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Despite the Doom and Gloom pt. 5 : My 2016 Holiday Post



Despite the Doom and Gloom pt. 5 : My 2016 Holiday Post

Wow. 2016. Saying that it was a bad year would be the most unoriginal thing one could say. But, seriously, it was a bad year. 2016 was, all at the same time, sad, divisive, horrifying, worrying and confusing. It left many with a foul, disgusting taste in their mouth combined with a sense of dread for things to come. Fortunately, there is more to life than what happens through the noise amplifier that is mass media.

I could go on for a long time about how 2016 annoyed the heck out of me, but I won’t. Because, in the grand scheme of things, what happens in mass media is ultimately unimportant. Us getting caught up in the fear, the anger, the turmoil and the confusion of world events is what “they” want. Mass media amplifies all of this destructive energy and forces the masses to bathe in it. People that are scared, hateful and confused can easily be manipulated, and this is happening right now.

The Vigilant Citizen is about the exact opposite. It is about understanding what is toxic around us and rejecting it. Ultimately, it is about focusing on what is truly important in life.

The global torment of the past year might actually have a silver lining. Indeed, faced with ugliness of recent events, many will feel a need to be more “self-centered” … but in a good way. Instead of giving attention to power-hungry psychopaths, they will want to pay attention to those immediately around them. They will look for a deeper connection with friends, family and anybody that can bring more joy and warmth to their lives. They will have further appreciation for things that are still pure, beautiful and wonderful.

Although mass media wants us to believe that everything is spoiled and corrupted, that is simply not the case. The same timeless things that were revered and cherished thousands of years ago are still here today. We are made to be in nature, to bask in its beauty and to be in tune with its harmony. We are meant to inhale fresh air and to enjoy the sound of birds chirping. We are meant to reflect on life to the sounds of fire crackling and of water flowing. We are meant to admire the night sky and to contemplate the stars.

We are meant to translate this beauty and harmony into love and care towards others. We are meant to seek deeper truths, to discover spirituality and to express ourselves through artistic creation. In short, we are meant to be fulfilled, awakened and enlightened human beings.

Unfortunately, everything in mass media goes in the opposite direction. It is about replacing beauty and harmony with fear, dread and confusion. It is about unbalancing the mind and debasing the soul.

Do not let “them” have this power over you. Do not allow their sick mindset to poison your existence. This year, I’ve published several articles exposing the horrifyingly sick mindset of the elite. I cannot yet comment on why I had to remove some these articles from the site, but I can confirm that there was nothing “fake” within them. Like a worm slithering in dirt, the elite fears being exposed to the bright light of truth. It causes it to dry up and die.

Although some sick people might be in power for the time being, their time will come. In the words of the immortal Johnny Cash, God’s gonna cut ’em down. Meanwhile, our time on Earth is short and precious. Will you spend this time fearful and cowering or will you work on becoming the fulfilled, awakened and enlightened person you were intended to be?

This is what being a Vigilant Citizen is truly about. So please take advantage of this holiday season to fully connect with what is truly important in life. Hug your loved ones, help those in need, read a good book, cook a great meal, enjoy nature, pet a dog, play an awesome tune on the trombone and yell at a tree. Because, despite the doom and gloom, the beautiful truth of this world is right there. You just need to look in the right direction.

To all Vigilant Citizens around the world, thank you for reading and thank you for your support. Have a merry Christmas, a happy New Year and I will see you in 2017!




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Despite the Doom and Gloom pt. 5 : My 2016 Holiday Post

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Thanks for an awesome website, VC. You’re doing an amazing and extremely important job running this website. I’m deeply grateful for your efforts (I also keep directing people to your site). ‘The Vigilant Citizen is about the exact opposite. It is about understanding what is toxic around us and rejecting it. Ultimately, it is about focusing on what is truly important in life.’ Yes, you continue to maintain a positive attitude and a high level of decency in your posted articles here. This is the way forward! ‘To all Vigilant Citizens around the world, thank you for reading and thank you for your support. Have a merry Christmas, a happy New Year and I will see you in 2017!’ I’m skeptical towards Christmas at this point and won’t be celebrating it in the usual way this year. Christmas, as it is commonly celebrated today, is nothing more than an elite orgy, in my eyes, full of materialism and superficiality. I’m all for enjoying the company of loved ones and celebrating the miracle of life but I think I’ll find another way and time to do so, now. I’ve seen a website citing Bible paragraphs that fairly strongly suggest the Bible… Read more »


Yeah you’re right I agree with that.


Christmas is NOT a pagan feast! They want you to think so, they want to dirt it through materialism and make you think it is the solstice of my a-s but ITS NOT. Its the Birth of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST that they want to erase from our hearts and from our thoughts, from our lives, from our calendar. Morevover the Holy Catholic Churc has ALWAYS publicly communicated, announced that all of our catholic celebrations were placed upon the pagan calendar to STOP pagan people to celebrate heir false ridiculous gods of papers and worship the true God made man our Lord Jesus Christ and finsh to convert the last reluctant pagans to the true religion and refrain them of going to hell that was expecting them! You see that’s the opposite once again!! Thaty want you to think that it does not exist! They want you to feel borred of celebrating! They want you to celebrate Santa instead of Our Lord! SO we MUST all resist and celebrate the birth of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST in the most fragile being that is a BABY inside the poorest cowshed, he has offered himself to us!!! So, Let ‘s praise the… Read more »

Jesus was not born on DEC 25th that’s the lie they want you to believe. It is a pagan celebration.


Thank you. It says no where in Scripture that Jesus was born on 12/25.


Luke 2:8-14 is solid proof Jesus wasn’t born in December, but in a much wamer season of the year.
Also, Jesus isn’t God, is God’s son, as he stated in John 14:28, the Father is greater than him.


Jesus IS God, part of the Trinity.


Dude, I think John 1:1 says very clearly that Lord Jesus Christ is God. Just like as the Holy Spirit is God. please read this carefully. also read Romans 10:9-13 and you will see there that Jesus is the Lord. blessings

the prick

John 1. John 14 cannot be against John 1. God is Jesus is the Son is the Father. The Son telling what he is in relation to the father does not imply separation with the father, simply because separation does not cross dimensional borders. To tell something separate from something else they must adhere to the same topological space. The son and the father are in two different dimension. Just like your dream and your self are. Are you separate from the things you are dreaming? nope. But all the things in the dream appear separate from each other and YOU ARE NOT EVEN THERE. One describing the dream says the dreamer is greater than me. Does that make him separate? The difference is that God can make up free willing creature, while the dream is more of a symbolic echo of brain works in classifying knowledge.


I know you guys are american and tend to lack of any kind of education. But our Lord was born in Palestine, not in the Rocky Mountains! Its still kind of warm in that period of year, mates… LOOOOL


“I know you guys are american and tend to lack of any kind of education.”
Hey Antoine: f--k you, and go eat a bag of dicks.

the prick

Well he was not given the best education ever, either.


OTOH the monkey at the typewriter has a point.


I thought it was more important that Jesus died for sins? Why celebrate His birth when He is and always has been? It’s His death and the reason He died that is more important than His birth. The catholic church confuses everything…

The catholic church has no right to stop anyone from doing anything….even God doesn’t stop people from doing what they want. The church is supposed to be about telling people about the Good News…not gaining wealth and power for itself by deceiving people into believing it’s lies.


Actually, biblically speaking, it is important to remember the Saviour’s birth because He was born of a virgin conceived by the Holy Spirit. One needs to know in whom they say they believe, or they don’t really understand the sacrifice and who Jesus was. Not saying His birth was at one time of the year or another, but i don’t believe in acknowledging other supposed “gods”. If one chooses to celebrate the Saviour’s birth at a time traditionally holy to some other “god”, and even chooses to kill a tree and delightedly hang baubles on it, i am not going to condemn them.

Deborah (discerning the world)

No where in the bible are we told celebrate Jesus Christ’s bday. He tells us to REMEMBER Him through communion only. Christmas is a pagan holiday…the Catholic sun God Mithra is born on the 25th dec. Along with every other sun god throughout history. Ra the Egyptian sun his is too born on the 25th December and the list a on.

I do find it interesting though that vigilant citizen is not very vigilant…. as he exposes darkness and Satan’s works yet speaks about following new age teaching….be it pantheism or panenthiesm. What’s the point in exposing Satan’s deeds on this site yet follow another luciferian religion called new age?

There appears to be this thing called the “truth movement” yet few in this movement are actually genuine Christians. The truth is not biblical truth…instead it’s a truth that the same time tells lies.

You cant expose Satan using one hand but on the the hand follow new age teaching. That’s called a false teacher.

the prick

> No where in the bible are we told celebrate Jesus Christ’s bday
The bday is not known with certainty, but we celebrate the BIRTH not the BDAY.

And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

So, the friggin’ Army of God went down to salute His coming into the world and we are not supposed to remember and celebrate? Is it not the second most important event after the resurrection?

You might argue about the choice of the day, picking one position.
1. 25 dec is tainted by being a pagan fest
2. 25 dec is a good symbolic fit for remembering the birth of Jesus
3. 25 dec is cultural appropriation of a pagan fest

I have no hesitation picking 3 WE STOLE THE SOL INVICTUS, U MAD PAGANS? And it is not even breaching the commandment about stealing, since we are RETURNING IT TO THE OWNER OF EVERYTHING.

Sola scriptura, baby.


I do not comment on posts as a personal preference however your comment caught my eye, it is very true indeed, I’m glad you looked into what Xmas is all about and research the origin & practices behind it (Winter Solstice & Saturnalia) , do not let anyone confuse you with it’s just for the kids, time to get together with loved ones, God knows my heart positive momentum to continue to live in sin because he does in fact: The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? Jeremiah 17:9 & There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. Proverbs 16:25 So those are examples out of the bible showing us that God does know our heart and ways and we need to follow HIS laws which are written & sure. I tell my family about the evil history of Christmas which is nowhere found in the bible it is PAGAN, and that it is not Jesus Birthday and they prefer to continue with the deception, a matter of fact he was born around PASSOVER not EASTER because that’s a pagan holiday as… Read more »


You are 100% correct that Christmas is a pagan holiday. It is actually a rooted in paganism, and specifically the Roman “Saturnalia” festival, which is rooted in older pagan winter solstice celebrations. What happened is that the Roman Catholic Church (which is totally apostate and corrupts the true message of God in MANY ways) just took the pagan festival and put “Christian” themes on it. The Messiah was probably born in the fall, and around the Passover. And when you look into Christmas, it is actually very sinister and evil. The god “Saturn” is actually SATAN. “Saturn” is just one of Satan’s many other names. Many modern-day Satanists worship Satan using the name “Saturn”. And this sounds somewhat “crazy”, but the focus on “Santa Claus” is sinister. “Santa” is an anagram for Satan (ie, rearrange the letters in the name “Santa” to get “Satan”). “Santa” (or Satan) is a COUNTERFEIT of the Most High. “Santa”, like the Heavenly Father, claims to be omniscient (all-knowing), eternal, giving good gifts, etc. As for Easter, it is also 100% pagan in origin. The name “Easter” refers to the ancient pagan Babylonian goddess “Ishtar” , who was the goddess of fertility. This is the… Read more »


Beta Kitten Alert: Poor Mariah Carey had a major meltdown on Dick Clark’s 2017. She &/or her team says her performance was ‘sabotaged’ & that it was a ‘lipsynch fail’ but anyone who watched the botched performance on TV could also see that Mariah was not making sense & had to often be propped up by her dancers for balance while trying to do the routine. Yipes.

Robert meier

Merry Christmas – by the way, I am reading the end of The Book, and we win!


thank you for your thoughtful insightful articles. 2016 was actually a really good year for me personally and I hope everyone limits the amount of television and talking heads they consume and “guard your gates” as my pastor always says. Be aware of subminimal messaging and propaganda.. if you are “woke” it cant harm you (as much) with hold your judgment until you have adequate information and over all Love more… God Bless


So beautiful – thank you for all of your tireless work. This moved me to tears. It’s so true, what you wrote, as always… but the hope and light and love will win when we ALL have the heart to wake up.


Merry Christmas, VC! Thank you for all the work you do, I really appreciate it. You have taught me so much and opened my eyes to so many things. May you have many blessings from God. Cheers.


Wow, what a great, uplifting, truthful article.We may have Evil all around us but we have to remember God is always in Control. If we pray and look to God, not Google, not athlete or celebrities ,God, The Great I Am, will protect us!!!!!


Thank you VC for your contribution to God and humanity. Been a follower for about 8 years and you never disappoint. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!!

Lucas T

“I cannot yet comment on why I had to remove some these articles from the site”
WTF VC that’s kinda worrying.
Anyway, the message you give in this article is a heart-felt synthesis of what you do in every single word you’ve written since I started reading this website 8 years back.
Thanks for the effort and passion you pour in your writing, I can feel it every time.


Merry Christmas VC! Love your articles real eye opener. Keep up the good work. God bless you and your family


Happy Holidays to you & yours, VC. Here’s to you getting your site & forums fully functional again. As you said, don’t let the bastards get you down. A Merry Yule to all Vigilant Citizens out there!


Well said! 🙂

end times soldier

George Michael sacrificed for the solstice, or just a terrible coincidence? This remains to be seen.


Thats exactly what i thought as soon as i heard
How ironic he died on xmas when his symbolic song last christmas was playing
Could be natural death due to drugs or whatnot but i am afraid not


Absolutely! Right on to all of the above, and a Merry Christmas to you, too, VC. Thank you for all of your work on this site through 2016 and before. Definitely the purpose of revealing what the “elite” are up to is precisely to dispel the fear and confusion they are trying to cloud us with. Thank you for being and providing an excellent resource to dispelling that fear, waking people up, and encouraging those who are coming around.


I want to add my thanks for your courage & insight, blessings beautiful brother. What a light you are & how sorely needed. Don’t ever stop fighting the good fight; you’re inspiring, saving & educating many <3


2017 and 2018 are going to be the worst years for the economy collapse even worse than 2008. So we really need to be ready for what is coming. Hunger, pain, mass rituals, wars and riots all over the USA and Europe. I really hope people keep getting awareness about what is really going on socially and economically so we can get over this dark stage and start creating a better reality for our family and friends. Because family is the most important thing, you can have in your life, is what gives hope to our ruined world to start getting better. Stay close to your family and protect them against the evil system.
I wish all of you citizens, a better new year 2017! Good luck.


thank you for everything


This 3d life is so much easier to navigate when you come to realize that it is all an illusion meant to help us grown and evolve spiritually. When you ‘die” you wake up from the illusion and quickly realize that all your anxieties and fears were completely unfounded and illusory. This is the truth I have come to find after years of following the rabbit hole, and was further proven to me recently when my grandmother passed 10 days ago, and said just prior to leaving earth, and essentially bouncing back and forth between this world and the next, how fascinating and beautiful the whole experience was, and how her only frustration was due to not being able to document what she was experiencing for others to read. We can literally manifest heaven on earth when we collectively realize that all of our fears are illusory, and that love is the only truth.


Check out the book To Hell and Back by Maurice S. Rawlings


Good will always overcome evil. ❤


Sadly, they realize that and are trying to create and wreak as much destruction as possible.

the prick

From the Book of Hollywood 🙂

In reality good will overcome evil IN THE END. So, while I HOPE you are more accurate than me, be vigilant and prepared.


Jesus is the only way to endure this garbage! I’m sorry if that offends anyone, but truth is truth


Dear VG,

First I would like to thank you for all your enlightning articles. I hope us woke people will stay on being positive and keep hope. For it is so that our time is yet to come. I wish all of you well. Godspeed! 😉


If I could make a suggestion: don’t be nice. Go beyond, let us promote good leadership, and ourselves up as great examples. Let us bring the best in the youth, encourage men to become available dads, promote healthier environment for women. Support and create pluralism through communities and uphold a better quality of life for animals, nature and everything else that our offspring can benefit from! Good practice starts with us! PS don’t be useless opinionated tourist… Do something!

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