Sweet Jesus: The Disturbing Marketing of a Trendy Ice Cream Franchise


The marketing surrounding Sweet Jesus is based on satanic symbolism combined with children in creepy and questionable situations. 

Sweet Jesus is an absurdly popular ice cream chain that’s been around for a few years and is quickly expanding in Canada and the United States. Deemed “Toronto’s Most Overrated Ice Cream” by the Globe and Mail, Sweet Jesus nevertheless attracts huge crowds on a daily basis. The chain has been enjoying lots of media coverage and because its stores are custom-made to be “Instagrammable”, Sweet Jesus is all over social media.

The chain does not only serve ice cream to its customers: The “experience” also involves intense imagery and Biblical references. This peculiarity even prompted a lengthy article on Medium that analyzes the “Christian symbolism” of the shop. While the article is very in-depth and used all kinds of references, it completely missed one point: The symbolism is not Christian, it is satanic. Because satanic symbolism is based on the inversion and the corruption of Christian symbols and Biblical references.

The logo consists of the words Sweet Jesus combined with two satanic symbols: An inverted cross and a lightning bolt.

These two symbols are an important part of the imagery of the Church of Satan.

An altar of the Church of Satan with inverted crosses.

To those who say: “The inverted cross is not satanic, it is actually the Cross of St Peter. I read that on Wikipedia”. Nope. In this context, it is satanic. Satanic Black Masses are all about the inversion of Christian symbols to represent a diametrically inverted philosophy.

The symbol of the lightning bolt is also prevalent in satanism. It most likely originates from the Bible passage where Jesus said: “I saw Satan falling like lightning from heaven”.

The sigil of Anton Lavey (the founder of the Church of Satan) features a lightning bolt inside an inverted pentagram. A sigil is a symbol used in ceremonial magic to represent the magician’s outcome (and to summon demons).
A Marilyn Manson promo poster. He’s a member of the Church of Satan.

These two symbols make up the logo of Sweet Jesus.

The Sweet Jesus logo in front of a shop.
It’s also on their cups
Inverted cross, lightning bolt, pyramid, eyeballs. Remember when eating ice cream was not a satanic ritual?

The marketing of the brand is all about ridiculing Jesus combined with satanic symbolism.

That’s funny because Jesus bore his cross before he got crucified. Also, gluttony is considered to be one of the seven deadly sins by some Christian denominations.
That’s funny because Jesus … whatever.

Other ads combine Christianity with thinly veiled sexual innuendos.

“Let Sweet (lightning bolt) (inverted cross) Jesus into your mouth” … Um, no.
“Love is patient, love is kind” is the beginning of a popular Bible verse. It is followed in this ad by “but you can’t lick it so who cares”. The popsicle stick is held in a phallic matter. There are satanic symbols on the chalice. 
This ad cites the commandment about using the Lord’s name in vain … followed by using the Lord’s name in vain. And of course, satanic symbols on the commandment tablet.

Here’s another project by the same graphic designer. Since it is not an ad selling ice cream, it is a little more blatant.

Another creation by graphic designer Murilo Maciel.

Although none of this would EVER exist if it ridiculed any other religion, one can still dismiss the above as an attempt at being “edgy and clever”. However, there’s more.

Sweet Jesus also created ads involving children. And they’re evil creepy. Not fun creepy. They confirm that this is not simply about being “edgy” … there’s a connection with the darker, more sinister side of the occult elite: Preying on children.

Using Children

Most of the marketing surrounding Sweet Jesus involves fashion magazine-style photoshoots involving children and ice cream. One might think: “Well, that’s normal enough, right? Children love ice cream.” But these pictures involve children in a creepy way. At best, the pics “adultize” children. At worse, they sexualize them.

This kid is dressed like a sailor and he’s doing all kinds of adult things: Smoking, wearing tattoos, drinking coffee from a cup with a satanic logo. But, more importantly, why does the kid have a bruised eye? Child abuse?
This picture is very creepy. First, the entire thing is reminiscent of the horribly exploitative world of child pageants. This blond girl looks eerily similar to JonBenet Ramsey – the child pageant star who got savagely murdered in bizarre circumstances. Also, the girl has pink stuff around her mouth reminiscent of blood. To make things even more disturbing, the girl has bunny ears – not unlike Playboy bunnies.


The company’s IG page featured this “behind the scenes” pic of the above picture, along with the borderline creepy comment “Tough day at the office, eh kiddo.”. The other comments got real.
These two boys have strange animal masks on their heads. You know who else loves to wear strange animal masks?
These guys! (This is a picture from the Church of Satan website).
This girl has one eye emphasized by a magnifying glass – effectively doing the one eye sign. The magnifying glass’ handle is actually an antler.

In occult circles, holding animal horns or antlers represent drawing power from Baphomet.

Occultist Marina Abramovic holding the horns of a goat. Powerful occult meaning.
This girl has a “crown” made of what looks like tiny antlers. She looks like she has blood all over her hand and she is also sucking on her thumb. No.
A shirtless kid. He has the satanic symbols right on his glasses. Nope.
People from Sweet Jesus donating to “Sick Kids” … Not before they teach the kids how to throw up the devil horns, though.

In Conclusion

Associating the decadence of deserts with the devil is nothing new. However, Sweet Jesus takes thing way further. It is not simply about “edgy images”, it is about an entire culture that is perfectly in line with the occult elite.

As seen in previous articles on this site, a main agenda of the occult elite is the normalization of powerful satanic symbolism, which is based on the corruption and desecration of Christian symbols. But that’s just the surface of it. The marketing of Sweet Jesus also subtly implies the corruption and desecration of children. This is where things stop being “cool and edgy” and the ugly head of pure evil sticks out.

And there’s nothing sweet about it.

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Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.
Isaiah 5:20

You got that right: Note the gold cherubs flanking the gold bolt/inverted cross is on an -upside down- commandment slab. These guys pervert everything: gold for them represents their “light bringer” & love comparing lucifer with any sun imagery/sun god. For the kids: Pink Ribbon represents innocence (to be “undone”). Pink cap tilted toward Pink Glove represents Left Hand Path & Jesus (& the boy) are surrounded in Chains. Most of these kids have some sort of Chain on them. Girl sucking thumb is wearing a ritual cape with gold “lion” that’s really a clever baphomet-in-hiding. That’s the sort of crap creeps like the Rothchilds wear. The ‘sailor kid’ is also wearing a pink scarf which is a way ADULT gays signal each other, but totally NOT OK for kids. The first main ice cream cone ‘shape’ is abstracted top of baphomet head with ears, horns & flaming crown emphasized.

Go figure!
Woe to the sleeping Frog, there is no such thing as hidden in plain sight anymore.

Since your interested in religion so much look up scientific facts about The Kaaba, it will open your eyes. RESEARCH ABOUT IT!!

Since you’re so interested in evil, why don’t you look up the facts about what Hell is like, because it’s going to be where you spend eternity.

Because of people like ‘Grim’ I stopped attending churches. They absorb only what is convinient to the self and judge everyone like they are God themselves. You ‘believe’ in Jesus and yet you’re happily condemning someone you don’t even know to hell, instead of spreading the love that saves. This sh!# soooo tiring. I still have my faith though.

Be nay sae hasty.

tell me christianity and judasim are not reworked and man written, its all the work of the devil, so whos going to hell buddy? you and your family for blasphmy and idol worshipping. start doing research with common sense about how the satanist corrupted christianity and judasim, i suggest zeitgetst, thats a good place to start right there!! psshh this guy..

Could “truth” be a Cathar?
It seems like you’re familiar with the real agenda of the Council of Nicaea.

Your verse should be the only comment! If this was a courtroom, I’d say “case closed”! The perfect verse…nobody can say anything, any better than THAT! If you hadn’t brought that verse up, I would of. It says it all! Fits perfectly to the end of the article! So true…

Very disturbing. Why do people even support this crap

What the hell did I just see on here. THis is so painfully blatant. And yet if I sent this article as a link to say my husband he would see nothing wrong with it. Think I am over-reacting again. On my conspiracy sites again. It just shows how far gone people really are. How conditioned busy, stressed people like my husband are, so he can’t see what is right in front of him! Or he doesn’t want to see because it’s distastefull, and he is busy, or when he does have some free time he is glued to his phone or netflix instead. … just what the elite rely on to slip this agenda in.

These corporations have power over the world, because god allow them to have it. God is in control of the master plan for humanity.

Well, truth be told, man is in control. God is the ruler of the heaven; He created man in his image and gave him the Earth, so man can be “like God”, e.g. to rule. As with every student, as long as he is mimicking his master, all is good. Man should be ruling his kingdom the same way God is in heaven. But the devil also wanted to rule the heaven and God wasn’t having that and banished him. Where else could he go, but Earth? But the earth already has its ruler – the man. Thus, devil had to trick the man to do his bidding, de facto becoming the ruler himself. Fast forward a few thousands years, the devil is in control through incredibly powerful people willing to do his bidding, and that’s what you’re seeing now. But there is nothing holding each and every man back… Read more »

gods… demons… humans… animals… all belong to the matrix… samsara in sanskrit… a realm of delusion and deceit… strive for awakening… enlightenment… liberation… the authentic path Jesus The Christ taught…

An enlightened Soul, well said!

Join th 1 2 3 4 5 … 223 Next Notice in scripture that god is in lower case, that’s because it’s not speaking of the ALMIGHTY. Satan is the false god of this system, and he is considered a god because he is worshipped, however there is one ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH, and He will crush this wicked system, and Satan will be abyssed by mean of Christ Jesus. So just like Satan had the audacity to test Jesus after he had fasted for 40 days and nights, by offering him the kingdoms of the earth. Mathew 4:8-11 (8 Again the Devil took him along to an unusually high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.i 9 And he said to him: “All these things I will give you if you fall down and do an act of worship to me.” 10 Then Jesus said… Read more »

God is indeed in control and has already won the war but it a spiritual battle, and like all battles there’s a good and a bad side fighting against each other. It is good to know your enemy’s tactics so that you can protect yourself and fight the battle for Righteousness and Light and Love – for God, our Creator and Almighty Father.

That’s what’s so scary. There used to be a time when people supported stuff like this with no real knowledge of what was behind it. Now, with the web and everything, everyone pretty much knows what all those symbols and hand gestures mean. No one missed out on pizzagate and it’s also pretty hard to miss the sexualization of kids. It makes you wonder, are the freaks who support this crap like your neighbors, your kids’ school teachers, their pediatricians? I really wouldn’t want to have my kids taught or treated by someone who supports this. It’s creepy and foul. Yo.u hit the nail on the head – very disturbing

I always hope that this kind of crap will wake people up, but I’ve already been hoping that for years only to find that they don’t really give a s***e, probably too doped up on the rotten fruits of the world while walking on the broad road to hell, they don’t mind as long there’s a perceived safety in numbers, and it’s very cozy to walk with many to doom, lots of trading of selfies.

You RaXz need to pray more…do you actually the realize the incredible power of prayer?

Praying is utterly useless. No power. Zip, nada, nothing.

There is no supreme being. The universe is indifferent to your pleas.

But if it makes you happy, go for it.

Would love to meet with you! How wonderful, to know the secrets of the universe that everyone wonders about! How did you find this out? Are you sure God wasn’t hiding from you the day you went looking? Maybe he was hiding behind Pluto.

Anyway, since you know that, you must know other Secrets. What planets will we find life on? How can we time travel? WAS there a God, and he left or has there never been one? It’s not often we get a change to talk to someone who knows unknowable things.

But please — don’t be condescending. We can’t help it if we’re just normal humans and don’t know all that you do. Have patience, instead of that “if it makes you happy” sarcasm. That’s mean.

If you really think so I feel sorry for you.

Fellowship of the minds.com has a very creepy disturbing story about human leather company and the child sacrifice realm

Fellowship of The Minds is RC to the core. They are a cult.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Galatians 6:7

Blatant and disturbing … but ohhhh so cooool, right. Well Satan did say that he had the power over money and who he can give it to. Therefore, the owners of this ice cream store/brand seem to be making a good living at mocking Jesus Christ. I hope that God will take what the devil means for evil and turn it to good. For example, maybe the many unsaved could learn that it was the cross where Jesus died for our sins as well as the sins of the world. It is also where he conquered death. The more one learns of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us to free us from hell, the more they may truly realize that Jesus is sweet, without irony.

Amen to that

Geez is this an offshoot of Comet Ping Pong? So bizarre and disturbing.

Sweet Jesus’ only US location: Baltimore MD. not too far from DC.

So weird because just the other day I was reading about a chain of donut shops slowly opening all over the US called “Voodoo Donut”. Their website will tell you everything. It is creepy, sexual, Satanic, a little of everything. The shops looks pretty heavily marketed to families/kids while featuring nasty looking donuts with names like “c*ck and balls donut” (and it is shaped just as it sounds), a donut with a pentagram drawn on it with icing (named the Diablo donut, of course) , one that looks just like a blunt that is lit, to name a few. Their artwork, taglines, names of donuts are all equally disgusting. One video I watched that was exposing them was saying the owners are p********s, similar to Comet Ping Pong. All that to say, how many of these awful places exist? Clearly no limit and so many just out there in front… Read more »

NO!It’s real. Wake up and smell the evil and then fight it.

What is comet ping pong? Do I even want to know?

Comet Ping Pong is the restaurant from PizzaGate. It involves innocent children and VERY SICK adults. Investigate without children in the room and keep your Kleenex and barf bucket handy.

You forgot to mention, it’s in the heart of the capitol of the USA… patronized by the rich, famous and powerful. Its owner was named one of the most influential men in Washington DC. It’s part of why HRC was not elected Pres. See the video “Hillary Clinton’s Mysterious Malady”… good info there.

I’m sure they’re all buddies. VERY disturbing indeed.

Interesting read. I must admit I have yet to hear of them but wow, so blatant and this seems so normalized as being accepted. Blasphemy city.

Yup, first time for me hearing about it too! Lord knows, I hope and PRAY, they don’t come to my town!!

Keep on praying!!!

Satan is not threatened by Islam , he is going after the real threat as Joan said his time is short. Christianity is the devils problem, thats why he works so hard to demonise , misrepresent, birrate , confuse and slander the Christian faith and it’s holy book. Besides I don’t see the church of Satan perverting Islamic symbolisms….why ???? Because Islam is a fraud that the devil created.
Any religion that can cause ppl to become defensive , nervous and angry even by mentioning the name Jesus is the threat.

Catholicism is the devil’s problem. Why do think it’s been completely defiled and the “antichrist” will (might already) be in the Vatican? It has been attacked since it began – Protestantism, etc. The destruction is almost complete.

Well Sparklerxxx, I agree that Satan is using people to attack Christianity and Christ is the way the truth and the life and that no one will come to the Father but by Him. But, I don’t believe that Muslims hate Jesus or Christians. I believe that they look at North America and think we are “Christian” countries, and then see these “Christians” doing things that are in direct opposition to the Holy Bible. They are probably disgusted by the hypocrisy. We can’t really blame them there! But I am here to say that we need to CHOOSE to believe in Christ, we are not born into it (John 3:3). So to any Muslims out there who don’t know it, there are true Christ followers here and we are just as disgusted by the wicked things our countries are doing. I think we have more in common with moral Muslims… Read more »

Muslims are beheading , persecuting and imprisoning my Christian brothers/sisters as I’m writing this text so I have no desire to align myself with that religion. While I agree that not all Muslims share the same sentiment I do belive that it’s a religion rooted deeply in hatred towards anything or anyone that doesn’t walk according to its belief.
I don’t speak to my dad or any of my family members 6 times a day , but I love them no less than I did the last time we spoke , that goes for my relationship with my Heavenly Father, while prayer is vital to my spiritual walk ,I don’t need to pray several times a day to get into Gods ‘good books’ that’s religion not relationship.

Would be nice, but naw — they believe they have to kill the infidel or make him a slave, unless he converts. Sex slaves, too. They have a low opinion of Christians, so they’d never care if we don’t “act Christian.” They are the ones who are immoral…trust me; you don’t want to align with them. It was started by a guy who wanted power over people; it’s a totalitarian political ideology like communism. In Christianity, people try to be Christ like…in islam, they are told to be like MO, who was a p*******e, a beheader, a r****t — sounds good, what you said, but if you research, you’ll find out the truth. Watch out for taquiyya–they’re told to lie if it helps islam. Go to thereligionofpeace.com — check out global stuff they’re doing. Theylie a lot, and some never read the koran, cos you’re supposed to read it in… Read more »

P.S. Notice how all the muslims come on this site, which doesn’t have anything to do with it, because they’re taught to go to sites where people are “searching for the truth” and try to get them to join their cult. Why do you think, oddly enough, islam comes up in every thread, no matter what the story’s about? It’s all planned.

There is a whole chapter in the Quran dedicated to Jesus and his mother Mary (peace be upon them) and you cannot be a Muslim if you don’t believe in and love Jesus, a Muslim will openly declare there love for both Jesus and Mary, and Jesus is mentioned in the Quran more times then Mohammad (peace be upon him). Knowledge comes before speech and action. The chapter in the Quran is called Maryam and it goes into detail of what Muslim believe about Jesus and Mary.

But they (Muslims) don’t acknowledge Jesus is Messiah and the son of God. The same argument could be made that Satanists acknowledge Jesus too, doesn’t make them anywhere near a believer.

Have you ever done research about how the satanist corrupted Christianity? Dang dude the evidence can’t be denied. Watch zeitgeist why do you think they mentioned Christianity and judisam being corrupted by Satan but not Islam, because they tried but couldn’t, that’s why they put all effort on the media and politics to attack the religion.

The satanists/illuminati long ago infiltrated and twisted all three – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – to serve their goal of world domination. But they especially hate Christians because the Christian doctrine is Love and they despise Love… and they despise Jesus and anyone who loves him, because he absolutely exposed them as fools and abusers. He humiliated them when they were presenting themselves as “scribes & Pharisees”. Islam was very early on, twisted to serve the satanic purpose, with a goal for violent , oppressive world domination. Love God but be very wary of the Abrahamic tradiction religions, for they are the products of the satanic influence, which is working very hard to destroy all that is good, beautiful and true.

Then let’s remember all those villagers that knew and did nothing, all those family members, who knew the corruptness of and killings by their fellow church-goers, albeit they sometimes wore white caps on other occassions, and.. did nothing for over a century. Those killings stem from not a century ago, happened the same time their constitution was telling about rights and freedom… I am not saying all christians are wrong, I am saying they should realise they have corrupted fellows aswell, dressed as sheep, eating like wolves.

You ignorant child, please take a look at some of the abussive christians in history. You do not have to look so hard, just this century or the last, when black people were hanged by them, like christmas-ornaments. Remember? If not, there are songs about it to yootoob. Try googling some strange fruit.

Excuse me, but your clueless, pseudo-intellectualism is showing.

Sort of off topic but Marina Abraovomich’s eyes look demonic in that picture. There is such an evil, vibrating energy coming from that particular my goodness. There is no way she is not demon possessed.

I guess it’s because i don’t really engage in social media but I’ve never ever heard of this company before today. Why an ice cream company though? Nothing is safe anymore.

Possessed by her own twisted and perverted ego, which she has failed to overcome; instead she feeds it with group think of the like minded. They possess one another.

Right, she’s holding up a bloody animal head but it’s her face I can’t look at without getting chills.

I think this ice cream chain being an apparently successful company with 20 restaurants is much more disturbing than the ice cream chain itself. ‘Oh look, an ice cream store with upside down crosses and other satanic symbols and pictures of bruised children! Let’s treat our kids to some candy in there!’ :-/ Marina Abramovic is probably thrilled and very proud she scares you – it seems to be the whole purpose of her shows. I read she had a troubled childhood which may explain why she fell into this satanist system. I would hazard a guess she’s actually very low on the ladder of power in their hierarchy. The people to worry about are the ones you never see and the ones in positions of power mostly outside the public’s spotlight, such as IMF director Christine Lagarde, with the polished appearance but who are actually closet satanists. Having the… Read more »

Looking at the eyes, the facial structure and the size of the hands…Marina was born a male.

Have you noticed, our grandmothers, when they get older, get some masculine features as well. Still, while looking like their husbands, they are 100% women.
What’s your opinion about such a thing?

You used the words frank and honest, while as a contrast I get predator-associations from the brand and its associates…

Are the ingredients of the ice cream made public? Do they contain Natural Flavours? Those are genetically modified yeast- or bacteria-excrements, you know , for that lovely strawberry taste. Or maybe you’ll love frozen yoghurt with the same excrement, but tasting like a flat mango or a roadkilled orange..? Very popular instead of juices and fruit-extractions nowadyas, the supermarket are full of those. Your mac-, kentuckey-saus, winegums, fizzy drinks, tinned veggies, sweet and sour gurks, ketchup, soup-in-a-bag, well, almost everything with a wrapper, to be honest. In The Netherlands we get itches, pimples and nasty rashes, within one hour from it. Do you have side-effects after eating or drinking modern ”food and drinks” ??

What you might be referring to is Morgellons disease. I really wish VC did an article on Smart Dust and how it is causing this strange biochemical disease known as Morgellons. Morgellons is caused by the spraying of nano particles through chemtrails and eating GMO foods. The CDC is trying to cover up this disease by saying it is parasitosis, basically a figment if your imagination and all in your head. How can it be parasitosis when all who are infected are showing the same type of lesions with the same unknown fibers growing out of them? The Walking Dead anyone? This virus is alive in all of us but only some of the population exhibit visible symptoms. It is also slowly changing our DNA and doing a lot of damage. They keep showing us the big implantable RFID chip that goes in peoples hands, when in reality, we’ve all… Read more »
No, No, No, I was talking about the change in ingredients in our daily food, drinks and snacks. Some of the changes involved the taste and smell via fruit and vegetables, butter, cacao, essential oils of mandarin, concentrated pineapplejuice, whatever. Industry has found a way to genetically ”enhance” for example yeast-cells. Those then produce the new natural gift of nature : a radical way of fooling our minds with things that act like smell and taste, but give more effects to your body than that. And in just a few years time governments all over the world accepted the label ”natural” for those substances used by this industry, even made a little law for it. Now there is no way for a shopper in the supermarket to choose : all aroma’s can , and most already have, this ingredient, masked as natural. It fools people who buy in the health-corners… Read more »

wow, you just made food sound so disgusting….very well put! Love it.

Terrifying position for these men to be in. Mocking God and teaching others to do the same. I hope their eyes are opened to their folly before it’s too late. It would be terrible for them to die in their sins having rejected The Saviour. Jesus prayed that people come to know God the Father. And the means by which they could know God is through Christ the Son (John 14:6; 3:15–18). If this was Jesus’ desire, we know we ought to pray similarly. Any prayer that agrees with God is an effective prayer (James 5:16; 1 John 5:14). “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;” Jesus – Matthew 5:44 Pray for the ice cream guys, and the people behind the advertising. That they repent of… Read more »

“Love your enemies” I wonder what we do with evil people…satanic people….do we try to love them too…pray for them??

Hey joanofark06, I know. It’s hard sometimes to get our head (or our hearts) around the idea of praying for people who are so blatantly opposed to Jesus. But all it takes is a moment’s reflection upon the fact that Jesus has forgiven our sins (if you’re a believer). Not because we deserved it, or are better than anyone. But only because of His great and awesome love and mercy toward us. So when it comes to others – we’re all on equal footing before the cross. I prayed for the ice cream guys. I’m asking for God’s will to be done above all. Maybe He will grant them repentance from their sin. Maybe patrons who visit those shops would not be desensitized to the anti-christ spirit behind it. There’s a lot of people being deceived away from their only hope of Salvation. So I’m praying for God to do… Read more »

Yes, pray for the child molesters and those caught up in Satanism. Most of them are born into it and are mind controlled. There’s lots of people who were in cults who’ve turned to Christ. Many children witnessing satanic rituals and horrors have seen angels, seen the Truth, been comforted by them, and leave the cults when they can. There’s always hope… until the Lord returns.

I suggest they try this with Islam & see what mocking Muhammad does to their trendy brand, but that would require true bravery, not hive minded, virtue signaling, hate Christians, zombie, knee jerk, bullcrap.

Yeah, why doesn’t someone do something like this with Islam?? I can tell ya why! Because satan LOVES islam, as all these leaders of all these countries do, and ALL the people that follow islam, and the one’s converting to Islam, and the ones holding up the signs “Welcome Refugees”, etc etc… It is said, satan’s time is short! It’s becoming MUCH shorter, and he’s moving faster! And then you have most everyone HATING christianity, hating God…and anything that has to do with Him….(I know, unbelievable that the One who made the first humans, the beauty of the earth, the stars, planets, animals, etc etc..would be the one hated). He knew THIS was coming…why else for the verse, that “Last Days” put up above: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet… Read more »

Islam is cancer but it has little to do with Satan. It’s more like they know muslims have, heh, explosive personalities, if you catch my drift.

Try sleeping in a town where every 5 to 6 hours Everybody gets a wake up call to join the praying ranks OR ELSE… That gets under your skin. For centuries a lot of people are sabotaged by their fellowmen, without even noticing it. From birth up to adolescence, when hormones kick in, indoctrinated with stuff that they do not need to make food or drink, or trade, or do politics themselves. No escape.. What would your life look like, after going through 23 years of what I discribed? I know : big chance of being a soft clay puppet in the hands of authority and manipulators.
Now, look for the links with all those mindcontrolled media-puppets, or , if you will, entertainers – you know it’s there somewhere in the alinea above.

«Satan loves Islam”. Yeah, I guess that is THE reason why almost ALL of Islamic states are opressed and are involved in wars. “Great” love. You’ll never see Muslims on the head of great corporations. It’s not Muslims food you eat in McDonalds and get sick of it. It’s not Muslims who are selling your Marlboro. It’s not Muslim medicine corporations that are injecting your children with deadly vaccines. It’s not Muslims who are selling you this satanic hollyweird industry. Oh, wait, it’s not Muslims who are recruit this whole crappy propaganda on television. I can tell you more: you’ll never hear any kind word on television about Islam, only “opressed”, “terrorized”, “retarded” etc. And I can go on for hours… Do not blame Muslims for your own weakness. We all know why: because Muslims will get furious about mockery. We won’t stand such jokes. It happens time to time:… Read more »

It’s not Muslims food you eat in McDonalds and get sick of it.

– In the U.K it is. McDonalds is Halal, another reason to bycott the crappy place.
Kosher is also barbaric and unnecessarily cruel.

I completely agree with you though I am of a different faith. ANYONE mocking GOD is wrong and the media spun Muslim hatred is all part of the plan. God is LOVE

No, you are right, right? – it is people posing as religious that teach children to prepare for a short life as a suicidebomber in Israel’s new colonies. Using bombs with little stickers ”’made in America”, a christian country I am told. True or not, that’s for you to find out.

Islamic states are involved in wars because of its oil and raw material and also because geographically they are situated all around ISRAEL that needs to enlarge its territory from tiber to euphrat. After being attacked, the people of these countries would invade european christians countries by these islamic people full of hatred for us and will attack us and try to convert us by force to destroy christianism and western european christian civilization and its HOLY ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH OF OUR ONE AND ONLY SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST.
End of the story!

Oh, okay. I see here lots of people who think they are awake but actually they are deeply into sleep.
So, what you are saying, actually is, if Israel states of America didn’t blow up two towers and blamed Muslims for this, then it would be done somewhere else (for example in Mecca) by Muslims and we would blame American Christians for this and invade America?
Oh my God, people are so blind.. one minute they say “tv is a propaganda!”, the other minute they just go and totally fall for tv propaganda.
The only people that are truly hate PEOPLE in general (Christians, Muslims, blacks, whites) are Zionist Jews. If you didn’t know this by now, then I just start to believe that we are for sure sheep and no wonder that we will eat all that crap which they are feeding us

I’m not saying Satan loves or doesn’t love Islam. But, Satan doesn’t honor those who make deals with him. Why would you expect Islam to be doing good now? They had centuries of owning slaves and ravaging Europe and in fact they still do own slaves in some cases. But I’m just saying, if Satan loved them and used them, he would still throw them under the bus when he was done.

??? Which slaves are you talking? Europe? America? People, where do you get this crap?
In period of total polytheism, there were slaves in Mecca. And no Arabs were threatened as second sort people. especially black people.
When Muhammad came with his mission, he told that all nations are equal. All skin colors are equal. White woman could marry black man. And black man could marry white woman. This was unbelievable progress 1400 years ago.
His apostols bought slaves who converted to Islam from non-Muslim owners to save them from tortures and set them free.
And when is slavery canceled in Europe? America? 100 years ago? Let stay that 50 years ago there was total discrimination of blacks in America.
One more thing, if the ones who sold out to Satan are doing bad, why is Israel doing fine all the time?

Many things on VC have disturbed me, but this is really bad. Patent child sexualization (‘Hello Sailor’ & ‘Hello Marilyn’) & trendy child abuse (“Adultization” & satanic signs). All with icecream & utter hatred of Chritianity. Where are the Franklin Graham’s or the Bishops or ANY Church authority speaking against this violence?! Where are the concerned Mothers & Fathers watching their children mimic this hateful & inapropriate campaign?! This is VERY sick & disturbing & is bewildering that it’s allowed!

Murilo Maciel, MM name, meaning 33. Just like Marilyn Manson, Eminem (MnM), Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse…. can’t get any more blatant. Well actually it can, and it will.

Sometimes you don’t have to wonder how Noah felt right before the flood. It just becomes painfully obvious.

To satan and the fallen angels who followed him, humans are mere animals driven by lower basic instincts such as sex and greed.

That‘s also the reason for the animalistic masks, they are supposed to be a mockery of humanity.

Sweet Jesus is the new pizzagate!

Bastards. This is offending to Christians and their religion. Why don’t they protest over this sh%$? Nowadays we live in a highly sensitive society so might as well use that platform and criticise this crap. It’s defamatory. L.A Hollywood is nothing but a Satanic cult orgy. Almost all celebrities living there belong to that cult. It’s normal and everybody knows it. Common people are starting to think of it as something normal and fine. They probably sacrifice humans too. Not surprising.

“This is offending to Christians and their religion.” True enough, but so is cussing…

This is offending to humanity generally speaking. Religion does nothing but divides ppl. Wake up!

While the overt in your face evil is very disturbing, there’s also the fact of ice cream among many favorite sugary treats being very unnatural and unhealthy for us with all the chemicals used. No surprise this company is championing a very unwholesome diet/future. Big corporations have made it no secret that they want to diminish all that is natural. Why? Well let’s look at history. Ancient civilizations viewed nature as the invisible hand of God. Much of their worship of God was encouraged by the unpredictability of nature that seemed to be always hindering our survival with pestilence, drought, flooding, etc. As we became an “enlightened” modernized society moving away from the religious, it is no surprise that we moved away from the natural. Technology and medicine at their core are very unnatural. We are trying to play God with our own capabilities. Technology is about making our own… Read more »

The absolutely perfect treat after a Pizza Party!

Stuff like this doesn’t happen unless big business is in the game. Your unknown business doesn’t grow overnight unless you sign your name in blood to the dark one. “The Master” is how Satan likes to be referred to by his followers. If you watch any demonic possessions, notice that they cannot say the word Jesus, EVER. I just noticed that their logo has a lightning bolt (which represents the fall of Lucifer) and isn’t the correct spelling of God, the Father’s only Son. These evil people know that they cannot say Jesus (who is the Way, the Truth, and the Light) and yet they STILL follow this dark entity essentially at their peril. We have the opportunity to repeat and be forgiven. What a GIFT! My hope is that more will wake up and fill their hearts with the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. HE has RISEN! God… Read more »

Marina Abramovic has very manly hands, her whole face looks manly too. Do I detect a tranny??

Don’t people find this disturbing? Even if you don’t believe in God just look at those creepy pictures ! How can they consider this normal! I would rather never eat ice cream ever again than support this kind of messed up crap!!!

Who owns this company? Who is behind this? That would be very interestng to find, as this looks like very deliberate propoganda.

Monarch and Misfits

Hard not to notice the child has an actual ‘monkey on his back’

Weird weird weird. …

For anyone who may think, oh this is just a stupid brand, oh it’s just a stupid ad. No, as graphic designers you have to consider EVERYTHING. I’m in University studying this (illustration and graphic design) and as a DESIGNER you don’t even start sketching before you consider your product, the company identity, WHO your target audience is and everything. Then you figure out your message and hoe you wanna communicate it. So even the colors and the effect they have onthe human eye and the imagery is carefully considered down the shade and gradient. This really is some sick satanic stuff and the minds behind this design are so clearly engrossed in evil. They know what they’re doing but do they know how sick and twisted thìs is? As an artist and a designer I’m just overall disgusted that they’re using their God given gifts for evil. This just… Read more »

Didn’t anyone notice the writing at the bottom right hand of the cheque? That’s just harsh. Poor children.

Desensitization techniques to groom children into the darkness and pain of occult rituals has entered mainstream ‘family’ type establishments. Scroll down the bottom of their web page (here’s a direct copy/paste): “For partnership inquiries and opportunities head to Monarch & Misfits. They’ll take care of you.” Those words! Monarch for mind control, and misfits are the vulnerable. Where is the outrage? Have the vast majority of humans disassociated to the degree that they cannot see? Seems likely that most people take their cue from the media, and except for this site (and I searched) there’s barely a ripple. Not even bothering to keep up a pretense. I fear the elite’s multipronged strategy to control society’s lives has reached critical mass. Talk about a dog whistle…US is still the leader…with the installation of this administration, the pace of inhumanity has leapt of the charts. There’s too many examples of ‘in your… Read more »

Also subliminal messages of scat and blood, in other words eating faeces and blood sucking.

I will never ever be able to understand the motives of Judas and his modern day successors. Exchanging a few short years of earthly fame and fortune for a potential eternity of regret? Sounds like a poor deal to me.

Well, in any case – enjoy those thirty pieces of silver while it lasts…

Sure, because Christianity is easy pickens. They wouldn’t have the balls to do that to Islam.

Depravity will beget more depravity… The thing about sin is that once it is accepted within a nation, it is only a matter of time before those who are blind to what is truly going on (those who are manipulated by the mastermind of deception Satan, or Lucifer) have come to accept that which would have never been acceptable a decade before that… Mankind has fallen for the oldest trick in Satan’s book of lies, and as a whole, embrace the past while declaring it as progressive… God our Creator will always be… HE has allowed for such futility to go on in order for humanity to wake up to the reality of sin breeds… Death is in Babylon’s wake, and destruction will come to the one who has deceived mankind with promises of higher intelligence, wealth, and power… The ONE TRUE SAVIOR was offered this if only HE would… Read more »

I live in Toronto. definitely some weird satanic stuff going on here. what with the 6 and drake. but never heard of this place till now….shocking

So ƒucked up.

One has to wonder if a company would be “allowed” to have the name Sweet Mohammad? Quite obviously the answer is no. Regardless of it’s non-religious content, Christ, Jesus and other symbols of Christianity seem to be fair game. I am curious to see if this company can actually get away with their marketing stunts here in the States without some protests. And should they branch out in larger US markets and receive any protests and/or backlash, one can bet the forces on the left will be there to defend this ice cream company’s “free speach rights”, as well as downplaying the offensive nature of the company’s logo and marketing. With so many assaults on Christianity, I personally conclude that there must be something to it, if you will. That is to say, seeing how Christianity is the only religion that everyone and anyone can freely insult and assault, the… Read more »

, First they take something children like, pizza, and use it to sell children for sex (pizza gate). Then they take something children like, ice cream, and use it to sell Satanism. Hasn’t anyone been objecting to this advertising?? Also interesting how they act like philanthropists donating money for charity to help sick children the way Satanists balance good deeds with bad deeds for duality( black and white) Fritz Springmeier said that a clue to Satanists is their huge donations to charity.

Look at the signature on the check (last picture)

These people are just incapable of creating or designing something beautiful or virtuous. It’s not that they won’t, their minds are incapable of it due to their dark hearts.

Canadian Advertising Standards will act on complaints, here is a definition : 14. Unacceptable Depictions and Portrayals It is recognized that advertisements may be distasteful without necessarily conflicting with the provisions of this Clause 14; and the fact that a particular product or service may be offensive to some people is not sufficient grounds for objecting to an advertisement for that product or service. Advertisements shall not: (a) condone any form of personal discrimination, including discrimination based upon race, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender identity, sex or sexual orientation, age or disability; (b) appear in a realistic manner to exploit, condone or incite violence; nor appear to condone, or directly encourage, bullying; nor directly encourage, or exhibit obvious indifference to, unlawful behaviour; (c) demean, denigrate or disparage one or more identifiable persons, group of persons, firms, organizations, industrial or commercial activities, professions, entities, products or services, or attempt to… Read more »

Also note that the sailor dressed boy has injury specific to left eye… we have seen these injuries in real life on McCain, Obama, the Pope, and on and on. The masks are also the Lion and the Lamb which was surprisingly missed in the article! Notice the faces of each of the children where the lamb is all smiles, waiting for the slaughter. This is just completely pervasive in our culture and the majority can’t even see it

Thanks a lot VC. I could not believe it. it is the most horrible thing I have seen in advertising. Why do people go there. It does not take a genius to understand how wrong the whole thing is. Can’t believe it is true.

This should not surprise anyone. Canada is a country with no soul, that values abortion more than anything in the world. They sell aborted baby parts to labs to do experiments on. Enough said.

How on earth can this ice cream be so popular in Canada and the USA? Do they support pedophelia and abused children? Do they pray to the devil? Because that is all that I see in this article.
What (besides NWO Elite Puppet Trudeau) is wrong with Canada? And what happened to the USA? Have we all really accepted children as sexual creatures? Where is the outrage?

What a vile brand of ice cream this is … Most of those treats in their marketing look unappetizing and crap. I really hope, they don’t bring this brand into to my country .. I don’t think it would do too well, anyway. It would get a lot of bad publicity in the media and close after a couple of years of opening… Thank God !!!!

Why don’t people get off their fat backsides and go DO something about this?
Why do people support this? Why do people allow it?
“People become complicit in acts of evil if they fail to oppose it.”
These pathetic losers won’t go away until people MAKE them.
They need to be sent a message… one that they will never forget.

How would someone go about trying to close this place down? Its disgusting.

Go on Facebook and give them a One Star rating. Or Yelp. Wherever we can tear their ratings down.

Let’s do it!

This “business” needs to be advertised more to let parents know what it’s all about. Many parents would boycott it if they only knew.

If the insights you are bringing forth unto the people are spot on and true… Their being, attacked would be proof that it is indeed true eye openning. Jesus’ teachings… Paul the Apostle’s teachings… Attacked… Even to this very day.
My prayer is that, may the eyes of masses be opened. Particularly those who are being sanctified by faith in Jesus Christ.
How I wish, this was getting a lot of covering even on mass media.
VigilantCitizen… Big up! Regardless of the opposition and negative attacks… Keep on keeping on.

Why do so many of them have blue eyes? What’s that symbolism for?

I went to a local Buddist open day. Interestingly the statue of Maitreya also had blue eyes. Maitreya is the supposed Buddha to come and is even mentioned in the Bible. The centre also had the o.k hand sign as an ornament in their Gardens. The Blue Eyed statue really struck me as statues of the original or first Buddha didnt have Blue Eyes and Buddism is associated with Asia, Asians typically don’t have blue eyes.
Everything in Art , sculpture and advertising is deliberate so it must have meaning

The ice cream looks like puke and s**t, how in the world can people be flocking to it? Oh never mind, they´re idiots.

These ads can serve as a powerful reminder that there is only one religion on this earth that the ptb and the evil one hate (and fear), and that is Christianity. Let this be a wake up call for everyone to realize this fact.

I saw these sick ads the other day. I don’t know if this has been mentioned already, but one of the ads showed a boy wearing a white tank top with PIZZA written across the chest in bold letters. There was something written below that, however, I couldn’t tell what it was since it was obscured by the ice cream. No matter. I didn’t need to see what was written below in order to know they were referring to the Pizzagate scandal. That they would allude to that tells me that Pizzagate is real. This whole enterprise is beyond evil and is shocking in its overt mocking of Christianity. And for those who frequent this business and get a charge out of mocking Christianity, I wonder if they’re aware of the very obvious NWO symbols.

Sailor kid has monkey on shoulder signifying addiction. The whole image is a reversal, a perversion of the innocence of childhood. The image is much more insidious, much more dangerous than some monstrous devil. This image is probably the closest to a true representation of evil you are likely to encounter. Surface of cleverness and sweetness. Core of corruption.
Come on in! Plenty of room inside………..