“The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” and Heath Ledger’s Sacrifice


Heath Ledger’s last movie is a mind-boggling one. From its enigmatic storyline to the mysteries surrounding its production, “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” deserves to be duly explored. An interpretation of its rich symbolism reveals to the viewers timeless esoteric truths as well as coded references to today’s occult cryptocracy. This article looks at the mystical meaning of the “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” and the sacrificial nature of Heath Ledger’s death.

It seems the last movies of actors who die prematurely are often heavily symbolic. A single viewing of  the trailer for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus was sufficient to convince me of the movie’s deep esoteric undertones. Terry Gilliam’s productions have often dealt with occult themes, but this one seemed unusually flagrant. I was therefore looking forward to the movie’s reviews and the potential discussions it would engender. However, I found nothing but superficial blurbs and critiques talking about a “fantastic adventure” or something of the sort. So I watched the movie to see if I misjudged the trailer and, after the first minute and a half, all of my doubts evaporated. The movie begins with a man (Anton) dressed as Mercury (“Hermes” of the Greeks and “Thoth” of the Egyptians) announcing Dr. Parnassus, who is dressed as a monk, holding a lotus flower, a symbol of Eastern mysticism. Pretty esoteric. We’ll first look at the underlying meaning of the movie and follow with the strange symbols relating to Heath Ledger’s death.


The Esoteric Meaning of the Story

The premise of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus conceals a meaning for those who, in the words of Anton playing Mercury, have “eyes to see and ears to hear”.   Here’s a quick summary of the movie.

“The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is a fantastical morality tale, set in the present day. It tells the story of Dr. Parnassus and his extraordinary ‘Imaginarium’, a traveling show where members of the audience get an irresistible opportunity to choose between light and joy or darkness and gloom. Blessed with the extraordinary gift of guiding the imaginations of others, Dr. Parnassus is cursed with a dark secret. Long ago he made a bet with the devil, Mr. Nick, in which he won immortality. Many centuries later, on meeting his one true love, D.r Parnassus made another deal with the devil, trading his immortality for youth, on condition that when his first-born reached its 16th birthday he or she would become the property of Mr. Nick.  

Valentina is now rapidly approaching this ‘coming of age’ milestone and Dr. Parnassus is desperate to protect her from her impending fate. Mr. Nick arrives to collect but, always keen to make a bet, renegotiates the wager. Now the winner of Valentina will be determined by whoever seduces the first five souls. Enlisting a series of wild, comical and compelling characters in his journey, Dr. Parnassus promises his daughter’s hand in marriage to the man that helps him win. In this captivating, explosive and wonderfully imaginative race against time, Dr. Parnassus must fight to save his daughter in a never-ending landscape of surreal obstacles – and undo the mistakes of his past once and for all.”

The storyline revolves around a classic Faustian theme, in which Dr. Parnassus makes various bets with the Devil (played by Tom Waits) throughout his life. Looking deeper into the symbolism of the story, Dr. Parnassus and his traveling show are a metaphor for the esoteric teachings transmitted through the ages via Mystery schools. He is a human manifestation of the “path to enlightenment” of the Buddhists or the “inner-Christ” of the Gnostics. By inviting people into the magic mirror, he transports them onto the spiritual plane where they can choose between spiritual fulfillment and enlightenment (represented by a pyramid or a ladder, depending on the person) or ignorance and materialism (represented by a pub or a sleazy motel). Dr. Parnassus says “he transmits the story that sustains the universe,” which is a poetic way of saying that he is the vehicle for the secret teachings leading to illumination. He provides the path that allows the communion between humanity and divinity. The entire symbolism surrounding Paranassus’ theater is inspired by the esoteric teachings of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Buddhists and other esoteric schools. The stage contains many interesting occult symbols.

From Janus, the two-faced Roman god to the Masonic twin pillars and the All-Seeing Eye, Dr. Paranassus’ stage reveals the spiritual nature of the theater

Parnassus’ name is also a reference to occult initiation. His name is derived from Mount Parnassus, the sacred mountain of the Dionysus, the Greek god of mystery religious rites (also known as the roman Bacchus). Mount Parnassus also contained the famed oracle of Delphi, the mystical site where people could obtain spiritual revelations.

Dealing with the Devil

As stated above, the story of the immortal Dr. Parnassus is analogous with the evolution of the Mysteries throughout History. This story was not always perfect and numerous influences have altered its course. There is a constant exchange in the movie between Dr. Parnassus and the Devil and it ultimately becomes evident that they actually need each other in order to exist and to stay relevant. Through their back and forth, they reenact the ancient principle of duality, the constant struggle opposing good versus evil and light versus darkness. This concept is visually represented by the Masonic black and white checkerboard pattern. While explaining his dealings with the Devil to his daughter, Dr. Parnassus explains in coded terms the nature of his essence. It can be found within Buddhist monks, in Jesus Christ and even in Freemasonry. He describes his first bet with the Devil as a competition to see who could first attract twelve disciples. Dr. Parnassus shows his daughter a book containing symbolic images.

The Devil is here shown surrounded by clergymen. Parnassus says he uses the “necessities of danger, fear and the fabled bliss of ignorance” to attract disciples.
Parnassus teaches “the power of the imagination to transform and illuminate our lives”. He is here depicted as Jesus Christ with his third eye open, floating under the Eye of the Great Architect. Notice on the left a symbol that is very similar to a Masonic square and compass.

Parnassus won that first bet, but he was tricked: the Devil let him win. The Devil knew that, in due time, “nobody would want to hear Parnassus’ stories”. In other words, the Devil knew the world would spiral back into ignorance, ultimately finding itself in the spiritual state we are in today. Parnassus’ show (a metaphor for the path to Illumination) is now a strange novelty, a road-side curiosity that is ignored by most everyday people who are too busy to ponder on its teachings. Then comes Tony.

Tony Liar

Found by Parnassus’ traveling troupe hanging under a bridge, Tony Liar (whose name is based on British Prime Minister Tony Blair) may or may not have been sent by the Devil. Despite his mysterious past, Tony is integrated into to the show and he quickly uses his charming yet dishonest ways to attract more people to the show. He is, however, focused on generating more money and is not interested in people’s spiritual salvation. He finally convinces Parnassus to change the style of the show to make it more modern and to change the audience to make it more … rich.

To illustrate his point about being modern, Tony shows Parnassus a photo in a magazine of a girl making the “a-ok” sign in front of her eyes … interesting.

Tony tells Parnassus not to hide his “mind control thing”, to be bold and to reach the right kind of public. This is the result:

A tri-dimensional Masonic checkerboard pattern leads the way to the “magic mirror”, the gateway to the spiritual plane. Did Freemasonry “repackage” the ancient Mysteries in a way that would be attractive to the upper-class?

The new stage is set in an elegant shopping mall. There is also a change of philosophy: instead of asking for donations, there is box filled with money stating “Please Take Generously”. The bold marketing ploy pays off and those who experience the “other side of the mirror” come back totally fulfilled, leaving behind their money, fur coats and jewelry.

Tony himself finally experiences the joys of the spiritual plane and finds himself climbing the ladder to Illumination.

Tony is here played by Jude Law, one of the three actors who replaced Heath Ledger after his premature death.

His climb is stopped however by his troublesome past (the Russian mafia) catching up to him, and the ladder breaks. Spiritual enlightenment cannot be obtained by just anyone. He has however tasted the feeling of “being like a god”.

Heath Ledger’s Sacrifice

While The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus communicates an inspiring spiritual message, there is a rather grim side to the movie that relates to Heath Ledger’s death. The concept of duality is present within the movie itself where the tales of illumination are mixed with references to black magic and sacrificial death. Good and evil struggle again. The numerous references to death during the movie could be interpreted as a tribute to Heath Ledger, but, as Terry Gilliam states, none of the script was rewritten after the tragedy. Here is an excerpt of the director’s interview with Last Broadcast:

The film is terribly poignant film to watch now because of the loss of Heath.

Yes, it is.

And there are the references to death in the film that seem terribly poignant in the light of what happened. Did you re-emphasise any of that after his death?

The references to death were all in the original script, which people don’t understand. They all thought we had written this stuff after Heath had died and no, we didn’t change any of the words. And that to me is what’s so kind of scary and spooky – why was it so prescient? It seemed to be all about death, it’s so much of it.

Not only there are many references to death, there are many references to sacrificial death. Knowing the odd circumstances in which Ledger lost his life, could his death be the result of a ritual sacrifice? Are there codes within the movie relating to it? This might sound improbable to the average person but, to the initiate of the occult practices of the entertainment industry, it is a definite possibility. The observations presented here might be coincidences or they might be signs placed on purpose. One thing is for sure: they are there. The first person that seemed freaked out by this was the director himself, who was apparently a friend of Ledger. In his interview with Sun Media, Gilliam stated:

“There are forces at work on this film, don’t get me into my mystical mode … but the film made itself and it was co-directed by Heath Ledger!”

Why is he implying that other forces were at work during the creation of this movie?

The Hanged Man

Right before the traveling troupe finds Tony hanging under a bridge, Dr Parnassus pulls out the Tarot card of the Hanged Man. It predicted what was about to happen but the occult significance of the card is even more relevant:

“Esoterically, the Hanged Man is the human spirit which is suspended from heaven by a single thread. Wisdom, not death, is the reward for this voluntary sacrifice during which the human soul, suspended above the world of illusion, and meditating upon its unreality, is rewarded by the achievement of self-realization.”
– Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

The Hanged Man indeed refers to the myth of the dying god who is committing the ultimate sacrifice in order to attain immortality.

“There is present in the rituals similarities of concepts or beliefs. In the ancient tradition it was believed that through the connection of the body and blood of the Slain God that the people became one with the deity. In the “Last Supper” Jesus declare that the bread and wine were his body and blood, which he gave up for the salvation of the people. Blood was believed to contain the life force. The death of the king freed the inner spirit. Through the distribution of his body and blood, heaven and earth were united and his vital energy renewed the kingdom.

The appearances of the Slain God have taken on various aspects throughout the ages. His images can be seen in the Jack-in-the-Green, the Hooded Man, the Hanged Man of the Tarot, the Lord of Vegetation, the Harvest, and the free untamed aspect of the forest.”
– Source

Anton and Valentina then find Tony hanging beneath Blackfriars Bridge.

Ledger’s previous movie was The Dark Knight in which he played The Joker – The Fool of the Tarot. Did The Fool evolve into the Hanging Man?

This scene is inspired by the actual 1982 hanging of Roberto Calvi (dubbed “God’s banker” due to his relations with the Vatican). The hanging took place under the exact same bridge. Although never publicly confirmed, there are strong theories that Roberto Calvi’s death was a symbolic and ritualistic murder carried out by the black masonic lodge called Propaganda Due, also referred to as P2. The name of the bridge is very significant:

“Mr. Calvi’s investigation indicates that his father was strangled, before his body was weighted and suspended underneath Blackfriars Bridge, probably by people who were in a small boat. The choice of bridge may have been significant: the P2 members referred to themselves as “frati neri” – black friars.”

Tony’s forehead bears strange occult markings, as if to further the sense of ritualistic murder in the minds of the viewers.

Phi is a Greek letter representing the Golden Ratio, a mathematical proportion that is extremely important in Freemasonry.

Why did the directors pay homage to this symbolic murder?

Dying Young

In an eerie scene where Tony (played by Johnny Depp) guides a rich woman through her fantasy world, three boats appear bearing the pictures of Rudolph Valentino, James Dean and Princess Diana, three public figures who died prematurely.

Tony urges the rich woman to follow their path and to embark on a gondola bearing the head of Anubis, the god of the Dead. The woman sees the pictures and says:

“All these people … they’re all dead.”

Tony replies:

“Yes … but immortal nevertheless. They won’t get old or fat. They won’t get sick or feeble. They are beyond fear because they are … forever young. They’re gods … and you can join them.”

He then adds:

“Your sacrifice must be pure.”

All of this is said by Johnny Depp, the actor who replaced Heath Ledger after his premature death. The least I can say is this: strange coincidence. The esoteric meaning of the scene alludes to the dying of the old self in order to give birth to the new, spiritual self. Spiritually, however, this metamorphosis is however obtained through self-sacrifice and personal work, not by dying young. The public figures on the boats all died in “mysterious” circumstances. What is the relation?

I wrote an article last year, Princess Diana’s Death and Memorial: The Occult Meaning, in which I explore the possible sacrificial nature of her death and the “goddess” symbolism surrounding her memorial. Did the same thing happen with Ledger?

Occultists believe that occult rituals, by definition, must have an audience. The greater the number of witnesses, the better, as they give those who execute the rituals more power and potency. Was Ledger’s death a mega-ritual?


In Conclusion

Many movies in Heath Ledger’s career have revolved around occult themes, whether The Order, The Brothers Grimm or The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus. Despite this last movie’s positive moral lesson, it almost seems to have been written with prior knowledge of his death. There is a definite aura surrounding this actor and the mysterious circumstances around his death only further this feeling. Terry Gilliam said about Heath:

“Everyone said he died young, but I think he was about 150 when he died. This was not a kid. There was wisdom there. I didn’t know where it came from – none of us knew – but everybody that was close to him says the same thing.”

People close to Ledger observed a strange transformation in him during the filming of Batman: The Dark Knight. Shortly before his death, he posed for this artwork painted by his friend Vincent Fantauzzo.

The artist depicted Heath surrounded by two ‘mind spirits’ whispering into his ears. Vincent said the whispering spirits represent Heath’s inner thoughts. What was going on in his head? Was he victim of mind control or possession? Was he sacrificed by an occult brotherhood?  No positive answer can be given at this point and time. All I can say for now is Heath Ledger’s last line in the film, and his last ever as an actor: Don’t shoot the messenger.




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    I'm in love with your website, VC. Keep them coming!

    Never stop searching for the truth :)

  2. Oh thank you! Just as I was sitting here hoping you would put out a new article – here it is!

    Johnny Depp is another one that I used to love until recently – when I realized the types of movies he is in and what his beliefs are it made me wonder what is "behind the scenes" with him?!

  3. Interesting, i was supposed to watch the movie, you gave me motivation. Gilliam's work is not as good as it used to be tho. Kapril? Whats wrong with Johnny depp? Marilyn mason's friend, satanist maybe lol

  4. Christopher Plummer is a bit of a shady character. A short list of movies in which he has appeared that have occult themes/symbolism:

    The New World (2005)

    National Treasure (2004)

    Twelve Monkeys (1995)

    Dragnet (1987)

    The Man Who Would Be King (1975)

    I'm sure there are more…

    • And don't forget shady films like "The Greatest Story Ever Told" (based on Matthew) and "The Sound of Music."

      My friend, I went through a paranoid religious phase, too. Relax. God hasn't lost the world.

  5. Dag I thought I was going to be first. Anyway's this was very interesting as usual. He seemed like a deep person anyways so I'm not surprised. You know I made a comparison too. That part about them being forever young…I immediately thought about Jay-z's song "Forever Young" and how he tries to rename himself every chance he gets.."Young" being one of them. I've never listened to any of his songs not because of this stuff but just because I don't care..LOL but yeah I immediately thought of that song. This was creepy too as usual but great analysis. I felt sorry for Heath Ledger alot though. He always looked so down and out as if he had alot on his mind. Not to make light of this but we all know for sure now that he's feeling very much free now. R.I.P. Heath Ledger.

    • For one, Forever Young was originally by Alphaville and jay-z's was a cheap sampling of it, and two…suicide is never met with bliss, it is met with eternal torment…

  6. Good analysis. I'm a big Gilliam fan, so I made a concerted effort to see this in theatres and was impressed by the integration of esoteric/occult symbolism. The marks on Ledger's head when his character is found under the bridge baffled me, so thanks for that. I'm also glad that you note the basic message of the film is essentially positive, despite the strange occurrences that surrounded its makings. A number of Gilliam's productions have been plagued by bad luck, though the synchronicity between Parnassus and Ledger's death is admittedly disconcerting (personally I see it as just synchronous w/o some underlying conspiracy).





    "that great (VATICAN) city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth." REVELATION 17:18 KJV



    • Yes he is and he is coming back with a rod of iron to take over and rule and reign thank you Jesus his armor will say lord of lords and king of kings

  8. i love your articles im addicted to the proof i had already figured out a lot of the illuminati stuff in that film. but i hadnt caught on on its human sacrifice theame. poor heath :( . you're so clever VC you're my hero!!! :)

  9. great analysis VC…I'm very interested in seeing this movie. As well…Heath Ledger died on my birthday..very sad.

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    CERN – (underground) particle accelerater / "device" on swiss / french border conducting experiments to replicate conditions that existed during *instants* after big bang [supposedly]

    what about it?

    ..at first i thought i'd steer cleer of Horatio Hufnagles Contrabulous flying machine, but now (hearing about occult connotations) i think i'll check it out :)

  11. VC, I don't mean to nitpick but the film Ledger was in before this was NOT Batman Forever. It was The Dark Knight. Otherwise, good article that I'm going to read more slowly.

  12. WOW! that article was amazing! I knew that something had to be up with Heath Ledger's death but i didnt know how deep it really was. I dont know what this world is coming to but what i dont understand is why the people running the entertainment industry are exposing themselves more and more. and the people that are being sacrificed, are they aware of this? no one is immortal and with knowing that, if they willing said they would be the sacrifice why would they do it? the forever young thing tripped me out as well. Especially since Jay Z is now calling himself young. Something is up… if the people in control of this are bold enugh to do all the things they are doing then what will they do next?

    • Beyonce has a song where she references James Dean and she repeats over and over I'd rather die young than live my life without you.
      Rihanna has a song on her album talking about her and Chris Brown and she compares him to James Dean and herself Marilyn Monroe.

  13. another thing that was crazy was the woman in the magazine that was doing the a-ok in front of both of her eyes. the first person that i thought of was lady gaga. i think that this movie is trying to show the connection within the industry and how they are all working together. i honestly wouldnt be suprised if in the next video gaga does contains some aspect of this movie.

  14. Is it weird that this news broke only hours ago?


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    Researchhi-tech.smaller_textlarger_textprint_articleCelebrations in Cern, where the Large Hadron Collider has smashed particles together at record-breaking energies. Last week’s milestone marks the beginning of what is being described as a new era for physics, an era which may answer some of the fundamental questions about our universe.

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  15. Good job. I would like for you to do a piece on the new "Clash of the Titans" movie. There were several alterations from the original movie – the inclusion of "Jinn", who represent demon spirits, assisting Perseus in his quest, a Black Pegasus instead of a white one (weird because they showed white winged horses but Pegasus was Black), etc. I think that it is worthy of a look. Thanks.

  16. It's frustrating when I read people saying, "you're reading wayyy to much into this." As a film studies student who has to "read" into movies all the time – nothing is put into a film "just because." Everything is carefully thought out – otherwise, what would be the point of making the film?

  17. Excellent work again VC. The bit about the boats of James Dean, Diana and Valentino was particularly thought provoking. Very much enjoyed it. Not sure if I'm gonna pay money to watch this, but we'll see.

    On a completely different subject, I was listening to the radio today when Rihanna's SOS came on, and for the first time, I actually listened to the lyrics and wow. I have to watch the video now to put the pieces together but I think you should do an article on that one cuz I'm sure it follows right along with Umbrella and Disturbia.

    Keep up the good work VC, and don't be discouraged (not that you are) by some of those haters. There are lots of people who are seeking the truth and who do appreciate immensely the work you do!

  18. This article is disrespectful to the real circumstances that surrounded Heath Ledger's death and the very real drugs he took that ended his life. To persist in this damned delusion of the occult permeating Hollywood by selecting choice movies with symbols and metaphors is ludicrous. Please understand that there is a far more important lesson to be learned in Ledger's death than a silly game of cat and mouse between a supposed rabble rouser like the Vigilant Citizen/the Christian Right and the New World Order.

  19. Once again, excellent article VC. I wanted to add to your point that Heath played the Joker aka the Fool in tarot, in the Batman film. Tarot cards are divided into 2 segments: the major arcana, which contains 22 cards and the minor arcana, which contains 56 cards. The major arcana is the esoteric, or mystical portion of the deck. According to which deck or which expert you reference, the Fool is always either the first (1st) card or the last card (22nd) of the major arcana. Health died on 1/22 after completing his role as the Joker (Fool). As a tarot reader this hit me like a ton of bricks, and I don't see how it can be a coincidence.

  20. I love Heath. My nephew made me watch "A Knight's Tale" over and over… That being said … I find it peculiar when some performers start doing very dark work, work that is contrary to what they were putting out previously, some of them don't last long. Look at Lisa 'Left-Eye' Lopez, Aaliyah, Big Pun said in one of his songs he sold his sold to the devil, were their deaths accidental or did they get mixed up in the dark side when they knew better. James 4:17 "Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin."

    • Aaliyah nor Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes delved into any type of "dark work" with their music careers.

      Mind you that Left Eye was having a psychological breakdown toward her untimely death, separate from the work on her debut album 'Supernova'. If anything, Left Eye's record label's immediate cancellation of her debut is what spawned her traumatic end (if you've seen the documentary "The Last Days of Left Eye" then you'll be familiar with what I'm talking about). She was creatively stifled, overstressed, overworked and under-appreciated.

      Aaliyah Dana Haughton was known for her wholesome, good girl image. Aaliyah never took chances with her image, nor any dramatic changes with music. The only work, if any, would be her role as Akasha in 'Queen of the Damned', and that was merely a follow-up to her success as an actress in "Romeo Must Die".

  21. added: *VC, I hope this post is one you can find time to read personally as some of the things I say in it are *directed at you*. And they aren't things like, "You're an idiot" or the like, heh. Well… mostly. :) I think I did say something about sheep…. [looks sheepishly around]

    Just got the email notice announcing that there was a new article up. Knowing I wouldn't have time to read it right this second (it's 5:00 Somewhere, and that happens to be here right now! : D ) So I will read this further this evening.

    *BUT*, what I needed to say, real quick, without even having read the above article yet, is a huge THANKS. "No, really." THANKS. I love any good debate, of course (someone's gotta be the voice of rationality and reason) but haven't been reading your site as much lately since the "novelty" of the site wore off. I was sick to death of hearing about Lady GaGa (whose MUSIC I enjoy) and the many various talented R&B stars — a highly disproportionate amount of articles on a certain group of black artists compared to all the other popular artists you could choose from for writing articles on — It quite frankly just all got Really Old and tiresome to me because it seemed you were just unnaturally fixated on these black artists (who have contributed so much to music nowadays, regardless of what else you may say about them). As for GaGa (who…. well, I can't say SHE has contributed much that is really NEW to current music unless you consider her onstage persona, and I remember how we all totally freaked out back when Madonna was rising up, and how Cyndi Lauper had a hit song about — GASP — female masturbation. Seems so tame now.) But yeah, I get it, with GaGa, and the placed symbolism, which can't be denied. I just like her music. Her music, the music itself, is bubblegum fluff music to me as far as the way it's produced and played nonstop — I don't bother much with sitting down and studying every line of each lyric to each song and trying to find some sinister meaning in it; I just dance to it. To me she's sort of a type of female Marilyn Manson – he being one to bring disquieting images to the very forefront with NO hiding or hesitation or toning-down about it, and then she, being one to place them in her videos and songs without being *quite* as much "in your face scary" like MM (but oh yeah, no denying, there's stuff to be looked out for there). In the end, they are both still Brian and Stephanie. They are very rich and set for life BECAUSE of how they present their music. Whomever might be behind the styling or the symbolism — I don't know, and I don't care, because I am very, very comfortable in any possible attempts anyone might make on my subconscious; I know who I am and where, if anywhere, I am "going" after death. Pop stars don't scare me. "Instruments" of evil? Not scared of pop stars. Personally, I don't think there's anything "there" to manically fret about other than having some discussion about the symbolism placed in videos and in their persona, and the way artists like Jay-Z create his lyrical content. Guess what? They, or their producers, or handlers, or whomever, know how to make money. They know what will cause discussion or shock, and what could be used (symbolism, certain lyrics, outrageous outfits) to cause controversy at *This Moment* in our times. It isn't a new "trick"; and it's been done for decades ever since the birth of rock and roll, with Elvis on Ed Sullivan only being shown from the waist up because of those "obscene" swiveling hips. Get people to talk about them. Exactly what we're doing on our own little scale here at this site. We've seen these artists display all manner of shock tactics over the years, from Elvis and The Beatles (especially the quote about Jesus Christ by Lennon) and of course Chuck Berry, and Jerry Lee Louis marrying his cousin, the incredible attack on rock and how people believed it lead young people to suicide (which is really unlikely, and Judas Priest won their case, if you remember) and the Christian claims of backwards masking, and how Disco was sooooo wrong, and the above mentioned tactics used by Madonna (a male dancer looked up her dress at the VMAs during her performance of Vogue! Can you imagine! Part of a choreography routine, nothing more) and all sorts of devices designed for one reason only — to make the artist more popular thus creating more money for the machinery of record labels and the suits. Well, they were kind of running out of things to do after that kiss by Britney and Madonna and Christina a few years ago, so it's like, hmm, let's see, what else can we do? Ahhh. Right. These are things that will disturb people now. Let's throw 'em in the videos and get people talking. You think that's not what happened? Be real. I agree, it's pretty creepy. Does it mean the Illuminati are about to expose themselves and that the NWO is at hand? Probably not quite yet, if ever. If that's the plan they certainly do not need fluff popstars to introduce the messages. Again, be real. VC, you personally. You do not seem like an unintelligent person. Think about what I've said about how music starts have garnered our attention and boosted their own popularity over the years. Think about now. Think about money. Then be logical and rational. Don't be a blatting sheep. Symbolism is placed in these videos because the men behind the curtains know what will freak people out right now, and all the other tricks to bring popularity have been done. And these particular issues are, because of the times we live in, especially menacing and easily used to freak out people. Don't blaat so loud along with the other sheep. If I hear a song I enjoy by one of these artists, I don't blaat, I dance, or make a ringtone, and I don't allow it to take up any more space in my life or mind. My "soul" is safe. Here's to people who can think for themselves.

    OH wait!! VC, lol, I was going to really and sincerely give you a big thanks for this article on Heath and exploration of this movie. (Even though I probably won't agree with some of your conclusions, as usual!) What a relief not to hear about neverending Video Phone or the "OK" finger sign. Please. I need more substance than that. It's silly I know to respond to articles before you've had a chance to read them – but like I said, I can't wait to read this one tonight – but I'm simply thanking you for the shift of focus. I do realize you have written many other articles that aren't about pop stars, such as the weirdness placed in the architecture in certain buildings from all over the place, and all the others. I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. I might have inadvertently paraphrased that quote, but I doubt Voltaire would mind terribly much as long as I got the point across properly. : ) Here's to our First Amendment. Some people lose limbs or life for saying much less provocative things, in other countries, as you know, VC.

    I've also heard people say, "It's not so much what you're saying, but how you're saying it." I really wish this site had a bit less of the leanings toward VC's personal opinions and sometimes poorly researched "facts", and could become a little more neutral, for lack of a better word, and could simply show the subject, state what, for example, certain symbolisms have meant through history, and do so without the little wink-wink "Do you understand that I am saying this is EVIL??" editorializations. I realize that would be pretty hard to do with these particular subject matters — since apparently the wink-wink and discussion of Evil are prime topics for this collection of articles and message boards — and plus it is VC's own personal site. First Amendment always goes both ways, and I know VC is glad to have the healthy discussions here.

    But sheep, really, stop freaking blatting. Hopefully lots more intelligent people will find this site and participate in the discourse on these subjects. It's a great type of site, just could do with a little less leaning toward Christianity. I respect all religions, but my own personal higher power says to me that I am not forced to formally belong to any of them. Most all of them say the same message, if you think about it, or if you have learned about the remarkable "coincidences" of organized religions spanning many thousands of years before Christianity. It's all about sticking to the same set of rules. So please don't be quick to jump on someone here who states they happen to not be Christian. My reasons have less to do with the religions than the way I was brought up by a person who used these religious ideas against me for negative, selfish reasons. That's all. I still think about doing good things like the rest of you, and I still think that doing bad things is wrong.

    VC, it seems you have stated before, IF my memory serves (and it doesn't serve well these days) that you deny any leanings towards Christianity. That's a silly statement IF one is *going by* the way you have gone about writing some of these articles. I personally would enjoy all this info much more if it didn't feel so "shoved down the throat" religious/Christianity/good vs.evil trend in writing these articles. Do you know what I mean? No, I personally haven't read you quoting Bible scripture or anything of the sort, but perhaps you understand the jist of what I am saying. These articles have good, relevant, important content. I wish I could read them for facts and simply "pointing out" uses of symbols, such, the like, etc., without getting a little pissed off at how it's presented.

    For blatties, No, I only said I wasn't Christian or wasn't part of an organized religion. I didn't say I was Pagan, Wiccan, or even (lol) Satanist. I only giggle not because the notion of a Satan is funny, but because of the way the term is so widely thrown around here without using its correct meaning. It has become an all-encompassing term to mean "bad stuff", it seems. But no, in preparation for any admonishment by other posters, or promises of my soul being doomed to suffer in Hell, I don't participate in anything of the sort, never have, never will, always stay far away from it and don't associate with people who do get into it. There.

    My soul is safe. "Am I sure? Mwahahaha, or whatever else." Answer: Yes. Sure. Don't need your really bothersome, tiresome proseltyzing. Again, yay for those who can think for themselves.

    What was my point of this incredibly long post, if any of the usual readers made it all the way through? Hmm…. OH YEAH! VC, glad you have broadened out into exploring new areas. I know you have been at times for a while. I think we should cover and discuss ANY event, trend, significant ideas forced upon us, etc., by ANY form of media. The "unexamined life is not worth living". Socrates said that at his trial for heresy, for teaching his students to examine and challenge the norm, the accepted beliefs at the time, to think for themselves. He died for that. He didn't have to, but he did. So did I believe other certain notable men who contributed to his society throughout history. (wink-wink!)

    But thanks VC; I'll probably be pissed off when I read your Heath article, but the point is I hope you cover more and more different things in your articles. Btw, and I say this with affection, having been one of your earliest readers, you have the ideas needed for writing thought-provoking articles, but need a good editor/researcher. 😀

    Any typos or weird variations on grammar, please excuse – it's been a long, long day!

    • "… If I hear a song I enjoy by one of these artists, … I Dance, or MAKE A RINGTONE, and I don’t allow it to take up any more space in my life or mind…." (My emphasis.)

      Stated like a true mental slave. No, really. ; )

  22. Nice article! That All-seeing Eye in the stage truly labels this as a Mason movie. Come to think of it, it DOES seem like the people involved in the production of this film knew in advance of the ritual sacrifice.

  23. lyricalwordsmyth on

    My question is: If Heath allegedly died of an overdose, what is so mysterious about the circumstances? I'm really curious….Keep up the good work VC…love the articles!

  24. Interesting perspective. I don't think there are coincidences like this. I don't know whether the death/sacrifice of Health Ledger was known it would happen before he did the Dark Knight. I believe that it was his fate, and that there was demonic activity which were able to foretell his death, perhaps guiding him to make these film choices.

  25. This is one of your more detailed articles. I pray this wakes ppl up! Whats it gonna take? The evidence is always all there. Please ppl wake up to the evil that surrounds u! This kills me and makes me so sad but I know not everything is evil there is good forces as well but Im sick of ppl being murdered and sacrificed. Im sick of the wars with all the ppl being sacrificed. Im so sick of it. Idk how much longer i can be on earth.

  26. S.Hudsongirl on

    Thanks a bunch VC! You are always making sooo much sense. Every time I see that VC article notice in my email I get excited because I know you got some good info to share, Keep'em comin'!

  27. I'm so thankful Im not alone in this & there are ppl who know this sickening evil is real. :( all the evidence is there. Im so sick of it. Heath is okay though hes at a place where he cant be harmed by these SICK PPL!!!!!!! I never cried so much after reading this. This is nothing to play with. The lady gaga article I can see where some ppl got silly but THIS! This is serious!

  28. very interesting stuff, cool article. heath's death always seemed so odd and strange, like there was something not right at all with the circumstances surrounding it. this sheds some much-needed speculative light onto a death that really struck me as terrible.

    speaking of subversion through the usage of "imagination", I was on a disney park ride called "journey into imagination" at epcot center in orlando, which featured another monty python alum eric idle. the ride was verrrry creepy, containing lots of allusions to monarch programming, almost blatant. one thing stuck out in particular: there was a cage on the wall with a monarch butterfly inside of it, and as your car rode past it, the butterfly disappeared and the cage was empty (presumably through a trick usage of mirrors). what this means, I could not say. but I don't trust it, and things like these could be found all over the park as well, little bits of symbolism subtly placed just enough to be subliminal … wish I would've taken some pictures or written it down. you should do an article about disney, that would rock. I'd show it to my family; they eat disney crap up with a spoon.

    • I have never been to and Disney "theme park," but I have done research into mind-control and MK-Ultra Project Monarch — which relyes heavily upon Disney imagery and songs to keep the survivors tame or to "trigger" them. When you state that the monarch butterfly disappears after you pass it in the "Journey Into Imagination" ride, it could be symbolic of "out of sight, out of mind." And it is more than likely an oppressive trigger for an mind-control surviror that they are caged and are never noticed for what they are being used for. Project Monarch survivors are said to be "fascinated" by monarch butterflies for some reason…. So, if you do the research, the symbology is — as you say — definitely blantant. "Cheers," for this post of yours, Bryan!

  29. As a fan of Vigilant Citizen, I have started a blog that touches on some of the same themes that VC explores here. It's called Public Vigil, which is in homage to VC. I recommend starting with an article I wrote on cognitive dissonance.

    Than check out some of the other articles about Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera. Enjoy.

  30. You can run on for a on

    Some good Johnny Cash lyrics

    You can run on for a long time

    Run on for a long time

    Run on for a long time

    Sooner or later God'll cut you down

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    My head's been wet with the midnight dew

    I've been down on bended knee talkin' to the man from Galilee

    He spoke to me in the voice so sweet

    I thought I heard the shuffle of the angel's feet

    He called my name and my heart stood still

    When he said, "John go do My will!"

    Go tell that long tongue liar

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    Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter

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    You can run on for a long time

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    Sooner or later God'll cut you down

    Sooner or later God'll cut you down

    Well you may throw your rock and hide your hand

    Workin' in the dark against your fellow man

    But as sure as God made black and white

    What's done in the dark will be brought to the light

    You can run on for a long time

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    Run on for a long time

    Sooner or later God'll cut you down

    Sooner or later God'll cut you down

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    Go and tell that midnight rider

    Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter

    Tell 'em that God's gonna cut you down

    Tell 'em that God's gonna cut you down

    Tell 'em that God's gonna cut you down

  31. TO #27

    Johnny Depp had a partner, Anthony Fox when he bought into the Viper Room in LA. (Note the name of the club) Depp allegedly was caught by his partner, stealing money, mishandling the profits & cooking the books to cover it up. They went to court several times and the last time, the partner was about to win when he was found dead. Very convenient but Depp made his partner a sacrifice so he could continue.


    Another interesting, well written piece by VC! Thanks for another good read before bedtime!! LOL!!

  32. TO #50

    Just checked out your site & I created a link to read it tomorrow as a follow-up to this site.


  33. TO #49

    That's another strange case of father & son both dying the same way over the same thing. I do believe gangs of a secret society did kill Bruce Lee but we now need VC to help us do the autopsy on both those stories. I still watch Bruce Lee movies & just love'em!

  34. since there isnt too many comments, i will leave one. we ALL live and we ALL die…so what is the point of all these esoteric knowledge and occultism etc. i believe in God, but i feel things will be explained to us when we do end up dying. seems like such a burden trying to figure things out through enlightenment. yes we know we can further our minds but come on! just live your life and be happy!

  35. Yeah. This movie looks like a trip. Not cute. The devil always come to collect, and in Heath's case, he came early.

    • huh?

      The 'devil' killed Heath Ledger? What are you smoking?

      What does the 'devil' look like? Maybe like DeNiro from the movie "Angel Heart'?

      You people can't stop talking about Jesus and the Devil. Still, never seen a single photo of either one.

      At least the UFO-nuts have a few fraud photos to support their nonsense. Terry Gilliam's a great filmmaker. I've seen some of those Evangelical movies and, uh, let's just say there's a reason why people keep coming back to evil old Hollywood to get their entertainment fix. Myopic fundamentalists can't write a script. All the really juicy symbolism comes from back when people didn't have their souls lent to them by some cosmic Banker who tries to collect interest on your sins after you die.

      Every hour spent in some bland mega church is one less hour out in the sunshine enjoying the only real world that we all inhabit.

  36. @baba (COMMENT 50)

    But if we've got Vigilant, why do we need you?

    Lol joking joking!…No seriously I was joking! No really…dont you believe me? really was..honestly.truly.

  37. This is the sickest thing I seen! There is no way to deny all this stuff either. Like stated above too much evidence at this point. The awakening is happening as I type. Thank God for the truth!!!!! Angels are working harder than ever to wake us up.

  38. rustrating when I read people saying, “you’re reading wayyy to much into this.” As a film studies student who has to “read” into movies all the time – nothing is put into a film “just because.” Everything is carefully thought out – otherwise, what would be the point of making the film? AMEN!

    • Yeah, Genius, it's designed to be richly layered and ENTERTAINING.

      Everybody knows that Tarot cards and seances and Ouija boards and Palmistry is a bunch of make-believe, but it's still fun to suspend disbelief for a minute.

      Ever wonder about good-old church? Always looked like a room full of people trying to convince themselves that Santa was showing up any minute with the pony they never got when they were 10.

      • Freemasonry being the Religion that unites all religions under commonality. Through the Eb and Flo of time, situations arrive that give those "with eyes to see and ears to hear" reason to manipulate certain individuals lives and create myths to control the masses. Different regions of the world in Antiquity sought to create the stories of certain Gods and Goddesses to better suit the specific goals of the ruling class.This being the story with Buddha, Horus, Dionysus, Zoroaster, Mohammad and Jesus. In all Reality these were most likely real people who lived real lives. The Synchronicity that some of these men's lives played out on the theater of life in a order of progression that led to the creation of their persective Religions, and in relationship with previous stories only proves that a "Grand Architect" is at work and the world is in fact scripted.

        Just as the "Devil" in this movie knew the order and that people would "Spiral back into ignorance" that so also must good overcome this ignorance in an ever entwining circle or better represented as a Serpent devouring its own tail. In this way in each Eppch of History a messiah figure would be brought forth and so a Anti-messiah figure must also be brought forth. It is the job of the "Order" to control this Eb and Flo of history. In this way Freemasonry believing themselves to be the caretakers of the "Light" can steer humanity, and are…

  39. This article is disrespectful to the real circumstances that surrounded Heath Ledger’s death and the very real drugs he took that ended his life. To persist in this damned delusion of the occult permeating Hollywood by selecting choice movies with symbols and metaphors is ludicrous. Please understand that there is a far more important lesson to be learned in Ledger’s death than a silly game of cat and mouse between a supposed rabble rouser like the Vigilant Citizen/the Christian Right and the New World Order.

    How is it ludicrous? Are u a blind man? No! Open your eyes to see the truth in front of you!

  40. since there isnt too many comments, i will leave one. we ALL live and we ALL die…so what is the point of all these esoteric knowledge and occultism etc. i believe in God, but i feel things will be explained to us when we do end up dying. seems like such a burden trying to figure things out through enlightenment. yes we know we can further our minds but come on! just live your life and be happy!

    Its because the occult just means hidden knowleged they are withholding valuble information about ourselves we NEED TO KNOW and they rub it in our face with their symbols. THE SAME BLOODLINES have always controled the world. Its sickening there is a reason for it. God dammit why the FUCK wont ppl blv anything thats real and blv in Obama or the motherfuckin TV??????

  41. I never seen this movie!!!! I never wanted to see a movie where a man got stuck in role and drove himself mad Now I see why ! OMG! They made so much off his passing as they do everyone else. Ive had it. I dont blame heath im fixing to probably kill myself! WHo wants a world like this?

  42. This article has sent me over the edge. I blv every word of it. Ive studied this shit for 10 years no its not that long but lts been a hard road! I was lifted up by positivity with ppl like David Icke but this shit drags me down its HORRYFING. ITS REAL YES ppl do need to know the truth ALWAYS. I love Jesus and jesus was a man of truth MJ was a man of truth my heroes blv in truth! I know this is the truth ur heart knows whats real ur subcons is affected by this article rather u blv in it or not. I wished VC would talk good things too. Smart person I just wished it wasnt all about evil and negativity yes this is VERY important lots of useful articles in this site but its time to wake ppl up with positive stuff that is going on too! I need to stop coming here half the readers are dumb as fuck and its fixing to send me to suicide.

  43. Hey. You should put the pic of the joker hanging upside down in Batman. :) There's more link to it…and if I'm not wrong, there's another card in the joker of a hanged man. I'm not sure tho…it would be good reference. :)

  44. This movie is more than a little weird. Great analysis, Vigiliant. There's no way anyone with common sense can say this entire movie was an coincidence, especially with the director saying the movie just wrote itself and seemed to be all about death. Hopefully, not too many sheeple come on here talking nonsense.

  45. FACT:

    It is possible through use of LSD/psilocybin/mescaline to kill a person by “sucking out” his soul without ever having the need to be in the same room…when under influence of LSD one’s soul becomes visible on astral plane – the body no longer protects or shelters the soul – and energetic vampire/s can actually eat person’s soul.that’ how Heath Ledger was killed – through astral satanic ritual, and he didn’t call out to God, otherwise he would be saced;

  46. @No Really: What a retard you are. As an non-christian European, I don't see the Christian slanting of these articles. You would have to get a bit more concrete than "jist" and "wink-winks". Sounds to me like you are projecting what you wish to read onto the text, just for the purpose of pissing yourself off. The style in these articles are what you claim they aren't: neutral presentation of facts, with a bit of humor at the end.

    P.S. If you wish people to read what you write, you must make paragraphs. Not endless rants.

  47. @Czharina: wtf is ur problem? if u don't wanna read, GET OFF D SITE!

    To Vigilant: i'm yet to read, but i'm sure it'll be a good job. Take care of urself, don't listen to discouragements.

  48. I glad that I can say that at this point in my life I do not yearn for fame… I am starting to see fame along the same line as when the devil tried to temp Jesus with his desires and found nothing in him to bait and that is how I see fame… So many people slit there soul for the love of money and the image of fame and in the end they are not happy to become puppets for the every pushing agenda… It like one you give your soul you can die early like Heath and or you can stay longer in the game feeling your own personal immortality but you are still a puppet and only live to push forward the evil agenda, neither is a good place to be… This movie does seem very dark and celebrities really do push there images as if they are under mind control on possessed by an evil entity… As I grow older I just want to stay connected to Jesus Christ and I am starting not to care about a life full of weather that usually leads to greed… I do think that one person can still be successful with out trying chasing the image of money… I took a biblical entrepreneur class that thought you have to achieve success in business God's way and that helps you develop Kingdom living under God understanding of life, love and money…

  49. No Really: You say you don't have time to read the article and then write a rambling, pages long dissertation? It's far more conducive to the discussion for you actually know the content of the article before posting. Most people stop reading around the second time you "blaat" at them.

    And the irony of admonishing VC for needing a good editor. Thank you, it made my day.

  50. Hello VC, I have a few questions for you:

    Where are the Alex Jones links on the "Educate yourself" page? Why did you remove the three links of the documentaries you first picked up for your readers (Endgame – Blueprint for Global Enslavement + Fall of the Republic + The Obama Deception)?

    Why are you promoting esoteric books with your new website "knowledgefiles.com"?

    "Fear of the Lord is the foundation of true knowledge." Proverbs 1:7

    About the Holy Scripture, the Bible: "(…) knowing this first of all, that no prophecy of Scripture comes from someone’s own interpretation. For no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit." 2 Peter 1:20-21


  51. Vigilant, It is said that the best place to hide a tree is in the woods.

    What I have noticed is the fact that anything that is done by the enlightened ones is always based on numbers -and they are invariably the same set(s)-pardon the pun- of numbers.e.g. JFK's death in Dallas was Nov 22 -or 11-22 =33. The Berlin wall was dismantled 9th Nov = 9-11

    There was a massive bush fire in Victoria on Feb 7 2009 — 2+7=9 —2+9=11 –hence 9 11.We have seen these somewhere before, I think.

    Now Heath. Heath was from Perth (Ptah) as I am .He died 22 Jan 2oo8 –Take the 22.- now 1+2+0+0+8=11

    22+11=33 he was found at 3.30 his funeral was 18 days after he demised.The #18 was code in the occult ways of saying 666.

    Before leaving, I'll put this to you ,Vigilant re. Michael Jackson the same type of numbers envelop him as well but his being more around 13's At his service his five brothers all wore a single white glove. Jackson only wore a glove on one hand. I believe the same hand every time?

    Yet, two of his brothers wore the glove on the left hand while the other three wore it on their other hand

    That being 23 the number of the illuminated ones. Did anyone notice that ?

    I hope that this submission doesn't appear too weird for some of the readers.

  52. I remember Brandon Lee and The Crow and Bruce Lee

    I still watch the movies too! They are amazing. I have always believe something wasn't right with that.

    The daughter was hosting a fighting show back in the day. Shannon Lee

  53. @ Redwolf I do remember his brothers wearing them on the opposite hands and I was like don't they know which hand he wore it on? they had to. thanks for clearing that up hmmm crazy

  54. I saw this movie last winter on the same day as Sherlock Holmes and it was defintely an occult overload. I knew from the previews and reviews there would be similar themes in both movies, but I wound up feeling different about each of them. Whereas Sherolck Holmes ultimately tried to downplay the occult but showing Lord Blackwood to be a fraud using "magic" to cover up his actual crimes, Imaginarium was strongly influenced by occult themes from beginning to end. This article even pointed out some things that i missed. But the checkerboards, pyramid eye, skull sweatshirt, etc. were very obvious to anyone familiar with the info presented on this blog. I also wondered what the symbols drawn on Ledger's head were about. All in all this was a very weird and kinda creepy movie that I actually enjoyed more than I thought I would. The fact that Ledger's last 2 films were this and the Dark Knight is higly symbolic of something, and the tarot idea is not a bad hypothesis. Kudos again to VC for another fascinating article !!

  55. “Yes … but immortal nevertheless. They won’t get old or fat. They won’t get sick or feeble. They are beyond fear because they are … forever young. They’re gods … and you can join them.”

    JAY-Z's latest song is FOREVER YOUNG!

  56. Wow , you know I'm not very suprised. Because I knew, I knew his death had something to do with Illuminati. I mean come on let's face it ppl, USA and i'm not saying everyone in USA, i mean thoose ppl who works in the music industry and also the media- they work together, exaclty like you're saying. I mean, even before they write anything in the magazines, they first I have to make up a story and find fake evidence to make ppl believe them. I mean I know the Illuminati are extremly smart, but not EVERYONE believs in it. Ppl don't even think Illuminati excist, they think we're talking about some BS and just made it all up. But hello ppl, it's everywhere, how can ppl be that blind? OPEN UP YOUR EYES. That's all I can say.

    And you know, even the president, (don't hate me now) works for the Illuminati, and no, I'm not a pshyco , it's true, I mean if HALF of the ppl who works in the Illuminati industry are devil whoreshippers, then how big isn't the possibilty that our president works for them. I don't know about this right here, don't trust anyone in Hollywood i suppose.

  57. Could this have anything to do with "Project Blue Beam"??

    I was thinking along the lines of testing- for stage two(?)?

    Testing the "inner voice"/soul & mind control??

    Perhaps making Ledger hear his own soul-Telling him to take that overdose???

    Let me know what you think….

    Many thanks xxx

  58. @ Redwolf-Could you please explain that a little bit better???

    I really want to see your angle here, and maybe use it myself….

    What about other deaths?? Jimi Hendrix? Kurt Cobain? Brandon Lee?

    Thanks for your time, Redwolf 😉 xxx

  59. What do you think their talking about in some tv shows for examples, the parents are always saying to their younger child that they don't want them to become a singer when they grow up, because it's ''dangerous''. WHAT do you think their acctualy talking about? I mean what's so dangerous about beeing a singer , right?

    So what they do mean (but their not accutaly saying it), they mean that it's dangerous because of what the industry can do to YOU. Like you some of ýou already know, you need to seal your soul to the devil. And that's pretty much like a assured place in hell haha. Ppl don't believe this Illuminati thing, until some famous , and I mean very famous person begans to talk about in tv or broadcast on youtube. But why the hell would they wanna risk their live to talk about it? I hope you guys realize that if they´talk about Illuminati or even mention something about Illuminati, their life will be in danger. Even the media, you can't trust them, because most of them works for the Illuminati.

  60. The thing is, Johnny Depp has always acted in crazy, criminal, adult, eccentric and occult-themed roles. And for a very long time, he has fooled many people; but, he's no different than his counterparts. I think Johnny Depp is more dangerous, though, than some of the other actors & actresses. People esteem him & women-and young girls alike-are infatuated by his "sex appeal". But they fail to see how injurious his films are, especially to young kids. Over time, I've learned to question those whom, Hollywood esteems & praises. Hollywood is a very satanic industry and it would do you good to research its history for yourselves; because, for as much as what this site has exposed, we've only scratched the surface. The only One in whom I can trust is Jesus Christ. For every single thing that GOD has, the devil has a counterfeit. Remember that.

  61. Yeah Lori you have got it don't trouble your mind trying find out stuff through enlightenment, just be happy!

    You just drew the fool card from the tarot deck! LOL

  62. @ 35 (Michelle)

    With regards to Left-Eye’s death-You just made me remember something REALLY weird!!!

    Lisa Lopez thought that death was literally coming for her. She had dreams about it, and told her friends and family that she had seen signs that “death” was stalking her. In turn, they were very worried about her mental health due to her claims.

    Weeks later, Lisa knocked down, and killed a young boy, while driving her car. It was a complete accident, and NO ONE (Lisa, passengers, people on the street) really knew what had happened, or seen exactly what had happened.

    Lisa kept having nightmares… The nightmares were about “death” getting the wrong person the day that the young boy was killed…

    Now here’s the bit that has always freaked me out-

    I can’t remember the boy’s first name, but his initials were L.Lopez.

    And when Lisa was killed?? In the car wreck?? Reports stated that all of the damage should have killed the passengers in the car-NOT LISA, yet everyone was 100% fine, except Lisa.

  63. Just Someone #27 – thanks a lot. I clicked your link and ended up on Perez Hilton's webpage. Now I have to throw my computer away.

    btw – great article, I hadn't even heard of this movie until I saw the new article posted just today.

  64. Awesome article!!!!

    -Also, you are taking too long to release new articles. Please make more time for them we really enjoy them. Whatever resources you need to get these done I pray that God will provide them for you.

    Be Blessed!

  65. Great intresting article. It urks me when people say "can you do an article on this, can you do one on that", but can you do one on Aaliyah, she died before the finishing of an occult movie and has numerous pictures of her throwing up satanic signs and could you do one on politics

  66. The devil knows that jesus is on his way back, so he is trying his best to use the media as an outlet so that the world will be brainwashed and not even know it. But thanks to vigilant we are in the KNOW. Thank you so much vigilant citizen i love reading your articles, keep up the good work!!

  67. 92 Alana- Also Lisa Left eye was one of the people who died on the 25, MJ, Aaliyah, Anna Nicole, Tupac was 25, I think James Brown but I am not sure at least 12 , or I will put it like this out of the people in the industury we will say 35, 28-35 died on the 25. It was weird how leading up to her death was caught on tape. The actual accident was caught on tape and apart of the documentary. She was also into numerology it was weird.

  68. Here's my take. ( am just an observer in the cheap seats)

    Johnny Depp is on the dark side. A demon. Heath Ledger is on the light side, an angel. Depp was on the periphery of the River Phoenix death(River was killed outside Depp's Viper Room, a known organized crime affiliation) Phoenix another angel killed by the demon Depp.

    Now, I learn Depp replaced Heath. Man, that's a strange coinky dink.

    We got a secret cabal of high priests. Within this cabal are rival factions of occultic high preists, one on the dark side, demons. The other on the light side, angels.

    The question, who is winning this factional warfare of occultic high priests?

  69. alex jones sucks he tells only one side and scares ppl. Listen to good ppl like Michael Tsarion or David Icke or Webster Tarpley. Alex Jones is okay I used to watch him everyday on youtube but hes a real moron

  70. VC – The two 'mind spirits' in the painting of Heath is a way of depicting the classic angel and devil sitting on the two shoulders of a character that we often see depicted in cartoons. This could be a way of depicting the fractured self of a mind control victim as you suggested.

    An actor's job is to become a new person. You can see how this would make actors more susceptible to mind control. Couple that with the use of psychoactive drugs and the potential becomes even greater. Notice the use of the term "director" in Hollywood. The director becomes the handler of the actors – especially the ones depicting main characters.

    Perhaps Heath Ledger was getting ready to reveal some of Hollywood's secrets and was ordered to be silenced. Perhaps he was wrestling with telling the Truth as depicted in the painting. He could remain silent and revel in the rewards, or speak out and be blacklisted and crucified.

    Perhaps Heath's death is a signal being sent out to others that dare to speak out and lift the veil of secrecy that surrounds Hollywood's satanic rituals.

  71. Wow, nice to see some one looking much deeper.

    Cern? Cern-unnos god of the under world? Portals, time travel, black holes, white holes, beam me up scotty?

    Technology that has been around for a long time probably.

    Are we going to transform with all this info?

    Kool stuff

  72. Interesting that I see a lot of references and relations between Heath Ledger and Johnny Depp…

    Does anyone else find it interesting that Johnny Depp is playing the next villain (the Riddler) in the next Batman movie after Heath??????

    • Interesting. Despite Batman Forever being a nodd to the 1960's Batman TV series — with its slapstick direction — Johny Depp is no Jim Carey. ;D

  73. Great Article VC! I appreciate all the work you do. Johnny Depp has played in a few movies that I feel have a deeper meaning. Secret window very sad if this is a sacrifice. This world is so crazy

    Hello’s to LVB and Baba

    @Paradise I totally agree with you

  74. What a lovely birthday present for Heath. haha the devil's coming. thank god. whoops. is that right? well who else would we thank for that?

    They're one in the same, it's all a game. unless you're flesh, then you're soul's in a mess.

  75. Jay z's video 'on to the next one' is supposedly about sacraficial rituals and seems to have representations of Heath Ledger as the Joker, Brandon Lee as the crow and maybe Lisa Lopez wearing a baseball shirt… its a really weird video.

  76. I watch Heath Ledger-movies often these days because I can't believe he is dead… I just wan't to remember him forever, love. He was an excellent actor and will live in my heart forever.

  77. i have been reading researching and studying this stuff for a while now. i learned about the illuminati about 5 years ago, but for a while i myself have been experiencing some very weird things, even directed towards me. this caused me to find out more about the illuminati, then i found out and start reading about MK Ultra and project monarch. i also want to read the springmeier fritz book (even tho i doubt that is completely real in all its parts) how to build an illuminati mind slave. i know somewhat about how important numerology is etc, and i myself have experienced plenty of bouts of 'illumination' where my eyes were opened, even my third eye. its very hard t explain, but when i say we all live and die, i am very humble and i am very gentle. i am not trying to question God i choose to be a humble servant in this world. that is what i meant when i say we all live and die. i was taught that we all are children of the Lord, and when people want to do dehumanizing things and sell their soul to reach further enlightenment, that is when they essentially sell their souls to the Devil and yes there is good and evil, black and white, yin and yang, dualities, baphomet, male and female, right and wrong, good and evil, angels and demons…etc

    i will keep my faith in God and will serve in His army, but yes i am making myself aware and learning and researching the evil and esoteric and occult studies of the world. i also want to familiarize myself with other religions as well and become more self aware. thank you very much!

  78. I just wanted to point out that I once saw a youtube video with a scene from "Back to the Future," a movie made exactly 25 years ago in 1985… and, in this video, the camera zooms in to the top of a building, and there is a clear shot of the all-seeing eye inside the triangle sitting at the top of the building above the doorway. So, this is nothing new.

  79. Not so coincidentally I've watch it last night… Intriguing, not in the last place because of his pretty daughter. I saw the all seeing eye in the triangle and wondered what VC might think of it 😉

  80. Proactive not Reacti on

    I enjoy reading your articles……

    The symbols are there …. The signs are there….People are dying. It's time to choose your team. We can't live in fear. We can't allow what we see going on to criple us. Our adversary is fully engaged. God wants you to bring the gifts that he provided you with to the table. I love you all, but most importantly God loves you!

  81. I've been reading this site for a while now, and studying about MK project, the Illuminati and other subjects alike.

    I don't follow any religion, I was raised as a catholic but I disagree with lots of it and I do believe Satan took over it.

    I practiced Wicca when I was young, if it is wrong, well I didn't know better.

    That's what I want to ask anyone here, because I haven't been able to understand or find the answer to my question anywherem

    If anyone can answer or lead me to a website that will help, please do.

    Why is magic, tarot cards, crystals and all that seen as evil??

    And please don't answer "Because the bible says so". I like well structured arguments to be able to fully understand and believe.

    My other question is, I want to be a fashion designer or fashion journalist and I've been seeing lots of photoshoots in magazines that use lots of symbolism.

    Is it not possible to be a succesful fashion designer or journalist without playing "their game" and being used by the Illuminati???

    I really don't want to sell their ideas, but want to work in this fields.

    Can anyone help me??? Thank you

    • ANA, you said, "Why is magic, tarot cards, crystals and all that seen as evil??"

      i do dnot have the exact answer(s) you are looking for, but do try to find a science fiction short story entited "Child of All Ages" by P.J. Plauger. It was first printede in 1975 or 1976. *Spoiler Alert* It deals with the only group of people who have been discrinimated against forever: magicians or "sorcerers". (Note the term 'source' is the key word there.) I believe they have been hated on through out time immemorible because the only way to defend one's self against magic attacks — such as through overt symbolism — is to be knowledgable of those symbols yourself. You don't have to used those symbols, but if you know what they are and how evil people manipulate the vibrational frequerncies they create, then you have a spiritual understanding equal to theirs in how to channel those symbols for good. For instance, Jesus Christ knew the truth, so he had spiritual protection. Well, besides being half-god, half-man. ; )

      As for the fashion industry-thing, I wish you many blessings upon your path.

      P.S. I would love to team-up with the writer of The Vigilnt Citizen to cover the idea of hate upon magic, and its uses for evil purposes. The only way we can stop these evil kykes is to be strong in unity and expose them for who and what they are. Oh, yeah, and we need to lobby to take their money away from them, because money is what they worship.

  82. @Ana

    I only have my opinion but i would say if you want to work in those kinds of fields part of you probably innately wants to aid their message at least in some way. not that that's good or bad. Who the hell knows whats REALLY going on anyway? But i think the best way around that problem is to create your own ideals about your chosen field, make sure you know what you want, and try to make something in your own life that is a reflection of the best part of you.

  83. I think this site should do an article about Fox News. I mean, not just for the sake of adding a new article here, but I can't believe some of the stuff I've seen coming from that station. It's even harder to believe people watch that garbage, and that it gets ratings. Like, once they actually invited Shirley Phelps Roper on there for an interview. Why on earth would they want to give her any publicity? Of course, I only watched this on youtube, through a link posted on another webpage. And, also, I've been trying to figure out if Seung Cho was really a mind controlled assassin, because there are a couple of clues that lead me to think so.. the number 33, of course, and the date of April 16 … I once read that April 19 and 20 are dedicated to Baal by Satan worshippers. There is already an article on the internet that talks a little bit about that person, and says that he had to have been hired by the govt., or something. Here is the link.

  84. Excellent post, VC. I look forward to watching this movie, myself. I remember reading in "Gilliam on Gilliam" that he stated that his father was a Freemason, but that he himself never had any intention on joining a fraternal organization, only that he enjoyed learning about esoteric teachings and reading the works of intelligent men like Manly P. Hall. I think 'Parnassus' is more or less his "labour of love" to reveal what he has learned over the years, while at the same time exposing the dark forces lurking in the shadows, thus upsetting those who would rather he not reveal such things to the public (i.e. the Illuminati).

  85. Very good article, yet you failed to address some of the other strange occurences surrounding this film. The director of photography (i believe that was his profession) died during the filming of the movie, and Terry Gilliam also almost died in a car wreck while shooting the film. I had also heard that his film, "Brazil, spoke out against a new world order. Could this film expose illuminati in a negative way perhaps? All those deaths make me think someone diddn't want it made. Any thoughts on that would be appreciated. Besides that stuff this article clears makes a lot of sense and the hanging thing is quite significant because in the last scene where you see the joker in the dark knight, he is hanging upside down. Thanks a lot Vigilant citizen, perhaps an article on Kanye West's transformation from spiritual christian to materialistic rapper next? Please.

  86. VC,

    At first I thought you may be onto something, but the more of your articles I read, the more I become convinced that you have an agenda here, and it is not to "enlighten" the masses. You may even be a member of the secret society yourself, as you often state that certain themes and symbolism may not be obvious to those who aren't familiar,but they are obvious to the "initiates"?!? You stated something to this extent in this article. So, are you an initiate to the occult VC?

    Also, if it is true that they want to reveal themselves, are you their channel for doing just that?

    What is the purpose of writing these articles, that in reality all have one theme which repeats itself? If it is to make a point that the occult is real etc, how many more articles do you think are necessary? I'd say you've written more than plenty to prove this point, so what's next?

    Is this all just one big distraction, on the surface intending to make folks believe that you wish to enlighten them, while all you're really doing is keeping them engaged in idle, completely non-beneficial talk?

    If their subliminal messages reach the minds of people whether they are familiar with them or not, what then is the purpose of revealing it VC, and why do you continue to watch these movies, listen to this music etc, and dissect them? How is your mind immune to being affected by their occult messages?

    Someone who is as focused on all of this as you, yet so contradicting in words, is surely suspicious enough to not being taken seriously.

    Are your articles just another method of idle entertainment to distract people from the important things in life?

    I asked a lot of questions, yet somehow I doubt you will provide convicing answers, if any at all.

  87. Another brilliant article! Keep 'em coming! Can't wait for the next one!

    When seeing about James Dean & Princess Diana dying young, it sketched me out more about Lady GaGa.

    In her song "Speechless" she sings "With your James Dean glossy eyes" & in "Dance In The Dark" she says "You will never fall apart Diana, you're still in our hearts forever, never let you fall apart, together we'll Dance In The Dark"

    All to freaky man! But I'm glad I'm not blind now, that much I can say.

    Thanks VC! Can't wait for the next! :]

  88. Exactly right, Natty. You get caught up in the counterfeit version, you get paid with counterfeit goods.

  89. What disturbs me is the portrayal of Joker in the Dark Knight, followed by this film. He was psychologically unfit for both roles, but did anyone care? No, they just talked about how brilliant he was. It was like casting Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man when the main character in the story is an alcoholic. Very, very cynical.

  90. Ana, relying on tarot cards, crystals are another way of channelling spirits or their energy. If it is a give-and-take relationship (and it is) – what are they wanting in return? You had better ask that question.

    God wants you to honor him as the creator, to accept his love for you, and to be restored to him spiritually. He offers grace and He made the sacrifice once for all time through Jesus Christ.

    Other spirits want a sacrifice in order to maintain their false religious system. They want control over you. Because they desire to be like God themselves.

    For me the question is now, should I do this, or should I do that, it is: does it serve God, or does it serve men? Things that serve men tend to be based on falsehood and fear.

  91. Most people who right about this stuff sound totally crazy, but you always make such thought out and eloquent points. I always look forward to your posts.

  92. killuminati622 on

    godDAMN this thing is LITTERED with occult symbolism!

    …they weren't even subtle about it, either.

    whoa…….thank you for enlightening me, once again, VC!

  93. For all you people criticising Vigilant it's simple……just stop coming here.

    You should be thanking the guy for making you aware of this stuff.

  94. It is SAID that Heath died of "perscription drug overdose"–but how many other countless celebrities apparantly died this way? There's no way to know for sure if this is true–and how do we know it was HIM who took these pills? How do we know he wasn't GIVEN these pills (for a sinister reason)? How do we even know he took pills at all?

    Never stop asking questions. It's not like this would be the first time the media/Hollywood has done things to cover up messy situations.

  95. ….

    It's kind of sad that 90% of the commenters in here sound like crazed religious zealots with their "PRAISE THE LORD!!!" and "GOD IS THE WAY!" and "ACCEPT JESUS AND HE WILL SAVE YOU!" nonsense thrown into all of their comments.

    I guess the point of my comment is to show that not ALL people who are interested in Illuminati and NWO and the media connections are religious nuts. A lot of us are just fascinated with irrefutable facts shown on this website (and many other places–VC is not the only site of this nature). Some of us are more scientific, and do not believe in an organized religion at all. Some of us have a faith, but do not allow it to take over our lives. Heck, some of us are interested in the occult ourselves, but still find this media occult saturation both surprising and fascinating.

    Point is, seekers of the truth are of all kinds. Do not try and pigeon-hole them into one "type" (ie. religious zealots)–because truth is, we are one hell of a mix.

  96. The mystery or suspicion surrounding the death of Heath Ledger stems from the fact that the maid was in his apartment that morning, and thought he was sleeping when she looked in on him, so did nothing. Later his masseuse arrived, even setting up her table and equipment, before she realised that something was 'wrong' with Heath. She then made four (4) telephone calls to Mary-Kate Olsen (who Heath was seeing for over 2 years in a secret on-off relashionship) The Olsen's security guards turn up and actually 'stopped the ambulance crew' from entering the apartment for at least 3 – 4 minutes. According to officals this 'delay' could not have saved Heath, as he died from the deadly toxic effects of a combination of prescription drugs for pain, anxiety and sleeplessness. It was technically NOT a drugs overdose. These are the FACTS.

    What was eery from the news after his death…TMZ and other 'news' reporters were on the doorstep within the hour filming and reporting everything. The first celebrity to express his sadness was John Travolta (I can't remember what channel) The death has had many 'rumours' surrounding it including 'Scientology', 'Jack Nicholson', as well as scurrilous words about Heath wanting to take his own life.

    His last films were as a facet of the personality of Bob Dylan in 'I'm not There', the Joker in 'The Dark Knight', and Tony in 'The Imaginarium…..'.

    A lot has been written about the characters that Heath has portrayed in his movies, a lot of 'real life' characters, such as Ned Kelly and Casanova. There is an interesting article which I cannot find right now about why his character in 'The Patriot' was killed-off instead of Mel Gibson's.

    On a personal note, I believe that Vigilant has put together a very good piece on this last movie of Heath's, and the linking of 'God's Banker', as with Sherlock Holmes piece (which I think deserved more work).

    Heath Ledger's death could well have been a tragic accident but it could also have been something else more sinister…The fact that, if he had lived after The Joker, he would have been the biggest Hollywood star of his generation, bigger than Depp, may have contributed to his demise.

  97. @ 6:24 AM

    VC is aware that this is a PUBLIC blog, it's his after all. I do not have to like nor dislike it in order to visit from time to time. Perhaps I am waiting for some NEW information to be written?? Just a thought.

    Your statement sounds very partisan, and I am not a member of ANY partisanships. I am merely voicing my opinion, and until the rule says that all comentators MUST not criticise and MUST agree with everything on this blog, I will further reserve my right to speaking my opinion. If YOU have a problem with my comment, YOU simply can skip it.

    As for THANKING VC, I was aware of all of this way before I stumbled upon his blog. He is not "enlightening" me, and even if it were so, how many "enlightments"/articles does it take before actually ACTING upon it? What do you do with your awareness? Continue watching the movies, continue listening to the music, continue reading the same old over and over again? All of which in reality should not be done at all this is true, starting with VC himself. IN fact, VC, the enlightened one of all, should be the first to stop LOOKING for material to write about by watching all of these movies and dissecting lyrics and videos. That's MY action plan, what's yours? If you have none, then who are you to criticise those who think as I do?

  98. Additionally, comments like yours (and there are to many) make this whole blog, the person behind it and the ardent followers seem like one big cult, a bunch of sheep in fact. Because only in a cult one is not allowed to think for themselves, let alone speak their thoughts if they aren't in agreement with the majority.

    I hope that others will wake up and start thinking for themselves, I am not saying that NONE of this is true, I am simply saying don't get so caught up in it that you can't wait for another article of this nature, as judging from the comments many seem to do. Just as many seem to suggest that VC writes articles about this and that, which is an indicator to me that those people can't think for themselves, no, they need VC to do it, even though by now they should be able to do it themselves, since VC has enlightened them.

    Speaking for myself, it is blogs like VC's that have negatively affected me, NOT the movies nor the music nor the videos. You're probably gonna say that I am running away from reality, but I am not, I am simply choosing to focus on the more important things in life, and may faith in God first and foremost is what makes me fearless of the very thing you all fear.


  99. I forgot to add that all the information regarding NWO, Illuminati, etc. is important and meaningful, but right now is being used as a MASSIVE diversion to baffle and obsess people.

    It's VERY important to stay focused on constructive (not positive, constructive) thinking and most of all, as I said before, STOP JUDGING what is happening.

    As far as hate and negativity goes, we are being cunningly tricked into hating whom disseminates hate, therefore doing exactly what they expect from us.

    Always remember this.


  100. CERN is the Large Hadron Collider on the French-Swiss Border. It's logo is the Triskelion "666" and it's goal is to produce Dark Matter; Graviton, Higg's Boson, Prima Materia aka God Particle. It broke down last year on its first attempt; God will not be mocked! Ledger's role as the Joker proved that. The Theory of Gravity first proposed by Rosicrucian Isaac Newton has never and will never be proven; it's the lie necessary for Big Bang Theory, Evolution Theory, Kabbalah Theory surrounding the 33rd Prime Number 137 (Flash Forward's 2 min 17 sec) and Theoretical Particle Physics men like Feynmen, Dirac, Pauli, Eddyngton and Einstein were obsessed with. The God Particle is the occult proof needed to explain Phi "Golden Mean" evidenced in Music, Poetry, Life, Weather, Spiraling of Galaxies etc; it is the original Cretin Labyrinth; the Holy Door. I have an article "Flash Forward" posted on this at Theresnothingnew.org/

  101. Christians have the right to express their views, as many people do. It seems like we more than others must shut up wherever we go. The reason for this is that we dare believe in Jesus-Christ as the savior of humanity. When you see our world today, don't you really think we need a savior? Somebody who really cares about us and can be absolutely trusted? Jesus has committed no crime but mankind has murder him for telling the truth and taking care of people. His word still last today, 2000 years later because of his message of Faith, Hope and Love. Who do you think the elite is against? If you believe they are satanists – as VC is pointing their everyday work out, at least he's informing people on obvious facts that we don't even notice – why do you think they are making fun of? Christians, because of Jesus-Christ. At least this website shows facts that are already depicted in the Bible – which is wayyy more interesting and accurate than you think – .

    Those people don't rest, they work hard on a daily basis to achieve their goal. So do we, Christians, to inform you about God's love for you. Don't be a part of their plan of deciept, fear and hatress between people. Open your eyes, Ana and everyone, it's too blatant to be ignored. We will tell you these things again and again until you realize it because they won't stop neither to try to decieve you. This is not a game, this is a war between to sides -no middle-. But we are already victorious as you'll witness soon when Jesus will come back. This won't last forever.

    Must of all, fear no evil because God is much higher than all this. You have the power to walk through the fire because your God is Almighty. Return to God, your Creator. Return to Jesus, your Savior.

    'Even when I walk through the dark valley of death, I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me. Your rod and your staff protect and comfort me.' Psalm 23:4

  102. By the way VC, I'm still waiting for you answer about Alex Jones' links on your Educate Yourself page.



  103. dalioness- You are right but you are blaming the wrong person. VC is not to blame, it just means the people visiting his site have not learned a thing. Anyway it is Gods command not to get caught up in the hopla. Do not indulge in pointless conversations. Do not go searching for the fake truth. The truth is in God. At the same time we have the right to be informed and what you do with the information is pretty much on you. You are very correct but VC is not to blame the person is.

  104. Evil does not exist as a separate entity but is the result of lack of good, just as darkness is the lack of light, When belief in God is removed from society, that society becomes "evil". God's laws are clear in all religions and listening to most types of music is banned as it allows the devil, or evil, to play with our minds. God does not permit Homosexuality and it will always remain a sin. When Heath died, I immediately thought of his role in Brokeback Mountain, We have to abide by all of God's laws, not just the ones that suit as. To do otherwise is to challenge Him, and I don't think anyone would want to do that and face the consequences at death. Shun the bad and enjoin the good!

  105. VC, do you know a lot about the plans they have for nuclear power?

    both my grandparents (and my grandfather on my mother side, my adoptive father) worked/currently works for the government concerning nuclear affairs. i'd love to talk to you about it if you have the chance…

    anyway, Heath Ledger way truly a film icon, i remember him being popular when i was young, and i'm almost 20 now. he had a lot to do with directing films and had a beautiful mind, the things he had hands in directing however, had some deep dark undertones…it makes me wonder what was truly going through his mind, especially before and during the time of his death…it's a very tragic thing…although, Heath is not the only one involved in these types of things, and don't be so quick to believe it will end with him. i'm sure more deaths and events similar to this will be sure to come.

    who did he spend time with prior to his death?

  106. sanfi: I SO MUCH AGREE! Hopefully VC will do an analysis of "Eyes Wide Shut"–SO much in Kubrick's last film!

  107. @V C.from where do you get all this detailed explanation, cause im begining to wonder "are all this information you feed us really needed if i have Gods spirit of truth in me"..what separates the lay man like me from an occultist is the knowledge in our head and not everybody especially a christian would wish to join a cult before getting such knowledge,but as you know the devil is very clever in deception,especially if he wants one on his side…with all i read on this site,im getting more knowledge about these cult groups that i may end up being a master mason without stepping into any free mason hall…even though it's about exposing all the wrongs in the industry,it's also exposing people like me to secret knowledge and teaching people have been killed for exposing,so why im i getting it for free? isn't it pure initiation or something of that sort?well, i feel something sinister is going…who can be trusted in this times,even sometimes the devil appears as angel of light.

    all the same your works are very revealing,they keep me informed but i dont know if it's for good or for evil,God save me…,those who gat ears,let them ear..those who gat eyes let them see.

  108. Baba (Comment 101),

    As usual, you hit the nail on the head…that is exactly what I envisioned when looking at the painting. Maybe he couldn't deal with the battle waging in his mind as to whether or not to expose the truth and took his life in the process. Just a thought though….

  109. @Dalioness – what is the point of your comments? VC's site is about occult symbolism in popular culture and you bitch at him because he is discussing occult symbolism in popular culture… I dont get it. He seems very interested and knowledgeable in this issue and many people (including me) are interested in what he has to say. Why do you come here and bitch at him and his readers? Who forced you to come here? Youre not contributing to the discussion except paragraphs and paragraphs of pointless rants. It is not VC's job to guide you towards illumination or whatever youre looking for. He writes about very REAL and important issues that are never discussed in the medias and I respect him for that.

    It is one thing to disagree with his ideas and to provide a counterargument to prove your point. It is another thing to come here, bitch at VC's hard work and his readers for absolutely no reason. Did you pay to access this site? If you dont want to read about occult symbolism in pop culture, then dont come back.

  110. Eric- I agree with Dailioness, but I enjoy this site (entertainment purposes only). However I am more aware of my surrondings and I would say I was one of the people sucked in by my surroundings. So I appreciated the wake up call. Upon further learning I realized this situation is about not worshiping, or making sure I am not worshiping false idols Gaga, Beyonce, Jay-Z VC…….. but also knowing this type of conversation if not in his name is forbidden by God. Once you realizie what is taking place around us it is up to you to direct your attention to God or your no better off than the people making these videos. It is also a sin to be wrapped up in occult studying in Gods eyes remember he is a jealous God. I appreciate VC and people like him but only he knows where his heart stand and his purpose. It is up to you to do the same. It's stupid all the " I love you VC, to have occult on your brain all day and night ( a form of worship)….." It's against God. As far as feeling like this is an occult, if not careful it will be seriously. I would definetly say the/this information reaching it's way across the globe is intentional and a part of the plan, or the next step and in my personal opinion I don't think VC means any harm only trying to inform. With that being said the rest is up to you. Not another person. When you see apples on a table, you do not have to take one and if you do, do know it may be a worm in side or it may not. The main problem is people are not getting the full message, do not worship, do not become wrapped up in occult, look to God for answers not VC, books or youtube videos, and do not accidently become a occult member. I think the soul purpose of this info reaching the web is to make us more curious and dig /study deeper, (another action against God) at the same time a person like VC snapped me out of it, it was up too me. Sink or swim, give the glory to God it's not that hard!!!

  111. @ Lori (#56),

    You said,

    "since there isnt too many comments, i will leave one. we ALL live and we ALL die…so what is the point of all these esoteric knowledge and occultism etc. i believe in God, but i feel things will be explained to us when we do end up dying. seems like such a burden trying to figure things out through enlightenment. yes we know we can further our minds but come on! just live your life and be happy!".

    We are curious by nature so it's only "natural" to be intrigued by what we don't know.

    Hosea 4:6 states: My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Consequently, we are encouraged to seek knowledge and we are held accountable when we keep it to ourselves. Now, subjecting TO the deliverer of the knowledge is where some people lose their focus. God's Word warns us of what's to come, however, VC and others simply introduce these agendas for everyone to gain their OWN interpretation, do their OWN research and THEN draw a conclusion. No one person has all the answers, but if people are made aware, they can at least decide how to prepare themselves for what's to come.


    You make outstanding observations and all your questions should be asked by everyone reading this site. However, it is up to YOU to find the answers to those questions, not VC.


    You hit home with your comments regarding "idolatry". God IS indeed a jealous God! I think that what we're required to do is lean solely upon HIS word, but still supplement with other gained knowledge. This is why He gave us a brain…to use it! lol Though, it is our hearts that He longs for.

    We are all entitled to our opinions, beliefs, curiosities and the like. Let us not forget, "WHERE THE MIND GOES, THE MAN FOLLOWS". So, keep your mind where you don't minding following…..

    • the only reason I can fanthom why homosexuality is a sin is because the power of of creation — true univeral power — is absent. Only the pairing of a man and a woman can create a child. And, therein in the act of sexual intercourse lyes that wonderful power which is the closest any human can get to the creative powers of the Almighty Yahweh; YHVH or YHWH, which ever you prefer. ; )

  112. Dalioness,

    So, is your intention to suggest that readers question what an author's motives are when they create articles of this nature? If so, you have accomplished what you've set out to do because I'm sure there are some that now wonder about VC's intent after reading your post. I'm trying to figure the logic behind your questioning though. If you've already set in your mind that he isn't "enlightening" you anymore than you already are, why do you return to read the articles? You said that it is blogs like this one that have negatively affected you, NOT the movies nor the music nor the videos. However, no one has forced you to read them. You're negatively affected because you made the choice to be. I'm no VC cheerleader, but he does have the 'right' to 'write' whatever he chooses..it's called freedom of speech, which is also given to you and I. You may even feel that it's your right (as a reader) to have your questions and concerns answered/validated, but it's also his right not to answer/validate them. What my entire response boils down to is exercising your right to choose in any given situation.

    If you choose to take offense to my post, that is too your preference (though I hope you won't). :-)

  113. DALIONESS has got a point. I read his/her first comment here and it makes sens in the sens that even though VC is very intereseting to read, it makes some strong statements if people listen to that without being critical minded he might just as well be one of the brainwashers … That is what I understood from dalioness comment and it is worth noticing.

    I for myself like VC articles because they give so many arguments on interesting topic. But again it is a good question to ask, what is VC´s point? Do we really live in a world so dark? No I doubt that, and even though VC articles are full of arguments some things are really only theories like there has always been in the internet- sometimes, like now, stated in cool way.

    So what I understood from Dalioness is that even though VC is interesting and worth reading(why not) don´t be obsessed by one´s man thoughts and be critical minded- THINK…

    I THINK THAT people get brainwashed when there is lack of critical thoughts because whatever someone says to you, it sounds nice, and you´r just HALELUJA.

    A SMART person, thinks for himself what is best for him… He/she has a lifeview that is unshakable because they are strong personalities and some bullshit in the internet, TV, radio doesn´t touch him at all. A stong person has a point in life, and faces difficulties with PRIDE, he doesn´t care about evil low moral things getting in his way– he doesn´t even have to think about it.

    I always say with people: " think beautifully and life gets beautiful "

  114. Clapping hands for NPH! (#157)

    Outstanding take on thinking for oneself. I see Dalioness' thorough point as well and would advise all to search within themselves for substance. Let me say that I fully support the petition to encourage individuals to further investigate the allegations being set forth here. But let's say VC was a 'brainwasher' (God forbid because he's definitely influential), would you theorize that he’s possibly writing these articles to place fear in the reader? What would be the gain/purpose here? Who would benefit?….Who has the answer to these questions but VC?

    You have to admit the products of his discussions are legitimate or else there wouldn’t be a need for examination of the illuminati/media elite agenda that impacts this world. However, if his interpretation is not in tune with yours, why not research and counteract instead of questioning his reason (which isn’t going to get answers, only mere speculations and accusations).


    For what it’s worth, VC most likely will NOT answer your questions because he feels he doesn’t have to. Readers come here at their own volition because they are either: being entertained, enjoy healthy debate, love to ridicule/find fault, genuinely interested, groupies, bored, supplementing their own research, etc. and the list goes on. If you’ve noticed contradictions and inconsistencies, challenge him! Not knowing who he is or what his agenda is should be all the more reason to do so. Girl, I’m with you, not against you. (dalioNESS has to be female right?..lol) Truth be told, VC can’t tell us what to do with the information he shares; that’s our responsibility. He may be knowledgeable, but he’s only human.

    I’ll await your response! 😉

  115. mountainseeker on

    .48-bryan,the reason Disney has all that symbolism is Walt Disney was a high level Mason.There is a long list of them,Dick Cheney is a Mason,George Bush is Skull and Bones,an off shoot of the Masons,I could go on and on.They even have a "joke" sacrificial meeting every year.But the Masons are puppets too and the real culprits will never show their faces until the appropriate time.At this moment the U.S. is being taken down,financially and else-wise, because it is one of the last interferences the the master plan of bring us all under one rule.There is much symbolism in the United Nations too.When the One World Government is put into place,the leaders will also become subordinates,much to their surprise.Ever wonder why things never get better,even when most all the populace is in agreement to make it better?I can smell the Brimstone now…

  116. mountainseeker on

    Oh yeah,who knows for sure if Heath`s death was truly an accident?One thing is for sure,he was a trult talented actor by far.

  117. @ No really you really have a whole lot of time on your hands to sit there and write a whole lot of gibberish… like people really care.

  118. Also another thing I want to state to those Christians who babble a whole lot about the word of God etc etc. It’s all good, however, wouldn’t it be good to know more about this author who is posting these articles? Do you really think he is of God or Godsend? The man claims to be a mystic Christian. What the hell does that mean?

    • A "Mystic Christian" would be Gnostic, which basically means you cannot prove God exists in human terms. But that does not disprove the existance of said entity either. What is, is. Do what you can with 'what is,' and your gained knowledge of 'what is', in the name of love and compassion and you will walk with Jesus.

      Or something like that…. ;D

  119. Eric,

    That I am bitching is only your wrong PERCEPTION, are you that sucked into all of this that you cannot allow for another point of view? Is VC your master whom none may criticise or question?
    Notice it is not VC that is replying to my concerns and those similar to mine, it is his FOLLOWERS. I have the right to come to this blog as long as it is public, and I have already answered your question as to why I come here in one of my earlier posts. If you REALLY want to know, look it up. Your responses are typical, everyone here who is obsessed (and oh how many there are) with this occult knowledge and can’t wait for a new article responds the same way you do, some even worse. I’ve been around long enough to notice this. Now if that doesn’t sound like a cult…even if it was established unintentionally. Is VC guiding his sheep to salvation or to slaughter? You tell us.
    And to make it clear to you, I NEVER visited this site in hopes of “Illumination”, I was intrigued by the information until I started having questions. You my friend proved my point with your comment.


    Respectfully, how is it up to me to answer my own questions? They were directed at VC, he is the one well versed in this occult knowledge and he is the one sharing it with others. However I can’t help but notice some statements and the usual theme of this blog so I have to ask questions. I cannot answer for VC, but I have the right to ask questions, it is up to him to answer or not. People were unknowingly worshipping the celebrities etc, now it is almost like they are unknowingly worshipping VC and this occult knowledge, judging from the majority of the comments and their nature. And if “I” notice it, why doesn’t VC, and why doesn’t he say “hey guys, some of you got it all wrong…..”? And most importantly, why DOESN’T he feel the need to answer, and I mean REALLY answer questions similar to mine?

    Lidia, I am glad you see my point, however I have to tell you that VC does have a share of blame. You see, yes, those who are learning from him must also think for themselves, however I have not noticed that VC has ever stepped in when someone wrote comments that are bordering worship of him and his blog. I have not heard VC provide solutions to the problem. You would think for someone so knowledgeable he’d be able to do just that. How many articles has he written so ar? And how much actual new information has he provided? They’re all the same, revolving around the same. And how is this knowledge secret if HE has access to it and HE seems so well versed in it? Is he a member who is slowly revealing their agenda? If he is not, then how is an of this secret knowledge? I have a tons more questions, but what’s the point in asking when not even one is answered, and when his followers jump to speak for him. If this is how they react on a blog, I wonder what would happen face to face. This is madness, I tell you. So, we must question, and everything is questionable apart from God.

  120. I'm not seeing this idolatry or worship that some of you are complaining about . Just because I like to read these type of articles doesn't mean I worship VC, anymore than Lady Gaga fans are worshipping her when they listen to her music or go to her concerts. This is one of many sites on this subject area that I like to visit occasionally but I'm not brainwashed to blindly believe anything I see or read. I've also noticed on this and other blogs that there's always posters who claim everything is rubbish, yet they keep coming back to remind people. Opposing viewpoints should be welcome in any healthy debate, but some of you are just downright argumentative.

  121. Valencia,

    I assure you I take absolutely no offence to your post, I consider it a healthy conversation :)

    I appreciate your constructive thinking and wish more of us would think for ourselves.

    What is my intention? Well, several actually. One is as you’ve said, I wish readers would question and think for themselves and stop being so obsessed as is evident in their comments. I am not trying to distract, I too see a pattern in the music/movie industry that is too obvious to be meaningless.However, do we have definitive answers? No, we don’t. We do however have a lot of “suggestions” from VC, and this is my additional intention, to question him. If he is sincere and not a part of the plot, he will have legitimate answers. I hope you don’t blame me for noticing some contradictions and inconsistencies, never mind the fact that we really don’t know WHO he is and WHAT his actual agenda is. Part of questioning is thanks to VC, after all he wants us to question everything around us, whether intentionally or not.

    Why do I come back? As I have said earlier, in hopes to read something NEW, not a new article with the same theme. Also, for someone as knowledgeable as him, I’m sure he has some answers as to what to do about this situation. Creating awareness means nothing without an actual ACTION. You see, what do most of the people do with their awareness? They continue to watch the movies and listen to the music, and further look forward to an already established awareness/enlightment by waiting for new articles! Now, if the subliminal messages reach our subconscious mind inevitably, what is the purpose of further indulging in them and analyzing them? If they only reach the minds of those unaware, then ok, after so many posts one should have already gotten the message and how to guard oneself from it. I am not denying VC’s right on freedom of speech, I only advocate responsibility that comes with it, and that is obviously lacking. Why is it that I am seeing a problem in the responses of his followers yet he doesn’t? he is the knowledgeable one. You’re right, he has the right to refuse answering my questions, nevertheless, I hope they stimulate others to THINK. Not wait for a new entertaining article. I am beginning to think this is all pure entertainment, masked as serious issues we need to fear and worry about. My thing is this, if I know that something is harmful, I will not continue indulging in it while advising others to beware, if I am sincere and if the harm is real. Unless i consider myself immune, in which case I should be questioned.

    I hope I answered your questions, and I too hope you do not take offense to my posts.

    • @dalioness…I am not part of a secret society. If I was, I wouldnt be allowed to discuss those things. In this day and age, there is no need to be part of a brotherhood to learn about occultism and symbolism. The information is out there for those who want to learn about it. At the end of The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, Parnassus sells mini versions of his theater to bring home and play with. I believe it is the author's way of saying that the Mysteries can now be studied by anyone who desires to. My other site – knowledgefiles.com – contains my favorite books concerning those topics and I am happy to share them with all of my readers.

      I am however confused with your other statements. You blame me of having an agenda AND you also blame me of not telling you what to do next. There is a contradiction here. Authors who have agendas present their information and finish their essays by telling their readers what to do next. This is where the agenda kicks in and this is where I stop. My goal is to create healthy questioning, awareness and to engage interesting discussions. I want this site to be a starting point for personal research and truth seeking. There is no all-in-one, one size fits all solution. This kind of self questioning takes time, reflection and research.

      My research has revealed to me both extremes: the beauty and the poetry of God's creations and the potential wickedness of mankind. I believe one must be aware of both sides to 1- not be deceived by wolves in sheep's clothing and 2- to know where to focus one's energies. By knowing what is corrupt and deceitful (search for materialism, fame, idolatry etc), one can stop desiring it and turn to the good old fashion values that are less cool, but so much more fulfilling.

      So I hope this answers your questions and I hope we can go back discussing the subject at hand.

      • In the catch word of MC Hammer, "Proper!"

        Or, to be more articulate, "Properly said, Vigilant."

  122. It's sad to see so many people here mentioning Jesus and "God" …. religion is just another tool to control the ignorant masses

  123. Here's a question: what are your thoughts on LOST? I'm hoping you'll post an article about it after the series ends.

  124. @ C 1 I agree with you 110% if that's not the truth!

    Hello's to Baba, LVB and VC

    Eyes wide shut I saw a few years ago. Heavy in occultism and whats going on in the government.

  125. C1 (#165),

    What’s sad is that you fail to realize; we (the Jesus and “God” people) have a right to voice our belief just as you’ve shared your mere opinion here. Religion is just a label that should not define one’s faith and belief in God/Jesus. There are numerous definitions of the word, one being: “something one believes in and follows devotedly”. So, if you believe in and follow the cure for cancer, donate money at every given opportunity and rally for the cure…does that make you religious? By definition, YES. Another definition: “a point or matter of ethics or conscience”. That said, if you strictly believe in marriage as being between a man and a woman and vote “NO” on gay marriage, by the latter definition, YOU my friend are religious as well. Whether you like it or not, if you're human you partake in something that's "religious" at some point in your life.

  126. Your articles are quite interesting may God provide you with the resources to do more.just to quickly add,what do you think about the movieTHE MATRIX

  127. 165 – C1

    "It’s sad to see so many people here mentioning Jesus and “God” …. religion is just another tool to control the ignorant masses"

    Religion is a mankind way to organise "religious life". You certainly know than men are not perfect, they can actually be deadly evil, religious or not. That's why you have to focus on the message and not on the religion. And the message I believe in is Jesus-Christ's message of Faith, Hope and Love. That's all we need, today more than ever.

    "Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love." 1 Corinthians 13:13

  128. I knew this film had underlying occult symbolism! I knew it!!

    I watched it ages ago with a friend and she though it was crap but being a person who had read many of VC'c articles i thought OMG I'm starting to think like VC too! I spotted all the symbolism and the motel thingy! wow

    People aren't even tryna hide it anymore, these aren't secrect societies they are real!!!!

    It's freaky! but also extremely sad what people are getting themselves involved with jus for their 15 seconds of fame, yet they fail to realise is that ain't gonna matter if they head to the dark side when they die! :(

    I don't envy them one bit… jus hope they realise and get right with God

    TO VC

    Please do an analysis on Gabriella Climi – On a mission…. I think its another quite blatant transhumanism (however its spelt) sorta coded video! Great work you do!

  129. @ 3nity # 142

    I completely understand your point. All I can tell is: Keep the focus on Jesus-Christ, whatever you read, wherever you are, whatever you do. When Jesus says in John 14:6 "(…) I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." he means it very seriously. People can guide us, but Jesus is the way. People can inform us, but Jesus is the truth. People can inspire us, they can lead us, but Jesus is life!

    Paul says:

    "I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me." Galatians 2:20

    He continues:

    "All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any." 1 Corinthians 6:12

    "All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not." 1 Corinthians 10:23

    Jesus says:

    "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." Matthew 6:33

    The Bible is avalaible online for free. Just Google it, search for answers and you'll find.



  130. all this revelations make me want to lock my self away from the world. it seems that almost everything we see and touch are all intercconected to the occult world. i just pray that we should all be carefull

    thanks and may God give you to power to reveal more of what we see and do not get to understand….

  131. Corey

    Check your dictionary," enjoin" is a word and means to urge or impose with authority. As I said, we can't pick and choose which of God's laws we abide by. You either follow them all or reject them all. If one believes in Him as an Infinite power, then there is no reason to "question" His authority over us or worry why some things are lawful and others aren't.. God's laws are timeless.

  132. If God and relegion are only tools, Relegion may be used as a tool but God is real. Anyway my point is if you do not beleive in God why should any of this be relevant to you. If there is no God wouldn't all this defeat the purpose. If there is no God why would VC and others like him waste their time. If there was no God why the hec should we care if we are only going to die. If there was no God I would care less about an illumanti or a sign. So if you do not beleive in God what exactly is yor reason of being on this site? If you take God out the picture as far as I am concerned the illumanti could rule the world and where/what would or should I actually be concerned about?

  133. I have a question-Can anyone help me??

    I was watching the movie “Elf”, just before Christmas, with my little girl, Eden.

    In one scene of the film, “Elf” (Wil Farrel) was in a doctors office, and behind him, on the wall was a poster for Tamiflu.

    “Elf” was made in 2003, and the “Swine Flu Pandemic” was in 2009… So, why would Tamiflu be advertised a good 6 years prior?? Plus-The supposed “Swine Flu Pandemic” never actually happened, yet if you went to your doctor, with “regular” flu symptoms, you were given Tamiflu.

    If you check out the statistics, the amount of people getting flu last winter didn’t go up, the number of deaths due to flu hadn’t gone up either, and when it came to Swine Flu symptoms, well-They were exactly the same as regular flu symptoms.

    A few years ago we had another supposed “Pandemic” on our hands too-In the form of “Bird Flu”…

    Personally, it seems to me like some serious fear-mongering going on…

    I guess my question is this-Could the government be plying these “antivirus” medications with something??

    Something that might tie in with all this talk on NWO(New World Order), and brainwashing??

    When you look at the whole picture- Pandemics that never happen, and scaring people into almost wanting these pills, to protect against death & disease, it almost sounds like something that wouldn’t be a million miles off “Project Blue Beam” and other occult goings on.

  134. Ha, just watched this and was taken aback by all the symbolism. I watched Sherlock Holmes as well, Very interesting message. I'd like to hear what you get out of it.. Nice to finally see a new article!! :O)

  135. Power to the people is there anyone free. Power to the people… Yeah there is someone listening. When the clouds come they're gone.

  136. wow, the symbolism was sorta obvious from the movie trailer. curiosity,it has nothin to do with the article, but does the music band "evanescence" have some secret occults? looks pretty strange.

  137. Thanks April!!

    I'll watch them when I get Eden to bed later 😉

    Where abouts are you from, April??

    As in-Which country?? I wouldn't ask too much, as I don't think it's such a good idea to share stuff like that, on a site like this-You know?!!!

    Im Irish 😉

  138. @mountainseeker- u don't think the U.S. IS one of the ones on top?

    I dont want to get political, but u know how most think Israel is the backbone of the U.S.-

    I beleive and always will believe it's actually Great Britain with the master plan..

  139. @ Elsa.

    Really sorry for calling you a moron, i stand completely humbled and corrected on that point, and even if i was right i shouldn't use such immature language. Especially talking to complete strangers.

    I just want to ask you one question, If you can't find a reason why something is horrid and evil other than "this entity says so," don't you think maybe you should ask yourself what is on this entity's mind in the first place?

    Satan is the master of deception, right? Which means he/she/it is incredibly smart, much smarter than you or I can ever fathom. If i were a master of deception, i'd probably hide behind an image of what everyone would naturally assume is the opposite of mine. And if I really wanted to trick people, I'd create a timeless distraction (something people might feel obligated to worship), in order to keep their minds fixated and not prone to wonder or imagine, while at the same time having their energy channeled straight to me (it being my distraction and all). I'm not saying f*** you and your religion, but I truly believe that if the bible is true, God hasn't said a word yet. Why would an omnipotent being, the creator of existence, not existence on earth, but EVERYTHING that is, need to do this? It is impossible to get an answer to that question. If there is a hell (and there is no reason whatsoever why there should be) I think the only ones deserving of it are those who say they know for sure what happens after they die.

  140. also st Nick- american santa calus- is devil in disguise that they have us all worshipping on christmas, forgetting the real point of christmas… many many small different symbolic messages in this movies
    unreal how so many were put together in one movie
    even alluding to Christ and his Disciples, comparing it to tricking the ignorant

    the economy, not just here, but in teh world in general is going to get worse and worse that even hollywood will start suffer, for who is going to buy the expensive movie tickets and dvds?
    maybe this is why they are pushing it to the public so much, so fast???
    is it going to all come together sooner than later, so they are giving us a taste of what has been happening, knowing still the most viewers are ignorant and still won’t get it..
    like this is a game? show us all these consipiracies because most people won’t see the connections in hollywood anyway?
    but so many end of the world and illuminati-spiced up with dark magick- conspiracies
    it started with the aliens and ufos’ and human turned robot conspiracies (see almost all of will smiths!) and now it came to the darker religious/mystical conspiracies
    one thing is for sure- everything stems from something

    perhaps like others who have been allegedly killing themselves, heath was on the verge of becoming illuminated but just didn’t have the stomach for it anymore? or they didnt think he was good enough for the mysticized (or should i say brainwashed and souless) rich and famous?
    they are trying to say that mj and britney murphy among others were drug related- i dont buy it one bit!

  141. I didn't quite understand your post but we are created beings with no real understanding of the Creator. The finite cannot comprehend the infinite. If an inventor produces a complicated piece of machinery, for example, it would no doubt come with a set of instructions with do's and don'ts attached for the best possible performance. Failure to follow those instructions could result in damage or breakdown. Likewise. God has given us rules to follow in order to achieve our goals in the hereafter. When we reject these rules, it allows the devil to creep into our lives and divert us from our aims. When we put our trust in God, the devil has no influence over us.A teacher uses exams with multiple choice questions, only one answer for each being the correct one. All the others are false answers. That's the only way he has of testing us. There has to be a correct and incorrect way in life. If there were no falsehood, or evil, how can we know the truth. How can God test us if there is no "devil"? By the way, There is no higher authority than God, so what better reason do you want for following his commandments? That's good enough for me!

  142. @ Elsa….I love your answer!! I wanted to add though….God the Creater gave us freedom of choice…to choose the only One who can save us from the Law…or choose to be condemned by the Law. Yes, the Creator gave us a set of instructions…but those instructions reveal throughout Israel's history that noone,,,absolutely noone can keep the Law and be perfect. The Law…or being a perfect/right person does Not save you. Reason behind this because Everyone Breaks the Law.! That is why Creater sent a substitute on behalf of each one of us to pay the penalty for breaking the Law. His name is Jesus Christ…God's only Son! I hope you are familiar with Him…it was not clear from your message if you were or not…so I didn't wan't to judge.

  143. "Ledger’s previous movie was The Dark Knight in which he played The Joker – The Fool of the Tarot. Did The Fool evolve into the Hanging Man? "

    Keep in mind that the Joker's last scene in The Dark Knight was Heath Ledger hanging upside down, having his final discussion with The Batman.

    Very Interesting…

  144. The painting he had done by his friend Vincent Fantauzzo also reminds me of Jesus before going to be crucified with the 2 men on either side of the cross jeering at him. Jesus was also sacrificed for us. Might not have any connection but was just a thought..

  145. I guess I just view the devil as much more interesting. I would hate to know I was created for the sole purpose of burning people alive and making people's entire existence a horrid experience for eternity. But I mean, hey, it has to be happening right? I mean it is necessary that people burn for eternity. There's no other way for humans to go about their life paths. You follow, you WORSHIP, someone who BURNS people for eternity because that's the plan he came up with. You can tell me God doesn't want me to burn for eternity and that he wants me to follow him, and i can see your point. But hell is something that God wants to be in existence, if he created everything, he created hell. But ACCORDING TO YOU, it is necessary that this is happening, although i can't see the benefits. If the bible is really true, then my heart goes to the devil for being put in a ridiculous, completely invented, unnecessary scenario. And you can tell me you're fighting against the devil every day, but if you ever truly won that fight you'd have no reason to live. strange.

  146. Wow Corey…you have no idea do you? Just as God gave us freewill, so has He given the devil and he chose to be disobedient (not be under God's authority)!!! But, here's the tricky part: the devil IS under God's authority and he knows it. This is why the devil is having his field day now because he knows God is going to ultimately put an end to it. The devil WASN'T "put in a ridiculous, completely invented, unnecessary scenario" and you should feel NO pity for him!!!!!! He's out to kill and destroy us but yet you pity him? Sweet, young Corey, my heart goes out to you.

  147. Remember that the devil was once an angel who worshipped God for thousands of years before God tells the angels that he is going to put mankind on earth. When He created Adam, all the angels bowed down to him except Satan. He refused as he felt angels were superior to man. From that moment he was cursed for his arrogance and pride and he swore to God that he would lead His creation away from the worship of Him. God tells him that he will lead many astray but not the faithful. God gave him respite until Judgement Day to do his worst. One can argue that God of course knew this would happen and ask why we were we created in the first place etc etc. God's plan is know n only to Himself . If one has come to the conclusion that there is a God then I think it is easy to live our lives in the way He decrees and not worry too much over the whys and wherefores of existence. Our finite brains can only comprehend so much! If we could understand the infinite power, then we would not worship it!

  148. elsa and corey can ya'll just get each other's email and flirt that way or something it's quite annoying! one or two excerpts is fine but please have some dignity. you talk about God but God wants us to fill our souls and hearts with love yet in the same breath your arguing back and forth. lol

    also great info VC I too would like to suggest to you, like many others , to check out the ARRIVALS.

    I actually was aware of the majority of this before looking into your site as well as the majority of the people here….otherwise did we just stumble upon it in google? obviously not we looked up ourselves but what do i know im just a sheeple…haha no sarcasm there.

    VC your response made me giggle out loud at work. im glad you shut them up =) looking forward to browsing your next one.

  149. @ April-Cool!!! I hear it's really nice there… But cold??!!! It couldn't be any worse than Ireland-It's so "green" 'cause it never stops raining!!! 😛 xxx

    It's nice to "meet" you, April!! You seem like a really nice person 😉

    I hope that life treats you well xxx

  150. I don't see this deaths mainly as symbolic sacrifices, I see them a bit like a punishment/prevention for people revealing or willing to reveal things that they shouldn't.

    • It's not about what "shouldn't" be said, but more like the paranoid, greed,y fearmongers don't want us normal people to know the truth behind their misdeeds. They call it Satanism and Ritual Sacrifice to scare people. If they can scare you, then you might fear them and their false power. When and if that happens, well, then you are thier mental pawn. (At least in my opinion.)

      No fear, only love!

  151. After this no more comments

    I just find the devil adorable.

    God sucks.

    I asked elsa for her email but she won't give it to me.

    Thanks for your time.

  152. @Valencia (143) – After reviewing the reports surrounding Heath's death, the possibility that he was sacrificed by some agents of Hollywood's mafia seem even more likely.

    – He committed "suicide".

    – They "found" lots of drugs there.

    – They waited hours before calling an ambulance while the site was cleaned up.

    – Nobody was held responsible.

    It's the perfect "plausible" cover for a crime. Too bad there weren't any video cameras like at the hotel in Dubai where the Mossad assassinated a Palestinian leader and then tried to make it look like a suicide. Of course if this happened in the US, all the videotapes would mysteriously disappear. Home of the "free and the brave"?

  153. Corey- Heres the thing, God want us to choose him. Not force us to follow him. Satan challenged God. This is Satans world, full of evil. Our world is in ruins people are dying, earthquakes, sick kids……and in Gods world there is peace and love, everlasting life it’s a paradise. Heres where the challange comes in at God gave Satan a chance to rule this world to show him and us that evil is not the way. from the looks of thing satan is not doing a good job so in Gods eyes he is failing the task, and looking around I would say the same. A lot of people are confused when it comes to hell. In the Bible time and time again God state punishment for sins is death, not hell. Meaning you will not inherit God’s paradise. Hell is a place for Satan. If you read the Bible after God comes back. Satan stll will not be cast of the earth, he will be chained for 1000 years….but thats another story.So yes it seems inconsiderate but when you think about it God wants you to choose him and also understand why you chose him. He is our creator, he is all about peace and love……Jesus gave his son to show he wouldn’t put us his children through something he wouldn’t put his incarnated son through. Jesus died,suffered/we die. To add he paid for us to be able to ask for forgivness. So God gives us a chance to understand why we should choose him and Satan is incapable of giving us a peaceful world, no sickness, plenty of food…and God wants us to know it

  154. Robin Shadowes on

    Another actor who died prematurely was midget actor David Rappaport who played Randall in Terry Gilliam's Time Bandits another Gilliam movie with occult symbolism.

    Rappaport struggled with depression later in his life. On May 2, 1990, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest in Laurel Canyon Park in the San Fernando Valley, California.[3] His body was returned to the United Kingdom and buried in a Jewish cemetery in Waltham Abbey, Essex.

    Let's jump to Roman Polanski. In 1967 he made Dance Of The Vampires a k a The Fearless Vampire Killers. Now remember, the year after his then wife the at the time highly pregnant actress Sharon Tate was murdered by the infamous Manson family. If that wasn't a sacrifice then I don't know what is. The leading vampire Count von Krolock states at the ball at the end part of the movie that they are all followers of Lucifer. In the much later made movie The Ninth Gate Johnny Depp is looking for an old book that has allegedly been written by Lucifer himself.

    The Beatles was mentioned earlier. There are some strange occurences evolving around The Fab Four too. Like the rumour of Paul McCartney having died prematurely and replaced by a doppelganger. There are probably a lot of occult symbolism in their lyrics, on their album covers and so on. I haven't seen the tv-film The Magical Mystery Tour, only the outtakes of the songs I Am The Walrus and Strawberry Fields Forever and anyone who has seen them knows they are pretty surreal. But the weirdest thing I've heard was on Coast to Coast some months ago where they were talking about John Lennon and the possibility that he had sold his soul to the devil for fame! I don't remember the details of the programme but there seemingly was some strange coincidences involving his assassin Mark David Chapman.

    Other actors that died strange deaths was David Carradine who supposedly hanged himself. Could that have been another sacrifice since he is associated with the Kung Fu-series of the 70's and the later with Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, both of them with highly occult themes. Then we have Corey Haim, another drug related death. Weird, huh?

    Then talking about sex and strangulation makes me think of Michael Hutchence, the front-man of aussie rock band INXS. Three years later his girlfriend Paula Yates dies of OD in London.

  155. Please check out my new article about the BEP video, "Imma Be / Rock that Body".


    "Imma Bee the Future – Selling Transhumanism to the Masses using Psychological Warfare".

    It is published on a new blog started by fans of Vigilant Citizen, which deals with similar themes to what VC explores here. It’s called Public Vigil, which is a tribute to VC and all its loyal readers.

    There are many other articles about Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and more.


  156. perhaps Heath offered himself, with full knowledge of his choice, as a willing sacrifice.

    It would hardly be a sacrifice if it were a murder, as some have suggested.

  157. Insert from an article at http://gothamist.com/2008/01/24/ledger_update.php dated January 24, 2008 “before” his autopsy report was released…(they give a timeline of the events that occurred).

    = = =

    Indian filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, director of the 2002 movie Four Feathers that starred Ledger, had plans to meet with Ledger on Monday morning and spoke with him [the] night before his death: "He made me promise that I would call him in the morning and wake him up. I tried. Little did I know that his soul had already left his body."

    = = =

    Did Heath know that he’d taken too many drugs for his sleep-deprivation and needed to ensure he’d awake? The police “estimate” he expired between 1:00-2:45pm but the ambulance wasn’t called until 3:26pm by his supposedly distraught message therapist. Shekhar says “he tried” to get Heath on the phone, so either he’d been calling since early morning with no answer (which should have caused alarm) or “he lied” to People.com (http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20173473,00.html) and didn’t call him until AFTER 1:00pm. His massage therapist, Diana Wolozin wasn’t even licensed to practice in New York. Instead of calling 911 first, she calls Mary Kate Olsen (the druggie from another muggie) after looking through his cell phone.

    I’m not implying that the lack of common sense by these people contributed to his death, but the scenario could have panned out a whole lot differently. The cause of his death is apparent (drug overdose), but it is the reason FOR his death that will always remain the question.

  158. LVB,

    That line was "LVB Inspired"! 😉 I'm learning tremendously thanks to you, baba and VC. Keep up the good work. Your article over at Public Vigil is probably the best yet. Well done my friend.

  159. Dear Valencia (209) – "Home of the bee and the slave". LOL! How did you come up with that? It's brilliant! I hope you don't mind if I plagiarize you on that one. I might use it as a title for a future article.

  160. @aaron 208 – You can either sacrifice yourself, or be sacrificed by someone else, or you can even give yourself up knowing that you will be sacrificed. These are the differences between suicide, murder and martyrdom. I'm guessing it was a murder setup to look like a suicide. And if Heath had already been threatened, then there may be an element of martyrdom.

    You have heard about how Abraham was about to sacrifice his son Isaac in the Old Testament, haven't you? I hope your familiar with that type of sacrifice. In fact it is the most common meaning of the word. A sacrifice is a ritualistic killing. It could be an animal or a person. Or it could be symbolic in the form of some other type of food offered to a god.

    In the Christian mass this done symbolically through communion. The bread represents the body and the wine is the blood. It is a way of saying that the worship of the old gods is over. It is no longer necessary to offer a physical sacrifice. A symbolic sacrifice is sufficient. The important part is the spirit in which this sacrifice is offered.

    If the sacrifice is done truly "in remembrance of me [Christ]", then the sacrifice is perfect in God's eyes. And no physical sacrifice can ever come close to that.

    And then there is the mundane sense in which a parent makes a "sacrifice" for a child by working and saving for their education and giving up a luxury cruise. In this case it is the cruise that is sacrificed/killed. Or the parents might say that they are sacrificing their lives for their children. But they are not literally sacrificing their lives, but instead they are giving up some form of mundane pleasure so that their children can have a better life.

    In a way this is a trivial example of how "our Father in heaven" has "sacrificed his only Son" for us. Any parent can tell you of the Joy that they receive by sacrificing for their child.

  161. baba,

    Be my guest! Have fun with it my friend….you gave me some leadway on that one. LOL Looking forward to reading your brilliance. 😉

  162. readbetweenthelines on

    Wow, yeah no longer a Johnny Depp fan, he's too weird and definitely from the dark side. I no longer watch any of his movies, I actually think he's possessed by several spirits, you can actually see each of them, in each of his movies. 21 Jump Street was his last genuine attempt. And as for Heath, yeah you can tell he had some demons in his last days. You can always see it in the face, the light disappears and shadows set in.

  163. @ readbetweenthelines – I have to agree with you about Johnny Depp. I was totally into his whole act when I saw Pirates, but watching his other movies makes me realize there is always a demonic element to his characters. And I'm just not into that. So bye-bye Johnny.

  164. Interesting comments about Heath Ledger dying from a deadly combination of pharmaceuticals. I believe the poster also mentioned Jack Nicholson in his post.

    In Tim Burton's Batman, the Joker was killing people via a deadly combination of ingredients found in cosmetics. And didn't Jack Nicholson say something about how it was the Joker that killed Heath?

  165. Alana #178 – Tamiflu has been on the market since 1999. Though it wasn't until the recent spate of fizzled pandemics that Donald Rumsfeld's former corporation got millions (billions?) from governments, especially the U.S. for massive stockpiles of the drug, found to be effectively useless in most cases of the bird/swine/monkey/zebra, etc., flus.

    Personally, I'm highly distrusting of any vaccine or medication for any of the sudden pandemics we seem to be experiencing. Something tells me one of these times, the cure will be worse than the disease.

  166. Valencia

    Thank you for the kind words about my article, It was truly a labor of love, and I'm so happy it is finally finished. Vigilant and I are collaborating on a version of it to be posted here soon, more in the style and format that the VC site has become so famous for…stay tuned, and keep learning. :)

  167. I'm re-posting my comment here as it is relevant to what you are discussing. I will stress again that these are the verifyable facts – Heath DID NOT TAKE AN OVERDOSE – there was a TOXIC combination of medication in his system which caused his death according to the coroner. I've taken these details from the report of the coroner published in the Australian media. The connotations of the word 'OVERDOSE' have caused people to misconstrude the facts …'TOXIC COMBINATION' is NOT 'OVERDOSE'….

    The mystery or suspicion surrounding the death of Heath Ledger stems from the fact that the maid was in his apartment that morning, and thought he was sleeping when she looked in on him, so did nothing. Later his masseuse arrived, even setting up her table and equipment, before she realised that something was ‘wrong’ with Heath. She then made four (4) telephone calls to Mary-Kate Olsen (who Heath was seeing for over 2 years in a secret on-off relashionship) The Olsen’s security guards turn up and actually ’stopped the ambulance crew’ from entering the apartment for at least 3 – 4 minutes. According to officals this ‘delay’ could not have saved Heath, as he died from the deadly toxic effects of a combination of prescription drugs for pain, anxiety and sleeplessness. It was technically NOT a drugs overdose. These are the FACTS.

    What was eery from the news after his death…TMZ and other ‘news’ reporters were on the doorstep within the hour filming and reporting everything. The first celebrity to express his sadness was John Travolta (I can’t remember what channel) The death has had many ‘rumours’ surrounding it including ‘Scientology’, ‘Jack Nicholson’, as well as scurrilous words about Heath wanting to take his own life.

    His last films were as a facet of the personality of Bob Dylan in ‘I’m not There’, the Joker in ‘The Dark Knight’, and Tony in ‘The Imaginarium…..’.

    A lot has been written about the characters that Heath has portrayed in his movies, a lot of ‘real life’ characters, such as Ned Kelly and Casanova. There is an interesting article which I cannot find right now about why his character in ‘The Patriot’ was killed-off instead of Mel Gibson’s.

    On a personal note, I believe that Vigilant has put together a very good piece on this last movie of Heath’s, and the linking of ‘God’s Banker’, as with Sherlock Holmes piece (which I think deserved more work).

    Heath Ledger’s death could well have been a tragic accident but it could also have been something else more sinister…The fact that, if he had lived after The Joker, he would have been the biggest Hollywood star of his generation, bigger than Depp, may have contributed to his demise.

  168. Again, i wonder, was Ledger a willing sacrifice or was he chosen by an Illuminated Elite, who manipulated him. Judging some of Ledger's previous roles, either he or his handlers worked toward this climax for several years.

  169. While your waiting for Vigilant Citizen's latest article, why not take a look at the latest article I wrote over at Public Vigil. It's my response to LVB's article on the Black Eyed Peas video for Imma Bee.
    The title of the article is "The transhuman temptation" and it gets into more of the transhuman aspects of this BEP video. We also have other articles on Gaga, Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyrus that you might enjoy.

  170. vigilantcitizen on

    LOL. do not think im trolling, please.vigilant, i think you are overdoing it now. i mean JOKER? and

    HANGMAN? i do not think its got ANY kind of connection… just just pure coincidence, u know? i think not actually. you know, u have started looking a bit tooooo deep into everything… this a mental state, when you start trying to make connections everywhere. i mean, you are good, do not get me wrong, but this report of yours has gone a LITTLE too far… i mean Heath Ledger's SACRIFICE? seriously, PLEASE! what you have done there is over, really. stop it.

    By the way, ur articles on the singers like lil wayne , rihanna, beyonce and gaga are absolutely PERFECT. especially those on Lady GaGa. i thank you for writing those down. But i also want you to know, its just entertainment, to most of us. Of course the few superstitious ones out there would now believe that they are actually Satan worshipers (which they are not. Really, who would WANT to worship the devil??!!!). Plus, i think that they are all just playing some kind of sick joke, or a hoax, even…

    and , LOL, its because of you gaga is now my favorite singer… i never even listen to song of hers before ur article on bad romance. So if u think ur trying to warn anyone, its NOT working on the majority of the population. haha. no offense.

    Might not look like it, but im a great fan of yours. you are pretty observant , but uve got this… THING, that obscures all other than conspiracy and devil-stuff and whatever else u write on…

    Well, anyways, good luck on any future reports.


  171. @ Jefe #220

    I def think its either to pump some kinda of crap into our systems, or to aide the economic downturn….

    Something is VERY wrong with all of that… I mean, honestly-2 HUGE pandemic's that NEVER even happened?? And NO ONE seems to have asked ANY questions….

    Its sick. All of it is totally sick.


  173. Yes I watched it but I couldn't realy notice anything because as usual they were flashing it by so quickly. That reason and the fact that I was too busy listenting to how badly her performance was. It was put together thoughtfully. It came off just as she said, "as if they had just made everything up right before the show and just jumped up there and said here it is." She sounds better in the studio than live in my opinion. Anyway's enough of that.. I wanted to comment on Vigilant's statement post 160, that was very well written out and reading your articles has exactly the effect on me that you stated you were going for. Good Job.

  174. soundthebells on

    CERN's logo is disguised but if you go to youtube you see a video where is comes undone, and it translates into 666. This supercollider creates anti-matter and in a PBS doc., scientists there said that one gram of anti-matter could obliterate an entire city. Is this what they are planning for the year of 2012? This scientists are immoral, and themselves sold their soles to "la Bestia de Balaam".

    Now concerning the body of Christ and his blood… folks this all lies. Christ never said such things. This is just more of the Talmudic Satanic Judaism to create confusion. Judaism is not a spiritual religion and even one their scholars Mendelssohn said that "Judaism is a Law religionized". The Babylonian Talmud is the real "Satanic Verses" for it approves the rape of babies, incest, sex with animals and dead corpses. It approves lying and breaking oaths with gentiles. They call gentiles "beasts". This book was written by sub-human people who are occupied by "Baal", and I was sickened for three days when I found out what they are about. Much of this is being revealed by Jewish individuals with a conscience like Benjamin Freedman who exposes what Kol Nidre is; Dr William Deagle, Eustace Mullins, Harold W. Rosenthal, Dr. Peter David Beter and more recently Vicky Polin, and many others.

    Ever wondered why the Old Testament is bound together with the New Testament although they have opposing messages? The Roman Empire was dependent on the gold from the Jewish money changers, and later during the Council of Nicea, the Pharisees which were always masters of subversion by using Saul of Tarsus, added alterations and many manipulations for religion has nothing to do with spiritual growth but dogma-brainwashing and control of the populace through confusion and ignorance. Before the Romans the Greeks too were trading and doing business with the Jewish money kings. The Jews were always in control of the gold throughout our recorded history. The Parthenon was not a temple but a bank. How else could they finance their wars? Wars are the most profitable Jewish business that there is, even economic recessions don't get close. Covertly, they have accumulated all the wealth of the world into their hands. Our schools are a failure, they teach us nothing of value, and since they control our governments they are the publishers of our textbooks, newspapers, magazines, books, TV, Radio and can create easily false realities at will. They used the Beetles to say that drugs were their friends, and now are using news services to say that we need to legalize marijuana. Keeping you a zombie is their aim, and how have they become so bold? Because the majority of people choose to turn a blind eye or do not know the difference between right and wrong and anything that they dish out we are willing slaves in accepting all the crap and do not raise questions.

  175. The more I think about these conspiracy things written here, the more I realize that they really don´t mean much to a honest person :)

    I find it very rude, ugly, and dishonest though to delete comments that others make– If what ANON is saying is true?!

    But people, I think we might be surrounded by these things and everything points that we are… But I personally will protect myself from falling into some ugly trap by just concentrating in my honest live, studying and preparing the future- and in the way listening to good MELODIES AND NOT CARRYING ABOUT CONSPIRACY AND EVIL THINGS – so I protect myself from the bad, by returning with good :)

  176. Hey VC, i havent been on this blog a while… anyway great article once again, more in depth than usual, and yes I am glad to see a different tone than the usual lady gaga, rihanna, beyonce crap…

    I just wish that the persons reading this blog will actually read what you write and not twist your words to their own convictions… Lol, all they have to do is see the world occult and they equate it with NWO and SATAN and MK Ultra…. lol. In that sense I must agree with a poster above who compared the readers of this blog to a cult where VC is the leader (or whatever you call them). I may sound harsh but if you look through these comments Im sure you will understand where Im coming from… As a person who likes to read what Vigilant writes because it does point out some very interesting themes and coincidences (and yes thats all it points out, if you want to read anything deeper into that, its your BELIEF … NOT FACT) that I may have never noticed myself. I love the occult… I love reading books where there is always a different underlying story. I love movies that deal with things out of the ordinary, such as this one. I love listening to songs I can relate to on many different levels, and VC's articles sometimes show me many more things I otherwise might have missed. But then I read these comments (usually to see if anyone has anything to add or to analyse in a different way) and so much of it is based on fear, so much is based on hate…. and you know what it just goes to show the human nature… Being afraid of the unknown. There is a single bloodline running the world from like since forever (saracasm)… so what? Is the fact that it is a single bloodline that affects you? really dont think so.. Its the fact that you dont know.. Your scared so you make it seem like theyre the big bad wolf coming to get you… Really they want to take over the world…. see how fear gets the best of you…?

  177. ShatteredButterfly on

    I love how your articles always create controversy/discussions.

    Hey, we're all talking and thinking about it now, the very point of these articles. The information's within our grasp and it's up to us to decide what to do with this information.

    Heath Ledger was my favorite actor, and I almost cried when I found out he passed away. He had such an amazing spirit. I don't think any of his roles in movies are coincidences with his death and his status as a Hollywood actor and a star. Whether this was martyrdom or not (what baba stated could be a possibility) it is an option, because now he's one of the most famous actors in history, and the mystery surrounding his death makes him more of an icon. Just my opinion. Especially with the last two, sure makes you think.

    Peace and Love

  178. Loved the analysis and the movie. Was shocked when you Ledger for the first time as the hangman. The last scene we see him as the Joker in The Dark Knight, he is also hanging. Hollywood just throwing it in our faces…. Again!

  179. Robin Shadowes on

    There are more owl connections with the global elite. There's the Bohemian Grove in California where they worship Moloch depicted as a giant owl.figure.

    On July 15, 2000, Austin, Texas-based filmmaker Alex Jones and his cameraman, Mike Hanson, walked into the Grove. With a hidden camera, Jones and Hanson were able to film the Cremation of Care ceremony. The footage was the centerpiece of Jones' documentary Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove.[21] Jones claimed that the Cremation of Care was an "ancient Canaanite, Luciferian, Babylon mystery religion ceremony," and that the owl statue was Moloch. The Grove and Jones' investigation were covered by Jon Ronson in Channel 4's four-part documentary, Secret Rulers of the World. Ronson documented his view of the ritual in his book, Them: Adventures With Extremists, writing that it was a startling, immature, and bizarre way for world leaders to spend their summer vacations, but that he did not see evidence of covert Satanism. According to his description of the account it was nothing more than a fraternity-esque ritual, and the only reason one could see it as Satanic was if one were looking for Satanism in it to begin with.

    Also filmed for The Order of Death[22] was Jones' return to the entrance of the Bohemian Grove in 2005 where he filmed a protest organized by the Bohemian Grove Action Network that took place at the Grove's entrance on Bohemian Highway, only to discover a majority of the protesters engaging in an "occult counter-ritual" known as the Resurrection of Care, supposedly a counter-ritual against the Cremation of Care. Jones' narration for the film lambasted the protesters' actions and motivations from a religious standpoint. In 2005, Chris Jones (no relation) walked into the Grove when hired as an employee, and videotaped the Owl Shrine in daylight, even venturing inside the hollow statue.[23] Chris Jones said he was regularly propositioned for sex by the Grovers. Chris Jones was subsequently sentenced to three years in state prison for sexual assault of minors.[24] Alex Jones included Chris Jones' video in "The Order of Death".[25]



    Another mysterious owl-like figure is the Mothman.

    here are several theories concerning the Mothman phenomenon.

    Supernatural theories

    John Keel claimed that Mothman was related to parapsychological events in the area, including UFO activity, Men in Black encounters, poltergeist activity, Bigfoot and black panther sightings, animal and human mutilations, precognitions by witnesses, and the December 15, 1967 collapse of the Silver Bridge spanning the Ohio River.

    Misidentified bird

    One of the early theories is that the Mothman was a misidentified Sandhill Crane, which, in the late 1960s had been a problem in surrounding regions. Sandhill cranes have an average wingspan of 5.3 feet (up to 7 feet), average overall length of 39 inches and have the general appearance described, glide for long distances without flapping, and have an unusual shriek. Other theories suggest the possibility of the Mothman being a Barn Owl, an albino owl, or perhaps a large Snowy Owl (based on artists' impressions). Skeptics suggest that the Mothman's glowing eyes are actually red-eye caused from the reflection of light, from flashlights, or other light sources that witnesses may have had with them.[9]


    In Episode 2 of the short-lived TV series X-Testers, the researchers on the show attempted various ways to duplicate various photographs of what is said to be Mothman on bridges. The researchers concluded that a recent photo of an unidentified object on the bridge is possibly just a black garbage bag, and earlier photos are possibly just camera tricks. [10]


    Folklorist Jan Harold Brunvand cited elements in common between many Mothman reports and much older folk tales, and noted: "Something real may have triggered the Mothman scares, but the stories-whatever their sources-also incorporated existing folklore."[11]


  180. Please watch the movie on TV tomorrow night called "Secrets of the Mountain". It is produced by P&G and sponsored by Wal-Mart, and family advocacy groups are pushing this movie and claiming that FINALLY someone is making efforts to make more family-friendly movies. But I just KNOW it's going to be centered around the them of the coming Great Deception to help slowly brainwash good Christians who refuse to watch the rest of the crap these people have been producing. The movie appears to be about an adventure with discovery of ancient Mayan-type ruins, and what Illuminati movie wouldn't be complete without a pyramid? It's got one. I'm willing to bet it will somehow interject the NWO religion belief that we can all become gods with the tree of knowledge. I hope you'll watch the movie and look for illuminati/Masonic symbolism and do an analysis of it. I think it'll be worth checking out.


    CERN in a nutshell

    CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is one of the world’s largest and most respected centres for scientific research. Its business is fundamental physics, finding out what the Universe is made of and how it works. At CERN, the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments are used to study the basic constituents of matter — the fundamental particles. By studying what happens when these particles collide, physicists learn about the laws of Nature.

    The instruments used at CERN are particle accelerators and detectors. Accelerators boost beams of particles to high energies before they are made to collide with each other or with stationary targets. Detectors observe and record the results of these collisions.

    Founded in 1954, the CERN Laboratory sits astride the Franco–Swiss border near Geneva. It was one of Europe’s first joint ventures and now has 20 Member States.


  182. Wow! Great article! At first I thought Heath had died as an accident at one of their initiation ceremonies. I know the use of drugs to get them into an altered state of mind is done at those ceremonies. So I thought maybe something may have went wrong with his intiation and that the whole thing was maybe a coverup. Putting his body in his apartment, etc…. but after reading this, him as a sacrifice makes perfect sence! These people are immortialized in their deaths, they will always be remembered as "forever young" and beautiful by us here on earth and also they believe that they will be made into spirtually immortal beings, where ever they are going. It's crazy…wasn't Aaliyah 22 when she died on the 25th. and wasn't Marilyn Monroe 33 when she died of a drug OD, another sacrifice maybe?

  183. Firstly-I love reading the stuff on this site!! I find it very interesting…

    But I'd like to just say this-

    Heath Ledger??

    Maybe *Shock, horror* he did just die of an accidental drugs overdose…

    When people talk about the deaths of young, 'pop-culture' icons on this site, why does it always have to be so "Cloak & Dagger"???

    It's not impossible for young people to die… Its not impossible for them to even die in strange ways, or under strange circumstances….

    Although I do believe a lot of what is written here, I do think that links can be found pretty easily, if it is links that you are looking for.

    When you're so blind-sided by the 'agenda', you forget that sometimes things can be, and are, as they seem.

  184. Heath Ledger scared the hell out of the establishment…they were so scared that they were not prepared to take any chances in letting him live another day. On 22 January 2008 under the light of the high full moon Heath Ledger was murdered. It may surprise you why Heath Ledger was really murdered, although he had caused a stir in the world for many reasons it was the thing closest to his heart that ended up costing him his life.

    Most Australians watched Heath Ledger’s meteoric rise with absolute glee, his small steps up the royal carpet of Hollywood were part of the huge steps that Australian drama has made on the world’s performing stage. Australian acting seems to be going through a purple patch at the moment with a number of superb actors currently gracing the screens including Kate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush and Eric Bana.

    With much talk about a posthumous Oscar nomination for Heath’s final stellar performance in ‘Dark Knight’, a little known fact has surfaced in the media. The last actor to receive a posthumous Oscar nomination was the adopted son of Sydney Australia…Peter Finch. Peter Finch was a stand out actor of his generation, but it was his final performance in the movie ‘Network’ that afforded him his final honour.

    Network was a breakthrough film with one of the most famous anti-establishment scenes of all time…the scene which includes a speech entitled “mad as hell” was an impassioned diatribe against the current state of the world, ironically directed towards one of the mediums of the actor’s wares; television. The scene has a peculiar cult following and is now featured on a number of successful Youtube presentations.

    One has to see the scene from Network to understand the persuasive elements of the speech from Peter Finch. Finch’s character Howard Beale has a breakdown on live television in front of a live crowd, in truly memorable fashion he ‘bites the hand that feeds him’ unceremoniously denouncing every aspect of TV from mind control to media ownership, he was as ‘mad as hell and he wasn’t going to take it anymore’.

    As well as the chance to share a rare posthumous honour for the highest accolade of the silver screen, quite clearly both Peter Finch and Heath Ledger shared another role in society. Both actors were prepared to take on roles that had offered more than just a pleasant break from reality…roles that included clear criticism on the society and culture that they lived in, of course Beale’s speech on TV is as relevant now as it ever was.

    Heath Ledger’s impact as the gay cowboy in ‘Brokeback Mountain’ did much for the American gay community. When Hollywood took on a gay character in their own symbolic and geographic backyard there was certain to be an outrageous backlash. Naturally the movie opened amongst protestations from the Conservative Right and the same people were not satisfied until they had protested all the way to Leger’s grave.

    Much like Tomi dePaola’s Giovanni in the children’s classic The Clown of God, when Heath Ledger put on his make up and fearlessly let his talents shine in the sight of his creator…he was doing what many of us only dream about. And when the prose required him to juggle a modern day rainbow, he did it with all his talent and effort making it one of the most successful movies of 2005.

    But for Heath Ledger something much more remarkable happened during the year of 2005. Of course, shared with Michelle Williams, his daughter Matilda Rose was born in the month of October. Naturally like any young Father of a sweet little girl, Heath was besotted with his one and only child and was regularly photographed doting over his little angel whenever they were spotted.

    And this is the real reason why Heath Ledger scared the hell out of the establishment…Heath Ledger’s little Rose Matilda is considered by some to be the actual Rose from one of the oldest prophecies in the world. In 2006, the highly successful novel the Da Vinci code was released in one of the most highly anticipated film of all time…the film introduces most people to the ancient Rose Prophecy.

    The Rose Prophecy suggests that a Rose, a young lady will bloom near the end of an age to herald in the new age of Aquarius. The Da Vinci Code’s storyline suggests that the proponents of Jesus Christ and the Second Coming have gone to great lengths to first hide this prophecy and will go to even greater lengths to ensure that the Rose does not bloom at all.

    The reason Heath Ledger’s life was in peril from the first date that his Rose was born is because of another prophecy that speaks of two witnesses. Some people suggest that the child being too young to speak for herself; will have her parents speak on her behalf. When Heath Ledger was murdered in New York and a subsequent smear campaign was initiated against his reputation, the Rose Prophecy came to life again.

    Heath Ledger’s taste for controversy was exactly what they were expecting…they were expecting a man to herald in an age where all people are free to do as they please. To declare an age where diversity is celebrated, not hidden. An age where women are adored instead of shunned, where women are pushed forward into leadership, to take us into a direction where men could never have imagined.

    When Heath Ledger was murdered six months ago, the people that took his life believed they had won a victory for all the ages. They believed that the right thing was done to ensure that the rule of man would continue forever. They believed that they had moved the unmovable, circumvented one of the most famous prophecies of the ages. With Heath Ledger’s death that had hoped that they had stopped Heaven and Earth in its tracks.

    Little do they know that Heath Ledger in following his own heart; has played one of the most significant roles in history, the one role that he never auditioned for. A role that will allow the rest of the world to take off their own make-up, stop the acting and finally be themselves. When you watch Dark Knight with the rest of the World, know that the final joke has already been played out, of course not surprisingly by the Joker himself.

  185. omg..wow..yo aticle left me speechless.. the devil is getin bolder nd bolder wit hs antics each day..so many things ar happenin in the world at d same time…i kno fo a fact dt dis all isnt coincidence..Satan is planinin something catastrophic fo the world..nd we ar all to occupied to notice.. Christians everywer..its high time we woke up 4rm our slumber nd get our acts ryt wit God…time is running out…THIS IS THE LAST GENERATION..the Antichrist is cmin…Ppl lets spread the gospel..Pastors start preaching the truth..Surely..Jesus is coming soon!!

  186. @ GDW #249

    I've NEVER heard such non-sense in my entire life!!!

    How can you make those points, without ANY evidence AT ALL?!!!!

    You sound completely retarded…

    If I used your approach, I'd start by walking into the town centre, and throwing a stone into a crowd…

    Whoever it hit?? They would be one of the two prophets….

    That is utter MADNESS!!!!!!!

    Hopefully, you are aware, that “The Da Vinci Code” is a work of fiction??

    Secondly, if you honestly believe what you have just written, wouldn’t it be a better idea to read The Bible, as this is definitely a Biblical matter, rather than turn to the fiction of Dan Brown??

    In the last days, God will send two prophets to Earth to try and warn the masses, but in return they wont be believed, they will be humiliated, hated, and murdered in the streets…

    EVERYONE will know these two…

    I haven’t got my Bible to hand, but you will find it in there… IF you have any interest, although you strike me as someone who will probably go watch, and believe “Knowing”, before you’d connect with your own spirituality.

    It is people like you, who discredit everyone else here who do their RESEARCH, and have valid points!!

  187. I just wanted to ask a question-To the Christians, and believers-

    When Jesus returns (And everything else that goes with it-Satan, Rapture, etc), will he calm & comfort the children?? Make sure they are not scared??

    I have a little girl, who is currently 6 (7 this December)-Her name is Eden…

    When “The end” does come, I don’t want her to be frightened and/or scared, any mother would fear that!

    Will Jesus & God make sure that the children aren’t frightened out of their minds?? That they somehow know that everything is going to be grand??

    The fear of this destroys me!!!

    If Eden and I are still alive when this happens, I know that she would be terrified, and that thought is horrendous!!

    Eden goes to Sunday school etc, and does believe in God, Jesus, and the teachings of the Bible-Very much so… I have not talked her into anything at all-It’s all of her own understanding, and off of her own bat…

    If any of you believers & Christians could help me with this, I’d be extremely grateful to you!!

    I just need as much info on the matter as possible-Regardless of whether it be good, or bad…

    Many, many thanks! xxx

    • Look into the Baha'i Faith. Rest your weary heart. God has a plan, and prophethood is real. Everything is released from God through a progressive revelation… only people "with eyes to see and ears to hear" will see this. Everything is going to be alright. GOD WINS, AND ONENESS EMERGES. But it will get worse before it gets better. GOD BLESS YOU. *ONE GOD ONE LIFE ONE CHANCE* SO LOVE THY NEIGHBOR

  188. @252

    I'm a believer (:

    First and foremost, Eden is a really cool name.

    Secondly, I believe Jesus will come back and, in a nice way of putting it, punish Satan. It's what the Bible says will happen. I don't think children will understand what's going on. I mean, it's already a war out there… It's all a religious warfare. So the Rapture should be a comforting thing for everyone who believes since it would be the wiping out of evil. Just read Revelations if you haven't already. It tells you everything that'll happen. It tells you what will happen in the end times. There's a lot of symbolism in it though, so if you don't understand it all, like I had to, I'd get The Message Bible and read it. It's a great Bible and it helped me to better understand things.

    Anyway, the children are innocent until the Age of Accountability (:

  189. Thank you, Cassandra 😉

    Thank you also for the compliment on my lil girl's name 😉

    She was born 12 days before Christmas (December 13th), so I wanted a Biblical name for her-But one that was a bit more unique, so-Eden Carys (Carys is from the Old Testament), it was! 😉

    God bless, and thank you for your time

    Alana xxxxx

  190. You mentioned the joker from batman represented possibly the fool – who later became the hanged man. Didn't the joker, if I remember rightly, hang from a building from his foot in the last joker scene in the dark knight?

  191. Being a movie star is one of the most highly influential positions in western society. People look to you like a god or leader. Imagine if one of these actors started talking about corruption or anti government themes? Or got to a high position and then renounced it, switching to a humble existence? the illusion would be over, people would follow. John lennon was doing something similar, he just got knocked off.

    Therefore, you control these people with drugs and programming to stop them doing something that threatens your interests. How sad.

    Christian bale is one who i can see much sadness in. he has clearly been pushed into everything his entire life, i mean he couldn't have seriously wanted to star in terminator salvation!!!???

  192. thewalkingglitch on

    Stanley Kubrick died during eyes wide shut , i heard the ending was changed, another very illuminating movie , just by its name you can tell it bares secrets


    Did you notice that Heath Ledger was hung that way in the end of the Dark Knight?

    He was the "fool" of the deck by being the Joker, but is this film we learn that his inspiration was derived from the tarot. The cursed-man tarot mimics the sacrifice of Christ, so in essence, they believe that they'll become gods. "Cursed is he who hangs from a tree." Well, Heath made himself the curse, so he can realize self. Did you notice that he was hung upside down in The Dark Knight, but he was hung the opposite in this film? He created a reflection of himself, so he can realize self. He is also caught up in between heaven and earth (once again, just like Jesus did when he died on the cross), so he can obtain enlightenment and ascend into the heavens. The symbology here is downright scary, and I do believe that this is what it has come down to. I have seen too much to not realize where we are. Once again, thank you for bringing this stuff to my attention. You're doing a great job down here man, keep it up. And it's great to know I'm not alone in my efforts to get the message out there. Thank you.

  194. Ok, say I buy into this: the celebs die and they're "sacrificed", but "regular" people die everyday and of the same causes as the celebrities…are we sacrificed as well? What's the difference between our deaths and theirs?

  195. To any who actually take the time to study the symbols behind the story outside of one persons view Movie= tree of life. This is a story of the journey through said tree. Symbolic references I see (coming from one who studies the tree) Tony=fool, anton=magician, magical mirror=scrying the tree, the daughter =soul asleep or princess, and the dr. = the king or the personal guardian angel. All 32 paths are represented in the movie. the rauch is represented very well and fairly balanced within the dr. during his trance. Each part played in the movie is a side of ourselves we must come to grips with in order to progress for christ sake.

    Masons are deep into tree of life but so is golden dawn, and the O.T.O. . None have conspiracies and The masons are no more than a watered down boys club nowadays. Don't believe me? Then join! You will see. Most masons are more in the dark about there ceremonies than any 16 yr. old who cares to read a book on the qabalah. I know because I was That 16 yr. old!

    Too many coincidences you say? That is life! They are constant if you open your blind eye and none have to deal with world domination unless your mind has been brainwashed to think that way (Maybe from an extremely paranoid childhood?)

    Why don't you try using your imagination for something a little more constructive. You'll get further ahead in life. Who knows, maybe you will even become a movie star or script writer. Magick is constant and god doesn't punish you for creating your reality with your imagination. That is what your supposed to do.

  196. "There is a definite aura surrounding this actor and the mysterious circumstances around his death"

    What mysterious circumstances? The official story, if anything, is pretty mundane.

  197. Very fascinating analysis of the movie, Vigilant, moreso than usual even.

    You always remind me of this song I heard, part of an interesting little movie called "Jesus Son", called "Airplane to Heaven" written by Woodie Guthrie and sung by Wilcox:


    Them's got ears, let them hear

    Them's got eyes, let them see

  198. Vigilant, that picture — 5th one down from the top — looks like an actual Renaissance painting. Is It? If so, do you know the name of it?

    Where you wrote under it:

    "Parnassus teaches “the power of the imagination to transform and illuminate our lives”. He is here depicted as Jesus Christ with his third eye open, floating under the Eye of the Great Architect. Notice on the left a symbol that is very similar to a Masonic square and compass. "

  199. what i understand in this movie is about the contract of the devil and the people who signed it wanted to stop or breech the contract….

    so the movie saying there is a way to breech the devil's contract… but hard to find or to do… depicted by parnassus' struggle and fight against the devil's game

  200. I don't know how VC could say this movie has any positive meaning to it at all. It was blatantly dark and I was left with a sense of dread and despair by the end. Everything was corrupt and perverted, even the "heavenly" scenes. It depicted an extremely accurate picture of the dark side. I would say that this is the ultimate Illuminati movie, a grand tour of their plan. It should have been called "Hell". As for Heath's death, they played their cover story seamlessly. May his soul rest peacefully in Heaven, the *real* Heaven.

  201. wow once again i am blown away by such revelation. Thank you for bringing us all truth seekers together! I think Heath Ledger was very spirtual& intellegent. Definity an "old soul". What a waste. I wonder if there is any info on Britney Murphy's death???? that also seemed very much of a cover up!

  202. "Ledger’s previous movie was The Dark Knight in which he played The Joker – The Fool of the Tarot. Did The Fool evolve into the Hanging Man?"

    @conciouschris "OMG in the climax of the Dark Knight, Ledger hangs from one ankle like the depiction of the Hanging man does that have any significance?"

    yes, remember that he is hanging from the ankle but then the camera slowly turns upside down in order to make it look as if he's up, which is the position a person is actually hanged in, so the camera turning upside down depicts his transition from Fool (Joker) to Hanging Man…

  203. Did the fool become the hanged man is a good question: at the end of Dark Knight, when Batman caught the Joker, he was hanged by his ankle, just like the hanged man on the tarot card in 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Pernassus'.

    Did you notice that, VC?

    If what "they" want is for their symbols to become more obvious then they are doing a hell of a job. But there is just as much good in this world as there is bad. I just wish people would become more knowledgable about the real, spiritual things that exist on this earth instead of choosing to be so oblivious.

  204. Templar Pseudonynm on

    I recently saw this bizarre movie. You have hit all of the esoteric details on the money. May I suggest a detailed scope of masonic teachings taught by Walter Veith; or the books written by Albert Pike, manly P. Hall, Blavatsky…

    VC, you are very educated and aware of how the machine operates. I commend you. Keep moving.

  205. na wa o! Wetin dey happen 4 dis world so… All dis oyinbo juju.. GOD dey nd me i go follow AM commot 4 end time.

  206. @ soundthebells "Ever wondered why the Old Testament is bound together with the New Testament although they have opposing messages?" I don't know which Bible you are reading but in my Bible the message is consistent and clear throughout. Eerily so, even.

    @ GDW "Heath Ledger’s impact as the gay cowboy in ‘Brokeback Mountain’ did much for the American gay community." Yeah, and that's one of the reasons I hated his guts. Everyone who is truthful acknowledges that the "gay's" acts are not only a sickening thing to God, but also that it is against nature. And then you go on as if this person did the world a favor by starring in said movie. Thanks to all this faggot promotion it's hard to have a conversation with someone at the bar these days. There's a menagerie of deviants out there. Many middle-aged freaks at the bars go both ways, I can verify from reading their eyes. I wouldn't mind if they burned in hell just for disrupting normal social interaction between people.

    @ gypsy The tree of life? I am a Christian and I'm in over my head in the tree of life! Not this cabbalah mumbo-jumbo witchcraft but the REAL tree of life which is Jesus Christ, of which we Christians are branches. See how the Bible is consistent? The tree of life in Eden giving eternal life, and the tree of life Jesus giving eternal life.

  207. Contestant#1 on

    @ mattias Wow… thank you for perpetuating Christians as judgmental, bigoted, hateful people. Don't get me wrong… there was a small portion of your comments which I agreed with, the Bible being consistent, calling sin SIN (homosexuality is sin just like stealing, murdering, and a long list of other things), and Jesus being the giver of eternal life. But dude, seriously, the rest of your words are filled with hatred! Why is that? I know that once your eyes are opened by God to the reality of the sinful world we live in it can be frustrating, but no where in the Bible are we called as believers to speak with such hate and disgust. As Christians we should go by the saying "Hate the sin, not the sinner", a bit cliche, but it's the truth according to Jesus own words. Remember? "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." We're all in this together bro, so instead of using hateful comments to try to bully people into believing the same thing you believe, I think we're called to have compassion and simply point out the sin but leave the judgment of the sinner to He who has the right to judge. We're supposed to be leading people to an understanding of the love God has for us. He knows each and everyone of us has done things and are going to do things that don't please Him, but yet He loved us so much that He sent His only son to die and pay the price for those things. Let me give you some advice as a brother in Christ… repent of the hateful spirit you are clinging to and allow the love of Christ to replace it with compassion and a sense of urgency to reach the sinners around you with the same message of salvation that saved your sorry ass.

    Matthew 5:43 "You have heard that it was said, 'Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' 44 But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. 46 If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? 47 And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? 48 Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect."

  208. Contestant#1 on

    Oh… and as far as this article… good work VC. We live in such a cruel and evil world where people are being deceived by those who believe they are powerful just because they have earthly riches and a super secret group of buddies. It’s my prayer that as many in entertainment that can be saved will be, and will expose the father of lies and his card carrying members to the world to keep them from dragging more lost souls into the pit with them.

    I know you have said you aren’t a Christian VC, but just know that I’ll be praying for you to become one. Jesus is the light of the world, and just like you have shed so much light on the occult that is happening right in front of our eyes, I hope that God will shed light on your personal need for a savior as well. He rewards us for bringing darkness into the light, and I’d hate to see you do all this work only to reap earthly rewards and not eternal ones.

    God bless.


  209. it completely makes sence ,who would want to die young,especially ledger who had a daughter with his ex-wife which he adored?and the painting is also curious,can't believe how many Hollywood names are messing with this crap.

    Good work VC!

  210. Those Bells Are Gett on

    In my eyes, the best way to fight the Illuminati is to go to a church or synagouge or temple or whatever, and pray for as long as you can take-until you fall unconsious, if necessary. That's why I always carry a cross on my person.

    Death to the Illuminati

  211. also in case you haven´t noticed, the film makes emphasis in the fact of how terrible it is to become inmortal, it is said that when you get spiritual illumination, your 3d body becomes inmortal. So, to me the movie was totally financied by the illuminati to spread the word of fear and negation to inmortality to create the image that inmortality is wrong and else. The sacrifice of Heath was there to empower the evil meaning of the movie

  212. VC, i saw you had an article on yu-gi-oh!

    maybe look into what these japanimations are producing,

    one in particular "fullmetal alchemist brotherhood" the stuff thats in these shows–woow

  213. i thought it was a good movie

    the choice between good and evil

    the hard path and the easy path

    are central to most religions

    there was a ton of masonic occult imagery, but I did not personally find the message to be wrong

  214. Calvi was found hanging with bricks in his pockets.

    So it happens in the movie! A brick with symbols and writings on it is revealed in a following scene as found in Ledger's character's pockets. It is believed that the bricks in Calvi's pockets were a clear signature of the Masons. And in the movie? Has anyone deciphered the signs on it?


    p.s. I am new here but I must say that the tenor of comments on this blog seems to be quite discomforting, and I must say almost identical to the one on Alex Jones' websites, with folks fighting to be the first ones leaving messages (why? it's a mystery), and insulting or harassing each other with irresponsible lightness.

    It is not my place but I would recommend the author(s) of this extraordinary blog to PLEASE MODERATE COMMENTS more strictly: not to censor, but to encourage a discussion with people that do not come here to pollute.

  215. I think that Hollywood got hooked on ayhuaska by Bronfmans brother and his church, but their enterpretations are loose and they try to monetize the experience and that is in fact "selling your soul to the devil". So now they think they're gods and try to mimic Jesus on occasion by sacrificing themselves. They just need better guidance IMO. No one will let their crooked imagination change the world, if that was the case then we would have police officers dance on stage and talk out of their assess like in this movie. And we really don't need that, what we need is sobriety and love to make their jobs easier. :)

  216. Thailand_Buddhism_Gu on

    HERE WORLD!!! PLEASE LISTEN TO ME I'VE FOUND THIS IN THE MOVIE (sorry I'm not good in english)

    DR.PARNASSUS Means = All the MASTER of each Religions Christ Islam Buddh Hindu …..

    SATAN NICK Means = The Capitalism Man who manages everyone to race , love money , make more

    happy for yourself with treasure (happy from outside)

    VALENTINA Means = WORLD , All people whom DR.PARNASSUS love

    THE MIRROR Means = The gate brings everyone to find each happy inside (happy from inside) by

    giving generously , praying and meditation

  217. Thailand_Buddhism_Gu on

    This Movie of SATAN(Capitalism) wants to tell Dr.PARNASSUS( Religion) that

    " It's truth that long time ago Dr.PARNASSUS was young ( Religion won ,Capitalism lost ).

    But nowsaday you are too old and your show ( The teaching of Religion ) is too boring.

    So Don't try to put your old idea or rule your daughter(WORLD) with moral or prohibition anymore

    because she is growing and really want to escape from your rule to make her life in capitalism way

    And Don't try to bet or fight with him (Capitalism) becuase you( Religion) will decadent lose althought

    nowsaday there are a new follower (HANG MAN) comes to improve your show but he was just a lie man

    and just want money from millionaire "

    But I think The SATAN is afraid of their Capitalism will be destroyed by the Religion and I think it will be

  218. yo guys

    one line from the movie

    fucking caught me off guard, couldn't even believe it when he said it;

    ledger/tony: 'Don't believe everything you read'


  219. dont be a sheep on

    awakening article. ignore all the comments on this page supporting icke, jones all that other disinfo crap.

    heres the formula for a simple, self-empowered life>>>>>>

    Follow God from within. Thank his messengers, think for yourself, ignore your sheep-minded peers, stay vigilant, dont support media lies and BE the true change you wish to see. It's that simple.

  220. I don’t know if anyone else noticed this tiny detail of the movie. The restaurant where the daughter goes at the end is called “Rain on 5th”; obviously, 5 is one of those special numbers. I thought the rain allusion was rather over the top after researching the recent “rainman” phenomenon in hiphop music….. just food for thought.

  221. Satan's only agenda is to steal, kill, and destroy. Is such a shame that these talented people have not wised up to it yet.

  222. does anyone know what "Phi Delta 3" means? cause thats whats on ledger's forehead. (I know the delta has and all-seeing eye in it, but i figure its a delta because the first letter is also greek)

  223. OMG I am so glad you did it! I watched the movie the other day didn't even know it was heaths last movie but saw it all my god i was aw struck by how blatant it all was the p[pyramids the religious indoctrination the devil. Heaths death for the old mans daughter to be free I am thinking Heaths death/sacrifice was for his daughter.

    brilliant work once again you rock

  224. readbetweenthelines on

    I think I'm taking Heath's side.. I saw the film once, before I knew about occult symbles and the elite and illuminati etc and thought it was a bit unusual, then I rented the film the other night and immediatly saw all these screaming symbols. I was curious, and because Heath died so suddenly and young, with a shoddy explanation of 'accidental overdose' I strongly believed the Masons had something to do with his death. So I decided to research it, and I have actually found this article to fit in my mind like a missing piece to the puzzle.

    It was a bit hard to understand, but I think that's because I'm a bit of a newbie to waking up and seeing what these apes do behind the scenes.

    What I understood about Heath was that he sacrificied himself for the sake of his daughter; so that either she doesn't have to witness him become an ape that slaves for the illuminati, or so that she gets cut off from the industry and never has to fall into the trap he did.

    If I'm wrong, please correct me, as I came here to look for the truth behind his death.

    And as for the Masons, and the Illuminati.

    To hell with them all. There is a God, and they ought to be petrified to the point where they wish their souls never existed. Because his punishment is brutal and infinite, and while they may corrupt the short life we have down here, it will be a grain of salt compared to the hell they'll experience very soon.

    So let them be scared. Let them be as corrupt as possible, in order for them to endure the worst punishment possible. But to the small amount of people who know of the illuminati, stay strong. Know that there is a hell, and be wary and law-obiding (to God), but also look forward to a heaven. God is all merciful, as is all powerful.

    And one day, everyone will know the truth; be it when Jesus (PBUH) returns, or God forbid, when it is too late and people are past the day of judgement.

    And remember.

    Don't shoot the messenger.

  225. If you watch the special features on the DVD, you can tell undeniably something is wrong with Heath, look at the Dress rehearsals, costume tests, and pretty much any other footage of Heath. I recall I was really curious about this film's masonic themes even before it was released (just look at the damn posters-), but when I saw it your article is dead-on, fuck hollyweird. And Johnny Depp is a snake- I ditched his ass years ago. Hey, anybody read into the death of River Phoenix in 1993? a ritualistic halloween death no doubt, that should be investigated- it was also at Johnny Depp's club. Do yourselves a favour, spend as little time in front of that tube as possible- real life is outside baby.

  226. Interesting insights James. I also found it weird that River Phoenix passed on Halloween. When I first learned of his death, I was hit like a ton of bricks and became suicidal. And I wasn't even a fan of his, I gave him no 2nd thought…he was just "another" Hollywood figure. Explain THAT to me! I also don't trust Johnny Depp, there's a sinister vibe about him now that he didn't used to have, and he's in way too many movies. And most of those movies he plays eccentric characters that I wouldn't be caught dead alone with. And the look on his face (Depp's) in Parnassus looked almost gleeful in a way, like he was eager to replace Ledger. Also the tribute at the end of the movie for Heath seemed like hidden sarcasm, as I've heard others point out. I had a Japanese version of the dvd so there were no extra features. Either way, when I was done with the movie, I broke the dvd and threw it away.

  227. Legions of Light on

    Jesus Christ to mattias: "How dare you invoke my name in order to spew your hatred against the Father's children who he loves unconditionally". But you are the carrier of a very old tradition, you Inquisitor. Your hatred will determine your fate if you don't wise up to LOVE….unconditional love. I dare you to call one his children a faggot once you've reached the Pearly Gates which you might not ever be able to penetrate. Save yourself.

  228. VC I love all your posts. Its great to have someone who's educated explain all this. You do it very well.

    On another note. I loved this movie. Have you noticed the artists that the movie had secretly thrown in here. Rene Magritte has a painting called "The Son Of Man". To me, the photo says a lot. When I saw this movie I noticed that Tom Waits (The Devil) is wearing almost an identical suit to the man in Magrittes painting. There is even a scene where the devil is standing alongside holding an apple. Coincidence? Could this movie be reflecting on an opinion in Magrittes painting??

    In the beggining they also threw in some Ernst Haeckel inspiring scenes with the Jellyfish in space.

    I thought it was interesting. Thanks!!!!

  229. my husband and i turned this film off shortly after it began. we didn't make it past the scene where, first, Jesus is depicted (see the picture shown above; with the red mark on His forehead) as a hallmark in the milieu of the parnassus' cursed history and then a religious figure (robes, rosary beads) is the last person shown to blatantly ignore parnassus in his helpless begging state (illustrating a lack of compassion). these scenes weren't, of course, the worst we'd seen so far in the film, but they were the straws that broke the camel's back. when speaking of ignorance and fear, the tactics of the devil to win disciples, who should be shown but Catholic clergy? then there was the prosaic manipulation of Scripture and Tradition in the 'classic' God/good-scene in the opening sequence (stairs, light, music, deep voice, etc).

    it's quite frustrating to see filmmakers -and all other artists- commenting on religion as if it's novel to do so, as if it's racy, as if it's original. furthermore, the ignorance demonstrated when faith is deemed ignorant is frighteningly ironic. the dismantling of organized religion has been a trend for quite some time now (centuries), and it is always fueled by an obvious lack of facts. everyone knows that there are hypocrites and travesties within organized religion, but barely anyone knows that in Catholicism, the belief is that the Church is constantly being sanctified (making mistakes and getting better as it goes along) because it is comprised of us imperfect human beings (and there is not a single human being on the face of the earth who hasn't been a hypocrite) being led by the Holy Spirit. indeed, as soon as i begin capitalizing "Church" and speaking of the Holy Spirit, many an eye, ear, and mind has already been shut off because what i speak of is viewed as elementary and sheepish. the incredible GOOD news is that i, like many, many current and past Catholics, have arrived at the faith BECAUSE of questioning. it's the SKEPTIC and CRITIC in us that ultimately LEADS us to the answers. my brutal scrutiny of every paradigm with which i have been presented (misc. faiths, atheism, etc) has only been survived by Catholicism…time and time again its history, philosophy, intelligence, logic, and mystery has illustrated to me that (1) there is a God, (2) He has revealed Himself as a unique and specific Entity, and (3) that God is Love, Triune (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), and actually leading the Church toward Himself (masculine titles, you ask? how trite! how discriminating! …well, like most challenging questions, the Church has excellent ones handling this dilemma; not the half of which can be addressed on a blog. for starters, though, we know that since male and female are created in His image, He is gender-neutral; gender is a powerful analogy that God has used from the very beginning of creating humanity to illustrate His love…see covenant theology, theology of the body, and more! really, look into the rest using actual encyclicals and people who know what the Church ACTUALLY teaches and you won't be disappointed!)…i digress. but it's because i've got GOOD news to share, and if you were willing to sit through this cretinous film then i hope you'd also sit through this blog message long enough to hear an authentic, intelligent, supported, and sincere defense of God and the one and only Way through which one can truly know HIM for all of the Awesomeness He is (and a human not knowing God is torturous both in this life and the next…just better disguised here). consider this your invitation to explore more. SEEK and you WILL FIND! (see also redemptoris missio, an encyclical by the late pope john paul II for more details on that last part, and catholicscomehome.org and the Bible Christian Society for all sorts of good information). Peace!

  230. Sinisterbears on

    PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE, i will be the first to believe in conspiracies and i am also a christian who was raised in the church, my parents were missionaries also. But come on, seriously. Its a movie….yeah there are weird cultist symbols in it and people say weird things….ok, so maybe thats what the director was going for, maybe he is into budha or maybe he is just a fan of conspiracy subjects. but i think you guys are reading WAY too much into this….hahaha Johnny Depp is not a "DEMON VAMPIRE SOUL SUCKER" what the heck is wrong with you people? and Heath Ledger was definitely no "ANGEL" are you kidding me…..he was caught up in the drug game like HALF the actors in hollywood…he died of an OVERDOSE people, cause he had a problem and took it too far. Someone earlier said it correctly, its like everyone on here is reading so much into all these deaths and adding stupid numbers together to get what number they want…because YOU WANT SOMETHING ELSE TO BE THERE……it can never be the normal with some people…like hey….this guy made some good movies….he got involved in the drug game….he overdosed trying to get his high or his low…and now he is dead.

    The Devil and his minions CAN NOT TOUCH YOU unless GOD allows this….refer to the story of Job.

    what can touch people is the evils of man and the sins that we commit in our daily lives…..the devil can tempt us daily with these things(drugs, lust, something to fill the void in our hearts besides God)…..but he cant send Johnny Depp soul sucking vampires (ridiculous) to kill us.

    all in all…….i just plain thought this movie sucked, its jumped around way to much, they never explained anything….and to me it was like the director went number 2, stood up, looked in the toilet, and said "hey look that looks like everything i wanna put in a movie, but i will throw in some stuff i didnt even eat so people are confused and i will never really explain why its there"

    so all in all, yes this movie has cult symbolism….maybe because Heath wasn't a believer, the devil was able to use this to tempt Heath and make him start questioning himself and what his purpose was, because when God is not a part of our lives then what is there to keep us grounded? so Heath did what any person with an addiction does….he used….but this time he screwed up.

    oh and Johnny Depp is not a vampire….because vampires sparkle according to twilight and he does not

    so instead of conspiring and complaining, why don't we all pray that some of those actors and heads of our governments find the light if God before God returns.

    i will laugh though when we all get to heaven, if Johnny is there and he says in his Cpt. Jack voice " oh yeah love, i definitely believe in God…now where do they keep the rum in heaven?"

  231. If you watch Step Up 3, you'll find a lot of symbols there. Not to mention the different country flags at the end of the movie where the final dance match begins.

    South Korea & Norway flags are being shown constantly.

    I believe they're planning something.

    May they fail.

  232. What is most disturbing is how many people subscribe to religion, considering it is just as influenced and created by the Illuminati as Hollywood movies.

  233. No Really – Really? I find it hard to believe that you didn't have time to read the article.. because you wrote one in your post. I was determined to get through the whole jumbled mess of it *yawn* and am left wondering why you don't write your own blog since you have so much to say. Next time a simple "thank you" would suffice.

  234. This movie is so blatant illumni it scared me !!!!

    I watched it last night and i wondered…has viligant citizen posted something about this crazy movie yet?

    I googled it and it and you have. geez vigilant citizen you are ON IT. !! 😀

  235. I just watched this movie last night, and it was a amazing movie now to the point yes their is alot of symbolisim in this movie from the get go, but that doesnt mean it is bad what a great way for people to open their eyes and see what is going on, not all the markings are bad or evil it is just the truth, the truth that is our universe we are all powerful we are all enlightened but there will always be good and their always be evil and if these movies didnt come out our people didnt write books or tell stories or anything of that soart we would never know the truth or the reality of whats going on, its not evil or bad its the truth its clues to what is going on in this universe, not everyone who makes movies like this is bad or a mason or illuminati? maybe they want people to know, think heath ledgers death maybe he wanted to tell people what is really going on to OPEN YOUR EYES!! wake up their is always a balance

  236. and ps not everyone that studies the occult is bad its sacred it goes beyond everything so before you get scared and blame the masons and illuminati do your research please. Jesus knew and taught alot of these things reread the bible and read it for what it truley is,its about the universe the stars false prophets "gods" its all there why do you think the free masons are christians?

    • what's your point trish k, when you say that "before you get scared and blame the masons and illuminati" do your research…

      It's not so obvious what is ruling around the world? Ok we cannot be scared of them, but we certainly have to blame them, since the beginning of the world. Illuminati move because of one reason: devil and his endless and fucking ambitions.

  237. Hollywood just shows us how all of this dark forces and supposedly salvation of the actors and actress are directed towards death. Could it be that they aim for the mass?

  238. Check out Gary Bell's show on this exact subject- search : Heath Ledger Gary Bell- most of it is really on, some of it is a bit cheesy but there is alot there that begs questioning.

  239. “Preaching is to much avail, but practice is far more effective. A godly life is the strongest argument you can offer the skeptic.”

    Hosea Ballou

    I don't believe this movie bashed so called Christianity or the Church. It was part allegory, part metaphor, direct in your face dialogue and this is simply one man's perception of mystery religion, satan and black magic.

    I think Christians should see it. I did. I believe he is calling for help and wanted to shed light for people who are NOT completely clueless about how powerful the people are who deal in the occult (occult being hidden mysteries). Heath risked his life making fun of the manner in which the world is currently being run.

    • I know this is a bit off the subject, but to support my paper thin theory of child sexualization and exploitation in entertainment, I present a horrendous movie called Equestrian Sexual Response starring Christina Robinson (Astor from the Showtime Series Dexter). If you "Google" the title, you can see the reviews and synopsis for the film. It's disturbing to say the least.

      Interesting that there is little information about Christina Robinson "out there". Interesting she is a twin too. Not much on her cast mate Cody, portrayed by Daniel Goldman (season 1) and Preston Bailey (season 2 and on), appears in seasons 1-5 of Dexter. He first appears in episode 1×01: Dexter, and has appeared in a total of 45 episodes as of the season 5 finale (11 as played by Goldman, and 34 as played by Bailey) -Wiki List of Dexter Characters.

      These two kids represent something (Astor & Cody) and so does the ritualistic killing of their mother.

      Anyway, although this is a bit off topic, I still think it ties into what "Heath" was telling us in The Imaginarium.

  240. Hey there!

    The article was spot on. I do think there is a subversive message regarding pedophilia here. There is one scene were Dr. Parnassus “side eyes” his naked daughter. There is also the question of the character “Anton”. I wonder if this is Anton La Vey or a random kid the “great mystery gurus” stumble upon and “employ”.

    At any rate, the character “Valentina” (Lucifer? Venus?) makes a big fuss over her age of consent. Also, “Tony Liar” has intercourse with 16 year old Valentina. The state of Georgia has the age of consent as 16 as well. Here in Cali, old boy would be called “Chester, Chester”, ESPECIALLY because he becomes intimate with her in order to manipulate her mind.

    I also noticed the “new and improved mystery school” version has “Anton” in drag. That was interesting. Another interesting little tid bit was when Johnny Depp’s version of “Tony Liar” appeared, he said his name was “Barry”. Later in another sequence, still in the imaginarium, “The Devil”, after capturing the Russian Mob’s soul, declares he’s “going to Chicago”, which I thought was odd, but the “Barry” (Barack) reference, the Chicago declaration made more sense.

    I believe Heath’s final movie exposed pedophilia and satanism permeating the mystery schools as well as the global politics. THAT’S why he decided to expose this horror and die telling the tale.

    I think Heath Ledger was a hero.

  241. Oddly enough, another movie reminds me of this one and that's Showgirls with Elizabeth Berkley. I know the movie was a cinematic travesty, but it is REALLY telling. The movie plays like one big sideshow. Same as the Imaginarium. Funny how back then the MK Ultra wigs and other sex coding was in Showgirls. I never bothered watching it in full, but my husband has a crush on Elizabeth Berkley and the movie came on the other night. I watched it and was amazed at the grimore type tale. Lost girl in Oz or Wonderland – Gangster Style.

  242. I had been searching for a thorough review on this movie for when I watched it I was overwhelmed by the simbology on the film. I just couldn't understand what does it all mean?

    Now it seems quite clear that tony/ledger's death was probably the result of a ritual of the occult.

    May the truth guide your words.

    Keep up the great work!

  243. I watched the movie a couple days ago, then re-read your article. I was struck by the director saying, no dialougue was changed, well that's a lie or Ledger's death was planned, Remeber the scene where Anton tells Parnarsus, "Tony has at least three faces". Obvious change, or plan to kill ledger.

    VC which do you think it is?

  244. I want to highlight something from The Dark Knight. In the last part of the movie, Joker was hanged upside down after being caught.

  245. Watched the movie recently. Pretty good analysis, Vigilant. Though in my opinion the "Devil" character is actually not the Devil, but looks more like a gnostic demiurge to me.

  246. Have just read entire thread and maybe way behind everyone else ie last post was over a year ago. I'm just sticking with facts as from what I can see this particular thread is in response to Heath Ledgers last film (the symbolism of) and not anything else. In reference to this film I have noticed that the locations of filming have links with other significant and well known moments in history. At one moment the travelling show is parked in the area of Battersea power station (on the cover of Pink Floyd album 'Animals') , which was also a location for the film 'The Dark Knight.' The new improved modern show is unveiled in an indoor market in Whitechapel which is directly beneath the Lloyds building ( East London around the area where Jack the ripper tours are given). The fairground at the beginning is beside Tower bridge , the next bridge to Blackfriars (just before they find the hanging man). With reference to facts of previous films Gilliam had attempted a second film with Depp which remains unfinished 'Don Quixote.' He then made his first film with Heath 'Brothers Grimm,' which was then followed by a film largely about a child like man and his relationship with a little girl surviving extreme loss (the death of her father) 'Tideland,' he then filmed Dr Parnassus. I have big opinions they do not improve anyone's situation nor do they change the past and that is an opinion in itself. The facts are documented before are very eyes in the films. I recall whilst walking in London at night while homeless a while back seeing a strange old fashioned bus with an open top and a spot light shining and a camera crew on board with two people sitting at the back. I realized what it was when i saw the film Dr Parnassus. Good to see so much. Thanks for the site..

  247. I don't believe in the supernatural, or a secret monolithic organization that rules the entire world, but I do find this article quite fascinating. You explain the symbolism in the movie quite well, and it's very interesting to see what some of the things I missed meant. I was very tired when I watched this movie, so I didn't even get what was going on with the rich woman, and the river, boats, anubis gondola, and spiritual sacrifice/rebirth.

  248. Thanks Vigilant for the website.
    just a change on topic here,i presume most the poeple on this page watch series and movies??
    i was going through my collection of Dexter series. Season 5 to be exact. on the episode where dexter helps Lumen with the first guy she shot. look carefully where the scene goes to the bar where they are doing an undercover sting…the camera shows the barmen and with the eye logos on there back and then goes to the blonde girl who is seducing quin and she also has the eye tattood on her hand,i was just thinking about the "sex slaves / kittens you mentioned" it just shows that they are corrupting everything…..
    they will be stopped but maybe not our generation….we need to make people aware! and Vigilant,you have taken the first step!! Represent brotha!!!! 2pac was killed because he spoke the truth and so many others!!
    but one day they will be exposed!!
    greetings from your brothers in SOuth afrikA

  249. This was a very well done article-well researched and so completely interesting! It was very sad though. I really liked Heath L. as an actor. He had real talent, and the manner of his death was so creepy. When it is analyzed like you have done so well, it really sheds a lot of light into the whole occult life of Hollywood actors/actresses. I have been researching this stuff- mind control, etc.- for around 5 years now, and it never gets boring, or old. Also, I feel like the more I learn, the more I feel I have to go, you know? There is so much information out there about Hollywood and the occult, and mind control and the signs and symbols of Illuminati presence in films it is frightening. And I believe everyone ought to be educated and taught about this evil force that has literally enmeshed itself in every aspect of our society. We need to be aware of our enemy if we want to be able to recognize and resist him, lest we fall into these greedy, ugly, and twisted hands that seeks to destroy our souls as well as the very fabric of our society. We need to know that we have an enemy, and his name is Satan. He is out to get us in whatever form he can take. The Illuminati is his playground and he is taking the very minds and souls of these actors, and musicians to use, infiltrate, and attack us in the privacy of our own homes. They play dirty, and these people only have one goal- to breakdown the morals, and minds of people in order that they may gain complete control over our beings so they can usher in(at the right time) the Anti-Christ whom they have been tricked into believing will create "the perfect world" in which they can rule over "the little people", and kill those who oppose this evil Being. They foolishly think that they can oppose God, and that Satan will not be defeated. But how very wrong they are. Revelation-the last chapter of the Bible-tells us very clearly that the Anti-Christ will rule for 7 years, and kill all those who oppose him, and especially all the Christians who will loathe him, refusing to take "the mark of the beast". But in the end, God wins! He wins forever! Satan is toast. Look to God, and His Son because the time is short, and He loves us dearly. God bless you guys!

  250. The problem with duality as presented on this Film and its "believers" is that they both cover up the truth that these dualities are not good either way.
    Parnassus and the Devil are working for the same goal,only that Parnassus is an older obsolete "model" and the devil is more advanced. They both are still bad. Tony Liar is also bad.
    The so called choices presented in the imaginarium still send the person into the wrong direction.
    Remember the words of their new wager, Seduce five souls?
    Both Parnassus and the devil had to seduce five souls.
    Seduce is a really bomb laden word.
    The movie is lying about the real nature of Parnassus, is more upfront about the devil and Tony.
    the choices are just illusions.

  251. When I read the part about the hanged man I suddenly caught something: the last shot of the Joker in Batman shows him captured and hanging – upside down – by a rope.

    Made me shiver.

  252. I found the 'hanged man' imagery very interesting…its also interesting to note that when the joker is defeated in the dark knight, he is caught in the hanged man position! Could this be a tie in with the ritual death of ledger and the current Batman related shootings in the USA?

  253. Yes, there is indeed a scene in the Dark Knight where heath Ledger/Joker is hanged by one foot (just like to tarot card) when some boats filled with people to be sacrificed are cruising underneath. Another strange symbolic coincidence?

  254. This was not said in the review. It seems like the "Imaginarium" is a play on the Magistarium of the Catholics. The Catholic church and its daughters are adulterated with Greco-Roman philosophy and paganism, especially the idea of duality (Persian), in its teachings. The Bible is explicitly against the concept of duality as Isaiah expresses to Cyrus (Persian ruler) in Isa 45 that there is no Ahura Mazda (god of light) or Ahriman (god of darkness). There is only YHWH.

    In the end of the movie, the "Imaginarium" becomes nothing more than a childhood memory. Possible desire to end organized religion?

  255. The author has a strong command of language and of the cultural language of symbology and spiritual/mystery traditions relevant to Gilliam's artistic vision. Unfortunately, his argument also comes across as highly tendentious and he seems to be working backwards from a set of vast, overarching conclusions about the workings of power in human society. The more shocking his claims become – regarding traditions of ritual sacrifice at play in high-profile celebrity deaths, for instance – the greater the need for marshaling of causally (as opposed to thematically or affectively) relevant evidence. The lack of any apparent recognition of this need, or that the basic standards of logical argumentation apply equally to matters of personal belief as to any other matter suggests the possibility of incoherence at the foundation of those beliefs. In this case, that incoherence might have something to do with the widespread tendency to confuse the content of a myth (e.g. it's diabolical or fantastical elements) with it's function (the allegorical rendering of human truths), a tendency which unites Biblical literalists and Rothschild-bloodline conspiracy theorists alike.

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