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The Nashville Shooting, the Violent Rhetoric of the Trans Movement and Mass Media’s Hypocritical Coverage of it All

The killing of six innocent people by a trans person was preceded by months of unabashed violent rhetoric in the trans movement. Instead of investigating and exposing the true causes of this mass murder, mass media is hiding information and switching narratives. Here’s a look at this pathetic situation.



I truly hate writing about mass shootings. Other than the fact that killing innocent people is the epitome of evil, every single mass shooting is immediately followed by attempts to push political agendas. Only minutes after each and every single shooting, small, pathetic politicians, activists, and “journalists” use the death of innocent people to score political points.

The Covenant School shooting was no exception. As soon as news of the shooting surfaced, unscrupulous people seized the opportunity to push their narratives, mainly revolving around gun control. Some even went as far as stating that the state of Tennessee deserved the shooting because the state banned drag shows instead of guns.

However, when it was revealed that the killer was a transgender person who left a manifesto and specifically targeted a Christian school, mass media put on full display its hypocrisy. Once again, “trusted” news outlets proved that their goal is not to convey information, but to push narratives. Even if that means defending unspeakable evil.

Violent Rhetoric

In the weeks and months that preceded the shooting, mass media pundits were engaged in some of the most toxic yet hypocritical narratives seen to date. While, for years, they’ve been pushing for the banning of guns, they’ve been simultaneously encouraging trans people to arm themselves.

A prime example of this hypocrisy is the elite-funded Cenk Uygur. Here’s a video of him made only two days prior to the shooting.

After admitting to being a hypocrite, Uygur literally told trans people to “get guns”. Of course, he did not say that because he carefully thought it through. He was simply echoing a disturbing narrative that’s being promoted by the elite and its media outlets.

Various news stories have been showing in a positive light the arming of trans people.

The popular website Reddit (which has turned into a propaganda outlet) is all for gun control – except when it has to do with the trans movement. In fact, there are several subreddits solely dedicated to arming trans people. Here’s the description of the Reddit sub /r/transguns.

Here are some of the top posts in this community.

That’s their mindset.

The sub contains lots of pictures of unstable people posing with guns.

Did the Nashville shooter visit this subreddit? That’s a possibility. One thing is for sure, there’s an entire subculture of justifying violence against those who oppose (or even question) radical trans ideology.

A few months ago, a video game titled Terfenstein 3D was released which allows players to kill opponents of transgender ideology such as gender-critical feminists and Christians. On its Steam page, the game creator writes:

Unleash your pent-up fury upon the gender-critical tyrants with an arsenal of deadly weapons and tactics in cathartic bliss.

The game allows players to kill priests in various violent ways.

Even people in government are contributing to this toxic culture.

This is a tweet by the press secretary for Arizona Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs calling for violence against “transphobes”. It was posted only hours after the mass shooting.

As you can see, the trans movement is using increasingly harsh and extreme rhetoric to justify harsh and extreme behavior. None of this is organic. It is being pushed and encouraged by heavily-funded forces (i.e. Antifa) to radicalize vulnerable and impressionable people.

The radicalization of this movement is fully apparent in the following ad for the “Trans Day of Vengence”.

An ad for the the “Trans Day of Vengeance”.

This ad contains several telling elements. First, the use of the word “vengeance” implies violence that is justified. MacMillan dictionary defines the word vengeance as follows:

The act of harming or killing someone because they have done something bad to you.

Second, the ad uses the word “genocide”. Here’s the actual definition of the word:

The deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.

Any reasonable person knows very well that there is absolutely no “systematic extermination” of trans people in the United States. Quite to the contrary, the elite is pushing children towards transgenderism at the youngest age possible.

Finally, why is the ad asking people to wear a mask? This has nothing to do with COVID and everything to do with Antifa-style tactics.

In short, the Nashville shooting was preceded by a radicalization of the trans movement, complete with blatantly violent rhetoric.

Did mass media address any of these issues? Of course not.

Mass Media is Siding With Evil

As soon as it was revealed that the shooter was trans, mass media completely switched its narrative. By doing so, it proved that this entire establishment solely exists to brainwash the masses.

Following the shooting, the NY Times felt the need to apologize for not using the preferred pronouns of the SERIAL MURDERER.

Not only did the media honor this MONSTER’s pronouns, but it also – crazily enough – made excuses for her.

The Daily Mail presented the killer as a victim of Christians. Wow.

Meanwhile, here’s a headline from NBC News.

We need to bask in the insanity of this headline for a second. A trans terrorist deliberately targeted Christians and killed 6 innocent people, including three children. Instead of reporting on the pain, grief, and fear of the victims (Christians), NBC News portrays trans people (which include the killer) as the victims.

This killing made ZERO LGBTQ victims. Here are the actual victims.

Six innocent lives were taken because they happened to attend a Christian school.

As mass media is desperately attempting to switch the narrative, LGBTQ groups are working overtime to make sure that the manifesto written by the killer is hidden forever. The reason: The world would understand the violent and radical undercurrent that’s taking hold of this movement. Also, the killing could qualify as an anti-Christian hate crime and/or an act of trans terrorism. All of this goes against the narratives pushed by the elite.

Nashville police are currently complying with demands to hide the manifesto.

In Conclusion

The Nashville shooting was perpetrated by a deranged person who was clearly radicalized by a movement that is purposely ramping up violent rhetoric. This is being encouraged by people in government and made acceptable by mass media. This rhetoric did not pop out of nowhere – it is purposely being propagated by the same elite-funded forces behind radical groups such as Antifa.

Instead of investigating the true cause of this horrific mass killing, the establishment is attempting to steer the narrative, hide the killer’s manifesto (which undoubtedly exposes the complete insanity of this movement), and even portray her as a victim. Furthermore, the media is actually attempting to make Christians (who are the only victims of this killing) the cause of the killing.

In short, mass media has, once again, proven that it cannot be trusted. It has completely abandoned its mission to deliver unbiased information. Instead, it participates in the justification of pure evil.


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