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Introducing the Vigilant Citizen YouTube and Odysee Channels!

It’s been a (very) long time coming but it’s finally happening.



Throughout the years, numerous video channels inspired by The Vigilant Citizen popped up on YouTube. However, there was never an official VC channel. Until now.

Indeed, it is my pleasure to announce the launch of the official Vigilant Citizen YouTube channel! Also, this channel will be automatically synched on Odysee – a less censored alternative to YouTube.

Since 2009, people have been requesting me to make videos. While I fully agreed with them that video was probably the best format to reach new people, I had no idea how to do this.

So, in the last months, I spent some time learning video editing and everything associated with it. And I still kind of suck at it. Nevertheless, I already have lots of projects lined up for the channel ranging from short, humorous YouTube-y videos to longer, documentary-style productions.

Considering the contents of this site, I half-expect YouTube to censor, demonetize, or outright ban the channel. For this reason, I followed the advice of several readers and also set up an Odysee channel which will automatically back up everything.

The first video on the channel is short and simple as I’m still very new to this. I hope you enjoy it nevertheless and make sure to LIKE THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON AND SMASH THE COMMENTS BELL! Or whatever these YouTubers say.

Update: The video was removed from YouTube (took like 2 days). It is still available on Odysee:


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