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Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/24

In this edition of SPOTM: Khloe Kardashian in a super satanic photoshoot, Kylie Jenner in a super Illuminati photoshoot, and, seriously, there’s something terribly wrong in the fashion world.



TMRW Magazine recently dedicated over a hundred pages to Khloe Kardashian, complete with an in-depth interview and a massive photoshoot. One might ask: Why her? What did she create? What did she accomplish? Well, we’ve been asking this question for like 20 years and the answer remains the same: Nothing. She’s a celebrity because the media said so. Therefore, she’s going to be used for occult elite crap.

On the cover of TMRW, Khloe has one breast exposed. And it is hidden by an apple. It’s all very symbolic, occult, and even satanic.

During their initiation, aspiring Freemasons expose one breast and one leg. As seen in previous articles, numerous outfits worn by celebrities refer to this practice as a nod to the occult elite. Khloe’s dress reveals one breast and one leg for this reason.

Khloe and a serpent bite an apple. This is a clear reference to Lucifer offering the proverbial apple to Eve in the Garden of Eden. In this pic, Khloe bites the apple with great enthusiasm, implying that she (and her coven of witches) are on Lucifer’s side. This pic explains why the apple seen above, combined with the Masonic references, is all a nod to the occult elite and its Luciferian beliefs.

In this pic, Khloe is symbolically blinded and silenced using accessories. Her eyes are replaced by the all-seeing eyes of the occult elite.

In another pic, Khloe performs a clear, unmistakable one-eye sign. The message: She’s a tool of the occult elite. Judging by the comments on Instagram, people are fully aware of that message. And they hate it. But these celebs keep doing it because they have to.

Meanwhile, Khloe’s half-sister Kylie Jenner was featured in a symbolic photoshoot with Interview magazine. When they’re not undergoing massive reconstructive surgeries, members of the Kardashian coven are hard at work propagating occult elite madness.

In the photoshoot, Kylie is assaulted by a giant disgusting bug. Forced contact with creatures that cause repulsion is a Monarch mind control technique to torture and traumatize MK slaves.

Here, Kylie is in a ditch, stuck inside a capsule-type contraption.

Kylie’s father Bruce Jenner was also stuck in a capsule in the highly symbolic 2013 Kardashian Christmas card shot by Dave LaChapelle. Next to him is a mannequin wearing his Olympic gold medals. Shortly after, Bruce Jenner became a woman.

In the same Christmas card, Kylie and Kendall Jenner pose in front of a literal Illuminati pyramid. At the bottom of the pyramid is the iconic Wheaties box that featured their father Bruce Jenner.

Back to the Interview magazine photoshoot, Kylie gets up close and personal with a snake. That family really likes snakes … because of what they represent.

To confirm that everything seen above is pure occult elite trash, Kylie makes an unmistakable one-eye sign.

Speaking of the one-eye sign, it appeared everywhere in the past weeks. Here are a few examples.

To promote new Adidas shoes named “Predator”, Real Madrid football player Jude Bellingham hides one eye with the shoe. Can someone please remind him how to wear shoes? He seems to have forgotten.

In the past years, Daniel Kaluuya starred in huge movies such as Black Panther. Therefore, he had to show submission to his elite rulers. The result: A clear one-eye sign on the cover of High Snobiety with a face that says: “Yeah, it’s my turn to do this BS because I still want to work in Hollywood.”

This is magician David Blaine’s IG profile pic. It’s a super-clear one-eye sign. The message? You know the message. But there’s more to this.

To promote his show Impossible, David Blaine makes a clear one-eye sign. Nearly all of the comments called out the Illuminati symbolism. Another comment referred to Blaine being close to Epstein. He’s not wrong.

Records show that David Blaine attended at least three dinners with Epstein. The one-eye sign means being part of that sick system.

To promote his new album Insano, 30-foot tall statues of Kid Cudi were placed in several locations cities including Paris and Los Angeles. The sinister statue, complete with glowing eyes looks demonic. Other artists such as Doja Cat used a similar promotional gimmick. It is the elite’s underhanded way of placing demonic idols in public view.

A Page Six headline about people hating these statues.

The headline above states that Kid Cudi “sold his soul”. Boy did he ever.

In the past years – despite not being gay – Kid Cudi appeared in public wearing dresses. Not just regular dresses, but super humiliating dresses. In this pic, Cudi actually looks like he just got abused by some industry execs.

Speaking of humiliating industry stooges.

Benny Blanco (a producer who is also Selena Gomez’s boyfriend) wore this old lady outfit at GQ’s Men of the Year party. Yes, MEN of the year. Is this another humiliation ritual? Yup.

Are you as excited as I am about Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week?? Well, that means that you’re not excited at all. Here are some pics anyway.

The “star” of the show was a creepy robot baby held by a model. Some observers noticed that it was oddly similar to another creepy robot baby used in a “fashion” context.

Frank Ocean walked around with a green robot baby at the 2021 MET Gala (aka the annual parade of industry slaves). Why do these people use babies as fashion accessories? Is it because they’re a bunch of pedos?

Maybe my comments would be out of line if guests at Paris Fashion Week didn’t look like LITERAL MOVIE VILLAINS.

Yeah, that’s the type of weirdo that would cheer for a robot baby.

Speaking of the pedo tendencies of the fashion world.

Do you remember when Balenciaga ran a campaign featuring children that contained all kinds of pedo imagery such as BDSM teddy bears (read my full article about it here)? Kim K doesn’t care because she’s now the brand’s ambassador. Pray for her children.

Cosmopolitan is a quarterly fashion and entertainment magazine for women. It contains celebrity news, fashion trends, and relationship advice. Also, Satanic abortions.

Cosmopolitan Magazine posted on social media a series of pics that do not only promote abortions … but Satanic abortions hosted by The Satanic Temple. The pic contains a one-eye sign because, when all is said and done, this is all about the occult elite’s obsession with child sacrifices.

The inverted cross on this pic symbolically tells us that these abortions are ritual sacrifices dedicated to Satan. Call me old-fashioned, but that’s a pretty insane concept to be promoted by a mainstream magazine.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics.


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