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The 2019 VMAs: It’s Not About Music, It’s About Pushing Narratives

Nearly everything that happened on the 2019 VMAs was linked to some kind of agenda being pushed by mass media. Here’s what really happened at this year’s VMAs.



The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

Watching awards shows is an act of self-sacrifice that I suffer through a few times a year for the benefit of this site’s loyal readers. Although I strongly dislike sitting through these seemingly endless hours of televised garbage, I believe it is crucial to report on the messages that are being promoted throughout. Because, while most media sources focus their “coverage” on random items such as Cardi B’s boob dress, there is much more going on during these shows. And the young people who watch these shows absorb what is happening the same way a brand new sponge absorbs the dirty stinking water of a nasty kitchen sink. And, yes, in this beautiful metaphor, the dirty, stinking water represents the elite’s relentless social agenda.

Since 2009, my coverage of award shows mostly focused on the occult symbolism that was found during musical performances. However, in the past years, the propaganda of the occult elite shifted, morphed and evolved. Nowadays, it is less about exposing viewers to dark occult symbolism and more about directly dictating what the viewers should be thinking and what attitudes they should be adopting.

The 2019 VMAs was definitely not an exception. Everything was orchestrated to focus on specific social topics – all of which are in line with the elite’s agenda. The main one is “diversity”. As you can see, I placed the word between quotes because what is being promoted is the exact opposite of diversity. Instead of celebrating everyone, mass media now about carefully selects who has the right to be celebrated while shunning everyone else. It is about reducing people to a single label and treating them according to that label.

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

This tweet bothered me for several reasons. It reduces these two artists to the labels “big black woman” and “black gay guy”. Second, it doesn’t even make sense. There are many examples of successful “big black women”. This very VMA show spent about 20 minutes celebrating Missy Elliot. And did we already forget about her:

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

Aretha Franklin

What truly bothers me is that Aretha Franklin was never reduced to the label “big black woman”. She was Aretha Franklin. While they make you think that we are “progressing”, we are actually regressing into the Stone Age. Instead of seeing people as complete human beings, “woke” society only sees people as being black, latino, gay or whatever else.

This insufferable trend of extreme virtue signaling has been happening for years and lots of people are sick of it. The result: The show got the lowest ratings in VMA history. A total of 1.93 million viewers watched the show – a 14% drop from last year (which was already the lowest ever).

The first performance of the VMAs perfectly illustrated the new agenda.

Taylor Swift Needs to Calm Down

If you’ve been reading VC articles, you already know that Taylor Swift is the ultimate industry pawn. Exactly 10 years ago, the 2009 VMAs heavily focused on Taylor Swift and ritualistically initiated her in the industry. Since then, she did everything necessary to remain in the good graces of the industry. A year ago, Swift did what she had to do: She renounced her political neutrality to fully embrace the elite’s “woke” agenda. I put the word woke between quotes because it is the exact opposite of being awake.

This year, her entire act is all about being pro-LGBTQ+ (even though she is not gay). And the way she is doing it is so over the top that it reeks of insincerity. More precisely, it reeks of an artist being used to push an agenda.

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

The VMAs began with this image. Here we go.

Taylor Swift performed You Need to Calm Down, a song that was solely created to pander to the agenda. It is so ridiculously over the top that it even annoyed gay people who did not particularly appreciate being used for a marketing ploy and being depicted in such a cartoonish, stereotypical manner. However, Swift is on a virtue-signaling rampage and nothing will stop her from out-virtue-signaling everyone else in the industry.

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

As expected, the performance (and the entire VMAs) was packed with trans people and drag queens of all shapes and sizes.

In my article about the 2019 Eurovision Finale, I highlighted the massive overrepresentation of drag queens throughout the show. None of this is random, it is part of the “gender blurring” agenda that was identified on this site several years ago. It only keeps intensifying.

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

As if the exemplify the ultimate goal of this agenda, a weird and confused-looking John Travolta mistakenly gave a trophy to the drag queen Jade Jolie instead of Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift’s performance of You Need to Calm Down ended with a specific political message.

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

The performance ended with big letters saying “Equality Act”.

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

Later, during her acceptance speech for “Video of the Year”, Taylor Swift called out the White House about the Equality Act.

What is exactly this thing that is being promoted on MTV by a famous pop star? Well, despite what Taylor Swift said, the Equality Act is not about “treating people equally”. It is an aggressive piece of legislation that calls for an in-depth transformation of the justice system and a radical redefinition of core concepts in society. Here’s an explanation of its profound implications.

First off, the Equality Act does a lot more than just make people equal. It adds sexual orientation and gender identity to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, enshrining full protections under the law and trampling over the right to religious freedom enshrined in the First Amendment. In cases of competing rights claims, the Equality Act mandates that sexual and gender minorities win by default, when current standards under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act allow for a weighing of both sides. This doesn’t make gay and transgender people equal — it elevates their rights over those of religious minorities.

Plus, the Equality Act goes beyond sheer support for equality to radically redefine core concepts in our society. For one thing, the Equality Act’s definition of “public accommodation” is so open-ended and expansive that it would basically apply to almost anyone offering a service, even single-person businesses run from home. This sets up crazy nightmare scenarios, like one where a woman operating a waxing service from home could be forced by the law to wax a transgender woman’s (biologically male) p---s and testicles.

But elites like Taylor Swift think you’re a bigot for opposing such a bill.

And the Equality Act’s radical re-definitions don’t stop there. It also re-defines sex — not gender — under the law as subject to self-identification. Many Americans, likely including Swift fans of varying political backgrounds, are simply not comfortable with eradicating biological sex under the law, and that doesn’t make them evil opponents of equality.
– Brad Polumbo, Taylor Swift’s VMA virtue-signaling wildly distorts the Equality Act

If Taylor Swift truly cared about people, equality or whatever, she probably wouldn’t have hung around notorious industry monsters.

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

Taylor Swift with Hollywood creep Harvey Weinstein.

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

They met on several occasions.

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

At several places.

The Host Said the Wrong Jokes

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

Sebastian Maniscalco, the host of the 2019 VMAs.

When I saw this 46-year-old stand-up comic come out from a cloud of smoke to host the VMAs, I was shocked. It was definitely not expected. I mean, Maniscalco’s entire career is based on making jokes from the perspective of an aging Italian guy who has zero patience for things such as social media and political correctness. And there he is, in the holy temple of social media and political correctness, making jokes about these very things. And he stayed true to his style. After joking about people who record live events on their phones and social media influencers, Maniscalco bashed the concept of safe spaces. The comedian said:

“MTV noticed that we’re living in an ultra-sensitive times. So if you feel triggered or you feel offended by anything I’m saying up here, they’re providing a safe space backstage where you’ll get stress balls and a blankie. And also Lil Nas X brought his horse which will double as an emotional support animal. Personally, I would remove you from the arena, put you in your car and send you home … but they opted with the safe space.”

Fans of Sebastian Maniscalco most likely recognized his trademark jokes and general attitude. However, media sources did not appreciate his jokes at all. And, in typical mass media fashion, Maniscalco quickly became the target of attacks.

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

A headline from Variety magazine. The article ended with a message to Sebastian saying “We need you on the team”. They probably forgot to add: “Or else”.

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

A headline from The Independent. Making jokes that go against the narrative = being “under fire”.

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

Cosmopolitan aka the holy grail of journalism. The subtitle asks Sebastian “what are you doing?”.

As the headline above stated, Twitter was “pissed”. Well, not really. Just some people whose voices were amplified by media sources to create a specific narrative and to promote censorship.The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

Luckily for those who were triggered by the host, the VMAs went right back to pandering to the agenda.

French Montana Talks Immigration

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

Rapper French Montana and actress Alison Brie.

When French Montana came up to the mic to present the award for best Latin video, he began with a profound statement:

“Can I get a hhaaaaann?”

Then, for no reason at all, he proceeded to talk about immigration. He was probably asked to do so.

“I’m so proud to pronounce this award because, as an immigrant ** applause ** I feel like we are the people that make this country and I feel like I wanna be a voice.”

Then Alison Brie goes full-on political.

“What is happening to immigrants in this country is unconstitutional and frankly disgusting.”

So, once again, the awards were hijacked to push a specific agenda. This time, it is about lumping together (and purposely confusing) legal immigration with massive illegal immigration. This mix up is done on purpose. It enables media to call anyone who is against the elite’s agenda of open borders a racist.

Montana then continues with more disinformation:

“These nominees, and most of them are immigrants too, are topping the biggest movement in music, check them out.”

Here, Montana appears to be confusing being Latino with being an immigrant. Not all Latino people are immigrants. The nominees Bad Bunny and Daddy Yankee are Puerto Rican and they still live there. Maluma is Columbian. Benny Blanco is a Jewish guy from Virginia. The winner of the award, Rosalia, is from Barcelona, Spain. She’s not even Latina, she’s European. None of them immigrated to the U.S. or anywhere else.

When the nominees were announced, things got symbolic.

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

“This message was brought to you by the Illuminati. Climb the steps of our pyramid and reach the occult elite.”

Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas X Relationship

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

Billy Ray Cyrus presenting Lil Nas X.

Nearly every song presented on the VMAs had to have some kind of “woke” narrative attached to it. And Billy Ray Cyrus, the biggest sell-out the history of country music, did his part.

Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road was a massive hit and definitely deserved to be on the VMAs. However, the narrative that was attached to it by mass media is pure artificial creation.

Billy Ray said:

“I’m so proud of this guy. Not only did he shatter records but, more importantly, he inspired people around the world to be their true selves. He also changed the way we defined and categorized music and I thank God for that.”

Once again, things are being distorted to fit a narrative. Here’s a quick story Old Town Road.

Lil Nas found the beat of Old Town Road on the SoundCloud page of Dutch producer YoungKio. The beat sampled the Nine Inch Nails song Ghost IV – 34 and Lil Nas bought it.

In an interview with Billboard, YoungKio stated that he was not aiming to create a “country-rap” song.

“I tried to keep as much of the originality of the sample, but I also wanted to have the trap vibe, so I sped it up. I didn’t really have any country thoughts about it. It was just me trying to find a challenge for myself and randomly stumbling on a sample like, “Damn. I have to do something with this.” (…)

This beat is a trap beat with a rock-type sample. That’s how I see it. It’s not a country beat. I didn’t make it with that thought behind it, but he turned it into a country-type song with what he did with the lyrics, his vocals and just promoting that way.”
– Billboard, Old Town Road’ Producer YoungKio on How Lil Nas X’s Song Came to Life

Lil Nas X independently released a video of Old Town Road on his YouTube channel with footage from Red Dead Redemption II, a popular video game about cowboys which appears to be the inspiration behind the song.

When the song went viral, Nas was quickly signed with Columbia records. The elite agenda quicked in quickly afterward.

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

Lil Nas X hiding one eye on the cover of Teen Vogue. He’s an industry pawn now.

When the song became a hit, narratives and controversies were created around it. First, they kept trying to get the song categorized as “country” and those who were against it were called racists. I don’t know much about country music, but I can tell you that Old Time Road is 100% trap and 0% a country.

Then, Lil Nas came out as gay which added a whole LGBTQ+ dimension to his story. Then, he went on the VMAs.

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

To accept his first award ever, Lil Nas X was wearing a red cowboy suit (color of initiation and sacrifice). On its back: An all-seeing eye inside a triangle, the symbol of the occult elite.

He’s really an industry pawn now.

Jonathan Van Ness

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

Jonathan Van Ness presenting the “Video for Good” award.

Right after Lil Nas X’s performance, Queer Eye host Jonathan Van Ness came out to present the “Video for Good” award – a category that is solely dedicated to virtue signaling. Why? Because, in his words:

“It is 2019 and not caring is NOT CUTE!”

Behind this weird phrasing is a veiled threat: Either you push the agenda or you’re out of the industry.

Of course, Taylor Swift won the award for her video You Need to Calm Down. Everything in this award show was scripted to celebrate Taylor Swift and her song.

The Miley Cyrus Narrative

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

Miley Cyrus performing Slide Away.

The daughter of the biggest sellout in the history of country music performed at the VMAs. Why was she there? Was it for her chart-topping, groundbreaking songs? Of course not. It is because there’s a whole narrative surrounding her lately.

Miley performed Slide Away, which is a song about breaking up. Coincidentally enough, Miley Cyrus is in the midst of an overly-publicized divorce with actor Liam Hemsworth. Now, she is in an overly-publicized relationship with the blogger Kaitlynn Carter.

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter holding hands after the VMAs.

While none of these facts are particularly interesting or relevant to anyone, mass media made it a point to publicize everything about this relationship. Why? Because there’s a narrative behind it.

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

A headline from Cosmopolitan.

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

This headline is not a satire. It is from NBC News and it is real.

And that’s why she was on the VMAs.

In Conclusion

The 2019 VMAs were difficult to watch. The show was so predictable and the agenda was so obvious that it was the equivalent of watching a political ad that lasts three hours. There is nothing novel or rebellious about the messages being pushed: The same exact agenda can now be found in all award shows across the world. Why? Because there’s a centralized source of power that calls the shots and that decides which messages need to be promoted to the youth.

However, the entertainment industry is so disconnected from the interests and the concerns of the general public that it successfully alienated most of its viewership. By turning “entertainment” into outright “propaganda”, the elite forced lots of people to realize that their idols and heroes are actually slaves pushing toxic garbage. They’ve created a culture of hypocritical virtue-signaling, oppressive political correctness, and widespread censorship. While they believe they are changing the world, the world is actually … changing the channel.

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The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

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I suspect Sebastian Maniscalco was hired to play the role of “offensive, non-cooperative, outdated, male” by design. After all, an individual NOT promoting the agenda, but being publicly shamed for it, still achieves the desired outcome for the social engineers. It’s good to remind ourselves that – despite the fact the ‘elites’ “think” they’re in control – they’re really just on a leash. God is still in control, and the existence of this anti-biblical agenda only further serves to confirm what God’s Word has said all along: “But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.” 2 Timothy 3:1-5 Make sure your own relationship with Jesus is sure. Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you. That is what Jesus commands us… Read more »


And also with you.


The scapegoat

Bevin Chu

“I suspect Sebastian Maniscalco was hired to play the role of “offensive, non-cooperative, outdated, male” by design. After all, an individual NOT promoting the agenda, but being publicly shamed for it, still achieves the desired outcome for the social engineers.”

My thoughts exactly. He was brought in to provide contrast. White looks whiter right next to black. PC looks more PC, more “virtuous” next to PI Politically Incorrect.

Angela May

LittleLight, Thank you for following the promptings of the Holy Spirit with all you wrote in your comment. Especially reassuring for me is “..If God is for us, who can be against us ?” Romans’ 8:31. Your entire comment had an immediate profound impact on my spirit..I needed to be reminded of each of this scriptures. Thank you, so very much. Peace Be With You, my brother.

Angela May

I meant these not this..sorry for the typo


Clear-eyed, spot-on comment!


He’s totally in with the agenda. its like a comedy. You cant get in that door if you are not in the club. Forget presenting. They are letting you know that they can get vicious when you offend them using him to give you the message. Its a power game


The 2019 VMAs looked like a shady nightclub filled with lost people who are trying too hard to act important. Yeah, it is that sad.
Sorry VC you had to sit through that.

Longtime Lurker

VC outdid himself with this article!

vig jr.

Just because you put “phobia” at the end of words doesn’t make your point true.


tired of those award shows always pushing an agenda and it’s so ovious too. Look at Taylor Swift being so gay friendly suddenly. And she goes on stage surrounded by trannies, how inclusive!!! of course the young fans will be influenced by this and now everyone who is heterosexual will be considered a freak.


Every time I read this I get weak in the knees – I’ve seen these sick people influence the young and it’s hard to stop. I really think we need to abolish government schooling – Christians should homeschool because no matter how hard you try, your kids will get exposed to other kids whose parents watch this garbage.


I support your cause, because I’m sick of having Christians in public places like schools, negatively influencing people smarter than them.


What makes you think you’re smarter than anyone else, simply because you don’t have any religious beliefs? Probably your misguided arrogance and ego. You sound like a real joy and a delight to all that (unfortunately) know you.


Not buying your bible stuff doesnt mean someone have no spirituality or beliefs.

I am too, sick of seeing ”religious” people lecturing everyone one else, all the time. VC is NOT s religion based site.

I am surrounded by the dead!

Not buying your arrogance and idiotic feed back. That’s why schools are being deliberately dumb downed and you have proven that fact..keep showing your true face and attitude. You’re just as worst as those prideful Christian’s.

La La

Christians are not prideful. Leave that to the LGBTQMNOV community. True Christians humbly attempt to love & in-love, share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Amen. Blessings to you.

La La

“Religious people” — You are already misspeaking on what it is True Christians believe. We have a RELATIONSHIP with the Lord Jesus Christ, the overseer of our souls. That is MUCH deeper than “religion”

Christophobia is bigotry

Do you know that stereotyping people is bigoted? You really should change your heart. Also, it’s not good debate — you need to actually comment on ideas and events when you discuss,not just say “I hate this group.”

I’d be a little concerned about my own IQ if I were showing such bigotry amidst hopeful posts. Stop the hating, and you’ll feel better about yourself. Then you won’t have to pretend supremacy over others to feel good.


Wow g-----n that literally is the biggest load of bullshit i’ve ever heard. No wonder u don’t like Christians. Smarter than everyone else? Sounds like you’re as proud as Satan was


Tbh i really agree. Im a Catholic in high school and i go to a Catholic school, but the trash from outside just seeps in. Ur not safe unless ur growing up and getting educated in your own home. It’s a shame myself and more people trying to grow up with morals can’t have that luxury


While t.h.e.y. [a.k.a. The Hierarchy Enslaving You] believe they are changing the world, the world is actually … changing the channel…
Well said. Thank-you.


Crap music = garbage in/garbage out – PC SJW “culture” of entitled brats are focused on destroying anything joyful and have obviously been indulged too much for too long. Feelings over reason and the Nihilistic/Satanic outlook has really taken hold.


All of this when the satanic church is striving to attain religious freedom. People today are blind.


The devil is ramping up his attacks on humanity and he has many agents working for him. He is perverting everything God has made…


Not everyone will like this article, only cause it’s the truth. Displaying the agenda in plain site so that it conditions for the big reveal, when people are so accustomed to the agenda. Systematic programming


All the pushing for a perfect world, creating an “equality act” based on a loose idea of equalitynow and (gender)diversity is only, in fact, a form of half-truths being forced onto people.You can ignore it, the VMAs are not that powerful. The problem is yes, it only covers one group/trope of people,so it is not inclusive.Fact.” All animals are equal but some are more equal than others”….
However, other generations of people who proposed proper changes, fair equality still are jeered at,the true ‘others’ of society who have had any original hope for humanity,had their words stolen and yes misappropiated by/for the, millennials.Being a born woman and wearing makeup is seen as an affront to “alternative genders” who are stealing from then, copying them !!!
And worse, these woke ideas are only judging and creating judgement- via a form of social bullying the internet and weak forced agendas , gang culture.
it’s been forcefully suggested many times before- the 70’s was full of many variations of gender neutrality for kids that were equally f**ked up and many parents rightfully ignored it, they did not pander to the “trend”.

D D d

Wearing make up is wearing a mask. It hides the truth. For entertainment, attracting sex-partners, to catch a possible co-parents’eyes, To Hide.
Transdragsterster full of makeup are not woman-like to me, not at all, and they will never be a rolemodel other than for non-human-purposes.
The humans who are trans from within, they have always been there.
And there were always other people to take advantages of their vulnerable state by forcing them into prostitution, weather it is done in a temple or a brothel. The agenda forcing trans on complete new generations to confuse youngsters, and take their strength and fertility, has nothing to do with natural genetic tricks and mishaps, to put it bluntly.
My humble opinion, although I like to leave the humble part out, it looks more dominant like that – as I am a male..

j Williams

It’s a pity that the gay lifestyle is now considered ” normal “. There is NOTHING “normal ” about it. These idiots should stop listening to those voices in their heads which whisper to them to become gay. Those voices are NOT from their creator ! It’s too bad that they are not smart enough to see and understand this !


They shld hv stayed in the closet

Nice One

The problem started when the young straight folks in the 1920s-1960s slowly pushed for “free sex.” The gays got jealous and want5ed to be openly “free sex” too.


Right? Pride has grown into a huge, worldwide party but who is celebrating heterosexual marriages in the same way. They are obviously indicating that it is the superior choice for humanity,


Why throw an insult and run away? Is this pre k?


No. It doesn’t indicate a superior choice. They are just more celebrated because of how much they, the LGBT community has suffered. If the lgbt community had the same rights and was treated the same as heterosexuals there wouldn’t be a reason to speak about them. The only actual time people talk about straight people is when thet have something to say about gay people.


Well, that’s the problems with all the intersectionals forever jumping onto the emotive civil rights bandwagon and refusing to get off st their originally intended destination. I don’t think gay people are actively suffering in urban, Western communities. I see them thriving in positions of power and trust everywhere. If they are suffering elsewhere then acknowledge that you have won here and shift your battlefield to those countries. You may have started off with the aim of pushing boundaries to gain equality but it seems that you carry on doing it for no apparent reason now and ever more raucously. Your decision to be gay impacts mainly on straight people and the world they are able to offer to their children and grandchildren. You have been played. You think you are trailblazers of identity politics but you are victims in denial. Queer theory sounded ideologically sound on paper but once it was actually implemented, it has collided with a value system that kept our society stable and strong for centuries. It wasn’t brought in to help you. It is a population control tool applied to a tranche of willing adherents. Even on a spiritual level, if it speaks to you… Read more »

Angela May

Wow Noa !! Immaculately communicated. May I quote your comment in some research writing that I am undertaking regarding these topics, so long as I give credit ?


Hey Angela! I don’t think it’s worthy of that because there is so much more to say about this but please go ahead and use it if you like.


It’s rather unfortunate how this kind of information attracts this kind of bigotry. To me there’s nothing normal about a mere human like yourself having the ability to dictate the intent of its creator.


”Your creator” based on what a human said.

Okay…seems legit.

My creator is telling you that your creator isnt your creator. My creator is right.

Be it known.

La La

Your statement is not valid. Every word of the Holy Bible is GOD breathed. Not human breathed. However, God in His infinite Wisdom has also told his Saints to understand that He (God) is Spirit. ONLY those who have the Holy Spirit will understand the things of the Spirit. A Christian should never try to explain Spiritual things to someone outside the Spirit. They cannot comprehend the things of the Spirit of God. And that isn’t Pride. That is the TRUTH. Amen.


I don’t understand the backlash against this article? Liberalism is failing one country at a time. There is an ugly racist backlash emerging which categorises diverse groups as non human based on their color or parent’s country of origin. The battle line needs to be rethought again. It is patently not right to say that it is the white middle class republican vs. All-of-the-rest all bunched together in a rainbow that’s run out of colors and hues. What color do you get if you mix together all those rainbow colors anyway? Pride always will fall in the end. We need to remember what worked before agendas came into place to forcibly break them apart- mother as a female, father as a male uniting according to the law of God and raising a family in accordance with consistent values. If it’s not the traditionalists who don’t knock sense into this, then it will surely destroy itself anyway. The cracks are there : Lesbians vs. TGs, Chads vs. Incels, deeply troubled self styled, plasticky faced ‘healers’ looksmaxing and cat fishing in their craving for fame and recognition. It doesn’t matter if we are on the right or wrong side of history or… Read more »

Angela May

Hear hear, Noa. I was once a client of one of the crisis centers in Vancouver, and when I learned about the funding being pulled recently I did actually weep. I was brutally, near fatally assaulted in Vancouver in 2006, and lived to tell, and it was the very program that has had funding pulled (over transgender politics) that helped me get the medical and emotional support I needed to carry on. I can’t even imagine where I would be or what would have happened to me without their help. I really can’t believe what is happening in B.C., and Canada as a whole. It is no longer a “safe” country in my eyes, and the rape crisis is through the roof in Vancouver. When it’s gone so depraved in such a “humanitarian” country, you know civilization is truly “gone mad”. So sad. Thank you for your insights and awareness.


I’m so sorry to hear that Angela. I’m glad you managed to receive valuable help in time.

Let’s hope that they will manage to find a way to bridge the shortfall in funding. It’s so strange how the craziest vanity projects attract large quantities of crowdfunding but the less glamorous and far more important initiatives such as this one probably wouldn’t and eventually they have the life snuffed out of them by flawed governments.

Local governments have been corrupt for even longer than national ones. The problem is that the rot is now ingrained over a few generations and it is very difficult to reverse despite more people being woken up to it’s failings.


I’m sure the rat was an inside job, to drum up support and funding. All of these “hate crimes” usually are.


F-----g up is part of life. We dont all get handed a pefect Brady Bunch family life on a plate. Some of us are nowhere near all that shiz. Thats how people make mistakes and bad decisions


I work in a crisis center somewhere in Canada. I am sorry for what you’ve been through, really.

Something i dislike, tho, is the “worst male oppressor thingie”.

I am S-I-C-K of reading comments like this. Women are AS VIOLENT AND OPPRESSIVE than men can be. Violence IS violence and women do plenty of violence as well.

I keep seeing men suffering from women violence in our crisis center. Medias never talked about women violence.

My director is a female. She use violence and intimidation to get what she wants. My study field is ”governed” by women and, believe me, violence against men is seen daily.

Violence isnt about being a man or a woman, violence is use, and always use to gain POWER. Hunger for power is H-U-M-A-N, not “strictly” a male thing.

May we all be freed from violence, men, women and children.


This sounds like the attempts of a liberal to level blame across the sexes.
We all need to work on our characters to avoid inflicting psychological torture regardless of our biology.
Women can be violent if they are afflicted by the ‘Jezebel spirit’ or similar. They can also progressively build up a superhuman strength to floor an oppressor by under conditions of torture. They could probably only manage this as a one off though.

You cannot escape the fact that women are physically weaker so a woman will always fare worse in combat against a man based on strength alone. Women cannot rape either. Rape is one of the most common and sickening ways of gaining control over another person and destroying their psyche. Biologically, only men are designed do that.
That said, deliberate manipulation of food, water and the air quality have produced these large, masculine, aggressive women who never existed before as well as puny, little effeminate guys. I suppose that it would be possible in these circumstances.

Angela May

Indeed Noa.


Women can absolutely rape since the definition of rape is penetration against someone’s will. Doesn’t have to be with a body part, it can be with an object. There are boy and girl children who have been raped by women.

Angela May

Anonymous, we totally agree about violence being human, and not male or female. I have seen, and to varying degrees, experienced violent females. Women tend to scare me more than men. I was drugged by a female just before I was physically assaulted in 2006 in Vancouver. I support the well being of any person, I am not a feminist by any stretch, and I totally hear what you are saying. The male hating and blaming is harmful to all. Thank you for sharing.

End of Slavery, please

Thank you Angela May. Humans use violence to get power. Very simple fact. @Noa: Victims of violence do whatever they can to avoid violence, by any means they got, men or women. Same goes for people wich use violence. They will use the tools nature gave them to reach their goal. Some will use physical violence others psychological, etc. Women are, generally speaking, weaker to man physically, yes. As men are, generally speaking, stronger physically than women. That is right. Pushing your comment too far would assume every men are physically stronger than every women, wich is totally false. It is not a matter of being feminist or not. I see both male and female equally in rights. It’s about humanity. On a personal note, I’ve been raised by a ”man hating” woman. My sister was born with the same hate. Sadly for me, i’m a male. Scars on skins heals. Destroyed heart and soul takes a lifetime to repair, and not possible for everyone. I have seen enough to turn bad, very bad. Without phenomenal resillience, i would have died before i reached 16. It is not a god who ”saved me”. As i said, i now work in… Read more »

Angela May

End of Slavery, thank you for sharing, and for choosing to not only survive, but to thrive. I honor your courage and compassion. Thank you for using the reality and scars of the psychological abuse you endured for a higher purpose.

What you shared brought these lyrics to my mind from a song written & performed by the artist “Jewel”… “My hands are small I know, but they’re not yours, they are my own, and I am never broken…I will not be made the end only kindness matters.”

Thank you for the love you actively extend to humanity. Peace Be With You, dear one.

I am surrounded by the dead!

I still raise my children this way. I don’t care what this world says. I have daughteyrs and will not raised them like cardio b and the rest of the trash. I also have a son and will not let him hang out with certain kids. I don’t care what the heck ppl think of me. I hate this world and what it has become. No respect for elders or authority. All these young idiot’s demanding for respect but they don’t give it. It’s a damn shame. Soon they all will be woke and it will be tooooo damn late.


That’s great. I do as well but I worry most about the day when they are grown and independent and subjected to the wider programming.

End of Slavery, please

I’m with you on this.I do my best to live by my own standards, wich are much higher than what i see outside.

My son wont be ”like them” as well.

May our famillies be blessed according to their own beliefs.

Be well.

Scott Brown

Thank you for offering yourself up to this punishment,and thank you especially for the pics of the month,you are a bright light in a dark world.


I Don’t Know about you… But Me… I did not see ANY Music in this story.
From top to bottom… Zero Music… Oh how the industry has fallen.
I guess i know why i tuned out mid nineties.


Agree. I pretty much listen to old stuff now, I can’t be arsed with most new music.


And the 90s was a musical mecca in comparison to this age of soulless garbage.


And the 90s was a musical mecca in comparison to this age of soulless garbage.

D D d

I remember a song from the 70’s with a Story even. History, art, human interest, emotions, cruelty, beauty, angst, love, death. All in one song.
But most of all, without the annoying oohooho, ahaahaah that makes up most of the lyrics in popular music. (I am talking to you abba and coldplay) Just a gitar and a man.
Don Mclean’s Vincent. About a man and about people. I remember Tim Hardin, 60’s even earlier. I am sure there was more earlier on. The nineties? For me the tragic in society an dpopmusic was just there already for decades.
No offense meaned. Just saying, look beyond what you are used to, make it a habit?


Great article. I loved the comparison of young people to sponges soaking up dirty dish water. That is so spot on. I will say, though, there needed to be some more editing done. There were several typos/errors which made it a bit difficult to read. I don’t mean to sound critical and I am sure they were just overlooked. I am a longtime reader and have never noticed anything like this, which is why I mention it. Anyway, I hope more young people are seeing these type of events for what they are- a celebration for those that would wish to send society further into depravity and perversion.


I have felt this for a long time too. and i wonder, too? YOU, BROTHER, MIGHT HAVE NAILED THE HEAD TO THE FLOOR! i am only an innocent bystander…but I HAVE BEEN HERE FOR YEARS…paying the smallest of donations.

BUT I AGREE WITH YOU, SIR, …on everything you have said. i agree with you.

D D d

Do understand : ‘they’ get to everybody, where ever on the internet.
We all have noticed a deleting of reports some time ago because of stuff like pizza’s and not only on other sites.. And there are big corporations who have lawyers that act on ‘slander’ – anywhere. Slander is subjective sometimes, a connection between facts that some do not like to have stated in public. Those lawyers, I will not name names, but hats with big with big round ears is what they wear.


Taylor has been talking about conservatives being “gaslighted” recently, but (as VC so eloquently points out in this article) it doesn’t take a lot to see that it is Taylor doing the gaslighting to her fans.

D D d

The gasslighing thing might be because is it creating unrest, disturbance in any household that gets triggered. A lot of empathyless people might be trying it to their ‘friends’, company owners to their employees.. Just for fun of watching it… or benefits of insecure subpeople/employees.
Setting up people against eachother is rather easy, as we all can noticed when somebody talks religion/not-religion, for example.
In a world where a few generations already have a completely different mindset about empathy and caring, this is seamlessly connected to mass amounts of modern, so-called narcisists. Cruel, selfish, short attentionspan when it does not involve themselves. Easy to wind them up too. The other side of the new and improved generations are those hypersensitives with too much feeling and sensing.
If you educate your children with a narrow view on human interactions and the ways animals in general act and react, they will not know what they are doing, but think they are right. The next mvt show might be about using violence against the unwilling older generations? In the videos, they are already doing that for years.

Angela May

Indeed, DDd. I have sensed and observed that is what is coming as well.. the systemic engineering of condoned, “social justice violence” towards and with the intent of the eradication of older generations. Very insightful comment, all points.


They’re already slowly trying to normalize hatred, attacks and the eventual genocide of white people. Look at the type of evil genocidal rhetoric that is used against white people, and not a word is spoken about stopping it. They say it’s what white people deserve, for the “sins of their ancestors”.


Yup, the genocide against white people has already started and it’s happening in South Africa against the farmers there. The mainstream media is silent like always.


Exactly, Claire. It’s coming here to the US, soon. All of the anti white hatred is being used to push people into seeing whites as the enemy and privileged, so they can exterminate us. White supremacy is a myth and a lie, 99.999% of “white supremacists” are federal agents looking to entrap mentally ill and vulnerable people into crimes to push an agenda.


R u currently in SA Claire?


no offense but it was the genocide of the Black people that were ALREADY there who were killed off by the whites. It was only a matter of time before aborigines of the territory would fight back. Just saying …

Dan Wachira

There also seems to be, to me at least, a new trend of White people, sorry for naming color, crying “genocide” all day long. Their ancestors have brutally abused Africa, North America, South America, Asia, South East Asia and Australia. Do you have even a little compassion for the original owners of those lands? People who initially welcomed them as fellow human being? Only to be killed, raped, dispossessed, sold and treated worse than animals?

I am not saying White descendants must pay for their ancestors but there needs to be ownership of the evils of the past and some form of reconciliation and restitution.


Dan, before lecturing caucasians, mainly for slavery, make sure you know history.

Arab world built their muslim empire by the hands of black people. They alone are responsible for a gigantic human punction of Africa for the last 1 400 years +

For your information, caucasian, the ones you blame, are the people who stop using slavery and the ones who asked others to do so.

Slavery is still ”a thing” in middle east. Now, not only african people suffers from slavery, but asian too.

Stop the ignorance, please.

Angela May

No person is responsible for the sins of another. Past, present, or future. Trying to justify your current resentment towards all white people for crimes dating back hundreds of years that they didn’t commit is ignorant, harmful and racist. Seems to me you might be well served spending some time looking in the mirror, and acknowledging the “hate crimes” that you yourself are commuting in your head.

My 4 year daughter is biracial, beautiful and completely unaware of any difference in races other than skin tone. And she is happy with her black friends and family, just as she is happy with her white friends and family. Racism is a non-issue in her life, and in our family. You could really benefit from some soul searching, as well as a decision to take responsibility for you own unhappiness, rather than hold resentments that only do everyone harm.

Angela May

Committing, not commuting !


This is pure ignorance. If Black people really cared about their genocide, they would start by their enslavement by the muslim arabs.

This guy keep telling it, based on historical facts. He’s an anthropologist, an economist and a writer. You cant accuse him of being a racist, he’s black.

Truth have to be told.

Caucasians too, suffered from enslavement and sex slavery by the same cult that keep enslaving Afrikan people since ages…


Dear Claire, White settler farmers own and cultivate most of the land in South Africa. The Indigenous owners, the black Africans who welcomed them so long ago that they later brutally stole, mostly eke out a living on their own heritage. No jobs, little education, little hope. That’s the cause of Xenophobia in South Africa against other African people. And you think PAYING white farmers to give back land their ancestors stole is genocide?


First off, Bantus were not in South Africa in any large number when the Dutch Settlers arrived in the 1600s. Khoisan people were and sadly they had been pushed there over hundreds of years of Bantu migration and conquest all over Africa that led to the genocide and massacre of many Khoisan peoples and tribes. The Dutch settlers were quite reasonable and did in fact trade with the Khoisan peoples and it is that same interaction which likely led to them not being completely wiped out as a people. Bantus or what the average person considers to be black sub-saharan west Africans were NOT NATIVE to South Africa. Also, much of the “black” population in South Africa today was the result of migration into South Africa during the 1900s from other parts of Africa, the result of failed Civil Wars/famines and other failed nations. This ultimately, led to the Apartheid system and as well as the civil unrest in Rhodesia. Migration forced segregation, because South Africa as a relatively small nation could not tolerate the massive influx of peoples into the country. Africans fled en masse to the European run nations in Africa, because they were the only ones that… Read more »


i was also shocked when they announced sebastian as the host – totally not his crowd!

did anyone notice in the opening monologue he makes a joke about the smoke on stage, then says, “hopefully this will clear out for the devil’s home opener” – i know they were at the NJ devils hockey rink but couldn’t help but be creeped out by the possible double meaning…


Now for those who’ve been sitting on the fence, the Satanic agenda is bold in your face now. You can no longer deny it. This world is controlled by Satan, but he’s on a short leash and God gets the final judgment against this rebellion. Those who have sold their souls for mammon have a very real awakening on Judgment Day. God has been long suffering with us all but the day of reckoning will come. There will be no repentance in Hell nor will there be partying. Jesus stated there will be wailing and thrashing of teeth. So much terror that will last for all eternity. He wishes that no man perish, but all have eternal life. His gift is free to all who will receive his everlasting mercy. The time is near that we all must choose a side. Repent or perish. The Lord God Almighty is a Holy God, don’t become deceived by the lies of Satan & his minions who have chosen death & hell. Exodus 34: 6-7a (KJV) 6 And the Lord passed by before him, and proclaimed, The Lord, The Lord God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abundant in goodness and truth, 7 Keeping… Read more »


Hate to break it to you, Vigilant Citizen, but Taylor Swift IS gay. It’s actually quite well known in Industry circles. Take a look at her list of “Boyfriends.” They are almost all gay too. She is the dedicated “beard” and her “boyfriend” is the beard for her.

Taylor Schvitz

True (possibly), but she’s not PUBLICLY so, which is sad in itself. If she truly had the chutzpah she purports to have, she would be open and honest about this. Instead, she hides behind an image while preaching to the rest of us about gay rights. *eyeroll*

To paraphrase VC, the hypocritical virtue signaling is nauseating. I’m so done with pop culture.

D D d

The virtue signaling is getting out of hand. Normal and justified corrections are seen as offensive, asking questions in generalis offensive, living your own life but in public is offensive. But act like a celebrity and you are safe from prosecution?
Are we there yet, a society wear we do not dare to speak at all to our neighbours and friends about anything substantial?


Honestly, speaking to other people is never worth it. You have to monitor every word, look, breath, in case someone gets offended. Why bother? Especially when they can accuse you of anything and you’re ruined, no matter if it’s true or a lie.

D D d

Next year 2020 in the Netherlands there will be a law: when you annoy people around you, when you act behave say something disturbing about life in general or against the peace and quiet of ‘the country’: you can get picked up, put behind [psychiatric] bars and have a mandatotry state-psychiater fill you up with medicines. All without the right to speak yourself to your own defense, your parents, spouse or own doctor.
Will I be remembered if it happens to me? I do not know.
So I am speaking up while I can. We’ll see.

Angela May

DDd, that is terrifying ! And I totally believe it. I will “stand in your court”, which is an American expression that means I stand in solidarity with you. I’ve really come to appreciate your perspectives, honest emotional outpourings, insights and observations. You have my full support, and an ally in me.

D D d

The new Law On Forced Heath And Mental Care has been worded uncommonly superficial, leaving all space for various interpretations by Officers Of Justice and their assigned psychologistic humans. After years of dropping care centres and leaving older people that need help to fight the dementia for themselves, the streets are showing the outcome. Common folk don’t like that, so with the false flags overly exposed in media, the solution is created. By the same people that allow Monsanto’s Bayer to be used for years on, the same people that outsource the ruin of our health by chopping treest for green energy and having labels changed in the supermarkets. Genetic manipulation of taste and smelly bacteria and yeast, is called natural aroma over here. The same name as the organic heath stuff had been using for real. Coincidences galore. I am still looking for a place on this planet where ‘they’ have not broken down nature and society, and the search has become harder.

D D d

Sorry, my keyboard needs new batteries I think. Heath is health/healthy.


Dear DDd, I lived in NL for 20 years, and the day to day life qua social policing and a lack of personal freedom made me really depressed, and I was not the only one.
I am in France, not perfect but beautiful nature, food and the people are kind, especially in the smaller towns and communes.
This new law you speak of saddens but doesn’t surprise me…..bonne couragee.Join the discussion…


Not at all surprising to hear that. They will criminalize free thought and speech everywhere, eventually. I am sure that it will only be applied to Dutch people, not any “immigrants” as well. They can say what they please but the natives cannot. I am sorry to hear that, and I wish you well.

D D d

Suni, no offence, but your remark about ‘applied to dutch people only’ is totally out of place and uncalled for. In holland we live with all colours since centuries without a problem. Only this last decades there seems to be a problem created. A dividing that is not natural, but intend to create a them and us on superficial grounds. Useless. Actions speak louder than words, or colours. Culture differences might be your problem, because What Will You Do If You Go Blind ? Ask a person you encounter what colour he or she is? Really?


Message on a church bulletin we drove past today:

“Just because you are offended doesn’t mean that you’re right.”

I felt like applauding.

Angela May

Bravo, opera ghost !!


Do you mean the rumors about Karlie?


Not rumors. Even though Kloss is married, it’s on again, off again. Swift is very much a “viper” when it comes to her relationships. She’s cold and extremely calculating, bordering on sociopathic behavior. This is not an exaggeration. She HAS to be in control. Something ain’t “right” with her. And if you dare cross her, God help you. A seriously awful woman.


Actually, I have heard things about that whole friendship group: the Hadids, Jenners and all the rest.


Jezebel spirit


They seem to be stuck in serial dating cycles with effeminate men and photographed looking miserable on dates but they never progress to credible relationships with marriage and children. They seem happiest making mischief together on luxury boats. I don’t know really. I never went through that stage at all. Perhaps it is common. I don’t think I would enjoy it at all. I don’t think I have ever been in a friendship group, only random, individual friendships here and there.


There have also been rumors about her being a transvestite which I’m starting to believe. I wouldn’t be surprised.


Taylor’s a Transformer. The Skull & Bones give it away. ☠


This is what Hollywood has always done, the thing is now they’ve really lost their head. Balance and temperance are words they don’t understand.


Self control, morality, virtues, prudence, and modesty are words they don’t understand either.


In a not-so-distant future, these people will meet in a basement and Hollywood culture will be a page of history. Thanks for your work VC.

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