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“Bill Nye Saves the World” Episode “The Sexual Spectrum” is Indoctrination



Although the word “science” is used every 10 seconds, the series “Bill Nye Saves the World” is less about facts than it is about pushing a specific agenda, which includes making young people confused about gender and sexuality.

If you grew up during the magical decade that was the 90s, you probably remember Bill Nye the Science Guy, a TV show that vulgarized scientific concepts to kids. The show was extremely popular because it was educational while keeping an entertaining edge. Sadly, Bill Nye’s new show is neither educational nor entertaining. It is an awkward, off-putting attempt at indoctrination using gimmicks and B-list celebrities. Even worse, it uses the sacrosanct word “science” to support some debatable opinions made through the series.

Since I spent many a Saturday morning watching Bill Nye the Science Guy, I attempted to give his new show a go. And it was a difficult ordeal. Even after pushing through the show’s cringe-inducing attempts at connecting with millennials (complete with forced and exaggerated reactions by the studio audience), I was met with a bigger ordeal: Bill Nye constantly berating the viewers. In an equally frustrated and condescending tone, Bill Nye often launches into unpleasant diatribes where he dwells into issues that are clearly outside the realm of verifiable science. Things are clearly politically motivated and it is annoying.

What we appear to be witnessing is all out Lysenkoism:

“Lysenkoism can be used metaphorically to describe the manipulation or distortion of the scientific process as a way to reach a predetermined conclusion as dictated by an ideological bias, often related to social or political objectives.”
– Wikipedia, Lysenkoism

It is during the episode entitled “The Sexual Spectrum” that the true face of the show was revealed. It was never about science, it is about all-out indoctrination aimed at young people.

No words can truly capture the civilization-shattering implications of this episode. In lieu, here is Rachel Bloom singing about how gender is not a real thing.

In this next segment, a vanilla ice-cream cone ends up in an ice-cream orgy with all kinds of flavors. What are the other flavors supposed to represent?

But the saddest part of this episode is watching Bill Nye attempting to use “science” to explain that toddlers can determine their gender.

Bill Nye keeps saying that this is all “confusing”. It is not. Bill Nye used to make complicated things simple. Now he’s doing the opposite.

Here’s what the original Bill Nye the Science Guy series had to say about genders (you can view the entire Probability episode here):

Back when Bill Nye was about actual science.

In another episode, Bill Nye attacks traditional medicine, implying that the thousands of years of accrued knowledge and experience of ancient cultures are complete garbage. I am not a scientist, but is it possible that, MAYBE, there’s some scientific truth behind some of these traditional remedies? When did science stopped being about learning and discovering to become about dictating what to think?

The worse part about this episode is this stand-up routine that manages to be somewhat racist.

If you read previous articles on this site, you know the blurring of genders and race baiting are currently at the forefront of the elite’s agenda. It is being pushed all across mass media, through various platforms.

The main engine behind this agenda is George Soros’ “Open Society”, a fund that uses billions of dollars to force the adoption of aggressive social policies while making them socially acceptable through mass media indoctrination. The fund is about disguising division, oppression, and degeneration as “social justice”. The end goal? A normalized global culture that is easily controllable through a hegemonic mass media system.

Relevant fact: At the end of 2015, Soros owned 317,534 Netflix shares, worth about $32,000,000.

Bill Nye is not saving the world, he’s serving his boss.


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