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Was Mac Miller Killed?

The death of Mac Miller happened in odd circumstances and was preceded with lots grim symbolism. Was Mac Miller killed by the Illuminati music industry?



Was Mac Miller Killed?

The rapper and producer Mac Miller was found unresponsive in a bedroom at his San Fernando Valley home on September 7th. Authorities were alerted by a male friend who placed a 911 call from Mac’s home. Emergency responders were called for a patient in cardiac arrest and Mac was pronounced dead on the scene. Soon after, reports emerged that Mac was dead from an overdose.

Many would think: “Well, Mac Miller did a lot of drugs so I am not surprised he overdosed”. Right. However, before yelling “case closed” on this premature death, let’s look at some facts surrounding it.

For starters, why was Mac Miller’s house “swept clean” before the police investigation? The NY Post reports:

Mac Miller left behind little evidence of his apparent fatal drug overdose, according to a report.

Authorities found only a small amount of white powder when they combed the late rapper’s San Fernando Valley, Calif., home on Friday, sources told TMZ, adding that the residence was possibly “swept clean” after talking with witnesses.

A search for pill bottles or drug paraphernalia turned up nothing, the sources told the site.
– NY Post, Mac Miller’s home reportedly cleaned before cops could investigate

That’s a red flag right there.

However, what mass media talked about after Miller’s death was … Ariana Grande. Again.

Dangerous Woman

Was Mac Miller Killed?

Exactly one week before Mac Miller’s death, Ariana Grande was the main focus of Aretha Franklin’s funeral … for all the wrong reasons. A year prior, the Manchester bombing occured at one of her concerts. Seems like death follows her. Of course, none of this is her fault. She’s been an industry pawn since she was a child and she does what her handlers tell her to do.

In mass media, Mac Miller was mostly referred to as Ariana Grande’s ex-boyfriend and many blamed her for his death. Some say that, since their breakup, Mac Miller was depressed and that he was even more prone to drug abuse than usual. Obviously, very few actually knew about the nature of the relationship between Miller and Grande, and what happened inside the rapper’s head afterward. One thing we DO know is that Ariana Grande has been, for the past years, one of the world’s biggest pop stars and a high-level industry pawn. Everything about her is tightly controlled and she’s been used to enact all kinds of occult elite drama.

Because she’s being constantly used for occult-elite-agenda purposes, Ariana Grande has been the subject of several articles on the Vigilant Citizen. More recently, her music videos were about Monarch mind control and her becoming a goddess through Sex Magick. Interesting fact: Mac Miller’s 2016 album – created after he met Ariana – was called The Divine Feminine. Was it an allusion to Grande’s “goddess” status?

Pete Davidson – Ariana Grande’s current fiancé – appears to fall in the same “pattern” as Miller. His relationship with Grande seems to be very “consuming” while showing all of the signs of a heavy drug user.

Was Mac Miller Killed?

Pete Davidson wears an Ariana Grande upside down shirt (occult symbolism there). His hair is bleached – sometimes a sign of occult elite mind control.

So, while we cannot blame Ariana Grande directly for Mac Miller’s death, the relationship did cause the rapper to brush with the darker side of the music industry. And, since then, the symbolism associated with him has gotten very “Illuminati”.

Prophetic Symbolism

As it is often the case in bizarre, occult-elite-related events, Mac Miller’s death was preceded with grim symbolism. For starters, this is the last picture posted on Miller’s Instagram account, the day before his passing.

Was Mac Miller Killed?

Mac Miller hiding one eye.

As readers of this site already know, this is a sign of “submission” to the occult elite’s entertainment industry. The fact that this was posted right before his death (probably not by him) is rather eerie.

Was Mac Miller Killed?

The NY Post used this pic to “remember” Mac Miller.

Was Mac Miller Killed?

Ariana Grande has been doing it for years.

Miller also posted an Instagram story where we see a turntable playing his song So It Goes, which features the lyrics: “Nine lives, never, die, f*** a heaven, I’m still gettin’ high.”

Was Mac Miller Killed?

A screenshot from Miller’s last Instagram story.

The expression “So It Goes” was popularized by Kurt Vonnegut’s classic novel Slaughterhouse Five, where the narrator would said “so it goes” after the death of each character. Let that sink in.

Even eerier is the symbolism found in Mac Miller’s last video Self Care, which was directed by high-profile photographer Christian Weber.

The first scene is inspired by a scene from the movie Kill Bill II.

Was Mac Miller Killed?

In Self Care, Mac Miller is buried alive.

Mac then lights up a cigarette and starts carving the top of the wooden coffin.

Was Mac Miller Killed?

He carves the words “Memento Mori” which is Latin for “remember death”.

Memento Mori is defined as the “theory and practice of reflection on mortality” and can be found in multiple cultures throughout history.

Was Mac Miller Killed?

Was Mac Miller Killed?

“Memento Mori Remember to Die,” 1640, woodcut, Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington DC.

Was Mac Miller Killed?

A Masonic ring. This concept of Memento Mori is extremely important in Freemasonry.

After carving Memento Mori, Mac Miller punches the circle and emerges out of the coffin, which was buried under a pile of dirt.

Was Mac Miller Killed?

Mac Miller gets out of the pile of dirt.

While it appears that Mac has emerged victorious from this traumatic event, things get bad again.

Was Mac Miller Killed?

As Miller stands up, everything around him explodes in slow-motion, throwing him around the place.

So, while Mac thought he could escape death, he did not. And, about two months after the release of this final video, Mac actually died.

This prophetic video is reminiscent of XXXtentacion’s posthumous video SAD! in which the rapper attends his own funeral. His death was also surrounded by bizarre events.

Was Mac Miller Killed?

In his final video SAD!, XXXtentacion looks over his own dead body.

In Conclusion

Carl Jung described the concept of synchronicity as “events that are ‘meaningful coincidences’ with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related”. These events often happen on a very intimate and personal level. However, in the case of the dark, twisted world of the occult elite that is bent on mega-rituals and high-profile sacrifices, synchronistic events can be witnessed by the entire world.

As seen above, everything relating to Mac Miller in the past weeks pointed directly towards death. Was it all a coincidence? Or did the industry people around him knew that his time was coming? Did he fall in the bad graces of the industry? Did he know too much? Was he suicidal … or was he suicided?

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Was Mac Miller Killed?

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Been reading these articles for upwards of 8 or so years. Slowly the people around me are putting little pieces together. The underbelly of evil in this world is very real, but take heart….Jesus is coming back friends. Prayer is going to unlock the salavtions we are longing to see in our lifetime. Don’t give up hope.

This is the most spiritual I’ve gotten in a comment, but ya know what, I don’t care anymore.


No matter who is behind it, or if it was genuinely an overdose – my heart goes out to the family of Mac Miller. Losing a child or a sibling under any circumstances is heartbreaking 🙁 Amen, Amy. I appreciate the reminder of the fact Jesus is indeed coming back! The Bible says Salvation is a gift of God, freely given to all who will receive it through faith in The Lord Jesus Christ. Prayer in itself is nothing. It is WHO you are praying to, and the attitude of your heart (are you praying in faith toward Christ) that matters. Sadly, people pray to idols and false gods every day. Of course, it yields no salvation. “That is why I said that you will die in your sins; for unless you believe that I AM who I claim to be, you will die in your sins.” (Jesus) John 8:24 There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved. Acts 4:12 But these are written so that you may continue to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing in him you… Read more »

P Bell

Perfect! Thank you for shining a “LittleLight”! 🙂


SO good little light. There is a strengthening of the church happening across the globe. I’m in NYC and a part of a church that is on fire for people’s hearts to see the beauty of Jesus and the Gospel. It’s happening and I’m truly blown away by it. It’s the power of prayer. This fight is not of flesh and blood… know the verse.


Hi Amy! I am interested in finding out about your church. Where is it located in NYC and what is the name?


It’s called C3.NYC <3 come visit! I go to the downtown Brooklyn location.


I appreciate your positive message, but… How do you know that Jesus is coming back?

P Bell

Because he very explicitly said He would!


I just hope that he really comes back as soon as possible. Because the world needs him urgently!


Hi @Hey, That’s a very fair question. For me, being already thoroughly convinced the Bible is God’s Word, the fact that Jesus very spoke of His return, and of The Judgement to come is sufficient for me. But merely quoting the Bible will not be sufficient for you if you don’t happen to believe It is God’s Word. In that case, I would point to Biblical prophecy concerning the Messiah. I can’t do justice to this subject in a comment. But in short, one of the ways God has authenticated His Authorship of the Bible is by recording events in detail before they happen(ed). There are 300+ prophecies concerning the first coming of The Messiah (the Christ) written down (in the Old Testament) three centuries before Jesus life, death, and resurrection. Jesus fulfilled all of them. Fulfilled prophecy tells us something: The Living God means what He says, and says what He means. This is true of prophecy concerning Jesus, Israel, The Church, The Anti-Christ rule over the earth (which we read about in VC a lot), AND… the return of Jesus Christ to the earth, and the future judgement. There are 1845 references in the Old Testament to the… Read more »


Thanks for this…..what I wanted to say.


Right. I mean, scholars who aren’t even Christians can’t deny the fact that Jesus walked this earth, not to mention the astounding evidence and eye witness accounts of people who witnessed his resurrection…and the disciples who were willing to DIE for the cause. No one does that. “Why would the apostles lie? Liars always lie for selfish reasons. If they lied, what was their motive, what did they get out of it? What they got out of it was misunderstanding, rejection, persecution, torture, and martyrdom. Hardly a list of perks!” -Peter Kreeft “The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the single greatest event in the history of the world. It is so foundational to Christianity that no one who denies it can be a true Christian…A person who believes in a Christ who was not raised believes in a powerless Christ, a dead Christ. If Christ did not rise from the dead, then no redemption was accomplished at the cross and “your faith is worthless,” Paul goes on to say; “you are still in your sins” (v. 17).” -John MacArthur “There is more evidence that Jesus rose from the dead than there is that Julius Caesar ever lived or that Alexander… Read more »


Amen. Well said Littlelight


pastor Gene Kim from BBC International has some good teachings. Hes on YouTube the channel is called BBC International. He even mentions secret societies and elite families. He is very knowledgeable.


Because he was the creator of the universe and He does what He says. Read the Bible. Jesus spoke creation into existence, so he can easily create a book by influencing his people. Believe, and have salvation.


Why would he want to come back for us though? Humans have ruined this beautiful planet and each other. We don’t deserve salvation.


I know, but that’s the insanity and reckless grace of the Gospel.


A fallen plant, Anon, yes, and we don’t deserve salvation. But that’s who Jesus is. Accept his blood on the cross to cover your sins and be saved for all eternity.


Don’t say “we”, you’re only 1 person, don’t speak for others.


You are right. We don’t. Which makes salvation even more beautiful. Because of God’s mercy and love.


That’s how much Jesus loves us. He loves us even though we don’t deserve His love. Crazy isn’t it…but beautiful.


Speak for yourself.
It’s because of people like you – people who think they and only they have the right answers – that humanity is in such a disastrous situation.
YOU and only you don’t deserve salvation. Don’t blame others for your mistakes.


He’s comin’ back and he’s pissed ’cause we’ve been talkin’ smart!


Amy, good for you! Never should have cared, anyway. Even so, come Lord Jesus!


Why is there always some idiot bringing Jesus into every topic!? STFU, Jesus is probably annoyed at you too.

J Well

*Mac Miller:* Last music video shows him in a coffin *XXXTENTACION:* Last music video shows him in a coffin and talking to a demon. *Tupac:* Last Music Video shows him being gunned down. *Jimi Hendrix:* In the Ballad of Jimi, he predicted that he would die five years later. He died after he choked on his own vomit. *Whitney Houston:* In a Fresh Prince of Bel Air episode, one character is asked where his Whitney Houston cutout is, and he says “it fell apart in the shower”. She mysteriously died face down in a tub. *Princess Diana:* predicted that her husband was planning to kill her and make it seem like a car accident. *Michael Jackson​:* Was about to have his last concert titled “This Is It” and promised to expose the truth about the industry, government etc. during this concert. “Michael Jacobshagen — a 34-year-old businessman who was friends with Jackson for two decades — claimed the pop star wrote 13 letters that included phrases such as ‘They are trying to murder me’ and ‘I am scared about my life.’ MJ didn’t eat for long periods because of this fear; and due to this, he became emaciated. *Prince:* Likened… Read more »


Jimi Hendrix was murdered. He was water boarded with alcohol as he was going to fire his manager, and the manager would make more money from him dead than if he was fired by Jimi. Look it up, it’s an interesting read.


Hmm, have there been more celebrity deaths then usual lately? Sure feels like it.

Ruhma Khan

They always do it in clutches.


Ariana publicly spoke of demons visiting her …. she’s definitely their occult goddess

Just me

When her programing will start to wear off, I don’t know how she will cope with the abuse, the lives lost in her name, her Lolita look and the agenda promoted through her. Her look is the most disturbing part she has been wearing the same long boots,oversized sweatshirts as dresses, fake long ponytail, fake eyelashes and childishly atitudine since her beginnings. As an artist wasn’t she suppose to evolve,change looks,styles etc. It’s so obvious what they doing with her


My thoughts exactly.


@Duh. You’re saying you think she is the demons’ goddess? I think she is their victim/toy… Unless you spoke sarcastically.

P Bell

She is not a goddess OVER the demons; she likely has been given “goddess” status by the occultists because she is willing to be used in occult rituals to summon them. That’s one of the most tragic lies of the occult: people THINK they have the power, but it is the dark & evil spiritual entities that they conjure who have the ACTUAL power. Demons lie to their hosts (people) to make them believe they have a power they can control, when all the while, it is the demons who are in control. Because they are strictly spiritual beings who cannot outwardly control earthly events and people, demonic spirits need human beings to carry out their wicked plans.


@P Bell. You said it well! I agree with you.


Excellent P Bell


Ariana is just a dumb pawn. She doesn’t understand a third of the true meaning of what “they” say her to do.


People sell their soul in such small quantities – a seemingly trivial compromise here, a rationalization of a minor evil there – that they don’t realize what they’re doing until it is too late. Never dare to sell your soul for money, because no amount of wealth would buy you an air conditioner in hell.


The industry manipulated everything, and they have stolen real talent, beauty and art from this world, musically he was never dull. And I’m sad that because of his high profile love, he became vulnerable, and THEY knew his weakness. Ariana was his forever love, and she was only a siren. HE was betrayed by an immature lust and obsession. And it frustrates me that they will always just chalk it up to overdose. With no questions asked. Which makes it easier for the public to digest. Its so disheartening, the planet was robbed of one of its most influential and caring beings, and it was all thanks to uncaring beings in suits. The entire occult elite is full of high powered, babies in suits. With a bent ego on complete control

Malcom McCormick, you are of coarse going to be missed, thank you for your creative and honest outlook on life. Love you truly

Sadie Slays

Look at the Satanic calendar (easy to find through Google). Mac Miller died on a Satanic sacrifice day.


He played for “them”, he was one of them. “They” don’t needed him anymore.


Wow! It was feast of the beast! Your exactly right!


I for one definitely think Ariana Grande has a lot to do with his death. And i also feel like its weird that Eminem drops an album then a white rapper with the initials “M&M” dies under weird circumstances. Ijs…I got chills listening to “Stepping Stone”

Oppression's Enemy

In light of recent events, I have a feeling that Post Malone will face the same fate in the near future.


Why you think so?


He was in an interview where he was talking about JFK and the corruption in the government. You can tell he knows a lot of stuff and he didn’t want to say too too much in the interview. Look it up.

Oppression’s Enemey

The private plane he was on was forced to make an emergency landing after the plane’s wheels blew out. He was also involved in a serious car accident a few weeks later when his Rolls Royce was t-boned and crashed through a fence. And just recently, The rapper’s former San Fernando Valley residence was broken into on Sept. 1, and the burglars reportedly got away with nearly $20,000 worth in items. And to make matters worse, while the thieves were inside the home, they reportedly shouted, “Where’s Post Malone?” They also allegedly pistol-whipped the current resident. Can someone really be this unlucky? Or is there something more sinister taking place behind the scenes?


Thanks for the explanations, guys. I didn’t know those things.


Yes, Exactly. It was also reported that in light of all these brushes with death, Post Malone asked “Does God hate me?” and further to this, have y’all seen Post’s latest video (f 21 savage) called “Rock star”??…It’s unusually & sickeningly much so, that there is an actual warning displayed before the video starts, warning viewers that they “may be offended” due to the extreme bloody, gory violence. SMH. and this warning is indeed Well-merited. When I first saw the video, it DEF made me do a double-take..I could barely believe what I was seeing. Samurai swords everywhere, murder everywhere, so much blood spattered & splashed EVERYWHERE…including all over Post, who interestingly is dressed in pure bright white clothing (WHITE representing purity & innocence, while we vigilants know that RED represents ritual sacrifice) the usual references to women as ho’s & sex, materialism, blah blah blah etc. etc. etc..Yes I hate saying it but young Mr. Post Malone is one to be keeping our eyes on. and PRAYING FOR. Yes to be PRAYING FOR.


I add: he makes the devil horn with his hands and a snake is crawling on his body.


Wow! Puts things into perspective doesn’t it? Someone who merely makes a comment and his life goes spiraling downward. I always wonder about the other celebs like the actors. I wonder if they’re just as abused or used as these singers. I’ve also found a pattern with the biggest stars, like James Cameron, who at one point believed in God or in another being and as soon as they enter Hollywood, they become atheists. Either they lie and say they’re atheists to push an agenda and are forced to say so OR experience something so traumatic and otherworldly that makes them doubt the existence of God.

Shaw Polk

They are after Post Malone, I don’t know anything except his recent bad luck. Smh

T. Levy

That explains that song he made called “Too Young” I think where the hook says, “I Don’t Wanna Die Too Young, Too Young, To Young…” One of my favorites. He prolly definitely knows something. I hope they don’t get that boy…

Sarah Jayne

Memento Mori is a double “M” as is Mac Miller. The letter M is the 13th letter of the alphabet. More Satanic/Freemasonry links.


Don’t know who the creep was, but these industry pawns never learn from these events, and just keep selling their souls so they can get lots of money that does them no good in the grave.


I wish I could start a campaign: “Don’t sell your soul! It’s not worthwhile!”. But I wonder if it could have an opposite effect, and people who had not even thought about it decide to sell their souls just because I mentioned the theme, because, you know, some people are dumb as f***. Sometimes I read comments on the internet of people saying “I want to enter the illuminati group”, I shake my head and think: what is going to be made of our world?


When I heard of his death, and went on his Instagram page to check it and saw that last post of him hiding one of his eyes… I was like… ”anther one bites the dust”


“SAD”…if you combine that word with xxx’s death n last video u got a double entendré.I honestly think we should be praying hard for post malone, he’s been randomly speaking on his belief in certain “conspiracy theories” forever. In the past month, maybe two, he almost died in a plane crash, car accident, n just today or yesterday ppl tried to rob his home only to find out it was his old one. I’m not sure why, but that sounds like an EXTREMELY TARGETTED individual. I dunno if he believes in God, but I pray he finds him because for whatever reason they have, I worry his time may be short.


Why would he even get into the industry if he knew about conspiracy?? its one thing to not know, but to know and still join is just foolishness

Thy Unveiling

Some people hope to be game changers; take ’em down from the inside. I can’t say I’ve never thought of “faking it to Make It in their club” with the goal being to take them down from the inside. But I have kids and won’t put them at risk by getting involved with such a crowd. Life in modern society is risky enough. Also, to join their club it truly does boil down to money. I met a young guy once who forgot to hide his G-ring from me. He seemed full of regret; not just about me seeing his ring. He wouldn’t say much, cuz they’re not allowed, but his general disposition towards Them was hatred, regret, and determination to be *the* game changer. That was the most he’d say about them: That “you make so much money and They come to you. They watch your bank accounts. They know what’s going on.” And “I’m gonna be THE Game Changer! S--t needs to change!” I ran into him once after that; he wanted to take me on a date. But I was engaged at the time (to someone who later left me for someone else…) So I politely declined… Read more »


I think it’s very important we point out at the end of XXXtentacion’s music video. It says LONG LIVE PRINCE! when he is apparently dead. on Aug. 27th Mac had a Tweet saying “Have no fear, there are reasons for everything and methods to the madness. WE ARE LISTENING TO PRINCE ALL DAY”.


“Long live Prince” was that another name XXX went by? Or are you referring to Prince one of the greatest artist of all time? If this is from the “sad” Video I gotta look into that again. I hope none of this stuff is true it’s mad creepy.

RIP Mac miller and XXX.


Sorry, but they will not find peace now. They made their bed and now must lye in it. They chose fame over Jesus.

Thy Unveiling

Don’t be fooled; Prince was a Handler. Without him, there would be no Carmen Electra. He even gave her the name we all know her as. He’s had his hand in “discovering” a few attractive ladies careers (I can’t recall their names atm, but Carmen is the most prominent one.) He wasn’t entirely innocent. He wasn’t horrible (to our knowledge) like R.Kelley and his kept women, but it does seem he handled a few women early in their careers (and he was romantically linked to a couple of them, which is also common. Many handler/slaves are romantically involved during their time together.)


True, people forget the death, don’t make you innocent


Maybe they are shouting out their god, prince of darkness


Unless he faked his death, Im 100% positive Ariana Grande has smth to do with that.


I kind of thought Mac was her sacrifice, no one close to her has died yet if I am not mistaken.


His death was just another tragic event to boost her image (including the Manchester attack). She just keeps getting more publicity.


This was the email I sent out to some friends about Mac”s death a few days ago.. Foreword, this is all purely speculation but it makes sense to me. Alright so the album is called “swimming”. The constant theme is that he was drowning but now he’s swimming out of the darkness. The main songs that give clues are “hurt feelings”, “come back to earth”, and “2009”. Also “self care”. Watch the music video. He’s in a coffin in it and writes “memento mori”. He breaks out of the coffin which I think could signify him breaking out of the darkness of the world and the “coffin” his soul was in as he remembers that he has to die. Also a quote in that song says “like September I fall.” He died in September. What a weird coincidence. When I first heard the album, I was surprised at the like wholesomeness of it for the most part. None of the songs were about drugs or money and none of them had the harder beats. Where his music used to be to where it was now was unbelievable. It was all slower and deeper stuff. This was a different Mac. Still… Read more »


thanks for this !


Ritual Sacrifice ??


The entertainment industry is evil people. You play with fire you will get burned or in this case you play with satan you get burned. Nobody wins they are disposable puppets. I feel like people are becoming desensitized with all the celebrity deaths that seem to have escalated daily. Too many that it’s hard to keep track of these last few years. It’s like I’m always saddened and shocked but really why shocked? They sign the dotted line they forfeit their soul. Only Jesus can save them and I hope even during their last breaths they reached out to Jesus regardless of the sins they committed. If they repent and call on his name they will be saved. I don’t wish eternity in hell to anyone. Well except maybe satan and the illuminati bloodlines who started all this crap in the first place.

Thy Unveiling

You don’t wish eternity in Hell for child rapists who willingly abused and tortured the innocent in ways so depraved that you couldn’t even imagine? The stuff they do to kids is completely shattering and beyond horrible. I’m not one for quoting the Bible, and I won’t pretend I’m well-versed in it, but I’m pretty sure there’s a line in there about not hurting kids the way that these swear words do. Someone who willfully goes around ruining people’s lives and hurting kids like that totally belongs in Hell. I don’t like wishing bad things upon others, but predators like that… well, they aren’t predators of nature like alligators or lions where that’s how Our Father in Heaven designed them to be. No, no. Sodomizing infants and drinking their blood is of Satan’s design. But I know there’s only one true Judge and it’s not up to me to make the decisions. I don’t know what’s in their hearts. But somehow I doubt that most of these high level folk have any regrets about bashing in babies skulls after sodomizing them and drinking their blood like wine. Or using their adrenochrome for a high. They’re hooked on the stuff.


No I don’t wish hell on anyone. Neither does Jesus that’s why he died for ALL humanity and ALL types of sins. I hear what you’re saying and I can’t take away the salvation extended to all humans not just the non pedos and normal people. Of course I’m not saying those who hurt children are exempt from punishment or consequences but if they repent it’s between them and Jesus. I understand your point and I appreciate the reminder of what I said and how general it was but when man repents it’s between him and God. I’ve heard testimonies of people who did all kinds of heinous crimes like the ones you mentioned and they got saved and now preach the gospel to try and reach other Satanists. Anyone can change and be saved if they want to in their heart.


Finally the adrenochrome drop! Thank you!

PS Marshall Mathers I’m too lazy to Google that spelling died in a car accident in 09. That creepy, glitched out clone, Android whatever u wanna call it has been malfunctioning for years – youtube dat (Or it the block chain and all its freedoms)


Arianna would probably end up in a gruesome death from what we’ve seen so far. Death is following her. Her current fiancé would end up dead since Pete is also a heavy drug user. Even Arianna is known to use heave drugs. She will die young. The elite is using her so much and it’s sad. People here on VC oftentimes blames these celebrities when the said celebrities are victims too.

Just me

Pete has also some sort of mental illness,plus childhood trauma from losing his dad on 9/11,he doesn’t stand a chance really


It’s all written in the Bible. Everything that has been happening is meant to happen. No one can stop it. It will get worse before it gets better. Everything has been prophesied. Jesus will come back after everything burns in this world. Human race is bound to fall to the hands of evil whether we like it or not. That’s always been our fate.

This makes me think. What is really the purpose of everything? It seems like we are all just pawns to the hidden battle of good v.s. evil. The battle of light and darkness. Humans are nothing but pawns. I know I sounded like an ingrate to the Lord Almighty but that’s what I feel the more I see the hell we are all living in. It’s really sad.


But why doesn’t Jesus come back right now??

L Pete

I’ll attempt to answer the question working my way backwards. The way I see it from the Bible, at the end of Revelations when “time” is no more it says let him who is evil be evil still and let him who is righteous be righteous still. (Paraphrase). To me this means in the next age we will be “locked” in so to speak to be fully what we were becoming during this life. If we had Jesus guiding us, we will fully have God guiding us for eternity. The Bible also says that wheat and tares (a weed that looks just like wheat as it grows), must be allowed to grow together until all the harvest has come to maturity and it is fully evident what is good to be kept and what will be discarded into the fire. Lastly, God doesn’t start to really move hard into judgement of the world until most of the world has rejected Jesus and accepted instead of him some kind of false savior of the world (the anti-christ). The world takes his mark which somehow changes them, and they dismiss everyone who doesn’t join the world system by allowing them to first… Read more »


That’s a good point. This makes you question why God is letting all this to happen. Our fate has already been written so what was the point of our lives? Why create humans when we were bound to fall? It’s like we are all just living in a simulation. I may sound blasphemous but the horrible things we’ve seen in this world and life is like hell itself.

Thy Unveiling

I agree. This society/world is such a soul-crushing experience; some experience it worse than others. Some aren’t even given the chance. Many of us *want* to change things for the better, but don’t know how or are met with roadblocks at every attempt. Most of us are not bad people; we don’t deserve to be effed around like this. Innocent souls shouldn’t be born just to be tortured one way or another. To feel like we’re living under a curse. Or to know this way of living isn’t right yet still being enslaved to it. So many times I just want to quit this planet. I want to save everyone, yet I can barely help myself. I hate that I question Our Father’s Plan because I don’t want to be Lucifer, but I don’t understand why He allows for children to be abused in the worst of ways, why He allows for good people to suffer so much yet evil reigns on. Most of us do not want this to continue, most of us would want to serve in Our Father’s army to eradicate evil. Why not allow us this chance? Particularly while the planet we inhabit can still be… Read more »


Maybe that’s not god’s plan in the first place. Maybe people can change things, you just have to take action and actively oppose the bad things that people are doing. If good people do nothing, that allows other people to get away with doing wrong.


So tired of the “why did God make it happen?” question. We made it happen. End of story. You let sin in, let it abound so satan can rule the earth, what do you think happens? Rainbows and butterflies? Thank God He is still with us, a light in this dark DARK world. Let it shine… all the time


People often mistake the will of God with free will. God is not the one making this happen.


Why come back when everything is in ruins? Why not come back now? It’s true that everything that has been happening is meant to happen. It means everything is going according to God’s plan. Life is full of mysteries and s--t.


Why? Because Earth is a “proving ground.” Many are called,few are chosen.

Prophetic Explorer

Symbolism yes, but why kill him? He seemed to be an obedient slave to their system. This would only serve to undercut the idea that if you do what they say no harm will come to you. If after all is said and done everyone is fair game, there is little motivation for their slaves to toe the line.

Just me

The moral of the story is that the devil might not keep his part of the deal,so think twice before signing the deal


Think twice? *Never* sign the deal! Ok, I understood what you meant, but it sounded slightly weird to me haha

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