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Inside Jeffrey Epstein’s Mansions: The Disturbing Pics

Pictures of the raid on Epstein’s Florida mansion revealed lots of disturbing details.



Inside Jeffrey Epstein's Mansions: The Disturbing Pics

Things are not going well for Jeffrey Epstein. He is currently detained at the Metropolitan Correction Center in Manhattan which is considered to be the U.S. strictest prison. Epstein is held in the most secure area of this prison, where fluorescent lights are never switched off. Inmates experience almost no human interaction, are kept in their cells for 23 hours each day, and CCTV cameras watch them as they shower, go to the bathroom and sit alone in their heavily barricaded cells.

Despite these facts, Epstein was found in his cell “semi-conscious, injured and in a fetal position” with marks on his neck. A week later, investigators are still trying to “piece together” what happened in Epstein’s cell and the Federal Bureau of Prisons still refuses to comment on the incident.

Considering the high-tech surveillance equipment at the Metropolitan Correction Center, the mystery surrounding the incident is bizarre. Some news sources claimed that Epstein tried to hang himself or faked an injury in order to be moved elsewhere. Others believe that a hit was called against Epstein.

According to Spencer Kuvin, a lawyer who represented three women in the 2008 trial against Epstein, the billionaire’s life is in clear and present danger. Kuvin believes that a hit was ordered against Epstein to make sure he won’t testify against his elite friends.

“I question whether or not it was a true suicide attempt that Mr Epstein was involved in in jail or whether or not there may be some powerful people who just don’t want him to talk. If he goes on trial, everyone he’s been in contact with will ultimately be fair game. There’s no doubt in my mind that no jail will protect you when there’s powerful people that want to reach you – wherever you are. If he’s going to implicate anyone in power that has the ability to reach in and somehow get to him – his life is definitely in jeopardy.

I do question whether it was a true suicide attempt. I mean how do you choke yourself? It doesn’t make any sense. There are reports someone came after him but that could just be because he’s a paedophile. Those types of individuals don’t last long in prison. If Epstein is in general population or anywhere available to the general population I believe his life is in jeopardy. They will have to seal him down in the jail. But even there there are still people who can get to him, ultimately.”
– The Sun, ‘IN DANGER’  Jeffrey Epstein’s life ‘in jeopardy’ as powerful pals ‘don’t want their secrets out’, victim’s lawyer claims

While Epstein’s stay in prison is far from comfortable, his previous life was all about comfort, luxury and the disgusting abuse of children. Pictures taken inside his Florida mansion during a raid prove this fact.

2005 Raid on Epstein’s Florida Mansion

The Daily Mail recently obtained a video of a police raid on Epstein’s Florida mansion in 2005. Some of the items found on the site are extremely disturbing. For instance: Why is there a fully equipped dentist chair in his house?

Inside Jeffrey Epstein's Mansions: The Disturbing Pics

A fully equipped dentist chair was found inside the bathroom.

Inside Jeffrey Epstein's Mansions: The Disturbing Pics

Next to the chair is a cart containing a lamp, drills and other instruments used by dentists.

Fourteen years later, there is still no clear explanation as to why this dentist chair was in his home. Did Epstein get dental work done at home?

Update: Although the Daily Mail article and other sources described this item as a “dentist chair”, it actually appears to be a high-frequency machine used by aestheticians to perform facials.

Inside Jeffrey Epstein's Mansions: The Disturbing Pics

On a wall is a bizarre drawing of a baby and a skull.  Underneath the drawings are the quotes “A Friend May Well Be Reckoned The Masterpiece Of Nature” by Ralph Emerson and “Live Long and Prosper” by Spock.

The mansion contained many other items typically owned by child abusers.

Inside Jeffrey Epstein's Mansions: The Disturbing Pics

A teddy bear sitting on a nightstand.

Inside Jeffrey Epstein's Mansions: The Disturbing Pics

A sketch of a person in pain and despair.


Inside Jeffrey Epstein's Mansions: The Disturbing Pics

A picture of a teenage girl (around the age of 15) in a tiny bikini. Was the pic taken at Epstein Island?


Inside Jeffrey Epstein's Mansions: The Disturbing Pics

Another unidentified woman lying on a beach.


Inside Jeffrey Epstein's Mansions: The Disturbing Pics

A picture of a naked young woman with her arms above her head. Was it taken before abuse?


Inside Jeffrey Epstein's Mansions: The Disturbing Pics

Pictures of babies and children.


Inside Jeffrey Epstein's Mansions: The Disturbing Pics

Pictures of an unidentified man with a baby and a young girl in a white dress.


Inside Jeffrey Epstein's Mansions: The Disturbing Pics

Some pictures were so vile that police censored them in the raid video. This picture is said to depict a 6-year-old girl bending over in a tiny dress.


Inside Jeffrey Epstein's Mansions: The Disturbing Pics

A picture of Epstein and his “girlfriend” Ghislaine Maxwell with Pope John Paul II.

Ghislaine Maxwell – the daughter of British media tycoon Robert Maxwell – was described by Epstein as his “main girlfriend”. However, newly unsealed court documents reveal that Maxwell was actually a “madam” who recruited young victims and abused them alongside Epstein.

There are lots of pictures of Ghislaine Maxwell in Epstein’s mansion.

Inside Jeffrey Epstein's Mansions: The Disturbing Pics

This picture of Ghislaine Maxwell naked is one of the many found around the house.


Inside Jeffrey Epstein's Mansions: The Disturbing Pics

A portrait of Ghislaine above a toilet bowl.


Inside Jeffrey Epstein's Mansions: The Disturbing Pics

Various pics including a topless woman and two people in bed.

As stated above, these images were taken in 2005. If you believe that Epstein’s 2008 conviction for soliciting a minor for prostitution changed his ways, you’re dead wrong.

2019 Raid on Epstein’s Manhattan Mansion

The FBI raided Epstein’s Manhattan mansion in July 2019 and the findings were quite damning as they matched descriptions made by alleged victims. Although no images are currently available of the raid, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan revealed some of the objects found on site. Here are some of them:

  • Hundreds of nude photos of girls and young women
  • CDs labeled “Misc nudes 1,” and “Girl pics nude,” or individual names of girls
  • Notes and messages that allegedly back up new sex trafficking charges against Epstein
  • A massage table
  • Sex toys
  • Lubricant
  • A safe containing cash and diamonds
  • An expired passport with Epstein’s picture and a fake name issued in the early 1980s in a “foreign country” listing Saudi Arabia as Epstein’s country of residence

Images from the raid would most likely reveal lots of additional information.

In Conclusion

Images from the 2005 raid do not only prove that Epstein was a pedophile, they also prove that he fully adhered the occult elite’s culture of child abuse and mind control. They do not simply indulge in abuse, they celebrate it through “art” and shape their entire lifestyles around it. They spend an astonishing amount of time and energy to recruit minors and to lure them into their sick den of abuse. It is all systematic and organized, and it involves the richest and most powerful people on earth.

Who said that this was all a “conspiracy theory”?

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Inside Jeffrey Epstein's Mansions: The Disturbing Pics

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When I started reading this site I didn’t have children. Now I have a 3 month old and this s--t is almost getting to be too much to handle.


It will get worse…prepare or perhaps choose not to know the details. I think I will do the latter.


if you want to understand, you will have to know.


“if you want to understand, you will have to know”
This is so true!


it is also important to know the tactics of what the criminals are using, to guard your children from them. How can you protect when you don’t see, or even know, what they are doing? Peace – Save the children


Dont stick your head in the sand like the coward sleeping masses. That makes you one of them. The bible says to expose the evil doings so KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!


yup, when having children you see the world diffrently, and more terryfying

ray jones

if you love your child you will learn to be as dangerous as legaly possible so that you can defend your child….you have a lot of work to do so git too it….


Yes, it’s crazy Katie. Hubby & I.. tell our daughter Everything and what to watch out for.. examples, suggestions & a lot of conversations, because we can’t be with her 24 hours a day. Start teaching your child early…so they’re aware & responsible. The world is moving so fast, so we have to school them fast..


Super weird bc my name is Katie & i also have a 3 month old and feel the same.


The world screams, all outraged that Epstein the pedo has been caught (again) – meanwhile we have hordes of ‘celebrities’parading naked on every media outlet, we have ‘elite’socialites attending occultist rituals masking itself as Google Climate Change Camps, we dare not say anything about how f-uped it is that little children are being told that they are now transgendered to fit in with the mockery that is made of the Image of God, we ignore the fact that ‘science’is conducting dangerous and vulgar experiments that goes against anything that can ever be deemed as natural or normal – yeah, all this while we listen to their pop song garbage, watch their lurid movies and tv shows. All this while we cry about how things have changed. I get so fckng angry at the spiritual blindness while scores of innocent children are being slain and the majority of the world’s population accepts this as next level entertainment….this world has become a putrid mass of inequity.


Well Delia, I completely agree with your points although I think they would be more credible and effective if you would leave off the “F” word. These LGBTQP parades around the world are putting children on display who are obviously despondent about being associated with these filthy vile perverts who are even worse than Jeff Epstein. These LGBTQP perverts want us to believe that children need to have their gender parts cut off and reassigned. At this point, the news is still trying to keep the Epstein case quiet as they have done for years in order to protect the Clintons and other global elites. But they haven’t even accused Epstein of the things that the department of education, plannned parenthood and the LGBTQP openly parade down the street.


LGBTQ is not perverted. I think u mean priests that rape altar boys


Same thing anonymous. LGBTQP, priest molesting altar boys. All the same bunch whether religious or not. Perverted is perverted.


nice try jay
consenting adults are NOT the same thing as a child being raped by an adult- u really think it is all the same. That is just so sad.
I hope u find love, fun and good o----m in your life.


In italy there is exposed and arrested an IDEOLOGICAL lgbtq set of persons which were raping, torturing children in order to make the children become perverted lgbtq pederasts….the police presented hours of tapes registered secretly from the disgusting conversations and tortures of your perverted friends…and this is not the first time. There www find another n--i kind lgbtq camp in italy 40 years ago where the pederasts did the same disgusting transformation of children…such camps were find under the secret project called “finders” made by deep state in all latin america where us perverted pederast friends raped, tortured for years since the 70s milions of children kidnapped everywhere in latin america…hitler was pederast , all the n--i elite were pederasts, it is well known…nazism has core in pederastia satanism ….you also know it all and so you lie here knowing that you lie…having sex between adults doesnt mean that this kind of sex might ne considered normal. This is sickness, this is not a normal human nature as sodomy means rape of another male, the violence on over person across the hole that was meant for expelling the s--t, not for having a dick!!! Sodomy is a satanic ritual of… Read more »


Btw among this perverted set in italy there are advocates, budget, doctors, political figures, military and other high powered degenerates…It is an IDEOLOGICAL circle of persons which have ramification in all europe and probably all world. So dont f..k up the mind of people turning the attention on vatican scandals ad it it is just a vatican affair. Actually vatican is YOUR agency, ha fully charged and governed by ur purple rainbow perverts and is just one of ur global spreaded abominations!


The life is not made of o----m and perverted passions. If ur mind may see life only this way, then u r really a sick subanimal infernal creature, as even animals dont live just for sex, fun n o----m. The animals do copulation only once or twice in a year just for survuving as a species, just to continue their biological line. You sick demons have in mind only obsession of perverted habits, as a sence of life, you sick demons infested our world with ur disgusting religion of perverted violence. Go back to the hell.


LGBTQ lobbies are a perversion, yes.


Do some investigating beyond what the occult sponsored programs relay… abuse is exponentially higher in PUBLIC SCHOOLS than church. That being said, however, I hope the pedo parts of the incredibly corrupt Vatican (and any religious leader) that doesn’t repent and report their horrific centuries long affiliation with the occult are ready to burn in hell for eternity. Red shoes won’t be funny when despair and suffering are your forever ‘to do’ list


Are you freaking kidding me? LGBTQ is perversion in its highest form! Its SODOMY! You’re as sick as Epstein and company.

Up With People

And yet while a h--o painted the Sistine Chapel and sculpted the Statue of David, invented the computer that ended WWII, lifted us all with We Will Rock You, Rocketman and Heroes you’re writing hate about them in some little comment section as if they are less than dirt, and you are so much better. Dream on, but consider whose dreams brought people together and joy and peace to millions around the world.

Your ignorant, vicious, nonsense dreams are the reason Pride Parades began and continue. They are parties and celebrations now. I’d rather be joining in with a crowd singing We Are The Champions than spending a minute in your small minded circles.

Mojo Jojo

Ok so according to those who write history, these people who you claim were homosexual, were probably not. If I did a hit piece on Hitler saying he was a repressed, closet homosexual, that is the reason he launched ww2, would that make it a true fact? What if everyone who saw it believed that and spread the lies around for decades? See my point? But regardless, if they truly were homosexual or not, that is of no consequence to the point, the point being that the LGBTQ+ community makes up less than 5% of the worlds population (probably far less than that, but I though I would be generous), but given such a small minority of the population, there involvement in pedophilia, rape and abuse of both children and adults, is disproportionately high when you compare it to the regular public. Even compared to the Catholic church, the rate of convicted pedophiles is far higher. But I am sure you will try to explain this away with nonsense about victims too scared to come forward etc, but for some reason there are a different kind of victim to LGBTQ+ who come forward far more often than the hidden figures… Read more »


Mojo, the ignorance and evil is within you, and it’s called hate. Nothing you said is true.


The Bible says that PRIDE goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.


Oh look,revisionist history, isn’t that cute? I live in Rome AND teach history, and if you think Michelangelo was “h–o” simply because he never married, well, you need help.
Michelangelo was in love with the niece of one of the cardinals in the Vatican, and wrote love poetry to her; but he was so physically ugly, socially inept, and dirty and smelly that he assumed she would never go for him (which was probably true). He loved from afar, and otherwise lived like a monk.
Do you think that Julius II would have condoned a “h–o” in such a visible role in the Vatican? Think again. If Michelangelo had been frequenting the brothels like Raphael, Julius would presumably have looked the other way–because that would be sinful, but “normal.” But with other men? No way.

Agent White Horse

Forgot the Masonic black and white floor in the bathroom


It needs to be shown to the public… You guys think this is bad?! This is nothing compared to dance moms where they have 5 year old girls barely dressed dancing around in a cage


Another sickening way to prostitute your kid for fame and fortune. AKA Jon Benet’ Ramsey.


Ugh dance moms is the worst. Can’t even call it entertain

Andressa Gonzalez

Disney Cruises make stops at both of Jeffrey Epstien’s Islands. I wonder why…


I am SO happy that Jeffrey Epstein will now be forced to pay for his crimes. He sickens me with his blatant abuse of power, privilege, and wealth. He took full advantage of extremely vulnerable and naive, underage young women and seduced and manipulated them. He is a serial rapist, molester, and pedophile who needs to suffer as his victims have been suffering all of their lives with the vile memories of his abuse, and from the trauma he caused them. I am a rape survivor, and understand that a person never fully heals from the trauma of sexual abuse/molestation.


Ok, so look at what is happening in my country, in Romania. Friday morning a 15-year-old girl call 112 saying she was kidnapped, raped and beaten by a 50-year-old guy, the police identified her 8 hours later and the waited in the front of the killer house till 6 in the morning because the warrant said so, all this while the girl screaming in the house. She was murdered allegedly after the killer find out that she was calling the police. So here are the weird things come. it has been finding out that the girl wasn’t the only one and that the dude is one of the worse serial killers of our country. We know of that one more girl was abducted (as we know so far) and that the dude is actually kind of a delivery guy for a sex trafficking network who has ties with the police and the criminal world. In that city, the police actually cover him a-s the persecutor of the case has this guy car in a video of a surveillance camera on the day when he kidnapped the first victim. The police one week later still haven’t find the girl’s body and… Read more »


I forgot to mention that the persecutor of the case in that city has connections with the organized crime in that city as his house is building on the land of a crime boss.


Omg. I pray it’s exposed a dealt with. Trump seems to be having an impact globally on pedo human trafficking (makes sense since it’s all connected- most of these abusers advocate for a world government for a reason).


All Pedophiles Must be Slowly & Violently Tortured to DEATH.


They will be tortured for all eternity.


And anonymous, if you don’t repent, you’re gonna be right there with em.


Jay the voice of god, Jay the grand judicator, lol.


That Anonymous is just a troll…they are everywhere, f…king up the brain and nerves of people with their perverted propaganda.

Cynthia Ann Mason

I have to disagree about the “dental chair with equipment/drills”. I work in the beauty industry as an esthetician. The equipment shown in the photo is for performing facials. It has a magnifying light, a steamer and various tools for providing skin brushing and light wands etc.


That looks like a Asthetician tools, not dentist, although that can also shock a person if used incorrectly


Yes, it looks like a facial steamer and magnifying lamp with a high frequency machine used for facials.


Maybe?! That’s what he was doing.. “shocking” people. You don’t put Nothing pass a dem0n..

Mojo Jojo

Could be both tbh, maybe he had a tray of dentist tools to swap with somewhere in the batroom.
Torture and pain go hand in hand with satanists.
Drill a root canal without any anesthesia, a damn sure way to trigger dissociative personality in people to cope with the excrutiating pain of the nerve endings getting drilled into.
Force cosmetics surgery on others like they used to do with victims like Michael Jackson and a lot of the hollywood crowd as a way of punishment and showing who is in control etc.


Has anyone ever noticed where is the Me Too Movement’s voice is all this? Why are they so silent? Where is the outrage? Makes you wonder if there is a connection to the pedo rings.


They’re busy bc one of their prior HBICs, Lena Dunham, tried to force-kiss Brad Pitt on the red carpet (after pulling up her dress during filming of his latest movie). It’s tough keeping up with a pretzel version of ‘morality’ out there, folks. Their coven priestesses are failing them and they don’t know what to do w/o talking points


So true about “me too.” The whole feminist movement from start to finish is a sham designed to hoodwink gullible women and destroy the families of unsuspecting men. The women who attempt to stand up for traditional marriage and family values take more heat from feminists than a man like Bill Clinton who thinks nothing of raping another mans wife and then gets help from Hillary to keep her quiet.


I want all these psychos to go to jail or worse. So many children and women get abused daily by vile people. I’m disgusted and horrified.

Humble Servant

War leads to poverty, poverty leads to desperation, and desperation leads to the unthinkable. I recently saw a heartbreaking documentary of Syrian children being forced into the sex trade in neighboring Lebanon. One of the little girls said: “We fled our once beautiful country to escape death and destruction, but here they hurt and destroy my body everyday. To me, death doesn’t seem so bad after all.” After that, I just began to weep, tremble and couldn’t continue watching. “Every soul shall taste death, and you will only be given your full compensation on the Day of Resurrection. So he who is drawn away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise has attained his desire. And what is the life of this world except the enjoyment of delusion.” Quran 3:185


sounds like the migrants that came here, to escape violence… and your all-mighty Trump, locked them in cages with no water, toothpaste or food. And separating children from their parents- where do u think they are going? ANd the moral highground Mike pence stands there like a zombie.
please dont say Obama did it too….. as that is the PAST- we are here NOW… I get u hate Progressive/left folks- but believing in Trump as your savior is not the right path either.
He is a reptilian clone-


Not sure who brainwashed you into communism anonymous, but they sure did a precision job of it. I suspect the NEA and the current public school system did it considering what a complete and total job they did.
No, President Trump is not our Savior. Only Jesus Christ can fill that title. But God had mercy on America one more time by giving us President Trump instead of Hillary, Bernie or Biden, and you had best not take it for granted because God’s patience with this nation of feminists, sodomites and communists appears to be running out fast as people like you with no common sense or decency bring us ever closer to the above named candidates.


how is trump giving us Mercy? hanging out with leaders of North Korea, Russia and Saudi Arabia? I dont get it- they are the most anti-christian people in the world.
Trump giving us mercy by cheating on his third wife ? Locking up kids without their parents?
How is a Feminist hurting you exactly? or a man who is in love with another man? How does that hurt YOU Jay
I am pretty sure Jesus wanted all of us to get along


You’re extremely short sighted and ignorant of Gods Word anonymous.


Yes anonymous, I realize that you have no interest in obeying God, or even finding out what he says. You would rather just go along blindly with pop culture and perish with the rest. And then when it all falls apart because you didn’t give a rip about the Truth, you’ll say,”why me?” “Why are all these bad things happening to us?” “All we did was what we wanted to do, and we didn’t really care about God and The Bible.” “But what’s so bad about That?”

Let me tell you what God says. God says,”There is a way which seems right to man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”


Someone really need to do something about these religious freaks invading VC,


Ha! Go along blindly? Do you hear yourself? You follow an old book as if it were a books of facts and science. You believe in a ghost to tell you how to live, a zombie as your savior, and you follow it all blindly. Never has religious dogma saved the world, and it never will. Your indoctrination by and of the bible is troubling because the greatest concentration of sexual abuse, spousal abuse, and other forms of neglect takes place in highly religious parts of this country and other countries around the world. Secular communities use logic and reason instead of superstition to make decisions. Secular communities teach things like sexual education so boys and girls aren’t victims of people who’d mislead them. Secular communities rely of evidence-based science to discern the world, while people such as yourself ignore every tenant of the bible as you cast stones from your pious perch. The irony is great, and the absurdity is as well. Why not open your eyes and use the free will your god gave you to think for yourself, instead of preaching flawed rhetoric from an old book. Sheesh!


your almighty bama the moslem did worst but none talks about it because it was ‘bama.

Bless you

Politics is a game; designed and controlled by the Elite. Obama knows this, Trump knows, Clinton knows…’s all fixed.

There is no democracy. Communism was real when Jesus was alive; he was a Jew and a communist (beautiful soul – our Savior).

Today communism is completed different. I don’t think it’s fair to call anyone a religious freak. Believing in something higher than you, accepting your limitations as a human and humbling yourself to the world around you will give you great faith, patience and hope.


Believing in something higher than you and thinking there are religious freaks on VC are not mutually exclusive things.


Trump became president so he could stop everyone like Epstein and other human traffickers. Did you know that Trump sometimes will meet with the leader of a country, and 2-3 days later there is a huge mass arrest of people involved in this? He shares with them the findings of our agencies and then the arrests happen. I don’t remember the statistics but it was an amazing increase of arrests in the U.S. as well. They are going after the smaller criminals first, and through them they are building cases against the top people.


And “they” planned to take him out for fears that he would become a sellout and rat out the rest of the elite members. The “attempted suicide” thing is just another potential cover-up of what’s really happening since nothing can protect you from the elite, not even the toughest jail. Nothing new about the elite trying to cover up their tracks as usual in terms of disposing those whom they consider no longer part of the Illuminati.


Or… Epstein’s arrest is just a decoy to distract us from something else, a way to “appease us”, giving us a false sense of having caught one of them and of something being done. If they wanted him dead, he would already be dead. His being found in his cell with strangulation marks is just for the show.


Either way, its always good to look beyond what happening here regardless of what’s being used as a decoy


Lots of paid shills jumping to his defense in the forums I see, multiple accounts voting people down and themselves up. Extended posts carefully riding the line between defending teen abuse vs child abuse, he’s not do bad right? Paid sickos defending a sicko.


This is what VC does and he is greatly appreciated for exposing these sick rich pedo elite that usually pay their way out of pick a fall guy either way its sick but he did stuff like this everyday its important to show the evidence before it disappears these are victims they deserve to get justice or at least remembered what sick twisted stuff they went through, read at your own risk. I’m pregnant and it calms me to see these sick bstards thrown to the wolfs


Um…..Ever heard of punctuation?? Um, yeaah…..Try it sometime…


Nitpickers aren’t needed thank you.


Ok Rhonda so you’re also a part of the group that is here to disrupt timely news from Vigilant Citizen.


Learn to read Jay. You just hate women so much you lost the context.


Dude needs to be hung after he names all the other pedos to be hung on a later date.


The portrait above the toilet looks more like Mylene Jampanoi than the Maxwell woman.

Jhonny Q. Public

You’re right. The Maxwell gal was never very pretty.


It is Mylene Jampanoi! Good eye

kerri copeland

he wont make it to court, his powerful ex friends will have him bumped so he doesnt release their dirty deeds

ray jones

i thought he had the chair there for after he was done with his toys you know when he had found a new one and couldnt let the old one go so you strap em in the chair and drill holes in their teeth while you draining their blood for later… sorry folks but we are dealing with some sick evil demented animals and it going to take a while to get them all

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