Whitney Houston and the 2012 Grammy Awards Mega-Ritual


The 2012 Grammy Awards took place in a horrible context: the wake of the sudden, mysterious death of Whitney Houston. The show went on nevertheless … but not without a great deal of strange symbols and events that made one thing very clear: There is a definite dark side to the entertainment business. We will look at the facts surrounding Whitney Houston’s death, the symbolic elements of the 2012 Grammy Awards (including Nikki Minaj’s ritualistic performance) and see how the ceremony turned into another mega-ritual.

I had a feeling that in 2012 the occult agenda of the entertainment industry would be kicked in high gear. I was right: In the span of a week, the most important night in sports (the Superbowl – see the article about it here) and music (the Grammys) were infused with ritualistic elements witnessed by millions of viewers. While the Superbowl half-time show lasted only 13 minutes, the ritual surrounding the Grammys lasted for days and its aftermath is still going on as odd facts and accounts regarding Whitney Houston continue to surface in the media.

This article will list several facts and events that took place before, during and after the Grammy Awards that have a symbolic significance in the grand scheme of things. While some of the facts mentioned here might have been the result of coincidence or poor timing, they still came together in one big, classic case of synchronicity. In other words, apparent coincidences sometimes reveal an underlying pattern behind events.

“Carl Jung described synchronicity as ” the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance and that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner. Synchronistic events reveal an underlying pattern, a conceptual framework that encompasses, but is larger than, any of the systems that display the synchronicity. Concurrent events that first appear to be coincidental but later turn out to be causally related are termed incoincident.”

When we look at the facts and the occurrences surrounding Whitney Houston’s death coupled with the symbolic elements of the 2012 Grammy awards, the entire “event” has the looks of an occult ritual, complete with a blood sacrifice, a celebration and even a “re-birth”. Some of the things described below were pre-planned, while others were possibly just odd coincidences. However, the overwhelming and almost palpable energy emanating from the 2012 Grammys definitely made some things align in a synchronistic fashion. Let’s look at the most significant events that happened during that fateful weekend.

Strange Facts Surrounding Whitney Houston’s Death

If you read other articles on this site, you probably noticed that everything surrounding Whitney Houston’s is astonishingly on-par with other celebrity “sacrifices”. Accounts of strange events before the death, bizarre behavior of the authorities when the death was discovered, conflicting reports, vagueness surrounding the cause of the death and, to top it off, a worrying “response” from the music industry through the Grammys. Her case followed the same pattern as several other celebrity deaths that were blamed on drugs  despite many conflicting reports. As it was the case for these other celebrities, the media almost automatically launched a campaign depicting Whitney as a hopeless drug addict. Maybe she was a drug addict, but that might only be the tip of the iceberg … a symptom of the true illness that killed Whitney: the music business.

Strange Events

As in the cases of Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy and many others, bizarre events preceded and followed the death of Whitney Houston. After reviewing all of those accounts, one cannot help but wonder: Was Whitney’s death truly an accident or was it a deliberate sacrifice planned by “unseen forces”? While most media reports drum into people’s heads that “Whitney Houston = Drugs”, some sources reveal other details that might lead to other paths of thinking. Here’s Roger Friedman’s account of things that happened at the Beverly Hilton on February 11th:

Whitney’s Death: An Earlier Incident?

Whitney Houston’s death made for a long day’s journey into night at the Beverly Hilton. While the Clive Davis Grammy dinner had to proceed downstairs in the ballroom–with 800 guests already filing in as the news was breaking–Whitney remained in state, so to speak, in her fourth floor suite. She was not removed until just moments before the party ended–a little after midnight. She’d been in the suite, discovered in her bathtub. But there were many people in the suite when this happened at 3:50pm including her daughter Bobbi Kristina, her brother Gary, sister in law Pat Houston, and another player in this story — a nightlife friend who’d been guiding her around town the last few days as she was photographed in states of duress.

What you don’t know is that around 11pm, paramedics were called back to the fourth floor. Security and police raced back to the 4th floor. A medical wheelchair with restraints was brought in through the back entrance to the hotel. Bobbi Kristina “freaked out”–well, she’d been upstairs for hours with her mother’s dead body in the next room. It was understandable. The paramedics thought they were going to to have to take her to the hospital. But calm was restored. For ten minutes, though, security cleared the entire lobby of the hotel while the concert was going on inside the ballroom. I was out there at that moment, and it was one of the strangest scenes ever.

Then there’s the mysterious story of a leak that occurred the night before from Whitney’s group of suites. A man on the third floor right underneath Houston’s suite suddenly experienced water cascading into his bathroom from above at 2:30am. It wasn’t just a trickle. The man called security, then went upstairs to the fourth floor to see what was going on. He swears to me that it was Whitney’s bathtub that was overflowing. He also says that a flat screen television had been been broken–the screen was smashed. My sources at the hotel say there was a “leak” but that it wasn’t from Whitney’s room. “They [her group]have a lot of rooms up there,” says the hotel source. My source, this man, insists that he was told it was Whitney Houston’s room. It does seem to have been part of her group of rooms.

There are many mysteries here. None of them have been reported or solved by TMZ or one of the other muckracking tabloids. I know the man who had to pull Whitney out of the bathtub yesterday and attempt to give her CPR. He told me, “She was already dead. There was nothing I could do.”

More on Whitney’s death and the Grammy party follows in the next post. And believe me, dear readers, this isn’t easy. I’ve known Whitney Houston and her family for over 25 years. She was a beautiful girl with a big heart. She was full of optimism. Her mother is one of the finest people. The people who worked for and with her were devoted to her. When the shock turns to anger there will be a lot of finger pointing. But in the end, Whitney ruled her own world.
– Source: Forbes

I am not a criminal investigator and I cannot solve all of the mysteries surrounding Whitney’s death but the fact that her body was there for hours, while a pre-Grammy party was happening just below is a little off-putting. Why wasn’t it simply cancelled?  Isn’t the presence of the dead body of a legendary singer in the same exact location as the party reason enough to cancel it? Was there some type of twisted thrill of partying right below Houston’s body?

In another article, Roger Friedman noted the presence of a strange “Hollywood insider” lurking around Whitney Houston that was also around Michael Jackson during his “difficult periods”. Who is that guy?

Whitney Houston’s Mystery Friend Was Also Michael Jackson’s Pal

Here’s the one person in the Whitney Houston story whose name you have not heard, and who has remained a mystery: a Dutch man from Amsterdam who goes by the name of Raffles van Exel. He is also known – in court records—as Raffles Dawson and Raffles Benson. He was on the fourth floor of the Beverly Hilton Hotel in one of Houston’s suites when she died. He appeared downstairs in the lobby shortly thereafter, wearing aviator sunglasses, sobbing.

As usual, he had an entourage in tow, including Quinton Aaron, the actor who played the football player in “The Blind Side.” Raffles, in one of his many PR Newswire releases, recently announced that he’s producing movies with Aaron. It’s just one of many ventures he announces regularly. For someone who has no obvious means of support, he is a regular on PR Newswire and You Tube. On the latter, you can find him interviewing friends of Michael Jackson. It is assumed that he sells stories to tabloids. He regularly includes names of tabloid reporters like Kevin Frazier of “The Insider” on his Tweets.

Despite the shock of Whitney’s death, Raffles still made it downstairs to Clive Davis’s party. He was dressed in formal wear, had Whitney’s tickets in his hand, and intended  to sit at her table. Just inside the ballroom he was comforted by celebrities to whom he related his story—“I found Whitney.”  Gayle King hugged him. Quincy Jones listened patiently to his story. A security guard told me later, “Well, he was up there.” He was also hanging around with Houston all week prior to her death. On Tuesday when she emerged from a nightclub, looking disheveled, Raffles appears in a photograph on TMZ like a deer in headlights. He is standing right behind her in a powder blue suit. On Twitter, he wrote: “STOP reading the stupid blogs.. Whitney had a great time, she looked amazing. Nothing was wrong, it was just DAMN hot in that club.”

But who is Raffles van Exel? He’s one of Hollywood’s mysteries. I first met him in 2005 hanging around the Jackson family during Michael Jackson’s child molestation trial. After Michael went abroad, Raffles was often seen with Michael’s father, Joseph Jackson. He trades on being an “insider” when there’s a scandal. No one really knows him, but he’s always where there’s action and celebrities. On the internet he claims to own a number of companies including Raffles Entertainment. He’s also been sued a couple of times, once by a partner in something called Max Records, Inc., and once by a private aviation company in Los Angeles. I spoke to the plane company and they said they can’t comment because the situation is ongoing. On Twitter he claims to be managing “my girl,” Chaka Khan. There are plenty of pictures of Raffles on the internet with celebrities. You can see him with everyone from Magic Johnson to Sandra Bullock. If ever there was a real life Zelig, he is it.

It’s  not a surprise that Raffles has turned up in Whitney Houston’s story. Last October, he and Whitney and others traveled to North Carolina with Whitney’s sister in law Patricia Houston for something called a Teen Summit. It was billed as part of The Patricia Houston Foundation, an organization for which there is no official 501 c3  registration. Pat Houston, married to Whitney’s brother Gary, has been Whitney’s manager for years.  (Whitney’s own foundation for children ceased functioning years ago.) She also owns a consignment shop in North Carolina, and a candle company called Marion P. Candles, with Whitney.

Look for Raffles at Whitney’s funeral tomorrow. In the old days he used to wear a yellow jacket full of black question marks—like The Riddler. On Saturday night, as he pulled in various guests to Clive Davis’s party past the velvet ropes, he was wearing a Michael Jackson-like tuxedo. He lives in West Hollywood now, but his official domicile—and where he’s been sued—is Chicago. He has not responded to countless emails and phone messages.
– Source: Forbes

Was this man instrumental in Whitney’s sacrifice? Did Whitney fall out of the good graces of the music industry elite? Was she becoming difficult to manipulate? Was she sacrificed to introduce her successor? Difficult to say, but Whitney appeared to have premonitions about her death. Some reports described her as “manic” and agitated while others state that Whitney felt that “her days were numbered”. Shortly before her death, Whitney was spotted handing singer Brandy a message whose contents remained a mystery.

What was in Whitney’s secret note to Brandy?

Singer Brandy has one of the last messages ever delivered by Whitney Houston — but she’s not telling anyone what it says.

On Feb. 9 in Los Angeles, Houston approached the younger singer as she and fellow singer Monica and mentor Clive Davis were conducting an interview with E!

A post on RyanSeacrest.com says Houston “crashed” the interview, then goes on to say “Whitney seemed a bit manic as she told Monica about swimming ‘two hours a day,’ and conspicuously handed a note to Brandy before hugging Davis.”

When E! later asked Brandy directly what the note said, she replied “I’m going to just not say what it was and just keep it to myself for my own personal reasons.” She also told the network “Whitney meant everything to me … She’s the reason that I sing.”

Brandy and Houston starred in the 1997 remake of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella.” Brandy also is the elder sister of singer Ray J, who had reportedly dated Houston on and off over the last two years of her life. Ray J gained notoriety in 2003 when a sex tape of him with Kim Kardashian was leaked to the public.

E! has video of Houston handing the note to Brandy, and Brandy’s comments about not revealing its contents.
– Source: MSNBC

The Number 11

When dealing with occult rituals, numerology takes on a primordial importance. In the case of Whitney Houston, the number 11 is definitely a factor. In elite occult circles, the number 11 is a “master number” (it cannot be reduced) and, because it exceeds the number 10 (the number of perfection) by 1, it is usually associated with bad foreboding and black magic. Qabbalists associate the number 11 with transgression of the law, rebellion, war, sin, sorcery and martyrdom.

For this reason, the occult elite often associates mega-rituals involving sacrifice with the number 11. What was the massive mega-ritual of the modern times? September 11th – involving the Twin Towers. At what exact time do we “remember” WWI soldiers who sacrificed their lives for their rulers? At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month – Veterans Day, aka Remembrance Day.

Going further than the date of her death, another link associates Whitney and her death with Lady Gaga and previous Grammy awards. As some know, Lady Gaga had close ties with fashion designer Alexander McQueen, who was no stranger to occult and mind control symbolism in his work. McQueen died on February 11th, 2010.

During the 2011 Grammy Awards, Gaga stated about her song “Born This Way”:

“I need to thank Whitney Houston. I wanted to thank Whitney, because when I wrote ‘Born this Way,’ I imagined she was singing it – because I wasn’t secure enough in myself to imagine I was a superstar. So, Whitney, I imagined you were singing ‘Born This Way’ when I wrote it.”

“Born This Way” was released on February 11th, 2011. Exactly one year later, Whitney Houston dies on February 11th, 2012. Did Gaga (or her handlers) know something that the rest of us didn’t? Her outfit evidently shows that death was on her mind.

Another little fact: Whitney’s room number was 434 – which in Qabbalistic numerology equals 11 (4+3+4).

Statements from Industry Veterans

Who is better placed than artists who have worked in the music industry for years to provide insightful takes on the death of Whitney Houston? They obviously do not hold the ultimate truth and they might just be trying to make sense of things like the rest of us, but they have first -and experience when it comes to the workings of the music industry.

During an interview on Good Morning America, industry giant Celine Dion bluntly blamed the “bad influence” of show business for Whitney’s death. She even stated that you “have to be afraid” of show business.

“It’s just really unfortunate that drugs, bad people or bad influence took over. It took over her dreams.  It took over her love and motherhood. When you think about Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse, to get into drugs like that, for whatever reason. Is it because of the stress and bad influence? What happens when you have everything? What happens when you have love, support, the family, motherhood? You have responsibilities of a mother and then something happens and it destroys everything. That’s why I don’t do parties and I don’t hang out. That’s why I’m not part of show business. We have to be afraid. I’ve always said you have to have fun and do music and you can never be part of show business because you don’t what it’s going to get yourself into. You have to do your work and get out of there.”
– Source: Vancouver Sun

Is Celine Dion’s avoidance of show business the reason she manages to be relatively scandal-free?

Another legendary diva, Chaka Khan, was even more direct when explaining the true cause of Whitney’s death. During an interview with Piers Morgan, she stated:

“I think we all, as artists, because we’re highly sensitive people, and this machine around us, this so-called ‘music industry,’ is such a demonic thing. It’s sacrifices people’s lives and their essences at the drop of a dime … I had a manager once say to me, ‘ You know you’re worth more money dead than alive.’

I mean, I’ve cried for her, a lot over the years, so many times. In a way I’ve mourned her, because I felt something was gonna happen because she was so close to the wire.”
– Source: Eonline

Was Chaka Khan exaggerating when using the terms “demonic” and “sacrifice” when describing the music industry? Judging by the symbolism found at the Grammy awards, she was probably right on the dot.


The Mega-Ritual that Was the 2012 Grammy Awards

The Grammy Awards has been dubbed “music’s biggest night” and, since the music industry is ruled by an occult elite, “music’s biggest night” reflects this elite’s code. Because of Whitney Houston’s death, the 2012 edition of the Grammy Awards had a peculiar feel that was almost palpable through the television screen. Intentionally or not, Whitney’s death was tied-in with the awards ceremony and the symbolism that transpired from it.

The ceremony began in a very peculiar fashion, especially given the context of the Whitney’s death. Bruce Springsteen yelled to the crowd “Are you alive out there?“, then sang the song We Take Care of Our Own, a mantra that was repeated throughout the evening. Well, I know someone who was definitely not alive out there – the very person that was on everyone’s mind when the show began. And, in the last years of her life, she wasn’t particularly well taken care of, either. In fact, as I stated in the article,  What Happened to Whitney Houston, I believe that something terrible happened to Whitney Houston that went way beyond using drugs. She was mentally, psychologically and even spiritually disturbed. Was she under mind control or the subject of some kind of dark rituals? Difficult to say. But, as Springsteen chanted We Take Care of Our Own as if it was the anthem of the industry, I couldn’t help but think that Whitney was probably not “one of them”. Her “industry-approved” replacement, however, is “one of them”.

Out With the Old, In With the New?

Industry mogul Clive Davis with Whitney Houston and Jennifer Hudson.

A day before Whitney’s death, Clive Davis told Piers Morgan that Jennifer Hudson was “the next Whitney”. While Whitney was being reduced to the state of has-been, constantly humiliated by tabloid stories, Hudson was being groomed to become the next industry diva. After being discovered on American Idol, Hudson’s career took off … right after the violent murders of her mother and brother in 2008. Her first public appearance after the traumatic event was singing the Star-Spangled Banner during Superbowl XLIII.

At the 2012 Grammy Awards, who do you think was chosen to pay tribute to the fallen artist by singing her greatest hit I Will Always Love You?

In her tribute to Houston, Hudson was literally placed “in the spotlight” while a picture of Houston floated above her.

Another artist of Whitney’s calibre re-emerged triumphant, almost like a re-birth after a period of silence: Adele. However, the symbolic ceremony of the 2012 Grammy Awards could not be completed without a true ritual dealing with the spiritual realm. Nikki Minaj took care of that.

The Black Mass

Nicki Minaj enters the Grammys in a ritualistic red robe, color of sacrifice and initiation. Was it a reference to Whitney’s blood sacrifice?

The Grammy Awards ceremony may have begun with a heart-felt prayer for Whitney Houston, but it ended with an all-out Satanic Black Mass. From her “red carpet” entrance to her musical performance, Nikki Minaj played the role of a woman possessed by a demon named “Roman Zolanski”. The 2012 Grammy Awards were apparently chosen to “exorcise” this demon from Nikki and to present it to the world as her new alter-ego. In last year’s Grammy Awards, Lady Gaga also presented a new persona for Born This Way: a Gaga with horns on her forehead.

In a music industry permeated with the concept of mind control, alter-personas that are completely separate from the artists are now the norm. As discussed in the article Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control, the goal of Monarch programming is to create new personalities within a mind-control victim using violent trauma and frightening rituals. The personas that are created are fully programmable by their handlers and can even speak with a different accent, as is the case with Minaj’s alter persona. The chorus of Minaj’s song Roman Holiday appears to refer to the process of mind control:

Take your medication, Roman
Take a short vacation, Roman
You’ll be okay
You need to know your station, Roman
Some alterations on your clothes and your brain
Take a little break, little break
From your silencing
There is so much you can take, you can take
I know how bad you need a Roman holiday

Mind-control slaves are highly medicated and have their clothes (outward style) and brain “altered” by their handlers. This is accomplished by forcing the victim to dissociate from reality through intense trauma and pain: “There is so much you can take” before the mind dissociates from reality or goes on a “Roman Holiday”.

Minaj’s alter-persona is named Roman Zolanski. He has his own strange accent and is evidently the product of evil rituals. The name of this alter is inspired by movie director Roman Polanski, who produced Rosemary’s Baby, a movie about the birth of the Anti-Christ (see the article about it here). Polanski is even more famous for being charged with rape by use of drugs, perversion, sodomy, lewd and lascivious act upon a child under 14, and furnishing a controlled substance to a minor in 1977. Strange fellow to be inspired by. He is however an intricate piece in the history of the occult entertainment industry so this “tribute” to him by an industry pawn such as Minaj is not surprising.

Actual Monarch programming is accomplished using a strong undercurrent of Satanic imagery to disturb and traumatize the victim. In the case of Minaj’s performance, her alter ego was exorcised in a Satanic Black Mass – which is, in essence, a mockery and a desecration of a conventional Christian mass.

Minaj begins her performance tied up in what appears to be Catholic church. The force that possesses her is apparently too strong to hold her down though, and as the church windows explode, she is unbound. Minaj then descends into a church gone wild, complete with strippers rubbing on young priests who are attempting to pray to God (was that really necessary?).

Then, as the choir make a mockery of the classic Christian hymn O Come All Ye Faithful, a pope figure enters and makes Minaj levitate.

This Christian mass turned into a fiery black magic ritual for the world to see.

In short, Minaj’s performance presented the world her new alter-ego who will be rapping on her next album. Her performance made it clear that Roman Zolanski is nothing less than a demon that was created with Minaj and exorcised from her through a Black Mass ritual. If the performance alone was enough to trouble some viewers, when it is put in the context of Whitney Houston’s death that happened about 24 hours beforehand (a singer that was never shy about her Christian faith), the whole thing takes on an even more troubling dimension. Ancient magicians drew on the power of blood sacrifices to carry on Black Magic rituals. With Whitney’s death still fresh in everyone’s mind, the Black Mass that was proudly presented by the 2012 Grammy Awards had all the more potency on its worldwide viewers.


In Conclusion

This article presented a great number of facts and symbols that point towards the conclusion that Whitney Houston’s death may have been a blood sacrifice and that the 2012 Grammy Awards had occult ritualistic elements within it. Even if all of these events were not deliberately planned by industry handlers, they all contribute to a clear and disturbing picture of the music industry.

While Whitney Houston’s life was ending under bizarre circumstances and she was portrayed in the media as a hopeless drug addict, a new generation of Illuminati-approved artists were being placed in the spotlight. They willingly participated in the occult ritual that was the Grammy Awards and played their role in the tragic-comedy of the music industry, even if it meant losing their essence and their soul. What happens to those who don’t play along with the system or rebel against it? They disappear from the spotlight, and sometimes they disappear from this earth in less than dignified circumstances. Because, as the mantra of the 2012 Grammy Awards indicates: The elite take care of their own. And no one else.




  1. I was waiting for something on Nicki Minaj's performance being linked to Whitney Houston’s death. Thanks for keeping us vigilant!

    • Yes, and Roman Zolanski is very very near from Roamn polanski … strange! But not so when we are aware how devilish and demonic is Roman Polanski!!

      • waking up to the mad on

        Not sure if it was mentioned but remember after Roman polanski made rosemary baby his very famous wife model Sharon Tate , his unborn baby and several friends were slaughtered by Charles manson so y would she model herself after some one who clearly sacrificed his own family. Very demonic

      • Interesting theory. Especially on light of the fact that Jennifer Hudson, whose family was murdered, is apparently Whitney's replacement

      • iwillalwaysloveyou on

        i thought roman polanskis pregnant wife was killed…..my kid wants to watch oliver twist constantly and its bugging me because that version is romans…stay on top of your teenagers and don't let them be in front of a screen at all.

      • Polanski's "Oliver Twist" is just another adaptation on the novel, nothing creepy about it.

        To people who mention different film directors here and go on about Metropolis – Fritz Lang actually directed many films about criminal societies and conspiracies, but he didn't believe they would succeed! In Metropolis, the evil doctor falls (that movie looks beautiful, but has a very silly plot because of meddling to writers with very different ideologies) and same happens in every single Lang film – evil crimelords get what they deserve and their underlings, even people who are under mind control turn to the good side. Lang also opposed an evil dictatorship in his own time. Hardly a fanboy of the villains himself.

      • Roman Polanski has been rumoured to be the head of a very powerful coven in the industry. Nicki says 'Roman' was conceived in rage, hmm I wonder how 'he' was truly conceived. Frankly, I don't think I even want to know.

      • "Rosemary's Baby" was a movie that didn't glorify Satan in any way. In fact,it was v.much anti-Devil Worship. Didn't her husband sell his soul to the devil so he would be more successful in his acting career? The Manson Family murdering Polanski's wife&( unborn child) was a horrible tragedy & it had nothing to do with him directing this film.

      • Oh dear Whitney. My first thoughts are here is a beautiful, talented, rich, apparently loved woman with all the world at her feet. Yet something was eating at her soul. A woman with her blessings does not develop drug and alcohol addictions for no reason. She fell into abusive realtionships and dysfunction and as Kevin Costner refered to had self-esteem and insecurity issues. Why? What was driving her to further destruction? It almost always goes back to childhood. I wonder about her relationship with her mother Cissy. Was Cissy a control freak? Is that why Whitney rebelled against being told what to do? Why she could be so headstrong? There is something not being said and it usually cuts close to home. Her father was Army and in the business. Her mother sang background for some pretty dark characters in the music industry in her earlier years. She was signed over to Clive Davis and the man quite frankly strikes me as a creep. Why this feeling of worthlessness in her soul when on the surface she should have been flying through life on cloud nine.

        When it comes to these kinds of deaths I look for anything out of the ordinary. Her behavior in the last few days of her life was not typical according to her friends. Two things stand out. One was her being described as being in a trance, manic, like she was hypnotized, the other that she became very Jesus oriented. She kept listening to gospel, studying the bible, telling people she wanted to see Jesus, she wanted to go to Jesus, she didn't have much time left, she could feel it.

        "Everything was gonna be alright" she told her long time bodyguard as she lay her head on his shoulder after entering his room and discussing biblical issues with him, something she had never done before. She knew. It has been said that she was near bankruptcy and her label had been supporting her, the same thing was said about MJ. She was preparing for a comeback but her health and voice might have diminished too much for that to have happened, same with MJ. They both had enabling and sinister people around them near the end including this Raffles guy who was around them both during troubled times. Both Whitney and Michael seemed to sense or know that their time was nearing an end. Were they told? Are they given an option to take themselves out?

        I don't know but their deaths are used for ritualistic purposes, and both these deaths and funerals were given much publicity. Why do I have the distinct feeling that both Whitney and Michael knew that the only way they would be free would be through death. What kind of sick industry drives an artist to feel that there only hope is through death. Dear Whitney is with her Jesus now and so is our beloved Michael. This evil in the industry will not go on forever, their pain cries out for justice as well as the pain of those left behind. This cannot go on.

      • if god, jesus or anyone of such status exisited they would have raised there hand along time ago, and if they do soon it will be probably seen as a threat by the evil that lurks in mainstream media, as long as we know it's not real, it matters not if you belive in christ, if you are a christian, a catholic, a jew, islamic…whatever you belive the doctrine of lucifer will never come to pass as long as we are aware it's all a facade, and always has been.

      • god will not be interfering when bad things happen. we have free will. if "god" was always stopping the consequences of our decisions then we would never learn.

      • @Robyn:

        You might want to read Vigilant Citizen's examination of the film, after I read it, it made the movie make a lot more sense, a lot like his examination of "Labyrinth".

      • "“Rosemary’s Baby” was a movie that didn’t glorify Satan in any way. In fact,it was v.much anti-Devil Worship. Didn’t her husband sell his soul to the devil so he would be more successful in his acting career? The Manson Family murdering Polanski’s wife&( unborn child) was a horrible tragedy & it had nothing to do with him directing this film."

        @ Robyn.

        ARE YOU DILUSIONAL? Are you talking about the Roman Polanski 'Rosemary's Baby' movie? Cause thats as SATANIC as it gets. The underlying message was SATAN WORSHIP and we should all revere him as such.

        Its this mentality you have that is Horrible. The fact you can justify and defend evil is astoundingly disgusting.

        When people start to accept such filth and evil as normal and downgrade the severity, we know satan is truly the ruler of this world.

      • Actually I heard the same thing that Robin points out. So no its not naive and it is true I say do more research. I found upon a website about this internet. You don't have to be a relative to state that point. But I did hear on a doc about Manson.

    • Many readers of this site have been waiting for this article. After reading through the last article about Whitney & many reader comments, It seems like many of us saw the same things that VC pointed out in this article. Our comments where obviously right on point, so we must be catching on and seeing this BS for ourselves more and more these days. GOOD JOB everyone who comes on here and tries to decipher the elites agenda hidden in plain site. Also, thanks a million to VC; we definitely couldn't have done it without you. You are wising us up and making us aware of the world around us and that is PRICELESS!!!! Keep on doing what you do because it is important and we will always be here to soak it all in….

      • "In the old days he used to wear a yellow jacket full of black question marks—like The Riddler"

        Wow! Can that NOT be any more evident? or shall I say forshadowing towards exactly what is going on?

        Simply amazing in IMO.

        God Bless us all.

    • I liked the article and I turned the Tv off when Roman started. I don't pollute my mind these days at all. I notice the trend is all over though. They just throw into regular shows smaller rituals. It's amazing how commonplace darkness is becoming. The Elite are just having a laugh. No worries. They can laugh now. They'll cry later. God wins. They lose:-) Amen

      • I agree. I don't watch these events, because they want the whole world to participate in them and for us to give our tacit approval. We then become part of it. One point VC are all of the entertainers you mention willing participants or have they been intimidated? Most believe that Jennifer's family was killed by larger forces than a jealous, crazed son in law. Isn't it just possible that they are all in fear? For example, I never believed th Rihanna/Chris Brown story, I assumed she got a music industry beat down for "noncompliance" of some sort and he was the scapegoat. Minaj looks really spaced out to me, MK'd?

      • Their is always revercautions in every action. What u do today will stand against you tommorow, either u like it or not. Britney is to shift the blame on because evil people will not go unpurnished.

      • Thankfully, neither Satan nor God is real – they are inventions of frightened tribes of early man, attempting to explain good fortune, bad fortune and everything in between. When we are collectively able to lay down all this nonsense and superstition, we will be truly free.

      • C.Wright.Thru. on

        Very good point!

        Bless Demi (and/or whoever is next- I got a feeling their order is girl, boy, girl, boy…..)

      • Exactly, Sarah. That's what they do. They will amplify small issues in a persons life, so when they are sacrificed none will be the wiser — so they think.

    • Very informative stuff. Since her death (R.I.P. Ms. Whitney Houston) the "Body Guard" movie has played a few times and I noticed a scene at the end of the movie where after the "hit-man" fires and hits Kevin Costner's character, he and "Whitney's" character both fall to the ground. However, Whitney's character isn't sure who was shot. Around that scene her male publicist (sorry, don't remember his name) picks up the Oscar card that had fallen to the ground which reads who the winner was which was "Whitney's" character. On the card there is blood which he appears to try to wipe off, but to me, it appears that he ends up smearing the blood over her name on the card instead. It doesn't actually show the card as wiped clean after he so-called wiped off the blood. Am I reading too much into this? I connected it to what you're saying and took it as an unfortunate foreboding of what was to happen. Also, as her publicist, his character didn't show much concern about her safety at that moment (i.e. the party). He seemed more pleased about having the card in his possession. It's no secret that symbolism of what may happen is used many times in movies as well as videos.

      • I'd say it's possible. Movie may be used to foretell things. If you'll notice they never play the Beatle's movie Help. It's about ritual human sacrifice, albeit portrayed in a vany, fab-four way. The intended target of the cult and its leader is supposed to be Ring. But when you really observe the film carefully John stands out as the only one wearing red clothing when everyone else is in dark colors etc. It's really quite remarkable. I guess there's a reason why it's never shown when their earlier film A Hard Day's Night is show repeatedly.

      • I would say that you are spot on. In the Oprah interview, Whitney said after the Bodyguard that is when she got "heavy" into drugs. Before then she was taking them due to feelings of insecurities (which is crazy to me because she was Whitney Houston). But, after The Bodyguard she became an Icon and drugs would have been a great way for her "handlers" to control her. Bobby Brown was a great person to introduce her to "heavy" drugs and as she said in the Oprah interview Bobby Brown was her drug. They did all the drugs together. And, as VC points out he was also the on playing games on her mind with the eyes on the walls of the house, cutting out her head in pictures etc.

        Whitney was ver adamant in the beginning about her relationship with God. She even fought for "Jesus Loves Me" to be in the Bodyguard movie and soundtrack. Her concerts included sets of Christian songs and inspirations and she never shyed away from telling people about Jesus. After The Bodyguard we lost her. She went into a downward spiral. I guess she was too big for them to continue allowing her to be a "witness" of God.

        So, the fact that the blood was smeared on her name in that very movie is not a surprise to me. And, thank you for pointing that out. I never noticed it. But, it makes sense.


        God helps us all.

      • I thought I was the only one who saw this when I watched The bodyguard, to me it featured Whitney's life from start to end and it seemed like an initiation ,I remember she sang Jesus loves me in the movie and it was what Whitney sang the night before she died, that was her last performance. Her life seemed to be in this movie.

      • Here is a very interesting video on some additional numerology related to Whitney's death as well as the Egyptian tombs outside her funeral and the recently discovered tombs in Egypt. TRIPPY!!!!


        Nehmes Bastet, Ancient *Female Singer's* Tomb Found In Egypt's Valley Of The Kings:


        Whitney's funeral took place 33 days after Nehmes Bastet tomb's discovery. It gets sicker and sicker!!

    • I have to say, even from a skeptic's point of view, that Nikki Minaj performance was just creepy and inappropriate. Since when did musicians start to see blasphemy as "art"? At the risk of sounding old, I remember when people actually made MUSIC, not this crap. My own generation–we grew up listening to Cyndi Lauper and Journey. Those were the days (yes, I definately sound old :-).

    • Missing one important detail:

      I saw on youtube a video on Whitney crashing the interview with Brandy and Clive—

      Not only did Whitney give Brandy a note, but Whitney says,

      "I almost drowned. Again. I almost drowned."

      Interesting. Very interesting.

      Before she died Clive was doing an interview on BBC with Jennifer Hudson (Peirs Morgan show)…Clive couldn't stress enough how talented Jennifer is AND kept on comparing her to Whitney.

      Here's the video

      Look at around 11:00 minutes into it (raw footage)

    • Missing one important detail:

      I saw on youtube a video on Whitney crashing the interview with Brandy and Clive—

      Not only did Whitney give Brandy a note, but Whitney says,

      “I almost drowned. Again. I almost drowned.”

      Interesting. Very interesting.

      Before she died Clive was doing an interview on BBC with Jennifer Hudson (Peirs Morgan show)…Clive couldn’t stress enough how talented Jennifer is AND kept on comparing her to Whitney.

      Here’s the video

      Look at around 11:00 minutes into it (raw footage)

    • all of this stuff on this site really opened my mind to the truth. I used to never believe in this kind of stuff but it all makes too much sense now… but i think vc should do an article on the song.. one night in bangkok..

    • There is a reason for all the deaths in the world and dont be concerned about Whitney for she was loved and now we must move on until our time has come. I am a young boy who has seen all and so I say move on for we have only till 2043.

    • Wow, great numerological

      analysis! 11 is also a gateway

      number, so the room & the

      date make perfect sense.

      Look at how much energy

      it took to take down Whitney

      Houston. 3 rituals (Superbowl,

      Clive Owen Party, & Grammy)

      Look at all the attention this has

      received. http://wp.me/pAJ5G-Nj

      The darkness need to use gang

      tactics & mass deception in order

      to infiltrate & corrupt, because

      individually they are weak. They

      need a whole illusion to operate in,

      but they have shown which side

      play for. Game on

      • (First time poster here)

        I'm not sure if this has been observed or mentioned but the *dear* president stayed at the Beverly Hilton last week when he was in L.A. February 16th.

        I thought it was in poor taste that he didn't make other arrangements to stay in one of the many other 'upscale' hotels in Los Angeles in light of what took place there just days before.

        The stank just keeps on rising…

      • @#2 guardian

        Yep those sickos took themselves through all of that (3 mega rituals and who knows what else)for one Whitney, and it still didn't work on her! They can kill the body but not the soul. Which was very obvious at her Home-going service. No evil person would ever have such a beautiful service. From the TV I could sense the peace and spirit of lightness and uplift-ment. Not a heaviness at all. She rests now in perfect peace, her torture is over and she is emancipated from their diabolical trap. It's strange though….how she always struck me as a very troubled spirit and if those crazy people were putting me through all of that literal hell I might start smoking crack too!!!!!!!!!! However in-spite of everything she still to clung to her God and her belief. One thing for sure, the electric crazy people can pull all of the stunts they want but the bottom line is that her relationship with her Maker is exactly that, HERS! Which is a God of forgiveness and LOVE. That they couldn't take from her.

  2. I have been waiting for this article all week long with great anticipation. VC, you've been gifted by the Almighty with such a great gift of presenting such complex mysteries in the most clear and concise way. May He continue to keep you vigilant, safe and humble. Thanks for being a watchman for so many.

      • Well, here's hoping that the atheists here see the darkness of the world, so they can begin to see why we need the Light and begin to believe.

      • So-called Atheists can see and live out the Truth too,it doesn't matter what you call it, if it's the Truth! if we start saying only 'Christians' can see the Truth, then we are just as bad as them. I have a friend who is self proclaimed 'Atheist' and he says he does good thingsfor the sake of doing them, not because someone -ie. a religious authority is telling him to.

    • it is amazing the gift the Lord has granted you VC. Keep it going, and if contributions to this page could be made… go ahead and let us know, as many here would love it, i think. By the way VC, did you watch in the superbowl… there was a guy in Giants team i think, who made a stop or something and celebrate it with a triangle sign? (just like kobe/jay-z/etc)

    • @Michael A–How does the descriptions of all of these events strike you as an atheist? I mean, do you see it as the orchestration of a power hungry few, or does it look like paranormal forces are involved? I'd be interested to hear your perspective.

  3. Strawberry_cream on

    i had the most errie feeling the day before she died…all i could think about was whittney and her song…your love is my love and my love is your love….weird i know…i can feel death before it happens, lots of premenitions of her…i knew she was tired in her soul..she was jus tryin to hold on…

    • That's interesting Strawberry_cream. One week before she died I heard that same song and also had a premonition that something was going to happen

      • God is faithful to ALWAYS warn several people what the devil is getting ready to do in an attempt to nullify the effect of Satan's attack. The Holy Spirit shows us the things to come, & in these last of last days He's pouring Himself unto all flesh (even if they don't reverence Jesus). That's why there's an overwhelming amount of people who are having dreams & visions, many which don't make sense since we need the Lord to interpret those dreams. I'm saying all of this to say that when we think about someone, or have random feelings about someone, God is telling us to pray, intercede/supplicate. That's why it's so important for Christian's to pray in tongues, because it's the perfect will of God. No person know's everything, so we don't know the perfect way to pray since we don't know all of the info (even if we were there). Pray, pray without ceasing as the Bible says. The elite, secret socities, & celebrities are all humans who will stand before God in judgement. Jesus is Lord, and He's coming back soon, so we must pray so the spiritual blindness will be removed and they accept the only way – Christ Jesus (Lord of all, born of a virgin, died & rose again). There is no other way. Everyone WILL find out soon, but prayerfully before it's too late and their eternity is away from God's presence in the torments of hell. This is real stuff.

      • @Dferg and others. I cannot agree more. After the Satanic Illuminati Extravaganza that was the Super Bowl, I was made physically ill. I even prayed before watching it because I had an idea about what I was about to be exposed to, but it still hit me hard, manifesting is confusion on nausea. In the week leading up to Whitney's death things were just off, like I hadn't had my V8. Then the weekend of the 11th and 12th, especially on Sunday. SICK!!! Couldn't eat, heart heavy, exhausted and so out of sorts. Soul sick. Funny thing is that I had no idea about the Grammy's until Monday but was feeling like the Super Bowl and Whitney were related….the Grammy's was just the cherry on this satan pie. As the unveiling continues, for those who can see what is transpiring before us, even when we don't understand it in the moment……we need to pray!!! Pray for exposure. Pray for a hedge of protection, from things seen and unseen, known and unknown. Pray for scales to fall off, and for people to see. Pray that the plans of the adversary will be confused and backfire. And when you don't have the words because it is so much bigger than our lil noggins can even pretend to wrap around, pray in the Spirit! It's quite a start here in 2012…and we are at war!

      • I wish these celebs would just get out. Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Will and Jada, Jay-Z, Denzel Washington, Lil Wayne, and Birdman, the home alone kid,Fantasia, Russell simmions, DMX, LL Cool J, these celebs days are numbered watch what I tell you, I seen Mariah going soon watch and see I seen this along time ago. These celebs are going to hell and they need to repent for their sins before it's too late just like it was too late for Whitney. God is trying to use these people and they keep rejecting GOD the MOST HIGH. GOD is angry and now the GOD's death angels is on these people real talk. People need to wake up and pay attention. God is sick and tired of these people and now he's putting death on them. Just watch and see it's only February and GOD wrath is on them and now they are going to pay with their lives. I feel so sorry for these people I really do I just want to cry. I want Chris Brown, Mario, Neyo, Bow wow, Omarion and others I want them to get their life together also they been on my mind and GOD is going to get them real talk.

      • @both strawberry cream and watch and pray,the next time you guys have a premonition about someone's death the least you can do is speak out before it happens. Here's an idea you can comment about it in a previous written article on vc. You achieve two things by doing that 1. We can pray for the lord to intervene 2. If the person dies then we can direct other people (especially people who are clueless) to your comments that way some of them will begin to understand. Saying you had a premonition without acting on it is like saying you knew who would win the super bowl without telling anybody until after the game.

      • @sarahconnor, i know that the grammys was on the Sunday. you wrote "Then the weekend of the 11th and 12th, especially on Sunday. SICK!!!" What do you mean by especially on a sunday?

      • @Quiana

        I feel what you're saying and agree most of it, except for that fact that we cannot judge if it was too late for Whitney. That isn't known until Judgement day and judge ye not lest ye be judged. It's not our place to determine that it's too late. That is between her and the Almighty, who is a God of Love. He sees all and knows all which is more than we'll ever know.

      • @Quiana

        God does not Hate, at least my God is a God of love and forgiveness. Death is not a punishment as many would think, it's salvation, that's why it exists, to save us. We don't pay for our sins after death, we pay for them while living on this earth and after we pay off these debts we can finally rest in peace. God does not want our bad, he made each one of us, he loves us but many of us don't know how to love Him back.

        You reap what you sow, God never turns his back on us, He's always with his arms open.

      • The only reason I was thinking about Whitney the day before was because dailymail printed an article about her "behavior" when she sang at that club the night before. They showed the worst pictures of her. I swear the major "tabloid" websites get knowledge BEFORE something is going down. Then it raises the energy for their sinister practices. Keep a watch out for that! Whoever they are showing in a bad light like, Mylie, Demi, Linsday, just all of them. WATCH the bs tabloid websites…you know who they are. The ones who ironically show up first on the scene all the time!

      • Interesting enough since you say this…. Rihanna's new song, You Da One has those lyrics, "My love is your love, your love is mine"

    • I am not a religious person (it is not logical to me – it does not click in my brain). However, I and my sister had the same thing happen to us a day or two before she died. I was thinking about the song "When You Believe" and we were both remarking how wonderful of a singer she is (or 'was' now) and how even if we haven't heard much of her music, we could all agree that she had one of the best voices ever. I do not know why we randomly talked about that. Same kinda thing happened to me with Heath Ledger, Amy Winehouse, and especially Brittany Murphy. I think about them very close to their date of death without reason and without thinking of them much before. I am still on the edge about all of what is presented on this website (as I said, I am not religious), but one does not need to believe in this to know that something strange, peculiar, and just not quite right has been going on for a very long time. It is at times like this when we are most reminded of it.

      P.S. Watch out for all the media reports – botched coroner's reports, drugs, etc. Basically, her death will always be a mystery, there will be things never really looked upon, and the investigation will be handled horribly. Just like all the previous deaths. What a surprise. RIP Whitney.

      • I understand what you are saying about not clicking with the brain but that which is "flesh is flesh and that which is spirit is spirit". We are not meant to understand with our brain but with our spirit and that is what you need to get in touch with if you are interested in the first place. Not trying to preach or anything, just giving my two cents if wondered why it is not clicking with you as you say.

        Great point about Ledger and Murphy, it is strange.

    • I had a premonition as well for her and micheal jackson I always liked their music but I didn't listen to them very often but just a few months before their deaths I started to listen to them all the time I can feel somebody of lesser importance is going to die soon as well an actor or actress but I guess for now it's just an assumption and sort of an off subject last night I was watching Sparticus and remembered that the lead actor died I was thinking if he was one who really did die from natural causes I just can't be as sure anymore.

      • the premonition felt by so many persons includin me- may it be related to some mind control engines diffusing electromagnetical waves on people and controlling their thoughts? it is just a supposition, nothing more:-/…

    • @strawberry_cream: hey I felt a similar way the day of her death when my boyfriend had company over I just couldn't get over this angry agitated feeling of thembothering me and I've never had a problem w/ any of them but that all that day I did then a friend comes over l8ter in the day n told me the news… From now on I trust my intuition because something that day did not feel right… I guess Whit is our angel now who will give us those happy feelings at times when they are really needed smh at this world

      Hell is on earth and heaven is sooooo far away but us as humans have the decision to take either highway or get off one n get on the other:)

    • these rituals, to me and my discernment, appear to be precursors to the summoning of the evil one… spiritual ceremonies and sacrifices in plea of his summoning this world in the flesh. lo, even at the door… we are near this time and praise God, in Jesus grand return! may He keep us and take us through this dark period in His divine love and grace.

      • strange…it happened to me when M.Jackson died. The last 3 days before his death i was listening to his songs, especially "heal the world" and i was feeling some sadness about MJ (there were a lot of rumors about his presumed abuses on children). While listening to "heal the world" i was thinking that something was wrong in all that attacks on MJ…then after 3 days i heard that he was died…

    • Strawberry_Cream – the SAME THING happened to me moments before the media reports came through about the deaths of MJ and WH. For some reason I could not stop talking or thinking about them just hours before they were reported to have died. My family were telling me to shut up but I just could not stop talking about them – then an hour later – the news came through. When WH died I could not help but think of when MJ died and I had the same "premonition" like thought patterns about him. It's so weird!

      • Harlequin Nameless on

        I second that as well, Nineva City. The day Michael (or Scarecrow, as I call him) passed on, I had a thought of him and then smelled an awful smell, like rotten eggs and sauerkraut mixed with dog poop. Little did I know, it was the smell of Death and Destruction…

    • How strange. I worked on that music video, "your love is my love" and a day before she died, I remembered my experience there. I was shocked by the memory. It was so completely out of nowhere. I remembered Whitney coming out, looking absolutely regal. She was so beautiful, and strong. She kept telling all of us cast members, "Jesus is coming back. Y'all need to be ready because He's coming. And He's coming soon." This was before all the drugs and drama. She was remarkable. Then I heard about her death and couldn't believe how the Lord had brought her to mind a day earlier. I know she is with Him, singing and free now. I was thankful that He gave me that memory. It comforted me. I felt like I got to see the real Whitney, before all the media monster tore her apart.

      • The whole whitney death is so sad she worked hard to entertain, she was getting older but still had a nice voice . ALL of her music had meaning and would become a hit album she earned it .her voice stared changing but when she would sing the gospel her voice was so adoring . kelly price and jennifer hudson both were on the fat side and they lost weight but jenn looks like i candy now more than kelly , kelly who whitney song at kelly's dinner party days before she died seem hurt about her death also love to sing gospel music. over the years whitney voice change and she still had people loving her and the music, but no matter what people say about whitney, whitney had the voice and could hit any note. if you listen to beyonce she is tryin to hitting notes like whitney in her song, like put my love on top sound's like whitney in her younger days.both whitney and beyonce married R&b singers and had girls it's all a big ? about all these hollywood stories whitney and bobby meeting at the soul train music awards and the passing of Don C just crazy.

    • I felt the death of Whitney very strongly. We were sitting in our favorite diner and I just felt this weird strange sadness and I told my husband that I think that she was going to die. It was around the time that she passed away. The same think happened to me when Nicole passed. It is sad and I was very saddened! I believe that she is truly happy now and free from the evilness that invaded her life. Only hope that her daughter can escape it!!

    • It's strange I know. A week before whitney died I was listening to her music and thinking about her constantly. I was shocked when I heard she died because of this. I also had premonitions of her death before this…

    • I was doing dishes and singing "I Will Always Love You" out of nowhere the day before she died. That is weird. Gotta get the word out about the commercialization of the occult and Satanic arts. This generation is growing up in it.

    • it's really, really, really weird…I didn't think about it at all until this comment…my friend was singing "So Emotional" by Whitney Houston on Friday 2/10. I remembered it as being odd because I hadn't heard anyone sing that song in years…creepy creepy.

      • I sang that song all day friday and have been spiritually emotional about this whole ordeal every since. Almost like a private detective not being paid to do the job but can't help in dying to know the answer and understanding. But my spirit understands now and I am searching less for answers but eerily the answers fall into my lap from postings like these without even searching. Whitney is enjoying her new ranking and new duties so please no more RIP it should be more like Sing Joyously Whitney……she is doing that now so more beautiful than ever before to where our ears and minds would not know how to handle such beauty.

    • That's so crazy! because i too had something crazy similar happen to me! Me and my family members were looking up her old videos including- "Will Always Love You" THE DAY BEFORE SHE DIED! So when we heard the news of her passing, we were simply speehless!

      • My Love is your love on

        I don't dispute the phenomenon. I had a strange premonition (not involving Whitney Houston) a long time ago.

        I was dreaming about a young blonde haired man with vivid blue eyes. He was miserable, distraught and was trying to kill himself. He kept saying "the demons are making me do it". When I woke up I thought the dream was so peculiar and later that day, I saw on the news that a rock star, Kurt Cobain died. I almost jumped out of my skin! On top of that, I don't know anything about rock music and hadn't even heard of him.

    • I had a dream about her the night after. Her face flashed up in front of me on a black background framed in scarlet red like a large pill box. This was before I even new about this whole sacrificial stuff. As soon as I had that dream I knew how sinister her end must have been.

      The following night I dreamt about her again. It was in the hotel and I saw her see Clive Davis, and some sort of arrangement had been made where she offered herself to him for sex as some sort of penance, or way to gain his favour. He was occupied, but agreed, and said he would come to meet her. Next thing I know, I was up in the room with a view like I was seeing everything through her eyes. I felt her being in two minds about offering herself to Clive and she didn't know what to do. She felt like she couldn't stop the wheels that were in motion.

      Then Clive came to the room, I had a feeling there was someone else there as well but with the view I had I couldn't see them. Clive ran the bath, got naked and got in and beckoned me to get in. I remember feeling that I didn't want to do it because I really didn't want to have sex with him. I proceeded to undress, and put one foot in to test the water and get in. Then the dream blacked out and became hazy. I woke up and immediately knew he was instrumental in her death. Some weird sexual ritual went on. I also had a feeling that he had had sex with her a few times over the course of her career, and this had always unsettled her.

      I got another weird dream the night after about witnessing a hanging of a lady from a tree in North Africa in a court yard setting, and everyone was watching and I was wondering why nobody was helping her. Then for some reason I saw myself holding a branch of this tree 9which was budding with pink blossom?) and it was imperative that I reaffix the broken branch to the tree the person had hung from. This too was linked but i haven't worked out how or why. But three dreams in succession. After the third dream I realised how upset I was about her passing. I feel she was grossly misunderstood and without a doubt, i believe she was murdered/ritually/sexually sacrificed.

      I wasn't a massive fan of Whitney. Obviously was aware of her amazing talent. Very much liked some of her songs, but didn't follow her. So found it strange that I got these two very lucid dreams about her. To those who read this who have insight or cosmic connection will feel the truth within my testimony. We need to push for the truth and awaken everyone we can.

  4. Great article, VC. They are really pushing it us hard now.

    This one also makes a great point about Minaj…


    A performer who wants to pretend to be daring can’t go wrong mocking Christianity, particularly the Roman Catholic Church.

    Its symbols are familiar and its reactions predictable: expressions of outrage that fade rapidly until the next time a performer needs a booster shot of notoriety.

    The only thing that offends me about the performance of Nicki Minaj on Sunday at the Grammy Awards is the idea of it as daring.

    On the contrary, it perfectly fit the offense template that has been used by everyone from the photographer who in 1987 depicted a crucifix in a jar of urine to Lady Gaga in her 2010 Alejandro video: Simply juxtapose religious symbols with something crude or sexual. The controversy will roll in like the tide and recede just as predictably.

    Minaj pushed all the buttons with her Roman Holiday performance. She had a man in papal garb, stained-glass windows, altar boys and — as the online magazine Salon put it — “monks getting groped by hot leather babes.”

    A choir sang a less-than-reverent version of O Come, All Ye Faithful, too.

    Minaj was ostensibly portraying an exorcism, but the only thing comprehensible about the whole mess was that she was dutifully checking off all the offensiveness boxes.

    The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights obliged her by reacting as expected, complaining that similar irreverence toward Islam or Judaism would never be attempted.

    Well, of course not. That would be dangerous. The offense template is meant to minimize risk, remember.

    I was raised Catholic and am now a Methodist, and I think Christianity is just as ripe a target for satire as anything else. But at least do it with some originality and wit. (See Huckleberry Finn, The Producers or any number of Simpsons or South Park episodes.) We’ve seen this Minaj act a million times from Madonna, Lady Gaga and many others.

    My biggest objection to pop stars falling back on religious mockery is that they seem to be making no point beyond “Hey, look at me being all naughty now that I’m successful and safely beyond the reach of a Catholic school principal.”

    The odd thing about that type of posturing is that religion’s hold on the culture isn’t even that formidable. Consider the teeth-gnashing last week over birth control, which many people in the real world happily use no matter what their spiritual leaders say.

    If Minaj wants to impress people by twisting the dragon’s tail, she ought to find a stronger dragon.

    No religious authority will threaten Minaj with anything worse than disapproval — and that boosts her celebrity. So she, in fact, did something both predictable and safe. For an artist, aren’t those mortal sins?


    • what bigger dragon? Satan runs Hollywood and the music industry and who is their greatest threat? Freemasonry infiltrated the RC religion and it didn't satisfy them so they have to continue attacking whenever and however they can. it makes you wonder why they hate the RC s so much, why they mock the holy see why they perform black masses; those Catholic s must be on to something.

    • 90% of the comments I've read are concerning the fear of being brain washed by the Music Industry & the Media but… if you have the abilities to put two and two together you will see that the biggest organisation that practices mind control and evil is in fact… the Roman Catholic Church…

      It is important to remember that the idea of 'God' is a creation, that's why many parts of the world have different deities ("If horses had hands that could fashion artworks, their gods would be horse-like').

      The second thing to remember is that the idea of Satan is a relatively new idea in the scheme of things. It's origins are most probably are mixture of the Gods Bacchus/Dionysus and Pluto/Hades. It's most probably more Bacchus though as the Early Christians particularly hated him:

      A) Bacchus was associated with ecstatic possession.

      B) His followers were mainly women while Christians were notably misogynistic – so they had to put a stop to that now.

      C) He was feared and early literature characterizes him as often being cruel to humans.

      D) He is the antithesis of the Sun God, Apollo whom he shared the Temple at Delphi with by occupying it in the winter months (Apollo embodied all that was 'good' and 'moral' in Greek & Roman culture).

      E) He was resurrected on a mountain and twice reborn which beats 'Jesus' in terms of superhero stories.

      F) In his early life, he took the form of a goat to escape the wrath of his father which could explain why Satan always has hooves….I dunno you got any more reasons to share?

      Satanic worship and Lady Gaga will never match up no matter how many so-called Satanic symbols she uses as her actions and words preach acceptance and love. It is important to not become confused by the ideas of signs and symbols by what you already now as many artist play on predetermined knowledge to create new meaning or to make a social commentary about an issue that is important to them.

      I can think of a more sinister, satanic force which comes in the form of:

      Dodgy Deacons touching children at Catholic Schools,

      Priests that get off in confessional booths as a result of repressing their sexuality – it makes you think…is a confessional to provide you with anonymity or so the priests robe dance can get away unnoticed as he listens intently to your tormented stories seductions and temptations?

      Pastors that spend Church money for personal betterment,

      And…The worst sin of all – that nothing is ever done about it. It all gets swept up under the mat and covered up with no justice for anyone. Just destroyed communities and alienated people.

      We all know it happens and many have experienced it first hand ourselves. The Church insists they take legal matters in their own hands and undermine the state and usual course of justice. It's SICK.

      Like McDonalds or Disney, the Church have made no effort to hide the fact that their sole ambition is to expand their Church. This is why people are cannonised to saint-hood if they have been good missionaries and recruitment agents – never mind the part about the miracles or whether they actually did anything AMAZING and history altering.

      I believe popstars are the new saints. They create awe and a heightened sense of being closer to God for me. I vouch that Lady Gaga be considered for sainthood and that's not too outlandish of an idea I don't think. Just look at the good she is doing in the world. She's saving troubled youth everyday. Michael Jackson should be given the title also. I believe he's pretty much up there with the other saints. I mean, I've never met God but knowing MJ through his music is the closest I've personally ever felt to that other worldly experience of feeling God.

      That's my 2 cents for the day. :)

      • Jeez, this is so off.

        That's the thing with Catholic Church…there are two sides (the way I see it)…one is the structural, the organisational one and the other is personal, spiritual…The problem is you can not talk about the Church ( at least not without being wrong) if you don't keep both in mind. You CAN NOT talk about one without the other.

        When you do, you get this kinds of comments. No offence, I understand we all come from different backgrounds and have different beliefs but don't talk about something you don't know much about. If you want to make this kind of comments, research the topic from EVERY SIDE. In this case that means, try thinking like a Catholic (not just assume what they think- that's something different). I hope you understand what I mean by this.

        I agree that the way people react to these kinds of things is the reason why they happen. But when someone does something like this with something SACRED to you…how can you be silent?

        That is the problem with the world today. Nothing is sacred. There is no respect for the beliefs of others. Everything can be ridiculed. Every topic is open for disscussion. You can have anyone talk about anything. Even if they know nothing about it. We all stay in our little boxes and "tweet" our judgment of others from the comfort of our room. No consequence. No thinking outside the box. No respect what so ever.

        Is there really only one way of looking at the world? Is it always a matter of who's right and who's wrong? Did you know there are 256 shades of gray? Not every thing is black or white.

      • 1) Dionysis/Bacchus was not associated with women, necessarily (where do you get this??)–in fact, Jesus was moreso asociated with Jesus and women of ill repute. We must be very careful when discussing ancient history to understand that many of the sources of speculation are not literary but instead are people's interpretations of art and pottery.

        2) Churches encouraging followers…well, double duh. Weight loss experts and gym enthusiasts do so, as well. When people think they found something life-changing and positive they try to share it–unless they are turds. In which case they keep it to themselves. What SHOULD they do? In your opinion, of course.

        3) Humans are greedy, perverted, etc. There are most incidences of teachers and other caregivers (check stats on NYC) and criminal acts against a minor child than priests, rabbis, imams, and ministers. I believe this is because the nature of a pedophile is to find opportunities and occupations that put them around children and while priests do get face time with kids, they don't get it like scoutmasters, coaches (**cough**Sandusky**cough**), and teachers.

        4) You can always jump on the generalization bandwagon if you choose to limit those opportunities to explore with your brain or you can understand that Christians, just like atheists, wiccans, agnostics, scientologists, etc are all individuals who participate in organizational acts. It is antithetical to behavioral research to lump them all together. In fact, even among the elite that VC is describing there are those who probably look out their window and wish they could go back to "swinging on birch branches".

      • That is what I meant when I said if you don't understand the faith you can not understand the organisation a.k.a "the show". Catholic Church is full of symbolism. The "show" isn't just a show for us. Ugh, it's too hard to explain it the right way. This is not the place for it anyway.

        I hope we are all educated in this thing enough to realize that not all symbolism is bad. That's another, and I dare say biggest problem this elite agenda is causing. Everytime we see a symbol we think it's something evil. If VC taught me anything it's to stop and think, educate myself. This is a big problem because it poisons even us "who know the truth". It happens because 99% of our exposure to symbolism is bad symbolism. So the logical step would be__________?

        We move so fast these days. Every action is followed by a fast response.

        With this fast pace it is becoming harder and harder to think. Who's got the time, right? Just to stop and think…Sometimes the hardest thing to do is not to do anything (which is something a lot of Christians need to learn how to do when it comes to things like this performance) but somethimes it is the easiest (we are all screwed, the world is evil to the core, there is nothing I can do etc.).

        Nothing is sacred. We don't have reverence for anything. That's what we need to get back to if we want to beat this thing. Fight negative with the positive. Not with nothing.

        The worst thing we could do is become jaded.

      • @ Emelda

        I don't think symbols in and of themselves are automatically evil. A stop sign is a symbol…symbols can be used for informative purposes and there is nothing wrong with that. My opinion though is that when we use symbols and put a sense of importance on them or feel that they hold power, and use them as some sort of good luck charm, they are always used against us for evil…taking our symbols and inverting them mostly… and they remove our focus from something internal. I believe that putting focus on a symbol can be viewed as idol worship. I am a christian but I even think that praying to a cross can be idol worship. I don't think it's wrong to find solace in the cross but it should not be an object of worship, just a reminder. I won't wear a cross necklace- not to upset anyone it is a personal choice and opinion- but who am I to wear the cross?..I am not worthy to wear it. Think about it..the cross..the pentagram..the peace sign..these are all supposed to be positive symbols but they have all been inverted and used for evil purposes, some like the peace sign without us even realizing…and it is the false peace. We should focus only internally..the kingdom of heaven lies within. Not in symbols, not in magic, or good luck…those things are not of God. God is all you need, no symbols… his power is greater than all the symbols in the world. You want to show you are a Christian profess it with your mouth and show it with your good deeds and kindness…that is what makes God smile down on us and these things can not be used against us. God did not create these symbols, humans did.

      • And that's about as much as it's worth 2cents.if you're on this site you should know that there's a war going on, God, Jesus, the church are under attack by the media and your lady gaga.you want michael jackson to be a saint but he was also accused of touching little boys just like those catholic priests you hate so much.or was the media lying about michael jackson.

      • @ Era

        We actually think the same way almost. But you have to understand that symbols are the way we work. We use symbols in our everyday lives. Our relationships can not function without them (symbols of love, affection etc.). The same goes for our relationship with God. But of course, one has to be careful to look at it from all sides. Of course our relationship with God isn't symbolic (or shouldn't be just symbolic) but it doesn't mean we don't use symbols in it.

        Symbols are important. That is why this agenda pushes them so much. Well, one of the reasons for it anyway…

      • @ Era It's an interesting comment that 'all symbols are man made'. Its just made me think generally about the root of such symbols.

        There are some inexplicable things such as 'sacred geometry' (eg. golden ratio) that exist with no 'explanation'. The study of 'cymatics' for eg. is the study of visible sound and vibration. When certain frequencies are played through a speaker attached to a board covered in salt or sand, they create astoundingly precise geometric shapes. When the frequencies change, the shapes change. How this is possible? Literally 'only God knows'. And you have to go to the very beginning of our existence on this one. Does 'evolution' explain it? I. don't. think. so.

        Check out this youtube cymatics video: http://youtu.be/GtiSCBXbHAg

        Do Solfeggio frequencies + cymatics = esoteric symbols/scared geometry?

        All I know is that symbols are ancient and were used by many ancient cultures originally for 'all that is good and right' but then as time when on and ancient societies/empires fell and new ones arose, those same symbols continued to exist but eventually became co-opted and in our era by the secret societies who think they run this 'control grid' and use these symbols specifically for the concentration of this sacred power for evil doing.

        All symbols 'worth their salt', have this ancient base. Nobody owns them because they belong to all of humanity as is our birthright. I believe they were entrusted to us but that we have been manipulated out of their ownership.

      • @Neo

        I think the difference in what I speak of and what you speak of is that I'm talking about symbols and you are talking about patterns, which are not the same thing. A pattern is something that has happened in the video you shared because that is how the frequency resonates the vibrations against the plate and travels outward just like a ripple through water, which would be a very simple pattern…another pattern would be the Fibonacci sequence through a sea shell…or the symmetry of a snow flake..they are patterns but they are not symbols. Symbols are a language shared visually..they have some form of information encoded in them, like a language you don't have to read. As I said in my previous post though, all symbols are not evil…but by giving them spiritual power and importance they are always used for evil. Evil never seems to have its own symbols..it just takes the ones meant for good and inverts them and uses them to conjure evil things into this world… therefore I think using symbols can be dangerous territory and we should only keep our focus on the power of God, our faith, and sharing love.

      • @ Era – its far to simplistic to say patterns are just patterns and symbols are something different. Symbols also started off as 'patterns' observed in nature or the celestial bodies and then went on to be embued with more significance. The ancient, more powerful ones at least.

        Let me just add, that even religion has 'man-made' elements embedded within it. The symbol of the Cross has been used relentlessly as a symbol of 'good' whilst at the same time using it to put to death and enslave countless numbers. What is good and what is evil then in this regard?

        If we are going to probe things, then we have to probe all the way to its very root, including looking into religion – no matter what denomination you are. If at the end of the thorough investigation you remain happy, then that is all good!

        Remain blessed!

      • @ Era. My bad!!! You have already said you don't wear the cross and it has been used for undesirable purposes!!! All good! Debates stimulates passion and spirited observations!!!

      • Someone at the Superbowl game told me Whitney Housten had died.

        I was disturbed by that, but what's a lot weirder is when she actually

        died a week later.

        I humbly suggest she just drowned. No causative links.

        Synchronicity is magic, ain't it? And magic is worldly.

        All manner of lying wonders and such.

        Whoop dee doo Mistar Loosifer.

        Can't wait to see Lucifers nose ground off with a wood chipper

        by Jesus and his Hard pipe hitting Henchmen with the blowtorches,

        going Medieval on the filthy Jews.

        Stomping Israel and the filthy Rothchilds into a superheated dust cloud!

        And then casting them and death and sin into the Lake of Fire

    • The queen elizabeth = Diamond Jubilee (60)
      Nikki Minaj + Red Scarlet Robe including her own Cardinal = Revelation Whore
      Lady Gaga = Born this Way (I have Whitney Houston to Thank…) 11/2/2011 exactly one year before. Tribute?
      22 Cardinals = Promoted with Red Papal Caps on the day of Whitney's funeral.


      Nope ALL planned!!! Premeditated!!!

  5. I had my TV on mute for Nicki's so-called performance, and i was DISGUSTED, OFFENDED by the joke she makes outta Catholics. (i'm christian, not catholic BTW)

    • And yet when Sinead O'Connor tore up a photo of the Pope on SNL in protest to the pedophilia in the Catholic church, she was blackballed. Nicki Minaj does this atrocity and no one bats an eye. Hmm.

      • Probably because Sinead O'Connor was regarded as a 'maverick' in the music industry (i.e., she did her own thing, not the illuminati thing). That's why she received the backlash, because she was the 'bad girl'. 'Good girls' like Madonna and Nicki Minaj (and I use the term loosely!!!) can do this sort of thing and get away with it, as they follow the rules of the industry. Follow the rules, you're a star, baby. If not, we'll demonise you. It's simple!

  6. PaintsLikeBobRoss on

    I hope people begin to realize that this is not limited to the entertainment industry, but to politics, and any form of collectivism as well.

  7. Thanks for posting this. A lot of these connections were pretty easy to make after watching the coverage prior to the "big show" and then the show itself. The article just pieces it all together and quite nicely. Job well done.

  8. Great breakdown of all the linked events; although I would have loved to see the Madonna tie-in a little more, especially since Minaj took part in it. The Houston funeral was something else as well; a shameless self-promotional spectacle. RIP Whit!

  9. Even though Whitney's death may have been a part of the industry sacrifice or whatever, I was pleasantly surprised today to see God's Word brought to the world today through Whitney's funeral. The word of God was spread and the pastor's used it as a platform to address the "love of things/money" and "seeking the Kingdom first". We attended church for four hours today and even mainstream news couldn't deny it. I heard Jesus name more times today over the TV screen than ever. It was, in my opinion, God's answer back and a kick in Satan's face. Whitney had her battles, but was a true blue spiritual woman at the end of the day. Her passing was held in God's light and anyone who saw it believer or not couldn't deny it. It was REAL and HONEST.

    • Yes! What the devil meant or evil, God took it and turned around for good. I have never before seen or read so many Tweets and Facebook status messages talking about going back to church and wanting to change the way they've been living as after watching Whitney's funeral today. The devil may have had his plans but God definitely counteracted those plans with a force!

      • I was thinking the same thing during it! Made a few of my family members sit down and watch because it was such a great service. Truly beautiful and should have been an eye opener for many people. I liked how the news had to discuss a TRUE church funeral service afterwards too (which they never do). Showed me were not a completely godless society yet, I'm 18 and I still have hope. If Jesus can give us a little more time I promise there's people from my generation who can change things for the better. I feel a personal calling myself to try and make a difference, but looking at the world right now were going down, fast.

      • I still fail to see it, even after watching the ad nauseum coverage. How was God glorified? Whitney was, to be certain. Where was the invitation to Christ? I heard mention of the prosperity gospel. There was a R. Kelly singing a tribute and we know about him; Alicia Keys singing a tribute when she stole another woman's husband. There was a cross-dresser attempting to preach (yes, Tyler Perry), and Bishop Jakes who denies the deity of Christ. To put the icing on the cake the eulogy was delivered by a divorced bishop (1 Timothy 3). The whole thing was an abomination in the sight of the Lord, but even saying that, if even ONE person was converted through watching it then there is victory. I can say that my two children watched and they were pretty disgusted; however, they have been fed the Word their whole life and know the truth of the gospel.

        I know that my "opinion" is not popular, but 2 Chronicles 7:14 says it all.

      • John, ur comment made me tears move on eyes:-)…i Think God will hear ur pray and give ur generation a time and chance…God is good and kind…good luck, boy. I'm the older generation and i will keep praying for u also after when we'll pass to u the world…

    • I want the truth on

      Hi HH,

      I am a Christian who has recently rekindled my faith & have been trying to spread the message to warn other Christians and non-believers of the Illuminati to the best of my ability. I would like to watch a replay of Whitney's funeral service out of respect for the God-gifted songstress and curiousity for the Word shared during the service.

      Any idea where I can find a video stream of it?

      Cheers, God Bless, and may our Heavenly Father triumph!

      • @ Icanseeit

        Judge ye not, lest ye be judged. So YOU have never made ANY mistakes in life. As the old folks say, You're so heavenly bound til you ain't no earthly good!"

      • @ Reach, yes I am a sinner saved by grace. However, it may behoove you to actually study scripture about judging and see how very misguided YOU are. Please don't be so worldly minded that you are no Heavenly good. God bless!

    • @I see it-I see what you mean. THis view is not popular but nobody said the truth was. I do believe Whitney loved the Lord but unfortunately she surrounded herself with "christians" who doctrines are questionable. Just because you on tv don't make you annointed. T.d Jakes does deny the diety of Christ, he constantly has wordly rappers and actors in his church but has he ever told them about the true gospel and changing their ways, or is their acknowledgment of him more important than saving these stars soul. He is amigos with Oprah and she visits even thought she said plainly there is more ways to CHrist and condones lifestyles that the christian bible condemns. Kim Burrel had a video recently where she was singing with a TEDDY on to God. Like she was trying to seduce him. I believe if Whit was around HOLY SPIRIT PRAYER WARRIORS she would have been compelled to completely give her life to God,-her voice including.

      • Gabrielle,

        Thank you! I thought that I was alone out here lol. The whole thing was a total mockery of the gospel, although I felt that the church pastor was pretty sincere. However, when you open the doors to the gates of hell, it is hard to get them closed again. I forgot to mention the fact that Kevin Costner very flippantly used a curse word and talked about drinking whiskey, and everyone LAUGHED! I was like, seriously?

        K. Burrell, pastor (little p…read Timothy again) Burrell and her "sweeter" song, yes I know it. Also Donnie McClurkin who sang his beautiful tribute and went on to speak in a "tongue". I was like ohhhkay. I say all of that to say this, God is not a God of disorder, and this service was all kinds of disorder. Satan is the god of the air(waves) and because this "show" (calling it like I see it) was broadcast all over the world, I saw his hooves all over it.

      • Don't get me started on Donnie. Im not bashing these people I pray they turn to God, but they have left their 1st love. Steve Harvery is on TBN more than pastors. He was interviewing him and Steve was saying all kinds of nonsense and Donnie was just sitting their smiling, just happy to have him on the show. Kevin, the poor child, he prob doesn't know that is not acceptable, but those supposedly church folk should have. I guess since its Kevin he gets a pass. THat was my first time hearing Cece sing a song and put Jesus name in it. When I was younger I would hear their songs confused and think they were talking about their lovers not God. It was so sensual and they never said his name so your imagination ran with it. Tyler, I been stopped watching his movies after the Holy Spirit convicted me of laughing at someone who twists scriptures for entertainment in his plays and dresses like a woman. Ru paul does it he is gay, Tyler does is he is saved. –

      • My Love is your love on


        I've seen the Kim Burrell video for "Sweeter" I don't see where she is trying to seduce God and no she isn't wearing a teddy. She's wearing a LONG silk white night gown with the LONG silk matching robe. That's funny to me that you think that's a teddy! LOL! Anyway, in the scene that lasts only a very few seconds, it's obvious she's waking up in the morning. The rest of the video she's appropriately dressed as she sings about how God makes every day sweeter and a joy to be alive.

    • Amen and Hallelujah! I believe that Whitney was God's child. And, if someone did something to her… there is no where to hide. They'd better get right with Him.

    • I wouldn't be too fooled by that service of the so called A-listers of Hollyweird and the music industry. Research everyone on the list, especially Cece and her brother. I thought we were waking up here.

      • I wasn't quite fooled by that service in that church. There were a few things about it that was bothering me, especially that symbol on the podium, that looked like a crown and the cross intersecting. That symbol appears to be Christian, but it's often used by masons, and it has a very phallac meaning. I wouldn't be surprised if people in the congregation in that church are masons.

  10. Nicki's performance was putrid and disturbing to say the least. I knew nothing was right about that at all. And oh Whitney…….RIP now angel. Jennifer and Adele better develop a mind of their own, that's all I have to say.

    • I think it may be too late for Jennifer…look how she 'decided' to lose weight and become svelte and 'hollywood' slim…and all of her family was killed…things that make you go …hmmm?

      • They must plan on doing a whole lot of sacrificing to turn Jennifer into the "next Whitney" which is what you say AFTER sumone is dead. How can they make her beautiful like her, have her voice, the ability to cross over to other races. The only people that really care about her is blacks, and we ain't even that crazy over her. Look at her album sales/ Granted the girl is talented but putting her in the same boat as Whitney concerning appeal, beauty, that it-factor and unbelievable voice range is delusional Clive.

      • nobody will be able to become Whitney Houstonn. Especially the puppets of modern pop – never…

    • Dr. Octagonapus!!!! on

      Jennifer is not gonna have a mind of her own….cause she's kinda in too deep anyways. If anything, its Adele who needs to watch herself…and since she said that her material isnt gonna be based on heartache anymore, in some way they're gonna have some kinda control in her music now.

      • Even examined on its surface a comparison between individual singers is wrong. As much as Jennifer may have been inspired by Whitney and admired her, artists are supposed to seek individuality and originality. That Davis creep is talking about money and how they'll market her. Whitney was older and he was talking about the new model straight off the factor floor that will earn new profits for the company in the future. And yes, I agree she's talented but not the beauty or talent that Whitney was.

      • "in some way they’re gonna have some kinda control in her music now." You bet they are going to control Adele. She's already "in". She was going to take 4-5 years to rest her voice, now she said she isn't. Because, she can't! They need to use the crap out of her now.

  11. Excellent article, very well put together and thought out. I watched the Grammys "vigilantly" and appreciate all the connections you made; the entire night seemed so discombobulated and yet strangely orchestrated. And being from Justin Vernon's home town, Bon Iver's win was the most refreshing thing of the night!!

    • Marcy – that Bon Ivers is one amazing and talented dude! Unbelievable, and such a cool story. I'm going to be quite upset if I hear he has sold out to the dark side, or been influenced by. Seriously bummed! Here's hoping he is just pure raw talent and can make it on that alone!


      youtube.com/watch?v=TWcyIpul8OE – heard this cut for the first time two nights ago. Beautifully tragic!

      • 'Calgary' live on Jools Holland


        Sorry! I'm just so excited to see someone else recognize his talent!! He has an amazing ensemble. Dear Lord, let me please not find him on VC in the future!

      • I want the truth on

        Bon Iver/Justin Vernon is apparently good pals with Kanye West. Since Kanye West has been heavily featured on VC, I fear for Bon Iver's soul, if it has not already been sold.

      • @Vigilant Marcy and Sarah Connor: You may find some of the following info to be helpful.

        Bon Iver (bon hiver) is actually a French translation of the phrase "good winter'. What does that mean and could it be a reference to the festivities and rituals associated with the winter solstice?? And furthermore he was featured on two tracks off of Kanye West's album, 'My Twisted Dark Fantasy'.

        I know that Bon Iver has two albums, but the breakout hit would appear to be the haunting ballad ‘Holocene’. This is a very interesting song and the lyrical content seems to be very profound. However, there seems to be some sort of underlying message when he sings the words:

        “… and at once I knew I was not magnificent. Strayed above the highway aisle, (Jagged vacance, thick with ice) I could see for miles, miles, miles.”

        This doesn’t have to mean anything sinister, but there does seem to be an important message to the lyrics. Justin Vernon discussed the album and lyrical content in an interview on npr.com with Jess Gitner. I have included the part about the lyrics to Holocene and the link to the article if anyone wants to read it.

        JG: Relating to your lyrics, your song titles. I want to say they're all places. But what is "Holocene"?

        JV: Yeah, yeah. Holocene. Holocene is a bar in Portland, Ore., but it's also the name of a geologic era, an epoch if you will. It's a good example of how all the songs are all meant to come together as this idea that places are times and people are places and times are… people? [Laughs.] They can all be different and the same at the same time. Most of our lives feel like these epochs. That's kind of what that song's about. "Once I knew I was not magnificent." Our lives feel like these epochs, but really we are dust in the wind. But I think there's a significance in that insignificance that I was trying to look at in that song.

        LINK: http://www.npr.org/blogs/allsongs/2011/06/23/1373

      • Hey Truth Teller thanks for that info! I haven't had a chance to spend much time looking into him, and the little bit I did I did have a few flags, but was really hoping it might just being my overly skeptical attitude nowadays. Ya know, like sometimes a butterfly is JUST a butterfly, and not a mk ultra monarch programming symbol lol! When I first heard Florence and the Machine and looked her up, that was just painfully & immediately obvious. I was really trying to give this guy the benefit of the doubt, but as his career moves on I guess it will all come out in the wash. Sigh….

      • re: Bon Iver created his first album and the name "Bon Iver", before he was discovered.

        Remember that we are "Vigilant", not "Overly Paranoid". Just because Kanye asked him to to some collaborating on his album does NOT automatically mean Justin Vernon sold his soul to the devil. Thanks to the Indie Music explosion, not EVERYONE in the music industry has sold out. Yes, the Mainstream industry is trying to captialize on the Indie Music trend (i.e. Lana Del Ray), and maybe Justin will sell out someday (I highly doubt it, given his personal philosophies, but who knows) but remember that there is a huge music community that is not part of the "System". And we have hope in that.

      • @ Vigilant Marcy: You’re awfully quick to defend Bon Iver/Justin Vernon by insisting he isn’t apart of the ’system’. But how do you know? You mention his personal philosophy, but I wonder how you are privy to that particular information. I get it, you are a fan of Bon Iver and like his music so it may be hard to accept that he does play a part in all of this. I like his songs too, but I won’t be in denial or quick to brush off obvious signs like the name Bon Iver (because it doesn’t matter if he had the name before he was signed) and the fact that he worked with Kanye. I don’t see why the elite would ever honor an outsider with four nominations at their awards if they weren’t signed on for their agenda. He won two of the four taking home Best New Artist and Best Alternative Music Album (he was also nominated for Song of the Year and Record of the Year; in other words he’s a big deal). And I guess having a song called ‘Holocene’ in the year 2012 when the elite are moving forward with their false apocalypse based on Mayan prophecies means nothing either….

        Either way, I hope John Todd is as crazy as everyone theorizes, because if he is telling the truth, then anyone in the music industry has to be a part of the elite’s plans or they won’t be successful. He says that entertainers and industry insiders alike must be wizards and witches who call upon dark spirits for every album they intend to put out. Whether anyone believes this or not is not important. Either way, something is going on to make people use words like ‘mind control’ and ‘demonic’ when they talk about the entertainment industry. So being paranoid is not really the same thing as being cautious of the devils we already know exist. Don’t ever let your guard down for a second or you’ll let the deception in like the rest of the bewildered herd.

      • @truth teller. I just wanted to jump in for one minute and let you know that I do not think John Todd is totally crazy, and he does in fact bring some very important information regarding the 'behind the scenes' activities of the music industry to light. However, he, nor anyone else has it completely figured out and he is wrong on some things. Straight up. Many of his videos exposing the Illuminati music industry were also done when he was still a babe in Christ. I've posted this before but my brother is in the industry. He plays with a band at Gold and Platinum record sales level. He is a tatooed, rock n roll looking punk to most, but born again, married with kids and plays for his churches band when he is not on the road. Pretty sure half the newbies on this site would accuse him of being Illuminati or whatever, knee jerk reaction, but lets not all lose our heads here. It is not all so black and white, and God's soldiers are everywhere, as they should be. I can assure you, neither he nor his band mates have sold their souls, they maybe a few of them would given the chance? LOL I'm kidding but who really knows. This industry is one of the hardest places to be regarding the tempations of the adversary, clearly! I can't say for sure what they do with his records behind the scenes….but the band itself, in this case, is not involved. And they have hung out with people I am sure are. To look at it another way, if you are involved in politics, I'm sure you're hanging out with some political Luci's, since they do seem to be running the show. Not all are, but many – yes. It's just a little more complicated I guess. My brothers band is not considered 'mega stars' by any means…..and I'm not sure where the point is when you have to submit to become one of the club. The guy below has some interesting info on it, but for sure that does not include 'everybody'.

        Blood Sacrifices Exposed:


        Bon Iver is seriously talented dude and I hope he does not succumb to the pitfalls of this industry. Only time will tell. I say proceed vigilantly, guarded & cautiously…..but innocent until proven guilty. I hope that doesn't qualify me as a bewildered herd member :-(

      • @"Truth Teller": I'm not being "quick to defend", I am merely stating facts because we come from the same town and the same community of musicians. I didn't rule out anything (reread my comment), I'm just saying the the music industry is WAY bigger than JUST the elite, or what the Illuminati control. WE have the power to empower and support musicians that make honest, beautiful, authentic music without dark powers ruling over them. It is happening, and sometimes, once in a while, one of those musicians ends up at the Grammys. There are tons of other musicians that got nominated this year that are not under the Illuminati's "control". The Illuminati's primary focus is just making sure "their" musicians get Mainstream attention and radio airplay.

        Again, I'm not ruling out the idea of him selling out, I just think we're giving the "powers that be" way too much credit. Legitimate, talented, honest musicians can actually rise above this shit.

      • @SarahConnor & VigilantMarcy:

        For starters, I never said Bon Iver was “guilty”; I was simply suggesting that his participation or acceptance of the elite’s BS is extremely likely due to his recent success and past affiliations with artists that have a very clear stake in the overall agenda. If he avoids the pressure of the Hollywood machine (a.k.a. forced initiation) then more power to him. I hope he remains independent and continues to make the MK Ultra/ Illuminati puppet pop stars look like the fools they are. But truly, what are the chances of this? How long will they allow him to be successful? When the “powers that be” actually control every aspect of the world we live in besides our minds (which clearly they are fighting for), how can we really say that there are artists that rise above? Don’t you get it? The ones that rise above the BS or walk away from the agenda get pushed down…six feet under if you get my drift. For talented artists, there is no other option if you want to be successful in the “industry”. Success on the highest levels is reserved for those who go the distance.

        Secondly, (@SarahConnor) I don’t partake in man made religions, especially Christianity… and unfortunately I believe those who do are part of the bewildered herd. It is sad, but ignorance is abundant and indoctrination is profound. People will believe what they are told no matter the consequence or glaring truths that scream otherwise. Not knowing is one thing, but knowing the truth and committing to the lie is completely different.

        Every aspect of Catholicism/Christianity was adopted from pagan devil worshippers and the mystery religions of antiquity. If Christians truly believed what they claim to believe they would come to find the truth….that their religion isn’t what is professes to be. I know first hand because it happened to me. I suggest that anyone who doubts that Christianity is a false, counterfeit religion actually read their Bible and study the religions of the world (including their scriptures). In my experience, organized religion teaches people to ignore blatant truth by interpreting and manipulating scripture to suit selfish desires. People get fired up about nothing and in the end the miss the truth laid out before their eyes. You should stop and ask yourself who Jesus Christ really is (who is God for that matter) before you give your life up and worship this entity until the dying end. I will say one thing, and the Bible makes this CLEAR…. a name is of utmost importance and you should be careful whose name falls from your lips when you worship our creator. Likewise, one must always be cautious of the company we keep and who we allow to influence our persona and image. As 1Corinthians 10:21 states: “You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too; you cannot have a part in both the Lord's table and the table of demons.” (Note: I don’t agree with the use of the title ‘LORD’ either, but this is how the Bible has been tainted during the numerous translations and mistranslations over the centuries).

        Also, anyone judging someone and assuming they worship the devil because they’re tattooed or pierced is just ignorant and ridiculous.

        And finally, for the record, you don’t ever have to worry about a knee jerk reaction from me. Unlike many of the readers that visit this site hanging on VC’s every word, I am an independent thinker who was exposed to truth years before this site ever existed. I have learned the hard way, through years of torment (having to swallow some unfortunate but necessary truths) and struggle (having to come to terms with the fact that many people will oppose the message and ostracize me as the messenger of such harsh realities).

        You are right about one thing though; it isn’t black and white and the answers aren’t always so clear. The truth is hidden so that we have to work for it, that way we truly appreciate it when we find it and can understand that it is REAL. It wasn’t meant for everyone or we would all be perfect and evil would not exist… this is why no man has all the answers, but the one’s who dedicate themselves to discovering the truth at all costs are reaping the greatest reward. Keep searching…

      • Hey TruthTeller – I just wanted to say that although my post was directed at you with an @….I was more just speaking in broad and general terms towards your reply, not necessarily to only you, although we had opened up the conversation. Apologies! I have an entourage of internet elves that follow me and mess up my intent or meaning sometimes, but it was not directed @ you specifically. So no offense, I was happy to get your feedback and input! I thought we shared more of a similar 'foundation' but regardless, I'm a fan of seeking truth so on that note, I wish you well! And thanks again for some of the heads up stuff on Bon. I will be watching, fingers crossed. Take Care~

      • @truth teller- that is very interesting about good winter. The dual god in the old religion is the waning and waxing sun of the two halves of the year. Its rebirth happens at the winter solstice. The winter sun would be the dark sun, the dying one, which is the origin of what we now call Satan.

      • i do agree with Truth teller as usual…he is right – nobody can be promoted and famous nowadays in show business if he/she doesn't follow th eelite agenda.

  12. Excellent article! You never cease to amaze me, VC. I am so surprised no one is talking about any of this. Thanks for sharing those articles from Forbes. I did not even know they were online. I noticed that throughtout the event, Nicki Minaj had an empty gaze. Her face was expressionless. She's fallen into the trap.

    • Empty gaze is right. I agree with you. But then again what do you expect from a talentless, illuminati-created hack such as Nicki Minaj and the rest?

      All we can do is pray for them, before they become the prey.

  13. That Nikki Minaj performance sucked, not just because it was satanic but because she has no talent.  If you take out all of the satanic stuff it was still awful. Why is she and the rest of these non talented fools still around? I mean they sacrificed Whitney for Nikki? What ever happened to when the industry tried to control people with talent? Now the industry has lost their minds and their cleaning house, getting rid of anybody with an ounce of talent. So they can devote all their resources to promoting talentless robots. Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin better watch out!

    • Music went from a form of entertainment to a way of brainwashing and mind controlling its audience. you know that the best selling artists of all time are Elvis Presley (dead) Michael Jackson (dead) and the Beatles (half of em are dead). Music industry is all a joke now. from trashy bad girl rihanna, to untalented nicki roman martha barbie and every other name she calls herself, to Lady Garbage. Awesome.

      • Make that 3 out of the 4 beatles are dead… thats not the real and original Paul Mccartney that we see now…. Original Paul was also sacrificed by the dark side in an effort to control the beatles, and effect and engineer society.

      • music has been this way for a long time. Certain people shaped and promoted others ignore. There's a music historian–sorry forgot his name–describes Mozart as pop icon, promoted by Clive Davis's of that era,

  14. I love that "Yes Jesus Loves Me" is the last song Whitney Houston is publicly seen singing. It's on video forever. I beautiful f*%k you to show business' dark side. They can never take that away from her.

    • Whoever they are putting out in the spotlight in a bad way, so they can blame it on drugs later and say, "See, we took these photo's last week of her/him that clearly show they were messed-up." Just watch the "tabloid websites". They get info on who to lift up and who to bring down.

    • Hmmm, who's next? Well its pretty clear that in 2012, the corporation that is the United States seems to be deferring to its 'master', England. Of course, its no coincidence that Olympics will take place here in 2012. The world's attention will be focussed on the Olympic Games and it will be the opportunity to harvest all that energy that will be flowing for devious mercurial purposes.

      The US also made Adele the new Queen of music in their ritual Grammy ceremony – another non coincidence.

      So with all of this in mind, I think, its possible that it might be somebody English and that is sacrificed next and that it might be Robbie Williams. Who?

      Well the ex-Take That (British boy band) member has featured on VC's pages. His videos are rife with iluminati symbolism so he is a paid-up member of the 'business' that is music (just signed with Universal Records) and therefore subject to their whims if he becomes perceived as 'expendable'.

      From Wiki: 'Williams has sold over 70 million records worldwide, which ranks him among the best-selling music artist worldwide. He is the best-selling British solo artist in the United Kingdom and the best selling non-Latino artist in Latin America. Six of his albums are among the top 100 biggest-selling albums in the United Kingdom. '

      He also a notorious drug-user – essentially the same M.O. they thrust upon Whitney. Oh and I think that wifey Ayda Field smells like his handler.

      He hasn't produced a decent album in years and he is in that unfortunately position where his back catalogue is probably worth more than he is. He's no Whitney superstar, but is still worth between £90 – £130 million.

      I hope Robbie pulls it back from the brink for his own sakes!

    • Me from Colombia on

      I really really like Robbie Williams, but I also get the feeling something will happen to him. Jesus Christ! It looks like everything has been planned, the bad press about drug issues, alcoholism, being a former boy band member (possibly molested and even mk'd) and all this symbolism on his clips… like Tripping…

      Britney Spears breaks my heart… let her raise her kids for God's sake…

      Lindsay Lohan is not as popular as she once was, but her family is plain creepy… I hope she wasn't "Born to die" as Lana del Rey sings… what they did to her is a mounstruosity… I still remember her from that movie on which she played twins… she was an adorable little girl and it's shocking to see her now.

      Anyway, God Forbid!

  15. Glad as always that you put this article out. Sad thing is it says everything I expected it to. The industry has become so blatant with all this that I can piece together the symbolism and corruption on my own. If it not been for your site I might still have been a completely oblivious sheep like most. Keep up the good work.

    • Are you SERIOUS?

      As if that is not the same thing, just in a different package?

      It comes from the EXACT same ("evil") entertainment industry that everyone on this site seems to be so tired of…

      I honestly can't even believe someone would make that comment and people would also agree with it. It's like you can't put 2 and 2 together. You still need VC to tell you what is wrong and what is right, what is good and what is "evil", just the same way that before this site existed you delegated that job to the entertainment industry… We have so much information at our fingertips, yet some people just repeat it like parrots and never truly digest it.

      Wow. just, WOW. That's something to truly be sad about.

      • Penny, with all due respect I think he was joking. It's funny. And I do have to point out….you are here too! In a world that is saturated in illusions, some very sinister ones at that, there is power in the knowledge of realizing what is actually transpiring around us. Recognizing it, keeping up with it (know thy enemy), and calling it out to those who cannot see does have a place here on earth today.

        Jude 1:21-23

        21Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.

        22And of some have compassion, making a difference:

        23And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.

        Nothing like pointing out the 'devil' in the details to help people make a decision one way or another.


  16. idk why but I never really liked Jeniffer hudson (& no matter how hard she tries, she will never earn Whitney's spot) funny how after the murder of her mother & brother she blew up all over the damn media and became even more famous. And i've always hated lady Gaga. hope all the sacrifices they made in their lives was worth the money and fame. & Nicki's grammy perfomance disgusted me so much, especially the whole exorcism act. I'm no Christian but that performance was downright disgraceful and so unnecessary. Sadly the young generation views all this crap as "art" and "theatre" but if only they knew what show biz is all about. Hollywood is so evil. Even Napolean (from the rap group Outlawz) said it himself in such an amazing interview. Everyone has to watch it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBj4fJLS6bk&fe

    • I can't see it for Jennifer either – not possible for her to be in the same league as Whitney no matter how potent this ritual. She would have to record a heck of an chart topping album that the whole world embraces. And from what i've heard of her music she can't catch up to that status.

  17. Whitney was murdered and sacrificed because she was a Christian and spoke out against the dark stuff in the music industry.

  18. And people look at performances like that and call it 'different' and 'inspiring' ?? Are you kidding me? Not only did it prove to us that Nicki has no real TALENT, but it was disturbing to say the least. I couldn't believe it – well, that's a lie. It's not hard to believe. These people don't care. The Grammy show was a celebration in MY opinion. For them at least. 'Well guys, she's out of the way.'

    I even read something stating Nicki was simply doing a 'Madonna' by using religious 'art' (aka blasphemy) *eye roll*

    • Random thought but you know how in her Grammy performance when she is levitating high above the stage the dancers start kicking it a little harder, like really start scoutin boots…..think it is a representation of the party raging on as Whitney lay dead a few floors above them? Dunno just another weird synch.

  19. The strangest thing about mz nikki, is that every1 on facebook said that her performance was demonic. In isolation it seems like her being ott. So i think its clear people can see that its not right But in the scheme of things, they (who ever they are) are trying to normalise devil worship behaviour, by dressing it in the sheep's clothing. Katy perry, lady gaga & co.   It was clear for everyone to see that it was an unnecessary display for a performance . In regards to whitney's death another mystery left untold.. 

    I have been waiting all week to see what u have to say. Oh finally u mentioned Alexander McQueen. His was another strange death especially based on  the imagery he used for his work. 

    The only thing I find strange is that for the last couple of years vast majority of music awards have been plagued by paying homage to 'great artists' who have died. When u watch them back now the look strange. People who claim they know u by association are paying homage to u? How very strange. It just doesnt sit right. 

    Whitney and amy's death have very powerful things in common their amazing talent, a partner that is 'blamed' for their decline into drink n drugs and a death under mysterious circumstances. No vigilant involved common sense always made me think may b it's the difficulty of being a musical genius that turns them as we deem it as insane. Like mj & co.  They are using parts of their brain to extents that we can't even imagine. 

    If science investigates and tries to understand the creation of life. Why wouldn't they want to control, understand and manipulate the creation of thought?

  20. just wondering if the stories last month claiming gaga left a bathtub full of blood in a london hotel could somehow be connected or just a weird coincidence

      • Hmmmm, I don't know if these events are connected, but they are creepy. Brittany Murphy was also found dead in a bath tub under the same circumstances as Whitney, and in her last movie, her character also died in a bathtub. That is really odd…there must be something going on with bath tubs. In the movie Constatine with Keanu Reeves ('Matrix' trilogy & 'Devil's Advocate'), a bath tub full of water was used as a portal/gateway to hell. The lead female role played by Rachel Wiesz (From 'The Mummy', 'The Mummy Returns','Dreamhouse', and 'The Fountain') was attempting to find her twin sister who had committed suicide and gone to hell.

        As a side note: Why are certain actors always cast in the same creepy roles and twisted plot lines over and over again? Johnny Depp is always in some quirky eccentric role that was written for him by directors like Tim Burton. I could go on and on naming them all but I'll leave something for you all to look up. Poor Brittany Murphy was always being cast as the drug addicted whore or abused little girl who never grew up on the right side of the tracks. She basically played the typical MK Ultra victim time and time again…. she was being pigeonholed into these roles because she was clearly a mind control victim.

      • I want the truth on

        How about the "Kick" as seen in the first few scenes of the movie "Inception", where Leonardo di Caprio's character is pushed into a bathtub full of water to shake him out of the previous level of dreaming to the not-as-deep level of dreams?

        Not quite "real" death, but Inception portrays that killing someone inside the level of dream is the only way to effectively get the person(s) out of that level. If not, they would go into "limbo".

        Lots of mind games, and I feel that Inception is greatly overlooked in many sites that I visited. So many things allude to mind-control [handlers & victims], duality, Delta programming, masonic symbolism, etc,. (I've seen black & white checkered floors one too many times during the movie) Maybe even the concept of reincarnation, I don't know.

  21. I have been waiting on this article, but I didn't know it was Nicki I really thought she died for Beyonce's child. It was very weird that she died right after the birth of the baby.

  22. Strange things…even stranger, that I cannot explain them without thinking about a 'sacrifice'.

    Two things:

    1) It's not Hudson- she is only temporary- take a look at this one: "Was this the real star of the Grammys? Meet the 11-year-old girl who sang Adele in an ad" – just to say- Whitney was 11 too when she started her career…11 one more time…and the red jacket (the only red thing worn by anyone who give the performance during the ceremony)

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2101023/D

    2) I watched the funeral today only to see what will they say – Pastor, who apparently was the last pastor who she had seen said something that she didn't give in to power (the other things which she didn't give in I kind of forgotten, but this one stroked me as it didn't fit with other words…)

  23. I agree HH. While the things surrounding her death and the televised events we have seen so far this year have a dark tone to them, God was definitely in the place and on display for the world today at Whitney's funeral. Pastor Winans couldn't have done a better job spreading the truth and love of God in such a brief amount of time. Please believe that was God's message to everyone, "I am here, and I'm not sleep." At least that's what it meant to me. 😉

  24. The part that keeps sticking out to me was after LL Cool J prayed he said goodbye to Whitney and then made a point of "welcoming Adele back". That was just so strange to be for some reason. I do know she had surgery but I thought it was very over the top for him to single her out.

    • I'm right there with you. I felt really uncomfortable when he said that for some reason.

      I love adele to death, I just don't want her to be one of these people. ughhhh. but they hyped her up so much and praised her so much, I just have a bad feeling

      • I don't understand why Bobbi Kristina interpreted Adele, rather than one of her mother's song, know wing that her mother was the greatest singer of our time, did she already knew that Adele was going to be so much honoured during the grammy? Suspicious

    • probably seems awkward because Whitney died so soon beforehand and they had to squeeze in references to her. Adele coming back from throat surgery was supposed to be the big story of the night, so no wonder LL Cool J also mentioned that prominently.

  25. In my own opinion i think it was a ritual sacrafice to celebrate the new artist in the industry (Adele) I mean if you did watch the grammy's Adele looked traumatised and also she's taking a 5-year break' which could be another phrase for reprogramming and brainwashing?? Sounds kinda fishy to me.

    • I had no idea about the five year break. But I did read an interview about Adele wanting to "sex up" her image :/ Supposedly for health reasons, but… Sounds more like programming to me.

      • Just to add. Both Adele, Jessie J and Amy Winehouse were all graduates from the 'Brit school' an 'industry school' also responsible for the 'Brit Awards', the English version of the Grammys. So they were not discovered singing in small nightclubs etc. they were all schooled in the industry ways from a young age and are part of the system whether they like it (Jessie J) or not (Amy Winehouse). Adele is no different. After winning 6 Grammys, her choice is already made.

      • I'm pretty sure that 5 year break was called off in last couple days. Even if it wasn't, it won't work…they'll need to use the crap out of her before then.

  26. Essential Truth on

    Well put together VC ..keep doing your thing bro!

    We may never know 100% all the details of Whitney's death.. but i really wanna know what she wrote to Brandy in that letter!

    & i wanna know more about this Remembrance day moment of silence at the 11:00am on the 11th day of the 11th month ..which I've observed throughout elementary & high school…very strange

    • In the note Whitney Houston wrote I'm going to see Jesus that's what my girl was saying I'm going to see Jesus I know for a fact and I love her and always love her I'm a singer myself and I don't care nothing about Ritual I'm not sacrificeing anything I'm just gonna to sing my heart out we don't what happen all I know is that my girl was tired of all the lies being told nothing went down between her and Robyn I will deal with her one on one when we meet trust me when I say I'm not telling nobody I, am I will remain aynoumous

      • I want people to leave my girl the hell alone we all do and still doing so leave my girl the hell alone and show some dam respect yeah I said it first before you speak get it right and no one can replace my girl no dam body can replace my girl Whitney diva said it and wrote it I meet Whitney and I wrote this poem about her my heart belongs to you well her heart belong to The Lord she was a beautiful lady well raise spiritual person who I love and beautiful singer she sing through me her voice comes out of me when I sing I can sing her music and her voice sings through me one day the world hear her voice singing through me peace out I'm in love with her Diva the world will never know but there was a connection between me her when we meet I kiss her and hug her I told her I love her and she told me I love you to baby

      • Another she was not mind control where the hell people get this garbage nobody control her but her I control me nobody can control me just get off her back and leave her the hell alone these dam comments are starting to piss me the hell leave my girl alone stop hateing and talking about my girl that way I mean it show done respect dam it Diva

  27. Stand in Prayer on

    The media is a joke. They are making a big deal out of Bobby leaving the funeral with an "entourage" when did his kids become an "entourage"??? The media is always making him look like the bad guy or a trouble maker. Or making him the scate goat for Whitney's drug usage when Whit was using drugs waaaay before she meant and married Bobby. Not saying they were good together but you can't blame someone for someone elses mistakes for they were both grown. And lets not get it twisted, Whit was from East Orange, NJ and she didn't let anyone tell her what to do (her words not mine). Now, the media is reporting that Bobbi Kristina's grandmother (Cissy) is going to put her in "rehab" after her mom's funeral is over because Bobby Kris has had a "drug" problem for years???? What???

    And how can Clive Davis continue to have a party in the same hotel where his "god-daughter's" mother is lying dead up on the forth floor??? This industry is very sick and corrupt. Like another poster stated, Whitney's last song was "Jesus loves Me" and they had her Coming Home service in CHURCH! Whitney might have been a drug addict or even mind controlled but through her death a lot of people who didn't know about the church, or our lord and savior, knows about "Him" now. I read today, Whitney's drowning in the tub could be looked at as her being called back home through a baptism, peacefully. I'd rather remember her as a child of God rather than the industry's sacrifice. My prayers goes out to her family and friends. As far as the media, the grammy's, and the entire santanic industry: you can get the salute, the one finger salute! Let us all stand and stay in Prayer. Peace and Blessings:)

  28. I can only imagine how many times the word"hate crime" would have been used if she have walked in with a rabbi or performed an anti gay. marriage song.

  29. unknown hopeless guy on

    How can this surprise anyone anymore?

    I mean please, I don't even watch tv. Only for two reasons: Good movies or informative documentaries.

    Someone pray for me I feel so lost, I really wanna feel god's love and guidance, I used to be christian for some time, but now I haven't even considered getting back for months. I've started doing MMA because I have so much anger, for how my dad has treated me before and still does.

    Why is everything so hard pray for me someone ):

    • God loves you, go back to Him , He is always waiting for you, will cure all your sorrows, renew your hope.

      Will pray for you.

    • To unknown hopeless guy. It is not hopeless. Please don't ever give up. Seek God's face and you will find him. I will pray for you right now that God will take your right hand and you will feel his strength .

      • To add to Mimi's post, you may be "unknown" to us, but God knew you before the foundation of the world was established. He also knows your heart. Because you posted this, I want you to know that Paul stated in the book of Romans that "whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved", and you are asking for God so I just want you to know that He is right there waiting for you. God bless you and keep hope alive. :-)

    • I am praying for you wherever you are, and I am confident that G-d knows your sorrow and will bring comfort to you as you seek His face.

      You need to find someone who can help counsel you and be a shoulder to lean on, I pray the someone like that will be in your life too.

      I always find Keith Green's music helps minister to a sad heart.


    • I will pray for you. Stay strong and put your faith in God. It is hard to accept sometimes but only God truly loves us unconditionally.You may be unknown to us but you are not unknown to Him. Even now He is taking care of you and patiently waiting for you to come back to Him. I know how you feel because for years I couldn't deal with the way my mother treated me and I rebelled against God because she was deeply religious. But God didn't forsake me and now I understand that people can be religious without actually having and understanding the love of God. Read your bible a little each day, even a random page and He will speak to your spirit. And remember nothing is too big or difficult for God to handle.

      • God trully loves us unconditionally? thats why people get killed, raped, robbed, cheated on? Oh yes let me walk a dark street at night naked and PUT MY FAITH IN GOD! thats why innocent people die in terror attacks, because GOD LOVES THEM….thats why we go through things we dont deserve, lets put our faith in god, because He has given us soooo much….and he will make all the pain go away. LOL. I just dont understand how people still believe in Him. Seriously. I hope in you're life He makes a diffirence and helps you, that will make one of us. I respect that you strength to believe in something.

      • If Yahweh was able to keep every single person on this planet safe we would all be in heaven already. But we are here on earth. He has answered me more times than not. Your feelings are your own but hopefully you can find peace while you are still here and even more so hopefully you will seek Yahweh once more.


    • @unknown hopeless guy

      You are neither hopeless or alone. You are alive and as long as there is breathe in your body there is always hope.

      You are not unknown. Not here, we may not know each other faces, but we (all of us VC's) are here and we do "know" you. As a like minded individual who wonders where the hell all of this is going.

      Trust me, I do know what it is like to be hopeless. And I also know that sometimes you can't pray because you don't even start. Just start talking, I somehow doubt the Almighty won't much worry about the introduction.

      I hope this makes you feel better. The first time I heard it I cried (if for no other reason than it was nice to feel something other than pain or emptiness). Then I realized, all you have to do is start talking.

    • Praying for you. Our minds cannot fathom how much our FATHER loves us. Its amazing. Ask him to come into your heart and open your eyes and I promise you He will. He did it for me, and I am no more special than you. God Bless.

    • Start reading the Psalms and you'll hit on one that describes exactly how you're feeling, you'll know it and then cry unto the Lord. It works…He here's our cry. Prayer sent to you!

    • How is that gonna help if we pray for you? You father will have an epiphany suddenly? Listen, has praying EVER solved a problem? I prayed for something for 9 years, went to all these "Holy" places, its all BULL…sorry to say. You have a right to believe in God. But has he ever answered a prayer? Or you just hopelessly stare at the sky and nothing happens. If you want something YOU are the only person who make that happen. I was angry too, for many years, untill I accepted that there is NOBODY there…If you have problems eith your father, leave the family, fly to Europe or Australia, get a job as a bar tender, star over. YOU have to be in charge of your life, people's prayers wont solve your situation. Cheers, good luck.

  30. "From her red carpet entrance to her musical performance, Nikki Minaj played the role of a woman possessed by a demon named “Roman Zolanski”. The 2012 Grammy Awards were apparently chosen to “exorcise” this demon from Nikki and to present it to the world as her new alter-ego". –

    Quite Wrong, even before Nicki released a proper album she always used alter-ego's and different personalities/voices to make her songs unique, she was not playing the role of a woman possessed by a demon, Roman is a gay male alter-ego, present even on her first album, who is going to be the spotlight of her new LP "Pink Friday: Roman's Revenge", hence this publicity stunt to boost sales when it is released in April. I believe most of what is said about the music industry but the case against Nicki is reaching quite a bit. There was nothing "strange" about the performance, it was an artful piece, inspired by 1973's "The Exorcist" meant to shed light on a "character" (Roman) that existed before she was even signed to a major label. Publicity stunt, nothing more, nothing less.

  31. It's also weird how these people are out of the spot light for years…all of a sudden their in the news everyday only to be gone a very short time there after. The situation in it's entirety screams setup. Clide himself said Whitney voice is gone right before she died. I guess she was worth more dead.

    Them partying while her dead body lay a few floors, and I do mean a few floors 1-3 away speaks volumes of the evil running rampant throughout the industry.

    • It's a cult, thus one of the rules or laws is that you live happily with fame and fortune but you die young, you live halfway your normal years and serve them for the rest halfway, as it's not natural dead, their soul can't rest in peace they are serving the devil until their natural death, when they have to face judgement

      • they serve the devil indirectly through the industry, we all know how talented these people are, in the other world, they write the songs or scripts, give the tune, beats and oufff they ones still here on earth would shake the world with it and thus would make fortune and fame. That is how they get their inspiration, if not they may run out of inspirition and the industry goes bankrupt, but sadly enough they chosed the wrong way, God is able to do more than they can imagine, if only they could rely on Him for the inspirition they would have a double honour, both on earth and in heaven.

    • Are they supposed to cancel a huge dinner that they spent thousands on? Its just business, its sometimes cruel and inhumane, but its business, where money is involved there is 'nothing personal'…im sure they still mourned Whitney in their own way. Tragic but as they say 'The show must go on'…they are not gonna stop the industry wheel for anybody.

  32. With four degrees of separation from Jennifer Hudson, I can genuinely say that friends of the man who was accused of killing her family members were totally incapable of believing he could have done it. They said he was not that kind of person and could never have done it. So in light of this article, it would make sense that the darker forces that had their hooks, or wanted to get their hooks into Hudson, felt the only way to possess her would be to remove those who would most likely try to protect her from any harm. Sad indeed.

    • I have this theory that she might have been slowly figuring out the evil side of the industry, and the tragic murders were a sort of message to her to keep silent and go back to being clueless.

    • @Teia Pluse

      I BELIEVE YOU. I doesn't make sense that the accused who man was living on the other side of town with his girlfriend and their baby would still be holding a grudge against his ex-wife. Why did he kill her mother and not the ex he's mad at???? You mean to tell me he rode the subway to the other side of town (Lawndale is a loonnnng way from Englewood) to kill everyone in the house but his ex-wife at 9 o'clock in the morning rush hour???? Then he steals her murdered brother's car then drives it back to the side of town where he lives. It just sounds absurd. But that's the problem I have with facebook and myspace. Anybody can browse a person's profile, family, friends, PHOTOS and then pick out a fall guy and make up a story. People are crazy to put so much of there personal info on those websites. I just don't get it!

  33. To "unknown hopeless guy". Never lose hope. Knowing the evil that exists can sometimes be intimidating but the end of the story is that God wins…Satan loses. Praying for you.

    Really appreciate your research, Vigilant

  34. I know that I'm in the minority but that whole televised funeral was a joke to me. Remember Chaka said that she would be worth more dead than alive; well, I can imagine that a Whitney tribute album is being put together right now featuring Alicia (out of tune and screaming) Keys, Stevie Wonder, R. (hide your daughters) Kelly, BeBe &CeCe, and the rest of them. It will make loads of money for the grand puppeteer – Clive Davis. By the way, am I the only one who found it odd that Chaka Khan wasn't there and that Aretha (yea right I'm sick) Franklin bowed out at the last moment? Be not deceived…God is not mocked. That homegoing "ceremony" was not to HIS glory at all!

    • I agree, and interesting that the homily was delivered by a man wearing Black and Red, really how deep does the rabbit hole go?

      Yes they all say "Lord, Lord' but their hearts are far from Him. There is huge deception out there people.

    • Neither Chaka Khan or Aretha would attend if Bobby Brown was to attend. And he did, and then left immediately without going into the church. He brought 9 people but was told to only bring 2.

      And we all know what 9+2 is don't we?

      I don't blame either ladies, they preferred to remember Whitney privately. There is nothing wrong with that. Especially when the services comes out feeling like the "drama movie of the week" from Channel 7 when I was a kid.

      And what kind of world are we living in when we are televising people's funerals??!!!

      • I have to ask, what interview was it where either Chaka or Aretha stated that they wouldn't attend if Bobby attended? I saw Aretha's interview with Al Roker and he point blank asked her if she blamed Bobby for Whitney's condition (an absurd assumption IMO), and Aretha answered that no one knew what went on in their private life so she was not going to comment on it. Chaka blasted the industry and I believe that she didn't want "to be named among them". Aretha was scheduled to attend AND perform up until the last minute, then bowed out. I'm just saying…look at what's really going on. It's in plain sight.

        I don't buy for a minute the numerology thing with Bobby's kids. He stated that they moved them three times and wouldn't allow him to see his own daughter, so he chose to leave instead of causing a scene. Seeing Bobby outside of the church, he was only with three of his children, so I don't know where the nine came from. ???

      • It's in the Chaka Khan with CNN, I'll try and get you a link. Aretha was quoted on a Detroit radio show from Friday and again I am trying to get you the link to the interview.

        Here is the story from MTO with the request for 9 people. I know two Newark cops who worked the funeral and confirmed that Bobby left on his own, without entering the building. He showed up with 3 and was told there was not enough seating for all 3 only the 2 he was informed. Again I don't always believe MTO but like I said two cops confirmed it.


        BK had two seats open next to her to accommodate her father.

        BB did not set one foot in that church.

      • Im getting scared. Ignorance is bliss-sometimes. I kept thinking is ARetha that sick I mean if that was my goddaughter, they would have to wheelchair me in. I don't care I'm coming. ANd my girl Chaka, true thoroughbred. SHe never blamed Bobby from what I heard on Piers Morgan. WHen he asked her if she thought Bobby was to blame for Whitney's drug habit, she said lo and behold she was doing it BEFORE Him. But she came for Clive's neck. SHe said what everyone was thinking, How the heck you still have a party when someone you mentored for more than 20 years dead body is in the same building. I believe if anybody would have stopped Chaka from coming it would have been knowing Clive's phony self was there. Maybe she really does know the real deal. I hope she don't end up on the news.

      • Halo,

        Quote from Bobby Brown: "My children and I were invited to the funeral of my ex-wife Whitney Houston," he said, referring to his three kids from previous relationships Landon, 26, La'princia, 11, Robert Jr., 10, plus Cassius, his two-year-old with wife Alicia Etheridge. "We were seated by security and then subsequently asked to move on three separate occasions. I fail to understand why security treated my family this way and continue to ask us and no one else to move. Security then prevented me from attempting to see my daughter Bobbi Kristina. In light of the events, I gave a kiss to the casket of my ex-wife and departed as I refused to create a scene. My children are completely distraught over the events. This was a day to honor Whitney. I doubt Whitney would have wanted this to occur. I will continue to pay my respects to my ex-wife the best way I know how."

        Read more: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/bob

        I will take it from the horse's mouth rather than from "sources". Thanks for the explain.

      • The funeral was beautiful if you ask me !

        They were going to make money any way you turn it. At least the proceeds are going towards Bobby K. Most likely Clide & the label will get EVERY thing else. It was said Whitney had no money at the time of death. Besides any thing she or her family gets, she worked hard for it !

        As far as Stevie Wonder and who else ? I didn't know over the majority of those people. You continue to hear people say it was a fame funeral. Really ?? Ray J, R Kelly, Kim Burrel, Deon W……..no offense to any of them, but that's not exactly what one would consider an A- list event so to say.

        I agree A Keys was off Key. I hoped they would edit and cut her part. Cut out the first two minutes when she sat at the piano and shed a few fake tears & adjust the volume on low to better suit the ears when she begins to yoddle.

        Other than that, the funeral was awesome. I appreciate the family allowing the people who actually loved & appreciated Whitney in ( us). I would pay for this funeral on dvd, something I don't do. Now the Michael Jackson funeral. That's was an event !

        Whitney had a nice, low key, decent " Home Going " in her home town. She took the world to church and i'm sure she loved it. It's good to see in her death the good triumph the bad. Her drug problem couldn't hold the stem of the candle to every thing she done & accomplished in life !

  35. Ravendelasker22 on

    Great article VC, its hard to explain to a Christian that Satanism and Christianity are basically the same dark occult ritual. Christianity being the more openly murderous, Satanism being somewhat more discreet. Think about it, God and Satan were invented in the same book, the world has been going downhill since. People need to forget the Illuminati control book called the bible and embrace truth, love and life.

    The elites aren't even Satanic, its a cover act to keep us under their spell. They are a much older religion than that.

    People need to wake up Chrisatanianity is not the answer, its time to leave the flock.

    Peace and love :)

    • Saved my life, there is no peace and love without Him, only manufactured feelings in a cold cold heart.

      Seek Truth…for when you truly seek Truth, He will find you!

      • Yes. TRUTH IS A PERSON. … and it does NOT include the delusion of "being your own little god."

    • JUDGE not, that ye be not judged. 2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. 3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? 4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? 5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

    • Me from Colombia on

      Arizona Wilder mentioned that the elite's religion is druidic. But for some reason Slavi and others found peace and salvation only in Christianism. I don't really believe in the devil, but I can see the evil inside of people and I believe in the power of the mind and spirit. Christ came, things changed. The Bible is a book of guidance.

    • You have been decieved, God and Satan were not created in the same book. God created Lucifer who became prideful and sinned and fell–otherwise now known as Satan. The Book, the Holy Bible is God's book alone, NOT man's. It is to teach man and show us the way of salvation–it is NOT authored by man, only penned by specific men chosen of God. The Illuminati may have tried to fool with it, but it is God's Word not their's.

      Satanism appears to be about "doing your own thing", he certainly did his own thing. God is not about doing your own thing, He is about what is good, holy, right. He sets those standards, He is those standards. Satan will only confuse you. God is clear and He doesn't change–He is sound. Satan is not sound. And, contrary to what I have sadly heard and read different places through the years, God does not need Satan, light does not need darkness. God is perfect and does not need anything or anyone, but He is also Love and He does love His creation. He does not need us, but He does love us.

    • Ravendelasker22,

      I used to think all this stuff was a bunch of hooey, too. Religions interested me as historical and social phenomona, used by megalomaniacs throughout history to install themselves in positions of power, and maintain that power. I used to laugh at people who read the Bible, searching for comfort or guidance or whatever, from this finite and corrupted tool of men.

      The funny thing is, the more one studies history and religions, the more evident it becomes that humans have always instinctively looked to a source of being greater than themselves. This isn't merely some scheme foisted upon the masses for control, but a primal necessity within the human psyche, as valid as those for food, shelter and social bonding. Why are we given this instinctual urge to recognize and worship God, if not to follow it and expound upon it and use it to set modes of communal behavior?

      As far as your opinion of Jesus (Yeshua) and His followers, rest assured that Every Single One of us has asked ourselves the questions you've posed, and more, in regard to to validity of His existence, His words & actions, and His Divinity. And despite all that the PTB have done to corrupt, dilute, undermine and dishonor His message and His power, we each have come to the conclusion, on our own, that He is, in fact, the Solution, not the problem.

      All the stuff the Ills are doing now to enslave people in fear, blood and sacrifice, they were doing 2000 yrs. ago. When He showed up, He reminded and empowered people to not give in to these unholy groups and their rituals. In just a few years, He derailed their plans, and it's taken them this long to recoup the ground they'd lost.

      Whether you choose to believe in Him or not, I hope you come to the realization that God is real, Satan and his demons are real, and this Battle for control over our dimension is REAL. In the future you will search for a source of comfort, joy and strength; if you find it in Him, that's great. If you find it in the wisdom or leader of another faith, that's fine, too. As long as you find it, and hold fast to the principles of Goodness, we can live and work together to overcome all the evil they can dish out. Just quit dissing and join the fight.

      P.S. I think they killed Whitney because no matter what, she refused to give up her soul, and she stayed true to JC until her dying breath.

    • Yeah, they don't believe in satan or God, they believe the age old lie told to them by the serpent in the garden. Ye shall be 'as god' knowing good and evil. Attaining godhead through enlightenment (i.e. the knowledge of the wisdom of the mysteries of the universe) and seeking after immortality is the ultimate goal of these pathetic Luciferians. They will attain neither. God will darken their light (illumination/knowledge) because He has promised to do so and He does not lie.

      1 Corinthians 1:27-29

      King James Version (KJV)

      27But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;

      28And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are:

      29That no flesh should glory in his presence.

    • finally someone who see the truth ! I thought that me and my mother are the only one who saw the truth ! but sadly half of this world are still caught in the spell of the Christian church

  36. I love Whitney Houston's church. What a beautiful way to grow up and what a beautiful place to always be able to go back to. If I could find a church like that… I would love for my son to grow up around that. As tragic as the loss, it was good that the world could see places like that exist.

    • There are churches that are fine; pray and ask God to lead you to one. The one that was televised today was meticulously prepped and planned because…it was to be televised! It was like the Grammy's in the church; same people, same message, very little gospel. Don't believe everything you see.

      • What's wrong with you? Why are you trying to beat everyone over the head with your idea that Ms. Houston's funeral was a joke? How do you sound? How do you know how the church was prepped! Gimme a break! Every church I've ever been in is meticulously kept no matter the occasion and no matter what kind of neighborhood surrounds it. You need to sit down somewhere. Who critiques a funeral? I mean really! As far as Tyler Perry being a cross-dresser…you act like he's Rupaul! The man is a comedian, an actor, A ROLE PLAYER, ON STAGES, TV & FILM. You obviously cannot separate reality from a movie character. Sheesh get a grip.

      • Why are you so cynical about that service? The name of Jesus was lifted up. The world heard and saw it.

        Be blessed.

      • @ Dannnng. I'm not beating anyone with anything, and I'm not asking anyone to agree with me. On Christ the solid rock I stand, ALL other ground is sinking sand. That includes a slickly produced, media-hyped, star-studded funeral event. The Winans tour starts in April with Mary Mary. 😉

        God bless you.

    • No worries, I grew up in church, and am going to a church now that I'm not sure about. It's missing something.. But I know that church was full of people who loved Whitney, the preacher's were uplifting and inspiring, and Whitney has said she loved growing up in that church. Sometimes it can be hard to find a good church. But I have no doubt Whitney Houston grew up in a beautiful, loving one.

  37. Read about avant garde fashion, it's an quite interesting style i like it Avant-garde means "advance guard" or "vanguard". The term is used in English as a noun or adjective to refer to people or works that are experimental or innovative, particularly with respect to art, culture, and politics.

    Avant-garde represents a pushing of the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo, primarily in the cultural realm. The notion of the existence of the avant-garde is considered by some to be a hallmark of modernism, as distinct from postmodernism.

    • Are you referring to Nikki Minaj? There is nothing avante garde about her attire at the Grammys. Her attire/act was cliche. To go in the direction of Satanism in order to shock is tired and lazy and obvious. Imagine the brainstorming session. "How can we be shocking at the Grammys this year? What would shock? Oh I know snort giggle. Let's do a satanic ritual! That'll shock them! snort giggle. The artistic depth of a junior high school boy. That was not art. It was trash. And unoriginal trash at that.

      • I agree that there is that on the surface for sure…shock value and pushing the envelope…but it has always been that way in hollyweird from the start which is interesting in and of itself. What was scandalous in the forties is now the norm.

        Always looking to create scandal and promote their agenda. What you say is true for the surface agenda yet there way more under the surface. It is a complex system which even VC as well only reveals the surface.

        One has to dig deep and even then we are only privy to bits and pieces, which are strategically placed for various reasons.

        Personally I think like to get us going like on this forum.

        I am sure that anything that is revealed is purposeful as well. Hmmm?

  38. A very merky essay. A lot of "artistic freedom" and imagination from The VC.

    Life is not a big conspiracy. Maybe your talent is wasted in a forum as this. Respectfully; you are a wonderful writer of FICTION. Take care, and God Bless you.

    • @David Wilson

      Respectfully sir, too many coincidences are a little hard to swallow. Maybe some dots are connected to the wrong lines. Kind of like when a neuron misfires in your brain. However, VC is not saying that "this is definitive" if anything VC draws from his vast knowledge of the subject to explore the symbolism and potential connection to real world/life events. And then we debate, add info, discard info that doesn't fit.

      This is important. Let me clear. VC was the FIRST sight I could find that explained in details what the left eye symbol was about. I'm older (33) but for heaven's sake, when everyone and their idiot brother is doing it, one seeks answers.

      And that's what we do here. Seek answers. Question and debate. There would be something wrong if we did NOT seek the answers or possible explanations.

      But let me ask you a question, if in fact you are interested in debate:

      Why did they leave her body for hours AFTER the forensic teams, police and coroner had finished their work? And, why did they feel the need to keep the party on, even though a main Guest of Honor (and Whitney ALWAYS was at this event) had just died?

      • @ Halo; I will be 50 this July. I was a bartender from 1985 to 1990 in Straight Clubs, listening to a lot of WH. I am a gay man. WH was something to listen to as I drove to and from work, the gym, etc. Very talented, but, Bubble Gum. Which, I've always been a fan of Top 40. My opinion is the illuminati (if I've spelled it correctly) is SALES…..just as "Nothing Coming Between Brooke Shields an her Calvins." It in VOGUE. Benzo's will finally make you sleep in the most odd of places. Now, unless you were in THE room at the Beverly Hilton, during the craziness; I DO NO give any credence to written, or verbal reports regarding this lady's death. I would have to be there to even begin to form an opinion. Regarding the party, well, does the word PARASITE stike a chord? Happy thoughts, and let the neurons keep proper contact with the synapses!

      • @David

        Thanks for responding. Yes I do think some artists cultivate this for sales with tongue firmly in cheek (check out Foster the People's Houdini and then the album cover lol) But I do think there are so who are much more aware of what they are doing. When Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars goes on a rant about pop control I have to wonder.

        That said I believe that Ms Houston's demons may have finally gotten the better of her. Or I fear that she killed herself intentionally after her "comeback tour" launched from the same stage the year before failed.

        It a very sad tale. And the worst part is that there is a teenage girl who is going to go through a lot of firsts in her life without her mom.

        "parasite" yeah but I would go more for despicable myself.

        Happy thoughts to you as well

      • @Halo

        30 Seconds to Hell:


        Jared Leto – Luciferian! His words, not mine.

  39. i held my breath reading this article…everything is so scary…

    i never watch mtv , v, or any movie or show related to these individuals…unlike before i was one of the sheeple… now even cartoons arent safe anymore.

    nothing is safe anymore.

    no one is.

  40. I love the last recording of Whitney Houston, is her singing "Yes Jesus Love Me." A sign that our Lord Savior will have the last say in this war of good and evil. Welcome home Whitney. Thank you for being the soundtrack of my 28 years on this planet. Your voice signifies the true meaning of unadulterated LOVE.

    In this day and age where noone sells records, Adele 21 still charting at number one doesn't seem all that strange when she's clearly the new puppet of the music (cough Santanic cough) business. Go and look at her soulless eyes and the weird standing ovation that went on two minutes too long. Funny enough, Gaga was late standing up for the long ass applause. Is she next. Since her tired demonic act is getting recycled by other demon spawns.

  41. boundtoreality on

    Well written article, as all of them are. None of this is surprising. Its more than obvious that the people behind everything aka Illuminati want everyone to be scared, surprised, and outraged. Instead of being obsessed with the music, they want you to be obsessed with how obscene they are. They are laughing while you are gasping in shock. What better than to poke fun at religion The very topic wars have been created out of. The message is 'we gotcha!' When it comes down to it, all of it is controlled by the government, and even a higher power than the government.

    • That's fair….they are just puppets for the bigger puppets and so on, but it's still good to get the word out about how this world works. People have kid's to protect. The more info that's out there, the better.

  42. boundtoreality on

    BTW, anyone who is discouraged by these types of things, really shouldn't be. All of this is meant to make people feel helpless. We need to start a revolution and stop commenting on vigilant citizen. But guess we will open our eyes and shut our mouths.

    • It doesn't work that way. The Most High God let's "them" have the control for now. It's waxing worse and worse because it's supposed to. Just being aware of it is enough.

  43. What's not also mentioned here is Laurieann Gibson collaborated with Nikki on her grammy performance. Same person who was gaga's choreographer/creative director and co-directed Judas video. In this interview she takes credit for being a big part of what made Gaga what she is today.


    I also find it interesting that that party went on while Whitney was left there, and her body removed around 11:00pm. Clive must be sick if he thinks "Whitney would want the party to go on". That's also sick if her daughter was pent up there in the room with the body of her dead mother. Something about all of it just doesn't seem right.

  44. I have to tell you that the last song Whitney sang in public (Jesus Loves Me) before she died was also featured in her movie THE BODYGUARD. There's a scene there where her 'older sister' was singing it acapella while sitting down, then Whitney comes up from behind her, also singing it, then hugging the older sister. A few scenes later, the older sister dies after being shot.

    • I saw that and other signs. I think these are planned years in advance. Look at all the clues that came out about 9/11 in cartoons, the Simpsons and other stuff you can find on youtube. Like 10 years before it. Same thing, different agenda.

  45. VenusFlyTrapGirl on

    A little disappointed in the above article. It feels very much that VC is simply reinforcing the symbolic imagery which by now we are all trained to spot…

    I feel a better point of interest would be to look at the people who have been around her. I tried to google her manager Clive Davis, however there is very little biographical information on this man other then his parents died when he was young, he is Jewish, gay and supposedly into into pedophilia.

    When he began to manage Whitney he shelved other acts namely Hyman, Stone, and Bofill. Partly also because these women where stronger, and had a creative musical direction. It is Davis' way or no way at all, and Whitney was happy to follow. At one point he was steering Warwick, Whitney and Dee Dee's career.

    A poignant chord hit me when I listened to him give a reading at Whitney's funeral service, 'at one time in her career we would walk into a room and I would do all the talking, but with her new album Whitney had found her voice, and she wanted to sell it to the Executives'.

    Also in the service Kevin Costner put such a emphasis on Whitney singing the body guard song 'I will always love you'. Having done some research I learnt that at the time Costner had to personally beg Davis to let Whitney sing this song! Davis was completely against it.

    Maybe this and other high profile deaths is heralding a new era of music. One where we become less familiar with the stars as icon (I certainly do not know a lot of the modern day singers by name).

    Certainly to be able to continue a party downstairs when someone whom you have befriended, nurtured, and counselled lay dead upstairs – to just compartmentalise the questions which would be spinning around, and around in your mind i.e. was the this foul play, could I have helped to avert it, and is her daughter coping strikes me as disturbing. Conspiracy theories, and mind programming aside one can not deny that such behaviour is cold, detached, and suspicious. In a Police Investigation his behaviour would render him suspect.

    The time for idols is coming to end. In the coming future the Goddess incarnation of these ritual worships will emerge. These adored idols have been but mere conduits. Fans worships the idols, they chant their names incessantly, they take every note sung into their hearts, at concerts (erected on ancient burial sites) the idols stand on stages lit up by beams aligned with ancient star constellations. Our energy pass through them, and onto whatever ancient deity the Illuminati worship.

    One friend once said to me 'remember they always have to tell you what they are doing, the victim must know that they are the sacrifice – it is the law hermetics'. This is what they use the media for. So when a singer stands on stage, and enacts a ritualistic sacrifice then they are telling you what they are doing. Said singer was dressed as the Pope, interestingly the Pope recently ordained some 22 (master number) new Cardinals, where they present at this ritual?

    Perhaps Whitney gave herself knowingly. Her family are to connected.

    • Actually there are several different types of cardinals (cardinal priests, deacons and bishops). And since the total number os cardinals is 120, I think your a little off base. Unless you think they are going to pick off the Pope and elect a new one sometime this year??

  46. I thought it was strange how the media started referring to Whitney as the voice when she has never been called that before (I've never heard it before her death). Adele creeped me out with her blank gaze and the long standing ovation she received. I think this was her first performance after her voice surgery. It just seemed too much of a coincidence for me. I remember trying to figure out the expression on her face during her ovation and I just couldn't place it. The whole show creeped me out and I pray Whitney found the peace in death she couldn't in life.

  47. someone makes a ton of money on their way up, and even more when they die… it is a glaring pattern and we are complicit in the cycle.

    now, about Clive Davis…

  48. I don't think it is a coincidence that Minaj was at the opening and closing ceremonies of this "week of rituals" (cleverly the week celebrating Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee). As I pointed out in another comment, the Super Bowl, as in ancient times, was the opening ceremony, as it were… A priestess-led ritual and games performed by the region's best athletes, like in Roman times (hence the Roman soldiers).  The M on the stage was really a W for Whitney, not an M for Madonna. It is no coinsidence that Minaj arrived as Little Red Riding Hood to the Grammy's– the closing ceremonies as it were/ post-sacrifice celebration. Riding Hood is a story of pedophilia at its very basic level, any literary scholar will tell you that. And Roman Polanski is a pedophile. Again, the name Roman hints at her earlier performance with Madge, linking the two as one week-long event. Also, someone mentioned earlier that the hood was similar to what Houston wore in the Bodygaurd,only red. Another mockery– no Bodygaurd can protect her from THEM. 

    The Pope is part of the Illuminati, so it's interesting that the industry depicts him as being apart of a black mass. 

    Vig, as far as February 11 goes, you forgot to mention that it was Brandy's birthday as well as Michael Jackson Jr… Both having equal though different significance. The former is about to blow up and re-emerge after a stagnant career. You already mentioned she and Ray-J's tie to Houston. The latter points to one of those hidden-in-plain sight moments.

    You also glossed over how evil Clive Davis must be… His protege of 25 years  dies and he keeps partying??? Do an extended post on him, please! Also, I didn't know he named Hudson the next Whitney a day before her death. Interesting that Bruce Springstein had that opening invocation at the Grammy's… He too is a product of Davis. 

    By the way, I don't think Whitney was a Christian towards the end. Remember when she converted to an Israel-based faith and did a pilgrimage there? Not exactly kaballah, it was the Black Hebrew Isrealites. Google or YouTube it.

    Speaking of YouTube, post her Illuminati occult performance of her and Mariah Carey at the Oscars, singing the theme from Prince of Egypt; pyramid, all seeing eye, pillars, etc

    PS- Celine Dion married her handler, the creepo who has managed her since she was 12– and she stays in line. THAT is why she remains out of the media and out of trouble; she is a walking, breathing, living sacrifice, married to an old man she's known since child hood. Struggles.

    • Good info Mercedes, I think you can believe the Black Hebrew Israelites and believe in Christ too. I believe in Christ, but I also yearn to see the day when the "true" tribes of Israel is gathered again.

  49. Whitney was a troubled woman. Probably got to the grammy's, realized she was pretty washed up, became depressed and subconsciously OD'd.

    And on and on about water, and overflowing tubs and parties and blablabla.

    Article seemed like a stretch to me.

  50. Jennifer Hudson will never amount up to Whitney. Ive been waiting for this blog – thankx vc.

    I hope people start to realize – i just want to say for people to not let your kids watch or listen to mianstream media and when they get old enough to educate them. This whole thing sickens me and upsets me – idk what to do and i really want to do something.

    Repent repent repent – jesus is the way

  51. Anyone notice DeadMaus with the mouse ears props? Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters were the Slayer shirt with the inverted pentagram, and cross necklass?

  52. Have you guys heard of ex mimistries and g craig lewis' truth behind hiphop please look up some of the videos on youtube if you have the chance please please

  53. Lots to think about here, but be clear… Clive Davis did not "party on" after Whitney died. Though he did not cancel the party, he DID NOT attend the party. He stayed with Whitney's family.

    And as guests were arriving, it was a bit late to cancel.

    And guests say it was comforting to, rather than stay in the room alone and cry, to be among people and remember Whitney Houston.

    I can understand that.

    Also, logistically, it was impossible to remove the body, with throngs of people coming into the hotel as well as the press.

    Believe it or not, in may places it is normal for the body to stay with the family for the first night, so that the deceased won't feel lonely. A family member sleeps in the room with the body. I know that is not our culture, but don't blow it into something sinister and unheard of that the body stayed in the room for a few hours.

    • Just the facts, my friend!

      USA TODAY's Edna Gundersen was inside Clive Davis' annual pre-Grammy gala, which is continued as planned Saturday night at the Beverly Hilton, where Whitney Houston died Saturday afternoon. USA TODAY's Bryan Alexander and Andrea Mandell reported from outside of the hotel.

      A noisy, lively crowd gathered at Davis' party, but many expressed shock at the news of Houston's death and feel it's surreal to be celebrating in light of the fact that Houston's body was still in the building. Star in attendance included: Tom and Rita Hanks, Jon Voight, Britney Spears, David Foster, Dianne Warren, Penny Marshall,Toni Braxton, Neil and Pegi Young and Skrillex.

      An emotional Clive Davis came onstage at 9:38 p.m. PT.

      "I don't have to mask my emotions. I do have a very heavy heart. I am personally devastated. She was so looking forward to tonight," he said. (She was not scheduled to perform, only attend.)

      "My heart goes out to her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, and her mother, Cissy." Davis talked about the partygoers as Houston's extended family. "Whitney was a beautiful person and she had a talent beyond compare. She graced this stage with her regal talent so many times. So, simply put, Whitney would have wanted the music to go on."

      He dedicated the evening to Houston and said the gala went on with the blessing of her family. "Now, ladies and gentlemen, let the music begin."

      • …on top of that "the emotional Clive Davis came onstage at 9:38 p.m!!!


        Remind of time GWBush announced america was under attack.

  54. I found it notable that Kanye and JZ and Beyonce did not show up at the Grammys…despite Kanye being nominated (and winning). Mourning? Boycotting??

  55. This is terrible. But not at all surprising. It's really sad how they think no one will notice. Or do they? I don't know. When they put symbols out for everyone to see and we interpret them–people shrug them off saying that "if they're really a secret society, then why does everyone know about them?"

    What was that quote about hiding things under your nose or right in front of you? I'm sure you know.

    It's so sad.

    Also, today I had a visit from my uncle. The same uncle that told me about all this. He's an atheist. Now, I have nothing against atheists. It's just, he decided to become an Atheist as a teenager after he used to be a Satanist. My father always told me he had a Pentagram over their bunk bed that he'd just stare at. Turns out, he was praying to Satan and going to Devil worshipping meetings. He even made sacrifices of animals. He was all for it.

    Thing is, my uncle wants to be in the music industry so much. I think if they approached him; (and they have) that he'd give them his soul for fame. Just because he thinks that he never had one in the first place.

    Pray for him.


    • Oh yeah…glad I didn't watch the Grammys.

      And why did R. Kelly perform at Whitney Houston's funeral?

      He gives me the creeps. Maybe because I'm underaged.

      • R. Kelly produced the score for the upcoming Sparkle movie, which Whitney was in.

        That is why he was there.


      • My Love is Your Love on

        R. Kelly wrote the song "I Look To You" for her back in 2006. She recorded it in 2007. The album was named "I Look To You" and came out in 2009, entered the Billboard chart at #1 and went platinum. It also did well on the Gospel charts and Gospel radio. He probably was asked to sing because the song was appropriate, profound, specifically written for her and… is it possible that (gasp) he was her friend!?!

        There's nothing malicious about R. Kelly at her funeral.

        As I lay me down,

        Heaven hear me now.

        I'm lost without a cause

        After giving it my all.

        Winter storms have come

        And darkened my sun.

        After all that I've been through

        Who on earth can I turn to?

        I look to you.

        I look to you.

        After all my strength is gone,

        In you I can be strong

        And when melodies are gone,

        In you I hear a song.

        I look to you.

        About to lose my breathe,

        There's no more fighting left,

        Sinking to rise no more,

        Searching for that open door.

        And every road that I've taken

        Lead to my regret.

        And I don't know if I'm going to make it.

        Nothing to do but lift my head

        …After all my strength is gone,

        In you I can be strong…etc

        The entire song can be found online of course. I've taken up enough space already!

      • My Love is your love on


        Has nothing to do with liking him. Just showing how long he's been involved with Ms. Houston(obviously her friend) and I posted the lyrics to show why the song was sung at her funeral. That's all. Did you read them?

        Mostly trying to point out that not EVERYTHING is a conspiracy or publicity stunt. The woman had friends whether we "approve" of them or not. Personally I get the feeling that R. Kelly's a screwed up MK victim too. He probably tried to rebel and that's why his sex tape was released and he was humiliated back in line with the program. You noticed he was wearing those robot glasses. Everything about him fits the profile. Yep the sex tape was disgusting yet, you see how his writing of a gospel song reveals the dichotomy of his alters.

        I'll bet we'd all be very shocked if tapes were released on a lot of entertainers.

  56. didnt have the privilege of watching the live show. but i saw a good part of the red carpet event. and was highly displeased and disappointed on sighting nicki minaj and her mockery of the roman priest. u never rise to fame by making mockery of any religion.

    i was touched by whitney's death so much that i couldnt think of any under "G" actions. never the less, i wondered how long it would take "AMERICA" the world power to discover and disclose the cause of her death. i just thought of M.J's case.

    permit me to say that the media can never get less demonic or satanic. satan is termed the "prince of the air" which includes the airwaves which is the propagation medium for showbiz (music industry) so quit being shocked. he owns it. next year will be worse. if we dont call on GOD to step into the affairs of man.

    about jennifer hudson,…..someone better grab her out of there . some one better talk to her. not every level of fame is desire-able. i wise man said he'd rather be a door keeper in heaven rather than to be a king in hell. pls for you folks in the united states, learn to talk to these celebs when they get on the wrong path.

    May whitney's soul rest in perfect peace

    God bless us.

    • Satan ..God…! Stop with them both…stop waiting some one to help or some to serve to..let's began to be really free…and make things on our own..let's grow up people!

      The people devoted to satan are equal to tha devoted to God…both Slave!

  57. I have never been so glued to my computer screen. Thank you for bringing to light the blatant and subliminal evil that is at work in the Entertainment industry. Spoiler Alert: God wins.

  58. Adele is deffo under on

    Check out the news about Adele's sex tape being leaked. See photos, dont worry you dont see anything but look at her face. Put it this way, the media is really sick for putting it out there, seriously, the girl looks traumatized, and I know that the elite record all their programming sessions for their own entertainment and also for blackmail purposes. Explains why she won so much at the grammys. It's fucked up, media is getting sicker and sicker, I feel for adele, I really do, for all the artists tbh, NO ONE deserves to go through such evil, seriously I'm sick of articles on the artists, bout time we found out the names of those who pull the strings, they're the ones we should be looking at, not the puppet.

    • When will we say enough and route out these cowards hiding behind the shadow of secrecy and string them up publicly. They need to be exposed!

  59. Can you post a link that confirms Davis was with the family and not at the party? I for one have not heard that. Secondly, it is the BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL the night before the Grammy's… Of course media and tons of people are everywhere which is why it doesn't make sense that they waited til 11– as if 11 is a better time than 4. Either way, it would still prove to be hectic.

    • Mercedes, I posted a link above that disproves her claims definitively. Clive was there and he spoke. All so macabre. All so expected by her handler.

    • Here it is;

      “Clive was already dressed in his tux and most of Whitney's family was already dressed for the party. There wasn't any mention of the party proceeding or being canceled by Clive. He told Whitney's family that they could stay in his suite as long as they needed to, and then after about 45 minutes with them, he left. He said he had to go downstairs and take care of the guests, but the family had no idea that the party was going to proceed. Whitney's aunt, Mary Jones, was absolutely stunned that the party was going ahead, and she was very upset that it hadn't been canceled.”

      • Radaronline? Really? And I read at another similar site that Cissy Houston TOLD HIM not to cancel the party. Bottom line, nobody outside of that room knows for sure. But it is obvious Clive Davis and Whitney Houston were very close, so don't assume that, because he went downstairs to greet his guests (who were already arriving or had arrived) that he was dancing on table tops drunk on champagne!

        There is enough to be questioning without grasping at straws and making shit up.

        People handle grief in different ways. I think what he did is reasonable. He was responsible to the people he invited and who were there. If you had a party, and a guest died as the party was starting, would you ignore the people in your house, or go greet them at least? And once the guests understand what is going on, should they run away and cry or talk among themselves about the passing and the loss…and remember these were many of her friends and acquaintances. I can understand a relative/friend in grief, upset that the party is not cancelled. I can also see reasons to not tell people to go home. And the reasons are not sinister they are pretty normal.

        And I've been "awake" since you wore a diaper, so don't tell me to "wake up".

  60. jennifer Hudson will never be the next Whitney Houston,

    there is no comparison … and it's amazing how most people let the media brain wash them

    i am so over it .

  61. I wonder if the exclamation, "We take care of our own!" could be in reference to the handling of a situation a situation – as in a hitman telling his boss "I'll take care of it." Perhaps a stretch, but symbolically it could fit because of its double meaning. So this industry takes care of its own (problems).

    • I get the feeling that "we take care of our own" and "are you ALIVE out there" is a message to them that as long as you stay loyal to the clique you will stay ALIVE.

  62. It is hard to believe these people don't realize that each major scripted event with a cast of thousands just makes it that much more likely ALL of the last ten years of weirdness is probably scripted.

    Starting with the Network coverage of the 9/11 news. Obama. The Airport sexual touching.

    Denver Airport still harmless and casual? No.

  63. Thank goodness I dont watch any of this stuff. It definitely gives off negative vibes. My teenage daughter is becoming more and more aware of it which is good because I think it does penetrate and affect you much more if you arent conscious of what these things are actually potraying.

    It makes me really sad for all those young kids out there watching this stuff and believing they are individuals for following the beliefs that this blatant occultism is putting out there. Its very damaging, its already very confusing finding yourself these days as it is without being bombarded with this stuff over and over again and it really is hotting up. Theres so much more negative things happening this year so far, every day somebody else is murdered or somebody kills their family and then themselves. People are walking about not knowing what the hell is going on.

    You really did hit every nail on the head with that article VC, right down to the very last little pin.

    I feel so much despair inside knowing that this is all happening and is getting so much worse. I guess I just dont like to admit that there is so much evil in the world. Whats going on? :(

  64. Well done. Also I have been waiting for this article :)

    I do have a question though, during the award ceremony when people applauded the winners, I noticed a couple of times the camera went to to Rihanna and she did the most bizarre thing- any ideas on what that is about?

  65. Nicki Minaj. She got set up and I feel bad for her. She took the bait from the Grammy producers who requested her to perform Roman's Holiday instead of her cross-over hit Superbass. She took the bait to walk in the Grammys with 'the pope'. I'm sure Nicki had no idea who exactly was going to die, but she knew something was brewing. On the day of the Grammys she is stuck to carry out her initiation. it's a wrap for her blossoming career at in hip-hop, she'll most likely have fame doing pop music or acting. But she's too marred to comeback as a hip hop queen.

  66. How dark will the industry go. It seems that they will go as far as they want to killing innocent human beings for power and money. It is also strange all the innerweaving and connections among the music and movie industry. The roots are so gnarled and twisted that the only thing that could untangle the deep roots would be a divine intervention from our father in heaven. Just take a look at the current popular videos from current top 40 hit list of most genres and you'll find all kinds of symbols of mind control and the illumanti-devil worshipers. Even christian music is tainted now adays. I was searching

    on u-tube for music and found some very very dark christian music. Just keep in mind that the music being produced today is darker than a few years back and will only get worse. If you love music like I do remember to not let it ruin your mind. Though you may wish as I do to continue to listen to it refuse to let it take over your heart,mind or soul. It it very disturbing that deeply hidden with the industry are evil monsters who will stop at nothing to get what they want and keep their connection with satan. God knows all our faults,our sins and our good deeds. He is everywhere so those who live their lives doing things behind closed doors doesn't mean know one sees their evil ways. The mere

    fact that they are blinded and do not have a warm loving soul/heart will have them burn in hell. What comes around goes around and they will pay for their wrongful actions. It doesn't feel right nor look right something happened to whitney and the world doesn't seem to even care. Something happened to many other performers as well and the ellite power hungery monsters in the music and movie industry keep on taking and taking and taking. One of these days there is going to be a slip-up and finally the truth will be shown to the entire world. All it takes is for one person high up in the industry to make a mistake in which someone takes notice and the rest of the other deaths will come to light as not just a conspiracy theory from people they deem crazy or out of their mind for even coming up such theories. The whole grammy performance by nicki m. was in fact a dark ritual and know one in the industry will speak out against it. If just a few would come together and let the world and the industry know that this is going to far, God would protect them and they would gain more respect from

    their fans and listening audience. Though I doubt anytime soon we will see that happen. The foo-fighters video for the song "walk" {I think thats the name of the song} has some strange lyrics to it. In the video the lead singer gets tasered by a gun and I just wonder is the tasering for real could he too be under some form of mind control like so many in the music industry. You just rarely hear any songs being created nowadays that have great beautiful lyrics to them. There are some, but there are more dark disturbing lyrics written by singers and songwriters than ever before. If you take away the words to most songs the music will always sound pretty good most of the time. The lyrical content is what will add to the developement of a songs life. Its the sound the beats and rythms that are far more infectous to the ear I believe. That is the line that satan is bating us all with. Please be careful you don't get reeled in the hurricane of darkness. I love heavy metal music and all kinds of music but I know where to draw the line. I refuse to listen to death metal and screamo music its just way to dark for me. I know that there are some performers I like who flirt or engage in the satantic lifestyle and live in a dark world I like the creative aspect of the writer singer band member but do not like their teetering on the dark side and sitting on the fence. Either you love God our father or you love satan you cannot love both. I just hope that we do not loose another great creative singer or band member to the evil music industry any time soon or for that matter at all. It don't seem right that her dead body was upstairs in her hotel and they continued to celebrate for a night of music and gathering to give out awards later that night. I hope whomever if anyone was truly to be the blame for her death has this event embedded in their head and they cannot sleep, now that would be perfect karma. Even if this was an accidental death the mere fact that a party continued to proceed without further a due is unthinkable. Now when the money starts rolling in and they all get richer by the hour or days ahead I wonder what musical war game will they plot and who will be the next victim.

  67. A couple days after she died I got the urge to watch The Bodyguard. At the beginning of the movie right before Frank is introduced to Rachel, as he walks around the corner you see standing there… basically the exact same Robot as in the movie Metropolis! I don't know if it means much or anything at all but it was pretty wild.

  68. i really don't get why people like chris cooper and david wilson take time to read and comment on this blog if they think that all said here is just fiction or that nikki minaj's performance was brilliant. if one chooses to completely ignore all the sign that are flashing our faces daily, they should either keep their opinion to themselves or share with people with the same opinion. then again it's a free world (for the time being)… good luck to them!

    about the infamous exorcism performance: for me it was more like the exorcising of what is holy and give way to the evil. it was a display of profanity of all that is sacret (the catholic church was just an easy choice of denomination). it was a mockery of Christianity in general. i was offended as a catholic and as a Christian.

    someone (i can't remember who posted it, sorry) said it would be a hate crime if she used a jewish ritual or mocking same sex marriage. well said!

    i've just watched whitney's funeral and the words i could take it from it, that were repeated several times is that 'she is free'. and she is. unfortunately it was a sad way of going, but she never let go of her faith. good on her :)

    • They are attacking the Catholics in a room of Multi Multi millionaire self styled victims. So it's ok.

      "We are all victims so we can attack your religious beliefs."

      I wonder what the Valet parking lot looked like…

      They have a problem in that they are a tiny minority of the population. A selective depopulation event would take care of that however. A reason to make it likely?

  69. I wonder if Lady Gaga's incident at a hotel where she filled the bathtub with blood is linked to what happened with Whitney being found dead in a tub at a hotel…

    • That's a good thought – if Lady GagMe has as much to do with the satanic elitists as most of us know she is – yep, she most likely knew.

  70. This seems to be a common debate about reacting to tragic events:

    VC thought it was insensitive for the Clive Davis party to continue. However, such festivities can take people's minds off of it, keep them from wallowing in misery. And what's done is done.

  71. It makes sense for the music world to make a big deal about Whitney's death, but it's frustrating when the regular news spends so much time on celebrity stuff like this.

  72. "While the Clive Davis Grammy dinner had to proceed downstairs in the ballroom–with 800 guests already filing in as the news was breaking–Whitney remained in state, so to speak, in her fourth floor suite. She was not removed until just moments before the party ended–a little after midnight."

    ^ This is a baffling abomination.

    What were people even doing at the party? What was there to celebrate at that point? How does a party successfully happen in a crime or murder or mysterious death scene?

  73. Glad I changed channels the second Nicki came on! :)

    On another note, that letter Whitney gave to Brandy might've been her answer to 50 Cent's twitter rant, so Curtis Jackson himself shouldnt've been surprised to hear of what happened to her.

    Last but not least, very simply put: CBS logo.

  74. Just wanted to point out something that caught my attention about the lyrics of the particular song that Minaj "sang."


    "Anyway, stylist, forget the Barbie

    I am the ultimate Svengali

    These chickens can't even spell that"

    …The part im interested in is why she describes herself as the "ultimate svengali." Answers.com defines "svengali" as the following:

    (svĕn-gä'lē, sfĕn-)

    n., pl., -lis.

    A person who, with evil intent, tries to persuade another to do what is desired: "a crafty Svengali who lures talented people with grand promises yet gives them little lasting operational authority" (Chris Welles).

    …WOW. Shes telling us A LOT in just one line of "rapping" in this song selected for the grammys. YUCK. This woman is in it up to her neck.


  75. February is the month of love, as February is derived from the Roman goddess Februa and St. Febronia (from Febris, the fever of love).

    Maybe that is the reason why Whitley Houston is chosen to be the sacrifice, for her most famous song is The Greatest Love of All.

  76. Remember what Hitler once said. He who owns today's children owns the world of tomorrow. The children of today are being introduced into a society where all of this imagery is normal and all over the media. Hatred for things religious and sanctity for all things demonic and disgusting. Guess what is going to happen when the new generation that is being raised into this environment gets into power? This is a foretaste of what is about to happen on the world scene. You guys thought Hitler's Holocaust was bad? It appears, we haven't seen anything yet.

    • Guardian Sphinx on

      It could also go another way, the generation can get so desensitized to what is happening that they are not intimidated or scared by the illuminati tactics. It works both ways, for them and against them.

  77. So for one of the commercials during the award show, there was LL Cool J rapping about new shows this season on cbs. at the end of it, he did the "ok" symbol around his eye, the same way Gaga and Lil Wayne does… i cant find a video of it anywhere, please tell me someone else saw this???

  78. First New Year's Eve with Gaga, Then Superbowl with Madonna now this Grammy/Whitney debacle. This is going to be a very big year with more to come, so I say we need to put on our armor. Because who knows if we as Christians will have to fight these forces sooner than we expected.

    This Whitney death is the big one. And I am telling you this…entertainment stars especially in the music industry may just be the "pawns" but even as pawns they are the new rich who have major influence on the world due to their money and position. They fund projects that are needed for the agenda (ie Will i am and his trans humanism projects) . They have tremendous clout and the money to bring about changes they want to see. Sometimes I wonder why we need to be aware of these artists/songs/videos and I am starting to think they will be at the very forefront of the evil masses when end times occur.

    • Dont forget the olympics are this year, too. Instead of just america watching the rituals, which are getting more blatant, the entire world will be exposed. I am not religious. I dont believe good and evil should be personified in the form of god and satan, but i believe that people are what give these things meaning and the power to come into fruition through their energies…that's what worries me most about these rituals.

      Also, dont forget these things come in three's. Etta james, then Whitney houston…both soulful singers who are musical icons and inspired many hopeful singers. It's as if they are clearing out the old and making way for the new. Whose next and why are madonna and mariah still around?… if my theory is correct.

  79. Minaj's performance just disgusted me, and I wasnt even thinking this deep into it (why stress it if you know VC's already on the job :) ). What a shame, may Whitney RIP and all glory be to God for letting her know that her time was coming so she could make her peace with him. I think its that kind of spiritual relationship with God that everyone should strive for. Just keep the faith and thank the Lord that even though those consumed with greed tried to tarnish her reputation, Whitney remains a vision of purity and talent, especially after a beautiful service (or at least it was until the revered started preaching the prosperity gospel towards the end). I like what Whitney's bodyguard said, these people are away from their families going through all sorts of personal troubles just so that our days can be a bit brighter and smoother at night. The least we could do is show some love back. We will always love you Wit :')

  80. Whenever I feel lost or caught up in the fake, hopeless world that is 'the media', I know I can come to this site to find truth and peace–not only from Vigilant, but from the genuine people who comment on his articles.

    • Notice that Chaka Khan is wearing a triple "Eye of Horus" ring during this interview.

      So she's not exactly an "outsider," even if her comments were spot on about the macabre party taking place below poor Whitney's corpse.

      Something about all these pyramids, Eyes of Horus, circle over the eye (666), checkerboard floors, throwing devil horns, etc, shows that they are all indoctrinated into something.

      Whitney even throws up devil horns in her AMA performance of "I didn't know my own strength" and while performing same song on Oprah's show.

      I'm sure Whitney was conflicted about that, since as a sincere Christian, she would know these symbols are not Christian.

  81. Brilliant article, VC! Whitney Houston's death is just haunting and extremely bizarre and I highly doubt that the true circumstances of her death will ever be revealed – as with the deaths of Micheal Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Heath Ledger etc. That mysterious man named Raffles (and his utterly spooky presence behind Houston when she was leaving that party, almost like a ghost or an evil demon), the number 11, the fact that the pre-Grammy party took place in spite of Whitney's body being just above them, this weird "leak" and the smashed TV screen, the ritualistic performance of Nikki Minaj, Lady Gaga's black funeral costume, Hudson being "the next Whitney Houston"…I don't believe in coincidences and, given the circumstances, these events aren't a coincidence, nor did they happen by chance. And probably, Houston's death is not the last one to happen.

    And that's the sad truth: Those people sell more when dead than when alive.

  82. This was obviously not intentional, maybe just another aspect in the whole synchronicity of events, but I noticed the combination of the 9 with the 11, again.

    9th was the day she was born and 11th the day of her death.

  83. oursoulsbelongtoGod on

    What I feel most upset about, is the trauma based tormenting these victims have had to endure–this is what we must start exposing–it is evil to control another human being–but the abuse of children is so corrupt–we need to pray for those victims who have been so violated. Was Whitney a victim of this? Who knows? Tonight they played a rerun of "The Body Guard"– was this the plan all along? So many co-incidences in this movie–from Queen of the Night, to the singing of Jesus Loves Me, and one line really struck me, "if she doesn't sing, she dies." This is a twisted sick demonic industry, and I find that I hardly watch TV at all–the world has so many better offers for entertainment, time to turn off Hollywood–before it sucks the soul out of you.

  84. .nciki minaj was said her whole skit and theme of evrything she did on grammy night was inspired by a movie shes writing about..so that would strangely fit in. but also she said the ppl that were dealing with how the performances were gonna go went in her studio to choose a song for her performance, she said that was the first song they heard and that was the song they picked..they didnt care to hear anthing else..

  85. Did anyone notice during that performance a dancer spreading her legs in a little boy's face ?!?! – I am absolutely disgusted, that's something a pedophile would do!

  86. I appreciate very much what Vigilant Citizen is doing but maybe one should remember about illusion.

    After all they are just using silly, very silly costumes and gestures. I could sew them up. Paint and a bit of lighting.

    The celebrities could be taking part in weird rituals in their private lives. True. But can anyone save them from themselves? Don't know.

    But maybe it’s better to be more careful and not invest too much attention and psychological power into an unbelievable and alien belief system that is trying to play on superstition and imagination and incorporate human fantasy into a collective, making the whole world one fearful, trembling mass.

    Brainwashing is a problem and they are trying to influence the world with bad magic.

    And I can best defend my sphere of influence with rationality.

    Analysis of people training:

    How it is:

    And What might be.

    Seems to me we have 2 basic problem structures:

    1. The entrenched ‘profit motive’ programming.

    2. The running of the ‘law-making’ program that makes us accept constant changing of legality with the flourish of a few signatures.

    The lords above lift up their pens and everything is ever after Eternally Binding.

    Er … for a coupla hours that is.

    The consequences on the social field of all this fiddling around is the ‘shifting sands effect’ – an abominable feeling of not knowing where you stand or will be standing next. You can’t root and settle and you can’t run because you know that the winning-post you are heading for will surely not be there by the time you get there. (Like that elusive retirement age and pension).

    Let’s face it: No one’s going to ask you, are they?

    Are you The Law?

    However the mareschiallo or herder says he is.

    He says it loudly and proudly. And the thing to do today is what he or his group say and their decisions must be carried out immediately. If not the consequences will be dire: No more fodder, no more cozy stable.

    Man made Law is like money. Ephemeral. Subject to constantly changing values.

    Just an unauthorized claim or idea on a piece of paper. Nothing else.

    The laws they make for today are as obviously and painfully unrightful, unauthorized and unjust as the laws they made yesterday. They suit private and temporary strategic goals and are invented like a fashion, according to the rules of a legal system invented and established for the very purpose.

    The system keeps everyone awful busy finding the Only Ways Out of the problems some go to great trouble to create.

    And where do their laws always leave the me? Enraged, Impotent. Damned to further toil. Damned to keep informed of their latest moves.

    What is dominance?

    Who has been mastered?

    By what?

    The electorate think – no, they don’t ‘think’, they believe that they personally place into positions of high office people who they imagine are philanthropic and altruistic coordinators who will protect ‘everyone’s interests’. Greatly gifted ‘leaders’ who will Act likes conductors in an orchestra and constantly bring the several disobedient instruments into tune with each other so that they can resonate in music.

    What kind of a crazy dream is this?

    What we get are vain conductors who want to be looked at who are not even remotely interested in music. Harmony? Never crossed his tiny mind actually. Hit and Run is more up his street.

    No, what our conductors like is having their way. Feeling important in the attention of that lap dog public and that oh so tenderly placed spotlight.

    I, My Own Self steering at the centre-point, powered by passive people upon whom I can project my ideas for furthering my own greatness. If they don’t mind, should I?

    Democracy is not a Cosmocracy.

    It is instead a system that allows Mr. or Ms. Vain Waster to fabricate laws convenient for his current business enterprises. Elections of these wasters of other peoples’ time, always have to be staged in a state of emotional frenzy or outrage or something like that.

    What an orator like Obama really does is play up and feed a mass sense of impending doom.

    Whip them up! Turn up the pressure, reduce the oxygen supply until they beg for Barrabas!!! YES!!

    What else is an election?

    A bit of hat changing.

    Ober doof.

    Our conductors are use-less trouble makers.

    It’s crazy to keep this big orchestra in a constant change of tuning up!

    We have always had the necessary basic human law of conduct.

    Don’t do to anybody what you wouldn’t like them to do to you.

    It’s the only one. Then there came the legal system to find convincing reasons for self made men to ‘modify’ it so that new rules could be established which were to their profit, careless of the sanity of the mass to be exploited.

    Unbelievable as it may seem, the false conductors we accept as the leadership constantly destroy what people create, siphoning it off, draining resources, poisoning, exhausting, worrying, harassing with their gimmicks, their mischievous skirmishes and their on stage tantrums.

    Permanent shortage, engineered lack – ludicrous claims. That’s the formula.

    Yet the specimen rats continue to keep the tread mill running scared to quit.

    I’m so tired of being tuned up by my trainers. I feel like Dee Dee Ramone when Phil Spector made him play the same chord all afternoon.

    Whyever did Dee Dee keep playing that lousy chord for Phil?

    • My Love is Your Love on


      Thanks for that essay on social engineering. I really like what you have to say. Your contribution

      is a well grounded perspective. I too am so over it all, especially having resided in Chicago, Illinois, one of the most corrupt city and states in America. They change laws and ordinances in this place every city council meeting and constantly ratchet up the financial pressure, surveillance and injustice on it's citizens. I write my alderman, let my voice be heard but other than that I have to tune it out or else I'd stay frustrated and develop an anger management problem!

      P.S. Yes and I could sew the costumes up too. It is a pseudo occult however it's real to them and they are very busy with their hocus-pocus shenanigans, with it's their dangerous and at times fatal agenda on people. I feel sorry for children sold into that very real slavery system called entertainment.

      • @My Love is Your Love

        Hello … Thanks.

        I think the currently living generations are the first able to have a historic overview on what has happened in the past and is happening in the present – and make the connection. Many of us have only ever known kind humanity. Hence the horror.

        But since we are now forewarned and unharmed maybe we can also challenge the danger.

        I just watched a TV documentary – available as a torrent and on youtube – titled “Legendary Sin Cities” about Berlin and Shanghai in the 1920s and tried to imagine being at the receiving end.

    • TheForgottenAlchemis on

      Finally, someone whose words speak volumes. We are truly slaves in this race of rats; this eternal wheel of monotony. Money I believe is a culprit though, because if man did not need money, then he would not feel a need to participate. We only participate because our lives are tied to the virus of currency. We cannot function without it anymore, or risk being uncivilized and rebellious. The police of the system already deal with plenty of those and consider them criminals. Plants are even considered illegal, when they grow naturally in the ground.

      To think, what a fool's society we have wrought!


  87. Im new to this site. Subscribed after reading an article on it recently. the topic of symbolism all around me has grown to a real interest for me over the last few years, (and from interest inmy own dreams, interest in religious, mythic and fairy tale symbolism a lot of my life)- but moreso recently as I try to seek a spiritual help and sense in and for my own bungled later life .

    Iknew sybolic stuff was turning up all around me-once you investigate and learn about the long-standing archetypal symbols throughout history, you then of course SEE the ones re-currinbg in the current culture.

    BUT-got to say re this artcle-WOW! I only had to,-)in the context of whats being discussed)- SEE that photo of that "Black-mass" at the Grammys, to be stunned. I'm now more aware of this dark symbolism-the man who runs this site has put this stuff into more stark relief for me than before. Leaves me plenty to meditate on. Its FASCINATING. What I shall make of it in the long run I shall leave to meditative reflection and more time, but its truly shocking in its BLOODY OBVIOUSNESS AND EXTREMITY-isnt it?! Whatever you make of it- or what your opinion of it may be- one is for sure- SOMETHING IS REALLY GOING ON HERE-ISNT IT?! (Probably good tecnique is to look at these images like theyre presented on such a blog as this- that is, WITHOUT all the ho-ha and entertainment & talking at-you that comes with watching the actual tv show. So you SEE the images COLD- without manipulation by the presenters, and forme- thats how Im seeing the chilling intensity of them. Thanks, to all,


  88. hey vc……none of this is new,

    in the 1960's the stones+others dabbled with the occult.

    jimmy page even bought boleskin house.

  89. The good about your articles,is the fact that you dig deep,bringing fact together,we cant win cause the world is theirs but one thing though,we will watch as they play their selves down to destruction.PAECE.VC U DA MAN!

  90. This website is very informative and makes you wonder…

    I miss Whitney and watched the "Bodyguard) again and noticed many illuminati symbols.

    I was not aware of the illuminati back then and watching the movie I noticed several disturbing images.

    I believe the Bodyguard was her ritual to become a megastar.

    I noticed in the movie her robotic outift – Metropolis had this robot in the movie and the lady who was the Babylon Whore dancing to hypnotize the masses was in the Bodyguard movie when she was signing on stage in the beginning of the move. Clips of her were dancing in the background on the wall and they there were three white male faces that I couldn't figure out who they were and eyes appearing too.

    Whitny was wearing a black cape with the hood in the movie and on her albumn cover.

    When Whitney was going to bed it was all in white with dolls on her bed.

    Pillars through out the movie.

    Makes you wonder…

    Whitney will be missed.

  91. weeping unicorn on

    Vigilant Citizen, very good distillation of the events, I feel you are right on track with this.

    For thoes of you who are interested, raffles van exel (spits) is a ndoki I would very much like to know who engages his services and attaches him to the entourage of the victim. sony?

    Lets see if he starts hanging out with hudson now.

    • This makes a lot of sense and goes with my perceptions here, but do you have any proof? Anything else for us? Is this a gut feeling you have? (Not that it makes your opinion not matter.)

  92. long time reader, first time poster. lmao

    just wanted to say, it is CRAZINESS how i looked up roman holiday, and i cant help but read the comments on every article i can, and this was a top liked comment

    "when i listen to the (Demonic Chanting) part, i prentend im possesed and act crazy 😀 "

    on this video

    this is ridiculously sad. i feel for humanity, but most of the time, i cant wait to get away from them

  93. I knew this was coming. It is really creepy to be on the music industry but I bet Whitney knew the circumstances. About the Lady Gaga thing, maybe she knows everything about it.

  94. nicole van den berg on

    as u watch whitney houston funeral notice the stories she had to deal wit in the music industry. all you inspiring, upcomin artist pay attention. make sure the music industry is a field you want to pursue. keep a strong support group around you. establish a strong relationship with God. and that just dont apply for the music industry but the entertainment industry as a whole-Timbaland

  95. The things that play on your FEARS will gain more power over you. These performances were plays on societies end times fears and the growing speculation towards occult practices in the world. Now I'm not saying there aren't things out there which are unknown to normal populations on Earth, but personally I don't think the Grammy's or the Super Bowl were rituals. They were a play on such as the public is experiencing Mass Hysteria at the moment as we are entering a new age and noticing the darkness of the Earth. These celebrities FEED off of the general public's fear, ignorance, superstitions, and the constant talking about what happened as I'm sure you all know, there's no such thing as bad publicity. Now on the flip, if any of you understand anything about demons, or what I like to refer to as multidimensional beings that have fallen away from the God consciousness, those beings need human beings fear to feed off of and further their own agenda. I don't think there was any ritual sacrifice. I believe Whitney died due to some sad circumstances. However, in a world where we can see everything, and at a point where good and evil are highly engaged in a deep spiritual war, subtely these beings are influencing mass quantities of the population to engage in fear such as displayed by many conspiracy theories to beliving this was all planned and connected. However, if we ignore, plug out, don't pay them attention, that indifference and lack of care actually deters their strength. And not to mention many of the symbols especially in the Superbowl that have been said to be questionable are not of a demonic or satanic origin. I'm not sure how many of you have truly dug deep into the origins of Abrahmic religions, mysticism, or hermetics but many things said by many of you from numerological meanings and such are off base and highly polarized into the fear mindset. These are clever individuals with knowledge of the fact that 2012 is the beginning of a new age. For years people have been hysterical to the fact that the end of the world is coming, a comet is going to hit Earth, a big Earthquake will hit us… No guys… An awakening to what God is to us, and his creation of what the greatness of mankind truly is is what this year is about. And that God is EVERYTHING. God is the number 0, the circle that encompasses all. Remember, God made Lucifer, and God can destroy Lucifer, but Lucifer isn't destroyed and was the most beautiful angel, sitting at the right hand of the father. In Hebrew, Satan is referred to as a legion of demonic forces that fell from the heavens who are bent on manipulating and destroying mankind thru fear and speculation. A lot in the Bible and told through Christianity is symbolic to a greater truth, and we must remember when these things were written, and then translated through time, to put ourselves in the mindset of said writers. Basically we are all waking up to the stupidity and desperation of those who have lost their way here on Earth and these beings that have manipulated mankind for eons. Don't allow yourself to be one of those individuals that are subjected and lost in the mess due to fear, ignorance, and speculation. God is Almighty, and at the end of the day the one who will allow or disallow anything. If these programs and such bring about a spirit of fear, pay attention less. They don't need your energy especially towards such subpar performances and "artists"… Right now, polarize yourself towards the goodness of spirit and leave the fear alone. Like someone said already, many of you are being played to beliving in a boogeyman that isn't there. Trust in God. Bless.

  96. I might be wrong but I think Clive Davis Whitney's "mentor", was more a handler than a mentor. He's also Jewish, which I'm starting to notice a lot of the men/women behind the artists are. Not being racist but this is genuinely what I'm noticing. I was recently surprised to learn even Tupac was being "mentored" by Leila Steinberg.

  97. In my honest opinion, I think that Adele has sold out. When she was still real and unknown, she had such beautiful music and beautiful lyrics to match. Now her songs are so generic and common, the only thing that sets her apart is her voice. Yes, her voice will always be divine but her music (in terms of lyrics and melodies) has gone down the drain. I just hate it when cool, hip artists sell their souls to the music industry just to be "famous". So stupid. Anyway thanks VC for enlightening us! And this is why I don't watch garbage like this on TV anymore…

  98. waking up to the mad on

    Yes I said straight up front that they sacrificed this woman. QI've been watching the coverage of her death from beginning to end. I watched the grammys for the first time in years just to c the tribute to Whitney which I didn't think Jennifer Hudson could hold a candle to. I usually won't watch these things as I'm disgusted by it, but was really stunned by nikki who clearly disrespected Whitney, was that a outline of whitneys face on her red robe. Please look a the cover of Whitneys album Whitney and the hairstyles very similar. Also Whitney was born on the 9th day and died on the 11th day.9-11. And lady Gaga connection, and the room number I kept trying to figure out the room connection. Thanks vc. They set her up for this . From the dead butterflies falling to the ground in I look to u to the grammys to the way Clyde Davis looked her up and down in disgust at the Monica and brandy interview. They really did her in. She knew it too. She knew they where coming. Thank God she had a relationship with him and hopefully she made it home.

  99. Great article. I never watch the Grammy's but made an exception after the occult spectacle that was the Super Bowl halftime show. I expected something terrible and they sure delivered.

    I don't keep up with music but I was interested in how they had a segment with two DJs. This house/electronic/trance music is perfect for mind control in that it, along with the drugs people take, can put you in a trance where you are receptive to suggestion. One need not believe in any conspiracies to know that is true. I noticed the Chris Brown performance with DJ David Guetta had two Stargate looking discs behind them. The discs had symbols on the outer edge. I couldn't make them out. I'd love to know what they were.

  100. I have noticed a common thread to these disturbing satanic performances by artists. The performers give trivial explanations for them as to what they mean, minimizing the symbolism/controversy behind it–leading people to blindly accept it. Also, would an artist be able to trample on any other religion like Christianity was trampled on that night with her performance—all in the name of "art?" I'm an artist by trade and feel that doing something in the name of "artistic expression" doesn't always make it right. Everyone oks this horrific stuff we see on TV, movies, magazines "in the name of artistic expression." It seems the freakier you are, the better the "artist." Not so. There is still right and wrong out there and this performance was wrong.

  101. Thank you for your brilliant and insightful article. I have 100% faith in what you state, that does not mean to say I am blind and easily led, quite the contrary, but it just resonates at such a high level to me, for there to be any doubts.

    Most sickening for me, is the fact they still rolled up to this spectacle of the macabre whilst her body was above them. No the show does not always have to go on!!

    Kudos to Sharon Osborne, who had the gumption to not wish to celebrate on the eve of her death.

  102. I'd assume it's a total coincidence; but the Pope created 22 new cardinals yesterday. The day of Whitney Houston's funeral.

  103. I'm curious to know, has anyone read any of Clive Davis books. For one, a book called "Inside the Record Business" in 1974?

  104. This is why i have sworn off MTV and the such….I always felt something had gone wrong when they started up-ing the amount of weird pop artist videos and wiping straight rock music from their shows. Thanks a lot VC you have opened my eyes to such darkness.

  105. Why doesn't anyone ever point out that the Hollywood and Music Industry's elites are overwhelmingly Jews?

    Wise up folks. Wise up.

  106. ..and all of this reminds me of The Fighting Temptations' "He still loves me"

    Remember too, that Jesus still loves you also!

    • waking up to the mad on

      i saw on another website that they were going to bury her in it. I went back to show my husband and the article was taken down. I think it's strange that she was not buried after the funeral but instead taken back to the funeral home, and buried the next day away from the cameras. I haven't been to a funeral in a long time but usually it's the funeral, the burial, and the reprieve (gathering). I think they took her back to the funeral home and transfered her in the sarcophagus. Well according to the website

  107. "An English expression with a similar meaning is 'Roman holiday', a metaphor taken from the poem "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage" by George Gordon, Lord Byron, where a gladiator in Ancient Rome expects to be "butcher'd to make a Roman holiday" while the audience would take pleasure from watching his suffering. The term suggests debauchery and disorder in addition to sadistic enjoyment"


  108. Anyone heard from Ray J. lately? Or Brandy? Or Monica? Where are they? Why weren't they at the funeral? In the Illuminati Witness Protection Progam aka the Betty Ford Center for reprogramming?

    • Ray J and his sister were there. When the casket was going out he stood up and touched the casket. I could see he was crying. When he sat down, Brandy patted his back.

      • Chilling, thank you for the info! I finally saw the photos of them both leaving the L.A. airport and arriving in NYC. Glad to know that they aren't in "rehab". 😉

  109. Look, most of the stuff makes sense. But, for the Gaga thing, I don't believe Gaga knew

    what was going to happen. It looks to as she changed what she was going to wear. She spoke

    to fan before the Grammys and said she would be wearing white and walking the carpet. But the loss

    of Whitney changed her outfit and her choice on walking the carpet.

  110. See…this is why I read your blog…I would of never put Whitney's death and the crazy Nikki stunt together…I wish we could start a campaign AGAINST the "Elite". I don't care if people think I'm crazy.

  111. In reply to Mark,

    Arguments backed up with facts is not bigotry. Everyone on this site is looking for greater understanding. As the old saying goes "the truth will out." We both claim to worship from the same Book, but if you aren't aware what is in the book or you are being led by people with rituals, symbols and doctrine that are contrary to what is instructed clearly in the Book, then me pointing this out to you is not hate, but rather love. I want you to not be led astray, and, once again, I'm not using man-made opinions, but rather Scriptures within the Book you claim to acknowledge as sacred.

    Every single thing that Gabrielle said was complete truth. And there are Scriptures to back up all of it. Please watch the documentary "Know Your Enemy" by the Fuel Project (available free on Youtube) and read your Bible for yourself. I've been told by Catholics that that is not a common pasttime for them, but as Christians we are commanded to do it. Be blessed.

  112. Nonsence! It's simple… God loved her more. Now, Here's my take on her life…God truly had planned out her life. Whitney was truly the gift of voice like no other. Being one of the greatest singers of all time, she had an amazing carrier until her downfall. Her good-for-nothing husband out of the way, god gave her another shot at stardom with 'I look to you'. When that failed and her voice wasn't as before, he decided to spare her the misery. Being booed off stage and not being able to reach the high notes as she once did would have eventually killed her. But aptly enough, he let her complete 'Sparkle'(for us to remember her by) and took her home on the eve of the Grammy's. Well planned although it was a tragedy in the music world. I will always remember her as she sang on stage in her 'greatest love of all' music video. Thank you Mr.Clive Davis for discovering and believing in her talent… The world owes you one. Whitney, I can't wait for 'Sparkle'. Now, RIP my dear…

  113. It can't be more over the top and in your face than that. They killed her, it was a sacrifice and they made rituals around it.

    I'm afraid the elite is thinking about WW3 or something big like that as of now. I always felt there was something wrong with this world but this is too much…

    Don't know what to think anymore. 9-11 was a huge sacrifice and ritual as well. This is a joke for the elite.

    They are making a mockery out of life. It has to stop. If I have to die trying to stop them even if I have no idea what to do, I will. It's in the air. It's in the news and everywhere around. People are starting to be cruels and losing any sense of morals.

    And no, I am not religious, but I have eyes to see. Some people are working for the devil and the fact that the devil is real or not doesn't matter.

  114. Pursuant to Polanski's link to the ritual symbolism of this industry is the fact it was his wife and her friends chosen for the ritualistic and militaristic "Manson murders" carried out by a covert gov't black-op.

    Also the fact that Rosemary's Baby was filmed in part at The Dakota, the entrance way of the building being the location of another famous killing wherein the industry took care of it's own, John Lennon.

    Food for thought.

  115. Although all the events discussed in this article are disturbing, it's the Nicki Minaj part that is quite jolting. I had to youtube her Grammy performance, and I'm not Catholic or religious, but it was very unnerving to witness what appeared to be a demon-possessed person putting on an exorcism ceremony before the world. After a little more digging, I found this article on Nicki's alter ego, and I have to admit, it's even scarier than I initially thought: http://www.spin.com/articles/nicki-minajs-roman-z
    All I can say is this is not normal.

    I am a psychology major, and what I have found is that in some cases it takes very little trauma to occur for some people to develop symptoms of 'alter-egos' or a 'multiple personality'. What seems to propel the symptoms are: a traumatic experience coupled with the inability to emotionally process or express the trauma in a healthy way. For example, in some cases the death of a loved one along with the inability to grieve can give way to an alter-ego. In emotionally delicate people, the inability to complain about the nuisance of a perpetually barking dog can alter behavior negatively. My point is that something strange is occurring with all of these celebrities acquiring what appears to be alter-egos (whether intentionally by a handler or not), and it doesn't necessarily mean that they were all raped or beaten. Instead, I would say that just not having power or control over their destiny ("selling their souls" and being handled) may be traumatic enough because they have no way of truly emotionally expressing how they feel. Their alter-egos/possession is the manifestation of their "mental illness," or possession of an alter, bubbling out.

    As far all of the ritualistic imagery in music videos and shows go, in my opinion, this can be traumatizing for an artist as well. I felt very uncomfortable just watching Minaj's Grammy performance. I can't imagine being forced to participate and promote such negative, evil, controversial content. The artists have very little control over how they express themselves. Being forced to go against one's own value system is what causes neurosis for some. Imagine having to do a photo shoot with blood and satanic imagery, or doing a hyper-sexual performance in front of strangers (an audience). That would go against most healthy people's value system. That said, it's no wonder many artists turn to drugs and alcohol to self medicate the damage done by the industry. The media industry continues their legacy of nudging the boundaries of propriety and that should be quite concerning to anyone with values that are not aligned with what is being forced upon us.

    Let's continue to keep our eyes open. Thank you Vigilant!!

    • I agree with your comment. As a history student I cannot believe in all-encompassing conspiracies and people have been using Antiquity symbolism for centuries sometimes not knowing what they even meant (for an example, before Rosetta stone was found there was a fashion of using Egyptian hieroglyphs as decoration without having any idea what they meant. It just looked exotic and exciting) Western culture has been running out of new ideas for a while now and there seems to be a re-run of the 60-70's occult trend. Its good way of getting noticed, especially if you music is pretty forgettable otherwise. There is definitely a nasty shock-competition going on – 90's was a time of optimistic and futuristic Eurodance and since early 2000's there has been first a sort of pornification of pop and now this occult stuff. When everyone's singing in their bikinis they have to come up with new ways to shock and sell.

      I listen more to metal, industrial and other non-mainstream genres, where the themes and imagery are dark. That doesn't bother me the slightest, but somehow this new "dark and edgy" pop culture creeps me out, because it seems to be against the fact that pop culture is sold to widest audience, not my fringe-group of horror fans and majority of people want uplifting entertainment, not some freakshow. I don't think that the young artists want to strip and do weird rituals on stage, but they are caught in to the competition. Actually, because their music is produced and written by others, they cannot even express themselves. Britney Spears is a good example of this – I'd loose my mind if I had to sing silly songs about love and sex while struggling with drug problems, custody issues without being able to express that grief with my music, as non-mainstream-artists do.

      As for mysterious deaths – legal medication with alcohol is killer. People still seem to think abusing them is safe because they are not street drugs. Something like benzo's are the hardest to withdraw from. Average Janes and Johns abuse these medicines en masse and many die because of them, but it makes the news only when the victim is famous. There's a reason why the drug-packages warn about mixing with alcohol.

  116. I am geting to know about VC for the first time and these startling revelations are amazing. I must say it is a good job you guys are doing, but a very dangerous one too. You cannot expose the works of darkness without expecting them to come at you. You need our prayers. The entertainment industry has become an avenue of darkness into the world only a daring organisations like this can expose them. Keep it up!

  117. Wow, that photo alone looks fucking creepy!!! How can anyone not see that there is something wrong with it?

    About celeb deaths: Here's my opinion: I'm more and more sure that these people got murdered!

    If not for some weird ritual but to squeeze the last money out of them!

    Did you notice that stars like Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and now Whitney Houston wasn't very productive in their last years before their deaths?

    Either because of diseases(that not kill you so easily), drugs, mental illness and others, they destroyed their talent(voice, body, songwriting). And remember how their "fans" negatively reacted to their last concerts because voice and performance were not good?

    These stars didn't bring in any money(and even lose lots of money!) to the big music companies anymore, so the last move would be to kill them off! And BANG! These dead stars sell millions of their albums again!!! Music industry and artist = Pimp and hooker.

    Also funny how nobody seem to know for a long time what they died off?

    I'm not only blaming the music industries for this horror, I also blame those "fans"! To me they are not real fans, a real fan always supports their star/idol even when they have a bad time. These stars are humans too!

    R.I.P.! Hope you are on a better place and thanks for the great music!

    Ps: And I'm sure Brittney is next! She appears to me like a singing and dancing doll!:(

  118. all this stuff is terrifying. Why can't artists just make music? It seems like every artist (these days) have 2 do a live show that's full of freaky, creepy, weirdness. I mean there are other ways 2 be artful. And I'm not a prude or overly religious @ all. I actually use 2 like lady gaga…and I liked nicki minaj also..but lady gagas last album was creepy and confusing. And nicki minaj last few songs were stupid..no artists are original anymore..they can't be themselves. And when ppl say its art blah blah blah..I don't get it. Ppl r so quick 2 follow anything they hear or see, even defending things that are downright stupid or wrong. Smh..

  119. The thing is NO ONE liked that performance by Nicki Minaj, and everyone thought it was messed up and a mockery. Also I think Lady Gaga changed her outfit because of Whitney's Death. She was inspired by Whitney and apparently they knew each other (Whitney helped Gaga through her first Grammy attendance, and Gaga talked about Whitney last year after winning an award). During the prayer service Gaga was praying.

  120. Thank you for the article. I too was looking for an article about the Niki Minaj Grammy performance. While watching it I was wondering what in the heck are they summoning. What spirits and energy transfers were being accorded their due? Manaj was at the Super Bowl and at the Grammy's, playing a a huge part in these dark energy ceremonies. This is so blatant, for millions to see and "feel" the performance while ensconced in the moment. What did they do to us?

    The numerology is spot on for "other forces" in charge of all the incidents we are discussing. Whitney Houston died at 48. 4 is a consciousness number, portals are at play. You can find three 4's in 48. Her death date? 2-11-2012 , containing three 1's and three 2's. adding up to a 9 – a portal number for transition -why there is a 9 month gestation period for humans. The three 1's triple the importance and power of 11, an illuminist signature number.

    Pop "kings and queens" and "princesses and princes" live vulnerable lives scripted by mythology and played out for all of us to emotionalize the transcendence of Earth timeline. You watch Madonna but you witness and give life (by your energy) to the High Priestess, or any of your emotional interpretations of Egyptian or Roman or Grecian Gods and Goddesses.

    Whitney Houston was entertainment royalty, as is Madonna, was M. J., and too many others to list. You don't get play if you don't pay. Some eventually pay with their lives.

  121. I've been eagerly waiting for VC to talk about the Grammy's. There were so many things to discuss about this show that I don't think were covered in this article though and I'd be interested in what other people have to say about them. For instance I felt Katy Perry's performance was riddled with illuminati symbols and references to monarch programming. In particular during her performance she was in a hanging glass box that she shattered and emerged from that reminded me of the images discussed in an article on this site about the murals of Bank of America. I wonder what the implication of this symbolism is.


    There were more performances that I found curious. During the outside performances of the Foo Fighters the lead signer was wearing a t-shirt that looked like it had a Baphomet symbol on it. Also right after he performed there was a psychedelic performance where a DJ and everyone in the crowd was wearing Mickey Mouse ears which I've read originally comes from mind control experiments.

    Additionally on a smaller note, and I don't know if I'm reaching here, but it seemed to me that this year the base of the grammy was larger and more pronounced than previous years. To me it seemed reminiscent of the unfinished pyramid. Just a thought.

    • There was also some new singer walking the red carpet in a formal dress with a transhumanist bionic- looking metal arm attached – weird!

  122. Did anybody see the interview with Whitney and Oprah, where Whitney said she felt eyes were watching her through the walls,MK ULTRA and Bobby Brown was acting like he was possessed

  123. Today was the first time that I have ever really felt out of place on VC.

    I think that a lot of people "buying into the hype" that there is an actual demonic force involved here. There is no creature hiding in the shadows waiting for sacrifices. This is the dark hearts of the people in power executing what they feel is "best" for the masses. Anyone remember back to the Wizard of Oz, where OZ is shown as the big talking head, but then is shown to be nothing more than a man. That's what these people are. They strike fear in our lives because they are "programming" us to think that they have this dark force that they control and can influence lives, but really, it's a music executive who can "kill a career" with something as simple as a contract hit. This isn't a demon that he has sent out, but merely another man with a jilted moral compass.

    Let's be honest here, Whit, Amy, and Mike all had serious drug problems. The same with Britt Murphy. We step in an say that something nefarious is going on, but really, I think that she most likely took too strong of a dose, and slipped into the tub and drowned. There are a lot of people who turn to drugs, simply because they are addictive, and it's more evident because these people live under the microscope, and constantly being judged by the masses will make anyone want to dull themselves and the pain and insecurity they are feeling. It's a not a demon that makes the celebrity feel this way, but merely their minds.

    Someone posted earlier that Jennifer was being referred to as the "new whitney", and people don't do that until someone is dead, but Lady Gaga is always referred to as the "new madonna", or a new band being called "the new beatles". The music as well as the fashion industry is all about what can we sell to someone, and how do you get the most listeners? Compare them to someone else that is famous.

    I feel like we need to focus more on the men that are doing this terrible things and the terrestrial things that they are doing, rather than speculating on the etherial side that no one can prove.

    • We should focus on people pulling the stings behind the scene.

      But you can't understand human sacrifices and the things they do if you don't think they are satanists. It does not mean there is a god or a devil, but it gives you an idea about their beliefs.

      You can't fully understand them if you don't know their beliefs.

    • You may not believe this, but the war we are in is not against flesh and blood – but against spiritual, evil forces.

      Yes, humans are their agents and do their will on earth – but the WAR is a spiritual one.

      You might take notice of the fact that whether in politics, entertainment or whatever, no matter how many times the leaders are "replaced", or how good the people who replace them seem – things always continue to race in a more and more evil direction.

      Ever wonder why that is?

      • I don't wonder, it's said that absolute power corrupts absolutely. I don't think that there is a political figure, singer, or performer out there that didn't get where they are without a little bit of lying or having some type of skeleton in their closet.

        Women in general have a harder time in the entertainment industry because they are constantly scrutinized for things other than their talent, and these are thing things that lead people to drugs and alcohol.

        There is no devil pulling the strings. It's these people's lowering self esteem that cause them to spiral out of control. This is the power that the "bad guys" have. It's not any supernatural power.

    • Brittney Murphy died of puemonia which cause complication of diabeties (sorry of the spelling) it was drug overdose but she took some anti boditics with her diabetics pills

    • I agree with Alex. You need to know and understand their beliefs and point of view, even if you yourself don't believe it.

      Let's take an example of the death of Kim Jong-Il.

      To most of us, he's a dictator; a mean and evil person associated with that word. Yet we witnessed that a lot of the ordinary North Koreans wept and wailed at his passing. I personally could not understand why they love him that much to mourn terribly for him, a communist leader.

      And I believe those mourning North Koreans could not understand why a lot of us dislike or at least, could not care less, about his passing.

      So long as I remain ignorant of their point of view and their beliefs, I will never be able to understand them, regardless of my beliefs whether Kim Jong-Il was a bad or a good person.

      Even Hitler himself believed he was working for a good cause. Unless we don't bother to try see it from his point of view, we'll never understand his thinking. And yes, I still believe he's a monster.

      • They are distressed about the dictator's death as they've been brainwashed since their infancy, thus they consider him some kind of god. Totalitarian regimes have their way to spread their brutalities. Wait until Fidel Castro dies.

  124. Very, very interesting article and comments. I didn't get a chance to read them all yet so my two questions/observations may have already been addressed, so please forgive any redundancy on my part.

    My first observation is in regards to Bobbi Christina. I've notice on a few television tabloid shows that they've been questioning her aspirations to be a singer (showing self made videos of her singing) and following in her mothers footsteps. My question is, having her locked up in a room where her mothers dead body lays next door for hours until she has a psychotic breakdown, is that not trauma based MK Ultra Monarch Programming 101?

    Also, I keep feeling that there has to be a Beach Boys connection (specifically, Brian Wilson who had a friendship with Charles Manson who murdered Sharon Tate who was married to Roman Polanski who supposedly inspired Nicki Minaj's Roman Zolanski).

  125. You have just posted everything i said, a day later then i said it. You my friend are a genius, the snychronicity was amazing, right down to the number 11. I Applaud you. One thing that tires me is the comments you recieve from religious people! ironically they are the only people that lash out to contradicting beliefs, it surprises me that doctrine can surpass, supress and 'hold back' the human mind so powerfully. The only people that can save humanity is people that exist within it's realm, jesus doesn't save, that's all balls! he just allegadly gave the message that we should save ourselves. I Say bring it on. The only ressurection we need right now is OURSELVES. Or we are pretty much done for…….

  126. I too, have been waiting for this article. When I heard Whitney died, the first thing I thought of was the date, the 11th.

  127. This is so stupid. Gaga dressed like that to mourn Whitney, she probably had a completely different outfit planned but then like last year, changed her mind at the last minute. This is just a load of scheisse.

  128. the entertainment in on

    When will the music industry finally let go of all this anti-Christian-satanic-robotic-baphomet-occult-puppet-control imagery???

    This redundant imagery has been shoved down everybody's throat in a very hardcore, blatant way since 2007, 2008 or something… it's been SEVERAL YEARS NOW!!! Is this not getting old????? I think this is getting very old!!!!!

    The entertainment industry is one of the biggest, messiest disasters that exist…… when is this trolling going to stop??? WTF is wrong with these repetitive entertainment industry weirdos!!!!!!

  129. entertainment indust on

    When will the music industry finally let go of all this anti-Christian-satanic-robotic-baphomet-occult-puppet-control imagery???

    This redundant imagery has been shoved down everybody's throat in a very hardcore, blatant way since 2007, 2008 or something… it's been SEVERAL YEARS NOW!!! Is this not getting old????? I think this is getting very old!!!!!

    The entertainment industry is one of the biggest, messiest disasters that exist.

  130. The Bodyguard had symbolism in it. when she performed Queen of the Night in the movie she was dressed like Maria from Metropolis and their were numerous eyes in the backdrop. Her Queen of the Night music video was also rife with Metropolis symbolism.

  131. Her Queen of the Night video, which was also in The Bodyguard is rife with illuminati symbolism. Not only was she dressed like Maria from Metropolis, there were numerous eyes in the backdrop and even a scene from Metropolis.

  132. ok.yesterday watching the funeral i can tell you that i was not lookign forward to hearing a word from Clive Davis-i am super mad at him. What he had to say did not impress me much. i was rolling my eyes the whole way. One of the things he mentioned when he started talking-he said that he lost his parents at a young age…his father died and then his mother a year later (or vice versa) but what he said next struck a cord and i dont know why i found that strange. He said " i was left an orphan with no money…." I remember thinking that the fact that he had no money seemed more worth mentioning that he had no parents . Anyway. SO NOW i decided to google clive davis from posts i read above…so i opened wikepidia. and i find this about CLive.

    #quote#His mother died, aged 47, and his father died the following year when Davis was only a teenager, leaving him an orphan with no money#unquote#

    That is exactly what CLive said..'leaving me an orphan with no money…' iM SORRy but does anybody else find this strange. what is up with WIkipedia. Did they quote Clive or did Clive quote Wikipedia? Very strange…

  133. Have yet to see this mentioned, but it’s one of the first things I thought of when I heard about Whitney’s passing… That being it made me think of the report “Lady Gaga Bathes in Human Blood; Meets with Freemasons Says London Concierge” VC did an article not to long ago on here, but the exclusive interview with the maid and story can be read here


    Anyway, I was trying to track down the exact date she stayed and even what floor, though that’s tough to figure out. I think the date could have been on, or at least around 7/11/11 though. Also, the whole date of 2/11/2012 interestingly enough the dates add up to correlate to 7/9/11 range. Most know by now these sicko’s like the number games, as it means so much to them to have things carried out on specific dates and times.

    7/11= 9
    7/11/11= 11
    7/11/2011= 13 which = 4 which = 1111

    7 months later…In the land of 77 OZ… The ultimate Illuminati movie and 14 Books.

    2/11= 4 = 1111
    2/11/12= 7

    Whitney was 48= 12 = 3
    Now just picture that 3 sided Pyramid and Pop an Eye in there! Now poke that damn eye out! :)

    Anyway far reaching here? That’s for you to decide. I am just seeing what I see… Just remember what GI Joe told ya kids “Knowing Is Half The Battle”… Well at least that was about right. Btw, nice GI Joe article VC. Keep up the great work. Much love peeps!

  134. i'm still wondering if lady gaga has said one thing to express her feelings about the passing of her 'inspiration' aka 'idol' behind the born this way single? she went out of her way to make sure she thanked her the previous year with cued doom music to accompany the praise/prophecy. ugh… how disturbing.

    ephesians 6:12 – For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

  135. Don't forget Don Cornelius killed himself shortly before Whitney passed away. Cornelius' family said he was in poor health, but also upset about something. Did he know something about what was going to happen with Whitney? Did he know something that he was powerless to stop and couldn't live with the knowledge?

  136. I thank VC for this commentary.

    I believe that we are in end times but have no interpretation of time to put forth. That is the Almighty's area of expertise and if a thousand years are as one minute, then why speculate?

    That said, I look at everything happening around me and it correlates to St.John's Vision of the Apocalypse. From disease, pestilence, weather, plague and even the persecution of Christians, it all fits.

    We live in a world of corruption. I have to hope that the corrupt will get theirs soon.

    But here's my problem with this type of continued conspiracy theory:

    Why are so few people talking?

    I am heartened that Celine and Chaka have stepped away from the lurid world of media, but surely, isn't there someone with deeper info?

    Is everyone part of it, and if so, is there truly "no way out of here?"

    And if everyone IS involved, then even the supposedly good and righteous among the Hollywood crowd are simply deceiving the masses.

    • weeping unicorn on

      good instincts Chris, he's a NDOKI google it. very bad news, apparently he's latched onto the daughter bobby now, I'd watch with interest anyone this creep hung around.

      a ruiner of lives

      a deliverer of demons

      a soul stealer, a life drinker, a ndoki.

      • Heh, in his 'Basic Information' section on Fb he wrote: "…has consultanted/ guided some of the worlds greatest entertainers including the late "King of Pop"."

        He can't spell worth a damn, yet his typo is quite telling- "consultanted". Tainted.

      • Ndoki seem like they can be a sort of payback sorceror, even though they can also do good. "ndoki can also be a term for Spirits or alter/extradimensional persons with specific duties or places". He does seem to have come out of nowhere and yet show up everywhere. "In some traditions, they may be dispatched to punish or curse someone. In such cases, the target has done something wrong, and the ceremony is to essentially give spiritual permission for the ndoki to attack them. Steps must be followed to give them clearance." It says if you are being attacked by one, then you must make amends for what you did wrong or get someone to be a middleman/woman between you and "the Spirits". http://soulmindbody.net/esu/2011/08/what-is-a-ndo


    • Raffles interviewed Ray J after Michael Jackson's death:

      If you look at his company logo for Raffles Entertainment, turn it 90 degrees left, doesn't it look like those party (or Illuminati?) masks? He acted in a Dutch movie Havinck, playing Dennis. The movie was at Sundance and was about a guy who kills his wife.

      A video on YouTube, called Six Degrees of Raffles, has come out, talking about his con behavior including what they say is faking an injury:

      He sang and starred in a music video called "We Got It All": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOx0vNgeHx8. It was directed by Mischa Rozema, head of creative agency "PostPanic" (works with lots of big names) and previously working for "Propaganda Films". Whitney-Fan.com has 2 mentions of him talking about if anyone knows who he is, this is from 2002, when he claimed in a radio interview he had worked with Whitney.

      He called Whitney his "baby girl". Everywhere I look he's given a different age. Now it's 32. By other sources and past estimates from news articles, he'd be a few years older or even 44 (if I remember right). He likes to point at his shoes in photos, and reminds me of a young Chuck Berry with the coiffed hair and the poses. He said on the day of the funeral he was gonna be taking care of Bobbi Kristina and that Whitney asked him to. One blog says fans and friends are up in arms over that statement, and the blog warns her to stay away from him. (Word is that Warren Boyd "The Cleaner" has been keeping a close eye on Bobbi.) Dutch people had doubts about him before, too.

      Raffles was the name of a British statesman: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Stamford_Raff…. It's also the name of a pulp fiction character "Lord Lister" aka Raffles, who looks like wore a mask, and would disguise himself in various ways, and could hypnotize people. On page 2 of this article (VC Grammy Mega-Ritual), Sarah says "One was her being described as being in a trance, manic, like she was hypnotized".

      I myself wonder did someone put Whitney into a trance-like state, or was she on ecstasy at some point like Ray J was.

      • The “Six Degrees of Raffles” has been “removed by the user”. I wonder why.

        I really hope he’s not just a nice guy who Michael and Whitney loved, and who we’ve painted in a bad light.

        Still, when I watch his videos, I notice that, especially in his formal Raffles Entertainment statements, he works his eyes, facial expressions, voice, and hand gestures in a very deliberate way. He repeatedly makes circles with his fingers and then does the pointing thing. It’s almost like he’s using NLP or something, although I’m not familiar with the exact techniques of NLP. This is something some people seem to do just to be effective communicators, so maybe he is just very consciously putting those tools to good use. However, I could also see where he could be some kind of programmer or handler, from watching him when he’s trying to make a point to counteract what he claims is false information. He talked about his “legal team” toward that end, too. I feel bad for thinking his crying over Michael in a couple videos seems fake. What if that’s just how he cries? I feel like we need a more expert analysis to figure out why we all suspect bad of him.

        Still wishing I had more proof of him actually being an ndoki, though.

        Main verse from his music video, “We Got It All” (hoping I got the words right): “We got it all, We’re standing tall, We’re part of something that is bigger than us all.” We could read into that if we wanted!

  137. This immediately reminded me of the movie: "Eyes wide shut", especially since VC posted the Jungian 'synch' theory. In that movie, a woman is ritualistically sacrificed, and then the Protagonist (Tom Cruise) discovers later on, that the woman was murdered for real. The sacrifice of blood happened symbolically and literally. Her handler advices Dr. Harford (Cruise) to cease any further investigations on the matter, or else the secret society portrayed in the film will kill him as well. Kubrick was the only person who knew THE MOST about secret societies, no doubt he was killed for it. nevertheless, his efforts to uncover them on his film projects have no comparison, a real genius.

    -PS. I'm amazed VC hasn't done an article on him!

  138. When I heard Ms Whitney had died I broke down in tears. I could not help but think her death was planned.

    Thank you for this article, it has confirmed my suspicians. I feel an urge to turn to our lord Jesus Christ, this world is coming to an end. The comments on here are helpful to me, thank you all for your encouraging posts. Jesus is our only answer.

  139. And how many people have been watching bodyguard alately…amazing really, how powerful symbolism can be. Five people have said i watched bodyguard last night, what a tragedy. in different ways, other than Whitney's death, i agreed. But OMG! people are watching bodyguard AGAIN? it's like the universe unveiled a pile of s**t all over again, to keep the minds of the dumb, downed :) As for Whitney's replacement??? a replacement? the only replacement needed is the puppets, handlers, f**k ups and assholes that control an industry so corrupt it makes people belive jesus exists, then for your sins you will be punished, arghhhh we are in revelations so f**k you! what?? did i just brain poop??? we do ourselves no good whatsoever even commenting on VC'S posts, he shines a light….then you/we all argue about it? come on haven't we grown past a debating time already? we can all look into symbolism, problem is if we look too far it will consume us to the point where it will lead to a world ruled by the occult, and no saviour will return because we are all too busy doing sweet FA about it, other than disagreeing on an informative website.

  140. I understood when I was watching the Grammy that it was a question of the old replacing the new. I would even add Madonna blood sacrifice ceremony at super bowl half time to that. Still it seems the more proof that is shown the less people believe. Thanks for standing up.

    • Who knows? I have a feeling that very few will end up in heaven. As for the rest of us, I see us somewhere very hot and stinking.

      • I ask the question all the time, if everyone can have a "Home Going" Service, does that mean that everyone can go to heaven, and if so why bother with the RIP? Are they going to need Rest if they are in heaven, if indeed it's the perfect place? Does that mean if Clive has one, when he dies, he also will be going to Heaven? Or a more lucid example, two gang banger murder's get into a gun battle and both kill each other, both families have "Home Going" Services, do both of their "Spirits" go to heaven to continue their gun battle from a spiritual standpoint? I'm sure the family member of the child that was killed by a drunk driver would be rather upset if the drunk driver, died and went to heaven.

        By this standard it seems that we (meaning people, society) can determine where they are going to heaven and there is really no need for a God to judge the heart. If we follow this model it toes the line of already know the will of God for the person and in a way cuts God out of the picture. Which family member would voluntarily condemn their family member to hell; okay maybe their are a few, my point most families when their loved ones die, sing praises of their children and that they now know that the person's in a better place and they are able to look down on us. How would they really feel if when they themselves got to heaven those individuals for whom they had "Home Going" Service for really weren't there?

        I'm not sure what happened to Whitney, other than that she's dead. I've never been on the other side of death to know what happens in that realm yet it seems hasty to assume that I can determine God's thoughts or His will. It's definitely comforting to believe and want our loved ones to be in heaven, but can we be certain, the answer is no. We can hope but we cannot be certain at this point. I can say that it's not my place, since I'm not God, to judge the person as to what their final fate shall be whether heaven or hell, that's too big a decision for me; my comfort comes from believing that one day that decision will be made apparent.

        Just my thoughts…….

    • @Peace

      Wonderful reply. Whitney soul was tied to her body, but her soul (and it's 21 grams) was freed in death, to join her Heavenly Father and that (sadly) terrific choir in the sky.

    • Matthew 10:28

      "Do not fear those that can kill the body but cannot kill the soul."

      Even if you are killed in a satanic ritual, only God determines where your soul goes.

      It's more likely the victim will go to heaven, because evil people usually prefer to sacrifice good people, those who are trying to live christian lives (despite our faults). They like innocent blood.

      So, in a sense, someone used in a satanic sacrifice could actually be said to be a martyr.

      Whitney Houston may have died a Christian martyr, because TPTB will not condone the Word of the Lord being preached or even mentioned in the media or entertainment industry. Whitney seemed to have turned to her Christian faith in a massive way towards the end.

      So it's more likely that she is in heaven with Jesus. He loved her and she loved Him.

      Only God judges our souls.

      • I didn't judge Whitney and certainly I can't make assumptions as to her she is now. I only pointed out that most people, including myself, will probably end up in hell. We might be able to conceal our real intentions with a mask but do you think we can outsmart God and live as it pleases us and just because we praise Him we deserve a place in paradise? We can outsmart some people but we don't stand a chance with Him. He knows if we're genuine or not, so if we genuinely beg for forgiveness He would know it.

      • My heart says yes on


        According the bible and for those that follow it, people don't die and immediately go straight to heaven or hell. They go to "sleep in the dust" until judgment day. It is a resting place.

        (Daniel 12:2)"And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt."

        Death as we know it is considered the 1st death. What some people call "hell" or everlasting contempt is the 2nd death.

        (Revelation 21:8) But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

  141. 1) I love Whitney Houston and her music R.I.P.

    2) The Grammy Awards made me SICK

    3) I hate Madonna

    4) I will never watch the Grammy's or the stupid Superbowl again

    5) I do NOT trust Clive Davis

    6) That industry is so messed up. Thank GOD I'm not famous!!!

    7) Whitney Houston had a beautiful "home coming" ceremony, and you could tell she was a great Christian woman. R.I.P. Whitney

    Oh yeah, Jennifer Hudson will NEVER be the next Whitney Houston. She is ok, but no Whitney.

    • "Fame, ain't it a b#$ch" AJ Benza

      Boy and how. I guess this serves as another reminder (if one were needed), that money and fame do not equal happiness.

      Now if people would stop obsessing over the cult of media worship, man we'd all be better off.

  142. Backwoods Philosophe on

    When I first heard about Whitney Houston's death, the absolute first thing I thought about was Madonna's strange SuperBowl Egyptian ritual. From the first minute I heard about Whitney's death, I felt that something was terribly wrong. As a matter of fact, speaking from a Christian and spiritual point of view, it has seemed as though a dark cloud has been hanging over this country. To be completely honest about it, I have felt it since Madonna's SuperBowl performance. However, when Whitney died, the feeling completely magnified.

    Folks, this is not just about a weird performance at a sports arena. This is not just about the death of a very beautiful and talented singer. There is something going on in the spirit world that is very disturbing right now. You can feel it in the air! Hollywood has assisted in making an announcement that the darkness is trying to take over. Let's face it – Hollywood is demonic. The darkness does not appreciate the light; however, praise the Lord, just a little light can overcome the darkness. Christians really need to be praying and calling upon the name of Jesus Christ right now. The Bible says in the New Testament, that at the name of Jesus, demons have to flee. Praise God for that promise.

    I sometimes read the UK's Daily Mail. I was reading an article about Whitney's funeral and saw a picture that literally rocked me. Before you open this link, just remember the Egyptian and Babylonian symbolism that occurred during Madonna's performance at the SuperBowl. Now, scroll down a little past several pictures and see what was placed in front of Whigham Funeral Home in New Jersey. You won't believe what you're going to see. Something ain't right.


    • An Egyptian statue? Surely you couldn't make it up. All of them are mad beyond belief. Everything indicates to something sinister because all of a sudden a few days before her "accidental" death, she was more than usually on the papers.

    • @Backwoods

      I read the Mail everyday, they usually have a ton of articles not published in US media. The first mention of Raffles was Rich Friedman (Forbes) and DM.

      Fox News also has the story today of WHO pulled Whitney from the tub. All I have to say is poor BK. I hope someone helps that little girl (18 or not, she's still a kid). It was reported by the DM last week but I can't pull up the link (gee I wonder why?)

  143. God bless whitney huston.

    To people out there who wanna give

    their lives to God;it is not an easy road to walk

    understand that you learn to be strong through christ

    as he hold your hands along the path.

    The devil will see you as a great loss and hell be very angry

    and attack you.

    with faith in God. knowing hell have your back no matter what.

    you will defeat all evil.

    heres a powefull psalm you should read out loud and believe in it too.

    Psalm 91.

  144. BLOOD SACRIFICES – Roman Polanski – His family, Jennifer Hudson – Her family, Nikki Minaj – Her nephew or cousin, Eminem – His best friend, rapper Proof, Lady Gaga – Her friend Lina Morgana, The Jackson Family – Michael Jackson, Suge Knight – Tupac, Kanye West – His mother, Damon Dash, Aaliyah, Jay-z – Nephew, Dre Dre – His son, Bill Cosby – His son, Mike Tyson – His Daughter.

    SOLSTICE SACRIFICES – 25TH OF THE MONTH CLUB – Michael Jackson – June 25 2009, James Brown – December 25 2006, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez – April 25 2002, Aaliyah – August 25 2001, Exodus Tyson – May 25 2009, Dean Martin – December 25 1995, Eartha Kitt – December 25 2008, Static Major – February 25 2008.

    CURSE OF 27 (DIED AT AGE 27) – Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse.

    NOTES: Dr. Conrad Murray has James Brown and Michael Jackson as patients. Eminem's best friend, rapper Proof's death was foreshadowed in the 2004 video "Like Toy Soldiers". Lady Gaga's friend Lina Morgana jumped ten floors down off a Staten Island Hotel. Lina's mother and ex-boyfriend says that Lady Gaga stole Lina's look and style (see videos on youtube). The father of Jennifer Hudson's nephew says he believes Jennifer did a Freemason ritual for fame. There is audio of Prince during is tour around 1998/99, ending his concerts with "Osama Bin Laden getting ready to bomb! Oh yeah, and Prince sacrificed his father.

  145. You pick these events apart really well and provide a deeper perspective…thanx. It's subjective, abstract, ambiguous…but one thing for certain is — coincidences occur that seem too improbable, and secret societies are real. Their signs, symbols, and rituals to their gods go back a lonnnnnng way.

    • Whitney's I'm Your Baby Tonight has her sitting pretty on a motorcycle. Born this Way has Gaga as the motorcycle. Guess the Rain Man is driving both.

    • Oh and Henry, she is really messed up. I mean like almost slurring her words, barely keeping her eyes open. She can barely read the lines!

      • Ya, it looks like she may have been on heavy anti-anxiety pills or the like at that point. I think if she was "programmed" as we know they did and do, that near the end when it's toll they get onto Rx's (Michael Jackson, Elvis, etc). What a shame. However, I still blame the industry and think it was all timed to go off on that night. Too much add's up there.

  146. Thanks for the very insightful article. One point that I would like to make concerning Roman Polanski/zolanski that was mentioned in the article is that Roman Polanski did produce the movie Rosemary's Baby but even more importantly he was married to Sharon Tate and the father of her baby that was murdered by the Charles Manson "family". In the movie as I believe you did mention, the baby in the movie was the anti-christ. It makes me wonder if the baby in Sharon Tate's belly might not have been too. This entire mess is getting more and more bizarre and I am afraid to even wonder what is next on the agenda. Some of us older readers were around when the roots of this began to be revealed and have been watching for many years. Another not very well known event was the 1982 printing of a full page message on a Sunday, in major newspapers around the world announcing that the "Christ" is in the World Today. It went on to claim that he was being groomed and educated for his coming out at an undisclosed later date. When you put all these other pieces into the mix the puzzle is even more sinister and confusing. I have a feeling poor Whitney suspected what was coming and sadly, she was right.

    • Oh no, if the baby in Sharon Tate's belly were the Anti-Christ, do you think they would have killed her?? But that is all in the Collective Unconscious… it is not really real.. but they make it real with the rituals and everybody's thoughts put together..*that* is why they need everybody's participation.. and they make it 'secret' yet open because if obviously if everybody knew what it was really about, they would never consciously participate.. I didit' even watch the Grammy's this year AT ALL, just because I was watching other things, but I think I kinda just didn't want to …I saw the Superbowl performance and did nothing but gawk at the suymbolism.

  147. VC forgot to point out that Whitney awarded Jennifer Hudson her first grammy, is that true?

    as if saying, "i'm passing the torch to you, honey."

      • It's actually weird.

        jennifer hudson won an oscar on 2007, she first won her grammy award on the year 2009. so, her winning the oscar might have triggered the entertainment industry to think "hmm, since we're going to sacrifice whitney, then now we have found a replacement." thus, arranging whitney to award jennifer in the grammy awards of 2009. atleast, that's the way i see it if jennifer is indeed replacing whitney.

        they probably saw the potential whitney in jennifer when she won an oscar and thats when they 'groomed' her.

    • It should be pointed out that both Jennifer and Kim Burrell did tributes to Whitney (both living and in death). Their living tributes were at the BET Awards and in death – Jennifer at the Grammy's and Kim at her funeral. What is amazing is that Kim Burrell changed the song she was going to sing to Whitney at the podium – she sung – A Day Is Gonna Come. She also has been said that the last message Whitney left for anyone (according to her time of death) was a VM to Kim – that the family has asked her not to release. Whitney knew her day was coming but I don't think Jennifer / Kim are in the occult – but with God and Satan could have only taken Whitney with God's permission. – This is going to be a year that we lose a lot of the "so-called" stars who are living ungodly lives – major names in the industry. Watch and see.

      • Jennifer not in the occult? Her rise and rise only leads to one thing. Yes, i'm now having a feeling Whitney knew her time was up. The contract she signed selling her soul couldn't be revoked and it was time for her to go.

  148. what do you all mean by, " as long as we are aware" as if that changes things…it still messes up our head. Teevee is full of sick crap just imaginine I'll give you a minute..THAT'S WRONG CAn you survive without the tle telling you what to think

    • @Happycynic

      I respectfully disagree, "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer"

      Shoot I may have given a left eye symbol, if I never found VC to explain what it was. Being aware gives you a better chance of recognizing and intervening, and gives you a chance to flip the script.

  149. its so odd i felt different when i heard whitney's passing. and the story of her death(where she has found) was always ever-changing .

    and whats with the note ? im so bothered by that .

    and the birth date of blue ivy carter ? is it ? january 7, 2012 ? when you add that it will be 1+7+2+0+1+2 = 13 . what the . everything's kinda messed up .

  150. Dear VC, thank you for all you have done for us. This goes for you:

    Daniel, 12:3 "And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever."

  151. Thanks VC for this very detailed and comprehensive findings on Whitney Houston & the 2012 Grammys. Satanic forces are really creating havoc amongst the MTV scene lately and they are getting bolder and bolder into even performing these kind of black rituals in front of the public on World Wide TV. We need to stay strong in our faith in God as they are trying to dismantle us through these mass brainwashing "ritualistic" performances which almost always ends in cheers & thundering applause not realizing that they are supporting & feeding negative evil energy to the Devil himself. This blood-thirsty evil shall not win as long as there are still good and positive people around today. God help us all.

  152. What still bothers me (and always will) is the fact that Clive Davis continued to hold the party while Whitney laid there dead a few floors above them. I think he played a very important part in her death also. I will never forget reading somewhere and hearing from someone that he gave Sean "Puffy" Combs $50 Million dollars to start Bad Boy Entertainment. Now to the average person, looking at it would just simply come across as Clive making a "business investment" into a business. However, as described by Mark Curry (The man behind ALL the hit songs for Puffy and BBE) in his book "Dancing With The Devil: How Puff Burned The Bad Boys of Hip-Hop," he stated that Clive made the investment after Diddy sold his soul, took the oath, and even slept with Clive. Clived used sex as a means to entrapt his artist, Including Whitney Houston. He supplied Puffy with drugs to give to his artist to keep them "in the dark" but couldnt give them to Mark Curry because Curry was the brains behind the music. He also gave Whitney Drugs to keep her in the dark as well. However, Whitney's spirit was too much fo drugs to overcome because she started thinking clearly and what most people dont know was that she was set to do the same thing that Michael Jackson did…..give a speech on the evils of the entertainment industry. That explains why Clive had her killed.

    Ive always dreamed of being a film director and I am currently working towards that goal. Film is the only skill that I have therefore thats the only way I see myself making a living. I am going to name my price right out the gate…..$10 million per film. I dont care if the films does $100 million. $10 million will allow me to live worry free, donate to charities, and help build parks and playgrounds for kids in my hometown of DC among other things. I WILL NOT go over $10 Million in acceptance because I believe if you go over the price you ask for, thats when "they" own you. GOD BLESS and RIP Whitney.

    • @Kevin

      I suggest one of two things. A. Try to secure independent funding or B. Contact your local community college and see if they have a filmmakers program.

      The third option C. Is to take out as many credit cards as you can (ala Kevin Smith) and make your movie that way.

      Then you owe nothing to anyone associated in the industry. But be careful on independent funding, sometimes people are looking to "clean" the money.

      Good Luck to you, and let us know the name of your project!!

    • "Clived used sex as a means to entrapt his artist". Sodomy is a huge part of the entertainment industry, sports and every secret society. And it appears to be a continuing thing that you are expected to perform with others in the industry. There's good information revealed on this website if you can take it, he proves it pretty well:


  153. At this point i think they are doing this "events" out in the open like this because they know people like us will cover it, fixate on it and focus on it, I think its time we all just shut off our TV and ignore there dead lame make believe culture behind and create our own…

    • Yeah they have us 'participate' in all the Occult rituals 'hidden in plain sight' because they need our colletive 'energy' for it. They are losing it.Only the twist is they *still* don't tell us the reason behind all the rituals.. *that* remains a secret.. funny isn't it? The ultimate in betrayal of humanity and all that is good and pure.

      • But you know the reason right? Satan's goal has always been to 'steal, kill and destroy' the human soul. These Satanists are deceived people thru whom Satan is carrying out his age old hate of humanity by stealing, killing and destroying souls. The goal now is to put the antichrist on the throne to rule humanity under a one world dictatorship. To that end the world is marching along.

  154. Well i read somewhere that the 'pope' Nicki Minaj was performing with was a (5th degree?) freemason . This doesnt really surprise me.

  155. There was this very famous story (English literature) loved by children and adults alike called “The lion, the witch and the wardrobe”. It depicted the lion as an allegory to Jesus Christ. When a boy, Edmund became the traitor (who was in the service of the witch) but repented later, the deep magic or the law said that every traitor must forfeit their lives to the Witch. The lion willingly sacrificed his life on Edmund’s behalf and the killing took place on the Stone Table. He was killed by an odd stone knife of an evil shape. The novel's depiction of the lion’s death and resurrection is a clear allusion to the biblical story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

    When the lion was resurrected, it was explained that there was a deeper magic that the witch did not know. But if she could have looked a little further back, before Time dawned, she would have known that when a willing victim who had committed no treachery was killed in a traitor’s stead, the Table would crack and Death itself would start working backward.

    I realise that teaching this book is no longer a coincidence and I can use this story as an allegory to Whitney’s sacrifice. In a way, it’s giving me some comforting or a plausible answer to her fate beyond death.

    She wrote her life before she was born. She, as a soul decided that this was what it was to be, a sacrifice just like an allusion to the crucifixion of Jesus. If they had chosen people like her or Diana and since blood ritual sacrifices are practised fervently since time immemorial, they must be significant souls. Even though her mind and physical body could not comprehend the pain and suffering of the ritual, her soul knew better.

    The soul, knew the contract she had signed for whatever reason and became the willing victim who in this life committed no treachery but forfeited her life to the satanists. Thus, her sacrifice did not go in vain and I am sure her sacrifice is for a greater good, for the black community or the whole country maybe. I don’t think I would know for whom she had sacrificed but she had completed and fulfilled the signed contract and thus resurrected in some way that I couldn’t comprehend or spiritually, she is now in the realm of God.

    I just miss her so much. She is the bravest woman I know, taking into consideration of all that she had gone through and most importantly, someone who had played the ultimate role of a sacrificial lamb for the lower deities. That is brave. Being mind conditioned, she overcame the odds and still had majesty, power, passion and love in her music. She never once blamed her life on God in public. That is a valiant and bold effort. If it were me, I think I would have collapsed in a heap long time ago. Unfortunately, even fans and critics panned her as the fallen angel with a paradoxical life of descent to drugs and self-destruction.

    There are masses within the general populace who are simply subject to years of psychological warfare conditioning. The general populace ignorantly believe we have a free and unfettered press. We criticise those whom we deem unfit but little do we realise that we are also part of the problem in entirety. Instead of criticising each other because of different interpretations or perspective in life, we had better understand that we are really all one people in the entire cosmos. We are all one people in the entire universe, one in universal consciousness and one in universal understanding.

    • "The soul, knew the contract she had signed for whatever reason and became the willing victim who in this life committed no treachery but forfeited her life to the satanists. Thus, her sacrifice did not go in vain and I am sure her sacrifice is for a greater good, for the black community or the whole country maybe. I don’t think I would know for whom she had sacrificed but she had completed and fulfilled the signed contract and thus resurrected in some way that I couldn’t comprehend or spiritually, she is now in the realm of God."

      I am sorry but this really does not make sense.

      Her life was forfeited to satanists… a greater good…and then because she fulfilled her role for Satan (sacrificially so of course) she is now with God???

      Wow…this line of thinking seems to be drawn from the occult world.

      I do not know who Whitney served in this world, be it herself, persons, a deity or Satan, none of us will ever know, however your writing tells me how truly effective "The Industry" has been in creating idol worship, so much so you can exonerate anyone of anything based on stardom, looks, a beautiful voice and perceived innocence.

    • A lot of New Age hogwash combined with Christian allegory to promote the Luciferian doctrine. Be careful of what you believe. No one make contracts (with God or the devil) before they're born. I bet she was not a willing sacrifice when she was being drowned. If she was murdered she was not a willing victim. Her aunt, Dione Warwick, is into astrology, which God calls witchcraft. Whitney may have dabbled in witchcraft, thereby opening a doorway for Satan to claim legal rights to her life. A warning to anyone dabbling in 'harmless' witchcraft. There is no such thing as 'harmless' witchcraft, whether it is astrology, bones, tarot cards, you name it – they all open doorways to the demonic side and you will get burned unless you repent and close those doors. Whitney had dark influences in her life – they may very well have been instrumental in her demise – whether she is in heaven or hell only God knows and our speculation and wishful thinking are not going to take her out of one (heaven or hell) and into the other (hell or heaven).

  156. vigilant through V.C on

    Great article! To add I think that whitney's death/sacrifice was in a way used to "cushion" the display of ritualistic role play towards the general public by giving them something else to weigh in on their minds, thus taking away their ability to distinguish just how evil the perfomances were.

  157. I was waiting for this article Vigilant! I knew that something was right about Whitney's death (RIP Whitney :( ) and I was disgusted to see Nicki's performance! And did anybody else notice when Lady Gaga said Whitney's name when accepting the award kind of dark music funeral like music started playing in the backround?!

  158. Thanks VC for confirming everything I wittnessed during the Grammy's. They are so blatantly open about what they do now, it's as if they want everyone to know. They couldn't be more obvious. I think the next to go will be DMX, Adele, or Mel Gibson. DMX and Mel are both experiencing bad press and media attacks at this point. I think both began to fall from the industries good graces. Adele speaking on retirement, and leaving the industry for a while is telling me she was offered something that she didn't agree with. Something that was priced far too high. The industry will give one last effort at taking her over, and if she denies them again, then I think we will be reading about her death very soon. Look out for the Academy Awards, I have a feeling something big will go down on that day….

  159. I knew VC was gonna comment on the Grammy's and thank God you did. As regards Nicki's Grammy, it was more than obvious that she has serious ties with the occult. Shame to her and all her fans.

  160. I believe Whitney's death was a sacrifice for several artists (Adele, Jennifer Hudson, etc.) The one I keep thinking about is Rihanna. Her album Talk That Talk was released Nov 21, 2011 (emphasis on "11" month & year). The first song on the tracklist has Whitney-inspired lyrics: "My love is your love, your love is mine." The final song is also titled "Farewell." Odd, don't you think?

    What's also interesting is her hit "We Found Love" has become her biggest hit to date. It's about "finding love in a hopeless place" & the video has been heavily discussed about being about her dysfunctional relationship with Chris Brown. But while we're on the topic of Whitney's death, could the video be about Whitney's relationship with Bobby Brown? The drugs are there, the arguments, the random sexual encounters in random hotel rooms. The boyfriend in the video even acts disturbed. Rihanna has even died her hair brown this era for some odd reason like Whitney's.

    It's also interesting to point out that she has two other singles out at the moment but decided to perform "We Found Love" at the grammys. Immediately afterwards, she joined Coldplay to sing "Princess of China," which has been floating around as a single for a few months. Sounds like the sacrifice made her "Princess." Why perform these two specific songs at the Grammys?

    Other than that, Rihanna & Whitney have 1 thing in common: they hardly have any involvement in songwriting and rely on producer's skill to succeed. Maybe the similarities were one of the reasons why Rihanna's involvement was used in the sacrifice? We also cannot forget that Rihanna's boss is Jay-Z & she also is best friends with Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, and also cool with Beyonce as well. Did I also mention that Stargate, her main producers (nice name btw!), gave her a portrait of Whitney Houston for her birthday?

    Then again, maybe I'm crazy and reading too much into Rihanna's involvement.

  161. I'm speechless…

    Nicki Minaj's face is just the saddest thing to behold…there's no life.

    Does Jennifer Hudson not see that the same thing could happen to her in 15 years' time?

    And exactly why does someone like Whitney fall out of favour? Is it practical reasons like being to old, or what? This isn't a hypothetical, philosophical question…I'm hoping someone will answer.

  162. I actually watched the Grammys and I was really perplexed as to why LL Cool J was performing. Then I realized that he has his crime show on the same station which is CBS. CBS has the all seeing eye as it's logo. So I was watching the commercials and I saw something so blatant that LL Cool J did. He did that ok symbol over the eye thing-INSIDE OF THE CBS ALL SEEING EYE. Quite creepy. Did anybody else see it? Ladies Love Cool James, but I'm not sure if I do any longer.

  163. While most of this is intriguing, I simply can't agree with the part about Adele being the "rebirth" of the new megastar. Look, I get that the Illuminati has their specific artists used to push their agenda, but it's not inconceivable to think an artist can be successful due to the quality of their talent and music. Besides, Adele hardly fits the mold of "the dark side." She sings about heartbreak, not sex, riches and mind control. She's not the physical standard of what you'd expect from an Illuminati driven artist. She's just that good! God forbid an artist get recognized for making a quality album.

    • Everybody llllooooovvveeee's Adele and she just can't be part of this sinister industry. Do you know how it works, really? Did you see how everyone love-bombed her at the Grammy's. There is a cost for her level of success. The level of success she is having is near if not EXACTLY the kind Whitney had in her day. And anyone here that remembers that time will agree. I'm sorry, but Adele is no different. The light is shining on her now. She will have to play the game like the rest of them or be gone too.

  164. "I had a manager once say to me, ‘ You know you’re worth more money dead than alive.’"

    This reminds me of a surreal scene in the movie, Tropic Thunder.

    In the scene, Ben Stiller's character, Tugg Speedman, was captured by thugs and residing inside the, "Flaming Dragon Compound".

    Meanwhile, Tom Cruise's character, Les Grossman, was discussing the missing celeb, Tugg, and the topic shifted to Tugg being worth more dead than alive, and pitches a deal to Tugg's manager, while doing a dance to some wild music. The look in Cruise's eyes, the expressions on his face, coupled with his wild dancing when talking of this, "deal" was scary, almost like a deal with the devil moment.

    Here is the particular scene:

    Les Grossman: Speedman is a dying star. A white dwarf headed for a black hole. That's physics. It's inevitable.

    Studio Executive Rob Slolom: We've been handed an incredible opportunity here, Peck.

    Les Grossman: The universe… is talking to us right now. You just gotta listen.

    [turns on Flo Rider's "Low" and begins to dance to the beat]

    Les Grossman: See, this is the good part, Pecker. This is when the job gets fun! Ask… and you shall receive!

    Studio Executive Rob Slolom: [dancing along] Right…

    Les Grossman: You play ball… we play ball. I knoowwww… you want the goodies!

    Studio Executive Rob Slolom: Welcome to the goodie room!

    Les Grossman: You paying attention? I'm talking… G5, Pecker! That's how you can roll. No more frequent flyer bitch miles for my boy! Oh yeah! Playa… playa! Big dick playa!

    Studio Executive Rob Slolom: Swinging past ya knees!

    Les Grossman: Big dick, baby!

    Studio Executive Rob Slolom: Yep.

    Les Grossman: [turns off the music] Or… you can grow a conscience in the next five minutes and see where that takes you.

    Rick Peck: Let me get this straight. You want me to let my client of 15 years, one of my best friends, die in the jungle alone, for some money and a G5?

    Les Grossman: Yes.

    Rick Peck: [pause] A G5 airplane?

    Les Grossman: [whispering] Yes… and lots of money… playaaaa!

    [turns on the music and dances again]


    Maybe Randy Quaid is not far off after all, when he mentioned, "Star Wackers", Google it and him for the details.

    I found the Growing Pains star, Josh Andrew Koenig's, aka "Boner", suicide very strange as well, if it really was a suicide.

    Apart from celeb deaths, Google the mysterious case of Rebecca Nalepa, and how the media started to dig into the mysterious death (Dr. Phil even got involved) until a story about Natalie Wood's mysterious death came out of nowhere (great timing, Illuminati, you scum bags!) and pushed Rebecca's story out of the way and finally Wood's news dropped off the radar and of course, Rebecca's death vanished.

    If you examine the patterns in national/world news, you begin to notice trends, stories which "they" want buried become buried by distraction, usually related stories they dig up from the past but they have many methods of buring unfavorable stories.

    When the world is dominated by secretive intelligence agencies, when they've bragged time and time again about owning all of the media in their country, when content is tightly controlled and dissenters suddenly go mute or disappear, how can we have any faith in celebs being any more than carefully managed pawns/drones with dope piled on by an operative in their life to corrupt them.

  165. As soon as I saw / heard of her death , I went "sacrifice". I think the singing of her popular song by J. Hudson at the awards, happened way to fast to be last minute. I think it was planned. I was touched to see her family bury her in the church cemetary and hold her funeral in the church where she sang. It is pretty obvious whatever or whoever tried to claim her at the end, she was most likely a Christian woman and now resides with Jesus. There her voice is truly used for the gift it was meant to be. CAn't wait to meet her someday.

  166. Oh please, she was a drug addict. It seems to me that it has become a fashion to convert into martyrs all these pop symbols that had more mental problems than the joker himself.

    Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Whiney Houston, etc. All of them were plagued by mental problems, and not everything is because of the freaking illuminati. Now out of nowhere, once they're dead people start stories that they were fighting those evil forces. Which is not true at all, all of those faded stars are just people that wanted to KEEP being in the hollywood matrix, its not like they were against it. Be honest to yourself, what was so special about Whitney Houston? Yes of course she had a nice voice, but she was no Sara Brightman not an Opera Diva, she was simply a pop star that was addicted to cocaine and crack. What's enlightened about a being like that?

    I believe the Illuminati exist, its quite obvious and I think that they want people to know that they exist. But they're not guilty for most of the things they're blamed of. To begin with, we are the only guilty actor of our own fate. If humanity is suffering its not because they're oppresed by this nasty people, everyone has put his grain of salt into contribuiting with their pyramid.

    As even VC has stated, there are fields in which the Illuminati are much more powerful, they control the food industry, economy, politics, the United Statios, even. If things are to be changed, is because the masses start attacking and revolutionizing those fields. You think something is going to change simply because you stop listening to Nicky Minaj? at the end of the day I believe that somewhere in Paris some Rothschilds are having some nice caviar, drinking some good chateau mouton, while making some cheers for the stupidity of humanity and how they''ve managed to make people love that crap that is the mainstream music of our days.

    • Perhaps if you were abused and/or mind-controlled from a child to the point of insanity and developed DID or splintered personalities, you would take a couple drinks or pop a couple pills just to make it through the day too.

  167. I need to say this quick before I get going with my day. I wanna come back and read some comments as I was also waiting eagerly for this article. First what struck me about Nicki's performance was "Roman Holiday". I've long heard stories about the horrific origins of these so called holidays "holy days" or as I call them un-holy days. Stop celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's, Halloween etc. Learn about the true origins of these holidays. They are sick and twisted. They also take away the REAL meaning of what is supposed to be celebrated. Like Christmas and Easter for example. Santa or Satan–who lets their young children sit on an old man's lap willingly–who is also a stranger. Don't you see the pedophilia behind it? Easter — what do egg laying rabbits and chocolates have to do with the ressurection of Yahoshua? NOTHING! Eggs in rituals have to do with sexuality. The bunny/bunny ears mostly has something to do with some Egyptian sex goddess (I'm just throwing this out there I don't have the time to go back to the exact facts but it is true). Rihanna's S&M vid, her performance with Britney while they're wearing bunny ears–makes you wonder what the purpose is plus the whole Playboy Bunny thing came to mind. These un-holy days are a way to get the general population to participate in their sick twisted rituals and an excuse to make you feel inadequate — you feel like you HAVE to spend money you don;t have. You put that money into these same sick f***ers pockets. And it;s a known fact that suicide rates skyrocket during the holidays–they have to get something out of that too. Thanksgiving is really the celebration of Europes agenda of mass genocide of the Native North Americans and enslavement of stolen African's. I REFUSE to clelebrate Columbus day. Do some REAL research. They don't teach you in school that this guy helped to kick start the slave trade and mass genocide of the natives. He used to allow his people to rape, torture and kill the Aboriginals and Africans in the most horrific ways you could imagine. Who celebrates a child molesting genocidal rapist? Americans who are NOT conscious. Remembrance day — why do we wear poppys when it is a known fact that this is where heroin comes from? WWI was a war about the control of drugs I believe. That was also around the time they INVENTED the Middle East – which is really parts of Africa and Eurasia (not Europe–why are white people known as CaucASIANS?) Europe does not actually exist.

    I don't care if it is a total stranger I would not have a party with a dead body in the building that's sick, twisted and deranged. As a God Father Clive should have been more concerned with Bobbi Kristina's welfare than a dumbass party. Which is why I believe she was sacrificed and this was deliberate. I would have NEVER invited him to the funeral on that account alone. Which makes me wonder about Cissy Houston's role in all of this.

    I HATED JHud's rendition of I will Always Love You — the WORST version of that song. I never cared for that woman and I dislike her even more and I've yet to hear of her having any die hard fans. I personally doubt she will ever be on Whitney's level. She can't she doesn't have a voice that affects you in that way. I wasn't moved AT ALL by her whack performance. Brandy can go kick rocks because she hasn't had a decent career since "The Boy Is Mine" I've always liked Monica and she's always continued with her career but I have to wonder now. She hasn't had the same success since her song with Missy Elliot.

    Adele wants to go on hiatus–she's the only that can do what Whitney has done or even come close to it. Don't be surprised if they off her too. She's made such a big wave this year and has done so well. I doubt they will just let her take a 5 – 6 year break. I think deep down Adele has a bad feeling about all this. I saw Adele's reaction to the MTV VMA's (I think) when GaGa dressed as a man an was acting all fucked up (personally I believe she was possessed–I doubt she's that good of an actor) . Adele had a disgusted and confused look on her face.

    During the Grammy's though Gaga looked like she was in shock and on the verge of tears at some points. Especially when they were announcing nominees before announcing the winner. She seemed disturbed by something — maybe she was having a lucid moment and was wondering WTF was going on. When she thanked WH the year before some creepy ass music came on at the EXACT time she started to thank WH. That HAD to be a sign.

    Adele's middle name is Blue, The Carters introduced Blue Ivy to the world the same day or day before Whitney died. WH didn't want to wear a blue dress to the party. I read somewhere that the Empire State building was blue the night Blue Ivy was born. I truly believe Beyonce's daughter will be ritually abused by Sean — I hope not but I see it coming. Look at who and what her parents represent? She will not be able to choose her own life it will be chosen for her.

    I'm so grateful that so many other people are actually AWAKE and not walking around with Eyes Wide Shut. Stay SELF educated and SELF thinking. Shalom.

    • Nice.

      Anywho, only time will tell to find out what Shawn Carter (aka Guy Woodhouse) will make of Blue Ivy.

      And as for JHud, she should consoderreturning her Oscar (a la George C. Scott) if she doesn't want to be corrupted or exploited.

    • Great post, especially about the Roman holidays. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s, Halloween etc. We have all been indoctrinated what to believe. They lied to us about their true meanings and we joined in. It's all out there on what they really are. Maybe the music industry's puppets are their sinister prophets.

  168. Re: Celine Dion

    Now, I dont know bout y'all..but I have a newfound respect for Celine in light of her comments regarding the music industry, it's so true.. most artists have interwoven their lives with their profession.

    Re: Ray- J

    Cmon now, Am I the only one that thinks theres something real WRONG and FISHY bout this dude? Whitney handing the note to his shocked sister..and he apparently found her body yet Whitneys Sister in law,daughter and brother were all about the hotel on that day?.. Something just doesnt add up here.

    Once again VC another very well written analysis and yes like your many readers, I had your site bookmarked for latest articles.

    I noticed a common attribute in those words regarding 'worth more dead' in reading the following article in which Mtv also claim that most of the artists that have recently passed away had huge boosts in sales after their death.


    I also noted some real strange things on VH1 and Mtv Australia unlike the deaths of Mj and Amy..Whitneys death hasnt spurred an influx of tributes or video montages of the late singer. As in the death of other icons ,it was 24hrs a day for up to a week watching film clips,interviews and other snippets of their lives. Here in australia beyonce/adele have taken over the airways lately.

    • Good post, but remember Celine is managed and controlled by her old handler husband since she was a teen and still making money for "them" via her Las Vegas shows, pulling in a lot of dough.

  169. According to Merriam Webster;

    Definition of ROMAN HOLIDAY


    : a time of debauchery or of sadistic enjoyment

    : a destructive or tumultuous disturbance : riot

    • I had to Google this when I saw your reply and look at what I found. PEOPLE PLEASE encourage your children to read the dictionary and read books outside of what they approve in school. According to thefreedictionary.com:

      Roman Holiday:

      1. Enjoyment or satisfaction derived from observing the suffering of others

      2. A violent public spectacle or disturbance in which shame, degradation or physical harm is intentionally inflicted on one person or group by another.

      3. ENTERTAINMENT or pleasure that depends on the suffering of others.

      4. Enjoyment or PROFIT derived from others' discomfort or suffering, based on the gladiator matches enjoyed by ancient Romans

      Gladiators were slaves who had managers that also profited from them surviving these perilous games. All in the sake of entertainment

  170. Did anyone else notice that Chris Brown's performance came on the heels of the Whitney Houston tribute? Houston, of course, being a victim of abuse herself at the hands of her husband of 15 years, Bobby Brown, who was charged with battery in 2003 for leaving Houston with a bruised cheek and cut lip and threatening to "beat her a**."

  171. what is the obssession with doing demonic performances? i know that these artist want to be "different" or "shock" people. but when does it end? why cant artist just make music? thats why its so sad whenever somebody like whitney houston or etta james dies…the good old days of music. these days all these artists care about is their plastic body parts, how many sex taes they sell, how extreme their behavior is, and how bad they can shock the world. well its getting old real fast. why cant artist just be themselves and make good music. i mean like some new songs, but at the end of the day..alot of them are beginning to suck. i use to like lady gaga around the poker face, just dance, starstruck days. but now..she kinda scares me. creeps me out. and i did like nicki minaj..but her last few songs are very corny..kinda dumb. stupid hoe might possibly be the most stupid song ive ever heard. i have been reading this site for over a year or so…and while i agree with some stuff vc says, i wasnt always 100% sure about the selling the soul thing..but now i just feel like even if they arent really in a secret cult or something..they are willing to anything to have fame..even abandon all morals & self respect. abandoning your life, your religion, forgetting who you are…maybe it is a secret society that you have to be a part of..but would they really kill for the cause?

  172. "Another little fact: Whitney’s room number was 434 – which in Qabbalistic numerology equals 11 (4+3+4)."

    Perhaps even more symbolic, numerologically speaking, is the fact that when you factor the two "4s" the number reads 22322, from which you get a mirror image of both Masonic-occult numbers 23 and 32, as well as the skull and bones number, 322. You also get 2×11 on each end (22). The two fours are perfect "squares" bookending the number 3, associated with Trinity.

  173. Blackbutterfly on

    I was so sad the day she passed away , i noticed the date and the weird party going on while her body was still at the hotel , so much like a sacrifice.

    She is with the Lord now, no more crap in her life , shes in heaven and for that, we must be grateful, because we know shes better now.

  174. I'm so glad you finally posted about this. People all over were so shocked and confused as to why they would have allowed such a terrible and dishonorable performance depicting such malice and death right after the death of one of 'their favorites'. And thank you for delving into Nicki's, ahem, Roman's performance. I actually discussed the 'Christian' Laurianne Gibson who was the Creative Director and choreographer behind Nicki's performance. Pretty interesting stuff. http://wp.me/p15xJX-gR

    As always, great work, VC!!!

  175. I was waiting for this article to be posted !! I knew this wasn't just a coincidence.Nicki Minaj's performance was so creepy 😮 I'm 17 years old and research alot about the illuminati and try to tell everyone about them,but they just think I'm crazy -_- They'll see I was right when the NWO comes and tries to take over.I still feel like the people who believe in Jesus Christ (like me) can take them down and they'll stop pusing their agenda if no one listens or buys their garbage (music,etc). That's all I have to say.

  176. I killed my television years ago. I thank myself for waking up and throwing it away.

    I am all the more thankful that vigilant citizen has kept me vigilant, and able to avoid such spectacles.

    I appreciate someone willing to stand firm and witness what is occurring, with awareness, so that the information can be spread to the masses that are also waking up without having to witness it as well.

    Just reading this article, the most powerful of them all collected here, I pray and set the intention of protection for the messenger, and urge the rest of you to do so as well.

    I also urge you all to turn that television off now, and desist from all access to it. Clearly, and this is coming from a Buddhist, the powers that control the mass communications are setting evil out into the world. That is their intention. Sometimes it is best to let pride and curiosity go, have faith that your spiritual self is strong enough to repel such demonic infuelence, and realize you need not subject yourself to it.

    Everyone who has viewed that spectacle has been touched by the energy of the intention of releasing evil. It need not matter what faith you prescribe, the root is that there are people behaving with evil intent, and are projecting that energy out en mass.

    Turn it off entirely. None of it can be trusted. Not one ounce, not one glowing pixel. In doing so, you save your own self from wasting pure energy trying to shake that negativity off of you. You also starve the beast.

    Stand entirely outside of the glowing box, and know that it continues to hold many in hypnotic trance, delivering nothing but lies, fantasy, and captivity. Open your heart and pray that the yoke be broken for all still shackled.

    vigilant, take a look at those stars above. There is a crisp clear alignment of Jupiter and Venus, and will stand bright for the entire world to see with the moon on the 25th. Tis another coincidence.

  177. Whitney's death on

    Whitney's death is symbolic on many levels. She NEVER turned away from God, she was very true to her faith, yes she went down hill with drugs but lets be honest, there's ALWAYS a deeper message behind it. Anyway I personally believe she was an example, her death was like "death to Christianity/Christians" another symbolism of down with religion. Notice how Nicki never got rid of her demon on performance but embraced it instead.

    Also it's scary how much people hate Christians now, I mean seriously, I recently saw post of someone basically ridiculing the teaching of Creation of God, claiming it to be a form of child abuse because the guy was saying evolution is a fraud, which it is, all evidence has turned out to be false, the "fossils" don't connect like they've evolved from A to B, but instead proves creationism even more by showing such a difference from one another. ANYWAY I basically said to the guy, who happened to be a musician called William Control, saying "it's a theory, get a grip" which lead to a debate about evolution, his evidence was a book by Richard Dawkins, which isn't evidence in my eyes, I replied with several articles on how evolution is false, which then lead onto his stans hating on me for believing in God, being rediculed for being a believer. YET NO ONE COULD PROVE THAT GOD DOESN'T EXIST. One guy even claimed I was weak, saying I only believed in God thinking I'll "live forever" and scared of death, which i laughed at.

    My point is that, this wasn't normal, like why were they so bothered that I didn't agree with them and that I'm Christian. It's funny cause these people made out Christianity was a dictatorship but these people were doing exactly that!

    • i don't know where you live but i live in the us and here people are still very christian. i believe 80 percent of americans go to church regularly. most people are still very conservative, at least where i live. do you live in europe? i heard there its less religious. most of america is still very christian, they still haven't gotten here i suppose. if someone insulted christianity here a lot of people would get mad and i live in the north it's way more conservative in the south. but anyway regarding nicki's performance, she committed suicide at the ends i think. also in my school they teach both creationism and evolution and personally i'm not religious so evolution makes more sense to me but who knows maybe i need to research creationism more.

    • Evolution is as 'true' as it gets in science.

      But if you ever want to understand science, you have to stop speaking in terms of being a "believer" or asking if something is "true".

      Fundamentally, science is not about deciding whether something is "true"; science is not about "belief"; science is about *UNDERSTANDING*. Does a concept help us *understand* nature because it (a) fits with our current observations; and (b) allows us to predict new observations? That's what matters,

      So evolution is "true" in the sense that it has been verified by mountains of evidence (existing observations about genetics, DNA, proteins, morphology, embryology, fossils, biogeography, etc. etc.), and has allowed us to make predictions (such as the location and layer of soil in which we will find certain fossils, or signs of fusion in one of our chromosomes, or that DNA markers will be consistent with signs of inheritance in the DNA). Literally *thousands* of facts have confirmed evolution for the last 150 years.

      So that's why evolution is as 'true' as it gets in science.

      If something helps understanding, then we call it a 'theory' … a theory in science is an EXPLANATION for evidence … an explanation that fits the evidence.

      That's why anybody who uses the phrase "still a theory" or "only a theory" … doesn't understand *science*, let alone evolution. They think that 'theory' means "a claim we are not sure is true" … or "not yet a fact." That's not what 'theory' means.

      It's not just that they have the wrong understanding of evolution … but they will have the wrong understanding about EVERYTHING in science if they think that gravity is 'true', or atoms, or molecules, or photons, or electrons, or any of the other concepts we call 'theories' … and always will.

      And people learn this false, incorrect understanding of science because Creationism doesn't care about building a consistent, coherent view of science … Creationism is entirely about casting doubt on specific core concepts of science … like evolution. Creationist arguments are always, always about *tearing down* concepts … never, ever about *building them up*, never about *constructing* concepts from the ground up that have consistency, and lead to better *understanding* (as measured in predictions).

      And that is fundamentally what is horrible about Creationism … not that it teaches false understandings of evolution … but that it teaches false understanding of ALL OF SCIENCE. You're entitled to you're opinion but just because the illuminati is against religion doesn't make religion any better.

  178. What's even weirder is Alexander McQueen died on February 11, 2010. 2 years before Whitney Houston and one year before Born This Way was released.

  179. WOH! Ok I have read almost every comment posted on this article..I have some major issues i wanna voice out..

    1. when did this blog become a christian/Jesus forum? If you are reading this blog then surly u must have half a brain to know that Jesus and the concept of Christianity was developed by the secret societies to control the mass..so maybe stop bible bashing and get back to facts.

    2. I read a lot about people being scared etc.. and what will the children do!? Ok well if the children had a better education system from home (as in the parents teaching them the truth and turn the bad influences off and not give in to their kids' demand) then what is it to fear!? We let TV, Internet, Movies etc be the parental guide to our children then we sit up here bible bash and blame THEM where the finger is best point at ourselves..

    3. If you don't want these forces to success maybe stop typing BS here and actually do something about it. Dont support the system and the system will fail.

    4. Whitney, Michael and the gang have perished but with their deaths we as consumers have supported their demise by repurchasing their music and actually fueling the greed system which they are a victim of..

    RIP Whitney this was obviously her path and lets in unison bring down this system of manipulation that we are living in..

    • Yes and your evidence to support your claim that Jesus was created by secret societies?

      Seems to me there is some effort on your part to control people's respectful expression of their Christian beliefs on this forum…maybe you belong to a secret society…seems like a logical conclusion to me based on your unsubstantiated claims.

    • Oh and I think the term is "bible thumping."

      And did you know that term was created to by secret societies to create hate against Christians. (sarcasm here)

      Yes it is the right / left dichotomy played out a million different ways.

      Thesis/Antithesis = Synthesis

      Time for "world peace" Madonna's got us pointed in that direction.

      We just need to get the resisters out of the way and those bible thumpers! (sarcasm again)

  180. Priscilla Kyla Sloan on

    You know Whitney was originally supposed to be in the film Dreamgirls… Years before they actually made it, production was cancelled when Whitney was a part of the project. Then when they finally made it, Jennifer wins an oscar for her performance. Definitely, passed her the torch. She's also another amazing performer that suffered through a very publicized and severe tragedy. Nikki Minaj was also a part of that crazy, ritualistic superbowl performance. So many eerie coincidences. Synchronicity.

  181. It's times like this I wonder what a sensible, level-headed, rational individual would say about this fucking mess with the Illuminati and I wonder how to we should go about dismantling this insidious breakaway culture of crazy sadistic murderers and child molesters who use trauma and mind-altering drugs to brainwash innocent people. Unfortunately, "logical" people tend to dismiss anything so "conspiracy" flavored out of hand, so we're left with a bunch of zealous religious types.

    It makes life very hard for people like me, who are brave enough to look this evil in the eye and stand firm, but who are too intelligent to believe in a biblical explanation for this travesty. As a matter of fact, I hold the christian faith primarily responsible for the existence of the Illuminati. A combination of pious bigotry and racism is exactly the mix of emotions which led to all humans unwilling to conform with that cult-like mentality to form secret societies and cults of their own to "counter-balance" it. We're all suffering from the echoes of that mentality and its consequences. It's kept alive by our inability to "wake up" and face reality without all this bastardized spirituality interfering with our capacity to treat each other with sanity and compassion.

    Why does such incredible darkness exist in distilled form at the height of our social stratosphere? Because our own inner darkness joins together to creates them. I doubt many of them are happy either. The Illuminati are not like mythical demons or monsters. They're human beings, subject to all the stresses and vices as the rest of us. The only prophecy involved in any of this is that damnable self-fulfilling prophecy. Your beliefs are responsible for the reality that we all share. If you believe in demons and monsters, and go witch-hunting for hundreds of fucking years, of course you're going to end up with a world full of demons and monsters in the end. You can't bring about good by doing evil. We're living with that karma now.

    "Satan" didn't do this. Your own cognitive dissonance did. Ditto for your ancestors. We collectively brainwash and medicate our own children, friends and family members. We traumatize them into being like we want them to be. It creates a partition in the personality which shields your fragmented core personality. That's what the ego is. An alter to please abusive entities. That would make your so-called "inner child" the core. Your social brainwashing is the hypnotic programming which allows MKUltra-style methods to survive and operate in the dark, impervious to all opposition. The lunatics have overtaken the asylum because the guards were irresponsible and the doctors were all fucktards.

    I know it's painful and scary, but we're not gonna get help from a fictional character in a two thousand year old bedtime story, any more than we can expect somebody like Superman to arrive in a rocket from another planet to assume responsibility. Face reality without any of the bullshit as a crutch. Expecting deities to help you is like expecting your parents to handle your adult affairs. It's fucking pathetic! God or not, this world is YOUR responsibility! Anybody who says different is nothing but a charlatan and a con artist. You can't rely on outside authorities to take care of you. They won't. They'll just enslave and exploit you. I don't care if it's a church or a school or a government or a circle of friends. That's why good teachers say you should resist peer pressure and question everything, even though it undermines their own authority eventually.

    There's a lot of bullshit out there. If you can keep your head while others are losing theirs, it gives you an opportunity to react effectively to a situation and made a calculated decision. Hysteria begets hysteria, and violence begets only more violence. Use your heart and your mind, heed your intuition, and heal yourself completely before you even attempt to bother others. We all need to be deprogrammed somewhat. Be wary of anyone who claims to have all the answers. Defeating the Illuminati requires that you choose to be more open and loving, becoming everything that they are not. Holding onto any animosity at all just drags out our conflicts.

    • Thank you! As much as I believe we should look out for negative influences WE need to be the change we want to see as Michael Jackson said. Bring something positive to the table. Part of the blame is the life we live. I like to share my own ideas and findings with the hopes that people will go find a damn book and READ it for themselves. We need to stop allowing ourselves to be spoon fed everything and get to work. That is also part of the deprogramming that I think ALL people need to do. Take a long vacation into nature somewhere with no TV or computers or STUPID phones and read something that they wouldn't dare to put in a school library lest the children acquire useful knowledge.

      Living in FEAR is NOT the answer. Even the Bible tells you to FEAR NOT Yet people eat up the fear-mongering propaganda bullshit that's fed to them regularly by the TELL-LIE-VISION. Most religions use fear/scare tactics and conformity to keep their followers in line and THAT is satanic in itself. Weapons of mass destruction are not guns, tanks, or bombs it's the fuckry they put in your head that they convince you you need to be afraid of which is no real threat AT ALL. Critical thinking seems to be greatly lacking. I'm not afraid of "Arab looking men" my best friend is Arabic for God sakes. You SHOULD be wary of a government that's been enslaving its people and the world since day one and that is America and all the "1st world alliances.

      I LOVE when people–especially politicians–talk about "the foundations of our country and the vision of the founding fathers"…blah blah *vomit* Any critical thinker with 2 brain cells to rub together knows the founding fathers wrote laws and rules that catered only to white males of British decent they didn't even like the Irish, French, eastern Europeans etc or any other "race" of whites. These laws were not written for women, people of colour, the young or the very old. These founding fathers were degenerates, criminals, and ruthless for the most part. Yet people quote and look up to them as if they would wipe their asses for them. These "founding fathers" owned slaves black AND white (the Irish mostly). WE need to SAVE OURSELVES.

      FEAR is a weapon of mass destruction.

      Go to youtube and listen to Faithless – "Mass Destruction" that song sums it all up

      • Hey, cut the founding fathers some slack. Earth history is almost like a game of Warhammer 40k in proper retrospect. There are loads and loads of "rules" which go funny things to our ability to play effectively when everybody's ignorant and violent and quasi-primitive cult-worshipers.

        The Illuminati are a product of their environment as much as we are a product of it, as I said. It's not like you have ordinary virtuous people and then a bunch of slave-owning overlords deciding everything. We had to literally blow ourselves back to sanity, and even that didn't totally work.

        Culturally, we are the equivalent of a half-dead stroke victim just trying to remember what do do with a toilet. Ain't pretty. There are people out there desperately re-creating the battle of Armageddon as we speak.

        Fortunately there is hope, for those with the heart to see it. You only need to learn where to look. It takes more faith than any organized religion demands and better critical thinking skills than most scientists have cultivated, but there IS a way to beat this. We have to be brave, this one time. No running away, or we'll regret it. No knee-jerk, lizard-brained thinking is gonna solve this one either. We're sharing the same mind, in a metaphysical sense.

        You have to resist the compulsion to react severely. Tease the problem apart. Think rationally. It's almost impossible to do, I know. They shadow government may even utilize some kind of technological device with a wide area of effect to disrupt normal thought/feeling cycles, but you have a spirit too and it can think. You can, for example, be clinically brain-dead on an operating table and still communicate clearly and lucidly with doctors. It's one of the amazing mysteries about life.

        As I expect, there may be people right now who are in a much better position than you or I to fix this mess directly, but it's our conscious energy which empowers them. The coherence of a human psyche has an effect rivaling whatever quaint tricks are being used on us, and it can heal the wounds in reality because we are co-creators. Obviously I can't go into tremendous detail. If you really want to understand what

      • *What I mean in detail, I suggest you go on a little adventure down the "rabbit hole" and the answers will find you. Otherwise, don't overburden yourself with minutiae. It's the big picture we're stuck on, though it's enormously helpful when you uncover the fundamental causes of this fiasco called earth history.

      • I am distantly familiar with the song in question. Bearing in mind that I'm basically still teenage, so I haven't had the benefit of long years to experiment, but the work of David Wilcock and the Law of One material has been enormously helpful to me so far.

  182. omg reading the article gave me goosebumps!! thanks VC! i forced myself to watch nicki minaj's performance to see how disgusting and atrocious it was.. and i regret spending 10 mins on it. the worst 10 mins of my life.

  183. There is definitely something evil about them keeping her body in that hotel while they partied into the evening.

    My Granny passed at a hotel in Las Vegas during a vacation. There was no time wasted in having her remains removed from the hotel, as the Coroner told us that it was against state health laws to allow her body to remain in such a public place. It has something to do with possible spread of disease, I am sure, like you see happens in natural disasters where disease can spread from unburied bodies. There are definite laws regulating the prompt removal of a deceast person from a hotel or other public venues.

    So, the Coroner's office had to be involved as well for them to allow her body to remain there for so long. We have been telling others, for years, about how the illuminati operates. You just have to watch because, everything they do, they do it out in the open. It has to be done in plain sight, or it isn't considered effectual to them. That is why they hope we are walking around with our eyes wide shut. Therefore:

    1 Peter 5:8

    Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour……

  184. Thank you to VC for both articles on Whitney's death. Interesting information about Raffles. I hope he was a friend to Whitney and her daughter and not an opportunist. I try to stay away from Roger Friedman because he'd write some good things about MJ and then he'd write some things I didn't think were nice. So, that's where I'm coming from with him. We have to be careful about believing what's out there. The press was saying that Whitney had lost her voice and I saw her sing during a Gospel program on BET that was taped in 2011. Maybe she didn't have the same voice she'd had in the 80s and 90s, but she could sing. She had not lost her voice. Also when I used to dance in clubs, I'd come out with sweaty and my hair wet. I hadn't been drinking or doing drugs. Whitney perspired anyway. We have to be careful about believing what's being reported.

  185. I always love your insights however the info about Bobby Christina is inaccurate. She was never in her mothers rooms when the death occurred, and was not allowed in at any time. She started becoming irate when she was not allowed in and they took her to hospital no doubt to be heavily medicated. The only ones allowed to stay in the room were the two or three people who initially found her including one of her Aunts. Detectives remained in the room with them until all evidence was gathered and the body removed. Chaka Khans insights about her arriving a week early are very poignant, also, it was the coming anniversary of the release of her first CD which was Feb 14, 1985. Alcohol is the root of so many of the worlds social ills. One can only wonder what kind of world society we would have become had we remained Agricultural and hemp based as we originally were with all drugs readily available an not GMoed up the wazzo. Losing her send a clear signal that anyone can be targeted now; look what they are doing to Strauss Kahn; he must have turned on the brethren and won't last long, or someone around him will have a mysterious accident. Wonder if she had cocaine in her system as well but that will take weeks. Rip Nippy

  186. VC,thank you very much for making this awesome job!

    There are many weirds things happening here,in Brazil;and just like you,i'm trying to make my best to open people's eyes.And an advice for the people who are starting now on this ''world'':

    people will disbelieve you and even make jokes about it,but for NOTHING in this world think about give up!We HAVE to resist.Keep fighting!

  187. I don't understand why some stars are allowed to live and can freely criticize the illuminati handlers and controllers without consequence. Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, etc. Can you or someone else please explain this? These people are all FREAKS! I would leave Hollywood so fast it would make your head spin! Thank you for the informative and ever well written and classy website! :-)

  188. I've been looking at this mass media control thing for a pretty long time, i always wonder, a part from just looking, analysing, reposting to other websites, what else can I do? Or in other words, What can us do to stop this or against this?

  189. I wonder if this Raffe (however you spell the devil's name) demon is the one who leaked Whitney's hotel suite picture and spreading these horrible lies (I pray they are) about Chrissi.

    I feel like deleting Erotica, Bedtime Stories, Ray Of Light, and Confession of a Dancefloor from my Ipod. It's so peculiar Madonna hasn't said one word about Whitney, when she opened the VMAs with the long weird speech (almost eulogy-like) for Michael after he got taken out. Even Barabara Streisand (yes people Barbara Streisand) came out of her fairytale world and said a few words on the behalf Whitney. And, now I'm seeing this horrible new demonic Madonna video/song with twisted images all over the video channels.

    • As sick as the whole thing makes me, Madonna is just a puppet for them too who still follows the agenda. She's still a money maker for them. Her new album/cd is MDNA her shattered-mirror personality is visual on the cover. And mdna has something to do with the beast dna that is coming. Also, she opens her tour in May in Israel (the holy land). Huge symbolism there. I personally would not be pumping her music into my ears, but I do read lyrics and watch vid's to get clues.

    • Oh my, you are right…I forgot all about Madonna's "tribute" to Michael. That was strange. There were many other people more suitable to do that at the time.

  190. somebody mentioned that Nicky sais she is the "svengali" in the lyrics of her performance.

    Following is mentioned in Wikipedia about Svengali:

    "Svengali is a fictional character of George du Maurier's 1894 novel Trilby, a hypnotist who makes the title character into a famous singer.

    The word "svengali", has come to be used as a common noun referring to a person who, with evil intent, controls another person by persuasion or deceit. The Svengali may use pseudo-kindness and manipulation to get the other person to turn over their autonomy."


  191. Whitney Houston's death was definately a human sacrifce to those who doubt. Go here and you'll read about the occultists (especially the illumanati's) human sacrifical days, and their holidays. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/cienciareal/cie

    Those who call themselves "Christian" and celebrate these pagan holidays along with the occultist might want to think twice before celebrating them anymore. Especially since our King of Kings says, "Do not worship me the way the heathen worship their gods." Not to mention He's given us seven festivals to celebrate. God loves a party. Just not a demonic one.

    Deut 12:29 – "When Yahweh your Elohim cuts off from before you the nations which you go to dispossess, and you displace them and dwell in their land,

    30 "take heed to yourself that you are not ensnared to follow them, after they are destroyed from before you, and that you do not inquire after their gods, saying, `How did these nations serve their gods? I also will do likewise.'

    31 "You shall not worship Yahweh your Elohim in that way; for every abomination to Yahweh which He hates they have done to their gods; for they burn even their sons and daughters in the fire to their gods. 32 "Whatever I command you, be careful to observe it; you shall not add to it nor take away from it.

    "You shall not worship Yahweh your Elohim in that way." Do not worship Yahweh in that way, the way of the heathen! Don't take heathen customs and try to honor Him with it. He is not honored by them. Do not add to His commandments and do not take away from His commandments.

    Both Christmas and Easter take pagan festivals and traditions and apply them to the worship of Yahweh. This is clearly condemned by God.

    In fact, the pagan customs associated with Christmas are clearly condemned in the scriptures. Here is one of them:

    Jeremiah 10:1-4 – Hear the word which Yahweh speaks to you, O house of Israel. 2 Thus says Yahweh: "Do not learn the way of the Gentiles; Do not be dismayed at the signs of heaven, For the Gentiles are dismayed at them. 3 For the customs of the peoples are futile; For one cuts a tree from the forest, The work of the hands of the workman, with the ax. 4 They decorate it with silver and gold; They fasten it with nails and hammers so that it will not topple.

    First of all, Yahweh is telling us in this verse "Do not learn the way of the Gentiles" Don't even learn it, let alone practice it and incorporate it into the worship of Yahweh! After all, shouldn't the roots of our worship be in the scriptures, rather than paganism?

    If you want to know more about this, and if you claim to love the Lord your God, go here: http://www.eliyah.com/paganexp.html

  192. Lol I KNOW I'm reaching. But in You Da One, Rihanna's Lyric is your love is my love, my love is your love. Great Article

  193. I think it's very important to note that both Whitney and Michael had expressed their discontent with the music industry and their desire to get out of it. From interviews (including the Oprah interview), and even from the show Being Bobby Brown, she has been saying for years that she wanted out of the business, that she just wanted to try to return to a normal life outside the business. In a recent interview, she even criticized the dark, occult elements of the business, and warned that people have to be careful about engaging in and indulging such elements during performances.