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The Strange Facts Surrounding Juice WRLD’s Death

The rapper Juice WRLD died at a Chicago airport at the young age of 21. The bizarre circumstances leading to his death and the strange prophetic events that occurred prior to it immediately raised some eyebrows. What really happened to Juice WRLD?



The Strange Facts Surrounding Juice WRLD's Death

The rapper Juice WRLD (real name Jarad Anthony Higgins) died suddenly on December 8th after suffering a seizure in Chicago’s Midway airport. He was 21 years old. He’s yet another young rapper with a large following of young fans who died unexpectedly in the past years. And, not unlike the cases of Mac Miller and XXXtentacion, there are strange circumstances and coincidences surrounding his death.

At the time of his death, Juice WRLD was well on his way to superstardom. After a string of hits such as Lucid Dreams and All Girls Are the Same, the rapper signed a multi-million dollar deal with Interscope Records. Soon after, everything surrounding his act took a dark turn.

Before we look at Juice’s career, let’s look at the strange circumstances surrounding his death.

Strange Timeline

Prior to his death, Juice was aboard a private jet with about a dozen people. DJ Akademiks posted a couple of videos of Juice and his crew on the plane. As Akademiks says, Juice was “in high spirits and looked happy”.

When they landed at a private hangar at Midway airport, Juice and his crew were visited by police and FBI agents. According to news sources, Juice began convulsing while police officers were questioning him.

Police and FBI agents arrived to meet Higgins’ plane at about 1:30 a.m. CT at Midway Airport on Sunday on the suspicion the rapper was in possession of contraband, the Chicago Police Department said Monday. Officers found 70 pounds of marijuana and six bottles of prescription codeine cough syrup in a search of the luggage on the twin-engine Gulfstream jet.

There were also two 9 mm pistols, a .40-caliber pistol, a high-capacity ammunition magazine and metal-piercing bullets found on the plane, according to police.

Though circumstances leading to the 21-year-old rapper’s death are still unclear, police said Higgins began convulsing while police officers were speaking to him and others on the plane. He was given two doses of Narcan, a brand of naloxone used to block the effects of opioid overdose in emergency situations. Higgins woke up briefly but was later declared dead at a local hospital.
– NBC News, Late rapper Juice WRLD had codeine and 70 pounds of marijuana on plane, police say

Law enforcement sources state that he was bleeding from the mouth when paramedics arrived. According to media sources, Juice was still conscious when he was transported to the hospital. However, he was pronounced dead shortly after arriving.

As Juice was taken to the hospital, police arrested two members of his crew.

Christopher Long, 36, and Henry Dean, 27, two guards who were with Higgins at the time, were arrested on unrelated gun charges, according to the Chicago Police Department. Arrest records for the men are not available and it is unclear whether they have attorneys.

Dean allegedly told police he had two guns and a high-capacity magazine on him at the time. A third gun was found in a camera case among Long’s possessions, though he denied owning it, according to police.
– Ibid.

On the day following his death, two other government agencies announced the launch of investigations.

On Monday, a Homeland Security spokeswoman in Chicago, Nicole Aberico, confirmed to USA TODAY that an immigration agency is investigating the events surrounding the death but would not say why.

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The Strange Facts Surrounding Juice WRLD's Death

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The main purpose of this new generation of rappers is to draw the black community into Satanism and “establishment-friendly” rebellion. They won’t encourage rebellion against corporations. They encourage rebellion against the family.

Just like the Media did for White Americans with the 60’s.
And sadly, many African Americans are taking the bait.

T. Levy

Spot on

Little mind

They’re already there. It’s a matter of time before the next phase is rolled out. Shame people refuse to believe in Jesus Christ. He is the answer. Always.


I think Jesus is great, but let’s not forget that some sick satanic bastards like the Process Church also worship Jesus. And quite a lot of evil gets perpetrated by supposed Christians who namedrop and hijack Jesus. So, not literally always the answer. Gotta be more careful, more paranoid.


Yep, just like the church of Satan do “good” things in his name 🙂 my point is that it doesn’t change the character of Jesus or the power in His name, Nor does it change Satan’s. Those who lead others astray by their words or actions in His name will be punished;the Bible says so.


The Process Church does NOT worship Jesus! Lol! They are …


They are Luciferian


Jesus is great isounds like blasphemy

Even So

No, that is false doctrine and they are not followers of Christ. If anyone conducts satanic rituals, they do not worship Jesus Christ. Believe that. Jesus is better than great. Jesus is THE WAY. Period.

Borris Zorris

Kind of reminds me of Prince dying shortly after taking a ride on a plane. It seems that drugs may have something to do with this.


Their deaths are induced. Army personnel told me they can use fentanyl (Inhales) to induce your death. The military has weapons to kill that you wont/cant imagine and am not talking ammunitions and bombs….


They can shoot a gun that leaves a mosquito like mark that gives someone a heart attack.





Actually surprisingly alot of blacks these days dont even jump on these new age “satanic rockstar rappers” . These new rappers these days have a lot of white fans. In conclusion the only race the music industry is trying to influence is the human race!!! Whites blacks hispanics EVERYONE!

T. Levy

Soon as I heard that boy died I knew it was on some soul collection type stuff. I knew it was over when him and Uzi made the song about a girl taking pills to get closer to lucifer. Now the question is who’s next? Trippie Redd, Lil Uzi, who??? Smh. I’m wondering how the world has gotten so lost and desensitized that they think faking a seizure mid dance is fly?

Eversor 7.62

We live in strange times.

T. Levy

Most definitely. SUPER peculiar. The level of blatant this is becoming is just crazy. It was foretold it would come to this, but we weren’t sure if we’d see it in our era. But here it is. #HunkerDown #TheStormIsHere


Trippie is pretty satanic too. Super lost. I really hope he’s not next..


In his song “All Girls Are The Same” he says

..All this jealousy and agony that I sit in
I’m a jealous boy, really feel like John Lennon..

John Lennon died on December 8th, 1980

Just insanity.

Lizard King

Big difference. Lennon had talent.

Let Em Fall

Lennon was also an admitted wife beating lowlife. You may not like the music, but making snide remarks about a dead 21 year old don’t really feel necessary.


Imagine being a middle aged loser attempting to put down a 21 year old kid – Tragic!


I know how that feels from my experience in certain internet discussions!


What’s with people calling anyone the age of 21 a ‘kid’? This rapper is the moron who shoved his perc stash down his throat and should have just flushed them down the toilet if the cops were onto him. We didn’t lose a dignified person of substance. The troubling thing is people are calling full fledged adults kids. Sorry, but 18 is when adulthood starts. You’re doing the youth a disservice by treating them like babies well into years when they should be saving money for houses and retirement.


I agree with you, but adulthood starts at puberty. 18 in once country, 19 in a next, and 21 in another. The biological marker is puberty.


Some girls actually hit puberty and its sign (like periods, body hair, etc…) at 9 years old… Following your logic, should 9 years old with periods be considered as adults now? Absolutely not saying that you are, but it’s interesting to notice that this “adulthood starts at puberty” fishy narrative is mostly used by pedo apologists / lolicon, which is a big red flag in my book.

Adulthood is not only in the body but also and foremost in the brain & EMOTIONAL CONTROL which actually is completed at 25 years old. It actually makes sense when you see a bunch of people under 25 who are legal but who’s actual emotional immaturity push them into making a bunch of stupid decisions and endorsing reckless behaviors.


Many people today remain emotionally immature for much longer, if not their whole lives.


Exactly. The deliberate infantilisation of adults policy is an agenda all of it’s own. I have noticed that a lot of black people are immature and behave like stroppy teenagers forever. I tried to understand it but I never liked it and I couldn’t have related to it. I don’t see any black people where I live now and I miss them in a strange way.

Daelle H

I wrote my reply about frontal lobe developement before reading this. Glad someone else is on the same page.


for africans, that is age 10-12


He was a kid moron – Get over it. It seems that when the subject is black and/or a rapper, suddenly they’re not a kid at a certain age. The same rules don’t apply.


What he said


Ok boomer

Daelle H

I disagree. The frontal lobe (responsible for considering future possibilities based on choices made) is not usually fully developed until around 25. I dont consider anyone under that age capable of making thought out decisions. Im not saying people who are under that cant, but its rare for people under 25 to be capable of making choices with full consideration of consequences.

Juneberry 5.56

Not making light of the dudes death, but 21 is not a kid. It’s a full grown adult male.


Definitely a kid #Bye


I was working in another country at 21 he is not a kid

Boo bae 42

I’m 42 so he is a kid same as my soon to be 21 yo daughter


good information, thank you! sacrificies around advent.


Lil uzi/ xxxtent
Juice /all look like the same person


You’re right.




Talk about selling your soul and not even living long enough to spend that money you got for it -God have mercy on these dumb people

J Williams

Keep it in mind that the devil is called the trickster. He wants your soul and he doesn’t care how he gets it. He’ll promise you wealth but he doesn’t guarantee that you’ll live long enough to enjoy it !

Boo bae

I agree. I’m also curious to know if an artist knows when there time is up per contact?


I never heard of him until his death, saw this trending, noticed some fishy things about him.. I knew VC would post an article about it.
Thanks VC.


I hate this new writing containing only consonants. not even language is used right anymore.


@bubbles: very interesting, you may be on to something. Why are they enforcing this writing? What’s its significance to them?

Smitty's Inner-city Meats

That’s an interesting pick-up. I know The semitic languages are or were originally vowel-free. That’s why no one knows how to pronounce YHWH.


Nothing strange about any of this. These endings are exactly what comes from living that kind of life. You could see in the short video of him on the plane that he was bombed out of his head. Take to much drugs– you OD– simple fact.

What would one expect from an idiot that tats up with death symbology and plasters death and drugs all over his media. It’s beyond me how kids even like and worship no-talent idiots like this, anyway. They are total industry tools.

D D d

Damaged people. Sad eyes, no futures, no escape
but with drugs and extremes – they ‘think’.
Hypnotised at a young age?
The common factors.. There must be clues within a network beyond the public one-eyed-media-moguls-network.
In the Netherlands some clues are in the organisations saving/protecting damaged young people. A lot of directors and ceo’s in that bussiness are from the same classrooms as their friends in Justice- and War-departments over here…the ones involved in covering up the childmolestation and -abuse cases.


Narcan for seizures? I’ve never heard of someone having a seizure from an opioid overdose. They pass out and they stop breathing. Ativan is given to stop a seizure, not Narcan. Narcan won’t do anything for an overdose that is anything but opioids.

Lil peeps

Young actor River Phoenix had a violent seizures outside the Viper Room. He OD’ed on speedball.

Thy Unveiling

That’s the cover story we’ve been fed about River.

River was Johnny Depp’s competition and blood sacrifice. Johnny Depp had River’s drink laced with something that would make him appear to be “On Something” that could cause him to OD, but Johnny just needed/wanted River dead and out of the way. He gave the blood sacrifice and cleared out his competition. At that point in time, Johnny owned The Viper Room. What is a viper? A venomous snake. Which is exactly what Johnny was. Its exactly what that industry is: all of Hollywood is filled with venomous snakes. It is also alleged that Johnny was ordered to sacrifice River because River was talking too much, being too honest in interviews.

The Real

Morton’s son who owned the Viper Room and Pink Taco died of overdose and I think his sister was Domino Harvey the bounty hunter who died of an overdose

The Real

Morton steakhouse mogul… son recently died


He was lush


Narcan for very slow breathing for opoids. They don’t say what condition they found him in. Your correct, ativan for seizures, don’t think law enforcement carries benzo’s.


Easy peasy. The music industry is a front and a money laundering operation for gun running, drug running, prostitution, blackmail just like the rest of the entertainment industry. What do all these young rappers have in common? They are working for underground drug running and gun running channels for the black market. Here’s a tip: The mafia still controls the music industry. See Interscope – Jimmy Iovine. They kill people who aren’t useful to them anymore or who disobey. And, they are racist as hell.

See Louis



The cia and fbi is also a front

Boo bae



The “juice” looks like purple drank, a mixture of codeine and soda favored by hip hop artists. Once these young artists pass away unexpectedly, who then has financial control over all future proceeds from their music catalogues and images? They all sign terrible, one sided deals up front just to get a foot in the door. This way, the record company gets it all.


The rose in his mouth in the magazine cover might also allude to blood in the mouth.


Or the rosy cross but I don’t know why he would because they wouldn’t let him join anyway (much the same as the mainstream illuminati which is why they created Prince hall freemasonry to give black guys their own secret society experience to exploit them financially without initiating them into their real club).

Deezo Don

You’re right!! The real Illuminati is the 13 blueblood families really control everything.


It think of funeral also


Yes I thought of a funeral also

Thy Unveiling

So with all these young rappers that have similar looks (dreds, tattoos, devilish symbology, etc) and lives (rapping, repping devilish things, too many drugs) and their strange deaths cutting their lives and careers short, how can anyone think its worth it to sell their soul for fame and fortune? None of these young black men really got a chance to enjoy their career. None of these men got to achieve worldwide fame (compared to other rappers, like Ludacris or Dr. Dre or Jay Z. They’re older, established, and alive.) I am not saying that anyone should ever sell their soul to the devil (give your heart and soul to Our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ) I will point out that for fellows like Jay-Z or Dre, I can see that for them the devils deal may APPEAR more “worth it” being as they have gotten to enjoy their careers, fame and fortune. But these young men with weird names with dreds and tattoos…what about them makes other young black men (sorry to throw race in there. We have yet to see a young white rapper follow this disturbing trend. I’m not trying to make this about race, but I’m… Read more »


I am Fashion Marketer for over 10+ years and recently volunteered to Mentor and support an Non- Profit- make a long story short, all of the young boys/girls from ages 12-14 waned to be a “rapper” and all of the young girls looked up to Cardi B and Ncki Minaj,

When I was growing up, When someone asked you, what did you want to be? You responded with i.e., a lawyer, a doctor, a financial adviser…

Needles to say I have a lot of work to undo! I am a millennial but never have I witnessed so many children led astray by “entertainers” or a “baller” way more talent/careers than this! Please note I am referring to children across many stratospheres of income/class but I will say mostly black/brown children.


You’re mentoring ghetto kids… no surprise there. And if you think that you are going to “undo” an entire lifetime of education and lifestyle by volunteering a couple hours a week, then I am 100% positive you’re a millennial. SMH.


They have way too much influence. Remember: Satan was allegedly the leader of music in heaven before he fell.


Mac Miller was white (Satanic imagery, drug use). Eminem’s music was openly Satanic, abusive, and hateful; he was a drug addict and easily could’ve died of an overdose (and if he had, it’s highly unlikely that his death would be subtley construed as his own fault/due to his own stupidity; there would simply be compassion and empathy for his struggles) and has discussed his struggle with suicidal impulses. Black people in general are a vulnerable population in America and always have been because they are systematically dehumanized and stripped of their dignity in both overt and subtle ways.

White Rock n Roll culture from the 60s up till now has always been full of drug abuse, Satanic & violent imagery, and innumerable early deaths. Whenever we hear about mass shootings in schools, workplaces, and supermarkets it’s almost invariably white men. At the risk of sounding racist, why are all these dysfunctional patterns coming out of white culture and for what reason for white people think they can become rock stars and avoid disillusionment and early death? What kind of sense does that make?

Rick Werner

Actually, most mass killers are non white on a per capital basis. Check your facts Hey the discussion…


That is correct! As a % of population non whites are more apt to go on killing sprees


Not true. The people who shoot up schools, churches, malls, and other innocent and presumably safe locations are mostly white. Let’s not forget the homegrown domestic terrorist group, the KKK, which has attempted to perform genocide on their own. All whites. And let’s also not forget the police force, an arm of the racist state, which emboldens mostly white officers to shoot blacks in cold blood for any and no reason at all. You’re wrong.


The police insanity / the police militarization is directly caused by the NWO/ Luciferians. They’re shooting whites too not just blacks. They killed my neighbor’s grandson – assassinated him. They brutalized my friend’s neighbor, and sexually assault young women during traffic stops. Not a lot of people know this last crime goes on because they scare the hell out of the women so that they won’t come forward. It’s an epidemic.


Yes you’re right. Let blacks keep playing the victim- I genuinely don’t care anymore. Black people are responsible for most of the violent crime in the US. FACT. I am sick and tired of their victim mentality but at the end of the day they are truly keeping themselves down- which is fine by me, as I said. They will never get anywhere until they can stand with integrity and start taking some responsibility for the state of their community. But that’s not a popular opinion. Oh well.


Not true. The people who shoot up schools, churches, malls, and other innocent and presumably safe locations are mostly white. Let’s not forget the homegrown domestic terrorist group, the KKK, which has attempted to perform genocide on their own. All whites. And let’s also not forget the police force, an arm of the racist state, which emboldens mostly white officers to shoot blacks in cold blood for any and no reason at all. You’re wrong.

billy meyers

you are completely brainwashed by mainstream black culture propaganda. for sure you are not well educated and won’t read actual statistics. you think you are “ woke” but you are just being trolled by the elite. wage up for real and read a book


White rock stars went out with Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell…name me one modern day white rock star…rock is dead, remember? Rap and hip-hop have taken over.


Lil Peep was one of the pioneers of this style of hip hop. he was one of the first high profile artists in the genre to die of an overdose, and he was white.
I get what ypu’re trying to say tho……


Typo *you’re*


I think they believe that even a moment of fame and fortune is worth selling your soul. Moreover, they actually go down in history (they will be studied by cultural historians, not people with an ordinary profession). I am a white woman. I think that for blacks today the path of a rapper is more common, but the rest just have other kinds of art with a similar outcome. White rockers used to say one should live a bright live and die young.


Lil peep. Lil pump. Lil xan…I could name more but I’m sorry y’all don’t rap well enough to be household names lol when is the last time somebody said play that Eminem song???


I have never been to a music concert or festival but I know people who perform at these huge venues. They say that the fans of all these black rappers are all white kids. Black kids mainly have their own music hall/ unknown outside their culture artists.

These black rappers are signed up on the basis that they will take the attention and money of white families / be used as vehicles to alter the cultural values of white kids. They sell their souls and become cultural sellouts as well for money and drugs. I never believed this but then I watched some footage of festivals on YouTube where JayZ or similar are performing and the audience is always exclusively non black.

Also, the drug problems in Europe and the UK in particular mean that the black kids are out there doing county line drug dealing in rigid hierarchies and being shot dead regularly all to find the cocaine habits of the white, middle class kids who don’t give them a second thought once they have bought their stash for the weekend.


Lil Peep and Mac Miller were both white rappers in their 20s that died in recent years. Mac didn’t have any face tats and was actually very deep and poetic but by the end of his career his music was straight up dark and depressing and full of demons. Such a stark contrast to the carefree optimism of his breakout mixtape Best Day Ever. I have a shirt from his blue slide park tour thats a baby in a backwards baseball hat with a big thumbs up and says Thumbs Up on it. His whole thing back then was about being positive and smiling through life. Over the decade this sick industry clearly affected him. Surely ariana grande didn’t help matters


Mac Miller is a jew.


Interscope Records…… that says alot.

Ll pps

Precocious emo rapper Lil Peep was signed ro Columbia Records and fast died at tender age of 21.

Emma C.

I think this guy was just being used to prompt drug use and a degenerative lifestyle to youngsters. The lifestyle obviously caught up with him fast and he wasn’t built to last. Yes, he was a tool and a very dumb one. He had this false sense of armor and felt bulletproof. That’s probably just it. It’s not very bright to down your whole stash of pills. I can see where this guys started to go wrong immediately when VC pointed out the satanic stuff. I had never heard of this guy and looked him up. He looked heavily promoted by TMZ just like the other lame new age rappers who take copious amounts of drugs.

Emma C.

*promote drug use


Well they don’t give record deals to smart people


Or rather, smart people don’t sign record deals.

Boo bae

I agree. All these new age rappers that are signed to major record labels are being used by the elite to promote a certain agenda. It went from innocent rap Young Dmc, etc to gansta rap, Nwa etc, violent rap 2 pac , Biggie, to this new age bologna ,lil uzi, juice weld, etc. To reach the youth of this generation, the record labels know what they are doing and they will not sign you if you don’t agree to the agenda that they want you to push. Much respect to the under ground rappers that have the freedom to do their on music.


I knew your article was coming VC. When I heard about his death, I instantly remember you posted an article about him a few months prior; showing proof he sold his soul. Feels like the rappers Mac Miller, xxxtentacion, Nipsey Hussle deaths all over again.


They are saying he ate all the percocets in terminal of the airport, when they realized the feds were wating for them, as they were getting off the jet. So he took in all the pills he had on him, in fear that he would get arrested.

Feds were tipped off by the pilot of the private jet because he saw the guns and the drugs supposedly…. Sad story, if this is actually true. RIP


What is sad is that this rapper really thought he was someone special to abuse his privilege like that. Flying around with guns, drugs and shady people is a dumb idea. The pilot did the right thing if that report is true. Obviously Juice Box made a lot of bad decisions that led him to an early grave.

Apres Ski

Another one bites the dust . . .


My first words that came to mind!


Never heard of him. Seem like you don’t get good value any more for selling your soul..


What is a soul worth, and what constitutes a good value?


A man’s soul is worth more than all the riches of the world put together as nothing he has or ever dream of having can be given in exchange for it.Mark 8:36-38.

Good value for soul is the precious blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on the cross of Calvary (John 3;16). That alone (the blood of the Lamb) is what the soul of a man is worth.

God bless.

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