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The Haunting Last Words of Isaac Kappy: “Now, I Am One of Them”

Isaac Kappy – the actor who accused several Hollywood figures of child abuse – died after throwing himself off a bridge. A few days prior to this fateful day, Kappy posted a haunting video about him “crossing the line” and becoming “one of them”. What actually happened to Isaac Kappy?



The Haunting Last Words of Isaac Kappy: "Now, I Am One of Them"

Isaac Kappy was an actor who appeared in several Hollywood productions such as Thor, Terminator Salvation, and the series Breaking Bad. However, in the past years, he was mostly known for accusing several Hollywood personalities of pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse. Some of the names he named throughout his videos and social media posts are Tom Hanks, Steven Speilberg, James Gunn, Kathie Griffith, and Seth Green.

The Haunting Last Words of Isaac Kappy: "Now, I Am One of Them"

The Haunting Last Words of Isaac Kappy: "Now, I Am One of Them"

Soon after these accusations, Kappy made the news for allegedly choking his friend Paris Jackson at a party and for threatening Seth Green on several occasions. These actions lead him to be investigated by the LAPD and to be labeled as a “nutjob” by mass media sources.

Off a Bridge

On May 14th, Kappy found a violent death after plunging from a bridge onto the Interstate 40 highway in Arizona. According to police sources, Kappy “forced himself” off the bridge after two teenagers physically attempted to stop him from doing so. After the fatal jump, Kappy was struck by a passing vehicle.

Shortly before his death, Kappy deleted his entire Instagram history and posted a final letter with the ominous caption: “Beware the man that has nothing to lose, for he has nothing to protect”. In this lengthy suicide note, Kappy writes that he “has not been a good guy” and compared himself to Judas Iscariot (who betrayed Jesus). He also referred to Donald Trump, the QAnon movement and his attempts at exposing Hollywood.


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Beware the man that has nothing to lose, for he has nothing to protect.

A post shared by Isaac Kappy (@isaackappy) on

Bizarre fact: The letter was dated July 4th, 2019.

The Final Video

A few days before his death, Kappy posted a final video where he repeats several times that he did a “very dumb thing” and that he let “the darkness consume him”.

The Haunting Last Words of Isaac Kappy: "Now, I Am One of Them"

A screenshot from Isaac Kappy’s final video.

Although Kappy does not explain exactly what he did (because that would put people in harm’s way), he is convinced that there is no coming back from his decision and that his life was essentially over.

Here some notable quotes from the video where he also answers questions from viewers.

“This will likely be my last broadcast.”

“There are a lot of people that I kept out of my life, that I wanted in my life, but I didn’t want to bring harm to, because of all the Illuminati sh*t.”

“This struggle against darkness consumed me. Yeah, I’m a bad guy. I’m a bad guy.”

“I have done a disservice to God. I have done a disservice to America.”

“Did I hurt a child? No, I did not hurt a child. I did not kill anyone, no. No, I’m not being threatened.”

“I took some bait. There was a lot of work in inducing what I did.”

“I’m a traitor and it happened in the blink of an eye. I accessed some very high levels of consciousness and then I went way, way, way down.”

“I exposed a lot of bad guys and now I’m exposing myself.”

“Have I become one of them? I am. Now I am one of them. Those people that I was so concerned with finding and rooting out because of the darkness … and I just let the darkness consume me.”

“In the beginning, when I came out, it was from a place of bravery and love. I have betrayed all of you.”

“They will write books about this decision and how f*cking dumb it is.”

“Did I lie about Seth Green? No, Seth Green is a pedophile.”

I crossed a line I shouldn’t have crossed.

“No, I did not take a Satanic vow.”

“I am not suicidal.”

“I’m not going to tell you what I did because, at this point, it could still endanger people and I don’t want to do that.”

“Can you help me? You can pray for my soul.”

“I did not join the Illuminati.”

“Something bad is about to happen.”

“Some things were planted inside my consciousness.”

“Have I been MKULTRA-ed? Well, let’s say there was some things that happened that were not normal as far as things playing in my head that came from outside.”

“I need to pray, I need to pray a lot.”

Kappy also said on a few occasions that he was suffering from PTSD and that he underwent severe trauma.


All of these bizarre facts sparked a great number of theories across the internet. Some claim that the people who were “physically restraining Kappy” before jumping were actually pushing him off the bridge. The fact that Kappy clearly stated that he was not suicidal in his final video only exacerbated these theories.

Others state that Kappy was a victim of gangstalking, which could explain the quote from his final video about “things playing in my head that came from outside”. Other theories claim that he was being blackmailed by the elite, citing a mysterious video involving children that briefly surfaced on Kappy’s social media accounts.

Even more bizarre, some claim that Tom Hanks “predicted” Kappy’s death in one of his IG posts.


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Historic Route 66. Roadkill? I hope not! Hanx.

A post shared by Tom Hanks (@tomhanks) on

For years now, Tom Hanks has been creeping people out with bizarre pictures of random single gloves, shoes or boots found on the ground, combined with strange captions. Many of the comments on these pictures state that these pictures actually represent people who were killed or abducted by the occult elite.

About a month prior to Kappy’s death, Hanks (who was accused by Kappy of pedophilia) posted the above picture of a glove on Route 66 (Kappy died on Route 66) with the caption:

“Historic Route 66. Roadkill? I hope not! Hanx.”


One thing is for sure, Kappy was convinced that he had a fateful (and fatal) run-in with the occult elite in the days prior to his death and that he irredeemably sold out. He was convinced that he betrayed his followers and was very aware that his days were numbered.

But what actually happened? We’ll probably never know.

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The Haunting Last Words of Isaac Kappy: "Now, I Am One of Them"

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Truth & Light

I watched his youtube video and I can sense he is telling the truth. If he was lying, why target him? He was murdered for telling the truth. Like millions before him. Thanks Isaac for being a brave soul and shedding light in Hollywood’s nastiness. More to come. Evil cannot hide for long, light will expose it. Love and light to his gentle soul.

Timothy W Anderson

Here, here! This smelled like a SPIN job as I did NOT get this from his monologues. The “darkness” he was feeling was from the acts of which he knew of and his staying quiet so long.


Well I hope he’s in a better place now and thanks for exposing those sickos while he was still sane. Hopefully he’s resting well in heaven now.


I think the theory about why Tom Hanks posts those stupid shots of missing gloves, socks and shoes is right on the money. I peeped on his Instagram account and he has a very, very creepy photo of a little girls lost pink shoe on a old dirty couch. He is trying to either mock or show proof to his handlers that he was there to bear witness to these sick crimes. The one about Route 66 is very telling. Road kill? Man, people need to stop giving Tom Hanks a pass.


Tom Hanks had a skit on the Jimmy Kimmel show where he had his daughter enter in beauty pageants and kept calling her a “sexy baby” it was so blatant and sick!! These people are evil! Sarah Ashcraft was a victim of pedo Tom Hanks! Check out her testimony.


ms ashcraft reminds me of the girls raised by satanic covens to serve some purpose like to seduce a popular pastor to break up a congregation or to act as a honey pot. Seems this one is to be a honey pot to catch those who are easily duped by pretty girls.

she also has those same dead eyes as the actors shown on this site do.

For all her railing against freemasonry and demoniacs, ashcraft has all the beliefs and rhetoric of a devil worshipper. So how precisely can she be against the monsters who have ultimately the same views as her? she can’t, you are distracted by her pretty face as she runs a “psyop” on you.

Worse is the male equivalent of her, whom she retweets regularly, who spends much of his time outright posting gnostic theology. The same stuff you would learn at a freemason lodge. All these people fall for it.


Remember, these people have satanic alters created through trauma. It would be surprising if they didn’t show their dark side some of the time.


I often watch videos of interviews from actors of along ago and, of course, people like Olivia de Havilland, who is 103 now, and just lost a lawsuit in January of 2019 against FX. They are different and younger people who view these videos, as well, comment on how real they are, and they don’t have that “look.” de Havilland, of course, left Hollywood physically, as did Burton earlier, and many, many others. People who watch old films on YT also comment on the changes, not just in actors but also in the stories, obviously. One comment said “movies like this make me feel alive and hopeful.” They know something is wrong. I ran across a video on Method acting, and I experienced that myself in going to The Acting Studio for two years in NYC. I am reminded of the actors in these old movies, the best of the best, none of whom were Method actors. Olivier talks about how Stanislowski really messed up Monroe’s head. Burton, Olivier and Guinness were among those who talked with disdain about Method acting. Here is a great video on this. I literally searched is Method acting demonic, because if you grew up… Read more »

D D d

I always found the method acting teachers I knew to be cruel people. On and off screen/stage. They might use ‘truth’ but the vibe is To Hurt For Results. Important is to know their network, their relations. Look at what students they support and how.
Psychology is not a toy but it can be a tool.


Right on the money. Kappy(not his real name of course) is out there somewhere LAUGHING with a nose job provided by Spielberg,Hanks etc. a shave and a hair cut. I am not saying that the child pedos are not operating in Hollywood. On the contrary , it is probably much worse than we can imagine. But this entire story with I.K. is a psychological operation.

Paul Atriedes

I totally agree! I watch TMC all the time & almost every movie made before 1940 will make you feel good! I see the same actors in different roles and they are all believable. Starting with Marlon Brando the acting has been mediocre at best and stories are not told in a good way. I feel depressed and sad after seeing a movie made from my generation. Even the remakes, which are man, some properly credited as a remake, others are attempting to pass themselves off as a new movie, regardless they usually make me feel depressed and “off”.
It’s good to know I’m not the only one who feels this way because I thought I was.


Thanks for that, very interesting. I don’t watch new movies at all anymore, but very much enjoy the old ones because you’re exactly right about the happy feelings. The movies today are making people crazy. Built-in Satanism.

Deanna Clark

I agree the “method” is dangerous. Vivian Leigh went around the bend doing “Streetcar Named Desire” and also “Anna Karenena”. My voice teacher in college told me when Richard Burton was acting Hamlet, he was thinking about Elizabeth Taylor…he meant that a good actor doesn’t put his soul into a part, but his wonderful skill with words.


It’s creepy. Jack nicolson called heath ledger to warn him about taking the roll of the joker. Yup.


Sounds like she was programmed in the Monarch project.


I found Sarah’s Twitter today by accident. Heavy content about Satanic rituals, cannibalism and she was abused by Hanks, Hillary and others. Those poor, brave victims, that have the guts to talk about it.


Thanks VC for coming out so quickly with your article on this. It has led me a bit down a rabbit hole which I shall share here. LOADS of bible references. Not least starting with his name Isaac (only son who God told his father Abraham to sacrifice). In his last video he is wearing a lamb skin denim jacket. Several people on YT threads pointed out that was a bit weird for Arizona this time of year. Of course reference to a lamb is numerous in the bible – Jesus is referred to as the lamb, the sacrificial lamb. Also Kappy talks about that he has done a bad thing and is now one of them so maybe a reference that he is now a wolf in sheeps clothing? He uses the reference ‘blink of an eye’ several times in his final video. Another biblical term which is apparently how quickly we will all change at the sound of the last trumpet. The headline on every MSM was that he “forced himself off a bridge”. What a strange reference to a suicide! Jumped off a bridge, committed suicide, even a highway bridge suicide….but what is up with “forced himself… Read more »


What a fantastic post. You should write your own articles/analysis. Thank you for the insight and great deduction.


Oy vey. Is this the nonsense you masonics mutter to yourself?

I find it amusing that you people have the exact same views as the freemasons you claim to be against. Not so amusingly is that you try so hard to make “connections” to things without knowing anything you speak of.

42 is the number of generations of the Old Covenant. 21 generations between Christ and David, 21 generarions before David.

The movie is “40 year old virgin,” not
42. Also there is nothing to do with God in that trash movie.

Christ was born on December 25 of the first year AD. The Church was created at Pentecost which was 33 AD. Christ was also alive at the beginning of time and is still here, so the mission was just one, quick part.

you heard some bad information on the internet and ran with it, making up your own things along the way. It is usually how these “conspiracies” start. What does the devil even need with his covens if those like you are willing to do the same work for free?


Ummmm, are you trying to say that Yeshua was truly born on December 25th of the Gregorian calender?


Yes, Christ was born on December 25th.

Like ants you try to eat away at the foundation of Absolute Truth because you think you will find some “power.” What makes you any different than the satanists you claim to be agaisnt.

The answer is nothing, you are indistinguishable from them.


@concerned, look up baals birthday… it’s also December 25th, he was worshiped way before the story of Jesus Came to be. Don’t be fooled there making us false worship ancient pagan gods to deceive the masses. God and Jesus existed but they have manipulated the Bible and these holidays so much


I read somewhere that there are at least 10000 translation errors in the Bible. If so, are they deliberate?


What version of the Bible? This is based on what?


The KJV is the only one taken from the Masoretic texts, and all the other “sources” are corrupt. The KJV is the trustworthy Word of God, and with each “translation” since then, the counterfeits passing as the Bible have gotten increasingly Satanic. It was the Catholic church that worked their syncretistic magic by renaming the Pagan holidays as “Christian” ones. There’s a wealth of material regarding this, the oldest one being perhaps Alexander Hislop’s “The Two Babylons.”

Desert Rose

That is so horribly creepy. Singer George Michael, died on Christmas Day, 2016. Sacrifice? I think so.


The King James Bible is the pure Word of God, that He promised He would keep unto all generations. All the others are counterfeits.It was the Catholic church that manipulated the holidays,such as “Christmas” and “Easter” actually observing the pagan ones, while giving them “Christian” names.


No, he wasn’t! That’s the problem with so-called “Christians”, you spread the same age-old lies that have circulated for centuries. Nowhere in Scripture does it say the date of Christ’s birth, but we do know that it couldn’t have been in the month of December based on the account (Luke 2:1-20)There’s no way, based on the events surrounding his birth, that it occurred in the dead of winter. Read the Scriptures!


This is a phenominal site with vast and knowledgable contributions from many visitors, but alas, only if you have eyes to see!


Born on Dec 25th huh? Now you speak masonic gibberish


Yes, that is Christmas.

you can go on Rosary Tours every year and visit the same caves in Bethlehem carved by the wind into rock.

The Cave that Christ was born in is a Church now and has been since the Ressurrection and Pentecost.


Shepherds don’t take herds out into the countryside in the dead of winter (i.e. late December), because all the grass is dead. Jesus was born in September on the Day of Trumpets. Dec. 25 is likely the day the wise men arrived *bearing gifts*.


You are able to understand what country He lived in,
and what kind of climate there?
There is still no snow in Palestine, by the way.)


They weren’t “wise men”, and they didn’t find Jesus until he was a toddler, living in a house. More fairytale “Christmas” lies you tell to your children. Also, it never says how many “Astrologers” (following a star?) there were. Matthew 2:1-12 read it for yourself.


Hell yea


Also…. it pains me to see that the largest community of people that acknowledge what’s going on, refuses to embrace the true means of fighting back, which is harnessing the same occult practices these people use for evil for the greater good. Christians pretty much murdered anyone who’s generational lines would have really come in handy in times like these…. I feel so sorry for Kappy he really tried, but you can’t lay down like a dog for them to kill you either. He could’ve gotten magical help to fight magickal attacks…. he got led astray… I don’t think Jesus would’ve cared if he sought and invoked the protection he deserved.


Satan is a liar and the father of it. Cease believing him.


Astronomers. Big difference.


What cave? what account of his birth are you reading from? Nonsenses!


Looks like you’re a Catholic, which would explain why you’re mistaken. A site called AngelFire has the correct information regarding “Christmas.” God bless you as you seek his Truth.


Nowhere does it state Jesus birthdate anywhere.

just sayin'

Months later…reading this, thinking how sad it is that people are arguing over Jesus. People, people, people.


Well mister sassy pants, you should probably get down off of your know everything high horse, because you are wrong on several points, the most glaring of which is the birth of Jeshua binJoseph whom you choose to call “Jesus,” the Roman name for the Christ. Dec 25 is a pagan holiday adapted by the church to be His alleged birthday, along with Krishna, Zoroaster, Horus and all other deities with a Resurrection mythology. It had been established that the historical Jeshua was in all likelihood born in April. So do a little research before you get ride with incorrect corrections..


Thanks Leo-my sentiments exactly- I only just read your post, after I wrote mine, it says anonymous-but I could have put a name down-So just reply to me as S. Jesus was not born on 25th-and yes satanism does exist-I wrote that for ‘concerned’ who sounds dark to me.


I had read that too due to the lambs and Spring.


The bible doesn’t say the date, but it was probably spring as the only time Shepards spend nights out with the sheep is when lambs are being born. I heard this from Christian Rabbi Jonathan Cann.


To ‘Concerned’. Your UNDER tone is dark. You are not as educated as you try to portray yourself. Jesus Christ of Nazareth was not born on Dec 25th. That is a pagan celebration adopted in history by churches etc. Jesus was born in March-hence the lambs. PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE! P.S conspiracies usually ring true-No one believed in Satanic cults thanks to ill informed, over opinionated or satanically/witchcraft involved people trying to convince the masses otherwise. But… looky-here, what do you know- satanism exists. Its alive and thriving and for anyone of you who claim to know anything biblical – its all in the bible too- yeap the good and evil fight been going on for a loooong time- and guess what?… its not just in the movies. Wake up!


Christ was born Jan 7 . Thats the old julian calender serbs russian s , etheopians some egyptians etc celebrate


Where in Scripture does it tell us to celebrate his birthday?


shut up


Nope. Not born on the actual 25th of December. The Bible (KJF) doesn’t specifically state that Christ was born on the 25th. That’s just the date we officially acknowledge it. Read the Bible and only believe what is stated. Nothing man made. Do not be deceived.


KJV. Fat fingered


Great comment. I agree “forced himself off a brigde” sounds ridiculous. It basically means the same as “Kapp was forced to commit suicide.”


The movie was called “The 40-year-old Virgin”, you dope.


I have a theory that illuminati artists are obliged to do horrible things as part of the deal they made with the devil. If they refuse to do those horrible things, they will suffer serious consequences. So, because he made the deal, he was obliged to do these horrible things and he did them against his will. He cannot say what he did because, as he himself said, “I’m not going to tell you what I did because, at this point, it could still endanger people and I don’t want to do that.” By means of mind control (he admitted he may have been MK Ultra’d), he committed suicide, but against his will. He probably was going to report to the media about cases of pedophilia in Hollywood or other types of crimes.


Girl, They DRUG them to PUSH them doing those evil things. They put spells on them. In his last message on IG, he clearly confesses himself… publicly! So Isaac, we all know you did not commit suicide like Judas. You are NOT Judas. Judas is in Hell because his sin was to betray our Lord Jesus Christ for sure BUT ALSO BECAUSE HE DID NOT TO BELIEVE THAT OUR LORD CAN FORGIVE ANY SINS AFTER CONFESSION. We are going to pray our Lord to forgive Issac for his sins as horrible and despicable that they might be and so that Our Lord Jesus Christ opens the gates of Heaven to Isaac after all he has endured.


judas was meant to be one of the most important Bishops of the Church, which was to be represented by a conversion at the sight of how foolish an Apostle he was.

The crime of judas is suicide, which damns immediately no matter what.

With judas gone, another evil man had to be converted to take the position, and so St Paul was converted and the rest is history.

As for finding Salvation after death: impossible. One’s will is set after death so all has to be done here.

Just Me

1Pe 4:6 For for this cause was the gospel preached also to them that are dead, that they might be judged according to men in the flesh, but live according to God in the spirit.


The most important crime of Judas is despair, and not believing in the mercy of God. Therefore he committed suicide and is now unfortunately in hell. We do not have to despair but still believe in the immense power of the prayer, because there is NO time and God is above ALL things.


Please share your evidence for saying salvation after death is possible. A single bible verse will suffice.

Just an Observation

Nowhere in the Bible does it state that suicide is an unforgivable act. The only unforgivable sin is to blaspheme the Holy Spirit. You might want to focus more on your own repentance, and less time judging others. We don’t know what Jesus will do with Judas. His fate is not given to us. You may want to remember Jesus’ words “Judge not lest you be judged, and with what judgment you judge, you will be judged.”


JaO, 18 people liked your comment. If even one kills themselves emboldened by your scandal given here, you will join them in damnation. you are playing with fire without realizing fire is hot, and you are trying to dupe others.

Don’t do that. Though some people just make you so disgusted and angry at their evil that one is not so eager to show sympathy for you. Especially when you try to mislead others on such a dangerous topic.

The demoniacs have a ritual opposed to each of the 7 Sacraments. suicide is opposed to Extreme Unction or Penance as Sacraments heal sins and suicide damns you no matter what.

Just an Observation

I am not Catholic. The myths and traditions of men trouble me not at all. Go ahead and condemn me to fires if you wish. You are not my judge and jury. As for others being misled by my words, I only repeat the words of my savior and creator. If you have a problem with them, then take it up with God. Every is soul is responsible for themselves and held accountable for their own actions. I am willing to stand by mine.


JaO, you are playing with fire without realizing fire is hot, and you are trying to dupe others.

The satanists have a ritual opposed to each of the 7 Sacraments. suicide is opposed to Extreme Unction or Penance as they heal sins, and suicide damns you no matter what.

That was a wild ride trying to figure out what word was sending me to a queue.

Just an Observation

Show me the 7 sacraments in the Bible, chapter and verse. If suicide is such a damnable offense, why is it NEVER mentioned apart from Judas. You have listened to your priests instead of your High Priest. I don’t care what satanists are doing or the RCC.


“Thou shall not kill” sure encompasses the killing of oneself. And killing yourself is, when you come to think of it, rejecting God’s grace, forgiveness and salvation.


The Lord God Almighty knows you intimately he knows your coming and your going he knows what afflicts you both in your transgressions and your iniquities carried down the generations. Above all he knows your heart. He has appointed his Son Jesus to judge the living and the dead and his grace abounds for those troubled in heart and mind for those caught in spiritual bondage beyond what they can bear. I’m called to love, I’m called to come alongside those that carry heavy burdens and are weary, alone and have a overwhelming sense of hopelessness. Who of you will cast the first stone….. His grace is sufficient, be faithful in what you’ve been called to do and trust in him that has been sent.

Natali Burr

Your words and sentiments are truly spirit-filled, compassionate, and inspiring. I thank God for the privilege of reading them. You just made my day. Thank you for that.

Natali Burr

My comment is for @Virginnia.


Beautiful. Thanks Virginia


So anyone that has ever disrespected any of the 10 commandements can’t ever be forgiven ? Get real, you bore me.


Nope, I call bullshit. Some of the most beautiful people commit suicide, because they can’t handle the pain of this life. I have perfect faith that God’s grace, forgiveness and salvation will find those who loved him but killed themselves. How can someone swallow God forgiving a murderous thug who tortured and raped for decades but gets a clean slate upon repentance, yet a sad bullied child gets to burn in hell? Nope. You should really check yourself, and your bible. Kippy will be there if he loved Jesus.

The Axiom

one of the most overused misquotes ever “thou shalt not commit murder”
is the commandment. Most everything in nature “kills”.


So this is your solution… When all else fails you think that by just repeating the same bull tired religious brainwash that you are going to sway others towards your point of view. How small your sight is. Your down votes show I’m not the only one who disagrees with your view


Actually suicide is the crime of murdering yourself. Therefore if you violate the Ten Commandments by killing yourself, it is a ticket to hell. You reject the gospel of Jesus. Therefore it is unpardonable by God unless you survive the attempt.

Just an Observation

The heart of the law is mercy. We break the 10 commandments on a daily basis. That is the whole reason we need the mercy of Christ. You don’t know who has a ticket to Hell. Thanks be to God you aren’t on anyone’s jury!!


So stupid

Set-apart heart

Thou shalt not kill. Exodus 20:13 Suicide is killing one’s self. Our Heavenly Father tells us our bodies are temples…1 Corinthians 3:16 Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him. For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple. Matthew 7…It’s one of the most misused, misquoted, misunderstood verses. When someone wants to justify their life choices to you, they pull out “Judge not, lest ye be judged!” Although if you spend time studying the Word completely you find that when Jesus said, “Judge not, that you be not judged,” he certainly wasn’t saying that we can’t evaluate whether someone’s choices are wrong. Jesus did that himself on a regular basis (Jesus flinging tables in the temple…is just one of many examples) The verse goes on to say “For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.” Yahusha (Jesus Hebrew name) is conveying that we will be judged by our our standards. We can and should call out sin, because we are told through Scripture to stand for righteousness,… Read more »


the correct translation is ‘thou shalt not MURDER -killing is a justifiable action murder isn’t


So… don’t judge?!? That depends where your heart is (& only God knows our innermost hearts). Why? Because Jesus *repeatedly* taught men to judge rightly, insisting they “judge with righteous judgment” (John 7:24) & He praised a man who “rightly judged” (Luke 7:43)! Paul shamed the Corinthian Christians because no one among them was willing to “judge the smallest matters” (1 Cor. 6:2)! As the Apostle wrote, “He who is spiritual judges all things” for “we have the mind of Christ” (1 Cor. 2:15-16). Or how about “Or do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if the world is to be judged by you, are you incompetent to try trivial cases?” (I Cor 6:2) or “And I charged your judges at that time, “Hear the cases between your brothers, & judge righteously between a man & his brother, or the alien who is with him” from Deuteronomy 1:16? Again, “righteous judgment” is the key. (Good golly, soooooo many people quoting the “Judge not, lest ye be judged” scripture out of proper context…) Again, only God knows the heart of man (which, by its very nature, is a depraved heart). But… does Jesus/the Bible contradict himself/itself?… Read more »

Paul Atriedes

What about those who died before Christ came to live as a man? Are they condemned for things that they knew not were wrong?


@Paul Atriedes
No. Our Lord came to pick them up (including Adam and Eve) while he was ascending into hell before going up to HEAVEN where He is seated at the right handside of God allmighty from where he will come back at the end of our time to finally judge the living and the dead.

Be concerned for yourself

You are so obviously a Catholic or are greatly influenced by them. Being that’s the case you will obviously fall for anything and have no place taking the stance of truth-teller while buying into the most vile and satanic deception to ever exist.


If you read Kappy´s last Instagram it shows that he was repentant towards Jesus. Also in his last periscope he acknowledged Jesus as LORD and Saviour and asked us to pray for his soul. Straight out of a Jewish (!) mouth. So, there is a fat chance that Isaac Kappy is in heaven now.

Luk 23:42 And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom.
Luk 23:43 And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise.


If he was murdered, then it isn’t suicide.

While I don’t know if he had his Sacraments, this topic is a little more complex than can be covered in a comment section where 19 people honestly think suicide doesn’t damn you.


Of course, he can be in Heaven and we have to pray for the resting of his soul in Heaven.


I agree


Makes a lot of sense


Join the discussion…
The trashiest Hollywood made movies and international movies all use the Kappy Move, one of the thirteen basic plots: Dude is done, is forced to make a video explaining how AWFUL his crimes are (while a man holding a pistol at dude’s pet dog’s head, telling dog to ‘shut up’. Kappy was calling people out on their child harm crimes, big wigs didn’t like it, and told him to stop or…..

Poor Kappy is TERRIFIED, and actually doesn’t know what he’s saying, however he’s satisfying his captors enough for him to continue.

As for his note, how many movies have we seen where the attacker forces the victim to write a note explaining that he’ll never misbehave again, he’s a horrible person, feckless, ruthless, and thuggish, when he’s actually a victim, a murder VICTIM!!!

Watch early Seth Green in the Buffy series. His mere presence (suitably as a werewolf)makes the rest of the cast look physically ill, as though the evil he exudes is making them physically ill.

Why can’t Corey Feldman get forced off a bridge???

Thy Unveiling

Don’t forget he was also the son of Evil. Dr. Evil.

He also has the face of a weasel, which I assume matches his true personality. Weasely guy, can’t be trusted, and if he grew up “normal” (like most of us) he would probably be a shady used car dealer, or a drug dealing pimp.


Just watched the video after reading your comment, picturing exactly as you said and reading his nervous body language. Wow! He was probably terrified, notice the dry mouth….
After this, I will pray for him tonight but I am sure he is well spiritually. Justice will be given to all.


Because n-----s have such a low IQ they were brainwashed by white missionaries into converting to Christianity in return for food.

Google on the “slave bible” just to see just how retarded n-----s are.

Michael Kenwright

Tom Hanks is such a creepy b-----d.


I sincerely believe that Harvey Weinstein was thrown in front of the lions just to cover up and silence the news on child p*dOs in Hollywood. But in the end it will come out.


Totally agree.
Weinstein will probably get very little, if any jail time.
Makes you wonder who actually wants the #MeToo movement to keep whitewashing the airwaves. While women are holding the abuse agenda kids are getting ignored.


The Industry had to throw Weinstein under the bus because public outcry would have been too great to contain if they didn’t.

It gives the illusion of cleaning house, but they’re only closing ranks around each other.


jewish fairy stories are designed for retarded gentiles


I believe something is going to happen on July 4th this year. My first suspicion of some kind of a false flag attack came from iPetGoat II, in the video you see a skeleton standing in front of fireworks, implying perhaps death on the 4th of July. Now he dated his letter July 4th 2019. I don’t know…it’s a hunch. But Notre Dame was featured as being destroyed in iPetGoat and it happened. The steeple even fell at the same angle. If you want to see what’s coming next or try and take some guesses, rewatch that video.


Can you please tell more? I haven’t seen that video yet though. But your comment is interesting


Ummmm… it wasnt Notre Dame. The video church doesnt even look the same as notre dame. It could refer to any gothic church in europe. It was a generic reference to the catholic church. Try being a bit more critical or observant next time.


Occult symbolism is usually symbols upon symbols. I believe the church in the video to represent not only Notre Dame but the destruction of Catholicism and Christianity in general. I appreciate your perspective so there’s no need to be rude in a discussion.


Yet the Church is eternal. your dark master had 100 years to destroy the Church. Lot of good that did the demon when Pope St John Paul II destroyed his master plan in 1980 by breaking communism.


That wasnt notre dame so your prediction is moot. Try actually looking next time.


He is referring to a JFK JR come back July 4th . Q shows this. “The King” nick name for John Kennedy Jr. . Check out “q”posts


Or Elvis Aaron Presley


in madonnas ”perforance” at eurovison there was a brief moment where the statue of liberties arm is falling off, this would tie in with 4th july. also the way the arm was falling reminded me of the spire on notree dam


The more people who step out in bravery to expose them, the less they can hide.

I suspect more will come forward and name names.


Sincereley, keep dreaming!


The sick pervs in Hollywood are just human.
They do feel fear, and they CAN be beaten.

Vigilant Grandpa


Golden Ghost

I knew immediately when I heard the news this morning what happened. Thanks for the article so quickly VC. I do hope and pray he was able to repent and get right with God before his death. Hopefully somewhere, somehow he left information that will be revealed. I’m sure he serves as a warning to others but I do believe him and I hope others will find a way to stand together and fight back. Even if they don’t, the battle is won. RIP Isaac.


What bothers me most–is none of the people he was friends with in Hollywood (for years!) and who starred with him–not one–sent condolences or even acknowledged his death on any social media. That is f*cking despicable. If that doesn’t show you what trash we have in high cultural spots, I don’t know what does. High level names went to “Game Night” on a weekly basis and hung out with him, partied with him, and were friends with him–and not one word any of them about this man’s death. I don’t think he was suicidal. I think there was an opportunity to get rid of him when he made his last periscope and whoever kept an eye on him said–“This is our shot.” AND HE WAS GOTTEN RID OF. He WAS A FAMOUS ACTOR. there SHOULD HAVE BEEN A LITTLE MORE ABOUT THE CIRCUMSTANCES. REPORTED IN AN ARTICLE. They COULD HAVE ( A NEWS OUTLET) INTERVIEWED THE KIDS THEY SAY WERE ON THE BRIDGE, SHOWN WHERE HIS CAR WAS PARKED BEFORE HE JUMPED–WHERE WAS HIS CAR? where ARE THE PICTURES AND VIDEO OF THIS? everyone HAS A SMART PHONE THESE DAYS. when SOMEONE Jumps OFF a Bridge and cars are backed… Read more »


Wow, it would be pretty stupid to do DMT if you were in a position to expose the pedophile elite.


his wikipedia page was also wiped / deleted


Well… he did physically assault at least one girl at “game night”. I can understand why *maybe* they weren’t all that broken up when this pile of garbage launched himself onto I-40.

By all accounts, including his most recent and final roommates, Kappy was a drug-addled scumbag, who f-ed over literally anyone and everyone he came into contact with. It’s no mystery why there was no outpouring of sympathy upon his demise. Actions have consequences.

Saucy Jack

His imdb page lists his nickname as ‘Judas Iscariot’ which is odd. He made a passing reference in his suicide note, strange his page was updated to include it as his official nickname.


Also says he was physically restrained yet forced himself off the bridge , 20ft high bridge and for that to be fatal he would’ve had to time it for a vehicle , article states the pick up killed him basically . Paranoia could Definitly get the best of him but fact remains he still did something this week that set all this off , something a lot of work went into , he was used to dox the truther community , he claims he sold out and what he did goes against America and patriots , dude totally doxxed a movement is my guess , he was baited and started it honestly but set up to infiltrate and become a part , he was vocal about how the community was then abdining him at times or not doing anything , guessing he had a s--t ton of dirt on his own shoes so once the powers that be realized his course was run and info compiled he was then approached and sold out instantly realizing there was no coming back from it , otherwise why else talk about testifying for government ect ? Rumors were abound about him doxxing and… Read more »

Jonny Rogerson

There was something very unusual in his involvement with Fiona Barrett- she had a picture of him with her dog in her profile for a while. Some of the cult survivor community said that photo was a signal to his handlers that he had successfully accessed her programming.


Maybe it was a signal to *her* handlers that she had successfully accessed *his* programming.


It’s good to keep these things in mind when we want to go “all in” with these actors and/or failed actors. I still feel partly that they are still playing a part in all this.


Your intuition has not failed you this time. The entire Isaac Kappy /pedophilia story has been a fraud from the beginning.


Wrong. Kappy was a plant but the pedowood is a fact.


*but pedowood


Jesus could have saved him in this life and eternally. This life is brief and cannot compare with eternity. Hell is real and eternal – Choose Jesus while you have time.

Truth & Light

ONLY we can save ourself….get down off the pulpit


Hope that works out for you on judgment day.

Truth & Light

Judgment day?! Bwahahhaah everyday i fave judgment. Its caled actions and consequences. I cant believe ppl still fall for that religious bs. God has no religion. Religion is man made

Truth & Light



t&l: Actions have eternal consequences and there is no Salvation outside of the Church.

Truth & Light

YUP like the catholick church eh?! Religion and church is a man made construct. God has no church/religion!!


No salvation outside of Jesus Christ and yes Israel is back in the Middle East. im not going to spoon feed you. If you really want to search for the truth, start from there.


There are like 3500 “churches” on Earth, each proclaiming to have the truth… but I’m sure that *yours* is the correct one. Nice picking!


You seem to be obsessed with hell and other people’s sins.


“Hell” is the grave! Stop the Hellfire lie, it’s not in Scripture. Do you even read the Bible? Revelation 20:14
Ask yourself; If “HELL” is a fiery place of eternal torment how is it that it can be thrown into the “lake of fire” along with death?


And this man attends the orthodox Christian church. We talk about brangelina and all these a list actors but not about him. Of course he is one of them. He is so confused he changed so many religions but nothing will save him from whatever satanic and child abuse related a tivities he has probably partaken in in his life. And to make this man’s death a joke whether a murder or suicide. God rest his soul. he obviously partook in something and did have regret and was sorry for it.
Off with Seth’s green head and all child predators. Hollywood mostly chooses “jews” for a reason- they dont believe in heaven or hell and they never had Jesus. They are the easiest recruits to their God. I’m so disgusted. Podesta is not in jail yet either. There is a whole other world that the govt and hollywood are part of. I just dont understand where they are taking the kids from. How many homeless are out there that there areso many that tbis goes on every day all over tbe world


In Europe, we know that they take the kids from Maghreb… We have lots of testimonies and also most of recent migrants little children wereabducted. Thats also the reason why they are programming this invasion of poor people.

Mojo Jojo

They also have underground bunkers and military facilities where they abduct kids, MK them their whole lives, then use them as breeding farms to breed babies for satanic rituals and sacrifices.
How can an undocumented child ever get justice? Almost the same as abducting immigrants children, but they will be missed and families will try to find them, make a fuss, draw attention etc.

Ever seen the film the Island? Pretty much shows us what goes on with the lies they are taught from birth to control them.

Sadly we cannot do much about these bunkers/facilites as they are high security and no outsiders can get near without death for trying.
Let alone locate them as most are still undisclosed under the pretense of national security.


have you first-hand knowledge of the bunkers? or did someone on the internet tell it like its a fact?


Tom Hanks never jumped around a bunch of religions. He was raised Greek orthodox and has been a weekly attendee for decades at a Greek Orthodox church in LA. Grow up.


jewish fairy stories are designed for retarded gentiles

What terrible, terrible news.


Oh please, he didn’t die! Anyone could see that he was a controlled asset from the start. Hello…. He’s an ACTOR!? He just got reabsorbed into the intelligence (CIA) community. Plastic surgery, new life, new mission; happens all the time. Meanwhile, the spooks got the data they needed from people who wrote into “Kappy” and shared their email addresses and hits of their profiles on facebook and youtube-so they now have a nice little contained database to study.

Vigilant Grandpa

The truth is most definitely stranger than fiction when it pertains to HollyHell.

Truth & Light



Jew-hell is strqanger


I think you nailed it. Another psyop to crush the people always looking to an external savior. They are no external saviors…the only hero is the one in the mirror. He did seem genuine, but you have to question everything these days and not take anything at face value.


Bora Borealis – bullseye!! Finally, someone who understands!


A plausible theory to be sure. Good thinking.

I was just thinking that if he was MK ULTRA all along, he would be unaware of what his alters would have done. He talked about gaining consciousness. It kind of sounds like him being forced to remember what he would have been previously programmed not to be able to remember. If this is the case, he would automatically go into suicide programming. If he was/is MK’d, then he isn’t responsible for what he was programmed to do.

From all my research, I’m not so sure the C_A would reabsorb him into their community. They treat their slave assets like dirt, abuse them continuously, and they don’t mind killing them off at all. You would think that they would treat their assets well, say, for instance, the way fine racehorses are treated, pampered, well cared for, but no. It’s the opposite.


Isaac Kappy’s conscience was too troubled for him to go on.


Kappy told his friend in a final phonecall that day in AZ that “he had messed up and felt that he had let me down and everyone else, because while in his isolation he was trying to gamble to turn what little money he had into something that could help his current situation. He said he did something to make a lot of money but it was something he regretted immediately and not intended to harm.”

There’s rumors he doxxed key people in QAnon.

Sounds like he was a paid informant.


I agree, and I’m praying for their safety and for the safety and protection of their friends and families. Legions of God’s holy angels to give them miraculous protection, maneuvering ability, and to make this dangerous situation be turned into a victory instead. In the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

(Undestanding PsyOps and GS and all, it could very well be that Kappy was tricked into believing he compromised others when he might not have. How will we ever know what really happened?)

Warrior Monk

Qanon has been debunked again and again and again. The person controlling the account even accidentally logged on while live streaming then tried to play it off. So many of the photos Q posts have been shown to be photoshopped and/or ripped off and/or previously published.

Its silly. Totally silly.

Yes there are pedophiles in high places, but Qanon is complete fantasy nonsense and should not be taken seriously. No idea what was going on with Kappy, but if he bought into Q then he was seriously decieived.


Lol, I’m not sold on Q 100% but this is just false. No streamer ever “logged into the account and tried to play it off”

The photos are posted from various sources, just like everything else on the internet.

There have been a few original photos from within the oval office

None of what you say here debunks Q. If it was a fake movement it wouldn’t be under constant attack from MSM

look up q proofs, there has been many of them, most recently his posting of Epstein and Pedo Island/ Lolita Express years ago now


Isaac was very empathetic, who deeply cared about victims of trauma. He was overwhelmed with messages from survivals and he tried to reply to all messages. I’ve seen so much garbage circulating in social media – assumptions and judgements about Isaac, when they don’t know a damned thing.

I was part of Kappy’s Krew. He sincerely was trying to help and make a difference. It took guts for him to ‘out’ Hollywood, he put his life on the line for that.

He made an impact in this world, was a catalyst for many survivors to come forward and tell their stories. I will always remember Isaac as a someone who deeply cared and tried to make a difference.


Someone asks him around the 1 hour 15 minute mark if “Q was mad at him” and he says yes, probably. I don’t know what to make of all that Q stuff but it came up a few times in the video.


I get controlled opposition vibes from all the Q anon stuff, but that’s just me. There was a photo I once saw of some Trump supporters completely decorated in Q paraphernalia (along with their vehicle), and to be honest the whole image made me wanna toss my cookies.

Yes, the Q followers want to believe. One of the scammers is a registered democrat & they are both unemployed. Another total farce. They’ve been caught while on live camera screwing up which proved they are making the Q posts.

Orwells Ghost

Q is not the real deal.
Trump is not the real deal either.
And of course neither is Alex Jones.
Which I saw AJ first hand flirt with a 15 yr old girl.
It was in Chicago at he 2006 Truther Convention.
But if I say these things, people tune my message out.
People are eventually going to see the truth.
Kappy f----d up.
Trusted the wrong people.


Thy Unveiling

There was a YouTuber (DeeFizzy? Damon Fizzy?) who went through a similar struggle in regards to things he noticed about another YouTuber, Austin Jones. Damon spoke out, tried to do the right thing, attempting to stop the pedo. Like you with Alex Jones, (huh, both A. Jones…) nobody wanted to believe D. He was even threatened with legal action, and ofc being harrassed online by rabid Austin fans. He stuck to the truth, though, and eventually it came out that Austin was, in fact, a pedo asking 13 year old girls to twerk (presumably barebutt) and expose their a--s while declaring their age. He’s admitted to “manipulate himself” (my words stolen from an old tv show, Mission Hill, not his) to.

Truth eventually comes out. But not if witnesses and victims clam up about it. I believe you about Alex Jones.


Alex Jones is a “Gatekeeper” … If he was legitimate he would’ve been dead a long time ago. … His likeness is even published on one of the Illuminati Game cards.


Q has proven to be a made up construct from some idiot. are you a r----d?

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