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Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna’s Controversial Performance

A look at the symbolism found throughout the finale of Eurovision 2019 and an analysis of Madonna’s extremely symbolic and controversial performance.



Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

Eurovision is an annual international song competition with participants representing primarily European countries. The show has been broadcasting every year since 1956 and is one of the most watched non-sporting events in the world, with an average audience of 300 million viewers.

Needless to say, Eurovision has been incredibly influential throughout the decades and has helped launch the careers of countless artists. That being said, is there a chance that the show’s reach could be used by the elite to push its messages and symbolism? You betcha. And this year’s edition was particularly obvious. Taking place in Israel, the show even culminated with an elaborate yet horrifying performance by the Grand Priestess of the music industry herself: Madonna.

Here are some “lowlights” of the finale.

Occult Elite Symbolism

The finale featured dozens of performances by dozens of artists from dozens of countries around the world. Despite this great variety of cultural backgrounds, there was a clear common thread: Submission to the occult elite. Indeed, Eurovision is clear proof that the global music industry has to be subjected to the elite’s debasing and hegemonic culture.

Here are some examples.

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

Throughout the Belarus performance, several images relating to Monarch programming were displayed in the background. Here, the singer’s head is split in half as a tiger runs inside of it – a representation of Beta Kitten Programming.

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

Here, her head is split again (but vertically) as various letters and symbols enter her head. More mind control symbolism.

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

A lightning bolt goes through her head, representing electroshock torture to cause a split in the personality of the MK slave.

Strangely enough, the same exact symbolism was used during the performance of Mahmood – the representative from Italy.

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

At various times during his performance, Mahmood’s head is “fractured” in several pieces.

The Eurovision finale also contains other elements of the elite’s agenda.

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

The Azerbaijan performance had deep transhumanist themes. In this screenshot, robotic arms perform some sort of laser surgery on the singer’s heart. His heart is then “uploaded” on a screen and controlled through computers.

The finale also had some classic Illuminati symbolism.

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

The performance of Israeli singer Netta Barzilai (the winner of last year’s Eurovision) featured clear Masonic symbolism. It began with a ball that took place on a Masonic checkerboard pattern floor.

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

Then, a horned, Baphomet-like head appeared in the background, above another dualistic checkerboard pattern.

Gender Blurring Agenda

First, I need to say that people have the right to act and dress the way they want. And, if they’re talented enough, they definitely have the right to sing and take part in competitions. However, there was a clear and obvious overrepresentation of gender-ambiguous people during Eurovision and I am convinced that lots of them were there BECAUSE they were trans or drag queens and not because of talent. As stated in countless articles in the past, there is an agenda to expose the masses (and especially young people) to gender confusion. And Eurovision did its part. Here are some people who performed during the finale.

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

Israeli transgender singer Dana International performed at the beginning of the finale.

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

France representative Bilal Hassani was basically dressed as a woman.

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

Drag queen Conchita Wurst (winner of Eurovision 2014) performed during the finale.

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

Drag queen Verka Serduchka also performed.

Then, Madonna came out. And it was horrific.

Madonna’s Performance

Madonna’s performance at Eurovision was controversial for several reasons. First, many were unhappy that Madonna went to Israel to perform considering the whole Palestinian issue. Second, her singing was horrible. It was torture. She was easily the worst performer of the night.

While these issues were widely discussed in mass media, the most obvious one was ignored: Her performance was a pseudo-satanic, New World Order, occult ritual. And, as usual, Madonna fully embodied her given role of Grand Priestess of the industry.

Before going into the performance, it is also important to note that Madonna is an adept of Kabbalah – Jewish mysticism that is at the root of most schools of Western occultism such as Freemasonry. Furthermore, the fact that this performance took place in Israel is also relevant to the symbolism that was put on display.

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

The performance began in a Cathedral-like setting with hooded men chanting the name “Madonna” as if it was a religious incantation.

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

After the chanting of her name, the Grand Priestess appears on top of the stairs, dressed as if she was about to partake in a dark occult ritual.

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

Then Madonna reveals herself. She wears a crown (Grand Priestess) and an eyepatch with the letter X on it.

Madonna recently created an alter-persona named Madame X she describes as an “agent with) several personalities. As seen in my article about Madame X, the entire thing is all about Monarch Programming.

Madame X constantly wears an eyepatch which is a convenient way of constantly displaying the one-eye sign – proof of submission to the occult elite.

Then Madonna begins singing Like a Prayer, a song about mixing sexual acts with religious devotion. Madonna sings this pseudo-satanic song all the time (she performed it at the 2018 MET Gala) because it is the perfect prelude to a black mass.

Other than the fact that Madonna sings horribly, she also sings with a thick accent that sounds Israeli or maybe Eastern European. Why? Well, the alter personas of MK slaves can be programmed to have accents. It seems like we’re listening to one of Madame X’s alters singing.

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

Then Madonna goes down the stairs slowly. Notice the inverted cross on her robe (symbol of satanism).

The setting here is extremely symbolic. The combination of stairs going up between pillars is fully Masonic.

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

Classic Masonic imagery depicting stairs going up between pillars.

At the beginning of the performance, Madonna was standing at the top of the stairs representing the highest level of “illumination”. By going down the stairs, Madonna symbolically lowers herself to the level of the masses. While doing so, she showcases an inverted cross because that is what they want the masses to believe in.

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

Here, hooded figures bring in pillars to place them on each side of Madonna. Why are they building stuff while Madonna is singing?

This scene is a clear reference to the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple, a crucial part of Masonic teachings. The rebuilding is said to usher in a new era – a new world order.

The two pillars found in Masonic symbolism are references to the pillars of Solomon’s Temple named Boaz and Achin.

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

The High Priestess tarot card features the pillars Boaz and Jachin.

The site of Solomon’s Temple is in Israel and there have been constant rumors of the elite trying to take control of Temple Mound in order to rebuild Solomon’s Temple. In short, Madonna is basically referring to the dawning of a new era ruled by the elite.

Then, things get even weirder.

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

People wearing gas masks and robes go up to Madonna. She tells them something and then she kills them by breaking their necks. Do these people represent the masses being talked down and killed by the elite?

Then Madonna says a bizarre speech that appears to be threatening a group of people.

“They are so naive. They think we are not aware of their crimes. We know be we are just not ready to act. The storm isn’t in the air. It’s inside of us. I want to tell you about love and loneliness. But it’s getting late now. Can’t you hear outside of your Supreme hoodie the wind that’s beginning to howl?”

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

As Madonna says these words, we see various Christian figures. Their new age is defined by the destruction of Christianity.

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

Then, Madonna blows a wind of death on the masked people (which represent the masses) and everybody dies. Also, in the background, the Statue of Liberty is broken.

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

As Madonna performs her new song Future with Quavo, the world is literally on fire.

The lyrics of that song are about the elite telling the masses that the future is not for them.

Not everyone is coming to the future
Not everyone is learning from the past
Not everyone can come into the future
Not everyone that’s here is gonna last

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

Then Madonna, Quavo and other people go back up the stairs. Are they on the path of Illumination? Not really.

Despite all of the symbolism we just saw, 99% of news media focused on the fact that there was a Palestinian flag next to an Israeli flag and that people were offended. They completely missed the bigger picture: Everybody is on their way to die.

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

Once at the top of the stairs, people turn around and jump to their death in what looks like a suicide. Another nice message for the millions of young people watching.

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

At one point, we see the reflection of a church on the stairs. Another way of displaying an inverted cross.

Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

Then the words WAKE UP appear in the background as Madonna and Quavo jump to their deaths.

Then, the crowd goes wild. Did they understand anything of what just happened? Probably not.

In Conclusion

Eurovision 2019 was a showcase of elite pawns and elite agenda. It was all about MK symbolism, occult symbolism, and the now unavoidable gender-blurring agenda. Appropriately enough, the show ended with an extremely symbolic and ritualic performance by Madonna which summed up the elite’s entire philosophy. It also conveyed its utter hatred and contempt for the masses, even celebrating their death in the “future”.

It is all there, it is all in our faces and it is more blatant than ever. If you don’t see it, take a hint from Madonna and WAKE UP.

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Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna's Controversial Performance

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Every time the Elite occult reveals itself it becomes an ugly, useless mess. The Eurovision used to be fun to watch. Now you can see satan everywhere. No thank you, I prefer Jesus Christ.

Council of Africans Untied for Truth in Christ.

This message is written TO my brothers and sisters in the kingdom of Jesus Christ. But this message is FOR everyone…..It was not a mistake that Madonna performed such a tribute to Satan. Remember 666 is coming to reign and has his sites set on Israel. I think this must have been some invocation she was doing on Antichrists behalf. I think something really big is coming. Please stay in prayer, repent (change the way you think and turn away from wrong doing) daily, allow Christ Word to richly dwell in you daily, practitically and intentionally be a witness for Christ brothers and sisters, we dont have much time. We need to win more souls into the kingdom, y’all can see these people are “enacting” the coming destruction for a reason. We need t love others intentionally and preach the gospel f the Kingdom of Jesus and the 10 commandments with more vigor. We dont preach the commandments to condemn men, no we are all failing and in need of Christs grace and mercy, we preach the commandments to show men their need for a saviour. Even if our families, friends, strangers ad colleagues ridicule us we cant be scared… Read more »


They’ve been “predicting” and “ushering in” this new era for decades, or attempting to. Fear of an apocalyptic event is exactly what they want from you. Don’t give them what they want.


Whatever “event” it is will be the one they create themselves.


Who belive in Christ are not afraid of their lil plays.


Christ himself sweated blood in anxiety before what happened to him. Its okay to be scared.

William Luciano

Thank You.

God is Love

Thank you for continuing to awaken people. It is so important. Your work was one of the first sources that really woke me up a couple years ago. Now I see the symbolism everywhere, every day. Too bad for [Them], but God wins….”It is written” God Bless.


If you are referring to the “God” of the Bible, then you are referring to satan. All you have to do is “know them by their fruits” -a big clue that Jesus gives, and you can’t fail to see that the God of the Bible is pure evil.

It is I only

kathleen you are 100% right.. YAHWEH, or Ahriman, or Sheitan or El Shaddai & his lat name Satan is the god of the OT !
About Christianism, See teaching of Bishop Marcion !

Larry, Barry and Gary

I don’t believe in Jew-Yahweh and his son Jew-Jesus neither do I believe in the fairytale Jew-bible written about them.


Your feeble demonstration of stupidity is too common to be notable or worthy of discussion. Suffice it to say that at this late date, the only reason you would be declaring your lack of awareness is some mock-shock. I mean that’s all you have to say? If you choose not to believe in Jesus, or His Word, why announce that drivel here? Either attention seeking or your fragile ego compels you to attempt an antagonistic debate….which is it? Oh, wait. You are a Madonna fan? Wow. Ok, go back to beginning and re-read.


Funny how some people don’t realize how old and worn out their tired cliche’ of “fairy tale” is. okay, okay, we got it, we know it’s the militant aethists’ fave description. Now can you be more creative’cos that’s really not working anymore. It’s like “racist” — you guys overused “fairy tale,” and there’s no sting. (Sorry–I know you were trying for pain and blasphemy, but it really comes off as overused.)


How can you love the Word made flesh but hate the One who Spoke it?


True! God/Satan are sides of the same coin. They belong to duality. There isn’t this in unity.


Lies. You just proved you are one of them.
(No conversation or arguments either).


Incorrect Bruno, GOD is the Creator all of things, satan can not be compared to God in any form.. Satan is a Cherubim but a fallen one, he was created by God. The fallen Lucifer is the god of this world and only because God Himself allowed it for His purpose. And this being true, is the reason why we that are awake through the Word of God can see his rule of this earth. As Christ said Satan is the god of this world!! “Earth”.. The So called Elites are just deceived puppets for satan plans and or satan’s seeds the was foretold by God in Genesis. Our king Jesus is coming to destroy him and he knows it. Satan knows his time is short and he is ripping open the veil. The thing is that he knows his own end so he is deceiving as many people as possible mainly through the hearts, minds. So my suggestion to you is that you Be not deceived as Christ has commanded, for your own soul sake… Satan is Real and so is HELL, repent and Believe that Christ died for your sins and He arose from the dead and sits… Read more »


The God of the Bible is NOT Satan, it is Jesus, you damn fool. Satan is the God of the koran.

Sick of dummies

Satan is not God period. Don’t speak about Islam when you’re clearly ignorant. How pathetic that in order to defend your own faith, you feel the need to spread lies about others.


Finally happy to see someone else who knows who the god of the bible really is. Most don’t want to hear it. God in the bible is the fallen angel Gaadreel one of the five satans. He is not the creator. Gaadreel and Lucifer play a game where they present Lucifer as evil and Gaadreel as good, but they are both deceivers.

Dana Hata

“Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do. But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear: Fear him, which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear him!” -Jesus


Jesus is a fictitious character created by ancient Roman elites (the Flavians) to trick us into “turn the other cheek” subservience to their satanic will against the earth -our real mother and the mother of all life.

George S

More like you wish he was a fictitious character….


And why would the Jewish people have accepted that Jesus is as a fictitious character? After all the Jews are the ones that left us with the new Testament. And they certainly despised the Romans.

Smitty's Inner-city Meats

Kathleen, put the soy down and pray while you still can. Seriously, this isn’t a James Cameron movie.


Kathleen, you repeat yourself at every opportunity you have. It seems like at every post here you copy-paste this same comment. It’s getting old. Pay Smitty below some mind and open yours. Why risk your eternity because of some conceited intellectual stubbornness? Since you like to read, see if you can find this book called “Surprised by faith”, by Dr. Don Bierle:

Why, in the end you might just be, you know, surprised.

Now, if you can’t bring yourself to look at the other side, the one you like to criticize so much, then discussing with you is a useless thing as, out of convenience or fear, you choose to be biased. Thus, no matter whatever you say on the subject should not be taken into consideration. Think about it.


repeating this superficial junk from this tool joe atwill, are we? very original!

end times soldier

There isn’t an historian worth their salt that would deny that a man named Jesus walked the earth and was crucified at Calvary. There are numerous recordings from many sources of his existence (not just in the Bible). This is a widely accepted fact amongst high level scholars.


Now the elite and their sheep are in this site. How long before they take it all down.

Simone Cordeiro

For you dear, if you think Jesus is a story that’s ok, but more important than Jesus is your heart, if you have an evil heart, my sis, forget it, ’cause neither Jesus nor God has the power to transform you with a snap of fingers. God gave the human being the free will, you have to know for yourself what is right and what is wrong or just forget the story of Jesus for good…


Turning the other cheek in the face of unacceptable evil does seem like really really bad advice.


I absolutely agree with you. Sometimes I wonder if the Satanic influence extended to the translation errors in the Bible specifically designed to minimize the real message.


Jesus didn’t bow down submissively but stood up for justice. He faced the enemy at the price of his life.  « Turning the other cheek » is NEVER SUBMISSION but a sign of courage to stand up for righteousness regardless of the punishment by evil men.


There are extra-Biblical, historical references to Jesus. You are misinformed.




I won’t add my 2 cents on the religious POV of Kathleen, but she’s 100% right in the last part of her last sentence: our real Mother is Mama Earth, the Mother of ALL life. Without ”her” there wouldn’t be a Jesus or anyone else labelled as a ”prophet”. We ARE destroying our beloved Mama. Want to protest against the elites? Makes HUGE life changes and start to give Mama Earth the love she deserves. Elite will crash. End of the said elite story.


Thank u


Frankly Kathleen, there is more proof that Jesus existed than there is for your existence. Pick up a bible OT or NT and read, it rapidly becomes apparent it is not the works of mere men but penned by men filled with the spirit of God.


All historians agree Jesus lived – get with the program


Our Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) predicted that one of the signs of Judgment Day would be that the land of Arabia would return to greenery and rivers, as it once was (reported by Muslim in his Saheeh). This might be a surprising statement, in light of the fact that the Arabs did not think that Arabia was once luscious and fertile and had rivers. This discovery, of a unique species of elephant tusks in the Arabian desert, shows that once upon a time, the desert lands of Arabia actually were luscious green and had large bodies of water on them. Deep in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, a team led by Oxford University has made a startling discovery: a giant, 325,000-year-old tusk belonging to an extinct species of elephant, remarkably preserved and embedded by an ancient lake. It is vivid proof, say archaeologists, that giant beasts once roamed lush and fertile plains where today the wind-blown sand covers the searing Nafud Desert. “Using satellite technology to map out the terrain, we predict there are tens of thousands of unknown archaeological sites in the Arabian Desert,” says project leader Prof Mike Petraglia. “There are over 7,000 [dried-up] lake… Read more »

Prophetic Explorer

Your prophet (may mounds of turds be upon him) is a Satanic creation of the Catholic Church!

word bird

“Don’t be afraid” JC

Warrior Monk

“LIke a Prayer” is a song about meeting Lucifer

-I hear your voice, it’s like an angel sighing

Lucifer is of course an angel

-I close my eyes, oh God I think I’m falling
-Out of the sky, I close my eyes

And he fell from the sky

-In the midnight hour I can feel your power

Midnight is when cultists believe the power of the fallen one is strongest.

-Just like a dream, you are not what you seem

True, Lucifer is a master of illusion,etc. And honestly that performance was glaringly obviously a black mass, it also portends a time of trouble when many will die. A time we are quickly now approaching due to man made climate change. God speed everyone.


MMCC? Better read up on Agenda 21 and Plan 2030 by the UN. Same plan.

Carl Romano

Surprised no one, including Vigilant Citizen, mention that the face of Satan is in the Red and Black lighting behind Madonna in plain site. Its just if your looking at Madonna you are likely to miss it. The face of Satan is in plain sight.

Chris J

When I saw that Madonna would be performing in Israel I couldn’t help but think of the phrase “abomination that causes desolation”…

Simone Cordeiro

Yeh!!! It’s so weird and lunatic to see that gothic scene and witchcraft and dead people all over the stage, when you’re just want have some fun and memorable times with your friends it’s the European music party, not the temple where you worship your little idiot rebel angel. And the goofies in audience should at least shout booo boooo boooo, just in name of the short time we have to live and pass some good times with the ones we love.

D D d

The ones in the venue, did not see what the audience at home saw. CGI


Admin, you seem to have forgotten the The Denver International Airport article. Gas masks, mass deaths, a city on fire, a forest on fire, the death of Judeo-Christian beliefs… Madonna killed the dancers by blowing, before she started singing Future (Killed most of the world population with toxic gas). Skycrapers burnt and trees have grown all around them (Restoration of nature)


She blows the wind on the people in white (the masses) and the police in black and gas masks (the governments) and everybody falls. It means that freemasonry took over the world.

D D d

Blowing of AIR.
AIR, we all breath to live.


I couldn’t help but think of a couple comments under the Madame X article, if I recall well, about a time she performed with Drake (?) and forced herself into kissing him. When she walked away, he grimaced like he was gonna puke, in total disbelief. Later it was said that he said that her mouth tasted or smelled awful, like dinosaurs, something like that. Maybe that’s what killed the performers onstage.

But seriously, if you draw a parallel, God, the Holy Spirit blew and blows like into men. She, on the other hand, coming from the occult practices, blows death onto them. Just something that came to mind when I was writing the previous paragraph.


Maybe the stench from her diseased crotch killed them?

Johnny Utah

This is exactly what came to mind. She was dressed almost like the villian in the painting too. They are telling us about biological warfare that is coming. The wind carries the disease air, killing the masses. I couldn’t help thinking of those paintings while scrolling down this article. This world… stay safe everyone.




@hmm, covid-19 is a hoax. A seasonal flu. The biggest disinformation after 9-11. The virus will not kill the masses. But the beginning of a chain of events that will kill the masses.


I thank God that Jesus has saved me. I pray these people repent and give their lives to Jesus before it’s to late.


Well, now I know why Albanian never wins despite sending quality songs with great vocals. Because Albania NEVER included illuminati symbolism in their performances


There is an opinion that neighbours vote for neighbours on Eurovision. If you have few neighbors, there is less chance of scoring.


The thing is Albania is hated by its neighbors lol

D D d

Maybe Albania is the new Cuba. A lot of unwanted criminals have a base in Albania, sponsored by foreign countries. But why?


Who are these unwanted criminals you are speaking of?

D D d

Like other countries it has a name that there are organised criminals operating from Albania. Trained in Albania. Not perse Albanians. Like The USA trained al qaida-people.

Billy Chav

Armageddon could be happening on CNN and some Albanian would be complaining that it began in Iraq

Mo' Truckin'

Occult elite and symbolism.
That’s right !
Let me give you a recent exemple.
After the fire of Notre-Dame, a third of the Hôtel-Dieu has been ceded to a real estate developer for 80 years and 144 millions of euro.
80 years = 960 months.
960/144 = 6,666666666666
They don’t hide anymore …

Good job, guys.
Congrats from France.


Besides the fact that there is no talent or actual music at these orgies, what a humongous waste of money. And then the elite turn around and ignore the needs of people who are struggling to survive.

Wonder how arrogant these creeps will look when they see the real fire coming for them from God’s throne. It won’t be turning out quite like they pictured it.


Great article as always VC! I need to add a few points:
1- The Oroborou sign on her robe
2- Shes (freemasonry) on her knees weakened and the people in white (masses) help her get up and in return she kills them
3- The people in black (police in gas masks) are dancing with the masses : Theyre fighting
4- At the 6:00 mark on the video in her YT channel: the stage is a set of compasses that lights up in the dark.
5- The last scene me ans that some nations will enter the new world order (climb To the top) and others wont (like Palestine and Israël). The latter are holding hands (peace) but they SPLIT (end of peace).


We are just about in the beginning of #2 stage rightnow. I hope #5 doesnt happen during the lifetime of my children

D D d

Might I add the promotion, the use of airplanes in a peculiar way? Not only in the introduction videos, but even as large as a monstruous predator, on the stage, as wide as the stage. The tone was set.
Please look up to your own skies and report what you see. Analise what you feel. Critize what you read. The tracks, the contrails are not what they seem, it is not water. It will fall down on your head too.


I don’t think people want to analise what they feel.

Analyze, maybe.


Analise is British English…illuminate yourself


Actually, “analyse” is British English. I’m not stupid, I lived in London when I was younger, did you?

Apparently not, or you would have known both American and British utilize the “y”.

Hence, why I said, what I said.

So, how about you “illuminate” yourself with a dictionary, wise-@$$?

D D d

Oh s--t, sometimes I forget to type the right spelling of words. Good that I do know how to pronounce it, though. [Weird conversations that might have been.]
But – please go for content, that’s why I wrote it.

D D d

To cut off further sidewalks :
”..analize definition: Verb 1. Common misspelling of analyze..”


Analyse is British English..illuminate yourself


The name Analise is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Analise is: Grace or devoted to God.

Milorad Jovanovic Mile

One Serb in Serbia,it is Serbia!
One George Soros in Serbia,it is Israel!


The question is, what can we do to stop them from winning? Surely we can fight back somehow.


god planned and “they” planned and god is the best planner


We must hold firmly to the one true religion and seek God’s guidance and assistance. Everything is as prophecied by Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. The Prophet has said that there’ll be a time when practising one’s faith will be like holding onto hot coal. And look at all the persecution happening to Muslims around the world, just for being Muslims.
Some of the minor signs prophesied:
1.Loss of trust. One of the manifestations of loss of trust is people’s affairs being entrusted to those who are not qualified or able for that.
2.The taking away of knowledge and the prevalence of ignorance; the taking away of knowledge will occur with the disappearance of the scholars.
3.The spread of zina (adultery, fornication)
4.The spread of riba (usury, interest)
5.The prevalence of musical instruments.
6.Widespread drinking of alcohol.
7.Shepherds competing in the construction of tall buildings.
8.A slave woman giving birth to her mistress. The view favoured by the scholar Ibn Hajar is that there will be widespread disobedience among children, so that a child will treat his mother as a master treats his slave woman, with negligence and insults.
9.Widespread killing.
10.Widespread earthquakes.
11.Appearance of landslides, transformations and stones from heaven.
12.Appearance of women who are clothed yet naked.

Prophetic Explorer

You forgot the widespread marrying of child brides.


So much for the tolerant Christians. Should we name every mistaken commited by any Christian group throughout history?
Religion (none of them) is not salvation. Only God is.


It’s not religion that saves people and warrants an eternity in heaven, but a daily relationship with God and the acceptance of the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for all of mankind. Religion is man-made, and it will always be imperfect, leading to division, mistakes and intolerance within and without the church. You can use it as a guide, as a means of fellowship with those who share the same faith as you, but don’t let its rules precede and become more important then God, for He is the almighty, above everyone and everything. (Note that I am a Baptist and do not believe that religion saves.)


I agree with you except I believe we Christ followers should abandon religion and morality preaching to the unsaved completely. And focus on the fact that Jesus alone was perfect. And paid the price for everyones sins. Because of their individual immense value, not their morals.
Everyone knows they are sinners, whether or not they admit it. What they need is the good news. Not moral leadership. “Moral leadership” is religion. That is to say, a way of trying to get self worth that does not succeed.
The truth is no person is morally superior to another. Jesus alone is good, because he is God.
We all need to be loved unconditionally and valued by God to the point of realizingJesus would die for any of us., just to be with us. That knowledge of our own value leads to understanding the value of other people and naturally sins evaporate.
What we need is love. Love never fails.


very accurate


The war was won on the cross, satan knows it but wants to take as many with him as he can.


Don’t allow them to make you fearful cuz that’s their biggest weapon against us. They’re delusional sociopaths with an unachievable goal. The .001% don’t stand a chance against the other 99.999% of us. As for saving yourself from their current attempts to slowly poison us to death, drink only distilled or pure spring water, use an air purifier, eat ONLY organic food (ideally vegan), don’t sleep in a room with a wifi router or wifi enabled devices (radiation), limit screen time, limit media exposure, only take meds (even aspirin) if you absolutely have to, maintain a positive, loving energy and spread it to others as much as possible, protect and nurture other earth and stay connected to our higher power. Then just be patient because we will witness the fall of the elite in this lifetime. They only got away with it this long because the internet hadn’t been invented yet. Since it was invented a mere 20 years ago, millions of people have woken up and more wake up every day. The only plus to their insane narcissism is they grossly underestimated us and overestimated themselves. They will hang themselves.


They wont and cant win. God will destroy Madonna and all her evil kind all around the world. They will be banished to hell for all eternity in this lifetime. LOVE IS STRONGER THAN HATE AND IT WILL BE LOVE THAT DESTROYS THEM AS THEY CANNOT TOLERATE LOVE.

Alojzije Jankobipsić Class D

Holy S--t this sickens me!
I rather play chess,even if i am not so good!
I just wanted to be famous like Magnus or Madonna!


would LOVE for you to discuss zionism affecting world events… it’s EVERYWHERE.
adam green (know more news) covers ALOT about the third temple.
some says flatout that freemasonry is jewish satanism…


Great work VC. How do you keep watching these horrible shows? Thank you so much for reporting on them. I pray that God protects you.

Maybe I’ve read too much Qanon, but Madonna’s speech sounds like a coded message. Is she threatening white hats working to expose her friends? She even mentions the storm. Evil is fighting for its life right now.

They didn’t think she would lose.

Brandi Starks

I thought it sounded like an esoteric message too

danijel corcokovic darky

I am junkie all my life,i have sad life!
But this is sad too!
My wife was sex kitten as a child!She was sold,she was prostitute!
It is sick world!


VC forgot to tell that both Sergey Lazarev and Tamara Todevska had show with mirrors (multiple alters). Similar shows like that lightning bolt for Belarus and Italy. It’s weird.

robert klluzo 24

This is sick,really sick!

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