“Peek-a-boo” by Red Velvet: Why Do Men Keep Getting Killed in Music Videos?


In Peek-a-boo, members of the group Red Velvet kill a pizza delivery boy as part of an occult ritual. It is the ultimate proof that K-Pop is completely sold out to the occult elite.

Red Velvet is the name of a delicious cake, but it is also the name of a K-Pop girl band that is extremely popular in Asia. The group’s video Peek-a-Boo reads as an Occult-Elite 101 introductory course and it ends with the death of a random guy for no apparent reason. The video is a perfect continuation of a disturbing trend seen across pop culture: The killing of men by female stars. Why is murder being celebrated in pop videos aimed at young people?

One thing is for sure, the members of Red Velvet are not making the decisions involving their careers. And they’re not directing any videos.

Indeed, Red Velvet is signed with the notorious South Korean label SM Entertainment, which has made the news several times for subjecting “idols” (that’s how these performers are they’re called in Korea) to “slave contracts” and mistreatment.

SM Entertainment, one of the largest Korean music labels, has had a series of legal challenges to its contractual policies. In 2009, former Super Junior member Han Geng claimed that the company forced him to do things he didn’t want to do under threat of fines if he disobeyed and denied him sick leave when he developed gastritis and kidney problems. (…)

In 2012, EXO-M’s leader Kris filed a lawsuit to get his contract annulled due to the company’s neglect of his opinion and health: “The company has treated me like a machine part or as an object of control rather than presenting a vision as an entertainer.”
– ListVerse, 10 Horrifying Realities From The World Of Asian Pop Music

While K-Pop songs are often cute and upbeat, the behind-the-scenes of this world is extremely sinister. The entire K-Pop system is based on the recruitment and exploitation of young, talented individuals who are subjected to a military-style training program to turn them into slaves.

According to one Singaporean woman who was picked out at a mass audition by a Korean talent scouting firm, trainees are expected to work 14-hour days to practice gym, dance, swimming, and singing. Breakfast is limited to low-fat biscuits, bananas, and lettuce. Chicken breast and salad are served for dinner, and no water is allowed after 7:00 PM to prevent “bloatedness.” Trainees are accompanied into the bathroom by a minder and made to wear sunglasses at all times. One part of the process of becoming a K-pop is extensive plastic surgery, which is so common in the K-pop industry that an entire website exists documenting before and after shots of idols’ surgical procedures.
– Ibid.

And that is only the beginning. Those who go through this ordeal, especially women, are often turned into sex slaves (Beta Kittens).

Female trainees are traded by brokers and are allegedly brought to bars and forced to engage in sexual work to get ahead, even if they are still minors. One ex-trainee claimed in an interview that the going rate for a “meeting” with a female trainee was $220, while very young trainees, or those signed with a prominent label, cost between $700-900.

In 2010, Taiwanese singer Estrella Lin claimed that when she was a member of girl group 3EP Beauties, her agency bartered her body to potential investors. She said this is an open secret throughout the Korean entertainment industry, and actresses and singers are expected or forced to give sexual services in order to get advancement opportunities. In 2002, Jang Seok-woo, CEO of Open World Entertainment, was arrested for not only sexually abusing female trainees, but encouraging male idols in his employ to do the same. Aphrodisiac substances were administered to trainees, some of whom were underage.
– Ibid.

As usual, these stories are only the tip of the iceberg. As seen in my several other articles about K-Pop and J-Pop, the entire system is drenched in Monarch programming and occult rituals.

Red Velvet’s Peek-a-boo is another proof of the sad truth about K-Pop: A group of Beta kittens who dance to the occult elite’s agenda and symbolism.

A Red Velvet promo pic.

Let’s look at the video.


Why am I booing? Because the message behind the song is toxic.

The video begins by setting an “occult ritual” vibe to the story.

The girls of the group look up at a giant ‘supermoon’ in the sky.

In all occult circles, it is widely established that spells, rituals, and sacrifices yield the most potency during a full moon.

For the rituals that require the most potent and powerful magick, the fullest phase of the moon is most appropriate. (…) The full moon is the point when the moon reflects all light from the sun back to the earth. It is the most potent time of the lunar cycle.
– Occult100, Moon Phases

Under the same moon, is a pizza delivery boy who is about to be the subject of a ritual sacrifice.

We then see the girls “preparing” for the blood sacrifice – and they’re dressed for the occasion.

The girls are all dressed in red. As stated in previous articles, red is the color of blood sacrifice. For some reason, the girls are asleep (or drugged).

Before killing the guy, the girls feel the need to almost kill each other. Why? Because K-Pop idols are interchangeable pawns.

This girl is about to get her throat slit by her bandmate. Why? Because self-destruction is cool now.
The girls then practice shooting arrows at this girl holding an apple.

The same William-Tell-inspired scene (where an expert marksman shoots an apple placed on a child’s head) is echoed in another K-Pop video: Ladies’ Code Kiss Kiss.

In Kiss Kiss, singer EunB gets arrows shot at her.

Bizarre fact, EunB died in a car accident after the release of that video (read my article explaining how Kiss Kiss eerily foreshadowed the death of 2 members of the group Ladies’ Code).

Other than nearly killing each other, the girls of Red Velvet also have a bizarre obsession with pizza.

The girls place jewels on a pizza. But why? It seems that “pizza” actually means something else in this video.

What does this all mean? The answer is in the signs.

The girls do a prolonged one-eye sign indicating that this video contains codes and symbols of the occult elite.
They also do it outside to make sure you understand that they’re slaves of the elite.

When the pizza delivery boy arrives, the ritual begins.

The boy is placed on an “altar” and is surrounded by candles. The girls circle around him in a ritualistic matter.

The guy tries to run away and the girls find it very funny.

The girls run past a “trophy room” where are proudly displayed the shirts of past delivery boys who were sacrificed by the girls. RIP delivery boys.

One of the girls takes the delivery boy’s hand, making him believe that she will help him escape.

Outside, the guy tries to call for help but the phone doesn’t work. On the booth is a poster saying “Missing Delivery Boys” with the picture of dozens of boys.

Therefore, we are to understand that Red Velvet has killed all of the boys on that poster. They’re, like, serial killers. The boys are still considered “missing” meaning that they’ve never been found and Red Velvet are above suspicion … even though they had to call pizza places and give their address to get pizza delivered. It doesn’t make sense. Any detective would have solved this case in about 35 seconds. Unless these rituals are protected by the elite, like they often are.

So, did this pizza boy make it out alive? Nope.

The video ends with the delivery boy’s shirt inside a display case. He was murdered by the girls whose song we’re listening to. Let’s go buy their album!

The video ends with a murder. That’s it. No twist, no lesson, no meaning. Just an innocent guy who got lured into the house of evil K-Pop witches and got murdered in a ritualistic fashion. Considering that most K-Pop fans are very young, what the heck?

The video is part of a wider, and disturbing, trend: The killing of men by female singers in music videos.

Why Are Men Being Killed in Videos?

Here are some examples of the music industry celebrating female stars killing men.

Taylor Swift’s performance at the 2015 AMAs was about her killing a guy with a poisoned apple.
We then see all of the men she previously killed in a dualistic hallway. Then everybody in the crowd gave Swift a standing ovation.
In Better Have My Money, Rihanna ties up a guy and stabs the crap out of him.
The video ends with her all bloody. That’s it. Now buy her album.
In Fergie’s creepy video Love is Blind, she kills 4 men. Here, she stabs a dude in the neck with a broken bottle. The reason? He was a slob. Killing him was indeed the only option in that situation.
She then turns the guy’s severed head and other men’s limbs into a snazzy coat hanger. So cool.

Some might rationalize these videos by claiming that they’re about “strong women” and “feminism”. At the risk of stating the obvious, the violent murder of a person is not “feminism”, it is the violent murder of a person.

In Conclusion

Red Velvet’s Peek-A-Boo has no “moral of the story”. The girls ritualistically kill innocent men, they look fabulous while doing it, and, ultimately, they get away with it. All the while, they do all kinds of one-eye signs to highlight the fact that they’re industry slaves following the script that was given to them by their superiors.

As established in my previous articles, K-Pop is 100% on par with the occult elite’s agenda. The same debasing, mind-corrupting messages that are pushed on young people who listen to Western pop are promoted in Asia as well.

While feminism used to be about equality between the sexes, it is currently being steered towards anger, hatred, and the lust for the destruction. Is this the path to follow to become a better, more spiritual, and enlightened person? Of course not. It is a path towards the exact opposite. And that’s what they want. They want a society filled with petulant, immature, irrational and self-centered children … who are entertained by playing peek-a-boo.

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Sorry, but I keep getting more frustrated with people/society. Now they’re showing us ‘pizza’ again in a context filled with themes such as the one-eye occult symbol, full moons, MURDER made ‘cool’ (what the…?!!) and all the rest of it, the usual Illuminati garbage. I can’t sympathize with this. If people can’t see something is terribly, horribly wrong now then in my opinion, harsh judgment is justified. All of this is absolutely appalling. The world as a whole has shown it just doesn’t get it and/or just doesn’t care. To me it seems completely bizarre there isn’t more of a reaction and an outcry over these things. The ‘pizza’ is about CHILD MOLESTATION, for crying out loud – this is not ‘fun’ or ‘trendy’! We live in a completely toxic culture now – both on the physical and spiritual planes. I resent all of these ‘music videos’ that do nothing… Read more »

amen – Jesus come quickly!

I think that it’s not that people don’t care about this. They refuse to believe this. They make up an excuse for everything. For example, they would say that “This video was just ‘kidding’, nothing intended to promote any propaganda of murder or anything wrong… The video is so innocent. Don’t take it seriously…”. Most people would say something like that. And if I said that there is the “one eye sign” (also with the 666 sign using the hands), they would say that it’s just a stupid sign, don’t take it seriously, it’s just fashion…

It is fashion– the fashion of a sick society.

I’m not sure the world as a whole doesn’t get it. I feel like we have reached, or are damn close to reaching a critical mass of awakened humans. The best example I can think of is my dad, who just a couple years ago, was saying I was losing my mind for thinking the way I did, that I was a crazy conspiracy theorist, and other than JFK was completely close minded to the idea of a pervasive conspiracy by ancient oligarchic bloodlines ruling the world from the shadows. Now, just the other day he was having a heart to heart with my wife, and telling her how he is starting to see a hidden hand manipulating us, that the US has a shadow government, and that everything I have been telling him over the years is starting to show itself as the truth. The Apocalypse, or great revealing… Read more »

We know who wins this war

They are not going to lose, they have had to fight to get things under total control, the internet is their biggest enemy, and it may go soon.

Skeptic cat – you wrote below

“If people can’t see something is terribly, horribly wrong now then in my opinion, harsh judgment is justified. All of this is absolutely appalling. The world as a whole has shown it just doesn’t get it and/or just doesn’t care. ”

What you said there – this is the beginning of judgment – God says in His Word that “He gives people over” – thus they don’t get it, don’t care as you stated – so IT (the judgment) has begun, they are being given over, thus they do not care or get what the big deal is.

Frustrating to watch unfold –

Exactly and ‘pizza’ is used to reference little boys! They have a popular food term for little girlas as well, but I can’t even remember now what it was! This definitly proves pizzagate!!!! I knew it was no ‘fake news’ all along. Sure they did use it to make a case for ‘fake news’, but it is real! It’s just that it is so unbelievable that unless you are a truth researcher and a typical sleeping sheep, you could never believe it!

maybe its because the method they use? at first they try to hide it and as the time goes by they just show it blatantly but everyone thinks its only a conspiracy theory, and then it becomes a joke, and after that people get used to it like it’s a normal thing.

So you want her to loved hollywood artist instead? Tss kpop is better than them. Look, hollywood artists are the founder. I think your sister is smarter than you.

look dummy don’t act like kpop is better than Hollywood kid. Hollywood and the kpop industry is satanic. You kodeaboos act like you kpop stars are gods and praise them too much. Grow up you must be a dumb child. No hate but acting like kpop has it better well nope. The music industry is being controlled by the illuminati. So many stars have confessed it isn’t what you think it is. I respect them so much for the effort they do but I don’t idolize them. Her sister is dumb but soon you kpop fans will see the truth. No one is telling others to stop listening to kpop you still can cause kpop is unique and beautiful but treating them like if they weren’t humans. I listen to kpop but I am aware of the stuffs they promote. Oh well delusional kpop fans like you hate the truth… Read more »

I just talked to my sister (she’s a kpop fan) and she said that she doesn’t even care anymore about those symbolism and turn blind-eye. She’s a BTS fan and you know how much symbolism shows in their mvs.
i’m just disappointed by my sister

On another note, I finally realize why all these “victims” are “coming forward” with accusations of sexual misconduct against multiple men in the Hollywood industry. This is a smokescreen to distract us from something more important. This wave of accusations was most likely orchestrated in order to turn the sheeple’s attention away from Net Neutrality. All these so-called victims are most likely paid shills. It is all a ruse, DO NOT FALL FOR IT.

I agree with you Navi. The MSM are ablaze with touching and sexual suggestion and coersion of grown women. Now the spotlight is well away from the p********s in UK Parliament, the sex slaves programmed for Hollywood and the Music Industry, the Disney p********a organisation let alone the ritualistic satanic torture and sacrifice of children.
People in masses act like a kitten following a red laser dot. 🙁

Net neutrality? More likely to cover up the REAL influence behind this mess of accusations. P********a.

I disagree – p********a and sexual violence are everywhere in this society – i speak from experience. The amount of women coming out about it rings pretty true.