Princess Diana’s Death and Memorial: The Occult Meaning


Why did Elton John dub Lady Di “England’s Rose”? Was it because she was beautiful or because the rose has a deep occult meaning? This article explores the numerous occult symbols used in the memorials to Diana’s memory. To occultists, Diana wasn’t simply a princess, she represents the Sacred Feminine.


Lady Diana was often considered by the media as the “People’s Princess”. Loving, caring and beautiful, she possessed all the attributes to become a subject of idolatry. And so she became. Images of her taking care of poor children in Africa or speaking against landmines have struck the imagination of the whole world. Time Magazine said about her:

“Diana was beautiful, in a fresh-faced, English, outdoors-girl kind of way. She used her big blue eyes to their fullest advantage, melting the hearts of men and women through an expression of complete vulnerability. Diana’s eyes, like those of Marilyn Monroe, contained an appeal directed not to any individual but to the world at large. Please don’t hurt me, they seemed to say. She often looked as if she were on the verge of tears, in the manner of folk images of the Virgin Mary.”

Similarly to the Virgin Mary, Diana had (and still has) legions of followers, worshiping her giving nature and her maternal energy. In other words, she seems to fulfill the almost inherent need in human beings to worship a female goddess, giver of life and filled with compassion. The media has been a key actor in the creation of this icon by documenting every detail of her fairytale wedding, her troubled marriage, her humanitarian activities and, finally, her untimely death. Was Diana picked and groomed to become a sort of a “modern day Goddess” to ultimately be sacrificed, in accordance with ancient pagan practices? This might sound preposterous to the average National Inquirer reader, but not to the connoisseur of the occult practices of the world elite. Furthermore, numerous clues and symbols have been placed by this group to subtly commemorate the occult nature of Lady Di’s death. We will not go into details concerning her assassination, there are tons of sites and books discussing it. We will rather focus on the symbols that have surrounded the events of her death and memorial, which are the signature of the occult elite. These are visible to everybody yet only recognizable by those who have “eyes to see and ears to hear”.

Diana has been elevated to the level of Goddess in order to become the object of ritual sacrifice. This practice has been carefully planed by a secret group of illuminated people, often referred to as the “Illuminati”.  It comprises world leaders such as the British Monarchy and they are known to be DEEPLY versed into dark occult rituals.  If you have difficulty believing this, remember that the Nazis were in full force less than 60 years ago, displaying everywhere the esoteric symbol of the swastika, organizing massive occult rituals and bringing back pagan Germanic imagery .

The Goddess Diana

In Roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of nature, childbirth, hunting and the protector of the weak. She is the equivalent of the Greek goddess Artemis and she represents the Sacred Feminine, the female aspect of deity. Princess Diana bore the same attributes by being a protector of the environment, taking care of the weak in her missions in third world countries and by giving birth to the future heirs of England’s throne. Oak tree groves were especially sacred to the Goddess Diana. In Roman times, Diana’s groves and sanctuaries were always in the wild, outside of the boundaries of the city. Such hidden temples were found all across Europe. To further the resemblance with the Goddess bearing her name, Lady Diana was buried in a grove in her home town (more on this later). The Goddess Diana is often depicted with deers and doves.


The female principle is often represented by the moon, where the Moon goddess is opposite to the Sun god . The feminine energy is also commonly associated with the planet Venus, represented in symbolism by a five petal flower – the rose. The goddess figure appears unmistakably in all religions, even in Christianity as the Virgin Mary. These symbols representing the female deity exist since prehistoric times and were preserved and diffused through pagan mysteries and through mystic Judeo-Christian teachings. Today’s students of the occult easily recognize and interpret those symbols. We will later explain how they have been used to associate Lady Di with the concept of the sacred feminine.


Pont d’Alma Tunnel, the Sacrificial Site

As you might know, Princess Diana died in a limousine “accident” inside the Pont d’Alma tunnel, in Paris. Her vehicle was supposedly chased by paparazzi who caused the world-class chauffeur to lose control due to his inebriated state after consuming alcohol.   We can argue for days about the theories concerning these events, but this is not the purpose of this article. The truth lies in the symbols placed on purpose for the initiates to recognize. One of them is the actual site where Diana lost her life, the Pont D’Alma Tunnel.

The city of Paris was built by the Merovingians, a medieval dynasty which ruled France for numerous generations. Before converting to Christianity, the Merovingian religion was a mysterious brand of paganism.

“ …the Merovingian kings, from their founder Merovee to Clovis (who converted to Christianity in 496) were ‘pagan kings of the cult of Diana’.”
-Clive Prince, The Templar Revelation

The Pont D’Alma Tunnel was a sacred site dedicated to the Moon Goddess Diana, where they used to practice ritual sacrifices. During those ceremonies, it was of an utmost importance that the sacrificed victim died inside the underground temple. The assassination of Diana was a reenactment of this ancient pagan tradition. Shortly after Diana was killed, Rayelan Allan (a researcher of esoteric history since the early 1970’s, who was also married to Gunther Russbacher, a deep cover CIA/ONI operative) wrote an article called “Diana, Queen of Heaven”. The article was picked up by numerous newspapers across the United States and Europe. Several authors who have written books about the death of Princess Diana used Rayelan’s article as reference. However, no one fully understood the deeper meaning of the article. Therefore, Rayelan decided to expand it into a book. The book states that in pre-Christian times, the Pont d’Alma area had been the site of a pagan temple of the goddess Diana and a direct gateway to heaven. Mindful of this safety net, the place was chosen by the Merovingian kings (AD500-751) to fight their duels, with the loser going directly to paradise.  “Pont” means “bridge” and “Alma” means “soul” and for Merovingians, the site was a bridge across the “river of souls”. So, Pont de L’Alma, the site of the accident which killed Princess Diana, means “Bridge of the Soul.”

The Memorial Torch of Pont d’Alma


If you know a little about occult symbolism, a torch mounted on a black pentagram might make your radar go off. The torch is the ultimate symbol of the illuminated (people that have acquired the secret knowledge of the occult order). This torch is an exact replica of the one being held by the Statue of Liberty and was placed there in 1989 as a gift. So this wasn’t placed as a tribute to Princess Diana but it has become, over time, the unofficial memorial. The torch has reached this status because of its location, which is right on top of the Pont d’Alma Tunnel. After Di’s death, several memorial notes and flowers were placed, encouraging the general population to adopt this occult landmark as a memorial. Some even say that this torch was placed on purpose as an indicator of the location of this planned assassination. Whatever the case be, the symbol of the torch or the eternal flame has been used in other high profile killings, i.e. the JFK tombstone.


Lady Di Memorials and Rose Symbolism

Located in London, England, the park dedicated to Princess Diana contains an oval shaped fountain and a sanctuary. The most significant symbol can however be found on the ground:


We see here Diana represented by a five petal flower (rose) , the classic occult symbol to represent female energy. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it:

“The cinquefoil (from the french, five-part) is a five petalled rose found in Christian symbolism of the Middle Ages. The five-petalled rose is often found affixed to the tops of Gothic arches, the vesica pisces-shaped doorways and windows thought to represent the womb of Mary. Some historians have speculated that the rose in Gothic architecture is a secret symbol of the feminine principle, one of a multitude of hermetic symbols found in these churches.The symbol itself dates back to Roman times, where it was called the ‘Rose of Venus.’ The rose, with its characteristic five petalled shape
mimicked the pentagrammatic path traced by the planet Venus in the night sky. This, combined with the flower’s natural beauty, made it an obvious symbol of the Goddess of love.”

The five-petal flower, the rose, the five-pointed star, the moon and Venus can all represent the female principle when we study occult symbolism. The huge rose window of Notre-Dame de Chartres in Paris represents the Virgin Mary (Notre-Dame means “Our Lady”). The symbol of the planet Venus (♀) is also used to represent the female sex . The moon is also associated with the female principle because it absorbs light from the sun (receptacle) and it has an effect on the tides of water (humidity=femininity). Those associations have existed since the beginnings of time and take their roots in ancient paganism.

There is a blatant effort to associate Princess Diana with the symbols of female deity through the symbols used to commemorate her life. The rose is used to represent Diana in numerous instances:

Memorial coin from Royal Mint:


Memorial Garden in Paris


February 14, 2001 — PARIS, France (CNN) — A garden dedicated to the memory of Britain’s Princess Diana has been officially opened in Paris. French officials say the flower beds — France’s official memorial to the Princess — will eventually bloom, providing a place for children to learn about flowers, plants, vegetables and respect for the environment. But critics have scoffed at the project, laid out in a school courtyard, dubbing it “1,000 square metres of leeks.” “Through this place I wanted to pay tribute to a woman whose generous heart showed her deep fondness for nature and human relations, particularly with children,” Paris mayor Jean Tiberi said as he opened the garden on Wednesday.

Diana — the former wife of Britain’s heir to the throne, Prince Charles — died in Paris in August 1997. She was in a car which crashed at high speed while being pursued by photographers. Her companion, Dodi Fayed, and their driver, Henri Paul, were also killed. But Diana’s name is the only one featured on a plaque outside the memorial garden, in the central Marais district of Paris. One local councillor complained that the princess deserved a grander honour than a “vegetable plot.” But British officials have enthusiastically endorsed the site. “There could be no better tribute to her memory than a garden where young children can play and learn about nature,” said Michael Jay, Britain’s ambassador to France.

Memorial Medallion


So the association of Princess Diana’s memory with the rose, the occult symbol of female deity is used ad-nauseam. Maybe this is why Elton John has dubbed Lady Di “England’s rose”.  To regular-minded people, those associations are insignificant but to initiates of the occult, symbolism is EVERYTHING.

Diana’s Burial Site

The original plan was for Diana to be buried in the family vault at the local church in Great Brington but this was changed by her brother, Earl Spencer. He said he was concerned about public safety and security and wanted his sister to be buried where her grave could be looked after properly and visited in privacy by her sons. In actuality, Diana was buried in a grove to further her resemblance with the Goddess Diana.  The actual area for her burial is on an island in an ornamental lake known as The Oval within Althorp Park’s Pleasure Garden (is there any relation with the oval-shaped fountain in the Lady Di memorial Park?). An ancient arboretum stands nearby, which contains trees planted by Prince William and Prince Harry, other members of her family and the princess herself. Here are pictures of her burial site.



Note the flaming torch on her tombstone. The burial site of Diana cements her association with the ancient Goddess Diana who was worshiped in recluse groves outside of urban areas.

Memorial at Harrod’s Store

This is the 1st memorial dedicated to the unfortunate couple, on display at Harrods – a huge department store located in London. The store also happens to be owned by Dodi’s father. The symbolism here is extremely esoteric and significant. It surely deserves an in-depth analysis.


The yoni and phallus were worshiped by nearly all ancient peoples as appropriate symbols of God’s creative power. The Garden of Eden, the Ark, the Gate of the Temple, the Veil of the Mysteries, the vesica piscis or oval nimbus, and the Holy Grail are important yonic symbols; the pyramid, the obelisk, the cone, the candle, the tower, the Celtic monolith, the spire, the campanile, the Maypole, and the Sacred Spear are symbolic of the phallus.

-Manly P. Hall

First, we see pictures of Lady Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed in two interlocking circles. In occultism, the name for the two interlocking circles is “vesica piscis” and represents feminine energy. John Yarker  interprets this ancient symbol in his book “The Arcane Schools”:

The Vesica Piscis, two interlinked circles, is also known as “the Yoni”. The name “yoni” refers to the middle portion of the interlocking circles, is derived from the Sanskrit meaning, “divine passage”. That the yoni is the feminine, the yoni should be viewed such that the divine passage becomes a correlation to sex, or male/female union. It is this correlation, and its relation to rebirth and regeneration that remains a basic truth at the very core of Occult structural foundations.


The pointed oval is a universal symbol of the Divine Feminine and in this context the vesica piscis is the vulva of the Goddess, surrounded by the crescents of the waxking and the waning moon. This is yet another powerful symbol to associate Princess Diana with the female goddess principle. The vesica piscis was used by ancient pagans to represent the goddess Venus and was found in churches.

Below the pictures we find a pyramid with a capstone flanked by two candles (pillars). Look closely inside the pyramid:

It contains the wine glass – still bearing lipstick traces – used by Lady Di on her last supper. The symbol of the empty vase within a pyramid is another powerful image representing the union of the masculine and feminine principles. The wine glass carries the same meaning as the Holy Grail: the sacred feminine.

What more feminine symbol is there than the image of the vessel, the sacred womb of the mother? In patriarchal times, the Grail legends speak to the deepest parts of our souls in an archetypal quest for the feminine aspects of divinity.

In more abstract symbolism, a triangle pointing upwards represents the phallus and masculinity while a triangle pointing downwards represents the vagina, the womb, the receptacle and femininity.  Therefore, in this memorial we have a feminine symbol within a phallic symbol. The Goddess Diana joining with the masculine  –  Dodi. This union is further represented by the engagement ring (given by Dodi the night before their death) placed underneath the wine glass.

Memorial Statue at Harrods


This bronze statue is very odd. If the official cause of death of Diana and Dodi is a car accident, why does it say “Innocent Victims”? What were they victims of? Drunk driving?  Or did we mean that they were innocent victims of a sick occult ritual? More probable. Notice under Dodi’s foot is a dead bird. What does it represent?


To Conclude

What is the purpose of elevating Diana to the level of goddess through mystic symbolism? Numerous theories state that one of Diana’s sons will eventually become the much prophesied Antichrist. Are we making Diana the Virgin Mary of the Antichrist? Is the assassination of Diana, the “Moon Goddess” the response to JFK, the “Sun God” ‘s death? Was she part of a blood ritual due to the royal status of her family’s genealogy? Is the Queen of England actually a reptilian creature that can shape-shift into a 6 foot tall lizard? You can google any of these theories and you’ll find more essays than you can read. I have no proof about any of them so I won’t give a definite answer. One thing is for sure, symbols do not lie. Diana has been surrounded with the world’s most powerful people, and these people have deep knowledge of the occult. Initiates are fully aware of the fact that symbolism is the only true language of humanity and it can only be understood by those who are worthy. Diana’s memorials are PACKED with blatant symbolism, all referring to the same concept of female divinity. The symbols presented in this report weren’t destined to the average population, who still think that Diana died in a car accident. These esoteric codes serve the purpose of the elite, who carry out its rituals according to the secret knowledge it possesses.

This article has very summarily covered very deep and intricate symbols, each of which can be further studied. If you are unfamiliar with concepts discussed here, do yourself a favor and learn the language of the powerful.




  1. cherokeehippe on

    It explains why the ambulance stayed in the tunnel for a long time. I remembr watching it live and thinking…when are they going to hte hosptial? Why the delay. I now know why! They wanted her to die in the tunnel as part of the ritual.

    • libereceptive on

      Or maybe they were trying to save her life? Paramedics in the UK at least will try to stabilise a patient before they start transporting them, because once they are moving there is only one paramedic to treat the patient as the other one is driving. Besides, even if this theory is true, are you telling me that the ambulance crew were in on it too?

      • It may not have been just any ambulance crew to be fair. If "they" planned for this to happen it is very plausable that the crew were insiders, ready and waiting for the call out and prepared for the task of making sure the sacrifice was carried out.

  2. oh my God…..this might mean that the royal family is in some kinda occult thing, at least that's what's in my head…i think that's why this country is messed up. This is some crazy good info God bless u guys man..abundantly..:)

  3. You did not explain the dead bird under Dodi's foot. I watched an interview with Al Fayed ( the father) saying he strongly believes his son and Diana were murdered by the royal family, and i think this is why it says (innocent victims). The bird on the other hand, i don't get. Can u please explain ?

      • I've posted various symbolic meanings of a dead bird (August 2013). You can order replies under the article by newest and scroll to find this comment.

        Every meaning I've listed, I think is possible and easy to be attributable to what has been SAID surrounding the death of Diana and Dodi. (These theories you may consider correct or not, while there are still symbolic meanings are relevant whether or not you accept such conspiracy theories, including that Diana and Dodi were murdered).

        For example, if you do consider that Diana and Dodi were indeed murdered subject to a conspiracy and that this was a ritual, possibly satanic event, all of the symbolic meanings I've listed in my comment can easily apply in the work. If there had been murders, the ritual, satanic element may extend further than victimising targets because of whom they are as individuals, or by race or background, or because of what they have done. Ritual, satanic events may have included symbolising in relation to society, extending from the personal meanings involving Diana and Dodi which in themselves include symbolism and deep, evil meaning in ritual sacrifice. The extended meanings may be where their killings are made to represent a coming time for society. This would mean society is the victim of their murders as well as the individuals, not just in the loss of Diana the well loved public figure particularly, but also because their deaths are used to represent a change in how society will be made to become in a torturous future.

        (It could be that this memorial work of art was conceived as multi-symbolic art in a spectrum of related ways, on inherently connected levels.)

    • It’s almost like Dodi’s father married them symbolically and the flying bird is their marriage and the dead bird is her first marriage. He apparently didn’t have much respect for her first marriage. Which normally people would because it produced two children, but since he believes they were murdered he couldn’t. I’ve heard someone tried to imprison her soul. The new marriage might also be a way of trying to claim her soul so she can be free.

  4. carl jhonson on

    rik clay talked alot about diana and dodi before he died.(or suicided?) just thought i'd point that out. i remember my mom crying when this happened, which was weird because we are american.

  5. Cat Callahan on

    FYI-George W. Bush is the grandson of Aliester Crowley-famous British satanist! His grandmother went through an occult Ipssimus ritual with 'the beast' in October and then took the ship home. Barbara was born the next June and as Dean Morton says "do the math!" Better yet-look at the pictures of them both! She is a dead-ringer for him! And just as evil!

    • Michelle Cayson on

      It weird I always said she knew what she was getting into (marrying into the Royal Family) and knew her role in all of this. But I didn't realize how deep and how much.

  6. u have done well,I ran into this site,trying to no the meaning of Diana,after reading the Bible( Jeremiah 44 vs 17 to 22) Here the children of GOD,mostly the women offer sacriefies to to the queen of heaven,The queen of heaven means Diana"The Goddess".Read ur Bible well

  7. AgainstInfamy on

    Vigilant Citizen,

    Very interesting and provocative post. You forgot one important piece of evidence that very much helps your argument … that would be composer John Tavener's "Song for Athene." Athene is an alternate spelling of Athena, the Greek goddess of which you speak, also known as Diana by the Romans. The song was commissioned by the BBC and performed at Princess Diana's funeral service. The song wasn't written specifically for Diana, it was in honor of a Greek woman named Athene, but it goes to show you what kind of occultic/pagan meaning the global elites saw in Princess Dian's life and death. Just through I would share that with you and your audience. You should look into it and possibly add it to this page.

    The Wikipedia entry for what I'm talking about is here:

    BTW, I just stumbled upon this website for great, unfiltered, REAL economic news that I encourage all your readers to visit:

  8. Bill Hicks is God on

    In mythology, Diana was the Goddess of the Moon as well. Princess Diana also had the astrological sign Cancer, which is ruled by the moon. When combined with Alma meaning moon, that's some freaky coincidence…if indeed, that is what it is. I'm not so sure. When she died, the sun was in the astrological sign of Leo – ruled by the sun.

  9. Great article Vigilant!!

    Speaking of symbols it might be of interest to find out about the emperor nero’s antichrist symbol or a.k.a the “PEACE” symbol, the symbol looks like an upside down cross within a circle. The below link will show you the picture (its the first on the left)

    Most people assume this symbol means peace as it was used around the 1960’s hippie era of peace and love. However this symbol represents the first persecutor of Christians and the killer of the Apostles Peter and Paul, by the emperor nero.

  10. When Diana, Emad (Dodi ~ or “Do Die”) and Henri ‘died’, the Sun (or Apollo) was in the astrological house of VIRGO, not Leo.

    Speaking through only one of her mediums, ‘Diana’ said that, in a past life, she was the grandmother of ‘Jesus’ ~ that would be the maternal grandmother, called by Roman Catholics, “Saint Anne”… actual name, ‘Hannah’.

    Incredibly, that being true, ‘she’ is then seen with her daughter Mary (Miryam) and grandson Jesus (Yehoshuah bin Yuself ~ Joshua the son of Joseph) in the world-famous “cartoon” (finished drawing) by the Great Master Da Vinci, that one numbered among those very, very many “possessions” owned by the Queen of England… identified by spirit guide Matthew [messagesfrommatthew suzy ward] as a major illuminatus, one unusual in that she is highly visible.

    St Anne? Could then The Rose also have been Mary Magdalene? (whom Christ Jesus had intended to be a church leader) ~ entirely feasible…. in an anonymous channelled message, wrapped around a potted plant and laid on the ground amongst the hundreds of tributes at the gates of Kensington Palace in Kensington Gardens, London – on the first anniversary of her passing to spirit – ‘Diana’ said that she had been a Walk-in soul, and was previously Marilyn Monroe.

    Spirit guides, by the way, have said that the rose was seeded on Earth from planet Venus.

    Yes, DIANA endured a sacrificial death… but will YOU let hers be in vain? A long-time secret brotherhood were wont to say, “May the rose bloom on your cross”… to which I append (they won’t mind) “May The Rose bloom in YOUR Heart”

    One of Diana’s sons The Antichrist? ~ EXTREMELY improbable!

    • I have never heard this walk in soul of Marilyn Monroe before. The obvious link here is Elton John's Candle in the Wind, which was originally about MM, but was rewritten as England's Rose. Was Diana aware of this when she was alive, and did she speak about it with Elton John? I know she visited clairvoyants and would therefore have possibly been told that one of her previous lives was as Marilyn. Any ideas??

      • Diana was *not* Marilyn Monroe. Monroe was still alive when Diana was born. Monroe died: August 5th 1962, Diana was born: July 1st 1961.

  11. While it would be unfair to deem anyone the antichrist, I do find the power struggle over her children interesting. Also if you look at the changes prince Charles made to coat of arms, very weird. Another interesting fact Diana called the royal family “lizards” to her friends.

  12. Princess Diana’s “accident” was not just an assassination, but a ritual sacrifice.

    Even the place where Diana’s accident took place seems to have been especially chosen. The accident took place in a tunnel called Pont d'Alma. This is a huge coincidence under the circumstances. The place on which the Pont d’Alma is built is an ancient, pagan sacrificial site – sacred to the moon goddess (DIANA). In the pagan Roman religion before Christ, Diana was the triple goddess, the “Queen of Heaven”.

    Additionally, since about the 6th century A.D., the Pont d’Alma has been associated with the Merovingian dynasty. Remember, those Merovingian kings were the ones supposedly possessing the blood of Jesus flowing through their veins. During this Merovingian period (c. 500 – 751 A.D.) if two kings had a dispute over property, it had to be settled by combat at Pont d’Alma. Legend says that anyone killed there goes to heaven to sit at God’s right hand, being able to look down and see all that happened on the earth, even their enemies. Thus, the person killed was actually the victor, because they became God’s eyes on earth and could manipulate humanity from heaven. Isn't it interesting that this is where Diana just happened to be killed?

    It is especially interesting in the light of the fact that Merovaeus, the founder of the Merovingian dynasty, was a devotee of the goddess Diana!

    Additionally, to create the rebirth of King Arthur in young Prince William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor (born Summer Solstice 1982) would require some extremely powerful magickal energy indeed; which could only be raised by the ritual murder of a “divine king” or a “royal” substitute. In the light of all this, it is entirely possible that Diana was sacrificed in substitute for Charles’ ritual murder. Also telling in this regard is that for the vicarious sacrifice to be effective, it would have to be done near – but before – the Harvest Home feast. August 31, the day of Diana’s accident does qualify.

    • what you are saying there looks like what clinton ortiz said on that is a fascinating website that expounds greatly upon these theories.

  13. There are oddly “coincidental Masonic” elements to Diana' death as well.

    Royal Arch Masonry is obsessed with bridge symbolism – Princess Diana was murdered under a covered bridge. In Paris, Diana died when the Mercedes she was in ploughed into the 13th pillar in a tunnel called Pont d’Alma on August 31 1997. Thirteen is very significant, both in Masonry and witchcraft.

    Above Pont d’Alma tunnel is a replica of the torch from the Statue of Liberty – a Masonic idol, sculpted by a French Freemason. That torch actually symbolizes the “light” of Lucifer.

    A final grisly Masonic “coincidence” which has been pointed out by more than one writer is what was done the course of supposedly trying to save Diana’s life (after the torturously slow ride to the hospital – it took all of forty minutes to travel 3.8 miles). To work on and massage her heart, her chest was cut open from collarbone to navel. This is the penalty of second degree in Masonry, to have your chest ripped open and your heart taken out.

    Remember that both Prince Charles and his mother, the Queen, are – by virtue of their leadership in the Order of the Garter – the highest ranking Masons in the world – even though neither is actually known to be a Mason. The Most Noble Order of the Garter is the most prestigious “chivalraic” order in the British Isles. The British monarch is – by virtue of his or her office – automatically the sovereign of the order. Queen Elizabeth was installed as a “lady” of the Order of the Garter on April 23, 1948 (her birthday) while still a princess. When she became queen, she became the sovereign of the Order. On July 26, 1958, Prince Charles became a knight of the Order.

    To this day, the Order of the Garter remains one of the most elite societies and appears to be at pinnacle of English-speaking Freemasonry, if not all Masonry. The Garter itself appears on the coat of arms of both the Queen and Prince Charles. This is why the strange “Masonic overtones” to Diana’s death are so significant. Many high-ranking Masons in government and the military of the United Kingdom might feel it was their duty to eliminate Diana; just as 110 years ago, high-ranking Masons in the royal court created the “Jack the Ripper” murders to cover up another troublesome woman.

  14. Truthisevident on

    Who else noticed that August is also the month (according to wikipedia) in which sacrifices were offered to Diana? Same month princess D died. Rumors floating around that there was a member of the Rothschild family in the tunnel at that particular time to “complete the sacrifice” – Diana was held in the tunnel for about 1.5 hours after the crash! She wasn’t rushed to hospital, who stays 1.5 hours in a crash site unless its in a remote valley where nobody can access them? But even then there is emergency airlift! Sheesh.

  15. Diana a walk-in soul who was Marilyn Monroe previously? Do the math. Diana was born on July 1, 1961. Monroe died August 5, 1962. So, Diana asumed Monroe's soul even before Monroe died? Rubbish.

    Diana was a lost soul, subject to many traumas born of the generations-old occultism of the royals. Her bloodline was actually far more royal than Charles'. Many of the hard truths would shock you to death and will never be revealed by the occultists who live by them. And it is not farfetched that the Antichrist prophesied inScripture will hail from the House of Windsor. Actually, when you study prophecy and the House of Windsor, it seems less kooky of an idea. Go to…this is where you can find THE absolute seminal work on the relationship of The House of Windsor and Charles to the coming world ruler. The information is shocking, well documented, and a must read. The Diana issue is addressed. It is not written in the oftimes sensationalist style of David Icke, but is true, well researched scholarship on the subject.

    • I think the theory purported in the channeled info was that Diana was a "walk in," and thus the dates of death and rebirth could overlap. A walk in is a soul who volunteers to replace the soul inhabiting the current body, or vehicle. One soul leaves, and the other replaces it. This theory dovetails well with your observation that Diana was a lost soul who had been subjected to many traumas. My speculation is that this theory would say the walk in occurred around the time Diana publicly challenged the house of Windsor, and found new confidence and purpose in her life. I am not endorsing the concept, just explaining it.

  16. I think it should be noticed that the festival day of goddess Diana in Rome was August 13 – Princess Diana died on August 31; 31 is the mirror image of 13. The car crashed on the 13th pillar so we also have that number associated with her death.

  17. "In more abstract symbolism, a triangle pointing upwards represents the phallus and masculinity while a triangle pointing downwards represents the vagina, the womb"

    Does anyone else notices,that if you join BOTH TRIANGLES TOGETHER, they now take form of THE CENTER of the INTERLOCKING CIRCLES….the " YONI "??

    i find it rather interesting….keep up the GREAT WORK Vigilant….

    • That was the point the of the article…the intersection of two circles creates the symbol of the feminine. "Yoni" is just another term for the same symbol. It occurs universally.

  18. Caveat Lector: "Remember, those Merovingian kings were the ones supposedly possessing the blood of Jesus flowing through their veins."

    Can you cite some sources for this, besides 'The Da Vinci Code.'

    I should also note than any history of the Merovingian Dynasty is quite sketchy. It'd probably be impossible to confirm any of the speculations being put forth here in regards to that subject.


    • James Andrews on

      One of the main purposes of Jerusalem’s destruction in 70 CE was to obliterate the ancient genealogies of the tribe of Judah. Thus, no-one would ever again be able to claim they descended from the line prophesied in Scripture. The bloodlines of the Merovingians is a wild, unsubstantiated claim promoted by critics of the historicity of the Holy Scriptures.

  19. Perhaps, all these signs and symbols used to Princess Diana's memorials have nothing to do with anything sinister. It is just as possible that her death was truly an accident, as it is that she were murdered, however the evidence which this article hinges upon can not be found anywhere but upon other sites which have the same copy and pasted information. Take this into consideration, because I have not be able to find any verification that the Pont D’Alma Tunnel was ever used for sacrifices.

    Perhaps these really are memorials that simply are acknowledging Princess Diana's benevolence and similarities to the Goddess Diana. I agree that the symbolism is blatant, but shouldn't memorials be symbolic of how a person was revered in life?

    And to answer your question, "Innocent victims of what?" I prefer to believe the theory that the Royal Family was trying to clear the way for Prince Charles to marry Camilla, and also spare the family the embarrassment of Diana marrying someone out of the family's race and having children with Dodi, as it was rumored Diana was pregnant at the time of her death.


  20. ^^^^^^^

    spoken like an innocent BYSTANDER….you were going somewhere with the out of the family marriage…??

    paranoid over what i can see with both of my eyes,

    if your only looking with one, i guess you know what side your on.

    • I agree, really. these things are too amazing for coincidence, yet people want to slough them off…… Fine, don't believe it, that is their perogative, but please be good enough to let us intelligent thinkers put the pieces of the puzzle together ourselves. Why do people read this stuff if they want to debunk it and call us paranoid?? Havent they got anything better to do than pick?

  21. I do not understand why there seems to be a vilification of the old Pagan religions in Europe. What has Christianity done for mankind, nothing but cause war and conflict with the Jews and Muslims. Lets revert our ways back to the simple days.

  22. Great article. Just wanted to point out that the great cathedrals were built by the Knight’s Templar & they were in dedication to Mary Magdalen NOT Blessed Virgin Mary. The Church attempted to & managed to cover-up that fact.

  23. Can you religious folks keep your delusional bullshit out of the comments? If you ACTUALLY believe that God and/or Satan are genuinely real entities, you're out of your mind. Can you communicate with God? So can the homeless schizophrenic at the corner. Seriously, wake up. There is no God in Heaven – when you die, your consciousness expires, your mind stops, there is no more "you" – The TV turns off, for good. Accept that, and live, live how you'd like to, not how some ancient man-made scripture would dictate you do. When people speak of sheep, or "sheeple" – you guys are the perfect example.

    • u r a perfect example of satans ulmost sucessful ploy of convincing d world dat he dosen exist. God is very REAL n so is the devil, heaven n hell r real n wen u die d tv dosent turn off for good ur senses r completely functional, ur spirit only left its mortal casing for a destination of which ur activities while on earth would determine. U r not an animal or a plant that dies n its over, u r a spirit being u hav a soul n u live in a body. i believe ur an intelligent man so think, find God before its too late.

      • Its really interesting how the critic above speaks intelligently, and can type/write grammatically, whereas, you can't even spell.

      • God sure didn't help you learn how to spell. I love how people believe in a book that is "God's word" yet written by man. Yeah yeah.. God told him to write it. I call bullshit. God is nothing but a crutch for you weak minded fools who can't stand to live life without worshiping something. Man wrote the bible. Man put in the parts it wanted and left out others to control you flaming idiots!

    • "The fool has said in his heart, there is no God." Psalms 14:1. ("fool"–"nabal", which is one with no morals; wants to live without a conscience).

  24. Can we please keep the religious crap out of the comments and stick to discussing the articles? No one cares what God's plan is in the context of these events. God is rubbish, and so are all your ignorant comments. Perhaps you've heard of the term "sheeple" if you're familiar with sites similar to this one – well, it describes you religious folk perfectly. There is no God or Heaven. When you die, your consciousness expires, there is no more "you" – and there certainly is no goddamn fairyland in the sky to go and hang out in afterwards. The TV turns off, for good. No more no less. Accept that and live — the way you'd like to — not the way some ancient man-made (and thus prone to fallacy) scripture dictates you do.

    • You talk of things you could not possibly know and construct a ugly straw man with the "fairyland in the sky" comment. Why so Angry? Spiritualy impoverished much?

    • @ Angry. Ho hum. I happen to care what God's plan is in the context of the events. Am I nobody??? I have read almost everything on vigilant citizen and find it fascinating…. and although vigilant citizen doesnt say much about God, I figure VC cares a lot about God's plan too, or wouldn't be sharing this information. Satan and the occult figure into ALL this stuff….. very significantly. IGNORANT COMMENTS??? According to what authority are they ignorant? Can you PROVE God doesn't exist?? No, you can't. So, who is ignorant, exactly? I am not ignorant, on your mere say so. Ho hum, angry. Why are you reading this stuff, if you care so little? Can you not find a more agreeable forum, as you are bound to realize many of us care very much what God thinks? One thing is a given, though. Someone as small-minded and angry as you, well, GOD is probably not worried much about what you say about him.

  25. @Angry; have you died before? You must have, since you know so much about the afterlife.

    Anyway, I've also noticed that the phallus and yoni combined create the Masonic square and compass.

  26. i think the reason it says Innocent Victims on the Harrods memorial is cos Mohammed al fayed (Dodi's dad) has always, and still does belive they were murdered in a conspiracy by the Royal family (mohammed is the owner of harrods)

  27. But what has confused me for a long time is Mohammed Al Fayed's stance in all of this – his memorial to Dodi and Di is full of occult symbology yet he stands by his public proclamation that the Royal Family had a part to play in their deaths?! Is he trying to expose the truth or is he supposed to be the idiot loon figurehead for anyone who suspects anything other than the lies we are being fed?

  28. Interesting. I'm surprised you haven't published anything regarding Michael Jackson's death. Or have you, and I just haven't found it?

  29. You said "The goddess figure appears unmistakably in all religions, even in Christianity as the Virgin Mary." CORRECTION: The goddess figure appears unmistakably in all religions, even CATHOLICISM (not true Biblical Christianity, which is following the Truth (Jesus, Jn 14:6) …….NOT A RELIGION! Religions are man's attempt to get to heaven on his own terms. Following the Truth who is Jesus Christ, the Word of God, is true Christianity. Huge difference! You also wrote "These symbols representing the female deity exist since prehistoric times and were preserved and diffused through pagan mysteries and through mystic Judeo-Christian teachings." "Mystic Judeo-Christian teachings" is GNOSTICISM, again NOT true Biblical Christianity. Please don't taint the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ by lumping Him in the same category of man made religion which is all really Satan worship in disguise. Jesus said "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father (heaven) but by Me." John 14:6 That's a very narrow path.

    And last of all, a word to Angry O'Brien: "The fool hath said in his heart, 'there is no God." Psalm 14:1 You are in for a very rude awakening when you leave this present world, Angry.

    • Lynn, u throughly spoke my mind here! God bless you for being a deligent servant. The fact is the truth will come out in the end and all will come to know that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD.

    • You realize that your holy scripture was in fact written by mortal men, not God. These men were, according to the church, "divinely inspired by God." Right there, it says that it is not the infallible word of God, but the interpretations of the men God chose to speak through. So even if you believe the core messages to be true, you cannot say that it is the word of God, he did not write it. If someone approached you on the street and told you that God had contacted them and they were told to find you and have you follow them then showed you a bunch of scribbles about angels and demons, you would think this guy was crazy and should be institutionalized. You can disagree with that all you want, but if you are being completely honest with yourself you know that would be the case.

      And let's not forget that the bible has been translated and rewritten a thousand times by a thousand different people who added their own interpretations and ideas of the current time. Case in Point: The word homosexual did not appear in any bible until1946. They literally did not have the language or comprehension of same sex, monogamous relationships. Rather, they assumed that everyone was heterosexual, but that some heterosexuals engaged in sex with persons of the same gender. Thus, when you see one of these terms in an English translation of the Bible, it is important to dig deeper and find what the original Hebrew or Greek text really means. The original meaning of the word homosexual stems from Greece; it was used to describe a lecherous old man that had sex with young boys (it was the original word for pedophile) which was a common practice among Greek (and some Roman) men. If I remember correctly, there are only four verses in the bible that mention same sex relations: the Leviticus laws, I Cor 6:9, Romans 1:26-27, and the story of Sodom and Gomorrah – and none address loving, consenting homosexual acts as we know them today. The Greek notion of homosexuality was more akin to our definition of rape (which is the case in Romans 1:26-27).

      There are over 600 individual "laws" in the Levitical code, the breaking of anyone of which would make the sinner unclean and unacceptable to God. It is an abomination to eat pork, etc. The law is no longer in effect and its purpose was to show that man could never follow it. The sins of Sodom and Gomorrah, likewise have nothing to do with homosexuality. I Cor 6:9, no way refers to homosexuality. The original Greek word often quoted as sexual immorality, Paul used was "porneia" which means "a harlot for hire". In Corinth in the temples of Venus, the principal deity of Corinth, where Christians went to worship, a thousand public prostitutes were kept at public expense to glorify and act as surrogates for the fertility Gods. This sex with the pagan Gods is what Paul was talking about – fornication is an admitted mistranslation and has nothing to do with gays or singles sex.

      So before you start acting all high and mighty like you know all the answers of the universe and anyone who doesn't agree with you is damned, think about what it is you believe. Your belief is no doubt shaped by your "faith", but here's the funny thing about faith; you only have faith in something that cannot be proven true. It's not my faith that keeps the Earth orbiting around the Sun, gravity does that. It's not my faith that keeps my car running, it's the combustion of the gasoline. It is YOUR faith that Jesus Christ is the only route to heaven, something that every Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Pagan, Gnostic, and Atheist would disagree with you on.

      Before everyone attacks me saying I'm a godless Atheist, I am not. I am a very spiritual person and I do believe we have a soul matrix, but to believe that organized religion is about anything other than power, control, and money just shows how good of a job your religion did in teaching you how to NOT use your critical thinking skills. The fact of the matter is you are a product of your surroundings. If you were born into a Muslim family in a predominantly Muslim nation, you would believe in Allah and Muhammad instead of God and Jesus. And with the way the modern Christian church has completely perverted Christ's true message and teachings, you had better hope you are not correct. Cause if the Old Testament teaches anything, it is that God is vengeful. How do you think He would respond to having his message of salvation torn apart and used for political and monetary gain? Either way I'm sure you eat pork so according to the bible, you're going to hell anyway.

    • Thank you Lynn, for clarifying that for people. Catholicism is not true Christianity, and I find it so aggravating that people assume it is. Catholicism seems more focused on Mary than Christ….and for many many years, Catholic priests with held the truth of Christ and His written word from their subjects, instructing people to buy their way out of purgatory and debunking hell, fattening the pockets of the church, thus sending millions to hell — and that is NOT the teaching of CHRIST. Purgatory is a myth perpetrated by the Catholic church to build cathedrals and allow the priesthood to live in luxury, and has no basis in Biblical fact. Christians teach Christ and him crucified as the ONLY way to Heaven, and that is not the teaching of the Catholic church. Christ is the diety, the third person of the Trinity, not Mary, who was merely human.

      • The word of the lord on

        mary is the mother of god you idiot, the god bearer look up the Greek word Theotokos for Mary


    Is not this page a MEMORIAL? The way I read it, it is a place for the the most tender memories which we should only wisper.

    This one is the only shrine glorifying the love between a Christian and a Muslim, and as such, it is the only contemporary place dedicated to absolute peace and love.

    Please, my Brothers and Sisters, understand that this is not the Hyde Park Speakers' Corner open for screaming all your frustrations and curses.

    You may think He is invented or real, but His commandment, that you love one another should be obeyed. At least during the few minutes of your stop in this place

  31. people…..!!!!!

    i bet those who write stuff that is negative about God have actually looked around and not seen the marvelous creation He made-the wonderous acts that even science cannot explain.WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!

    the life you have is but given to you by God, and He can as well take it back from you once you despise Him.atleast read the Bible and see what he did to people who desipised Him and learn from that. dont be the fool who learns from His own mistakes…..

  32. to all those atheists out there. the greatest trick that satan ever pulled of was to convince the world that he doesnt exist, once satan is removed from the equation then the concept of God and angels fall away without any resistance.

  33. Ohh! This makes sense know, I was wondering why the old Queen of England wanted to meet Lady Gaga, obviously is cause she is working for them!

  34. Very interesting. I think the author of this site knows what they are talking about. I think people who read these articles he or she writes should continue and do their own research.

  35. religion is a sign of neurosis- Sigmund Freud. 'Angry O'Brien' I take my hat off to you.

    Ah yes.. the Christian fundamentalists… always turning everything into a debate about whether or not Fairies and Goblins exist! I'm so bloody glad i'm NOT american!

  36. Use Google Maps to view Althorpe and it's apparent that The Oval lake is an all-seeing eye: the grove Diana is buried in forms the pupil.

  37. You should check out one of Gaga's new songs called "Dance In The Dark"

    at the bridge of the song she sings: "You will never fall apart Diana, you're still in our hearts, we'll never let you fall apart, together we'll dance in the dark¨"

  38. Lady Gaga told about her bloody 2009 VMAs performance that it was to re-enact Lady Di's death – and that the red lace Alexander McQueen dress was worn by her to symbolise Lady Di's "eternal martyrdom". Weird or isn't it? She knows how things go…

  39. Innocent Victims of what? Well doesn't just about everyone know the conspiracy theories surrounding the car accident that it could have been a planned 'accident' by the British Royal Family, particularly Prince Charles as Diana was recorded saying some months before if I die know that it was no accident.

    Dodi's father Mohammed Al-Fayed who owns Harrods where the memorial is placed, strongly believed and campaigned against the royal family and believed they were involved in the crash.

    So to answer your question innocent victims of what an occult? No, The royal family obviously.

  40. So are you saying that Diana was part of all that by choice or she was just a victim of it because of the kind of persons she was and what they want the world to think about feminism and all that?

  41. Well, clearly the majority of you are to nieve to beleive that their is God and he created it all….even you! So read this and be saved…afterall if He is not real what do you have to lose right??? Oh and P.S. how can you not beleive in something…if you feel "it" He does not exist….AMEN!

  42. …I could to say too much, but my english is too poor.

    …So, yours informations are wonderful and…

    …make me sure about I was thinking.



  43. I think the bird is a dove and the dead dove represents their once at-peace lives. Then the sick sacrifice happened

  44. Nice memorial by Dodi's Father. Indeed, Diana is still a Goddess, that fact is well stated.

    I also like the sacred female symbolisms in this article.

    However, I believe that her tragic death was directed by those who didn't want to see Lady Diana mixing with someone out of her religion and race. She is after all the mother of the future King of England, since for sure one of her son will be on the throne one day. {And no, non of them is the anti-Christ}.

  45. And by the way, where did you learn all that info about the sacrifices in the tunnel or underground temple?

    I would like to know facts about that. I did a research on google, and did not find anything. What books did you read about that subject? Thanks

  46. @Guenevere

    Do you even know what a walk in is? Look it up before you debunk it. A walk in is a type of possession, so Marylin Monroe's death taking place after Dianna's birth doesn't prohibit a walk in of the former to the latter.

  47. The earth existed before the time of Jesus, people were born and died before the time of Jesus. Life and creation are from a creator, and are proof of God. There is only one God- many have said it, Noah, Moses, Jesus etc. Jesus was born, circumcised on the 8th day, he ate, he fasted, he prayed, he bled and he died. These are not qualities of a deity. Jesus was a great man with a great mission on this earth, but a man none the less. He did not pray to himself- pray to the God that Jesus prayed TO.

  48. blackedout....... on

    isn't it funny how considerate they were to place the engagement ring at the tomb place and mention diana and dodi's undying luv 4 each other when the entire royal family disapproved of the relationship?……………………weird!

  49. Another great article, Vigilant. Great to read in follow-up to the terrific Imaginarium piece. Some can't read the signs and symbols or are too full to receive, but to those who can these are profound contributions. Thanks again and keep up the great work..and keep on wondering. –Zen

    PS. I believe the crushed bird is an ugly, flagrant and wicked illuminist boast of what they did–flip side of but partner to the blatant, bold-caps false sympathy "innocent victims" mockery. These entities, whatever and whoever they are, are cold blooded pure unfeeling evil–so much so the vast majority can't begin to comprehend its depth and will actually gladly fall for any substitute story they make up. And these elites revel in that power and love to brag–hence the commissioned art, books and architectural signs and symbology hiding their agenda in plain site since time immemorial, which you document so well. Her sacrifice and these dedications remind me of the brash, bold and blatant 9-11 scam and occult ritual–they're cackling in Truth's face and will keep on bragging. But as I'm sure you know, they're over-confident and feeling pretty cocky right now and making more and more serious missteps. Let's hope it speeds the wake up. Thankfully their time is almost up. But in the meantime, keep on exposing, brother–you're hot on their trail and doing a great work! In love of Truth, Zen

  50. in regards to where she was buried, I've also read or watched somewhere that the black swans in the lake are also symbolic

  51. Hi, great stuff, It is all very worrying, the more I read the more I want to delve into this stuff. My instincts screamed at me that Diana's accident was not natural and I am not often wrong although sometimes I don't quite get it 100%. Look at the fact that someone in the Morgue took out Diana's insides and she was embalmed, with someone as important, high profile & royalty – no way should this have been done. Just think back to the twin towers, you can clearly see the controlled charges going off. The plane hitting the Pentagon – if you look at footage, it is obvious that a plane did not hit the Pentagon. So if those two events are possible and are still being covered up, Diana & Dodi's accident is a simple thing to organise. The German plane incident, a plane hit a block of flats, it burnt for days and was a tiny structure compared with the twin towers, it didn't collapse. Look at youtube and search out the videos made by Engineers which say collapse is impossible. It has been mentioned to me that Elizabeth and Phillip went to Canada and 'adopted' some children who have never been seen – has anyone any info on this?

  52. As a target individual of gang stalking since the 70s, in 1985 I was also victim of an staged car accident in Madrid, done by the same people, the same way of how they crashed Diana's car. They use military satellite mind control microwave technology to make the driver crash the car. The other alternative is when a nearby car's driver is mind controlled to manouver dangerously and step on the way of the target's car. Thousands of staged accidents everyyear with this military top of the line satellite mind control technology. Both US and UK military intelligence, handlers of this technology, are historically submited to a System of Obedience

  53. eyeswideopen on

    Fascinating article and very believable, especially after having just finished reading "Apollyon Rising 2010" by Thomas Horn. The Massonic occult symbols are everywhere – especially in the US Capital, and the plans of the "Illuminati" are soon coming to fruition in our country and across the globe. Some may scoff and say that we are "paranoid", but they will know the truth soon enough and will mourn the fact that they ignored the signs of the times when they had a chance.

    To "Angry O'Brien" – you might consider this: I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out that there isn't, than live my life as if there is no God, and die to find out that there IS.

    Keep looking up!

  54. eyeswideopen on

    Fascinating article and very believable, especially after having just finished reading "Apollyon Rising 2010" by Thomas Horn. The Massonic occult symbols are everywhere – especially in the US Capitol, and the plans of the "Illuminati" are soon coming to fruition in our country and across the globe. Some may scoff and say that we are "paranoid", but they will know the truth soon enough and will mourn the fact that they ignored the signs of the times when they had a chance.

    To "Angry O'Brien" – you might consider this: I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out that there isn't, than live my life as if there is no God, and die to find out that there IS.

    Keep looking up!

  55. wouldntulike2no on

    I really wish people would open up their minds and their eyes. Did you know that the Masons and Illuminati laugh at us and call us ignorant because we walk around with our eyes shut and our ears plugged. Some people do not have what it takes to open their minds and go deeper than the outer shell and some people can but refuse to. The Masonic and Illuminati's supposedly hidden agenda has been around for ages. I am not a very religious person but I do believe in God and Jesus. If you would open your ears and look all around you, you will see things a lot differently. Not only Princess Di but plenty of world leaders and rap superstars were knocked off because of a very much bigger meaning than you will know.

  56. I've been reading your website, and though i find some of your "assumptions" and interpretations a little farfetched, i definetely think you're on to something here…I definetely believe the illuminati are running the show, not just in america, pretty much everywhere actually…I'm from Portugal and once a national tv station aired something about freemasonry, and turns out even our current prime-minister is a mason…So i definetely think your website is pretty good, although some people might consider it nonsensical, crazy, etc…but i definetely think you're doing a good thing by informing people, or, at least, making them realise they should pay more attention to what's happening around them…

  57. @ Anon…,.yes, i know a walk in means possession by an evil spirit. normally a possessed person is unaware that they are possessed, isn't that true? walk-in can also signify reincarnation.

    possession is Biblical, reincarnation is not. so we basically have diana saying ' i am possessed by an unclean spirit'. that would be very novel, as most occultists (and she was an occultist herself) would never admit they're possessed. more likely they'd admit to a 'spirit guide'.

  58. @eyeswideopen….i also read apollyon rising 2012 and it was very remarkable indeed. the author connected many disparate dots to arrive at an incontrovertible conclusion. i already believed antichrist would appear on the world scene in 2012, and finding that book was a confirmation. and YES he'll be from the house of windsor!

  59. Hello,

    Firsteval, sorry for my words, I'm french and not very good in languages !

    I'm living in Paris. Not far from the bridge,le pont de l'Alma.

    Here nobody forget about this tragedy.

    For a normal citizen, the way to go to this hospital, La pitié-Salpêtrière, from the bridge, with a lot of traffic (at night it's not often !) you take maximum 20 minutes. So if you're in a ambulance with the lights and the noise of ambulance-alarm, you can arrive in 10 min…

    After that, in Paris you can find a lot of masonic symboles, like in washington dc.

    There is the obélisque in place Vendôme, the obélisque in La Place de la Concorde, bring back from Egypte by Napoléon (a big mason as one of his wife, Josephine), there is the glass-pyramide in the middle of Le Louvres. The stone pyramide in Le parc Monceau. And It's just the bigger ones. You can see some pictures here :

    There is a lot of masonic commemorate plaques on many walls in the street.

    80% of politicien men and women are masonics. It's so old here mason' stuff !!! It's usual ^^

    For mérovingien family, i studied but i was so young, i forget almost everything. Except that before Clovis, all France Kings were adorated celtics gods, nearly like the vikings. The old french called Les francs at this time were adorated too roman gods (specially in the south of france). But Paris was in the North. So for diana sacrifice, I'm really not sure about that.
    This is a Paris map at the merovingien's time. You can see, the actuel Alma place is in the woods. For my opinion, nobody can fight in the woods. At this time specially, with the armures and horses and swords.

    I will looking for a good old french book on merovingiens kings and i'll be back soon to tell to you.

    I'm so happy seeing that more and more people all over the world are opening their eyes.

  60. How interesting! I've been an avid reader of ths site & this article on Princess Diana intrigued me since me and the princess coincidentally share the same birthday (thus star sign) and name (honest! Askd my mum) which results in my particular interest in her.

  61. I'm not completely sold by this article. I see some of the symbolism, but I think a lot of it is forced. I love most of the article's, but this one is a bit too much for me.

  62. Hope you are not saying that the music that accompanied the funeral or the composer (John Taverner) is 'involved' in the occult. I remembered being mesmerized when I first heard it (on tv as I watched the funeral) so caught up in it that I phoned Virgin Record stores and asked what it was. The asst was exasperated. She complained that she had received so many calls that day and the previous day with people asking the same question. And as you said,…..the song wasn’t written specifically for Diana, it was in honor of a Greek woman named Athene,….and that the song was extracted from the main piece. The thing about this piece is that it begins in a Minor key which conveys a deep sadness, the pace is slow which makes it solemn and gives it magnitude. There is a sustained and perpetual bass note sung, no matter what key modulations or rhythms are there which to me represents Diana’s life, which was lived with all sorts of trials that were presented to her. But as the piece comes to an end, it reaches a climatic point where we still hear that sustained note topped by a magnificent Major Key ending. Again, my take on this is Diana’s life has come to an end, where she has found peace, love and acceptance. Please don’t say this work is not Christian!!!

  63. I want to mention that Lady Gaga herself has said and stated that she and her mother LOVED Lady Diana. She was and is one of her idols, and she mentions Lady Diana in her song DANCE IN THE DARK in her Fame Monster album. What do you think?

  64. The Virgin Mary is not the feminine aspect of deity in the Christian Faith. She is simply a woman who bore the Son of Man. She IS deity in Catholicism, which is dressed up/smoothed out Isis, Osiris, Horus worship. Not followers of Christ! Even Jesus Himself asked (when His disciples told Him His mother was around), "who is my mother? Who are my brothers? You all are Children of God."

    Come on, man, you know the Faith better than to claim the feminine aspect of deity is given any credence in the Word of God.

  65. To Coroia:

    I am Roman Catholic. I go to the Latin Mass offered for 2,000 years upon the Rock of St. Peter. The Blessed Virgin is not a deity in Catholicism, however there is nothing SIMPLE about her. Why did Jesus perform his first miracle at the wedding of Cana? Because his MOTHER asked him to! It was a straight line from there to the cross; he knew it, she knew it. You left out the part where Jesus instructs his disciples to do whatever SHE tells them to do. So they filled the water to the BRIM!! And the water was changed into wine and Jesus' fate was sealed. Do you really believe Jesus, as human, would deny his MOTHER? Just another snot-nosed kid in your eyes? Look closer. Stop taking every word as though it was spoken today. Jesus did not sneer at his mother, and God help all the Protestants who do!

    • Coroia did not sneer at Mary, just rightly pointed out that the bible doesn't claim her to be a Goddess. Also I would suggest that as a Catholic it is you who needs to look closer. The official Catholic bible may have put Jesus’ first miracle at the wedding in Cana, however this does not conclusively prove that this was his first miracle just that it's the first miracle the Church decided to mention. The bible does not include many other books written about Jesus and his life and his younger years are almost completely left out. Furthermore I'm currently studying theology at Manchester University where they encourage us to learn ancient Greek in order to help out with the task of translating the heaps of as yet unstudied ancient Christian writings. Who knows what these ancient texts could tell us about Jesus’ life. My point is that you should not see the bible as the complete story, for it really isn't even half of it.

  66. Satan has done well with his promulgation of false religions resulting in the confusion seen on this blog. The 'Queen of Heaven' is denounced in Scripture…..period. The children of Israel were commanded NOT to make sacrifices to this ancient 'deity" (an fallen angel disguised as a goddess….hahahha Satan was the first tranny). Catholicism is a bastardization of the true faith revealed in Holy Writ. Satan saw us created, saw civilization rise. Download the Book of Enoch that was chopped out of the Bible. It is a bird's eye view into the activities of Satan from the beginning up until now. You will understand why ancient deities were part animal and part human (chimeras) and that these genetic experiments continue to this day. You will see where crafts came from….all sorts of technologies up to this present day as the governments of the world still consort with fallen angels. And the House of Windsor……….reptilians, i.e. fallen angels who take on the form of human beings. This is why Diana called them 'lizards'. I think she was basically scared out of her wits by wthe rituals she saw and was forced to participate in. She may have sensed Charles' role as the coming son of perdition. I can only hope in her final hours she was somehow visited by the Lord Jesus Christ and that we shall see her in Heaven. Not as a queen, but as as redeemed child of the King of Kings. She was an occultist but I have known of instances where Christ Himself did a last minute rescue. Despite her ancient ancestral and generational occultism, God does what HE wants and saves who HE wants to save. Even in their final hour. Peace be unto you all in the matchless Name above all Names.

  67. PS …Apollyon Rising 2012 is an EXCELLENT book and really should be read by anyone who first understands something, however small, of the 1611 King James Authorized Scriptures. The author's conclusions jive perfectly with what the Holy Spirit revealed to me through the past few years, I was led to the book and it is a great piece of work. I can read very fast but not this book. It makes you stop and ponder and its precepts are irrefutable. Grace and peace be multiplied unto all the saints of the Most High. We are going Home soon.

  68. The fact that every other generation of the royal family has been involved in interbreeding and rituals to that effect makes Diana's ritualistic death seem much more reliable. It is all a hoax to think those types of elitists that have come into place originally from God's order are not involved in something like this. She needed to be killed off because she knew too much about the royals' ritualistic past and if she were to wed another man, the world would know their secrets. They justified their killing in the occult bowels of their work as a sacrifice to ensure their gods would be happy. She died for a reason — for which reason, we can only speculate.

  69. leeriq, no Diana WAS the ancient mythological goddess of Rome but she goes back way farther in other cultures. So, Princess Diana was chosen as todays representitive of that deity (unbeknownst to her!). The final capstone in this "spell" was to see her killed in the tunnel and in a kabalistic spell things had to be done in order to create magic.

    Check out my work for further insight:

    Kal Dani

    • @kal dani, thank you, sorry im a bit clouded when it comes to things like she was a sacrifice to a deity that she resembled? if so that makes me wonder how real these things are, im used to jus hearin about God and jesus lol ima check out the site u gave me and try to understand more.

  70. Nelson .A said Queen of Heaven aka Semirasis mother of Nimrod goes back to the time when Tower of Bable where most Secret Societies learn secret. The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop seems there is interconnected Vatican with Secret Societies trying to finish the plan which we may not know. But for now, I hope America won't be a socialist country.

  71. The Group soul rises, the earth shifts its Northern-most pole, the Ancient Blood Oaths are fed before a bewildered and decadent civilisation

    O how terribly an era of misunderstanding the multiplicity of wisdom dawns

    An era of immoderate measure

    An era of deceit and psychic treachery

    Pray to the Gods of Truth that the Ascended Masters might favor your survival

  72. Even the ignorant can see that Diana was special and rare when it comes to the elite caring for the poor. She was also said to be pregnant and the Royal did not want a Muslim in the family.

  73. America is a socialist country and will descend downward while the occult promise of ascension

    destracts and destroys liberty.

  74. Arizona Wilder…ex Illuminati mind control victim..

    about 6 minutes into this interview, called revelations of a mother goddess, she talks about the queen mother talking to fyhid…pretty sure I butchered that spelling..but this is very interesting…

    Diana was never present at any satanic rituals as far as arizona wilder says in this interview..

    Highly important..

  75. Dodi stepping on the dead bird.

    I would venture to guess that this symbolizes Dodi's triumph over death.

    In other words, this symbolism represents his resurrection.

    If you notice, the goddess Diana (portrayed here by the Princess) is 'helping' Dodi reach for a

    bird in flight.

    A living spirit?

    Or…the spirit of god that is said to give life?

    As in the holy ghost which is often depicted as a dove.

    Her attention is focused entirely on Dodi.. but his attention seems to be directed towards the heavens .

  76. As far as I know, I have never heard nor read anything about what I am about to type…. Have you ever read the Graphic Novel, or limited comic series entitled ‘From Hell’? (The movie is okay, but the book is much better.) It is the story about Jack the Ripper, written by the incredibly talented Alan Moore, and drawn by the equally talented Eddie Campbell. Well, in that story — and one of the many elements missing from the movie — it describes how Prince Edward Albert Victor (or Albert Sickert) had fallen in love with a woman, a candy shop worker named Annie Elizabeth Crook. The two hit it off and have a child together, despite the Prince hiding his true name from Annie. Since 'From Hell' is a story about who Jack the Ripper truly is, it never really says what becomes of the unofficial royal baby from Pince Eddy and Annie Crook.

    Concerning symbology, ‘From Hell’ was written roughly 100 years after the Ripper murders. But, despite all the press of those horrific acts and the Masonic symbolism behind them, the unofficial royal baby disappeared to live. With this in mind, could that child have been the great grandmother of Princess Diana? A true princess born from the common people? It would help make sense why Diana was married to "Prince" Charles, even though they did not love each other. (If you view any videos of them together, take notice of their body language toward one another….) That would also give the "royal" family reason to kill off Diana: they did not want another Royal Family — a generous and loving one — to contest the power charade they had built and are still running today.

    So, to bring this rant back around to this article/blog, it would make sense that the ‘Illuminati’ have decorated Diana’s ‘monuments’ with their symbology. They are laughing at the dead. They are laughing because they are still in power. Yet, with all the surveillance around England nowadays, I would have to say that the ‘Queen’ is pretty paranoid about something. Something like, say, the shift of consciousness that 2012 represents…? The world as we know it will not come to a catastrophe, but it will be the end of the line for the falsified ‘elite’ which the ‘royal’ bloodline is part of. That would make the most sense why there is so much propaganda about the world ending in 2012. It won’t end for us – the normal people – but it will end for the evil kykes who worship money and use it as a mind-control device upon the masses. The ‘lizards’ will be seen for who and what they truly are and will be burnt like Maria the robot in Metropilous. The Christ-consciousness in all of us will see to that, and the world will truly become a better place for it.

  77. @ Erskine Lindop (lol) no thanks, don't want your 'ascended masters' on my case, or their wisdom. They are fallen angels posing as masters of ancient wisdom.

    Prince William is to be named King for a reason: So that Charles, his father, (some say not, that Willly's papa was PINDAR) will remain a prince, as prophesied in Daniel re: the coming Antichrist.

    Daniel calls this final evil world ruler ' the prince to come', indicating he is already a worldly prince. And since KJB -Scripture prophecy cannot fail, here we have an explanation as to why Charles cannot be a 'king'. He must, although it is odd on its face, remain a prince and never become king.

    Ugh, and the media is now shoving Kate Middleton and William down our throats to get us ready for the takeover.

    PS…research PINDAR

  78. I don't meant to break the bubble of many people in here but England has been directly linked with satanism for centuries so, why are people surprised just now? Queen Elizabeth the witch, come on, she even liked to portray herself with the horned devil hand sign and serpents around her all the time… Does anyone really ever believed that the US and UK were holy or good? Hahahahaha….


  80. Just a little fyi: I'm pagan and I've worked with several Goddesses. Diana, is one that I admire, only I connect to her Greek counterpart, Artemis. Both are very strong maiden Goddesses, and *neither* were sacrificed. They were protectors to 'virginal' girls, and wouldn't allow themselves to be sacrificed. The fact that Lady Diana was "sacrificed", is a slap in the face of these two Goddesses.

  81. Sorry I can not express myself well in English, so I will only say: when a person is murdered, someone creates a mixture to deceive, and so people make conclusions without knowing and creates more confusion. This strategy has been used for thousands of years, I myself am a victim of this tactic.

    For starters, Diana married to be a princess, we all know when we find our true love, she knew that Prince was not his love.

    To know who is in this world, someone else, before we know who we are ourselves. And first we must make a retrospect of our past in this life. And second, to look inside yourself, to know who you were in your previous lives. Find oneself is not easy, but then, if God so provides, may be able to recognize who is one of our neighbors or some of those who inhabit this world.

    Do you know who you are yourself?

  82. Hey Viligant keep it up just one thing though can u do some more on the Uk even though I'm English i would still like to find more stuff out thx

  83. i just discovered this site accidentally and it caught my attention. I am not a religious person but i absolutely believe in God because I am a catholic. All articles that i have read is unbelievable .. I am thanking you for creating this site. It really opened my mind 😀 amazing ! i hope you feature more and more artists to discover the meaning of their songs etc.

    I'll start sharing this to my friends !!

  84. Dont forget to check out "Prince William's Occulted Numbers", He was 5555 days old on his mother Diana's funeral and also the spooky coincidences in eclipses.

    This year will be the first birth of a new 1200 year solar eclipse cycle since 1927 and the date it is birthed is on Princess Diana's birthday 1 July. The next birth will not be till June 21, 2058 – Prince William's birthday…

  85. With all this symbolism of the occult, is it almost always the case that men are in control, while women are the mind controlled?

  86. Not all Christians are fundamentalist you know. In fact they are a minority. And since when was Sigmund Freud the font of all knowledge?

    • Mark O'Blazney on

      Well, sibling rivalry and toilet training notwithstanding, not a bad font to quench your thirst for Id.

  87. It is my first time posting a comment on this site.

    First of keep up with the good work.

    I am french but when Lady Diana died we ( french people) heard that she was pregnant. Maybe the dead bird represent the baby that she was carrying.

  88. don't know if anyone brought it up already but in case not; she was 36 (3+6 = 9) and died on 8+3+1+1+9+9+7= 38 (3+8= 11) . she died 911 – coincedence again ? i don't think so.

    • nooneimportant on

      The only thing that interests me in this article are the two orbs at the Harrods memorial for Diana and Dodi…

  89. Collision of Souls on

    Paranoid? lol

    That is why here in Canada no official government business in Parliament can be done until the unelected Governor General, appointed directly by the Queen, gives the annual Throne Speech. In fact, parliament can be disbanded by direct order of the Queen through the unelected Gov. General.

    You are aware the Queens picture is on our currency, our national/government corporations are called "Crown Corporations" our attorneys are called "Crown Prosecutors", etc.

    Paranoid? lol

  90. Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom NOT ENGLAND if you please. You have just insulted all in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales and all islands off Britain…..and so on………!!!!!

  91. Symbolism of dead bird (given because of the dead bird in the Harrod's statue which is a bust of Diana and Dodi below a flying bird, where Dodi is stepping on or over a dead bird as well).

    Symbolizes death;

    symbolizes the end of something;

    can symbolize the end of or a death to something where this has been desired and brought about, for example, a way of life;

    symbolizes a loss of freedom;

    can symbolize a final, utter end to freedom;

    superstitious symbolism of a coming death in the family;

    in some societies death of a bird (including some particular birds) can be a symbol of doom, doom being bestowed for coming time(s);

    symbolizes disappointment;

    symbolizes the end of a relationship / relationships;

    Various cultures view birds as a way the soul is carried to heaven, the death of a bird can conceivably be built further from that basis: in the Harrod's busts memorial, one bird is dead, trodden over by one of the couple who happily live under another, living bird's wings;

    where a bird is a song bird, it is symbolic of creativity, voice, and expression, or if a bird is symbolic itself of good luck, life or opportunity such as an albatross. Here, the death of the bird might be distinctly symbolic of a tendency or force acting to stifle or silence creativity and / or freedom of speech, expression, being and, simply, life. The death of the bird may be a symbol of the coming of or domination of the opposite of what the living bird symbolizes, such as the death of an albatross being an omen or harbinger of doom. Actually killing an albatross may symbolically represent a curse, such as in the Rime of the Ancient Mariner poem, which involves the subsequent death of all. (Though perhaps not relevant here, specifically in respect of the albatross, the living bird's good symbolism coupled with the renown of the symbolism of the dead bird can give a further symbolism of the burden from an albatross.);

    A dead bird, other than a crow or other carrion bird may represent symbolic advice to put life into the pursuit of your goals, rather than waiting for them to come; [I feel this is important]

    Dreams: Birds are ordinarily in the dream a symbol for imagination, thought and ideas which need to be heard, in freedom being able to come out, and a symbol for contents of the unconscious. The bird is assigned an aerial being to indicate great spiritual-emotional power, the thought which may move our everyday life. As with general symbolism, dream symbolism of the death of a bird may indicate the opposite of what they stand for in life, or the restriction of it;

    Also (Dreams), to kill or be involved in the death of a bird can symbolize coming into disagreeable involvements, wherein opponents will be to you bad persons;

    I don't think there is anything in all of that which may have no relevance to things which have been said, whether of merit or not, of occurences surrounding the death of Diana.

    • Does anyone know what bird the dead bird resembles in this memorial? I have seen it, years ago, but can't remember anything about it. I've just returned to the subject after a long time, spurred by the unexpected news in August 2013 of information related to the death of Diana and Dodi. As far as I remember, I wasn't able to identify the dead bird. I'm wondering if it could conceivably be made out to be any kind of specific bird, such as an albatross or even a swan.

      (I'd just been musing over the possible symbolism in the old Parsifal legend, used by Wagner in an opera, of the killing of a swan by a pure fool. While I don't believe the dead bird represented is able to be called a swan, but I don't know.)

  92. What I really love is how many times Elton milked the cash cow out of this song over 3 deaths, 1st: Marilyn Monroe, (Sacrifice), 2nd: Ryan White 1st kid to have A.I.D.S. outside of a sexual relationship, (Sacrifice?), Then 3rd: Princess Diana: (Sacrifice). Anyway not too many people pay attention to this but I'm sure he made quite a bit of cash off of all these deaths. What a great businesses man to be able to sell so many singles & no one even notices.

  93. MILED Clerk: Lara on

    "Initiates are fully aware of the fact that symbolism is the only true language of humanity and it can only be understood by those who are worthy. … If you are unfamiliar with concepts discussed here, do yourself a favor and learn the language of the powerful."

    LOL… you may know allot about this occult brainwashed abstract la delusional land language… and you may be right that it is the 'language of the powerful'…..

    I am sorry, but respectfully I disagree. In my opinion the language of the powerful is about resources and resource wars and all this occult self delusional abstract crap is their self hatred guilt ridden attempt to avoid taking personal responsibility for their egological illiteracy. Instead they invent this abstract delusional childrens fairy tail story occult la la land; to transfer their guilt into some sort of justification for their greed and reptilian mind cooperative incompetence; for having failed to marshall their stolen resources, and cooperate with each other like rational egological and ecological literate adult humans to implement a commonsism international social contract limiting all tribes procreation and consumption to carrying capacity limits.

    Just like alcoholics and drug addicts are addicted to alcohol to avoid confronting various inner and external realities they hate, frequently subconscious secret aspects of themselves; so individuals can be addicted to political ideologies: capitalism or communism etc to join some resource thieving political ideology tribe to avoid confronting the root overpopulation and overconsumption causes of resource wars; and just like children can avoid reality by escaping into fantasy stories; so occultists avoid taking personal responsibility and escape from taking personal responsibility for co-creating a world, according to their deepest desires; and instead they escape into occult symbolism ritual bullshit; which rapes their psyches and beings and relationships, from that which they so desperately desire.

    Talk about seriously beyond fucked up!!! But if that makes them happy, its their choice, just like it is any other addicts choice to engage in their addictions…. Long as they leave me the fuck alone, its none of my business. I can only observe, and feel sympathy for those trying to get out of this addiction, or leave those happily addicted to their own choices. Those who wish to get out of their addiction to this shit; I will help if I can, and consider them sincere in wanting to get out of this occult plausible deniable escape from personal responsibility reality.

  94. Princess Diana was murdered by MI5/MI6 or 'dark arts'. They planned the murder in the tunnel because they though it would be the 'perfect murder'. She was murdered on orders of the Royal Family, possibly Prince Charles. She had mentioned that her husband had arranged to have her murdered in a car accident. Her apartment was bugged etc…The paparazzi and the driver of the vehicle worked for security services. It was a state assassination, with the collusion of French intelligence, Freemasonic links hence the occultism etc. etc. Was it worth it? Nope, doing dirty work for the state never is, is it?

  95. "Numerous theories state that one of Diana’s sons will eventually become the much prophesied Antichrist. Are we making Diana the Virgin Mary of the Antichrist?"

    Thank you for the article. It is important to note that the Bible never really speaks of a singular "antichrist" as a supernatural antithesis to the Messiah. It speaks of multiple antichrists who are just people. It also really doesn't talk about a supernatural satan and it depicts the nations as God's true enemies who resist his teachings.

    What we do know is that Christ shall return to establish a kingdom on the earth and he will rule for a thousand years. We also know that the nations will rise up against him when he establishes himself in Jerusalem and starts to rebuild the Temple. From what I can tell, Hal Lindsey and his ilk say that a supposed "Antichrist" will do this. The Bible specifically says that Christ will do this. This seems to me that people will view Christ as the "Antichrist."

    As it says in 1 John, "Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, he who denies the Father and the Son." The nations will deny the Christ on his return and will rise up against him. They will be destroyed in the Valley of Decision. This seems like an intentional deception as it is so drastically opposite to what is expressed in the Bible. Perhaps it is the occult elite.

  96. Yannick Fournier on

    ''Alma'' means ''virgin'', ''maiden'', in hebrew … and ''pontus'' doesn't mean initally a bridge, but a bridge because a bridge is builted over water, ''pontus'' meaning ''sea'' … So, we have here Water, and the Virgin: clearly a blasphemy against the Virgin Mary, and the signature of the Occult.

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