The Tree: My 2017 Holiday Post


2017 was a year ruled by politics. Every single fact and issue has become political. This year’s news was indeed monopolized by people on both sides of a widening and divisive gap, covering their ears, and shouting about how they’re right and good – and how the other side is wrong and evil. Although there is nothing wrong with getting involved in politics, obsessing about social constructs can lead one to ignore universal truths.

The Vigilant Citizen was never about politics. Its scope goes way beyond trying to have a politician elected. It is about the unseen impact of culture and symbolism on the human psyche and realizing that our current environment is toxic and detrimental to the mind and soul.

Since 2008, I’ve been highlighting the many ways popular culture is toxic and how it constantly caters to our darkest impulses. In 2018, we are seeing consequences of such a culture: A generation excessively prone to anxiety, depression, and suicide. People are so keen on numbing themselves from the world that they are dying by the tens of thousands (in the US alone) of opioid abuse – drugs created by pharmaceutical companies to numb pain. As celebrities sing about “popping pills”, people are literally numbing themselves to death. The opioid crisis is symbolic in itself and, unfortunately, perfectly illustrates the state of mind of our generation. It is symptomatic of a palpable mal-de-vivre, a malaise of the soul that needs to be healed. Several factors are causing this climate and our constant exposure to media and its distorted messages is a big part of the equation. As we’ve seen this year, the messages keep reaching new lows of depravity while attempting to reach children as young as possible.

This past June, I published an article titled “Something is Terribly Wrong With Many “Kids” Videos on YouTube” which exposed the disturbing content found in “children videos” on YouTube. The video platform has been flooded with thousands of videos aimed at toddlers filled with content that is either shocking, terrifying, sexual or all-out traumatizing. Even worse, some videos are targeted by child predators. Dubbed “Elsagate” by some online communities (because they often feature popular children’s characters such as Elsa), these videos garner billions of views and expose babies and toddlers to a steady regiment disturbing media

Fortunately, some good has come from our collective vigilance. In response to the outrage, YouTube “terminated more than 270 accounts and removed over 150,000 videos” from their platform. YouTube also “removed ads from nearly 2 million videos and over 50,000 channels masquerading as family-friendly content” and “turned off comments on over 625,000 videos targeted by child predators”.

While this might be a step in the right direction, the same underbelly is still bubbling not so far below the surface, constantly churning out videos from stars and idols promoting self-destruction. This year alone, we’ve seen Katy Perry being eaten by elite cannibals, Selena Gomez torturing herself and calling it a fetish, and Lil Uzi Vert spinning around in a bloody, pill-induced Satanic haze.

The symbolism that is pointed out on The Vigilant Citizen is the outward, easily perceptible manifestation of a dark undercurrent, an underground philosophy that guides the actions of those in power. Understanding this mindset – as foul and disturbing as it can be – allows one to navigate the world with eyes truly open.

There is a process in motion and every year it is more visible. Indeed, there is a conscious and deliberate effort to distance the masses from what is true and authentic in order to move them into an artificially created environment, custom-made to stifle the human spirit. The further away we are from truth, health, balance, and harmony, the easier we are to control.

For this reason, it is essential, more than ever, to stay grounded and connected to what life is truly about. We must reconnect with Life with a capital L. What is Life with a capital L might you ask? Well, like you, I am still finding out. However, I do know that, since the dawn of time, it has been represented by a simple yet powerful symbol: A tree.

Picture a great big tree, with its massive roots firmly gripping the soil that is full of nutrients and its tall branches reaching for the rays of the sun. Across all ages and across all cultures, the symbol of the tree represents Life … with a capital L.

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life can be found in the canons of countless religions and mythologies. It is an age-old archetype that symbolizes the connection between Earth and the heavens.

It is found in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. The tree of life is also part of Egyptian, Persian, Chinese, Germanic, Celtic, Aztek, and Iroquois mythologies. In nearly every case, the tree is associated with knowledge of life and a described as a key to immortality.

For instance, at the beginning of the Bible, in Genesis, the tree of life is in Eden, guarded by two cherubims. Separated from the tree, Adam and Eve found themselves subject to physical and spiritual death.

A 19th-century painting depicting the tree of life in Eden guarded by two cherubims.

At the very end of the Bible, in Revelation, the same tree is mentioned again: “To him who overcomes, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God”.

17th-century depiction of the Tree of Life in Palace of Shaki Khans, Azerbaijan.
An 1847 depiction of the Norse Yggdrasil – the tree of life.

Although each culture has its own elaborate story surrounding their version of the Tree of Life, the core message is the same: It is through the essence of this tree, which is rooted in the true source of life, that one can truly flourish.

Today, most of us are completely disconnected from that tree. And those in power are doing their best to push us as far away from it as possible. Through a debasing and abhorrent agenda, they seek to disconnect us from the core of that tree and its wise, life-giving essence. They want us to be like dried up leaves, detached from the tree, and floating aimlessly at the mercy of the winds they choose to blow at us.

Instead, like a tree, we must be firmly rooted in grounds made of strong values, solid knowledge, and patient wisdom. Like a tree, we must reach for the heavens and allow our fruits to be ripened by the sun.

While the Tree of Life has a profound spiritual meaning, simple steps can be done to reconnect with it. Disconnect from the hypnotic light of screens and the nauseating sounds of media. Reconnect with nature, with the elements, and with life on earth. Breathe fresh air, gaze at the stars, and admire the miraculous force that animates all living things. Step back from the dizzying torment of society and resynch with the balancing rhythm of nature. Take the time to truly connect with your loved ones, with your neighbors and, of course, with yourself.

Because, although being aware of the evils of this world is all-important, we must not allow ourselves to be consumed by it. We must use this knowledge to identify what is toxic, not to obsess over it, but to clearly focus on what is healthy. Although we all want to change the world for the better, the true challenge of our lives is to change ourselves for the better. And this is what being a Vigilant Citizen is all about.

Thank you for reading my articles, for sharing them throughout the web, and for contributing your own thoughts through comments and messages. Today, more than ever, we need independent thinkers that rely on a solid moral compass – not a predetermined agenda – to understand the world, to speak up, and to fight for what is right.

Our work is far from done. See you in 2018!


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113 Comments on "The Tree: My 2017 Holiday Post"

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What a beautiful message of hope, what an amazing, ancient allegory with the Tree of Life! I wish you blessed and peaceful Christmas time, dear VC! Love from Serbia

Jesus is the way the truth and the Life with a capital L. Thanks a lot for your articles!!

Amen Ana!

Open your eyes and ears

Jesus is conveniently another male figure for people to worship. Maybe live life doing goodness by ones own thought processes instead of organised religion would heal us all?

They are to brain washed to think that way

Jesus is not just some nice dude who got duped into fulfilling prophecy from the beginning of Genesis. He is the ONLY truth in this world. The fact that these diseased elites mock Him and go well out of their way to blaspheme Him and keep us in the dark of spiritual things is very telling of His true divinity. I know He’s real. I’d be dead without His intervening.

Open your eyes and ears

“Him” you keep labeling this all powerful being a male, don’t you ever wonder why? Seeing as females give birth and you have Mother Nature etc, why would God not be a female and why would Jesus be a male?

It’s gorgeous that you have the faith to guide you, I’m just questioning why we can’t find the right path on our own and why so many are quick to follow such a masculine religion?

The creator exists outside of the creation. Meaning he/it/she is above the principle of polarity. Get it. Got it? Good.

Open your eyes and ears

What is the creator then? Does it have a form or is it like an expression?

Better late than never
Hi there. I’m answering your question from a purely Christian standpoint. So this is my perspective. I’m curious to hear yours. But we were made in his image: mind, body, and soul. God has three forms that are all apart of him but serve different purposes. The trinity: the Father-the formless, boundless mind, all-knowing, all-powerful. The Father makes the plan The son-the body carries out the plan of the father. Just as your body moves and functions from signals from your brain the son functions from signals from the father. What the Father commands the Son does. Finally the Holy Spirit(the soul of the father). If you have every heard of astral projection then you are well aware that our soul can leave our body. God limited us, for the time our soul is tied to our body, but this body is not in it’s final glorified form. As for… Read more »

You said, “Jesus is conveniently another male figure for people to worship. Maybe live life doing goodness by ones own though processes instead of organized religion would heal us all” Don’t you know says Jesus, “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh to the Father, but by Me.” John 14:6 Yes, worship Jesus! He is God! “There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God. They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no not one.” Romans 3:11-12

Open your eyes and ears

“He is God”

I don’t put a sex on whatever is guiding me, don’t allow religions to control you.

Yes, Jesus was God in the flesh! 1 Timothy 3:16 reads, “And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.” Also, John 1:1 reads, “1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2The same was in the beginning with God. 3All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. 4In him was life; and the life was the light of men. 5And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.” Jesus was the living Word of God, he is King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. Revelation 19:13 reads, “11And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon… Read more »

Amen. This is true. Thank you for sharing.

Jesus is a god but he is not the all mighty God who created all things and whom we need to worship. Jehovah is his name and Jesus is his son, his first creation also known as the Word that was with God in the beginning like is mentioned in John 1:1. New World Translation Psalms 83:18 18May people know that you, whose name is Jehovah, You alone are the Most High over all the earth. King James Version Psalms 83:18 18That men may know that thou, whose name alone is JEHOVAH, art the most high over all the earth. American Standard Version Psalms 83:18 18That they may know that thou alone, whose name is Jehovah, Art the Most High over all the earth. Byington Psalms 83:18 18And know it is you alone that are named Jehovah, on high over all the earth. Traducción del Nuevo Mundo con referencias Salmos… Read more »

Totally agree with you… Spirituality is far more powerful than religions. Spirituality unite people, religions separate them…

” Yes, worship Jesus! He is God!”… So you mean firstly that no man cometh to the Father (Himself), but by Him ? (“I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh to the Father, but by Me.” John 14:6) and secondly that He sent Himself ? (“For I did not speak on my own, but the Father who sent me commanded me to say all that I have spoken.
” John 12:49)…

If you do not know how to differentiate the Father (God, our Creator) from the Son (Jesus who came to lead us to the Father), then you are not only deceiving all persons who listen to you but also deceiving yourself.

ask and you shall receive
oh my friend…because we are born again in Christ and follow the path set before us does not mean we follow a “process”. We all are individual and unique in our own way..bringing different strengths and weaknesses to life..and walk our own path of God. Until you see the glory of God for will always believe anything. This bible goes much deeper than some story you think would be made up to fool the world. Once you understand the occult symbolism..and who blatantly in your face it is to use in the form of tv, entertainment, magazines, award ceremony rituals, NASA I could go on and on…and what this form of occult knowledge actually does..and how Jesus Christ TRUMPS ALL of their evil you will never truly understand. There is power in his name..and his blood. Without Jesus there is nothing…no healing. And living life to do… Read more »

Sounds like a feminist (open your eyes and ears)

‘Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field: Which indeed is the least of all seeds: but when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof.’
(Matthew 13:31-32)

Oh, because this site talks of evil and satanism. Of course christians think theyre the only ones who lnows what is evil or isnt.


CHRISTIANS ARE PIECES OF S**T, CHRISTIANS ARE SINNERS OF FACT! die retards, die! you and your f*****g bullshit.

I think you missed your nappy time.

An awesome quote: “The further away we are from truth, health, balance, and harmony, the easier we are to control.”

Thank you for doing what you do…

Thank you VC for this beautiful message, some absolutely golden words of wisdom here. I wish you and my fellow Vigilant Citizens a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2018. I don’t know about anyone else but despite appearances i feel a shift, a gradual one, but more positive, it’s gently seeping through, despite appearances to the contrary oh and all the politics.
Thanks VC

Read Mark Taylor’s prophesies on Trump.

White feathers falling

I feel the shift too. Something’s coming. I can feel it in my soul. 2018 is not going to be the same as these last six years. It’s a very comforting feeling. Like I don’t have to worry about anything anymore. I’m glad others feel it too.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.”
— Mahatma Ghandi
Thank you VC for your excellent site and thoughts

Ghandi left out the imprinting the older people do with their offspring, or worse, the imprints corporative abusers make. Now, why would anybody quote a half wisdom?


Beautiful message in a messed up matrix 🙂 have been, and will continue to be a devoted follower and spreader of your important messages. Here is to each and everyone of this wonderful community, may we grow stronger together and 2018 our best chapter yet x

Thank you for all of your hard work VC. Please keep it coming. We need it now more than ever. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, and to all of the brothers and sisters fighting the good fight. May peace and hope be with us all!

The whole point of the “Tree of Life” is the Cross.

Yes! Amazing..”To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”

Trees are much older than symbols

So much wisdom and awakening in the mind of the author. It warmed my heart to the core.
May we see evil for what it truly is: the highest stupidity. May we be vigilant enough to see the clear truth that goodness alone brings about what’s beneficial, endearing and charming to a human being.
We shall not give in to evil, but instead be posts of the most sublime light of rightness, goodwill, empathy and knowledge.
An ocean of blessings to VC, to all readers and to all beings in the world.

I am not judging by any means but this article has a definite pagan or even esoteric feel to it, in addition to Christian notes.
Druids for instance have strong tree symbolism and also non symbolic elements of trees in their practices. There is of course also the tree of life used in the magical Hermetic Kabbalah, and practices in modern occult forms such as the Golden Dawn. Maybe I am overreaching or seeing similarities which are just superficial. Also I personally do not care if elements of these other beliefs are present in this post (intentional or not)

I noticed that too…. the kaballistic tree of life

Trees are older than humans. Before organized religion people worshipped nature.

Why don’t you worship The One who created nature instead?

And who is that? The religion that was imposed on me through colonization and wars is a farse. It’s more likely that all that there is imagined it’s self into existence than some blue eyed god on the “throne ” of heaven who is basically racist and sexist.i can’t understand why love would castrate, segregate and demand fear and obedience can you truly call that love?

Tune in to what is natural and given to us all and not the man made world. Or at least take a break from your cell and computer screen on occasion. We are in quite a battle and it all moves fast to keep us from focusing in on what is actually real and natural. Wise words from VC on how to enjoy life more this coming year.

Thank you, VC! Very true and well written. Merry Christmas!

All the best for 2018 VC and everybody else too. Heres hoping for a better year!!

All the best to you VC, thanks for your efforts! May the blessings of the Newborn Jesus spread around the darkness of the world!

He died at age 33 he is no longer a new born. December 25 is actually a celebration of saturnalia. An ancient pagan holiday. The truth Will set us free!

Thank you for a true and clear message which roots are found in nature, God’s creation, for us to enjoy and take care of. Thank you too, for making us aware of the signs and symbols of the dark forces who try so hard to disable us and make us dependent, depressed souls. Love, light, thanks and blessings from South Africa.

White feathers falling

How lucky are we to have you VC. You’ve helped us all over the years, more than you know. Many of us commenters have had our disagreements and differences of opinions over the years but we are all on the same side, the right side- and that’s all that matters.
If you have found your way to this website again and again, then you are important to the future of our world and I believe each and every one of you has an important part to play in what’s coming and has already begun.
I wish you all strength, courage, wisdom and especially love. Never stop fighting for what is right. Stay true to yourselves no matter what is thrown in your direction. We are all going to make it to the end and see our wishes and dreams for this world fulfilled. I promise. X

How interesting to see the one who opposes the ´darkness of the occult elite´ use occult symbolism to make his point.

Every culture on earth had this symbolism indeed. Doesn´t that tell you something about the truth of it?

More often than not, symbols themselves are not the bad elements. Symbols are an ingredient to the ritual. The manner in which the symbol are used and the intent of the ritual are what makes the difference. The occult elite know this and use symbols in conjunction with negative intent to weave their spell on the unsuspecting minds of modern society.

What VC is doing is educating on symbols and also highlighting intent behind the use. While ‘every culture’ has these symbols as you say, not every culture was using them for control of the masses for mental slavery and social ills.

Thank you for holding the flame.

Thank you for everything you do. You are a blessing and keep opening eyes like you have been doing for years.

The sky is clouded with stripes.
Again the ground is shaking with low frequency resonances from lowflying airplanes for hours.
My supermarket had a new delivery of my fav massproduced cookies.
They no longer contain butter, almonds, cacao.
The new improved grandmother’s recipes cookie is now just sugars, palmfat, starch and aroma’s from geneticly mangled yeast-excrements.
Important, in the light of best wishes, tragedy and world wars?
Yes. A daily war against the shareholders who want profit over healthy people.
Welcome to the real world. Read the fineprints.

This is a wonderful message, so beautifully put and I’m going to share it and hope that maybe just a few of my friends will read it …because it SHOULD be read…thank you for all your articles, which I always read and thank you for your vigilance, which you so readily share with us all. I hope this coming year is better for us all xx 🙂

So grateful for your quiet words of hope, truth and wisdom. Your spirit comes forth in your words and shines like a beacon to those who seek truth and light. Wishing you and your loved ones peace and love, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018. Thank you for all you do and seek to do.

“We must use this knowledge to identify what is toxic, not to obsess over it, but to clearly focus on what is healthy. ”
And what is healthy on the media? I think EVERYTHING involving songs and movies are controled by the elite and, thus, everything is toxic!

i dont think he was even referring to that. focus on healthy things.
not all media is toxic. thats a shallow paranoid view on things. theres great alternative to mainstream music and entertainment if you bother to find it. to think that everything is controlled by elite is just stupid tbh.

Well, maybe some artists are not controlled. But it has to be some almost not known artist. And most of those artists are not very good (in my opinion). So I (and most people) don’t even listen to them.

Also, most people, including me, would not give up listening to music, watching movies and consuming materialism in general. That would be like 90% of the population. Mainly lonely people like me. Sorry if I seem pessimistic. I’m just being realist…

And 4 music, well mainstream music is litterally s.h.i.t compared to non-mainstream music (EDM / rock / metal / jazz –> almost all music genres have a hefty of over-talented singers and groups that you will never heard of if you just listen to mainstream music –> youtube and discover)

I’m so suspicious of every artist. I think that if some song is present in YouTube, its artists are automatically working for the Elite. Like I said before, it would have to be some almost unknown artist, and I don’t even know how I could be even sure that he/she would not be related to the illuminati. How would I know?? How would I be sure? If some artist gets to release a CD and it is being sold in a famous store, it is already suspicious! So how I would know??

The proposed famous person gets assigned a handler. If you don’t do exactly what the handler tells you to do regardless of how debasing and disgusting it is – you don’t get to be famous. Period. Noone is on TV without going through this long testing process. Noone. That is why Chapelle complained they were telling him to cross dress even though he didn’t want to.

Usually a singer/band gets a taste of “the good life” while their first hit is in heavy rotation. This is the seduction process. Once the performers make so much money for the company, they are officially offered the devils deal. If they turn it down, you won’t hear from them past that. If they take it, they become like Rihanna or Justin Bieber. Although I have heard that *all* musicians must be at least low-level witches before recording their first studio album, because songs are spells at best. Demonic incantation at worst. They are made to be addictive to their target audience; hence “catchy” or “I hated it at first but it grew on me” songs. There are some signed musicians who aren’t famous famous, but they’re still players on the board who know what they’re doing if they’ve been in the biz long enough. But anyhow, one hit or… Read more »

Yep, anything coming from modern days Hollywood is toxic and full of propaganda/agenda. If you want movies without toxic conditionning, you can watch most movies from the 80s and non-usa/non-western-europe movies.

Sorry, I know you have good intentions, but I think Hollywood has been toxic for many more years than that… Movies from the 80s?? You are innocent. Non-USA/non-western-Europe movies?? Illuminati is not present only in those places, its everywhere in the whole world! The site VC itself has already shown this!!

Thank you so much! As a millennial, Vigilant Citizen has really helped to think critically about our culture, about the messages being distributed in the media, and it has helped me not to get sucked in! I can identify with the hopelessness of today’s youth, because I have felt like that. But Jesus has chosen me, and I am eternally grateful.

There is one thing that I would change to this article: Adam and Eve fell because they ate of the tree, not because they were separated. The curse God put on both was for them to suffer the world we now live in, and pass on their mortality to all of their descendants. Adam and Eve were both ordered to not eat of the fruit of the Tree of Life, but did so anyways and learned of their sins – which we are still committing to this day.

There is a reason we are taught in the Bible to refrain from studying the occult and esoteric mysteries, not to seek them out.

The tree of knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life are not the same thing. They were separated from the tree of life because they ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

You’ve certainly had your come-uppance haven’t you! Well done on exposing the truth. Strange times indeed. Maybe we will start seeing the dismantling of this sick cabal this year. It’s only time…

Thank you very much VC for everything. I´m following your website since the very beginning and I have to say that you´re a precious source of priceless information that shaped my perception of today´s world. Highly appreciated. Have a wonderful Christmas. Love from Slovakia 🙂

Thank you so much VC, for opening up my eyes before things I couldn’t perceive or couldn’t understand. Our world is so full of evil that we fear our future. Even worse, I feel terribly sorry for the kids who have been raised according to this foul agenda of the so called lords of the world.
May we reach peace eventually. I wish you a joyful 2018 and may Jesus Christ bless all your family. Brasil loves you.

Thanks for this wonderful post. Whatever you all believe, we have a deeply rooted moral sense we can all reconnect to, we can argue on its source but it’s there. Reconnect with it, and always seek the validity of everything they say to you in the very life you live, not in abstractions, ideologies and political statements. Truth (capital T) really exists and we need it to be human. I wish all of you a new year devoid of all hate.

Thank you for this, bless you VC. You have contributed so much to my life and have provided an invaluable tool for my ascension. Not to mention, your writing is simply profound, poetic and clear! Bless you, and may 2018 be a year of love, truth, and ultimately growth towards the light!

You guys need to look up on instagram Tiny Bangz. I came across them by DavidScissorHands dying a little girls hair and figured something was off by the way she looked and dressed. I found her “brand” Tiny Bangz and scrolled through the creepy images I found until I could find something that confirmed my suspicions. Sure enough, I came across a Pizza slice top with her wearing it. I knew something was off by the poses, clothes, and look in her eyes. She almost has this vacant oversexualized look. It’s so hard to witness. It comes off creepy how a little girl, dyes her hair different colors, wears crop tops, makeup and possess suggestively alongside what seems like her little sister. Both girls are being dressed this way. You guys should look it up. Also @vigilantcitizen, hopefully can share some insight.

Thank you VC for the beautiful message and for reminding us that it’s not all gloom and doom. You are right, it is important to be awake and aware of what is happening around us, but we must not get obsessed with it to a point that we forget how to live life.I know that sometimes I do get a little too obsessed with this stuff that I end up feeling angry, miserable and depressed , but then I remember that God is here, he will take care of everything. He is the Alpha and the Omega. much love from South Africa.

God bless your enlightment and wisdom…I see you, Vigilant Citizen!

This is a reminder for me. I have been aware of all these sinister things, but my grasp from the Life always wavers. May He bless you abundantly and may more people be enlightened by Him through you, VC.

Thank you so much VC for your interesting, important, thought-provoking & relevant Articles in these dangerous, crazy & perilous times. It is essentially a message of great hope & peace. I read your Articles very often. God bless you now & always and take care going into 2018. Cheers!!!

Thanks for all that you have done and shared. Appreciate it. Wishing all the best to VC and VC readers this coming new year. May Allah bless all of you truth seekers.

Make a topic on the latest Taco Bell comercial called Belluminati, literally.

Look into the very current Logan Paul scandal, he filmed a dead body he found in the suicide forest in japan and made fun of it to his 15million or billion very young youtube subscribers, sounds like nothing short of planned and not the mistake he’s trying to make it look like

what are peoples views on the Bitcoin Hype?

I hope you do an article on the new Katy Perry music video. . . also last night I watched an older movie starring the late Paul Walker called the Lazarus Project. Please check it out. I would like to see an article about this movie as well it was extremely MK

Let’s just cut and paste from the previous articles for the moment, and save time.

Have been reading your blog for years. Keep the good detective work up!Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thank you for all your great posts VC, wishing you a lovely new year and I look forward to your next one! Blessings!

People, jump out of the mainstream Matrix ! Sure the real world is a lot less bright and colored, but you will be free and life will never be such vibrant. It is not too late.

Such a wonderful insight!! Happy holidays

Great article. Love the Tree of Life. There is hope and I agree with your words.

What a great message VC. I couldn’t have said it better myself, thanks for all the articles and info you post and also thanks to everyone else for their posts and comments. Happy Holidays and all the best for 2018!

I’ve been a reader of vigilant citizen for a few years now and wish I would have found it even sooner for I to have fallen into the traps set up by society to disconnect from nature and my true spiritual self. Even thru my struggles I am fighting to be the best person I can be mentally emotionally and spiritually. I thank this site for helping keep my eyes open to these things that would keep us down as a human race. I found this peace very moving and I will keep fighting this year to overcome my struggles and continue to search for truth and enlightenment.

Better late than never

I don’t disagree that there is a tree of life. And I mean a literal tree with fruit. But the question is…why haven’t we already eaten from it? And how do we get to it? Why have we been limited to a short life and then death? If we are Gods ourselves then we would not have limited ourselves in this way, nor would a weaker power have the ability to weaken us in this way. So whoever limited us is more powerful right? As you mentioned VC The tree of life only solves the problem of death not the spiritual problem of evil. This is where religion fills in the gap and some might say Jesus. He solved the problem of our spiritual death and thus can finally offer us the fruit of life.

This post lifted my spirit soo much , best new years message ive recieved so thankyou ,
we need to reconnect to nature !!
I love your analogy of the tree of lfe, Ive been feeling this way lately its soo hard to live in a broken disconnected society i feel it so deeply , been reading this blog since 2008 i used to watch your videos on youtube they were so well done x