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Mattel Releases a “Gender-Neutral” Barbie and the Video Promoting it is Preposterous

Mattel launched a line of dolls with no distinctive feminine or masculine features because “kids don’t want their toys dictated by gender norms”. To promote the dolls, a video was released featuring actual “gender-neutral” children. And what is said during that video is completely baffling.



Mattel Releases a "Gender-Neutral" Barbie and the Video Promoting it is Preposterous

The war against genders is still on. More than ever. After Céline Dion’s “gender-neutral” clothing line for children (which contained horrifying symbolism), Mattel has released dolls that assume no identifiable gender.

The gender-neutral dolls of the new Creatable World toy line let kids accessorize the toy to be a boy, a girl, both or neither. The six dolls have different skin colors, hairstyles, and clothing to “celebrate the positive impact of inclusivity.” Each customizable doll comes with long and short hair wigs, skirts, pants, shirts, jackets, hats, and various shoes. To achieve “gender-neutrality”, Mattel toned down feminine and masculine features, such as Barbie’s breasts and Ken’s broad shoulders. The line is said to be geared towards kids who identify as gender-fluid, meaning they don’t identify as having a fixed gender like male or female.

According to Mattel’s website, the line is “designed to keep labels out and invite everyone in, giving kids the freedom to create their own customizable characters again and again”.

Mattel Releases a "Gender-Neutral" Barbie and the Video Promoting it is Preposterous

During development, Mattel tested the doll with 250 families in seven states, which included 15 children who considered themselves trans, gender-fluid or avoided defining themselves altogether.

As it is the norm nowadays, the promotion surrounding the line was coated in a thick layer of social indoctrination and “facts” that border on utter absurdity. Kim Culmone, senior vice president of Mattel Fashion Doll Design said in a statement:

“Toys are a reflection of culture and as the world continues to celebrate the positive impact of inclusivity, we felt it was time to create a doll line free of labels. Through research, we heard that kids don’t want their toys dictated by gender norms.”

I’m sorry but that’s a lie. Children do not complain about their toys “being dictated by gender norms”. And the video promoting the toy line contains many other preposterous lies.

The Promo Video

Mattel Releases a "Gender-Neutral" Barbie and the Video Promoting it is Preposterous

The video begins with this mind-blowing statement:

“Kids right now, especially Gen-Alpha kids … which are kids under the age of ten … they see gender very differently, they experience gender very differently. We will challenge people’s point of view on how children should play”.

While claiming to “allow children to play freely”, they actually want to redefine how children should play. Jess Weiner, who is apparently a “cultural expert” adds:

“Parents often tell that they want to raise their boys to be really wonderful fathers. How do we expect to raise wonderful fathers nurturing fathers if we don’t encourage nurturing  play when they’re boys?”

Is she saying that boys did not grow up playing with dolls cannot be good nurturing fathers?

Later, the head of research at Mattel sums up the situation in a rather Orwellian matter:

“This is the wave of the future. This is where society is heading. The parents want to be onboard on it, they just don’t have the tools or the knowledge to kind of guide their child”.

They want parents to “guide their child” towards that gender-blurring madness.

Of course, the video featured actual “gender-fluid” children who were most likely dressed by adults who want to push their agenda.

Mattel Releases a "Gender-Neutral" Barbie and the Video Promoting it is Preposterous

The video features a young boy who was clearly styled by a professional to appear as “fluid” as possible. Every detail was calculated, including eye makeup.

Mattel Releases a "Gender-Neutral" Barbie and the Video Promoting it is Preposterous

There’s also a boy wearing a dress.

As it is always the case when mass media attempts to push this absurd agenda, the message was not well received. About 100% of the comments on YouTube bash the video.

Mattel Releases a "Gender-Neutral" Barbie and the Video Promoting it is Preposterous
Mattel Releases a "Gender-Neutral" Barbie and the Video Promoting it is Preposterous

The backlash against this kind of propaganda is always nearly unanimous because it does not reflect the realities and the concerns of regular families. These issues simply do not arise. All of this gender questioning is an artificial fabrication from elite think tanks that are looking to make the gender-blurring agenda an issue.

Gender-Blurring Agenda

Several years ago, I identified “gender-blurring” as the next massive mass media push. And the push was hard. Some examples: The BBC launched a TV series about a boy who takes hormone-blocking drugs to become a girl; A video made by Teen Vogue thaught teenagers that the idea of “the body being either male or female is totally wrong”; A Netflix series featuring Bill Nye claimed that “toddlers can determine their gender”.

The Mattel dolls are yet another attempt at indoctrinating children while they’re young, planting the seeds of gender confusion in their developing minds.

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Mattel Releases a "Gender-Neutral" Barbie and the Video Promoting it is Preposterous

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Looking at these dolls, besides being “gender neutral”, they all look pubescent, very young, a pedophile/pederasts dream victim!

There are 2 sexes, male and female.
That is SCIENCE as determined by an individuals
genetic/chromosomal makeup.
Now you may operate under the delusion that you’re an airplane, a duck, or the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, but your DELUSION is not FACT and is not based in reality.
NO children “asked” for these gender neutral dolls; the only people who want these dolls are the ones having the agenda of destroying the family, destroying religion, destroying the male/female dichotomy, destroying society, morality and common sense.


Well said! THANK YOU!

Lefty Throckmorton

No thank you; you people are in the minority and on the wrong side of history, no matter who you get in the White House or any other seat of government in any other country.

Right Shoe R

Right, Lefty. “Us people” are in the minority. History has been rewritten and it no longer matters who is elected where. God is the unelected Sovereign and the book of Revelation explains what is to come. Better that you read the book of Matthew, first! 😉


Ihe minority? First, I don’t think anyone believes that silliness. 2. If we were: you mean minority people can’t post here? And “wrong side of history” — that’s a fave leftist cliche based on the idea that history always goes toward chaos. It’s not true. History is cyclical.


We said!






Exactly what, you neocon duncebucket snowflake?


Ad hominem is not debate. It is not even conversation.


Uh… they look young because dolls are for children. Little girls specifically. Next you’ll be claiming that teddy bears are for adults who like to… well, I’m sure your imagination is more keen in this respect. Hysterics never cease to amaze. I really doubt boys are suddenly going to be flocking to dolls and tutus. Most boys are gonna be real pissed if they find this under the tree instead of a skateboard, x-box, or a packet of gopher guts. Its funny, literally, how some even get angry at the dictionary. Gender is a word in it. A broad vocabulary is a great thing. It allows some people to communicate beyond grunts and waving fists. Relax, its just a stupid niche doll being hyped. It’s not Hitler in drag coming to exterminate the heterosexuals. Not like the real one tried to kill off homosexuals. Reality is a funny thing (figuratively) – so easy to dismiss if you have only heard of one book. What adult is frightened of dolls? Or at all concerned with them actually. No kids begged their parents to move to a cabbage patch. Some things are genetically hardwired. Like religion.


You must be deaf, dumb and blind, Chunky. Of course, that is your opinion, anyone who calls themselves “Chucky” has no opinion of children’s dolls. Furthermore, there is a manipulation going on, to eliminate white people, starting with their children. This doll is aimed at white children, whom some have deemed “evil” by nature of their race. It is all just more of the replacement agenda. Make these kids doubt gender, and the neuter them. Not only that, they are going to need another big surgery/medical procedure to replace the current treatment including chemo, of cancer, bc they have found a cure, and sooner or later, we will find out about it.

However, do not minimize this, bc they are after our children, now.


Is that black boy in the bottom photo also white?

Bobby Sue

He identifies as white.


oh. my. goodness, von_krieg!


“Nigs” ??? You f-----g racist c--t.

ohhhh no



@von_krieg You know people like you really digust me. Do you know there is no such thing as a pure race you f-----g bigot. Get a dna test and what you find might just cause your racist bigoted brain to explode. The thing is scum like you feels so comfortable calling peoole racial slurs and saying n----r online in forums but in real life you wouldnt dare say it out loud or to the face of a black person bc most of you racist pieces of s--t are cowards


Youre scum


You’re an idiot







Your last sentence is unclear and can be misinterpreted to mean that ONLY ONE race is acceptable. Hopefully, you meant that both gender and race are genetic and equivalent; both issues deserve the same treatment, same as all PEOPLE deserve the same treatment.


It was perfectly clear. The preceding independent clause declares the subject; thus when the next, dependent clause contains a noun that is generic (“one,” )it is assumed to be standing in for the subject already declared in the first part of the sentence. It is just like using “he” in a sentence like “George lives downtown, and he is rich.”

Attempt at offense fails.


I do believe children are being targeted for this gender neutral programming as this sort of thing has flooded every facet of childrens clothing, tv shows, and now toys, etc. I however, DO NOT agree that only “white children” are being targeted. Also those dolls are not all white and its certainly not only white children being depicted in these ads. What you are suggesting savors strongly of reverse racism and its total bs imo.


“Reverse racism” is total bs imo.
It implies whites are racists,
and that only blacks experience racism.

orange creamsicle

Do people actually agree with kzaranon?
Did anyone actually read what he wrote?
KZAR (Czar) ANON (Anonymous)

Looks like some of you got steam-trolled !!

Chucky is the most evil doll of all time;
kzaranon was making a satirical point.

Race is irrelevant ; this dude is a troll !


“Chunky” LOL


Ha! Italics FTW!

Lefty Throckmorton

Nobody’s after your (tragically) brainwashed spawn, you homophobic bigoted Christofascist neocon dpiswitch; it’s just a doll. Where do you people get your info from?

Yall are sad.

Pretty sure the bible also says to not work on sundays but a load of people are being forced to work sundays.


This is not a theocracy.
JESUS is our Sabbath.


Even writing seven ad hominem attacks into a sentence still does not make it debate; it is still ad hominem. Can you express your opinion without slurs? Perhaps you could add to the conversation, if so. (Keep in mind that recognizing when something is not isolated, but part of a larger pattern and being able to see what the pattern is, is a big part of intelligence.)


“Chunky”?! Sounds like a pedo who doesn’t care to wake up and see where this is headed. Whoopee! Transgender is in the dictionary. Takes me back to my elementary days when, as kids, we’d look up words like “fart”, just for laughs.


Chucky, notnotnotever said “sex,” not gender. Gerder was the word created by activist to be used in exactly the argument you used. Gender really IS all in your imagination. “Sex,” as in male and female are based in reality.


Isn’t denial of reality in fact mental illness?


The fact that you would deny biology, science in general, and centuries of stable, proven culture based on a heterosexual, largely Christian paradigm, indicates you are either a trouble-maker, Intelligence vermin, or a mad freelance out to distract and cause more frustration instead of looking to history and seeing that our families, children, and society are non-negotiable. Regardless of which golem of globalisation you push, your words, “chuck,” are poison. Perhaps, getting a library card and growing up might help you. Otherwise back to your cave under Langley!


I Identify as a triangle lego grey color. dont hate.


I can see the symbolism in that. NWO approved!


Cool. What’s your pronoun?
That’s how people are to introduce themselves, right?

(Maybe in the future we will all be reduced to pronouns?)


Stop bringing up ?’christian’ you don’t have to be christian to spot and disagree with foolishness like this.


Nothing to be ashamed of if your views agree with the Christian paradigm.


Ah, but to pass up an opportunity to bash Christianity is beyond militant atheists. Ever notice they never complain of islamic ideas around sex?

[neocon Christofascist moron]

Ok, Lefty. (That is your name, not an insult.)


Chucky…you’re a moron.

le moron deux

I think Chucky’s a genius,
so I must be a moron, too!

Alright !


You got so many downvotes because it’s accusing others of hysteria when the post itself is simplistic — this is part of a pattern, and the pattern in what people are upset about. Part of intelligence (a big part) is the ability to recognize patterns.


Time to Boycott MATTEL


Take note of their brands and subsidiaries, also!


yes they have been pushing illuminati agendas for YEARS!!!!

Erica Smith

Shouldn’t that be “peoplecott”? 😉


These dolls are gender neutered. They want a generation of eunuchs that won’t procreate.


That should be stamped on the packaging of each and every doll.


Which we wont with all the radiation, microwaves and the shitty food we get.

Everykneewillbow to Jesus Christ

Absolutely. Well put.


It depends on how you look at sex. The science says that males are born with the chromosomes xy and females are born with xx…. but how do we define those born as x, xxx, xxy, etc? Sex is also determined by observing primary sexual characteristics…. but how do we determine sex if the delivering doctor can not distinguish the genitalia? There are three sexes. There is male, female, and intersex… or those born out side of societal norms.

As for gender, it is a socially constructed concept. From birth, we are socialized in a manner that “boys do this and girls do that.” It is completely arbitrary and waxes and wanes as society sees fit. For the past 60 years, color coding designated blue for boys and pink for girls, but before that, all babies wore dresses and those colors were flipped.


Congrats on reciting exactly what your have been taught. Pure propaganda.

“As for gender, it is a socially constructed concept.”
You sound like a regurgitation factory with that one.

Mr M

It’s simple. Anyone with a Y chromosome is male. The vast majority of men with Klinefelter syndrome (XXY) identify as male.

Intersex individuals, a medical condition, should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. This is a personal issue, not a political one.


Truth is a tall glass of water. Thank you!

Billy Jack Galt

I always wonder Y this even a discussion. Y are they pushing this agenda? As you have stated so well, you either have a Y chromosome or not. Everything else is just fantasy and mutilation.


There are more than two sexes as well. Stop making false statements based on your assumptions. Ever heard of intersex? It’s when a person is literally born neither male nor female. It’s as common as having red hair.


“It’s as common as having red hair.” – Ha!


That is not at all common. Why pretend that is? Some people are born albino; that does not make it one of the races, when we list the races.

Get Right

Everyone should be like you, Lefty. (That way, we can be offended by opinions and beliefs, instead of by what is offensive to God.)

Yall are sad.

So kids wanting to play with dolls who are kids are pedophiles? is that what you are saying? I think you need to see a therapist my dude.


what people mean, when they say “don’t sexualize children,” is that — by providing/pushing dolls based on sex, they are causing children, too young to be involved in the issue yet, to have to ask questions, be informed or misinformed, and start thinking about genitalia and its uses before they are emotionally ready to do so. It therefore makes it easier for adults to bring up sexual matters with children after they’ve been introduced to the topic as “normal” (which it should not be, to pre-schoolers; they are not in the correct stage of maturity yet), meaning that it makes it easier for pedophiles in society to do so. Seems odd when people take a complex issue such as this and think it is about “kids wanting to play with dolls who are kids are pedophiles,” which shows such a lack of understanding, that I should think one would want to think further before posting insults to other people — who DO understand the compexity and the dangers. Don’t have such positivity that you understand the issue and that the other person is wrong. Perhaps stating how you understand it and asking if you are interpreting their ideas incorrectly or… Read more »


Sigh again…that ^^^ had paragraphs….do not know why it printed as a block.


‘See more’ presents the text as formatted. You’re welcome 🙂


This toys promotion has nothing to do with freedom or creativity. It’s like saying “let’s doubt about our identity in every level; let’s make all kids -even those that know who they really are- feel unsafe about themselves”. Unbelievable advertisement.

Electre /

Blunt but truth.

Mama Legba

Best comment, Anonymous. It’s the seeds of doubts and questions that otherwise may (mostly) not exist that is the most concerning for our children. Also the sexualization. I had a boy cousin my age that had way more Barbies than I ever did and was very girly, (though ultimately gay with a masculine image and feminine mannerisms. Not “non-binary” or even trans) – it happens, obviously. But honestly, rarely anyone over the age of 6 or 7 that ISN’T girly actually even wants a Barbie. He was girly, so he wanted GIRL toys. He had to deal with his sexuality later, and so I’m glad that kids can feel more comfortable coming to terms with that in our society. But again, that was LATER, and there is a point in which it becomes a brainwash than just a piece of mind or understanding. When he was a kid, he didn’t have to confuse things. He wasn’t confused until he was about freshman age, and then he was confused enough. I can’t really imagine if he had more questions later on, or if he had to face all of those questions EARLIER, as a little kid who just wanted to have… Read more »

Simon Dennis

Utterly chilling. Laughable in some respects but the underlying agenda is pure unadulterated evil.

Sadie Slays

“This is the wave of the future.” …only in Western countries. Somehow I doubt gender neutral Barbie will ever be sold in China or India despite their immense economic markets. Funny how those countries aren’t under pressure to put their boys in dresses.


Transsexuals are more common than cross-dressers.


So many “actresses” and entertainment, and even political “women” are really men in drag. Witness Michelle aka Michael Robinson. The list of Hollyweird trans is very long. Longer than you may think!


This is true, and it has been going on since forever!
People should look into it.


I’m convinced Pink is a man. I’m also convinced that one ugly “model” that’s married to John Legend is a Thai lady boy. The list goes on and on. They just purchase their kids to fake being a family. If they can openly promote having surrogates birth their “children” what’s stopping them from actually buying these kids off the black market?


True. Just look at Angie Jolie…UN, CFR…goodwill ambassador with a global collection of children…who also wrote numerous op-ed pieces about the importance of double mastectomies.

There’s a bigger picture, and sometimes the hardest truths to see are right in front of our eyes….


Has anyone seen the published Instagram posts by Chrissy Teigen? They seem to reveal her involvement in pedophilia.


They are either .03% or .3% of the total population; have seen both in research. Very uncommon.


China and India are not any danger to the satanist elite, as the majority of their country lacks any substantial belief in one god anyway. But see when a muslim country rejects this agenda how they will be bombed to ground or deliberately pushed to economic collapse, and they will tell you all kinds of lies that even unknowing christians will support that elite.


Yes, that is why the largely underreported genocide of Muslims in Myanmar is happening as well as widespread oppression and murder of Muslims in China which is also played down massively. I have actually seen it in operation in one of these cases.


Unfortunately, there is a problem with the muslim problem of “supremacy.” Their totalitarian political system insists on “classes” with muslim males considered supreme compared to all others and therefore, entitled to privileges the others don’t have — and entitled to bash others. For that reason, islam traditionally has “bloody borders.” If they are being “genocided” in Myanmar (which the msm heavily promotes), what about kashmir, Judea and Samaria, the Phillipines, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Indonesia, and all the other areas of the world where muslims are involved in battles with their neighbors? Be very careful about claiming the poor treatment of muslims. It is sad, but in every case, no matter how convincing it is, when the history is looked at it, it is always because the muslims insist upon spreading into other territories, claiming it for their own, and treating its citizens as second class unless they convert. And they are very astute at USING the media to make themselves seem like victims when they are the aggressors. Buddhists do not suddenly become supremacists and try to wipe out others, which is what they are saying in some countries where muslims are trying to take over their territory. History shows… Read more »


THANK YOU, Vladdy, for conveying the understanding that other people are unable to communicate. What you speak is the Truth! Muslims are the common denominator and the situation with the buddhists in Myanmar should expose this as clearly as Tower 7 of the WTC.

D D d

Look at all the major changes in China for example in the last FEW decades. It is already a country full on with the same agenda! It have created spooky controlled cities, the Western oppressors are just recently trying to sell us the public. They are spraying their sky already for over a decade, just like North & South America, Europe and the rest of the world havebeen doing. African countries with hardly any air-transport over their land are more and more veiled as well – it comes from just over the horizons.. Look deeper, harder, more focussed; what do You see.


They are indeed not a threat because their mainstream belief systems embrace duality so there is no resistance there. Satanists approve of transgenderism because they want to plug the idea that god has both male and female aspects, tie that in with biblical stories regarding expulsion from Eden and therefore extend this to the fact that all human beings are actually transgender in spirit and these current debates have arisen because people are finding it hard to reconcile the male and female aspects of their core being. The great work is deemed incomplete until this is achieved . Duality and reconciling the yin and yang the black and the white on the checkerboard is also key to many occult belief systems such as freemasonry.

Believers in reincarnation are not a threat because they believe that over the lifespan of the entire soul, each person has been male and female many times as well as perhaps, animal, royal, slave, murderer etc and there are little manifestations of our past life traits in our current incarnation and it is possible to discover more via soul retrieval work.

Angela May

Good morning Noa, The first paragraph in your post has summed it all up. The “Great Work.” When I realized this a few weeks back, that this is the big “secret”, that this is what is really going on, behind the infinite smoke screens, I wept mournfully for all of humanity. Not because we are without hope, but because we have been so very gravely betrayed. All of us.
Is that why some of their industry pawns do the finger shhhh sign ? Is that specifically what it refers to ? That is my initial suspicion..


Hi Angela. That shhh thing is really irritating isn’t it? It is generally thought that it refers back to Crowley’s illustration of the Vow of Silence in his book which itself references a version of Horus/Lucifer. It seems that it laid dormant until Crowley revived it although you find it at the Skull and Bones chapel inside Yale and outside the Hellfire Club in San Fran. I doubt the industry pawns are any more knowledgable about it as they are doing what they are told by the photographers who are likely to be low initiates. Honestly, most of these celebrities are so basic that it would be really hard to develop a secret society pitched to their level of understanding. It is probably called Soho House group! From what I have been told by insiders I understand that it is a way of enhancing their personal magnetism. Obviously, parts of our body are electric, other parts are magnetic and some parts are electromagnetic. If you are a celebrity trying to gain popularity then you will regularly be enhancing your magnetic field or aura to attract constant interest in yourself to remain relevant. Once you understand bioenergetics, you can master ways… Read more »


Mixing Satanism with transgenderism and religious mumbo jumbo, makes perfect sense….


The immortal soul, another millennium’s old lie. The soul is not immortal!

Just wow

You are infinitely more evil than a man who likes to wear dresses and lipsync to pop music, herr von_krieg.

No down votes for you. That is really telling. Wonder no more how Germany could have happened, it’s as close as the mirror for you and those who say nothing when faced with the call for the murder of others.


You still believe that Germany crap huh?

Angela May

Von_kreig, everyone has a right hand to their own opinion and to express such. But it all seems to be toxic antagonism that you are expressing, and abusive in nature. I have to wonder if it’s just that negative attention thing that children do. Whatever the intent, I’m sure I speak for many of us here as I kindly ask if could please talk to the rest of us like a civilized human being instead of hurling unwarranted animosity at all of the VC community, please and thank you.

Angela May

Auto spell keeps adding words and doing odd things when posting..sorry for the typos


Yep and and funny how India has one of the highest rates of rape in the world and both India and China murder their girls just because they are girls. Hilarious.

Mama Legba

The LGBTQ theme is strong in China, believe it or not.


The arrogant look on the kid’s face on the cover photo says a lot about what this is teaching kids. Arrogance, vanity, hatefulness to anyone who doesn’t agree with you, irresponsibility, and lack of maturity are all traits this denial of gender brings. Just so wonderful for society.


The doll is made in his own image!

Saucy Jack

yes he seems an insufferable little tit


Nailed it. Truth hurts.

D D d

To me, when I have to put words and grammar to it to explain:
the boy looks like he has read a lot of fashion magazines, and watched a lot of childrens’tv-shows. He mimicks the expression. The kind of distand (yes I see arrogance to) observational look from half-dead eyes and the raised eyebrow makes me think it is almost cynical and disappointed in life in general (the doll?), or trying to convey it (the look) the photographer, a little unsure because the boy, or hormoned girl for my part has been given something it does not relate to natrally….?
I projecting that for a large part probably, or do more people look at faces that way sometimes to try and read it? Or, this particular face for the matter.

la de da

Thoughtful, DDd!
Just as with a great many books, this is not a face I’m interested in reading.
Too haughty. Fake, fabricated. “Fabulous” brows.
This one will make a superior drag queen, one day.
Maybe already training?


Despite the shocking language, I cannot contest that point.
They have already started rolling out LGBTQ+ **ONLY** banks and clinics.
You read that right, my friend.


You wish herr von_krieg.

Free thinker

These kids aren’t “gender neutral” anyway. Gender neutral is when kids are free to play outside with other kids in a safe enough environment that they can be allowed a little free range, to ride on their bikes, climb trees, go skating, read and tell fantastic stories, paint and make stuff out of egg cartons and crepe paper, cut pictures out of magazines and glue together newly imagined scenes and fictional worlds out of the stuff they find around them. Dressing up little boys with sophisticated make-up and trendy age-inappropriate styling, or encouraging little girls to fear their own bodies and dress like lumber jacks is the opposite of “gender neutral”. It is gender obsessed! Adults are making these kids see gender as the single most important, self-defining thing in the world, something so important that pre-pubescent kids are supposed to make great life-changing declarations and choices about it (sometimes involving medical interventions) at an age when kids in the past didn’t even have the word “gender” in their vocabularies. Not because most of the children of the past were being oppressed, but because they were just being allowed to get on with being children. The fact is that up… Read more »

D D d

Thank you for putting it into words better than I can, You narrowed it down very relatable. A must-read, to use a common clickbait-expression.


Gender obsessed! Very nice. Could not pinpoint it but I feel like you put into words what’s going on beyond just toys. In the name of being revendicative, they promote division. It’s THEIR true intent.


Very well said


Free Thinker this is one of the most succinct, eloquent, and unbiased criticisms of the gender fluidity movement I’ve ever read. Well done! This should be published


Paragraphs 1 and 3 made me want to be a kid again, and the ending was so tight.
Entirely brilliant and meaningful. Thank you, Free Thinker! 🙂

Mama Legba

Hell yes. More egg cartons, less body image!!!

Mama Legba

Also, one of my biggest issues I’ve ever taken with this “inclusive” agenda is the distaste for ones’ natural self it is teaching. Instead of teaching kids to love who they are – who they are BORN AS, and to love the skin they are born in and all the reasons they should – they are being taught that they can modify any changes they may, and should be, disgusted with. It’s really pitiful and disheartening. Your comment was beautifully put, Free Thinker.


And the destruction of a family as a unit continues and so does the sexualization of 8 year old kids. We will end up with an entire generation that can not form an army as they do not know their gender. A lame, weak and confused society is being produced. Who but the NWO-Elitist and ped*s benefit from this?

Church Lady

Could it be…SATAN??!


You horn-rimmed old devil.

Brazilian guy

There is a bizarre activism that is growing in Brazil: It’ about empowered fat women (some of them obese) who claims they love and cherish themselves, and they don’t care about other’s opinions. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with self esteem and whatever, but they use these excuses to justify and conform to their fat. They promote an ‘event’ called ‘It’s gonna have fat girls on the beach’ (or it would be b*tch? Oh, just kidding…) when these fat women, proud of their shapes, go to swim, and at the same time, they protest against the beauty standards of the white, patriarchal and oppressive society. It’s not a pretty scene to see, in fact. However, it has nothing to do with beauty, it has to do with health. If you say ‘fat is not healthy’ or ‘it’s dangerous / harmful’, they will dub you gordofóbico (idk if there’s an English word for this one, but it would be fatphobic), as if you were an angry and evil person who hates fat people. I believe it’s also becoming part of the agenda, because this movement is strictly related to feminism, lgbtq issues and racial conflicts. In conclusion, the strategy of the agenda… Read more »

Brazilian Q

lad, it`s about sell more s--t to dumb ppl. sell more fat foods to fat ppl. if fat ppl feel bad, they stop eating. but if women got some positive feedback, they will eat more, and the food-fake market will make even more money.

women are forever kids and cannot be taught what to do and they cannot understand logic.

so all women are beautiful. all ppl are beautiful.

brazil is fkvuced.

I Walk the Sky

Do you even English? f off dude


Oh, the irony….


Well, in the beginning, your words sounded like the angry but right words of a rustic bumpkin, but soon you fell into the swamp of utter nonsense. Congratulations!

Not happening just in Brazil, but the country is an interesting guinea pig to push this s--t, since I believe they have their lot of pretty shapely women types, and a powerful feminist mindset already implanted. Works very well in the USA with these morbidly obese on instagram, and, deeper down with the evergrowing “feedie/feeder” fetish sphere…

Nothing but the usual normalization of their culture of (degeneracy ending up in) death, happening in its many forms, this fetish being one of them.

Also don’t forget, bizarre is the new norm, and they are THAT powerful that THEY make the norms. Isn’t it TERRIFYING how they are able to manipulate HUMAN NATURE almost as easily (it just takes more time) as they control something as dumb as fashion trends ? Mindblown.

In France – yes of course they psyop here too – gordofóbico is “grossophobe”.


So, moooooooore delusional, mentally ILL imbeciles trying to foist their cray-cray on others…Greeeeeeeeat……….

D D d

Brazil has been under naatsie-control since ww2. It is where a lot of the ‘escaped’ warcriminals were transported to. Maybe not all germans over there are their offspring, but they are for sure one of the few wealthy groups of citizens in that region. And their names and actions have been linked to more, like Argentine and its recent dictatorial past.


Turns out, he essentially created a populace of blonde-hair, blue-eyed twins in the small farming town of Candido Godoi, Brazil. He worked on cattle while medic Rudolph Weiss attended to the people, with the first twins being born when he showed up in 1963. He died in 1967 of a stroke while swimming. No justice.


That’s why we have Tess Holiday as an obese mainstream model. There’s also another fat one named Ashley Graham or something like that too.


This is a really mean comment. I can agree that gluttony is not good for humans and that obesity is a health burden. I can even agree that it shouldn’t be celebrated to be unhealthy (not all overweight people are 100% unhealthy and not all slender people are 100% healthy). But your whole joke about ‘fat girls on the b*tch’ suggests like a contempt for women who are not perfect. Guess what, God didn’t create all of us to be Victoria’s Secret models. You should also perhaps reflect of the fact that Brazilian culture at the other end has basically revolved around and celebrated (in recent times at least) synthetic silicone bodies for women. That’s not moral either. That posterior sculpting treatment that people like Kylie Jenner and her whole family have had is called ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’. Brazilian carnival beach culture celebrates fake bodies and promiscuity, and the men drive the demand for fake bodies and an oversexualised culture.

I Walk the Sky

I’ve struggled with weight my entire life almost and seen several Dr’s for it. I have exhausted basically all my medical options and remain focused on it. Just a couple things:

1. Being fat is not healthy or beautiful (YOU may be beautiful, but the fat is not)
2. Medical fact–obesity has a 25% mortality rate, be it a heart attack, stroke, etc. Take any standard blood test on an obese and compare the triglyercides to a healthy weight, then look into the long term side effects of those triglycerides
3. Overweight people should NEVER be put down or be shamed, but should be loved and supported to move towards a more healthy lifestyle.
4. Weight, I believe, is on a spectrum — some people are obese through choice, others just struggle relentlessly with it (hypothyroid conditions, lupus, etc) so insofar as cutting each other a break, see point 3.

Anyway, that’s my perspective on it, and I’ve studied it a lot. But the communities that are basically encouraging obesity or saying that it has no adverse health effects, are not medically supported and not on point.

D D d

All men and women I meet who are obese, or had been in the early lives :
They ALL complaine about knee-issues. They All had trouble walking a mile – some before they were 40 !


From the author of confusion…


…straight from the pits of hell

Rotten Scum

And to think that the CEO of Mattel is an Israeli, people love Israel and their savior Christ Donald Trump.


Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.
Donald Trump is US President
Israel is friend and ally to USA!

robert selig

All part of the grand plan with generations of drip-feeding the poisons into the precious elements of water air earth as the titans of industry always light-years ahead with their nanotechnologies including the vaccines, and chemtrails, and the WTF particle accelerators, genetic modification and manipulation, geoengineering, 5G and so forth and so on, all altering the brain chemistry creating our chemically lobotomized brain-dead population not even knowing what sex they should be. The transgender movement is a gateway drug to posthumanism, in which the quantum bit will be willfully implanted into our social engineered brains that will synchronize to the hive quantum computer grid matrix. The campaign, already in full swing, as we have boys on the cover of ‘Cover girl’ and now Ken, and Gi Joe become Barbie. All of this conditioning will make the next step in the agenda of the NWO easy as the socially conditioned population will accept it and give the consent to the contract as once again the population will fall for the dangling carrot of the false promises as they metaphorically bend over for their upgrade. The quantum chip will be the the zero point of no looking back where the rubber hits… Read more »


the borg


Yes. Great comment.

Yeshua / Jesus Saves!

So blessed to be childless.

My heart aches for all the current and soon-to-be parents. This world is a nightmare.
I’m sad to have missed out on all that God had originally planned, but if you take a moment to consider it, we all did.

Still, it would have been nice to have been part of a three-corded strand, God-fearing and fruitful.


Be patient. Sodom was destroyed.


And then you can have sex with your daughters.

C’mon, don’t leave out the best part.


Jack!!! >.<
Sick humor.

Lot was drunk and unaware,
and that's not how it works this time!


Hey, I didn’t write that sick stuff.

So the moral is…

Lot #metoo?

I think he must have been peeking to keep it up while he was supposedly out cold from his nightly drinking habit. But man, those girls were worse than Cosby. Yuck. No wonder he tried to pawn them off on the town.

But let’s talk about family values.

Yeshua / Jesus Saves!

Ok, ok, we’re all depraved sinners.
(So much for sanctimonious, idealistic fantasies.)

But Lot’s daughters were betrothed virgins;
that is why they were offered.


I didn’t say you were depraved sinners, that’s your line. I merely believe you are mistaken. If you mistake pointing out the humour of crazy morality for sanctimony, you’re projecting there too. Honestly, I don’t think anyone in their right mind could defend a father offering his betrothed (To whom? And man, did they ever get stiffed) virgin daughters up for a townsized gbang. The whole story is so bonkers I’m just awestruck that anyone would use it for anything but proof that God is innocent of the bible. I do offer it however as an example of the power and reality of mind control to utterly disable logic and reason and maybe add, a sense of humour in the face of sheer absurdity.

Yeshua / Jesus Saves!

Grr… I have so many thoughts / feelings in response to this, I don’t even know where to begin! Why do you have to come swaggering past, all self-assured and present things tied up all nice and neat? It’s humorous, thought-provoking, and totally disruptive! Yes, “depraved sinners” sounds like a doctrinal statement, but it’s a Biblical truth – one it appeared you were drawing attention to. After all, the Bible is literal history, inspired by the Holy Spirit, detailing the sin of humankind and our need for a savior. (Duly noted that you do not count yourself among them – whether Christians or humans, I do not know.) Thanks, but no mistakes were made on my part. I was referencing the OP and my actual, sanctimonious, idealistic fantasy of living a godly life with husband and child(ren); it is a dream that will never be actualized because … well, sin and the world. But you and I both know that, and you were playing mind games here because “family values” was your spotlight on sin, was it not? Drawing attn to the fact that every relationship is less idyllic and more FUBAR…? Oh, you do so love your mind games!… Read more »


No mind games. I was just responding to the wish for the annihilation of others and rebuttals. I actually have some sympathy for your OP.

I think when you say sanctimonious, you mean sanctified. It is an honourable wish that I respect.

My reference to family values was in regards to sanctimonious hipocracy, much as Jesus accused the Throne warmers of in his day.

We’ll have to disagree that most holy texts are God’s fault however.

Either way, best to you. I hope you don’t let the world steal your heartfelt dreams for too long and that it is just a moment of frustration. I can relate to that.

Yeshua / Jesus Saves!

Spun beautifully. Thanks, Jack!

D D d

Jack, Some people here are selling tickets to the vip-room of heaven. Mind you you must be a little tweaked in your private parts for it.




Yep, I believe in God. I don’t believe in hateful nonsense. Hilarious. Now get your mind off my junk if you can.


Gasp! Cringe! (>.<)
I just 'got' your "moment of frustration" bit.

Whatta guy…. (¬、¬)

D D d

Sorry, I gave the wrong impression – I was focussing on the one with the knive.


Factually, you would. VIP-room of heaven….


So if the Bible says that Lot was a righteous man and that the men of Sodom grieved his spirit with their ungodly deeds from day to day, you know they must have been some really wicked Sodomizers.
Lots wife on the other hand became a real pillar in the gay community.

Angela May

Amen. I grieve with you.


It’s advancing so fast, after Trump leaves in 2024 it’ll go even faster. Be informed, be ready.

Anonymous (392)

Trump’s advancing faster on his date with the piper. He’ll be just a bad smell in 2020.


Yeah and I’m sure his successor will be someone that is really committed to pushing these agendas. How dumb are you? Trump may be “bad” (orange man bad) but his replacement will be way worse.

Sam J T

We’re you tho hateful to the Kenyan President as well? You know the one who helped create a massive invasion of Europe under the guise of a “refugee crisis”? The guy who bombed Syria to s--t. The Fast and Furious scandal president. The same guy who gave Iran a billion of our dollars without congressional approval… remember that guy?

Sam J T



Obama got plenty of hate, some justified, some not, but I damn sure wasn’t going around claiming he represented my god.
The funny thing to me is the moral outrage coming from people who clearly have no morals and will tolerate any vile action for the sake of petty political “gain”.


Their undying love for someone as corrupt and unethical as Trump is one of the biggest clues that christians are actually not on the side of Good in this world. Raping women, putting children in cages, these are the values you’ve chosen for yourself, and you won’t be forgiven for it, not in this world.


False, Joe.
Name one politician who isn’t corrupt?
Name one person who isn’t a sinner?
True Christians side with GOD – not arbitrary “good”
We are to pray for our leaders.
We are to respect them, as we would anyone else.
Trump has done more for you than you even realize.
BeLIEve the media, or go with God – your choice.


This god of yours is clearly evil if these are his representatives on Earth. People aren’t perfect, but only you people love cruelty and greed and selfishness, think helping others is awful, then rely on silly things like “I vote for God” to justify that, as if it does anything more than reveal exactly what kind of god it is you love.


This world is inverted, I get it. I didn’t vote in the last US Presidential election, but Trump won me over. The guy has a great sense of humor, but what really got me was his moving of the US Embassy to Jerusalem in the 70th year of its modern existence. (Please, go on about how hateful that is.)


Hoping for the end of the world is a fairly… negative approach to life, but it at least makes sense to support trump if what you want is total destruction. That might be the first not hypocritical excuse for being a republican that I’ve ever heard.


Interesting what you read into that. Also? I am a registered liberal.

Angela May

If I’m not mistaken, the cages were being used during the Obama administration. Both the prior and present administration share this in common.


You are mistaken.

I Walk the Sky

And who do you recommend, Hillary? Husband (philandering pedo), changes her opinion to suit what will get her the most votes, Benghazi scandal, server scandal, etc. etc. Half dozen in one, six in the other. There was no perfect candidate in the 2016 election so stop being so judgmental.

Angela May

The year of the election I drove a taxi cab in a major U.S. city. I had roughly 4,000 passengers that year. And what I learned in the confessional of my cab was that Americans en masse voted for our current president. I had a wide, wide cross section of clients, of all races, ages, religions, socio economic backgrounds, and education backgrounds. And the primary motivations among my passengers were the desire for change, economic stability, and this last one is very one was ok with full term abortions. Many votes were against Hillary and the baby murder agenda, not politically motivated. I don’t discuss politics, but writing all Trump voters off as inbred, ignorant and evil is your fantasy of what took place at the last election. And the “world” you speak of that will never forgive, is just that…Your world. “When you get you right, your world will be right.”


I love it when people that don’t know the first thing about religion and only have hatred and contempt for religion and its believers, attempt to lecture others on what their religion REALLY means! And shocker, it’s always in line with their ideology and they attempt to use it to manipulate the religious into doing what they want them to do!

Sorry but quite frankly I don’t care if you find me “moral” or like any of my “values”. You just aren’t that important and your manipulative BS is transparently awful and won’t work. So stop embarrassing yourself with your childish amateur comments.


Trump is a PUPPET, nothing else.

Angela May

Regardless of anyone’s opinion of the current U.S. president, he won in large part because people came out in droves to vote against the opposing party’s candidate. It is what it is.

Angela May

Barbara, If I presented in such a way that I came off disrespectful, my most sincerest apologies. I was raised in a family where it was my upbringing to show respect to any elected officials and authority figures alike. If I have failed to do that, my sincerest apologies.


Oh Angela, I am so sorry! That response was directed at von_krieg for saying “Trump is a PUPPET, nothing else.” I apologize for the misunderstanding and do not question your integrity, character, or upbringing. What you said is spot-on.

Angela May

Thank you Barbara ! ❤️Hug❤️

And I completely agree!


Indeed. Coke vs. Pepsi, etc.


Same kind, but different !

Both Coke and Pepsi contain HFCS.
But, Pepsi contains added sugar !!

So, too, are Dem and Repub parties;
one is MORE HARMFUL than the other.

This is a neutralization tactic,
same as is being used with gender.


He’s a person, too.
And the President.

Please, show some respect!

Rotten Scum

Christ Donald is the savior of Israel, fist he made Jerusalem the capital by moving the US embassy and now the world map has to be changed with his recognition of the Golan Heights, the CEO of Mattel is also an Israeli, people here love Israel, may Christ Donald make them even more powerful when the Third Temple has been completed, many of his administrion was already shown the scale model of it in the underground Synagogue.

Jesus is the Christ – the one and only Son of God

The Third Temple is complete, it need only be assembled.

Foxes were sighted at the Temple Mount this year, during Tish B’Av, which commemorates calamities such as the destruction of both the first and second temple. Notably, the book of Lamentations is read at this time and the sighting of the foxes fulfills the prophecy of Lamentations 5:18

Things will be accelerating more and more….


I was not impressed with Trump when he first started running, however, he has surprised me.
If a Democrat were to take over all branches of government someday – I genuinely believe our nation as we know it would be over…


My sentiments exactly, Jim!

Ms. Smith

No matter how one manipulates or even mutilates their bodies, they will forever be XX (girl) or XY (boy)! This confusion is literally from the pit of hell!


Are you forgetting that not every person is born with exactly two chromosomes in your preferred combinations? Medical fact, not socially driven.


Care to elaborate, Anonymous?


It is already a reality in urban areas. I know someone who started university last week and there are two bearded hairy guys wearing frilly, pink dresses in their tutorial group! The indoctrination is fully age appropriated laying aside that previous criticism about content.

Look at respectyourself dot info website aimed at teenagers of around 13 in England. The vocabulary and feel of the page are totally geared toward their age group and you forget about the dirty, old pedos working diligently on the content behind the scenes. They are promoting and normalising sexual practices which are way out there and they even provide troubleshooting tips and a dictionary. The target audience of those pages is usually a curious 11 or 12 looking toward what to expect next during adolescence. They cannot know what is really normal but they would end up buying it anyway.


And you can’t ignore those people and avoid them or else you’ll be destroyed for being a “phobe” or “ist” of some kind. Do normal people actually associate with men in dresses? Why? I don’t care if it gets me targeted by the thought police, I’d stay away from them because that’s just creepy.


A man in a dress is a great idea for a Halloween costume. Not so much for children. Why isn’t being normal good enough anymore?


I personally disagree about cross-dressing and celebrating October 31st, however…

Just as the earth’s axis has shifted and “the poles are reversing” (obviously code for the elite), what was once considered normal has been replaced by “the new normal” – which is not normal, at all.


Well, the girl in question wanted to quit before she had really started and her parents had to force her to return. I think the ‘liberalism’ of a university needs to be afforded more attention than before because there are still many institutions where they would be singled out and possibly hounded out.

I suppose that I can see the logic of the loud, proud transgenders choosing to study in large, left wing dominated cities because they probably feel much safer in diverse environments. On the other hand, having to engage in serious academic discussions with men in dresses is a tall order!


Better that than mom and dad’s precious one coming home from college transgendered, which is what is now happening because colleges will and do finance the surgeries.


Conservative parents raising commie kids. Conservative parents paying for their child’s education in women studies, african american studies & now social justice studies. Paying for your own death.


It takes a village to raise an idiot – THAT is what the state is doing.

Angela May

Tonya, that sums it up in many respects. Thanks for the chuckle. Remember the bumper sticker “Your village called. They’re looking for their idiot.” ?


Yes, Angela, I do! Spencer’s Gifts was always good for that stuff.

I will never forget how Hillary Clinton sent out banners proclaiming “It takes a village to raise a child!” that were hung in the halls of my elementary school throughout the 94-95 school. It was a White House initiative; her mug and signature were all over them.

Yet, I just looked into it and there seems to be a coverup. The following year, in 1996, she published a book called “It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us” that was probably intended to placate the parents and detract from her socialist schemes. Snopes uses this book to refute her actual stance, lol!

Angela May

Isn’t that interesting (cough). Snoros, umm I mean Snopes… ah yes, waving that Jedi magic around as usual.

Spencers, now that’s a delightful blast from the past !


Objectionable language. ‘Women’ are ‘Men’ are being phased out in favor of singularity. Nearly 20 years ago it was called “Gender Studies” – an astoundingly popular college major.

(I now suspect many of the “students” were transgendered. They were Americans who began speaking foreign languages fluently and flawlessly when intoxicated. Hmm….)


haha, oops! ‘Women’ AND ‘Men’ … although more women are men than we realize!


Exactly. I’ve told my kids I won’t pay for college. I saw this in the late 90’s when I was slated for college but I refused. I had enough problems with my plain speaking in high school to know I’d be paying to get failing grades in college because I simply refuse to repeat their liberal talking points back to them and play that game. I will help them with trade school, one of my kids wants to be a pharmacist so I would likely help pay for that, even though I’m sure it requires a degree, but it’s practical and my children will live at home anyway and they are sheltered and tightly controlled so hopefully it would be ok. But no gender studies or dorm living or partying, whatsoever!

Angela May

I honestly don’t think I have the emotional withstanding to look at the site.


It is a really mainstream government funded website which proves that pedophiles have cemented their positions at high levels in local government, not just national. The guy who runs this also designed a similarly controversial curriculum for six year olds a few years earlier. It is just very sad that they use exactly the same formats as classroom lessons such as clicky diagrams to teach things that most people shouldn’t need to know about. There is little acknowledgement that these kids are below the age of consent. It is going to lead to people experiencing a lifetime of ruptured organs?and mental health problems if not worse. They will also be punishing themselves for not having managed to follow the advice given.

Angela May



I cherish the Barbie dolls I grew up with in the early 80s – this is so heartbreaking. Mattel will not be getting any money off me. My daughter will play with my Barbie dolls and that will mean so much more to me than a doll like this ever could.


I liked Barbies as a little girl but when I grew up I realized it was always about imposing a certain model, formerly blonde, unnaturally skinny woman with an attractive but equally brainless blond man as partner. I wouldn’t buy one for my daughter if I had one.


I’ll agree that the original Barbie proportions were pretty skewed. She was based off of an adult doll (like you’d find in a adult only novelty store) after all.

The thing about Barbie is that you could make her anything you wanted. Ken didn’t have to be brainless — you got decide what kind of partner Ken would be to Barbie. Barbie could be President or a doctor or just a housewife. The only limit was your imagination — not what adults told you Barbie should be. No matter what the intent adults have for how kids play with toys, kids will still play they want to play.

So, good luck getting kids to play with these dolls as if they are actually genderless. You could supervise them and force them to use gender neutral language, but you’ll just take all of the fun out of it.


‘just a housewife’? Wow, The arrogance is laughable.


I know, right ?!
Barbie’s not homely enough to be a housewife.

Unoccupied, Barbie would be just a trophy wife.


She *did* get her start as a high-class call girl….

Remember when girls played exclusively with BABY dolls??
None of this pre-occupation with fashion, clothes and accessories…or career. Dream houses. Materialism. Consumerism. Selfishness. Appearance.

Was it in the 60s that girls last role-played as responsible, caring mothers?

Even schools promote the carrying around of an actual hard-boiled egg to replicate the experience of parenthood to all children, boys and girls. Guess that coincides with the idea of a baby being nothing more than a clump of cells, a fetus – a post-birth accessory that we can then dress up in fashionable clothes and accessories, just as was done to countless beloved Barbies.

Miss j

I played with baby dolls as a child (90s) I think I it just depends on your parents tbh as they are the ones buying but I had a very traditional mother and I didn’t really like barber because she didn’t have red hair like me.


Midge had red hair. Just saying.

I Walk the Sky

“Barbie could be President or a doctor or just a housewife. The only limit was your imagination — not what adults told you Barbie should be.” This is a really good point, thanks for bringing this up. Whenever I went to the “pink aisle” aka my favorite in Toys R Us (RIP), I felt like I had endless choices for Barbie — prom queen, veterinarian, geologist, surfer, businesswoman, Christmas Special Edition, and basically the sky was the limit with whatever the manufacturer could think up. I loved growing my collection and didn’t feel forced at all. Could be the erosion of common sense, but I don’t know why this is not sufficient for today’s consumers.


This decision is not consumer driven. It is a smart move on the part of the manufacturer, yet the societal cost is too high. So, basically, a win-win for TPTB.


Believe it or not, you can be blonde, skinny, attractive and brainy.


You can be anything you want to be, even if you’re not!

So much dumb

I’m sorry but Ken has Brown hair…

Tina Marie

Hair, skin, and eye color are irrelevant.

Ken was male, with a masculine build.

D D d

Are there maybe already spray-tan-barbies with over-pronounced lips and sagging cheekbones from early botox in the shops? The doll has been a major vehicle in making new young women a bit more superficial, materialistic and wardrobe minded. Or is there a thing called farmer-barbies with dirt on their plastic hands and cattle-trailers for accessorie too?


That’s funny because I had a ton of Barbies and I’m the least consumerist person there is. They didn’t influence me any more than anything else, they were just fun to dress up and play with. Why does everything have to be so serious? It’s just a doll. Goodness.

Angela May

Barbies made me feel uncomfortable. I sometimes played with barbies with friends when visiting them in their homes, but I never asked for one of my parents at birthday or Christmas time. I always thought “I’ll never look like that”. As well, there was a sexual dimension. I didn’t have the understanding or vocab at the time to put it to words, but I would now describe the vibe as, for lack of a better term, seductive.

After decades of cultivating inferiority complexes in young girls, Mattel wants us to know how much they care about the mental health of children with the introduction of their gender fluid doll.

Angela May

from my parents…not of my parents, whoops

Child of the 80s

Did anyone else have the Happy Heart Family dolls?

No wool

My daughter(and son) play with mine. My son always grabs the Ken doll, lol. I stopped buying barbies 11 years ago when I bought clothes for my old ones, and they didn’t fit. My old skinny barbies were too fat for the new clothes!

I Walk the Sky

At the risk of sounding old — Atari, NES, Barbie, Ken, Skipper, Prancer, Dallas, Midnight, My Little Pony (Cotton Candy), Jem and the Holograms :-), Rainbow Bright, I could go on and on. THOSE WERE THE DAYS <3


I don’t miss the toys, games, movies and cartoons so much as the people and the memories.

Angela May

Me too, Serena. Looking back I can see clearly we were in all kinds of mind control trouble in the 70’s & 80’s, but it felt so “innocent” back then compared to the reality of the current state of things. I miss the good times and the fun that people had just being together with one another before cell phone culture ruined all that. I miss the serendipitous meeting of new people in stores, lobbies, offices, waiting rooms, diners & cafes, etc. before everybody’s head got turned down towards their phone. Does anyone else relate ? I’m homesick for that spontaneous kind of human interaction that made my daily life such an interesting adventure growing up and in my early adulthood. ❤️Hug❤️ to all those that remember what that was like and miss he days of old with me.

Angela May

the, not he


Homesick is the right word for it. ❤️Hug❤️ One day, it will better than it ever was!

Electre /

Damn. I only comment sometimes, but what an absolutely chilling milestone in the war against us, and Everything. And yet we were waiting for it, weren’t we ? We had it coming anyway ! 😀 So, so many examples these last years…: James Charles as first face male model for Covergirl, all these relentlessly promoted / marketed “drag kids”, the gender neutrality bullshit, the g-----n pronouns from Hell, Victoria’s Secret first transgender model, and so on… Just like Diversity™, in a few years, it will be UNESCAPABLE in the MSM, and much later, in said endoctrinated, genderless generations. Isn’t it repulsive, how these devils are out to prey on children and obliterate innocence, and how they(‘ve) manage(d) to fool the parents ? Meanwhile, we’re literally choking on “inclusivity” and “tolerance” (but it’s much more than that, it’s a celebration ! Just listen to the tone and careful wording of all these MSM reports on that doll !! REEEEEEEEEEEEE) of pretty much anything, except common sense, and I’m officially so deathly sick of it all. But I know, and you should know too, that this is only the beginning of the Final Shitstorm of Degeneracy. The Real Beginning of the End… Read more »

Angela May

Keep being bold.

May His Peace Be With You.

Electre /

Thank you Angela.
At least I know I’m not getting censored on HERE…


i am glad i am old, the wife and i are sickened over were we have gone to as a nation and a people


None of this makes me “glad”… Its sad seeing how many fall to the devil…. Think of what effect its having on your legacy…


True, but consider the sense of personal relief.

I Walk the Sky

I worry about my legacy/descendents sometimes.


I’m not even 40 and I am sickened by what’s happened in what, the last 20 years? It started getting really bad in the mid 00’s, now it’s unbelievable how bad it’s gotten in just the last ten or so years. And who notices? I don’t talk to many normies (like talking to a box of rocks) but anyone that does, do they notice? Do they care?

Yeshua / Jesus Saves!

Same boat here. 2 Tim 3:1-5 comes to mind.


I want to say it started in the 2000s, but the truth is is has been progressing for a very LONG time, at least since the begining of visual media, and probably before that. The difference I do see now is the acceleration of The Program, but The Program itself has never really changed.


Yeah, they turned America into a shopping mall in the late 90’s/early 00’s, it’s when it died.


When you can find the informative banned books you’ll realize it has been going on for much longer. It’s simply the rolling stone that picks up speed. Nothing that you have been taught, but not educated, is true. But we have been warned about all that is now here for over 100 years. And no I’m not talking about any religious information, I’m talking about politicians, business people & many others who weren’t corrupt but knew the gov’t was being taken over.


Get woke, go broke….sick,sick, stuff. Let kids just PLAY, simple enough, without all the deviant stupidity! Two genders, no matter how many letters are stuck around them! Even so, come Lord Jesus…

Mike Keenan

The start of the tribulation rapidly draws closer each and everyday. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Luke 17:2 “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.”

Angela May



Hey kids, confused about your gender? Try looking in your underwear, problem solved.


What you said is so obvious, it’s probably considered offensive!


offensive and idiotic




you’re the idiot. A brainwashed, stupid imbecile.


In 500 years when an archeologist digs up Bruce a/k/a Caitlyn Jenner’s bones, he or she will find the skeleton of a mutilated man…not a woman.

D D d

Maybe the bones will be seperated and made into key-ring-hangers, as party gifts for the following christmas, to all their bussiness associates. And a printed star on a boardwalk is all that is left ”to show the respect he got for it.”
Oh and the magazine covers in the libraries and archives ofcourse.



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