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NXIVM: The Powerful Cult That Turns Rich Women Into Mind Controlled Slaves



NXIVM: The Powerful Cult That Turns Rich Women Into Mind Controlled Slaves

Under the guise of an “executive success program”, NXIVM recruits rich women and introduces them into a bizarre secret society that brainwashes its members using rituals and trauma-inducing techniques taken directly from the MKULTRA handbook.

When one learns about the dark, disturbing truths behind NXIVM (pronounced Nexium), it is difficult to understand how this organization has managed to remain active for over two decades. While accounts about the cult’s horrific methods first surfaced more than 15 years ago, NXIVM keeps recruiting rich women, funneling millions of dollars from elite families, and expanding across America.

Founded by the “charming and charismatic” leader Keith Raniere (who requires members to call him “Vanguard”) along with his associate Nancy Salzman (who is called “Prefect”), the organization sells self-help seminars for executives. However, within NXIVM is a secret society named DOS which turns women into slaves trauma-inducing methods resembling Monarch Mind Control.

Former members have depicted Raniere as a man who manipulated his adherents, had sex with them and urged women to follow near-starvation diets to achieve the type of physique he found appealing.
– New York Times, Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded

Here’s a closer look at this bizarre “sisterhood” and its methods that are clearly based on Monarch Mind Control.

Masters of Mind Control

NXIVM: The Powerful Cult That Turns Rich Women Into Mind Controlled Slaves

Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman

In 1998, Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman founded Executive Success Programs (ESP), a company that offered life-coaching and self-improvement courses and workshops. The system was based on an “amalgam of therapeutic techniques” such as hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Both Raniere and Salzman were trained in NLP, a well-known behavior-modification technique. Unsurprisingly enough, NLP is an important part of Monarch mind control.

Programmers were using NLP before it became known as NLP in 1976. (…) If one studies NLP, one will find that NLP books such as “Basic Techniques Book II” by Clifford Wright, teach people how to create dissociative states which are alternate personalities, and that they teach people how to develop different states of mind, and pseudo multiple personalities. It is difficult to express all the different cross-overs that NLP has with Monarch Programming, but at different times the concepts of NLP certainly would be helpful to the handlers.
– Fritz Springmeier, The Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

In only a few years, ESP trained more than 3,700 people, including high powered individuals such as: Sir Richard Branson, billionaire business mogul; Sheila Johnson, co-founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET); Antonia C. Novello, a former U.S. surgeon general; Stephen Cooper, acting chief executive of Enron; Ana Cristina Fox, daughter of the former Mexican president; and Sara and Clare Bronfman, the daughters of the heir to the Seagram fortune.

A few years later, ESP changed its name to NXIVM and raked in millions of dollars selling its patent-pending system called “Rational Inquiry”. Selling five-day courses for more than $10,000, NXIVM is said to provide “training in areas such as internal ethic, logical analysis, and problem-solving skills”.

NXIVM: The Powerful Cult That Turns Rich Women Into Mind Controlled Slaves

It did not take long before journalists uncovered NXIVM’s bizarre, cult-like methods. In 2003, Forbes magazine published an article entitled Cult of Personality, which described some of the program’s particularities:

Students pay up to $10,000 for five days of lectures and intense emotional probing in daily 13-hour cram sessions. They remove their shoes for class, learn obscure handshakes and wear patented colored sashes in dozens of different variations that signify rank in the organization. When a higher-ranking student enters the room they must stand to show respect. They are taught to bow to one another and to “Vanguard.” When he makes a rare appearance, Elvis-like, students rush up to him. Some ex-clients say they have seen him greet each woman with a kiss on the mouth, although Raniere denies this.
– Forbes, Cult of Personality

All students must sign non-disclosure agreements and vow never to talk about what they learn. Not unlike most elite-secret societies, members’ secrecy is guaranteed by “collaterals”.

To gain admission, they were required to give their recruiter — or “master,” as she was called — naked photographs or other compromising material and were warned that such “collateral” might be publicly released if the group’s existence were disclosed.
– New York Times, op cit.

Bronfman Money

NXIVM: The Powerful Cult That Turns Rich Women Into Mind Controlled Slaves

Sara and Clare Bronfman at the Dalai Lama event they organized for NXIVM

Sara and Clare Bronfman are the daughters of elite billionaire Edgar Bronfman Sr. who was the chairman of Seagram (once the largest distiller of alcoholic beverages in the world), President of the World Jewish Congress, and a prominent member of the Bilderberg group. They are the heiresses of a global empire that is still extremely influential in the world today. Needless to say, when they entered the ranks of NXIVM, things quickly escalated to another level.

The Bronfman sisters’ involvement with the organization did not please their father (who once called NXIVM a “cult”), but this disagreement did not prevent the transfer of massive amounts of the family fortune to Keith Raniere. Records show that Sara and Clare Bronfman gave Raniere over $150 million while rising to the top ranks of the company.

In 2009, the sisters’ crowning achievement was convincing the Dalai Lama to appear at an event in Albany, which gave NXIVM a new level of “spiritual credibility”.

NXIVM: The Powerful Cult That Turns Rich Women Into Mind Controlled Slaves

Keith Raniere with the Dalai Lama in 2009.

However, Bronfman money was not only used for media-friendly events. A great chunk of that money is believed to have been used for more nefarious purposes.

In the last few months, people have begun to come forward with stories about nxivm. Stories about private detectives allegedly obtaining bank and phone records of nxivm opponents; stories of its critics being followed and threatened and, in one case, reportedly run off the road by a black limousine; accounts of a motherless three-year-old boy, brought into the group as a newborn under mysterious circumstances, and about the circumstances behind the Dalai Lama’s visit to Albany. Suddenly darker questions were being raised about how the Bronfmans’ money was being used. Indeed, today, in the multiple lawsuits involving the Bronfman sisters, there are serious allegations being lobbed—not just of possible blackmail and perjury but also of other “potentially illegal” activities, including theft and “a conspiracy to forge documents.”
– Vanity Fair, The Heiress and the Cult

Astonishingly, NXIVM is only the facade of an even more disturbing organization: An inner-circle, a secret that turned women into slaves.

DOS: The Mind Control Cult

Over the past 20 years, several journalists have exposed the sadistic and ritualistic practices of DOS (“Dominant Over Submissive”). Despite the gravity of the accusations against DOS, law enforcement has taken no action against it.

According to recent reports, one of the main figures behind DOS is Allison Mack, a former actress best known for her role in the series “Smallville”.

NXIVM: The Powerful Cult That Turns Rich Women Into Mind Controlled Slaves

Mack interviewing Raniere in “Raniere Conversations”.

According to Frank Parlato, a former spokesman for NXIVM, Mack is second in command in DOS. Not only does she recruit slaves, she reportedly introduced corporeal punishment to the society. After promising them more “empowerment” and luring them in using famous actresses, DOS introduces women to a world of trauma and MKULTRA-inspired brainwashing.

Detractors say Raniere runs a cult-like program aimed at breaking down his subjects psychologically, separating them from their families and inducting them into a bizarre world of messianic pretensions, idiosyncratic language and ritualistic practices.
– Forbes, Op. Cit.

Most alarming were the accounts of near-psychotic breakdowns among some who had gone through the nxivm program, accounts that described what appeared to be classic brainwashing techniques, in which people were separated from their families and slowly broken down psychologically.
– Vanity Fair, Op. Cit.

In DOS, “masters” are told to recruit “slaves” into the circle.

Submission and obedience would be used as tools to achieve those goals, several women said. The sisterhood would comprise circles, each led by a “master” who would recruit six “slaves,” according to two women. In time, they would recruit slaves of their own.
– New York Times, Inside a Secretive Group Where Women are Branded

New recruits were then brought into initiation rituals that are, in actuality, torture sessions to cause dissociation. In short, it is trauma-based mind control.

In March, Ms. Edmondson arrived for an initiation ceremony at Ms. Salzman’s home in Clifton Park, N.Y., a town about 20 miles north of Albany where Mr. Raniere and some followers live. After undressing, she was led to a candlelit ceremony, where she removed a blindfold and saw Ms. Salzman’s other slaves for the first time. The women were then driven to a nearby house, where the branding took place.
– New York Times, op cit.

Yes, the women were branded like cattle.

NXIVM: The Powerful Cult That Turns Rich Women Into Mind Controlled Slaves

Ex-member Sarah Edmondson shows the symbol that was branded on her body.

Sarah Edmondson, one of the participants, said she had been told she would get a small tattoo as part of the initiation. But she was not prepared for what came next. Each woman was told to undress and lie on a massage table, while three others restrained her legs and shoulders. According to one of them, their “master,” a top Nxivm official named Lauren Salzman, instructed them to say: “Master, please brand me, it would be an honor.”

A female doctor proceeded to use a cauterizing device to sear a two-inch-square symbol below each woman’s hip, a procedure that took 20 to 30 minutes. For hours, muffled screams and the smell of burning tissue filled the room.
“I wept the whole time,” Ms. Edmondson recalled. “I disassociated out of my body.”
– Ibid.

Note that “dissociating out of one’s body” is the ultimate goal of Monarch programming. Other trauma-inducing techniques included exposing women to “ultra-violent” footage.

Dr. Porter, as part of an “experiment,” showed women graphically violent film clips while a brain-wave machine and video camera recorded their reactions, according to two women who took part.

The women said they were not warned that some of the clips were violent, including footage of four women being murdered and dismembered.
– Ibid.

Not unlike most MK slaves, those who went through DOS programming often broke down mentally.

After sleepless nights and 17-hour days of workshops, a 28-year-old woman from a prominent Mexican family says she began to have hallucinations and had a mental breakdown at her hotel near Albany. She went to a hospital and required psychiatric treatment. Her psychiatrist, Carlos Rueda, says in the last three years he has treated two others who have taken the class; one had a psychotic episode.
– Forbes, op cit.

Toni Natalie, one of Raniere’s ex-girlfriends (or, more accurately, ex-slaves) described in 2012 the trauma she was forced to endure.

 During her years with Raniere she was so broken psychologically that, according to court filings, she gave up the care of her child because Raniere had encouraged her to. (…)

He was truly brilliant, she says, but in the way “that brilliance is the closest thing to insanity,” recalling how he had insisted she keep the body of her dead puppy in her garage freezer and look at it daily in order to better deal with death.
– Vanity Fair, op cit.

Forcing slaves to neglect their children and to face dead pets are classic mind control techniques to induce trauma. And when Natalie attempted to leave Raniere, she was faced with dire consequences.

Natalie’s home was broken into; police were sent to her mother’s house; her family was threatened. (…)

During those years, Natalie would learn that nxivm had hired the controversial Israeli-born private investigator Juval Aviv to monitor her home and look into her private life and business activities. Several times, she says, she was visited by F.B.I. agents, most recently this past February.
– Ibid.

At least one woman did not make it out alive. The circumstances around the disappearance of Kristin Snyder are extremely unsettling.

In 2003, Kristin Snyder, a 35-year-old environmental consultant, disappeared after a nxivm session in Alaska. Her body was never found, but in her truck, parked on the shore of Resurrection Bay, was a note which read, “I was brainwashed and my emotional center of the brain was killed/turned off. . . . Please contact my parents . . . if you find me or this note. I am sorry . . . I didn’t know I was already dead.”
– Ibid.

While most victims are women, another bizarre story involves a motherless child who is being raised by NXIVM.

It is alleged that the Bronfmans’ foundations had used funds to pay for the care of Gaelen, the three-year-old boy who has been living in the Halfmoon “compound.” His identity is a mystery. The oft-repeated story is that he was “given” as a weeks-old infant to Barbara Jeske, one of Raniere’s longtime followers, by his grandfather, after the baby’s mother died—either in childbirth or in a car accident. He may have been born in Michigan—where sources say Jeske went to get Gaelen—but even that cannot be corroborated. Today Gaelen lives with Kristin Keeffe, the Bronfmans’ and nxivm’s “legal adviser.” Raised as Raniere’s “heir” and according to Raniere’s child-rearing theories, he is reportedly fed a raw diet, kept away from other children, and tended to by five nannies who each speak to him in a different language—including Russian, Spanish, Hindi, and Chinese. Former nxivm insiders have been so concerned about the child they have phoned child protective services, but to no avail.
– Ibid.

Is Gaelen an MK slave, too?

In Conclusion

NXIVM has been recruiting and brainwashing people for the past two decades, subjecting its participants to horrific abuse in order to break them down. Using the natural charisma of Keith Raniere, the NLP knowledge of Nancy Salzman, and the elite money of Sara and Clare Bronfman, the organization has become a high-powered cult, apparently operating above the law.

After years of revelations being all but ignored by the media and law enforcement, recent stories appear to have finally blown the organization’s cover as a “multi-level marketing organization”. However, many unsolved mysteries remain and one can easily wonder if this is just the tip of a very dark iceberg.

These revelations prove that elite organizations can and do use ritualistic mind-control techniques to create mind-controlled slaves, and, further, that these techniques actually work. The stories here are of real women and their real experience with a real, operating organization. This is not a “conspiracy theory”. It is a fact.

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NXIVM: The Powerful Cult That Turns Rich Women Into Mind Controlled Slaves

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Look at the photo of Keith Raniere with the Dalai Lama in 2009. His hair is totally different and his vibe is dissociative. Compare that to the “marketing” photo VC posted next to Nancy Salzman. It actually looks like two different people. I’m not saying it is. I’m noting that whatever this psycho is into has seriously altered his appearance and the vibe he’s putting out. The fact that the Dalai Lama is involved in this should make everyone question what kind of circles he’s moving in. Richard Gere, for sure. And all those billionaires who swarm to his side whenever he’s in the United States. Looks like the Dalai Lama has been seriously co-opted and any “message” he gives is worthless, IMO. I know two acquaintances who I have lost contact with now but one was involved in “Vanguard” years ago and one got into another cult with a different “leader/guru”. This acquaintance tried to “recruit” me into “Vanguard” but I don’t do cults. Never heard from her again and now I know why. One look at the brochure she gave me and all I saw was empty-eyed women who were searching for “something” and more than willing to… Read more »

Carolyn Van Hosen

I think you meant Richard Branson (not Gere) and Vanguard is the leader’s name of choice, not the organization.


I think she may have been referring to Richard Gere’s fervent promotion of and close association with the Dalai Lama.

Jing Wei

@Jane: concerning the Dalai Lama… with the quantity of speeches he gives and events that he attends, it is inevitable that once in a while he ends up in not-so-desirable company.
Saying that that renders his Message worthless is the dumbest thing i’ve heard in a long time. Is it not the sinners that need redemption?


Well, the Dalai Lama sure can’t save sinners.

Your Psychiatrist

The Dalai Lama cancelled his appearance due to the controversy surrounding this cult. Keep your fact straight please.

kev allah

It’s a Jesuit scam. This goes way deeper. These people are trained on how to do this and then they make their little groups and name them such as nexium or the crips. Believe it or not, there has only ever been one secret society.

wake up goyim

replace jesuit with jew….now you’re talking truth.

Thy Unveiling

The Dhali Llama is a sham, as was Mother Theresa. Any person who is revered globally (and lives to be old) is not a good person behind closed doors.


The Dhali Llama seems to be a money w---e. For enough money and he will show up and share his presence.


The Dalai Lama’s messages have always been simplistic and ‘worthless’. HIs books are a testimony to his vapid ideas and phony persona


“You shall know them by their fruits”


So simple, so easy! And this philosophy works..Thanks Jesus..I think I’ll stick w/you


Of course this is not “just a conspiracy theory”. Of course it is just the tip of the iceberg.

And just because some things are unbelievably evil, sick and disturbing for average people living a normal life it doesn’t mean these things don’t exist.

Where evil rules, there is no love and no emphaty. Where love rules, there is no will to power. The one is the shadow of the other.


Lovely put.


“4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 8 Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.”


Deeply disturbing. It’s surprising that these intelligent, successful women would be inclined to trust these two devils.

Also, I recently saw a news piece on the mega church Hillsong. Creepy, Creepy, CREEPY! Not only is the pastor a total douche bag but they actually have celebrities make appearances, ie Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez. Those two are most definitely connected to the elite and we know they dont love anything godly. Whats even crazier is the amount of members this church has managed to amass. It’s incredible!

Always keeping my eyes and ears alert thanks to VC. Keep it up!


Wish everyone was as perceptive as you. We wouldn’t have all these mega church scams that give a bad name to godly churches.

D D d

It is not the size of the church, my dear, that’s dangerous. It is the indoctrination. Happens outside of churches too, might I point out.. (safes downvoting?-)


Well, all of society is basically an indoctrination machine; still people have to be educated in basic facts of life etc. Schools indoctrinate, parents indoctrinate, this site indoctrinate, we indoctrinate ourselves. Maybe at the end of the day the problem is not indoctrination, but the doctrine taught, if what you have been “indoctrinated” in is true and sane or batshit crazy and false.

kev allah

Indoctrination has to do with domination. And domination has to do with submission. Who do you submit too?

Thy Unveiling

I very rarely understand why you, or I, and some others get downvoted for speaking truth.

(Maybe we’re simply older than the majority here and with age comes frankness? Idk.)


In the mega church they worship Jesus Christ. How is this a scam? Please explain?


I always keep my eyes out for wolves in sheeps clothing and Hillsong/ Pastors at Hillsong are ANTI CHRIST


Yeah, even the ‘H’ in their logo looks like an upside-down cross:
That always seemed unintentionally funny to me but now it seems more on purpose.


Good catch on that upside down cross. Logos are truly interesting to look at when you have “new eyes” to see what the logo is really saying.


Nice catch! Looks like an inverted cross to me.


Explain how they are anti Christ when all they do is worship Jesus Christ?


Because Hillsong is the greedy scammer variety like Jimmy Swaggart and Pat ‘blood diamond’ Robertson. As has been said before: ‘Beware of false prophets’ – especially those only interested in profits.


Apparently they are not intelligent at all, money(generational money at that which they never worked for and more than likely has plenty of crimes and injustices behind it) does not equate intellect. The fact that they’ve bought into this cult shows plain and simple there is no intellect involving these two ladies. Their family history of money is just as dirty as this devilish organization. VC do some background on the Bronfmans , behind every great fortune is an even greater crime. VC I enjoy your post, just post more frequently! Sad to see how those who society feel are intelligent or put on a pedestal because of money can be so easily manipulated. These people are seeking out more in life because money does not satisfy them, nor could it ever bring meaning to ones life. Matthew 5:3″ Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need, since the Kingdom of the heavens belongs to them”. These people are looking for (faux)spirituality from imperfect man, who cannot direct their own steps, because they don’t want to comply with the true God’s commandments. One cannot slave for God and for riches.




I believe many of them don’t come in such cults willingly and sane. It must be happening in a drugged state, for instance. I always found suspicious popular game “dare or truth”. While everyone is using it for fun, it looks like something designed for cults: it is perfect to make someone do what he doesn’t want to, and to know his deepest secrets. I saw a movie, where a friend lured a guy to some party, and after they had many compromising photos of him, robbed him of his money and blackmailed him not to tell anybody about them.


Surprising? Ha.


Actually what is wrong with Hillsong?
They have some lovely songs about Jesus, mercy and love. So… what’s the fuss?

Don\'t be fooled

The fuss is that they are no longer following the word of God, but they are focusing on attracting people with entretainment. A lot of this can be seen in the events that they’ve had in the past and their music is not the same as it used to be. They are pushing for ecumenism and gay acceptance through the excuse that we should put love before anything else ignoring what the bible says of homosexuality. You cannot claim to follow God and go against his word at the same time. Also, if you follow them on instagram you will see that they have been posting short videos and images that allude to occult symbolism very similiar to what can be seen in this site and although it is very discrete, it is still there. This is what we have to be the most careful about, because the time has come in which many will be led astray if they don’t stay vigilant. 2Timothy: 3 For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears… Read more »


What images are you talking about? You are making things up. Hillsong sermons are from the bible. If you have something against Christianity just say so. Personally I think they sing too much at Hillsong but their sermons are really good!


To all the people saying that they can’t possibly be evil because they’re a “mega church that preaches Christianity” – that doesn’t change anything. The devil has no shame, he even quoted God’s own scripture to Jesus Christ. Do you really think they would control the secular world and allow Churches to thrive, helmed by good Christians? No. This new order spreads like a plague. The pastors there could be devil worshippers for all we know (not saying that they are), but just remember, the devil has no shame in using God’s own word to secretly win over his children who will be following an antichrist unknowingly. This agenda wouldn’t just allow Christians be Christians under the spiritual protection of God. No, the smartest thing to do would be to make sure that uf Christians exist, they are following a sheep in wolf’s clothing straight down to hell without knowing, with the rest of the secular world. They aren’t stupid; they’re smart. Also, wherever there’s a profit, these people will not shy away from. They are making money off people’s faith and it’s buying them mansions and private jets. If all it’s gotta take is saying a few dishonest “Amens”… Read more »

Don’t be fooled

I don’t have anything against christianity, I’m a christian myself. I’m just telling you what I saw, you can check it out yourself, just go to their hillsong united instagram account and you’ll see. I have seen some as above so below symbolism being used and also in their united logo, why do they have to put it upside down? Why use white noise and rapid changing images to promote their new album wonder?
Personally I found that disturbing and it was a red flag to me.


Hillsong has Illuminati and New Age trappings.


And its founder was a paedophile


Really? Please explain?


“…for many will come in my name….saying, here He is, or there He is… do NOT follow them, do NOT believe them…”
“…do the will of my Father who is in heaven…”

Promoting homosexuality is NOT in line with the will of the Father in heaven.

kev allah

You realize the Bronffman sisters are not successful or even that intelligent? They are Uber rich kids with no purpose outside of their own minds. That’s why they fall for this crap.


They worship Jesus at the Hillsong church. They are not doing anything else. So what if famous people come? Celebs also seek a spiritual life and need to be saved. It is mostly a church filled with young people.
Hillsong is not a cult. Get a grip.


I just would like to say some things in honor of NLP, because not everything the elite knows and abuses is bad in itself. They are perfectly capable of using even the ever so good things in a distorted way, so the results will be bad. That doesn’t mean that whatever they use is bad from the beginning. NLP basically describes how language affects the mind – and how to use it so it will work the way you want it to – because it still works even though you don’t know how. You cannot switch it off. So you might as well be unknowingly working against yourself and your own goals even though your goals might be as good as they can be. NLP is an important method for psychotherapists and similar people. If a therapist doesn’t know it, it’s like he’s prodding in the dark with the way he communicates. And it was in a training for therapists, that I learned some of it – to be used in favor of life and humanity of course – and I just want to share a bit of it, so you get the picture: One thing you learn is, that… Read more »

D D d

Good point indeed. With all the botoxed numb faces (and even the static, dissociative, highraised eyebrows too), the language field gets more and more important when looking for clues about a person..

kev allah

Not to mention the fact that words are redefined according to slanted languages that “for some reason” the media promotes.

D D d

Teaching children to push buttons with smiley’s, instead of using words and grammar to deepen their levels of communication AND thinking, very big with the change-agents promoting developement in Education on preschools.


‘Good point indeed. With all the botoxed numb faces (and even the static, dissociative, highraised eyebrows too), the language field gets more and more important when looking for clues about a person..’ – but then I think we’ll be better off talking more nicely to people. The verbal harassment online (and off) is completely out of hand. Browsing through something like a YouTube comments section today is a disturbing ordeal. As per this useful NLP lecture given above, I think we’ll get much more out of helping people start asking questions about their reality in a positive way. Personally speaking, I think I’ve learnt my lesson now: Some people simply cannot be reached and it’s useless and only results in frustration trying to confront them with these topics. Save your energy for those who are receptive. With regard to the rest, tolerance is probably the best strategy. There’s been a concerted effort by the ‘Elite’ to erode positive emotions and healthy social relations for many years now, it would appear wise to counteract this by setting a positive example and showing real change is possible – there’s enough junk around without adding more to the pile. ‘You are the light… Read more »

D D d

When you know the skills of how it works, you can spot the ones abusing it with you or your children, political choices, future concepts of a better village/town..etc. That makes your decisions about them and their plans better weighed, you become less vulnerable. When you dissect their sentences publicly, so others get the benefit, prepare to be attacked on personal levels, as they will search for your weak spots.
With working with it for the better, well, just use it for the better. Like in the example given. Turn around your phrasing to a positive meaning.


I’m trying this on my husband!


Smallville was a guilty pleasure show that I used to watch compulsively. Allison Mack, who played Chloe on the show was my favorite character; however I did notice that she was always wearing butterflies. She wore butterfly pins on her jackets, purses, and hair barrettes. The fact that she is involved with a mind controlling cult comes as no surprise. She is obviously a high level handler who recruits dewy-eyed recruits for a government sponsored front.


I never noticed butterflies, and I watched a show several times. But i always felt some double layers in her personality, something in her eyes. I even read her biography on internet to check if I was right , but it said only good things about this person.


She didn’t wear a butterfly in every episode, but if you watch entire seasons you will see a pattern of butterflies on her clothing. I owned the entire series and it was a persistent theme for Chloe. Never noticed butterflies on any of the other female actors.

DDd: I used the term “guilty pleasure” based on my own moral viewpoint. Considering the show is essentially mind candy, and I could be pursuing more edifying topics, I call the show a time waster. Once you start saying a phrase is inherently conformist, you might as well abandon the written language altogether. Words are merely a way of communicating. You bring your own context.


It;s a good show no need to feel guilty or rationalize ….

kev allah

The butterfly Le Papillon is the symbol of Babylon. Babelon in Spanish is Papelon (arabs dont have the letter P) which means “a scandal” and that comes from the word “papel” which refers to a role as in movie role. Basically the system is based in the hands of narcissistic POS who act like something they’re not. And they learned how to act in such a manner by usurping the life force of individuals by profiling them and wearing their manners like a costume. Like USA calling themselves Americans when everyone from Alaska to Argentina is an American. Or how the Spanish invented the machine and the English appropriated it and through their culture which is based in industrialization which is basically mass production, they have muddied the waters of truth. We come from a world where only the “gods” had high technology. Now any idiot can get their hands on it because of big business and that skews the very simple truth that humanity has a very human leader. One leader. Just one. For the whole damn globe. Dwell on that.


babelon in spanish may well be papelon, but babelon in arabic is Baabel.
just saying as i didn’t see how arabic not having a p is relevent to what you’re saying

D D d

I never understood using the phrase ‘guilty pleasures’. It sounds so conforming, misplaced-protective, though it’s meaned to be the opposite? Rebelling against others’ opinions, with doing, eating, listening to, enjoying what you enjoyed in the first place ? En masse..?
But, mentioning this, I do not know of a better expression, yet.

SkepticCat This will probably sound weird, but: I almost feel sorry for a man like this Mr Raniere. These matters are so ‘out there’ I think the lines between being ‘evil’ and simply being outright psychopathic – psychopathic to the point of living in some bizarre, alternative psychological dimension – are blurring. The entire situation seems completely absurd: Powerful, extremely wealthy women paying fortunes to get brainwashed in what is obviously a cult (and a cult of personality, clearly), victimized, treated like sex slaves (by the sound of it) and *physically branded like cattle*. This is completely, utterly insane. It’s so insane I question whether those involved in this cult are even mentally stable enough to truly understand what they’re doing or be held accountable. It is baffling that this sort of people can function well enough to amass these great fortunes even as millions of others struggle to get by on minimum wages. I wonder what ‘Mr NWO Interfaith’ himself, the Dalai Lama, now thinks of mingling with the head of this ultra-rich mind control cult. Bah… whoever has not lost all faith in modern society at this point is just delusional and/or in denial. It is very clear… Read more »


Yesterday I went to a CD store and was so impressed by the amount of singers doing the “one eye” sign in their CD covers! Why so many artists, from many parts of the world, would do that? It is obvious to me, but, unfortunately, to most people, this fact doesn’t prove absolutely anything…

D D d

The answer to the question why do these women fall for these scams and abusers, might be in the fact those women were already traumatized. This cult/drilling-station/corporative-instrument is able to read it and reel them in. Sometimes a facial expression is a telltale, sometimes it is behaviour, for example. The trick is to learn those skills of reading people, besides a vocabulaire and grammar.
And teach your children well.

kev allah

Or you throw s--t to the wall and see what sticks. Life is a game of numbers and you only need a one to start.

D D d

When I will have lost all money, oportunities, and remorse, I will start a pay-by-textmessage-or-tweet-promotion on television and youtube. Showing almost dead puppies and telling folks I will safe them all for a dollar or a euro. See what happens …


Don’t be surprised when that sh.. works. people have been searching for a meaning to their lives since forever. That’s what we do. W/o a personal relationship w/the Creator, we’ll fall for ANYTHING! And Fall hard. It is inherent. We forget our animalistic nature because we possess language, but we are also instinctual and those who study human nature know that! That’s why we yearn to build the spiritual-self and leave the baseness of instinct. But when we are separated from Truth, other false doctrines become infatuation! One more thing , there is difference between, smart, intelligent, and wise..if one is born w\a natural affinity for learning, u r smart; building and learning on that leads to intelligence, but it is only w\the guidance of G-d that one attains Wisdom!


It’s spelt “with”. You’re welcome.


This is similar on a much larger scale, that my company was getting it’s managers and then other personnel involved in. It was known as LB1 and LB2, can’t remember the full name. But they would fly the person to VEGAS, where they were bussed out to a remote location, in the middle of nowhere. Then for two days you would go thru all these breakdown procedures. Some people talked about it minimal. Said their goal was to break you and make you cry. Some people laughed it off, but MOST came back with – “It was a ground breaking experience. A real break thru. So glad I went”. I immediately went ” NOPE! HALT AND RETREAT!!”. They used sleep depropvation the very first day where you were not allowed to go sleep and were up to way way late. Right after flying and traveling a long way. Total garbage in my opinion. Glad I refused to go. But some idiot company is getting rich off this mess. The worst part is no one would actually tell you details of what happened. HELLO – ANother red flag!!


Wow. So Much evil exits!

Aegon Targaryen

The private investigators, homes broken into, being stalked and harassed, bank accounts and phones hacked are all gangstalking tactics. Scientology also uses gangstalkers to go after their critics or ex members. NXIVM is bizarrely similar to Scientology. All the illuminati cults use gangstalkers to take down their perceived enemies. A very nasty business indeed. Don’t be fooled by the shills on the internet who say gangstalking isn’t real. They are paid shills by the illuminati to discredit the victims branding them ‘crazy’ so no one will believe them.
It’s utterly disturbing to live in these times.


These nutcases like Hitler, Jonestown leader, McSavage and other sick minded
people who prey on poor mindless weak people should be stopped in their tracks!
Churches should be monitored and taxed. It’s hard to believe anyone could be that stupid to follow them but they do.


“The FBI” showed up?! What was that about? Fakers…or investors in an experiment that might be of use to them (if it hasn’t been of use, already.) No follow-up from Child Protective Services? If thi is true, the corruption in government is worse than we thought.


This reminds me of Scientology.
And also of episode 41 of season 3 of the series Lie to Me: Beyond Belief. – Very worth watching. The whole series. You can learn a lot about reading faces and body language in it. They had professional counsel from an ex secret service agent, so 90 % of the information they give is true, though they obviously exaggerate everything, and the main character is able to read every face in a second without erring. Obviously it takes a bit longer and more computer analysis and observing of how the person normally behaves and so on … it’s a television series after all.
And this particular episode is about this kind of organization and also about what this makes with the people, who fall for this kind of stuff.


Not just scientology, how about Mary Kay…MK for short, crappy enough. Ever read the website pinktruth? It shows accounts of next door women losing money and their families to it. Their aim is to extract money from the lower working classes. There always seems to be an MLM or scam that targets different groups of society. From Avon, tupperware, selling wine from home, fat melting girdles, you name it. Yet the main reason why all these scams work to this day and people fall for it is by exploiting the natural human need to feel fellowship and feeling like they belong..and also greed. MLM’s, cults and most indoctrination centers work under the same principle as street gangs: exploting human needs to extract a benefit for the top dawgs. I stopped going to churches bcs the leaders never saw anything wrong with people using their premises to pass around MLM catalogues and trying to recruit you to a scam. Why did Jesus even get the merchants away from the temple of God? WTF? I’m not a religuous person but grew up learning from the Bible. I have no respect for religious leaders allowing the alleged temples of worship to become networking… Read more »


I am absolutely unable to comprehend how stupid people are to fall for these obvious scams. This one goes beyond scams into the realm of nefarious evil.


Yeah … well, I kind of understood them … until I read about them having to give the organization naked photographs of themselves when wanting to enter. Doesn’t that make every bell ring?


A good sales person will make that sound normal. Some people don’t know how to say “no” to pressure.


One article likened this organzation to the freemasons. It was supposed to be a secret organization and sisterhood they wanted to join to gain access to elite privelages. yes, they were conned but the majority of people who took classes were not introduced to the secret society of women whose key goal to was to recruit new slaves for Keith Raniere.


Here are some further details:

Once a woman agrees to be branded, she is picked up and blindfolded and taken to a secret location in Knox Woods, the subdivision where Miss Mack, Mr. Raniere and many of his students reside. Knox Woods is in Half Moon township, a suburb of Albany, New York.

Once inside the house, a women who is to be branded is led to a slave pen – usually a bedroom in the house. The ceremony is at night. The curtains are closed.

The blindfold of the woman is removed and she, along with the other slaves who are to be branded that evening are told to remove their clothing.

The slave women of DOS are required to sign “The Vow” which acknowledges they agreed to be branded in part in exchange for learning the hidden teachings of Mr. Raniere.

Once in the branding ceremony, women are not permitted to change their minds and leave. They will be forcibly held down and branded.


So heartbreaking. What’s even more heartbreaking is how ignorant the world is. The world doesn’t want to accept the world for what it really is. People refuse to believe that the most evil people are not the ones​ in a jail cell, but are the ones behind the scenes and​ in their tv screens whom they flock to just be exposed to all their ritualistic and satanic agendas. Many believe it, but chose not to care thinking it doesn’t affect them which is far from the truth. All these​ mind controlled slaves and elite puppets where made just for them so to dismiss it and think it doesn’t affect you is ignorance of the highest level. I feel sorry for all these women, and it seems like not even money can hide you from these demonic creeps. It really is just sickening, and I hope all these sickos get more exposed so that more people will be aware of what they’re getting themselves into. And I’m extremely dissapointed in you Chloe, thanks for ruining my childhood.


What’s hidden behind all this is that it is a gateway to satanism and satanic ritual abuse.


Major news sources are reporting it without including the fact they used MK Ultra mind control techniques. The devil knows his days are numbered.


I have started reading more into the story since your post and the crazy thing is how many devious things that were going on that aren’t even mentioned in your article. This is definitely revlation of the method if you ask me. This is a small fry in comparison to the major networks of mk handlers. thanks for keeping us informed!


They are Jews. JEWS. Any bell ringing?

D D d

Every sunday cumulative for hours even when I want to rest or sleep or listen to my own music. I hate those bells. Really, f*cking anoying to have a bunch of people ringing bells every sunday for non christians to suffer.


So what is your way to solve the problem if they are jews?

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