Raffles Van Exel Admits to Removing Evidence From Whitney Houston Death Scene


In my article on Whitney Houston and the Grammy Awards, I quoted an article that describes the odd presence of a guy named Raffles van Exel at the time of Whitney’s death. Described as a “Hollywood mystery”, the article states Raffles “trades on being an “insider” when there’s a scandal; No one really knows him, but he’s always where there’s action and celebrities.” He was also around Micheal Jackson during his difficult periods.

It was then discovered that Raffles was the one who took pictures of Whitney in her casket to then sell them to the National Inquirer. Today, another odd piece of information is out: Raffles admitted to removing “evidence” from Whitney’s room. How come this weird fellow with no family ties whatsoever has an all-access pass around celebrities in trouble? Is he an Illuminati insider that “facilitates” the sacrifices? Here’s an article on him removing evidence from Whitney’s room.

Man Confesses He Removed Evidence From Whitney Houston Death Scene: ‘Someone Had To Do It’ (EXCLUSIVE DETAILS)

A close confidant of the late pop diva Whitney Houston has admitted he cleaned up the hotel room where she drowned, Celebuzz has learned.

In an interview with respected Dutch newspaper The Telegraph on February 15, just four days after the singer’s death, Raffles van Exel confessed: “The room had to be emptied.”

“Someone had to do it,” van Exel told the newspaper, according to a translation of the article published online.

Van Exel stopped short of telling The Telegraph what exactly he removed from the suite and he has not returned Celebuzz’s request for comment.

Last week, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office declared Houston, 48, died from an accidental drowning in a hotel bathtub with the “effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use.”

Sources tell Celebuzz that Beverly Hills police are still investigating how Houston acquired the drugs that contributed to her death and whether they were hidden from police and first responders.

No cocaine or drug paraphernalia were found in the suite at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif., the source adds.

However, Houston’s cocaine use appeared to have occurred “in the time period just immediately prior to her collapse in the bathtub at the hotel,” Chief Coroner Craig Harvey said when he announced the findings of his report, last week.

“(Houston’s case) is still an open investigation for us… I can’t disclose any details about the investigation,” BHPD Lt. Mark Rosen told People on March 23.

In various media released, Van Exel, a Dutch national, touts himself as a “highly respected entertainment consultant” who has “guided some of the world’s most acclaimed executives and celebrities.”

His relationship with Houston and other stars, including late King of Pop Michael Jackson, have been the focus of investigation on two websites, including the urban blog Diary of a Hollywood Street King and Forbes.

– Source: Celebuzz


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125 Comments on "Raffles Van Exel Admits to Removing Evidence From Whitney Houston Death Scene"

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Uh oh I just found this pic by accident… kinda looks like Raffles doesnt it?


My Heart goes out for Whitney and what she has gone through and I cant Imagine her mother and yet she came from a well respected family. All I know is that it wasn't easy for her and after all she just got herself together and than one night caused her life. All I know is that I LOVE YOU WHITNEY with all my heart I don't care what the people say and will always have to say R.I.P. My Love

None of these stories are true everyone is telling different stories about her death. He manger never got back to her she text Pat her sister in-law and called her and she never got back to her. until they got upstairs and the hair dresser screamed and she told the lady who open the door to call 911. the bodyguard was doing CPR on her so how the hell was he in the room and he was telling people downstairs that he found her how is he not being questioned in the matter. they are all a bunch of lairs and i know in my heart they killed her she cost them to much money on this last tour and album and Clive wanted her gone she makes more money dead then alive. Pat her sister in-law was always on the same floor as her and this time she was… Read more »

As usual doesn't make sense . She would have to be totally out of it to get in to tub that HOT , which means she couldn't have gotten into the tub conscience and by herself and there is no way a tub stays that hot , that long and first I heard she drowned in one foot of water and then it was flooded meaning there would be a hell of lot of water in even 15 , 20 mins let alone an hour .

I;ll never believe ANYTHING Hollywood says ,be default the Industry is worst than MAFIA crime family AND NOT TO BE TRUSTED .

It makes me wonder about Pat and other family members allowing such a shady character to be around Whitney. Weren't they suppose to be looking out for her best interest?

It is also very weird as pointed out by Dr. Drew that the temperature of the bath water nearly six hours after her death was still 93 degrees F. How is that even possible? I mean I can't even stay in the bath for an hour because the water goes cold!!! Come on people, what sort of bath is this? It overflowed the night before and the guy below her room reported it but later the hotel says that it wasn't her room? Dr. Drew also says that her supposed heart condition was minimal and that no doctor would do anything with it because it was minimal. The autopsy report says that her cause of death was accidental drowning due to 'cocaine use' and a heart condition. Yet all over the media they are saying 'cocaine overdose.' How was this minimal heart condition that needed no medical help supposed to… Read more »

" incompetence " ? … TRY collusion bcs the players are in place in hollyweird , in the police dept , in the coroners office to get what ever conclusion they want , most likely most belong to some secret society . My speculation is she was slipped something that knocked her out and placed face first ( how does someone end up turned around in a tub , face down , I know my tub isn't THAT big ) and 1955 Movie Les diaboliques shows it's easy to pull off and to show what kind of deviants these people are , some CDs were jacked up more than double with in 30 mins of death .

The Artist dies and Clive gets richer . The artist dies and Clive gets richer . No motive there .

I bet he was planting evidence and staging the death scene.


Drug photos were staged.

Cause of death was faked.

Daughter forcibly 'sedated' with drugs which will affect her memory of the event.

Whitney was not using cocaine.

'raffles' is a fixer. Low level criminal. He is also gay. His masters have a lot of compromising info on him and manipulate him at will. (He is fond of young boys.)

He is a connection worth follow up. When you see who is is connected with and who really pulls his string you will understand.

I know you wont publish this, but follow up the info. Its worth it.

This might be far out of left field… I always thought Jay-Z had some strange lyrics that don`t make sense,but when i read this article for the first time,something just clicked. J and his girl B, had a hit song a while back called Crazy In Love.In one of the lines that J raps,he says: "the roc (His company Rocawear) handle like van Exel." Does this mean he has known for a long time how this guy Raffles handles illuminati business? We all know what a big stooge J is for the illuminati. Way out theory i know, but not impossible.

actually j is most likely referring to nick van exel, a basketball player famous for his flashy ball-handling and ability to come through in clutch situations.

he says he was cleaning up the scene….maybe he was actually planting evidence?

this guy sounds like Hollywood's "angel of death"

those crazy in love lyrics that jay-z says do seem to be prophetic now in hindsight.

Also there is a you tube of van Excel and Ray J leaving the BH Hotel in the dark covering their faces.

There is a youtube on Obama being at the the hotel same day as when Whitney passed and the secret service on the same floor as Whitney. I think there is some sort of connection.

There could be a possible link to Raffles and Whitney's death to Obama. Raffles van Excel started out as Raffles Dawson in Chicago (home of Obama). Raffles is part of the gay mafia and Obama has been rumored to be closeted. Do they have a connection? On 2/11, Obama was staying at the same hotel as Whitney on the 8th floor, while the secert service was on the same floor as Whitney. I'm not sure whether this is coincidence or something larger. What is your opinion?

My opinion? Those are EXTREMELY tenuous and vague connections because:

1) Chicago is a major metro area with a population of millions, people can and do live their whole lives there without crossing paths

2) No rumor about Obama has ever been proven to be true, and all lack evidence beyond hearsay and conjecture – besides, a gay THAT deep in the closet would more likely be a conservative, not a liberal, to throw people further off the truth

3) The hotel likely had numerous other celebrities and public figures there at the same time – it's kind of a "go-to" hotel for the wealthy staying in LA

4) The "gay mafia" is highly unlikely to kill gay icons – they're more profitable alive! Sure, her albums sold gangbusters immediately after she died, but in a year they'll barely be moving, with nothing else on the horizon

There are closeted politicians in both parties. Don't fall for this left right nonsense. The rumor about Obama's homosexuality has never been proven because the media has never investigated. There are a lot of things aboout presidents that are not revealed while in office. For example, there are several books that have detailed Nixons bisexuality and the bush family connection to the Nazis.

Case closed, no investigation folks!

Thank goodness Whitney gave the periodic televised interviews she was telling us the best she could of the horrors of the industry. may she RIP.

The plot thickens – as we knew it well would…

I smell illuminati all over this..

If he's a fixer, he has a damn big mouth. I'm more inclined to think he's the flashy assistant that distracts from the shenannigans going on right under our noses. I agree with an earlier poster who said that it *has* to be illegal drugs because they don't want us realizing how dangerous the perscription drugs are. Also could be that she died from an injection of something illegal ( like Marilyn ) but since nothing was found at the scene, our flashy assistant comes out and takes the heat, claiming he cleaned it all up. Ta Da! Murder without evidence.

Whitney's time was up that's all it is! You can't sign the contract in blood and expect to not give anything back. She knew what the deal was and no matter what gospel songs you sing, it will not save you! Remember people are put in place to do what they do. Cocaine is a STIMULANT! There is something not right with the autopsy report.

Look at how TMZ is trying to protect Raffles Van Exel. I guess they need to keep him "clean" for his next victim. http://www.tmz.com/2012/04/01/whitney-houston-raf

Raffles and Harvey Levin are or were in a homosexual relationship.


Hmm, kinda funny how he conveniently waited until the cause of death was finally stated as involving coke to say he cleaned up the room. Sounds like a load of horse fertilizer to me.

The police department has determined that no further investigation is warranted in Whitney Houston's case. NOW, they indicate that a "white, powdery remnant" that tested positive for cocaine surfaced in the original investigation. See the following link and an excerpt from the article: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1682135/whitney-… …TMZ also reported that Beverly Hills Police detectives are not investigating the rumors that a friend of Houston's allegedly removed cocaine from the room following her death because they are not convinced evidence of the drug was swept away before their arrival… The notion that the shabbiness of this investigation is a test to see how the public will respond resonates for me. Still, I am puzzled. The report takes particular care to note that other drugs in Whitney's room played no part in her death. Xanax is a b***h, and some deem it as destructive if not worse than street drugs. I've also noticed Xanax… Read more »

Everybody Check This Out

Yesterday (3/29) this story came out:

Sky News: Police to question Houston's assistant (raffles)

For additional info on this check out Jacky Jasper site

Now Today this story comes out:

Cocaine Found In Whitney Houston's Hotel Room | TMZ.com ( which means no investigation into raffles)

Interesting how they changed their minds so quick. I'm not surprised, because everything about this case screams coverup.

All the articles that I've read about raffles potray him as an innocent character who just wanted fame and liked living through celebs. However, this is starting to change.

This is an excerpt from Jacky Jasper's story Breaking News: Witness Affidavit to BHPD regarding Raffles van Exel:

Well known Beverly Hills attorney, Ronald Richards has received a sworn statement from a Hollywood Street King (HSK) witnesses, who is a Dutch national and has an extensive history with the man known as Raffles van Exel. The affidavit alleges knowledge of Raffles engaging in cocaine distribution and numerous narcotics related conduct consistent with large scale narcotics trafficking. The witness also has information of Raffles shipping Federal express packages between Amsterdam, Los Angeles and Chicago, which are well documented narcotics routes, for source countries

You can read the rest at http://www.diaryofahollywoodwoodtreetking.com

Your first link was right. 😛 hollywoodstreetking.com goes to the same site.

Also While Raffles admits speaking to press in the Netherlands he denies telling them he cleared Whitney's room… From The National Enquirer "That's ridiculous," van Exel told The Enquirer. "I did get a call from a station (in Holland) a couple of days after Whitney died and spoke about her death in generalities. But of course I didn't say that." However, he did admit to being in Whitney's suite before authorities arrived. "I came into Whitney's room just before the police and paramedics did," he said. "I don't know what drugs were there, but the place was clean when I arrived. Only after the police had gone and Whitney's body had been removed did I help her brother Gary and wife Pat pack up Whitney's clothes and other possessions. That was the only so-called 'clean-up' I was involved in, and it had nothing to do with drugs. All three of… Read more »

More peices to the puzzle come together,but I bet you the whole picture will never come to light.To many people seem to be involed in the scrafice and to many hands now are covered in whitneys blood.

Far too many people coming to conclusions and judging without knowing what really happened. A lot of speculation. I'm glad none of you are my judges. What's even scarier, is that this mindset, of hearing one side of a story and then judging a person, or judging a person without evidence, just on preconceived ideas is almost universal. And guess what, a trial by a jury is full of the same types of idiots. There is no justice. Almost all of you are judging this man because he said he removed evidence and have been lead to believe that he must be a dark agent involved with her death. Although it is a possibility, that has not been proven. I don't think he's admitted to it, nor is their evidence to the contrary. So until there is evidence, eye-witness testimony, or self-admittance, how come you are so easy to judge?… Read more »

You seem a lil over.defensive there…not sure why but i guess you could be van exel or a close.friend of his or simply some other form of co-intel/dis info agent….but just in case you are a naive optomist with good intentions, ill humor your post with a response…..

The man admitted his own involvement pretty much…all but short of a murder confession….he has said and done enough to make himself suspect but we are wrong for passing judgement based on obvious foul play…..well thats what most juries do….make decisions of guilt based on the

evidence they are.presented with….whether that evidence is true or not is not really relevant when u put yoursellf in these situations and if he is not the guy we think he is then he is at least a patsy and an idiot an d is being used

If he didn't kill her, he enabled her relapse. I firmly believe he himself murdered her.

Some how I just knew this dude was there! Very suspicious if you ask me. Something doesn't smell right!

I remember seeing pics of him around MJ. It seemed like Michael was just trying to be nice but didn't really want this guy around.

I'll bet bagels to bar mitzvahs he's in the tribe.

seems like van exel does work for the freemasons/illuminati…..Jay Z even sings about him in Beyonce's song "Crazy in love"……

"Soprano the roc handle

Like van Exel

I shake phonies man, you can't get next to

A genuine article, i do not sing tho

I sling though , if anything i bling yo"

does "I sling though" means he kills? idk but now a days anything goes :/

we know who the soprano is… whitney.

use urban dictionary to decode much of this:

roc: routine in command, handle (okay, that was simple) who? oh: like van exel

i shake phonies man (shake: get out, get rid of, get lost, leave) (phonies: those pretending to be what they aren't.. such as a Christian whitney)

a genuine article: but wait… she was a genuine Christian

i sling though (deal drugs or do work), if anything i bling yo (and for real, who is raffles to have this much hype)

Illuminati at work.

"sling" is a slang term for dealing drugs, as in slinging drugs or selling drugs.

He's not talking about Nick van Exel, the famous basketball player?

Also, in the Defender article it did state his lineage but it's been so long now I've forgotten the story about his family. Maybe the next time I'm at the library I can try to look up the articles.

Yes, this would be good to know!

@VC You are the super sleuth and I'm so glad you and the guy from Forbes are exposing that Raffles character. Ever since the late 80's early 90's I've always thought he was a weird, over-ambitious self-promoting wannabe. During that time, every now and then a fluff piece about him would appear in the entertainment section of the Chicago Defender newspaper (a local African American paper). His name was Raffles DAWSON and the story always was about him making some kinda triumphant return home to Chicago from Denmark where he supposedly had this illustrious career and according to him. Claiming he was about to be this huge break out star in America. Supposedly some ultimate showman. However nothing ever materialized. Nothing but another article in the Defender saying the same thing. Back then it wasn't difficult to get Mr. Calloway to do a article on and up and coming artist.… Read more »

Two interesting little vids I've come across since her murder.

Whitney was the sacrifice to initiate the Anticrist and the False Prophet?


Whitney Told Us Back In 2002! But No One Was Listening……Clive is BAD NEWS, and she had broken away from him:


It has been mentioned that our current President was at the same hotel as Whitney during time of her death.

That's interesting because the first mention I have of Raffles in her life is 2002 (someone around here said 20 years but was it really that long?). That's the year a fan site (Whitney-fan.com) shows he claims to have worked with her when the track "Believe" was coming out. So was he already around or was he sent to get her back in line when she started defying Clive and deciding she didn't "want to be like them" in the industry. In the interview on the above link, Whitney says about Bobby Brown, It's not the Svengali tactic anymore." Diane says, "It's hard to let go of a Svengali relationship", to which Whitney answers, "I did with Clive." There are a lot of little revelations Whitney lets slip in that interview, like that. Did Raffles come to be her new Svengali? As I said in my post on the Grammy… Read more »

Also Whitney, around 3:02 when Diane points out the headlines which were saying she was dying, says, "When they said I died, I did. I'd changed my mind," then she smiles satisfiedly at the almost accusatory Diane. "I changed my mind. Yup, I didn't want to look like the rest of them. I didn't want to be like them. It frightened me. I didn't ever want to be in the realm of where I'm caught in a mold and I can't get out. Never. That's over. I'm beyond it." Later she says, "I enjoy what I do, I love to sing, but it's just not fun anymore. … People are different in the industry. It's about the money. It's about 'get it fast'."

I think that this man is an overseer for the sacrafices commited by the elite. I have been studying so much into this stuff that I think im crazy myself. I have a friend in the business who assists with alot of behind the scenes production because hes quote "a genius but doesnt have the superstardom required to be on camera." Its not that he doesnt have the superstardom…its that hes not willing to sell his soul for a buck. Anyway, he told me that this man has no ties to film or music whatsoever but he is always there as a form of condolence for the family. He also some how becomes friends with celebrities a year before they are murdered or pass away. My friend tells me that he is paid a RIDICULOUS amount of money to be the elites "private investigator." Mainly, if there is a murder… Read more »

One more thing I noticed! In the "Six Degrees of Raffles" video, in the scene where he is pretending to speak for some bigwig (Joe Jackson? the video's disappeared even off Jacky Jasper's site). What struck me odd was that no one seemed to truly question him. There is even a female what seems to be reporter who asks him if the awards ceremony is going to be covered by satellite or something, as if he is someone important.

BTW, I noticed he did hang around more currently successful celebrities, like Rihanna. I'd forgotten about her. Jasper's site (Hollywood Street King) talks all about it too.

Do you mean he is truly an investigator on the elites' behalf or that he is there to pretend to investigate and presumably do covert questionable things?

The fact that the elite are, according to your source, hiring him, screams volumes. That along with the fact that his behavior is contradictory (becoming "friends" with almost-dead celebrities and "consoling" their grieving families while appearing to use their death and fame to profit and promote himself) i.e. shady, tells me he is doing dirty work for the elite, then.

It's the two things together, if your source is correct, that seem to point to Illuminati. "weeping unicorn" on here called him an "ndoki":

I looked up more on ndokis and added my comments below that.

Way to go Kevin! Thanks for your research this whole thing is baffling to me also. Though many turn a blind eye to what's gong on and pretend the truth seekers are insane. Just proves some of us are awake and many others are asleep.

"Someone had to do it"?

This guy should be f*****g prosecuted!

not filled with any occult symbolism AT ALL.

And it sucks too! He's terrible!!

I read somewhere that James Brown was poisoned. an account from a relative of his. Could it be Whitney as well? Someone could have put something in her drink. Whitney loved her daughter and appears to have had too much to live for to be so careless. I just don't buy what they are telling us.

but how does he supposedly go n 'clean-up' for Whitney(which looks like a gesture of sm1 who cared) n then go n announce it to the whole world tht he did that… its al a big cover up.

at the end of the day Whitney s gone n none of these fabrications s gonna bring her back.i tell u folks lets js keep alert n b watchful of the dubious deeds of this debauched people unfoldin … it wil get even more gloomy bcz we r approachin the finale… n m not afraid!

Seems like truth is stranger than fiction in Hollywood..

I think the most important FACT in all this flurry is that NOBODY TAKES COKE INTO THE BATHTUB!

This cannot and would not be done by any coke user. It's stupid and defeats the purpose. Bathtubs are for pot heads or any substance that is commonly abused while listening to the Grateful Dead.

Second fact is if she really was on a coke bender.. she probably would've been a blur of activity rather than sleeping beauty.

Third fact.. cops would know this.

And why would there be food all over the bathroom floor, in addition? Isn't coke an appetite-suppressor, anyway?

That's true coke energizes not put you in a sleepy state. They really insult our intelligence.

That's the very first thing that came to my mind , that Coke is stimulate and can't put you to sleep , but it's easier to sell staged death . How or why could Whitney step into a tub that HOT , unless she was totally unconscious and why did the tub stay that hot that long , it's impossible .

Unless she thought she was snorting coke and it was tainted…….

This guy is a parasite — a leech. He initially claimed to persons who had gathered for Clive Davis' pre-grammy party that he had found Whitney's body. Now this. He's a nut case that has delusions of grandeur through his association with those who are the rich and famous. I believe it is true that he is the one that sold the pictures which is a further demonstration of his lack of conscience and a low-life that wants to perpetrate the high-life. Whitney's family are very close and to betray them in such a fashion while gaining access at such a tragic time posing as a friend to the family is despicable. This man is scum.

I think he might be a parasite ("Six Degrees of Raffles" makes him look like a deliberate con man), but he might also be made to look like merely a parasite while actually doing the bidding of higher-ups. In his music video for "We Got It All", there is a scene with people wearing those party masks like stereotypical Illuminati, a castle, hints of bondage in the costuming, and lyrics like "we're part of something that is bigger than us all". Slick presentation for what's in vogue? Or hints as to who he really is? We need a way to discern which he is, or if he is both (Illuminati and parasite go together, but parasite doesn't necessarily mean Illuminati). If he were only seeking fame and money by conning, wouldn't he hang around currently popular celebrities and not just ones who are in a power struggle with the music… Read more »

Though he was in Whitney's life long before her death, but then supposedly her life started to go downhill since after the Bodyguard (she says in an interview), which IIRC was around 1995.

"Van Exel, a Dutch national, touts himself as a 'highly respected entertainment consultant'. "

"Celebrity grim reaper" more likely.

Whitney was set up!!! Watch the Body Guard and the whole movie mirrors her life and she was threaten with death all throughout the movie. The Body Guard shows everything in detail which was about 20 years ago. It laid the frame work which lead up to her death. She had the fame, fortune, and years later her life was taken. This Raffles Val Exel guy is no good and I believe he may have something to do with her death. He was paid off good and of course he not going to admit it because his life will be on the line. Thanks VC for your good articles!

yes and when you stay at a hotel room it doesnt matter if its for two weeks or two days no one is going to take a bath you are going to take a shower..and rachel means female sheep…maron..red so she was a sheep being sacrificed for the devil and his illuminati minions.

Whitney (Rachel in the movie) was threaten with death letters. The letters told her she must die. Rachel feared for her LIFE in the movie. In reality Whitney feared too!!! Rachel attended an award ceremony in the movie. Whitney Houston was to appear at the Grammy's but was taken out. Connect the dots people!! She sang "Jesus Loves Me" with her sister in the movie. Just before Whitney died she appeared singing Jesus Loves Me with Kelly Price. Rachel (Whitney) in the movie appeared at the award ceremony was standing next to the presenter named "CLIVE." Need I say more!

Wow indeed! Now i gotta go watch the movie again its been forever since ive seen it i dont remember any of the details ..wonder what kevin costner is thinking or knows right about now


This guy Raffles van Exel and Revd. Al Sharpton are shady characters that float(ed) around some of the black celebrities. I don't see how MJ could benefit from their acquaintance. In Whitney's case, what gain him such closeness to the family? What favors they owed? Money? Did he run special errands? Strange character this Raffles van Exel. Even his name sounds fake… But then, that celebrity world is full of falseness, appearances, deceit, facade.

I'd like to know why, they did it like this in the First place. Did they start messing up this time, or did they want someone to take the blame again? Like how the doctor took the blame for Michael, will this guy take the fall for Whitney? Or will he get away with it and if he gets away with it, what'll happen from there? Most importantly, why didn't they organize it at first move? If it was really cocaine, they could've left the drugs in the suite. Easy clean up, easy death, easy Everything. I think this is a test, to see the reactions of humanity. They did all this on purpose b/c as I said, they could've left no traces. They didn't have to have the tub overflow the day before her death; they didn't have to take the drugs out of the room. They didn't have… Read more »

It hurts me to think that there is no Hope,

The world is geared towards destruction.

destruction, yes. Jesus=hope 🙂

JKF''s assasination was just the beginning of their lies, remember in the movie when the police interviewed eyewitnesses they were told what to say as to how the story should be told.

Or was Marilyn Monroe's death the beginning and prelude to JFK's death? I read somewhere she was trying to warn him (haven't confirmed that but it makes sense when putting all the pieces together).

WHy are they feeding us little by little information?

But we can't say that there is a mistake in the plans since at the death of JFK they have shown some evidence but also proved that they can manipulate people in order to turn it in their favor and to forget the crime forever.

you know, whenever i post a link of facebook or tell someone, they are like, no, drugs killed her. they are so quick to agree with what they want us to think without questioning it. i want to ask, how many people, (yes people in real life have drug problems too) but how many do you know just drown like that after taking, drugs? what? xanax? cocaine? alchohol? drowning!!if deaths like that happened to our friends, our families, we would sure question it and think it could be homicide, something does not seem right. how many unexplained celebrity deaths are there? come on!!

This Raffles creep is suspect. How is it that he was hanging around when MJ passed away and now Whitney? He has all the signs of being an Illuminati agent of some sort.