Despite the Doom and Gloom pt. 4: My 2015 Holiday Message


The sun is setting on 2015 and, the least we can say, is that it was a bumpy ride. This year again, I attempted to provide a different perspective on things, one that bypasses the usual media hype and propaganda to highlight the wider agenda. Here at Vigilant Citizen, it is never about being alarmist or pushing fear mongering, it is about taking a step back, taking a deep breath and understanding the bigger picture.

Through analysis of popular culture, I look to draw attention to a clear and obvious pattern of messages and symbols that permeates all levels of mass media. Understanding this pattern is paramount because it means understanding the true mindset of those in power – and where they want to world to head.

As my articles often conclude, the mindset of the occult elite is disturbing: It appears to be celebrating nothing less than pure, unadulterated evil. Think about what was celebrated in mass media this year: Death, murder, terror, oppression, sexualization of everything, mind control, elitism, pedophilia, abuse, dehumanization, satanism, torture and other horrible things. Through mass media, the elite looks to soak our minds in everything that is corrupt, debased and harmful to the mind. By pushing the threshold of normality towards the rotten and the perverse, they are looking alienate us from truth in all its forms. They want a population devoid of a solid moral foundation, with values stemming from whatever mass media is currently dictating. While values were once passed down by family, culture and tradition, they are now sold by PR firms like dishwasher detergents. The ultimate goal is, of course, greater control of our minds, bodies and souls.

Does this mean that we need to be angry, bitter, hateful and permanently afraid? NO. Of course not. If you do this, you’ve fallen for their trap. They WANT you to be angry, bitter, hateful and afraid. These sentiments are pure gold for those who seek to turn irrational emotions into submission. What we actually need to do is to cleanse ourselves from that toxic crap we feed our minds, bodies and souls, and take a deep breath of pure, fresh air. We need to live life like it was intended to be lived.

The best way to stand up to the elite is not with anger, hatred or violence. It is simply by being a good, healthy, happy and solid human being with an educated mind and strong values. They want to dumb down our minds, weaken our bodies and corrupt our souls. We need to do the exact opposite.

Therefore, despite the doom and gloom, do not allow it to get to you. Do not allow yourself to become bitter, hateful or fearful. Our time on Earth is extremely limited and its beauty is almost unlimited. So, to quote my 2012 holiday thingie:

Seize the moment, go outside, enjoy nature, breathe fresh air, spend time with your friends and family, cook a tasty meal, read a great book, play a musical instrument, follow your dreams and give a horse a great big slap on the ass because, despite the doom and gloom, life is still beautiful.

Special thanks to the incredible VC community that came through, this year again, with amazing input. Thank you to everyone who posted comments on the site, enriching each article with unique views and relevant information; Thank you to those who follow the site on social networks and actively share articles everywhere; Thank you to the vibrant community over at the VC Forums, where discussions are never boring; Thank you to everyone who sent me e-mails containing important information, interesting article suggestions and heart warming comments and, finally, thank you for simply taking the time of reading my work, I truly appreciate it. You’re all great and I wish you all the best.

Happy Holidays and see you next year!



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93 Comments on "Despite the Doom and Gloom pt. 4: My 2015 Holiday Message"

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Hey VC, I'm 21 years old now and I follow you're site since I was sixteen. So I just wanted to say that you still inspire me, all the years growing up with awareness,revealed truth and a liberated mind from mass media manipulation and a more messed up,superficial society is a Treasureblessing that I appreciate more and more by getting older. Nobody will ever be able to take it away ,cause you're site really marked my life by seeing things and events with other eyes and really being able to see and think more over various circumstances in the world or even in my own life. Instead of being a sponge who absorb everything media,state etc. disburse and getting lost in the masses,I also attache importance in appreciating and not forgetting you're own values,in order to make a difference in the world we're living in. Finally you strongly opened my… Read more »

So many gems of wisdom here! I tend to then feel scared and hopeless – you preach all these things and tell people what to look for, but the news falls on deaf ears…or people who simply don;t care anymore.
It makes me feel angry and sad that people don't want to learn the truth, don't want to embrace it! But then again, i guess, accepting that you're a frail fragile mortal who isn't perfect is a hard pill for most of us to swallow…
As the world and society had trained us into this false belief that we will live forever!!

Thanks for sharing VC and may God richly bless you as you continue sharing the truth! Expose them!!!!

Truly a blessing, God Bless You bro. People need to understand how this world is only temporary.. thank you for exposing the world for what it is, satanically controlled subliminally..but all has been written. Faith is all we have left!

Live long and prosper. Peace.

Dear Vigilant Citizen,
over the past five years you have been the greatest source for my spiritual renewal.
You are a good old soul like few on the Earth.

Thank you very much!

Be well

… it's time to change the point of view … overthrow the banquets of the "money changers" … now the game is discovered: the elite malignant, with their satanic spells, would a world of slaves. Turn your back on all this. It is not always easy, but the real Freedom is priceless …

God bless Vigilant Citizen

Great article! And your express an important point; learn everything you can but take it in stride and don’t let it taint your life negatively! I’m addicted to knowing and learning everything I can about the real truth. But I’ve learned over the years to be happy in spite of all this evil in the world.

Hi Vc I am just a teen who gets bored and annoyed against all the gloomy crap in the world. I’ve been on your site for 1 year and I want to thanks you for opening up my eyes more on what the people in the world have come to.

God bless you and VC for all you do.

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Doesn't it bother you why VC has not posted anything yet for the past 2 weeks ?
I really really hope the person behind VC is safe !!

Hey Great Admirer ,

Even I admire VC a lot . But i really hope the person behind VC is safe .
There are no Posts for almost 2 weeks .
As an advocate of Vigilant citizen for the past 3 years , I have observed that VC never takes this much time to post an article.
But now it just bothers me !!

Doesn't it bother you , Brethren ?
Hope you reply back !

Hey VC !! Hope you're doing good .

No Posts since 23rd of December ? That's pretty Weird !!
Just wondering if you got by the Elite .
I Hope the Person behind VC is really really safe .

Thank You VC and everyone else. I always enjoy reading all the articles and comments. Season Greetings and all the best for 2016!

thanks VC, keep enlighten Us !
see ya'll in 2016 !!!

I can only say thank you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Thanks VC, lovely outlook & quote on life!

Dear Vigilant Citizen, I do agree with your Holiday 2016 message, I look forward to your decrypting of The Economist cover for 2016,as you did so well for the 2015 one. I saw something about it in French but I'm unable to trace it back. But it stuck me that it "prophetized" a killing in Lodon as the oe i Paris in November Friday 13th. All the best, Louis

Great…plz do your interpretations of "The Economist" 2016 cover

Thank you for your posts from Russia. We are reading you too))

Thank you VC

Finding this site 3 years ago was the best thing ever…Happy Holidays anf thank you for the great job 🙂 !

Happy holidays VC and a wonderful 2016 to you and your family 🙂 Thank you for all that you do, keep fighting the good fight and may God bless you 🙂

Dear VC!
Being a long time reader of your articles and an admirer of your researches and discoveries, I am happy to feel the warmth of your words and delighted to wish Happy Holidays to you and all the community here, you guys are great!
Cheers from Russia, we have the same situation here, but it is a wonderful thing to know you are not alone, darkness will fade away and the light will prevail.
Happy Holidays!

Thank you! whenever I introduce someone to the illuminate, I refer them to this site! Merry Christmas VC

Vigilant, happy holidays to you!
I would suggest two posts: one, talking about the Illuminati Corp. , An Internet site that has attracted a lot of people so far. I feel sorry for this innocent people. Another, talking about the satanic symbols and Illuminati in Paranormal Activity saga, and that since the creation of the Church Of Satan, horror films were chosen to reveal hidden secrets: the birth of the Anti-Christ (it seems that Satan does not like to do movies about his birth, as Rosemary's Baby and the Omen are marked macabre events.), Satanism, well, other things. OK?

always happy to see your year end message, VC–

just a fantastic stated higher perspective we all strive towards to keep as a guiding light.

blessings to you, yours, and fellow VC people out there fighting the good fight in all its forms and through a myriad of traditions and viewpoints. we all have a piece of the puzzle in the game of life to share with one another, keep sharing and loving one another! love is the answer for all of these problems.

i am always so grateful for this space, and fellow travelers here, thanks for keeping it rolling…

Thanks VC and every on here. I keep coming back for more information with like minded individuals and love the discussions that occur. Hope you all have really had a happy holiday.

Thanks for all your insights and disclosures of the NWO. We love you VC. Merry Chistmas!!!

From Lima, Perú (South America)

Happy holidays, VC! You're awesome! Thank you for your site, the forums, your badass sense of humor, all your hard work, and simply for being you! Your wife is a lucky lady 😉

See you around here and the forums! 😀

*BIG HUGS* I love you VC!

This is an awful approach, you can't just live life the way you want, eventually, you're going to need to make a choice, you either follow the elite, do what they want, or you fight them. If you just live a quiet life, isolating yourself, then you're part of the problem.

Being quiet knowing all you know is wrong.
"Enjoying a tasty meal" while these people are out there reversing human nature is wrong.

That's exactly what they want you to do, they want you to "live and let live" so they can roam around doing their awful acts.

What we need to do is fight, whether by our words, or hands, it's a war out there, and when you choose to stay aside, you're choosing to be on the evil side.

Funny how God works. Their dream and gloom drove me to this site and it's been nothing but a blessing. It's opened my eyes and truly pushed me to spend time and attention on the important things in life….faith, family, friends, and fellowship with others ; particularly giving back to those who are less fortunate.

Keep doing what you're doing VC. I'm sure it can make you jaded or a bit gray from time to time but know that you ARE making a HUGE difference and that your efforts are not in vain!

God Bless!

Hang in there everyone. Much love, always.

Only love, always.

“You're an interesting species. An interesting mix. You're capable of such beautiful dreams, and such horrible nightmares. You feel so lost, so cut off, so alone, only you're not. See, in all our searching, the only thing we've found that makes the emptiness bearable, is each other.”

A timeless quote from Carl Sagan, and also in my top 3 quotes of all time.

Best wishes tol everyone as we go into the new year,

Thank you, VC, for your kind and heartening message. You are doing important work, and I'm grateful to have another light to turn to in this time of oppressive manipulation and uncertainty. May you enjoy a Peaceful and Happy Christmas *

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas VC! have a wonderful new year.x

Merry Christmas and thank you for the insight you provide.

May the 2016 come to this? Quote: ‘Twas the night before Future Christmas When all through the land Not a Commie-Pinko is stirring The Reds had been banned Central Banking abolished Gold and silver restored Wall Street is tamed Their ox has been gored Taxes are light With budgets in balance Freed of debt slavery Folks discover their talents Hollywood is wholesome Filth and p**n no more Kim Kardashian is history That dirty little w***e The culture is reborn The end of modern art Rockwell and Rembrandt Replace Picasso, that fart America is at peace To the Zionists dismay No more wars for Israel Hip Hip. Hooray! The press is now free Of lies and omissions Conspiracies are exposed Not concealed by Commissions Jobs are plentiful The middle class booms Welfare cheats face reality And forced to push brooms The border is sealed Illegals denied entry Problem solved It was… Read more »

Great and true message, VC. I'm looking forward to reading your future articles. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2016 is poised to be a year of great change. The world currently sits atop a razors edge and it is totally up to humanity to decide which side of that razor we end up on. As simply as it can be stated, do we choose fear, and continue to provide the Archons (those that control the earthly puppets) with their life blood and maintain our course towards an Orwellian dystopia? Or do we reverse course, choose love, and begin the long journey towards creating heaven on earth? We have so much work to do as humans and caretakers of the beautiful being that we call mother earth. It is all on our shoulders to make this happen. Jesus/benevolent ET's/Source, Creator, isn't going to fix this mess for us. We gave away our sovereignty, our power, and in doing so gave our consent to all the horrific things happening on… Read more »

I needed to read this. Thank you very much. I won't be bitter and afraid anymore

Merry X-Mas and HNY!
Looking forward to more of your insights in 2016.

Even your most depraved fantasies can not prepare you for what the big picture is. However the glory of GOD and HEAVEN is beyound EVERYTHING. Which is why GOD is letting satan tempt our flesh since we must come willingly and wittingly unto GOD. Let JESUS be your sword! Amen!

happy holidays to you and yours

Merry Christmas && God bless <3

Peace, love, joy and strength to VC and the VC community now and always.

hey hey to u too, good old "vidge"! 🙂

oh and btw:
"give a horse a great big slap on the ass"- i cant help but think u mean a woman instead of a horse but dont write it down in this politically correct times haha.

merry christmas to all my vigilant brothers and sisters!

Merry Christmas VC!

Thanks VC, Merry Christmas to everyone, God loves you.