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The Independent Spirit Awards Began With … Witches Sacrificing a Virgin In a Black Magic Ritual

The cold open of the Independent Spirit Awards featured Aubrey Plaza and a coven of witches sacrificing a teenage boy for the movie industry. Every creepy detail of this comedy short reflects the true dark side of Hollywood.



The Independent Spirit Awards “is the premier awards event for the independent film community”. While it is theoretically an alternative to the “Hollywood mainstream”, the event is nevertheless attended by a whole lot of “Hollywood mainstream” people. In fact, its red carpet event was a typical parade of Hollywood stars wearing designer clothes.

The Independent Spirit Awards Began With ... Witches Sacrificing a Virgin In a Black Magic Ritual

Tilda Swinson wearing Haider Ackermann. Other stars present were Glenn Close, Adam Driver, Jon Hamm, Amanda Seyfried and many more.

The event’s proximity to Hollywood is not only figurative. It is literal: It took place in Santa Monica which is a short drive from Hollywood.

In a nutshell, the whole “independent film awards” thing is basically another tentacle of the giant octopus that is the entertainment industry. The same people are at the top and the same agenda flows through it. And the cold open of the Independent Spirit Awards couldn’t exemplify this fact in a more striking matter.

Cold Open

Although it is meant to be a silly comedic skit, the cold open managed to sum up Hollywood’s disgusting underbelly in four minutes.

Here’s the description of the video on YouTube:

Host Aubrey Plaza and her coven kick off the 2019 Film Independent Spirit Awards the only way possible: ancient rituals and virgin sacrifice!

Wow, sounds amazeballs!

The Independent Spirit Awards Began With ... Witches Sacrificing a Virgin In a Black Magic Ritual

The video begins with Aubrey Plaza’s coven entering a cave.

The Independent Spirit Awards Began With ... Witches Sacrificing a Virgin In a Black Magic Ritual

The coven includes female Hollywood stars Marcia Gay Harden, Rosanna Arquette, Christina Ricci, and Marisa Tomei.

Plaza tells her “sisters” gathered on the “unholiest of afternoons” to “conjure the film independent spirit.” She adds:

“Through this ancient ritual, we shall reject commercial cinema and pledge our souls to the pursuit of dangerous art”.

The Independent Spirit Awards Began With ... Witches Sacrificing a Virgin In a Black Magic Ritual

Then actor Brian Tyree Henry pops up.

He says:

“What the f***, Aubrey?’ You said it was gonna be a party, not some ****ed up white girl s**t.”

Aubrey replies:

“I’m sorry you showed up early okay, I’m doing my black magic ceremony to banish s****y sequels and lazy reboots.”

Then Henry reminds Plaza that they both just did a new Chucky movie together. The joke is that the movie is basically a lazy reboot. Speaking of witch (not a typo), let’s take a look at the official poster of Audrey Plaza’s upcoming movie Child’s Play.

The Independent Spirit Awards Began With ... Witches Sacrificing a Virgin In a Black Magic Ritual

Chucky has one eye hidden. Not surprising. After all, it is a mainstream Hollywood movie.

Then Plaza calls for the “virgin sacrifice”. Sharon Stone pops out of nowhere with the virgin: Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things. Sharon says:

“I told him I was giving him a ride to Gamestop.”

LOL! Preying on minors is amazeballs!

The Independent Spirit Awards Began With ... Witches Sacrificing a Virgin In a Black Magic Ritual

In past articles, I (sadly) predicted that the child stars of Stranger Things would end up in some stranger … things. Him playing the role of a virgin sacrifice for a bunch of Hollywood witches is one of them.

As Plaza prepares to stab Wolfhard, he yells that he is not a virgin, that all women love him and that he’s a “four-quadrant cutie”. This whole discussion about the sex life of a 16-year-old boy is rather weird.

The Independent Spirit Awards Began With ... Witches Sacrificing a Virgin In a Black Magic Ritual

Sharon Stone then says that she can get another virgin.

How come Sharon Stone has access to so many virgins? Does she have a source for Hollywood virgins? This is all rather creepy, especially considering the actual child-exploitation rings that exist in Hollywood involving high-level directors and movie stars.

Then Plaza grabs a pair of scissors and violently stabs Wolfhard about ten times as the witches laugh. Plaza yells:

“Spirit, come to me! Make me your host!”

The Independent Spirit Awards Began With ... Witches Sacrificing a Virgin In a Black Magic Ritual

Plaza’s face becomes all bloody as she’s possessed by the “spirit”.

Then, with the voice of some kind of demon, Plaza screams “Let the Independent Spirit Awards begin!”. LOL. That was amazeballs.

In Conclusion

This movie awards ceremony began with a coven of powerful witches performing a blood sacrifice in the name of the industry. Not unlike the Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the skit portrays the witches’ coven as a cool sisterhood that draws power from black magic.

The skit then trivializes the fact that the Hollywood elite actually preys on youth, abuses them and even sacrifices them. Here’s a question: Would this skit be deemed “funny” if five middle-aged men were sacrificing a 16-year-old girl? And that one man said: “I can get another virgin”? Probably not.

In short, this four-minute comedy sketch managed to sum up Hollywood’s toxic agenda, mental sickness, and deep hypocrisy.

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The Independent Spirit Awards Began With ... Witches Sacrificing a Virgin In a Black Magic Ritual

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Let’s take a moment to reflect that the mainstream culture has now become so desensitized, so drenched with this filth, that they are now openly and unashamedly streaming this kind of crap. Not so long ago this would have been gross and shocking. Even closer to our time, it would have at least been considered off the wall and inappropriate for this sort of event and showing. Now…it’s comedy. All over the course of a few short decades. And it’s speeding up. The rate at which the content becomes darker and darker and more unabashedly crude and objectively evil is speeding up in rate and intensity. Where will we be in just another 5 years at this rate, unless–I hope–something happens to bring it all down first?


Who thinks this kind of thing is funny? It’s sick, not funny.


The people that think that Saturday night live is funny when it is left wing propaganda.


Btw Wikipedia calls VC a fake news site and uses snopes,Washington post, Huffington post as their authority of judgment. The msm is trying to destroy any thing that is good and true.I will never donate another penny to Wikipedia.


You are right. I have also experienced many weird things with writing for wikipedia. It seriously is a tool of propaganda. Sadly, people regard it as authoritative.


Anyone can edit Wikipedi pagges, so it’s not their fault.


It’s their fault because they set it up so anyone could edit, without a disclaimer saying so.


It IS their fault because it is not random people changing it. It is checked and controlled (“fixed,” as necessary) daily by a large group of leftist ideologues who make sure that it is printing THEIR ideology, not the truth. That could not be done without whoever is “in charge” there knowing it. It may have been created for that purpose; that, I can’t say.


I read recently that a full 1/3 (might have been 2/3rds) of Wikipedias entry’s are edited my one person. This should be all anyone needs to know that it is a fake source.


This …. this one is actually kinda funny… unlike saturday night live


Maybe a better name would be ‘The Spirit Cooking Awards ‘ with host Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Its good that the abuse of boys by gay pedophile priests is being reported. But notice that the media never reports on Hollyweird or political pedophiles.


Or much on the abuse done to and by the nuns. Victims of abuse by nuns are struggling to be recognized, too.


Hate to break it to you, Sue but those “priests” are most likely not gay. Just pedophiles. Not all pedo’s are gay.


How do you know they are most likely not gay? And what difference does it make. they need to slow roast in hell either way.


Hate to break it to you, Devo, but if a male priest is molesting male children then he is a homosexual.


A homosexual and a pedophile.


Homosexual= sexually attracted to MEN
Pedhophile= sexually attracted to children (regardless of the sex)

Truth Hurts

H--o = SAME. There is nothing about “male” in the word h--o, as you can have homosexual females too.


Stop trying to downplay gay pedophiles. Sick to death of the BS idea that gays somehow aren’t gay pedophiles when they most certainly are. You aren’t fooling anyone.


homos, which include bisexuals, only make up 5 percent of the populatino but commit a third of child sex crimes.. Homosexuals prey on children. * 33% of homosexuals ADMIT to minor/adult sex (7) * There is a notable homosexual group, consisting of thousands of members, known as the North American Man and Boy Love Association ( NAMBLA). This is a child molesting homosexual group whose cry is “SEX BEFORE 8 BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.” This group can be seen marching in most major homosexual parades across the United States * Homosexuals commit more than 33% of all reported child molestations in the United States, which, assuming homosexuals make up 2% of the population, means that 1 in 20 homosexuals is a child molestor, while 1 in 490 heterosexuals is a child molestor (19) * 73% of all homosexuals have had sex with boys under 19 years of age (9) * Many homosexuals admit that they are pedophiles: “The love between men and boys is at the foundation of homosexuality” (22) * Because homosexuals can’t reproduce naturally, they resort to recruiting children. Homosexuals can be heard chanting “TEN PERCENT IS NOT ENOUGH, RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT” in their homosexual parades. A group… Read more »


Well put all them firearms and ammo to good use before you lose them,you would be doing the world a favour and protecting our children.
Its unnatural and abhorrent and disgusting,how can any man look at another man and find him attractive is beyond me,woman have beautiful bodies,absolutely
georgeous,everything about a woman,obviously not all of them but alot is perfect and if you know what you are doing you could never get bored of touching them.
Its so unnatural for men to be together,there is just no point,the diseases they spread @ catch should be enough to put anyone off,its purely satanic having same sex marriages and queers adopting children is again satanic,you never ever see a picture of elton johns kids smile,ever @ i wonder why,imagine what these poor kids are going to go through whilst at school,most will commit suicide,its obvious to me but guess what,thats the whole point!
Evil beyond belief!
Humans have a tunnel and a funnel,one way in and one way out for a reason.


Gee, I don’t know who you are, but you are certainly not Sunshine. I am Sunshine. And I happen to know and love several gay people. And they are not, never have been or ever will be pedophiles. They just fell in love with a person, regardless of what gender they are.

Get yourself another sock, and don’t put words in people’s mouths.

The Real Sunshine


Dont take any notice sunshine,weve got freaks in the house!
Yeah and i bet they all lust after young boys,stop sticking up for freaks who need putting down,sickos,absolutly no excuse for being queer its so unnatural,how could any man find a hairy arse attractive,hairy anything, yuk!

Nica di Angelo

Because vulvas (colloquially vaginas) are historically known to be completely hairless…


Washed up actress Sharon Stone has not been around for sometime and this is where she pops up. Desperate and sad. But it’s business as usual for the sick industry. Witchcraft, sexual undertones, pedophilia, blood and spirit possession. They think it’s funny because they are all in the know. WE are the ones that should be asking what all this is and means? Why are people still watching. If nobody buys into this then they have no fans to support them. Sounds simple to me.


As I recall she had a recurring role in American Horror Story, another example of this kind of depraved content.


I read a recap of an episode of American Horror Story. It was probably the most vile filth I’ve ever read and I can’t imagine how awful it is to actually see it on screen. Why would anyone want to watch that type of thing? And the new Sabrina, and basically all the garbage on tv. Why? What does it do for people? What is enjoyable about it?


Stop going to the cinema then like tell everyone @ hopefully they will go away!
Stop funding them,why pay when it will be on tv eventually or dvd where if desperate im sure you could get a copy!
Stop following the crowd people!


I know a lot of us stopped years ago.

jimbo jones

watched the utube video…that was truly sickening. even worse, it was supposed to be funny??

Can i leave this planet now?


What in the actual hell? I have quite the funny bone and THIS atrocity is nowhere close to even silent chuckle funny!


Also notice the racist comment against white people which the elite and msm encourage now.


What’s the deal with that, I’ve noticed that all over the place lately, it’s torally ok to be racist against white people now?! And always throwing the white privilege comments everywhere…

Thy Unveiling

Everytime I hear about this white privelage, I wonder where tf it is. I’m white. Some of my friends and family are white (I have black step-family and mulatto sisters.) Most of us are scraping by paycheck-to-paycheck. We would like to cash in on some of this privelage we hear we’re entitled to. Do I need to demand to speak to somebodies manager?


Thy Unveiling, the premise behind white privilege is that society treats you better than those who are darker than you. It is not synonymous with being rich and white. For instance, a black man walking down the street minding his business, is more likely to get stopped by the police versus a white guy (both of them being the same in societal status). It sucks but more often than not, it’s a reality for many minorities in America.

I do NOT condone racism of any kind. I myself am biracial so I deal with both sides of the coin. It’s not always fun!

White Privilege is not an insult. Its merely a theory.


Maybe that had to do with the fact that minorities commit more crime? So we are supposed to ignore that fact so that they don’t feel bad? Ok, let’s do that and let the criminals do everything they want because it would be racist to stop them. After all, a white person committed a crime somewhere so you can’t “profile” minorities.


A “theory” put forth by academics who take advantage of every special privilege their race and sex gives them. They know they’re first in line for universities and jobs, even with lower scores. As for a black guy getting stopped — let’s see what happens to a white guy walking in a black neighborhood. He’d be lucky if the police stopped him, instead of getting bashed by the locals for being white in “their ‘hood.” So that WP stuff is BS- got O elected, gets a lot of people in jobs, keeps out white people.

When people say they don’t understand, they don’t literally mean they don’t understand. They’re being sarcastic, saying damned if I get any privilege! And sadly, black guys get stopped more because they commit more crimes. However, college-educated black women earn more than college educated white women because they’re “in demand.”


The Unveiling,

Mulatto? What year is this again?


What is your issue with a factual and correct term for a mixed person? And you’re supposed to say “It’s 2019! I can’t even with this disgusting racism” blah blah blah. Don’t deviate from the script, ok?


No you need to demand we bring back the bradbury pound,dept free money people,why borrow when we can print it for free,vote nationalists and everyones life will be better.


This piece of sickness arrived too soon. I’m still not over the Caroline Bosmans article.

Thy Unveiling

Evil never rests.

Hopefully they’ll be exhausted by the time the real battle begins.

Thy Unveiling

They’re really trying to push their unfunny sense of humour on us. Shows like Big Mouth, those retro-style t-shirts from Spencer’s with children on them saying stuff like “Let’s sacrifice Toby!” Or “Let’s summon demons!” (No, thanks. I’d rather not.) And crappy skits like this. The dark agenda, and superhero (transhumanism) agenda combined with all the lighter stuff that was actually funny being removed; I finally cancelled my NetFlix. Not that I had it for long. But they’ve drastically lowered the options available. Every new thing coming out seems to fit the same, loose plot: misfit(s)/outcast(s) who always felt “different” (insert being bullied scenes) suddenly find themselves being thrust in a position to save the town/world. Reluctant at first, they eventually decide (either after much prodding, but usually during some disaster) “Let’s do this!” Buuuuuut now there’s all these series, so they drag it out with gratuitous sex scenes or chemistry and in-fighting drama. The “Archie-verse” series are more unpredictable, but traumatize the viewers further by warping everything the audience grew up with into some barely recognizable mess that should have been its own thing with its own name. It’s the equivalent of if we were shown Oscar the Grouch… Read more »


Great summary! I appreciate people like you and VC who keep me up on how perverted TV is since I got rid of mine so long ago. Thanks.

Don't let them fool you

So women are being invited to identify with the centuries old stereotype of the witch? We are supposed to accept a cartoon depiction of female strength as something unholy and derived from dodgy deals and unnatural congress with a (male) devil. And then call it feminist? We’re supposed to be fooled by the idea that by identifying with an old trope used to demonize and demean women we’re liberating ourselves and “reclaiming” the figure of “the witch” so as to make it our own. What a pile of steaming horse s***. I’m wary of using specific examples in case they come across offensive, but that is like suggesting that any particular group of people who has been historically less powerful or subjected to negative stereotypes of any kind, can “get liberated” by *conforming* to those stereotypes that were used to put them down in the first place. If a dominant social group spent the last 2 hundred years saying your less poweful group should be excluded from the top positions in society and should be kept subservient in various ways because you “smell bad”, would you then go and wash your hair in sewage to “empower” yourself? If someone said,… Read more »


Yep, witches & the devil are so much fun, it is so normal…. Not! Here we have yet another reason to watch and whatever else is out there that does not show witches, satan, vampires, vulgar & crude language and behavior, overse*ed teenagers, gratuitous violence, unnecessary bloody crime-scenes, Globalist agenda pushers, disrespecting the Lord …..oh I just summed up Hollywood 2019 completely.


I still remember one of your earlier articles from years ago you mention Tilda Swinton. You said she creeps you out! After looking @ that movie remake suspitra the original one was directed by Asia Argento father you just did an an article about the both of them. She’s also creeps me out as well VC. A movie remake about witches it was really a disturbing movie…


1. Those shoes that come to a point are the ugliest ones I’ve ever seen.
2. In this pic, she’s a dead ringer for Thom Yorke of Radiohead, back when they did “Creep.”


Notice that Finn is dressed in drag (like a girl). IMO the whole stuff is taking a very heavy toll on them that they are overwhelmed and feel the need to show the whole world what showbiz/Hollyweird is all about. They cant keep it to themselves anymore, they need to share it, to shout it out.

D D d

Like, you know, well, when, uhhm Madonna calls out for all to rebell…


He looks like a girl and says all women love him as a sex object.


It’s called the virginal white robe


The fact that most people can’t discern this is truly disturbing.


That’s what I thought when thug rap become common. The ideas and words are graphic in their sex, violence, racism against whites, anti-semitism, against cops and insulting women, but nobody complained. Because the feminists didn’t care about being called a b or a wh, not the word c—- is starting to appear everywhere. Nobody will set limits, for fear of being called racist, when it comes to thug rap.


This is not sense of humor. This is utilisation of humor. This is manipulation.


i knew aubrey plaza had sold her soul when she starred as a feminist/skank in “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates”

See the Hope

There is no denying the world is turning up side down right in front of our face. This isn’t just a video. It’s a reflection of our culture and the direction we are headed because we are following the wrong leaders. But there is light in the darkness. This will all be corrected. While we continue to follow false gods and become increasingly warped versions of human beings, the truth remains that we were created for a different purpose. Humanity has a destiny. We were meant for something wonderful and we will arrive there in the end. We are far off the intended course right now, but again, our journey’s end will not be in the hands of false gods. The One who created us created everything and everything has its existence in him and is subject to Him. We can rebel all we want to, but he will have the final say. And the finally he has in store is not condemnation but salvation through him. Because of the proliferation of religious nonsense, it is nearly impossible for us to grasp right now, but creation has been subjected to this fallen state for a reason. Things have to play… Read more »

D D d

This Aubrey Plaza woman plays an extemely amount of empathyless emotiondead obstructionistic egotistical selfish bitchy roles. Fun at the cost of someone else, a lot of the times in her scenes. I learned that Hollywood likes typecasting. But as a member of the public I do not know her personally. I guess I am lucky.

Tara Adams

THIS is what has become of morons plastering occultic information, all over the internet, for public consumption. It has become the popular trend. These goony celebrities had better watch out – every action has consequences, as do words. They are putting much misinformation & negativity out, into the universe.

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