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Aaron Carter’s Mother Posted Pictures of Her Son’s Death Scene to Prove That He Was Possibly Killed

In a series of Facebook posts, Aaron Carter’s mother claimed that her son was most likely murdered. To prove her point, she posted grisly pictures of the death scene along with some glaring inconsistencies in the official story.



Warning: This article contains graphic pictures.

In November 2022, Aaron Carter was found dead in a bathtub in his Lancaster, California home. He was 34 years old. His death was quickly chalked up to “drugs”, mainly due to his past addictions.

However, as explained in my article Aaron Carter: The Suspicious Death of a Blatant Industry Slave, there were lots of strange facts and “coincidences” surrounding this untimely death. For starters, Aaron Carter literally said that people in the industry were trying to kill him.

In my article, I highlighted some similarities between Aaron Carter and Whitney Houston as they were both found dead in a bathtub. Also, in both cases, someone was allowed to access the crime scene (and possibly alter it) before the authorities could investigate it.

Now, there is yet another similarity between Carter and Houston: People close to them are saying that they were potentially murdered and that the investigations were botched.

In a desperate call for an actual homicide investigation, Aaron Carter’s mother posted on social media grisly pictures of the bathroom where the singer was found. Her goal: To prove that the official story doesn’t add up.

Crime Scene?

In her Facebook post, Jane Schneck wrote that she’s still “trying to get a real investigation” for the death of her son. She claims that the coroner conveniently “wrote it off” as an accidental drug overdose. She adds that Aaron’s home was never investigated as a possible crime scene and that his past issues with drug addiction were the perfect excuse for the authorities to promptly claim “case closed”.

She states that police “allowed people to go in and out” of the scene despite the fact that Aaron had received multiple death threats in the past – making his death a potential homicide.

In short, Schneck strongly believes that her son could have been murdered and, to prove her point, she shared pictures of the bathroom where Carter was found.

Prior to posting these pictures, Schneck has been pointing out inconsistencies in Carter’s case for weeks.

Schneck says that, in the first version of the story, Carter was said to have been found drowned in the swimming pool.

Since no water was found in Carter’s lungs, drowning was ruled out as a cause of death by authorities.

In numerous posts, Schneck points to Carter’s housekeeper – a woman named Betty – as a potential suspect.

Schneck believes that the pictures do not match the official story of what happened in that bathroom.

Here, Schneck claims that Betty the housekeeper was referred to the Carters by an industry insider.

In this post, Schneck writes that the crime scene was suspect and that the housekeeper – definitely a person of interest – is nowhere to be found. Furthermore, the person who referred the housekeeper to the Carters was a publicist for the Jackson family (Michael Jackson also died in EXTREMELY suspicious circumstances).

In Conclusion

It is easy to dismiss bizarre celebrity deaths as “conspiracy theories”. However, in many cases, the most vocal “conspiracy theorists” are family members who actually know personal information about the victims. They know about the shady characters that surrounded and they have different insights than what is relayed by mass media.

In many ways, Aaron Carter’s death mirrors Whitney Houston’s bizarre situation. Both fell off the graces of the music industry. Both were depicted as insane drug addicts. And both were found in a bathtub. In 2012, it was revealed that an industry insider named Raffles Van Exel removed evidence from Whitney Houston’s hotel room before the authorities even began investigating it. Did the same happen with Aaron Carter and his housekeeper?

In any case, Schneck’s efforts might have paid off. In a recent Facebook post, she stated that authorities finally agreed to properly investigate Aaron Carter’s death. However, allow me to doubt that the real culprits will ever be brought to justice.


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