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Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/24

In this edition of SPOTM: Idris Elba’s one-eyed salute, Barry Keoghan’s disturbing (yet symbolic) photoshoot, Kanye West’s bizarre relationship with Bianca Censori. Also (as usual): What the hell is wrong with the fashion world??



Barry Keoghan is an Irish actor mostly known for his roles in the Marvel movie Eternals and the Netflix series Top Boy. More recently, he starred in Saltburn, a movie that can only be described as a bloody orgy of elite debauchery. Appropriately enough, to promote this movie, Keoghan was featured in a W Magazine photoshoot that can be only described as a bloody orgy of elite debauchery – combined with a hefty dose of ritualistic humiliation. Welcome to Hollywood.

In this appetizing picture, Keoghan is eating what looks like a human heart. There’s blood smeared all over his hands and face, as if he were a baby eating cake. Of course, this is not a baby, this is a grown man being used to normalize the occult elite’s obsession with cannibalism and the consumption of human blood. I like to include Instagram comments on some of these pics to remind us that people seeing right through this garbage.

Here, Keoghan is just dressed in a red latex outfit that screams out “I’m an industry whore”. Other than catering to the elite’s gender-blurring agenda, the photoshoot contains some references to pop culture vampires such as Buffy (the mug). The elite loves vampires because they know that there’s nothing fictitious about old weirdos sucking blood for “vitality”.

This pic oozes “sexualized little girl” vibes, complete with underwear hanging from the bedpost. It’s just a sad and humiliating picture, custom-made to turn on the aforementioned weirdos.

Here, Keoghan is literally bathing in blood while wearing lipstick and women’s accessories. His face says: “This is the lowest point of my life”.

The fashion world is also completely obsessed with the elite debauchery seen above. At Paris Fashion Week, Robert Wun (who dressed notorious industry pawns such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Doja Cat, Lizzo, and Cardi B) made it all very obvious.

One of Wun’s “creations” is a bridal gown smeared in blood. Again with the human blood. They can’t get enough of it. Traditionally, white gowns are meant to represent the purity and the innocence of the bride. In this case, it’s been completely sullied after, presumably, a brutal murder. These people have sick minds.

This model looks like she got herpes from a cannibal. How is this “fashion”?

A male model walks in a red dress to which is attached a faceless red demon. To make things weirder, the demon is undressing the model as if it’s about to abuse him.

As if to confirm that this is all elite madness, here’s a dude wearing a dress adorned by a 666 one-eye sign. They cannot make it clearer for us.

Speaking of fashion industry sickness, Thom Browne’s recent fashion show had demonic tendencies as most models walked around with “horns” on their heads. Even worse: Children were involved in theatrics that emitted strong “child predator” vibes. A picture is not enough, a video is needed to understand the creepiness of it all.


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As usual, the one-eye sign all over the place in the past weeks. Here are a couple of examples from the dozens I came across.

Idris Elba is a big movie star and he was deemed the “sexiest man alive” by People magazine in 2018. So, of course, the elite had to use him. Some years ago, he was recruited by the United Nations and UNICEF to push various globalist agendas. More recently, he launched a clothing line with Calvin Klein and this is one of the pics used to promote it. The message: To get that fashion money, he must show submission first.

Several news outlets relayed the story of Maleesha Kharwa, a 16-year-old girl from a poor neighborhood in India who became a famous model. And most of these news outlets use this pic of her doing a blatant one-eye sign to show her “success”. The real story: She was recruited by industry creeps to become yet another sexualized minor.

Ever since Kanye West was forcibly hospitalized in 2016, he’s been … off. As explained in past articles, the “treatments” he received during his mysterious hospitalization were highly reminiscent of Monarch programming. And, sometimes, MK slaves end up turning into MK handlers.

The relationship between Kanye and his “wife” Bianca Censori reeks of a handler/slave dynamic. On numerous occasions, Censori has been objectified, humiliated, and dehumanized while Kanye is acting extra creepy in the background.

On her birthday, Censori was made to walk in Las Vegas with barely anything on. Also, she was barefoot on the dirty, disgusting floor of a casino – something that would satisfy the sadistic tendencies of an MK handler.

Censori’s family noticed that the model has profoundly changed since meeting Kanye. Also, they believe that he’s controlling her. He might be mind-controlling her.

At one point, Censori had short blond hair. As seen in previous articles, MK slaves are often identified with this exact hairstyle. Kanye himself had bleached hair right after his hospitalization, possibly to indicate that he was “reprogrammed”.

The cover of Kanye’s album Vultures 1 continues the handler/sex kitten relationship. Indeed, the focus of the “art” is Censori’s bare butt while Kanye looks like an absolute psychopath with his Jason mask.

The situation got even weirder when Kanye’s daughter North West got involved.

In a (now deleted) TikTok, 10-year-old North West raised eyebrows by drawing the rather explicit album cover. Furthermore, for some reason, she wrote that she was grateful for the song Carnival.

Here’s the chorus of Kanye’s song Carnival. Should a 10-year-old girl be “grateful” for that song?

Go, go, go, go
Head so good, she a honor roll
She’ll ride the d*ck like carnival
I done did the impossible

When the city of Sevilla unveiled its Easter poster, an immediate uproar followed. Noting that the depiction of Jesus looked “effeminate” and “homoerotic”, citizens launched a petition to have it withdrawn. While the artist claims that he doesn’t understand the controversy there are a couple of things he purposely ignores. First, Jesus after the resurrection was mostly likely bloody and wounded from the crown of thorns and, you know, the literal crucifixion. I guess the artist minimized these things because they weren’t sexy. Also, the whole loin cloth situation around his groin with the rope is very homoerotic. I mean, come on. In short, those who made and approved this are not Christians, they’re the opposite.

This is Wes Boreland of Limp Bizkit posing in front of a weird naked baby thing. I personally wouldn’t want to pose next to a naked baby thing but he decided that it was a great idea.

The picture was taken in Danny Elfman’s studio. In the 1980s, he wrote and performed the song Little Girls. Here’s the chorus of that song.

I, I, I love little girls
They make me feel so good
I love little girls
They make me feel so bad
When they’re around
They make me feel like I’m the only guy in town
I love little girls
They make me feel so good

Although this song (and its very creepy video) is super pedo, Elfman claimed that he was singing about someone else. OK, right. Personally, I still wouldn’t sing these specific words. With that being said, here’s a recent headline of him.

I don’t know the specifics of that case but, judging by this guy’s face alone, I’m going to say “guilty on all charges”.

Here are other things that can be found in Elfman’s studio (taken from this YouTube video).

More “decorations” involving weird babies.

The studio also contains this creepy painting of a young girl crying.

The painting is by artist Mark Ryden whose style can only be described as Satanic/pedo/MKULTRA “art” (a look at his website will convince you). Seriously, he loves to paint naked young girls surrounded by satanic and MKULTRA symbolism. A full article could be dedicated to him alone.

In short, this studio and everyone in it are SUS as HELL.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics.


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