Madonna’s Superbowl Halftime Show: A Celebration of the Grand Priestess of the Music Industry


When I learned that Madonna – aka the Grand Priestess of the music industry – would be performing at the Superbowl halftime show, I thought: “This should be interesting”. And it was. While most were amazed by a woman in her fifties dancing around with LMFAO and others were annoyed at her lip-syncing, I was interested with something else: the flurry of symbolism flashed to billions of viewers worldwide. While most considered Madonna’s performance as an entertaining interlude to the most important football game of the year, those blessed with symbol-literacy will probably agree with the following statement: Madonna’s halftime show was a big celebration of the Illuminati industry and of its Grand Priestess, Madonna.

A week before the Superbowl, Madonna described on Anderson Cooper the spiritual importance she attributed to her halftime show:

“The Superbowl is kind of like the Holy of Holies in America. I’ll come at halfway of the “church experience” and I’m gonna have to deliver a sermon. It’ll have to be very impactful.”

It is rather appropriate that this Kaballah-intiate referred to the Superbowl as the “Holy of Holies” as it was the name of the most sacred place in Solomon’s Temple. No one was ever permitted to enter the Holy of Holies but the High Priest. This privilege was only granted on the Day of Atonement, to offer the blood of sacrifice and incense before the mercy seat. Madonna’s analogy was therefore telling of the mindset behind her performance. Let’s look at the main parts of her show.

Vogue or Entrance of the Priestess

Madonna entrance is an elaborate procession fit for a High Priestess or even a goddess.

Pushed by hundreds of Roman soldiers and welcomed by hundreds of women, Madonna’s glorious entrance is a reflection of her status in the entertainment world.

Her first performance was highly influenced by ancient Egypt-Sumeria-Babylon and Madonna’s costume recalls an ancient Babylonian goddess.

The decor of Madonna’s first performance combines elements from ancient Egypt, Sumeria and Babylon. Madonna herself is dressed in a way that highly resembles an Ancient Sumerian/Babylonian goddess, Inanna-Ishtar.

Ishtar with her foot on a roaring lion and wearing a distinctive headdress resembling Madonna’s horned crown. Ishtar is often depicted with wings, a feature that is recalled on Madonna’s “carriage”.

Ishtar was a powerful and assertive goddess whose areas of control and influence included warfare, love, sexuality, prosperity, fertility and prostitution. She sought the same existence as men, enjoying the glory of battle and seeking sexual experiences. Madonna’s portrayal as Ishtar is therefore quite interesting as one can argue that the pop singer has embodied, throughout her career, the same assertive yet highly sexual qualities of Ishtar, even achieving a state of power in the music industry that is usually reserved to men. On an esoteric level, Ishtar is associated with the planet Venus, known as the Morning Star or the Evening Star.

The presence of two Sphinxes in front of Madonna greatly resembles the tarot card The Chariot. According to Manly P. Hall: “This card signifies the Exalted One who rides in the chariot of creation. The sphinxes drawing the chariot resent the secret and unknown power by which the victorious ruler is moved continuously through the various parts of his universe.”

So, in this mythologically-charged setting, Madonna performed Vogue. During the performance, covers of Vogue Magazine were displayed, a publication that is at the forefront of Illuminati symbolism in fashion (as seen in the series of articles Symbolic Pics of the Month).

Vogue ends with a symbol that is consistent with the Egyptian-Babylonian theme of the performance, one that is also of highest importance in occult Secret Societies such as Freemasons, the Rosicrucians and the Illuminati: the Winged Sun-Disk.

The song ends with the displaying of a Winged Sun-Disk.

Egyptian mystics used the winged sun for ritualistic magic and invocations:

“‘Emblematic of the element of air, this consists of a circle or solar-type disk enclosed by a pair of wings. In ritual magic it is suspended over the alter in an easterly direction and used when invoking the protection and co-operation of the sylphs.”
Hope, Murry, “Practical Egyptian Magic”

The winged sun is still being used today by groups like the Freemasons, the Theosophists and the Rosicrucians.

“The Winged Globe is pre-eminently a Rosicrucian symbol, although the Illuminati may lay claim to it, and it may be admitted that it is of Egyptian origin. The Winged Globe is the symbol of the perfected soul making its flight back to the source of its creation in the Elysian fields beyond.”
-Swinburne, Clymer, “The Rosicrucians, Their Teachings”

The symbol of the winged-sun inside a Masonic lodge.

The display of this symbol, although apparently trivial and aesthetic, emphasizes on the occult spiritual dimension underlying Madonna’s entire performance.

Give Me All Your Luvin’ or Madonna’s Sex Kittens

Later in the show, Madonna performed her new single Give Me All Your Luvin’. The song features two new industry favorites: Nikki Minaj and M.I.A. In the song’s music video and during the Superbowl performance, these two female rappers are portrayed in a specific way:  Instead of being presented as full-fledged artists contributing to Madonna’s song, they are portrayed as her “minions” who are cheering for the industry’s High Priestess. This “relationship” where Madonna is in power – and therefore the handler – is drenched in Mind Control symbolism, specifically Beta Programming, also know Sex Kitten Programming.

In the video for Give me Your Luvin’, Madonna, Nikki Minaj and M.I.A. are dressed as Marilyn Monroe, the ultimate prototype of Sex Kitten Programming.

Another symbol associated with Sex Kitten programming is feline prints clothing and textiles. The entire half-time show was an animal-print extravaganza.

Like a Prayer or the Final Sermon

Madonna closed the halftime show with one of her biggest hits: Like a Prayer. The video of this song was always controversial due to its mixing of religious themes with sexuality. As the song starts, the show takes on a very solemn and spiritual vibe as Madonna and Cee-Lo Green enter the stage to give the final sermon. Religious figures are usually dressed in white to represent purity and godliness. The two singers where dressed in black robes and black robes are usually used in…black masses.

As the song begins, a huge eye pupil is displayed before the stage, hinting to the Illuminati-influence of this spiritual performance.

Madonna’s halftime show ends in a dramatic yet very significant matter:

At the end of her performance, the floor opens underneath Madonna’s feet and she falls into oblivion.

As Madonna is swept in what appears to be the “Underworld”, Madonna sings “I hear you call my name, And it feels like home”. This is another inversion of conventional religious symbolism as “home” should be in the heavens. In Madonna’s case, she obviously didn’t go in that direction.

The show ends with a message no one can disagree with.

The words “World Peace” appear on the stage, a PR-friendly slogan used by those pushing for a New World Order  lead by a one world government.


In Conclusion

When taken individually, the symbols described above can be simply considered as “cool-looking” and most Superbowl viewers did not give them much attention. The packing all of these signs and symbols in one comprehensive 13 minute performance cannot however be dismissed as “random images”. Quite to the contrary, the combination of all of these symbols form a whole and define with great depth the underlying philosophy and Agenda of those in power – the Illuminati. Madonna’s embrace of the Illuminati symbolism discussed on this site coincides with her signing with Interscope Records, one of the main purveyors of Illuminati symbolism in the music industry. Her halftime show performance can therefore be considered as the “launching” of her three-album (and 40 million dollars) relationship with the prominent label. Madonna’s Superbowl performance has shown that, despite the fact that she is an industry icon and that she pioneered most of the themes modern pop stars still exploit, she still needs to fit the mold and to embrace the same symbolism rookie pop stars.

Laced with profound imagery, Madonna’s halftime performance was a massive Illuminati ritual, one that was witnessed by billions of viewers. On this Superbowl “Day of Atonement”, Madonna, the High Priestess of the Illuminati industry, entered the Holy of Holies of America and delivered a 13 minutes sermon that was heard by all…but understood by few.




  1. is anyone wondering if she just "hopped on the occult bandwagon" or used the opportunity of everyone talking about illuminati and occult symbolism to use it without being obvious

    • Madonna's image and lyrics have been laced with Illuminati symbols every since her 1st album! She's ALWAYS known what she was into and who she works for. It's just now people are noticing it more because we know more.

      • Spot on comment ButtaFlyyTulsa, her involvement is not recent or inadvertent. About five years ago, someone sent me a forward that included an analysis of Madonna's 2003 MTV show with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, it also had tons of symbolism.

        What used to be subtle such as power grabs, wealth transfers, Orwellian doublespeak, and symbolism, is now very much in our face.

        As an aside, another consistent source of occult symbolism can be found in military patch designs. Someone put together a great webpage on it several years ago, I don't know if it is still available.

        Thank you Vigilant Citizen for sharing your insightful analysis.

      • Cinrad,

        You may be right regarding some parts of your post, but you are most definitely WRONG in thinking that Catholics worship Mary! We honor her, but she is a creature of God, as are we. Our worship is reserved for God along.

      • Cinrad,

        As Donna pointed out, we honor Mary, we don't worship her. And these books that play at connect-the-dots rarely do a good job of it. That one, it seems, failed quite flatly. You should pick up a book on catechism, preferably the Baltimore Catechism.

        No matter how much inter-religious symbolism these occult theorists try to super-impose on the Church, NONE of it is ever true. I used to fall for all of that babbling on about occult origins of the Church, and then I actually started learning about the Church from well-known texts and writers, not from a backwater anti-Catholic Presbyterian. His book has been refuted as having gross misconceptions and misunderstanding, but I do have to address something:

        Any time a pagan parallel is brought up about the Church, people knee-jerk and gasp and start pointing the finger at the Church. But that carries an underlying and rarely-disputed assumption–That if a glaring parallel does arise between the Church and pagan practices, that it discredits the Church. See most people assume that if the Church has a ritual or practice which has its roots in paganism, the Church must be pagan and thus loses credibility. The line of thought they fail to entertain–Which is the more reasonable one–is that the Church didn't stoop itself to paganism, but rather purified and elevated certain pagan practices which had deep spiritual value and reconciled them to Christ.

      • Her name is enough to tell you who she is portraying.

        As worshipped by Catholics (the real Mary has nothing to do with it) Madonna means ‘Our Lady’ and refers to Mary the mother of Jesus. This Mary is also Queen of Heaven, supposedly having been crowned by Jesus when she got to heaven and this Mary is also the mother of God (because Jesus was God incarnate).

        To cut a long story short, in reality they are worshipping Semiramis, the mother of Nimrod. Semiramis IS Ishtar.

        A really indepth discussion of this and other ways that the Occult/Mystic clergy followed the power and infiltrated the Roman Catholic religion is in Alexander Hislop’s book The Two Babylons. For all of you who are interested in the mystery religion’s symbols this is a must read. It also shows how the main religions today are the same as the occult/mystery religion of the ancient Mesopotamia.

        The book is 100 years old and can be a bit hard to read as such unless you are determined to struggle through it or are used to old accademic wriitng. It is hard to find but I have seen copies of it in second hand book stores and it is a mainstay of thrift shops.

        Online without the drawings its at

      • Catholicism isn't Christian.  True Christians reject catholicism. Catholicism is a rejection of Jesus Christ.

      • Excellent article as usual. Noticed many of things:

        1-The use of the Empress tarot card imagery when she appeared in front of the throne.

        2-When the "choir" came out, there formation of the people from above appeared as an inverted cross. Glad that you pointed out the black robes.

        3-Nicky Minaj's programming seems more effective than MIA's. It felt as if she thought the whole thing was lame and was in it for the money.

        4-The commercials get more insulting to my intelligence every year.

        5- When she hit the lines, "I Can Feel Your Power," the lights in the background formed a pyramid. "Whose Power?"

      • Funny someone mentioned when she changed her name to Esther, since according to Wikipedia and other sites, Esther could be derived from Ishtar 😮

      • Donna, Matty,
        we could argue this point for many thousands of words, however this is not the place. I have seen the works discrediting The Two Babylons and this too can be defended. Also I have studied the Cathechism Of The Catholic Church – prepared following the second vatican ecumenical council, English edition. If you dont worship Mary I say ‘that is a good thing’. We could take up this discussion on the VC MESSAGE BOARD Religion thread if you want to.

      • So logically the next step would

        Be to sit down & calmly discuss

        this information with your teens,

        & dare I say "Tweens" (who are

        the prime audience, & talk to

        them about the symbolism,

        since "illuminati" is pop culture

        now & actually talk about it as

        a discussion, & how to identify

        & dismantle. Create solutionary

        minds instead of reactionary ones.

        There is a great TED talk discussing

        the importance of teaching this

        wholistic, ethical view to our

        Children, I for one am taking on

        this stance of education rather than

        ignorance & fear. It's 2012, time

        for us to end the deception.

        Zoe Weil -TED talk :

      • I believe that the underlying facts about Hollywood, media, governments have been hijacked by the freemasons for a very long time, and their goals are about to be realized, and all that I have read in VC articles makes sense. However, applying fictional, prejudicial, or erroneous opinions is not helping the case being made here. The masonic infiltration of every organization in order to subvert right-thinking and to brainwash it's members, includes every religious group.

        Some of the comments I have read tend toward anti-Catholicism. This is due to not understanding what the Church teaches. Matrix of Power implies strongly that the Pope and Catholics are part of the Masons/Illuminati. The Church in fact teaches under canon 1374 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law, Catholics are forbidden to join societies which plot against the Church. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith applied this to Masons, indicating that Catholics who join Masonic organizations are engaged in serious sin and are to be barred from the Eucharist. The Church has always been the arch-enemy of freemasonry – this is historical fact. If you read biased antagonistic rhetoric, you will reap the rewards of "garbage in – garbage out".

    • She isn't an MK'd victim. She has revealed time after time that she has intimate knowledge of occult happenings. And she's been known, even before her rise to fame, to be incredibly aware and focused. If anything she's a handler.

      I just feel terrible for her children.

      • Matrixxx:

        She MOVED to England. If I were to move to England, I'd pick up an English accent myself…or at least as much of an approximation as I could muster.

      • i agree with cinrad, mary is worshipped, not honored, only because people pray to her…i was born and raised as a catholic….and yes they do worship mary……catholics worship saints, because they pray to them, they pray to statues…to images…is;nt that the same as idolatry? to be honest…its almost like worshipping the egyptians as well…there's a saint for every thing…and those saints are praid too… call it tomatoeee and i call it idolatry….its all the same $h!t….just a different name with a different face only to convince people….break down all the religious beliefs there are out there and you will find the common denominator….and the roots to each and every belief….

    • Thanks for breaking that down, VC. Ceelo? I thought you were all saved and stuff. Why? Why? Oh, he told me: "F%ck you". They "do what they want " like O.T.O. That's comedy.

      It's amazing and wonderful that I missed her performance. There was something telling me to do other more important things like have a life. It's kind of funny too that another member of my family got bored of the game and turned it off to do some work. It's funny how that happens. Madonna as was stated is a major player, but that said she is also a puppet. The major players are all nameless.

      As long as we watch, they will keep exalting their weak and sick agenda. Forget'em. God wins, they lose:-)

    • World peace means world war. TSHTF this year, 2012. The illuminati are masters of inversion and opposites. This is what all this stuff is building up to. They started around 2008 pumping this stuff into the culture to prepare us for what is coming. Get ready.

    • I am really over this occult, illuminati talk!!!! Sure they exist, but MY question is what can we do about? THE BUCK DOESNT STOP AT EXPOSING THEM! Its not even hard to expose them, they hide in plain sight! The average person is a brain dead zombie for pop culture, politics or religion! Shit, half the people on this site think Jesus is going to save them and judge the illuminati. That is just evidence of how strong the illuminati is. Religion is nothing but another one of their games to keep the masses confused in a child like state, expecting some miracle from on high! You cant even get the truth out because people cant or are simply not ready to comprehend it. All you can do is live your life in such away that your true to yourself and not intentionally harming those around you. You can cry about the illuminati, or decided to live your life, CAUSE THEY SURE ARE LIVIN THEIRS…..

      • Do you think Madonna is doing this for power or money? She believes in the occult and forces beyond as well. She is however brainwashed that she will rule as the queen of Lucifer. Do you think all those symbols are for sh*ts and giggles?

      • If you are serious? Stop paying the taxes which feed the beast and fund your own funeral. Cease credit card payments. Cut subscription to TV, their magazines and MSM junk. Eat local, boycott their junk food…

        Their power is money so that is the first place to hit.

      • AskForYourSelf on


        These people obviously believes in their deity and the bible says that the worship of any idol is the worship of fallen angels aka devils. The successes they have obtain has being done through this. If you believe the devil exist then it is hard to deny the existent of Jesus and God. here is a radical but yet simple thought. Why don't you ask Jesus if he exist? Sincerely ask him. You might be surprise.

      • What can you do? Save up food, medicine, pure water, and guns & ammo. Build up a community of free thinkers. Find a safe place to start a sustainable community. Network with free thinkers about the esoteric existential crisis. Build solutions to problems concerning the perception of reality. One of their tricks is to make you think there's nothing you can do, so just "live your life!" Right, live your life, but remember how important it is. Protect your free-thinking way of life. Fight for it. Make sure future generations know how important free thought and action is. Fight and die for the freedom of humanity.

      • Why do you read the articles on this site? The only thing VC is trying to do is expose the Illuminati. If this upsets you then find the websites that are doing something about it. Don't come on here and put down anyone who believes in something.

      • Take A Closer Look on

        If you're so over it, then why are you reading this website?

        You sound like a crybaby, yourself. Go somewhere and live YOUR life.

        You also sound like you're very afraid and rather bury your head in the sand.

      • People believe in a higher power have nothing to do with it overall. Shoot, the majority of the people that fawn all over these pop "stars" aren't all that grounded in any sort of faith anyways (not to say that they're atheist, but simply saying that they aren't serious about God).

        And yes, there are many people that are ultra-religious and are the main people who will follow a religion blindly but being a former atheist, I've followed my non-belief rather blindly too (as well as my friends) because I thought my worldview was absolute, following famous atheists like Hitchens, Dennett, and Dawkins (as if they were some sort of wise men that had the final say-so on what was the best way for people to think).

        Now, I personally don't care what your worldview is, but I know without a shadow of doubt that atheism doesn't hold all of the solutions to our problems and that even if the entire world adopted atheism as their official worldview, it wouldn't change good ol' human behavior at its core. Blaming religion (or getting rid of it) will NOT and does NOT change what the Illuminati's doing to our society. You can be all your life griping at religion and guess what? The Illuminati will still be the Illuminati.

      • Couldn't agree with you more. Religion, and here I emphasize, Christian Religion in the United States is the first line of defense the Illuminati have to prevent the majority of the Nation from ever waking up. It's really sad, as Jason pointed out, to know the masses still believe the force of opposition against the Illuminati is Jesus Christ. I'm so sorry for the christians reading this, but there is only one way to say it: Jesus is the biggest BS scam in the history of humanity. Wake up already from this distraction, at the end of the day Religion as usual will be used as a means to promote war!

    • Tristan Harrell on

      No, this is Madonna's religion. Her religion is that of the occult. This is her sermon on TV. That's why she's so shameless in what she does.

    • Madonna in this vid represents the Harlot that rides the beast (in the book of Revelation). Please do yourselves a favor and read it! The Harlot is the world church that will rise up and be used by the anti-christ to achieve total world power. The beast is the anti-christ.

      This was an actual religious ceremony that presages a ritual sacrifice. In this case, the millions that will be destroyed in the coming war between the U.S.A. and Russia/China/Arab nations. The actual beginning of the New World Order (NWO) was the sacrifice of the pillars of Hercules on Sept. 11, 2001 in New York. Satan knows his time is short. Jesus IS coming back, and Satan will rule the earth for a short period prior (seven years). The coming war (read Ezekiel 38 and 39) will lead to a world leader being hailed as a great hero. This great hero will lead the west to a great victory over Russia/China/Arab nations. Once he steps onto Golgotha, he will be assasinated, shot in the head. His spirit will go, but his body will be inhabited/possesed by Satan. At that moment, the earth will have seven years, and it will be a literal hell on earth. Jesus returns and rules the earth.

      Good luck to ya!

      Jesus saves!

      • Amen to Jesus saving us, Frank. Not so sure that any man knows the timeline or where things will begin to blow up so to speak but to those with the eyes to see, brother in Christ, this was a definite virgin sacrifice ritual to get the WW3 thing going. Check 1 Chr12:18-39 to see Satan's plan. It mentions in verse 19 how the Philistines (Giants of those days) battle Saul (a patriotic) man. Giants vs. Patriots? These are the end times and it is sad to see how so many very smart humans are fooled by the smartest angel God EVER made. Pride is a hard thing to get over though. The stadium is named after Lucifer. Look on a map the town of Zion is just north of Indianapolis. Just more coincidences though, for those who can not see the ways of our most blessed and merciful creator. Praise Jesus Christ and all of His wisdom which is the One true path and the One true light. Not some silly fraternity of greedy dudes who love to conduct rituals in the nude and don't even have lights in their parking lots.

      • Frank, where in the New Testament did you find that? Certainly not in Revelation. My, you have a vivid imagination.

        I ask you – who wrote this chapter of the Bible, what year was it written, and who was the audience?

      • Hey man, I agree with you except for the part about Antichrist ruling for seven years. First of all, he "just thinks" he is ruling, because God is allowin him to bring chastisement and correction upon his children. The "set aside" ones or the elect will see it as an opportunity to make a stand for truth and place Jesus Christ as their true leader. Secondly, the time for Antichrist has been shortened to a "five month period". I believe the whole seven year period is still relevant, but Satan here on terra firma,defacto, in his role as Antichrist has been shortened. When he arrives at the "sixth trump", the likes of Madonna and the NWO religious party will whore after him. They will do his work by trying to pull as many people as possible into their web of deceit and lies. Our own prez is already pounding the drums to his music.

      • Confused_About_This_ on

        Well said.

        I'm not going to lie I am very scared.

        I look around myself and see I have running water, an abundance of food when I go grocery shopping, a warm bed to sleep in, a car to take me wherever I want to go, an entertainment box that lights up and makes me fell good (TV), etc…I then think of all the unfortunate people in the world that don't have any of that and then I think, "It's not fair."

        It's not fair that we are lying, cheating, satanic, sexual Americans (you all saw the Superbowl performance) and yet we are soooo blessed?

        Our time is coming, it is inevitable.

        You see Modanna in her music videos wearing the cross, Lana Del Rey wearing her cross around her neck…many famous characters wear the cross—an outright abomination to the Lord.

        My heart is unsettled. Does anyone else feel this way? Do you have a constant unsettling heart that is caused by this cruel and lying world? Then Satan rules it, that's why….

      • Great, another Christian nut preaching non-sensicalities from an abominable book of fairy tales. Anyways, at least you serve as a great example of mass brainwashing, and how successful such experiments by the Illuminati have turned out. No offense, but How can you pretend to help others when you are a victim of mind control yourself.

        "The only church that enlightens is the one that has been set on fire"

    • When ever the author says Illuminati ritual, wouldn't it be more accurate just to say Satanic ritual? Also, did the author mention how Madonna sang the "Like a Virgin." So couldn't we interpret this as a virgin sacrifice? I perceived a few things differently through the grace of our LORD Jesus Christ. I noticed the Masonic lodge was holding a meeting (AKA Satanic ritual) on Saturday night before the Super Bowl. I am sure it is just a coincidence, don't worry be happy. NOT! Don't worry be with Jesus. He wins in the end. It is hard to understand why a bunch of "illuminated" individuals would side with the one (Lucas (Stadium), Lucifer, Satan) who is going to lose in the end? Guess all those big deal$ are all they can see. "The love of money is the root of all evil." Good luck Madonna I hope you can save yourself like you think you can cause eternity is a long time if you're wrong. There is a book that has been around for thousands of years, that we all know inside of us somewhere, has ALL the answers, it is called the Bible. Jesus Christ died for us all, including you Madonna. Praise His mercy!!!

    • ButtaFly is correct. ALL of these big musicians know exactly who they're worshiping and what they're getting into and they willingly sell their souls to the devil for the fame, chance to sing and fortune that they SOO desperately crave.

      While it's true that they probably don't understand the full DEPTH of what will be required of them as artists like Eminem and Rhianna have so much as stated in their lyrics, hinting or directly stating that they want out. They also know that now it's too late to back out as they're bound by the deal upon punishment and death and they have no choice, unless rescued for some reason by the true power of God, but to move forward with their contracts and commitments to sing their satanic lyrics and perform as they're told to.

      Check out the AWESOME music series "TheIndustryExposed" on Youtube or their website. Just search engine the name using a private search site like Startpage and you'll find it.

      • Am I the only one that thought that the halftime show was shit. I'm Australian and from what Ive heard about the halftime show was that it is more highly anticipated than the actual Superbowl itself. But just watching a clip of it just now, I thought that it was very boring, lame, crap, and not worth the millions of $$ they spent on that crap. All it contained was an old woman not even singing, looking like a drunk unco with the worst remixes and gayest songs.

        Geez, and not even mentioning the symbolism.

        Wow, just wow. Thats all I gotta say.

        Anyone agree with me that the superbowl show is definitely overrated and disappointed at the lack of talent and entertainment it offered??

    • Well look at her "name" MADONNA.. she uses the most holy name in Christianity (the virgin) and promotes being a whore.

    • Madonna, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Katty Perry and Lady Gaga are the singers that I 've seen they all have one thing in Common they always are the most popular victims of mind control

    • soooo….symbolism only means something if it means something. Since few of us 'get it' the power is limited. The dream she dreams of herself can only go so far. Her money is due to hard work and planning. Believing her own PR? Common for any celebrity. She is no goddess to me; therefore has very little to do with my life. I am an Aquarian….and a mom, and a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife. Which group am I representing?

      • "symbolism only means something if it means something. Since few of us 'get it' the power is limited." They are not meant to be understood by people but to condition them to the agenda of the powers that be.

  2. Well done VC on the speed of your analysis, saw it earlier and was left speechless at the ignorance of the masses. Keep up the education.

  3. My boyfriend thinks I am crazy. My younger sister also believes in the "illuminati" agenda is only 12. My mother also believes in it, but isn't as convinced as my sister and I. When we watched the superbowl, I told them to pay attention and I would point out symbolism. The H&M ad with David Beckham came on and I yelled, "watch! they're going to emphasize one eye or something"… sure enough, they DID!

    • When I saw this yesterday I was like whoa!! ILLUMINTI-NWO in full gear. That is crazy the things people do for money! Good job VC!! I know that everything you post is true. Plus I have my bible for guidance you can not trust people in music anymore :(

      • actually u CAN trust in some, who abandoned "the industry" and became indie, some of them have their own record studio and do altruistic things for good causes, like Hanson for example, they HAD to leave their old label (island defjam) 'cause they "didn't like" the music they were creating, so they pushed them to co-work with ppl who worked with britney spears and the backstreet boys, the label kept postponing the release of the album 'cause the sound wasn't "right", so hanson decided abandon that label, they created their own (3CarGarage) having total freedom of lyrics and music, and also they help kids in africa making "walks" around USA with no shoes on, and asking the fans to join them (u pay $20) , the money they raise goes to africa u can check this on their website

    • 13 minutes performance… hmmm… not that weird actually… I watched that cause I knew VC was going to post something about it. I saw several symbols, not all of them, so i wanted to see what VC would tell. Thank you!

    • I had the same experience, only my sister is 14. I have been exposing her to articles on this site, being that she is a 14 yr old girl, she is a fan of people like Rihanna and Lady Gaga. When the half time show started, I said, "watch, let's see what we can recognize." Sure enough, pyramids (in the lighting), Egyptian themes, all seeing eye, etc.. Then SHE made an observation about one of the back up dancers wearing "baphomet" horns!!! I couldn't believe it! I hadn't noticed but when she pointed it out, let's just say I was very proud. Then she said, "well, once you are educated, it is easy to see." This is a sign of hope for me. They NEED us. We don't need THEM. All we have to do is wake up to that. Thank you, VC. I knew this article was coming just as sure as I knew that this show would be rife with symbols and even joked about the "high priestess of the illuminati" getting ready to perform. I didn't realize it would be as obvious as it was, but "when you are educated, it is easy to see."

      • truthseekerone on

        Yes indeed. When you're clued-in to TPTB, they're SOOOO obvious. it's mind boggling that the whole world don't notice that something is bizarre here.

        They are so blatant, specially now, in 2012, it's a big double meaning slap in the face. It's like " Hey you people wake the fu*k up because here we are in your face telling you, we gonna fu*k you up."

        The only image missing from their grand performance exhibitions, is a big middle finger at the audience to close the show. Except they used a more subtle "World Peace" (through endless wars) knowing the Illuminati always uses symbols/history/religions/magic/hypnosis, basically anything with a good meaning, they turn it around and use it for evil to confuse, deceive and florish in this grand illusion that is Planet Earth.

    • Good to hear that some of the younger generation is catching on to these devils trying to capture our minds! I'm not THAT "old", but i really fear for you younger folk in these "in your face" times that we're in. Your mother is a very lucky woman to have been blessed with two intelligent young daughters. Knowledge IS power, and you are using yours to save your family and friends a lot of trouble by avoiding their brainwashing as much as you can. Congratulations to you, and thanx for posting, as it does us elders good to know that some of you younger folk "get it".

      Oh…it may be time to get a new boyfriend. If the one you got thinks you're "crazy", he's gonna bring you nothing but trouble down the road.

      • Why should she get another boyfriend ? Just because he doesn't agree with her, doesn't mean he'll give her trouble. My boyfriend doesn't believe this stuff either. He does know that these symbols mean something, but he thinks the Music Industry is using these symbols as a gimmick….

        *Sigh.. My naive little love… :(

    • SnowboardFreak1080 on

      Glad to see other youths who know the truth. Have you read this page with your BF yet? I find this to be an excellent site of evidence that these evils control so very much of these large institutions, the music industry is just the one that is exposed by this website, but it's a similar story for the government, banks, and much more I am sure you know.

    • I have had to teach our children ages 9, 7 and 6 to watch for symbolism and such. I have had to explain to their level of understanding the powers and principalities that govern/rule this world. It amazes me at the symbolism they have caught and pointed out to me. My 6 yr old (5 at the time) pulled out a magazine with Justin Beiber doing the one eye 666 symbol and showed it to my husband. He also pointed out a local city sign for adopting a road which was a road made to look like a pyramid with the sunshine at the tip of it. My kids see it on clothing, books, in movies (ones I thought to allow). Sad to say I have had to share with them this garbage already.

  4. I can not believe the blantant evil in this world. We have limited time now. The Devil is here and knows he has limited time. They are trying to get the NWO started but GOD HAS THE UPPER HAND and I think everyone forgets who wins at the end! JESUS/GOD

      • Amen in Christianity is an expression or statement of agreement. One of God's names is "The Amen, the Faithful and True Witness" (Rev 3:14)

      • I know what I am saying. I am not praying to Aton and we go anywhere you want. I am a Christian. That is my deal.

      • Matrixxx:

        If I meant to hail the sun, I would do so with physical actions aimed specifically at the sun as well as by saying "Amun Ra."

        As it is, I keep my head bowed (mentally if not physically, as I don't just pray in a bowed position) and say "Amen."

        Do remember (or learn) that intent counts with one's prayers.

      • Well lets take a look at the etymology of the word…… So it seems to have little to do with sun or egyptian anything… but it would bear further investigation I think, investigation not tainted by shill pseudo-mythologists which is where this whole zeitgeist association of christianity and egyptian religion is being promulgated. It's hilarious really, It's actually easier to make an association between the roman catholic church and old italian sun worship since they did willingly do syncretism with such religions, (take for example the name of the old etruscan sun god cath or cautha. Now, whether the roman catholic church gets it's name from this or from the greek katholikos or kata holos "whole" "in general" is debatable, I tend to think the prior is the case.) than with egyptian religious practices… Especially since egyptian religious practices were themselves, syncretism of old upper and lower pantheons. Although just because a word is used in another language doesn't mean that it means the same thing in the respective cultures that have it… For example, El in the canaanite religion is a deity's name, El in spainish just means "The" so, is a person who uses el in place of english "the" worshiping an ancient canaanite deity, is a canaanite reconstructionist worshiping "the" in their prayers? Not likely.

    • So many of you readers refer to God will show us, God will set them straight, God will bless etc etc. God (something I don't believe in) is sitting back watching what WE will do about it. The illuminati isn't sitting back saying "Lucifer will do this, Lucifer will do that". They are actually doing something towards their agenda.

      How about this for a plan. WE set an agenda and get off our lazy 'someone else will do it asses' and finally stop yacking and whinging about all this and start to make things happen. VC does a great job of helping us educate ourselves, but what the f$%k are we doing with that education?

      • Great point. I am not totally against religion, after all, they are all an attempt realize our Divinity. However, I find it the most disturbing trend that some believe that we humans don't have to do anything at all to save our own asses, as long we believe in fill-in-the-blank. Even if one's religion teaches that all the evil forces in the world are driven by a single entity (ie. Satan), we are still taught to not be afraid of said entity. What higher honor could you do your Lord besides attacking the problem directly and fearlessly?

      • I agree with you that it's time we got a little more proactive in this situation. Whether you are a believer in God and Jesus or not, all the people on this site have chosen the side of Good. We can comment on the evils we see, argue the fine points of this religion or that argument, etc., etc. But that only gets us so far. I say we TAKE BACK our symbols, our rituals, and our brothers and sisters from these corrupt and blatant evil-doers.

        We all know that these Ill.-types are on a tight schedule, and there's gonna be a lot of stuff going down this year. If we just sit and watch, what good does it do? We need to use the weapons that we have to diffuse and possibly undo their efforts at bringing ole one eye into our dimension. what weapons, you ask? The same ones we humans have been using to defeat these entities, individually and en masse, for thousands of years: Truth, Love and Prayer.

        Now, all you non-religious types, don't tune me out just yet. When I say "prayer," I'm referring to the sending forth of intent, in fact, of ENERGY from the self out into the local universe. It's what the Bad Guys are doing in their rituals: generating, harnessing and focusing Primal Vital Energy and sending it to their allies and bosses. WE CAN DO THE SAME THING. We don't even need the fancy costumes, props and settings. Just the intent. And by "intent," I mean the focused mental/spiritual will to bring something to existence or fruition. Or to Prevent something from coming to fruition. We can f* up their game plan so bad!!! 😀

        Every time you see something on tv like this superbowl ritual, or some award show, or the olympic ceremonies, don't just sit there and watch it all unfold. Reach inside yourself and pull out the desire for them to fail, to shut that door they're trying to open up, and send that desire out into the world. Focus that feeling, that intent, on the scene on the screen, and tell them that They Are Not Welcome Here. It says in the Vedas, the Bible and the Koran that WE have power over Them, and that we can roust demons (just like Jesus and His Disciples did, like on a daily basis, without even breakin' a sweat.)

        Remember, this is OUR planet. They have been trying for thousands of years to take it over, in groups large and small, and it hasn't worked yet. The Ills. at the top of our societal pyramid want you to think that they're everywhere, and that they've already won. That is a LIE, plain and simple. By all accounts, the Ills. are a mere fraction of a percentage of the overall population, even in the US and Europe.

        I think a lot more regular people are aware of what's going on, even in America, than they would have you believe. They might not be blogging about it like we do, or protesting or holing up in some mountain stronghold, but there are millions (billions) of people who will never side with the Ills., will never acquiesce to rfid implants, will never trade their souls for fame or wealth or security. They will hold to the Truth about Good and Evil no matter what poets, preachers or politicians say. And they, your fellow humans, are the greatest treasure God ever could give you. So quitchyer bitchin' and show some Love.

    • I dont even watch sports but I would rather play the sport with friends, family or neighbors than watching and cheering for a team or person playing the sport. People would argue that its appreciation but lets get straight to the point, its all about competition. No wonder there is no genuine peace in humanity

      • I agree – we foster FAR too much competition in our culture and not enough cooperation. We indoctrinate kids into it with youth sports. I am all for physical fitness, but does it always have to be through competitive sports where someone has to lose? There is too much abuse, shaming and humiliation involved with the whole process of athletics. I'd like to point out, too, that the original ball used in ball games was the head of an enemy. I don't think that is what we need to encourage in our youth.

  5. All I could do was shake my head while watching this half-time show last night! I knew you'd put something out on it, thanks for being so quick!

  6. THANK YOU!!!!! I was going to post about this myself, but wanted to wait just a day or tow to see what your take on it would be. I was very shocked at how many people DIDN'T EVEN FLINCH at all of the symbols!!!! & these are people who are supposedly AWAKE!!!! How blind does one have to be to not notice all of these esoteric images and things that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the game??? Oh wait, they did bring in some pompoms, RME.

    Good lookin out, VC!!!!

  7. Omg as soon as this went on my little brother was like, what is she supposed to be some kind of goddess and I was like you have no idea, so I coudlnt wait till vigilant made on on this

  8. It's weird. I noticed something was off about the whole thing (aside from Madonna's robotic dancing and the lack of effort she put into the performance). I didn't know enough about the other symbols to put it together, but I also didn't notice the eye during "Like a Prayer" at all which kind of surprises me.

    Still, instincts said something was wrong.

    • Something was off primarily because the grand ho couldn't writhe around and embarrass her dad, to whom she dedicated the show. Second, she injured her hamstring as 50 somethings do and so she couldn't do lotsof things she wanted to do. The bowl is a huge audience and even an old pro is going to get stiff and nervous.

      • Third- all while programming occult symbolism into the unknowing masses…tragic for Madonna and our society.

      • SadoMasonic Rites on


        "The bowl is a huge audience and even an old pro is going to get stiff and nervous."

        Hahahahaha! Well said. This one single line just proves what these "succesful" people are all about.

        They are confident and beautiful on the outside, but inside they are full of sh*t. Weak ass kissers who realize that their time is up and they need to kiss even more ass and suck c*ck even harder to stay at the top.

        Who wants to join these kind of losers? They can pose all they want, but inside they are weak and the weak shall fall.

    • Forget the symbolism, but what was with Madonna? I completely agree, she did not move the way she normally does. Even more noticeable to me, I thought her body did not look like the body we see in photo's and the media. I thought her legs and arms did not look like the chiseled performer we all know. Her legs had a V shape, not the muscular, cut look. She took her arms out of the picture by having them covered all night.

      She moved around the stage very stiff, no bounce or air in her step – not the performer I'm used to watching. She even tripped up at one point, but that looked like a slip. She appeared to struggle physically. Very weird.

  9. Well done, VC! When I was watching the half-time show I knew this was definitely one symbolic performance, but I didn't know the meanings behind any of these symbols. As soon as it was over I thought, "Well, I wonder if VC will post an article of this.." I'm glad you did! Shed some light on the situation.

  10. Idk if this is relevant but MIA flicked off the camera.. If you listen to some of her songs or read the lyrics I dont thinkshe wants to be apart of this madness.

    • I thought it was strange that MIA was in this as well. I got the feeling that she was not willing to play the game, but perhaps the lure of money/fame has gotten to her??

      I've also read an analysis on Madonna's performance with Britney & Christina at the VMAs awhile ago & felt that there might be some kind of repeat with this performance. She didn't kiss either Nicki or MIA but is there a reason that there are always 2 other girls with Madonna?? Also, at the VMAs, Britney had light hair & Christina had dark hair and at the Superbowl Half time show, Nicki had light(white) hair & MIA had dark hair. Are they supposed to mirror the other occult ritual?? Are these 2 initiates that Madonna is bringing to the next level? I don't really know what I'm talking about, but since the two rituals seemed to mirror each other, I wondered if there is anything to it.

      • She was no told you either do as we say, or you will have no career. What she did, and the whole thing was such a spectacle of mediocrity and vulgarity. Madonna is such an overblown hack, I think most people know a woman in any small town who is that age and far more beautiful, talented, sexier, can dance well, and actually sing. That performance ended my relationship with mainstream popular music for good, I've even had it with Mariah, which Vigilant I dearly wish you would do an analysis on, as it appears she has sold out as well. What's up with her? Can you become her without selling your soul to the darkness or not?

      • She was no told you either do as we say, or you will have no career. What she did, and the whole thing was such a spectacle of mediocrity and vulgarity. Madonna is such an overblown hack, I think most people know a woman in any small town who is that age and far more beautiful, talented, sexier, can dance well, and actually sing. That performance ended my relationship with mainstream popular music for good, I've even had it with Mariah, which Vigilant I dearly wish you would do an analysis on, as it appears she has sold out as well. What's up with her? Can you become her without selling your soul to the darkness or not? I would adore to hear your opinion. Another great read Thanks!

      • Could be something to do with "the power of three" or she could be using the other two as symbolic "pillars".

      • MIA and Nicki Minaj were also wearing red clothes, which, in Illuminati terms refers to initiation and sacrifices…this is the color that is often worn at these types of events and videos.

      • Child of Liberty on

        The "Black & White" of the girls hair and on two featured dancers is to show the duality of our world. There was so much symbolism one could write a book on just those thirteen minutes…thirteen bloodlines…blah, blah…yawn…Horus, Pan, Janus, Saturn, Ishtar, Eros, all well represented.

        This was a sex magic ritual and an "incantation" to the light of Lucifer and an honoring of their god of time and space. Words are thought, thought is energy "light" do the "math"

      • The black and white hair probably represents the freemasonic black and white checkboard pattern which symbolizes something along the lines of duality or opposites. Kinda sorta like yin and yang, I think.

    • it took to 14 comments down but you talk about this for long with out talking about m.i.a. finger can you. however if you in front of hundreds of millions of people dressed like and only got to sing (rap) for 30 sec (or less) you would want to flip someone off too.

  11. I did not watch the game or half-time show on tv but i looked up Madonna's performance on youtube and the last song Like a Prayer was very very creepy for sure.

    • Lyrics to Like A Prayer are so obvious, and "feels like home", at the end of the performance she goes straight down. I am not a Christian, or any Judeo-Arbramic religion or any religion for that matter. I do believe in kindness, compassion and justice. But for whatever reasons this illuminati in entertainment is dark, negative and destructive. What better way to brainwash society than in music and entertainment. We have to try to Wake People UP!

      Life is a mystery

      Everyone must stand alone

      I hear you call my name

      And it feels like home

      When you call my name it's like a little prayer

      I'm down on my knees,( worshiping) I wanna take you there

      In the midnight hour (satanic, black mass midnight)

      I can feel your power

      Just like a prayer you know I'll take you there (my worship of you, satan)

      Lyrics to like a prayer are so obvious

      I hear your voice

      It's like an angel sighing (satanic, fallen angel)

      I have no choice, (satanic, no choice) I hear your voice

      Feels like flying

      I close my eyes

      Oh God I think I'm falling

      Out of the sky, (satan fell out of the sky) I close my eyes

      Heaven help me (God help me)

      • and evry1 thought this song was just about comparing sex to praying- its also praying to the devil making it sound like praying to God

        she was burning crosses in that video after all..

      • ive been singing that songv since i was a child.

        didnt know it was her little ritual.

        how dare she

        she mocks mary by houring out and getting crowned and calling herself modanna.

        i remember in the song she mocked jesus by burning a black guy on a cross.

        she must not know who shes dealing with.

        may God send her songs and her mischief back into the depts of hell where they came from.

  12. I just watched the video for "Give Me All Your Luvin" and I was bothered greatly by the mass of football players. I found it interesting that she was being carried by them almost the entire video. It seems they are supposed to be the consumers that her identity rides on as a pop idol. And as for Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. they are given small roles in the video which is surprising because they both have a more than sizable fan base by themselves, so their appearance in the video is not really for self promotion. They both wore the same outfit and hair as Maddona, which seems to hint that she or the industry is trying to prime them up for the same fate as so many of the other pop stars today. It's just so odd.

    • "…And as for Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. they are given small roles in the video which is surprising…"

      Madge could have had any one of a hundred musicians in her halftime show – its the biggest thing that could have happened to MIA. I for one had never heard of her, and if she had not flipped off the audience I still woud not know WTH she is.

      Her handlers were smart to tell her to flip off the world as the lyric said "I don't give a ****…" that and Madonna have made MIA known worldwide instantly

      • Well, M.I.A. perhaps might not be a household name in the U.S. but in EU and India she is a well known rapper/performer. She did have success over here with her song "Paper Planes" that was featured in "Pineapple Express." I have been a fan of hers for a good while, back in 2004. It's just not quite right that M.I.A. would be a choice for Madonna's song and performance.

        Maya Arulpragasam, M.I.A.'s real name, also experienced some of her childhood during the Sri Lankan civil war, her father was very politically active in the 80's and her albums Arular and Kala mention that time in her life. She takes her music seriously and hasn't really shown otherwise.

        I'd look her up. She's interesting and not just a "shock" artist who flips off large audiences.

        Perhaps Madonna was trying to extend her appeal to the more dance and electronic scene by having Maya on her track. There are many things that aren't right about this, we might be seeing more of her soon on American TV.

  13. openyoureyesnclose y on

    When I heard she was the act, all I was thining was, … O BOY, THIS SI GONNA BE A DOZY!

    And it was. Once she started singing Like a Prayer, I made the announcement that I didn't want my eyes to get that dirty on a Sunday night! Disgusting. Every symbol hopped out like a sore thumb! I was so sad that the only conversation in the room was this old ass white woman needed to stop slinging her body around the stage that way. WHO CARES!! Dont care what she looks like, how bad she sounds, what shes wearing, or that the sides of her face are now stapled to the back of her head! All I care abt is this evil worshiping whore is parading praising all the sickening rights and rituals of the industry.

    That DUMB ASS VIDEO with nikki n mia was even more vile than this performance. I watched it the night it aired on American Idol, and Im glad they didnt play the whole thing! I watched it online the next day to find mouthless cheerleaders and faceless football men handlers toting around this old vulture, placing her on a glass " corner stone", looking like Marilyn, and animating her prodigy, Nikki n Mia, both who were lifeless until Madonna stepped foot on the platform and began. Just disgusting and blatant.

    The public must stop making light of these "conspiracies", they are truth! This is all to obvious to be coincidence and to redundant to be art..

    • openyoureyesncloseyourmouth her/his last sentence says it all:

      This is all to obvious to be coincidence and to redundant to be art..

      I think we can all agree on that comment!

    • whats with the "white woman" comment? i mean you could definitely have made ur point without the "old ass white woman" part. it was totally unnecessary, and sort of racist too (im not pulling the race card.) but yeah its kinda unneccessary

  14. I think you overlooked one more thing the actual choreography needs to be decoded along with what you have already pointed out , the dance moves they make resemble hieroglyphics they twist their bodies and where they are positioned on stage also sends a message . they're mechanic dance moves also remind me of the formation of letters that must spell something ,I think you should take a closer look and observe it more intricately .

    • These hand gestures are not dance moves, I think we all agree to that. I follow one pop star in particular and she has been doing these hand gestures as a matter of course in her shows and video's for years. Hand and arm motions and designs are important to energy flow and control of the people watching.

      13 minute show? Baphomet? Black robes? Trumpets announcing her arrival? Ladies and gentlemen, let the 2012 occult rituals begin. We are about to go on the ride of our lives, or, for our lives. You don't really think they do all this for nothing do you?

  15. Wow. Job well done, as well as every other article. The whole topic of Illuminati itself is very touchy and I've been sitting on the fence for a while now debating..but I'm leaning more towards as it is the truth. Everything the media and government implants in our minds is trying to take control thats what it is all about. Everything just adds up way too much… Like I dont necessarily believe oooh theres this big satanic group that all of the worlds elite is apart of but I do believe something evil is going on and it's definitely worse than we know. I mean anyone with enough common sense for life itself would know that something is just not right. The thing is its not just our celebrities its the government and all these people that are money hungry itself. Basically, everything us Americans consume is run or controlled by the government. Our food, water, entertainment, MONEY, internet, EVERYTHING. When I used to live in Florida i passed by a billboard on the interstate that had the Mayan calendar in the background and read, "Mayan 2012?". I mean SERIOUSLY. WTF! And!! The Chevy commercial ON the superbowl last night! A SECOND into the commercial a newspaper flipped and said something about 2012 i sh** you not and had absolutley NOTHING to do with a flipping car. Oh after it looked like the world was completely demolished. The whole situation is screwed up and either way it goes theres going to be evil in our world…but the thing is. We have to do something save ourselves and humanity. And That's something I'd really like to see on here because we cant post and point out all we want but what does that do for us? Knowledge obviously, but we need more than that. We have to actually walk the walk as well. Something needs to be done..and if we all don't join together and revolt, were done. Look up our water supply and how much Nestle uses. Look up the Great garbage patch. Look up how many Celebs are members of huge companies having to do with PLENTY of money and OUR LIVES. They make decisions for us for the rest of our lives. Look up the group Anonymous . Theres just so much that isn't right and we have to fix..all i know is im down and need to do something..asap. Much love VC<3 I plan on being famous one day and this shi* wont be the same.

      • Well duh obviously America isn't the world. But thats what they want us to believe. And we basically are the elite compared to others. And other countries aren't as fuck*d up. Sh*t all those 3rd world countries? At least the KNOW whats goin on how bad their government hates them. Ours is cowardly! Trying to show signs..and take over youth's mind. I mean how gay is that? If your gonna do something do it. Don't hide behind the media and try to screw the youth up. The country that sells our #1 pesticide for our "plants" for almost every food known in the grocery stores, doesn't even sell it in it's own country. Were so out of debt it ridiculous. The government doesn't give a flying F about anybody that works for their money. As long as they have a stack in their pockets its whatever. There's just a lot more going on then they want us to know. Italians did always say…those f*cking Americans..haha all they care about is entertainment. And sure enough its true.

  16. I didn't notice all of the things shown, but I did recognize enough to know what was going on. Many major news websites were showing a picture of madonna in the "As above, so below" pose. Didn't see that mentioned here and thought it worth pointing out.

    • I saw it too, it was at the beginning when she came up with her throne.

      She did it for a few seconds and I immediately thought I have to go on VC..

      I will sure mention this big ritual at the greatest game in America..

      It was really a Madonna is still the Queen and we are still going strong with our plans..

      How sad that millions watch this and have NO idea what they are truely watching..

      If they only knew what was going on, they would all be discusted..

      But hey, we all believe tv and the media over everything right? Meh meh meh

      • She does it "wrong," too, reversed. That is a very ancient gesture, and for the Christians here, there are even depictions of Jesus making it. The Sufi dervishes do it while they are whirling in order to become a conduit for spiritual energy, but they ALWAYS do it with their right palm pointing up to heaven and the left one down at the ground, channeling the energy from heaven down to earth. Madonna held her left palm up and right one down, which if I am not mistaken would be to bring underworld energy UP. The "Left Hand Path" in spirituality is also code for the dark path, the path of power in this world.

      • @fluerdamor – actually the pictures shown on websites were the correct pose, right had up and left hand down. If you watch the video, she does this pose right after the guy dressed as mercury puts the harp in front of her (twice). I thought it curious that many news sites used that particular pose to use for people to click on to see the story about the halftime show.

      • OK, I had not caught that. I was referring to when she first stands up on the throne at the very beginning when Vogue starts playing and makes the gesture when she says "Strike a pose." It's the first gesture she makes aside from standing up, so it seemed to me to set the tone for the whole show. I noticed some of the backup dancers in the harp scene also did it 'wrong' with the reversed hands.

    • If you look deeper into her Kabbalah history, you will note that she stared upon giving birth to her daughter. I hate to make what sould be a paranoid statement, but was the birth of Lourdes Ciccone an event of great significance for the kabbalah centre?

    • @fluerdamor, don't trust any depictions, pictures, etc. of Jesus, we are not supposed to have any graven images of Him. He would not have made occult gestures. Any artwork supposedly representing Him came straight out of the artist's mind or was otherwise inspired but would NOT be an inspiration from God as, again He forbids us to make artwork of Him lest it be Deceitful or we inadvertently worship it. It is popular to have pictures of Jesus, but it is not right. It seemed like you were saying even Jesus made this gesture by including the fact about the artwork for the Christians.

      • Actually, that is not true, there is an enormous tradition of pictorial art in Christianity, especially in Eastern Christianity with its icons. And that is not an 'occult' gesture in any dark sense, it's a spiritual gesture of great antiquity that symbolizes the union of heaven and earth.

      • @ Fleurdamour: What Doodles says is completely true, and it goes for crosses/crucifixes, rosaries, and any other religious iconography, imagery, or symbols because idolatry (idol worship) was and always has been strictly forbidden in all Abrahamic traditions; meaning, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

        The twisted traditions of man mentioned in your post have no bearing on the actual truth of Scripture intended for followers of Yeshua and mankind as a whole. It is interesting how modern “Christianity” closely resembles the ancient paganism of Mystery Religions from Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Sumeria etc. “Christians” should be careful about the labels they place on themselves without knowing the truth of what they are actually representing. It can a very dangerous thing……

  17. I also noticed that before the "World Peace" words (which are burning btw) form, there's a giant map of the world projected on the ground in flames and cinders. This is what then morphs into the "world peace" words – I took that has a population control hint that world peace can only come when the world has been cleansed through fire and destruction.

    • I THOUGHT that the "World Peace" in the screen at the end of her "act" was written rather strangely. I'm serious, the letters and words didn't look at all right.

      I wonder if it's more than the idea of mass death leading to it?

    • does anyone else see a 'phoenix rising out of the ashes' from the center of 'world peace' at the end, or is it just me?

      • just some after thoughts for those that see the phoenix at the end of the video after the 13 min. mark:

        “’The Phoenix, or Bennu is believed to be a divine bird going back to Egypt…This Phoenix destroys itself in flames and then rises from the ashes. Most occultists believe that the Phoenix is a symbol of Lucifer who was cast down in flames and who (they think ) will one day rise triumphant. This, of course, also relates to the rising of Hiram Abiff, the Masonic ‘christ.’” Burns, Masonic & Occult Symbols Illustrated, pp. 121-23

        The Bennu bird is the Egyptian version of the phoenix, and is said to be the soul of the Sun-God Ra. Some of the titles of the Bennu bird were “He Who Came Into Being by Himself,” “Ascending One,” and “Lord of Jubilees.” The name is related to the verb “weben,” meaning “to rise brilliantly,” or “to shine.” The Bennu bird was the mythological phoenix of Egypt. It was associated with the rising of the Nile, resurrection, and the sun. Because the Bennu represented creation and renewal, it was connected with the Egyptian calendar. It was the Bennu bird’s cry at the creation of the world that marked the beginning of time. The Bennu was the god of time and its divisions: hours, days & nights, weeks and years. Indeed, the Temple of the Bennu was well known for its time-keeping devices.….

        The death of the world order will be the death of usury, again–perhaps the final death of that 'phoenix' which is characterized by the masonic symbolism of the US dollar bill. Did you think it was an eagle on the Great Seal of the United States? It's a phoenix and it symbolizes the flaming vitality, until now, of usury. –Don Croft

        With consideration for the devaluation of the dollar as a world reserve currency and systematic destruction of the economy to bring about order out of chaos for a new world order… the January 1988 issue of The Economist said that a new world currency was coming by 2018. Its name? The Phoenix.

    • Oh man.. damn good point no one else seemed to pick up on. Population control is a big part of the Illuminati movement. Well, as long as it doesn't affect any prominent participants or their family members that is..

  18. wow! just the glance of the horns she was wearing in the beg and her wonderful throne… and still hardly any1 will get it.. they all thought she was awesome…

    • She was wearing two horns. One of her dancers was wearing rams' horns. This represents the Daniel passage about the goat (king of greece) fighting the ram (king of the south). Not to mention the earth beast that has two horns and speaks like a dragon.

      Another dancer was wearing winged shoes – Mercury.

      The Old Testament repeatedly tells us what's coming. When Moses came down from the mountain, he found many dancing around the fire and GOLDen calf. The stage was covered in gold and they were all dancing.

      Gold is being touted now as your savior. Remember above everything – do NOT put your salvation or hope in

      money or Gold. Only God and Jesus.

      • The old logo for Bridgestone/Firestone, the sponsor for the show, used to be a winged Mercury shoe. And doesn't Bridgestone sound like the cornerstone or keystone in Masonry?

      • I just freaked myself out – the keystone is the last stone put in, and then a structure is complete – it holds the whole thing together. Maybe this performance was the keystone.

  19. Well done VC! Thanks, for your speedy analysis. I saw all this symbolism as well. You didn't mention the cheerleaders had wings/horns on their head. One of the dancers had a weird serpent headdress that reminded me of Medusa. The dancer was male. In the- Give me all your Luvin video the cheerleaders are wearing masks. I assume it was so that MIA and Nicki Minaj could stand out more. Obviously, to a person like myself that has been "enlightened" to the truth it was saying MK Ultra/Mind Control is still sexy.

  20. If you reverse her logo above, it reveals a crossed W with a circle around the X. "V" in Hebrew is the number 6 and X is the 24th letter of the English alphabet (2+4=6). V=6 V=6 X=6 (666). Very clever way of displaying the mark of the beast. Not to mention she descends into hell at the end of the performance. Sort of looks like a black hole sucking the field in with her. I also noticed some black sun symbolism in there.

    • However, 666 just represents the 3rd eye a.k.a. pineal gland. 60 degrees + 60 degrees + 60 degrees = a perfect equilateral triangle and the 3 sides symbolize the 3rd eye. She's basically showing a 3rd eye symbol embedded in her logo. Lucifer enlightens by opening the 3rd eye so you can see as god sees. The Illuminati are the illumined ones because they see as god sees because their 3rd eyes are open and they are fully aware of the true nature of reality. It's unfortunate that they use this enlightened vision to manipulate mankind and basically steal their power away from them for their own selfish goals of control to be essentially be gods amongst men.

      • i couldnt agree more.

        people have to begin to separate the difference between occult / luciferian and occult in general. the modern day puppet masters are worshiping and downloading energy in a dark and selfish way… there are other ways,, it's simply not about observing the symbolism and making people AWARE.

        it's about what the hell are yOU as an individual gonna do about it? are you gonna be like them and hate, and criticize and judge so that you can have you voice heard. or you gonna connect to the light aspect of this energy that the elite have smartly illuminated themselves to their own ends with and have subsequently made us think we can have no way out

        you can break free from this cycle by studying it yourself and changing your own consciousness.

        and the way is lurianic kabbalah. its accessible to people, if we could take our heads out of our "open eyed" asses long enough to make shifts in ourselves and stop damn complaining!

    • I saw her new M logo a bit differently. The Letter M has great occult significance. The letter images a wave, water. Water, the most powerful force in nature and acknowledged as a signature of dominance. (why do you think Britney paraded around the US with a group she called the M & M's – after/during her emotional breakdown from years ago) Madonna's counterparts on stage all had names with the letter M as their moniker. The number 3 shouts out to many icon images. The number is used a lot in religion and rituals.

      So, Madonna's logo embraces her power (its power) but also a few other bits of info. As you pointed out, the bottom of the M makes a cross, and that is what it is suppose to be, a fallen cross inside a circle, or the solar system, the sun. In fact, the cross inside the circle is really representative of the astrological quadrants. Breaking it down into 4, the number of consciousness and 3d reality. There's that 3 again:)

  21. Great article! As usual. At the end of the show while the words "World Peace" appears on stage I can see a phoenix too, another blatant masonic symbol…

  22. When I first seen her being carried in by the soldiers, I knew that this performance would be littered with symbolism. The worst thing is sitting among 30 people, seeing the symbolism, & not being able to scream the truth to any one of them while they are bopping to the music & watching blankly at the screen. I don't get why more people don't ask WHY.. SMH.. thanks for the article, VC.

  23. I was at a superbowl party when this came on and throughout the entire game people were laughing and talking and only half paying attention to the game. Then during madonna's performance suddenly everyone in the room was dead quiet and dead focused on the performance. So much so that one of the guys in the room pointed out the fact that we were all so captivated by the performance. That caused me to freak out because I felt like we were in some sort of hypnotic brainwashing trance. Then when I saw the eye form at the bottom of the stage I actually freaked out and went outside. There was also a huge use of triangles at the base of the stage and by the lights over the top of the stage during like a prayer. I felt like it was brain washing to the max when the lyrics constantly repeated, "love madonna, love love madonna!"

    • I thought exactly the same thing.. you keep watching it and you feel like you can't look away from it.

      It is really frightening that people don't realize this is going on and happening TO them.

      SO strange because the world knows about subliminal messages and hypnotising and programming brains.

    • FightingForFreethink on

      Some kind of mass brainwashing/hypnotism attempt during this performance was what I expected the minute I heard Madonna was the act. She's been hibernating and suddenly she pops up with a new song that chants "love madonna" and "give me all your love" just before a majorly televised event?? Too suspicious. Obviously she's a tool to get the public accepting of some message sent by those backing her.

      Since I heard she was the act way before the superbowl and knew family would be watching with me, I took jabs at her new music whenever they gave me a chance. Eventually they began to have negative opinions about her new song days before the game (minor win). When halftime came, I got the kids to go play away from the tv (they're sponges & would love the fast action) then capitalized on every negative remark made in the room. They were mostly commenting on how awfully fake "vocal performance" was. So I started to chime in pointing out her terrible dancing. Once I heard her new song play, it was primetime to suggest changing the channel before they began chanting "love madonna" (aka elite agenda) and my family agreed with me!

      At the moment we changed the channel they did a wide view of the stage which had floor graphics that moved rapidly. Something just doesn't seem right about it because of the effect on viewers. It glues your eyes to the screen, so it literally felt like a release to change the channel. Anyway, just be careful what you expose yourself to, I'm sure with all of the technology available their are ways to hypnotize us with graphics and melodies, especially when you combine the two.

      PS. The BURNING "world peace" image is such a blatant "nwo" promo.

  24. we don't watch superbowl in romania. only if you insist you can see the show on the internet. it is not broadcasted by televiisions,thank god.

  25. One of those fools even said "i dont give a shit". I guess it was MIA or whoever the crap she is. When she said it the look on her face was oh crap I shouldnt cuss but I will oops and the feed actually flickered for a second like they were trying to cover it up but yeah she said shit. Probably lip singing so I dont know how why they would let it slip like that. Whatever, it was a crappy halftime show, lame, and soooooooo blatantly symbolic. I am huge into ancient egypt, I read about it all the time like and am infatuated with it. How the crap am I supposed to believe that all these pop singers in their mid 20's and younger would know about and decide to put this egyptian stuff in their videos!? There is no way these puppets are all into this stuff, somebody's making them do this, because it's everywhere! They're not dressing like the only person they really know about which is Cleopatra or maybe Nefartiti. They got freakin' goat heads and Anubis statues! It's no coincidence, and you now you can easily tell which ones are in it, you can see the group clear as day. It's so blatant and scary now that something must be about to happen. Something world changing. Yeah this rant sounds crazy but what I'm saying is, it's everywhere now but only used by a select group, a group of teenie boppers who I guarantee don't know what the heck they've gotten themselves into. Just a bunch of naive kids programming our kids because NWO scum wants it that way.

    • Yes something is about to happen , in the Bible GOD refers to it as the great tribulation…or as the world says New World Order and it last 7 years before the 2nd coming and the battle of Armageddon/end of the world-The rapture is coming get ready…

  26. What I saw was Rome, Egypt, Babylon, America. I'm sure Greece and Persia were in there somewhere. To me the whole thing represented the Dragon, the 7 headed beast. People say something bad is going to happen now. What they dont realize is something bad did happen. This is some type of satanic worship of the beast, some type of mind control. Evilution, scientology and psychological control of the masses, we are all being indoctrinated. BTW I did not watch the superbowl, but watched the halftime video just to see what was going on. What happened to ga-ga, is she failed as a satanist now?

    • The Temple Prostitute officiating at a global initiation for 2012. Found it quite mediocre musically. Aesthetically, it was a relief to not be assaulted by Gaga gore, blood & guts, abusive vulgarity and violence. The sacred whore has refined her act ala 'motherhood' and age.

      The Illuminati stuff is almost becoming passe'. Which is good: after exposure, boredom could be their biggest enemy.

  27. i love madonna and the halftime show was great but as soon as i saw the way she entered i knew vc would be all over this.

  28. I took screen captures between 9:43 – 9:58. The image is the football field being sucked up by the stage and an eye appears, gets brighter, will light shining out. Just wanted to mention, keep up the good work.

  29. Great article VC hit all the points I noticed and then some.

    Also, I don't know how many of you saw this bc it seemed local, but there was a commercial for the Freemasons in the break before her performance! I've never seen them advertise ever but a super bowl ad? That's insane!

  30. another boring, redundant, derivative, and manipulative performance by someone beginning her crone years. be aware, this is when a witch is said to be at her most powerful.

  31. VigilantSquirrel on

    as soon as i found out Madonna was performing at half-time, i knew i had to see it just so i could find the symbols "they" were going to try to sneak past us! and they did not disappoint! the "elite" say we're paranoid and falling for crack-pot conspiracy theories, but when we're validating everything they are putting out there, how can they turn around and say we're crazy? that's some stupid logic.

    • they aren't 'sneaking' their symbolism. it was, in essence, a satanic church service. there was a choir, something like a prayer, definitely lots of worship, and instead of crosses, crown of thorns, cups of wine, and bread, there were symbols of a different religion.

      none of it was subliminal, it is all completely out in the open. only people who know what the symbols mean understand the message– just like only those who understand the life of Christ understand what the symbols in a Christian church service mean. to everyone else it just looks like a lot of hype and nonsensical images strung together

      • The reason why the elite label people crackpots and conspiracy theorists is because it's a way to ridicule people who are trying to expose the elite for who they really are to other people who have been duped by them. That's why you see so many movies with people being ridiculed as "conspiracy theorists", then people who watch these movies take these attitudes on and label anyone who questions anything they hear on the news or other media as nutjobs. If everyone were to know the real truth about the elite they would have less or no power and influence over society. That's why VC is here to expose them and why he and people who agree with him get labelled nutters and conspiracy theorists.

    • @ vigilant squrriel

      The media, entertainers, movie producers, and the fashion industry are putting this stuff out in plain sight now as a way to "make fun" of the so called conspiracy theorist. It is because they know it is some truth to what people are saying and instead of steering clear of confirming our suspicsion about the NWO and the illuminati, they are profiting by the billions just to say its art, freedom of expression, and to say hahaha these sheeple are so stupid to think all of this exist (which they know it does) but they are making us richer, by going to concerts, the movies, buying symbolic clothes and shoes while we sucker and force them into dumbming down. They want us to doubt what we are seeing and hearing on a daily basis. Imo, these are just a few of the reasons why they don't hide the fact(s) anymore.

  32. i'm happy u didn't say anything about M.I.A sticking her middle finger. they're overdoing it. they can see that but they can't see all those symbols flashing in their faces.

    • @ nessa

      Very true. Listen too her words as she is rapping – did anyone hear the chemical warfare weapons she speaks of? you have to slow it right down but it is very shocking!

      God Bless

  33. In express yourself she is dancing in a metropolis set while falling in love with a worker down below. Then she turns into a black cat and laps up milk. She has an entire video where she is emulating MM. And a famous picture of her with mickey mouse ears on. It's all the same stuff but there was no Vigilant around to educate people about what they were watching. She has been like this since the beginning.

    • UniversalTruth on

      don't forget the pic of her in a (jean?) jacket with the uncapped pyramid/all seeing eye on the back of it:

      def looks like the 80's to meeee! this is nothing new, and especially with her… in fact, to find that pic, i googleimaged "madonna all seeing eye" and there's a ton of crap that popped up with her in regards to the eye… and then a bunch of other celebs too.


      • What you are talking about is a screen cap from Desperately Seeking Susan. It's movie from the 80's. One of the only movies she was good in. She pretty much played herself.

      • also remember Madonna in Desperately Seekin Susan, her character wore a jacket with the pyramid and All-Seeing Eye on the back, in 1984!!!

  34. Harlequin Nameless on

    Sad to say, but ya missed one, Vigilant. I noticed on my own that one of the dancers is wearing baphomet horns. And i just KNEW you'd say this…

    • And Madge has pentagrams on her gloves – a Solomonic five point star inside a circular Roman laurel wreath.

      Damn, twenty-five years ago, who knew?

      • I posted this on the Symbolic Pics page, but it bears repeating here:

        That crown Madonna wore managed to look both like Baphomet AND Moloch, the owl god supposedly worshipped by the elite at the Bohemian Grove. I think maybe Madonna was supposed to represent Asthoreth, the consort of Moloch. Moloch is the Ammorite version of Sammael and Asthoreth is Babylon. She was also called Milcom, which might explain another reason for all of those “M’s” on the costumes. The headdress was made by Philip Treacy, milliner to the royal family who made the Baphomet horn hat that Princess Beatrice wore to the royal wedding. And did anyone catch the pentagrams on Madonna’s gloves? And the giant eye on the field, and the black robes at the end. The world peace thing, too – I don’t usually quote scripture, but both Daniel and Thessalonians warn against a false peace before a terrible attack.

        Lots of pictures here:

      • They are showing off they want to create a modern day Babylon. Mad donna is a demon infested cabalist.

      • I decided I should post my comment as a reply to your post with the Daily Mail link. I am from the UK and have been growing more enlightened over the years and have been helped by VC's website. I wanted to say that people should consider also with regards to this performance and other Pop artists the cooperation of all the media outlets.

        The part The Daily Mail plays is significant in highlighting the images we may or may not have seen, but unlike VC there are no explanations to why they are shown so the effect is just like watching the TV. The mindset behind what we see and hear is collective, granted some within are not all part of the agenda but like most who have a paid job do as they are told to pay the lifestyle we have been brought up to be part of.

        My main point is that we should not limit ourselves to seeing only the obvious signs, the media has successfully once again distracted the mass by highlighting MIA insignificant gesture when all around her is open worship at the house of sin.

        So to conclude, as we become more aware of the symbols and their meaning do not allow them to distract you with this blatant use of what has always been there. In plain sight is the thought that springs to mind. It's good that more are awakening to this but at the same time ask yourself this, did you wake up yourself or did they switch you on to what you can see is appearing to be more common?

        I grew up in a Christian household and from young studied the bible and was preached to that the world as we know it would end. To look out for the signs, little did I know or consider that these signs would be more blatent

      • I decided I should post my comment as a reply to your post with the Daily Mail link. I am from the UK and have been growing more enlightened over the years and have been helped by VC's website. I wanted to say that people should consider also with regards to this performance and other Pop artists the cooperation of all the media outlets.

        The part The Daily Mail plays is significant in highlighting the images we may or may not have seen, but unlike VC there are no explanations to why they are shown so the effect is just like watching the TV. The mindset behind what we see and hear is collective, granted some within are not all part of the agenda but like most who have a paid job do as they are told to pay the lifestyle we have been brought up to be part of.

        My main point is that we should not limit ourselves to seeing only the obvious signs, the media has successfully once again distracted the mass by highlighting MIA insignificant gesture when all around her is open worship at the house of sin.

        So to conclude, as we become more aware of the symbols and their meaning do not allow them to distract you with this blatant use of what has always been there. In plain sight is the thought that springs to mind. It's good that more are awakening to this but at the same time ask yourself this, did you wake up yourself or did they switch you on to what you can see is appearing to be more common?

        Remember music may be a key but it is used to unlock the doors and allow the agenda to be fulfilled as we are distracted.

      • Some of us, but we were shunned and mocked and didn't have the internet to put it all together for people. Some of us have been trying to warn people for a looonnnggg…time.

      • And Madonna and her ‘harp bearer’ both winking, and I think MIA (missing in action – maybe code for dissociation) was sending us the REAL message of the evening – F*** You ALL!

      • I think the pentagrams on her gloves represent the morning and evening star. Venus makes a five point star pattern in the sky in its transit which is why that symbol is associated with it. Not sure here if they represent just the goddess vibe or the added layer of Luciferian connotation that symbol took on later, because I have not yet figured out definitively for myself if this "Illuminati" religion is "just" an ancient goddess cult, a Satanic/Luciferian one, or a mix of all of that.

    • Did you also notice the symbol for Madonna's name–simply an 'M'–resembled a goat head or Baphomet? Very interesting. Thanks to this site's information. It helped me to identify nearly all that I was looking at. Bravo.

  35. Madonna aint gonna be the 'Pop Icon' of the Music Industry all these years for nothing… It is thru her talent in music that she's able to push for the evil agenda of the Illuminati! Let us continue to educate awareness to the young people… Thanks VC! Godbless everyone!

  36. I was waiting for you to post this.. I logged on the site just after the superbowl and was expecting you to write up something. I also saw the eye and thought WTF!?

    also intrigued me as to why the Egyptian/Sumer getup seeing as we are in the new mellenium and football has nothing to do with Egyptians what so ever…

    • Sports in general started off as a form of sun worship. So the NFL (my football is what you call soccer, LOL!) ties into it as well. The high priestess came for a ritual and the Giants and Pats paid homage to her (knowingly and unknowingly.) I read today that her World Tour starts in Israel. Symbolic? Yes. She looks more and more androgynous to me these days. It all adds up. Semiramis/Ishtar was both Nimrod's mum and wife. Easter is from Ishtar.

      • And I bet her Kabbalah name 'Esther' is derived from Ishtar, too. From the Babylonian Captivity.

  37. MDNA- thought this was interesting:

    Removing MDNA from MADONNA leaves AON remaining. Madonna makes an acronym of MDNA by following each letter with a period, which suggests we consider both MDNA and AON as acronyms.

    MDNA is close to MDMA, the drug popularly known as Ecstasy. That's a tempting connection, but that's not really what she's about.

    It's also tempting to connect AON with Art of Noise, a band. "Moments In Love" by The Art of Noise was played as the wedding song when Madonna walked down the aisle with actor Sean Penn. Yet, that's not very compelling either, given her esoteric bent.

    What then, do we make of these components of the riddle, one given as an example and the other following from it?

    Of the acronyms for MDNA, the only one that makes sense at all in the context makes plenty of sense! Also seen as mtDNA, mDNA refers to

    mitochondrial DNA. Of the acronyms for AON, again, only one makes sense in the context, and it makes a lot of sense! AON refers to antisense oligonucleotides, another genetic term.

    Mitochondrial DNA can be regarded as the smallest chromosome, and was the first significant part of the human genome to be sequenced. In most species, including humans, mtDNA is inherited solely from the mother. The fact that mitochondrial DNA is maternally inherited enables researchers to trace maternal lineage far back in time. ( Y-chromosomal DNA, paternally inherited, is used in an analogous way to trace the agnate lineage.) The concept of the Mitochondrial Eve is based on the same type of analysis, attempting to discover the origin of humanity by tracking the lineage back in time.

    Excerpts from Mitochondrial DNA – Wikipedia

    Clearly, there's a "maternal" theme in common between Madonna and mDNA. If there's an answer to the riddle, it seems to lie here in the technical realm of genetics. Students of history will recall Dr. Josef Mengele and the study of twins, as he sought to discover the secrets of heredity that many believe (through much evidence) intended to result in the biological reverse-engineering of Nephilim and the “serpent tree” bloodline and seed. He intended to facilitate the return of the ancient ones bound in the earth, and apparently achieved a level of success. Madonna, as a figurative Mitochondrial Eve, and her Kabbalah companions intend to bring forth the offspring of the ancient through their efforts, and, you can bet they will succeed.

    AON (Antisense Oligonucleotides) processes involve synthesis of artificial genes and the manipulation of gene sequences through binding to targeted mRNA strands.

    AON is related to mDNA. The gene splicing activity seems to be suggested even in how these acronym strings were parsed out of their parent string, MADONNA.

    • And Madonna's mother died young, and M had to take on the mother role for her younger siblings. Wonder what that is about.

    • Say, there is a suggestion that "MDNA" is actually a play of words on MDMA (aka estacy). would this mean anything?

      And please. Why do you think she would want to send a message to Gaga? Even as someone who relies more heavily on symbolism, Gaga would NEVER be in the same league as Madonna.

      • What do you mean by league, in terms of talent? I'm no Gaga fan and I'm definitely not sticking up for her, but I don't see 'talent' when I look at Madonna. Ham, yes. Talent, not really. Her singing sucks and always has, third rate at best and through her nose. Her dancing is the same rehashed choreographed aerobics that's been shoved down our throats for decades. She's 100% hype.

      • @Mick I mean in general, you can never put her in the same league. Even though I do think that Gaga is a talented woman, she’ll fade away soon because she keeps doing the same thing.

      • On the album cover it does look like MDMA with the extra markings blending from the background.

        MDNA rearranged also spells "DAMN", but I think that's reaching a bit.

    • Caleb Ephratah on

      Congrats-you are one of the more intelligent people I have read in a long time- you figured out what Madonna reallly means!!! You could also add that Madonna comes from an Illuminati family bloodline that is very old and has practiced 'genetic hybridization' for quite some time.

      This hybridization of their DNA allows them to be controlled by Dark Spirits and thus they are sometimes called 'dark-born' beings but they masquerade as 'star-born' beings though in reality they worship Lucifer who gives them their power. Without witchcraft and sorcery they are essentially powerless, ordinary people- just regular shlomos.

    • face in the crowd on

      Very interesting but no, they will never be able to "birth" any kind of threat to us in the form of offspring from ancient times, sorry, even with freshly extracted DNA, clever minds, top notch lab equipment, scientific theory, secrets kept, chants, magic, shows, money, blood, whatever. I appreciate your facts but…you give the elite waaaay too much credit and…it is irresponsible to present all the facts with speculation like they can EVER successfully manipulate the greatest mystery LIFE to their advantage. Please. Do not even speculate they could succeed at "birthing" ancient offspring from DNA. It is almost shameful to do so, given your comment is so informative. IF they came close, the being would die eventually, would be weak while alive and just like everything in media, hyped up as a way to promote fear. Fear makes us all easier to control.

      The laws of Nature (which is the real secret hidden in plain sight!!! the proof of a cosmic creative force intending to instruct all species aka evolution aka God) will ensure they do not "birth" anything to be afraid of. Cloned animals have degenerative issues and always die and this is why evolution is a solid theory, the laws of Nature protect and ensure progress in a species. You can not go back in time, per our creator. This is a blessing as all we are instructed to do while we are here, regardless of if we are aware of it or not, is PROGRESS. On a genetic level and so many other levels. I hope no one reading your comment is actually thinking an ancient evil baby is being genetically "resurrected" and born. Eugenics, yes. No ancient evil baby will ever live long enough or be healthy enough to be any kind of a threat to any average, naturally born being.

      • Actually they could, if only people know some of the things scientists have "created." Look there is a lot that goes on in the field of genetics that are really "hush hush" so to speak. Scientists have already spliced together DNA of animals into the embryos of human beings and "birth" these mutant beings for "medical" gians then killed them (or so they say…).

        If they can manipulate the genes of E.coli to produce insulin imagine how far they've brought this technology. Have you heard of designer babies? Have you heard of transgenic crops?

        Anyway I would not think that Madonna was smart enough to even know about mitochondrial DNA…

    • face in the crowd on

      'He intended to facilitate the return of the ancient ones bound in the earth, and apparently achieved a level of success.'

      Facts to back this up?

      I understand what you were trying to say, but…it seemed it was what you suggest got me. I get it though, Madonna is the figurative "Mother".

      I did not watch the Superbowl or her show. I used to like M.I.A. but heard she shared the stage yesterday…I stay away from unauthentic art and music, I also don't like to feel like a dollar sign, not a human life.

      Why do all of you watch TV? Buy things to support people who conform to the eugenic agendas? All this discussion…what about Syria, Russia and Iran? And US and Israel?

      Take your side now. You can't thrive on this shit and claim to be anti-consumerism, awake and some how different than everyone else who is asleep, watching it too…

    • M = 13th letter

      D = 4th letter

      N=14th letter

      A= 1st letter

      13+4+14+1 = 32

      Wikipedia In the Kabbalah, there are 32 Kabbalistic Paths of Wisdom.

      … just quessing here :)

    • The first list of links in a search engine, for mdna most talk about Jewish and sometimes Ashkenazi Jewish mitochondrial DNA.

    • Can anyone decipher what MDNA means? They look like Hebrew mem-dalet-nun-aleph. Is there Enochian language involved here? What numbers, elements, and word meanings are there? Does it not mean anything? Did they show Hebrew letters on the Superbowl show stage too? If anyone caught that.

      • Fleurdamour is the positive aspect of the Great Goddess, the nurturing side. We DEFINITELY need more of that energy!

  38. Wonder if the massive West's military build up around Iran in readiness for a possible world war 3 is what's being denoted as world peace?

    Btw,does the movie 300 Spartan suggest the Commitee of 300 destroying Persia(Iran) or what, considering how Hollywood potrayed Arabs as terrorists in many 90's movies and subsequently attacking Arabic nations later under a false flag of war on terror or am i reading too much into it.And does Terminator 3:Rise of Machines indicate the rise of the MK'd super soldiers that VC mentioned in an earlier article?Note there comes a nuclear war as the movie ends,a probable scenario if Iran is attacked considering them being backed by nuclear armed countries like Russia n India. *Query to VC's fans.Sorry for off topic*

    • Good call. I asked the same question on Paul Watsons recent expose of the symbolism of the "performance". ( no answer as yet)

      I cannot for one moment think that the symbols are ad hoc.

      I dare add that they are a "bastardisation" of true hyroglyphic symbols and I say that because all of these Illuminati "symbolistic" displays show very amateur usage.

      I imagine that the "high priests and architects" of the globalist agenda must cringe with embarrasment and disapointment that rites they have ritualistically choreographed and held close to their chests for centuries are half heartidly and poorly executed. rather like giving chimps a plastic tea-set and expecting a high tea and sconeat a refined british aristicratic mansion for royalty. pfft!

      They live in a bubble of their own importance and need to rely on minions and coerced accolytes to externalise to the public, in half hearted fashion, what they are too impotent and cowardly to perform themselves for fear of ridicule.

      They are legends in their own lunchboxes using fear (FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL) to control and influence people who have been hoodwinked into continually handing over the reigns to free thought!

      The wizards of Oz are runing out of time. The hundred monkey syndrome is sweeping the world. These "bloodline" elites are running out of toilet paper and the que is pressing!. They are being blatently in panic mode because they are so far removed from reality, they think they still have real control.

      Having said/wrtitten all that, I am still very keen to understand the message within the hyroglyphs, but I expect, like the rest of the illuminati "stab in the back routines", it will be mumbo jumbo usage, an added "touch" because it always "scare's and puts fear into children". Or used to.

      And thats how they have always worked, using fear to manipulate where there is ignorance.

      Quite laughable!

      Good work VC

      be well all

  39. I'm truly saddened by this. I grew up blatantly ignorant of all this and now that I'm 18 I'm finally opening my eyes. To think how they throw this symbolism right in front of our eyes and the majority of people don't even react to it is sickening, whatever happened to us being a God loving Christian nation. I worry for my family, especially my 3 younger siblings who are still in elementary, middle, and high school. I'm in college now and have very little say into what they watch or see and my parents are dead asleep and have no clue whats going on in this world. I feel lost and alone, something needs to change in this world before things get bad, quick.

    • @John

      I hear you John. Yes it is scary but God will protect us. You just have to ask the Holy spirit to guide you. Keep your side of the street clean.

      God Bless

    • SnowboardFreak1080 on

      Hey John. Yeah this can be a very scary subject, so don't feel bad about sharing that you we're provoked to feel that way by reading this article and learning of these things. And it's no shame to grow up unknowing, they do not let this type of knowledge be readilly available to the public, thus it is really a good thing that your starting to learn at a still young age. I started studying this stuff a few years ago, when I was 19 or so. I would love to share with you some knowledge I have, if you would like to chat, email me at Just replace the "_at_" with "@" obviously.

    • I was scared too but continue to research, make your own assumptions, and try to spread the word. Sure everyones not going to want it hear it especially if you're talking about someone they worship so don't force it. You'll figure it out. Eventually the fears your having or the feeling of…" all this time I've been lied to…" will be replaced with…"now I'm just annoyed" the deeper you dig into it. The only way out of this, is with the second coming of Christ. The world is going to continue to be corrupt. We're living in the end of times, so sad to say I don't see things getting better. You just have to prepare yourself and help those who are willing to listen. Don't be afraid of it and let it control your life. Deal with it face to face. You found this website and if memeory serves me correctly, God doesn't give us anything we can't handle. You can handle it, just find your own way.

    • Apparently its 50 years since Elizabeth Taylors Cleopatra movie so Egypt theme is all over catwalks now. There is supposed to be a remake too with Angelina Jolie, in 2013….

  40. i didn't even watch the halftime show bc it was going to be madonna lol. i'm glad u did an article on it though. smh i'm so sick and tired of this illuminati garbage.

  41. also… i thought it was noteworthy that the sponsor of the show was Bridgestone which reaffirmed their support right in tune with the 'world peace' display. this is a bridgestone as opposed to the Cornerstone. one bridging the new world order of the underworld. i still believe lady gaga began the countdown at new year's day and time is of the essence. declare your love for Jesus everyone!

    • Psalm 139:13

      Jeremiah 1:5

      Matthew 24:4

      1 Timothy 4:1

      Revelation 12:7-9, 12

      2 Corinthians 11:14

      2 Thessalonians 2:7-8 Daniel 7:25, 8:25, 11:36

      Ezekial 13:2-4,10

      Isaiah 48:22

      Luke 12:51

      1 Thessalonians 5:3

      Romans 8:9,15-16

      Luke 13:27

      1 John 4:2-3

      Mystery of Godliness vs Mystery Iniquity

      Matt. 24:30; 25:31

      Rev. 19:15-16; 12:5

      Luke 19:12-27

      1 Timothy 3:16

      Romans 5:1,5

      Luke 3:16, Acts 2:14-17, 37-39

      Acts 1:4,8

      Ephesians 4:5, 1 Peter 3:21

      1 Corithians 12:13

      3 World Wars to unite the World creating One World Government, One World Religion and One World Economy control by One World Leader aka AntiChrist. Population Reduction written on Georgia Guide Stone as an effect from World War 3 World Peace for instance Zionism pitted against Shia Islam.

      Satan's followers desperate preparing for successful Great Deception allow by GOD for the Mark of the Beast. Time will tell when we will be force to made the right decision that's to reject Mark of the Beast.

      "No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation."

      David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations.

      • You've said it in a nutshell. I will add that Antichrist has but a short time to pull it off. "For the elect sake" and "less no flesh be saved"; his time was shortened to only a five month period. People that are prepared, can handle that, while standing on their hands.

  42. Illuminati? Occult? Wow, people need to get a grip. I guess it makes people feel better if they can contrive some conspiracy in the world to make themselves feel better.

    • Eric, why did you spend your time coming to this site to disparage us? You REALLY have nothing better to do with your time?

      Of course, it's completely acceptable and understandable that a half time show during an American football game has a theme based around ancient sun worshipping religions, all known to use their esoterica to maintain power over the rest of their populations, many dabbling in such things as human sacrifice and anal sex! (watch out for those who want to talk too much about your third eye, kiddies, & check out the work of the

      Nuthin' to see here folks! Sheesh!

    • I could understand if people are visiting this site for the first time and this is the first article they see or read, I could see you being skeptical at first. Have a closer look. You can't make this stuff up. Read another article or two. Or three. It's there for YOU. Do yourself a favor and look into it.

      Also, I just discovered that the Qu'ran mentions that the anti-christ will be "one-eyed."

      "…but I will tell you something about him which no prophet has told his followers: Ad-Dajjal is one-eyed whereas Allah is not."

      ‎"Allah is not hidden from you; He is not one-eyed"

      ‎"No prophet was sent but that he warned his followers against the one-eyed liar (Ad-Dajjal). Beware! He is blind in one eye, and your Lord is not so, and there will be written between his (Ad-Dajjal's) eyes (the word) Kafir (i.e., disbeliever)."

      Just thought I'd throw that in. Interesting, no?

      • Dude, the guy w/one eye isn't the anti-christ, it's his boss. Call him what you want: lucifer/satan/odin/seth/ra/typhon/cronos/so many names for he and his minions.

        Tell these good people what the Koran says about the Horned One. (all I have is the Greek version of the name, Cernunnos). If memory serves, he was sent to Earth to help the humans and protect them from evil, but ended up being "worshipped" and enjoyed it so much he decided to pass himself off as "a god."

        And does it mention any of the female entities at all? I remember a line about genies/demons, commanding them to leave, but are there specifics about names or heirarchies?

      • @AndreaM

        "the one eyed guy isn't the anti-christ, it's his boss."

        Aren't you splitting hairs, here? The point is, WHOEVER the one-eyed "guy" is, probably isn't representing GOD, but the other guy. Call him what you want, "lucifer/satan/odin/seth/ra/typhon/cronos/so many names for he and his minions."

        I realize that it may not be a "guy," but maybe a symbol, an ideal or a secret society. The one eye thing is showing up everywhere as is documented on this site very well. The Quran making mention of this one eye concept is interesting, to say the least.

        "Tell these good people what the Koran says about the Horned One."

        Are you trying to suggest that I am misleading "good people" via quote mining the Quran? What DOES it say about the Horned One? I don't really know, as I am not a practicing muslim nor am I familiar with the Quran AT ALL. I never claimed otherwise. I merely mentioned that I discovered these particular statements from the Quran and it seems to be relative to topics discussed on this site, with the whole "one-eyed" thing. I did do some light research after reading your question. One source says the most common held belief is that the Quran is referring to Alexander the Great, although, that is only the most common held belief. There are other theories as well. I am willing to bet that it does NOT say anywhere that anyone is to worship a "horned one," as from what I have heard so far is that they are not to worship the prophet Mohammed either, but Allah/God. As far as Cernunnos, (a first century celtic god of fertility???) I don't know how it relates or what you are really asking me about that. Have you read the Quran? Is that where you are getting that he was sent to help man and liked being worshiped and decided to pass himself off as a god?

        About the female entities or "genies/demons," again, I don't know. Harlot and Babylon come to mind (bible) but as for the Quran, I dunno. I merely thought that the one-eyed anti-christ thing was worthy of mentioning here. Although I am no Muslim, I am interested in reading the Quran and I likely will, at some point. Also, I welcome any literature or source you would refer me to if you wish. Oh and one more thing, VC's article "Who Is Baphomet" mentions a belief held by some that the name Baphomet is derived from or is a mockery of Mohammed. There are good points made in the comments corresponding to that. My quest for knowledge will continue. Special thanks to VC for helping me with that, as well as every one else who weighs in and offers more information and alternative perspectives.

        I will keep an open mind, and try not to let my brain fall out… hahaha

    • SnowboardFreak1080 on

      Eric, if one was to put down the video games and actually take some time to study these subjects from legitimate sources, one could become convinced from the proofs available. Sure, if a couple people believe some different stuff, maybe they're just different. However, the number of people who are becoming more and more knowledgeable about the illuminati and associated matters is growing by the day. These are not paranoid schitzophrenics, these are sane people who are studying the truth, and finding proofs and evidences for what is real.

    • I know it seems unbelievable but come on, these signs/symbols are showing up waaaaaaay to much in what seems to be everything, for something not to be up. Just think about it before writing it off.

  43. The Super Bowl ( grail or golden cup) ceremony was an occult prayer to the hidden Diety of the mystery schools, the demiurge, the dualistic lord of fertility and death.The feminine , arkite element of the Diety is represented in the yoni, grail,box, ark, boat or floatation device, the goddess that floats on water or the serpent.

    The double pronged headress, denotes the lunar crescent, bulls horns or the new moon, a reference to Venus, which is both the morning and evening star (dualism) and always represented by the pentagram as that is the orbit of Venus around earth.

    Similarly the entrance , with a veiled queen, or hidden queen, shielded by feathers ( feathers, ibis, bird,hierophants or representation of priests….see the double bird shaped black priests accompanying the red cloak in eyes wide shut) represents a goddess , brought in by priests.

    Also note the Cupid, mercury like dancer with the lyre of seven strings that dances around Madonna, the ram headed dancer, the dancer with the Greek spartan helmet representing the lunar crescent.

    All of these dancers , along with Madonna symbolize the pantheon of gods, who though visibly and sexually different are all "sheikhenas" or representations of the hidden Diety.

    Nest we have the "music" retro funky section.please view the scene in which the dancers make at arc and Madonna emerges from under them.In mystery religions any rock, or naturally formed bridge, was considered a representation of the goddess and one must go under it and never over it.

    " under the rainbow" in eyes wide shut.Under the rainbow, represents the solar serpent quetzcoatal,the serpent god of the mesoamericans ,who was representation of sun and water mixed to create a rainbow, or the same Conjunctio oppositeorum , or the alchemical mixture of the opposites….the dualistic lord.

    Another important thing to note is the color schemes used. A lot of gold, black, white and red were used in the ceremony.

    Gold is the color of alchemy, kether, cauldron,purity, Diety.

    Black, red and white are the colors of aum, or brahma,Vishnu and shiva, creator, preserver and destroyer, the three representations of the hidden god.

    At the end , we have the "so called church chant experience " , where everyone other than the two male performers are wearing black and white….think Masonic black and white, the dualism. Similarly the two singers are also polar opposites.

    A white woman, a black man….alchemy of the opposites.

    Both wear black, the color of Saturn, or the maha kala, shiva….the serpent god!

    In essence, this whole parade, was a mixture of sights, sounds, beats, chants, costumes, which was a grand prayer and appreciation of the Diety which hides behind all religions.

    The hidden Diety…..both male and female

    The creative force of the universe, both good and bad.

    • face in the crowd on

      You are not very wise but you are informed…"it" is not good and bad, black and white, dualistic, as you explain to us how "they" think. I hope you agree it just "is" and when you apply the dualistic theories, you fragment reality thus it is fake, not real.

      It is one. All is one. This is truth. There are no dualistic aspects. Anyone who considers dualism in this day an age is lost. Lao Tzu merely observed dualism in nature but…taken as one, the way is clear…there is no other way, there are not two paths to take. Just one. Think about it.

      Yosan. You are lost in your own ego, id, being. Careful. No one man or collection of men rule over my moral heart or clarity of consciousness. I think you smart and dumb all at once. You are who you are. Destiny is a choice.

    • I was thinking about the symbolism of the "Giants" triumphing too, but it brought to mind the pantheon of "gods" who were giants. I like your interpretation as well.

  44. the illuminati are masters of inversion and opposites. World peace means world war. TSHTF this year, 2012. This is what all this stuff is building up to. They started around 2008 pumping this stuff into the culture to prepare us for what is coming. Get ready.

  45. Tis was a very interestig performance indeed. However, Madonna has never been so explicit with symbolism in her career, at least since her "Bedtime Stories" era.

    Oh, btw VC, I think you should take into account her "American Life" period, which judging by lyrics and reflection of what was going on when she put on this record (e.g. Invasion of Iraq), it seems as if she (briefly) became disgusted with what the American dream turned out to truly be (no british jokes, please). In fact, she even spoke out on how the world has taken a turn for the worse and condemning the idea of selling one's soul (a moment of regret, perhaps?). And let's not 4get that this led to her being placed in the same vain as the Dixie Chicks by being labeled "un-american".

    Last but not least, you should take a look at her song & video "Drowned World/Substitute for Love", in which she, then a new mother seems to have regretted getting in showbiz in the first place.

    That being said, I'm still quite confused as to how big of a role she is playing in this already-corrupt entertainment world. For all I know, she ain't the same optimistic, sweet & sincere Detroit girl that she was 30 yrs ago.

  46. Please forgive me for the spelling mistakes in the previous post.

    Also of note is the winged solar disk called the uraeon, which alchemicaly combines the solar disk, wings and serpent to create it.The sun, or creative force symbolized in light, heat and fire,the wings which represent the airy nature and swiftness of Diety and the serpent , which shows the dualistic good bad side of the Diety, when all seen together, give man an understanding of the hidden lord.

    The time period of thirteen minutes is of note.any odd number represents the male, or phallus.

    13 roughly represents 6 on one side, six on the other and the remaining one, which stands out as a phallus.Another magic for the hidden, creative , phallic force of the Diety.

    The fall of Madonna , in the end, also represents the fall of neophyte into the dark cave, the death of Osiris ,Bacchus by seth or the boar, the defeat of light by darkness and then through darkness light.

    The fall of man, by the ingestion of the poisoned apple , forbidden fruit, is the poison of existence , the light of intelligence, that the serpent symbolizes.

    The knowledge of the illuminated ones, so makes man, leave his garden of Eden or the profane house and become illuminated with the power of reciprocity, or knowledge of good and evil as all progress in this world can only be brought by wise men , who know how to use both good and evil for the greater cause, or the great work.

    All modern religions have come from these pagan religions.

    • Babylon is an underworld goddess, she went 'home' at the end. And in Nordic mythos, 13 is a goddess number. 12 is the number of wholeness because of the hours and months so 13 is primordial chaos that is also 1 and starts a new cycle. That is why fri 13 was named unlucky be medieval christians, it's a goddess day.

      • Dear sir /madam!

        Excellent interpretation….may I add more..

        Friday the 13 th, 1307 was the day, the great Jacques de Molly, the grand commander of the knights templar along with his followers was burned to death by pope clement v (what irony…look at the popes name…clement from clemency)

        The number thirteen is 13

        Or the unity in trinity and the trinity in unity to form the quarter ion.

        Or the male in female ( male phallus with testicles is 3) the female 1, or female in male

        Or Conjunctio oppositeorum in alchemy

        The solararkite……the Diety…both male and female.

    • You sound like Yomael's evil twin trolling here hardcore. Speaking of which haven't read Yomael's posts here in a long time…

      • I agree with Sarah – Yomael had some very valuable insights and I for one miss his input. He was always willing to patiently answer my questions. From something he said, I think he went to work in the field with some Native American shamen. Doubt he has internet access if he's off in the wilds somewhere. I don't agree with everything Yosan says, but I think he's offering some very interesting perspective, too. I think we need to allow ourselves to be in a wide open space to learn here, because stuff is going on that is not yet entirely clear, and I believe it's of great importance to wherever we are collectively headed. Reading ALL of the comments here helps me piece stuff together, like social archaeology dredging up buried fragments that we have to reconstruct into a coherent picture. It's important to know what you are dealing with, and I welcome anyone who can assist with my comprehension.

  47. Notice the spray painted letters on the front of her throne. This in your face down your throat is starting to get old!!! Hope she and all like her bust the gates of Hell wide open!!

  48. I was working on ChaCha last night and everyone kept asking questions bout Madonna, missed half of the superbowl, but i Just finished watching her performance…. Her costume said everything that needed to be said. I hated that luv you wanna song. It creeped me out. Loved her energy though, it was mind-blowing and you better believe i noticed that eye appearing on the ground and those black robs. I've never trusted that song, Like A Prayer, always thought it was a song to satan

  49. You know, I'm starting to think that this is a ploy by certain entertainers to make themselves feel powerful, intimidate newcomers, and attract attention. Two things have led me to this conclusion. First, a Tupac interview where he states that if the government really wanted to kill you or take advantage of you they wouldnt do it in such an obvious way. He added the K in Killuminati to show that he was killing the conspiracy because it was keeping people down aka making certain people thing that they cant gain notoriety for their artistic talents without selling out, just like Pac. The second was a Jay Z interview in which he finally confronted the allegations of him being a mason. He said:

    Do you believe that those sort of organizations exist?

    "I think there are cliques of friends that control things. I don’t if there is a devil worshipping sect. That’s a little Tom hanks. I believe there are cliques of people that control the world…but that’s just natural process. I’m sure Obama has his people and everything is good but as far as how far people are taking it…"

    So you don’t intentionally do this to put people in a frenzy?

    "I’m an entertainer at the end of the day. Maybe I’ll push your buttons but you know…"

    ….hmm, "as far as how people are taking it". It sounds to me that his conscious is kicking in and finally kicking in and letting him know that some people are really scared and distured by his little pr stunts. And after that last question hes pretty much admitting that hes just pushing people for the sake of his job. I think people should stop worrying about a black guy from Marcy or some dried up old singer and pursue their calling in life, whether its in the entertainment industry or not. Instead of cursing the names of some dumb entertainers, question your government as to why theres a law where the president can put anyone in jail without a trial indefinitely. And most of all keep the faith. Its more than just wearing a rosary or putting Christian under the religion category of your facebook. If you're patient the truth begins to reveal itself to you. May God bless you all.

    • Maybe we're wrong about JayZ but maybe we're not, theres no smoke without fire.. and if hes willing to push our buttons then he cant complain when people get suspicious

  50. Goes pretty deep, Indiana (hince IN-Diana)has some history.. the Indy 500 symbol is the sun disk. Plus down town is totally pagan crap all over.

    • I would say this doesn't work. The state was named Indiana mainly because it seemed like the home of a lot of the peoples we now know as the Native Americans.

      But if you must go on with this, do note that Indiana has historically been the most backwards of the Midwestern states. In many ways an extension of the south and its biases.

      • …although I will have to admit that the Borders in Indianapolis (before they closed) had massive amounts of Witchcraft books. More witchcraft books than many other Borders had dedicated to all non-Christian religions (including all the new age and witchcraft stuff).

        So I take back a lot of my cynicism…you may have a point, though I still think it's a stretch.

        (I see stuff…an old interest of mine)

  51. Hip-Hop is Dead! on

    I don't watch the super bowl. Don't watch, support, give money to these idiots. It's like going to the church of satan and giving your tithes and offerings to support their business. Witches have power over the weak and stupid so keep reading Vigilant's reports.

  52. Thank the so called illuminati…

    They brought the renaissance,the reformation,the industrial age, the technological age..

    The sons of Cain deserve respect.

    If we all had just hugged and kissed one another and sang songs and been goody two shoes, we would still be living in caves and fearing wolves.

    Whoever these people are, they are the most intelligent, the most talented humans on planet earth.

    I love them….I have enjoyed the technology, that no one ever before me had a chance to enjoy.

    Today we can all sit down In fromt of a big LCD, sip soda, cheer the teams and watch such an amazing performance by a goddess of talent, Madonna….

    I have lost all hope in the brutal , vain, self centered man…

    Only the illuminati can lead us…..they are the best

    Praise the illuminati, praise the illuminati…

    Praise the illuminati

    • Guardian Sphinx on

      Their time is up, they are trying to hold onto a age that is passing. You're on the losing team – everything the illuminati predict will happen to THEM, not us. The energies are shifting on the planet, and the Illuminati is way too behind in this timeline. You should really rethink your priorities.The incoming age is about balance, and love, and the cosmos will crush anything not in alignment with itself. You better watch out.

      • My dear sir/madam!

        The pythogrian/Celtic hierophants predicted ages ,which man has been through and will go through.All of mankind was purged and drowned under flood, the memory of which survives in all religions and cults.There is another prediction as well, the destruction of the next cycle of mankind by fire.All mystery schools believe in it, and strive for its materialization.

        Think particle acclerators CERN, large hadron collider, IHC

        25,000 nuclear tipped projectiles all aimed towards all the population centers of the world.(imagine the dumb stupidity of man , making such catastrophic weapons of destruction, only based on differences of circulation of feit paper currency i.e capitalism vs communism)

        There is a very nice saying that goes like

        "In capitalism man exploits man, and in communism , it's the opposite way around"

        The great Arthur Schopenhauer said

        "men would die than rather think!"

        Let the dumb die…no place for morons.

        We will all perish by fire very soon… no biggie!

        But the thing is, once this plethora of 7 billion shit producing humans will end (by the way a God fearing Christian, Muslim ,Jew produces 78,600 lbs of fecal matter per person in a lifetime, multiply it with 7 billion)

        A new age will begin, one language, one religion, population and minds well under control and then we will see the upsurge of knowledge, culture and man will reach his destiny…

        And even if that doesn't happen, and the Gnostics blow the whole world apart….it isn't that bad.

        Man is trapped in this planet anyways, trapped in this world of the demiurge…..

        So no biggie…don't sweat…

        We are all on a roller coaster ride and the best part is now to begin…


        Praise the lord!

        And even after the dust settles down, and mankind crawls out from the debris, much trimmer in umber, the illuminati will still reign as they are the masters and commanders of our race and have been and will always be our rulers and leaders…

    • Don't be fooled by this cheap satanic tricks. The Great Lord and His Divine Son are the Living Truth. All of this, Life, Death, Dreams, Reality – all to test YOUR will to be at HEAVEN, for EVER.

      Those poor little so called "illuminatti", KINGS OF NOTHING, MASTERS OF SAND. Arrogant tiny spirits worshiping shadows.

      WAKE UP! Their teeth will creak when they finally realize that all innocent blood spilled for thousands years will guarantee them another AEON ruling worms and slime. That´s called HELL, and that is their promised REALM.

      Like ghostly vampires, nothing can fulfill their inner emptiness, neither Gold, Sex or Pain. Cos they LOST their SOULS.

      The gold´s shine blinded many to the Real Spiritual Light of Aeternal Love.

      My brothers open your hearts and hear the Good News: God´s Trumpets are playing their SACRED sound to gather the pure and innocents, Lord's Angels battalions are ready to Rapture, forgive the materialistic fools, they think we are their hopeless lambs but WE HAVE ONLY ONE ALMIGHTY SHEPHERD and the "illuminatti" are the only deceived.

      LOOTERS of the Sacred Symbols. USURPERS of the Sacred All Seeing Eye that only belongs to SUPREME YHWH.


    • You are clearly delusional.

      There are only two paths to choose from. One leads to damnation.

      Salvation is still available. Do not procrastinate.

      Do you have any idea how long eternity truly is?

      If these Luciferians could only realize, if only for one second, that the being they worship was created by the One True God, they would turn from their evil ways.

      God have mercy on your soul.

  53. Wow. Nice treatise. So 13 minutes of symbolism got you all worked up?

    Did you watch the rest of the advertising? There were perhaps four or more advertisments for films that featured nothing but blowing up things. Of course, "we" were blowing up the "enemy". This is the real symbolism we have become blind to-Nations glorifying war. Even the much talked about Clint Eastwood ad, with the line of "hear our engines roar" and paraphrasing male, gaming battles on the field, portrays overblown imagery of war.

    In the early goddess oriented religions, bleeding in the monthly cycle and childbirth were life-giving and celebrating sacraments. Now, take a look. The sacrament for the masculine oriented societies we have now is blood-letting in war, and it is a death cult. Onward soldiers of the "desert god" and die for your "motherland". Talk about usurption of symbols!

    Shame be upon Madonna for all her symbolic attitudes and the horrible, illuminati sign at the end of her program stating "World Peace". Heaven forbid that we become below as so above.

    Keep readin' people, dig a little deeper than this shallow little article provides for.

    • David I did notice a bunch of adverts for war type movies. Battleship – Earth's Last Battle Begins at Sea….against aliens/machines no doubt. Also 'Valor', not sure if that is the one you are talking about. That is one heck of an emotional ploy to recruit this countries youth for some brotherhood, blowing stuff up and hooking up with hot chicks. It reminded me of how enlistment spiked after Top Gun, and we know they are preparing for World War III, martial law, civial war, or more like all of the above.

      There was an article I saw today called:

      Henry Kissinger: "If You Can't Hear the Drums of War You Must Be Deaf"

      Exerpt: Our young have been trained well for the last decade or so on combat console games, it was interesting to see the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 game, which mirrors exactly what is to come in the near future with its predictive programming. Our young, in the US and West, are prepared because they have been programmed to be good soldiers, cannon fodder, and when they will be ordered to go out into the streets and fight those crazy Chins and Russkies, they will obey their orders. Out of the ashes we shall build a new society, there will only be one superpower left, and that one will be the global government that wins. Don't forget, the United States, has the best weapons, we have stuff that no other nation has, and we will introduce those weapons to the world when the time is right."

      Straight up they are just telling us who they are now…..

      • In the daily squibs own words:

        "The Daily Squib is a curious satirical publication"

        Scroll to the bottom of any page of their website.

      • I'm an idiot then LOL some days are better than others. I wouldn't put it passed him since he has already said on tape that the New World Order is close enough to happen in his life time or the next. Silly me.

      • Funny that the article is so believable. I often wonder about the emphasis on war and battle in video games and organized sports. With 3 sons, I try to emphasize that they are trying to brainwash the youth that war is fun, military is cool. Not. They are just being used. Just read an article last week about boys 18-24 coming home disillusioned from war, with no hope, many needing counseling. So sad. Where is the emphasis on peace in the world?

  54. Anyone that educates themselves on these topics could have easily seen the symbolism. The first things I noticed were her being carried out & her head piece. There were also dancers with goat masks. My husband noticed the large eye ball.

    Nicki Minaj is such a puppet. In her newest video she portrays a robot.

    MIA tries to be different. But, obviously she's not.

    The show sucked anyway. Madonna ain't what she use to be. I like pop music. But, she just wasn't a hit in my book. And the theme was irrelevant and stupid.

  55. in your face? yupppppp. but thankfully, ya know, we are all RETARDED, the illuminati can blatantly shove the symbolism down our naive throats. UGHHHHHHH.

    ok. i'm done.

  56. Thankyou Vigilant Citizen and everyone that posts comments on this website. Thanks to you, I have become more aware and understanding of Satanic/Illuminati symbolism, imagery and sounds. In many respects it has made me more vigilant and intelligent amongst my peers however it has come at a great cost. I have been researching the Illuminati, NWO, occultism and Satanism since the late 90s but a drastic and fateful event occurred in 2009, I found Vigilant Citizen. Ever since, my interest and fascination in these subjects have increased significantly and my exposure to Satanic symbolism has reached unhealthy and mind-altering levels. I now find myself with an Illuminati popstar music dvd collection and watching all movies featured on this site. I have bombarded my mind with Satanic symbolism all in the name of research. I am now reconsidering my choices because it is having a negative impact on my mind. Sure it seems necessary to expose this evil agenda being promoted to the masses but at the same time we are exposing ourselves to hardcore Satanism. Exactly what Satan wants.

  57. What a powerful and true statement, "On this Superbowl “Day of Atonement”, Madonna, the High Priestess of the Illuminati industry, entered the Holy of Holies of America delivered a 13 minutes sermon that was heard by all and understood by few."

    Now that's some good writing.

  58. so some of you knew this was going to happen but you watched anyway.

    i saw her talking to anderson cooper about how it was like the holy of holies and i knew right then it was going to be a mass hypnosis ritual.

    i watched The Puppy Bowl for a few minutes. then spent the rest of super bowl evening outside in the cold barbecuing and drinking beer instead of subjecting myself to that lunacy.

    the less of your energy you give them the less powerful they will be

    • Hear, hear! I did my best to discourage those i could from participating in their energy during this ritual, & did not participate myself for that very reason. They NEED our energy, folks. PLEASE STOP FEEDING THE BEASTS!!!


  59. Thankyou Vigilant Citizen and everyone that posts comments on this website. Thanks to you, I have become more aware and understanding of Satanic/Illuminati symbolism, imagery and sounds. In many respects it has made me more vigilant and intelligent amongst my peers however it has come at a great cost. I have been researching the Illuminati, NWO, occultism and Satanism since the late 90s but a drastic and fateful event occurred in 2009, I found Vigilant Citizen. Ever since, my interest and fascination in these subjects have increased significantly and my exposure to Satanic symbolism has reached unhealthy and mind-altering levels. I now find myself with an Illuminati popstar music dvd collection and watching all movies featured on this site. I have bombarded my mind with Satanic symbolism all in the name of research. I am now reconsidering my choices because it is having a negative impact on my mind. Sure it seems necessary to expose this evil agenda being promoted to the masses but at the same time we are exposing ourselves to hardcore Satanism and corrupting our minds. Exactly what Satan wants.

  60. I was excited to see what you had for us on the Half-time show! Thank you so much for breaking things down so we can understand. It is so helpful! Keep em coming!

  61. I originally looked up the owl horns/head dress thing and I thought for sure Madonna was the demon Lilith. There is some teaching in the Kabbalah about Lilith and Madonna fits the description. Lilith was all about the owl. creepy.

  62. I don't watch football. I woke up this morning and all I could hear was about the half-time show. At first it was Madonna "rocked it" and then something about M.I.A. putting up the middle finger. Anyway, I at first went to the internet/youtube and typed in Madonna half-time show. I went straight to the comments, people are more aware then you think. Most of the commenters were saying illuminati this is like 8:00 am. So then I flipped through morning news and saw freeze frame pictures of the show. I saw Madonna's headdress and thought behompet or whatever /illuminati–but then a back up dancer appeared who truly had like ram horns as part of his outfit. So I never watched the entire thing and do not plan to. When you said she appeared in black and went "south" in the stage I thought–She went to be with Satan; in hell.

    It's interesting you mentioned Vogue, because I caught a repeat episode of 60 minutes segment talking aobut the editor in chief of vogue magazine who is in charge of everything. Morley Schaffer even said one word from her and she could make or break a designer, though she denied she had that much influence. Then he went on to describe how this male designer was a former backup dancer for Madonna. Note: Madonna approved each outfit of every participant of the half-time show….They truly do not care now, that blue eye you showed on the stage with everything else confirms it.

  63. rudejourneyman on

    It is blatant they are not hiding anything anymore. Minaj's M apron. Anyone see the lightening overhead, compass and square, Letter G everywhere. It was a a not so secret society billboard/celebration event. I've the feeling that these are the peripheral marching bands/dancing girls before "it" makes its entrance into the light/frequency of this world . Bacchus/Pan/Dionysus phase. Notice are youth are more hypersexualized more than ever (sex kitten programming), no one cares about caution. Music/Sports are distractions from reality and pressing important issues, they know this- put them together you have one very captivated/hypnotized fully open audience.

  64. few comments i'd like to make:

    – there was also a diamond symbol on the floor screen during her performance, considered to be a trigger in project monarch mind control

    – in her video 'give me all your luvin' madonna tosses a baby doll away to the sound of a real baby crying. what looks like a goofy take, seems to me very creepy and cruel. i see it as tribute to the 'cremation of care' ceremony where dark priests mock a human sacrifice of a human baby, representing care and compassion, and burning it (or him, who knows) in front of a giant owl statue.

    – speaking of nicki minaj, i've recently watched her video 'turn me on'. completely creepy video where you can see blatant imagery of transhumanism. please make an article on this one too.

  65. Why didn't anyone mention the Baphomet head that the stage was set upon. Go up to the pix with the eyeball and flip your screen upside down… See anything familiar??? The head of Baphomet, the 5 point star, and the top half is the angles and lines of the triange/pyramid with the all seeing eye on the top… Hmmm…

  66. I was so waiting for this one VC! I noticed the picture/map of the world, and it explodes into the message "World Peace" Creepy much, more like the world exploding from mass destruction!

    I'm 12, and officially scared.

  67. Oh man I don't know about you guys but I was just waiting for this performance to be analyzed! Excellent job as always VC.

  68. You know…first let me say….you posted this quick!LOL Anyway's as one of the frequent vistors to this website I have to say that I knew that there was going to be something that has to do with this stuff all over her performance. However…this time I just wanted to watch it for entertainment and not stress about what I already new was going to appear. With that said I actually did enjoy the performance. It would have been better if the illumnati crap wasn't apart of it as usual but I did enjoy it despite it. I felt alright about it because I was aware of what I was watching and choosing not to consume it but just watch it. I was born in the 90's so Madonna is not my high preistess of anything. Never once did I think, "Look It's the Queen, The Queen!" I was thinking about how nice all the gold looked around her. With the illumnati pan in the butt crack stuff aside, I watched the performance with excitement. I also was thinking too at the end, "why did she drop instead of ascending into the air and saying, "It feels like home"? You went the wrong way. Think positive Madonna, we all know what things you've done but think positive anyway.

    • You voluntarily participated in…gave energy to…a rite of "the enemy". Doesn't sound incredibly "aware" to me!

      Look at all the purdy gold! Sheesh!

      • It might not sound that way but I am. When i first came to this website this stuff scared the crap out me and I began to drive myself crazy not wanting to listen to anything, watch anything, and constantly feeling myself wanting to point the finger of judgement at people who were. Before coming here i hardly ever listened to alot of the music to begin with because I found that to be annoying. For that reason alone I've always been ostrasized by my peers. Now I have an even better reason for not listening besides the usual, "i don't like that music" excuse all because of this website. After getting over the shock and fear I had to find my own way of dealing with this news the best way I know how. You can't live your life being afraid of this stuff or trying to avoid it because as this website shows it's everywhere. The symbol on money is evil but I'm sure you voluntarily use it. Despite that last part of your comment thanks for not completely being harshly judgemental but this is the way I choose to deal with it. I'm of it but I'm not in it. Trying to get away from this stuff will drive you insane.

  69. I have read through the comments which some as always lead to a better understanding. But why when I read these articles does none ever mention the content of the lyrics? for me many of today's songs sound like and read like prayers or call to worship. The imagery attached often tell a story of their own.

  70. My husband and I watched the Super Bowl with another couple, who were totally oblivious to the symbols they were being exposed to. We just kept looking at each other and shaking our heads. It's baffling that these things are literally every where but no one seems to notice!!

    • the worst thing you could do is go 'OH MY GOD, madonna is totally illuminati! She's a satanist! Look she's hiding one eye just like on the dollar bill!' etc… there are certain words like satan and illuminati that automatically set off people's nut job alarm.

      I usually start with illegal government experiments on humans since the government has admitted to them, or the MK Ultra program. The goal is make them question everything and lose trust in anyone associated with the government, it's kind of like deprogramming them.

      With my mom, I started with the New York Times article exposing the MK Ultra program. I was on my laptop and I said 'mom, did you ever hear about something called MK Ultra when you were in high school? I'm reading about it right now..' I continued on asking her questions on some things, as if I needed her wisdom and knowledge. That works on people 'cause it makes them feel smart and needed, lol.

      I think it helps a lot to make it seem like you're just figuring it out with them, and not desperately try to convince them that the government is out to get them. As you probably already know, there's a stigma against 'crazy conspiracy theorists.' It's also important that your sources at the beginning are mainstream since they're programmed to only trust them with their facts.

      Whatever you do, DO NOT MENTION REPTILIANS OR DAVID ICKE. That will destroy all your work, trust me, I know 😛

  71. It is all about the Illuminati Satanic Masonic Ritual Programming. Watch closely! Look at the floor, the wardrobe, the supernatural elements and defilement of God. "I fell out of the sky.", "Just like a prayer." L.U.V. means LUcifer Venerated. It is all about ushering in the New World Order, and The antichrist. Check out the ALL SEEING EYE and all the pyramid symbology. Not to mention the highly homosexual content both in the performance and in The Elton John commercial. FInally, Madonna is used as the Goddess DIANA as in the City of Diana= InDIANA+Polis.

    Does the wardrobe look like that of cheerleaders? No! It is Egyptian Occultism as in the letter M on the Masonic aprons. And the constant opening of the women's legs and moving their hand to their vagina. Yes, this is vulgar, a blatant insult to every Christian in America. So many Masonic codes in this to make your head spin. The Black Magician is this man called C LO Green, hood and all! Black Satanic Mass at the Super Bowl?

    All who do not see the ALL SEEING EYE swirling and the Orwellian DoubleSpeak of WORLD PEACE which means WORLD WAR are illiterate and need MANIPULATTI deprogramming sessions. If you need help, just go to my site. Do your own research and wake up! Grow up! BABYLON AMERICA has been marked yet once again by the Principalities of Darkness. And do not get me started with all the massive social acclimation to THE AGENDA. A woman giving the finger to the WORLD is not an insult only, it is a DAEMONstration of sexual cultic behaviour. Is the finger not referring to the make genitals? Was the entire performance not Masonically and Ritualistically connected to this 2012? Hosea 4:6 to those who fail to undertsand.

    Great job!

    • Also the Roman armor was a Sun Disk. The Romans were not proudly marching but were jerking forward as though they were being tortured. Everyone one is of course supposed to identify with the Power figure.

      • They also move mechanically as one, like a robot army, or a mind controlled one. Someone asked on here what the Roman soldiers mean, and now I can't find their comment because there are so many, including about a billion from me, but I was pondering that and my subconscious gave me a scary answer. I remembered seeing part of one of the Exorcist movies a long time ago, and a priest was working on a possessed person. He demanded to know the demon's name, and the answer was, "We are legion," meaning there were a WHOLRE BUNCH of demons in there. Legion, as in Roman legion, demonspeak meaning a multitude.

  72. Hi Vig O You know enough to be aware of what is going on, but when it starts consuming your mind, you need to get away from it for a bit. I speak from experience. Combat it with words from the King James Bible. The Most High God wants to fill your mind up. This stuff will always be here and will only wax worse. Just get away from it for awhile.

  73. A show filled with illuminati symbols that was 13 minutes long. There are 13 witches (druids) who pray over music before it is released. Numerology and symbolism are here to stay.

  74. So what exactly is the illuminati's goal, what do want and what do they hope to accomplish. Does anyone have a solution.

  75. THANK YOU, VC!!! When I saw the pics from last night, I knew something was up with all the Egyptian crap. And some people thought she wasn't a part of all this…

  76. There are some other observations for the house.

    At the start of the ceremony, we see a bunch of roman soldiers, pushing the boat/flotation platform.Ahead of these soldiers we see a group of youn woman, wearing brass masks and each holding a vase,flask in their hands.The soldier all display their golden shields and not swords.

    The shield has always been a symbol of the female , or goddess.The shield is a circular yoni and is the passive element, just like the sword is the male/phallic element.

    Similar this flotation boat, which represents water, goes towards the stage, which apparently looks

    Ike its on for at the start of the ceremony.Its the same alchemical mixture of fire with water, male with female….dualism.

    Then once Madonna enters the stage in the start, we hear the sound of a sword clank two, three times, after every this represents the sword or the male element piercing the sound of the female element.We never see the sword…..or the hidden male…or the hidden osiris.

    When this flotation comes towards the main stage, we see these twoerformers blow a trumpet.

    Now the trumpet in ancient religions had mystico sexual connotations, just like the dong bell.

    The trumpet though phallic at the mouth piece and expands at the end,forming a yoni or lotus like appendage….this is the same male into female and female into male sex magic.

    Then is the symbol , with two sticks forming an X in a circle.

    X is the representation of Osiris…shiva mahadeva…and also represents the cross or the 3 in one or one in three, the same trini into unity, the unity into trinity, male into female, female into male…yet again sex magic.

    Even the letter M is actually two V combined and inverted.The letters W and M and very magical words in mystery schools as they both contain Two V"s. combine two V's upside down and you get X…thus W and M symbolize X…..or Osiris.

    But you have to hand it to her…..what an amazing performance!

  77. The women in the from with the flask,vases also represent priestesses of the goddess.

    They wear brass/copper masks….a metal which is considered sacred in all mystery religions

    And they all had flasks or vases, which show yet again the female element , the goddess , the ark, the box, the yoni,the shield, the boat……all symbols of the female goddess or female side of Diety.

    It was as if Isis…..comes to combine and meet with Osiris…

  78. No one caught the checkerboard patter on the stereo speakers projected on the field? (just for a few moments)

    Also, right after the performance ended, before commercials started up, they showed an NFL symbol — but not the famous NFL shield, the eye-like football logo of the NFL Network — much less well known, and conspicuously without "Network" underneath it, which it usually has.

  79. Everyone with knowledge of the Bible (the King James) does realize that this is the Most High God's plan. He let's them have control for a season. Bible prophecy is in full gear. "They" can't do diddly squat without Him knowing.

    Speaking of "squats". Those squats all the female performers do are called "primal squats" I believe.

    Anyway, it's getting more vulgar because we are getting closer and closer. It's in our face big time.

    Can't wait for the Olympic games….

  80. VC you wasted no time! Anyone who knows what they are watching knew what they were watching…the truth is more prevalent then ever

  81. I had a bad feeling during this Superbowl way before the halftime show. During one of the first plays of the game where the Giant player sacked Tom Brady in the end zone. I thought the player did the hand sign for a safety but when they did a replay slowly before the commerical I noticed that he was actually doing the masonic pyramid hand sign that looks very much like the same hand sign used by Kobe Bryant in his new Nike commercial and also done by Jay-Z. on that note, I'm not sure how many got this commerical on their local station but I'm in Delaware, USA and we get local channels from Maryland. After he did that hand sign there was a cut to a commercial for the Maryland Free Masons, which I found very odd to have during the Super Bowl amongst the beer and car ads plus it was one of the very first commercials we saw like it was a major sponsor. Here is the link to view the commercial we saw:

    then in regards to the halftime show, as soon as the feathers parted and I saw the sphinx heads I knew what was really going on with this superbowl. I pointed out the headdress as very Baphomet looking as well as the symbol on her belt looked very suspicious. I also noticed Mercury/Hermes being very front and center during the first act. LMFAO just looked out of place so I just didn't regard them too much but I noticed right around their part there was the lighted path on the steps and when the risers went up for "Just Like A Prayer" they were illuminated pillars and I was sickened at the fact that they would turn that into a religious showing, very sacreligious. I was expecting the eye to show up eventually and they did not disappoint. Could this superbowl have been a metaphor for how the "Giants" of the Elite world can defeat the true "Patriots" in America

  82. And think about all the sad brainwashed zombified sheep out there who went out to there local grocery stores and loaded up for the "Big Day" to then stuff their merry faces with High Fructose corn syrup,MSG,GMO's,and aspertame!geesh

  83. To fellow believers who are posting:

    Christ taught about his coming in Matthew 24, urging his disciples to “keep watch” and “don’t panic,” among many other warnings.

    That said, fretting over what symbols Madonna (or whoever) flashed at the SuperBowl is tantamount to reading and following fortune cookie fortunes you get with your bill at a Chinese restaurant (BTW, these cookies are as American as apple pie: most come from Brooklyn, NY. Native Chinese don’t serve these).

    If Madonna had used geometric forms would we have said here she is invoking Mayan or Islamic practices? If she’d had Christ’s or the Virgin Mary’s image somewhere, would we have said she is mocking the Catholic Church yet again? How about a barren stage? Dadaism? The poor woman couldn’t win for losing on this site.

    “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me.” As young Christians in the ’70s, my friends and I were so eager for Christ’s return: we’d all read Hal Lindsey’s book and listened to Larry Norman’s song, “I wish we’d all been ready.” So, I know what that feels like.

    But then the ’70s ended. The ’80s, ’90s, and first decade of the 21st Century, all have come and gone, and Christ has not returned. My departed mom had warned me that Americans had been “selling everything and moving to the mountaintop” all during her 90 years. Even years after her death, that actually happened in 2011! I think she was concerned I might do something like that, me being a free spirit. She kept me from a lot of grief, that’s certain.

    It is normal for human beings to “pattern match”; the fact is, we couldn’t live if we didn’t. But I think what I read here is excessive, at least as an older Christian. I hope I can save some other reader some grief, too. Do you homework: read Scriptures, discuss them with someone who loves the Lord and is studied in such matters.

    • I agree with some of what you say Pete, Christians have nothing to fear about these things and we are not to go up to the mountains and check out. However, Christ told us to watch and that is what some of the people here are doing. If the Lord Jesus' return is close or far away is not up to me, but He has commanded me to watch and so I do and point out what I see to others. Satan knows what will happen to him in the end and he has had plenty of time to scheme and manipulate the world which God has allowed him to rule over. The people who think they control this world are only pawns of the one God called a liar and murderer from the beginning. We can see what he is up to by observing those who serve him. I fail to see how watching for the symbols that Satans followers use is tantamount to fortune cookies. These symbols are used by his followers to communicate to each other. Just as any good scout/spy will try to break the code and intercept messages from the enemy that is what is going on here. If you would do your research you would see that this is not just pattern matching, these symbols keep getting shoved in our faces. Please don't ask those of us whom God has called to be Watchmen and women to fail our calling. If you do not feel you have been called to watch, then don't, but please don't accuse us who have of being childish. Please read Romans 4 for better understanding. You will be judged by what God has called you to do, and I must be responsible for what He has called me to do. Grace to you my brother.

  84. Look I agree there are loads of Symbolism in pop culture…but we also have to look at some stuff with not such a negative view.. Yes there were loads of Egyptian Symbols in this performance but that could simply be explained by a creative direction.. Egyptian look and vibe has always been BIG with people and since Madonna has already used pretty much dressed in every ear during her career this was bound to happen..and it was epic and grand..the moves and choreography did support this, doesnt need to to be so negative.

    But this I guess is the biggest what if there are symbolism in this?! how does it actually affect people to worship the "Devil"…dont you all think that the concept of this 'God' and 'Devil' is such a close minded old tradition that you guys keep feeding? I dont think Madonna's performance and it's messages (of what pom poms at a football game) an epic entrance and an epic ending can really push towards such a huge Anti good agenda.

    I'm not a Madonna Fan but I do appreciate a woman in her 50's still managing to perform like that and capture the for Niki and MIA who within the POP industry would pass on an opportunity to work with Madonna? and Madonna is known to associate herself with current artist to be relevant.

    As you can probably tell she doesn't really dissociate herself with GAGA or Rhianna as they are just lil' girls who just copy what she's done….but goes for more individual artist.

    I guess my point…and I do have one is sometimes things arent so Dire and scary as they seem and if you look into anything you gonna find symbolism toward Evil and Goodness cause our whole society and way of living revolves around that. Put your bibles and whatever down and start being humans and be good to each other and yes 'World Peace'

  85. Good evening all.

    I have been quietly reading all of the information that is sent to me every month with a quiet resignation. There have been so many times where I have been tempted to speak up in this forum after seeing something that has struck a nerve but something kept telling me, ‘not yet’. Now I have to speak up. I have quietly watched the majority of these entertainers, (the most successful ones anyway and that’s roughly 90 to 95%) undergo the morphing of methophosis into this thing called Illuminati symbolism or whatever it is called every since the establishment of the very first music video. keep in mind, most of us that were born from the ‘flower children’ remember when we only had basis channels and those four channels provided entertainment and information from sea to shining sea. I grew up listening to radio and enjoying the music from it. When music was played on vinyl records or if you were ‘really cool’, 8-track tapes. Then came the cassette tape. We all still had 'regular television'. Then all of a sudden a thing called cable TV came along and the days of radio were destroyed forever. So it is true..

    Video did indeed killed the radio star, and the destructive train of the future was on a one-way path into the creation of the future. We had cable television now where the very first music video program… (Remember MTV??) it had everyone screaming "I want my MTV!!"

    And only the well-to-do families with teen-agers had cable TV. only the really ‘cool kids’ who parents were working one or two jobs could afford cable. But here’s the thing. They were only reaching the minority. Most folks couldn’t afford this contraption. The Illuminati symbolism needed more. It wasn’t enough to have everyone pass around the currency that bears witness to its power. They needed to possess everything and everyone.

    When this "thing" began to grow, they knew that they needed to feed the commoners as well…so they came p with 'Friday night videos' and it used to stay on playing video after video until 2 a.m. and before it went off, it showed…one blinking eye…I remembered this because on most Friday night from 12 midnight until 2 am, I used to watch this program..(I didn't date much) just about every Friday night…at least until they changed its format. I even remember how it used to come on…the techno music…the various symbols of the Illuminati symbolism …and that blinking eyes..Struggling to stay wake. It never really dawned on me until I started reading VC.

    We have been engulfed with Illuminati symbolism every since the dawn of this country. Look at what our laws are based on? Look at the packaging of what we eat….things that we wear…everything that we either eat, wear or use has to be bought with the thing that is the root of all and abroad…money…it has its own distinct greenish color and it bears the eye….it bears ‘in God we trust’ but as the o’jays used to sing ‘for the love of money’..Many evil things have been done in order to possess it…including the murder of thousands of innocent people in 9/11. It is also ironic that they went for ‘the twin towers’ …but I don’t think so. They took out the towers to send a very dangerous message…a message that I don’t think anyone has caught on to yet…the Illuminati is coming and our days are indeed numbered.

    Now, if we are going to talk about Madonna…let’s really talk about her. she, from where I sit, has been a part of this every since she started in the entertainment industry and, from where I, sit she has morphed in to this Illuminati goddess that demands complete and total worship from her subjects. When she first got started she was a ‘virgin’ until she was ‘touched for the very first time’ and then she became slutty little handmaiden to the goddess.

    She aspired to reach the top of the heap in every performance…in every video and just about everything, she did…including going out with the late, great Michael Jackson… (There’s a picture of the two of them attending an awards ceremony together) she changed her hair color on several occasions but it is always extremely white or extremely dark. Never red or any other color…just those two colors. And when she dances or have dances there is always one of each beside her on each side. Madonna has always been extremely sexual too. She did a lot to get attention..Including the ‘sex’ book, that was $49.95. In that book, she brought to light, her ‘masculine’ side…that sadist/masochistic that is often represented in the Illuminati. She brought it out in just about every song that she has ever done. Even in the album ‘ray of light’ and when she started painting symbols on her hands with henna…in the video ’frozen’ she is moving around on a bleak wasteland type of thing like a dementia from harry potter’s stories. But did anyone ever get a close look at what she painted on her hands? No, because she always kept them in motion as if she were performing a ritual or incantation of some kind. Things that make you go…hmmmm?

    Now she has reached the top of the goddess heap. In that performance that she did with Brittney and Christina…she was not only showing her sexual prowess on stage by kissing those two younger acolytes…she was executing her power over them and her rise to the throne…every ancient civilization with their symbols were represented last night in her stage show…and I’m pretty sure the catholic community wasn't pleased with her last song….when she did 'like a prayer..The Catholics and other Christianity groups were in an uproar and if I remember correctly, there was disgruntled up roaring because she burned crosses and in the original video, it was said she tried to seduce Jesus. She really made the same religious leaders highly upset when she did a show where she was coming down in a contraption that made her look like she was nailed to the cross…and now, she did the super bowl where the majority of the word, including the majority of the men who run our country was sitting in the front of their TV’s watching…especially the halftime show. I watched it because I wanted to see what she was going to do. I’m not going to lie…I thought it was all very shiny and they used a lot of glitz and glamour but she wasn’t really singing and I wasn’t feeling Cee-lo’s participation in this travesty. As for Nicki Minaj and M.I.A,…they were the high priestess acolytes last night…no more no less…besides VC has already pointed out several markings in Illuminati symbolism in Nicki Minaj’s videos… (Sigh). She was being flipped around, changed into druid robes and ‘borrowed’ her ‘entrance’ from one of the most powerful movies that Elizabeth Taylor (rip) ever played..”Cleopatra” but she added every single symbol that she could get her hands on and threw them in her performance from every ancient civilization..

    She has been playing fast and loose for years like the divine whore her whole musical career but it wasn't last night when I really came to terms with this painful and ugly truth. The entertainment industry has been the poster child for Illuminati symbolism…, it will continue to be so until it, and humanity ceases to exist.

    Am I surprised of this re-discovery???

    In a way, no. it doesn't….it’s going to get worst because someone can figure exactly how we all are suppose to survive in this crazy, totally ‘Alice in wonder-hell’ society, we have to move right along with everybody else because we all have to eat, sleep, go to work, pay bills, and put out/learn knowledge…and if I remember correctly from my studies in information systems where I got my associate’s degree, the internet, the very thing that we are using right now, was fueled and powered by the u.s. government…the same folks who came up with the idea to put the Masonic symbols on very single dollar and coin that we spend for everything we need…”in God, we trust,”…but in a way, yes because they are going to go after the innocents of the world and the only way they will do that is try to get to the babies before they are born…wait..They are doing that now, aren’t they???

    (Sad sigh)

    Now if you will excuse me, I will return to my corner to observe the ongoing madness some more.

  86. Don’t be fooled by this cheap satanic tricks. The Great Lord and His Divine Son are the Living Truth. All of this, Life, Death, Dreams, Reality – all to test YOUR will to be at HEAVEN, for EVER.

    Those poor little so called “illuminatti”, KINGS OF NOTHING, MASTERS OF SAND. Arrogant tiny spirits worshiping shadows.

    WAKE UP! Their teeth will creak when they finally realize that all innocent blood spilled for thousands years will guarantee them another AEON ruling worms and slime. That´s called HELL, and that is their promised REALM.

    Like ghostly vampires, nothing can fulfill their inner emptiness, neither Gold, Sex or Pain. Cos they LOST their SOULS.

    The gold´s shine blinded many to the Real Spiritual Light of Aeternal Love.

    My brothers open your hearts and hear the Good News: God´s Trumpets are playing their SACRED sound to gather the pure and innocents, Lord’s Angels battalions are ready to Rapture, forgive the materialistic fools, they think we are their hopeless lambs but WE HAVE ONLY ONE ALMIGHTY SHEPHERD and the “illuminatti” are the only deceived.

    LOOTERS of the Sacred Symbols. USURPERS of the Sacred All Seeing Eye that only belongs to SUPREME YHWH.


  87. Guy MacKendrick on

    Hello! Long time reader, first time commenter. When I saw the pictures of the SuperBowl half time show I knew there would be a VC article about this. Just wanted to point out that the VOGUE magazine covers at one point portray an overhead camera shot of a man sort of lying down with his knees bent and his arms outstretched like a V. Sort of looks like Baphomet's head, no? Like a long skinny scull and two horns? You can see a picture of this on the Daily Mail. Creepy.

  88. So I think I'm on this site so much that when I was watching this all I could think of was "man, that's going to be a great article on Vigilant!"

    I was right :)

  89. After watching yesterday and then seeing the reviews on Entertainment Tonight, I am starting to hear a whole new meaning to the words, Like a Prayer: this has got to be a prayer to Satan.

    When you call my name it's like a little prayer

    I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there

    In the midnight hour I can feel your power

    Just like a prayer you know I'll take you there

    I hear your voice, it's like an angel sighing

    I have no choice, I hear your voice

    Feels like flying

    I close my eyes, Oh God I think I'm falling

    Out of the sky, I close my eyes

    Heaven help me


    Like a child you whisper softly to me

    You're in control just like a child

    Now I'm dancing

    It's like a dream, no end and no beginning

    You're here with me, it's like a dream

    Let the choir sing


    Just like a prayer, your voice can take me there

    Just like a muse to me, you are a mystery

    Just like a dream, you are not what you seem

    Just like a prayer, no choice your voice can take me there

    Just like a prayer, I'll take you there

    It's like a dream to me

    Madonna Like A Prayer

    • Becky- you're correct. Please check out the work of and after a bit of study…once you get over the disbelief and squeamishness, you will have a much more comprehensive understanding of what MANY of the lyrics of various genres of music speak of.

      So many of us are weakened due to their plan of "guilt and shame". Even, i believe, many of these "stars" of ours.

      Like any other "pyramid" structured organization, the ones at the lower levels have no idea what they're supporting until it's too late to get out alive. Even if they have no fear of death themselves, there are their families and associates they worry for.

      That doesn't take into account MK programming, blackmail situations (used CONSTANTLY to maintain "control" over potential "troublemakers") and…no doubt…some power hungry humans who "do as they wilt" with no care of the repercussions to themselves or others.

      It ain't no fairytale, it's a freaking nightmare! But we have to educate ourselves as to their ways in order to fight them on as many fronts as possible.

      Beware your local "fraternal organizations" is a good place to start!

  90. Caleb Ephratah on

    well, of course Madonna's power comes from her very powerful Illuminati family bloodline- they are known as the Aldobrandini family and they are some of the most powerful people on earth. Madonna takes her stage name from a painting by Raphael Sante' ( Satan) which resides in Aldobrandini family castle in Italy.


    • AHA if it's true, it explains her success over 3 decades. She can't dance or sing but yet she's everywhere like ever. And she looks like feline. Scary woman.

      • Caleb Ephratah on

        yes, what I've said is true- the Aldobrandini and the Brakespeare Italian Illuminati families are essentially in near complete control of the Hollywood Entertainment Military Industrial Complex. All famous people in Hollywood come from only a few family bloodlines. Madonna is an Aldobrandini- they are one of the most powerful Mafia families in the world…her stage name is a reference to Raphael's painting of 'Madonna' in the Aldobrandini family castle- the painting contains more symbolic references to who they are -but only if you can read the symbolism. As well, an autographed picture of Stanley Kubrick hangs in their family castle- it is they who financed his films, and this is where Stanley personally viewed their Satanic Orgies where he got the idea for making Eyes Wide Shut which got him killed.

  91. Sports, including football, are symbolic substitutes of (and real-world training for) gladiatorial combat and war. They used to involve human sacrifice. And the prototype of American football was the Mesoamerican ball game that represented the path of the sun across the sky. The losing team was put to death. The Superbowl – what a setting for such a parade of archetypal forces. Think about this – the holy of holies, as she put it, was where the sacrificial altar was in the tabernacle and temple. where the blood offering was made. This would all be ridiculous if it wasn’t starting to be terrifying.

  92. @mohrphaeus

    "LOOTERS of the Sacred Symbols. USURPERS of the Sacred All Seeing Eye that only belongs to SUPREME YHWH."

    The eye in the pyramid, which represents fire, the upright male phallus , the triune of the godhead and according to Eustace Mullins the opening  for defecation (curse of canan) .

    Here is the paragraph from page 33, "Curse of Canaan " by Eustace Mullins if you don't believe me

    "The symbols of Freemasonry, to those unware of their Cabbalistic meaning, may seem innocuous enough, particularly to the great majority of Masons, the members of the three degrees of the Blue Lodges. They are never informed that the "All-Seeing Eye" of their symbolism refers not to light, but to the genitals, the Eye of Hoor, which is the anus, and which signifies the homosexual or bisexual commitment of our present ruling class, the World Order of the Canaanites."

    Research about the Brit milah, or circumcision of the young, where it is a rabbinical law as per the Talmud, that the moher or circumcisoner , must suck out the blood from the child's phallus with his mouth.nowadays the use a glass tube for that….check out Brit milah on Wikipedia…

    Foreskin for Yahweh… this sickness makes me puke!

    This is the Bull Chutzpah 

    I know all this bathroom talk is horrible, but it's part of the sex magic.

    Watch eyes wide shut….you'll understand !

    Seriously I am not making this up!

    It really is that sick…  

    Praise to the great Yahweh, Allah…..

    Akkadian, Sumerian, Babylonian phallic deities of circumcision!

    Enjoy the Mc foreskins big lords!

    Finger lickin good!

    • Caleb Ephratah on

      foreskins?? yum yummy to the Canaanite tummy.

      Don't they take those foreskins and deep fry them in pig fat then put them in bags as 'pig skin snacks.' Maybe those aren't really pig skins after all :)

    • To YOSAN and his fellows:

      DECEIVER! Throw up all your materialistic garbage away!

      All this retarded semantic trying to undermine Heaven Foundations based on LIES from your insatiable and lost little "masters"… Like an envious crawling worm overshadowed by the shining TRUTH of Divine Love.

      Keep shouting out to the four winds the empty words of delirious demented insane lunatics, this will only widen the cold and sad gap below your disoriented feet, lost followers of the emptiness.

      Take this as my gesture to save YOUR soul, but it´s up to you and your free will gave to your soul by the Untouchable:

      "Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, One of the most prominent Orthodox Rabbis, died in January of 2006 at the age 108. As reported by Chuck Missler of Koinonia House, Kaduri left a letter to be opened a year following his death. The letter, using a form of Kabalistic encryption, names the Yeshua as the Messiah. In Rabbinical terms, Kaduri describes the new birth that occurs when one 'meets the Messiah,' and experience he describes as having happened to himself. He says that the one who meets the Messiah will share the Messiah with others (evangelism) and also that Messiah bin Joseph (suffering servant) and Messiah bin David (King of Kings) are one and the same. He also says the Spirit of Messiah is the Spirit of Prophecy (Revelation 19:10) and even quotes from Isaiah 53 and Zechariah 12:10. Finally, he attributes creation to the Messiah, thereby affirming His Divinity."

      Soon devils horn will be slashed by Gabriel Fiery Sword and banned through Metatron one and only Divine Seal, with the HOLY Archangels leading Excalibur in the West, and the scimitars and katanas of the East to ban all heresy born at your fellows wicked minds.

      WE ARE 99%, we the people. We are the Real Order and the only fraternity. HUMANKIND.

      Run screaming to your sulfuric pit and REGRET about your lack of faith, trembling in Awe under the Power of the Lord..

      I demand to you: Stop misleading the truth! You will be your only viper split tongue victim and the price you will pay is too high – complete and ashamed disgrace.

      FALSE PROPHETS! Your time is coming. Playing with the Divine Madonna, The Sweet Queen Virgin Mary, the Real Goddess of Purity and Roses… I fear about your wounded souls when the WRATH of our Father fell upon your sins.

      Take care Madonna Louise Ciccone and Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, it´s not so fashion to be high priestess of Hell…

      No, I don't believe in you! Your words are corruption. We, the Great White Fraternity, keep the Holy Secrets safe enough and away of your anxious hands and minds.

      Do IT! Choose your wrong path and fight for your dirty ideals! Dig the PIT to bury your redemption… And regret through the Aeons your self destruction by the Law of Karma.


      • don't wanna get anti-semitic or political here or anything but the reason satanic america and england support the jews is because they are all still awaiting their messiah- who is one and the same

        and this is why USA, England and Israel will always be united and agree on political issues- in the end its all about religion, the biggest lie of the U.S. is the separation of church and state but beleive me their type of church is behind everything…

  93. The graffitti in her throne reads MDNA is the name of her new album I was shocked when I saw her with those horns sitting in an egyptian throne between two pillars incrusted in egyptian heads with brilliant eyes that is effin blatant, and even more her “M” stylized as some kind of svastika/masonic symbol in those flag-like things they carry in the entrance procession and then again the M in that projection on the floor. It was blatant!

  94. There is also an eye about the other eye in the pic showing the pupil. It’s actually on the stage try are standing on.

  95. It looked more tired and pathetic than anything. Dont give too much power to nonsense. The Grand Poo-Bah is not as frightening as it is silly!

  96. OMG some people read into things just way to easy. People have had eyes in their heads forever and they are depicted in all kinds of art. You can probably find a symbol in the shape of the lampshade on my computer desk and find a way to relate it to occult stuff. The all around theme of this performance was the entrance of Cleopatra into Rome like in the movie "Cleopatra" with Elizabeth Taylor. They could have pulled symbols from anywhere, the internet, even original art. I can draw a picture of an eye on a peice of paper right now but I am not associated with the occult or anything religious period. Look at GaGa….they say the same thing about her all the time. I am sorry and I am not trying to offend anyone but someone said that these people are the masters of opposites and using that to spread a message? Well then any argument that I make that say that this is not occult related you can just fire back with the opposites thing and that is just childish. I think people believe what they want to believe and reading into symbols too much can actually be pretty dangerous if you get sucked into it. Sorry…I am not buying it.

  97. You know when I was a teenager in the 80s i really loved madonna. i remember i used to watch mtv every afternoon when i came back from school and i remember "i want my mtv!" was like a national catchphrase. after the 80s i grew up and pretty much lost interest in mainsteam pop music until recently when my kids got older and started listening to music. looking back despite all of the evil in the industry my teen years wouldn't have been as enjoyable without michael jackson or madonna or whitney houston or duran duran (lol such bad 80s music). but what i really wonder is why is it that some artists that are blatantly illuminati don't really have much success(adam lambert, christina agueilera), and some artists who are apparently not really showing any signs of it are (adele, taylor swift, kelly clarkson). i think that shows that its certainly possible for a non illuminati artist to acheive success. i can think of older examples too, one of my favorite singers in the 80s was debbie gibson and i dont think she had anything to do with this, yet she acheived monumental success (atleast in the us). anyway she came to mind becuase she was recently in a music video for katie pery (i forget which one).

    • Funny you should mention Adele, Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson as your examples of successful artists “not really showing any signs of [the illuminati]”…. While these ladies may be more subtle than the likes of Madonna, Rihanna, Gaga, Ke$ha and Katy Perry, and don’t litter their photos and music videos with symbolism, it doesn’t mean they’re not being influenced…

      Not only has Adele called Beyonce her “idol” , but was so inspired by her “alter ego” Sasha Fierce, that she created one for herself called Sasha Carter…and the admiration seems to be mutual, with Beyonce reportedly telling Adele “When I listen to you I fell like I’m listening to God…” hmm… Perhaps she hasn’t shown signs of being in the illuminati yet, but Adele is sure being courted by them, and flirting with the elite… (see:….

      As for Taylor Swift, while there’s a lot I could say, I’ll just leave it at: VMA Awards 2010 (which VC already covered ). Ough to check it out.

      And Kelly Clarkson? Let’s just say that Madonna wasn’t the only one with an “eye” formation in her performance. See :

      Not only did she open the so called “holy of holies” ceremony where the “high priestess” of music would later preach to the masses, but she will also be performing at the 2012 Grammy awards in just a couple of days with the likes of Nicki Minaj, Adele, Katy Perry , Rihanna, Taylor Swift and others… And you know THEY’re not about to give just anyone the publicity and stage time (not matter how talented they may be! in fact, talent doesn’t even seem to be much of a criteria a lot of the time…) who isn’t already “in” or on their way to be initiated….Also, check this still photo from Kelly’s new music video:

      Coincidence? You decide….Finally, I thought it interesting how in an interview which you can find at :… , Kelly talks about Adele, comparing her to the likes of Perry and Gaga and their crazy stage antics, saying “ […] and then you have Adele come out with just a piano and a microphone, and she floors everybody. Everybody's like, 'What just happened?' There's a revival of that." A revival? Interesting word choice…i can't help feeling she's not just talking about the "stripped back" factor of Adele's performances, but the "catching peoples’ attention and almost inexplicably drawing them into your performance, almost hypnotically" part…? hmmmm….Who do we know that's very good at that? Madonna anyone? While she may have used a different method at the superbowl but the result is the same…mesmerized worshipers, blind followers, even reluctant viewers that couldn't help but be glued to the screen…

      No doubt these ladies are talented, but free from influence? Hah. There’s no such thing as coincidence or chance in showbiz…at least not in this one.

      • mamurula- thank you so much for your response! When i read the comment your response was for, i thought i'd have to take some time and put together a response along the lines of yours, but you did a much better job of it than i ever could.

        NO ONE is accepted among the elite of the music or video or political or media without either being one of "them", showing a desire to be one of "them", or being so controlled that they are known to be cooperative to "them". Pretty much any industry…if you really want to get down and research how all of these folk are connected. Not that they aren't good at muddying THOSE waters! Just recently there was a blip on the American consiousness about the inordinate amount of "psychopathic personalities" are in the highest rungs of "business". You can look it up. Yeah…psychopath is a good word to start describing these folk…

        They came over to this land with the agenda set. This isn't anything new. It's just that in this land "based on Judeo-Christian beliefs"…a phrase they shove down our throats ad nauseum, the lambs don't understand that there are wolves behind every freaking organization, and always has been.

        Anyway…thank you for such a great job! Kudos!

  98. TruthRightInFront on

    I was waiting for this ever since I heard Madonna will be performing at the Superbowl!

    Excellent interpretation and I couldnt agree more with what u said.

  99. from 6:01-6:04 in the half time show the floor flashes lights in the shape of the "M" with the circle inscribed but if you look at it, it is an OWL in flight. so there's moloch again.

  100. The one eye priest and the realixzation of one-world goverment the emergance of the awaited so called king (jeWISH0)…. do not beleive in him, give in to him, he is a Liar, Deciever who in the future will claim to be god the rular of the heaven and the earth. but your lord is not one eyed. these freemasons have been planning and planinng and planing, but your lord (not jesus the human) plans too and he is the best planner. the people of the truth are the beleiver of Allah the greatest and the allmighty they will defeat these humans puppets who are bieng used and in return may have money jewelry houses fame but in reality they are the most sale out unhappy living being on earth. READ READ READ. (Quran) Free yourselfs……………..Beware of ONe-eyed

  101. I sat in a room full of people watching this horror happen and not one soul in that room saw what I saw. I wasn't so shocked, because I knew it was going to happen. I was shocked that it was so blatant! My husband looked at me, begging me with his eyes not to cause a scene (who me??) knowing by the look on my face I wanted to scream to everyone to turn their heads. I was sick..Saddened really. All those people, watching her, cheering her, loving her… and not a one questioning what some egyptian princess has to do with football. These things keep me up at night. These things make me cling to my bible and my family. Christians?! Where are we? Why are we not questioning these things? Why are we not shouting from the roof tops? Why are we not fighting? We are allowing these things to happen. I am honestly so sad. I am watching this world fall apart around me and I am clinging to the only rope I have. Jesus. Its gonna get worse before it gets better. All we can do is pray..

    • Sissy, I'm with you on this sister. The sickening of a nation and the world has come to a boiling point. Some of us do shout out about it, but most are too complacent and wrapped up in their worldly possessions and self-fullfilment. Our hope is that it will all be over soon and we get to finally live in true PEACE.

    • Sissy…"christians where are we?"…um…in a room full of people participating in a satanic ritual with a scared husband and an even more cowardly wife. You had a prime opportunity to say SOMETHING, but your hubby's fear, and your fear of him, kept you quiet.

      "fear not"…remember?

      & it's not just you, Sissy (what an appropriate handle!LOL!)…multiply you and your fearful hubby by millions, and THAT'S how the bad guys keep winning.

      Y'all could've just made some type of statement that you weren't willing to give your energy to their ritual, and left. That would have been consciousness raising in itself..potentially…to someone there, & may have helped "our" cause.

      We are not dealing with creampuffs here, folk! They get off on things we can't even imagine. The stuff of many nightmares.

    • I agree with Capax, you don't have to do/say nothing. If the people in that room w/you were your friends, then I bet at least one of them was just as horrified by what they saw on TV as you were. And it was the moment they Woke Up. It is going to be your responsibility, when he or she comes to you, to fill them in on wtf they were seeing on that half-time show, and get them started on the road to the Truth we have all embarked upon.

      Seriously, though, do you Christians really think He gave up His life to stop them 2,000 years ago just so we would have the opportunity to stand around NOW and do nothing but watch them take over?! Every time you see a "Jesus Fish," that's Him, blocking the doorway (vesica= the overlapping of two realms) they opened up last time.

      I've said it before and i'll say it again: we are not powerless against these f*^#s. We have spiritual powers greater than theirs, and if we stop whining and start working together to focus our energy in prayer and positive intention, we can stop them. Not with guns or picket signs or "dropping off the grid," but with the strength and love and compassion that they try to steal away from us every single day. Those are OUR weapons. YOUR weapons. Use them. Or every single person that you love will have to endure the pain and terror that they are chomping at the bit to unleash.

      We still have a chance. Let's not blow it.

  102. Should not the persons that design these sets, costumes, choreography, and performances be responsible? Maybe they should be questioned. All of these ideas are coming from somewhere.

  103. I knew it. I knew the whole Superbowl – one of my most favorite once-a-year programs to watch – was going to be overrun by the damn Illuminati. The 2012 Olympics are next, watch.

  104. No one mentioned the symbol of the M which criss crosses making the letter x circled as center stage. Ever wonder why x shows up so…xman…xmas it represents DNA, the double column is the double helix normal DNA. The triple helix is the de-evolution of man. It was on the campaign button Obama wore when he was campaigning. It is now the logo of Veterans affairs, Bureau of Engraving, Dept of Trans., your bank will most likey show the logo of a triple helix. If you really want to know details of this go to youtube search mike hoggard triple helix ten videos, also do the video there are 13 of them mike hoggard mother of all secrets. Once you see them you'll really understand how close this all is. or youtube also an expert in the occult, freemasons etc. he wrote the book on the first robotics being in the home. AARP showed the 5 headed snake with 3 tails in a cartoon depiction which is the 5 point plan with a triple helix. Triple helix is displayed in your Giant food store over the cosmetics on a huge sign with the sun god ra. No big deal then why are all the governments consumed with it? It is the agenda of Lucifer and those that are ignorant and do not open their eyes are about to be deceived, well they already are. The stairs going up the lodge of Freemason in Washington are 23 on each side, why? ..there are 23 chromosomes on each strand of DNA. Greek pantheon had 46 columns why DNA 23+23=46. Egyptians showed the double helix on so much of their textiles how did they know that DNA was double strand…familiar spirits. Oh I could go on and on but read your KJB. Isaiah 24 is about to occur, the entire earth becomes empty…no money=death. Prepare one can come to the father without the son…you must be born again. I pray for this Nation and people. These are serious times those that laugh have no eyes to see.

  105. I'm surprised that nobody has commented on Kelly Clarkson during her singing of the National Anthem yet.

    It was a good National Anthem, done straight and with no vocal masturbating by Kelly Clarkson. However, two things disturbed me greatly about the National Anthem:

    1: Why's the normally blonde-tressed singer wearing a Black-haired helmet hairstyle? It looked ugly on her – just like it looked ugly on Katy Perry and REALLY UGLY on Jessie J. Is there some significance to that hairstyle?

    2: I saw writing on her right wrist. Look at it during her singing (if it's still you YouTube) – three lines (maybe four, now that I've seen it again) of writing on her wrist. In plain view! (during "in the land of the free" part).

  106. As for the MIA "faux-pas," know this:

    1: She didn't say "shit," she said "shhh…" Intimating the word "shit." It's part of the lyrics, and so was the middle finger.

    2: So was the half-second delay in the "scramble." Gives NBC an excuse to say "sorry we were late on that one" when they should have been on top of it. Also shows me that the middle finger was allowed.

    3: MIA wants to very much be a part of the system. I see nothing about it that shouts "Rebellion" to me.

    4: Notice that both girls give their pom-poms to Madonna, smiling like their lover has returned. Sign that nothing was out of the ordinary in that video.

  107. It gets mentally exhausting and draining to be the only one in the room noticing these things. Yet, the ignorant masses don't want to see anything. I watched the Superbowl with my husband but skipped the halftime show. One look at madonna in her opening outfit was all I needed to know and then I saw the show online and said, wow, this is so obvious. I read other articles but yours are always the best so I kept checking to see if you updated your site with one! I mean, this is really getting ridiculous. The fact that this agenda is now promoted regularly shows the end times can't be all that far.

  108. Fine, there is word "N" on Nikki's belt. But why M.I.A doesn't wear belt instead, she wears "apron" type with big "M" like a Mason's costume. And sometime (about 1:26 second of the performance), just when Madonna step onto the stage, her "M" logo appear but upside down. I don't what your guys see but for me, I see that as an own on top of the pyramid. Maybe I'm wrong.. I don't know.

    • M signifies two Vs.

      Connect two Vs on their ends and u get X , which is the symbol of Osir,the black one , nimrod or Osiris.

      The same goes for the letter W.

      W and M are actually X in disguise.

      Their is a reason why a Worshipful Master is called that!!!

      I love the song though…have been dancing to it like a crazy catholic priest!


      Praise the lord!!!!

      • My shock at your last statement had my finger hit the mouse unexpectedly. May all know that you did NOT get a "like" from me, just "wrong place, wrong time" for both my arrow while reading & my shock.

        Please don't think you have any real support, and i will be much more careful in the future…like keeping my arrow to the side, and hand off mouse while reading.

      • i have to reply up here to your post below to me, as, for some reason, there's no "reply" on that post.

        i have no clue as to where you got the idea that i was a 'Christian', as i take no part in any organized religion. i also don't know why you use the word "ignoramus", as i'm far from it, my friend.

        After your snotty attempt at insult, you then quote their scripture. The reasoning escapes me.

        I am on the side of human dignity, something those that follow the dark path want to destroy. Something those of your ilk want to destroy. On a prior post, someone else called you a loser, and you sure lost this round with me, you lil' insulting freak! I'm sure this may be the start of an interesting battle, one you most certainly will lose.

  109. Guys have you seen the Masonic emblem…the compass and square.

    It's like two V s going into one another..

    The same W, M games goes for them two…

    They are two Vs , which combines to form X..

    That's why everything from video games to tv shows are sold with an X on them

    X is the symbol of nimrod, Osiris, Bacchus and mahadeva shiva..

    The dualistic Male female Diety.

      • @FB!

        Sorry man!

        I knew that was overkill….

        After I had read "The Pythogrean Triangle;or, the science of numbers" by George Oliver, where he

        discussed how the roman numeral V came from,the viscis venus, or female girdle and how the two in one,two being a female number and one being a male number creates X , or two V's.

        The whole W and M thing came to mind!So i wrote about it!

        while coming back on my car, the whole masonic compass thing came to my mind..

        thats why I wrote it down!

        Sorry if i broke your heart!

        should I sing a backstreet boy song for you,kiss your hands and make all the sadness go away!

        yosan sings

        "From that first day, when our songs were heard and played…honey FB i knew, you and me

        would be together …forever…ooooohh!!…when i asked you out…you said no, of all the doubt..

        darling that youve been hurt…"

        watch this

  110. When I was watching Madonna's half time show last night I just knew I was gonna see an article about it on the vigilant citizen. And you did not disapoint!

  111. Thank you for your analysis VC, I look forward to your interpretation of the actual video for ''give me your luvin'" meanwhile, I wonder if other VC readers also noticed the overhead shot of the stage during the performance of "vogue'' where you can see a man in black lying on the white floor with both feet half way up with the body shape forming the head of Baphometh (see the fifth picture in the DM report)

  112. Of course half-time was an occult ritual….it took place in Indianapolis. That town REEKS of Masonic energy. From the large Scottish Rite hall, to the Crown Hill Cemetery full of large Masonic masoleums and tombstones. The Indiana Statehouse with it's dome just down the street from the obelisk monument at Market Square……Vigiliant should really do an article about Indianapolis for the Sinister/ Sacred Sites page. I'm a Hoosier and decided to start looking into local Masonic places for fun…..oh boy did I hit the jackpot. Even the placement of Indianapolis is ritual. Centered in the middle of the state, built by Masons. You can feel the energy in the downtown area. It's literally blocks upon blocks of Masonic buildings and monuments. Obelisks and stonework.

    That the High Priestess herself performed the " blessing " for Indy's first Super Bowl should tell you just how important this city is.

    • Milwaukee, WI is the same darn way, Nietrick! On just one block of Wisconsin Ave.,the major road in the heart of the city, there's the HUGE "Masonic Shrine" on one side of the street, and (Jesuit) Marquette University on the other. It's nuts!

  113. Interesting.

    When I listen to songs I usually find my own meaning to them. Be careful what you're feeding yourself though for a long period of time.

    I'm pretty sure most sports were created by freemasons. For example: My favourite sport football also known as soccer I believe was invented at the freemasons arms pub in England. A team is made up of 22 players allowing 11 on the field. You know those numbers. Referees and officials wear the duality of black and white. The pentagons on the ball.

    American football? Aren't there 11 players on offense and 11 players on defense? The Arizona Cardinals stadium was called the Sun Devil stadium. Look at all the team logos of pro teams. Isn't the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers a Knight of Malta? A lot of these owners are well connected people.

    Baseball? The field looks like the square and compass for crying out loud! I could go on and on and on.

    Pro sports are probably to keep us distracted with amusements and idol worship. Possibly even rituals for them. Who knows?

    Not to mention all the crazed fans who take their emotions too far. There aren't too many meek sport fans are there?

    How convenient that the "Giants" (Them?) have defeated the "Patriots" (Us?) with a scoreline of 21 – 17.

    2 + 1 + 1 + 7 = 11. Or 21 + 17 = 38 & 3 + 8 = 11. It works either way my friends.

    Vigilantcitizen is gonna have a lot to write about the 2012 Olympics I'm sure.

    This website can write an article about anything in our society I imagine. Take a good look at the street layouts or architecture of any city.

    Wasn't the Automobile created by the Ordo Templi Orientis? Auto = O.T.O.

    You can not escape this stuff. It's the evolution of the world we were born in.

    Unless we are living completely off their grid we are all apart of it too.

    You know what bothers me most? The thought of children being abused, raped, tortured, killed etc.

    That makes my blood boil.


    What can we do? I figure since there is good and evil in the world I will just continue to be one of the good guys as much as I can.

    I believe in compassion and love

  114. WOW! This is what I was waiting for. My husband and I watched the performance and noticed every single symbol that we learned about on here. I nod my head in dissapointmet, can't I ever enjoy anything anymore. Everything is Illuminati controlled and I hate it. What are our children going to go through. Makes me want to cry. I worry alot about this, because not everyone believes. :(

  115. I knew something was up! As soon as i saw the beginning of the half-time show i looked at my friend and said "This, is totally illuminati… if she does that move where she puts her hands on her head" (the way lady gaga does in born this way, when she says "don't be a drag just be a queen…) that's when you know it's illuminati" and sure enough right after i said it she did it.. It's nice knowing what you are looking for every now and then. It makes you really understand more things that most people are totally oblivious to. By the way, i love your articles, they are very educational. Keep up the great analysis.

  116. M.I.A's "baby daddy"/fiancee is Benjamin Zachary Bronfman, and the Bronfman family is a very wealthy Canadian Jewish family. It has been said that they are, "perhaps the single largest force in the Jewish charitable world". His father is the CEO of Warner Record Group, and he is co-founder of the Green Owl Record Label.

    He is an environmentalist and makes his living in that field as well, and it's interesting to note that geo-engineering is one of his primary interests.

    He is also a musician, and his latest project was called Teachers, and the name of the first single was "Gold".

    Seems to me she most likely does want to "be a part of it"…..

    • She's already part of it, she contributed her genetic material to the bloodline and she's signed to Interscope, labelmates with Madonna, Minaj and Green, which is why she is in this show. And the Bronfman family supposedly started their fortune running prostitute motels in Montreal, then cemented it by running Canandian liquor through the Great Lakes during Prohibition. They're like something from 'Twin Peaks.' They also used to own Universal, which was supposedly mobbed up through Chicago (Great Lakes area again) and which had Ronald Reagan in its pocket for years when he was SAG president.

  117. I'm glad that more and more people are aware of what's going on in the world.

    Although it's going to be a hell of a fight, I feel a bit more secure knowing that I'm not alone.

    It's getting harder and harder, brothers and sisters.

    Be informed and stay connected.

    Share and educate.

    Spread love and understanding across the boundaries of ego.

    We'll need a lot of good energy for what's about to happen.


  118. Another excellent and quick analysis. My GF watched the show though I was out and missed it. She said it was LACED with symbolism, the whole Egyptian/religious motif, her disappearing at the end into a cloud of smoke and of course the fact that it was 13 THIRTEEN minutes long.. hint, hint.

    Of course the masses are SO ignorant about these things and most ultimately don't even CARE to know even if they totally believed it all…they just want their bread and circus and nothing more… totally sad and pathetic.

    I've gotten into barely civilized arguments and some not civilized at all trying to explain these things to people, along with the Corporate logo's and how they also all tie into ancient serpent and sun cult worship and all have deeply dark religious and occult themes and overtones in them, especially the whole "Rings of Saturn" logo. I've always wondered "what kind of a weird corporate logo is something that looks like a simple "slash" with a paint brush doing on some major company like Nike or later, Capital one. Even when I was a young teen that always struck me as odd. I was always an advanced thinker being into Theorhetical physics, Einstein and science since I was a child, so illogical stuff like that always caught by eye. I would think "You mean a company spent MILLIONS of dollar to some marketing company for a logo and ALL they could come up with is a stupid circular dash or slash above or around their name??? Something is very strange here indeed". Of course I left it alone as I had no clue where to begin to look for these things at all, but now I have counted and continue to document just how many logo's I see that have a silly and simple slash "3d ring of Saturn" which is a symbol for Satan in them. So far I'm up to 25 or so and continue to see more all the time.

    Recently I found 2 more at a book store as I was looking for some updated Cisco networking books. I saw that two of the companies that produce those books also have half open rings around their names with a subtle 3D appearance to them..again, more rings of Saturn.

    This all ties in with all the symbolism being used in movies, TV shows and of course the music industry. We know from Isaiah and Ezekiel that Satan was one of the greatest angelic musicians that God created and so it's no wonder that the music industry and the entertainment industry as a whole is one, if not his main tool to promote his various Illuminati/occult religious symbolism and promote his mind controlling music to the masses.

    The WINGED GLOBE also has another meaning to it according to Zecharia Sitchens now debunked fake interpretations of Sumerian symbolism. The planet that our "alien creators" are SAID to be from Marduke aka Nibaru aka Planet X, is said to orbit our sun one every 3600 years. When the people see it they see a fiery hot planet CROSS the sky. This became known as the "planet of the crossing" Since anything that flies is given wings in primitive cultures and societies to denote the idea of flight, this winged planet is their way or paying homage to this "planet of the crossing". It's also where they got the inspiration for the letter T from or the CROSS since it's, again, the planet of the CROSS-ING. This became a common ancient symbol which the Romans of course, who being wholly pagan, then used to Crucify Christ on. But the symbol has NOTHING to do with Christianity at all.

    So in the music industry and in corporate logos (check out Chrysler's logo and you'll once again see the winged globe), the winged globe is also paying homage to those "alien creators", really Satan and his fallen angels of course, that rule the world at this time and who EMPOWER these musicians and so called "stars".. which are symbols for angels both light and dark as well.

    Check out these excellent series to learn more;

    ILLUMINATI Bloodlines of Deception 1 RELOADED Obama, Bush, Egypt, Politics, Evil


    The INDUSTRY EXPOSED (One of the best series ever!)

  119. The funny thing is the longer this public programming goes on the more I really believe the World Trade Center Towers really were designed as ritual Temple of Solomon twin pillars to be blown up from day one.


    • It was a planned flase flag to bring us to war. Science disproves the fact that it was a terrorist attack. Yet people can't see it. Apparently jet fuel can get to temperatuers high enough (it cannot by the way) to melt steel yet it didn't destroy the passports of the alleged terrorists….

      The building turned to dust…

    • thanks for that info. I've been a costumer for 45 years and I thought the costuming was fantastic. It may have been full of symbolism, but it did the job. Glitz and bling. Tah DAH. Prediction: Watch the fashion news for next year… capes will be IN. Maybe even winged hats! OH NO!

  120. Hi VC, I found it amusing that Matty's comment was "the Church didn’t stoop itself to paganism, but rather purified and elevated certain pagan practices which had deep spiritual value and reconciled them to Christ." It's truly a shame that people don't know what the Bible actually says and it is stated repeatedly in the O.T. that we are not to participate and do the things the pagans do. When you take a pagan practice and give it another name you have what is called "synchrotism" and which ultimately means that a pagan practice by any other name would still be a pagan practice. You can research this for yourselves.

    I've conversed with pagans, Wiccans particularly, and practioners of Haitian Voodoo and they know what synchrotism is. They understand how the Catholic church has been doing this for almost two thousand years. The Wiccans I spoke with found it quit funny and ridiculous that Catholics do the pagan things they do and yet call themselves Christians. To these people I spoke with they find the Catholics to be a joke because of the paganism they practice while calling themselves Christian. In other words, Catholics are hypocrits.

    In the N.T. you can read about the command to come out of Babylon the Great who is the politico/religious system in the end times. So a careful reading of the Bible will reveal that as True Christians we are not to partake in the things the pagans do. Even if all the pagan symbolism in the world were given a Christian name these pagan symbols would never be truly Christian. I would encourage you all to study for yourselves and quit taking the word from a politco/religious 501c3 church and the influence of Hollywood as to what the Bible actually says. "My people die for lack of knowledge."

    And just for the record, I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school, too.

    • You hit the nail on the head and God's word is never wrong. That verse you quoted is Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou has rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou has forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children." We have the Victory, those that are born again and do not trust in man but in the Lord.

    • Good eye! (no pun intended) "Harry Potter" is just another big play at the minds of our people. I hate to think of the minds twisted by that whole body of work. Books, movies, etc.

  121. I'd have given her credit for being 50 and actually singing. Unfortunately anyone can walk around while her studio albums are played.

  122. "My people perish from a lack of knowledge." Hosea 4: 6 (KJV)

    Stay vigilant and strong what we are facing and going to face will be tough times yet because of the lack knowledge most people will continue to celebrate as in the days of Noah.

    May the Lord bless you with GODLY peace and keep you away from world peace!

    See the comments search for SailinesVEVO lol i really have nothing to say about that comment xD

    SailinesVEVO commented

    It's easy to talk about illuminatis when you haven't done anything of your life and you have no talent, if you're still sitting on that fucking chair and talking shit it's because you can't do more than that, it's not because you use symbols it's automatically related to Illuminatis, every culture does

    • I "liked" your comment because you give me a reason to vent on an ignorant hater. Be very glad that you haven't had your life destroyed by these people. Be very glad you weren't born to be a tool to be used while they search for energy and ??? Be very glad that you don't know what i, and, sadly, many others do.

      I will sit in my chair and fight them, as i fight them on the street, and as i fight them in the air. If not for my own sense of justice for what they stole from me, for all of those who's lives have been stolen, and are being stolen as we speak.

      This really isn't a game. We really are talking about the future of humanity here. The death cult is gaining power, and you stand for them???

      If you have any humanity in you, & not all who look human do (NOT talkin' reptilians here, just soulless, brainless, ballless sadistic psychopaths & the like), humble yourself, get a true education…even if you just want to try to know "us", you're declared "enemy"…& you just may change your stance.

  124. This woman's blasphemy and sacrirelige doesn't start or end with the superbowl. It's just sad that the masses think all the symbolism is a "coincidence" and not possibly on purpose.

    • Blasphemy and Sacrilege only affects people who believe in Blasphemy and Sacrilege. Im sure Madonna is shaking in her boots waiting for the masses to ban her from this God fearing country.

      • Silly Madonna stan…Don't you realize that by your own logic, then there's no real reason for you sycophants to cream yourselves every time she "pisses off" the "Church"?

  125. Ah Madonna, the mother whore of babylon MTV. Back again to look after and further nurture her kabalah worshipping children.

  126. Anyone notice Madonna breast feeding a plastic baby doll in her music video for 'Give me your luvin'? What's that about? Is it a reference to the actual madonna (The Virgin Mary)? There are only two scenes, but she tosses the baby away in the second… just odd I thought.

    • Yes it is a reference to actual virgin Mary, which is really nothing more than the classical pagan "mother and child" theme of Isis and her baby Horus, the "sun god". She is portrayed as the quintessential "virgin" which is why her first song was "like a virgin".

      • the whole madonna representing mary and isis and the mother of jesus…… isnt it wierd that she publicly dated a young 20 year old model named jesus luz who is young enough to be her son.

  127. You can see the all seen eye watching over the planet next to angels with trompets, during the black mass act.

    Yeah… they're coming…

    • I am a Muslim and i don't * hate you all * I know many Americans are against that stuff although i just hate those who are just racist to everything , Am even unfortunately seeing lots of Illuminati activity here from politics to the food we eat…

    • Hate between muslims, christians, jews, hindus or whatever religion was created and propagated by the illuminati because that is what Satan feeds on … hatred, anger, revenge …

      Do not feed the hate … but spread the love …

  128. Very good, I noticed this also, I would also point out that in the song "Like a prayer" are the lyrics "in the midnight hour I can feel your power", midnight is known as the "witching hour" in wicca or witchcraft where it is believed that witches are at their most powerful during the midnight hour, also the lyrics "like a little prayer" probably refers to spells.

  129. As always a great analysis, though you´re a bit of at the "billions" of viewers.

    Outside of the 250M people or so in the US nobody really cares for this US gladiator circus sport.

  130. Your view of Madonna's descent into the Underworld is likely a simple misinterpretation of a botched stage effect. After watching the finale, and that scene in particular, it seems very clear that the effects got messed up. Clearly we should have not seen her fall through the trap door. Likely, the smoke was supposed to completely envelop her and THEN she would "disappear" through the trap door. It's a classic stage illusion that simply was not executed properly (like so many elements of her performance.)

    But then you will probably respond by stating that the effect of her falling was completely intentional because an Illuminati stage production could not ever possibly have a mistake in it.

    • Dude, it looked like the bowels of the earth opened to swallow her up and she slid down into them like she was on a greased chute, disappearing in a belch of smoke. I don't think that was an accidental 'blackrobe malfunction.'

  131. "Madonna’s Superbowl performance has shown that, despite the fact that she is an industry icon and that she pioneered most of the themes modern pop stars still exploit, she still needs to fit the mold and to embrace the same symbolism rookie pop stars."

    Should be re-written as…

    "Madonna’s Superbowl performance has shown that, despite the fact that she is an industry icon and that she pioneered most of the themes modern pop stars still exploit, she clearly has lost her groove and needs to graciously retire."

  132. I thought the show was amazing. I also love all the Occult symbolism. Why does "Occult" automatically have to be bad? It simply means "hidden". By whom and for what purpose? God? Spare me, I'm an atheist. As an atheist I also do not believe in the devil. To the extent that there is good and evil, I believe those are human impulses and may indeed come from the "other side" but the "other side" has no will or intention. It just exists. The actions of human beings are their (our) responsibility and ours alone.

    If there is a group trying to take over the world, let's address them directly and get away from all the boogyman nonsense.

    Everything that can be revealed should be revealed, thus the intent of this website no?

    • I think your request to get away from 'boogyman nonsense' would be better directed to the Illuminati than to us.

    • I read part of your comment and I sure hope and pray that you come to see the Truth before it is too late. How can you not believe in good v. evil?

      How could you possibly believe that all species evolved over millions of years and that the reproductive parts of both the males and females just happened to evolve at the same time, with a perfect match, and that the species could all keep going? No basis in that. You must believe this if you believe that there is no Creator…I just am so far removed from seeing that point of view…please realize (before it is too late) that you have a whole lot to lose if I am right (and I am: Heaven and hell are real, and God and the enemy satan is real…there is no doubt…satan is the master of lies and he knows his time is short…like the Bible says…and he is having a field day…don't get taken).

      It actually takes a whole lot more faith to come to believe as an atheist…please reconsider!!!

  133. Kushite Prince on

    It was just like I thought it would be. I knoew Madonna wouldn't disappoint with the symbolism. It was all over the place. And at the end when the black Bapist choir came out—-I knew this was a sermon for sure!lol

  134. I agree with the response about the X being 2 V's however there are the interpretation they want you to know and then the deeper real meaning. Just like the square and compass of freemasonry ask 10 people what the G stands for and you'll get many different answers. My understanding of just that symbol is G is the "generative principle". The square and compass are the heavens above and womb of women below. Even Baphomet that was displayed in Madonna's performance is usually pictured with one arm up ,the other down again the heavens above and the earth below or woman's womb. Baphomet is part man and woman, fused or a hybrid with the dna helix shown in his pelvic area. Satan fuses things together, God separates something to always remember. The V shape is the women's womb. It is showing up on Vonage with the dot (sun) above, also can be a double meaning a pyramid with the sun. It is the same symbol on our local hospital a curve with the dot.

    There is an interesting picture done by freemasonry many years ago showing a goddess bent over weeping over a broken pillar. Behind her is the winged Saturn and he is braiding her hair in the triple helix. After 9/11 there was a picture done of the statue of liberty weeping over the twin towers of course she is in the line of vision of these towers. The video below is over 1 hour but it is contained in this video for those that have time. It is interesting many of us know things that were not revealed for a very long time but God's word says in the last days knowledge will increase. The statue of liberty is exactly 46 meters same as the chromosomes on DNA and has the spiral staircase, in her arm she holds the keystone, there is much more to her including her crown and platform she stands on but this is all from memory and it has been a while since I've read or viewed any of this stuff. Madonnas performance brought it all back. Built by Frederick Bartholdi, Freemason.

    Side note the Battle of Jericho is a type of Babylon, the children of god marched around the walls a total of 13 times. What brings the walls down the Trumpet of the LORD. We can smile and be reassured through the word of GOD.

    For those interested in knowing more symbolism this is on the statue of liberty

    Triple Helix – DNA Part 1/6

    Mother of all secrets Part 1/8

  135. I knew Vigiliant would post an article. I cringed as my 2 year old danced along to Madonna with my sheeple inlaws laughing and calling her cute, it was cute, but the context of Madonna's music, and her choreography, and her imagery made me sick.

    • Another spineless parent sacrificing their child's being. Why??? Your in-laws won't find it cute when she becomes just another whore for their system, which is what y'all are encouraging by letting her be programmed. i'll bet she has a bunch of Disney stuff too!

      Sheesh! You people come on this, and…just guessing here…other such sites & KNOW what's going on, to an extent…but don't take any kind of stand! People too afraid to speak up. Too afraid to even protect their babies minds!

      What is the good of bellying up? Why are so many so freaking afraid to take even the most minimal stand on these things, especially when they have children involved?

      Grow some!

      • Listen buddy, my kid never watches TV except on occassions where we are having a party that revolves around a big game. Spineless, I don't think so, allowing her under our supervision to stay up late to watch a game at a family party is harmless. Do I think she is scarred from this, no, did it bother me, yes. And who are you to judge. It was a football game. Toddlers especially mine love music. She could careless about the symbolism or even the words. Pointing out all the symbolism to my inlaws would've done nothing but create problems in my family, peace is key. Everyone else there was already clued in and there is no point in preaching to a choir. As for your comments to me, well I guess if you knew me, your judgement would be ok but since you don't I suggest you follow what our Good Lord has said and "judge not lest ye be judged"

        Pax Tecum,


  136. Thank you VC. I knew you were going to eventually comment on Madonna's halftime show as it was blatantly laced with symbolism. Though I am not well versed or have extended knowledge in this field, I did notice that Madonna was making the profound statement of being the high priestess or goddess of the music industry. I also took a look at her video and noticed all the monarch programming imagery spun throughout. Can you explain why she was holding a baby doll near the middle to end of the video? Just thought that was significant too. Thanks VC for another excellent article.

  137. sorry but when i saw her vanish into the ground i did not think of she should go up to the heavens but into the ground in to mother earth….

  138. Man, even the high heeled boot and the way Madonna holds her leg up on the throne looks exactly like that ancient Ishtar representation.

  139. Excellent article. I was wondering about the symbolism. She certainly has always been on the satanic side of things, so I'm sure this whole thing was her idea. Thankfully, all that symbolism is completely meaningless for largely everyone, but it does "illuminate" where her soul is at.

    • "Thankfully…"??? It is NOT good that most of our fellow humans are uninformed as to what is going on and what the intent of these sadistic pedophiles are, Kristin. They lent a LOT of needed energy to these "bad folk".

      I would be more hopeful if i saw headlines such as, "Superbowl viewership inexplicapably dropped to zero during the half time performance, due to the fact that the viewing public refuses to aid Satanists".

      OK…cut it down, word wise, but you get my drift.

      They need us. Our money, our energy, our support, and our ignorance. Without #4, they wouldn't be successful getting the first 3.

  140. When I found out Madonna was to perform I tuned in to view the ritual. It was obvious from the second it started what it was all about. This is a perfect example of the phrase, "Hidden in Plain Sight."

  141. I can't see Ishtar there,

    but I can see the goddess ISIS ( horns, wings, sun disc, everything).

    It's just me?

    I don't know but, for me that image was a throne and not a carriage.

    And Isis was one of goddess associated with death and the underworld.

    She is also associated to Star Sirius and the goddess Venus/Aphrodite.

    • All of those ancient goddesses are related because of cultural cross-pollination over millenia – Isis, Ishtar, Cybele, etc. They're all names for the Great Goddess. I was confused by that at first, too, in this Illuminati imagery, but what I think they are doing is drawing on the power of all of the levels and layers of experience with these archetypes as expressed in different cultures at different times, amplifying the total impact. That carries over to the male archetypes, too – the Mercury/Thoth/Hermes imagery here has a much older counterpart in Azatot, from the Mesopotamian religio-cultural complex. And the Isis figure seems to have come with Osiris into Egypt from an even earlier archetypal level established in Libya.

      • @ Fleurdamour:

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts,

        it really helps me to understand the whole post.

        I think you are right, it doesn't matter the goddess represented it is all about the same archetype.

  142. It's sad to see Madonna put herself out there like she has, when she was in school she was nothing like this she was very shy and quite, goes to show when people get caught up in worldly things they can change them for the worst!! God has warned us about the worldly things, not to lay our treasures on earth, nor to go with the ways of the world or you'll perish with it, the Lord has warned all of us, Also if you know anything about the bible it's only a few things to take place to get the world prepared for whats coming, we all need to know what our lord has warned us about, Praise God the Lord will be coming soon!!!!!!

  143. All of the occults represent the cult of Saturn (satan) Saturn controls time, space, and reality. This is the hidden knowledge satan stole from God and gave this knowledge to man so he could corrupt and rule the world under the guidance of satan. The hidden hand behind all of human civilization. The human race is imprisoned inside of the matrix of Saturn. The true meaning of sin is living in time. Cut off from God with God there is no time all of reality is infinite. Birth, life and death is linear time it is the false reality created by the matrix of Saturn for the purpose of control over the human race. Madonna has this knowledge and has been authorized to rule in her dimension of time space. Her perception of time space has influenced the world and shall continue to do so. Many more who watched the stupid bowl Sunday night has fallen under her spell and shall be cursed by her sorcery because the magic is done out of evil and has not been blessed by Jesus Christ the true King of kings. Read the Bible scriptures. The viewer watched Madonna dressed as a horned beast or whore of Babylon speak blasphemies against God proclaiming herself ruler and Godlike. The viewer must "Rebuke the sorcery in the name of JESUS CHRIST!" Because Only Jesus has the authority to rule and only he is the true God. This is why many artists who were righteous were terminated by this wicked cult. 2pac, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Bob Marley, and many others were eliminated by the sorcery of the cult of Saturn. Because these artists refused to serve this cult and they warned the human race of this evil through their lyrics. Sadly no one was paying attention to the warnings. I could write all day and back up what I say with facts not theories! It is for the reader to do the research for themselves. I was the biggest skeptic of this intel. There was a time I thought that all of this was nonsense. I was a victim of the syndrome"EYES WIDE SHUT!" All skeptics want proof or facts to back up theories. So when a skeptic finally gets the facts what are they going to do with it? Open your eyes and look at the society we live in today nothing but corruption and chaos all over the world. It shall continue to manifest because the humans of this reality are hopelessly lost. Case in point the stupid bowl was more important to Americans then their freedom being taken by ridiculous bills such as the Patriot act, NDAA and many more slave bills to come out of Washington DC the den of snakes! By the way America is Peruvian for "LAND OF THE SERPENT" bet you didn't learn that in history class.

    • I think you said it all very well. What a shame Americans put more time into a ball passing around a field than concern themselves with the truth. I too did much research and found out what was motivating politics world wide and why America's wealth was being given away. Do check out the video 'triple helix mike hoggard on it is 6 parts. He also did Biblical Numerics on, not what you would think, my sons were fascinated and stunned. There are facts if people want to know how we've been fooled by the ones that do serve their god satan the one with many many names. Fibonacci spiral by mike hoggard was excellent. I did my research all over the place and after finding out how truly evil these treacherous dealers (Isaiah 24) are that make the earth empty, it made me really get serious in the word of the real living GOD. I think most will be deceived by the leader of this occult mess. The great deceiver, son of perdition, the king of Babylon we are warned about from Jeremiah, he comes at the 6th seal, 6th trump. They will be whoring after him because of his lies and great miracles and deception it is close. Christ does not come until after the man of sin is revealed, he comes at the 7th trump and will be looking for his virgin bride, the many membered body. The battle of Jericho is an example of the last days and the walls did not come down until the 7th day and the trumpets blew. Do not get deceived by Margaret McDonald (a woman of the occult) rapture theory it leads you into the hands of the antichrist. My favorite teacher of God's word is Pastor Murray he teaches verse by verse and encourages people to study for themselves using the Strong's Concordance. A Veteran I worked with told me about this Pastor who is a Marine and a Dr of languages. Those that are suck with child are those that have been unfaithful that is why it is woe to them. Those that are taken are harvested out of season and those that are left are waiting on the Lord return. Many do not pick up the subject of that chapter in the Bible which is the antichrist, they are following traditions of men and not studying, this is not the time to be ignorant. Luke 21 we are told to pray that we are considered worthy to escape these things. GOD does take care of the wine and oil ( those with the blood of Christ and Holy Spirit). Prepare and watch! God is good to us, there is Victory for us!

    • what do you mean by "By the way America is Peruvian for “LAND OF THE SERPENT” ?

      in peru we speak spanish, not peruvian and no native tongue of ours has that word in it.

      the american CONTINENT (because its a continent and NOT a country, as the usa seems to want the whole world to believe) was named so after Americo Vespucio, the italian explorer that first realized America was actually a new continent.

  144. Citizen General on

    Is it just me or does this all seem a bit Redundant. What are they waiting for. oops i know an invitation. I'm locked, cocked and rock… are you?

    • Remember that spirits do not bind themselves to the sexuality of a being.. they bind to a willing being of any nature. A spirit is not a gender, but an embodiment of what it chooses to become. One can possess man more than women in that it can seduce their mins easier tan a womans mind.. vise versa. Priestess talk to numerous spirits and grant them access into their personal dwelling (mind body) She may be trying to create ascendence into Old God(demon) Istar but she is being aided by many spirits til then ..

  145. I'm wondering; is there's some significance to the day this performance was done? I know dates are very important to these folks. Re; 9/11, Diana's death, and many more I'm sure.

    I know the Jews, and likely the Kaballah, use a 13 month lunar calendar, but I can't find anything on this day's significance. Any thoughts?

  146. Great article.Unfortunately we are always fascinated by the performance and symbolism itself, but we rarely research the people behind these stage rituals… and accidents and deaths, it would help a lot to give the key players of the so called elite a face, i mean… they have names and addresses, i hate discussing an anonymous mass, and i don' t think that EVERYONE is in it or that they already pull all the strings… to believe that would give them more attention than they deserve…. and more power. Sure they have some influential messengers, but that is not like winning the whole game, they also struggle for power, otherwise there wouldn't be any point in using the entertainment industry to force an agenda upon the world.

    So it would be good to understand WHO they are and it seems to be so easy to make connections between them.

    Why is nobody doing that?

    In this case I just found out that the costume designer was not Madonnas regular stylist, but "wardrobe magician" B. Akerlund ( info from… ) – and yes, she also is the stylist of Gaga, Rihanna and Co (check out her work: ), so if anyone… she belongs to the creative core of these events.

  147. btw. she has a small list of movies she worked on as costume designer in the imdb database, currently she is working on the movie HORSEMEN, that is directed by her husband Jonas Åkerlund – and guess what?

    "A recently widowed detective still grieving over his wife's death discovers a shocking connection between a serial killing spree and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse."
    He also made most of Gagas music videos like Telephone and Paparazzi… so this movie will be.. interesting :)

  148. The eye — looks like the galaxy swirling around the super massive black hole at the center

    In 2012 our solar system aligns with the galactic equator

    Inversion = Madonna, Minaj, Mia (3 M's) or 3 W's as in WWW = (ie world wide web)

    W is the 6th letter in Hebrew or 666

  149. You know what? I like this article. I always loved Egyptian stuff as a kid. From a design point of view, Egyptian motifs and motifs of other civilizations with awesome pictograph-based languages that told stories make great compositions. I loved Ankhs too, symbols of long life, the jade-green scarab, symbol of the journey of life. I liked the first half of the article about the goddess Ishtar (feminism is the best haha, I identify with the idea of an assertive cool woman a lot).

    What I get from this article is that really…these jerks are wannabes. They stole all this stuff from civilizations that knew much more than they did and try to act like they invented it, like they own it. And then they pervert it sickeningly (those football helmet statues sticking out of the wall crack me up though) and try to make it cool, like they think people are as dumb as they are.

    They aren't. It's just weird. Not everyone is a wannabe who needs to put on a costume and act stupid, and not everyone needs to join up with a big glamorous clique at the expense of their ethics system, just to feel cool. Not everyone forgets what right and wrong is just because of circumstances/what their friends are doing/the promise of more popularity.

    Above all, not everyone is scared of "not being cool" enough to get into this. Some people have goals of their own not revolving around fame, wealth, or popularity.

    I guess being happy with your individuality is what the people organizing all of this fear the most. If you're truly an individual, most of this shit doesn't work, it just looks weird, and stupid, and it has no influence over you at all.

    I heard there were naked body scanners at the super bowl and they trained hot dog vendors to spot people who wrote things down in notebooks and wore hoodies, because those are fucking dangerous activities that need to be stopped. Everyone, please wear a hoodie and bring a notebook everywhere, write a million grocery lists. Buy a million hoodies. Wear them on top of each other. When they have you take off one, have another one with a stupid pink and gold pattern under it, with a notebook sticking out of the kangaroo pocket. "Oh, foiled again, officer."

    • Why do people think Christians are only Catholics or Russian Orthodox? In fact the first established Church was the Byzantine (today that's Greek Orthodox). For them God (thus Christ and the Holly Spirit too) is worshiped, everyone else is honored. Just wondering why that Church is never included on comments, analysis etc…

      • No, this site is for information but not everyone believes in the same ..most people are doing like you and me, studying and searching for truth….Catholics unfortunately are not christian at all..they are a religious system based on each persons faith in their works, rather than working your faith in God. Their church is not based on the narrow way which leads to is a false system of belief that has blended the sacred with the profane. The intent of this church is to control the masses, instead of convert to people to follow Christ, hence their intent is revealed in the name catholic which means "universal" .. The entire religion is founded on men's traditions. based on pagan worship.. they pray to dead saints, they offer their repentance to a man, they follow a priest instead of Christ, who is the only High Priest. They call their priest "father"..but there is only one true Father and that is God who is in heaven…they have over 1billion paying members throughout the world, so they are the largest religion in the world , but have they love the world and are friends with the world. Roman Catholism is the only religion on the planet to have every head of state, "bow" to their pope.. This pope always wears religous garb that is pagan, centered around a false trinity, camouflaged as mary, but is really the mother of nimrod, ..both of who were led by satan, who rebelled against God…. Catholics also have their own version of the bible… The only christians that exist are the ones that worship the Living God in spirit and in truth, with faith and obedience to his Word .Denomination does not make you a christian, your relationship to Christ designates where you stand with God…hope that helps

  150. Rosemary Elizabeth on

    I have never really known anything on this! I was raised in the church as a child, but as i have grown older and moved away from home it is hard to find a place that I can go to church and actually learn the word of God. I have never really known much on the illuminati but this was very informational to me, and even though I have yet to even turn 21, a lot of the things that my parents taught me growing up to be watchful for has now become apparent throughout the things that are going on within the world! I always thought that it was crazy to have to always listen to gospel music, but now i realize that my parents were only trying to keep me away from things such as the illuminate! Thank you so much for the information, i think that everyone should read this!

  151. I dont know who you are Vigilant Citizen, but GOD BLESS YOU! As I watched this "performance", I thought- "I can't wait to see what my man vigilant citizen has to write about this. As she came out as the Roman Goddess, I knew it was going to be an entire occultic ritual. She even admitted years ago that ALL of her performances were kabbalistic rituals. I want to tell all the readers here that they should read your article on her VMA performance with Britney and Christina. Keep up the good work for all of us who are awake.

  152. I was actually watching Courageous when this was on and my friend was watching the super bowl textng e watch the super bowl w me check madonna! etc etc, i just ignored him hahaha ( i love him and all but thing i didnt my TV time on that rather i watched a powerful movie!

  153. I was actually watching Courageous when this was on and my friend was watching the super bowl textng me "watch the super bowl w me" "check madonna!" etc etc, i just ignored him hahaha (i love him and all but good thing i didnt waste my TV time on that, rather I watched a powerful movie!)

  154. We have the education. Now what do we do proactively? Are preparation steps for "who knows what?" not to be discussed and just be handled individually?

    I read this site every now and then which has very good insight… With this symbolism crap running around…what are we to do…just sit and try to read the opponents cards like a game of poker?

    • You're quite right about that – the 'other side' apparently has a very well orchestrated plan, and us, the unwashed masses, have…crickets chirping, the sound of one hand clapping, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound?

      Have YOU got any suggestions? And for the record, I for one don't think that "Jesus Saves," it's more like "God helps those who help themselves." One way I am trying to help myself is by attempting to figure out what actually is going on by learning things. If you can teach me something, I'm listening.

      • And I just thought of something. Remember in Harry potter how voldemort and co. Had taken over the government, the media and education, and were willing to use any mans to power, but were still beaten in the end? Voldemort destroyed himself, Harry did not kill him. Bloated, psychotic power is self- destructive. Maybe the bad energy can be turned non- violently against itself, collapsing under it's own weight. And at least in fiction united love saved the day. Worth a try.

        Sorry for weird punctuation – on a phone on a moving bus.

      • Harry Potter is one of my favorite books/series/movies and I understand how people can see it as "evil." It dealing with magic and all, but people who are discouraged need to give it a second look and you may surprise yourselves over what is going on. Harry was good and meek, and yet kind. Who would have thought that he would one day face the greatest threat of evil and defeat it by simply showing no fear? Evil has been threatening to over take Good since Sin was unleashed into the world. It will not win. I know this. And once it is slayed once in for all, I will truly rejoice.

      • Exactly. Harry was willing to die so that no one else would have to suffer. That's the ultimate "WWJD?" moment.

      • Subtlety and deception both come disguised with good intention, or the 'warm fuzzies'. It's called rat poison. Mostly good food mixed in with a bit of fatal poison. This method of social engineering is slow, but effective. Are you debating for the purpose of reason or self justification?

      • I understand what you are trying to say, but when I hear children in line to see a 'Harry Potter' movie say they want to be a wizard when they grow up, there are many far better ways to teach our kids about good defeating evil than through witchcraft.

      • It's my personal opinion that what has traditionally been termed 'magic' is an awareness of or sensitivity to the quantum level of reality, the layer that operates by different laws than objective reality. And it's my further opinion that a person tends to be either orthodox or mystic depending on their psychological ability to deal with the existence of that level. A lot of people can't and so they stick to the visible, concrete level, and either call that the only reality and become mundane earthbound rationalists or declare that the rest is demonic and prohibit its exploration, becoming fundamentalists. The few people who can sense or interact with it become mystics, shamen, magicians, artists or lunatics, depending on how stable and ethical they were to begin with – someone who falls in love with it is a mystic, someone who communicates with it is a shaman, someone who records it is an artist, someone who tries to manipulate it is a magician, and someone who is destroyed by it is a lunatic. It's powerful and confounding energy, of a different sort than normal matter and energy.

      • Sorry, my reply above was directed to Linjegu, guess the quantum field is acting on this website!

      • I don't have a solution to stop the music…. but to remain "vigilant"… I try to work out daily for explosive strength and endurance as well as training for armed/unarmed combat against unsavory types.

        "I'll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!"

      • @Globalwarning – Self defense is good. I develop my learning as a defense against equally unsavory types. "You can have my library card when you pry it from my cold dead hands."

  155. " Nobody knows what it means. It's provocative. It gets the people going!"~ Chazz, Blades of Glory.

    Indeed Chazz, indeed.

  156. Hate football. Didn't watch it but wanted to see half time but did not watch it. I kinda had the feeling that she {madonna} was gonna show the tv viewing football fans some symbols and other interesting images during her performance. I am going to check it out on u-tube. I saw nicki's new video – {turn me on}. Very interesting video full of transhumanism imagery and other mind control images as well. VC. should post up about it as well. I did see the pepsi commerical and notices the checkered masonic floors. It seems everywhere you turn you see it right in your face images of the nwo/owo/masons. If tv and music and other entertainment avenues can be mind controlling, I guess the more you show the more you watch it the more the masses begin to accept it. That is unless you research and know what all this means and understand the dark side to the entertainers/handlers/elite being puppets to perform for us the masses. It looks like the number one thing in charge is satan because others seem

    to worship him so much. Don't make an idol out of anything. Most americans do worship the actors/ music/sports performers way to much. Its like our number one religion and tv is our church and the act or performance is the sermon.

  157. i've been truly taught well, because your conclusion is the same conclusion that i came up with myself

    God bless your patience in writing all this information down, I, as a loyal reader, appreciate your work

  158. Madonna is a pop icon. Her former music vibe was fun, and her insistence on breaking all boundaries is part of her charm. Egypt is cool, the old goddess is a symbol of the progress women have struggled for. What is our power? I love Madonna but her new song…..bleh. Bring back the old rockin Madonna!

  159. Looking on the Wikipedia page for the list of all superbowl performances, Madona's theme was "polytheism" meaning the worshipping of all gods. Perhaps vigiliant could explain beyond Egyptian mythology and explain Nordic gods as well…it was an inspiration for the performance.

  160. Has anyone ever thought about why Tim Tebow and his team Did Not make it?? God was protecting them from this evil and wickedness that happened at 1/2 time… now it all makes sense!

  161. So what I'm getting from all the articles of the music industry is that anyone who becomes famous or is famous is only there because they were "placed" there. While all of the articles are extremely convincing and make complete sense I just find that almost impossible to believe. A group of people run things from the music industry to sports (I'm referencing the Kobe article, seriously is he big because he was made that way or because he's a specimen on the court?) to government etc etc. Granted I dont have a lot of knowledge on occult symbolism or who is what group or what they represent, but the overall thought of they control this this and this and they "place" people in the spotlight who they deem worthy I have trouble accepting.

    • a lot of people actually get in on their own. just that then they get used. that's what it means that XYZ was "placed" there. some are happily a part of it, some are just taking orders. happens all the time, including at ordinary work places. just that the more money you have, the more you can use others. and this entertainment industry has a LOT OF MONEY.

      it occured to me recently, there's agrculture, trade, business, construction, clothing and textile, etc etc… but this is one industry that offers us NOTHING in the name of progress or education and it's still thriving! How many people buy records/tickets/etc… I mean… people are spending money to get NOTHING in return!

  162. NJVigilantCitizen on

    Hello – newbie here. I've been reading VC and the David Icke forums for a few months now, and just finally got up the nerve to post.

    Where to begin with this?

    I sat aghast watching this halftime show – I expected there to be hints of Illuminati in the show, but nothing like the in-your-face blatancy that was.

    I cannot discuss this with my family and friends – they think that I am crazy, and even as the halftime show was going on, it took all my self control not to jump off the couch pointing and screaming at the television.

    It was beyond disturbing, to say the least.

    Since I am relatively new to all of this – how do the choreographers, costumers, set designers, etc. "know" what to do? Do they receive instructions and just carry them out?

    It is very scary stuff to think of how far-reaching their influence is.

    Also, how do you get people to take you seriously when you talk about this? I feel like people think that I am some conspiracy wackadoo. I have a family member (uncle) who is a Freemason, and the more I read about Freemasonry, the more creeped out I am. I don't even want to be in his presence anymore, but I don't feel like I can adequately explain why…

    Anyway, thank you for the information provided on this forum. It has truly opened my eyes, I only hope more people find out the truth about these "celebrities".

  163. This whole Illuminati spectacle is put on to give us the impression that they are soon going to victorious and subject humanity to their N.W.Order. This could not be further from the truth. What we saw on Sunday's halftime show is a LAST GASP. They are sucking fumes. The massive amounts of money they need to acheive it are being dried up. The OIL sellers are not taking U.S. dollars anymore. The Eastern manufacturing countries like CHINA and INDIA and southeast Asia are no longer taking U.S. dollars for goods.Gold alone is accepted. The underground bases of refuge around the world,(they intended to hide in) while they cause a NUCLEAR 3rd world war, are being systematically destroyed.They have nowhere to hide now.They used to control almost ALL countries economies but now it has dwindled to only the G5,U.S. England. France, Germany, and Italy.Firstly ICELAND told the Zionistas of the E.U. to go pump sand. They are now free and independant of the HARLOT of REVELATION 17. It is soon going to be cast down and burned and raped and ravaged and destroyed. Greece and Portugal woke up to the ILLEGALITY of being indebted to them by issuance of FAERIE MONEY,(Printed in the back room and trucked out the front as loans with high interest. They will NOT pay the monstrous debts to the Federal Reserve System. The FED is slowly being starved of it's power to CREATE money from just the paper it is printed on and loaning it at interest. REAL MONEY must be backed by Gold or Silver or other commodities like manufactured goods. Hitler new this and jumpstarted GERMANY by backing the new currency with the hard work and labor of the German people. In just 5 years Germany became the Powerhouse of Europe.

    The ILLUMINATI is desperate and is resorting to NUCLEAR BLACKMAIL like laying a NUKE in the seabed off JAPAN which is the real cause of the Earthquake and TSUNAMI. Next day they called JAPAN and told them to come up with BILLIONS or Mt. FUJI would get one too. Japan sent 45 billion dollars, but now have told J.ROCKEFELLER to piss off, because the former Illuminati piggy bank is CLOSED. Do not be worried about a NEW WORLD ORDER under those SATANISTS. They are only a few months away from annihalation and they know it. BUT hey and Superbowl halftime show makes for great theatre. 2012 IS the YEAR of the overthrow of them and their SATANIC influences over the world. WHAT will MADONNA and J-Z and his former christian now devil sign flashing wife Beyonce do when their god is deposed. I say REPENT might be something to consider. All who read my post should go on you tube and get friendly with the videos about DAVID WILCOCK,BEJAMIN FULFORD and DR.STEPHEN E. JONES of GODS KINGDOME MINISTRIES .org if you want to see the curtain pulled back which reveals the little old man pulling the levers and pushing the buttons of deception and control. It is ALL coming to a screeching halt before our eyes ot at least those of us with EYES TO SEE. Thank you. This is the year of the LIBERATION of PLANET EARTH. JESUS is allowing the nations of the world to design and implement a new world financial system which, unusual for humanity actually has severe punishments for corruption built in. It is all going to be financed by ASIAN GOLD which the FED is NOW being sued for to return it to the Asian countries it was "BORROWED" from in the 1920's and the 1930's. The amounts of real gold in the world is staggering. Look for those lawsuits being filed when you are on youtube. They exist. They have been confirmed. California State Attornies office has filed suit against the FED and ALL member banks,and WALL STREET crooks for their part in the toxic mortgage and derivitaves scandal of 2009. HALF of those on WALL Street today will go to prison if they do not commit suicide first. The dominoes are picking up speed and nuclear threats are their only ace up the sleeve but it will not work. GOODBYE HOUSE of ROTHSCHILD and the ZIONIST N.W.O. It will be a glorious start to freedom during 2012 and after 2013 begins. PRAISE the LORD and plan for your financial freedom everybody.

    • Caleb Ephratah on

      there's a flaw in your info:

      Hitler was a Rothchild Zionist Kingpin, Hitler was Zion and Hitler is known to the Illuminati to be the real father of Israel. Hitler built up Germany so it could be destroyed by war, after which the Zio's rebuilt Germany with Zionist banking money.

      Germany's current Chancellor Angela Merkle is the daughter of Hitler- they are going to do it again- meaning destroy Europe and start WWIII so Hitler's family of Rothchild can have more party money.


    • YeahyeahIseeit on

      Correct. These things WILL come to pass. It is not so much that we should try to rebel against this New World Order, but to spread awareness and rejoice that the God of Abraham is the one true god, and that His prophecy is coming true. Revelation 13 prophesies of the coming of this beast-ruled empire.

      "5 The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise its authority for forty-two months. 6 It opened its mouth to blaspheme God, and to slander his name and his dwelling place and those who live in heaven. 7 It was given power to wage war against God’s holy people and to conquer them. And it was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation. 8 All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast—all whose names have not been written in the Lamb’s book of life, the Lamb who was slain from the creation of the world.[b]"

      The beast is more than a single man, the beast represents the collective mind of all worshipers of Satan. Revelation 17:13 states "These are of ONE MIND and will give their power and authority to the beast."

      Thus we see this Illuminati as a giant organization, but it is not so. It is more like a demonic hive-mind that brings about its goals through wicked people. The New World Order WILL rise. But it will be short-lived and herald the return of the messiah Jesus Christ. Revelation 13 speaks of the beast opening its mouth to blaspheme the Lamb, and indeed it is doing just that. As you can tell, the beast-mind, which are these so-called "Illuminati", are opening their mouths to utter proud words and blasphemies, it is easy to see, especially in popular music and hip-hop. That is none other than the spirit of the beast which is rising, the mentality of Antichrist.

      It's exciting to see the prophecy coming true. Jesus Christ is real.

    • I've listened to both Wilcock and Fulford and am convinced they're both phonies. In one interview Fulford states he's a Canadian and that Canada has a "genuine democracy" and is "low on the scale of corruption." I'll bet he's also fond of the Bilderberg Prime Minister who runs the country with the help of his Zionist handlers.

  164. People have mentioned the "M" symbol with the "x" which was plastered everywhere.

    You can see it at the top of this image:

    To me, it just looked like a giant double freemason compass and square symbol. I think at one point, it was even lit up.

    Also in this image:… check out the covers of vogue magazine. It is a man in black jumping in the air with his arms outstretched, but it created the shape of a goat head/baphomet.

  165. Well I was definitely a fan of Madonna in Material Girl, saw her in a couple of movies and they kind of lost my interest, and then just watched Madonna's career. She wants the power to be a leader in understanding, so she gravitated toward Kaballa — a smorgasbord of religions, kind of the way Muhammed wanted to unite all religions. The thing is, God doesn't share the thrown, nor does He need any help. God's only desire is for us to choose to love Him the way He loves us, and God even sent his son Jesus, to walk among us and give us a direct way to ''stay in touch'' — Okay, I sure have over-simplified, but as a performer, it was just hard to watch Madonna move — It was like her body was saying: Enough already. She wobbled on one move just after the beginning — maybe her shoes were too tight or she had a belly ache… or just being 53 trying to act 25 works on her face, but not on the agility it takes to perform her dances. As far as vulgarity, its become pass-say and not even noticeable, and totally expected of Madonna — what surprised me is she actually had an outfit that covered her, even though it was way creepy to me. I still like some of her songs, none of her weird books, and this performance was just a grandiose spectacle. I think its amazing she thinks she will start her concert tour in Israel. I wonder if Israel will even allow her in there. I'm sure the Hamas won't mind. Maybe Madonna will start her own country!

    • To clarify, Muhammad (peace be upon him) did not exactly want to "unite" all religions as you mentioned. He taught there has always been only one religion from One God, that humanity is a single nation, and if we would all turn back to worship the One True God, we would stop bickering and warring amongst each other, because our wars are only motivated by the biases we've connected to our own false gods that we've invented (be they people or ideas or objects or our own pride). This unity is possible because our Lord and Sustainer of the Universe is the only One common denominator and Source of our existence. And the worship of God equals love to all of His Creation, whether they believe in Him or not.

      As far as I know, the Kabbalah is a corruption that opposes the above ideas. It doesn't call to the worship of God, I don't know a whole lot about it but at some points it seemed almost like self-worship or pantheism to me.

  166. Can someone explain to me why people are so obsessed with Marilyn Monroe??? Why is she being so worshipped and talked about now years after her death? I was watching a new NBC show and in the show they were talking about Marilyn Monroe and doing a musical about her. Nicki Minaj has a song called Marilyn Monroe and Madonna, Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. all dressed like Marilyn in Madonna's latest video.

    Was Marilyn in the Illuminati or programmed?? Why are people so obsessed with her? What is the point of it??

    • Not all people are obsessed with Monroe. Maybe in some countries but not everyone is under her spell. Both Monroe and Madonna were original in what they were doing but certainly the media propaganda played a major role in their image maintenance. The press has elevated them into a religion. However, there's obviously some reasoning behind that decision from what I read here and elsewhere. I was always wondering why Bergman was ostracized by the system when she was a talented/beautiful woman and Monroe was worshipped. Apparently Bergman's lifestyle was unacceptable, on the other hand since when Monroe was the face of traditional virtue? Both of them had a difficult upbringing but Bergman was a survivor. I wouldn't go that far to say that I idealize Bergman but certainly I admire her for her courage/looks/talent/personality. What strikes me most is the fact that none of her kids ever said a bad word for her.

      • On second thoughts I might have been harsh. Monroe was never looked after, on the other hand Bergman was brought up by a caring father and when he passed away she had some family to take care of her. Their circumstances weren't alike.

  167. Intersting stuff, I have been reading into those subjects for quite a time now. Yes the symbolism is everywhere I agree, but everyone in this crowd seems to have jumped quite quickly and firmly onto the conclusion that is it all attributed and linked to the Illuminati. As I said, I read a lot about it and nowhere did I found irrefutable evidence to answer the following questions : 1)Is there really a single unifying faction of The Illuminati, or is it fractioned into seperate groups much like the Christians? 2)Since all of the reccuring symbols were used since the ancient times and by different 'orders' can we really say that they are all from the Illuminati? 3)Can we really tell how deep is the deception, couldn't it be that the Illuminati is a benevolent faction used (more and more overtly) by another faction as a scapegoat?

    I know that's a lot and probably worthy of a forum discussion but I mostly want to share these questions to start an inner discussion in all of you. Thanks

    • I am not at all sure the symbols are ' from' the illuminati ( or whatever they are) but if you wanted absolute Power wouldn't you co-opt the symbols of Power? Those in your culture and others? And wouldn't you want to scare people? Part of this is the psychology of symbols, the shock and awe value of overwhelming the senses with them.

      • Ps- think about how royalty in the ancient world presented itself as divine with all the same solar trappings as Madonna here. It didn't mean it was true, but it bought them power to act like it was. These folks are mortal too. And if it is true that they have some supernatural knowledge, we all have access to the archetypes. And to each other- I've gained a lot of ancient knowledge from this very site.

  168. Citizen Colombia on

    Una vez mas, los felicito por esta excelente página web. En mi opinión, es la web mas importante que existe en Internet. Gracias a ustedes pude comprender la tragedia por la que estaba pasando. Yo vivo en Colombia y descubrí que estaba siendo hipnotizado mientras dormía. Tardé 14 años en comprenderlo. Durante todo ese tiempo, ellos introdujeron conductas en mi mente que me hicieron actuar de forma torpe y luego aprovecharon esto para humillarme públicamente y convertirme ante la sociedad en objeto de odio público. Ahora, no tengo amigos, ni compañeros de la iglesia ni familia. No se por que me hicieron esto y no se si algún día lo entienda, pero confío que "Dios enjugará toda lágrima de mis ojos".

    Gracias a ustedes pude conocer acerca del control mental, de la masonería y de la gente perversa que realmente controla el mundo.

    Once again, congratulations for this excellent website. In my opinion, is the most important site on the Internet. Thanks to you I could understand the tragedy that was happening. I live in Colombia and found that I was being hypnotized while I asleep. Latest 14 years to realize. During that time, they introduced behaviors in my mind that made ​​me act stupid and then took it to publicly humiliate and to society to become an object of public hatred. Now, I have no friends or fellow church or family. Do not understand why they did this myself, but I trust that "God will wipe away every tear from my eyes."

    Thanks to you I know about mind control, the Masons and the evil people who really controls the world.

    MY FINAL MESSAGE: This website, like many others on the internet has a lots of information about mind control programming MK Ultra and Monarch, but what nobody knows is that mind control is not only made to ​​the stars of the show in Hollywood. THE ILLUMINATI DISCOVERED THE WAY OF DOING TELE-HYPNOSIS AND ALMOST NOBODY KNOWS. Somehow, they discovered how to transmit hypnosis without a handler is physically with you. I witness this, I have been suffering it for over 14 years and probably, perhaps since childhood.

    (I want everyone to know this terrible reality. If you believe the information I can give is useful, just let me know.)

    God bless you for defending the truth. That is something that pleases God and certainly not lose their reward for doing so.

    Sorry for my English. I translated this comment with the help of Google translate.

  169. Came across this informative blog….and for anyone who doesn't believe links to hollywood,govt and occult… Here you go and I doubt this events and connections are mere coincidences! Even that dates in which some occured are full of ritualisitic meanings.

    VC hope this is a good one! Thanks for unplugging so many!

  170. Wow! I'm glad my son sent me here. I read the article and its breakdown of Madge's show and went, "hmmmm…..". Then I spent a couple of hours going thru the diversified 400-odd comments following the article, including the myriad of images and other links included, explaining the equally diversified explanations for what happened that evening.

    And here I originally thought, "Neato! Whatta way cool half-time show!" Now, I need to amend that to say, "Whoa! Effing Amazing Show!!!" well, 'cepting for MIAs flipping the bird… that was truly uncalled for…..

  171. Jason,

    That's the realest comment I've ever read on this site. Thank you!

    We can do all the "exposing" we want but it's not going to stop anything or anybody. Just live your life and do what you know is right for yourself and humanity. If you do not like what the corporations and pop stars represent, do your best not to support them.

    Criticizing pop stars is a good start, but most of us should be past that now… It's time to start living your life accordingly.

    AskForYourSelf, all of that makes sense… if you are a Christian. But for those of us who are not, that response is overly simplified and closed-minded.

  172. She was depicting Isis yall, Isis, not Ishtar. Earth, soul, was the piece at the end. embracing the totality and balance of both spirit (up and out) and soul (down and in) the symbolism is a collective mythology or totality, darkness and light, duh like the day and night cycle…it is about balance. it is not the illuminati, if anything the illuminati is the force which is calling Madonna, evil, presenting those who go for being brainwashed into fear mentality.. . that was the message. embrace the feminine, the earth. It is pretty clear, that humans across the globe need to consider the future of this planet, from a standpoint of clean air, food, water, shelter, and a collective good hard look at war and who it is benefitting. Earth has always symbolized birth, death, rebirth, the feminine, within in a balance of masculine and feminine. not evil and so on and so about brainwashing.

  173. So aside from symbolism, I wonder why it's 2012 and they had Madonna do a string of songs decades old. It seemed irrelevant. And I just had to laugh at how ridiculous her nearly 60 body looked doing cartwheels and cheering with pom pons. She's always looked a bit awkward when performing, but now old and awkward is even worse. Just retire already.

  174. Madonna looked bloody ridiculous in that get-up. While the occult connection was a definite theme, she looked like a silly old woman dressed up, not a high priestess of the music industry. To be truthful I actually laughed when I saw her. My first thought was 'how embarrassing!!' And that WORLD PEACE set-up was even more stupid. Thank you VC for exposing the entertainment industry for what it really is. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Illuminati are JUST not trying very hard these days.

    I wish Madonna would really fall into oblivion. Maybe they'll ritually dispose of her.

  175. I wanted to comment on someone who posted who is feeling a bit overwhelmed after doing a lot of research about the Illuminati and NWO and whatnot. With all of the comments now, I now can't find that original post by that person, but I wanted to say that the entire Madonna performance was drenched in paganism and defilement of God. People need to understand something: We live in a spiritual world in the guise of a physical world. This is true. I do know that constantly viewing and researching things that are evil can leave ourselves physically drained and emotionally weary. It is paramount, especially if you are Christians, to not constantly marinate yourselves in it because you will be hopeless and depressed. Whereas I do feel that everyone of us needs to be educated into what is going on in our world, we also need to move closer to God. When I read something or watch something that is Satanic in nature, I always want to follow up with something from God because in God GOOD prevails. I don't care how bleak it looks or how sinister it feels because it has and will get much, much worse. God didn't give us a spirit of fear. That's devil made. And if you don't know anything about the devil, know this: He is perverse and suggestive in nature. Everything that is Good and Holy and RIGHT is from GOD. Everything that doesn't flow into the same vein from the Word of GOD is not. Think on those things and do not allow your minds to be agitated or dismayed. The road to Hell is wide and long. The road to Heaven is narrow. But I know where I am going. Do you?

  176. Ok, so I am a very religious person and I also have loved Madonna since her early days. While I have not always agreed with her dance style and some of her comments. I have always loved her music. Are you saying that she is worshipping Satan?? I really don't understand the symbolic meaning, but am planning to make myself more aware. I have recently purchased tickets to a Madonna concert, but I cannot be a part of this if it is Satan worshipping. Please give any advice/guidance that you have. I am a 39 year old with young children and plan on making myself much more aware of the lyrics and symbols that the entertainers are sporting. Thank you

  177. ceasar paciotti on

    Case in point-

    Basketball invented by James Naismith- Freemason

    Baseball- field looks like square and compass, ok- 90 feet to first base- 90 feet to second 90 feet to 3rd base 90 feet to home plate= 360

    60 feet 6 inches from pitchers mound to home plate- interesting numbers- coincidences? no such thing as coincidence.

  178. The Catholic church is a result of trying to create a world religion that didn't officially begin until 480 to 580 a.d.. It was a merging of Christianity and pagan religions of the time. This is why there are so many strange ritual practices and symbolism that have nothing to do with the Bible. I don't get how a Catholic can't see this. Some hold Constantine in a good light, but I suspect he was the worst thing that every happened to Christianity. The Bible is clear on what is needed for salvation, and it has nothing to do with Catholicism, a priest, the Pope, or any institutionalized religion. Your choice.

  179. Comment on the (constant) Innana/ Ishtar thing.

    Ishtar was a "new school" name for the Old Goddess Innana. Innana is from Sumer, and before. Ishtar came way later, around the time of Babel.

    Innana was a mother figure, and represented purity, goodness, strength etc.

    Ishtar is a perversion of the old mother head, used to promote the new cults of prostitution and the budding banking systems that became popular around the time that Babel came to be.

    Ishtar represents the slavery of woman, Innana does not.

    People keep confusing the two, when really any slight research into Sumerian mythology can show that they are not the same.

    I encourage anyone who cares about history, slavery, women's rights/ people's rights to read up on this.

    • Can you please direct me to any web resources regarding that? I am no expert but everything I have read makes inanna and Ishtar correspondent to each other. That split would explain a lot. The thelema goddess babalon is degraded, maybe she sprang from the debased Ishtar tradition. I was actually wondering about ereshkigal, too. Thanks for any info.

  180. OK, so it's not labeled New Age. But it was. Watchers are entranced by the

    spectacle, the color, the costuming, the numbers, not realizing how it makes

    occult ideas look attractive. And paganism can be very visually attractive.

    Judaism and Christianity don't compete in glitter. Any New Age pagan catalog is

    filled with beautiful costuming, implements, statuary. I've seen them and have

    collected a few. New Age paganism/occult activities can be very seductive to

    those who do not hold firm to the primacy of moral values. I know quite a few

    of you will say, "Can't you just enjoy the visuals? Why make a big deal about a

    half-time show?" I remind them of the use of Hitler's spectaculars. I ask them

    to look at the visuals in this article, how they are based on the occult. Isn't

    it time for a half-time show celebrating American values? Just say no to the

    occult. And just say no to Madonna, the entertaining slut.

    Look up New Age Politics. New Age religion is spirituality without morality. The reason it is being pushed over the past decades is that Mortimer Adler wrote that a one world government needs a one world culture. Judaism and Christianity are not acceptable for that one world religion because they have a moral code. So the push is toward paganism, the occult and Eastern religions. We need to keep sending that information out to as many people as we can so they can protect their own thinking. Be willing to warn others no matter how much they resist the message.

  181. To Matty,

    No disrespect here, but you make it a point to say that you DO NOT WORSHIP Mary, you only "honor" her. Please look up the word honor in the dictionary. To "honor" is to worship, glorify.

    Believe me, I can assure you Mary herself is disgusted with this. She would be the first to tell EVERYONE she does not want to be "honored", "worshipped", glorified." She would be the first to tell everyone that she was a nobody just like the rest of us. She would be the first to tell EVERYONE that the ONLY one worthy to be honored and praised and glorified is her son, our savior and redeemer, Yeshua. She must be rolling over in her grave with what the Catholic church has done with her image!!! And I can assure you, the Catholic church will stand before the throne and be held accountable for all the lies and hypocrasy and leading astray of it's sheep.

    People need to wake up, and soon. Not much time left. Jesus will be appearing in the clouds to accept unto himself those that truly know and love HIM, AND ONLY HIM.

  182. If you're gonna go the symbolism route, please recall that her Kabbalah name is "Esther"…not so far from "Ishtar". Just sayin'.

  183. What is the significance of the Roman soldiers? There are definite parallels within the All Your Luvin' video to the football players being soldiers as well.

  184. The Mafia, also known as Cosa Nostra, is a secret Sicilian criminal society which is believed to have emerged in late 19th Century. La Cosa Nostra (Our Thing) is one of the oldest criminal groups in the World and, of course, the most common. The roots go back to the Nineteenth Century, and a place of its origin is the Italian island of Sicily. Despite multiple efforts to defeat it, it is still sinewy. Except in Italy, it is present in the United States, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Russia, and other Eastern European Countries. Its leadership is in the family communities that have become the prototype of many criminal associations in the World: family Bonnano, Corleone, Madonia …

  185. @matty

    "The line of thought they fail to entertain–Which is the more reasonable one–is that the Church didn’t stoop itself to paganism, but rather purified and elevated certain pagan practices which had deep spiritual value and reconciled them to Christ."

    That doesn't make any sense to me. Why "purify" pagan practices (which in their own right are inherently non-Christian practices) and elevate them to Christ, instead of abolishing the pagan practices altogether? What you're suggesting sounds like a total stretch to rationalize the obvious pagan incrustations that pervade the Catholic church and their rituals, practices, symbols and idols they uphold.

  186. Janice Schuler on

    thanks for this intriguing post…I admire Madonna for her self-created controversial, iconic status, as well as her ability to remain a major celebrity for small accomplishment.

    Her major contribution is using her celebrity to communicate other ideas, any idea, the more controversial the better. She does NOT HAVE A SINGULAR AGENDA, other than wanting to practice, and push the limits of freedom of speech and artistic license.

    She is not necessarily a celebrity because of her musical talents; performance lyrics, the beat, the dance…..I think she is a very savvy business is her product… What she does is play with the popular culture capital; in doing so, she benefits financially, and we benefit by being fascinated, or shocked–we loved to be shocked– (a little like why we love scary movies). We are shocked, fascinated by ideas the prospect of Madonna sending out secret messages about the secretive Illuminati. But this was Sunday, her sustaining power lies in her ability to also express OTHER, COMPETING IDEAS that she actaully manages to get out to the public. She has made a lot of money playing with Popular Culture Capital. It is a major industry with serious stakes and gains.

    I do not think we can know who she is, and that is part of the deal, mystery and enigma are also part of what fuels her celebrity. It is really an old fashioned idea she ran with; even if you are not a genuis, or just a mediocre talent, if you work hard enough, long enough, be persistent, you can be a success, in our paradigm of success in this framework you elude to here. In a capialist system, she understands it very well, works it, and she serves up the product Enigma in a charming manner, or in the superbowl, she serves up another mystery message, and she even includes a catchy tune to hum and dance to.

    We keep talking about her, which is exactly what is expected. She has done her job well.

  187. Crazy article! The occult symbolism in this performance was off the hook. The thing to remember is that this super bowl was the most watched TV program in history. So this was probably the biggest occult ritual of all time.

    Madonna is clearly deep into occult mysticism and let it show. She was completely showing herself off as a "goddess." Again, I hope people are waking up to this being a spiritual war.

    Here's another article on the halftime show that goes even deeper into the symbols and subliminals:

  188. ahh, so that's how all these talentless losers get so popular. never assume that 'selling your soul' is only a figure of speech

  189. Many big, scary things might be happening this year. There's much evil planned but God who is good is in complete control.

    I also believe the rapture of The church will happen very soon. Noone but God knows the day or the hour of the second coming of Christ but as He said in His word but he gave us signs so we'd know when it was near.

    I don't even want to FATHOM what Madonna has done and is doing to get to where she is now. I even fear for her children. Either way, she's chosen her path. Those that are her for her will one day turn against her. I hope it's worth it. Also, I remember being into MIA yearsss ago when she was just starting to get attention in the indie music scene…it's mindblowing in a not so good way to see where she is now but of course, I know what has occurred.

  190. Hi friends,

    Hmm, and what has football got to do with Egyptian Goddesses and pagan symbols?!?

    totally not an American concept! It would have been better if it's just country music promoting love & friendship or a less-flashy less-sexualized theme …

    but then the organizers are doing all this to blatantly show the world who's their masters and of course, as a ritual … :(

    Try watching the Superbowl half-time show WITHOUT sound on.

    Observe the stage props, lighting effects, special effects, dance movements, costumes,

    the way the entire show was choreographed… creepy, isn't it?

    it's like watching a satanic ritual on live TV …!

    As VC said, "… heard by all…but understood by few."

    The 2012 Halftime Show video:

    May God protect us all. Amen.

  191. Being an avid VC visitor and a long time Madonna fan, i was keenly aware of the symbolism, even before i read your splendid observations. Just to ad to it, i remember when Madonna started practicing kabbalah she was asked in an interview what Jewish name she would like to give to herself and she replied "Ester (Ishtar). of course". There are many many symbolic references in Madonnas long career, some blatant and some not so obvious but the halftime performance was, as Linda Blaire in The Exorcist" whould say "Much too vulgar a display of power".

  192. I knew all the time! Madonna is a witch!

    She is not a witch any, she believes that she'll govern the world as a queen besides Satan, that's why she accepts and with a lot of power she makes the world forget about God…

    Not only she, all the crap around the world, ruled by satan and made by human being…

  193. Also Amber Rose was seen the other day wearing horns (when talking to tmz about kim k) and a tattoo lightening bolt near her eye (photos on mto of her and her bf wiz).

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  195. Wow, if anyone had questions about Satan being real this should help open some eyes. How could America let such a nut job take a prime time spot? Why aren't more people offended? If we were somehow able to an evangelist to give the gospel that would be offensive. We would never hear the end of it!

  196. Desperate is the day that is 2morrow

    4 those who do not know the time has come

    2 whip the dogs that beg, steal or borrow

    From the table God set 4 His Son


  197. Another great article her new video reminds me of her MTV stunt with Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears here's an interesting pic of Madonna from a long time ago i'm sure it has been discussed already. Sorry about the long link it won't seem to shorten.

    Keep up the amazing work VC. Really grateful for this site and it's insightful writers and readers i'm learning so much. Here's to hoping the world will start looking at things with both eyes open instead of one.

  198. It was the rirual to bring in the NDAA signed on saturnailia put into effect on superbowl sunday during a black magic pagan festival.

  199. When I watched this (the only thing i watched of the super bowl), I could not wait to see what VC had to say, I just knew there would be an article! :) great teachings, because not I can spot the symbolism even more.

  200. the religious of GOD is unique and strong. be not afraid of nothing. Mary and her child were innocent. be yourself, be human. The God Almighty knows the truth and we need merely to hold it's rope.

  201. The Illuminati "RFID-chipped" Madonna's brain during her plastic surgeries. She is acting like she is mind-controlled. Also, her most recent movie is a suck-up to one of the Illuminati families — the Windsors.

  202. "World Peace" sounds nice. Always remember though, to these people the word "peace" directly translates to "lack of resistance" (from their enemies, which is everyone else).


    "World Peace" = total global control, i.e. NWO.

    "Middle East Peace Process" = the process of destroying all resistance in the middle east.

    "Peace Keeping" = resistance supression

  203. I've read in several spots that Miss High And Mighty is all pissed off at M.I.A. for stealing her thunder with this "obscene act" middle-finger scandal. Lol I love M.I.A. She kicks ass with a message.

    "You can watch TV and watch the media

    President Bush doing takeover

    Kate Moss in ads for mascara

    All my youth the young offender

    The bill payers, the drug dealers

    Girls who are magazine covers

    The part-time jobbers at the call center

    No career plans cause you won't go far

    Put away change for Ibiza and

    Check your credit on your new Nokia

    You can be a follower but who's your leader?

    Break the cycle or it will kill ya (X2)

    You leader, you lead, uh, do what you do

    What really good's gonna happen to you? (X2)

    Your prime minister to your employer

    Ego lovers need more power

    Trendsetters make things better

    Don't sell out to be product pushers

    The gyro casher and baby makers

    Try something new cause it ain't over

    All poor people from all over

    Lottery's got a rollover

    You can be a follower but who's your leader?

    Break the cycle or it will kill ya (X2)

    Cherokee Indian, Iraqi and Indians

    Girls and me girls when they come to the fellas and

    Japanese, Moroccan, Caribbean, African

    That's your life but who the fuck's your president?

    You don't get my life cause I don't have a side and I

    Spread dat boy 'im a mile wide and I

    Got brown skin, I'm a west Londoner

    Educated, but a refugee, still.

    You wanna boy, you're old, you go

    You wanna fight, you suck, you blow"

  204. A Victorias' Secret models exit her career because of her beliefs! She is Christian. As we know that company is Illuminatis and promote satanism…Vigilant can you find that information, please. I believe that she is in serious danger because of that choice.

  205. i saw this yesterday, and i was like "is this a Superbowl halftime show or is it an opining show for the world cup?!?!" it was a huge show!! to tell you the truth, i LIKED it!! but you know, everything was just obvious, i like Madonna's commitment to the occult/ Freemason/ Illuminati or whatever they called them selves, they really work hard to spread their "religion"!! (i don't find any other word to describe it!) whether by symbols or by words!!

    i was smiling when i heard her singing (like a prayer) specially this line "I hear you call my name, and it feels like home" this song alone has to be analysed!! it's definitely a prayer to the Devil, she feels his power at midnight!! this is creepy!!

    as long as we are taking about her, i heard that she met Adam Lambert after he lost in American Idol, i think that was on Opera show, and Madonna gave him "advices" , i was like WOW!! what kind of advices!! may be she's like a mentor to him or may be handler??

    anyway, i'm totally interested in Adam Lambert, and i saw his new MV "better than i know myself" and i'm telling you it's talking about his mind controlling and his new alter ego!!

    the video started with a very familiar "face" hanging on the wall, Baphomet!! then we see the "Dark" Adam Lambert, he is always angry, crazy ,unstable, sexy (really sexy) and violent (he even acts like a cat!!) with yellow eyes, we see him throwing things, playing with fire (may it tells us about his trauma, i mean using fire to traumatize him?) and drinking Alcohol and his room is so creepy!!

    other side of the room we see the normal Adam with blue eyes who is nice, cute (really cute) and peaceful, we see him writing, reading, meditating and drinking tea, and his room is calm and beautiful.

    the good Adam communicates with the bad Adam (obviously through a mirror), at first they were kinda surprised to see each other but the bad Adam tries to annoy the good one by doing crazy things like squeezing a pomegranate by both hand, splitting the liquor all over the room and tearing up some books, and good Adam is kinda disappointed but he cleans all the miss in his room!!! we can see that the bad Adam is a little bit afraid of something, in one scene good Adam wants to play chess with the bad one (while singing " coz i need you now") through the mirror!!

    at this moment, the bad Adam starts a fire in his room but the one who dies is the good Adam!! then the bad Adam breaks the mirror then put his hand on the good one's shoulder and suddenly we see Adam Lambert walking on the street, in a close up scene, we see one eye is yellow and the other one is blue!! this tells us Adam is now programmed perfectly.

    it's like a the story of Adam when his alter ego was created either by him in a ritual (playing chess with the mirror) or by ritual abuse ( by traumatizing him by fire), this is what i understand from this video.

    also the lyrics are interesting, sometime i think he chose to be programmed

    "I woulda gone by now but

    I really need you near me

    To keep my mind off the edge

    If I wanted to leave

    I would've left by now

    But you're the only one that knows me

    Better than I know myself"

    in his MV for your entertainment, there was some scenes of a guy blindfolded, Adam sitting on a throne or a chair and some orgies happening in a castle, and in What you want from me, he was like has a fighting inside his mind between also the good and the bad Adam, i thought at first it was about 2 lovers, you know.

    in a other song that was a part of his old work before American Idol, the song called "want" he was talking about love (or alter ego/ spirit) he met in November

    "December, now you must remember

    you were not inside (inside his mind or his body)

    November, changing in a weather

    you were by my side"

    it creeps me now, i used to love this song so much!

    any way, i'm not that expert in these thing, which VC could help, bcoz Adam Lambert is as interesting as Madonna, Lady gaga and other celebrities in music industry.

  206. Hey I like madonna I thought her performance was nice. They went through a lot of historical periods in that performance whoever conducted it must have put a lot of thought into it. Also, the outfits and symbology was missing. VC, you missed the baphomet vogue cover, the hand symbols, numbers, synchronization of dances, there was actually a lot in there for a 20 minute performance. I like madonna, shes smart, she knows what shes doing. If you listen to her songs, they all have historic and religious references, even the ''poppy'' sounding mainstream songs.

  207. Vigilant Citizen must keep an eye on Minaj and MIA, and compare what will happen to them to what happened to Britney and Christina

  208. "Ishtar was a powerful and assertive goddess whose areas of control and influence included warfare,…"

    The goddess of warfare is already start the opening ritual ceremony. Not just anywhere but in "Holy of Holies" to offer the blood of sacrifice.

    Now, beware of the real war everybody! It might be sooner than we thought… May God saves us all.

  209. Illuminati.. God made man, not you. No matter what your Gods think, you can only touch the body. So please control me with your music and symbolism but when I reach my state of ascendance and godlikeness.. I would pity those who treat my fellow brothers and sisters on this world like they are just things. This counts for all species, for we are all connected. Me, you, that one cute little puppy. We are all on the same life grid.. we can communicate. My soul is untapped and untouched.. It will flourish and so will all of humanity. You have this as a promise and those who may question me, you may find me. High Priestess.. Speaker of Ankt.. I am here, find me.

  210. im glad there is people that are aware of this, i always show my mom, cousins, friends about this website. when i saw this performance the first thing i thought of was that they must think we are all stupid, it seems artist now take everything as a joke. but in reality they are the one that are the joke they are artificial and are fake. God will one day come back for his children and have us saved, i cant wait for that. This world truly discuses me, purity seems to be no longer a word in this earth. What ever happened to innocence and true music. Now everything has a back thought to it, even when you go to target or the mall, you see the one eye advertisements the illuminati pyramids in clothes. Its everywhere, we all need to stand up for vigilant citizen and speak out…if its not us who will.

    God has the last word not them, lets aware more blind people.

  211. Just one minor point on otherwise a great piece… It was the Superbowl so 'billions' of viewers is in fact, millions of US citizens. Most countries have a vague passing interest in the game (which is a shame) but to suggest billions watched it is hopeful at best

  212. ooooh i was watching it on YouTube and KNEW something was wrong with it!i knew their was gonna be an article bout it. *reads with much interest*

  213. vigilant jr on