for some of them, it ‘may’ all have been about the passion of the music. But as far as I’m concerned, that’s no excuse. They are being used to push the Agenda, and although they may not know of what’s been planned for them at that time, there is no way they can be oblivious to it if they have achieved fame, fortune and notoriety. And when the realisation finally sinks-in, that’s the very moment when they should be weighing-up the situation. That’s the very moment when they are given their choice to follow the Light, or follow the Dark. The likes of Bowie, Ricky Gervais, Tom Cruise, Geldof, Bono, Michael Caine, George Clooney, Denzil Washington; and that scum of scum: Morgan Freeman, and ALL the rest of those other Big-Shots: they know what they’re doing: they know what the Agenda is; and they are pushing it as hard as they can. And ANYONE who is pushing their Dark Agenda, INNOCENT or NOT, they will not get… Read more »


The Bell Soon Tolls – I’m pretty sure we could go on and on about this, as we both have particular views on the subject, but I think we’ve made our points clear enough! Thank you as well for sharing your opinion.

The Bell Soon Tolls


Nice one for that. It’s been interesting. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to express them 😀

P. Brown

I had heard that Bowie was into Satanism and I find it painful to think about that as he was/is one of my favorite artists of all time. I would find it difficult to reject all of my favorite music. It makes me think of the Bible verse that says: “What profits a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul.” Something to think about…

Reality sucks

Amy was an actor on the world stage,they just tug at people’s heart and emotions to make money

The Bell Soon Tolls

Reality sucks

“Amy was an actor on the world stage”

You’ve summed it up in one. That’s what ALL the “Media-Icons” are: ACTORS! And those among them who become the most famous, it’s only because they were SO convincing with their acting abilities, and thus were easily able to capture us Emotionally; and that’s the Test that attaches them to their STARDOM. No capture us Humans, No Fame & Fortune!

Is AW dead? I doubt it very much; not if any of the other so-called “Media-Icons” deaths are anything to go by. Princess Diana, and Marilyn Monroe are a couple of names which come to mind.


Amy’s father is a jazz musician who signed a recording contract after she joined the 27 club IIRC.

Anyone who was paying any attention to her career and live performances at the time saw her going down. She was rail thin and her addictions were impairing and impeding her performances. It was incredibly sad. Her backing band, The Dap Kings, had a lot to put up with. There was no acting involved, none!

The Bell Soon Tolls

seeker. “She was rail thin and her addictions were impairing and impeding her performances.” You’ll just have to excuse my cynicism, but after EVERYTHING I have come across, I don’t believe not one word from ‘them’. They’re ALL Actors and Liars and, aside from the rumours they want to take our Souls: I DO know they want to steal EVERYTHING we possess, and will do, and say ANYTHING required to enable them to get what they want. Have you not seen any HollyWeird movie where the STAR had to change their body appearance to suit the Part they were Acting? Particularly weight-loss, is what I’m referring to. And let’s face it, AW didn’t have to work too hard to change her appearance; as she didn’t have much meat on her at all in the first place. I’m not claiming to know anything, I’m just applying what I’ve leaned about them; and particularly what they are capable of. Maybe AW did ‘go down’. That could be. I have to admit, she ‘did’ look a bit of a state, and I was only glancing over my shoulder keeping an eye on what was going on; at that time, not realising they were… Read more »


Well said Sarah. We need to “Watch over your heart with all diligence,
For from it flow the springs of life.”. Proverbs 4:23

Two verses come to mind from Philippians 4:8,9

“Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—think on these things.

The things which you learned and received and heard and saw in me, these do, and the God of peace will be with you.”

Emeka James Bronson

The strategic introduction of drugs into the lives of talented people with super lucrative musical catalogues appears to be the go to technique of industry elites. A technique adopted from CIA practices and its numerous Mk-Ultra experiments. This story wont be the last. Edward Bernays would approve.

The Bell Soon Tolls

Emeka James Bronson “The strategic introduction of drugs into the lives of talented people with super lucrative musical catalogues appears to be the go to technique of industry elites.” Hiya. The default-nature of human beings is “To Follow”. They present to us their Media-Icons, and in our naivety we look up to them, follow them, and emulate them. Look how they got us hooked on smoking. Way back in the days of Hollyweird, in their movies, the Media-Icons were shown dragging on their cigarettes, many with holders; making the whole process look SO elegant. They were ‘sold’ to US as people to look up to. They were … STARS. And they overwhelmed us with ‘stories’ about them in their press. We being so easily influenced by them, began smoking. The purpose of this wasn’t to entertain us with their wonderful movies; oh no, the ONLY purpose for them was to show these Media-Icons smoking, with the goal being to hook us on nicotine. After all, they controlled the supply of tobacco, so the more smokers, the more profits. That being extremely successful, then they presented us with all the manufactured music. All these top bands sold us the LIE that… Read more »


You give the best explanation of the media’s agenda.

The Bell Soon Tolls


“You give the best explanation of the media’s agenda.”

Thank you for your Post, and I’m so glad to have been able to be of help to you. That gives me a ‘buzz’. I’m just giving the benefit of my experience as I look back. I’ve had plenty of time to mull things over and look at them from many different angles. But at the same time: I STILL only know about one speck of sand in the desert, and I’ll be the first one up the front of the queue when the Movie is finally released.

Nice One 😀

Truth & Light

You know its no accident – quite fishy whitney, her daughter, nick and that dude (drug dealer who was with nick when they found bobbi kristina) all died of drug OD?! Plz – its evident to those who are awake.

Reality sucks

Yeah, it’s all fake and staged


It’s truly disturbing how all three were obviously murder! But because the masses own the media they can attest that it’s the typical Overdose on drugs lie. It really makes me wonder, what is Bobby Brown connection to any of this? Like we know he’s an industry pawn he’s a singer. He’s the ex husband & father of 2 out of the 3 that were murder. I’m truly baffles me as to how he’s just a spectator to this dark sinister web, or is he something much deeper?


Probably knows something he shouldnt so its redeemed “safer” to take him out.

Truth seeker

totally agree…kinda like what happened with Brittany Murphy and her husband/handler Simon… it was more convenient to take him out the picture.

Shannen McCarey

Hey VC, could you do an article about the bushfires that are currently taking place in Australia? 15 millionc acres of land have been burnt out, over 20 people have perished, many still missing, whole towns eradicated, half a billion animals wiped out including 30% of the koala population. Meanwhile the media is blaming ‘climate change’ and Australia’s use of coal. There was also an evil devil face photographed in the smoke just like in 911. It’s not hard to see what’s going on here, this is the beginning of the new world order in Australia I believe. I would love to read your perspective.

The Bell Soon Tolls

Shannen McCarey

Have you seen this video? If not, it might help to expand your awareness of the situation. I’ve had to supply the Link as such, because I’ve tried Posting Links previously, but my Post doesn’t appear.

https colon forward slash forward slash aanirfan dot blogspot dotcom forward slash 2019 forward slash 12 forward slash australia-fires dot html

The Bell Soon Tolls


That’s strange. Why would I receive 3 Thumbs-Down for writing this Post? I thought I was being a help, not a hindrance?

The Bell Soon Tolls


Now I’ve received 2 Thumbs-Down for ‘this’ Post.

Whoever you Thumbs-Downers are, thanks, that has given me a great titter.


Great find, TBST. Super important share, as well.

The Bell Soon Tolls


Nice one! I’m so glad you were able to decipher it. I thought maybe that’s why I got the Thumbs-Down, that it was coming across like Chinese Mandarin; although the Thumbs-Down have gone now.

If you’re still in a decipherable mood; but this one’s a cinch: are you aware of this site:

tiffanyfitzhenry dotcom

What a Gal. She looks only about 5 foot nothing, and so petite, but what she is doing is just incredible! She’s fearless!


Wtf does her looks have to do with anything? That sounds so demeaning. I can picture who you are now very clearly. “What a gal. She looks 5 foot nothing & so petite..”

The Bell Soon Tolls

RasDev “Wtf does her looks have to do with anything? That sounds so demeaning.” I’m puzzled as to why you would come to such a conclusion. Perhaps it was because I only laid down a few Words and didn’t make myself clear. So let me lay down a few more, and maybe that will give you a different perspective as to where I’m coming from. When you say that sounds so demeaning; maybe I’ve got it wrong, but I’m taking that as YOU might be thinking I am some kind of MCP … or someone, let’s say, who has derogatory opinions towards small, petite women? And that’s where I’m confused; because I did say what she was doing was incredible; and fearless, and in MY opinion those aren’t the comments of someone, who was, shall we say; to cut to the chase: a misogynist. The thing is, we are stereo-typically programmed to look at people and judge them at face value. So I look at Tiffany and my programming is telling me: here’s a woman, only about 5 feet tall and is petite. What power has she got? She’s too small to have any real effect on anything. Then I… Read more »

annihilator of barbarians

Now everyone understands,because it became obvious,that the fires do not start by the heat,this is retarded,the Illuminati burn the entire planet!They are so evil!The mouths of the Illuminati,the journalists,blame climate change because one degree more and the Earth is destroyed!They think we forget that in the past the temperature was higher and the planet was ok,for example when the dinosaurs existed!They think we are stupid.Spread the truth!All forest fires are arson!

The Bell Soon Tolls

annihilator of barbarians

Your words certainly strike a chord. Apart from those which said: “when the dinosaurs existed”. I should have another look at that concept if I were you. The way I understand it is, dinosaurs are just another one of their BS ‘stories’. I’m talking about the T-Rex/Jurassic Park type constructs. You know, all those horrific creatures that, all they want to do is eat us if they only had the opportunity.

Haven’t you noticed how dinosaur ‘stuff’ is aimed so much at children, especially via toys? And mostly, it’s a T-Rex which is depicted; because that’s the most recognisable one; the next being the Brontosaurus, only it’s more difficult to remember, and pronounce. They have to keep on reinforcing the idea that dinosaurs exist, and that tells me a helluva lot. Something like why they keep re-making versions of the Titanic. That was another fraud, but they have to continually keep reinforcing their version of events in our mind’s.


Whitney were so proud to introduce Bobby at concert in Poland… she was really great artists. It is a shame to compare her with other trashy autotunes pseudo artists.

D D d

I’d say: follow the money / publishing rights!
Who owned Withney in the first place? Her contracts, and later her legacy/last will..
Did it change hands? Yes? When, who bought the rights.
Universal again, or does some different legal entity make money on re-releases?
The future family fortunes…are built on misfortunes.


Follow the money? publishing rights?

The ones who OWN her and the others already have all the money and rights. She never owned anything, it’s an illusion.
Her death had to do with ritual, not money.

D D d

Why not both – were you there Anon? No, I hope!

The Bell Soon Tolls

Why, when it’s announced that one of those “Media-Folk” have died, do we just accept, without question, that they ‘have’ ACTUALLY died? Has anybody ever taken a step back and looked at it from an objective point of view, before reacting to it Emotionally? Regardless of all the lies told before, let’s start with 9/11. Look what the media told us about it: LIES. Look how the BBC reporter told us Building 7 had fallen; yet it was standing right there behind her: LIES, plus it showed there was an agenda afoot. Look at Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon … ALL lies! And as the years have rolled by: the media are STILL lying to us on a grand scale! So given all that, why would anyone just accept, without question, ANYTHING presented to them from the media to contain one iota of the Truth? Personally, knowing what LIARS they are, I don’t believe ONE word they say! They’ve lied ALL the way down the line; so why should/would they be telling the Truth in this instance? 9/11 was a HUGE lie to me. That’s what woke me up. I learned they will say, and do, anything to achieve… Read more »


In this day and age coincidences dont exist. Did anyone notice the journalist in hong Kong that got shot in the eye and lost vision in the one eye? After that the protesters started covering one eye as a sign of support to the injured journalists. Blatant right in our faces!

Funky Junkie

A junkie is easiest to kill with an OD.

Truth & Light

Thats why they expose them to the drugs – easy to blame OD so we will not focus on murder.


they just planted drugs on her, I doubt she was on anything other than the mind control pills she was forced to take, and their pills don’t show up on coroner exams, they are advanced drugs that can not be detected.

Rachel Silver

I have recently noticed that on some TV shows they are open about how messed up Hollywood is
On the show Enlightened with Laura Dern, an outdoor guide who used to be someone in the Hollywood movie scene pauses and says something like ‘ there’s a fresh layer of hell in Hollywood’ or something like that..
I was watching The Golden Girls and they were planning a trip to visit either New York or Hollywood and Blanche was worried about the freaky people in New York, but Sophia said with emphasis ‘no, because there’s no freaks in Hollywood are there’. (Or something like that)


Whitney was a target because she had money, talent, inside information, and a volatile temperament. Her daughter was a target because she had money and was surrounded by leeches. This guy had nothing but poor judgement and other users as “friends.” The ending was inevitable.

I Will Always Love You

I once heard a theory that Whitney Houston was murdered because she no longer makes money and therefore deemed useless by the industry. Let’s face it, long before her death, Whitney has already fallen from grace. What was once the possessor of one of the best voices the world has ever heard could no longer carry a tune in her final years. You can see in her concerts, live performances etc that her voice was not like it once was. She was constantly running out breath, she often slurred on stage and seemed like she wasn’t even there, she was basically struggling to finish every song. Just like Mariah today, Whitney’s voice has become so damaged from possibly a slew of multiple factors such as drug abuse, smoking, alcohol, stress, old age, and/or constantly performing/touring around the world without any breaks/rest; not to mention if you look at her songs catalogue, this lady sang the most difficult and vocally-demanding songs that not every singer could tackle and if done without proper technique could ruin one’s vocal cord in the long running so naturally it could also wear her voice out. Now that might not be a problem for other singers.… Read more »


It wasnt about money..Whitney was becoming a loose cannon..and was for a long time for all the reasons you stated in your comment but one of the deadliest things she did.. I think…which I also think sealed her fate was that she tried to slip a note to Jennifer Hudson whilst she was with Clive Davies (known as satan himself and Whitneys ex producer) at an interview they were doing..It was soo odd..Jennifer Hudson didnt know what to to act when Whitney was also trying to whisper something in her ear. I would looovvve to know what she was trying to tell her but she was ushered away pretty quickly..should still be around on YT

J.Hud? Don't you mean BRANDY instead?

Jennifer Hudson? Do you mean Brandy instead? Yeah I remember that incident. It happened when Brandy and Monica was interviewed alongside Clive Davis (which used to be Whitney’s manager when she was still signed to his old label, Arista Records, and was responsible for making her a star) just a day before Whitney’s death. The duo was scheduled to perform together at the Grammy the following day so the interview was supposedly about the duo’s newly recent collaboration years after their previous successful and iconic collaboration with “The Boy is Mine”. And in the middle of the interview, Whitney and Bobbi Kristina just came out of nowhere and interrupted them. Whitney in particular looked disheveled and out-of-place and her hair was all wet. When Monica asked her, why are y’all wet? Whitney replied to her, I’M DROWNED AGAIN, while slipping a note to Brandy with Davis also watching (“This is for you,” said Whitney to Brandy). You can see on tape that Brandy looked so surprised to be handed the note by Whitney and Davis also seemed so curious about the note. There are a lot of interesting things going on here: 1. Funny how Whitney said that she DROWNED… Read more »


whitney houston did want play the game, all it was. I would guess she did not want to continue making albums she did not want to make, she had a creepy joo handler, a little freak that owned her it seemed, as they all do in hellyweird. Sad fate too, she was beautiful and talented.

Dave Swansea

These famous types didn’t get rich & famous on their own sold the soul to evil and they want there sacrifice. From Whitney That includes the ritual killing of a family member If u don’t give them one they took her then the daughter

P. Brown

I also think that Whitney was a sacrifice for Jennifer Hudson. Could Kobe have been a sacrifice for LeBron? Both deaths were right before the Grammys.

annihilator of barbarians

A satanist who is in prison said that the satanists often murder,sacrifice someone by drug overdose!


Just like the Kardashian “Curse” where any association with them can mess you up for life, no surprise Nick was taken out for being a little “too knowledgeable” about Whitney’s demise that he got “set up” for death himself.


So spitting up dried blackish blood is a sign of internal bleeding. Did someone beat him before he died?




True. Their greatest hits comp “Past Masters” is another clue.

The Bell Soon Tolls


Aha, I see what you mean. Are you ‘into’ the Beatles?


Whitney sealed her last fate when she tried slipping a note and whispering something in Jennifer Hudsons ear..when Hudson was doing an interview with clive Davies..known as satan in the music producing industry and Whitneys ex producer.

D D d

Wait what who ?

Inquiring Mind

I believe Whitney slipped the mysterious letter to singer Brandi (sister of Ray-J, another shady character), not J-Hud.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall during that interview….


MY Bad…yes it was Brandi 😉


your right about being a fly on the wall..Id want to become a celebrity..not for fame or money but to know all the secrets they hold so dear..thats why you see many many celebs doing the shhhhh thing..look at Rhianon she even got it tatooed on her finger

P. Brown

Rhianna also has the Egyptian goddess ISIS tattooed on her ribcage right under her breasts. Very occult.

D D d

Or: to be a security camera zooming in on the messege..?


yeahh…check it out on YT


So the same hitman for both Whitney and Kristina. The exact same cause of death = Same murdered bc what worked once, will work again. Wonder how much they paied him?


What makes you think it was a “he”?


“the fact Whitney and her daughter were found in a bathtub, in the same exact position is way too symbolic to be coincidental”
Absolutely agree. Do they not even try to cover it up anymore? Or just enjoy f-----g with us. Also the fact the same industry insider was sniffing around at the time of Whitney and Michael Jackson’s death??!??
Thank you, VC, for all your work in uncovering all this bullshit, and helping open the eyes of the masses. I find it maddening that despite all this obvious foul play, it seems futile to think we can protest and call civil enquiries into these peoples deaths, when the corrupt system controls the flow of (dis)information and enforces the status quo. Orwellian as hell.

ps. first time commenting. Have enjoyed your articles for years. I love your analysis of Kendrick’s TPAB. I listened to the album again recently and the lyrics hit differently. Obviously I got all the metaphors when the album first came out, but he really goes deep. Truths are there in plain sight but so easily missed by the surface listener.

I will donate/ become a Patron soon 🙂

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