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Despite the Doom and Gloom pt. 4: My 2015 Holiday Message



The sun is setting on 2015 and, the least we can say, is that it was a bumpy ride. This year again, I attempted to provide a different perspective on things, one that bypasses the usual media hype and propaganda to highlight the wider agenda. Here at Vigilant Citizen, it is never about being alarmist or pushing fear mongering, it is about taking a step back, taking a deep breath and understanding the bigger picture.

Through analysis of popular culture, I look to draw attention to a clear and obvious pattern of messages and symbols that permeates all levels of mass media. Understanding this pattern is paramount because it means understanding the true mindset of those in power – and where they want to world to head.

As my articles often conclude, the mindset of the occult elite is disturbing: It appears to be celebrating nothing less than pure, unadulterated evil. Think about what was celebrated in mass media this year: Death, murder, terror, oppression, sexualization of everything, mind control, elitism, pedophilia, abuse, dehumanization, satanism, torture and other horrible things. Through mass media, the elite looks to soak our minds in everything that is corrupt, debased and harmful to the mind. By pushing the threshold of normality towards the rotten and the perverse, they are looking alienate us from truth in all its forms. They want a population devoid of a solid moral foundation, with values stemming from whatever mass media is currently dictating. While values were once passed down by family, culture and tradition, they are now sold by PR firms like dishwasher detergents. The ultimate goal is, of course, greater control of our minds, bodies and souls.

Does this mean that we need to be angry, bitter, hateful and permanently afraid? NO. Of course not. If you do this, you’ve fallen for their trap. They WANT you to be angry, bitter, hateful and afraid. These sentiments are pure gold for those who seek to turn irrational emotions into submission. What we actually need to do is to cleanse ourselves from that toxic crap we feed our minds, bodies and souls, and take a deep breath of pure, fresh air. We need to live life like it was intended to be lived.

The best way to stand up to the elite is not with anger, hatred or violence. It is simply by being a good, healthy, happy and solid human being with an educated mind and strong values. They want to dumb down our minds, weaken our bodies and corrupt our souls. We need to do the exact opposite.

Therefore, despite the doom and gloom, do not allow it to get to you. Do not allow yourself to become bitter, hateful or fearful. Our time on Earth is extremely limited and its beauty is almost unlimited. So, to quote my 2012 holiday thingie:

Seize the moment, go outside, enjoy nature, breathe fresh air, spend time with your friends and family, cook a tasty meal, read a great book, play a musical instrument, follow your dreams and give a horse a great big slap on the ass because, despite the doom and gloom, life is still beautiful.

Special thanks to the incredible VC community that came through, this year again, with amazing input. Thank you to everyone who posted comments on the site, enriching each article with unique views and relevant information; Thank you to those who follow the site on social networks and actively share articles everywhere; Thank you to the vibrant community over at the VC Forums, where discussions are never boring; Thank you to everyone who sent me e-mails containing important information, interesting article suggestions and heart warming comments and, finally, thank you for simply taking the time of reading my work, I truly appreciate it. You’re all great and I wish you all the best.

Happy Holidays and see you next year!




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