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Trippie Redd’s “Topanga”: A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

A look at the occult meaning of Trippie Redd’s “Topanga”, a video that is actually a Satanic ritual made to look cool for young people.



Trippie Redd's "Topanga": A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

Trippie Redd is part of a new generation of artists that some affectionately call “mumble rappers”. They’re young, they have colorful hair, they have tattoos all over their faces and they love to rap about “poppin’ pills”. Also, many of these young rappers are deeply into satanism and occult rituals. In my articles about the music videos of Lil Uzi Vert and Young Thug, I explained how Satanic symbolism has become perversive in modern urban music.

Trippie Redd is in perfection continuation of this trend. While crazy hair and face tattoos scream out “I’m an eccentric and an individualist”, the symbolism surrounding his act follows the elite’s agenda to a T. Indeed, everything about him fits right in the specific pattern of symbols I’ve highlighted on Vigilant Citizen for years.

Trippie Redd 666

In 2017, Redd released a song entitled TR666. Also, he used the term TR666 often on social media. Also, he tattooed his hand with TR666.

Trippie Redd's "Topanga": A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

Trippie Redd tattooed TR666 on his sand with a big all-seeing eye.

Of course, many fans interpreted TR666 as meaning “Trippie Redd 666” which seems to imply that Trippie Redd is a Satanist. However, not unlike other artists who display blatant satanic symbolism, Redd denies being into Satanism. In a (now deleted) Instagram post, Redd explained that 666 was not about the devil:

[They] be telling you “666” is the mark of the beast, explaining it’s a dark entity with wooly hair, and all this other s**t… N**ga, that’s black people! Six protons, six neutrons, six electrons, N**GA! Do your research. Don’t try to knock a black successful man and say I’m satanic or illuminati. I be trolling, you know what I’m saying? But this is not no troll, this is black power s**t.

In short, he’s trying to say that 666 is actually about “Black Power”. No, it’s not. There is a reason why the slogan of this site is “Symbols rule the world, not words nor laws”: Words can be twisted to mean anything, but symbols do not lie. Here are some pictures of Trippie. The symbolism surrounding him do not lie.

Trippie Redd's "Topanga": A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

Trippie Redd’s arm is tattooed with several inverted crosses – the main symbol of Satanism.

Trippie Redd's "Topanga": A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

Above the inverted crosses is a  tattoo saying “Demons At Play”.

Trippie Redd's "Topanga": A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

Trippie himself looks like a demon on his social media profile pic.

Trippie Redd's "Topanga": A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

His shirt says: “Take me to hell, tell me its heaven”, as a woman hugs the devil.

Trippie Redd's "Topanga": A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

The cover art of single UKA UKA.

Trippie Redd's "Topanga": A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

The cover of his album “Life is Trip” is basically a compilation of Illuminati mind control symbolism.

Trippie Redd's "Topanga": A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

The obligatory “one eye hidden” pic which confirms that Trippie Redd is submitted to the occult elite.

If you need more confirmation of the Satanic agenda behind Trippie, the lead single from his debut album provides it. Big time.


Trippie Redd’s song Topanga samples the 2006 gospel song It Ain’t Over by Maurette Brown Clark. The original gospel song has a heavy “Lord praising” vibe as the chorus goes like this:

It ain’t over until God says it’s over
It ain’t over until God says it’s done
It ain’t over until God says it’s over
Keep fighting until your victory is won

In Trippie Redd’s version, the words “It ain’t over” are sampled as he sings the following:

Don’t talk to strangers
Since a youngin’ I’ve been totin’ bangers
I might take that lil’ b—tch to Topanga
I said, “Stop, little b—tch, you in danger”

The song is basically about Trippie bring a “lil b—tch” to his hometown and him shooting guns.

As it is often the case in the entertainment industry, the music video takes things to another, Satanic level. Directed by fashion photographer Kenneth Cappello, the video is an all-out Black Mass ritual.

Trippie Redd's "Topanga": A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

This is a picture posted on Kenneth Capello’s Instagram account: An eye hidden +  devil horns: Everything you need to understand the true meaning of the video.

Trippie Redd's "Topanga": A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

As we hear the song’s gospel-infused beat,  we see Redd flanked by two horned skulls. He wears a robe and holds two snakes. Things are about to get very satanic.

In the spiritual context of the video, snakes can represent Satan taking the form of a serpent in the Book of Eden.

Then, the video turns into an all-out ritual.

Trippie Redd's "Topanga": A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

This scene sums up the entire video. The pentagram surrounded by candles indicates that ceremonial magic is taking place.

Trippie Redd's "Topanga": A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

A typical witchcraft magical circle using a pentacle and candles.

In another scene, we see the result of Redd’s magical dealings.

Trippie Redd's "Topanga": A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

Surrounded by his cult followers, Redd starts levitating.

References to magical levitation can be found throughout history and cultures. In some cases, it is associated with divine power and, in others, the result of demonic activity.

Trippie Redd's "Topanga": A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

An illustration from the 1681 book Saducismus Triumphatus depicting a child levitating due to witchcraft.

In some religions, magical levitation (through sorcery) is interpreted as an affront to God.

“Levitation by magic was depicted in Jewish texts to be practiced by Balaam who lived at the time of Moses. Magic involves directly ordering the spirits to carry out tasks thereby ignoring God. Instead of submission to God, self pride and ego of the individual is used to order the spirits to carry out tasks such as levitation.”
– Summers Montague, Witchcraft and Black Magic

This concept is famously exemplified in the story of Simon Magus – the sorcerer credited to be the founder of Gnosticism. To prove that he was a god to people in the Forum, Simon Magus began levitating. Then, the apostle Peter prays to God to stop his flying, and he stops mid-air and falls into a place called “the Sacra Via” (meaning “Holy Way” in Latin), breaking his legs “in three parts”.

In short, the act of levitating through magic symbolically represents the ultimate goal of occultism: Achieving godliness through one’s own means. Therefore, the fact that Trippie levitates in video carries heavy symbolic meaning.

Then, things are taken to another satanic level.

Trippie Redd's "Topanga": A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

The girls drop acid.

When the drugs kick in, the girls basically lose their minds and their soul.

Trippie Redd's "Topanga": A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

This girl convulses violently while holding a snake. That’s a bad trip.

Trippie Redd's "Topanga": A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

This girl has no pupils and a snake is chilling on her head. This clearly represents being possessed by evil.

Towards the end of the video, a Christian ritual is desecrated to turn the video into pure Satanic Black Mass.

Trippie Redd's "Topanga": A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

In this scene, Redd wears a white veil as if he was a bride. He also wears a crown of candles.

The crown of candles is a direct reference to Saint Lucy Day as celebrated in Italia, Scandinavia and some parts of the United States.

Trippie Redd's "Topanga": A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

Swedish girl as Saint Lucy wearing a crown of candles

Why would Trippie Redd dress as Saint Lucy? Because Black Masses are about desecrating Christian traditions and perverting their meaning.

A deeper look at the story of Saint Lucy gives this video a meaning that is even more disturbing.

Known as St. Lucia of Syracuse the woman was honored in the Middle Ages and remained a well-known saint in early modern England. According to legend she brought food and aid to Christians hiding in the catacombs using a candle-lit wreath to light her way and leave her hands free to carry as much food as possible.

In addition she helped her fellow Catholics hiding in the dark underground catacombs who were at risk of suffering persecution.

Saint Lucy was also well known for her beautiful eyes. It was said that her eyes radiated her love for Christ.

However, her mother who feared for Lucy’s future arranged a marriage to a young man of a wealthy pagan family. Lucy’s mother suffered from a bleeding disorder and her condition made Lucy deeply worried.

One night, while dreaming, Lucy saw Saint Agatha who had been martyred fifty-two years during the Decian persecution. The saint told Lucy that because of her faith in God her mother would be cured and that Lucy would be the glory of Syracuse, as she was of Catania.

With her mother cured, Lucy took the opportunity to persuade her mother to allow her to distribute a great part of her riches among the poor.

When the Governor of Syracuse learned the jewelry had been given away to the poor he became furious. The governor sentenced her to forced prostitution, but when guards went to fetch her, they could not move her even when they hitched her to a team of oxen. The governor ordered her killed instead. After torture that included having her eyes torn out, she was surrounded by bundles of wood which were set afire; they went out. She prophesied against her persecutors, and was executed by being stabbed to death with a dagger. Her name is listed in the prayer “Nobis quoque peccatoribus” in the Canon of the Mass.

Legend says her eyesight was restored before her death. That was the reason she became the patron saint for people who are blind and suffer eye disorders.
– Ancient Pages, Why We Celebrate Saint Lucy’s Day

Trippie Redd's "Topanga": A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

Saint Lucy by Domenico Beccafumi, 1521. Saint Lucy is traditionally depicted as holding her eyes on a golden cup or plate.

Considering the fact that Saint Lucy got her eyes torn out and became the patron saint of the blind, this scene from the Trippie Redd video takes on a more sinister meaning.

Trippie Redd's "Topanga": A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

Redd’s followers have drawn-on eyes. They’re forcibly blind.

The video ends with a final act of desecration.

Trippie Redd's "Topanga": A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

The wreath of candles that was on Redd’s head is thrown on the ground. No respect for Saint Lucy.

In Conclusion

While Trippie Redd appears to be an eccentric individual, his act is 100% in line with the elite’s agenda which includes normalizing satanism through deceptive symbolism. Through obscure yet unmistakeable references, the videos is an actual satanic Black Mass, complete with invocations and the desecration of Christian symbols and rituals.

Of course, Trippie Redd wasn’t the mastermind behind this video. The visuals of Topanga were created by a fashion industry photographer who is fully aware of occult elite symbolism. Trippie, like many other young artists in his position, is a mere pawn in the grand scheme of things.

XXXtentacion, Trippie’s former associate was going through the same path. Indeed, X rapped about selling his soul to Baphomet and wore hats saying “Team Satan 666”. Oddly enough, X was killed 06/18/18, a date which can be kabbalistically translated to 6/6+6+6/6+6+6. Coincidence? Perhaps.

No matter what the case may be, as Trippie Redd enters deeper into the darker realms of the music industry, I’d like to dedicate a line from his own song to him:

“Stop that now, you in danger”

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Trippie Redd's "Topanga": A Satanic Ritual Disguised as a Music Video

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another reader

These performers always flatter themselves that they are creative and cutting edge, when really their personas, music, videos and photoshoots are slavishly banal and unoriginal, following the same tediously depressing pattern. But, that makes sense, since neither creativity, beauty nor divine inspiration have ever been associated with Satan.




true but we should also feel sorry for them and pray for them because they usually are victims of mkultra programming since childhood or picked because they have a traumatic childhood and are easily programmed, brainwashed etc most of them are slaves not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. It is part of why Jesus said “Forgive them, Father for they do not know what they do” There are those who willingly follow satan and those who were brainwashed to. we got to pray for them that they may be able to hear and understand God’s word, Accept Jesus is the Messiah and thus be freed


Same trend, different victim since they’re a bunch of nobodies that praise themselves with the occasional occult themes and rituals set out by whoever owns them from the Illuminati.


Their handlers must realize how boring and predictable the patterns have become.

…and they wonder why alternative media is rising. Heh.


Good stuff. I will add that the archons and their leader, the demiurge, do not have the ability to create. This is one of the primary reasons they hate humanity, because Source created us with this inherent ability. The archons lack imagination as a result. This is why the archons (also known as demons/djinn) need humanity to do their bidding and create a world on earth in their image. The London Olympics opening (possibly closing, can’t remember) ceremony is a great example of what the archons want manifest on earth. This is all great news for us humans, as we possess far more power than our great nemesis and could easily eradicate them if only we woke up to our powerful creator selves.


i dont even want to be a rapper anymore.


You still could be if you write your own rhymes, copyright them and do some research on how to distribute your music independently. Then work on performing your raps at open mic nights at some local clubs! I think that could be a possibility for you. You should look into it. Never give up on your dreams;) ! Don’t let “them” win!


ermmmmm YES YOU CAN….DONT LET ANY OF THIS STOP YOU FROM FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS. THESE ARE ARTIST THAT ARE LOST SOULS AND THE ONLY THING YOU CAN DO IS ASK GOD TO FORGIVE THEM AND PRAY FOR THEM. Dont let sin get the best of you as long as you keep God with you and remember it is HE that gave you life and HE that gave you the gift. THE DEVIL IS A LIAR. Continue in walking in the right path and dont be lead by this foolishness that there representing.

God bless x


Catholicism and sainthood are not Christian beliefs. Catholicism is occultism mixing in Christian beliefs to look good. Everything about saints reeks of occultic rituals and stories. Miracles Jesus and the disciples performed with God’s power, were always practical and for a reason. Not for some esoteric bunch of sensationalism. That’s what Herod tried to get Jesus to do, and Jesus refused.


The definition of Christianity is faith in Jesus Christ, that’s what Catholics believe in. “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? Luke 6 41-42


Christianity has nothing to do with a guy called Jesus.
Christ is a title not a name.
Christians have existed since white men came to earth.
Rome/Judea took over the real kristian belief and made that sick church thing out of it.

Do your homework.


Rome=Catholicism, not Christianity. The bible says they, the disciples, were first called Christians in Antioch, not in Rome. Jesus the Christ, or Jesus the Messiah (so, yes, it is a “title” so to speak)was from Palestine, as was Abraham, so they could not have had euro-centric features. But thats no matter because it was HIS own people that called for him to be crucified. His death was to call our attention to our need for a supernatural remedy for sin that became present and took root in all people regardless of their DNA.


Christianity is by and for, the white race only. You are an idiot if you think the original inhabitants of the Middle East weren’t European whites. Remnants of those original people still exist in pockets all over the place! Same for the Americas as well. Think of it like this. In less than 100 years the USA has gone from 90% white to 60% white and falling fast. You think the people of over three thousand years ago are the exact same people that are there now!? Come on. Egypt, India, were built by superior beings and the current inhabitants can’t even figure out how to use toilets. If you read and actually understand the Bible, it is anti race mixing (tower of Babel) and Jesus Himself says he came only for the lost sheep of Israel, no one else. And what calls itself “Jew” now is not. Adam means “ruddy”, to be able to blush. Only whites can blush, only whites are created in God’s image. I’m sure he created everyone else too for some reason, and Christianity can probably only benefit and civilize them (as much as they are able to comprehend but that’s also called “pearls before… Read more »

Dan Wachira

To all those who believe Jesus or Jews are Caucasians: All humans in this world are either from Shem, Ham or Japheth. White people are from Japheth. Black people are Hamites, although they are not the only ones. Jesus is of Shem and so are the Jews when He was in Israel at that time. But that doesnt matter any more, Jesus is Lord of all Colors, Tribes, Lands and Genders.


On one hand you say Christinity is about faith in Jesus, and the equate that with Catholicism, where the words of Christ and the bible have the least amount of authority. You say faith in Jesus, yet in Catholicism, Mary is refered to as co-redeemer. THATS not Christian, nor biblical. That is, bbn however, PAGAN.


The “bbn” in the above last sentence is meaningless and a slip of my thumb.


People like you are forever pulling scriptures out of the Bible when you don’t even live by it lol. You need to go read your work because you clearly can’t desern between truth and lies. There is a huge difference in judging and giving an opinion.

Catholics and Christians are two complete playing fields. Catholics include Jesus, saints ,and Mary within a lot of their worship along with a lot of other false practices and beliefs. A lot of their practices are false because it says it in the Bible!! Where’s Christians follow Jesus Christ/God and him only. I’m not going to waste my time explaining because you can find out those false beliefs yourself. Because Wikipedia and the dictionary won’t tell ya!


You won’t win over this crowd, they’re disgustingly prejudiced against anyone that isn’t Born Again or Protestant. Protestants are champions at judging everyone as if THEY authorities on faith as if *they* are God. Only God judges in the end, not them.


I agree sainthood is not a Christian belief,.. why that would be mistaken – I have no idea. Are there really people nowadays who worship saints to the point where they say they are not Christians, but are for example, Saint Lucy-ians??


They don’t worship saints, they venerate them as God’s special helpers. There is a difference between praying to a saint as if they are a god, and praying to them to ask them to intercede on your behalf with God.

Unfortunately Protestantism doesn’t understand this and they also have removed the correct ways and channels to God. Chanting, fasting, specific prayers, adherence to the liturgical calendar, incense, communion, all exist for a reason.

These things also do not prevent you from having a close personal relationship with the Lord, a priest and confession, the sacraments, etc, are there to assist you in your spiritual journey.

But I am not a Catholic, I believe Orthodoxy to be the closest to the truth.


Sounds like rituals, much like what Jesus spoke out against with the Pharisees.


Jesus spoke against rituals for their own sake, rather than seeing the point of those rituals. Jesus himself followed the rituals of the Temple, celebrated Passover, etc.

The fact is that Catholic Christianity is the only Christianity which truly comes from the beginning – the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ. This is why its traditions are the main target of atheists, satanists and protestants alike.


Protestants have NEVER abandoned their prejudice and ignorance on Catholicism. NO CATHOLIC “worships” saints, NO CATHOLIC worships statues, either. What non-Catholics refuse to see, is that we look at them as EXAMPLES to teach us what faith can mean when pushed to the limits of mortal ego. Saints are considered “best case scenario” of a human’s abilities to be filled with unflappable strength and are someone to aspire to when persecuted for believing in ONE GOD, one SON. And, Mary IS important, and if you deny that, you deny *God’s choice* in making her the mother of God. As for the ritual? It’s symbolic. Anyone with half a brain can absorb that. At least we forgive and don’t assume we have domain over sinners’ souls as if we’re God. Confess, work to change what sin you’ve committed and you’re received positively. Sin repeatedly, and we STILL pray for you, regardless. At least we understand there’s only one judge, jury, and King, and that’s GOD. So any time *a human mortal* starts spouting their narrow minded judgement, I pray for them. Because judging fellow humans on how they find Jesus as if *they are* God, is the biggest sin of all:… Read more »


Catholicism is the first Christian church – Catholics don’t worship saints and they don’t worship Mary. Catholics worship only God, Jesus, the holy Ghost – the trinity.


Your sentiment is not biblical. It is however Catholic doctrine. The bible says they were first called CHRISTIANS, in Antioch and the early church met house to house. Also, if Catholics worship Christ as savior and redeemer, and according to Catholoc doctrine, Mary is co-redemptrix, guess what that means? You will also worship Mary, because you see her as equally responsible for your salvation.


The doctrine that Mary is co-redemptrix recognises the important role that Mary had in God’s plan for salvation.
St Paul says he “saves” others in Romans 11 and 1 Corinthians 9, yet we don’t “worship” St Paul. Rather, St Paul was an instrument of God in bringing his salvation to those people. Mary is unique in that her instrumentality brought salvation to the world by her giving birth to God the Son.
As Concerned said, Catholics only worship and adore the Holy Trinity – the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. You saying that we worship Mary doesn’t make it so. Unless you dare to presume that you can read hearts and judge the souls of Catholics, thereby usurping the prerogative of God and his Church.


Wow. So prejudiced.


I wonder if just by looking at this video you take part in this satanic ritual. This is so demonic.

Elyse Clarke

Honestly though

D D d

Now, don’t you start giving your friends the one-eye too, please 😐


That’s what I hear.


Yes, you do take a part of satanic ritual , if you watch it. So never watch and dont let ur beloved ones watch it. Thè goal of such videos is amplification of its satanic effect by massive participation of people across media facilities. They created media only for this purpose

shaolin Fantastic

This is the most demonic video yet. The new Poppy video is pretty bad too (I’m certain that VC will be covering it soon). This stuff is everywhere now. What happened to music? Every last corner of the art form has been saturated in it. I even see satanic symbolism in rave culture now. VC did a great job with this article, especially with the research about St. Lucy. The only thing that I’m surprised that wasn’t mentioned (especially because VC is all about exposing symbolism), is the significance of the number 14 which is all over TR’s body and music project artwork. What does it mean?


I believe 14 is associated with Osiris and Crowley. See John Podesta and the #14 and the fish on his hands.


@shaolin Fantastic: also the duality of the 2 “victim” women while the ritual. We have a black and a white woman. Duality = Freemasonry/Occult
@Erin: The fish and the 14 in context with Podesta means “Fish for teen” which is pedo symbolism.. Should fit with the “girl symbol”-tattoo


It’s called not having any talent. The problem is in their attempt to be cool & edgy they don’t realize what doors they are opening.


The doors of perception.


It can be as Erin said, Osiris was cut into 15 pieces (I think?) and was put together again except for his phallus, which was eaten by a fish. That’s why of the 14 and the fish thing


@shaolin. Based on what Erin said,
“John Podesta and the #14 and the fish on his hands.”,
I found the following, by searching the internet:

“Osiris was murdered and cut up into 14
pieces by his brother Set and scattered
throughout the land of Egypt.

Osiris’s wife Isis set out to find all of the
pieces of his body to resurrect him. She
found all but the 14th piece, his phallus,
which was eaten by fish (now cursed
because of this) in the river Nile.

Isis made a phallus out of gold and
temporary resurrected Osiris so she could
conceive a child. Their offspring is the god

14 + fish = the male phallus symbolizing
power, sex magick and resurrection. ”
I guess VC forgot to explain this…


This is a bowdlerized version of the story of Nimrod, Seth, and Semiramis.

Simone Cordeiro

girl, if I’m not wrong, VC wrote this story in the post before this one.So be calm, because a lot of the information we have today and gave us some light in the darkness, came from the vigilant citizen, who searched before us and for us.


@Simone. Why are you asking me to be calm? I am calm. I only stated that VC forgot to mention this. I’m not criticizing VC, it’s a great site (really, very, very good), I always read all of its articles. But it’s written by a human being. And sometimes people forgot about certain details, just this. So it’s ok, I’m not criticizing the author, I’m just pointing out this fact, I think the writer forgot to mention this fact about the #14. And yes, I think VC wrote this story too in a previous article. I couldn’t find the post, but I’m pretty sure about this.


I went there, at the previous article. Yes, IT IS THERE. Lol. I forgot this. You see? Everybody makes mistakes. I forgot that this detail was there.

Simone Cordeiro



Makes so much sense now why yves st laurent came out with the gold p---s jewelry! Whoa


VC has explained it many times, no need for him to repeat himself.

Tara Adams

Played-out, boring occult gimmic is an attempt to divert your attention from the fact that these illiterates (Trippi Dippie is way too DUMB to be involved in anything occultic)have NO talent. Oh, it’s so bOring, already. Worrisome part is that millions of under-educated, media-conditioned kids, love this crap.

L Pete

It isn’t only a gimmick for the reasons you stated. This “gimmick” has been a thread in music entertainment for decades. Only since about 2012 has the industry been so blatant about it. If it’s only a fad, it will go away. It won’t. Mark my word.


He’s right though…these new music “artists” literally have nothing going for them except being weirdos. Untalented. Unoriginal. Unintelligent.

D D d

Lil Pete, wy did you state it all happened from 2012? Why being this specific? Or maybe one of the upvoters could tell us?


Speaking of illiterates, R. Kelly is one and thats common knowledge in the showbiz and not only.


This gimmick has been around forever. I remember the 80’s and 90’s full of metal and grunge band s with satanic occult themes. Motley Crue …. look at nirvana heart shape box video, Alice In Chains again video. Many of the horror genre developed then.Its been around forever in the entertainment industry because it’s controlled by the true demons , not their imps.

Thy Unveiling

True, but even Kiss or Alice Cooper were never *this* blatantly demonic. Even with Gene Simmons being The Demon. They were obvious, but also still beLIEvably using “a gimmick.” True, it wasn’t simply “for shock value” but they still didn’t do stuff like this. Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie (who recently did a very Satanic “Twins of Evil” tour together) come close to this new breed of rappers. However; that’s just it. You expect this Satanic crap from rockers and metal groups. Rappers used to rap about their struggles or butts. Then they started rapping about their anger and butts. Then it became whatever THE HELL it is now. Although Insane Clown Posse and them kinda “popularised” the “horrorcore” genre. Tech N9ne, I guess, would be the grand-daddy of these new weird black rappers. (Not saying race plays a role here, but I haven’t seen any young white rappers running around with clown mops on their heads and face tattoos looking like the hellspawn of Rob Zombie and 1990s ICP. Though I’m not exactly “in the loop” with what’s going on in the music world these days, so maybe I’m wrong.) I almost miss the stupid songs about butts. I… Read more »


How can people listen to this trash music? It’s not even good.


Dropping acid in videos? Wtf – they have no guilt or shame…I met the devil a couple of times on acid…life changing experiences

Tara Adams

I met nobody, dropping acid, beside my own, destructive, “evil” side of myself. That was a life-changing experience…one I didn’t really need the acid for. I just liked tripping. 😀

L Pete

I discussed reality with my best friend for about 6 hours until I came to a conclusion that Jesus was God and that I needed to repent and follow him. That conclusion has stuck now for 18 years.


Yes! I had a similar resolution back in December 2017. Changed my life forever.

Now I truly understand what it meand to accept Jesus Christ into your heart and be saved.

Oppression’s Enemey

L Pete

Jesus is not God but a messenger of God. Christians are limiting God by saying he walked as a man. Man has limitations. Saying the creator of the universe chose to become a flawed human being is the cardinal sin and as blasphemous as it gets. I can’t blame any of you though because you don’t know any better. Instead I blame Paul for perverting the original monotheistic teachings of Jesus (peace be upon him).

Get it right

SON of God

Oppression’s Enemey

To God belongs the kingdom of the heavens and earth and whatever and whoever is in, on and between them. God is the Supreme authority in the heavens and earth, and He is the Creator, Provider and Sustainer who decides all the affairs of the creation as He wills. All creatures are God’s servants and are owned by Him. Therefore, how could one of them be His son? God has no equal or rival sharing His grace and greatness, so how can He have a son when He has no wife? The whole notion of God begetting a son for the sole purpose of sacrificing him for our sins is absurd.

Oppression's Fall

1st of all, who said you could not have a son without a wife?? Is everyone married nowadays prior to sleeping with people? Who lied to you??

Oppression’s Enemey

Oppression’s Fall

You are better than to associate God with the immoral sins people are committing today out of their own desires. Do you not see that today’s Christians adhere more to the satanic philosophy of “do what thou wilt” than any of the teachings of Jesus? Since Jesus died for all of our sins, we can just keep on sining over, and over, and over again. The Christians of the 1950s would never utter the same sentence you just did. Why do you think that is?


If All creatures are God’s servants, why do Atheists exist? Do they serve God? If Jesus is the SON of God, how can Jesus be his equal? A father can never be exactly the same as his son

Oppression’s Enemey

That’s right. All creatures are God’s servants and belong to him. You see, God created everyone so that they may worship Him, and Him alone. He also gave everyone (aside from The Angels) free will to do as they please. Everyone is born a Muslim until they decide to follow whatever they desire. If someone dies an atheist before returning to Allah, then there will be a sever punishment for them in the afterlife. Islam means submission to the will of God and Allah means God in Arabic, the same language The Quran (the final revelation) is in. A lot of people mistakenly attribute Islam to only the Middle East, But Muslim simply means one that has submitted to the will of God. Furthermore, nothing can be equal to God or his likeness, which is the point I am trying to get across to my fellow Christian brothers and sisters. In the Quran Allah says: O followers of the Book! do not exceed the limits in your religion, and do not speak (lies) against Allah, but (speak) the truth; the Messiah, Isa son of Marium is only an apostle of Allah and His Word which He communicated to Marium and… Read more »

Eric Lewis

Not true when it comes to royalty. When the prince son speaks for his king father, his word is as the word of his father. His voice as the voice and authority ofnhis father. When the son stood in place for his father, he stood with all authority of the king who wasnt visible, or in their presence.


You should look up the concept of the holy trinity. $Jesus was not 100% man since the Holy Spirit was involved in his creation. God used human birth for this. However, Jesus is an Integral part of God, he just served a specific purpose here on earth. Jesus is God but incarnated.


Incorrect. Jesus is God, the creator of the universe. He is perfect in his humanity, i.e. he has no flaws. Your false prophet perverted the true teachings of the Church to satisfy his bloodlust and his desire for many wives.

It’s of no consequence

Hi Tara. I had very liberating experiences due to psychedelics. LSD, among other things, were a catalyzing element which helped pull me out of the depths of an atheistic belief structure which, for me, fueled depression and thoughts of suicide. Almost out of desperation, I began a journey, largely influenced by psychedelic substances, which eventually brought me to a place of realization that there is a definite divine order and an intelligent creator ( to use such limiting things as words to describe it is as best I can ). Basically, I was lead from darkness, partially through prayer and partially through psychedelics, into a spiritual lightness I hadn’t experienced before. This end result is not universal, though I know many others who have experienced the same. I have also seen people lose their minds on these same substances and never quite get them back. There is still so much we don’t understand and need to learn. All of that being said, LSD and other such substances have been used, or so I’ve read, in mind control experiments and possibly in satanic rituals among other things. Does this mean it is inherently evil? A good question. I say no. I… Read more »


Satanic BS aside, this gimp is incredibly UGLY and has ZERO talent, it baffles me how losers like this get rich and famous.

Stojan Gosev

Topanga Canyon in California is where the infamous Manson family cult lived.Charles Manson was a cult leader that brainwashed a group of predominantly into taking murdering people for him.He controlled them through drug use(acid just like in the video),and manipulation.He was also heavily into the ouccultism.The video and song are both references for murder and the Manson family cult killings.So its not meant to be satanic its just a reference…got it?

D D d

Just a reference., man you are not stopping thinkin’ after just the one association here? Never mind all the people surrounding Manson, inviting him in their homes, at parties. Where did he get the dope? He is in a lot of biographies and autobiographies, doing the occult thing for a hobby.

Thy Unveiling

I often forget Topanga is not simply a character from Boy Meets World…


This is hilarious. Not that I really care, I’m past that. If these ppl feel they need to do this good or bad for them lmao. But this video is kinda funny because it’s really way too cliche. And his tattoos and he denies being into Satan? It just shows how dumb these young people getting into the music industry nowadays are. At least admit it. Like I can picture him sitting there signing his record contract and the powers that be saying: Dude, you’ll get power, money, fame bla bla bla but what you gotta do is you gotta get all these tattoos and you gotta make all these videos with Satanic symbolism in it. And he’s like: Sure, no problem, sign me up! Without thinking about what’s happening. I’m sorry I can’t really take that serious. They’re all responsible for their own bs. PS: Check people’s comments out on Youtube, everyone knows what he’s doing they still support this bs. If at least the song was good but damn, it’s terrible.

D D d

Compare it to the next presidential elections. How dumb can people be, believing in change by proxy?

Bethany Michelle Hawkins

Thank you so much for posting this!!!!! I needed you to do an in depth report on him. This is Bethany (the girl who sent you the topanga video)

Simone Cordeiro

but… is it not enough of marilyn manson’s s--t? I’m so tired of these idiots pretending to be demons, what the f--k they gain with it??? fame or followers? if it’s followers, really? fame, reaaaaaallllyyyy??? dumbass people, i’m so glad i know some few things enough to maintain me in same side of the truth, so that i cannot be hurt in the future.


poor li’l trippie, he so whack
singin’ fo’ his suppa he gets no slack
from the old white men that control slim
and his li’l friend satan, who will destroy him


Lucy also for satanist means lucifer, as short version, alluding to latin “lux” light. For them, the lucifer is a light bringing, which opens the eyes of blind genuine people and so, those enlightened ones become illuminati. In this satanic video santa lucia is coded name of satan lucy – lucifer. Thè rapper satanist enlightened his fanats and gave thenm new fake eyes designed on the real closed eyes. So the idiots following actually believe they r enlightened, but in fact they r blinded by satan,being kidded by the fake eyes


all I see is desperation…such disfigured intentions only appear as disgusting to those who really know what’s going on


Perhaps Topanga is a reference to Topanga Canyon in Los Angeles – One of the places linked to Charles Manson around the time of the Tate Murders. Interesting to read about the element of Saint Lucy.



Jessi Hill

Interesting that “Trippie’s” birthday is June 18, 1999.


,,black power” he sounds like nazism.


The term N--i=National Socialist German Workers Party. There is no HUGE difference. N--i=National Socialism.


Being German is not a race, Being Black is.. Being German is a nationality Being Black isn’t. Being German is a choice, Being Black isn’t – HUGE difference.


The 14 (7+7) stands for sorcerery, according to Mark Passio. Check out his videos on Youtube. He’s a Luciferian, and he explains it very clearly.


the video is so poor it’s cheap immature…. and much to exaggerated in it’s over the top imagery to be taken seriously by any reasonably sane individual – so the best it can hope for is that of a parody….in mockery of those other symbol filled ego caravans that puke themselves over the airwaves.


D D d

So, an occult tradition asks for neatness and straight lines now? It is not about intention anymore? A lot of children do not have the intention of cleaning their room – they need a hero too, no?


I don’t know what it asks for – DDd – other than the obvious dull-headedness….which as said, in this case…could only be stretched to a far out level of flaky plausability if the watcher was of unsound mind – as in someone in a straightjacket….unless they’re making them invisible nowadays – restraining from birth ?…is that where the future lies – Insanity – well perhaps, as what do we expect – these new confused HumanDroids, with what remains of faint instinct, carelessly seeking something Real – would it matter to them if it light or dark….?
No – don’t be silly – it’s just a Poxy video – isn’t it.

D D d

Instincts, yes , finally someone who accepts that the new generation has a different dna than the older generations. Different childhoods different rolemodels, all is different. Different food, different perfumes, no smelling flowers in gardens or vases, no cookies with cinnamon but aroma, no yogurt with strawberry but aroma, no butter in their food but palmfat with ..aroma. So they have a different set of associations, and a different make up of cells in their bodies. Think, chilkdren have a lot of different molecules from their parents who did got to eat som real food before ingredient-laws were changed, and changed again. Or the prohibiting of dropping of mandatory labeling of genetically changed ingredients.
But still the children need to grow up and behave like adults, so, parents, you have to teach them, as schools give a different education than the one you had – too. And please, do not put them in front of the television as todlers. Look around and see what for example the teletubies demolished in so many people.


Although your insights are interesting, I respectfully disagree with the real food thing. My generation (born in the ‘80) ate all the wrong stuff, industrialised crap, no eco-bio-healthy trends like we’re seeing now. My children are definitely eating a looot better than me as a child 🙂

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