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A Teen Vogue Video Says: “This Idea That the Body Is Either Male or Female is Totally Wrong”

Teen Vogue, a magazine marketed directly to young people, posted a video on YouTube where various speakers dismiss the science that differentiates the male and female sexes. It is yet another blatant example of the agenda to blur genders.



Teen Vogue recently posted a video on YouTube entitled 5 Common Misconceptions About Sex and Gender and it is … quite surreal. The YouTube description says: “7 Activists and LGBTQIA+ people debunk common misconceptions about sex and gender”. In the video, various speakers (none of them in the field of science) dismiss scientific facts about the human body to replace them with artificial constructs.

To be honest, this was difficult to watch. Because it is NOT about the right of people to live their lives in whatever way they feel happy and comfortable. It goes way beyond, into a strange territory of delusion and social engineering. It is about superseding science and replacing it with a radical and extreme agenda that denies the existence of two sexes. And this is posted by a magazine that caters to young people.

Here are some “lowlights”:

The video begins with Belgian model Hanne Gaby Odiele who says:

“Binary is bullsh*t.”

Then, Maria Trida, a producer at Teen Vogue says:

“This idea that the body is either male or female is totally wrong!”

Then, the video adds a thick layer of confusing, non-scientific “facts” to explain sex.

“We all have characteristics that are typically male and typically female, and it is really about political choices, social factors, ideological choices, that we assign meaning to different parts of our body. So, the meaning may be that they meant, most of us are taught that if you have a vagina, you’re a girl; or if you have a p---s, you’re a boy.”

Then the video attacks the fact that chromosomes determine the sex of a human being.

“Saying that a person with XY chromosomes is only male is a narrow way to look at the diverse range of chromosome differences that we can have as a person.”

“Too many people still believe that there’s such a thing as a true sex and that it comes from your chromosomes. It’s not the case. Science has known this for decades, and it’s actually a consensus in science and uncontroversial.”

Then the video explains that a trans woman (a man who decided to become a woman) is actually a biological woman. The video insists that all of the body parts of a trans woman are actually female body parts. One trans woman in the video says:

“My biology is the biology of a woman, regardless of whether or not doctors agree.”

In short, the video wants you to ignore what your eyes can clearly and to embrace a complex and confusing agenda that denies sex and gender.

What we appear to be witnessing is called Lysenkoism:

“Lysenkoism can be used metaphorically to describe the manipulation or distortion of the scientific process as a way to reach a predetermined conclusion as dictated by an ideological bias, often related to social or political objectives.”
– Wikipedia, Lysenkoism

Like most attempts by mass media to blur genders, the video was not well received at all. Here are the first comments one reads under the video.

A Teen Vogue Video Says: "This Idea That the Body Is Either Male or Female is Totally Wrong"

If you scroll down, the comments keep going.

A Teen Vogue Video Says: "This Idea That the Body Is Either Male or Female is Totally Wrong"

Sadly, this is not the first attempt by mass media to indoctrinate young people with this agenda. Here’s a segment from the Netflix show Bill Nye Saves the World. Set your face to cringe.

In Conclusion

The gender blurring agenda is strong and it has been going on for years. The fact that it is being pushed by the world’s major media outlets tells us that it comes straight from the elite. Why? For many reasons. The main one: They want people to be debased and removed as far as possible from anything that makes them grounded and in harmony with life and nature. I mean, they want young people to be confused about being male or female – a basic (easily observable) building block of human life.

Here’s what they’re looking to creation: A population that is lost, confused and depressed. Because these people are the easiest to control and manipulate.

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A Teen Vogue Video Says: "This Idea That the Body Is Either Male or Female is Totally Wrong"

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I’m so grateful to have grown up in the 80’s. I was a tomboy, wishing I had been born a boy. But litterally switching gender was the furthest thing from my mind, and there were no silly adults or public propaganda to tell me about it. I eventually got used to my biological gender and did just fine. I’m now a happily married mother of 2. And to think that children like me today could be given hormone blockers and be confused by these retarded adults breaks my heart and makes me so upset.


It is cool to hear other people’s stories. I grew up in the 90s, and if I was growing up right now? Someone would have wanted me in therapy or on medication ASAP to steer me in the way of their agenda too. My parents knew it was a phase and let me work through my issues in time, and I am so thankful for that. Maybe they didn’t know what to do with me, but they knew they didn’t want someone else “guiding” me LOL. Sometimes those “weird” things about us as kids are what mold you into a contented adult with unique perspectives. I am glad no one meddled too much in my journey. I had social anxiety and angst issues starting in middle school all the way through highschool. My goal was to never stand out or to try to fit in. I wore black t-shirts and jeans only, that I got in the boys department because they were not tight fitting, and had unstyled waist length hair. Other kids teased me about my clothes, hair, why I didn’t wear makeup or why my skin was so pale (it was from staying indoors so often with anxiety).… Read more »


I really understand where you are coming from. Like you I also grew up in the 80s and was never a girly girl. I have always preferred activities which more men generally are in to. My brain and the way I socialise are typically more male. However I am attracted to men and have a feminine body. I am sure that if i was growing up in todays world i would have been confused about my gender. However because this wasnt on the radar when i was growing up it was never an issue for me. I think of myself as a gay man in a womans body! I think this propaganda to misinform children is sick and dangerous to this mental health. There is defintely an agenda there, more than just trans acceptance.I have no problem with trans people but it does not need to be forced down kids throats.


Exactly. They push their social engeneering agendas by tuning into good virtues the human soul naturally aspires to in order to make it appealing to the masses: love, world peace, or in this case, the esoteric integration of the male and female principles. God is non-binary, and as we rise in consciousness we seek to overcome our earthly duality. This should be a spiritual process, but the atheists/satanists of power trick people to stay in their low-level mice maze.


Exactly ! Same here. Growing up as teen in the late 90s, I had an extreme need to be as independent as a boy and even got a pixie haircut, but I never questioned about my female body. I understood how I didn’t have to wear dresses because I didn’t like wearing them, not because I needed to change my physical body.

This is insane. Do we have to forsake biology (logic) in order to shape what we feel like inside ? This is undoubtedly insanity.


I was a kid from 80’s to 90’s as well. I didn’t want to change my gender, but I did dress andro too. (Sometimes my mom would help in this, and dress me in my older brother’s clothing to save money.) I realize there were some pro-andro music videos around that time. Music channels were big. I thought it was so great to read these local gay-zines, which were everywhere, and hang out in the AOL adult chatrooms. My parents used p--n magazines as place-mats, and as a young teen, I went to Rocky Horror Picture Show on the weekends for years. My mom talked to me about masturbating at about 13, and showed me about a year later how to put a condom on a banana. I actually had fun in sex-ED, which had this sort of truth or dare way about it. People would put questions into a box, it would be read for the room and we’d all talk about it. It was basically a class on talking dirty. My high-school library had books specifically about bi-sexuality, and I probably read them all. I ended up starting BDSM at 15 (which I would even ask a teacher… Read more »


I love that people (in comments) are not buying this, and even mocking it openly. There is hope for humanity.

Truth & Light

The mental illness is strong with this one


Lilly? Think it’s the other way ’round pal….

Truth & Light

For those giving thumbs down, I was referring to the transconfused

See the Hope

Agreed. We are being told to abandon reality in order to show respect for those who don’t want to acknowledge it.

The real consideration here is: if people will cater to this, what else will we embrace? Where do we think this is leading? Not a pretty picture.


Everyone should know where this is leading by now. Pedophilia being legalised. All you have to do is Identify as a child and you are good to take advantage of children.


That is never going to happen, pedophilia is a sickness, not a gender or a sexual orientation.


There is already a movement under way among pro-pedophilia organizations to piggy back on the LGBQT movement. Pedophiles are claiming that they are “born that way”. Right now, they are pushing the “ethical pedophile” acceptance (those who are attracted to children but choose not to act on their impulses). We are supposed to feel sorry for them because they are allegedly born with an attraction to children and can’t change their sexual orientation (which is completely false, by the way). We already had Kinsey using pedophiles as part of his sex “research” in order to “prove” that children were sexual beings (again — not true — we don’t become sexually aware until we hit puberty). Sure, it won’t be acceptable in the next decade or even two, but the sick SOBs are playing the long game here. It is the whole “boiling frog concept”. By the time most people wake up to what is really going on, it is usually too late to stop it by that point. Gay marriage is a done deal. Letting people choose their gender is a done deal. The method is to target the younger generation because they can brainwash them and capitalize on the… Read more »

Miss Congealed Reality

Um..Muslims marry little girls. It’s part if their religion.
The pope has now signed a declaration uniting the Catholics with the Muslim religion.
The Catholic Church has been embroiled in mass pedeophilia for a very long time. The church trying to dodge every bullet.
Are you starting to see that blending the two not only validates the Muslim tendency but make Catholic pedeophilia a wash.
They’re trying to make a sickness acceptable & I think they’ll succeed. They’re enshining it into religion.
Anyone who calls it what it is will be seen as “ intolerant” coz “ love is love”
Next stop?… B---------Y.
Think I’m kidding? Wait a couple of yrs. you’ll eat your words.


Not really sure why congealed reality is getting down voted for that comment. Singling out Muslims isnt fair when Mormons do the same type of thing.


where the hell did you heard that ? marrying little girls is not part of my religion


Mo-Ham-Mud married Aisha who was 6 yes old. Though her age is debated between 6 yes old or 9 years old. It’s very much part of your ‘religion’.


She was 18. Where do y’all get your ”facts” from? Do some research before you write down such things. Spreading wrong facts on the internet about Islam is the part of the agenda too, since Islamophobia is growing bigger. We are all waiting for Jesus.


Sahih Muslim (8:3309) Muhammad consummated his marriage to Aisha when she was only nine. (See also Sahih Bukhari 58:234 and many other places)to confirm this fact.
You’d best start reading the Hadiths and get YOUR facts straight Anonymous.

Ivan the Great

Utter rubish. Do you realize that at the time everywhere in Europe marriage deals were common? For example 3 and 5 year old kids were married by their parents but they consume the marriage when they were like 16 years old.


Mohammed married Aisha when he was 52 and Aisha was 6 years old. However, the perverted “prophet” only thighed Aisha with his p---s until she was 9 years old, at which time Mohammed consummated his “marriage.”


And in Christianity, a virgin gave birth, a whale swallowed a boy and he lived, a man was in a tiger’s den and survived, people over 100 had kids, women were subject to being stoned, eating shrimp, crab and lobster was a sin, shall I keep going?


And Christian men have married children…time and time and time again. P


I go to Mass regularly and not one word about “uniting” Catholicism with Islam hs been uttered nor written by any clergy that I have heard,not even by Francis who does say some very strange and even contradictory things!
We can never unite with Islam as the Catholic Faith holds that Jesus is God and Islam denies Jesus’s Divinity.The Catholic Faith holds that the Holy Spirit is the 3rd person of the Holy Trinity and Islam denies the very existnce of the Holy Trinity. Thus,because of these two fundmnetally opposing doctrines,my Faith and the ideaology of Mohammed can never be reconciles to one another!


That’s what we said about homosexuality.


Transgenderism used to be considered a mental illness, look where it’s at now. Pedophilia is quickly on the rise to ‘sexual orientation’ because the smarmy bastards ‘were born that way’ and ‘cant help who they are attracted to’.

Think about it

Exactly! Studies showed tha less than 3% of the wolrds population was lgbtq etc etc so wtf are we going to cater to the 3%? That percentage is growing bcuz of propaganda.


It’s more than that. I know a male who never took great care with how he dressed. He always dressed in jeans with a tshirt and flannel. Good guy, but he was often seen as akward and a geek. Now he is a transgender and everyone tells him he is brave. He had to learn about fashion to present as a girl—and I helped him with his fashion choices. Now he gets all sorts of attention he never got before. Does he really feel better for supposedly coming into himself? Is this lasting? OR is this fake? Is this artificial because now everyone who called him a geek before is either singing him praises or keeping silent for fearing of being rude? If it’s artificial, then he’s in for some big problems in the future.


We all know that male and female or the only 2 genders. Im afraid were not a target in this. The little children however…
Teach your children, nephews, nieces ect about the only 2 true genders. They are the target. The next generation will think there are 1000 different genders if we dont try to counterattack this false information.


And how exactly would it hurt children in any way to understand that gender is more complicated than just male and female? I for one want my child to be able to think critically about complex issues. You want your child to be simple-minded? Kind of sad.


Simple-minded to know there are only 2 genders, and your reproductive system determines which one you are? This is biology. What you describe is pathology.


Denying reality is never a good thing.


You are sad. Good luck finding someone dumb enough to knock you up.


LMAO . Good one.


YOU are sad. Teach children the truth. That there are ONLY TWO genders MAle and FEMALE. That is in the bible written by your creator. It is not simple minded to know the truth, but also – even simple minded is not necessarily a bad thing.
And it all is false information. 2 sexes and 2 genders. SEX is Gender. Stop buying the lies of the left. You are part of the problem in society today.


But gender is one of the least complicated things for anyone to understand,even the mentally retarded. I was born with a twig and berries, I’m a male. Pretty simple stuff KitKat.


I ageee KitKat, I am always perplexed about why anyone feels the need to involve themselves with how someone indentifies, when it affects no one but the person doing the indentifying.


No, it doesn’t just affect the person doing the identifying. Since so many things in our society are divided by gender (bathrooms, sports teams, etc.) — it does affect everyone. Also, there is the whole issue of gender pronouns and facing repercussions for “mis-gendering” someone in school or the workplace. And since people can choose their own genders and preferred pronoun, even basic writing becomes a tricky thing when you aren’t sure how to refer to someone without fear of being labeled as trans-phobic or worse. For the record, if a person has seen a doctor and has been diagnosed as being trans, I am all for allowing that person to live however they want to live. But, I do not think that people should be able to self-declare their gender or to claim that some men have vaginas and some women have penises. Nope. That isn’t how it works. We shouldn’t allow people to redefine science simply because they don’t want anyone to think that they are “different”.

Thy Unveiling

Agreed. A male can identify as female, but if you look like a linebacker stuffed into his sisters clothes and have a deep voice; don’t be deluded enough to feel offended or triggered when a “simple-minded cis” slips and calls you “sir” Reality is reality; its not always pleasant. I don’t like the reality that children are being abused and brainwashed. I don’t like the reality that I am far from wealthy. But those are real; not delusions. I cannot force realtors to go along with a delusion that I have gold star credit and sell me a house simply because I get “triggered” by my actual financial situation or can spin up non-existent terms to confuse the realtor and mortgage lenders. I could not afford the house. Some trans-folk pass and blend in quite believably. Others, as I said, look like footballers who raided Punky Brewsters closet (namely dude in the video) or kid sisters with bad haircuts stealing her big brothers clothes. You’re not fooling anyone; accept the reality of your figure and learn to love yourself the way you are. You can buy yourself a “gender reassignment” but a new toy in the basement won’t alter your… Read more »

Honest Question

There are repercussions for purposely using the opposite pronouns of the person’s choice and preference when you know which ones they prefer in a rude intentional manner. What’s wrong with that?

D D d

Really, It does when it involves children. As they are not societies, they need protection against overly enthousiastic parents by society sometimes. Times have changed and not for the better. But the change is not a natural one. Just look at percentages. And mind the growing-up-part.


I want your child to be able to think critically about complex issues also…but who will be there to show them how…certainly not you …nitwit


People that even think the way you do shouldn’t be having kids anyway


More like want our children to have a stronghold in reality.


“”My biology is the biology of a woman, regardless of whether or not doctors agree””

no youre a man

Truth & Light

LBGTQ is when mind, body and soul does not align; hence the discord


Hence the as above, so below. All is about confusing the reality and humanity’s behaviour. Good job Satan, you are so blind as always! It’s what the Revelation Book is showing us from the beginning. God’s agenda! We are truly seeing the Devil’s face and we must all thank God for that gift! It happens right now! Don’t lose hope in the Holly Scriptures. And don’t follow human traditions!

Billy Jack Galt

Y are you really a Male and not a Female biologically??? Y? I know Y! Maybe you should know Y too. Because you have a Y chromosome!


Basically they want to turn all of us into little baphomets. Disgusting.


Kerth Barker’s books on the satanic elite describe what you just stated.


Just a bunch of mentally ill people selling lies.


((((Mentally ill people))) . It’s the jewsual suspects , they literally can’t help themselves


“diverse range of chromosome differences” — sooooo, these diverse differences consist of X and Y, no? Their narrative is beyond retarded. First, they say ‘science agrees’ with them and then that ‘it doesn’t matter if doctors agree’. So which one is it, deluded rainbow snowflake abominations?


HOW are these imbeciles ANY different than Flat-Earthers?! They AREN’T….


Actually you are the ignorant one. Pick up a genetics textbook. But you think you know. You know nothing. None of you hating scared stupid fools knows a f-----g thing about science or reality. Just your made up sky friends who tell you not to touch your peepees. Pathetic and stupid.

PJ London

Please quote a single “genetics book’ that suggests more than two genders!
Genetics is science not a social construct.
You are in fact the ignorant one.


Just read up on Mosiacism, specifically Mixed Gonadal Mosiacism. Honestly, I’m a huge supporter of this community of truth seekers, but in this case, the prejudice is showing. Not to mention the ignorance. Loveisall is actually correct from a scientific and objective viewpoint.

Smitty's Inner-city Meats

It’s very telling how these abominations can only seem to live with a natural person’s disgust for them if they can manage to believe it’s fear. Reminds me of a very ugly, very unpleasant girl I knew in high school who comforted herself by believing she was unpopular because all the other girls were ‘just jealous’.


smutty smitty thinks life is a high school popularity contest. tant pis it could never make it in college.


Highly ironic statements from some one named “Loveisall”….


tricky thing, that irony.


Because being in flat earth is something that can be controlled. Being transgender isnt.

Not Weary

Um yes it can be. Believing you are the opposite of your biological gender is gender dysphoria, a mental disorder that needs treatment. The surgeon at Johns Hopkins who performed the first “sex change” operations decades ago has spoken out against it in recent years. The hospital no longer performs these procedures. You cannot change your biological gender no more than I can try to convince anyone the sky is green when it is blue. Studies show that trans people have high depression and suicide rates and the surgery does not change this. It is a mental illness and a spiritual issue as well. Maybe that’s part of the reason there is such a push for acceptance. Deep down trans people know this is not healthy or normal. They need compassionate help, not society co-signing on their mental illness.


One is a scientific fact that is pretty easy to verify whereas the other still rests is a somewhat gray area since the vast vast majority of humans will never leave earth’s atmosphere and therefore always have to trust the word of others that the earth is a sphere. FWIW, I think (key word here is think) the earth is a sphere and my reasoning is that certain commercial flight paths simply don’t make sense if the earth were flat.


I’m just going to spam this because it seems most people here haven’t heard of this – chromosomes do not justify binary sex. Take a look at Mosiacism and judge for yourself. But don’t use words like science when you clearly haven’t looked at the science. Please avoid confusing colloquial “common sense” with hard peer-reviewed science. Your argument is based on the former, not the latter. I’ve pointed you in the right direction. If you make the effort, you’ll see for yourself. Trust no-one, question everything. Do the research.


God created man and woman. Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

There, my research is complete and it only took me approx. 7 seconds…..


Agree on the research. Here are a few articles from different sources explaining the concept you’re referring to:,X/46,XY_mosaicism


Intersex population figures are being overestimated by people with a bias. They include conditions which should not fall under the umbrella of “intersex”. The real intersex percentage is probably around .018%, not the 1.7% figure that the Intersex Society of North America claims it is.


But the scientific community doesn’t necessarily agree that some of these conditions should fall under the umbrella of “intersex”. “Anne Fausto-Sterling s suggestion that the prevalence of intersex might be as high as 1.7% has attracted wide attention in both the scholarly press and the popular media. Many reviewers are not aware that this figure includes conditions which most clinicians do not recognize as intersex, such as Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, and late-onset adrenal hyperplasia. If the term intersex is to retain any meaning, the term should be restricted to those conditions in which chromosomal sex is inconsistent with phenotypic sex, or in which the phenotype is not classifiable as either male or female. Applying this more precise definition, the true prevalence of intersex is seen to be about 0.018%, almost 100 times lower than Fausto-Sterling s estimate of 1.7%.” And at any rate, what we are talking about here are birth defects. Do they deserve compassion? Certainly. But to change the definitions of sex and gender based upon the occurrence of birth defects doesn’t seem very logical. In fact, most of the LGBQT rights issues could have been covered by the ADA instead of needing separate laws to address… Read more »


Those people are ill…both mentally and spiritually.


Look in a mirror dumb a-----e


@Loveisall…Glad to be the one say that you’re absolutely right. Those who don’t agree with your first statement really haven’t done their homework. Wilful Ignorance and confirmation bias makes for a scary but heady cocktail. Biological sex is a spectrum and not a binary. Academics and serious researchers have known for decades. Sad to see that vigilance is being overtaken by herd sentiment.


Hi there! Actually, binary sex can sometimes be confusing on a chromosomic (and physical) level. There are anomalies that are never detected, like for instance a case of XXY with Y not expressing itself, or expressing itself only partially.


Hi! Would like to point out that in this case, the given statement is indeed factual and correct – chromosomes are not a valid indicator of biological sex. Apart from the usual XX/XY arrangement which we generally regard as signifying F/M sex, there are various other arrangements observed in nature. One may look up genetic Mosiacism to learn more. Also, you could look at a specific type of Mosiacism called Mixed Gonadal Dysgenesis. Since a lot of people were wondering about the practioner’s opinion, it’s this – chromosomes do not justify the argument that biological sex exists as a binary. There are other naturally occurring possibilities apart from XX or XY. Just the facts, anyone interested can look this up.


Chromosomal abnormalities are exactly that – abnormalities. They are the exception, not the rule. If you do a chromosomal analysis on all these people who claim to be the opposite gender, I can almost guarantee you that 95%+ have nothing wrong with them biologically.

Mixed Gonadal Dysgenesis is a disorder. Just like Klinefelter Syndrome, Turner Syndrome etc. Key word being disorder, as in there is a pathological problem. Yes it is naturally occurring, no it is the norm. So for the vast majority of the population, you can in fact use chromosomes as an indicator for sex.


Also agree. The prevalence of these disorders is estimated to be less than 1.7% of the global population, and that estimate is cited as being high, since most figures on these syndromes place them under .1%. As a society, we need to protect and ensure no one is mistreated or discriminated against due to their appearance or biological differences, but trying to use these edge cases to define how sex is determined for the majority of the population is by definition, not normal.


Couldn’t even watch that crap. This agenda is purely satanic, plain and simple. It will only get worse over time. This is just the beginning.




Sickening. Too bad everyone will believe this in ten or twenty years, once the older generations die off.


not really


MY close friend is Female to Male Transgender. Explains it as more of a mental disorder, how you identify in your mind does not match what you have physically. This causes distress and leads to more sinister mental disorders. Most majorly depression. My friend is an example of this, he tried to take his own life at 16 because it was too much for him.


It wouldn’t be too much for him if the society was more accepting of his situation. You surely can figure that out.


No, they clearly can’t. They are too busy firing up Hitler’s ovens for a genocide repeat to kill all that scares their sad pathetic anemic minds.

Smitty's Inner-city Meats

Oh no! She pulled the Hitler card, y’all! Well, we don’t want to be like Hitler. Everyone go buy your sons hairbows right now before it’s too late!!!

D D d

Maybe Loveisall did forget that it was not only deathcamps. A lot of people were tested on in the camps, like jews, homosexuals, people with down. Dumb people intelligent people, gypsys (or whatever they are called now) and other minorities. To test for example fluoride-adaptions. Like in todays antidepressants (emotion-numbing, revolt-precursory).. and drummmmmroffl todays toothpaste and mouthwash!
All minorities served a purpose in some camps as they diversivied the scientific discoveries by n--i-officials. Those outcomes were were exported to for example the usa, by people like prins Bernhard of Orange. Not all naziswine died because of something called Neurenberg.
Some of the tests on prisoners, well who knows, are medicine for the transgenders..


suck your own meat ugly loser


Hateisall, You have not a remote clue as to what you are fighting to defend. Your scientific information is unsubstantiated. Your historical reference to that which you refer to as” Hitler’s ovens” is mere distortion and inaccurate conjecture. Why not ask your parents about the details of their copulation, which produced you? Biological chances are high that you are either a man or a woman. Social chances are higher that you are an Intel asset, cruising these independent news and media sites looking to sew confusion and discord. Return to your cave at Langley, unless you care to debate those of us who actually are capable to arguing a sentient point, with provable research.


And this at least – he knows it is a mental issue. He needs help. I hope he gets it. I mean she. Born a female and will always be female. Devil is at work. Devil loves to cause people to take their own lives. Hope your friend gets help.


Devil lives stupid self righteous people


F--k yourself f-----g dumbass breeder.


This is so crazy!!! And Bill Nye at the end saying “this is exactly the right message” was so forced! Poor guy, stooping so low for a few dollars.

Thy Unveiling

Yep, teaching kids about Fleshlights and having orgies (there was some bizarre animated ice cream orgie on that episode) is exactly the right message. Bill Nye must rock at limbo, cuz we can’t get much lower than that…


I think the occult Elite’s plan is that the people who are naturally straight wish to become homosexuals, and the people who are naturally happy with their gender that they were born with with to change their gender, so that those people become unhappy and frustrated — the devil’s main plan. I am for sure a girl, no doubt about it lol.

Truth & Light

IT IS also part of the depopulation agenda. These ghays spread aids etc


It’s the only GOAL, thats all it is, DE POPULATION.


I do believe depopulation is part of it, but not all. If TPTB just wanted us dead, humans are fairly easy to kill with the proper weapons, diseases, chemicals… (right, they’re doing that already, next.) This requires rerouting the hearts and minds of a large segment of the population with some HUGE whoopers lies to leave people confused, dissatisfied, and uncertain anything except what their favorite media tells them. In other words, a Psychological Unraveling (a PU, if you will) to attack things like any families, social structures, and religious thought that uses the binary male/female to build a society and hold it to a specific coherent set of standards. When THAT’s gone, they can build another one that can be controlled by a “different” source. Hmm, sounds suspiciously like something I read in this collection books…didn’t end well for that “source.” Everything kinda went up in flames.


Yeah, depopulation as well.


No uneducated inbred hillbillies like you spread AIDS and crabs too


You are a fu**ing dumbass.

Thy Unveiling

To be fair; anyone can get/spread any disease or infection. Loveisall isn’t inaccurate or a dumbass; simply triggered (I’m guessing they’re trans and feeling the “abomination” talk personally. If I’m correct; I can’t fault them for that and neither should anyone else.) While the Transgenda is both real and evil; that does not mean trans people are evil or should be regarded as subhuman. Would Jesus have been calling fellow people “abominations” and making them feel like garbage? Maybe the ones at the top of the pyramid deliberately trying to infect the masses. But not the ones trying to live a fairly regular life. I’ve been friends with many trans folk over the years and was best friends with a mtf for nearly 10 years. One thing they all seemed to have in common was they’re all survivors of abuse. A couple of them; the abuse we read about on truther sites. Things inflicted by Catholic priests. Or things involving chains. Almost all of them were raped at a young age. I cannot say this is true for ALL trans people. However, it seems more than coincidence that the many transfolk I’ve known have suffered abuse in their youth. They… Read more »


there is truth very well said.

Deb B.

Per the CDC:In 2016, gay and bisexual men accounted for 67% (26,844) of all HIV diagnoses and 82% of diagnoses among males aged 13 and older.

The evil ill

What about breast cancer rates? What does that say about women? Prostate? Malaria? Gonorrhea? Herpes? TB? Chicken Pox? The Black Death? Alzheimers? Schizophrenia? Leprosy? Let’s evaluate all victims of disease and lay it thick on top of their misery. Cause God knows they all deserve it. Right? A lot of comments on this topic are rather science fluid.


Ha! Science-fluid. I like that – hit the nail right on the head.


look, if you have nothing good to say… better not to say anything. you say how other people are ignorant, how others are the problem? well, look in a mirror because you, too; heck; every single one of us; is part of the problem in one way or another. No of us is perfect, who ever hasn’t sinned; let him throw the first stone. Anyone? No?Didn’t think so… Don’t think your better than anyone else, your not. Love, don’t hate. That is the work of the devil. Hell, causing dividing people like you see here; is his work, too

Emily B

Oh enough with this love dovey crap.. Jesus comes with not peace but a sword..he left as a lamb and will come back a ferrocious Lion..The truth is wether you I or anybody else like it..if you are gay on judgment day it’s over PERIOD!! You will not like where the Almighty sends you..just bc people try to ignore it it’s truth!!

Brian Davis



You are insane. And this from a gay


Hateisall, you’ve proven your point. And many of us don’t need to identify as psychics to read your narrow mind.


You can’t become homossexual. You’re either born that way or you aren’t.


I meant straight people will start acting like homosexuals (my guess). I know that there are people who actually were born homosexuals and they are only happy when they date people of the same gender. My guess is that the Elite plans that people who are NATURALLY heterosexuals start acting like homosexuals, thinking that this is natural, that is, start acting against their own heterosexual nature. Also, that children are allowed to change their gender while they are still children.


By the downvotes it seems that some people don’t like facts. Or feel that their sexuality is easily swayed by trends.


Stupidest weirdest thing ever. You are clearly gay and terrified of it. Get help


WTF? I’m talking about the Elite’s plans. Illuminati’s puppets are the stupid ones. So are you, with your stupid comment. We know that homosexuality and transgenderism are on the Elite’s agenda. All I did was post what I thought were their plans. *eyeroll*


I can tell that you are dumb and terrified of being so dumb.


The * occult elite * is WEIRD AF. Not me. I was talking about their AGENDA, you fu**ing dumbass.


You cant even comprehend the daily struggle and depression a trans person goes through. Be grateful you’re cis


Why not figure out how to reconcile yourself with reality? Don’t mutilate yourself and live a sad, second rate existence. Face facts, be what you were born as, and focus on what you can control and change. It’s probably better to try and lose weight, fix your social issues, job, and other things, than it is to wish and then pretend you’re the opposite sex. Because no matter how much you want to be, you won’t ever be. You’ll just be a freak, it’s not nice to say but that’s truly what you’ll be. And why should society be expected to reconfigure itself to YOUR wants and needs? Why should the vast majority of people, that find trans people to be creepy, scary, probably dangerous, and just don’t want to be around them, be forced to play pretend and feed their delusions? I don’t hate them but I also don’t want to be around them. I saw one in a store the other day and quickly shooed my kids out of there. Their energy is scary, I’ve never seen one that didn’t radiate bad vibes. Why should I be forced to be uncomfortable to make them feel like they’re accepted?


You are a monster, your words are full of hate and I sincerely pity your children. I really hope that the cosmic jokes that god is constantly playing on us punish you when one of your kids comes out of the closet 🙂


What an emptiness in their speech…they look like when you are in a school and you just memorize the lesson and then repeat it.


Yes adults people can see the wrongness of this video but the thing is that the agenda is not aimed to adults but to young people. They instill slowly but surely the agenda drop by drop. Video by video. In 10-15 years these kids of today will be adults who will believe that sex gender is a social construct and all other things of their sick agenda.
In clear, they don’t care about our generation. They are prepping the next generation.


Bill Nye just looks like a super evil guy


God you people are pathetic worms. Scared of Bill Nye? LMAO.


I’m sorry we can’t be as intelligent and courageous as YOU, oh exalted one! GFY, you confused freak.

See, this is why people hate you. Because you are hateful and nasty and over the top.


There are only two genders, male and female and I won’t ever change my mind. Some people are going nuts and even if they are clearly male they say they’re female…just how… You can’t change the way you were born naturally except for surgery and most of them look hideous after. Changing your body to be a different gender makes you look weird and you can’t change the fact that the scars will show you were born different. I’m glad this thing isn’t as promoted in my country as much as America or other so called developed places. I’ve seen vids where people feel insulted and get angry and violent when others call them by what they see (ma’am or sir). Just what’s wrong with this sick world?! Or to tell a kid that they are genderless and they can choose what they want to be. That’s so disturbing.


Absolutely perfectly put


What anyone believes is mostly irrelevant in the face of facts and hard science. You may think the sun is purple and the moon is made of cheese. You may be sure you’ll never “change your mind”. But the facts belie your “beliefs” which are objectively wrong. God, this particular comment thread is full of people with minimal expertise in biology who all think they’re PHDs or something just coz they “feel” a certain way about the gender issue


Yes, Perfectly Put. These people are from another realm. Does any one remember Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible?


Research “Zero Population Growth” or ZPG if you want to see where this is going and who is backing all of this.

Many things will begin to unravel then.


Sadly, I am all for ZERO POPULATION, do you see any hope for whites or Euros? I don’t, can’t even identify as white anymore, no one cares about European culture, it will be a over populated Asian hell hole on Earth, but not for long either, as the one percent hate them too, but they have no guilt in reproducing like rats, so they have to sterilize most of them.


Let’s sterilize you white trash fucktard


Loveisall seems to be filled with hate lol.


pray for her, or him, cant tell baced on the username.


Let’s see you use any other race or ethnicity as a slur. Oh wait, you’ll only do it with whites. How typical. I hope you’re now sterilized by your genital mutilation and can’t ruin any children with your sickness. Hell is hot, freak show!


I identify as white, am proud of it, have white children and don’t care if anyone has a problem with it. I promote my own culture and race and favor it. If someone doesn’t like it, I don’t care. Don’t bow down to anyone. Be proud. Many of us exist. It isn’t as dire as you think.


Agreed Sunshine. Its ok to be white!!

Emily B

Man it’s Awesome being white!! Jealousy rears it’s ugly head..Everybody hates whitey but they can’t stop talking about us though!!


This agenda is to confuse the minds of the children and youth. The Law of Reversal is what TPTB follow.


make sure to keep track of the like dislike ratio, they might tamper with it! right its now 300-3k.

You’re so clueless it hurts. Of course Youtube can and will mess up with anything that is disturbing the Agenda.

Psalm 25:20

She actually sings “do whatever you feel like.” Well, that explains it all doesn’t it?

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