Miley Cyrus’ “BB Talk” Celebrates Child Abuse and is Seriously Messed Up


Although Miley Cyrus is a veteran at pushing unsound garbage to the masses, BB Talk reaches a new low by outright celebrating child abuse. This video truly embodies everything that is wrong with the entertainment industry.

The story of Miley Cyrus is rather sad and, unfortunately, it keeps getting sadder. Recruited by Disney at a very young age, she quickly became another case of a child star turned to an oversexualized minor. For her post-Disney career, a brand new persona was created: A wild, short-haired, drugged up freak and industry slave who is 100% geared towards pushing the occult elite’s ugly agenda (as documented by my previous articles about her). As the figurehead of the Beta Kitten system, Miley has little to no control over her career and is constantly placed in degrading situations and made to act out all of the perversions of the occult elite.

BB Talk is yet another attack on basic human decency as it clearly celebrates, normalizes and trivializes the sexualization of children. The entire context of this song is nothing less than a child abuser’s ultimate fantasy. Watching the video is simply revolting (you really don’t need to watch it) – especially when one considers Miley’s “industry” upbringing.

BB Talk

The premise of the song is that Miley Cyrus doesn’t like her boyfriend (or whatever) baby-talking to her because she finds it annoying. That is fair complaint. However, in the video, she plays the role of a baby, which gives the song a creepy new dimension. We’re basically seeing a baby telling a man:

F*ck me so you stop baby talking

The video then assaults the viewers with images that makes one’s mind feel violated and unclean.

Inside a baby crib dressed provocatively and doing provocative gestures.
Miley inside a crib dressed provocatively and doing provocative gestures.
Diapers and pacifier combined with spread legs, associating the innoncence of babies with sexuality.
Diapers and pacifier combined with spread legs: Associating the innocence of babies with lust.
Turning a giant milk bottle into a phallic object.
Turning a giant milk bottle into a phallic object.
Singing "f*ck me" while doing the corresponding gesture...while wearing a onesie.
Singing “F*ck me” while doing the corresponding gesture…while wearing a onesie.
Yup, the baby is smoking hash or something. That's the kind of stuff a child abuser would think of.
The baby is smoking drugs – the kind of stuff a child abuser would think of.
Turning baby crawling into a weird perverse experience that make one feel dirty just witnessing it.
Turning a baby crawling into a weird perverse experience that “they” apparently want us to witness.

As you can see, this video irritates me because it has no redeeming quality and doesn’t even attempt to hide its intentions behind a fake premise. It is about turning the innocence of children into lust. Knowing that pedophilia is rampant in the entertainment industry, and that child stars like Miley are routinely abused, this video celebrates the occult elite’s sick (and accepted) mind state. Miley Cyrus, a figurehead of Beta Kitten programming, is made to act out this gross display. Through her, the shady people in the industry are telling us: “Look at what we like to do and look at what we are doing to her”.

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"It's just a video" as my friends would say. It is amazing how well this social programming has worked on the masses. While i walk around with my eyes open all of my friends are still asleep.

You may be awake but your not conscious.. of the actual meaning behind the music video that she had creative controll over, regardless of the agenda of the tentacles that dull and ruin people’s access to real news sources….

Its about ABDL dude, not child abuse, there is a great f*****g distinction between the two… one glaring difference is that its not the r**e or sexual assult of children

So true ! Dont desesperate my friend : you’re not alone, few have the eyes open but we need only a few real MEN to win the biggest war

True! Stay vigilant bro.

wow perfect as I know alot of programmed dummies out there.

Me too….some of my friends actually LIKE her! •~•

So true!!

feel the same

Here’s the thing: if you want to make a difference – stop giving Disney your money! That means *not* going to Star Wars The Force Awakens.

What good is it if we claim to hate their evil, and then we turn around and pay them millions of dollars to keep doing it?

Miley isn’t Disney any more.

She is actually the poster girl for Disney. Now and forever.


Anybody on this site aware of what’s going on and understanding the true nature of Disney but still using their products might as well not be on this site.

Boycott Disney is like telling Americans that they need to go vote everyone out of Washington…unfortunately it is not happening as the MK programming is alive and well in this world.

it’s not that simple unfortunately.. i don’t think that boycotting disney would be enough to solve the problems we face at the hands of the elite. they are sick and beyond our current reach. these are evil obsessions and traditions that run very deep 🙁

it’s incredibly disturbing, but it’s my estimation it would take a miracle to truly change everything.

But it is a start.

Utterly Degenerate and Evil . Song should be Boycotted and Banned For Degeneracy Undermines Innocence of Children

I am beyond disgusted and creeped out right now and I won't watch the video cause these images were enough. What is on their sick minds when they promote this garbage?! I can't even find the words do describe how disappointed and sick this makes me feel. Is there no hope for humanity? Have we lost our minds? I really want to leave on an island with normal people around me and forget that these kind of things exist… Are people supposed to watch this and like it?! I pity the future generation… When I see kids having sex at 12-13 years old it makes me cry… I had a classmate who was 12 and was dating a 27 year old guy. THAT IS HOW THIS JUNK CHANGE US! We turn into freaks and everything and everyone who is normal becomes a laughting stock!!! People don't even realise what is… Read more »

So true!!!

My uncle told me how he lost his virginity at 12 or so. He’s 48 roughly, for reference. I almost lost mine at 11/12. It’s interesting because I wasn’t much caught in this world and I doubt he was. I’m just saying kids sometimes just go for it. Truth be told, I know myself and my soul. I know nobody else’s mind and do not know how much or little programming I had compared to my peers but in the now I realize I have much less and want a woman who has had just as little (or chose to leave it early enough in adulthood).

Best comment ever! I want to live on that island too! If this is cool and acceptable’ I don’t want to be cool!

vile and disgusting.bad enough she looks and acts like a s**t and HO and tells our kids to do drugs and sleep wit any man,Knowing full well about stds and aids and overdoses etc.But now shes pushing p********a.Shes one sick and twisted cookie.The sooner her career ends the better

It is not her as she sold her soul to the satanists that run Hollywackofuckingweird

Satan has nothing to do with it, this video was just made by pervy idiots

satan (lower case s on purpose) has everything to do with. Please read the signs.

This is just sick man…I wonder if there were any people on the set of this video that thought, this is just disturbing and wrong. (?)

absolutely not and they most likely alot of the workers doing that disturbing video probably said, “ohh it is just Miley doing her thing.” Point is they are all under the spell.

I worked in the fashion and entertainment business for many years and witnessed people selling their children many times, well-meaning parents who believed they were only doing the best for their children by helping them to develop their talents, become successful and famous, etc.

Most of the responses I see to "abc"s comment are naive. Do you think this evil comes at you openly and says "I want to buy your child for xxxx dollars"? Of course not. It is a much more seductive, manipulative process.

Use discernment and really think about what "abc" is saying. Do you allow your children to be influenced by TV, movies, advertising, pop culture in general? If yes, even a little, you are selling your children to these people.

Billy Ray Cyrus was already in the industry, he knew better yet he let Miley get sucked in anyway.

I don't normally write here. But this is a next level that warrants comment. This whole agenda aims to drag down and degenerate people to the lowest of lows. With its most important aspect being sexuality. To drag down a person's sexuality from what could be a pristine love for a partner into the most perverted forms of lust. I like what someone here wrote: "Well, what do we do about it? " I can just imagine a peaceful planet where society and people are at a better level morally, imagine how a video like this would go down? And yet this being released in the world now, what will happen? Not much I would say. This shows the state of our world in my opinion. Apart from the amount of bad forces who control so much and propel, another big factor is the population's passivity…. I hope everyone, in… Read more »

I have no pity for her or her family. They're low level sellouts and are not victims, but pawns of the cultural marxist indoctrination. They're instruments, by consent. Or should i say con$ent? They're influencing a generation of kids to this filth.

This degrading pop culture phenomenon is part of capitalist indoctrination, not 'marxist' indoctrination. Money-driven, Mammon-worshipping degradation is what is at work here; the opposite of anything 'marxist,' the latter being explicitly critical of the deadly alienating degrading effects of profit-motives to the point of exploiting people as mere objects for personal gain. In point of fact, 'cultural marxists' such as Theodor Adorno and the Frankfurt School (whom even the Vigilant Citizen has referenced positively) voiced strenuous criticisms of the degradation of the masses through pop culture. Adorno, the Frankfurt School, and their followers have also written extensively about the pernicious effects of such PR manipulators as Walter Lippmann and Edward Bernays, these latter of whom the Vigilant Citizen has also discussed on his page about mind control theories and the mass media. (Btw, Bernays was a big boon to capitalists in coming up with PR campaigns for the American Tobacco… Read more »

Could not have said it better. These things are no longer worthy of being called human, let alone deserving of any sympathy. They are the Corruptors in the end times, who know full well what they are doing and see absolutely nothing wrong with it as long as they get their bits of material wealth and fame. There is no pit of abyss deep or hot enough, no justice severe enough, no sentence long enough, to equal what they actually deserve.

i say victim as well…….cause of their blindness to how they are being used

Moe's comment is right. Miley was subjected to MK Ultra and in her MPD altered state of mind she doesn't realise what she is doing. The handlers instruct her what to do in some cases parents are the handlers, since they may come from multigeneration satanic abuse. These victims are programmed to even kill themselves incase they regain the memories of their activities done in alternate personalities.
Please read the book 'thanks for the memories' by brice taylor, the pdf free can be downloaded from wikispooks website. the book has disturbing content and is gory to read, I warn you.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! I could not find a working link….do you know where to go? Thanks!!!

Marxist, Nationalist Socialist, Neoplatonic, Theosophist, Hermeticist, Humanist indoctrination! Carl Marx, Georg Hegel, Charles Fourier

She's a product of MK Ultra Mind Control. Technically she doest "know" what she is doing. Send her love and light that she can break free of the Control her "handlers" have over her. PLEASE PRAY for this young Victim of Hollywood

Absolutely horrific. This makes me not want to be apart of society at all. This is allowed and okay? I feel ill

And for those people saying that VC should have done more research on this… Are you serious? What damn "research" do you need when it is all in front of your noses?

It is very easy to have someone else do the work for you and then criticize the results because they do not match your particular expectations.


''It is very easy to have someone else do the work for you and then criticize the results because they do not match your particular expectations''

Well this is not ''work'' it doesn't matter if the media tells u it is. Shes not doing any "work for me".

"your particular expectations"

I wonder who has this video of a grown women dressed as a child singing ''f**k me u so can stop the baby talking" as particular expectations, I mean…

You did not understand my message. I was referring to those posts here that go against Vigilant Citizen because they expected a "deep research" about this video or M. Cyrus as a character. Re-read my message.

As a mother of a daughter who was molested at age 6, I am just plain DISGUSTED by this propagation of child abusers, rapists and p********s. Just when I think the lowest has been reached, they go THERE. My heart hurts. Literally.

Seriously. She has no control. So stop blaming MILEY. Her handlers make her do terrible music for the masses.
The masses are being CONDITIONED.
You are being conditioned as well.
Hate her. Hate her music. You better well HATE THE INDUSTRY because that is who made her!!

As for this type of music. It is designed to make society really f****d up in the head! TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISIONS AND GO OUT SIDE TO NATURE. THE MORE WE IGNORE THIS PSYCHO PLANET F****D UP S**T, THE MORE WE WIN!

God gave us FREE WILL no devil can take you that,not after any kind of torture ,people cant be striped of GODS GREATEST GIFT – mk ultra probably does exist but it is far from being this powerfull that you are aware of nothing,especially this big

I understand what you’re saying but she does have a choice. No one is holding a gun to her head telling her she has to act like that.

The “gun” is IN her head.

sick, sad, pathetic desperate for success, fame, money. GREEDY. LACKING TALENT. There is nothing innocent about the Illuminati industry. They are initiated into secret ceremonies, and sign contracts not to expose their dirty secrets like abuse, and murder. They attack innocent people, and invade their privacy. They are nothing special, they are nothing without their fans…we should just STOP BUYING THEIR MUSIC and expose them for what they are. Then they will care what we think. They will do anything their pimps tell them to do for money. They believe the devil chose them, that they have TALENT, yeah, right. And all those stupid signs (yawwwwwn)… To promote paedophilia, is being a peadophile yourself. How can anyone be fooled into thinking freemasonry and illuminati are conspiracy theories when there is a statue of the 1st American president in all his Freemasonic regalia in the White House right in front of… Read more »

i never in my life bought any of their music – i am a proude pirate for years now

Not shocking at all if you think that they worship the fallen, the rival, the antithesis of an all-loving father.
Everything follows a script. Do not be afraid, do not surrender to evil, turn your heart to love, to G-d. Do not focus on what is wrong but elevate your sight from earthly matters. Look up, do not look down. Rejoice.

You've hit the nail on the head…let's see where she will be when she turns 27…

Are they getting ready to sacrifice her?

This is so sad really! And what's even more sad though, is that while she may have no control over herself or her life/image, we have control over what we say about her. I've never liked Miley in general, but then i heard one of her songs and there's a line in it that says "only God can judge us" and that had me reeling. I mean, i'm the first one (after VC) to start telling people i know about the symbolism in music videos etc I would think to myself "how sick and twisted must she be, knowing that kids who admired her as Hannah Montana" are now going to follow suit and also start twerking…" But "only God can judge me" is what had me shut my mouth. Miley is annoying and helping to push teh agenda – but does she really personally want this? Deep down inside… Read more »

Just….ugh. no. God help us all.

Here we go again. There is absolutely nothing of value in this few minutes of degeneration. Not even the music. Oh, of course, I forgot: this is not about music. Why would the music industry masters spend so much money in a business model that is no longer worthy? Because the goal is not selling records. These heavily marketed "artists" (whatever) and the enterteinment industry in general are just another tool the hijackers use to mold people's perception, create trends, desensitize, anticipate events, and hypnotize people, specially younger people who are more imaginative. Imagination and thoughts are essential components of reality, turn them negative and depraved and you transform the reality itself. Now some people still believe that this is all about money. It is not (money is another control tool). The ultimate goal is human consciousness. The manipulators absolutely need people to be in a specific frequency and mindset… Read more »

Her mind is broken on some level to agree to do something like this. I don't know how controversial this will get but she will keep pushing boundaries as she and the public get desensitized to sick imagery like this.

Whenever she breaks down (which is possible even if this is somewhow all an act) it will be BAD. SHAME ON HER PARENTS for selling her out to a sick industry. I hope what they've allowed to be done to their children HAUNTS them even on their deathbeds.

How can anyone with any shred of decency think her acts are entertaining? EW! It's quite sad though. Gone the way of Britney, Amanda and the lot.

all this illuminati music ish*t needs stop NOW

With ALL of the child r**e cases that is happening around the world which is only getting worse, why would ANYONE, from the person behind the camera, to the person dragging the bottle on set, not scream as loud as they can from the highest point they can (media, social media, even a doggone personal blog!) that this insanity is unequivocally evil! Even for those who may not be Christian, if you don’t see anything else in your entire life that you attribute to Satan, KNOW and SEE this as exactly that! This could ONLY strengthen p********s demonic view of OUR children, and squarely place this image in the mind of those who may be inclined. At the very least, putting subliminal messages in men’s minds when, because it’s Miley Cyrus, sexually stimulates them, and begin to be attracted to younger and younger women, passing this sinful outlook to the… Read more »

This video should be banned. I feel sorry for her children if she ever has any.

And we wonder why young guys (17, 18) are raping their sports team mates? It is not far fetched to say that we truly live in Sodom and Gomorrah.

One word : Revolting!

Because she was quite young when she sold out to Disney, the responsibility lies on her parents shoulders. People like Miley and Justin Bieber are somewhat innocent when they sell out due to being young and not realizing the reality of the industry. But for entertainment parents, and even the occultist entertainment elite, God will forgive if they repent and take up a new path. Its not up to us to judge them.

Don’t forget Britney Spears. Her parents did the same.

Just when I thought I was desensitized smh

All That i can say to this is….what the HELL

P********a is being normalized in the mainstream

One of the many reasons I can't have kids. I would want to but in this day and age they put you in jail or take your kid away if you try to educate it yourself. They put paedo pics on your pc without you even knowing it or they frame you for a "bank robbery" or something like they did to Fritz.

this is so wrong. it's really scary that fans would protect her "art". Miley used the mexican flag in Mexico in front of her fans and wiped her ass with it…one thing is like being against government but this white meant it towards the mexican people and how she sees black americans…if people can not see this creepy sea monkey with those cousin kissing buck teeth how toxic she is welp guess majority of the masses are doomed.

If people will defend psychos like Lady Gaga or Marilyn Manson, then they’ll defend anyone. It’s mostly impressionable teens getting money from their parents to go to these concerts and make the scum at the top billions of bucks.

“psychos like Lady Gaga or Marilyn Manson” what are you basing this opinion on?

The age of consent in mexico is 12

She has a to perform her art as she likes & too bad if you don't like it .

This video and its art direction is influenced by Steven Meisel's 1992 photo series, "Madonna In Wonderland", which was used to accompany a Vanity Fair feature article about Madonna. The Pepto-Bismol color scheme combined with fake innocence and cynical sexual come-ons. It's all there.
Google image search "madonna in wonderland 1992" and see it for yourself.

^^^ Very insightful! I actually have that issue of Vanity Fair since I used to be a big Madonna fan and always though it might be a collector’s item someday. Yes, that whole spread is very disturbing and Madonna usually does anything to create a shock, so not much has changed with her either, I wasn’t aware of these things when I was young, but I am now. The younger generation REALLY needs people like us a to point these things out to them.

She repeats in the song, as part of the lyrics, F*** me so you stop baby talking. If anyone does not recognize and understand what this is, then you are simply unconcsious and there is no hope left for you.

omg yes. But Jesus is the hope, the only left for us.

This video might be the best thing that's happened to people who have been blind to the sickness within the industry. Maybe it will provoke people to do some research. Just reading some of the comments under the video should get people thinking, as it seems more people are coming around to industry over-sexualization.

Sadly, so many people view this as "Miley being gross again" and will not think too deeply about the "why", as disgusted as they become. For those people to take this seriously, I think a media outlet would have to do a segment about it, highlighting the pattern of behavior of all pop stars. I hope that day comes!

VC IS a such outlet which is why you all need to direct people here (or to other good Illuminati-exposing sites). On the other hand, deep down, I know this is a lost cause. I’ve already spent so much time and energy trying to get the sheeple to at least consider the notion there may be things in the world they need to know about – they won’t. Unless the Illuminati screw up in a major way – which they won’t – these things are going to continue and get worse. Sorry, but this is the realistic outcome, it isn’t even pessimism. Very few individuals are capable of taking this in.

she is repuslive

For any sane person, whether you believe in the hollywood occult agenda or not, this is a disturbing video with visually disturbing scenes and connotations.

she's getting worse…

I've Often Wondered How Parents Take Their Little Girls To Her Concerts, Knowing What She'll Do

I Don't Know How Much Concerts Cost Anymore
But I'm Sure It's More Than Baby-Sitter Wages

There is a book being promoted in Russia that promotes "new morals" . Cannot remember the exact name but they call it project Ulitskaya because that is the last name of the author. It is sponsored by guess who, George Soros. The contents of the book are revolting according to reviews. It promotes pederasty as something completely normal. It says that if a man cannot find a wife, he can take a little boy "as a wife" and he has to do "wife duties". When the kid grows up he is discarded and can " find a wife or take another little boy". That is so sick and disturbing. And those are the plans for our society and the ideas they are planting on us. I feel like moving to another planet.

Disgusting. .. doesn't she know babies and children get touched all the time. She's provoking all the pedos out there. Definitely not a miley fan anymore. As a mother, i am now more scared of how my baby is looked at. That sick f**!

I don't think you guys are correct in the interpretations of everything you do, but this one really can't be denied.

Wow this is really triggering for victims of abuse… that b***h is f****d up, Jesus Christ.

It takes two to tango and, therefore I have no pity for her or her parents. Any parent with half a brain cell left would not have sold their child out to these satanic bastards. She's old enough to know she needs help but it's obvious she likes it. Enjoy your time here on earth Cyrus family. This is the only heaven you'll ever see.

You don't get it. They are a generationally satanic family. That means that for generations their family has engaged in incest and satanic behavior. Its in their blood now. Hence the term BLOODLINE. They are sick by BREEDING.

Lori touched on something that does seem blatantly obvious yet so depressing: Miley does seem to enjoy her maniacal antics. Sad can't begin to describe such brazen darkness. Unlike Lindsay Lohan, who must have been victimized by the same depraved network that abused the Cory's, plural, Haim and Feldman and most likely McCauley Culkin…and all the other victims….acting out with wild behavior fueled by drugs and booze attempting to escape the nightmare of their abuse. Can they open up @ such matters without great risk? Those of us with eyes wide open, know the answer and Miley's fate? Like all those abused before her, who don't escapeThe Industry, their 'demise' appears self-inflicted…either way, the end is never pleasant.

Miley was sold out by her parents at a very young age. Miley is deeply under the influence of trauma-based mind-control. She probably hates herself when she sees what she did when she was in a disassociative state, which means she can't remember ad had no control of her behavior because she was programmed with trauma and/or drugs. Her parents are scum, but have mercy on her because this was forced on her. If she tries to break free(which she was probably trying to do when she went to "rehab") she will first be killed. If you don't know about MKULTRA, please look into it.,

Is there a heaven? I thought heaven was state of mind.

There is an actual Heaven. It isn't here in this physical world or in your mind. It is a celestial world with celestial properties, like this terrestrial world with its terrestrial properties. I've seen it. It's incredible and we all go there after we leave this world. Hell is part of it, but there are many parts, just like all the places we have in this world, but different.

This is a whole new level of sick..

The really scary part is that Miley recently said that she's never taken psychedelic drugs – there is no way a 'normal' mind coukd think up such a bizarre and offensive video 0 not to mention all the nudity and crass behavior in her shows. |Something in the milk aint clean

Marijuana is an hallucinogen and as such is a "psychedelic" drug.

It's an old level of sick, but a new level of mass dissemination.

It's just the music industry doing what it does best – s**t music and occult, esoteric music videos. The music industry and the police are completely out of control now. I can't ignore the police, but I can the music industry and I have been for a good while now. I suggest others do the same. The only time I know what's going on with it is when I read one of VC's articles. Thanks are in order, because I'll never go near it.

Agree with you all, but is it not obvious for all to see who is behind all this evil? C'mon people, it's the devil. He's the top of the pyramid they so idolize. This isn't rocket science. For the world to change to have it back on God's righteous path, we must get rid of the elite and their bloodlines. That is the only way. 13 bloodlines all linked to the fallen angels, the demons. This isn't some fairy tale, this is reality folks. God bless you all.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people he doesn't exist.

I think we cant imagine the sickness that is going on behind the scenes. This is their way to normalize it. May God help us to protect our upbringing and families.

Right. best way is to not participate in this sick and twisted game by buying watching their evil crap.

Dan Schneider must love this video, so much emphasis on Miley's feet. There's another singer, Melanie Martinez, who has been doing this baby fetish thing last year too. Fully developed breasts with a baby voice and a transparent baby bib in songs like Cry Baby and her new video for Soap. It's no coincidence when these puppets come out with similar concepts at around the same time, this baby thing seems like their new agenda being pushed. She was on The Voice and Christina Aguilera kind of dissed her for not paying attention when she was critiquing her singing, and Melanie explained in an interview that she tends to space out (dissociate) a lot.


No TV in my domain!

Not only is this video horrific in its inSINuations ~~ Miley's "talk over" is terribly cheesy!! The whole video is repulsive and not for young tweens ears or eyes … parents!

I was reading some articles on this web site. And on the tv next to me was a Disney channel commercial with the song rotten to the core(from Disney decedents) and along with that was a pyramid with a single eye, a rainbow, a character with two eyes than made to have one with what appeared outta its mouth among other things. It reeks of illumanati. My eyes caught it quick and was sick tbh. The song rotten to the core fits these douches perfectly.

I honestly felt like my brain was violated with obscene feelings, watching her was like watching a 10 year old little girl begging to be fu*** , This will never be unseen.

Her handlers are desperate and this is the result

Now in wake of # PizzaGate, it all makes sense.