Madonna’s MDNA Tour Replete with Illuminati Agenda

The show began with a red (bloody) illuminated crucifix bearing the letters MDNA - an acronym strangely similar to MDMA, another name for ectasy a drug that is very popular on dancefloors across the world.

The Grand Priestess of the music industry is back on tour and it began in Tel-Aviv, Israel. As we’ve seen in the article on the 2012 Superbowl Half-Time show, Madonna signed a multi-year deal with Interscope records and, since then, all of her new works fully embrace the same Illuminati Agenda as the rest of the music industry. However, since it is Madonna things are taken to another level. People have come to expect controversy from Madonna, but this is not simply controversy for the sake of it like she used to do  in the 90’s. Nope, this is symbolic and calculated controversy, engineered to carry all of the Illuminati’s messages. Here’s a short article from the Telegraph that sums up her show.

Madonna tells Israel: you can’t be a fan of mine and not want world peace

Madonna, whose conversion to the esoteric Jewish sect Kabbalah sparked an unlikely trend in Hollywood, launched her world tour in Tel Aviv last night with a plea for peace in the Middle East.

The American singer greeted 30,000 Israeli fans in Tel Aviv’s Ramat Gan Stadium with the declaration: “You can’t be a fan of mine and not want peace in the world”. Her management had distributed hundreds of free tickets to

“We all bleed the same colour,” Madonna told her ecstatic crowd, standing against the backdrop of an enormous illuminated crucifix and satanic symbols. “If we can all rise above our egos and our titles and the names of our countries and our religions, and treat everyone around us with dignity and respect, then we are on the road to peace. If there is peace here in the Middle East, there can be peace in the whole world.”

The diva then went on to perform her song “Gang Bang” accompanied by images of blood stains, video clips showing the singer spraying bullets from both a hand gun and a machine gun, and closing on the phrase “die, bitch!”

Israel’s ultra-orthodox community, however, were outraged that the “Like A Virgin” singer was performing in the Jewish state. A report in religious journal ‘HaEda’ described the tour as “disgraceful” and claimed rumours the “famous gentile singer” would be visiting religious sites in the country’s north had spared “pain and rage within the god-fearing community”.

Madonna has reportedly postponed a planned tour of Galilee following protests by the local religious community.

– Source: The Telegraph

So the show began with Madonna pleading for “world peace”, a slogan of the New World Order. A few minutes later, she dances around toting machine guns, revolvers and an AK-47 – a weapon that is widely used in wars across the world, including in Israel. The cognitive dissonance between what Madonna says (i.e. “If there is peace here in the Middle East, there can be peace in the whole world”), and what she does (shooting and killing bunch of people with blood stains everywhere) is typical of Illuminati double-speak. Like Orwell wrote several decades ago, WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, and IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.

Glamorizing death, violence and oppression. Also, leopard prints represent Sex-Kitten programming, hinting that these women were “programmed” to do this.

Atop hypocritical double-speak involving war, there is also hypocritical double-speak involving spirituality. After her moralizing speech about “respect”: “If we can all rise above our egos and our titles and the names of our countries and our religions, and treat everyone around us with dignity and respect, then we are on the road to peace”, the show turns into a big Black Mass insulting Christianity.

The show begins with a red (bloody) illuminated crucifix bearing the letters MDNA – an acronym strangely similar to MDMA, another name for Ecstasy – a drug that is very popular on dance floors across the world.


Madonna’s Black Mass included monks turning into male strippers along with guts, guns and satanic symbols being flashed on the walls. Things that so many pop stars did in the recent years. This is not about art, this is all-out, insistent propaganda.

In short Madonna’s MDNA tour reflects how the Illuminati confuses the world with its double-speak. It lulls the world with talks of “world peace” while glamorizing the death, bloodshed and oppression of the masses. It moralizes people about “religious tolerance” while systematically attacking and destroying all faiths that are not part of the belief system of the world elite – which incidentally includes a bastardized version of Kabbalah as practiced by Madonna, the Grand Priestess of the Illuminati music business.


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246 Comments on "Madonna’s MDNA Tour Replete with Illuminati Agenda"

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You've got the whole chronology of the show wrong, the plea for peace comes in a segment with like a prayer and open your heart, gang bang is the second number she performs after the girl gone wild opener, however what's the use of facts?

If being a christian means not knowing what the hell you're talking about, then hail satan

"The show begins with a red… illuminated crucifix". No it doesn't – that's a cross. It's only a crucifix if it has a figure of Christ on it.

This is the live video from Madonna's tour in 2012. Go to this video, and you'll see 8 minutes of black symbolism. Pay attention to the last minutes, when she's dancing in the middle of the stage, you need to look at the background video playing. You need to watch it:

(poor people that go to the concerts and don't even know what that show has been made for)

ps: some people are in the comments on YouTube are discussing wether Madonna or Gaga is better.

Are they insane?

I could'nt believe it , about Madonna, such a strong personality always, until I've seen this

clip from her tour in Berlin, it looks like she is drugged or possesed , creapy , and then she starts

crying , realize what she did?. Have u ever heard Like a Virgin this way? I doesn't even resemble

the original song, looked very creepy

YES Madonna and the illuminati but WRONG description of the show, the show doesn't even start the way you described it, not with that crucifix, get the article right at least, so it's more credible

Yeah watch the whole MDNA tour on Youtube – the opening is of hooded cloaked figures in red swinging an incense lanterrn amidst chanting

so much SMH

About the MDNA thing,we know that Madonna embraces the Kaballah,and such sect believes in the concept of Tetragrammaton–the real name of God consists of four letters. I think Madonna considers herself a god/goddess,so she practiced the Tetragrammaton in her stage name. Not really sure,though. >.<

Hey!!!! I "loove" my queen!!! IDC about the Illuminati!!! "Jesus loves Madonna & so do I" ~Sis Sue~

This article was written by someone who clearly hasn't actually seen the show…

I do appreciate that most of what is written about famous people like madonna is made-up, but this article makes no effort to hide this…

so my advice is to actually watch the show, and if you don't like her then don't watch, end of story…

Thanks God it's not the Middle Age, as she would had been burned as a witch. here we go again: during the course of the History, from the Crusades to the American Indians, the only one who did spread blood,in the name of God,it has always been the Church. But , of course, let's not see the evidence, let's look for Madonna's secrets messages….Poor world

"The show begins with a red (bloody) illuminated crucifix bearing the letters MDNA – an acronym strangely similar to MDMA, another name for Ecstasy – a drug that is very popular on dance floors across the world."

Grasping at straws here…there was no reason to dip into drug fact. MDNA is her album – probably just means Madonna, she's running out of album title ideas.

not grasping at straws. Are you serious???? OBVIOUSLY its about the drug. Thats what makes her album 'popular'. take ur head out the sand. here is the opening of her MDNA tour in telaviv, I wonder if this smoke that is coming out of this thing that goes swinging above the audiance is some kind of light drug that gets everybody possesed in some way without noticing, also the chanting and the devilish like creatures with devil horns and red wings that appear on the sides, every performance these days of big artist as madonna starts with some kind of ritual. just take lady gaga, nicki minaj and others… have you ever seen this kind of things back then, I dont think so, it's all pretty clear now, but the masses will never fully understand this, only some will. if you have a normal IQ and some ratinoal thinking left in you you don't need anyone to explain it to you, just look at the video a see for yourself, it makes me… Read more »

@Ted> So far, your comments make the most sense out of any. You have obviously done your 'homework', are highly intelligent and have a great mind. Great minds think alike. It's refreshing to see that someone else knows what the hell is really going on besides me. Keep up the excellent commentary, my friend. See ya around. Strawberry fields forever.

Hi Madonna,

How's your Satanism today, public and private? Too much or not enough? I'm willing to bet the latter. Hell is eagerly awaiting you. But don't worry, you have more than earned your way into it via selling your soul to Satan (evil). Of course, you haven't changed him(IT), but he has certainly changed you. The rest is only a matter of time.

She's got the nerve to wear a cross around her neck in the first picture. She is the very opposite of godly. She HATES God. She's into paganism?satanic practices.

and you forgot to mention the strip tease during the "human nature" song.. which that song is about "do as thou wilt" crowley- its human nature.. and im not sorry…

and she had "no fear" written on her back- no fear of God, that is

3 tours so fast back to back within a few years of eachother… as if she needs the money

all to push the agenda really fast


this makes her crucifiction and masonic handshakes with the gay jew and muslim (star and moon t-shirt wearing) during the Confessions tour much cleaner

oh, she's so doomed…

We should not take this lightly.Whatever you believe, one of the most famous entertainers in the world talks about peace and then glorifies violence.She has radically changed since the vogue tour which was a kind if mindless bondage thing. With major wars going on in the middle east and the possibility of it getting worse in Syria and defo Iran, someone of this calibre whose main stage show symbolism contains wholely violent and negative imagery, you know the game plan has changed. She could have entertained the world with creativity and design but she uses guns and sex.These are worrying times indeed.

You may have fun with your comments but you may find the bullets coming down your avenue or be bullied into to joining up.

This article makes me feel even happier that this vile woman is flushing her own career down the toilet. I'm sure she's refusing to believe that the public are rejecting her by surrounding herself with people who are terrified to say no to her but she's still plugging the perfume, 'fashion line' etc to make her more money because her music has tanked. It makes me laugh that Madonna thinks she's 'bigger' that the illuminati/nwo. You can't buy everthing Madonna!

Madonna said in an interview the reason why there is violence in the show is because it depics (visually) a journey going from the dark into the light. Why are we trying to find more to it than what actually is there?

Note-as 'A Christan' noted, MDNA is Madonna, but without the vowels, of course. It is a ' magickal' way to write it- see the definition of 'sigils' fir a clear understanding. Madonna is always casting spells, or trying to……

Madonna is, with this concert in Israel, paving the way for the Antichrist, who will set up an "abomination that causes desolation" in the Holy place in Jerusalem. The Antichrist will be a prominent world leader emerging in coming years whose message will be 'Peace'. He will establish a peace treaty in Israel. Look for somebody from the United Nations or European Union. When this comes to pass, there will be a time of great tribulation for the entire world, economically and politically. When this comes to pass, the end of the world has finally come. Ready to meet your maker?

We are all mortal with an expiration date.. There is truth to all this conspiracy. My question to her is, why would one person give the few years one has on this earth to have eternity in hell, What out weights one more than the other. ? Sad. Christian will see her in hell, in the end, with the others she lead there.

I was thinking exactly the same. How many years we live? 90-100 maximum, if that, so what's the point to miss out on eternal life for a few bones then and there.

The high Satanic Priestess is back and in full force with guns and roses. How hypocritical indeed.

Die b***h? Yeah Die b***h !!