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Miley Cyrus in “Black Mirror” as a Mind-Controlled Pop Star: It’s Not Fiction

In the Black Mirror episode “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too”, Miley Cyrus plays the role of a mind-controlled pop star with a fake persona, who is tightly controlled and medicated by ruthless handlers. None of this is “science fiction”.



Miley Cyrus in "Black Mirror" as a Mind-Controlled Pop Star: It's Not Fiction

Warning: Massive spoilers ahead!

Since 2011, the Netflix series Black Mirror has been creeping out millions of viewers about the perverse effects of technology. While the series is considered to be “science fiction”, its episodes are nevertheless based on real-life trends and products that are already part of society today. The Black Mirror secret: To vividly demonstrate how we’re one misstep away from an Orwellian nightmare.

The fifth season of the series took things to a slightly different direction: It included a somewhat unusual episode, which adopted a somewhat different tone and featured a somewhat unexpected star: Miley Cyrus.

In the episode titled Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too, Miley plays the role of Ashley O, a pop star who is extremely popular with young people. But then, we discover that Ashley O is actually a mind-controlled slave with a fake persona who is tightly controlled by a team of ruthless handlers who keep her under constant heavy medication. If you’ve read other articles on this site, you know that none of this is fiction. Several pop stars actually live this way. Including Miley Cyrus who has been a pawn of the entertainment industry since a very young age.

From a child actress in the Disney series Hannah Montana, Miley turned into a hypersexualized pop star when she began her solo career. There are several articles on VC that explain exactly how Miley has been used by the industry to push agendas. The fact that she plays this exact role is an episode of Black Mirror is … creepy. Especially when considering some events in Miley’s own past.

Although Black Mirror depicts a sanitized and romanticized version of mind control, several basic elements are there. Here’s a look at the episode.

Mind-Controlled Pop Star

Miley Cyrus in "Black Mirror" as a Mind-Controlled Pop Star: It's Not Fiction

Ashley O in her music video Head Like a Hole. Symbolic song title.

At the beginning of the episode, Ashley O is presented as a pop star with an “empowerment vibe” who constantly talks about the importance of controlling one’s own destiny. Ironically, not unlike most pop stars out there, she is not “empowered” and she has absolutely no control over her own destiny.

Indeed, her entire life and career are controlled by her aunt Catherine who is actually her MK handler. While she acts like a warm, caring mother-figure, Catherine always makes sure that Ashley is obedient and productive through heavy medication

Miley Cyrus in "Black Mirror" as a Mind-Controlled Pop Star: It's Not Fiction

During an interview, Catherine instructs Ashley on what to say.

While, on camera, Ashley is all fun and smiles, we quickly realize that she is basically a prisoner of her house and her pop star persona.

Miley Cyrus in "Black Mirror" as a Mind-Controlled Pop Star: It's Not Fiction

While in her room, Ashley secretly writes darker songs about her situation.

When Catherine hears Ashley singing about being an “animal in a cage” (an apt way of describing an MK slave), she asks her if she’s taking her meds.

In past articles, we’ve seen how controlled pop stars sometimes attempted to break out of their persona to write songs honest songs describing what they’re going through. For example, Kesha’s song Dancing With the Devil, which was written while she was under the control of the producer Dr. Luke, talks about how she “sold her soul” and that “there’s no turning back”. Unspringsingly enough, the song was never released.

In a meeting with Ashley’s “doctor”, Catherine worries about her niece writing “obtuse BS that nobody will buy”. The conclusion: Her meds need to be changed.

Miley Cyrus in "Black Mirror" as a Mind-Controlled Pop Star: It's Not Fiction

While secretly filming Ashley, Catherine finds out that she was not taking her meds.

After discovering that Ashley wanted more control over her life and career, Catherine did what any caring aunt would do: She drugged her enough to put her in a coma.

Miley Cyrus in "Black Mirror" as a Mind-Controlled Pop Star: It's Not Fiction

While Ashley was purposely drugged by her handler, news reports claim that she’s hospitalized due to an “allergic reaction to shellfish”.

A similar situation actually happened to Miley Cyrus in 2014:

Miley Cyrus in "Black Mirror" as a Mind-Controlled Pop Star: It's Not Fiction

A screenshot from an actual 2014 news report about Miley Cyrus being hospitalized due to an “allergic reaction”. Miley actually posted a picture on social media of her doing the One-Eye sign, while she was in the hospital. A symbolic way of saying: “I’m here because I’m an industry pawn.”

Even stranger: Miley filmed a disturbing music video WHILE she was hospitalized.

Miley Cyrus in "Black Mirror" as a Mind-Controlled Pop Star: It's Not Fiction

A screenshot from the video Blonde SuperFreak Steals the Magic Brain depicting Miley Cyrus being drugged with lots of pills. She also gets her brain stolen by a “superfreak” – a metaphor for mind control. Read my article about that video here.

Is Black Mirror insinuating that Miley’s 2014 “allergic reaction” was, in fact, something else&

The scenes above also recall the real-life situation of Britney Spears. As explained in my article about the Free Britney movement, Britney was forcibly detained in a mental health facility after she refused to take her meds. The story was first covered up by her handlers who claimed that she was “taking time off due to her father’s poor health”.

Even while hospitalized, Ashley O is under tight control.

Miley Cyrus in "Black Mirror" as a Mind-Controlled Pop Star: It's Not Fiction

While at the hospital, Ashley’s “security” personnel prevents doctors from checking up on her.

Miley Cyrus in "Black Mirror" as a Mind-Controlled Pop Star: It's Not Fiction

Back at home, Ashley is kept in a vegetative state while songs are “extracted” from her dreams.

While Ashley is in a coma, her aunt launches Ashley Eternal, a holographic version of the singer, complete with a fully synthesized voice.

Miley Cyrus in "Black Mirror" as a Mind-Controlled Pop Star: It's Not Fiction

Catherine unveils Ashley Eternal.

This scene is also not science fiction. It actually started years ago.

Miley Cyrus in "Black Mirror" as a Mind-Controlled Pop Star: It's Not Fiction

On 2014, a holographic version of Michael Jackson performed at the Billboard Awards. Unsurprisingly enough, the performance was drenched in the occult elite’s agenda.

Fortunately for Ashley O, she snapped out of her coma and was able to free herself from her handlers’ control. Some critics did not approve of the “happy ending” of this episode because it did not fit the usually bleak outlook of the Black Mirror series.

But was the ending truly “happy”?

The Ending

When Ashley got out of her drug-induced coma, the episode quickly turned a Hannah Montana episode, complete with Miley Cyrus joking around with a robotic AI version of herself. Then she gets involved in a ridiculous police chase which magically ends right in front of Catherine who was still presenting Ashley Eternal to a crowd of people.

Miley Cyrus in "Black Mirror" as a Mind-Controlled Pop Star: It's Not Fiction

In the episode’s surreal ending, Ashley (who is still in her hospital gown) comes out of the car and gives the finger to her aunt (who is still on stage).

Miley Cyrus in "Black Mirror" as a Mind-Controlled Pop Star: It's Not Fiction

Then, Catherine turns straight to the camera and says “Oh, F it”.

What does this mean? Usually, when a character breaks the fourth wall, it is to convey a specific message.

During the end credits, we see that Ashley’s career took a new direction.

Miley Cyrus in "Black Mirror" as a Mind-Controlled Pop Star: It's Not Fiction

Ashley has a grungy new look with a grungy new sound.

Judging by the scene above, Ashley appears to be finally performing the music she loves. To many, that’s a “happy ending” that breaks with the Black Mirror tradition.

However, there are some details that need pointing out. First, the song she performs is a cover of Nine Inch Nail’s Head Like a Hole. Her hit single heard at the beginning of the episode was also Head Like a Hole. The only difference: This new version is pop-rock instead of electro-pop. Did her life actually take a new direction? Or was she simply rebranded?

Miley Cyrus in "Black Mirror" as a Mind-Controlled Pop Star: It's Not Fiction

Fans of the “old” Ashley O leave the concert. I guess they did not relate with her “obtuse BS”. Above them, we notice that Ashley O kept her name. They only added a swear word in the middle. So edgy.

Considering these facts, one can ask: Did Catherine say “F*ck it” because she decided to let Ashley go? Or did she say “F*ck it”, I will rebrand her with a new edgy persona (while keeping control of her)?

Taking things further, considering the outlandish ending of the episode, one can ask: Did Ashley O actually dream all of this? Is she still in a coma?

In Conclusion

While it is considered to be “science fiction”, Black Mirror gained an avid viewership due to its “wow, that could happen” factor. The episode Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too is no exception. As seen above, the episode depicted Miley Cyrus – an actual mind-controlled pop star – as a … mind-controlled pop star. While actual trauma-based mind control is widely different from what is depicted in Black Mirror, the basic concept of a pop star slave is there, effectively bringing this “conspiracy theory” to the masses.

With that being said, is Black Mirror attempting to expose the truth to the masses or is it normalizing it through predictive programming? The same can be asked about the entire series: Is it warning viewers about the dangers of technology or is it preparing them to what’s to come?

One thing is for sure, everything produced by Netflix is fully in line with the elite’s agenda. For this episode, they’ve used their favorite pawn to act out her own slavery for “entertainment”.

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Miley Cyrus in "Black Mirror" as a Mind-Controlled Pop Star: It's Not Fiction

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Prophetic Explorer

If you accept the feminism, trans, gay and every other agenda that they are currently pushing down our throats you are just as mind controlled as Miley playing Ashley. Not only that, but they didn’t even need to drug you into a coma. What’s your excuse? Don’t give in to social pressure from NPCs and soulless creatures.

Oracle of Nonsense

Yeah, don’t let anyone else’s right to exist and express themselves get in the way of your beliefs and cultural programming.


Not to sure Oracle but seems like your the one whos “culturally programmed “


And you are religiously programmed by devoted friend


Trans and gay people have always existed. It’s never been viewed as normal though. Why? Because it isn’t. Someone who would cut off his dick to “become” a woman isn’t in their right mind, and this shouldn’t be made normal. What has been one to boys like TLC’s Jazz is beyond tragic. He was used and abused just like Cyrus. Back in the days Transsexuals has to be on the down low, now it is shoved in everyone’s face and we are told it’s actually the straight people who are wrong. Why be on the down low if something is natural and right? It was hidden before because it’s NOT normal behavior of a mentally stable person. The Mentally ill were kept out of society before; now they’re unleaded on us. Anyway, it isn’t normal to think you have the right to call yourself a woman just because some liberal nutcases argue that anyone can become female. It isn’t ok for women’s sports to be taken from us so men can perform instead of us and take away our medals and scholarships. Men shouldn’t be allowed in women’s bathrooms, and women shouldn’t be allowed in men’s bathrooms. Someone has to… Read more »

Warrior Monk

Being gay is normal. Get over it. Stop whining. Sheesh.


Its definitely NOT normal or God would make us all gay. You’re gay though, we get it. Repent before its too late!


You don’t have idea what’s on god’s mind if exist…


Well said Vixy

No-one says, don’t be gay. People just argue that it is obvious it’s not the norm. What you do is on you….but stop trying to make everyone gay or trans just because it will make you feel better about your abnormality.

I take a step further, we would not have children and nations of people if it weren’t for the natural order of men and women being a union which produces a child/children. LGBT community need to get a grip; simply because we have more pressing matters at hand such as child pedophilia etc.


So this page includes gay bashing? LOL. And they want me to make a donation…I thought this page is to wake people up about agendas, but you people must really believe in a “gay agenda” too. Animals even are involved in homosexual activities…are the animals suffering from mental illness as well?


Yes it’s because this site is full of religious nutjobs. What they don’t seem to realise is that religion is another form of brainwashing.


The brainwashed are the ones who think Christians are brainwashed


lol, this irony is hilarious, they obviously never heard of jordan maxwell, what was it? The son is the sun? 😉


I don’t suppose you watched the channel 4 documentary about that? Think it was called My Gay Dog and other animals- it was fascinating. There’s a lot of nutcases on this site that ought to watch it!

Penny Lane

When the F*** do non-human animals get their own rights!! They are tortured, caged, experimented on, slaughtered en masse! So be gay or not who the F*** cares!


If you believe in god then why is it so hard to imagine that he made gay and straight people? Religious people are so ridiculous! You’ve convinced yourself there’s a supernatural being living in the sky who gives a s--t about you, so it’s not much of a leap to think he “made” gay people too….I despair of idiots like you

cheyenne jackson

Ok you write anything else, I will be your worst nightmare.


If your having sex without the intent of reproducing, it doesn’t matter if its a married man and women, you are fulfilling a lust of the flesh. Adam and Eve never ate fruit from a tree. Its was the sex act that was taught to Eve by the serpent. People have no idea the purity and the creative power of s---n and how the Source of all creation views this substance. Ancient muslims and jews understood this. Spilling seed without intent of reproduction is a trangression that is on par with murder. Creation didn’t fall when Eve send but when Adam emitted his seed he not only lost His immortality but also caused all creation to fall because he had dominion over it. For all you pagans who are going to come at me with these demonic teachings from the “church” that God invented sex so people can enjoy themselves just save it. Our views and understanding of what sex is comes from the pagan teachings of the cults of Moloch. There is coming a time here very shortly on earth where what people consider demons and works of demons are really works of saints and angels.

Sandy AliceInBlunderland

That’s NOT what the Holy Bible says. Someone evil has fed you a load of lies and you swallowed the deception.
Open the Holy Bible (KJV) And read the truth.

P.S. BTW I don’t engage in debates or arguments.


Have you heard KJ was a Magic-esoteric-expert? Bible is a device; it has nothing to do with spirituality or god…


I heard this; however, I heard it was the person who translated the KJV for King James- not King James himself.

I Walk the Sky

I thought the Song of Solomon extolled the pleasures of intimate relations (within a marriage relationship, of course). As a Christian, I never thought that enjoying sex in the right context was a sin or a problem.

P. Brown

I believe that God created sexual pleasure, within a marriage, so that people would procreate. Sex was not created as an end in itself.


What the f--k???


Warrior Monk is Aids normal too? If it was, then everyone would have it and it wouldn’t kill you.

hannah morse

The sexual act that homos/sodomites (not gays) engage in is definitely not normal. It is repulsive and unclean for obvious reasons. These people suffer from drug addiction, mental illness, horrific disease. They also have a 10-15 year shorter life span and very high suicide rates. Not because they are not accepted, but because they are living an unclean and filthy lifestyle.


You’re a filthy excuse for a human being, please don’t ever breed- the thought of you passing these vile opinions into a new generation sickens me. Urgh, shame on you


Oh just zip it. So sick of judgmental SJW’s outlook on morality. The alphabet people went too far when they came after the children. Now, they not only want more rights, they want to get to the children. Look at them in libraries and schools. Look at them in the entertainment industry. They can’t even act properly in gay parades. This past gay month was hard to get thru for everyone else. We get this stuff forced on us, and now we are full of it, and sick of them all. If you need external validation that much, it is a sign that you are doing something wrong.


ok but pleases explain to us why it is pleasurable for males to be anally penetrated, cause i just dont get why a god would create that?

Vile doctrines

Spidermonk is cancer normal too? If it was everyone would have it and it wouldn’t kill you.

The broken mental gymnastics you people attempt to perform to justify your abuse of those who have done nothing to you, but fight for their right to exist and be free of violence and abuse shows who really suffers from mental illness and destructive programming. Fortunately, western society is finally leaving you in the minority, to wallow in the blind ignorance of hate without its blessing. Not even Jesus sides with these so-called christians who are the most virulent. Judge not, he instructs, love, he teaches, but they aren’t listening. They know better than him. Their arrogance and hate is antichrist as they try to extend hell on earth to those they could just leave alone and to God.


Again, the alphabet people went too far. They added too many letters, and now they have to take a back seat and shut up. They had their month long celebration of BS. They had their library readings and their 98 different genders. They want us to speak a certain way and feel a certain way. Truth is, most people are disgusted by the visualization of anything that those engaged in death cult behavior think is sexy. Keep it private. We don’t want to watch.

P. Brown

The Bible says that God loves the sinner, but hates the sin. The Scriptures are very clear on what God says is sin. Please read the Gospels and you will see.




LOL!!!! If being gay were “normal”…they would be at the LEAST…50% of humanity. Instead, they are 2% of the population. Trans people are 0.3%….numbers dont lie and those numbers mean its NOT NORMAL.


That number is based off openly gay ppl. Doesnt niclude all the closet down low married men or men with girlfriends that do it behind their backs. Most of my f---s and boyfriends have been “str8 dudes” so ur a fool

cheyenne jackson

Thank you Anonymous for being right.

Bevin Chu

You have a right to be left alone to live your life as you wish, without persecution. Individual rights must be viewed as sacrosanct.

But that is miles away from “Being gay is normal”. If being gay was
normal, the human race would soon be extinct.

Heterosexuality must remain the norm, otherwise even homosexuals would cease to exist. Homosexuals can only come into existence as the result of sex between men and women.

The whole LGBTXYZ movement is nonsense on stilts.


Couldn’t have said it better myself Jade


Well said


WTF is “normal” and in whose world are we referring?? Our parents? TV? Church, State, government..?

Let’s get real, our own fkng government is trying to pick us off one by one. who gives a shyte about rainbow socks and tutus when we’re being systematically destroyed?

THAT is what “normal” is; everything else is just fluff (no pun)^

Bevin Chu

“Oracle of Nonsense”
I guess you deserve some credit for truth in advertising.


Lol yeah blame human slavery on gay people. Super smart


No blame it on pedos.
Pedos been running the world…where have you been?


Exactly you know those folk that like your innocent kids and want to destroy their innocence and capitalize on it???

Oh yes, those folks that their mouths drool at the sight of your 5 or 8 year old….SICK and perverted beyond reprieve. They are who run the world….wake-up. Please or at least stop posting up pics of your kids on social media for the pervs to drool at! Don’t make it easy for them!


Meaningless sex, as exercise and without love is death cult behavior. That behavior has been normalized bc it is the behavior of the majority of those who now identify themselves as “gay”. It spread to the rest of the population, and now it has been normalized to have meaningless sex as exercise, in the general population. That type of worthless human endeavor has made sex slaves out of those who buy into it This has nothing to do with religion, it is just a fact of life. Social engineering uses the gay agenda to normalize this behavior and many are slaves to it. In point of fact, today, there are more slaves than ever before in history. Take a look at Epstein’s Pedo Island and it’s tunnels and it’s ritual sexual abuse of sex slaves and children. The ones who can not be used are either ritually murdered, or sold as organs and parts.


But it is exactly people who think and talk like you who push the LGBTQ people away from God. Instead of a word of love which was what Jesus always did, you judge and spread hatred. Is Jesus proud of your behaviour? If a sin is a sin, and all sins are equal, Im sure your sin isn’t exclusively smaller… just yours… or is it? If God is fair he will judge you too, remember that. Be kind and love!!!

I Walk the Sky

I don’t know about the exactly Biblical view on LGBTQ, especially in today’s evolving times, but I do feel strongly that we should leave our judgment of others out of it as much as possible and leave it up to God. Showing love to each other is the thing to strive for, and the highest imperative; hating others because they may be LGBTQ is not Christian


Thank you, you seem to be a reasonable, smart (Christian) person. Much love to you!


The Bible teaches us all not to mingle or encourage the LGBT community, else we are condoning their behavior. So it’s not as simple as to say, love and let be. We have to state our true position but are not obligated to follow you or even be a by-stander. Sorry, but you cannot change the word of God to suit your circumstances.


LOL what?… MOST of the religious people only accept the “God’s words” that suits them. In the bible there is also rape, incest, genocide and and and…. As far as I know, Jesus only taught LOVE, nobody is in the position to judge others. What you do instead? “Not as simple as love and let be”. WHY THE F NOT? LOVE is the only thing that can make us better. Who is changing the words to suit their own circumstances here? You love only the ones you know, Jesus loved even his enemies, you think his example was bad then?


This is a commmon mistake people think we are hating them but we aren’t we just don’t like the agenda to be celebrated or shoved down our children’s throats. We are all sinners in different ways, yes but it shouldn’t be celebrated.


Just keep it private. We don’t want to watch, and we do not have to think it is great. It is your private business. Don’t expect external validation. If you think it’s so great, don’t expect us to celebrate it. Also, you are not God and have no idea what love is. Nobody is hating you, and you are no victim. Just keep it away from the children. Let them have a childhood free of the agenda.


People are sick to death of having the LGBT community shove their issues down our throats! There are many issues like starvation and disease/famine plaguing countries and people….sorry; get your priorities in order!

People just want to have a balanced life, with balanced debate about various issues….not just one which does not even need to be a public debate!

What you do in private is just that; private.


This is…and the responses…the fact of the matter is white cis straight people….your culture and life wouldn’t even exist without LGBTQIA+ people and people of color. You then decided to create a bunch of laws that target us, in an attempt to oppress that fact. You created a cultural narrative in that image and now it’s being thrown away. AND IF YOU FEEL THREATENED BY THAT…if you as a white cis male Christian feel threatened and discriminated against, well you’re getting a taste of what has been done to us for SO LONG, which gives you (nor any oppressed minority) the right to turn around and attempt to oppress anyone else for who they are. And one last thing, Romans 13:1-2 says: “Obey the government, for God is the One who has put it there. There is no government anywhere that God has not placed in power. So those who refuse to obey the law of the land are refusing to obey God, and punishment will follow.” If so many politicians who run this countries government have been advancing LGBTQIA+ rights, allowing people to marry, and use the bathroom, well then it’s clearly God’s plan. So get over it. You… Read more »


I’m not religious but I think you’re gross and your lifestyle is disgusting. And the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Like another commenter said, you have a massively shorter lifespan than normal people, you get diseases due to your hedonistic and depraved lifestyle, and you’re all mentally ill and you know it. That’s not the fault of normal people and we owe you nothing at all. And you pushing your nasty deviance onto children will be the final straw for many people.

I hope God does exist and he smites all of you nasty freaks.


If the god you believe has so much compassion like you do…. I pass…lol


You are disgusting, and all the hate you spew must surely be on your mind constantly. What a pitiful way to live. This site really is a magnet for your sort isn’t it? Your family must be so proud, personally I’d be wishing I’d drowned you at birth

no shame

BRUUUUU no one is saying you cant get married or use a bathroom. THESE RIGHTS ARE ALREADY IN PLACE IN THIS COUNTRY.


They want MORE rights than anyone else. They want the right to read to children in drag in libraries. They want the right to teach children how to have gay sex, in school. They want the right to tell you what pronouns to use, and the right to mind control you. They want the right to replace you with someone who will work the agenda. They want the right to take over the power at all levels. They want the right to dictate to you, what you have to think. They want the right to wear dildoes in public.

Angela May

The mistake in thinking in the LGBTQ movement is the assumption that everyone who is not LGBTQ spends all their life energy hating those who are. Wrong. To be clear, My orientation has not always been on the straight, and the LGBTQ movement and agenda does not, nor has ever represented me. Nor have I ever taken identity or value from orientation. I am far more than any fleshly desire, no matter where those desires fall on the orientation spectrum. And my orientation and what I have done or not done behind closed doors at any time is no one else’s business, nor should it be. The fact that the LGBTQ movement in general tries to force approval of its community speaks more to the mental health issues of those demanding acceptance of what should be private anyway. It’s the obnoxious ever present PDA and hyper-sexualization of freaking everything nowadays that turns people off. It’s the rotten attitudes and public shamelessness that is so offensive to those on the “outside”. And it’s so often the personality disorders that are so offensive, not the orientation. Further to those thoughts, Any violent crime is a hate crime. LGTBQ folks don’t have an… Read more »


Well said Angela! Hear Hear!

P. Brown

That is the sanest response I have ever read. Thank you!


Some of us are genuinely trying to keep up with you lingo alone!

What is it now,LGBTQIA?????? HUH????

You lost me after T, so what does Q, I and A stand for, please???

You all have made life so damn complicated! That’s the truth of this mess!

Not so long ago, things were easy and actually made sense….people were simply male and female. We have always had lesbian and gay folks, this was always tolerated….even understood by some. But NOW< <<< << we have to keep up with, Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, and as I stated before don't know the remainder of the letters….and we also have people who are trying (some successful) to become part animals….WTF!? So you're not satisfied being a HUMAN. Now you want to be a fricking cat!

cheyenne jackson

WHAT! ANIMALS! Oh my lord.

P. Brown

Inter-sex and asexual


More agenda BS. SJWs really make me sick. Not only do they insist that we tolerate their alphabet additions, but they also want to replace white people. In the end, you will miss us, when we leave and you end up with nothing of value. Enjoy your Third World country. Be careful though, you got some people that are not going to assimilate too well.


what the heck do all those letters even mean? HBTQRPLS? It’s kind of ridiculous.

P. Brown

I don’t believe that your interpretation of Romans is correct. I will have to investigate this further. The Gospels, as I said, are very clear on what is considered sin. Two examples are being effeminate and “unnatural attraction”, this includes women also.

Angela May

Outstandingly acute comment. Bravo. You really hit the nail on the head. Thank you. Peace be with you.


Non playable characters??


no one is born gay

cheyenne jackson

That’s so true Anonymous.


Unbelievable you would call people souless because they reject religious programming and nuttery.


VC didn’t even touch on several JARRING details: When it was discovered that Ashley O was hoarding her pills, her aunt tricks her into thinking she gave the private chefs the night off so they could have a nice dinner together “like the good old days”.. the two end up arguing about Ashley’s wishes to pursue more meaningful artistic expression again. The aunt reveals she knows she hasn’t been taking her medication. She says to her something to the effect of: I looked into what would happen if these were all taken at once. You wouldn’t die. But you would be left in a vegetative state, completely out of control of your own functions and never to be useful to anyone again. But don’t worry, your career will be intact as it ever was. The music they extract from her brainwaves while in the coma, are displayed for the sound technicians. It’s a tortured rendition of the song they end up using. A gross, POP rendition (actually, parody) of the angst and pain she’s truly feeling. VC also didn’t mention that the Ashley Too (AI bot) becomes triggered by news on the television of Ashley O’s coma, essentially waking up… Read more »


Good catches !!!


It’s a good article but A LOT left out!


No need to put the spoiler alert for me. I wouldn’t watch Miley Cirus do anything, and I don’t fill my mind with the crap on TV or movies. Instead of always just telling people how bad all this stuff is, VC needs to start advising people to free themselves from the entertainment industry, and quit watching this filth.

Warrior Monk

ok fine but then there would literally be no point in this website, LOL


That would be awesome, but it will never happen, unfortunately.


..was just thinking that, Warrior LOL


He tells people it’s wrong that way they can stop watching of their own free will. And if they start consuming that garbage at least they know what they’re feeding themselves.

D D d

How often does vc ask you or us to watch the drivel ourselves? Count for me please.


Miley Cyrus has always struck me as super tightly controlled…. pray for her.

Former Brainwashed Teen

Her f-----g dad literally sold her to Disney as a child. It’s despicable and he’s gonna burn in hell for it


This is a classical trick the controllers game us with: they put the truth into science “fiction” shows, so that whenever future information IS revealed about, in this case, trauma-based mind control behind musical personalities, people can say “This reminds me of that Black Mirror episode…” and reaffirm the truth as “fiction” and go about their day.


Desensitization 101


Excellent..They are required to tell us. Then upon fulfillment of that, they then say it is a joke, or as you so aptly point out SciFi


Predictive programming on-the-dot.
They will overplay their hand though. It’s becoming too blatant to ignore for many.

Mama Legba

That’s really too bad. I used to really enjoy this show and – perhaps being a bit naive – also appreciated it for revealing some scary truths or potential places humanity could go. There was always a complicated message, always revealing a sort of a double edged sword. (Anyone remember the very first episode with the Prime Minister and the pig?) Always used good but smaller actors and actresses (at least for a lot of Americans)… an occasional John Hamm.

Inviting Miley Cyrus on doesn’t even feel right. Doesn’t feel like it would be something to expect at all.


That pic of Miley being in a hospital bed, back in 2014 – her eye is covered by an OCTOPUS, which is even more suggestive.


-The New Age Religion Revealed-

Why do you think it’s called the “all seeing eye”? That’s what the most high god is, the all knowing and all seeing, they are playing god while hiding in plain sight at same time. Freemasons were always rooted in the occult since they were formed. Freemasons 3rd eye is basically they believe they’re awakening a side of a person represented by “I AM”, where you are the master of reality & such because your “3rd eye” is activated, that’s why you see all the sellouts claiming “I AM”. “I AM” putting the Ego at the center of existence. The new age religion is turning man into god, by making you believe the universe is in control of everything, & you have the “vibes” inside you to create reality. Trying to replace that God is Control of everything. A lot sellouts always preaching about God being in control, while at the same time promoting the universe is in Control, trying to put in on the same level as God, such as posting 11:11 & captioning “My God” “control my destiny”. Make sure to awaken others every time you see it, Instagram, youtube etc

Suryc Yelim

Was Christ traumatized with torns and on a cross?
Love is pain,pain is pleasure!Love is pain,pain is pleasure!Love is pain,pain is pleasure!
Was Christ MK victim?
Again Christ was murdered when he was 33!
Christ was mason connected with the other side?

Yelworc Mitciv

Was Pontius Pilate the biggest murderer in a history of mankind?
Is Christ just another simbol for MK?
Was Christ traumatized with torns and cross?
Was Christ sacrificed as a virgin?
A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.-Aleister Crowley


Quite an interesting theory…. WAS Christ, in fact, a virgin? Only Mary Magdelene knows for sure!


If you are advocating Crowley’s blasphemy on this site you should know you aren’t welcome here.
Jus sayin’

Former Brainwashed Teen

LOL bruh u do realize that Crowley literally is behind 90 percent of the Illumianti bullshit. F--k outta here with all that


Is Ashley O connected to the Olsen twins as well? Mary Kate and Ashley, duality…


whoaa o_o


Yes. Good spot. And Miley Cyrus (Sirius) is an inverted twin too, like the Olsens (that’s why the duality of Hannah Montana/Miley Stewart. It’s thought that she was born the boy and Justin Bieber is his twin sister.


WHAT?!! lol

D D d

Hm, maybe I should play all Pink Floyd albums backward to find the answer to this.

Saucy Jack

those olsen twins are a sad case. mary kate looks like a helpless teenage prisoner in photos with that corpulent french banker she’s married/enslaved to


Olsen twins now look like heroin addicts…they look at least 100 years old.
What did they do to their souls????

D D d

For one: start doping them up, before they gain knowledge about the industry. Like with sugars in processed food for our ‘regular’ babies.


They’re boys.


And of course the mice in the episode could be a “nod” to Disney!


Believe it or not but this is a reflection of what is going on in society as we speak. Right now more teens and pre teens smoke more weed then cigarettes. Most people 20 years ago even if they were smoking the best stuff around it has nothing compared to the stuff nowadays. Kids are starting on more potent strains at earlier ages then ever before and have much more access to it now because of legalization in many states. Now it aint got to be smuggled across the border it grown right here in the good old USA. You know the government is getting theirs. Making money off on the legal front and the money they bring in from crime. Dumbing down the children for their evil agenda. Just like in vietnam when our on government tested the early experiments with weed on our own soldiers, and they saw it make you weak and pathetic. Research marijuana effects on a males testosterone and you will under stand why the modern man literally has no balls and we’ve turned over our dominion of this planet and allowed doctrines of demons to be planted in the minds of our fragile seeds.… Read more »

no shame

Soy is doing more damage to men than weed, don’t be ridiculous

We Live They Sleep

Actually not.


Sorry bro, but I worry more about the effects of drinking alcohol and taking pills such a mollys and such…alcohol has ruined so many lives and is literally a gate-way drug, which is perfectly legal.

We need better education for our kids. They know nothing.


Jup Alcohole is one of the Worst drugs. Think a second of the effect of Alcohol. It’s has a disinhibiting effect.
And who would Profite of this ?
Second, as an example LSD.
Most People don’t know the effect but think it’s evil and corrupt our mind because it’s illegal. If you look at the history of the
prohibition of LSD you should think of the 60s and the Vietnam War. LSD can help you to spiritually grow but with all substance the dose make it poisoning. It was used in MKULTRA but they didn’t get the effect they want. Quite the opposit.

We Live They Sleep


Qrafted from the❤

Please research cannabis and the numerous benefits before condemning it. I know countless people who have benefitted from CBD, hemp, cannabis… including myself. This has nothing to do with a healing medicinal plant. Please wake up, if you believe cannabis is the issue here. ThanQ and bless us all❤


I read somewhere that Miley said it was based on her own experience and that it would make a lot of people mad.

I liked this one more than the other episodes.


Miley Cyrus is tragic. I never really thought much about how sad her life must be until I saw the nude pictures she took with Terry Richardson. Those pictures are unbelievably disturbing. Who would have thought the man who sang about his achey breaky heart would one day be a major handler for a disturbed girl like his own daughter!?



Her dad did reveal in an interview his regret about getting her signed into Disney (I believe he said they were vampires or evil.. something bad)


he said since they started doing Hannah Montana Satan had taken over his family… really creepy that he was aware but still continued to do the show and push his daughter(s) into the spotlight…. He is an MK handler fasho


if we want to avoid everyday programming, yes, we should immediately quit tv, movies, music and news. when we read an article, we should be conscious and ask “why is this article written? what emotions they want to evoke? in what direction want they to push us? are there often used words in the article?” (the word trauma, for example comes up now often)
it seems hard, but it will be easier with time 🙂


Keep the Good work VG.keep on Sensitising the People. GOD Bless you. #KeepSensitising the People.


Satanists always have to reveal their methods. . .


I’m shook…I don’t even know what to make of it. This world is all shades of messed up.


The LORD will set it right with fire. (2nd Peter chapter 3 KJV)


Matter hurts,but soul never!


I noticed the shows on netflix are becoming more and more graphic. There is show called “Salem” about witches. It’s an horror show close to american horror story and even though it’s not as famous, it deals with the same themes. The first season is just gore and violence and plot nonsense.


No coincidence that the Obozo’s took over programming, I’m sure. Tarmac queen Susan Rice was just the nail in the coffin that company needed. I’ve been done with them.


Read VC’s article on the Sabrina series.
But for the love of all that is holy DO NOT WATCH IT.


You could read the lyrics of the song. It is the same song at first and at the end credits, but the whole text is completely different. The original NIN song is about control, mainly not giving up the control to the other person. I think it fits the episode perfectly.


Yeah, I agree. The same can be said for “Happiness in Slavery”.

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