“Bill Nye Saves the World” Episode “The Sexual Spectrum” is a Baffling Ordeal (Updated)


Although the word “science” is used every 10 seconds, the series “Bill Nye Saves the World” is less about facts than it is about pushing a specific agenda, which includes making young people confused about gender and sexuality.

If you grew up during the magical decade that was the 90s, you probably remember Bill Nye the Science Guy, a TV show that vulgarized scientific concepts to kids. The show was extremely popular because it was educational while keeping an entertaining edge. Sadly, Bill Nye’s new show is neither educational nor entertaining. It is an awkward, off-putting attempt at indoctrination using gimmicks and B-list celebrities. Even worse, it uses the sacrosanct word “science” to support some debatable opinions made through the series.

Since I spent many a Saturday morning watching Bill Nye the Science Guy, I attempted to give his new show a go. And it was a difficult ordeal. Even after pushing through the show’s cringe-inducing attempts at connecting with millennials (complete with forced and exaggerated reactions by the studio audience), I was met with a bigger ordeal: Bill Nye constantly berating the viewers. In an equally frustrated and condescending tone, Bill Nye often launches into unpleasant diatribes where he dwells into issues that are clearly outside the realm of verifiable science. Things are clearly politically motivated and it is annoying.

What we appear to be witnessing is all out Lysenkoism:

“Lysenkoism can be used metaphorically to describe the manipulation or distortion of the scientific process as a way to reach a predetermined conclusion as dictated by an ideological bias, often related to social or political objectives.”
– Wikipedia, Lysenkoism

It is during the episode entitled “The Sexual Spectrum” that the true face of the show was revealed. It was never about science, it is about all-out indoctrination aimed at young people.

No words can truly capture the civilization-shattering implications of this episode. In lieu, here is Rachel Bloom singing about how gender is not a real thing.


In this next segment, a vanilla ice-cream cone ends up in an ice-cream orgy with all kinds of flavors. What are the other flavors supposed to represent?

But the saddest part of this episode is watching Bill Nye attempting to use “science” to explain that toddlers can determine their gender.

Bill Nye keeps saying that this is all “confusing”. It is not. Bill Nye used to make complicated things simple. Now he’s doing the opposite.

Here’s what the original Bill Nye the Science Guy series had to say about genders (you can view the entire Probability episode here):

Back when Bill Nye was about actual science.

In another episode, Bill Nye attacks traditional medicine, implying that the thousands of years of accrued knowledge and experience of ancient cultures are complete garbage. I am not a scientist, but is it possible that, MAYBE, there’s some scientific truth behind some of these traditional remedies? When did science stopped being about learning and discovering to become about dictating what to think?

The worse part about this episode is this stand-up routine that manages to be somewhat racist.

If you read previous articles on this site, you know the blurring of genders and race baiting are currently at the forefront of the elite’s agenda. It is being pushed all across mass media, through various platforms.

The main engine behind this agenda is George Soros’ “Open Society”, a fund that uses billions of dollars to force the adoption of aggressive social policies while making them socially acceptable through mass media indoctrination. The fund is about disguising division, oppression, and degeneration as “social justice”. The end goal? A normalized global culture that is easily controllable through a hegemonic mass media system.

Relevant fact: At the end of 2015, Soros owned 317,534 Netflix shares, worth about $32,000,000.

Bill Nye is not saving the world, he’s serving his boss.

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The inversion of everything is what Satanists do. Calling something “science” does not mean it’s a solid fact. True scientists, the ones who have no agenda and want unbiased research, are being treated like lepers in academia, because it’s getting to the point where the evidence can no longer be manipulated to uphold the agenda. Like evolution. There is overwhelming evidence that amino acids are designed and cannot happen by mere chance. Their very construction would have to be haphazard in order for chaos to have formed them, but these building blocks of proteins have specific arrangement in order to function. But the evidence for Design is so taboo in the science world that the scientists who flow with the evidence are being shunned by the ones who must adhere to the limitations and agenda of evolutionary theory. Old Bill here is just pushing this creepy garbage into the world… Read more »

Exactly. It all reminds me of Lysenkoism. Yet here we are, being subjected to it all over again…


part of the NWO agenda invert what is sacred from god, they are challenging god after all. they tried to use “science” to convince people there is a global warming going on, that is hoax to bring in the NWO. also you probably heard of flat earthy theory going on lately, that is just a Psy-op by the government to confuse people who are against the NWO so they wont know what to believe anymore, so basically divide the awakening community. i really wanna see a post about the president bloodline, how they are all related.

Actually flat earth is very real. You can very easily test it yourself if you bothered to learn about it. It is easier in some geographical areas than others but it can be easily tested. I have seen people call this a psyop. That is ridiculous. Why would the system want you questioning EVERYTHING you have been told by their lie system for generations??? Flat Earth shows the slaves that even where they live is a giant lie and their systems they trust (like NASA, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc) are just huge propaganda operations.

The main purpose of the bad guys is in my opinion to create confusion and division and to make humans accessory to evil. It does not matter if they use truth or lies, they can distort any theory and mold it into something creepy or ridiculous. I agree with Chained that it probably is a psy-op. Galileo and Copernicus were free thinkers, in their time, and the catholic church functioned as the power apparatus of the evil rulers of the world.
Now, the situation is much more complex and messy… But always keep in mind that ethics is in the core quite simple, and we are all human.

You seem confused.

Galileo worked for the Medici family (Cosimo II) and named the moons of Jupiter after them. Considering some of the things they got up to i´m not surprised galileo was treated the way he was. The entire Enlightenment was bankrolled by one of the most corrupt and vicious families in history.

Still wouldn´t support flat Earth as anything more than a weird theory or Psy-Op but wouldn´t neccessarily go against it out of deference to those figures.

The earth may very well be flat. I’m on the fence myself when it comes to that (though I am a geocentrist). We’re lied to so much, deception is so pervasive in this society…you have to pretty much question everything.

I am open to the idea that the earth is flat. I don’t know for sure, but I’m not going to dismiss it out of hand.

The Earth is round. “It is He that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretchet out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in. Isaiah 40:22

What about the scripture that states four angels was holding the corners of the earth? i recalll the verse was in revelations. That would mean the earth is flat. No round object has corners. Ijs

Any true biblical scholar will tell you the scripture is full of idioms, metaphors, figures of speech, sayings if the day, and Hebraisms. Many of these are still used to this day. See The Shepherd’s Chapel. Probably the greatest biblical scholars of our time.

You are thinking two dimensionally. Try eating an orange without eating a corner of an orange wedge.


Oh well, I guess that PROVES it then!

Circular – Not necessarily spherical.

The beautiful thing about flat earth is that it brings one closer to god. Flat earth, if it is a psyop, then it’s the dumbest psyop ever, because it pushes the one thing that elites don’t want us thinking about. They want us believing we are mere specs in a vast expanding universe and we are insignificant. Plus, NASA is so utterly full of s**t, I can’t understand people listen to anything they say.

You had me, until you got smarmy ….. sentence 2.

I’m not sure where you are getting your “facts” mate. The design idea is not taboo, it just has nothing to back it up. If there was evidence it would be looked at.

There certainly is a design… there is a code of life and creation…. all you have to do is look at the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci sequence. Come on!!!

Wow this show is disgusting. Worst, people will think his bullshit speech is right. You don’t have to test or find your gender, retards. It’s the most simple thing in the world but even this they can’t understand : if you’re born with a duck then you’re a male, if you re born with a vagina you’re a female. Complicated, isn’t it ?

What if you were born intersex?

Rosaluxx, Intersex is not the same as transgender. They biologically have both chromosome pairs which affects them and their gender. Note: their BIOLOGY is the cause for their intersexuality because BIOLOGY dictates the gender, not your mind, not what you wake up one day and “feel” like.

Even here, people are getting angry about the Flat Earth, without looking into it. Nasa admit all their photos of earth are composites. And this can clearly be seen in the clone-stamped clouds, and changing size of countries over the years. “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance”.

This thread seems to be Retarded. The very though of thinking the earth is flat makes you seem like an uneducated person.

The earth is spherical though not perfect sphere but
More like an egg you know…I really hope I don’t need to explain this with facts because it’s just common knowledge by this point. And a waste of my life lol

Thank you for doing this. We were about to show this to our 7 yr old who loves science. And now I’m reconsidering using Netflix at all.
Btw Soros owning it explains why all their original programming has so much gay stuff in it.

I cancelled Netflix months ago. The Dollar Vote…..the only vote that really natters.

A relative added me to their plan. So much for a”free” gift. The gift of programming.

Netflix was good once upon a time but now its just full of propaganda and dumbed down nonsense.

Dont forget low budget movies nobody wants to watch

To say that the movies are crap is a legitimate opinion on the content. To say they are all low budget is just ignorant.

Was it rally, or – did they show the shows you liked a few years earlier, the onces before Vigilant Citizen?

People only got it as there were no adverts on it. I have the BBC for advert free television.

Hi Teresa, the BBC is free of adverts but full of propaganda. George Orwell himself resigned from the BBC for this reason and is said to have based the Ministry of Truth in ‘1984’ on the BBC. Not to mention the number of peodophiles that the BBC has sheltered. No adverts but corrupt to the core.

Yes, you are correct. ‘How do you control the opposition? You lead it’, Lenin

Bill NWO Nye just holds a BS in mechanical engineering from back in the 70s when anyone could obtain this degree. Then he went into comedy and acting. His globalist so called “elite” handlers need someone to push fake science to the slaves and Nye was born. NWO Netflix is just funding and supporting the hoaxing. Just like PBS, Disney and the rest of them do to fool Mom and Dad and your poor kids. You will note when watching kid programming how many references to space, globe earth, rockets, etc. It is all BS. Noone has ever been more than 150k feet into the atmosphere. EVER.

Space Station? Seen through telescopes?

The name of the show is “Bill Nye Saves the World.” This begs the question what he thinks he is saving the world from. It also shows that he has a clear agenda and a great deal of hubris. We are seeing dubious scientists becoming celebrities these days for all the wrong reasons. They are targetting the lonely so called nerds who want to feel that they are the smart and cool ones. There is nothing wrong with being smart, however they are being indoctrinated to behave like cult members and faux science is their god.

Netflix is totally under elite control. Being the world leader in legal streaming, of course, freemasons and other satanic people, MUST control it to spread propaganda. “Orange is the new black” is one among myriad of other shows aimed at destroying men/women and create, instead, sexual deviants.

Let’s see…all-seeing eye in the series intro…check. Bashing of alternative medicine…check. Pushing climate change propaganda…check. Peddling vaccines…check. Selling transgenderism and sexual hedonism…check. Advocating for population control…check. Looks like Bill Nye is a shill! So what part of this show is NOT promoting Illuminati garbage?

I forgot to mention…glorifying GMOs. It’s like a laundry list of Illuminati programming.

I remember a week or so ago it popping up on Netflix, I read thru the episode descriptions and immediately knew it was bullshit propaganda. Just so obvious. F**k Bill Nye for selling his soul this blatantly

Jane I honestly hope you haven’t got unvaccinated children. For f***s sake, out of everything on this highly entertaining site, my god, get your children vaccinated!!!

Claudia, the site isn’t really meant as entertainment. It’s meant to inform us. If I knew before what I believe now, I wouldn’t have got my kids vaccinated. Just because we’re told to do something doesn’t mean it’s for our benefit.

I know that’s true. My own son is on the autism spectrum. It’s like I’m having a crash course in biochemistry to figure out what to do for him.

I’ve found out that a certain kind of B12 helps the body detox. I’ve been giving him B12 and his language has really improved.

That’s interesting to hear Alexandra. Glad you’re seeing improvement. The NHS is so keen to disprove links between autism and vaccinations but something is causing autism rates to rise.

Gluten free and dairy free diets help a lot of people with ASD. I had a lot of AS symptoms, many of which cleared up after going dairy free. Look into it!

The idea that we pick our gender based on what people say is completely unscientific. I am from Bangladesh. 1980 to early 90’s we had a culture in which boys and girls were never taught gender specific things. I was used to seeing some of my baby male cousins in frocks. On the other hand, I myself dressed and thought like men. Even my hair was kept shortened. Our parents never taught us about blue pink stuffs. There was no peer pressure. Some of my cousins lived in isolation. Yet as we grew up we turned out to be what we were gender wise. From my experience, I will say we are pretty much programmed in the brain to display our gender through behavior. It has nothing to do with the society.

Exactly, men are not programmed to be men by society. It’s nature that programmed men to be men. But, nowadays, “society” want men to be women. It’s one of the oldest strategy around, criminals accusing victims to be the criminals. The saddest part, is that 95% of the world population believes such dumb strategies.

Well ok—we can debate that. What is not debatable is that children are bing programmed to think of gender stereotypes. Little girls are being sold pink and princess archetypes. There is nothing wrong in liking pink, but this is being exaggerated by the media and pushed on them.

You keep the people under educated and over medicated…easier to control that way……

Tired and scared is a great working combination as well. Confused is doing okay. But traumatized works its wonders aswell. An enormous scala of ways to manipulate peoples’ thoughts and interactions. Some I wont’t even mention.

And the ones that understand whats happening, get tracked and harassed because they’re ‘dangerous’

Thank you for doing an article on this garbage. I tried giving the show a chance and quickly became very angry while watching. F**k this show. What really pissed me off is the denouncing of ancient knowledge making it sound like it’s irrelevant and dumb. The part where he sends this dumb b***h to a sound healer and instead of asking legit questions and truly trying to get answers about this form of healing, they mock the practice making it appear foolish and corny when really it is very scientific and has to do with vibration and the connection to the cells of the body. Does anyone want a free TV?! I can’t take it anymore, I pray most people see through the agenda of this awful program.

The friends I have who are always sick—-are always the first one to bad mouth natural medicine. I’m not talking about things like taking up yoga, even though it’s just exercise. I’m talking about these people admitting they are always sick and yet refusing to give up their suggar drinks and refusing to try to use vegetables and herbs as a first step. It’s epidemic now. These people have been brainwashed to cling to their pharmaceuticals even when they admit the drugs don’t work and have awful side effects. But eat ginger or garlic, they will never do.

I haven’t even finished reading the article, and I’m not even particularly right-wing, but being a young woman who is surrounded by people supporting the cancer from nowhere, “gender fluidity”, I thank you whole-heartedly for speaking up against this brainwashing attempt. Toddlers determing their own gender…? Geez. What is happening to the world.

WHAT is this garbage?! This is aimed at children? Seriously?! Every video is extraordinarily stupid and I can’t even make it through the whole thing. Incomprehensible.

Yeah, I don’t even watch TV, let alone Net frickin flix . If you have kids, throw your TV out the god damn window cuz that’s a tribulation.

The worst material is all aimed at our children, because they know how impressionable a child’s mind is, and that if they can hook them in childhood, they’ll have them hooked for life. Whether it’s this or food–like McDonald’s and their brilliant (insidious) Happy Meal campaign which has created a nations of fast-food addicts hooked from childhood from the reward system of associating McDonald’s with getting a toy. To these industries, we all naught but Pavlovian dogs in one big behavioral experiment to make the self-professed elite richer.

It plays out almost as a parody. Bill Nye has certainly become very judgmental, intolerable and rude in his own right. This generation likes to pretend those behaviors are intolerable, when really it only depends on which group of people are “IN” and which are not. I still believe gender fluidity would fall under body dysmorphia. The issue effects such a small population of people, it’s suspect that the media would latch onto it so in books, movies, tv, and music if they DIDN’T have an agenda. That’s 0.3 percent of people. They are obsessed. It’s the same with gay people. From how much they talk about homosexuality alone, most people surveyed thought 25 percent of the population was homosexual. It’s actually closer to 3.8 percent of the population who identify personally with the LGBT community in America.. I don’t know how much research has actually been done on these… Read more »
Don’t care if it was .2% LGBT people should have access to human rights, shouldn’t be arrested for being gay, shouldn’t have to fear being beaten on or murdered for being gay. LGBT people wanted the legal benefits that the GOVERNMENT sanctioned contract of marriage offers (Christians made it about God but to LGBT people it was about human rights such as being with your mate when they die at the hospital, getting tax benefits, benefits when your mate passes away- having full access to human created mechanisms that had been denied on the basis of ones choice of mate. One group of people denying another group their human rights based on their ideologies while totally ignoring the needs and concerns of the people being denied. It’s not good that transgender people are being exploited and therefore further harmed by the current narratives which have nothing to do with transgender… Read more »

You have put your finger on a very important part of the divide-and-conquer-part of the agenda.
It made me think of the news-programmes, that show a lot of gay-pride with outrageously dressed examples, while in fact the boa-wearing-transvestites are there, but only as a minor group among many. One minute later on the same channel, they show you a styling programme that tells you which sunglasses to wear in your hair, or the president tells you he is gonna bomb a forreign country.
It is always about thinking and reasoning for yourself, as part of this world, not just ‘a group’.

The point of this discussion has nothing to do with human rights. The point is that someone choosing their gender has nothing to do with science. If you are born a girl and choose to be a bou, that’s perspective not science. The fact that Bill Nye is bringing this into his show and claming it as a “spectrum” is utter bullshit. All of you people are the same and your only argument is dwelling on the past.

Jack, dwelling on the past? Which one, the one before the last elections? The one before the invention of the steam engine? The past written in a book? The past told by our grandparents?

This is an interesting and quite a complicated perspective. I never properly considered how a transgender person would feel on noticing the blantant pushing of a transgender agenda by the media. I always presumed (wrongly it seems) they would view it positively, en masse.

Thank you for being the voice of reason.

Interesting thing about Flint Michigan: the birth rate dropped and many miscarriages happened due to the alarmingly massive amounts of lead in the water. Those that were born have birth defects. It’s so sad to read on the News. The elite clearly have a massive disregard and lack of care for life. And they’re pushing abortion way too hard like it’s something to celebrate with someone like Lena Dunham joking about it… sick. She’s also friends with Taylor Swift who had symbolism of a High Priestess tarot card in her new music vid *sigh*… I hate everything 🙁

Glad I have never owned Netflix!!! Why pay for your own indoctrination?

Sewage dwellers


Because, unlike cable, it’s commercial free.

It is all mental poison, whether it comes with ads or not, whether you pay for it or not.

it’s not though…try some of the documentaries on WW2 and see what really went on. THAT was poison.

you can always spot the person passing judgment on what he/she knows little about

Not sure Johnny Utah…

I’ve started to think that the amount of WW2 documentaries and references in today’s culture is disproportionate.

Clearly WW2 was horrific, tragic and wrong on many levels.

But other horrific wars have happened and are still happening. Why do we keep concentrating (or why are we constantly encouraged to focus) on this one particular area?

Because this war was fought in front of the media. Because this war can be made to look glamorous.

Inclined to agree Asher

Those whose’ brains have already turned to mush will find this show fitting food for the education/entertainment diet they have been programmed to live off of. On the other hand, those of us who are horrified by its content (awake) and see clearly the propaganda machine of the hidden powers at work to steer humanity further into the grip of our enemy find ourselves in little position to do anything about it. It’s like watching a bus full of children go off the cliff and not being able to stop it. As it drops – do you watch? Do you turn away? Do you scream? Do you run towards it knowing you can’t do anything, but at least your reacting? P********a, incest, even cannibalism are all on the indoctrination list of the culture creators. At the pace things are going – it will likely be sooner rather than far off.… Read more »

The lengthening, part two of your bus story was totally uncalled for.

What was uncalled for about it? It was a great analogy.

I asumed, the driving of the bus of the cliff was an accident, the propaganda is not. The part of litterally making you the reader imagine the bus and the horrors of not being able to save the people, is away of putting you in a mood – and implanting ideas. The same technics used to stear your mind to a warmachine and its benefits.

Or make you donate money to a puppy-saving-telephonenumber.

As a linguist of European languages, I find it noteworthy that most European languages divide nouns into two genders–masculine and feminine. Yes, some do have a third gender–the neuter–but that is a *lack* of gender, not a third characteristic or hermaphrodism. My point is, binary gender is so intrinsic, so utterly ingrained into the human being, that it is even fundamentally expressed in many of our languages. To my knowledge, there are no major languages that have no concept of binary gender or have pronouns for more than 3 possibilities (male, female, and gender-less). If binary gender were really just some patriarchal imposition or illusion, we should expect other cultures or languages to have expressed this spectrum of gender or lack thereof. However, no major ones do. This is just so obvious on all levels, whether biological, physical, chemical, or even linguistically.

In indonseia there are 5 genders including dividual non gendered. How’s your indigenous indonesian language knowledge?

only the Bugis people have the concept of 5 genders… Bahasa doesn’t have grammatical gender

Cheers Lotte, really interesting. There are many types of human understanding of existance that are replicated in language/culture. There one(s) we grow up with seem more ‘obvious’/doxic than others, and we tend by extrapolation to believe they are therefore ‘correct’, but presumably all are equally ‘intrinsic’/natural or right
p.s. Asher, das quite literally represents a 3rd characteristic, erste, zweite, dritte, innit

In my European language we have a genderless way of addressing and especially common for children aND even young people. Not meant to be disrespectful at all, it is commong to call a guy “the kid” even a strong 30 yr old man similar to saying “the lad” or “dude” we say the “kid”. Even describing your friend who is a 25 year old gir you can refer her as “that kid” and she can be the hottest chick. It doesn’t meat a thing about gender or implying there is a third gender.

The word science is used far too loosely thes days

Unfortunately, the accumulated association of “science” with “Bill Nye” lends credence to every inanity the man mouths. I would not trust this guy at this point if he told me the Earth revolved around the Sun. Also, this constant insistence that children can reliably “choose” their gender is inevitably going to lead to the assumption that they can also choose to have sex. If they can’t be trusted to understand the ramifications of engaging in sex play, how in hell are they competent to change genders?

BBC documentaries and history programs recently are mentioning historical examples of child abuse as a way of life, a little more than I am used to. A subtle way of indicating and preparing for ..? And, yes, the BBC got into trouble once and over again, and got away with it. I have seen 40 years of documentaries about for example the romans. Now they are coming with such stuff, as part of another show.. Just sidelines, that child abuse? Bizar.

Children are a major theme in LGBT and trans activism.

Yeah @louise…I wonder why?

To everyone out there, there really is only one answer: –


It’s all brainwashing and heavy indoctrination. This is why you watch PROGRAMS!

How stupid, and insulting to each and every possible audience. For a big comeback, Nye looks like a major loser. I don’t even want to waste breath or time thinking about him. And “saves the world”? Has there ever been a more hyperbolic and untrue title? I am ready for the “90s nostalgia” phase to end. I won’t enjoy whatever is next either but at least this will be over… I think they have used it to promote present day agendas and have, again, insulted us all enough with it.

The audience you are talking about is, after only a few generations, a little dumber than the ones before, it seems to me and a lot of my generation, too. ( Not just as a myth, a saying.)
So maybe they are not really to blame, because they are a product of a subtly changed society since the 60’s and 70’s. The 80’s were about individualism (divide) and the sale of education, health, energy, water etc. to ”the market” (conquer). The young people living now grew up in a society that had snakes and sharks in the schoolsystems, their hospitals, their televisonshows, their popmusic, their rebellions, you name it. Those snakes and sharks were they on a mission.
What is the outcome? Look around. And deal with it. On your local levels.

There’s a heck of a lot to deal with.

Man, it’s not even funny.

Even a lot of atheists/skeptics are lampooning this nonsense on YouTube. I actually saw this segment and I about beat my head against the nearest wall.

I’m a woman, I’m “cis” (using their terms). There are some things I’m interested in or able to do that would normally be a “guy” thing (like figuring out what’s wrong with my car if it makes a weird noise), but I don’t think I’m a guy born in a girl’s body or anything like that.

Notice that Nye equates gender “orientation” with gender itself. There are two genders, two sexes, and it takes a man and a woman to reproduce. It’s as simple as that.

Exactly. Being female is now equated to being female. So if you can take care of yourself then you must be butch and gay. So take a child who is confused and yes, it’s possible, to brainwash them into thinking they are gay simply because they don’t fit the sterotype of what it supposedly means to be male and female. That’s not to say that some aren’t born this way, or that there aren’t poisons and androgens into our foods. It’s simply that children are being targetted and are vulnerable.

Typo**** being female is equated to being vulnerable.

I loved Rachel Bloom ok Crazy ExGf until I saw her sing this song. Did anyone notice she was wearing a baphomet purple head w horns on her leotard?!

You loved her in that show??? She was being nothing more than a puppet. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is just full of elite cr*p!

“our labels, our fashions, even our washrooms”- yep the plan is working…

A few years ago I read an article on this site about how the next big agenda pushed by the establishment would be transgender related. At the time I thought that it would never happen but boy was I wrong. It is everywhere now.

The leftists seem to base their entire system of youth indoctrination around revolving between ridicule and praise. It’s just a system of negative reward positive reward that works for impressionable young minds. You tell them “if you believe this you’re a bad kid who doesn’t understand science” but “if you believe this then you’re progressive and enlightened”. They don’t need facts or references or credible studies, they just need to bully people into agreeing with them. They need to target children with this tactic because rational adults see right through it instantly. The proponents of this type of “science” of course never address the fact that there is strong scientific evidence to the contrary, that a well-defined social role is important to a young child’s mental health. There’s only leftist science, which is the objective truth. All opposing ideas are simply censored and never presented because they are “problematic”. The… Read more »
I would consider myself a bit of a leftist, but one time in school I asked a trans kid if ‘he’ would exist if gender roles were still around. Like if males and females were exactly the same and there was no “social rules” for different genders (pink frocks for girls, blue shorts for boys, barbies for girls, action figures for boys); if everyone looked the same, acted the same, treated each other the same, would transgenders exist? I asked ‘him’. He said yes, and I told him they wouldn’t because if he’s so leftist and believes feminism (which he admitted to) then there is no neurological difference between males and females except biological sex and except from the societal gender roles and what society creates as the difference. Think about it, how can you “feel” like a girl if a girl is exactly the same as a boy in… Read more »

As one of the comments said “the end is Nye” and I agree with it

Bill Nye: the science guy. Yeah, I remember him. I loved science as a kid. I recall an episode when he took us to the Hoover Dam and said “that’s a lot of damn (dam) power!!” and it was funny and informative. Flash forward 20+ years: all the kids (that’s me) that loved him as children/young adults now view him as learning-based entertainment. Now, all of us that once watched Bill HAVE KIDS OF OUR OWN. Think about it, Bill has been basically invisible for the last 20 years, I mean, where has he been? And he just now conveniently resurfaces, dressed in the same familiar garb that we remember as children? “Here, now my babies, I remember Bill, he’ll teach you about science.” In summation, Bill has been peddled out so that we’d just blindly put our kids in front of his well known comfortable hands. Gross and sick… Read more »

Wow. I can definitely see why people spend their hard-earned money subscribing to Netflix membership. So many wonderful disinfo, agenda brainwash and one-eye programs – what’s not to like?

Yea, this show looks like complete trash – but this is just one of very few original content shows on NF. It costs me 11+ dollars a month and I get virtually unlimited documentaries on WW1, WW2, nazi germany, hitler’s atomic program, real science & space programming, a slew of nature shows. Netflix is not all garbage, so don’t let one raisin ruin the good grapes my friend. Plus some of their original content is great, such as Narcos (based on Pablo Escabar’s last few years) and Bloodline – just to name a few.

You sound like a man, dressed in a suit, with a suitcase in his hand, and a vacuumcleaner in the other. Look through the amusement to the content, the red threads in the stories or the imagery. There is a lot more going on. Even in documentaries, which are often contradicting themselves.

I watched a documentary about Tony Blair made by George Galloway which was very interesting.

So… didn’t you realize how they were constantly trying to glorify Escobar on Narcos? I get it, he was a family man, how does that erase the fact that he ordered uncountable murders? Besides, they don’t even tell the true story: in a recent interview, his son said Pablo worked for the CIA peddling coke to the US.

4 minutes in reminds me of clockstoppers where the dad is trapped and forced to work in hyperspeed to finish the time stopping watch for the evil doers to sell and make millions. Same cage and everything lol
Such a joke, you can tell the audience is full of paid actors. Bill Nye is a f*****g tool.

transgenders used to be call transsexuals — mentally ill men who mutilate their bodies to impersonate women.

Simply tranvestites in my day who would dress as women outside of work but dress as men and live as men in the workplace. I met my first pre op male to female transgender in the 90’s who I befriended. There used to be a post op male to female transgender who used to come in and advise the pre op transgender on actually changing gender. Since then I have known quite a few male to female transgenders.

And even then (in your day?) Teresa, a lot depended on the money they could spend. The ones with little money, they were made not to look like a woman or a man, they were just given drugs and some surgery. The ones with money to spent turned out to look more like they had imagined. So what’s the deal, being happy with the physical organ, or with the overall look, or with the way of life? So many options, and they never talk about those ones in the press. If you want a physical change, make sure you have money. (So, what’s new?) Political correct people, you know when you are, have you noticed, I tried not to put any judgemental subjectives about their emotions, feelings in my post here? Because I think I have not so many opinions about this, only the agenda behind it when it comes… Read more »

as soon as that idiot designer rapper came out in the first episode I couldn’t even finish it plus the climate change bullshit

Never heard of him, but…. I never watched this crap as pre-teen/young adult, certainly not going to entertain this garbage now.

i think if the agenda that’s being pushed promotes acceptance of a group of people who have been unfairly and senselessly oppressed for the longest time, i’m ok with that. but i’m definitely not ok with using science as a bandwagon to promotes divisive ideologies, that’s for sure, it’s almost paradoxical how these two things come in the same package; and i definitely don’t agree with using “science” to discredit something automatically, i.e. the part about traditional medicine

Baffling indeed. I used to watch his shows when little and learn a lot (helps me to grasp science concepts quicker). But now, tasteless, rubbish, and definitely lysenkoism. What the world has going to; this time the one who can see have a hard time protecting and educating their loved ones.

The world is getting warmer because of the companies and mega corporations not giving a f**k about conservation because there is no profit in it. Why not bring up the real problems Bill? Lets start working for real solutions… I can’t believe I thought he was funny when I was younger.. -_-

Yet they want to make climate change bs seem like it’s our fault (everyday people/overpopulation) and penalize us for carbon emissions, all the while they are the ones poisoning us and the environment.

See: Geoengineering

That disclaimer at the end is HILARIOUS!! Love you VC

So, an MSM media figure attempts to smuggle in SJW PC.
Am I surprised?
Am I dismayed?
Of course.

The bashing of traditional medicine is simply shocking. A whopping 73% of all medicinal drugs come from chemical compounds synthesized from tree species in tropical Africa. A whipping 73% of all medicine comes from these plants. And people still traditionally use them there. Disgusting that they try to disregard that modern science comes from herbalism. Even in Europe during the plague, they would eat ginger and onions which share a common chemical compound which reduces bacteria in the body. Traditional medicine was created through ancient methods of testing and repeating. It’s as real as modern medicine. I just read an article that talked about these witch doctors in rural Nigeria traditionally using the bark of 2 tropical tree species to cure malaria for eons on their own. Both species combined add up to an 80-90% effectiveness rate, higher than the present most effective commonly-prescribed antimalarial drug. Scientists went and researched… Read more »

John B. Calhoun’s Preliminary Rat Study Funded by Rockefeller Foundation

Everything you see today in terms of the degeneration of our society was predicted by this experiment. There are some fundamental problems with the structure of our society that are leading to aberrant behavior, and we need to figure out what those root causes are if we are to have hope of fixing them.

Im just out of words now.

Just another tool, lets move on, folks!

I’m unsure that you know what racism is. You clearly are heavily biased and sensitive to bullshit. You definitely fell for the b.s. of reverse racism.
First time posting.

Bill Nye likes Pizza Parties.

Don’t watch this show but ohnestly, that ice cream video though…

I’m guessing he doesn’t even have any kind of real science credentials… probably just NWO pseudo-science credentials, if even that, same as deGrass Tyson. They’re ACTORS, not scientists. It’s all a show, a complete farce. That’s why these ‘scientists’ are also such ‘great’ comedians and entert[r]ainers. How many other scientists do you know who also get on TV and produce this kind of demagogic fluff?


Tube: watch?v=KcqFDUJsBE0

It started in the 70s with “Free to Be, You and Me”

Well done, VC. Our world is now in the s— hole.

What an EVIL man Bill Nye has become.

Like Joel Osteen, he’s living proof that you can become rich and famous by serving Lucifer.

A very special place in Hell will be reserved for Bill Nye, the Satanic Guy.

Reminds me of the Vagina Monologues.

“nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” Galatians 3:28

Good thing I don’t watch this crap with all the dystopian features in it

dang . . . I love and study science but not this kind of science . . .