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Luke Perry Dead at 52 After “Serious Stroke” (Updated)

Luke Perry was hospitalized since February 27th. On the same day, Fox Studios had announced the reboot of the series “Beverly Hills, 90210”.



Luke Perry Dead at 52 After "Serious Stroke" (Updated)

Luke Perry, who was hospitalized since February 27 in Los Angeles after suffering a stroke, died Monday at the age of 52. The actor was mostly known for his role as Dylan McKay in the television series Beverly Hills, 90210, which was a cultural phenomenon in the 1990s.

At the time of his death, Perry was working in Los Angeles on the set of the series Riverdale.

According to the release sent by his agent, Luke Perry died of a “serious stroke”. He was surrounded by his children Jack and Sophie, his fiancée Wendy Madison Bauer, his ex-wife Minnie Sharp, as well as his mother, brother, and sister.

Perry was rushed to the hospital last Wednesday morning after suffering the stroke while at his home in Sherman Oaks, California. According to the emergency dispatch audio obtained by TMZ, paramedics received a call for a stroke at the residence. When EMTs arrived, he was responsive and talking, but his condition deteriorated shortly after.

His reps said doctors had sedated Luke, hoping to give his brain a fighting chance to recover from the trauma of the stroke. However, apparently, the damage was too extensive.

Luke Perry was hospitalized the same day Fox Studios had announced the reboot of the series Beverly Hills, 90210 for six episodes this summer. While Luke had not signed on to be a regular on the series, he was scheduled to make a few guest appearances.

He also filmed a role in Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Charles Manson movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Hollywood Darkness

While Perry was an international star during the era of Beverly Hills, 90210, he mostly appeared in minor roles or low-budget productions in the last two of decades. While Perry found his way back to mainstream success, he mostly got involved in dark, elite-backed projects.

Perry had a recurring role in the Netflix series Riverdale – a series popular with teenagers that has been dealing with increasingly dark and disturbing topics. The series takes place in the same universe as Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, a teen series that deals with dark topics such as Satanism, witchcraft, cannibalism and sacrificial murders.

Perry’s last role will be in Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – a movie about Charles Manson and the murders committed by his followers. According to occult researchers, Manson was an MK slave and handler. The movie was initially set to be released on August 9th, 2019 which coincided with the 50th anniversary of the gruesome and ritualistic murder of Sharon Tate (who was Roman Polanski’s wife). After some protests, the release date of the movie was moved to July 26th.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is well on its way of becoming one of the “cursed” movies in Hollywood. Indeed, Perry is the second actor to pass away after being cast in the film. Last September, Burt Reynolds died before he had begun filming.

In a final bizarre twist of fate, Perry suffered a  “massive stroke” on the same day Fox Studios announced the reboot of 90210.

Although these facts might all be coincidences, Perry’s death nevertheless bears the markings of a typical suspicious Hollywood death. Did Perry actually suffer a stroke or is he the latest victim of the dark side of Hollywood?

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Luke Perry Dead at 52 After "Serious Stroke" (Updated)

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Murder by Numbers

He died on the 63rd day of the year, his character on Riverdale is “Fred Andrews”, in Gematria = ((63)). News reports emphasized he died of a “massive” heart attack. In Gematria, the word “massive” = 43. “March” = 43. “Masonic” = 43. “Killing” = 43. “RIP” = 43. Dead at 52, “fifty-two” = 43. He suffered the stroke at his home in “Sherman Oaks” = 43. Also, “Beverly Hills” in Gematria = 67. And “Blood Sacrifice” = 67.
Furthermore, he was casted in Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming film Once upon a time in Hollywood to play the role of Wayne Launder = 63 (he died on the 63rd day of the year) and 144.
The film is set to be released on 7/26, 144 days away from today!

In Black Magic, all the numbers have to accurately line up for it to be effective.

The more you know…

D D d

You dazzle me.
It tickles in weird places.


Wow, that’s a trip


Whoa. (lame response but it’s all I can muster!)




He didn’t die of a massive heart attack, it was a stroke.

Murder by Numbers

Lisa, you are right. I don’t know why I wrote heart attack when I meant stroke, my fault. Either way, the media reported it as a “massive” stroke. And again, the emphasis is on the word “massive” which equals to 43 in Gematria.


What the hell is genstrus and how can you magically associate the same numbers to such different words??

Murder by Numbers


Gematria is an alphanumeric code of assigning a numerical value to a Hebrew or English name, word or phrase based on its letters. People who practice gematria believe that words with identical numerical values bear some relation to each other or to the number itself. The number may apply to nature, a person’s age, the calendar year, or the like. A single word can yield multiple values depending on the cipher used. Simply input the words into an online Gematria calculator, and you’ll get the corresponding number. Gematria originated as an Assyro-Babylonian-Greek system of alphanumeric code or cipher that was later adopted into Jewish culture. Numerology is just as important, if not more, to these psychopaths.


luckily tgheres only ten then .


Wayne Maunder died 11/11/18, not the 63rd day of the year.


massive = 47


All “magic” (there is no different kinds) is demons tricking the weakminded into damning themselves through witchcraft. They do this by giving the practitioner the delusion that it actually does something, like one would try to reinforce a dog’s behavior with a treat.

The numbers like you mention are just distractions to keep fools too occupied and frightened to notice what is really going on.

Marcus Wallenberg

Aah good, now we know and can all go home for a nap.


VC I’ve seen you post articles about the Denver International Air Port quit a few times. Well you might want to add another article about that airport. I just read an article today 3/4 saying Denver Airport installs a talking gargoyle that says “Welcome to the Illuminati Headquarters, I mean, Denver International Airport!”


Interessting, thanks for the info. Vc has good info but the commenbt section has some interessting views as well more often then not

My 0.02 $

You know, when about the Denver International, they are so blatant, that I think it must be a honey pot. We should focus on this place, while they have their entrance(s) to the Underground probably somewhere else. Maybe where nobody is ever watching, and the territory is controlled by army, like on Guam? Who knows.

Michael Coughlin

Luke Perry hadn’t been in a major theatrical motion picture since “8 Seconds” in 1994. He had a small part in 1997’s “The Fifth Element”. But the rest of his career was spent doing TV shows, TV movies and very low-budget, direct-to-video titles. His appearance in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” marks his first major film role in 22 years that is set for a wide release. Its also about the Charles Manson murders. It was also supposed to feature Burt Reynolds who died shortly before he could film his scenes. The film was initially scheduled for an August 9th, 2019 release. This was met with protests because August 9th, 2019 is the 50th anniversary of the murders. Sony changed the release date to July 26th due to the protests. But it will likely still be playing in most areas on August 9th. Release dates in poor taste are not new this year. Universal chose Valentine’s Day as the release date for “Happy Death Day 2U”. Valentine’s Day was the one year anniversary of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, FL. But instead of moving the opening date for “Happy Death Day 2U” to another week or… Read more »

D D d

Everyday is an anniversary of death. Maybe we all should learn how to deal with it better. And go on living in the now, having learned from the past.
I also dislike the enormous amount of war-celebrations, I mean remembering ‘freedom’. Indoctrination.
In this case I think it is more the anouncements of this lukeperry-death causes promotion including mentioning the new projects. Publication.
A human life has meaned less tha a dollar to some, as we all know, let alone a million-dollar project of empathyless people.

Thy Unveiling

I understand your viewpoint. To not go along with the status-quo on Rememberance Day is regarded as “disrespectful to the service and memory of fallen soldiers who fought for your freedom.” Same with not wearing cheap, stabbity poppy pins. Yet in truth, these memorial days are Elites celebrating the mass blood sacrifices of men (and in recent years, women) who were misled, coerced, or conscripted into fighting somebody else’s wars. Poppies are symbols of heroin and more blood spilled. Freedom is an illusion. Yes, I’m free to stay up later than I should, wear what I like, and smoke. But we’re all enslaved to the beast and money system. You also raise a valid point in the celebrity death reports “inadvertently” promoting various works. Even VC did it in his article. I did not know, nor care, about a new 90210 series until this article. The original never interested me. The early 2000s reboot wasn’t necessary. This one is even less necessary. I won’t watch it, but I may keep a distant eye for any allusions to Luke being their blood sacrifice. The final season of Glee frequently slipped in a lot of “tributes” (often while wearing black and red)… Read more »


I don’t understand the connection? Can someone please explain why Luke Perry’s death is relevant to this site? Was there some sinister backstory? Mercury goes Retrograde tomorrow but that’s not something usually discussed on this site. Why the report on Luke’s death? How is it related to the topics discussed here? Thank you.


Well he died the same day it was announced show was coming back with all original members. I suggest you read more Vigilant Citizen articles and pay attention.


Clutching at straws much ???


For once VC was lazy and juste reported a fact without explaining (perhaps it was intentionnal). In my opinion, human sacrifice is a common thing when they want something to launch something new and succeed (like a new artist, a new movie, a new tv series…). There’s this movie “American Satan” that actually explains the basics pretty well


Chris, thank you for informing me of “American Satan”. I watched it last night and it was right on.

Willie Jones Jr

No. No. No. No. I already dropped my phone in the toilet and my TV broke when I was moving it.
I can’t take any more breaks that the retrograde has for me.


It’s like with Whitney. When she died there was a huge party going on down stairs. Most people would have shut an event like that down if one of your own OD’s upstairs. These people didn’t. Now is there anything that really stands out about that? It’s hard to say, same thing with Perry. Is it all coincidence that he was poised for some major paychecks and a chance for a comeback? Is it coincidence that after Sharon Tate’s death the era of hippie’s ended? It all might be nothing, but super true, but better to take the information from all sides and draw your own conclusions. Not trying to nag though, thought your question was great, I’ve felt like that myself with other articles.


Duh read the damn article. Fully explained.


Keith Flint is dead too, I hope he was not murdered! Its a pity to loose people thru suicide.
Its not cool you maybe miss something life can give you.
Please look for help life is the only thing that really matters.
Feelings change and maybe its worth for you and your people that you stay.
God bless us all, if rich or poor – sad or happy.
Jim from Germany

Anisa Abdalnour

I think it is horrible to recreate the Manson family and their gruesome murders; the movie will become another glorification of murder and will add to the satanists delight. It would be better to offer that Manson was an MK Ultra “slave and handler”; sources of those occult experts?


This is another way to traumatize the masses and do MK Ultra mind control programming on a wider scale.


My condolences to his loved ones. At the risk of sounding insensitive though, I did wonder why his initial hospitalization and now, death, was such a headline. He continued to work and maintain a level of prominence but I would not say he was a major star in recent years. The extreme level of attention on him makes makes sense now with his involvement in a film that will surely show in full detail while glorifying the torture, sacrifice and death in the Manson story. Also an unnecessary BH90210 reboot that I suppose needed a sacrifice of its own to gain publicity and get the project off the ground. He is definitely a sacrifice.


Lucky for me I read VC and realized the truth behind this story. And the guy from Prodigy died too same day I think. Blood sacrifices. Hollywood getting desperate?


Just saw some pictures of the Prodigy guy who died on same day. You could almost get an STD just from glancing at those.

D D d

In the netherlads it is a weird thing to see it in a national news-broadcast that normally only shows celebrity deaths of the most and upper famous. He was not famous in Holland anymore than Poppy, only a pop- and dancemusic-gimmick for some. Although loved ofcourse.
So why spreading it this time on mainstram prime time?


To get a mass of people to feel emotional about it during a specific time period. Some people believe that can be very powerful.

D D d

Maybe, Mega.
Election season. Again. Bringing the minds of the public in a vulnerable state, to showcase in the broadcasts ‘Problems’ around the segments while planting concepts of solutions to be used later.
Those can be of any order, it will be half-unconciously absorbed.


Are you saying that Keith Flint wasn’t famous in Holland? Dude, he was famous everywhere especially in the nineties. He’s a legend and a pioneer, not a freaking dance music gimmick. I don’t know, maybe you’re too young to know about him, but he’s definitely a famous person and a legend.
Obviously he hasn’t been in the headlines in many many years, but then again neither has Paul McCartney. Just because you’re not in the headlines, doesn’t mean that you’re not famous.


If you equate one hit wonder Keith and his obnoxious screeching about slapping bitches with paul McCartney you just be blind and deaf. Definitely dumb.

Daniel J Weatherman

You sure he didn’t actually mean slap my witch up and was the last line of defense against the Illuminanti?

D D d

In Holland they had ONE major hit Firestarter, and a small hype around Smack Your B---h Up because of the vid, the rest was big in their own circles. What we describe as a hit, maybe that is debatable.


Hmmm, their first album did really well in the Netherlands…….

Willie Jones Jr

Yeah I made the connection between the two of them too.


Rave in heaven Keith Flint, a British visionary pioneer from the Prodigy. Battling depression and having a tremulous childchood is not a bed of roses. R.I.P legend


I knew this had to be a ritual sacrifice after I heard he had been working on the satanic tv show riverdale ( I have never seen it just heard enough to avoid it ) but the fact that they just announced the 90210 reboot puts the nail in the coffin for me. I know for sure this was planned by the elite.


By the elite or by tori spelling since this reboot was her idea, her pitch, her writing, her everything


Think this guy just had a stroke nothing more


At 52 years of age on the same day they announce that his smash-hit TV series is returning? Yep, just another day in Hollywood.

Thy Unveiling

…this was foreshadowed, to a degree, years ago on Clone High. Luke voiced the clone of Ponce DeLeon. Ponce had a penchant for litter. In a predictably unpredictable twist, litter killed Ponce.

And Hollywood trash killed Luke in a predictably unpredictable twist.

Predictable because expect 2 more celebrity deaths between now and April 20th. It’s that time of year.


Can you explain how you deduced we will have 2 more celebrity deaths before April 20th? I’m familiar with the satanic holidays calendar from Manly P Hall but I don’t understand how you quantified the deaths.

Many blessings, my brother.

D D d

Some people have learned to stop counting after three, I guess.


When Michael Jackson died, his sister repeated “we are all afraid now, because these deaths come in threes.” She knew something. Magic number. Maybe this guy from Prodigi will count as second.

Thy Unveiling

It’s not “stopping after 3” DDd, rather its the hype around them and the timing. Every year, starting around Oscar season and ending around April 20th, there are 3 “prominent” deaths that get a lot of attention. Yes, people (famous or not) die every day. But even in Hollyweird, not all of them get much more than a small paragraph of mention. Others, like Luke Perry and Mr.Prodigy, will have tongues wagging for weeks. Some, years (like Whitney Houston and her daughter.) Most tongues will stop wagging about Luke and Flint by late April. Well, Luke will be an ongoing triggered-emotional-thing for women (and gay men) over 40 the way Heath Ledger is for many, especially in the first year after his passing. Post-humous awards and the like.

D D d

When I look at obituaries, there are way more celebrities dead than three. Counting on one day, or an hour, or a week or a release of a megaproject. Please (!!) : Name the trio’s belonging to eachother or shut up about that death comes in three thing, please.


These three people died on March 4 – Luke Perry, Wrestler King Kong Bundy, and Prodigy frontman Keith Flint. It also seems a little strange that Luke Perry’s son is a professional wrestler and one of the people who died was a star wrestler with WWE. Luke Perry was also “killed” in a Simpsons episode. Predictive programming??

Russell Hobbs

Coincidentally we’ve lost quite a few musicians early this week, celebrity types that that were not that old — Aussie Idol contestant, singer Kate Cook at 36 and drummer Michael Walker (metal band Aranda, Oklahoma) at 50 included. Both deaths suspicious. The drummer with his wife were shot by their son, the singer was found dead just outside her home.


Burt Reynolds was old as dirt and already had a lot of health problems along with money troubles

D D d

Yeah, that’s a weird thing in a way. So many ‘superstars’ end up in debt. Not in a happy satisfied state of peace and financial accomplishment after years of milliondollar biggies, but in money-troubles.
Thousands of dollars on financial advisors and still as helpless as a child..


someone mentioned here keith flint, I mentioned him under the previous post too. I think we should watch international news too, not only US. maybe some pattern poppes up. we have to realize that not only some faraway hollywood people are brainwashed, but we all are in danger. do you notice that people are slow in thinking? that they have problems with decision making?
I also read about the disgusting hollywood remake by tarantino, it makes me sick… and what about the many movie-plans about singers now? why this allofasudden obsession?

D D d

To fuel all those families into following their dreams – via route of the global overdose on talent-scout-television-programming?

Just a Correction

Just wanted to say that Riverdale is NOT a Betflix original like The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It is a CW Network show. This is the first time I’ve read a VC article that contained inaccurate information. Also, while Riverdale and Sabrina are technically in the same universe, since they are produced by different companies, they might never merge together (as in have a cross-over episode). Just thought I would add some correct information.


Netflix* not Betflix, lol


you have time, read the recent news of an interview with keira knightley (why she avoids hollywood movies). is it really about mind control? how her mind was shattered, didn’t know who she was… for a moment I thought she escaped, but hypnotherapy means she only was reprogrammed, now advocating hypnotism as solution… it was really odd when she talked about her 3y old daughter that it is hard to “control” her… I mean I would never use this word in such context…


I’m not surprised if “they” took him out systematically like what “they” did with the others involved in the shady “Hellyweird” biz.


Luke Perry had done 52 episodes of Riverdale and died at age 52. Another coincidence?


Woww…great point. That could have something to do with it too. Numerology.

And he had 52 teeth… Poor guy, he looked very old for a 52 y.o guy! A lot of abuses I guess…


52+February= 9

Darkness,… But they take their own.
Have mercy on us, oh Lord.

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