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Raffles Van Exel Admits to Removing Evidence From Whitney Houston Death Scene



Raffles Van Exel Admits to Removing Evidence From Whitney Houston Death Scene

In my article on Whitney Houston and the Grammy Awards, I quoted an article that describes the odd presence of a guy named Raffles van Exel at the time of Whitney’s death. Described as a “Hollywood mystery”, the article states Raffles “trades on being an “insider” when there’s a scandal; No one really knows him, but he’s always where there’s action and celebrities.” He was also around Micheal Jackson during his difficult periods.

It was then discovered that Raffles was the one who took pictures of Whitney in her casket to then sell them to the National Inquirer. Today, another odd piece of information is out: Raffles admitted to removing “evidence” from Whitney’s room. How come this weird fellow with no family ties whatsoever has an all-access pass around celebrities in trouble? Is he an Illuminati insider that “facilitates” the sacrifices? Here’s an article on him removing evidence from Whitney’s room.

Man Confesses He Removed Evidence From Whitney Houston Death Scene: ‘Someone Had To Do It’ (EXCLUSIVE DETAILS)

A close confidant of the late pop diva Whitney Houston has admitted he cleaned up the hotel room where she drowned, Celebuzz has learned.

In an interview with respected Dutch newspaper The Telegraph on February 15, just four days after the singer’s death, Raffles van Exel confessed: “The room had to be emptied.”

“Someone had to do it,” van Exel told the newspaper, according to a translation of the article published online.

Van Exel stopped short of telling The Telegraph what exactly he removed from the suite and he has not returned Celebuzz’s request for comment.

Last week, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office declared Houston, 48, died from an accidental drowning in a hotel bathtub with the “effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use.”

Sources tell Celebuzz that Beverly Hills police are still investigating how Houston acquired the drugs that contributed to her death and whether they were hidden from police and first responders.

No cocaine or drug paraphernalia were found in the suite at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif., the source adds.

However, Houston’s cocaine use appeared to have occurred “in the time period just immediately prior to her collapse in the bathtub at the hotel,” Chief Coroner Craig Harvey said when he announced the findings of his report, last week.

“(Houston’s case) is still an open investigation for us… I can’t disclose any details about the investigation,” BHPD Lt. Mark Rosen told People on March 23.

In various media released, Van Exel, a Dutch national, touts himself as a “highly respected entertainment consultant” who has “guided some of the world’s most acclaimed executives and celebrities.”

His relationship with Houston and other stars, including late King of Pop Michael Jackson, have been the focus of investigation on two websites, including the urban blog Diary of a Hollywood Street King and Forbes.

– Source: Celebuzz


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Raffles Van Exel Admits to Removing Evidence From Whitney Houston Death Scene

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None of these stories are true everyone is telling different stories about her death. He manger never got back to her she text Pat her sister in-law and called her and she never got back to her. until they got upstairs and the hair dresser screamed and she told the lady who open the door to call 911. the bodyguard was doing CPR on her so how the hell was he in the room and he was telling people downstairs that he found her how is he not being questioned in the matter. they are all a bunch of lairs and i know in my heart they killed her she cost them to much money on this last tour and album and Clive wanted her gone she makes more money dead then alive. Pat her sister in-law was always on the same floor as her and this time she was one floor down HMMM? Whitney was not to be alone her old bodygarde that she had for YEARS was fired and a new one put in his place said he never let her take a bath alone why did this guy she is Whitney she is never alone EVER.. They… Read more »


It is also very weird as pointed out by Dr. Drew that the temperature of the bath water nearly six hours after her death was still 93 degrees F. How is that even possible? I mean I can't even stay in the bath for an hour because the water goes cold!!! Come on people, what sort of bath is this? It overflowed the night before and the guy below her room reported it but later the hotel says that it wasn't her room? Dr. Drew also says that her supposed heart condition was minimal and that no doctor would do anything with it because it was minimal. The autopsy report says that her cause of death was accidental drowning due to 'cocaine use' and a heart condition. Yet all over the media they are saying 'cocaine overdose.' How was this minimal heart condition that needed no medical help supposed to have played a part in her drowning? Dr Drew also said “Here’s a way to induce a seizure: not taking Xanax after having been on it for a period of time, the blood level goes low, (chance of a) seizure goes up." So maybe someone switched her Xanax for something… Read more »


" incompetence " ? … TRY collusion bcs the players are in place in hollyweird , in the police dept , in the coroners office to get what ever conclusion they want , most likely most belong to some secret society . My speculation is she was slipped something that knocked her out and placed face first ( how does someone end up turned around in a tub , face down , I know my tub isn't THAT big ) and 1955 Movie Les diaboliques shows it's easy to pull off and to show what kind of deviants these people are , some CDs were jacked up more than double with in 30 mins of death .

The Artist dies and Clive gets richer . The artist dies and Clive gets richer . No motive there .


He is in the service.


I bet he was planting evidence and staging the death scene.



Drug photos were staged.

Cause of death was faked.

Daughter forcibly 'sedated' with drugs which will affect her memory of the event.

Whitney was not using cocaine.

'raffles' is a fixer. Low level criminal. He is also gay. His masters have a lot of compromising info on him and manipulate him at will. (He is fond of young boys.)

He is a connection worth follow up. When you see who is is connected with and who really pulls his string you will understand.

I know you wont publish this, but follow up the info. Its worth it.


This might be far out of left field… I always thought Jay-Z had some strange lyrics that don`t make sense,but when i read this article for the first time,something just clicked. J and his girl B, had a hit song a while back called Crazy In Love.In one of the lines that J raps,he says: "the roc (His company Rocawear) handle like van Exel." Does this mean he has known for a long time how this guy Raffles handles illuminati business? We all know what a big stooge J is for the illuminati. Way out theory i know, but not impossible.


actually j is most likely referring to nick van exel, a basketball player famous for his flashy ball-handling and ability to come through in clutch situations.


Also there is a you tube of van Excel and Ray J leaving the BH Hotel in the dark covering their faces.


Thank goodness Whitney gave the periodic televised interviews she was telling us the best she could of the horrors of the industry. may she RIP.

Illuminati Agenda

The plot thickens – as we knew it well would…


I smell illuminati all over this..


If he's a fixer, he has a damn big mouth. I'm more inclined to think he's the flashy assistant that distracts from the shenannigans going on right under our noses. I agree with an earlier poster who said that it *has* to be illegal drugs because they don't want us realizing how dangerous the perscription drugs are. Also could be that she died from an injection of something illegal ( like Marilyn ) but since nothing was found at the scene, our flashy assistant comes out and takes the heat, claiming he cleaned it all up. Ta Da! Murder without evidence.

Ms. Smith

Some how I just knew this dude was there! Very suspicious if you ask me. Something doesn't smell right!

I remember seeing pics of him around MJ. It seemed like Michael was just trying to be nice but didn't really want this guy around.


I'd like to know why, they did it like this in the First place. Did they start messing up this time, or did they want someone to take the blame again? Like how the doctor took the blame for Michael, will this guy take the fall for Whitney? Or will he get away with it and if he gets away with it, what'll happen from there? Most importantly, why didn't they organize it at first move? If it was really cocaine, they could've left the drugs in the suite. Easy clean up, easy death, easy Everything. I think this is a test, to see the reactions of humanity. They did all this on purpose b/c as I said, they could've left no traces. They didn't have to have the tub overflow the day before her death; they didn't have to take the drugs out of the room. They didn't have to say she'd taken the drugs right before the tub b/c ppl were saying she was acting very strange the day of her death, going swimming, doing cartwheels near the pool and in the lobby. They could've said someone put the drugs in her drink the night before at the… Read more »

sister soul

This Raffles creep is suspect. How is it that he was hanging around when MJ passed away and now Whitney? He has all the signs of being an Illuminati agent of some sort.


I'd venture to guess it was the Zanax and other depressants that facilitated the drowning, since cocaine is a stimulant.

Oh, where did it come from? Ask about 95% of the people in attendance for the festivities. I'll bet there were literally kilos present that night.


I agree with another commenter Cocaine is a stimulant, and u would think that she would be wired or a lil hyper. I think the bars counteracted the coke along with a lil help from RayJ. Every time I see him stand up and touch that casket I want to drop kick that fool!!

Truth is

What a creep! Who knows what else he did and removed. These people cannot be trusted!


He should at least be questioned by the police… or have they done it already?

I'm also wondering whether there's some sort of system on deciding which artist that they decide to kill next.


Cocaine and drowning? Sounded fishy the moment I heard it on the news…..*roll eyes* I finally now got to see the face of that man. Thank you VC! Good work!


My Heart goes out for Whitney and what she has gone through and I cant Imagine her mother and yet she came from a well respected family. All I know is that it wasn't easy for her and after all she just got herself together and than one night caused her life. All I know is that I LOVE YOU WHITNEY with all my heart I don't care what the people say and will always have to say R.I.P. My Love


Uh oh I just found this pic by accident… kinda looks like Raffles doesnt it?


As usual doesn't make sense . She would have to be totally out of it to get in to tub that HOT , which means she couldn't have gotten into the tub conscience and by herself and there is no way a tub stays that hot , that long and first I heard she drowned in one foot of water and then it was flooded meaning there would be a hell of lot of water in even 15 , 20 mins let alone an hour .

I;ll never believe ANYTHING Hollywood says ,be default the Industry is worst than MAFIA crime family AND NOT TO BE TRUSTED .

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