K-Pop Star Jonghyun Found Dead at 27 of Apparent Suicide


Jonghyun, the lead singer of the popular K-Pop group SHINee, sent troubling text messages to his sister shortly before he was found dead in Seoul.

Update: Added Kim’s final letter.

Kim Jong-Hyun, better known by his stage name Jonghyun, was found unconscious in a residential hotel in the upscale Gangnam district of Seoul on December 18th. He was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Police rushed to Jonghyun’s apartment after receiving an emergency call from his sister stating that he sent a series of troubling text messages.

According to local reports, Jonghyun’s final message to his sister was: “It’s been too hard. Please send me off. Tell everyone I’ve had a hard time. This is my last goodbye.”

Investigators found coal briquettes burnt in a frying pan inside Kim’s apartment, leading them to believe that he died from carbon monoxide intoxication.

Jonghyun was a prominent figure in K-Pop. He was the lead singer of the popular group SHINee (who were dubbed the “princes of K-Pop”) for over a decade. Jonghyun then launched a solo career in 2015 and published a book entitled Skeleton Flower. Kim’s last public appearance was at his solo concert named “Inspired” on Dec. 10 in Seoul.

In 2010, I’ve published an article about SHINee’s video Lucifer which indicated that K-Pop was infiltrated by the agenda of the occult elite. The song described the singers being “under the spell of Lucifer”. A line from the song aptly described the fate of K-Pop stars stuck in an oppressive industry:

I feel like I’ve become a clown trapped in a glass castle

Kim was made to do the one-eye sign throughout his career, indicating that he was at the service of the occult elite. Here he is on the cover of OhBoy! magazine in 2016.
Jonghyun and his entire former group SHINee doing the one-eye sign.

Jonghyun was signed with SM Entertainment, a Korean company that was often accused of abusing and exploiting K-Pop artists (read my article about K-Pop group Red Velvet for more details). SM Entertainment released a statement saying:

“This is SM Entertainment. We are sorry to be the bearer of such tragic, heartbreaking news. On December 18th, SHINee’s Jonghyun left us very suddenly. He was discovered unconscious at a residence in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul and was rushed to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead. Our sadness cannot compare to the pain of his family, who had to say goodbye to a son and a brother, but we have spent a long time with him, and the SHINee members along with the SM Entertainment staff are all in deep mourning and shock. Jonghyun loved music more than anybody else and he was an artist who did everything to perform his absolute best on stage.

It breaks our heart to have to bring this news to fans who loved Jonghyun so much. ‘Please refrain from reporting on rumours and guesswork so the family of the deceased can honour him in peace. ‘As per the wish of the family, the funeral will be held quietly with his relatives and company colleagues.”
– Metro, Jonghyun’s talent agency releases emotional statement as SHINee star dies aged 27

Jonghyun is one of several South Korean stars who took their lives at a young age. In 2009, actress Jang Ja-Yeon killed herself by hanging. She left a suicide note explaining how she was beaten and forced to entertain and have sex with several program directors, CEOs and media executives. Several other celebrities committed suicide including singer and actor Park Yong Ha, model Daul Kim and actress Jeong Da Bin.

Jonghyun’s death at age 27 makes him the latest addition to the infamous 27 Club, the group of late singers who died at the young age of 27. The 27 Club includes Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse. Nearly every one of them died in bizarre circumstances.

The Final Letter

Nine9 posted Kim’s “final letter” where he explains, in sometimes enigmatic words, his dark mental state. In the letter, Kim sometimes appears to address a specific person, even blaming them for his depression. Who is that person?

I’m broken on the inside.

The depression that slowly gnawed away at me eventually devoured me.

I couldn’t overcome it.

I hated myself. I resolved to hold on to memories and shouted at myself to come to my senses, but there was no answer.

If there is no way to relieve stifling breath, it’s better to just stop.

I asked who can be responsible for me.

It’s only you.

I was utterly alone.

It’s easy to say you’re going to end things.

It’s hard to actually end things.

I lived with that difficulty this whole time.

You told me that I wanted to escape.

That’s right. I wanted to escape.

From me.

From you.

You asked who is over there. I said it was me. I said it was me again. And I said it was me again.

I asked why I keep forgetting my memories. You told me it was because of my personality. I see. I see that everything is my fault in the end.

I hoped that people would notice but nobody knew. You never met me so of course you would not know I was there.

You asked why I live. Just because. Just because. Everyone just lives just because.

If you ask why people die, they would probably say it’s because they’re exhausted.

I suffered and agonized about it. I never learned how to turn this pain into happiness.

Pain is just pain.

I tried to push myself past it.

Why? Why am I keeping myself from putting an end to it all?

I was told to search for the reason why it hurts.

I know all too well. I’m hurting because of me. It’s all my fault, because I was born this way.

Doctor, is this what you wanted to hear?

No. I didn’t do anything wrong.

When you told me in that calm voice that it’s because of my personality, I thought how easy it must be to be a doctor.

It’s almost fascinating, that it hurts this much. People that have it harder than me seem to get along just fine. People weaker than me get along just fine. But that must not be true. Among the people in this world, no one has it harder than me, and no one is weaker than me.

But I still tried to live.

I asked myself why I had to do so hundreds of times, and it was never for me. It was for you.

I wanted to do something for me.

Please stop telling me things you don’t understand.

You tell me to figure out why I’m having a hard time. I told you several times why. Am I not allowed to be this sad just for those reasons? Does it have to be more specific and dramatic? Do I need to have better reasons?

I already told you. Were you even listening? Things you can overcome don’t remain as scars.

I guess I was not meant to confront the world.

I guess I was not meant to lead a life in the public eye.

That’s why it was hard. Confronting the world, and being in the public eye. Why did I make those decisions. It’s ridiculous.

It’s great that I even made it this far.

What more can I say. Just tell me I did well.

Tell me I did well enough and that I went through a lot.

Even if you can’t smile while sending me off, don’t say it’s my fault.

You did well.

You really went through a lot.


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A letter was left, please, take a look at it. Just reading this, i can say, this is a case of MKULTRA, he said that “Doctor said they did this to me because of my personality, i was bad, this is my fault”. OMG. I never experienced this before, and everyone is just like: “oh it was depression”… read the letter guys, seriously, this was a case of Control Monarch, for sure.

Now that you bring it up, the doctor was suspicious. He/she convinced Jonghyun that he was the cause for his depression while he was obviously teetering on the edge as it was. This is something I’ve never heard of any psychiatrist telling their patient, that’s a huge no-no. Then I have to wonder about the medication he was taking. Was it perscribed by this same doctor?

I haven’t heard or read anything about the medication he was taking, but I read that he was diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which affected his moods during a certain period of time (autumn-winter) and it started since his childhood. Also, he had a family problem, like his father was always out of the picture and he didn’t want to mention anything about his father. I think this doctor/handler/whoever it was, took advantage of his mental condition which resulted in his breakdown.

I think a lot of mood and behavioral disorders are forms of demonic influence. We know these kids go through trauma being in the industry, and even if they didn’t go through a satanic ritual to attach a demon, or demons, to their alters, they can still be heavily influenced by negative spirits. The people in the industry who make decisions are satanists. Just being involved with these people, yoked to them through contracts, is enough to influence anyone negatively. Al covered up and hidden by riches and opportunities. Sad.

Some of this is true, yeah. Being around sociopaths and general arschlaugs can be draining on your mental fortitude. And let me tell you, the CEOs and managers are often not nice people. A lot of them abuse the idols they’re supposed to help. Certainly not all, but SM’s CEO is highly known as being a giant, raging c*nt. He’s a piece of work, and not a good one. Then there’s YG, head of–you guessed it–YG entertainment, who’s only slightly less of an ass, and also a hebephile, or whatever it’s called. He’s attracted to 15-18 year old girls. One of the people he has under his reign, CL, even made uncomfortable (for her and us) jokes about it on this cringey show called mixnine. Whether it involves MKULTRA or not, there’s tons of corruption and assholes to go around in the kpop industry. I’m so sad over Jonghyun’s death… Read more »

This line in particular is a strong indication of MK Ultra….”I asked why I keep forgetting my memories. You told me it was because of my personality. ”
MK Ultra victims live so many different personality that they have no “one” core memory store which eventually becomes very confusing when trying to allocate time and dates.

That’s surely one line that needs to be emphasized. I don’t think many people noticed what he wrote on the letter regarding his lost of memory. This isn’t a plain, ordinary case of suicide, this has something to do with the fact that he’s under the influence of something bigger.

If people have multiple personalities, they each have their own memory.
But maybe people will think its because of his despression because memory loss sometimes can be the sign of depression

It can be negated if you train one personality as an ESPer who has access to others memories though.

E.S.P. ? Please, show me (us) one (1!) scientific case where the results called e.s.p. were more than the occasional percent higher score than the go-with-luck-testpersons.
Just the one, but it has to be checkable, and no, it cannot be from Stanford as they are frauds.

Oh god, I forgot about that line. I want to write it off as him saying he keeps forgetting the happy memories, because he’s depressed, but that’s…ehh…

Well, that’s weird indeed. A real doctor wouldn’t say something like that, it’s against their ethics. It must has something to do with MK Ultra since this “doctor” he talked about sounds more like a handler to me.

I’m a medical student but I dont think thats what I would say or suppose to say to my patient.
It’s really suspicious.

I’m going to disagree with you here. What that doctor said is not reflective of anything MKULTRA, it’s relfective of Korea’s societal opinions on depression–that only weak people suffer from it, and that it’s a problem with his personality and not his brain. Yes, even trained psychiatrists say this s**t all the time. They are super hard on anyone with depression, despite much of the population being depressed. They tell them it isn’t real and to suck it up. I highly doubt it’s a case of that, especially considering everything else. I’ve been a fan of SHINee for years and I doubt the hand symbols were something they were aware of. I’m not doubting the existence of (((them))) in the kpop industry, and no I’m not being biased either–it’s because I’ve watched so much of their content I can go back through it and say they don’t act like the… Read more »

Oooh could you explain more about why you think Irene and joy have it soo bad? I’m just curious because I was watching red velvet perform peekaboo on one of the award shows and you could tell on Irene’s face something was wrong

I really can’t explain it. They just feel “off” to me.

Initially I think the boys – same for all entertainers – have no idea of the symbolism behind what they do, but after 5 years time – they all know what they’re promoting. They have songs called evil and lucifer. They’re with skulls, capstones, one-eyes and inverted crosses. Look at the music produced for their labelmates – that intro for EXO (as above, so below, tree of life and sequestered monkish chanting). They’re paid to be prancing livestock for the masses to get hot over, but they never were/are idiots.

Talking about EXO, have anyone noticed a word “The Sacrifice” under the video of perfomance on MAMA 2016? What does it mean.. The video named [2016 MAMA] EXO – TRANSFORMER + MONSTER ..


Nah, if you agree that Red Velvet is under mind control, wouldnt it be weird if Shinee isn’t? They are from the same company who makes their artists sing horrible lyrics about Lucifer, makes MVs that contain heavy symbolisms, etc.

Not quite. SHINee’s been in the SM dungeon for quite some time now, and RV is new. SHINee already knows too much about the industry so they’d have trouble cracking them.

This ain’t about “new” or not. As long as they are still under the management, then they are still under control. Simple as that.

if they know so much about the industry and yet still involved all sorts of creepy concepts/signs/poses/etc….doesn’t it make them a more active participant, since they would know…and yet you’re saying above about how they’re not aware of what the poses they’re doing n stuffs..contradiction.seriously….anything is possible. it’s just whether we’re willing to accept/see it or not. just because you follow a group closely, doesn’t mean you ultimately know everything about them,….rather…you’re more prone to be brainwashed to think you know them from what presented to you…and we all should know what we see of these idols and celebs are only what we’re ‘allowed’ to see….there’s so much more to entertainment scene n medias in general than what’s presented to us…

Also, Obama mentioned SHINee in one of his speeches. Isn’t this even more suspicious?

…and he talked about Shinee not too long ago, around July 2017 to be exact.

WOW! That’s definitely weird… Kpop is getting darker by the second!

Yes! This caused me to worry when I heard it! I was thinking, “Of all the K-pop groups that have made American debuts, he mentions SHINee, when they hadn’t made one.”
Rubbed me the wrong way, and now here we are.

The truth is that Jonghyun was the Illuminati sacrifice to signal the handover of the globalists’ support of KPOP from SM to BigHit. BTS released an album called LOVE YOURSELF, which is clearly about suicide. BTS’s V released a tweet about his new dog, named COAL BRIQUETTE. 4 hours later, Jonghyun committed suicide by means of COAL BRIQUETTE carbon monoxide poisoning. BTS goes to Jonghyun’s funeral, completing the ceremony. (credit to the person who wrote this.)

I was concerned about the dog’s name too. I got to know about it after the news of jonghyun and I was like wtf are you joking

I found on a forum and it really struck me. This can’t be a coincidence. It’s impossible to be one!Kpop is getting so satanic lately that it gives my goosebumps! Something big is happening rn. Also SM ent wanting to replace his groups with AI ones. All of this is preparing the scene for the image of the beast/the Antichrist/ the RFID chip.

When I heard the way he killed himself I also remembered V’s tweet from the same day. What a strange coincidence!!! And BTS were the first group to arrive to the funeral. everything seemed to be a ritual.
And who is the person who wrote this?? I would like to have a conversation with people who can see the symbolism in kpop too

I created a thread in the entertainment category. let’s chat there..

I really like BTS but now everything about them seems creepy. They were the first to appear at the hospital where they were saying their goodbyes and V was the first one.
About V’s Stigma (from Wings album) there was no explanation about the song, there are many theories about it and one of them suggests that he was feeling guilty because he sacrificed his beloved grandmother. (first the song was made, then she unexpectedly passed away)

I just read the lyrics. Things are getting creepier and creepier in kpop recently. Everything is really fishy – TOP, Sulli, GD, jonghyun, BTS, EXO, RV, etc are all pushing the agenda with mental disorders, drugs, etc.

I always wonder why they all die in almost every music video. Only recent music video is without that amount of negativity..

I created a thread in the entertainment category. let’s chat there..

I knew BTS are evil when I fist watched their MV “Blood, Sweat and Tears”. I mean, for crying out loud, one of them even kisses the statue of Lucifer. How obvious can you get?!

Omg! I wrote about BTS in vigilant citizen about two years ago and everyone ignored me. They started everything much earlier. The MV for “I need you girl” – there are a lot of butterflies, pills and drugs. Their MV “Young forever”- they’re in cages. The MV “Fire” they’re shaking hands with the Evil and making a deal. After that their fame grew a lot. I’m wroting about the past. And now it’s getting creepier

The video is supposed to be that way!! The album is called WINGS. The first song is Boy Meets Evil and it is about someone being tempted by the devil but if you had any information apart from visual speculation you would understand the direction of their message. In the album they talk about being tempted but by the end they are redeemed and spread their wings. It ends with them being saved from the darkness and being able to fly again. I hate the way people do this. I’m all for waking people up to the truth but do it in an intellectual way. Don’t just look at something, thinks it’s weird, and go straight to the internet to spread negativity. Do your research! Just because an artist depicts their struggles with temptation doesn’t mean that they are blatantly evil. We all struggle with temptation. Even Christian artists sing… Read more »

I was thinking about this handover of support and found out that there was an article, probably published on 17th December, about desire of Bang Si-hyuk (head of BigHit) to prepare company for IPO (Initial Public Offering). Does it mean that BigHit has any possibility of becoming enormously huge company? Considering that he also mentioned that he found “a success formula” that worked out with BTS and going to use it with a new boyband he’s creating now and wants to take a stable place on USA market which is big part of preparing for such a step as offering company’s stock for a public. I don’t know if it can be linked to the case but everything is happening at the same time and, indeed, weird.

I created a thread in the entertainment category. let’s chat there..

I saw your post on /kpg/ on /mu/. Oh, it wasnt yours.

His name actually isn’t coal briquette, that was them trying to start s**t. it’s really black stripe.

V’s dog is named YEONTAN! Stop spreading lies. BTS Love Yourself album is about LOVING YOURSELF and correlates with their Mental Health campaign. They stated that they wanted to break down the barriers and bad reputation in the industry that comes with admitting you have health problems. They are trying to prevent this from happening. They are very open about mental health issues and their name slogan they tell their Army is “Love Yourself.” To be honest you are worse than them because you are spreading gossip and lies without checking your damn information. I’ve been coming to this site for years. I know every symbol but don’t you dare put BTS in this category. They are the kindest most hard working guys that don’t deserve to be wrongfully bashed to some ignorant people.

Yeontan in korean, meansl coal briquette in english.
That was a tweeted 4 hours before jonghyun died.

And BTS was the first one to be on his funeral.

I always found subliminal messages through BTS M/V. I’m not shocked if they’re part of the illuminati. You think their fame is because of the fans? Think again, the illuminati controls everything including the music industry.

what, at the end of the article you say “read the article”? show some initiative.

Look at when Stardust’s comment was posted and when yours is posted. Obviously Stardust posted their comment before VC updated the article with his letter.

I don’t understand at all this K-POP craze in USA and in the comments. K-POP has been pushed forward so hard these last years by the medias. But it clearly is the sign than mainstream conditionning is working even on vigilantcitizen commenters …

actually kpop has been a *thing* in the us since the early 2000’s.

Just like anime always had popularity starting in what – the 80’s ? via VHS fansubs.

The fansub community is what is responsible for mainstream venues to pick this stuff up. But the craze has always been there. Just not publicized on the “everyman’s” radar who find the simpsons, seinfield, beyonce, etc to be completely fab.

I also heard, than when ‘their hair is completely blonde’ they are under the *complete thumb* of the Elite, like an anaconda. WOW! That means we’ll never see Kanye again or many others. I always wondered why their hair was blonde at certain times. Now d have one more piece of the puzzle.

Jaden Smith recently went blonde.

Even Taylor Swift’s hair was platinum blonde for a sec for no reason. That’s probably why. How strange.

Sometimes it is about marketing. Psychological questionaires, test-public. Very popular in sales and ad-making. A big chunk of the productbuying public still reacts to blonds.
Combine for example the moment of blondness with the action publicized or the people they are hanging with (at night, if you must).

Pink hair is also code for beta sex kittens – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ITAzmpf0dc

You mean… JARED LETO-?!!

I really have to doubt this one, sorry. Kpop idols change their hair colors nearly on a daily basis for fashion/style purposes.

its okay to doubt. If there were regular people I’d agree – they could be changing their styles for any number of reasons. However these are people who are crafted by the agency. Dental work, plastic surgery, stylists and makeup – are all from decisions from the top down. Outside of symbolism, color itself along with color combinations evoke specific responses – directors in media are more than aware. They have personas to fulfill and make engaging and no one ever said that persona was a static, square presented identity.