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Lil Uzi Vert’s “XO Tour Llif3” is Straight Up Satanic



Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3" is Straight Up Satanic

Lil Uzi Vert has been described as a “the future of hip-hop”. Apparently, the future is extra satanic. His video XO Tour Llif3 is proof of it.

Warning: This article contains disturbing images.

Say “Lil Uzi Vert” quickly a couple of times. Does it sound like Lil Lucifer? Well, that’s pretty much the point of this article. Thanks for tuning in and see you next time.

Oh, wait, I didn’t even get into the XO Tour Llif3 video. Because, this thing is blatantly satanic, complete with ritualistic symbolism. If in the past, some rappers were accused of being “devil worshippers” using obscure evidence, Lil Uzi Vert makes things rather obvious. Unfortunately, that doesn’t prevent this young artist from being insanely popular.

Lil Lucifer

Lil Uzi Vert has a “rabid” following, hundreds of millions of YouTube views, and enjoys industry acclaim. Most recently, XO Tour Llif3 won the “Song of the Summer” Award at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. Music magazine Noisey describes Lil Uzi as being “particularly charismatic, a natural entertainer who is for better or for worse, yanking people into the future.” 

Lil Uzi does indeed represent a new generation of hip-hop artists who sing about being sedated on Xanax and who enjoy wearing women’s clothing.

Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3" is Straight Up Satanic

Lil Uzi at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. Fun fact, he reportedly paid $2,400 for that pretty sweater.

More importantly, Lil Uzi enjoys wearing specific pieces of jewelry that sum up everything he is truly about.

Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3" is Straight Up Satanic

The “official portrait” of Lil Uzi at the Billboard awards. Around his neck: An inverted cross.

Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3" is Straight Up Satanic

Lil Uzi wears a big inverted cross chain during an interview with Complex.

As Vigilant Citizen readers surely know, the symbol of the inverted cross is a staple in satanic symbolism. It plays on the classic black magic practice of inverting and corrupting Christian symbols for ritualistic purposes.

Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3" is Straight Up Satanic

A Church of Satan altar featuring an inverted cross.

Lil Uzi also likes to wear this $220,000 chain:

Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3" is Straight Up Satanic

Lil Uzi’s chain: Marilyn Manson wearing Mickey Mouse ears.

Lil Uzi calls Marilyn Manson “his greatest inspiration”. While he probably enjoys his music, there appears to be another thing linking both artists: The Church of Satan.

Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3" is Straight Up Satanic

Marilyn Manson posing with Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan.

Manson is very fond of LaVey and his Church. Indeed, the AntiChrist Superstar was deeply involved with the organization.

On an off-day from the band’s tour with Nine Inch Nails in San Francisco, Manson received a call telling him that Church of Satan founder Anton Szandor LaVey requested his presence. “Near the end of our visit, he said, ‘I want to make you a Reverend,’ and gave me a crimson card certifying me as a minister in the Church of Satan,” Manson wrote in his autobiography. “It was like an honorary degree from a university.”

Consequences: Manson penned the foreword to LaVey’s final book, Satan Speaks!, which came out in 1997. “Anton LaVey shared his magic, and I think it has made this wretched f-----g planet a better place,” he wrote in it.
– Rolling Stone, The Golden Age of Grotesque: Marilyn Manson’s Most Shocking Moments

Knowing all of this information, would you be surprised to know that Lil Uzi’s most popular video is pure satanism?

XO Tour Llif3

The song is reportedly about Lil Uzi’s relationship issues with his ex-girlfriend, Brittany Byrd. It also addresses topics dear to today’s hip-hop artists: Money, death, suicide, depression, and popping pills.

However, the video takes the song to a deeper level by adding a layer of dark spirituality to it. Although clearly present, usually allusions to satanism in mass media are somewhat subtle.

For instance, one curious feature of the video is the Arabic subtitles.

Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3" is Straight Up Satanic

Arabic subtitles appear to be translating the song’s lyrics.

According to the co-director of the video Alvin Sonic, the subtitles were added because he liked how they looked “wrong”. There is indeed something “wrong” with the subtitles: They are backward. And, in Islamic theology, backward writing is associated with black magic. Indeed, a Sihr (meaning a hex or a spell) almost always entails writing verses from the Quran backward, sometimes in blood. It is sometimes referred to as the “language of Sheitan” (Satan). Later in the video, we see Lil Uzi writing in blood.

While some might believe that it was simply a mistake from the video director’s part, the rest of the video also points to it being intentionally satanic. Hence, this other scene.

Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3" is Straight Up Satanic

Here Lil Uzi lays in a bathtub, fully dressed. There’s like 6 inverted crosses around his neck (we only see one in this screenshot).

Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3" is Straight Up Satanic

The scene is juxtaposed with a bloody possessed girl laying in bath water as well. Are they the same person? Are they connected somehow?

Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3" is Straight Up Satanic

Then, Lil Uzi is thrown out of the bath by the guy filming. It’s a reverse baptism.

This scene plays on the same black magic concept that also applies to inverted writing, inverted crosses, and inverted pentagrams. It is about the corruption of “holy” symbols for black magic.

In the above scene, Lil Uzi reverses the religious rite of baptism, which consists in being submerged in water. While the represents purification, regeneration, and admission to the Christian Church, the reversing the rite represents the exact opposite. In short, it is satanic, Black mass stuff.

Death Culture

On top of the spiritual symbolism, the video goes deep into another agenda: The culture of death. Indeed, pop culture loves to make death appear cool, edgy, and fashionable. The hook of the song, which is repeated about 424 times, is about suicide.

She said: “I am not afraid to die.”
All my friends are dead
Push me to the edge

Most people in the video are dead. Or about to die. Or a zombie. Or possessed. Or something.

Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3" is Straight Up Satanic

Lil Uzi strangling himself. They say that “eyes are the windows to your soul”. White eyes symbolically mean no soul.

Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3" is Straight Up Satanic

Lil Uzi points guns to his head.

There’s also a bunch of undead girls walking around a cemetery and doing death-related stuff.

Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3" is Straight Up Satanic

Death. So cool.

Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3" is Straight Up Satanic

This girl might need a bath and an exorcism … Probably an exorcism first or the bath won’t go too well.

Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3" is Straight Up Satanic

Lil Uzi writes something in blood … until he passes out. So cool.

While everybody’s going through hell, The Weeknd is chilling. He’s also telling us that this is all sanctioned by the occult elite – their rulers.

During the bridge, Lil Uzi chants a somewhat enigmatic line.

She say: “You’re the worst, you’re the worst.”
I cannot die because this my universe

This refers to a core concept in modern-day satanism. From the Church of Satan website:

Satanist understands that all Gods are fiction, instead of bending a knee in worship to—or seeking friendship or unity with—such mythical entities, he places himself at the center of his own subjective universe as his own highest value.

Lil Lucifer ends the video with a sign that sums up this entire video.

Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3" is Straight Up Satanic

A little shoutout to the devil before the end of the video.

In Conclusion

Lil Uzi Vert is considered, by many, to be the “future of hip-hop”. He apparently embodies the sound, the style and the attitude of the new generation of entertainers. Judging by the enormous amount of people who consider his stuff to be “lit”, he’s definitely striking a chord with young people.

He’s also part of a new “hip-hop lifestyle” that mixes heavy pill popping to bring extreme numbness, death idealization, mental health issues and a fascination with dark spirituality. On a wider scale, one can argue that society, in general, appears to be moving in that direction. Is popular culture influencing society or is society influencing popular culture? Both. This entire lifestyle is currently being facilitated and promoted through various channels.

Like countless other products analyzed on this site, XO Tour Llif3 leaves viewers with an unsettling aftertaste, a gut feeling that something “wrong” was just witnessed. While the video might be a representation of the personal inner-turmoil of Lil Uzi Vert, it also represents the outer-turmoil of pop culture today.

The elite is looking to create a generation of people that is debased, depressed, and heavily medicated. Mentally and physically numb, these subjects are then exposed to the powerful symbolism of black magic, which is based on profound spiritual corruption. Stars who can make this entire lifestyle appealing are welcomed to the music industry with open arms … until these arms strangle them to death.


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Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3" is Straight Up Satanic

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The mere fact that everything in pop culture lauds Satanic rhetoric proves that they think it is real. The greatest trick of the Devil is to convince people he is not real. A steady dose of this stuff to dumbed down., me first, asleep generation is nothing more than a way to create simpleton zombies. This kind of stuff has been here all along but it is now in your face with no fear because they feel their time is near. The all out assault is upon us.

Billy Myers

Guys:: PLEASE STOP QUOTING MOVIE LINES AS SCRIPTURE. The quote” The greatest trick…” is written by an idiot hollywood writer from the movie Usual Suspects


But it’s true

Jon B

Uh, that is NOT where it originated. It was composed in the 19th century by Christian writer, either G.K. Chesterton or Hilaire Belloc….


It was Charles Baudelaire: “the finest trick of the devil is to persuade you that he does not exist”


Nothing outs you as satanic quicker than hatred for all thing pointing to the Christian God.

D D d

Nothing points you out as closed minded, like accepting only one ‘religious’ truth and demonizing others’ opinions in the same way.




I’m not trying to come across as an a-----e, or a ‘know it all”, and although you’re right about the phrase ” The greatest trick” not being from the Bible. It has been in use long before the film The Usual Suspects, and has been used in religious rhetoric by various Church officials during sermons, counseling, and religious based schooling for as along as I’ve been alive at least. I know because I come from a long lineage of Irish Catholics, as well as being Catholic school alumni.. I can’t count how many times I heard my Grandmother use that phrase, or had it yelled at me in a rant about my eternal soul from one of the nun’s during detention where I spent much of time haha! I was a rather rebellious child. So it seems more likely that the Hollywood writer borrowed the phrase for his script which is not surprising because the whole film (while well executed) was like a Hodge podge of Inspirations taken from many other noire films, and books. It definitely had that Hitchcockian vibe to say the least. But honestly that phrase definitely seems to me at least, like a natural summation when… Read more »


relax Bill, you’re not in charge of other peoples content.


“Heavily medicated”

Our word pharmaceuticals derives from the New Testament Greek word for witchcraft. Altered mind states open the doors to varying shades of spiritual possession and suggestion.

In the Book of Enoch, the Fallen taught Man the use of (psychotropic) plants.

Keep an eye on the growing mainstream “hipness” of cannabis and even LSD.

Lots of demons out there looking for a host. Drugs open the door.


Fool. Good and evil are how you attract the dark or the light. Marijuana just opens up your spirituality but your essence is what determines what you do with it. R----d.


I loosely quote Jodorowsky, who you may not know but I assure you is not a prude and who said “you have to try drugs once in your life to see that there is a higher reality, but then you have to pursue spirituality by other means or you will make the drugs the end and not the mean”.
If you ask me however, one could almost say that escaping from reality to pursue a self absorbed mysticism is always evil. Private paradises tend to look like solitary hells after a while.


Also, I would not bet on how light-attracting is my essence if I went around calling people retards for not sharing my enlightned view, just saying.

MJ Nichols

Best response. lol

Billy Myers

Jadorowsky is a genius. HOWEVER he is an occultist/satanist. Thats for sure.


Unfortunately that is mostly true. I loved the man, I still love him, but most of his work is heavily misguiding. I don’t think he did what he did in bad faith and these days ( last time I checked) he just has the decency of being an old dude chilling with his family without publicly licking the a-s of some NWO agenda and trying to stay relevant at all costs *coughmarinabramovichcough*. His worst errors I think are derived from the Jungian principle of “integrating the shadow self” which usually ends up integrating all kind of s--t and leaving all the wrong doors open for “the people from downstairs” let’s call them. His method worked without being lethally poisonous probably only for him, and he did some idiot things in his time that he later ammitted (like forcing one of his sons to bury a teddy bear during the shooting of “El Topo”, something that traumatized the poor kid). He even openly admitted that dabblers in his psycho-magic ended up doing a lot more harm than good. Still, his metagenealogy is one of the most brilliant things I ever read. He was a savant psychologist and an involutary satanist in… Read more »

Billy Myers

I only wish his Dune movie was made….

Billy Myers

I love Jadorwsky as an artist but you should know he is Luciferian for sure just look at his symbolism in his movies and in pics of him


actually doing anything out of selfishness, like having the need to change how you feel now is going against what God has given you. using ego to decide, “time to get high ” is not pure

D D d

Cannabis is about so much more than just ”getting high”, and yes, I too shall call thou Fool. Ignorant is another word. Read talk think about the ingredients and uses of that plant.
(For religious folk one more : why did god create that wonderfull relaxing plant that helps me trest ailments of the body and mind, and cope with people like you, judgemental by lack of taking an interest in other informations.)


Sacred plants are part of many traditions but you have to admit that for the “white man” these traditions are so different that these kind of plants will mostly end up used for getting high and escaping reality, full stop. You can’t drop something sacred in one tradition in the middle of another without ruining it, things exist in a context that must be respected. We lack the background, the culture to use them with respect to their meaning and uses. Maybe you belong to a culture that uses them with caution, only you know and I won’t get there. God surely made the plants, but gave us the brain to use them properly and most of all keeping them away from those that would ruin their lives with them. The thing is, many of us believe that spirituality and peace can be achieved without altering your perceptions of the world with substances, that is kind the basis of faith and if you use a substance to “cope” with people or reality it is not a very good spiritual road to travel on (I don’t want to be judgemental and say YOU do this, the verb you used just inspired… Read more »

D D d

I am a western civilazation-child from The Netherlands. Not leftwing not rightwing. Not a native american or native asian, nor roch nor poor. Born before national assets like water, gas, electrics, public transport and healthcare were sold of to unknown share-holders in all parts of the corporate world, for a piece of s--t like a concept about a future..
The plant we talk about has helped more than just as a incidental break from reality as some might presume. Au contraire.That is not possible with cannabis. With alcohol, the regular brewsky, wine and such yes, that can help to drown reality, as most commonfolk can tell you. They can tell you about the hangovers too, and the broken lives, the carcrashes and the bloathed livers. But that one is so common and preferred, the government gets 30+% of its sales.
For cannabis that’s just 21% in shops. But that’s about to change, as the governments wants a bigger share : they are inventing news ways to get a cut in Holland. Just read the papers.


Ok, I believe you, f--k the governments I say, it’s just that I remember the friends from high school who basically lived in a constant stupor because they were smoking pot like there was no tomorrow. I don’t know if it is scientifically impossible to crush a car or to get lung cancer or ruin your life through cannabis, maybe it is and it’s the most harmless substance ever, my point was that as a spiritual (maybe you prefer the word psychological?) aid any substance, any at all, will end up being a crutch you could do without. If I rely on, let’s say, cannabis to stay cool and relaxed what happens when I don’t have any? As a side question wouldn’t it be nice if in the Netherlands (or anywhere else really) the government would get it’s dishonest incomes cut down because no one smoked (tobacco or pot), drank alchool or went with prostitues? A revolution made with sobriety would be hilarious.

D D d

Then we should boycot sugar too, please. And Coffee. Oh boy, one monday morning into that one gets headlines.


People can also breath really hard to get high on oxygen, ther is also that option if we are to be really precise.

D D d

You want to promote risk of hyperventilation? What good will that do in your brain. Please, explain.


Well, increasing oxygen levels in your brain is a good way to check out if one has a brain in the first place. Then there is also the need to breath air with actual oxygen in it, for which you have to get away from crowded and polluted city air, so it promotes an healty lifestyle by unintended consequence. On the same page, because of the dizziness one will probably fall down, so it’s better to do it on a soft surface like green fresh grass: another healthy choice.

D D d

In rural areas in Holland they are flying low and spray out unknown clouds that leave a thin layer that collects on a lot of type of leaves down below. So, in a forrest might be better instead of on a lawn, when you consider the falling down part.


Sorry but I live in the Netherlands 2.. the weed here has so much THC added that you can onsider it a hard drug.. it’s not like the natural cannabis, unless you plant your own weed? Thats why a lot of people started smoking hash (hashiesh) instead. (I rather smoke weed tho haha)


* consider

D D d

That seems to be a myth. The ingredients are the same. A beer is hard drug, like rum is.
Ofcourse, the more thc, the more carefull one should be in using it. But growing it yourself is seldomn an option if you rent your home. In most contracts growing of cannabis is ruled out permanently – even 3 plants for home-use. And that includes the sorts that do not have the thc in ‘high’amounts but the cbd’s!
So we still have to buy it , with taxes. Quite clever no? Officially allowing, but unofficially still prohibited for most people. And yes, there have been courtcases already and all judges side with the corporations. What’s new.
Oh, and : the difference in hash and weed, read about it as the different amount of thc is only in name !


Netherlands = legalized cannabis. You just have been brainwashed by your nation POV.


I think Western society has been blessed with a unique position in regards to psychotropics and their ilk. Yes we as Western society are not entrenched in the histories and religious cultures of these plants, but that is precisely why I think we are in a potential catalyzing experience for a new awakening of mankind – we haven’t grown side by side with these plants, therefore it gives us a blank slate, low tolerance, “streamlined” (for the lack of a better word) high experience that brings us directly to the source with a naivety and innocence that these ancient cultures might have forgotten or lost in the sands of dogma, normality and time. As children to these experiences that don’t need much to get to the deep end, Western society, with guidance from the wise cultures that have used these substances for generations, we take the ideas of the New World’s ideas (technology and innovation) with the Old World’s ideas (nature and discovery) and integrate both – A symbiosis of technology (automation and artificial intelligence) and nature that will allow us to forget competition and rely on abundance and cooperation as one human entity – a cooperation to take on… Read more »


Cannabis wont heal the causes of your health problems but just lessen the consequences. Doesn’t it remind you something ? Cannabis = standard pharmaceutical drug

Otto Dydact

Ah, yes, the eloquent response of the ‘enlightened’. Thanks for sharing.


[IRONY] Well it so well known that “high” people are the smartest around.


The canibus plant is probably the most useful plant given to us by Creator, with thousands of beneficial uses for humanity. So the fact that it is finally coming into the mainstream and no longer being demonized is a win for humanity. LSD is a powerful tool for removing all of the roadblocks our brains have put in place to hinder us from seeing beyond the visible light spectrum. Like just about anything, both can be used irresponsibly, but taken the right way, they are powerful tools for spiritual enlightenment, and it is obvious why they have been grouped with the always harmful drugs like cocaine and heroin, even though neither are physically addictive.

D D d

Cannabis cAn be misused, if you take it to drown your sorrows, that won’t work and leaves the door open for another search of soothing. Information about the workings of the mind and the plant can prevent that. And I am not talking about corporate information, and not about from israel imported medicinal (?) cannabis, because that might be grown on stolen land. (To me that is not proper grass.)


Cannabis is a hemp and yes I completely agree it can be misused as I don’t believe it was designed for smoking . It’s great for medicinal purposes and helps with high blood pressure, diabetes and detox amongst other things. Many countries like Canada are realising its uses and using it in many of their medicines. So as a woman writing you from Jamaica , I can’t speak for anywhere else but I know ours is proper.


You know “detox” means absolutly nothing from a scientific point of view ? Cannabis propaganda is snake-oil-sellers stuff.


Poeple on VC upvoted this mainstream comment seriously ? Drugs are used to control poeple easier and nothing else. Drugged poeple are weak and dumb and will follow the mainstream like puppets. All the so-called medicinal quality (beside painkiller quality) of drugs are bullshit used by the elites to push drugs to become mainstream. Wake up.


Ever since I turned into a teenager, I’ve been having these weird thoughts about medicine. I always feel like they will do something bad to my brain and I will be programmed. Maybe the reason I’m getting bad vibes is because it’s definition has things to do with witchcraft, or maybe I’m very paranoid, but I don’t trust medicine, especially for mental illnesses. Oh also thank you so much vigilant citizen for posting about this guy, a lot of kids in my highschool love this guy’s music. This
is sick.

Kiowa Heaven

It’s so nice to hear from a wise teenager


Good for you! There are a lot of natural remedies that are great to help with mental health issues… To make the brain chemistry more balanced, if I can say it like that. (Just one example : griffonia helps the brain to create more dopamin, which can help treat disorder like ADHD, among others)


you’re right about pharmaceuticals. Nick does not know of what he speaks – must be a stoner as it seems you hit a nerve. lol

Irony at its best

Look I’m not saying this to argue with anyone, but it’s pretty clear that the attack is always on Christianity in our culture. Whether It’s the paid actors on “Preachers” or some demonic movie featuring an inverted cross and a useless priest. Why make Jesus that much more relevant if you don’t believe in him. I don’t believe in Allah, but I don’t try to mock him every chance I get. There’s no point. The irony of all this is that the name of Jesus lives. The cross will always lead to Jesus…I don’t care how you try to alter it.


Islam, Judaism and Christianity among many others, is part of the abrahamic religions. In other words, they all came from one source: Abraham’s descendants. They are essentially the same in all but name and interpretation due to cultural difference, politics and many others. I suspect the reason why “Jesus” and “Satan” are used widely is because English, which has its roots to Europe, specifically the old English/British Empire, is used widely and is known as the “universal language” (recall that VG wrote “Sheitan” which means, not surprisingly, Satan in english. I do not dount that if all the influence and power were concentrated in the Middle East instead of the west, we’d be referencing the Quran and using the Arabic equivalent for “Satan”) but despite the differences; in the root of it all, we are fighting the same people, the same agenda, the same corruption etc around the world because it just so happens no matter what country, ethnicity and cultural background you belong and identify with, you are not any less susceptible to corruption and greed so why try to alienate Muslims? All religions commit atrocities it just so happens that its time for Islam to shine because its… Read more »

Irony at its best

Hello! Nice to meet you :). I thought about not replying because honestly I don’t want to argue over religion. I believe in respecting people’s choice just as God did when he gave humanity free will :). I’m sorry if I have you the impression I have something against Allah or Islam. I don’t. I just don’t personally believe in him, but no one’s belief should be mocked that was my point. And yes I sin everyday whether I’m thought or deed. I am a mess tbh haha! I have studied religion and history myself and would argue that Islam truly came from the prophet Mohammad’s descendants and disciples, as it was his special revelation from the angel Gabriel. It would not have carried on if not for his followers. It is believed by Christian theologians that the Muslim people are descendant from Ishmael who Abraham abandoned with his mother the Egyptian handmaiden, Hagar. Of course the Muslim people don’t believe this, but instead believe that Abraham only had one son. Who truly knows what went down in history. What we do know is that a man named Jesus lived and a man named Abraham lived which led to three… Read more »

Irony at its best

Excuse the typos on my phone. Corrections, a man named Jesus lives and a man named Mohammad lived.

D D d

Free will, gave free will? Consequences, punishment for wrong choices. Flaming swords, I recall of yesteryears religious education.
Am I wrong? Let’s discuss free too.

Irony at its best

Haha hello and oh no! This is exactly what I didn’t want. I would love to discuss anything just not argue. I have my beliefs, but I am not closed off to hearing another point of view :). Yes God would have to give free will in order for us to have it if he is truly all-knowing and all-powerful. He could in fact control us but choose not to. I am not sure what consequences you are talking about. Like I said I sin everyday whether knowingly or not, but all my sin is covered/ paid for by Jesus. I am no longer bound by the law because Jesus fulfilled it. I realize this might sound like religious jibber jabber to you as this might not be your stance on the matter. My salvation was free. I didn’t earn I didn’t deserve it and there’s no point in trying to pay God back for it because it wouldn’t be enough. Jesus was enough. Okay…what about free would you like to discuss?

D D d

”but all my sin is covered/ paid for by Jesus”
Nope, I am not going into that one now. Let me think about that one again, before I fall into the sarcasm-trap again.


I said it would sound like a load of baloney if you don’t believe. Thank God we can agree to disagree lol :). Best wishes!

D D d

Too bad some countries have their laws based on religion,
as that rules out a normal life for people like me who do not share that believesystem wholeheartedly and are Punished for that our whole lives, just becAuse we are alive.

Irony at its best

I completely agree 100%! No one should be forced to follow something they don’t believe as that is using religion as a means for control. I hate that very much. Those in power have. historically abused the gift that God has given them of freewill by taking away the freewill of others. However, should we hold the actions of others against God? Yes! if it was up to me( if I was God all-knowing and all-powerful) only “good” people would have freewill, but that is evil posing as good. With God, who does not favor anyone, it is all or nothing. Thank goodness! No one but God has the power to decide who should be allowed to make their own choices. God in all his genius has put a natural check and balance system in place with freewill. I can’t control you and you cannot control me, many have tried and many have failed. At the same time, freewill also encourages me to treat others justly in the hopes that they might treat me the same. If I treat others badly, who’s to say what actions they might take towards me, so it is just common sense that I should… Read more »

D D d

You seem to know a lot about how your god thinks and how he meaned ”his” created life to be used. Ain’t that clever when you want to be ahead of everyone who does not even believe in that same god, when discussing life on this planet?
I do not believe in your god, so please can we keep talking about this life on this planet? Leave out that god-concept first, then we can come to a step further in this life we share.

Irony at its best

I do know a lot about what I believe as I’m sure you do as well. “Ahead of everyone?” I’m not sure what caricature you have in your head that you are applying to me, but I have not said anything that would imply I am better than you or more intelligent. Please keep personal assumptions to yourself. I’ve said all I need to say. Yes it is a shame when a religion is forced on someone. Historically and presently this was/is done by those in power for control.

So Grateful

I believe in the in the one true God that made Heaven and earth and all that is in it. So thankful to be saved by grace.

D D d

”However, should we hold the actions of others against God? Yes!”
What, like more preaching, bombs, churches that ring bells for hours, mosks that yell out prayer every 5 (five) hours so all can not sleep properly?
What ”Should” you be planing to do unto us, unbelievers who act against your religious opinions….War?!? Childabuse via indoctrination ? Again?


Atheist countries have their laws based on mainstream beliefs. And their laws are according to these man-made mainstream beliefs. There s just no differences.


Religions are sects ie way of thinking BUT politics and even diets are sects too. Any community in this world has a way of thinking and if you don’t think the same, ur bad. You think you’re “special” because you’re an atheist. What a joke. You’re just enrolled in communities who don’t say they’re religious-like.


The root is the same but those 3 religions arent the same at all. Just look at TV news for one, hollywood for another and preachers for the third.

Kiowa Heaven

Truth be told!

Billy Myers

You dont believe in “Allah” lmao. Did you know Jesus himself used the term “Allah” he spoke Aramaic


The elite is looking to create a generation of people that is debased, depressed, and heavily medicated. Goal accomplished.


Finally someone who saw the obvious. Addictions make people easier to control.


Could The Entertainment Industries have any more hate for their customers? Doubt it. What I see on a daily basis is constant mocking, dehumanizing and a devious sense of wishing their supporters badly, 24/7 out of these industries. They HATE humanity and want to torture and kill it. It’s as simple as that.

The Georgia Guidestones might be a more elegant homage to depopulation eugenics but they’re all peas in the same pod. If you look at hip hop culture today, which is primarily aimed at Black people, the message is clear: Kill yourselves, kill others in your community, destroy your living spaces and render yourself infertile because of chemical abuse, promiscuity that leads to rampant STD infection or create sexual confusion that’s a turn-off to all but those who want to abuse and exploit your body. Separate yourself from legitimacy in society by remaining removed and sedated.

While The Entertainment industries hate everyone, Hip Hop specifically hates Black people.


In a sense, I can actually understand why young people might be drawn to this. In a world where it is obvious the government is corrupt, chemtrails overhead daily, 9/11 never properly investigated and no real demand to have it be etc… growing up in a such world that ones’ parent generation quite clearly dropped the ball on and recklessly abandoned their responsibility as parents – that is not easy, and I can understand why millennials might harbor a lot of anger, even resentment, towards their parents. Still, it must take a special breed of destroyed individual to genuinely enjoy this narcissistic, debased, pathetic garbage. If this is anything more than a “I’m going to shock my parents as much as possible with outrageously horrible music” teenage rebellious thing to a person then I think it is sign of real mental illness. At the end of the day, this ‘music’ and subscribing to this ‘culture’ is a sign of failure any way you slice it. The strong, independent, intelligent youth will rebel by understanding the reality of the NWO, rebelling against the System itself, engaging in activism and openly combatting the NWO and its symbols. Following Lil Lucifer ironically precisely… Read more »


Extremely well said!

So Grateful

Right- well said


I genuinely believe it has more to do than rebellion against parents, although I’m in complete agreement with you that pain and confusion from the total abandonment is a root cause. The millennials not only lack parents, but grandparents as well. They’ve been brainwashed to believe that most people who came before them are/were bigots and idiots. Their parents are mostly divorced alcoholics, workaholics, pill poppers, food addicts; many of my friends growing up told me that their parents were constantly screaming at them. My own mother was an alcoholic who routinely beat me and screamed at me. We grew up seeing intense gore, hardcore sex, non stop vulgarity, listening to music about depression, self loathing and nihilism. I personally don’t believe that it’s a conscious choice to rebel against their parents, because their parents never established a standard to rebel against. These kids (I’m a millennial as well) just think that everything of times past is a lie and that their generation is going to be the one to put everything right: which in their mind sums up to “freedom”. Freedom from “patriarchy” (w----s everywhere, bimbo and pimp culture, no marriage), freedom from “racism”, freedom from “god” (their ideas… Read more »

Weso Phuct

Yes, that was quite enlightening. This world “mankind” is in deep, deep trouble.
Much of this stems from The Frankfurt School. Their goal was to destroy capitalism by destroying its institutions-family, religion, art, traditions, honor, respect for elders, etc. It appears to have succeeded. Many people today hate capitalism without knowing why or having any alternative to replace it.


“Amen” Thank you for expressing what I see all around within my peers – who used to call me too ” old fashioned” and Grandma / Villiage … but no matter how lonely it can feel sometimes – I know that early degenerate lifestyles only leads to unnecessary suffering, destroyed health, and the accidental ODs/ suicidal funerals I attend in the under 40 crowd that are happening 3-4 a year and lately …’s been even under 30 years of age :/


Notice how all of these sick music videos have purple lighting. The reason why is because they’re trying to start a color revolution in the US, and purple is the color the globalists have chosen for their side. Hillary wore purple when she conceded the election. The Las Vegas concert was covered in purple before the attack. Once you understand that they’re trying to associate purple with the New World Order, you’ll see it in everything they do.


That’s an interesting observation. I would love to see more about it; do you have links to any other sources? If it’s just a personal observation, that’s fine too…it’s intriguing.


I was thinking the same, all this videos are always purple, maybe because is a color associated with magic


It’s a real pity. Purple is considered to be the most spiritual of all the colours (apart from Gold – Holiness/Enlightenment). A Purple Aura belongs to someone who is very advanced spiritually (Ministers, Pastors, etc usually have a purple aura with some blue thrown in…blue being associated with comunication).

Also, according to the Chakras, the Crown Chakra (our connection with the Divine) is Purple.

D D d

A real pity a colour is used that you like and admire? A cruel world this is.


Thank you, half-brain.

D D d

Let me guess, you wear a purple velvet dress yourself sometimes and you have used henna to dye your hair orange?
I am kidding, sometimes I play the semantics game and use peoples’ own words to reflect other impressions with them.


Actually I’m a purple unicorn with orange hair! How did you know!?

Kidding kidding 🙂 cheers


The Devil just loves to claim rights to everything concerning the search for God and then say it was always his idea. It’s just the upright Cross that he won’t touch with a ten-feet pole…

D D d

Does the colour of that cross have any importance?


Maybe the song “PURPLE rain” has something to do with this?


Purple is also a symbol of royalty, which is how these frauds perceive themselves. Try looking up the videos “Shape Shifters – Masonic Secrets & Symbols” by uploader “smatthews author” on YouTube – he has some pretty interesting theories on this (and he clearly knows a lot about Masonic symbols and their number-magic).

Red + blue = purple. This is probably why we see red and blue everywhere.

D D d

Sometimes it is about the dye. Sometimes expensive dyes were used to show off. Sometimes knowledge about waves / frequencies is used.

Billy Myers

Red and blue is the at war colors of the Dems and Repbulicans. Also all mainstream media uses these colors for the talking heads. Red and Blue are masonry colors.

Billy Myers

Kem you are def onto something many of us are trying to decipher their color coding. Purple is def and indicator. The Brexit movement (which i support) has purple as the color as well.


A few years ago homosexuals also made the color purple associated with their agenda.They have a month where anyone who is or supports homosexuals and the rest of the alphabet wear purple.


Horrible “music”, ugly, tasteless m--o. Nuff said.


I swear. It is said that music is the only thing that can enter into the spirit without permission..and that is true. If I listen to music like this or anything with a negative message it’s like my whole personality changes. I get angry, I have the worst attitude, and it’s like I have a new persona. Thank you Vigilant Family…it’s because of you all that I have truly awoken to what’s going on in reality.


music is far more powerful than we give it credit for. i’ve come to realize how powerful it is. i had to force myself to stop listening, because i was listening all the time, truly, all the time. it’s interesting how it affects us. i can’t trust anything now, because, even if the music sounds beautiful, it may not actually be. we must be careful.


Music is just another form of magic. People misunderstands what magic is. You can put a lot of dark intentions, dark imagery, etc… into a 2m30 pop song that will be in the mind of almost everyone on the planet for weeks and stay in our minds whether we want it or not.
It is one of the best way to brainwash people, that’s why pop-stars are treated as almost-royalty. “king of pop”, princess of pop” etc…
When I have one in my head, I change the lyrics to give it another meaning. Like Katy Perry “chained to the rythm” I will sing “We’re NOT chained to the rythm, to the rythm… no no no no no”. It’s not much but still better than nothing.


Thank you for the amazing article but as a person who learned throughout the years how to speak native Arabic I can tell you that the according to this video:

1-Arabic letters are usually written on the right side BUT in the video it’s written “BACKWARDS”

2-Arabic language usually it’s letters are “attached” with each other (mostly) but it happens to show through the video that every Arabic letter is not attached.

3-I tried to read it backwards and forwards and I can tell you that they used Arabic letters BUT I have no idea what the f*** they are saying. LOL I even showed this to my Arabic friends and they said the same thing.


Wow that’s so interesting! Thanks for the explanation!


We have reached the highest peak of the idiocy bubble. And then we are entering upon the cruelest period of the world’s history


Thanks for the review. I had been hearing about this particular rapper (especially the MM chain), but usually would not enjoy actually listening to their music (so you listened so I don’t have to, thanks). The bold satanic imagery is clearly foretold with the reference, …in the end, the love of most will grow cold because of the increase of wickedness. I am sill surprised that this type of “song” is appealing to so many


Now I get ut tho. I believe they write and invert things cause the core concept of sin is calling good bad and bad,good. I never understood that verse until now. Everything must be turned around and accepted

Katara Cole

No offense to anyone. I think it’s funny you’re all condemning this when half of you have probably listened to AC/DcC , The Rolling Stones, Ozzy Osbourne, Led Zeppelin long before this crap found its way inr to hip hop. So what is really the difference? People have always worshipped the devil and the majority of mankuind has chosen to ignore it. At least now it’s more obvious and we know about it. I prefer this over not knowing or being blind or ignorant towards it any day. I apologize for the typos but the back button fdoes not work on the app. You mighjt cotrrect thast.


It’s not the same thing. Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd had a real talent for playing instruments and writing lyrics. Yes, they used their influence to mislead people but at least they had real talent. This “new generation of hip-hop” it’s full of bullshit that literally are misleading people to the slaughterhouse.


Don’t be mistaken by trying to defend any of this evil manipulation. Talent was used just as strongly as no talent is used now to attract as many people as possible. Once machines (auto tune, etc.) were developed to replace material talent, talent was no longer needed. It’s all the same, just different tools.

Weso Phuct

Yes that is true and it is how we got here. This is nothing new, just another step along the way. Even pop music, Madonna for example, have sexualized and demonized innocence with their music.


Well, there was no internet in those days…


Yep, that’s the difference! On the other hand, why aren’t we calling out all of the old stuff and analyzing that? #forums

D D d

A lot of libraries with the old paper news and books have been closed down in favor of digital clickbait with flashing moving pictures and sirens on the background ohh, and sidebars selling whatever they think you will buy after 12 ads.


Exactly, the hippy movement of the 70s started all this s--t. Modern society is an hippy dream.


How is this NOT the end times????????? This is utter insanity!!


That’s not Arabic. That’s not how you write Arabic and these are random letters put together that don’t spell s--t. It’s just taking the association of what can be alluded and misconstrued to the Arabic letters and using it to add to this f----d up s--t they call a music video. And just so we’re all clear- Arabic is an ancient, Semitic language that was around hundreds of years before Islam. Arabic is not Islamic- there are many different religious and ethnic groups in the Middle East, the Levant region is far more diverse than people- or the media- portrays it to be. Let’s not let one faction of the population monopolize an entire language. Over and out.


Utterly gross and disturbing


I totally lost it at the Arabic subtitles
Firstly if you study about jinn and black magic in Islaam, it will become abundantly clear that this is high level sihr (magic) going on here. I would be wary about listening to this fearful of what filth it will leave on my soul.
Secondly as some people have pointed out it’s not even proper Arabic. It’s kinda like writing English the way Da Vinci used to, in reverse but the letters aren’t even connected.
This guys is a devil in disguise. How much clearer does it need to get before we accept it.
Reminds me of a verse from the Quraan

And so We have appointed for every Prophet enemies – Shayatin (devils) among mankind and jinns, inspiring one another with adorned speech as a delusion (or by way of deception). If your Lord had so willed, they would not have done it, so leave them alone with their fabrications.

Surah 6 Verse 112

“Adorned speech as a a delusion” e.g. MUSIC

Am thankful indeed I never heard of this person until I read this article.
Am anxious for the thousands of unsuspecting people who will listen to this on radio or otherwise.


Yawn. Dear lord these folks are getting boring. Satan must be very unoriginal and lame.


I wish, with the type of wish you make throwing a penny in a well likelihood odds, that parents were aware and concerned about the entertainment world. They are the ones that can stop this from having power, and they don’t. They are totally clueless and detached. I suppose they loved AC/DC or Marilyn Manson or Madonna or whoever because that’s who was popular in their youth. They don’t see it as destructive or even know how much worse it is has gotten and how much more the mission is to brainwash and control the minds of the young. That and the devil himself being behind it is the only explanation for how any person young or old can find this garbage appealing. My father became a Christian in the 70s (roll your eyes but it freed him from a lot of addictions, including alcohol, drugs and yes, rock & roll)… he was very sensitive to music and the power it has. I was raised to believe that rock and roll, hip hop, pop, etc. all had an occult component and would bring your spirit down. I tried to rebel from that for a time, but it stuck with me… Read more »

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