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Amy Winehouse’s untimely death was a sad event yet it brought to many a sentiment of deja-vu. She is indeed one of several artists who died at the age of 27 and one of the many celebrities who lost their lives in strange circumstances. Is there more to these deaths than meets the eye?

Famous for her distinctive voice and soulful style and infamous for her controversies and substance abuse, Amy Winehouse embodied the classic dichotomy of a rock star: artistic brilliance coupled with a tendency for self-destruction. Her early death, at age 27, provided her the last ingredient required to become a memorable rock star: eternal youth. Going beyond her music, Winehouse will now be remembered as one of those who “lived fast and died young” and will forever have this mystical aura that surrounds those who have passed away during their prime. We will never see Amy Winehouse grow old and lose her edge. We will never see her become a “has been” who has to appear in crappy commercials to pay the bills. By dying at the age of 27, Amy Winehouse will forever be remembered as the fiery diva who inspired, shocked, attracted and repulsed people all at once. Most importantly, by dying at the age of 27, Amy Winehouse became the latest member of the 27 Club.

27 Club

A symbolic poster depicting the most famous members of 27 Club

The 27 Club (or Forever 27) is the name given to the group of highly influential stars who died at the young age of 27. Although there are dozens of artists in the 27 Club, the most notable are Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain. Most of the members of this club led somewhat troubled lives and the causes of their deaths were surrounded by a shroud of mystery. Indeed, investigating the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain quickly leads to unanswered questions and strange abnormalities. No autopsies, no definitive causes of death and vague police reports seem to be the norm in these high-profile cases. In short, we can find in these untimely deaths everything required to generate “alternative theories” involving murder.

Amy Winehouse’s sadly appears to be a perfect fit for the Club. Although one might argue that she was not the iconic and revolutionary artist Hendrix and others were, she bore many similarities to them: A unique style, a big following, heavy drug and alcohol usage, a tendency for depression and other mental problems, a history of bad relationships and, finally (and most importantly), a bunch of unanswered questions surrounding her death.


The phenomenon of stars dying at a young age in strange circumstances goes beyond the well-publicized 27 Club. While this Club is “reserved” to singers dying at the exact age of 27, many other types of artists have died in mysterious circumstances around the age of 30. Recently, the deaths of Heath Ledger (see the article about him entitled “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” and Heath Ledger’s Sacrifice) and Brittany Murphy followed the same pattern as those described above. Strangely enough, there often appears to be a media buildup around these figures before their death documenting their odd behaviour or personal problems. Were these deaths premeditated and part of some kind of sick ritual carried on by the occult-minded elite at the helms of the industry? Are charismatic stars being risen to fame in order to later sacrifice them, creating a worldwide mega-ritual? Is the wave of shock and grief surrounding these events harnessed in some way by high-powered occultists? These concepts might sound totally ridiculous to the average person but, to occult initiates, the magical potency of a human sacrifices has been recognized and documented by the rituals of many ancient civilizations. In Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, author Michael A. Hoffman II writes:

“The issue of controlling humanity with esoteric words and symbols encoded within a play, a media spectacular or a ritual is one of the most difficult for people to comprehend. That is why most people are viewed with utter contempt as “cowans”, “the profane”, “the gentiles” and “the goyim” by secret society initiates”

About mega-rituals Hoffman writes:

“[Some murders] are ritual murders involving a cult protected by the U.S. government and the corporate media, with strong ties to the police.

Such killings are actually intricately choreographed ceremonies; performed first on a very intimate and secret scale, among the initiates themselves in order to program them, then on a grand scale, amplified incalculably by the electronic media.

In the end what we have is a highly symbolic, ritual working broadcast to millions of people, a Satanic inversion; a Black mass, where the “pews” are filled by the entire nation and through which humanity is brutalized and debased in this, the ‘Nigredo’ phase of the alchemical process.

– Michael A. Hoffman II, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

In the 1940s, the French poet and theater director Antonin Artaud predicted the advent of occult mega-rituals in media. Artaud was an adept of  several forms of occultism and well-aware of the transformative powers of theatrical rituals: he created the infamous “Theater of Cruelty” that intended to profoundly change the audience. Regarding the processing of the Group Mind, Artaud wrote:

“Aside from the trifling witchcraft of country sorcerers, there are tricks of global hoodoo in which all alerted consciousnesses participate periodically … That is how strange forces are aroused and transported to the astral vault, to the dark dome which is composed above all of … the poisonous aggressiveness of the evil minds of most people … the formidable tentacular oppression of a kind of civic magic which will soon appear undisguised.”

In Hollywood, the subjects of these rituals are often manipulated and mind controlled and their deaths are often “announced” in some way or another through symbolic works. In The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, the last movie Heath Ledger appeared in, the theme of sacrifice is extremely important. In one important scene, we see the images of three celebrities who died young : Rudolph Valentino, James Dean and Princess Diana. Seeing these pictures, a woman says to Johnny Depp – who was one of Ledger’s replacements in the movie – “These people … they’re all dead”. Depp replies:

“Yes … but immortal nevertheless. They won’t get old or fat. They won’t get sick or feeble. They are beyond fear because they are … forever young. They’re gods … and you can join them.”

He then added:

“Your sacrifice must be pure.”

These lines were intended to be said by Heath Ledger.

A painting made by Vincent Fantauzzo, a friend of Ledger, featuring alter-egos whispering in his ear. The painting was completed shortly before his death.

Brittany Murphy appeared in several strange photoshoots before her untimely death. Some of them alluded to Monarch mind control and occult rituals.

Mind Control related picture of Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy surrounded by masked individuals in a occult ritualistic setting taken shortly before her death



The Case of Amy Winehouse

At the time of writing this article, the exact cause of Winehouse’s death is yet to be determined (alcohol withdrawal is often cited). Like most strange celebrity deaths, the public will probably be given a vague explanation involving drugs or alcohol. And, like most strange celebrity deaths, some odd facts will surface, contradicting the “official” version of the cause of the death, causing rumours, speculations and alternative versions.

There are already witnesses who described strange happenings shortly before her death. In this news article, Winehouse’s neighbour claimed that there was “screaming, howling and some kind of drum beating” coming from her house the night she died.

Amy Winehouse death: Neighbour in Camden heard ‘screaming and howling’

One of her neighbours said he is convinced she died in the early hours of Friday because he heard screaming. “I think something happened that night. It sounded like some weird sexual game. There was screaming and howling.” The man, who would not be named, said he was woken by the sound at around 2am that night. “It just sounded really weird and my son said he heard some kind of drum beating.”

This afternoon he heard one of Winehouse’s friends crying in the house, and realised she was dead. He believes a friend left her at home after a night out, and returned this afternoon to find her body. “She’s been quite low-profile and that’s why, when I heard these sounds – screaming – I thought it was unlike her. “I said to my son ‘Maybe she’s taken a bad drug’.”

He said he saw her about three weeks ago being helped into the house by her minders, and was unable to walk at 10am. “She couldn’t walk, she could hardly put one foot in front of the other.” Her cat, Sky, would come into his house for food and to sleep, he said.

Local restaurant owner Ze Silva, 56, said Winehouse would come in as regularly as twice a week. She saw her last Tuesday and said she had stopped drinking. “She had nothing to drink. She said to me ‘Darling, don’t give me any alcohol, I’m not drinking any more’. “She was normal. She would speak to everyone, have pictures taken with the kids, give autographs to the kids. “She was a good girl, I’m very sad.”

Winehouse would go to the restaurant, A Baia, to play snooker with her bodyguards and would send them to get her takeaway fried breakfasts. Flowers, teddies and candles had been left next to the police tape blocking off Camden Square. One card read: “You will not be forgotten by Camden. We all love you and will continue to love you. Your legend lives on.”

– London 24, Amy Winehouse death: Neighbour in Camden heard ‘screaming and howling’

This leads us to the most important question: was Amy Winehouse’s death a murder or, perhaps, a ritual sacrifice? Was she under mind control and offed by her handlers? Is her death simply a result of exposure to a debased industry?

After Winehouse’s death singer Kelly Clarkson tweeted a rather poignant message regarding this matter.

“I heard the news about Amy Winehouse. I’m incredibly sad. I didn’t know her but I met her a few times and got to hear her sing before she blew up. She was a beautiful and talented girl. I’m angry. What a waste of a gifted person. What a shame she saw no hope and continued living her life in that manor. I have been that low emotionally and mentally and that is overwhelming. I keep asking myself why some of us are spared and the others are made examples. I’m very angry and sad. I don’t know why it’s bothering me so much. Sometimes I think this job will be the death of us all, or at least the emotional death of us all. Maybe that is why as a little kid in sunday school I learned that God didn’t want false gods or idols. I thought it was terribly selfish of God as a child but I think I get it now. He didn’t want us following people or things that are imperfect and not so much for the followers but for the gods and/or idols who will never be what everyone wishes or needs them to be because we are made imperfect. He knew we wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure, the shame, the glory, or the power the spotlight brings. I am distraught. I am also extremely grateful and thankful for the people who love me and support me. Without such amazing friends and family who knows where I’d be. My thoughts and prayers are with her friends and family. I am so sorry for your loss. I pray for peace in your hearts.”

Thrown From the Freedom Train?

Amy as a kid.
A prophetic 2008 sculpture of Amy Winehouse called “The Only Good Rock Star is a Dead Rock Star”. It depicts Amy Winehouse shot in the head and laying on the floor lifeless. Next to her is creepy Minnie Mouse mask, which, as stated in several other articles, can represent Illuminati mind control (although the sculptor claimed that the masked referred to the infamous video of Winehouse playing with baby mice).

In Fritz Springmeier’s The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave, it is stated about mind control slaves that:

“The programmers/masters program them with the expectation that they will be “thrown from the freedom train” when they get to age 30. (Freedom Train is the code word for the Monarch trauma-based mind control. To be thrown from the Freedom Train means to be killed.)”

Victims of mind control often die at a young age due to several reasons. First, according to trauma-based mind control experts, the torment, torture and control exerted on victims cannot be sustained indefinitely during adulthood. At one point, often around the age of 30, programming wears off, causing the victims to regain some lucidity. This contact with reality often traumatic, causing in the victims to be severely depressed, to show symptoms of mental disorders such as MPD (multiple personality disorders) and the consumption hard drugs and alcohol. When slaves (especially those that are influential) stop responding to programming and begin displaying erratic and unpredictable behaviour, they are often “thrown from the freedom train”.

Some victims with exceptionally strong wills and character manage to free themselves from the bonds of mind control (to a certain extent). To prevent them from “speaking out”, they are often found and “thrown off the freedom train” also.

“If a slave doesn’t comply or needs to be thrown from the Freedom Train they can become a useable statistic. Simply trigger them to murder and then watch the police gun them down. The NWO gains one more statistic and another case to scare the public into accepting gun control.

Was Winehouse under mind control and was she “thrown from the freedom train”? Difficult to say. She clearly displayed the typical symptoms of an “industry victim” and some her personal relations (notably Blake Fielder-Civil) appear to have played the role of “handler” (similar to Mariah Carey’s relation with Tommy Mottola and the late Anna-Nicole Smith’s relation with Howard K. Stern). There are several levels of mind control and Winehouse might not have underwgone the entire Monarch programming process. However, simply placing an already vulnerable person in music industry’s toxic environment and getting the celebrity machine in motion, complete with constant media harassment, is enough trauma to induce the metal instability that clears the way for mind control.

Despite her success, Winehouse never was an “industry pawn” like other acts discussed on this site. Her unwillingness (or incapability) to “fit the mold” might have been a cause of her demise. Winehouse’s goddaughter and protege Dionne Bromfield appears to fit that mold perfectly.

The last shot of Bromfield’s video “Foolin’ “, released two months before Winehouse’s death. She is displaying the sign of the “Illuminati industry pawns”.


In Conclusion

Although it is difficult to know the exact cause of Amy Winehouse’s death, her case is certainly not unique. There is, in fact, a pattern that appears to repeat itself when looking at the early deaths of young celebrities. If one were to compare the lives and the circumstances leading to the death of these stars, one would notice important similarities and then realize that important “pieces of the puzzle” are often missing from official stories. From humble beginnings, these stars reach a great level of popularity. However, at one point, something goes terribly wrong and a drugged-filled, humiliating downfall almost inevitably occurs. Is the missing piece of the puzzle this thing that goes terribly wrong? If these artists are not a direct result of Monarch mind control, a “handler” figure nevertheless exists in their entourage, manipulating and influencing them towards a self-destructive behaviour. The media often adds to and amplifies the star’s problems, portraying them as disturbed drug addicts. When their death is announced, the world is shocked, yet not-so-surprised. Drugs and alcohol are, as always, the perfect scapegoats. As people say … “case closed”.

Why is our popular culture obsessed with sex and death, where rising stars, who capture the love of millions, get shot down? In an industry permeated with occult symbolism, run by people and organizations who believe in occult powers, is it possible that actual occult rituals are being carried out? Is the collective shock caused by the announcement of a celebrity death being used as ritual psychodrama meant to imprint the collective consciousness? Of course, not all celebrity deaths are results of rituals any many of them occur because, you know, stuff happens. One thing however remains constant: The deaths are symptomatic of the dark reality of show-business, which is toxic on many levels. To be caught up in this realm and attempting to exit it is, to cite a Winehouse’s song, Some Unholy War.


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People are destroyed, because of a lack of knowledge. What is it, to gain the whole world and loose your soul. The Devil, Is a Liar. Satan offers people fame and fortune for a short while, if you sell out your soul to him. God offers you lIfe n it more abundantly. LET GOD ORDER YOUR FOOTSTEPS IN THIS LIFE, AND FOR ETERNITY N HEAVEN WITH GOD. Movie Stars, Singers etc., stop being Sacrificed for Satan. I Plead The Blood of JESUS OVER YOU. Come Home To JESUS. He Created You, He Loves You and He Died On The Cross at Calvery. Repent and Be Baptized In The Name of JESUS. The Author and Finisher of My Faith. Amen

people, does anyone here remember Jeff Buckley? Almost all of what VC states here may be related to him as well, I am afraid 🙁

… "If the Devil did actually exchange talent for souls, it is clear he stopped giving out contracts to musicians, because nowadays the music industry sucks"

Secret societies who call people goyim or gentiles are Jews. No one else uses these terms. Just to make this clear.

I remember an interview where she mentioned someone telling her to pose in a triangle shape or curl up inside a triangle and she said a bold NO!!! Sounds like she wasn't prepared to be illiminati poser… Good on her but we know what happens to those that don't get on the program or buck the system….… This shows the reality of Kurt Cobains life, how he like so many other "stars" sold their soul to satan for fame, musical ideas etc. What happens is they are possessed by so many demons that they can't handle it any longer it becomes unbearable. What he needed was to come to the Lord and be delivered from those demons submit to God and be filled and renewed with His spirit. Thats what we all need, living in Gods presence is the only way worth living, there's no way you'd want to go back once you have all the negative stuff go away. Its so not worth it for any of these stars its not worth it for anyone to want to strive to be like them, the price is too high we shouldn't admire them, we should pity them. Jesus our King says: Mat 11:28 Come to me,… Read more »

We do our best to keep demons away and they invite them with open arms. yikes

This is an old post, but just wanted to toss some stuff out there. I think Amy was aware of the darkness of the music industry. I always thought that that was what her 'rehab' song was about. They wanted to take her to 'rehab' and reprogram her and she said 'no, no, no'. There were/are clips of her on YouTube on… Jimmy Kimmel, I think, talking about how 'they wanted to make (her) into a big triangle.' I always figured she was too strong to break so they just offed her.

Okay — that clip of Amy Winehouse with her talking about being turned into a triangle was from UK talk show ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’ in 2004 (NOT Jimmy frickin’ Kimmel!). Also, Amy was obviously JOKING when she said that — my GOD, how could anyone infer otherwise?! Illuminati=pyramids=triangles=music star mentioning their refusal to be turned into a triangle=Illuminati slave! Not in Amy Winehouse’s case though l. If you paid close attention to her personality/persona and music while she was alive, you’d have realised Amy Winehouse was an extremely individualistic individual who was often remarkable for her general non-adherence to ‘patterns’. Winehouse was the refreshingly and truly unfettered antithesis to actual Illuminati puppets like Lana Del Rey, Britney, Katy Perry, Cyrus, Beyonce, etc. The strangest thing about Winehouse’s death was the howling/screaming overheard by a neighbour in the early hours beforehand. That, and the apparent sound of a beating drum… Read more »

I'm sure Britney was going to be part of this, she was at her worst when she was about 25-26 years old. I don't know why but they kept her alive. As a huge fan of Britney in my childhood, when her "meltdown" started I knew there was something more. It was because of her that I knew of all of this programming thing, it's heartbreaking.

Fantastic article VC! Can you do one on Aaliyah and Princess Diana! The former released some quite dark videos before her demise!!!

Is it not strange that her neighbour heard her screaming and didn't call police or ambulance to help?

i can't believe all this posting. i started with 911 and than down-the-rabbit-hole…

while "synchromysticsm" finds stuff that can reveal larger patterns. the illuminati/satanist stuff

is just a slam-dunk. it's not rocket science. there-it-is. i am glad for the efforts of the vigilant

citizen. me, i am still trying to figure out how to "combat" it. this is soul warfare. maybe it

always existed but now we are given the opportunity to see it plain. enjoy ….

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace."

– Jimi Hendrix

Has anyone noticed how much mickey mouse hat ears look like one of those things put on people's head when theyre strapped in a chair and tortured? Disney is the only ones who makes animal ears that include a head piece (bunny ears,deer antlers etc only have the ear pieces not the head too) Everytime a new disney store is opened they give out free ear hat pieces,why not anything else like disney pens or something….?

Amy Winehouse's toxicology report came up clean today.


they, THEMSELVES, recognize some references(a lot) .WHY????

Probably just to white wash and cover for anyone looking at the materials, and seeing it as sinister. And to so call seperate themselves from such images. In a way, it is true. I don't see most masons being apart of the upper satanic cult. However, they are lead by satanic leaders, and branch organizations, just like most organized religions and educational institutions in this world are. The catholic pope and his church, while kissing babies and granting blessings, has bore witness to some of the worst atrocities every witness by mankind. I mean the amount of gold they have didn't come just from the hands of coffers. It was taken through blood. Do they say anyhing about this. No. It is all apart of the veil of wool that is being held over your eyes. "In the land of the blind, the man with one eye is King."

"Why is our popular culture obsessed with sex and death"


I'm SICK of it.

The destruction of some one who is idolized or respected that way can tear down the archetypes we have. ie the destruction of the twin towers represents in Tarot, the destruction of accomplishments. This satanic ritualized killing probably has several "goals or benefits" to the satanists, but the inner collapse of those archetypes seems to be one of the main goals. GOd's speed all

Jimi Hendrix was murdered by a low-life who was always in debt to the Mafia in NYC. Jimi's agent in England, Chas Chandler, bass player for the Animals, adored Jimi and got his career off the ground. Unfortunately Chas came home early one day, only to find Jimi having nice-nice with his wife, so he went back to his office, destroyed any Jimi memorabilia and somehow contacted this guy in NYC. He sold Jimi's contract to the guy who took over Jimi's career. Jimi was then surrounded by a lot of losers and low-lifes and druggies, hangers-on etc.. In England there was much more respect for the amazing Guitarist. He was kept very busy by this greedy SOB and one day got into deep doo-doo with the Mafia. Seeing as he had an insurance policy on Hendrix, he decided to "off" Jimi to pay off his debt. The SOB brought… Read more »

Another thing — you mentioned Jerry Garcia of the band The Grateful Dead, and how he’d been a friend of Janis Joplin’s. The Grateful Dead were known to practising Satanists and were seen at the infamous Bohemian Grove for several, different ritualistic ceremonies in the ’60s. Might be some shady connection there to Janis’ untimely demise…

“Kirbane”? Presumably, you were referring to Cobain, as in, Kurt Cobain?
His death looks like a murder to me. If Courtney Love really was involved in it somehow, I would say it had more to do with her being paid to keep quiet by someone else (Seattle Police?). Cobain may have been killed because of his public disdain of affluent and influential families still living around Seattle then, in connection to the abuse of tragic actress Frances Farmer. I’ve read a lot about Cobain over the years, and I never found evidence of him being involved in Satanism. Ever. Unless reading a handful of (Satanist) William S. Borroughs books and loosely befriending Burroughs himself counts?? 🙂

OK, I just read the article. I find it disturbing that she may have become a victim of those kind of pukes. I don't believe she fit into the mold as the article suggests. Maybe she was murdered as well. Any interviews I saw of her showed a working-class girl, down to Earth and very charming. She was a natural entertainer.

This adds a new dimension to how she may have died. A very dark one, at that. Thanks for the non-judgmental article.

This girl siole her make-up from the french jewess goddess and songwriter : BARBARA.
To add, from France, 2 sigers : Mike Brandt (jew), Gribouille. Both dead at 27.

"STOLE", désolé.

Bruno Mars mother died of a brain aneurism at age 55 on……wait for it Jun 03, 2013. Look at the article titled "Bruno Mars, Russell Brand Pay Tribute To Amy Winehouse At VMAs" CREEPY. Held on Sunday, Aug. 24, 2011 at 9 p.m. Amy died on July 23, 2011. After reading of sacrifices, Im putting together this…Mother 'dies young', Amy sacrificed and Bruno now a big star. I almost went to see him in 2013 in Miami, on my birthday, (8/31/2013 concert) so glad I didn't make it. I would feel really sick now if I had gone, I loved his performance of Amy, but now I cant watch it. As for Russell brand – katy perry ex handler.

Alter egos whispering in his ear MAY relate to a hypnotic practice of acquiring someone. It is the called dual hypnosis and google should do the rest. There is a painting or sculpture that mimics this as well .tumblr_mk3mnpUK6A1qd0ln0o1_500 refers. I can tell you that UK police advanced training for image technicians (Identikit evidence takers) used this method and the subject I heard was unaware or not told that this connection may have obtained… being if as such hypnotised or in my estimation undergoing Monarch programming …..(where consent would not be sought, given or even bothered with I think). But this if true is a mistake, because a technique normally not even guessed at might have been going on in the picture you show, the art celebrating a victory over innocence, maybe, and in the police situation I described a bit concerning if it is Monarch. . The person so… Read more »

2+7=9 which is the last number in numerology cycles (basic ones), for example each letter of the alphabet has a letter connected to it (a=1, b=2) until it reaches 9 and goes back to 1. That could be a reason for 27 or just a coincidence, since 9 represents the end of a cycle or death. Similar to how in astrology, Aries is Birth and Pisces is death (the 1st and last signs)

This makes sense, but I still think she was a druggo/alcho that killed herself due to her own lack of self control

I admire Amy Winehouse, she was so talented , i was a fan even years before her death, and i feared this article would be published some day on here, i don't want to believe that she was into all this dark stuff, i want to believe that they killed her because she didnt want to obey or be a part of it. But her death does have some mystery on it. Drum beats and screams? Murder or sacrifice? I hope she didn't condemn herself :/

Hey VC! The new ILLUMINATIS GIRL HAS ARRIVING! LANA DEL REY! Just wait and you will see!

I still haven't recovered from the death of Heath Ledger and now Amy Winehouse shows up at the same destination. Damn them! I wish they'd make a mistake sometime and all their plans backfire on them! Illuminati will fall! the legends of the martyrs of truth will live on.

Great post. I used to be checking constantly this weblog and I am inspired! Very useful info specially the final part 🙂 I handle such information much. I was seeking this certain info for a very long time. Thank you and good luck.

All of them were also beginning their Saturn return…not so sinister, just astrology.

Aaliyah was 22 when she died and personally I think Selena (not Selena Gomez) death was a sacrifice ritual also. I mean they both was on top then they died. How wired is that. Also learned that the real reason why Ashanti does not sing no more was that she was next to get sacrifice. Can ya riddle me this Aaliyah dies two years later Beyonce is not the biggest stars in the R&B sector. Selena dies two years later Jennifer Lopez plays her and additional two years Jennifer Lopez becomes the biggest female star in the Latin sector I mean think about it people. If Selena was still alive Jennifer Lopez would've never been so huge. Also if Aaliyah was still alive Beyonce would been still known as just a member of Destiny's Child a has been group come on people think about it.

Wow, you are right. Who has come after Amy Winehouse? I guess it is Adele. I hate to say it, but she was wearing a red dress at the latest Grammys.

and i wonder who would take michael jackson's throne as the Prince of pop?

The Weeknd

I just find it strange with the whole brittany murphy pic…. They make no sense. Why would anyone want to take a pic like the ones she did, it's just kidda creepy and makes no sense.

and kiddees….

have you ever heard of the "mickey mouse club?" and how many "muskateers went forward to

be media plants?" they were all mind controlled under Disney. this stuff is so unbelievable, but investigation will show you. haha. i've dealt with this stuff for so long…

hehe. enjoy the devil. the devil is completely loose.

You're sugar and spice and all things nice xx :oP

I read this article this morning. Not two hours later did I open my browser and the first story on Yahoo was that Amy died from alcohol poisoning. HMMM wonder if they are watching my computer?…..

This new information says that she died of alcohol poisoning.

Interesting that the neighbour who told the press that she heard howling etc also talked about Amy being drunk 3 weeks earlier, ye the restaurant owner (and pretty much everyone else in Camden) talks about her being sober for months. Also good that she thought the noises were wierd but didn't think to see if her neighbour was ok, she was the only person, in a very residential area to hear such noises and she told a journalist and not the police, and VC decide she is the one to believe! Yeah right! Amy's death was sad and very untimely – she had a half finished album in the works – but hardly a shock given her well documented abuse of drugs in the past. Camden town is full of young drug victims, many of whom die young, but this has everything to do with the s**t that is capitalism… Read more »

This is shocking to read and some artist, yes, maybe this is true. But people like Heath Ledger and Amy Winehouse: their deaths were reported as an overdose. That doesnt really sound like a occult sacrifice. I have read so many books on different occults and none of them mention what the writer has said so far. Maybe these messed up artists gambling with the dark spirits have come up with a new type of ritual but no one can truly know until someone speaks up. To me, this just sounds like someone searching for answers that cant be answered.

If you want to understand what is going on in the industry and Govt, read Unshackled by Kathleen Sullivan, Thanks for The Memories by Brice Taylor, 13 Bloodlines of The Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier, Ultimate Evil (unsure of Author) and David McGowans Programmed to Kill and Laurel Canyon (not finished yet) These books will lift the veil that blinds you. Once you read these books you will never be able to return to The Candy Land life you were living. You will then know what the saying ignorance is bliss truly means and you will cry for wanting to go back to ignorance. You will understand that Yahweh does truly love us and wants our salvation. We have been lulled to sleep in a trance but it's time to wake up. Ritual Abuse and MK-Ultra are real and happening right now. You have to ask yourself why would the 1%… Read more »


Adele has an amazing voice & if she loses some weight I'll marry her.

Pixie isn't bad either. Someone with perfect long legs who is over 5'2'' unlike some Minajs and Aguileras. It's quite disturbing to see all the pop-tarts with crooked/short/or chubby legs in outfits that accentuate their legs. You don't have it, stop flaunting it then.


Maybe her record contract was up for renewal and she was thinking of riding a different beast… possibly even going "solo", cleaning-up and producing her own stuff. Whomever owns the rights to her music is going to make a killing and reap the benefits of her timely death.

Randy Quaid´s story might be able to shed some more light on this.

Oh boy, boy, boy! When you said that "Winehouse’s neighbour claimed that there was “screaming, howling and some kind of drum beating” coming from her house the night she died. I got simultaneous 'bad vibes' and chills and deep sadness at the same time… stemming from a 'Knowing' that something extremely sinister happened that night… of which I dare not speak! I think it is true, that whether she was a Symbolic Sacrifice or an actual one, it doesn't matter, the same effect results. It seems like to me, like it is said in the article, that she was reaching that age where she was starting to 'see the light' and the 'Powers of Darkness' could not have that! They would lose one of their "Love Children' and also perhaps be revealed for what they really are.. plus, she seemed like she really wanted to stop drinking and drugging, which… Read more »
First before commenting on this article, why do you have an advertisement of the Global Information Network on your website? The GIN? Gin sounds like Gene and Djin (arabic for dark spirits) Please mind my spelling mistakes. English is not my first language. Vigilant, you should have been more vigilant while writing this article. You should have analysed all the you tube films of RusltingRagazza about Amy's last concert in Belgrado. ALL emotions she had, she could let go: fear, angst, lovelyness, flirting, yealosy, brightness, humblness and haughty, intense pain, grieve, you name it but most of all you could see she was exhausted from the pressure of giving big concerts. Yes she was heavily drunk and high but she was so brutaly honest in her state at that time. She showed the public 'the child in her', the abused child, the abused adult because she was abused!! Big time.… Read more »

My hunch is these (27 club) etc are willingly sacrificed and except this as part of the deal although they may be led up that path without knowing it.

what becomes of their souls? reincarnated as bigger stars? I think in winehouses case her family offered her up, always thought her dad was a background hogging weirdo years ago.

90's rapper Foxy Brown talking about how the media attacks your image and she talks about Amy Winehouse and her own struggles, also notice the butterfly in the bottom corner… I pray for this lady and hope she finds peace and solid ground in Christ Jesus, because she's obviously broken… it's ironic that the headline is what it is, since she was just talking about how the media defamates and criminalizes your image.SMH, and she's not on drugs, she's just reeling from the torturous entertainment industry…:

I have a question!

(Im a little new to this site so maybe u have discussed this before)

So how come they didnt kill eminem?! he was with the illuminati and then got out! and he sure does know alot! and he is famous and can cause a disturbance!since he turned against them …. how come they didnt kill him?!

The last picture of Britney Murphy with the cloaked masked figures immediately made me think of Eyes Wide Shut. When I saw the film I thought, this is real depiction of secret societies and the antics they get up to. I mean, this picture is an EXACT likeness of the few scenes in the film.
Any way if you type Eyes Wide Shut into Google Images you will see more.

I wonder who will be beyonce's sacrifice? Every time I look at her, she seems so lost. Saints please pray for all the secular artist as well as gospel artist because satan is deceiving so many of them. We must fight until Christ comes back! they still have time to repent! Remember Jesus did not come to condemn the world but to save it!

Be blessed!

I read in my numerology that I'll have bad fortune if I dont complete my destiny by 27…. ummm idk. ha

Interesting – I watched the tribute to her on the VMAs (I know), and saw that there was a lot of "one eye" imagery. Makes you wonder…

what about gaga hitting on her and saying how she touched herself to Britney? And there's also a tribute to Britney? talk about f*cking with the poor's girls head. I am sure VC will figure even more to write about that one. I am happy Brit kept her cool and she was the most normal one there in the end.

Protocol No. 15: (Interesting, hmm…) SECRET SOCIETIES 4. Meantime, however, until we come into our kingdom, we shall act in the contrary way: we shall create and multiply free masonic lodges in all the countries of the world, absorb into them all who may become or who are prominent in public activity, for these lodges we shall find our principal intelligence office and means of influence. All these lodges we shall bring under one central administration, known to us alone and to all others absolutely unknown, which will be composed of our learned elders. The lodges will have their representatives who will serve to screen the above-mentioned administration of MASONRY and from whom will issue the watchword and program. In these lodges we shall tie together the knot which binds together all revolutionary and liberal elements. Their composition will be made up of all strata of society. The most secret… Read more »

I have already read this artical but I come back to read most all of them because I love my Vigi! Where you don't just warn but you inform!