Manchester Terror Attack: Rallying the Youth Around the Occult Elite


The Manchester Terror Attack took place at a concert for Ariana Grande – an music industry superstar. It was a grand and horrifying clash of the worlds of entertainment and high-stakes terrorism.

The Manchester terror attack was sickening for several reasons. Its aftermath was also sickening, for a slew of other reasons. It was about forcing horror on children, killing dozens of them and shattering whatever wonder and innocence that was left in the survivors. It was about mixing the worlds of song, dance, and entertainment with fear, death, and horror.

On May 22, 2017, a suicide bombing occurred in the UK, immediately following a concert by Ariana Grande at Manchester Arena. Twenty-three adults and children were killed, and 119 were injured, 23 critically. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

Before I go any further, it is necessary to explain the underlying nature of ISIS. Contrary to appearances, it is not an enemy of the world elite. In fact, the emergence of ISIS was “facilitated” by the powers that be.

In 2014, I published an article entitled ISIS: A CIA Creation to Justify War Abroad and Repression at Home; it is still relevant today. “ISIS” is continuously used to destabilize governments hostile to the elite, while facelessly causing fear, panic, and terror in major cities.

The elite agenda is rooted in fear, panic, and terror. Such emotion is a golden currency, an invaluable asset that can be used to shape and mold society with little to no resistance.

The number of terror attacks and deaths blamed on ISIS is staggering and is becoming, sadly, a “new normal”. Places of fun, leisure, tourism, and entertainment are being turned into sites of carnage. And, of course, after each event, no concrete plan or solution is ever proposed. It is almost as if they want modern society to accept the notion that it is “normal” for any person to be randomly killed at any time, for no particular reason.

Is there any mainstream discussion about the problems that are the root cause of ISIS and concrete ways to solve them? Rarely. However, a bunch of “satellite issues” are often brought up – ones that were clearly on the elite’s agenda for years, simply waiting for the next terror attack to bring them about.

Here’s what Theresa May had to say in the wake of the Manchester attack:

A headline from the Independent.

Apparently, terror needs to be contained through the regulation of the internet. May stated:

“We cannot allow this ideology the safe space it needs to breed – yet that is precisely what the internet, and the big companies that provide internet-based services provide,” Ms May said.

“We need to work with allied democratic governments to reach international agreements to regulate cyberspace to prevent the spread of extremist and terrorism planning.”

The response to each terror attack is one more incremental step towards an all-out, highly monitored police state that represses all of its citizens. The only response to terror society is capable of, it would seem, restricting the basic rights of privacy, free speech, and democracy of ALL citizens. It is never about understanding the root of it all … because then things get real. And the elite don’t like when people get real. They want people to be afraid while listening to Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande

The Manchester bombing took place in a setting with heavy symbolic value. It occurred during a show by an industry superstar who is particularly loved by children: Ariana Grande. And, in case you haven’t read other articles on this site, she is a tool of the elite – not unlike ISIS. However, Grande works in the elite’s “entertainment” department. Through the handful of media conglomerates who sign and promote a select group of stars, the elite uses this system to shape and mold the masses – especially the youngest and most impressionable – to adopt specific ideas, values, and attitudes.

Ariana Grande has been part of the system since she was a young teenager who played the role of “Cat Valentine” in the Nickelodeon show Victorious. This role led her “teen idol” status, a platform that was then used to launch her singing career.

Not unlike other teen idols, Grande’s solo career coincided with a drastic image change. She quickly became a figurehead of the “Sex Kitten” agenda used to expose children to sexual imagery at a young age.

Indeed, “Cat Valentine” from Victorious turned into a singing Beta Kitten.

Since the launch of her singing career, ‘cat ears’ became part of Grande’s trademark look.
Everything about her is cat related.
Grande is often dressed innocently in accessories that could be used in the elite’s “Eyes Wide Shut” parties where Beta Kittens are involved.

Throughout her career, Grande has been told to flash the one-eye sign in photoshoots, confirming that she’s part of the elite’s system.

From Cat Valentine to Ariana Grande: All about the one-eye sign from early on.

In 2016, Grande released a new album and a new tour eerily called Dangerous Woman.

If one analyzes the grand scheme of things, what happened in Manchester is deeply disturbing. Thousands of young people, hooked by the intense marketing machine behind Ariana Grande, were lured into a packed arena. A bomb then exploded, killing and injuring children, violently colliding the worlds of elite entertainment with elite terrorism, forcing an entire generation to face unspeakable evil and horror.

There is something disturbingly prophetic about this picture.

If, in the past, the youngest members of Western society could avoid the constant flow of depressing, terror-related news by focusing on entertainment, that era is now clearly over.

In response to the attack, on June 4th, Ariana Grande headlined One Love Manchester, a benefit concert for the victims of the attack. The show also featured Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. These artists each share at least two things in common. First, their target market is children and teens. Second, they’re all fully part of the occult elite industry and their entire catalogs are drenched in its symbolism. Everything about them refers to the dark side of mind control and cryptically refers to trauma, abuse, and occult rituals.

Not unlike Grande, Bieber, Cyrus and Perry are not strangers to the one-eye sign. On a deeper level, they’ve all fully embodied the roles of MK slaves at the mercy of the elite.

These were the stars chosen to “respond” to terror and to uplift the masses. On a wider scale, they represent the mainstream opposition to ISIS. If you don’t like ISIS and terror, you are told you need to embrace these pawns of the occult elite’s industry. They are the answer.

The logo of One Love Manchester features the MK bunny ears associated with Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” album.

Appropriately enough, the concert finished with Ariana Grande singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow – the classic 1939 song written for the movie The Wizard of Oz.

In the world of Monarch Programming, “over the rainbow” is a code of dissociation. The movie The Wizard of Oz has been used as an MK ULTRA programming script for decades and the song is used to induce dissociation. The fact that this song is used at the end of a concert for children headlined by representatives of the MK system is rather telling.

“Over the rainbow in Oz is for the Monarch slave to be in a trance, and into a certain area of the programming. To be fluctuating at both ends as an observer and not a participant or to go to the other extreme and become a participant.

The theme song of the movie goes, “Somewhere over the Rainbow…there’s a land where the dreams that you dare to dream really come true.” These lyrics are a method to hypnotically confuse the brain to perceive that the “over the Rainbow experience” (which is usually horrible abuse) is a “dream”. The dissociative mind is only too happy to call the trauma a dream, which is lived as a reality for a moment, but is nevertheless recorded by the mind as a fantasy.

The term for this is cryptoamnesia, which means the process where the proper functioning of memory is hypnotically messed up. The slave’s internal world becomes “reality” and the external real world becomes the Land of Oz which is perceived as make-believe.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Formula to Create an Undetectable Mind Control Slave

The same way that mind-control slaves are exposed to intense trauma to induce dissociation, the masses are exposed to trauma through terror to the point of numbness … and then are told to “go over the rainbow”. The fear of “terror” is its own black magic, and it can be used to contaminate minds, debase the soul, and, as we continue to see, to disrupt society. The waves of shock and grief it generates quickly become part of the “psychosphere” and end up defining an entire generation. They feed off of death, despair, and distress, and they seek to poison all aspects of society with it. Do not let them contaminate your mind and don’t be fooled by their “dangerous” men or women.



  1. There’s lots of evidence to suggest this whole Manchester Bombing incident was fake. Typical fake news. To incite ‘terror’ into a Nation and the World at large. To get us to live in a constant state of fear. To create the illusion we are all under attack from some vast terrorist network. In fact, the real terrorism is the assault upon our minds… to get us to believe the LIE that somehow we need protecting by the powers-that-be. Protection from all their manufactured terrorism! They create the problem and then they provide the well-rehearsed solution. The very name ISIS is from an ancient Egyptian occult deity, worshipped by Satanists for centuries. They are pretty obvious with their satanic symbolism and don’t bother to hide it. It’s as if they are mocking us. Which I am very sure ‘they’ are. But I believe the joke is about to be turned on them. All their dabbling with dark forces is about to come and bite them on the ass.

  2. It has been that way for quite a long time. The masses do not question the obvious anymore. Eyewitnesses have given testimonies of lies and fabrications from the at least the time of Rothchild’s banking invention, things that happened in the revolutionary war, the settling of America, cannibal Natives, machinery you name it and the grey world backroom leaders have hidden, twisted , ignored and manipulated for centuries. Yes there is a conspiracy and it’s run by our adversary the devil, Jesus said so.
    Yet so many still refuse to believe, even when face to face with the evil.

  3. In Islam, life is a test. You have to face the tests / problems God sends on you and that can be traumatic. The complete promise of something good or reward is heaven.
    For earth it depends on destiny and no other guarantee.
    This is all in the Quran.
    For a Muslim ( not those fake terrorists who do not represent Islam)
    The earth ( current reality ) can be traumatic. With the only hope being on the day of judgement with Heaven as the reward for being good and patient.
    This appears similar to trauma then rainbow.
    But a Muslim has to believe that there is heaven out there waiting for good people, this then is the reality and the rest of problems temporary.

  4. I warned my fiancee about Ariana Grande a few years back. I’m a totally grown man, but I still enjoy(ed) nickelodeon for some simple laughs.

    I remember how they turned AG into a sex kitten and I told my girl how this was purposeful grooming young girls to be s***s.

    The same as when DeGrassi used to come on with gay guys (nothing wrong with gay) kissing, normalizing this for the youth.

    If you want to be a s**t or be gay, do that with your own mind and experience, not through programming by tv shows for kids.

    Ariana Grande is full of it.

  5. just a note: IF these attacks had not been contrived, then, where’s the benefit concert for those affected by the tower fire? exactly.

  6. Now this situation with the fire in Kensington, It seems Simon Cowell is quick to jump on the Garvey train saying he wants to have a concert in aid of the victims….oh pls.
    I really wish ppl would understand that the music industry is extremely ruthless, they’re not doing this for the victims, in the name of the victims yes but but they really don’t care or give a damn , it’s all about the money and milking a bad , horrific situation .

  7. Sadly enough they cancelled Emerald City after just one rather short season. It would be fu to see what it would develop into later, had it been allowed to continue. One thing I do remember is the theme of transhumanism and of course magic.

  8. ISIS and the entertainment industry going hand in hand with each other for obvious reasons. Birds of a feather flock together

  9. My heartbroke when reading this article, I am from Manchester and saw friends and their family directly affected by the tragic events that unfolded. Manchester has always had a very close nit community, its truly a city lead by love. After the events happened everyone pulled together and voluteered to help organise the festival which took LESS than a week to organise (btw). Festival organisations, media, police, private secruity, cleaning organisation, catering companies, stylists, sound engineers you name it they all came together and donated their time to work for free making the impossible possible. The artists didnt get paid, noone did so there was no need for contracts or any finacial obligations which otherwise would have slowed the process down. The merchandise is made once ordered and takes a few weeks to arrive. The I Love Manchester logo was already a symbol within our city and we already sold most of the merchandise at the tourist center. The Onelovemanchester logo is a font text that probably took a graphics designer 5mins to make. The bunny hears is arianas bl$#dy tour logo.

    everyone wanting to help thats what Mancunians do…we unite!!!

    Even if Ariana chooses to workship the devil or jesus or aliens whatever that is her business, only god can judge her not any man with a blog or people commenting here.. however what she did for the victims family was more than anyone on this forum has ever done… you want to make a difference…get off your computer’s and do something for your local community. Whether its starting a youth club, offering to teach kids within your local area, helping out at a foodbank do something useful with your time instead of poisoning your soul with negative thoughts and ideas.

    If that happened within your community what would you have done to help? Or would you just sit behind the computer spouting conspiracy theories.

  10. For 90% of human history, our life span was something like 35 years. It was the OLD normal that anyone could randomly die at any time. We’re actually MUCH safer now than any humans at any other point in history. Your brain is tricking you into thinking you’re not safe because you see graphic images online and on your television. Unplug from so much media and you’ll be amazed at how much safer you perceive yourself to be.

    • Your right maybe, talking about averages from yesteryear. A lot of poor people – dying young. Compare that to today, a lot of unhealthy people kept alive to spend money.

  11. a rather odd tidbit from the “benefit” concert was how the black eyed peas censored out a part of their lyrics, “the big CIA”, and instead said “hey” …

    “Overseas, yeah, we try to stop terrorism
    But we still got terrorists here livin’
    In the USA, the big CIA
    The Bloods and The Crips and the KKK”

    not only that but for the most part everyone is laughing, smiling, and having a good time. and on top of all that— the public is in charge of paying for it all.

    how on earth could a concert at a level of such high production be put on quickly after a tragic event with inappropriate lyrics sung by chosen artists to the ears of innocent kids/teens after kids DYING. there is nothing respectable about that benefit concert. smh

  12. It is utterly and naive to presume this was a real event. It was fake and nobody died. Plenty of very compelling evidence for this if you just consider it. And it is far from the first.

  13. Both Manchester and London attacks are the elites works. If you look it more thorough and carefully, the London Bridge attack could possibly be a hoax. So many contradictions in eyewitnesses testimonies and the lack of evidences. The real kicker here both attacks happened so close before UK election and the month of Ramadhan. As we all know, at least sin ISIS’s birth, there are always some kind of terror events in Ramadan like some kind of annual mockery rituals.
    Also Iran just got attacked by ISIS after Saudi Arabia threatened them, not long after Manchester attack too. But where the hell the “intense” Western media coverage?? the whole thing just go “cricket” . . .

  14. First off…RIP to the innocent victims that were murdered by the powers that be that day. I actually believe that this incident will make a lot of the younger generation question things more. They unfortunately have been so oblivious to reality and this might make them wake up. Do not be surprised if a lot of the younger generation start converting to Islam…for it is written that…the Almighty will use the very thing that they are using to turn people away from the truth to work against them. They are not as clever or great as they would like us to believe… they are being used by satan and he actually is their enemy they are losers anyway.

  15. Sometimes I wonder how truthful these numbers are in the news. I’m always seeing deaths, injuries, dates, times, etc. all with the elite’s favorite numbers such as 3, 6, 9, 18, 23, 33, etc. 119 injuries in the UK is most likely 911 backwards.

    • Nothing is safe on the internet, please, remember. Never was, never will be. Why is that so hard to accept? Envelopes from last century you could check the glue-adhesive-strip or the paper itself, with electronics today you give it all out to the world, the moment you type something while on the internet.

  16. Ariana Grande sings songs about riding d*ck to 8 year old kids. And I can not help but thinking that she looks like an overse*ed little girl that will be liked by pedos. I do not see the appeal and her singing again after this horrible attack is absolutely ridiculous.

    • Obvious lolita is obvious. I like her voice and a few songs but most are clearly about sex. Ppl dont pay any mind to that because “at least she’s not actually saying it”. Nope, rap music is blunt with sex talk while pop is subtle–that is on purpose btw 😉 so parents can believe their little emily and bobby are listening to good music and not that thuggish rap music. Ahh how funny

  17. Man! The moment I saw how much press this concert got, I immediately felt something off & went to check VC. No article then, but sure enough, here’s the article now! I didn’t have a good feeling about this concert and it was good to read this article.
    Talking about ISIS and how it is “continuously used to destabilize governments hostile to the elite” – I read elsewhere that that was why there was an ISIS-controlled state in the Philippines. (As in, because of comments the Philippines president made that were against the US) It’s sickening and disgusting how the elite operates. Ugh.

  18. what this article dosent mention – maybe bc your north american, is in the uk we are having a general election, where May is standing her only platform is she’s a ‘strong’ leader, and during this election campaign we have 2 terroist attacks. if i where to believe in this theory – then the timing,
    and backdrop of British politics would certainly be worth noting. conservatives are standing against an openly socialist (not a bad thing, Americans!) labour leader, who’s grassroots campaign is increasing in popularity standing to keep our NHS public, increase taxes for large corporations and end spending cuts as ‘austerity’ measures from the ‘recession’.
    The leader of the labour party is smeared every day in the mainstream press and even so-called ‘left-wing’ publications like the Guardian – who profess to be wooley, PC, ‘progressive’, right on and intelligent.
    it is one of the most eye-opening things that’s ever happened in mainstream media, seeing every publication and broadcasting station – from the right honorable bbc and radio 4, to the sun and daily mail, twist everything single thing this person says in order to discredit the ideas of taking power back from corporations and exposing corruption.
    the press paint Corbyn as iether a terrorist himself – or at best, a nice wellmeaning man who’s not up to job.
    the terroist attacks seek to validate may’s ‘strength’

  19. 22.05.2014 Le Rigby/Londra
    22.03.2016 Bruxelles
    22.07.2016 Munich
    22.03.2017 Londra
    22.05.2017 Manchester, 22 victim dead, Salman Abedi the attacker 22 years old, 22:30 the time of attack

    10 sephirots and 22 connecting paths. 22 people were offered as a treat to Isis the mother of nature. It was like music of video of Katy Perry’s Dark Horse. Another deep, dark and sick ritual of elites.

  20. I noticed she was wearing an upside down crescent moon top, after some research she seems to be ready into moons, and the attack happened the night before a waning crescent moon (according to the schedule they had set up to bind Trump). I don’t know if there is any significance/connection?

    • I remember watching this and they censored out some of the lyrics that Mac Miller and Nicki Minaj were rapping. I could only imagine what they actually said. I don’t know and I don’t care. Imagine all of the little kids who heard those lyrics.

  21. Not to forget, another attack occured DURING this concert and I remember reading headlines such as “concert continues on” as if it was some sort of triumphant defiance. Really? To continue this concert in the wake of ANOTHER situation where innocent lives were being lost is so incredibly disrespectful and fishy to me. Its as if the trauma that those suffered during the Ariana Grande concert was somehow more important and more traumatic than what occured during the second attack.

  22. spot on! and perfect timing for the need to share with a friend. I love your posts and will make a small donation a.s.a.p
    thanx for all your hard work!

  23. If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

    — Matthew 18:6

    Sometimes I think the worst of the elite are actually going to *enjoy* eternity in Hell.

    • I’m sorry, but did Matthew say that or did he quote someone? Does Anyone include teachers that do nothing but facebook and check the automaticcally corrected digital input of the children in class looking at pictures on their tablet to learn about living?

  24. It was all a set up from the very being. Manchester, London and whatever the next will be; it will all be problem reaction solution. I wish people would realise this and stop buying into the BS. Anything that trends on Twitter for more than a day is complete setup.

  25. CNN caught staging “fake news” scene after terrorist attacks on London bridge with paid Muslim actors. The video is uploaded on YouTube

  26. questions/Things that dont add up:
    *1st “witness”statements (as read on dailymail): a woman tells she was not far away from the bomber when he blew himself up. she described him with a RED jacket- yet we later see pics allegedly from a few minutes before the attack and he is wearing a BLACK jacket?
    another witness tells about leaving concert early to avoid the masses. reaching Exit he was stopped by security and told to use another Exit. Moments later bomb goes up right at that Exit. no s**t i read this at very 1st article that appeared on dm.
    *media/Police tells us the bomb was remote-controlled- wheres the reason for this if the guy blew himself up with it?
    the latest alleged attack in uk is even more unbelievable imo: 3 guys with knifes run around unhindered and kill several and wound DOZENS. wtf? i mean if they were 30, or at least had some guns- but srsly 3 persons with KNIFES only? and then look at the pics from alleged victims- they look rather attractive.
    like casting pics from… actors. and 1 of the 3 men appeared in a tv-docu already.
    not to Forget that all the Isis stuff is “found” online by SITE- the Organisation run by israeli rita katz.
    where do they find this stuff? or are they making this up themselfes? makes u wonder why Isis allegedly fights against infidels- yet avoid anything israeli at all cost…

    • “Heart-stopping video shows moment armed police gunned down London Bridge terrorists in a hail of bullets seconds after all three jihadis stabbed a passer-by – who miraculously got to his feet”
      quoted from the newest article in dailymail. a cctv vid, obviously recorded with a potatoe. u see some Pixels moving fast and Police cars. the stabbed guy who did the Lazarus trick then RAN AWAY they wrote lol…
      in another article and vid u see Police screaming at People to RUN away (instead of stay low or lie down) as they Approach the 3 knife-stooges. to make sure nobody can see its all fake?
      oh, and now u can check the pics and nationalities of the 8 “victims”: from spain, australia, France- and 1 is from uk but Looks asian. to make it easier to obscure all tracks from those persons identities?
      btw they all look attractive, like (crisis)actors.

      to Quote bush: fool me once shame on me! fool me twice- cant get fooled again! 😉

  27. Has anyone seen evidence of any real victims or interviews with family members of dead victims. I haven’t seen any evidence yet that anyone died, so if anyone has some evidence please post… I’ve been reading VC since 2009 and I’m shocked he’s just bought the official line…

    • Lots of interviews with victims families and victims , both children and adults . The children who died are real and can be found via school websites etc with just a little research .
      The real question to be asked is not whether the victims were real (crisis actor and hoax has now become the tired mantra of the so called alternative press and should be viewed as a distraction ) but why and how was this allowed to happen . People dying could be considered as collateral damage in a war aginst us that is multilayered and extremly complex . To the elite who rule us a few dead mean very little in the greater scheme of things .
      In 2014 a Caliphate was declared , something which our governments were very much aware of . GB along with all other EU countries have open border policies which has given jihadis the ability to infiltrate all these countries with apparant impunity .
      In all the recent attacks in GB the police, MI 5 , and 6 have admitted they had intelligence about the attackers . Intel was given to them by a number of countries including America , France and Italy . Their affiliations and connections including travel schedules were well documented. And yet , they were allowed to continue to live and be who they were , soldiers with the intention of fighting in what they see as a Holy war .It’s also worth mentioning that Britain is the most surveilled country in the world.
      Wouldn’t it be better to connect the dots and see that after all these atrocious acts of violence against innocent men women and children ,Theresa May has declared the need to regulate the internet , has placed 1000 troops on the streets ,( which is a very easy way to get people used to the idea of martial law,) if you look at the photographs of these soldiers playing with children and smiling at tourists you can see this is a PR excercise , a good way to get the proletariat to love their captors .
      Mrs May has also probably thrown away the election and severely jeopardised Brexit , thus effectively stopping the so called populist movement .
      After the London riots , the people of London and the rest of the country clamoured for more “controls ” the then Home Secretary, Theresa May replied” only with the peoples consent” .
      Eventually our so called masters will always gain our consent , the recent terror attacks were the perfect opportunity .

      • Thanks Taedel . I knew about this story. In fact what the mother actually said was internet trolls had used her daughters photograph and posted it on line . It was actually nothing to do with the media .
        I also noticed a number of other inaccurate if not ridiculous claims on this video .
        The Queen choosing turquoise and orange as a FM signal ,Not true , but the Queen is along with all Royal family members a Freemason , as are Bishops which is a requirement not an option , so we should be questioning as to why this is so .
        People who post these silly misleading videos on line are looking to earn money and notoriety in what ultimately is a business .
        The alternative (so called ) community is as corrupt as any MSN outlet , remember the Zen Gardner debacle ?
        It revealed the Alt community to be deeply flawed and lacking in a moral compass.
        These attacks are undoubtedly False flag psyops , to create an outcome needed by our vile governments and their masters . However , people really died . The stakes are becoming increasingly higher ,and desperate times call for desperate measures . We are all expendable in what is in effect a war of attrition .
        The Ariane Grande concert was too soon , very inappropriate and designed purely to create a love can conquer all , feel good factor for the masses , in other words keep them numb and dumb .
        To me , this constant inaccurate analysis only detracts from the real issues and has become a distraction from much needed authentic research .

      • BS.
        Crisis actors.
        Always the same. Starting with Sandy Hooks.
        No injured, no deaths, no nothing,
        Just an industry puppy paying her debts.

      • 🙁 Sometimes these attacks are real. Maybe they’re allowed to happen but it’s insensitive to assume no one gets hurt in any of these situations, no?
        I’m sorry, but it’s basic humanity to be compassionate. Sadly this is a feeling that is preyed upon by what is obviously a very powerful outside force.

      • Not crisis actors, not faked. I’m from Manchester, I saw the Arena after this happened (it was a mess) and personally know someone who died. Stop being so disrespectful to those who’ve been sacrificed to further the evil agenda of the elite. We should be outraged that they are killing us and our children, not apathetically crying “hoax” because it allows us to passively sit behind our keyboards instead of rising up against them.

      • Not a sheep Im sorry for your loss and Im sorry that you have to put up with the asinine palava of hoax/false flag Opinions of people not there.
        <3 much love

        When those spouting it are really missing the point. yelling false flag or hoax is actually part of divide and conquer.

  28. What’s hilarious is that the elite are ALREADY controlling the Internet. Through Obama unilaterally essentially giving power over the Internet away to the UN, constant censoring of anything that doesn’t fit the globalist narrative (can’t even post any Breitbart article to Facebook now), and the fact that companies such as You Tube and Twitter constantly de-monetize or suspend accounts of people that simply use tangible evidence to back up their claims while allowing ALL ISIS related accounts to do whatever the heck the want online, well you can see what’s really going on here. We have to clamp down on the Internet so people can’t call out terrorists and then we can just pretend it doesn’t exist. Despicable that any freedom loving human would ever vote for this scum.

    • Well, elite control almost anything. If they wanted, they could destroy ISIS in 1 week. But why would they do this ? They participated in the creation of ISIS and they use it for political and mass propaganda purpose.

  29. I do not know about forreign places, but The Netherlands are all about the disappearing and death of children. Several young people were missing after they went to schoool or just outsidfe on a bike. And were found dead a few days later. Some links between them seem to appear, but not confirmed. Some other young people are arrested for being under suspicion of involvement. All all all over every outlet, channel, paper, radio. Mixed with Britains horrors.
    Aimed at young people, making them scared to bike alone even during daylight, to school, a party, wherever. Theirfamilies scared for them to travel alone. No control, no safety. What to do to make young people safe again when young cannot have them monitored youorself, you might say? Well, I am expecting them to come up with tracking and chipping, camera’s and geo-locations.
    Those children are real,
    their families are real,
    the villages are real,
    the politics are real, but
    the frenzy is surreal.
    Mix that with poppy dancing to cheap music, flashing lights, and screaming and crying people and the dissociation starts to kick in – broadcast those reports on internet and television to reach more humans not involved..
    The using of the bunny ears in such a place of the support-event-logo is another sign of some very sick publicity folks, too. I am glad my friends are not that way.

  30. Great article, really puts things into perspective. I don’t know anything about this Grande girl, other than what I’ve read here, but I wonder if the very title “One Love” is somehow manipulative or carries some obscure globalist baggage?

    • “One” love “one” agenda. All this unifying of society bs – links back to the elites “one world order” sounds like ONE big pile of pre planned chaos + corruption.

  31. By the way, there are plenty of things going on here in S.Korea too, from politics to the entertainment industries.. The same old stories, of course, but it’s a shame that I can’t speak english fluently enough to explain what is happening.

  32. Great article, as always. I’m eager to find the way to end these continuous calamities. Cheers from South Korea!

  33. All the evidence, for me, shows that this was another faked event…like Boston, Sandy Hoax, Aurora, San Bernardino, Roseburg, Orlando, etc etc ad infinitum, ad nauseum.
    The shock of a single manufactured event no longer produces the correct amount of trauma and fear — thus, these “events” happen more and more frequently.
    However, we will not accept their fake reality, we will not be traumatized and made fearful, we will not accept their lessons of hate. We will not be distracted from our fight to gain humanity the freedom and love which will not be denied us.

  34. “The show also featured Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. These artists each share at least two things in common.”

    The biggest thing they share in common is, they all have no, zero, zilch, talent.

    Also, one can see that these terror events spawn fun events like this, and 15 minute of fame opportunities for witnesses of the violence. It all becomes a real dichotomy.

    • Miley has a beautiful voice whether you agree with her past antics or not. Saying she has no talent is incredibly dumb

      • There is a difference between skills and talent maybe? Totally different subjects, but when they come together with an enormous mediamachine, you might sell a story or two.

      • I heard that she and her father were the big act at Bohemian Grove, years before her rise to fame. So, apparently she has talent. Her voice is grating, her music is vapid and her face reminds me of a monkey. Once she cut her hair and got old, she really started looking ugly. Some say she is a boy and Bieber is a girl. Who knows? I would not purchase any of their goods or services.

      • WOW Shes NOT OLD. LOL you must be so young..
        I say this as Im over 40… and not okay with it but I remember youth…lol

        WOW miley is old. thats gold.

      • Having a good voice and singing good isn’t talent. Millions of people in the world have as much talent as her. And if you like her songs, well, let’s just say, you have not yet discovered what good music is.

  35. And AG also said she hates America while licking doughnuts. What was that about? All I have to say is if you don’t like this country you can leave at your own free will when ever you like. It is a free country that’s why millions of people from every country in the world sacrifice everything to come here. You should be grateful your American. In Saudi Arabia women get arrested for simple things like driving without a male escort. Or just being a woman.

  36. OMG you guys should watch her “one last time” filmclip, predictive programing, kaos and explosions!! it’s all there!! It all didn’t make sense to me before like it did now… I’m shocked!

  37. There are some more symbolic things about this attack:
    Strangely the number 22 keeps repeating itself. The attack was on the 22nd of May, at 22:35 o’clock (which could have been meant to be 22:22 also, but there was a delay – the concert didn’t start on time.) and 22 people died. (It was at first only 19. It is even possible someone “helped” in the hospital to make it 22. The doctors just couldn’t help them.) And the stdion fits according to offical information 21 thousand people, according to their information handouts 23 thousand. So one could again say: 22 thousand. 22 is an important number for the global elite as well as eleven. – Two football teams. I don’t know the exact symbology of it, but I would be interested. I only know that the top global elite is supposed to work in two teams of eleven.

    The name of the star can also be symbolically interpreted. Grande – a grand american singer. – So following her concert they buried America’s greatness.
    Ariana is the french version of Ariadne and it’s also the name of a European space rocket. In Greek mythology Ariadne gave Theseus a thread which helped him find his way out of the labyrinth after killing the Minotaur. Before him no one came back out of this labyrinth. The symbolism behind this is, that humankind pays someone “taxes”, whom it’s necessary to kill. It wanders around in the labyrinth and hopes Ariadne will show them the way out. – But the attack symbolically shows, it’s not going to happen. Grande America is a dead end. Pax Americana is going to end and the world order is going to be restructured with someone else to do the leading. (It looks like it’s going to be China.)

  38. I stayed away from watching and talking about this concert just because of the sad vibe but the truth is much worse

  39. Hi Vigilant Citizen. I would like to know what your thoughts are actually on what MK signifies. My thoughts are that MK stands for Mein Kampk which is the book written that was attributed to Adolf Hitler but actually written by a Roman Catholic Jesuit Priest. Please reply ASAP. Thanks so much & may God bless you richly. Cheers!!!

  40. I was waiting for this! I nearly sht when I saw a clip of her singing Somewhere over the Rainbow! How much proof do you need; they’re trying to brainwash the public using MK technology right in our faces!

  41. the mask looks extremely sexual… bdsm sexual… vinyl fetish type sexual… what a sneakingly cute way to expose these tendencies to children! sick bastards..

  42. One question i have is, was the bomber a true terrorist or are they recruited by the elite? Or do the elite simply allow the attack to go ahead?

    • What’s the difference? The elite are the true terrorists and the article says it, too: Even the IS is elite made. The question can only be: to what extent did the elite (and which part of the elite – the global or the US one) control this event – like: did they plan it all like this and did they make someone do it exactly like this or did just someone, made to be a terrorist explode in their anger.
      One thing is, that for a single person or an unexperienced, uninfluential group it’s impossible to organize this kind of attack/event and the other thing is the symbolism – alone the number 22 repeating itself is definitively the signature of the elite, if you ask me.

  43. Thought about the Economist cover ‘The world in 2017’, there was one real creepy card with the kids as stars in the sky.

  44. In September 2014 AG said she hopes her fans f*****g die. I think that’s quite prophetic and relevant to now. I don’t think it’s a coincidence at all. Just saying.

    • Most definitely NOT a coincidence! As soon as I heard of this ‘attack’, I was sure that Grande knew all about it.

    • Evidence please. And if you want VC to write up these articles quicker, you might want to donate! Peace and Love.

  45. I’d never heard of Ariana Grande either. Doesn’t her name mean ‘great Aryan’? Seems to have occult undertones so not surprised she is a puppet! I couldn’t watch the concert… Hundreds dying in the middle east and nobody cares!

  46. I’ve never heard of Adrianna Grande before now, but I kind of know why. She seems a bit vapid and stupid. I also don’t like pop music. I read too much of this website to like it.

  47. So happy I found this on your site! I’ve been waiting for someone to do an accurate article about this nonsense! Something I noticed: check Robbie Williams performance. He spends a good two minutes with his back to the crowd wearing a hooded gown with a huge Illuminati Pyramid with the All Seeing Eye in it. Also a pentagram on his hood. creepy stuff. Love and Prayers to those who are awake.

  48. these terror events happened just before th UK election. Jermery Corbyn (left) welcomes rufugees whereas Thersa May (right) doesn’t

  49. Great article VC! I feel you absolutely got it right! The elite used music and entertainment to instill fear in the masses. Too bad some people are too blind to see. And the vigilant citizens are pegged as “crazies.”

    • Lots of ordinary women also have bodies which aren’t curvy, and/or sharp + square shaped jaws. I believe some theories, but these transvetigations are not reliable, you know? Not all women (and neither men) are born with typical features.

  50. I love vigilant citizen. I don’t know how I would understand things of our evil world without this website. But does anyone know any other website as great as VC?

  51. I just couldn’t believe that ANYONE, could make ANOTHER concert, RIGHT AFTER a concert where people died! I haven’t heard about how the second concert of hers, went, but I’m wondering how many people showed up for it? It just doesn’t seem right, to me, to have ANOTHER concert within a short time-frame of the first one. I sure wouldn’t show up! If I was her, I’d be too scared to do another concert, in that short of a time, of that first concert! Apparently, it didn’t bother her, or anyone else! How could anyone sing so happily, in so short a time, after what happened! I guess, as the saying goes, if you get knocked off a horse, you gotta get back on…but it just seems disrespectful, and stupid to me. Wouldn’t she be worried about ANOTHER bomb going off…wouldn’t anyone who sat listening to the second concert…worry??
    Anyway, I never even seen this woman before, or heard anything from her, before this tragic horror happened. So I went and looked at all the short video’s of the first concert, to see all the aftermath, and one thing I noticed, was this woman wearing a beautiful, shiny black dress, as she walked around singing. I thought “my goodness”, she looks like satan’s daughter, in that! All black!! It sure caught my eye! I’m sure it was nothing to her, or her audience, or anyone else, but it freaked me out!
    So anyway, thanks VC for the article. I suspected an article was coming along from VC, about her. While I was reading it, I was hoping to read something about the second concert, going along my line of thinking about it, but maybe I’m just the only one, that feels that way. Still good article. I figured too, that she was part of the “evil system”. Not surprised.

    • “Satan’s daughter”? Because she was wearing a black dress??? People wear black dresses all the time…black is a slimming color and it’s an elegant choice for certain occasions…I mean, I’m wearing a black blouse and black pencil skirt with black heels right now for work, does that mean that I “look like Satan’s daughter”?I just don’t understand why her dress would make her seem like Satan’s daughter. I mean, if she was wearing little horns on her head or some freaky sinister looking makeup or something, I’d agree that she could “look like Sarah’s daughter” but just wearing a black dress doesn’t seem to be enough to warrant being called “Satan’s daughter”. I’m sorry, I think the rest of your comment made perfect sense but that bit about “Satan’s daughter” was just silly and seemed like you were really reaching.

      • Black has been normalised too much as a colour to wear especially at work and it’s weird to see so many people dressed head to toe in black in the late afternoon on week days in heatwaves.. There are other neutral colours besides black and what is wrong with wearing colour that isn’t neutral such as blue or green?. Black isn’t that slimming. It doesn’t show up the dirt as much.

      • I agree with this. Now if she wore black and red like the obamas during their inauguration then u could say Satans daughter ( which is kinda funny)

      • You’re a moron or a troll.
        Go troll somewhere else.
        Your days of laughter most probably will be over soon.

      • WOW you just wrote so much sentences about 2 words : “black dress”. Did you even read the whole article ? or is “the black dress” your only argument ?

      • Why do you have massacre in quotes? Does the murder of twenty children not count as a massacre, or are you trying to imply that it didn’t happen?

      • Sandy Hook was a HOAX, just like this Manchester bombing. Vigilant Citizen is kind of politically correct and doesn’t want to offend people or doesn’t realize this but news is completely scripted by the Zionists//Freemasons/Jesuits NWO now because almost nothing is real when it appears on CNN, PMSNBC, Faux News, BBC, the Daily Fail, etc…. I’m not saying terrorism isn’t real but looking how people are acting, like showing duping delight after current events and seeing real victims react to terror attacks in past attacks it’s obvious. Look up Robbie Parker who has connections to a military defense contractor company making RFID (Mark of the Beast) chips laughing a day later after he claimed his daughter died or the 3 contradictory stories by Gene Rosen. Have an open mind and do the research and it becomes obvious. The elites like to mock people by putting real plans in propaganda movies like UN Agenda 21 in Hunger Games, organized predator cause stalking (Zersetzung) in Enemy of the state and how they script news in Wag the Dog.

      • There’s a terrorist attack coming in the United States, that I’ll give you. It’s the only thing that can save Trump’s approval numbers, and he knows it. It’s been Bannon’s plan for a long time.

      • Bannon and trump are patriots they don’t need false flags to get approval ratings up how absurd. You must be s misinformed neo liberal

      • This is a very oversimplistic vision of the world you have. You can’t yell at other people to have an open mind, and then claim the same talking points fed to you by Infowars, etc. Come on. Do some critical thinking.

        If it’s a hoax to get total gun control, then: (a) why did more guns sell during the Obama administration than ever before, or since? (b) how come everybody is still allowed to buy the exact same guns that we were before? They couldn’t even get an assault rifle ban passed.

        Here’s the truth: it’s EASY to believe conspiracy theories like that. You’re not a smarter person for believing them. If anything, it’s the easy, escapist way out. You want to know what’s HARD? Having the courage to look at people acting violently and try to figure out the REAL reason for it.

      • I’m from CT. That school was closed since 2008. Only the baseball field was being used. That building had been a mess of problems since the early 2000’s, flooding, asbestos, etc. We know this but no one will listen to us. Watch the FOIA hearing, where the maintenance manager admits that he kept no record on the state of the asbestos. In CT, you have to check and notate how intact it is every six months, if the building is being used by the public while contaminated.

      • After sandy hook ct instantly passed pistol magazine size restriction laws, they were pushing for additional gun control laws but everything else got shut down.

      • More guns sold during the Obama administration because people were worried about gun rights being taken away. The patern with banning fire arms usually doesn’t involve seizing what’s already owned just preventing future sales. So the sales were most likely in anticipation of that.

      • okay so all terror attacks are hoaxes. No one really dies when a bomb drops or during a mass shooting. Let me guess, 9/11 was a hoax too aiit?

  52. I pray for Ariana all the time. If I could adopt that girl I would. There’s something about her that just makes me want to protect her, and it’s sickening to think about what she and her brother were subjected to. Ariana needs salvation and I pray the Lord finds her again.

      • We’re going to need a heck of a lot of mercy if we don’t want to be trapped in perpetual torment for the things happening these days.

    • I disagree. She looks retarded and her corny “kewt” expression makes me want to punch her. It was no surprise to me when they showed her being so disrespectful to others when she licked a donut in a bakery and wished death on her fans. She is a little b***h.

      • She looks beautiful, and you’re calling her names when you dont even know her. I can do the same with you, like how you must be mad because you are either dating a fat girl or are doomed to marry one and you know it. So you feel the need to put attractive women down. Its very sad.

      • Lol. Wow what a hypocrite. Your saying they are wrong because they don’t know her. But you defend her as if you know her. If you were as intelligent as I’m sure you think you are, you’d realize this site isn’t about looks.

      • What’s sad is you conflating his post about how evil this girl is with some pseudo 3rd wave feminist bs

  53. The thing that really made me feel uneasy about this situation and look closer was how they managed to pump out a logo, branding and marketing to sell merchandise at this concert. How do you even get it all made that fast without being planned ahead or something?

    • Absolutely correct sir! And if this wasn’t planned? How can they could gathered all these “superstars” with an agenda full of events at a same day/same place?

      • Because Scooter Braun manages most of them and basically all of them weren’t touring at the time. He failed to mention that Justin Bieber preached to the crowd about God being there in the midst of the darkness. He also edited one of his songs to remove the marijuana reference. No doubt he has had a checkered past but he hasn’t had symbolism for years. His performance seemed the most sincere. He appears to have checked out of the system and focus on his faith. I truly believe that he showed up for Scooter and not for anything malicious. Whereas Katy Perry, Ariana, Miley, make it very evident who they are working for and the darkness they are promoting. They have made hypersexualizing videos with occult references.

    • Exactly, i believe this terror attack was the only one that was really planned by the elite. (contrary to the one at london for example). Ariana and the other puppets coming back in less than 2 weeks to “sell” their propaganda is too weird and illogical to not be planned. THEY want to normalize terror attack to create a federal europe like the USA.
      In fact, the creation of the united states of europe is an old project but it seems the elite really want it to become a reality within the next 5 years (pro europe macron, merkel, brexit false flag, terror attacks, mass tv and movie propaganda, …).
      When europe will have only 1 president (like in usa), people will be even more sheeps than nowadays. And then, the new world order will be possible : 1 president for the whole world. When this become reality, be prepared for “legal” segregation and genocide. Because, remember, “they” want a world population of only 500 millions. The elites will “for the earth”, destroy 6 billions and a half lives.

      • Well, poeple commenting on this website are from all over the world and mosth of them don’t speak english as their first langage. Yes, the truch is SPREADING.

      • real question here – the elite want to wipe the population, but…would that be such a bad thing?
        most people arrrreee sheeps? like, it’s not nice to say, but i think it’s kind of true, lately i’ve been shocked at how stupid people are? like, greedy, insensitive, no thought for the environment, hierarchical, judgmental and very very very thick? and a very strong herd mentality that’s sadly laughable.
        Not so different from the elite? what sets these people apart from the elite?
        they havent got power on the same scale, but they are causing their own problems and destruction.
        i think most people know there’s a lot of problems in the world, but the overarching majority are happy enough to ignore it and whats worse, perpetuate it.
        i dont really see the vast majority of people as ‘victims’ – most of these idiots have shelter, heating, clothes, food (okay it crap food but still) drive cars and have access to the internet,
        in the information age why shouldn’t more people be actively aware of what’s going on – environmentally, socially, economically?

        yes it could be argued that the elite is controlling people and keeping us down,
        playing into our fears and keeping stuff s**t – yeah – but we also have free will,
        but a lot of people are just a bit s**t.

        fyi – not talking about the ppl who died in the concert, just the idea at large of large scale population reduction.

      • NO. The elite DOES NOT want to wipe the population (out).
        They want to control them, corrupt them, defile their spirit.
        And if you start asking if that is a bad thing, you are already tainted to a frightening degree.

      • @Big Al I agree with you when you said that they want to control corrupt & defile the spirit BUT if you’ll look at The Georgia Guidestones it does say & I quote “1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” so I guess they will most defiantly ALSO wipe the rest of us and control what’s left of us

      • Nice point, pint size prostitute, but it is so sweet that you think you would be among those 500 million just because you’re “wide awake” lol

        190+ countries, if you save all the politicians, industrials (including agribusinnes), and money makers (i.e bankers and stock traders), not to mention all the military and policemen to keep those guys and their families safe, and voilà, there you reach this number – and we both are not making the cut, pal.

      • your nick alone already says a lot of how you think of yourself and conversely if you look upon yourself so low, how much more would you put others down.

      • No they were not. The profits went to elite controlled “charities” such as the Red Cross.

      • Yes those horrible Red Cross people who provide medical supplies and food to those in need. What evil people.

      • Red Cross are indeed arm of the elite, where they might well be doing some good and maybe even quite a lot of good, they a mechanism for a wider agenda.

      • Well I can tell you from eating off of a Red Cross relief truck during a natural disaster they do a lot of good

      • Red Cross is not the organization they portray themselves to be. Friends in the War, Viet Nam, Iraq etc, told stories of how the Supposed charitable RC charged them for food and supplies. Yea, charitable, to the Masters who control them.

      • True, most NGO are, in reality, organizations used for politic, spying, and “protect” money from taxes.

      • If you automatically believe that everything and everyone is a conspiracy, then I’m sorry, but you are even more naive.

      • far from automatically believing anything, the vast majority of people who read this website are knee deep in research, analyzing sources and making up their own minds about world events based on a wider scope of information that’s what handed to us by the mainstream media – who’s involvement with government is undeniable.
        the idea of social engineering is not new.

      • @elwood you decided to choose the “blue pill”, don’t blame the ones who had the courage to take the “red pill”.

      • I agree with you, man. I used to read this site years ago when Lady Gaga was all the rage. I can’t believe I even got into this s**t. I see illuminati symbols and all that s**t all the time, but people sometimes actually just die (YES REALLY). Planned or not, by evil people, just plain f*****g evil people (whether ‘illuminati/elite’ or not), don’t f*****g call s**t like this a hoax. Take your foil hats off and burn them please. and LIVE YOUR DAMN LIFE. Believe me, theres more to life than this illumaniti s**t. I was drowning in it too, but I’m free from its life-sucking, paranoid s**t. I came here to see what people had to say about Katy Perry, and I am so offended by this article on the Manchester relief concert. ALL THE DAM ARTISTS VOLUNTEERED TO PARTICATE, Y’ALL. I cant believe how shitty ppl are to overlook the sorrow and pain here, and think to believe that this type of s**t is f*****g planned and organized. THAT’S F*****G SICK. GET OUT, THERES STILL TIME!
        much love, seriously sending so many good vibes and hopefully ones that can open your f*****g minds and eyes. <3

      • Why wouldn’t they directly donate money then? Did they? Why concert? 10 days later? I do not embrace any conspiracy, but this concert is manipulative way to earn money and do some good PR s**t. Volunteers

      • Why? Because the whole purpose was to prove to the sick fks out there (aka ISIS and any other forms of people-killing evil) that these fears will not overcome the love of music and community. Music brings people together and gives people light (and can do the opposite too). But in this situation, the concert was a symbol of coming together and showing love instead of fear and hate. And 10 days later? Is that too soon, too late? People can do s**t whenever they want. If you have money, as they do, then they can make it possible. Plus, who are you to know whether they gave money or not. And if its their money, its their choice to do what they want with it. Who are you to fkn judge? lol Give them a break, and go on with your life. You guys act like these artists are not people that have their own personal lives. Once again, much love & keep your heart open.

      • This is NOT wholly true. Yes, a portion of the money may have gone to the victim’s families.

        However, the money raised benefitted the British Red Cross. One of the primary initiatives of the British Red Cross is the importation of more refugees. In other words, the money went to benefit the Global Elite agenda of marginalizing Western ideals.

    • agreed! the Fyre festival was mocked for trying to put on a festival in a month, and yet they managed to make this concert happen in like – 10 days???? yes, that fyre festival took place on a remote island with no infrastructure – however, even in a big arena venue, 10 days in very short turn around – staff, set lists, rehearsals, sound checks and sound tech equipment, all the artists playing would need their own sound techs/checks??merch??designed and printed and delivered, tickets??
      a 2 week turn around seems a bit much, like some of the victims are still in hospital, so they couldnt go anyway. i think a month or two would have looked more respectable, less rushed.

      as for the pint sized prostitute herself, defiantly singing her song ‘f*ck me harder* – to thousands of small children and their mums and a weeping nation? in what way is this anyway appropriate.

      • Also, assuming that AG saw some children being blown up in front of her, or at very least, heard some children being blown up in front of her, at her concert – and heard like the screaming of thousands of people and the stench of death in the air – like 2 weeks later to be like ‘we’re taking a stand!” thats not how trauma works, if i where her i’d be shell shocked – i’d have PTSD and need to take a lot of time out recover from having seen/heard all that.
        i wouldnt be surprised if she retired from performing for a very long time.
        I’m in no way implying it didnt happen like some imbeciles – i’m just saying, that’s not how to deal with trauma. and it’s unhealthy to normalize ‘bouncing back’ within this time scale as it’s not how people can deal with traumatic and life changing events.

      • Now this comment is relevant we all know she is an illuminati puppet and a heartless b1tch. Don’t forget her comment recently about her fans ” I wish they would effin die”

      • As I said in response to all the branding and merch created so quickly. The kind of resources these production companies ha e very easy to put up a show like that in days

      • Ariana a day already on your so they probably used her sound techs and the same arena she played in to pull this off. And she has money. It wouldn’t be hard to get merch pumped out. Even local bands do it short notice.

    • It’s just another coincidence, just disregard and move along.

      Remember that NWO speech Bush gave on 11 september 1991, exactly a decade before 911?

      That was also just a coincidence, move along now.

    • This is not true I’m a producer with the resources they have you could do all of that in a matter of hours not problem .

      • I don’t know what kind of producer you are but i’m 100% sure no producer in the world can gather the top (most paid) superstars in the world in a matter of a few weeks (Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Coldplay, Katey perry, and so on).

      • Since they’re all industry puppets they make themselves available if their handlers tell them so.

        And since the whole thing was a hoax, no deaths etc., the benefit concert might have been planned a long time ago. Remember, it’s all just show. No attack in London either. But the question is how can someone let their children go to a show like that?

      • How dare you, you piece of s**t?! My work colleague’s friend was killed in the Manchester attack, so I can assure you it DID actually happen, you insensitive fuckwit. Just because it makes you keyboard warriors feel better to create extremely complex and intricate stories crying hoax, than face the fact that horrendous terror attacks are not only possible, but extremely easy… Then fine, but it doesn’t make it true.

        I’ve seen some US based truthers claim the Manchester attack was a hoax because there was an ambulance an the scene before it happened!! Clearly, these people have never left ‘Merica because if you had, you would know that here in the UK we have a thing called FREE healthcare and part of that means that there is ALWAYS several ambulances on call for arena concerts! No conspiracy mate. Just standard British health and safety.

        As for why the benefit concert was arranged so quickly… It doesn’t actually take that long to do. The branding and merchandise were bog standard. The acts that performed did so because they are PEOPLE with EMPATHY… And (more cynically) it’s great PR. If this was a set up and all the acts involved are mk slaves…. why did the elites only get the talentless half of Oasis? Surely a reunion for the biggest band out of Manchester (the only big band left to have refused a reunion tour) would have been a piece of piss for the handlers to arrange?

        Before I get accusations of being a sheep and a shill let me assure you I DO believe there are a lot of shady activities going on in the world… Perhaps there even is more to this than meets the eye, but to try to suggest it didn’t happen at all is just ridiculous and heartless.

        It irritates me to no end that the ‘truthseeking’ community (rightly) distrusts the msm but then blindly follows any old nonsense they read on Twitter without doing any research outside of truther circles.

        Unfortunately the Manchester AND London attacks happened. Children died. Wake up, leave your keyboard and get some empathy for the victims.

      • Well said ! I’m also sick and tired of this spurious ill informed rubbish .
        Another thing I’d like to address and some thing being churned out ad nauseum (for other readers of my reply to you ) is the notion that this (terrorist attack) was followed by a practice run because the Queen” said so ” to hospital staff .
        In Britain , hospitals and other large institutions regularly have so called dry runs for any kind of major event . This is common practice , it keeps the staff informed as to any new protocols to be followed in such an event and is a test for team work and efficiency , to give any victims the best possible chance of survival . Not conspiracy . Reality ! We do this all the time !
        Good comment STL and very much needed , I made a similar point further down the thread .

      • Oh Lord, here we go again with my cousin’s husband’s sister’s great niece twice removed was killed in the bombing. It’s always the same. Go ahead and call me names. Calling names makes you look so credible.

        I haven’t done enough research yet to decide for myself whether I feel if this was a hoax or a false flag. If it was a false flag, then yes, actual humans died in order to further the elite’s agenda.

        I don’t even know how I feel about TVC at this point, since they are insisting that the bombing took place and not even questioning it.

      • Deborah , I can categorically say that both the London and Manchester attacks were real , and people were in fact killed . There have been many funerals for the victims which were real , they were in churches conducted by real priests . To involve this many people in a hoax of this scale is not only impossible but goes against everything this article talks about : the occult , meaning hidden or unseen .
        One thing to consider is this : many websites , or blogs on the internet are run , financed by intelligence agencies . This was recently admitted the the agencies themselves .
        Spreading disinformation is what they ‘do ‘ . What better way to distract from the real story than to spread the lie that no one died , to intimate that this was all the work of so called Satanist’s or that practitioners of the occult were involved ? While you and others here and on similar websites are dissecting and being distracted
        by what you feel are relevant “facts ” some of which are frankly not only laughable but from an occult point of view highly inaccurate , non of these commenters are adepts or practitioners of the called Dark arts and really haven’t a clue as to what they are talking about .

        The real story?
        The real story is that after every attack
        whether here or in other countries the authorities have admitted they have had considerable intelligence on every one of the so called terrorists .
        So the real question to be asking is why ?
        Why are these people allowed to be free when they are obviously a danger to others .
        Are these people being allowed to commit these acts of terrorism by our governments ? Are they employed by our governments , what is the ultimate reason for this ?
        This obsession with hoax’s, looking for occult symbols in everything is a perfect distraction , whilst you and others here and on other similar websites are discussing and dissecting, what are in fact totally irrelevant subjects the real business of our enslavement continues silently in the background .

      • Deborah Oh Deborah — your words “I haven’t done enough research yet” “to decide for myself whether I feel ” if this was a hoax or a false flag. If it was a false flag, then yes, actual humans died in order to further the elite’s agenda.”

        Whether YOU FEEL it was a hoax or a false flag. WOW. What a barometer of truth you must be…
        My lord have you even traveled and what research could you glean from where unless you have access to the physical site at the time and are in forensics or have documents from the data base… I Implore you – Be Nice Because you M00ted yourself by stating you hadnt done research moreso You displayed Zero Empathy and basing truth on YOUR FEELS through research on the internets – wow…
        Youre not helping anyone by not getting along with people.
        Youre missing the point. And you offended a person whom was affected and clearly emotional. Thats cold af.
        I hope you never have to go through what these poor kids and everyone whom suffers any traumatic event does. and if you do I hope no one says what you did to you.. my gosh I dont wish that on anyone…

        I Was Not there, So I cannot comment and I will not dismiss anyones grief.
        I also wasnt around when Jesus was so I cant confirm or deny what he looked like or was said verbatim et al…
        see what Im saying…

        the shooting of the reporter in Roanoke VA live on TV had people I know in 2 hours after that saying it was BS. I live in VA. I just said look its been 2 hours youre not in VA why dont you settle down and wait until theres more to look at. Not that you can because unless youre there you really cant prove jack.

        may you live a full life to understand that we’re all human and on the same team.

    • They may not have planned ahead but I’m not surprised at how good they are with “numbers” when it comes to numerology

  54. Grand slam article. You articulated all that was going on when tragedy was used by the elite through their music industry arm in a most creepy way which most saw as something good. Everything is flipped on its head and freedom is fleeting as the powers amp up there game in hyper fashion which will in time prevent me from commenting and articles like this to be printed.

  55. There’s been TWO attacks recently in Manchester and in London, how do these pawns have the guts to go there and sing their crappy music, as if nothing serious has taken place? I would feel infuriated at these “stars” if I lived there. It’s a huge sign of disrespect, what are they celebrating?

    • This is all about inciting terror and making these idiots rich while messing up our children. I bet this will be a catapult for Ariana Grande’s career . Ppl seriously need to wake up.

    • “They” want to make terror part of normal life. Because, once terror will become part of everyday life, people will be even more puppets of the elites because of fear.

  56. As soon as I saw the One Love Manchester concert on YouTube yesterday, I was checking this site for your opinion. Then when I read that Over the Rainbow was the last song, I was sure you’d write an article. I’m glad you did because even though I could understand the gist of why this concert was put on and everything, you did a great job explaining how it all tied into terrorism and the desensitizing of the masses. I’m thinking about the comments I read under the videos from the concert and it’s just so sad to see it all coming true. Thank you!

    • Yeah as soon as I saw the bandages on The “victims” I knew they were crisis actors, the Zionist are playing a real slick game for sure

      • That is just your opinion, and I think most reasonable people would disagree with it.

        The real tragedy is that people like you are being lied to, for entertainment purposes. And because you’d rather believe a simplistic theory like ‘Zionists’ than the actual problems, which includes ‘sometimes people are awful and do terrible, violent things’, the real problems of the world are going to go unsolved.

        God please be with us all.

      • The “most reasonable people”… What a joke. Peoples don’t use logic, they believe/reapeat what mainstream medias say, there’s nothing “reasonable ” about it.

      • And Elwood, what you’ve said is also just *your* opinion. I agree that most people see themselves as reasonable and would rather believe the official version of events. Cognitive dissonance results in a desire to ignore anything that doesn’t fit with what they want to believe.

        But the official version of events is always open to question. And those of us who still have a little free will left are right to keep on investigating and questioning. Even if it makes others uncomfortable.

      • @Elwood, critical thinking is unique to humanity (well in theory). Believing what say the medias without questionning it is a very real threat to humanity because it means they control you.


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