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Ariana Grande’s “No Tears Left to Cry”: Blatant Monarch Mind Control Symbolism



Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left to Cry": Blatant Monarch Mind Control Symbolism

Ariana Grande’s No Tears Left to Cry takes place in a dizzying world where nothing makes sense. It is a twisted tribute to the elite’s sickest practice: Monarch Mind Control.

Ariana Grande began her career as Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon show Victorious and she quickly became an idol to millions of children. Once she “graduated” to her solo singing career, it did not take long before her fans were introduced to intense sexualization and elite symbolism. That is how the industry works, over and over again.

No Tears Left to Cry is the first single released by Ariana Grande since the Manchester terror attack, which took place immediately after her concert on May 22, 2017. On this day, the world of senseless terror violently clashed with the world of teen entertainment.

Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left to Cry": Blatant Monarch Mind Control Symbolism

The Manchester Terror attack happened during the ominously titled “Dangerous Woman” Tour.

A week after the attack, Ariana Grande headlined the Manchester One concert, which also featured other children’s favorite performers such as Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. As I stated in my article Manchester Terror Attack: Rallying the Youth Around the Occult Elite, this entire event reeked of MK symbolism.

Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left to Cry": Blatant Monarch Mind Control Symbolism

Nearly all of the artists who performed at the Manchester One show have been featured on this site for their Illuminati symbolism.

Now, one year after the attack, Ariana Grande has released No Tears Left to Cry. As if to confirm everything above, the video is replete with obvious MK symbolism. Let’s look at it.

No Tears Left to Cry

The song refers to the aftermath of a sad and traumatic event, one that was so hard that there are “no tears left to cry”. While there’s most likely a reference to the Manchester bombing in there, the video adds a deeper level of interpretation. Indeed, through clear symbolism, Grande plays the role of an MK slave that is lost and trapped in a dissociative state to escape trauma. The song begins with these words:

“Right now, I’m in a state of mind
I wanna be in, like, all the time
Ain’t got no tears left to cry”

The goal of Monarch programming is to cause trauma so intense that it forces the slave to dissociate from reality as a defense mechanism. During this state, the handler can “shape” the inner-world of the slave and even change the “rules” of this world when need be.

There is a reason why the movies Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz and Labyrinth are used as MK programming tools: They’re all based on the same structure. Each movie features a young girl that is swept away into a fantasy world where anything can happen, where nothing makes sense and where anything can morph and change at any moment. This describes the mental state of dissociation as their handler controls their internal world. (For more information on Monarch Programming, read this article).

The video of No Tears Left to Cry is a symbolic representation of this state from the point of view of the slave who must navigate in an inner-world created by her handler.

Right from the beginning, we get the sense that the video takes place in a world that is completely imaginary. It is also very dizzying and disorienting (some YouTube comments advise against watching this video while drunk).

Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left to Cry": Blatant Monarch Mind Control Symbolism

In the intro, everything spins around in a world where there is no top or bottom.

Throughout the video, the camera rotates to reveal that Ariana is sitting or standing on a wall that turns into a ceiling. In this world, there is no gravity and the basic rules of physics do not apply – it is all a construction of the mind.

Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left to Cry": Blatant Monarch Mind Control Symbolism

Ariana is not on the floor. Also, if physics applied, her hair should be pointing towards the ground. But it is all make-believe.

Then Ariana falls through a wall and ends up in another place.

Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left to Cry": Blatant Monarch Mind Control Symbolism

In a world that is completely created by the handler, walls and barriers can be broken at any time.

Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left to Cry": Blatant Monarch Mind Control Symbolism

Arianna finds herself trapped and suspended in a surreal room – an apt way of visually depicting the state of dissociation.

Even if Ariana wanted to “end it all”, she would not be able to do it. She is not in control of her body or of the inner-world she navigates in.

Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left to Cry": Blatant Monarch Mind Control Symbolism

When Ariana lets herself fall into the void, the camera rotates and she lands on her feet. Can’t escape this world.

The video then takes a bizarre turn and goes into unmistakable, full-on Monarch symbolism.

Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left to Cry": Blatant Monarch Mind Control Symbolism

Ariana sits on the ceiling of a room, representing, again, her dissociative state.

Hanging Monarch slaves upside down is an actual technique used during programming.

“Simply hanging a person upside down for one or two hours will begin to play tricks on the mind. The mind will begin to dissociate, and will begin to reverse the primordial brain functions such as pain is pleasure. The person’s mind rearranges. This is often done with Beta alters or Beta models to get them to think that the pain of sadistic rape is a pleasure.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

Then things become blatant.

Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left to Cry": Blatant Monarch Mind Control Symbolism

Ariana literally removes her face.

The goal of Monarch programming is to program alter-personas that the handler can trigger at will. This scene represents Ariana switching alter-personas.

Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left to Cry": Blatant Monarch Mind Control Symbolism

In front of Ariana are masks representing alter-personas.

The scene above also contains several objects referring to Monarch programming such as puzzle pieces (representing the fractioning of the core personality), single eyes (Illuminati one-eye sign) and mazes (representing the internal programming map). One of the mazes is drawn on black paper and is reminiscent of some of the works by the painter Kim Noble – a mind control survivor who has 13 alter personas.

Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left to Cry": Blatant Monarch Mind Control Symbolism

Kim Noble produced a series of paintings on black canvas that symbolically outline the occult and traumatic process of Monarch programming. The art style is similar to the maze in the video.

Odd fact: In the behind the scenes video, Ariana describes the process of creating the mask used in the video as the “most traumatizing thing she ever did”. Interesting choice of words, considering the fact that the video is secretly about trauma-based mind control.

Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left to Cry": Blatant Monarch Mind Control Symbolism

This scene with multiple Arianas emphasizes the concept of multiple personas.

The video ends with the first appearance of a sky – hinting that things might get better. However, we find out that Ariana is sitting on a wall, hinting that she is still dissociated.

Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left to Cry": Blatant Monarch Mind Control Symbolism

On the right, a bee flies away. One of the symbols representing Manchester is the worker bee.

Making it More Obvious

No Tears Left to Cry was pushed by a marketing campaign based on everything being upside down.

Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left to Cry": Blatant Monarch Mind Control Symbolism

Everything on Ariana’s website is upside down.

Once again, this refers to the “hanging upside down” dissociation method described above.

Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left to Cry": Blatant Monarch Mind Control Symbolism

This mural promoting Ariana’s performance at the Billboard Awards features reversed and upside down text on a background of clouds.

The mural is strikingly similar to this peculiar thing:

Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left to Cry": Blatant Monarch Mind Control Symbolism

This is an invitation to a super-elite masked ball organized by Marie-Hélène de Rothschild on 12/12/1972. The text was in reverse and a mirror was required to read the invitation (pseudo-satanic stuff). In my article Revealing Pictures from the 1972 Illuminati Ball, I posted rare pics of the event: The entire thing was an elite, MK-themed, cannibalistic ritual. Was the Ariana Grande mural a reference to this event?

When Ariana performed the song on the Tonight Show, the set was pure MK imagery.

Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left to Cry": Blatant Monarch Mind Control Symbolism

Ariana performs on a set made to look like an MC Escher drawing.

Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left to Cry": Blatant Monarch Mind Control Symbolism

“Convex and Concave” by MC Escher.

The mind-bending works of Escher are used in actual MK programming.

“The artwork of the European artist M.C. Escher is exceptionally well suited for programming purposes. For instance, in his 1947 drawing “Another World”, the rear plane in the center serves as a wall in relation to the horizon, a floor in connection with the view through the top opening and a ceiling in regards to the view up towards the starry sky. Reversals, mirror images, illusion, and many other qualities appear in Escher’s artwork which make all 76 or more of his major works excellent for programming.”
– Ibid.

Escher’s work is also an intricate part of the movie Labyrinth – which is all about Monarch programming.

In Conclusion

Although No Tears Left to Cry is widely interpreted as an “uplifting anthem”, there is much more going on there. And it is not very uplifting. The song, the video and the marketing campaign surrounding it are fully drenched in the occult elite’s symbolism as it portrays the singer as a mind-control slave who has dissociated from reality.

The fact that this kind of blatant imagery was used in a video that is supposedly about “picking it up” after the Manchester bombing is telling. Although it might not be obvious at first, the worlds of terror and entertainment both deal in the murky waters of mind control. Indeed, those who carry out terror attacks are often the products of mind control (Delta programming) while the entertainment industry is full of MK slaves (Beta programming). For the elite, both worlds have the same purpose: To control the ambient culture, to dictate a specific narrative and to direct our collective attention towards specific acts, events, and symbols.

The same way Ariana attempts to navigate a world where nothing makes sense, the elite uses media to confuse and disorient the masses, having them look up to industry slaves to “uplift” them after traumatic events. It is time to wake up and step out of this Escher painting.

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Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left to Cry": Blatant Monarch Mind Control Symbolism

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The most horrible part in my opinion is that tons of little girls have been watching this video and saying its just “unique art” when those of us who know about MK ULTRA can see the blatant almost “in-your-face” satanic mind control symbolism throughout this video. It’s just sick how they are manipulating an entire generation of children and teens while at the same time directly mocking those of us aware of their agenda. They take pleasure in watching us see our children slowly disintegrate into their agenda.


This. _exactly_ this.

makes you think

Parents are the ones letting this happen. Nobody needs a television or a smartphone. Especially not a child. We can’t b---h about our kids watching this mind control garbage if we put televisions and electronics in our homes. It’s like blaming McDonald’s for making you fat. Yeah, the people doing this are evil assholes, but modern parents are the most neutered, ineffectual, half assed excuses for guardians that have ever walked the earth. The PC police that are pushed through social media have made sure that parents can’t even reprimand or discipline their children without fear of being labeled cruel and abusive. Every lukewarm 21st century parent out there is scared to tell their kids NO! We’ve forgotten the simple fact that kids DON’T know better, it’s the parent’s job to know better for them, feelings aren’t always right, and you shouldn’t always let them run wild because sometimes what they all want is just plain wrong and will hurt, kill, or corrupt them. Parents need to wake the f--k up. Get rid of the screens and make your kids learn how to read a f-----g book. Maybe do it by example. I sure as hell don’t see many parents… Read more »

God's soldier

Yeah, you’re right. Except for the part regarding books. Do you know that a lot of writers show a lot of illuminati symbolism? For example, some years ago I read that J. K. Rowling admitted she had made a deal with the devil to become a famous writer. I agree that people should read more, but we should be cautious even regarding books! And second, most people don’t even know about the mind control/illuminati subject. And among those that got to know about the subject, most of them don’t believe the theories about the occult elite. Some of them probably don’t even understand the theories. So the ones that know the theories AND understand/belive them are a big minority, in my opinion.

God's soldier

Another example: Agatha Christie wrote books whose covers also show illuminati symbolism! So even the books we can’t trust! We must be suspicious and careful about everything that involves materialism.


j.k.rowling said the Harry Potter books just “appeared” already written in her mind after a dream. she said she wasn’t carrying any paper so had to frantically write on anything she could find at the time. she was worried the story would vanish again before she could get it all down. that’s not normally how creation works for most people. but if you deal with the devil & he just hands over a fully written book for you to copy down. do people not understand that the whole harry potter franchise is steeped in witchcraft & devilry. the same is true of the Pokemon series. the guy went into a room & came out again with the first 200 pokemon creatures all writ down & he openly admitted he didn’t know where they came from. not hard to imagine old nick lending a hand in such hugely successful franchises in exchange for the small payment of your soul.


If true, Satan could sure use a good editor. Those HP books got way too long.

Eyes wide open

How is it that Satan has more power than God? God created evil correct?

If you believe that religion.

What is your god waiting for exactly? One more child to be raped? One more war? One more drop of blood?


Maybe you’ve heard thhat this God of “ours” gave us free choice so people can do whatever and it’s us who should stop them dumbass. If we aren’t doing anything to stop bad things from happening, then we’re part of the problem


God has given mankind to choose good or evil for a set temp time period of just 6000 years and no one day longer. He is making an offer of a life time to all the sinful, evil and damned to be made over and into a new creation; goodness, love and purity will exist for all times for the new creation in Christ. That time limit is almost over. The people who choose not to bow before Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sin, I am afraid they will go pay for their sins against God and his creation- including sins against children. The obvious choice is to obtain a new creation position with the Messiah, Jesus Christ and let him pay for your sins ( breaking the 10 commands by thought, word and or deed over the course of a life time) as evidence that you are a sinner by your own choices. If you don’t want to let him fix you, there is a hell for those who want to stay in evil, sin and rebellion. 1 Corinthians 15: 1-4 teachers that we can approach his grace on the basis of faith into his death, burial and… Read more »


God did not create evil:
This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.
1John 1:5

Lucifer had free will. He was the highest of cherubim and most beautiful. He decided to rebel against God which automatically created evil. His rebellion came when he saw God make us. He did not want to be under submission of humans when it came time. He became envious, for we were the only creatures to have the breath of God in us along with glorified bodies. We fell under Satan’s spell in the Garden. Our spirits then had to be covered with skin and we became corporeal, and live by the sweat of our brow along with being in constant spiritual warfare. We have to wait until everyone who is suppose to come to redemptions is saved before the world is changed into something better. Until then, God is teaching us valuable lessons of what happens when the creature believes himself to be above the Creator. May God be Blessed Forever and forgive us. Amen.


Best answer I have heard in a while. Thanks. Most think of God in the bible as a Saviour, slash, he does stuff for us while we sit idly by, when really he/she is more like a teacher, father and mother (holy trinity), that lets us make mistakes so we can learn.
And someday understand and full-fill the creation. Those lower energies which are of this world only, or which are jealous, are always trying to trick the creation into believing that we can fly by and past this test, because that was what they are designed to do, to make the obstacle course and fulfill the illusion. Their is only evil in this world because good people choose to do nothing, and allow those they know are bad, to make decisions for them or have authority over them rather then the goodness/god of their heart, to have and rule over them. Thus we continue to choose to be beast of burden.


Many singers too claim that there biggest hit single just came to them, Barry Manilow claimed his were sung in his ear when he was sleeping and he woke up and wrote them down, but is it the devil, or just an evil swine elite with the money and the technology to fool the fools

still a VC fan

I woke up during the night not long ago, singing the line “I wanna be a celebrity girl on the cover of Star Magazine.” Next day on piano, put that line to a chord progression I’d been playing around with, and it turned into a Randy Newman-ish satirical song about celebrity leftists. Trivial, but I had never dreamed a song (or even the first line) before and found it truly an interesting experience.

PS. Keith Richards dreamed the riff from “Satisfaction.”


Wow! Did not know that!

makes you think

I totally agree about many books in that regard, but for every book that has been another propagandist tool there has been a counterpoint to it out there. You have to seek out and choose the book to read. It isn’t beamed into your home preselected by a cabal of pedophiles to wear down the collective moral fiber of mankind. There’s a freedom there that has been completely removed from modern media.

Even better than reading a book would be to go out in the world God created and start making it a better place, and caring for creation in whatever way you find meaningful.

The key is to seek knowledge and wisdom instead of entertainment and diversion. One way brings you closer to purpose in this collective hallucination and one tears you further from it. However you find that is up to you, but you won’t find it on a Television show or music video carefully crafted to control your emotions and thoughts. It doesn’t take years of study in occult symbolism to know the television wants your daughter to be a w---e.


I agree with you except for the bit about books. They ARE pre-selected by the cabal because the cabal own the publishing houses. Try getting a book published without following an agenda “they” have.
I agree with switching the TV off, but I also think books are worse than other mediums because they are one-way communication platforms. At least with a YouTube vid you can have comments and thus other opinions and criticisms. Books just tell their one version and there is no commentary at all.
Thoroughly agree with you about getting back into nature.
My 9 year old doesn’t watch any network TV show (we don’t have TV), but she does watch various YouTube channels that she likes. Ive watched them with her and I love that they are overtaking the pre-selected TV network shows for kids.

makes you think

I’m mainly talking about books that existed before publishing houses. Those are thingsthat I’m sure they’d love to snuff out but can’t. It may not be easy to get a book published today but there are tons of available avenues to get access to ancient knowledge that many have sought to distract you from. You can’t possibly try to compare the worth of a youtube video from some unvetted moron to the value of even one page of the Tao Te Ching, for instance. Some books don’t require criticism. The modern social media culture has made every person out there think they are a qualified critic when in reality an evolved mind should be using topics in any media to provoke inner thought and question things rather than offering sanctimonious opinions on why you know better than anonymous person x. If people could humble themselves and accept that we all need to learn and think more than we need to offer criticisms the murder-greed-rape culture of today wouldn’t exist. You wouldn’t have people reading websites like this and wondering why nobody else gets it because everyone would do their own critical thinking and understand. Television and YouTube have destroyed the… Read more »


Bless you. I taught for many years and wish there were more people like you, esp having children. Very well-said.

definitely a reader

With books, you learn by reading, how to think for yourself about them — there is no need to discuss it with others who may not be readers, be familiar with the book, or have the background knowledge and experience to discuss it. There are publishing houses that deal with non-globalist-agenda books — Regenery is one very good one, and Countercurrents puts out some interesting books. Also, people can self-publish on Kindle and there are some amazingly thoughtful books on there for free. Books have deeper knowledge than anything produced by the entertainment industry because they have been used to study and learn from for centuries. There is classic knowledge, such as The Meditations of Marcus Arelius (so?) where today’s film-oriented entertainment is not made by the greatest minds of all time, but by 20-somethings. Most is unoriginal and not particularly thought-provoking. Also, there are authors from all different backgrounds, where film tends to be produced by the left, although that has changed somewhat with the net (although the tendency is to censor more and more that does not fit the globalist agenda.) Do not trust”pre-selected” Youtube. For one thing, that means google is selecting, as they own it, and… Read more »

definitely a reader

Sorry — VC took out all my formatting, such as paragraph breaks.


I disagree about Harry Potter. I believe there is more to it about sacred alchemy then evil or witchcraft, and the balance of the choices between love and the serpent or lower energy within us. It also gets into the power of words, which is a real power.. (thus why we call breaking down words, spelling.. we are all magik users in some way) Sacred alchemy is about raising and harnessing the power in yourself to do good and have the energy to block out evil. Most early Christians and scholars knew and preached of this ability and energy, and only moved away from this after the “dark ages”, or really the age when Catholicism (the order of the cat) purged and erased earlier text and books And the bible is encoded with sacred alchemy and numerology as well. Even the bible doesn’t preach against the understanding of the starts and spiritual parts of self, it does preach against false idols though, which is important. To not make idols out of men or imagery, which even Jesus says to honor the father and not himself, though we continue to make an idol out of him.


Spot on, thats why in the UK kids start school in nappies and have an insufferable sense of self importance, they can barely use a knife and fork or hold a pencil, certainly no reading ability. Discipline was sacrificed to a lunatic gov where every bad behaviour is a mental illness require psych drugs.

John F. Kennedy

knives are illegal remember XD


In America, too– the globalists are seeking to destroy Western civilization with its great works and replace it with an all-the-same, dumbed down and poor population they can control. Parents could fight this, but they don’t. In fact, they complain if a teacher dares to discipline. Teachers are called in and harassed until they quit if they attempt discipline in schools now. You’re right – the kids think they’re brilliant, when they are falling behind more every year.


I don’t agree


The Bible is the only book you need to read.


Lots of great knowledge in other books. Epitctetus…look him up….a Greek slave who wrote of stoicism. Too many great books to only read the Bible. God gave man a brain and the ability to think, Rgrow, pass along knowledge.

Rowling’s stories mostly from mythology and fables, right down to the names used….Toward the end, it was very much for the money, to the point that she was writing for how it would appear onscreen. Great books about how humans can use good knowledge to fight against evil intent.

Let’s not go all crazy with pretending everything but the Bible is satanic. Huge lover of books and knowledge here….


Well-said. The Stoics were great and important thinkers; your comment is excellent. The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings are other books that expand the imagination and teach positive values. Good remark about Rowling.

P. Brown

LOTR is full of occult symbolism, ie, Sauron (all-seeing Eye). We just have to be aware of what we are seeing and hearing and understand the motives behind it.


No, there is wisdom and entertainment, too, in countless books. The Bible does not teach everything we need to know. That’s why God created people with the urge to write.


excellent work, 100% accurate. Bravo!


These scumbags are going DOWN…There are more of us than them…They’re disgusting and perverted assholes…HOW did she become involved in any of this crap… Was she aware at all that this was going on… If so, can’t she snap herself out of this.. There is this great footage of Roseanne w/MK Ultra mind control survivors and they’re all speaking up..They, and don’t take this as a joke, stated they NEVER allowed to smoke weed because it opens up a part of the brain that can stop the mind control issues.. I believe this.. Roseanne stated so and so did the others..As all stated they were given tons of drugs EXCEPT weed to control them…What the f--k is the purpose of them doing this to mainly Hollywood and the DC assholes.. I’m assuming the Rothschild’s are the trash behind this sick s--t… F-----g lowlifes… They’re repulsive…


There is solid evidence that Manchester was a fake event, using crisis actors. Fake events are more controllable.
1. A few days before the concert, there was a security drill outside the arena, involving a guy pretending to have a suicide vest and yelling in Arabic — you will often find that these events happen at the same time as one or more security drills (Boston Marathon fake bombing, for instance).
2. The PA announcer said that nothing had happened and everybody should leave calmly. If there had been an attack outside the arena hall, wouldn’t people be told to stay where they were?
3. Emergency personnel were not allowed onto the scene (the honest ones, no doubt).

It’s all tied together. The fake events traumatize us and the concerts and records remind us of that trauma.


There is solid evidence OUR ENTIRE REALITY is a fake event. (not being facetious).




I honestly would love to know more about this ! Any links ?


Use DuckDuckGo search engine. Put “false flag events” in the search bar. Find your own links from there. Learn to research.

P. Brown

We really are living in The Matrix,in a way.


“Solid Evidence”!!

D D d

Yes, carved in stone, not just clay tablets you know, it?

Thy Unveiling

They certainly had the merchandise and other concert ready to go right quick after that. Almost as if it were pre-planned 😉


For anyone wishing to know more about the Manchester false flag bombing i suggest you check out ‘UK Critical Thinker’ on youtube, although some of his video’s got removed he has since managed to reload some of them.


This woman is so annoying with that ‘oh, i’m so innocent’ look. But really she knows who she’s in league with.


Sadly she has to, when she/he is dissociated, she /he doesn’t even know what is doing, they are victims!! They don’t decide!! their own parents usually sell them or they are brought purposely through programming of their own parents, jeez you really need to “study” much more to comprehend how far the rabbit hole goes, it’s way complicated than this sadly that’s how the handlers and owners want you to think that they have a clue or they can decide anything, wrong!!


Nah. She just love the fame. She isn’t much more programmed than you and me are. She’s just a hoe. Also if someone was good couldn’t they break their programming? Like if they believed in God or anything.


It would help greatly if we wouldn’t all talk like gangstas and thugs. Women esp are being called every nasty name in the book lately, and it all comes from the thugs who brought it out of the prison and those who helped make it popular. What they say now would never have been accepted 20 years ago.

Let’s not call women ugly names. She does wrong, but the “wh—” (which is how it is spelled; let’s not be ignorant about the language), “b—–” “c—–” all these words for females are really damaging for young kids coming up whose parents do not teach them how evil “thug culture” is.

some reader

“Everything on Ariana’s website is upside down.”
Also, in satanic symbolism, they like to invert everything. As an example, the upside-down cross. The baptism process is inverted too. Like in VC article about Lil Uzi, which says “In the above scene, Lil Uzi reverses the religious rite of baptism, which consists in being submerged in water. While the represents purification, regeneration, and admission to the Christian Church, the reversing the rite represents the exact opposite. In short, it is satanic, Black mass stuff.” VC also said:
“This scene plays on the same black magic concept that also applies to inverted writing, inverted crosses, and inverted pentagrams. It is about the corruption of “holy” symbols for black magic.”
So the satanists like to show that they are the opposite of Christianism, the opposite of holy!


I recall when I was little I had a coloring & activity book from the movie “Return To Oz.” Seeing Ariana’s backwards promotional materials & the backwards invitation for the Rothschild party reminded me of one page in the coloring & activity book that had a backwards message for Dorothy. I had to lift it up to a mirror to read what it said. (It said “Beware The Wheelers.”) As a child I didn’t think it was anything sinister, but knowing what I know now about the MK Ultra themes in Return To Oz I am truly not surprised.


I was actually thinking about return to oz whilst reading the article. Electroshock and that scene where the queen has all her different heads locked up. It’s all there!


Also the wheelers were the most terrifying characters for me when I was a child!

P. Brown

I need to watch this movie, as I am finding out that it is one of the most blatant examples of trauma-based mind control in entertainment.


do these celebrities even know how far deep their in? or are they really that much out of it that they can’t comprehend what’s really going on? and how come we never see bruises or marks and stuff.

I’m a believer don’t get me wrong hut it’s hard to understand how this all flys under the radar when I know not everyone in Hollywood is in this type of control


I wonder these questions myself!

some reader

” and how come we never see bruises or marks and stuff.”
When I was learning about the subject, I wondered about this too. You could search MK Ultra techniques on the internet, or the term “Project MKUltra”.
For example, regarding the electric shocks, the handlers probably perform them in a way that they don’t cause apparent injuries. I haven’t read much about it, but I suppose that the handlers know how to perform the different tortures without causing apparent injuries…

some reader

For example, I found this: “Exposure to electrical energy may result in no injury at all”. I also found this page whose title says: “How can I confirm a case of electrocution if there are no external electrical injury marks?”. Search for it in Google. It says “While conducting an autopsy on a victim of electrocution, if there are NO INJURY MARKS on the body, how can I proceed with the autopsy?”.


Instead of google, use DuckDuckGo. g00000 is run and owned by some rotten people who are influencing minds and also treating their employees unfairly if they are Christians or otherwise have trad beliefs. Better to just say “search for it” or even “search for it on the net” or “search on DuckDuckGo.” goooo does not need our advertising, and they are a biased source run by people tied up in globalism — the push to one-world gov and religion.

some reader

I found this site that says: “Although a burn is both a clear and unequivocal sign that a person has suffered an electric shock injury and an actual injury, itself, not all electric shock injuries are externally visible and immediately apparent.”

D D d

In a world where celecrities fake accidents to mask their surgery for facial enhancements and make-up is invisible for a camera lense…what do you expect?
Look beyond what you can see.


Exactly the reason Melania Trump has not “recovered” yet from her “kidney” surgery (or whatever it was, supposedly). (response to DDd)


Melania’s fine now. One positive is that we have an “America First” family in the WH instead of the globalists tearing down our country.

P. Brown

Don’t be so sure of that. Trump answers to Bibi.


I imagine alot of it is done before they are famous. And if they need reprogramming, then they go to rehab or a hospital.




Monarch Programming trauma is typically done when the victim is a young child. It’s easier to program a child than an adult. Also, programmers have ways of causing trauma that doesn’t leave physical marks (see the part in the article about being hung upside down).


Much trauma is emotional and mental.


probably similar to placing a lit cigarette next to skin (without touching) you can feel the burn but no bruises are seen


Well we never knew Chris used to abuse Rihanna up until the day she went to the police. Never any marks on her so…


they abuse them in a way that doesnt leave marks. one type of wound they can leave is dry blood under the nails.


Good grief. You must get tired of reporting on the same thing over and over and over again. I guess it is all they have, so it is all they can do. And maybe you can see it because they actually are upside down, but you are right side up.

ex BTS fan

Very Interesting! Can you also analyse the “Fake love” from BTS. I have the feeling it has many subliminal messages. It’s also very weird that they have the biggest fanbase in the world and have been embraced with open arms at the BBMA 2018.

I have to admit that I have been a big fan of them, but since I kept noticing dark stuff in their music video’s I’ve left their fandom…..

They have become weird. Would be awesome if you could analyse the Fake Love MV further to open the eyes of their fans.

P.S: I really like your contect! Keep doing the great work.

D D d

Why didn’t you mention what you saw yourself, but instead just dropped their name and their latest product on the scene?

D D d

Thanks for the downvotes, you all know who you are. Do you want to google every half-mention of nitwit popstars here in this segment yourselves, or do you want to get informed at least half a fact or opinion or caught moment of whatever??


“Google” is not a verb. Just say “want to search for” or “to look up.” Don’t give them free advertising or suggest them when they are biased against traditions like loving your country, being Christian, saluting the flag, loving your family, marriage, etc.


And now that they have No.1 album and No.10 hit song on Billboard. Their rise in America is insanely fast ! It’s not just ‘FL’, I think VC needs to analyse their whole discography, lols.
Right from HYYH era to LY alternate universe.


Or maybe VC can analyse Blood Sweat Tears by BTS. I haven’t seen any analysis on that. That song sorta solidified their popularity

Don’t need to know

It all started with fire tbh, the whole shaking hands with the devil thing

Don’t need to know :)

true…not trying to be insentive but I have a bad feeling that one of the members will be sacrificed in the future, you know they had jonghyun wear Kurt Cobain’s suicide letter months before his death…they also recently made tae wear it, not to mention how spring day was inspired by the ones who walk away from omelas, a book about a child sacrifice needed for a utopian society…and why is there a theory surrounding bts and one of their members being dead in their MVs…? We all know how the elite uses predictive programming…same thing happened with ladies code, and BOOM! Their members actually died in an apparent “accident”

J Well

It’s truly sad but I believe they will sacrifice one of them soon

Nurulhuda Nassir

Guys, have u seen Fake Love Extended MV by BTS? you would have to watch it to the end. blatant stuff

Thy Unveiling

I don’t know nor care about this k-pop group, but I did notice them heavily advertised on a giant led screen outside my hotel during a recent trip to the city. So big money is being spent pushing these guys. They don’t spend money pushing stuff for nothing.


I was going to comment the same thing about BTS. Especially since they released Fake Love Extended version.


Why are you guys supporting pop culture when you know it’s bad for all of us?


Rather than being fans, best not to be involved with modern pop culture. It is run by those determined to run down traditional values and lives. Just ignore that kind of thing — I haven’t watched videos for years. Don’t do it. The stuff they accept and put up now is influencing our culture in dark and ugly ways.

God's soldier

So a person makes a deal with the industry (or satan) to become famous, and what happens is: the person undergoes several sessions of torture called “MK Ultra programming”, therefore, acquires several personalities. So the person’s original personality, in addition to suffering torture, at many times is replaced by alternative personalities, therefore, the original personality does not even have the chance to enjoy the few good things he/she “won” with the pact made with the industry, because often (probably most of the time) the person who is in the foreground, controlling the body, is not the person’s original personality, but one of the several alternative personalities created! That is, when the original personality (the one that made the deal) is not being horribly tortured, he/she is, most of the time, lost in mental labyrinths, without even being able to “enjoy” the few good things in life of fame that the person’s body had won due to the deal! So it means 100% defeat. Of course: making a deal with satan obviously won’t generate anything good for the victim!

D Arc

Of course not. The person can be handmade to the industry since birth and doesnt make any ”deal” -or maybe a teen makes some deal thinking there’s a good result. For the slave’s handler it brings money & stuff – for some time… Until its time to get a new better handler. Who of course is a slave itself in many ways, in every way.

God's soldier

Even if the person chose not to sell their soul? My God, if this is true, this world we’re living is almost like hell. I used to think that for someone to become an elite’s slave, the slave HAD TO CHOOSE this path!

makes you think

If they start corrupting the person from a young age…while they always have some level of free will and chose their situation, how much free will did they really have? Pushed into this by parents and families that only see dollar signs, lives signed over to predatory Hollywood handlers? It’s a tough call. Many who try to walk away get executed – i.e. the drone strike on Paul Walker.

The exploitation of human life in media is a systemic moral failure of mankind, which has been eased by the media itself…a slow erosion of principles and dignity, the death of religion and philosophy at the hands of a grand lie, a fabulous distraction beamed across the globe to keep people from realizing their true, magnificent nature and thinking of the real, important questions about why we inhabit this temporal flesh.

God's soldier

“If they start corrupting the person from a young age…while they always have some level of free will and chose their situation, how much free will did they really have?” Ok, now this makes more sense to me than what D Arc said. There are 2 different things: MK Ultra itself; and the act of making a deal with the devil. I know that some centuries ago, experiments on MK Ultra were made, so the victims of that experiment certainly did not choose that path. So the victims who were only “experimental guinea pigs” did not necessarily make a deal with the devil, right? I know that many victmis were children, so they most likely did not make any deal. What I was talking about in my previous comment was regarding the people who actually made a deal with the devil in exchange of fame and money. In my opinion, even though someone may be, since birth, very psychologically stimulated by parents and other people to make the deal, someone only makes a deal with the devil if the person really, actually ACCEPTS the deal. The deal cannot be FORCED on them. Am I right? I know this is a… Read more »


You are right but the problem for the victims is there is no way out, unfortunately they keep being re-programmed and lied to, they just either cope in because some are very well taken care of if they are good producers, such a Barbra Streisand and others who are defined as “Presidential Models” or Diamond programming, but there are stories of some who either attempted to escape and failed hugely and sadly like Britney Spears you know the so called 27 club or there is another for 30’s club if they can’t be reprogrammed they are eliminated, or vanished away they don’t always “kill them” see all those alleged “suicide stories” or overdoses etc. the problem is we never know what really happened, some are trans-gender and just go back to their normal life, sigh I’m at a loss for words , XD recommend you watch in YouTube Narayan Dhekane’s channel, if you wish to see / learn what and how they do those “stories” in and out… some people think it’s crazy stuff but I really found some good hints there, Best,


I think the “deal with the devil” isn’t always actually doing some devil worshipping thing. I think a lot of these celebrities are just as ignorant as the everyday person. However, talk to anyone in the industry. When I started learning about singers and record companies- it’s the RECORD DEAL THAT IS THE DEAL WITH THE DEVIL. IT IS THE MODELLING CONTRACT THAT IS THE DEAL WITH THE DEVIL. These companies have you sign these big contracts- modelling agencies have models sign a contract, record companies get their “artists” to sign 360 deals. The celebrities are barely making any money at first. The fame comes quick but the reward (the money) comes slow. After pimping yourself out to the world quite literally. The harassment from the paparazzi. The self-exposure. The scandals. The dating contracts. Drugs. Working on music videos, etc, for hours and hours and hours. All while not really making much money. They become broken. Once they’re rewarded it’s too late. They’ve already made the “trips to Dubai,” already signed too many contracts, already pimped out their body and mind to the world. When you are famous you have NO MORE AGENCY. The world and their handlers deicde who… Read more »


When I heard the opening lyrics on the radio for the first time, I immediately thought about dissociation. And although most of the MK references were obscure to me, the part with the detached faces was the most obvious and the confirmation for me.


On the pic with the 3 faces , there’s a magnifying glass on one eye to highlight the one eye sign.


One of the lines on the paper reads, God is a woman.


Good catch!


Yes, and how deceptive too since Arianna Grande is a trans-gender, :{ there is no end to the maleficent deeds of these monsters inc. et al…check it out at YT: MrE 2, Jeremiah Weeps 2, Jungle Surfer, Vicki S. C.Riga Shira, Pockets of the Future, Evan, many more specialized vids w forensic studies and anatomy charts, Best,

P. Brown

Why do you say she is trans? I have never heard that. Tell me more!

Otto Dydact

REM, then: god is a woman, successful, smoother ?, dreaming, borderline.


On the piece of note paper it says REM, which I’m assuming it is REM Sleep, and it also says “God Is A Woman”, I wish I could read the rest but this is all I could make out.


Please do an article on K-Pop group BTS!


The question is, why do they put this stuff out in the open? I have no doubt that an army of MK ultra slaves exist, but why advertise it? What is the agenda? Is it some part of their religion, that, according to some faustian contract, they have to let us know what they are doing? Or is it something to do with predictive programming? I’d love to hear the thoughts of any other commenters.

fb/electreofficiel - censored AF, plz support...

Yes predictive programming, normalization of the MK death culture & desensitization to it. Slowly making it the new norm, just like they do with the gender agenda & others.

I’m sure they very much enjoy demonstrating their sheer power by plastering this s--t all over.

Also, the more these symbols (not specially MK, but illuminati-themed) are everywhere, the more the anti-conspiracists can ridicule them, and us.


the goal is to create a worldwide total satanic society. simply everyone will be under total mind-control. they call it the great society. everyone will be microchip-ed. your thoughts will be controlled with technologies. they are just telling you what is comming…


The best way to hide the truth is out in the open, in plain sight. A lot of people think “Just because it’s on t.v or on the Internet doesn’t make it real.” I’ve heard that countless times by my peers. -.-


Both your hypotheses are true: faustian contract and predictive programming. Everything they do serves multiple purposes, everything has multiple meanings.
1) They have to let us know what they are doing, it’s how the “magic” works. This system cannot exist if we don’t “choose” it. It all has to do with Free Will.
2) Predictive programming. They infuse certain ideas in the noosphere (sphere of ideas) in order to make them real, tangible.
3) They take great relish in taunting us, making fun of the people.

Makes you think

Highly astute observations. You are spot on in what you say. Magic is no more than a manipulation of reality for a desired result. Man has known since the dawn of time that using those concepts for selfish or evil ends destroys the very soul of the person engaged in it one way or another through karmic attrition. Free will can’t be truly removed, only nudged or suppressed through brutal monarch torture methods.

The use of these deceptions in the media and pollution of the collective psychic fabric through symbolism and negativity is their attempt to circumvent an immutable law. If the people choose to be slaves, knowingly or unknowingly, will the elites have to deal with that karma? They’re hoping not…but it can’t be avoided. They will burn in this life or the next for their abuses.


They also are just showing off their work to other members and factions of the “El-ite”.
Arianna is the new doll in town and they are showing that she is completely under their control AND up for sale.
Did you see that photo of Mariah Carey with Ban Ki Moon? I mean why would a singer be the escort of the head of the UN? The photo is ridiculous with Mariah looking tarty on the arm of this sober conservative old Korean man. (BTW why do these multi-millionairess, amazing vocal talent, acres of industry experience still feel the need to writhe around in stockings and suspenders to sell their records?).
All makes sense when you realise these “artists” are just pawns in the Elite sex trade.


It’s to tear down traditional culture and values and destroy Western civilization. Tear down the powerful countries who invented all the good things, get rid of a lot of the population, have us all live in cities — they decide our movement, our food and water, our communication — it’s already happening with people like O and HRC who worked toward one-world-government. Europe is being destroyed as we speak. The idea is for the elites to control the population, with all the people on a poverylevel existence, while they take over everything good in the world. Look up “Agenda 21” and “2030” (both UN plans) and read all you can on islam and socialism, which are the two main methods of taking our freedom away.Also look up the 16-year plan of O and Hillary that got stopped half-way through when Hillary didn’t get elected. Last, look up the attempted coup. First, globalists tried to rig the election. When that didn’t work, since then, they have been trying to overthrow the government and make it so, unless we always vote for who they want, our votes will not count. Look up how the social media platforms are banning traditional ideas and… Read more »

J Well

The first thing that came to mind when I watched this was “MK Ultra at its finest”; the whole upside down world that doesn’t apply to the laws of physics plus her singing “right now I’m in a state of mind, I wanna be here like all the time… we’re on another mentality” The mask scene was extremely creepy but it displayed her “alters”. Please cover Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato’s “Fall in Line” it’s steeped in Mk ultra symbolism as well. Here’s my explanation thus far: Explanation of song and video: Almost everyone thinks this is solely about fighting the oppression from men but after listening to the song and watching the video, Christina is touching on the institutionalized patriarchy but it’s mainly advice for young girls trying to enter the music industry hence this video depicting little girls being taken by armed guards and groomed to be Superstars under the control of the elites. Interesting statistic: Over 800,000 children go missing every year in the United States alone. Also, it’s evident that she’s talking about the industry and the elites because she sings “no one told me, you do not owe them your body or your soul”. In… Read more »

Just Me

Modern music is magic and the goal of all those “artists” is to destroy you, they are doing Satan’s work. And they tell you that, google the following lyrics: Metallica – Master of Puppets (about their inner life), and Metallica – Leper Messiah, Metallica – Damage, Inc. (about their goal). Please, do it.


Idolizing money and fame is going to get you nowhere, so don’t blame others when it goes to hell.


She said making the masks of her face was traumatizing. I don’t even see why it would be necessary for them to make a mask of her face when they could use CGI. And I’m no expert, but those faces look CGI anyway.


Look at what she’s wearing on the Tonight show…a pedophile’s dream dress.


We she’s an adult? How can it be anything to do with paedophilia lol?


That was a good read, as usual. My queston is, how do they “reprogram” the mind? There was mention of an “internal programming map”? What is that? What does that mean?
Say I’m getting my fingernails ripped out, slowly…
I will eventually be able to be controlled? But how? By telling me what to think? Is it a constant thing someone must be in control of? Like a remote control?
This MK Ultra buisness is f-----g terrifying! I can’t imagine as to what lengths must be reached to achieve that outcome. These poor people.

D D d

Some say circumcision on young people is used.
Think about the scale of that one.


the trauma is used to create a dissociate state of the mind. this is like some kind of hypnosis. the programmer then can manipulate this state of mind to recreate the mind of the victim as he wants it to be.
just watch some hypnosis experts manipulate people to to all kinds of stuff while under the hypnosis.
But mk-ultra type of mindcontrol is way more sophisticated and able to create new personality’s that the victim is not even aware of they exist.

Jj grams

Programming (the so called programmers) is for people with too much time on their hands, too much money, and who just can’t hang. That’s my 2 cents. Also- as in nature- the most ruthless opponents usually win. And from there we have “programming.”


The simplest answer to your question is : pain, drugs, electroshock, and hypnosis. The process has undoubtedly been refined over the last few decades to include more high-tech options as well.


The trauma is slowly introduced and often with threats first. For example a young child is told that they will be killed if they urinate. They are forced to hold their urine and then when they ultimately pass urine (wetting themselves), they aren’t actually killed but hit/pushed/hair pulled. Now they know the pain and the process starts again. They feel terrified of “being killed” and so they create an association of the physical sensation of needing to pee with being very scared. later in the programming all the programmer needs to do is start the programming on a full bladder as now that association of fear already exists. They also use dolls and in a trance state the young child really feels like the doll is a real baby. Then they will say something like “if you pee we will hurt the baby”. So the child when they cannot hold their pee anymore watched “the baby” have its arm ripped off or severely “hurt” in some way. Later when this fear and consequence pattern is established they introduce more severe forms of trauma. When the pressure is being put on the child and they are crying and screaming they are… Read more »

D D d

I think some things are better not spread out in detail to the whole world. To know ”it” exist is maybe more than enough with a lot of people. Monkey see monkey do, you know, letting an idea loose on this world, it’s sometimes picked up by the wrong hands.


@ D D d I disagree. What we hear about MK Ultra seems so preposterous and many people here ask “where are the bruises” etc. Also the whole baby torture thing seems preposterous and hard to believe because where are the corpses etc. Understanding that many of the baby torture trauma scenes are in fact dolls and many of the trauma is emotional pain from fear not just pain begins to show the questioner (and maybe disbeliever) that mind control is widespread because it can be so well hidden.
MK Ultra is a multi layered integrative programme of trauma and is not something just anybody can do. Its systemic and strategic in it’s application.
I don’t think knowing the truth should hurt anyone. I commend Cathy O’Brien and other whistleblowers on the subject. Silencing them because you may put ideas in the wrong head just keeps the public in ignorance and allows mind control to go on undetected..
I love how many people here are so aware and as soon as a new MV comes out they can easily identify the mind control that is at use.

D D d

The contradiction between noticing the pushing of symbols and ideas via these media, against this ignoring of the same effects, the use of implanting I mention in this discussion is mindblowing to me.


I KINDLY SUGGEST YOU take pauses, it is absolutely hard to digest and to process all this but once you overcome primarily FEAR, then you get ahead, and a hold of your own, truth is never easy to handle tho it’s where real power comes from “Truth shall make you free” they can’t come and get you since you are not an MK Ultra victim per se, as long as you control your thoughts, senses, emotions they won’t be able to subject you via these stupid commercials, videos, etc. once you start learning to use your own filters,
Take care, 🙂 Also if it helps and I sure hope so, see Chiron Last’s @YouTube “The Witness” do your “Will of Intention” you’ll be and feel much better, it worked for me,

Alca Torda

There is a book available written by Fritz Springmeier. Title is How The Illuminati Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave. This book will tell a lot about the techniques.

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