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Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/23

In this edition of SPOTM, North West and Kim Kardashian – the ultimate other-daughter industry slave combo. Doja Cat pays hommage to occult elite pedos and more proof that the gender-blurring agenda is about destroying civilization as we know it.



Around this time of year, magazines love to put out “Men of the Year” or “Women of the Year” editions. However, they’ve also decided that the words “men” and “women” do not mean anything anymore. With that being said, here are some magazines being completely absurd in the name of the all-important gender-blurring agenda.

Glamour magazine awarded a Woman of the Year award to a man. Why? Because that’s the agenda right now. Furthermore, Geena Rocero has been invited to speak at the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. That means that he was “chosen” by the elite to push an agenda, not unlike Greta Thunberg.

Maxim Magazine Australia ranked this man #92 in the “Top 100 Hottest Women in Australia”. Really? REALLY? If he was an actual woman, he wouldn’t even be in the top 10 million hottest women in Australia. But, nowadays, agendas prime over basic facts of life.

Eden Loweth and Tom Barratt were “British Emerging Talent Menswear” nominees at the Fashion Awards. Menswear. Look at how they’re dressed. Anyways, let’s look at one of their “menswear” creations.

A dude with hairy legs stands in a miniskirt with one eye hidden. He’s the elite’s perfect man.

Guess who is GQ’s “Man of the Year”?

Kim Kardashian. Right. Sure. Why? Who cares. They just needed to make sure it wasn’t an actual man because that’s so 20th century.

To celebrate this prestigious award, Kim K did an entire photoshoot cosplaying as a man. If you read the comments on IG, people are fully aware of the absurdity of the situation. Some noted that her stepfather Bruce Jenner was once named Woman of the Year. This whole family is about agendas.

Sadly, this family is starting to involve its own children in the madness.

North West (the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) is being pushed into the spotlight. Of course, she has to perform the ritualistic one-eye sign to show submission to the occult elite. Also, the “crown” on her head is made of finger bones which alludes to her ruler’s penchant for clothing articles made of human body parts.

Speaking of the one-eye sign, it was (as usual) all over the place this last month. Here are some examples.

When Fantasia won American Idol in 2004, she quickly became a superstar. However, since then, she kind of fell off. Now, she’s attempting a comeback. And, to be in the good graces of the industry, she’s making the saddest one-eye sign in history. Her face is telling you that she knows what this is about but that she has to do it.

Lionel Messi is one of the biggest stars in the world. You better believe they’ll have him do the one-eye sign in a recent IG post by Ballon d’Or.

Yeat is a rapper who is quickly becoming a superstar, especially since he was featured on Drake’s song IDGAF. His path to media attention has been greatly facilitated by his willingness to bow down to the elite. This is him doing a very clever one-eye sign using a creepy mask on the cover of 032c magazine.

But wait, maybe this is just a random pic and they didn’t intend to do a one-eye sign. OK. Let’s look at other Yeat pics.

This is his artist pic on Spotify. It’s all about him making a big, fat one-eye sign to his 27.1 million monthly listeners.

In case you still have doubts, here’s another pic of him.

Very obvious one-eye sign = Very obvious industry plant.

Speaking of industry plants, Doja Cat has become a SPOTM staple because everything she does is in accordance with the occult elite obsessions.

In a photoshoot appropriately captioned Tampon Girl, Doja poses in a bathroom with blood dripping on her. This pic is highly reminiscent of a series of paintings that are highly regarded by occult elite pedos.

Those are two paintings by painter Biljana Djurdjevic. She loves to depict children in underwear who appear to be abused. As seen in my Pizzagate article, Tony Podesta and his pedo friends hang these paintings inside their homes. It appears that Doja Cat is paying homage to this madness. From her position to the shape and color of the tiles, the resemblance simply cannot be a coincidence. Her pic was directly inspired by these paintings.

In another pic, Doja is completely smeared in blood, an allusion to more occult elite sickness. She couldn’t be more of an industry slave.

That IG post also included a series of ugly/annoying/embarrassing pics that everybody really hates. But she has to post them because she’s in that humiliation phase of her career.

Trippie Redd is in the same satanic/retarded vibe as Doja Cat (see my article on his video Topanga). He recently posted this pic of a BDSM-type mask with a crucifix on it. Mocking Christianity is a must in the industry.

In my article about Beyonce’s Renaissance, I explained how the entire tour was about her turning into an industry slave. The symbolism on the promotional posters of the Renaissance movie points in the same exact direction.

Here, Beyonce is gradually turning into a shiny robot thing which symbolizes her turning into an industry slave.

This costume alludes to sexual submission – a theme that is extremely prevalent throughout her show.

This headline states that “climate change” is a threat to … gay people? How is that remotely possible? This looks like an AI-generated parody of mainstream news. But no. It is actually mainstream “news”.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics.


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