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Despite the Doom and Gloom – My Corny Holiday Message



Despite the Doom and Gloom - My Corny Holiday Message

Despite the Doom and Gloom - My Corny Holiday Message

I am not a big fan of sugar-coated holiday messages that are basically a collage of tired clichés.  I also do not enjoy reading “let’s be positive” articles that sound like a page taken from a $2.99 self-help book written by some douche-bag spiritual guru. However, today, I will be combining both of these horrible things in one big sentimental, tear-jerking article … no, I won’t.

But, as 2011 comes to an end, I would like to reflect a bit on the content that was published on the Vigilant Citizen and the reason why I feel this kind of information needs to be known by all regardless of age, sex, faith or ethnicity. So here are some thoughts about this site, its purpose and its potential effects on people.

About the initial shock of learning the “Truth”

I remember when I first learned about the “Truth” and it wasn’t pretty. I remember learning about how the mass media lie to our faces on a daily basis. About how the educational system only teaches the youth what they need to become obedient workers. About how politics are merely a puppet show and that, regardless of who is in office, the same Agenda will be going forward. About how our rights and freedoms are being revoked. About how the masses are purposely being dumbed-down. About how simple values are rejected from popular culture and replaced by shallow materialism and glorification of immediate fulfillment of impulses.

Learning about these things was overwhelming and, to be honest, it really pissed me off. I remember being depressed for days, repeating to myself “Everything I was ever told was a lie”. I was disgusted by the world I grew up in and the people I used to look up to. That was an awful phase. But, looking back, I realized that it was just a phase – one that all seekers of truth eventually need to go through. It is shocking, disheartening, confusing and totally not cool. But necessary.

As I pursued my research and as I gained a little wisdom and experience, that nasty feeling eventually went away. Gloria Steinem famously wrote “The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.” That is certainly true. But after the “pissed off” phase, better understanding our world leads to an extremely valuable reward: Knowledge, wisdom and happiness.

Although I do not consider this site to contain all of the “Truth”,  simply a small part of it, I nevertheless hope its contents is insightful enough to prompt in some people a “thirst for more”. I sometimes get e-mails from readers who are still under the initial shock of learning the Truth. They describe the same symptoms I felt when I was in the same situation and some are rather mad at me for causing this in them. Although I realize that this kind of information can engender fear and even paranoia in some people, I believe that the sooner one goes through that phase, the better. Because once the blizzard goes away, a new path appears … and it looks pretty darn nice.

Converting the initial shock into useful knowledge

After learning about the true nature of the forces shaping our world, a natural response is to look for solutions. One might say “Now that I know all of this, what can I do to fix the problem?” I usually leave this part of the thought process open-ended in my articles because I believe that the thinking, the questioning and the research required at this stage is something that all of us should do. After having been told what we should do during our entire lives, it is time to get our own brains going. Only a healthy, well-educated mind can determine what should be done next. I believe that those who push ready-made, one-size-fits-all solutions do not help their fellow men (in fact, they might be trying to exploit them). Instead of encouraging independent thinking they are simply furthering the “sheep” mentality that is so prevalent today … just with a different shepherd. For this reason, I do not push a great big solution for all. I do, however, encourage readers to discuss and debate their views, because it is one the healthiest thing we can do.

The clash of ideas found in the discussions on this site is certainly one of its most important features. The insight provided by commentators is often enlightening (thanks to those who participate in discussions!). Some force us to consider unique ideas and perspectives. Some people believe non-violent protests are the ultimate solution, while others state that salvation must go through religious faith while others want to see an all-out revolution. Others do not believe that any of this is even happening. I honestly do not claim to know the exact path that would lead humanity to freedom. There is however one thing that I KNOW helps all the readers of the site: Understanding what is real and what is fake.

Differentiating the Real from the Fake: A Liberating Step

After a period of time of actively seeking the Truth through research and questioning, discerning what is real and what is illusion becomes an easy task. Instead of mindlessly absorbing everything that is communicated through mass media, a truth seeker will have the ability to say “Wait, this is BS. I do not believe it and I reject it.” The erection of a gateway that controls the acceptance of messages in our minds, also known as “critical thinking”, is one of the main benefits of truth seeking. This site focuses on mass media because its multiple outlets are used to sell illusion and delusion to the masses. They also define what is acceptable, what is desirable and what is not.

Watching a few hours of MTV programming is enough to understand that its contents promotes a specific set of values to the youth, notably the importance of materialism, the cult of celebrity and fame, the glorification of appearances and of the superficial, the sexualization and fetishization of everything and so forth. A young person that has not developed the ability to think critically will absorb this information, integrate it and, ultimately, live by it. However, an educated mind will realize that all of these values are artificial constructs and deceiving illusions. A great majority of spiritual currents in History have identified these very things as the “great deceptions”, pitfalls for the soul. Today, mass media are so omnipresent and persuasive that billions willingly fall into that trap. It takes a lot of “deprogramming” to make the average person realize: “I am not super famous, I do not have paparazzi after me, I am not on the cover of magazines, I do not have a Gucci handbag nor a BMW with Louis Vuitton seats … and so what? That is all garbage anyway!” Coming to this realization is one of the most liberating things one can experience, as a lot of unnecessary pressure magically disappears.

This realization also leads to a new appreciation for the simplest things in life that are, coincidentally, the most important things in life. Spending time with loved ones, appreciating the world’s beauty and becoming a better person cost absolutely nothing, yet they are keys to true happiness. Our current System is looking to lead us away from these values because they create people who are not dependent of the System. The System needs us to crave and want, and to live for the crap that is sold to us. It needs us to spend our paychecks, to load our credit cards and to take on ridiculous mortgages in order for us to replicate what we see on TV.  Our debts are the chains that link us to them and we willingly chain ourselves.

What is more profitable to them? A strong family based on morals, values and traditions or a shallow individual who looks to fill the gaping hole in his/her life with appearances and consumer products? Who is the easier to influence toward a specific idea or agendas? Our current System is a giant wheel that needs each one of us pushing in order for it to advance. Without us, the wheel goes nowhere.

The effects of rejecting what is fake and embracing what is real is the equivalent of eradicating a cancer that slowly eats away the spirit. But before curing an illness, one must identify it. The articles on this site attempt to locate and identify the cancerous message that is being communicated to the masses,  especially to the youth. Once the cause is known and understood, it is a lot easier to cure the sickness.

So, despite the doom and gloom, knowing the ugly truth should not lead to unhappiness. Quite to the contrary, learning what we should avoid also leads to learning what we should embrace. These wonderful things are within our reach and always will be. Some would say that these things are the very reason why we are on earth … and no power-hungry elite can ever take these things away from us.

So, that was my corny message for the holidays. Thanks to those who followed my articles, contributed information and participated in discussions this year. You are the reason why this site is so great. I will keep BOTH of my eyes open in 2012 and I will do my best to report mass media deceit on a regular basis. I hope to see you there!



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Despite the Doom and Gloom - My Corny Holiday Message

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Hi VC,

even if you don't think Jesus Christ is the ultimate answer, most of what you said is perfectly in line with what the bible teaches. The bible teaches. g. that the debtor is slave to the lender and that we should fill our minds with pure, beautiful, good and honorable things. Also the bible promotes family values and reality and truth.

Relentless Seeker

Hi VC,

Been a follower of this site since mid-2011. 🙂

I must say, I find the content very refreshing and certainly eye-opening, compared to the generic non-filling stuff that passes as information these days. I can totally relate to the shock you went through when you found out the truth and the pissed off phase that followed. Been there. Sometimes I'm still there, but now it's more off the "how can you not get this?" kind of being pissed off at the very many people who lap up the messages that mass media send forth. One thing I realized is that once you know the Truth, there is no going back. And somehow, you just feel that you have this certain responsibility to share this Truth with others and open as many eyes as possible.

Just wanted to say, I think you're doing an awesome job of sharing that Truth. More power. 🙂

Hungry Young Poet

Thank you VC.

Saul Gonzalez

i love this website and the article

i was amazed on how knowledgeable this site would actually be and

the comments wow.. this people are so enlighten that i start to feel

that i know what i want to do with my life.. i don't know but

great article though


You bring information to this place we live in and it makes sense that something is wrong.

Truth to be told I was tempted and fell off the track and had the Louis V. bag which I gave away as soon as I started to see that I was treated differently when I had it on. I mean people were nicer, they would talk more, then I thought what is this? I felt disgusted. I gave it away and resented all the notions that came with this ''Brands Cult.'' I choose to smile to someone so that they would be comfortable and approach me, that is humanity.

happiest moments to enjoy when I water my plants, share with my husband a home cooked meal while discussing the latest articles you posted. Seriously thank you for every article you wrote on the subject because you brought a lot of light and wisdom into our lives.

Plus you have a a really good sense of humor, please use it more often, we all need to laugh 🙂

Last thing: Thank you for making me realize it was good to be bad at school 🙂


2011 was a great year for me, from the beginning to the end ,i made a huge transformation from a SHEEP to a HUMAN!! and i discovered your site at the end of it thanks to Lady Gaga and her creepy videos specially born this way bcoz i really wanted to know what the was video about ^_^"

it's great to see someone analyses what we see in media, i was having hard time to understand most of occult massages but thanks to you i start understanding many things and sometimes analyse it by myself!


I enjoyed this message, mostly because I learned and took ideas away from it. I have visited this website for about a year now and it is humorous to think back to how I discovered it in the first place! For I'm not sure how many years now at least 3 or 4 my dad has talked to me about the illuminati or the "group" as he refers to them and told me bits and pieces about their big plan and he even recommended a book to me to read about them, which I should reread I'm pretty sure I would understand a lot more now but anyway I had always some idea about them but I wanted to learn more, because I would tell some of my close friends about the illuminati and I wanted to have my own understanding of who they were and what they did, etc. It was around the time when Lady GaGa first started becoming popular with the video's pocker face, and Love Game, and Paperazzi. I use to have no clue about the meanings behind her videos and her songs and would literally stand in front of the tv singing and dancing to… Read more »

Harlequin Nameless

So I've been going about things all wrong then… How liberating to realize that.



Harlequin Nameless

Surprisingly on the ball, Vigilant. But do you ever regret the fact that you have been forced to adopt a secret identity? (I know, I know, I'm one to talk, but still…)


Dear VC,

your articles really open my eyes to those things i have been wondering why there were such. i found the answers here.

i was in shock when i first learnt those truths here but now that i am educated on those symbols and agendas, i can relate them to my kids.


Thank you so much, VC. I meant it from the bottom of my heart. I don't know what I'd do without your site.


i was introduced to this website only a week ago and i've gone through a lot of material on this website. i love the way u write so factually providing sources and videos etc. ive always gone from reading an article on this website and looking into it further and found that none of what ur saying is bias, which i think is so hard to find on the internet. i think ur a wonderful person for dedicating ur time and effort to share your knowledge. i can truly say it has been an eye opening experience going through both ur sites and i do look at everything so differently now. i always knew that materialism and the idolising of celebrities was disgusting but you've helped me further understand why it so. That there's more to what meets the eye. i am definitely going through the "pissed off"/ "my world has just collapsed" phase right about now because so many things seem so blatantly obvious to me now and people just don't seem to understand or even want to take the time to understand!!! Anyways i hope u have a prosperous year and continue to inspire people like me. please… Read more »


كتير انبسطط لما عرفت ان أصلك عربي. الله يوفقك انشاء الله و شكرا على المعلومات القيمة. يا ريت تقدر تخلي المعلومات متوفرة بالعربي لأن أنا أواجه صعوبة في افهام الناس من حولي و اظن توفيرها بالعربي قد يساعد في نشر الحقيقة. ممكن نجمع مجموعة من المترجمين عشان نقسم المجهود. ما رأيك ؟

I was so happy to know that u have an lebanese origin. May God bless you and thank you for the very informative and eye opening information. Howevevr, this information is barely available in arabic, and alot of people here are really hard to educate without proofs or proper analysis presented to them in the way they can relate to and in thier own language. I wonder if you can help creating another version of the main articles you have wrote in arabic if we collected enough translators? and may be efforts in different languages can follow. what do you think?


I know you guys heard about the new law that was enfored in the beginning of this year. About how every student under the age of thirty who wants to attend college must get a vaccine for minigitis. Someone please respond with more info about this …

Cidella M

I love your site. I'm an african girl living in Africa and I remember the first time I heard of the "truth"… it changed the way I see things and people… I was pissed off too but rather scared to see that pretty much everything leads us to deception. I remember I talked about it for days to the people around me, and I was still looking for more… I live in a french speaking country and I'm actually french speaker, young tho, and all about those famous hip hop and rnb singers and hollywood and everything that goes with it… I remember how happy I was when I first got on this site! I thought it was a blessing …it's a hard work to get through things you believed and knowing that some are ready to sell their soul for money and fame is really scary… politicians are puppets and wars are planned… this is sick… still trying to free my mind from the message they show us …

Happy New Year


I don't buy into the occult twists, but VC is right in pointing out evil powers that be behind the scenes – a concept I was already aware of, but with an interesting angle and details.


lately i have been in an exceptionally dark place. life has become a thing that i no longer care to pursue. im only 27, but i feel ive had enough. i have come to hate the world, despite all its beauty and goodness. i am just tired. the world has become one giant keyboard for some evil political mastermind to manipulate and i dont think i can take much more. i have no plans to off myself, but i find myself incessantly hoping for the lord to take me away. the current conditions of the human heart hurt and tire me so. what i would really like is for everyone to stop with their satanic worshiping bullshit and capitalist greed. i would like for those in power to stop trying to manipulate the masses by music, movies and product placement. i would love to see the world the way God intended: a world without beelzebub. i would love for the world to heal itself from the toxins we as humans have pumped into it over the years. i would very much love for us not to look at each other without suspicion in our eyes. to not live in fear… Read more »


thank you for the message brother and i will always love the free things in life such as friends, family, laughter etc. I hope we can all learn to appreciate these small things in life and embrace what is true and move away from what is fake.

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