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The Netflix Series “13 Reasons Why” Linked to a Spike in Suicide Rates

A study supported by the National Institute of Mental Health observed a near 30% increase in suicide rates amongst teenagers in the month following the release of “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix.



The Netflix Series "13 Reasons Why" Linked to a Spike in Suicide Rates

Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry recently published a study titled Association Between the Release of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and Suicide Rates in the United States: An Interrupted Times Series Analysis and its conclusion is quite telling:

The release of 13 Reasons Why was associated with a significant increase in monthly suicide rates among U.S. youth aged 10 to 17 years. Caution regarding the exposure of children and adolescents to the series is warranted.

According to the study, 13 Reasons Why was associated with a 28.9% increase in suicide rates amongst young people directly following its release in April 2017. The number of deaths by suicide recorded during this month was greater than the number seen in any single month during the five-year period examined by the researchers.

These results confirm prior concerns regarding the show. Indeed, immediately after its release, various mental health specialists and organizations warned against the insidious effects of the show on its viewership. The main problem: Graphic depiction of suicide combined the glorification of the person committing it.

“Mental health experts describe the show as worrisome and point to how its relatable characters and graphic depiction of suicide can pose a health risk for young people already struggling with mental health issues.”
– CNN, ’13 Reasons Why’ tied to rise in suicide searches online

Shortly after the show’s premiere, a study revealed that 13 Reasons Why was linked to a rise in suicide-related web searches, notably “How to commit suicide”.

“After the premiere of “13 Reasons Why,” the search phrase “how to commit suicide” rose 26% above what would normally have been expected for that time; “suicide prevention” went up 23%; and “suicide hotline number” climbed 21%, based on the paper’s data. “The time for rhetorical debate is over,” said John Ayers, research professor at San Diego State University and lead author of the paper. “While ’13 Reasons Why’ has certainly caused the conversation to begin — it’s raised awareness, and we do see a variety of suicide-related searches increasing — our worst fears were confirmed,” he said. “That is, thousands of people, thousands more, are searching online about ways to kill themselves.”
– Ibid.

13 Reasons Why (It’s Bad)

The Netflix Series "13 Reasons Why" Linked to a Spike in Suicide Rates

Posters promoting 13 Reasons Why. One eye hidden = Elite agenda.

The series revolves around a 17-year-old high school student and his deceased friend who killed herself due to gossip, sexual assault at her high school and a lack of support from her friends and her school. The dead protagonist left a box of cassette tapes detailing the thirteen reasons why she ended her.

Despite its dark and disturbing premise, everything about this series is geared towards teens and pre-teens. To add some extra “teen” appeal, Netflix even got Selena Gomez to act as the executive producer … although she just got out of rehab for an “undisclosed mental health problem” … and although she just released a video where she engaged in self-harm.

The Netflix Series "13 Reasons Why" Linked to a Spike in Suicide Rates

In her music video Fetish, Selena Gomez harms herself in various painful and degrading ways while making it “sexy” to her young fans (read my article about it here). This is called “glamorization”.

The Netflix Series "13 Reasons Why" Linked to a Spike in Suicide Rates

Billie Eilish, who is immensely popular with teenagers, is featured on both soundtracks of 13 Reasons Why. Her entire act is based around trauma and abuse (read my article about her here).

Under the deceptive premise of “addressing mental health issues”, the show actually glamorizes suicide. The main character’s suicide is steeped in mystery which leads to fascination. By exposing the evil at her school, she also becomes a hero whose suicide became an effective way of getting back at the people who wronged her.

It is easy to see how exposing a young person with mental health issues to a show that depicts a teenager who committed suicide as some sort of post-death-vigilante-hero could lead to suicide ideation … and actual suicide. Through dozens of hours of carefully crafted drama, the show creates an immersive experience that focuses on specific dark ideas, thoughts, and emotions.

In short, is all part of an obvious mass media agenda to debase, corrupt and demoralize the population – especially young people. And Netflix is part of it. Big time.

The Netflix Agenda

In the past years, I’ve analyzed several Netflix series because, simply put, the streaming service is now at the forefront of popular culture. As cable television is becoming a relic of the past – especially to young people – Netflix is currently enjoying a position of near-monopoly in television content.

To consolidate its position of power in the industry, Netflix constantly invests massive amounts of dollars for the creation of original content. How massive? $12 billion in 2018 and $15 billion in 2019 massive.

Despite these massive numbers dedicated to content creation, the shows that are selected to be “Netflix originals” are carefully curated. There is no variety of opinions, viewpoints, or perspectives on there. Quite to the contrary, everything that is sponsored by Netflix is fully and consistently in line with the agenda of the global elite.

As seen in previous articles, Netflix series clearly push specific agendas such as gender blurring (Bill Nye Saves the World), the glorification of Satanism as “female empowerment” (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) and the normalization of trauma-based mind control (Stranger Things, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch).

However, 13 Reasons Why is probably the most insidious of them all and the show might just be directly linked to the actual death of actual teenagers.

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The Netflix Series "13 Reasons Why" Linked to a Spike in Suicide Rates

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Simply put, the occult elite hate life, youth, joy, and everything normal people find pleasant. They won’t hold on to power forever. Their time is limited.

Hail Mary

Planned Parenthood hates life too.


Join the discussion…
I quit Netflix after ten years, streaming and DVD. It’s Illuminati, plain and simple. I’ve seen amazing movies that were UPLIFTING and INSPIRING and of course, those go by the wayside to make room for trash like the I love cannibalism series, the serial killer as a hero series and the British teen comedy celebrating nihilism and the F word.

So I quit paying for my p--n channel. Don’t miss it a bit, it’s too bad that Hastings got his stripes from his local coven, he’s p.o. a lot of loyal subscribers. May he rot in Hell.


None of this should be surprising – Netflix was co-founded by Marc Randolf, the great-nephew of Edward Bernays (pioneer of public relations and propoganda).


Nice pickup. Wasn’t aware of that but the fact it is true explains a lot

Big Al

Edward Bernays, who himself was the nephew of Sigmund Freud.
The creator of “psychoanalysis” and pioneer of sexualizating everything.




Wow I did not know that. I know Bernays is the nephew of Freud and after wattthe documentary “happiness machines” (what he dubbed humans because he saw us as humans capable of programming like machines and driven by a desire for immediate gratification- in essence, simple machines), I knew that guy was evil. His agenda was absolutely evilly motivated ergo so is Netflix’s.

D D d

..but he might be right, scary huh?


Most people are so stupid they can easily be programmed like robots.. they are in fact

Thy Unveiling

Admittedly, he wasn’t too far off. Don’t we all enjoy instant gratification to a degree? From ordering caffeine fixes (Tim Hortons or Starbucks, for example) to microwaving leftovers, we all enjoy these things from time to time. Or daily, depending on the person and their habits.

But yeah; sounds like someone who viewed humanity as beneath him.

Modern humanity is a failure compared to our ancestors of even 100 years ago. How many of us know how to darn our socks or fix a zipper? Our grandmothers or great-grandmothers probably did. Each generation seems to have become more useless than the one prior. Probably because of all the stuff tailored to instantly gratify us.


Well said!

Michael Kenwright

13 Reasons Why you should cut your Netflix subscription.


I never had one! And never will.

Natas Relok

yeai,nobody cared


Apparently, 28 people cared and liked my comment. lol


perfect response, netflix is garbage.


I don’t know why intelligent people watch or listen to any entertainment mediums nowadays. Even the seemingly innocent stuff has subtle junk embedded in it.


I watched the series and thought the scene where Hannah kills herself in the bathtub by cutting her wrists was very gruesome and glorified at the same time. When I heard that in the book that the series is based on, Hannah killed herself by overdosing on pills, I was shocked by Netflix’s decision to depict her death this way.


Ritual blood bath baptism. Makes sense to me. (Maybe that actor has leveled up?) Lots of bathing in blood in music videos these days.

Sadie Slays

A gruesome bathtub scene is more dramatic than taking pills. Not that I support this trash show, but I can understand why TV writers might opt for a more visually interesting death.


Perhaps Netflix thought that depicting the death in a much more dramatic way, it would deter kids from trying to overdose on pills.


And taking away profits from big pharma? They win either way


They actually did something worse. They had Hannah kill herself by cutting vertically along the vein instead of what is normally the instinct — slicing horizontally across the wrists. You bleed out much faster and are more likely to die if you do it that way. Pills actually take longer and you have a better shot of making it because many people don’t know the actual dosage they need to kill themselves or they don’t have access to a big enough quantity to do it properly. They basically gave kids info on how to be more successful in killing themselves.

Kate Black

I could not put the book down when I borrowed it from the library; the interpretation you take from any written work will be far superior to any film adaptation ever made, so seeing this series was not a high priority for me. So glad I did not hop on this bandwagon.

One question: why was there an increase in male suicides found in this study? True, their numbers have always been high, but how does this show y itself factor into these increased number? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I would think only girls would want to watch this show.


Witches are being heavily promoted by Netflix too..and no surprise, many studies and documentaries coming out now about the rise of satanism and witchcraft among the youth. It makes sense this would happen if the truth of God isn’t taught, but nihilistic ideologies are found everywhere in society.

D D d

I repeat:
Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Be carefull with your children and adolescents, they are your pension and shelter when you are old and cripled by life.


I can feel the love in this lol

D D d

Ha, cheeky.

D D d

But I feel you.


Disgusting reason to have kids TBH


I did not realize this before, but in the series they really show that suicide can be an effective way to punish your offenders. In reality, some suicidal persons think the same way, so such a show can really trigger them.


Exactly- when in truth killing yourself accomplishes nothing- life goes on.


It appears the Luciferians in this world is feeding the beast with the blood of youths. It is interesting how people do not believe in The Most High Hod but the devil. All this evil in the world and people still saying He does not exist. This is why evil is being released on earth.


I guess this is because the existence of the devil doesn’t prove the existence of God. However, I know, by means of some tips, that God must be real. The tips are persecution/mockery of Christians and things like these.

John Cook

I know what you mean – I was thinking about a theory that Jesus was invented by Cesar, but then realized that the visceral hatred of the jews for the Christ proves that the theory is wrong – Hating Jesus would not be the center of the jewish cult if he was not Real And Significantly against their Evil.


Jews don’t hate Jesus, and they aren’t evil. Just like with most of the world’s religions, the evil exists in their corrupt Satanist leaders who pretend to be true to God but swear true allegiance to evil. Good people of all faith backgrounds need to unite against this evil, instead of allowing them to divide and conquer us.

D D d

Jimmy, you exclude all good people without faith.


Some members of the Jewish race (just like members of other nations, race, beliefs etc) may have hated Jesus Christ BUT Jesus Himself is a Jew. So were the apostles, and most of the Heroes in the Bible. So please stop spreading hatred of the Jews and judging an entire race for the evil of a few members. God himself chose to the Jews and chose to be a Jew. That says a lot about the character of God. He didnt chose the Jews because they were the best but they were the most stubborn, most hard headed people. It was to prove to the gentiles that if He has patience with the Jews, then He also will have patience and love for the gentiles.


Just like in the biblical day.. They sacrificed their children to Moloch.. same spirit present day!


Just remember what the Jews do to the Palestinians every year at same time of the year. Lots death and kids being killed. Sacrifice.


I completely believe it. There is a grim, evil and dark spirit behind this show and the phony suicide hotlines, warnings and Selena Gomez cameos are like a spitting mockery in the face of the viewer. I watched season one and no exaggeration, it made me feel very depressed. Not suicidal, but it made me feel very hollow and unhappy to watch the story of that character played back. If I had seen it when I was younger and less aware, it would have bothered me a lot and in ways maybe these kids watching it can’t even understand. That is why they have the reaction to it that they have had. The character is likable, endearing and understandable in some ways. You suffer with her as she is abused, embarrassed and preyed upon, and you feel her frustration when adults in her life will not defend her. I think that is how I was able to stomach the entire season is because the show made me care about her. Even though you know how it is going to end, but you still are shocked to watch her end her life. And it is done in such a way that… Read more »

Your Girl Sammy

Can you do an article on Riverdale please VC! Also would just like to say you’re my most visited website and I love your articles. VC you rule! X


Why Riverdale? What is suspicious about it? Lol!


Also, the number 13 has many esoteric meanings. I found one: ” Occult tradition says that the number of 13 comprises several varieties of death, depending on its causes, which is expressed in various ways the expansion of the number”.


I just don’t understand what’s going on anymore. The energy on earth feels off. We have shows glorifying suicides ? The agenda successfully pushed the women in power agenda(I’m no sexist), people are idealizing false people, they are even saying there’s more then 2 genders now. It’s not looking to good out here… not to good at all.


So we have another Netflix series that features occult symbolism with references to Witchcraft and Satanism.

Judi Nken

Vigilant citizen i Think you should write an article on Santa Clarita Diet it’s purely diabolical


I think he did already…

Tina xiao ning fan

Qoute by Prince Philip before he died In the event that I am reincarnated I would like to return as a deadly virus to solve world over population


The news of Prince Philip’s death are greatly exaggerated.


He and his ilk are already a deadly virus.

D D d


Who are the main shareholders of bayer/monsanto/ig farben nowadays ..?
And why do they have a controlling hold on European politics and peoples?

Der blonde Hans

If you want to kill yourself after watching TV you should talk about it and look for help.
This is real sad.
Sad that such a life-hating garbage attract people.
Better look for something that empowers you and your people and family.
Like Jack Lallane – he was a real man with a message.
Look for a good life, time runs out quickly.
God bless us all.
Greetings from Germany,
Der blonde Hans


it goes much deeper, i advise anyone give the bardo (tibeten book of the dead a read) micheal heiser’s unseen realm. some of the depictions of scenes in music videos are scenes straight from “kāmadhātu” he who has the “youth” has everything.


Wanna know a secret? We are already in the bardo.


Logic’s song “1-800-273-8255” (which is the phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline) was realeased on April 28, 2017.


I’m starting to suspect Logic. Here’s a line from his song “Keanu Reeves” — “F--k Illuminati, that boy 6ix got my back
6ix made this beat, 6ix bring the heat you got on repeat.” 6ix is the name of his producer but the delivery of this line says it all 666


Great write up.
Keep it up.



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